Stand For Truth Benjamin Krause

Listen To Benjamin Krause Discuss Poor VA Press Coverage, Big Pharma

Stand For Truth Benjamin Krause

Hi All, I will be on Stand For Truth Radio with Susan Knowles today talking about poor VA press coverage of VA and why we never hear certain stories, nationally. We talk about the pot bill, Veterans Choice, and various other issues facing veterans today.

So invite veterans and others who you believe will benefit from an hour jam packed with information on issues that impact many but may not be known by those in the general public.

The show airs at 9PM EST / 6PM PST. Please note that the interview will not air until that time.

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Below is basically a modified excerpt from the Stand For Truth radio show with some slight tweaks to the pronouns since I am writing about it here.

As many of you know, I am an award winning veterans rights attorney and journalist who investigates government fraud, waste and abuse within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I use advanced cyber advocacy techniques to help disabled veterans access the benefits they deserve while ensuring VA does not misallocate resources.

I am considered an authority on veterans’ rights. My work has been featured in various media outlets including NBC, Bloomberg News, Foreign Policy, CBS, Fox News, Washington Times, National Review and Star Tribune.

I am a disabled veteran of the US Air Force where he served in its Special Operations Command. After receiving an honorable discharge, I fought with the agency for fifteen years to finally win his benefits. After the military, I studied economics at Northwestern University and attended law school at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Almost daily, I write about veterans’ issues regularly on this website,

I also spread the good news about VA Vocational Rehabilitation and have written a book that helps veterans get approved for things like law school or medical school called The VocRehab Survival Guide.


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  1. Rise and Shine Veterans call your Senators and Representative passed a New Disabled Benefit Law who is collected 100 service connected definitely need to have G4implants by a Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist that know how to put in G4implants unfortunately they want all the money upfront but my belief as a Veteran myself can the money should come From the Federal Government because three quarters of the Disabled Veterans who is collected 100 percent service connected can’t even get a loan to have G4implants because their is not one works for a Veteran Medical Center plus their isn’t not one has a contract with Veteran Affairs so please help Disabled Veterans who is collected 100 percent service connected.Spread the word my firm belief ….Semper Fi.

  2. Really great podcast, Benjamin. Keep it up!

    I particularity love the metaphor of ‘fungus’ or ‘cancer’ when referring to the corrupt entities slithering their way back in the VA. It’s like an unstoppable viral infection and like a wile virus, it also infects once great healthy cells in the body (the VA is the body), and makes those once great cells into corrupt machines as well.

    The VA requires a massive enema. The VSO’s absolutely would not be needed if we had a great and healthy VA. Instead, the VSO’s help keep the cultures of fungi growing by saying and doing nothing because it will affect their feeding trough.

    You spoke on Big Pharma or Pig Pharma. And speaking of VSO’s. TONS of $$$$ is being spent and has been for a few months now on The Drug Price Relief Act in State of Ohio. Big Pharma and VSO Piggies are pushing against, stating it will increase prices for Veterans but never qualify exactly how….because it’s all smoke and mirrors, the VA and it’s Pharma Contracts are being guarded by the piggies obviously.

    I mean, every hour there’s at least three TV commercials on various channels and this is for Nov. Election. This started back in May or April. Tons of $$$ in the troughs and maybe worth investigating WHY the VSO’s can turn a blind eye to all that’s wrong at the VA but act as if they have Veteran’s interest while chumming-up to Pig Pharma. WTF?

    Rant Out.

  3. Took a while, but I did listen. You covered many areas of concerns about Veterans care. I see why your insurance is high. You appear much more relaxed. About McCain, he’s a piece of work. Thank you Ben, try to listen to them all.

  4. Even with ear buds had to strain to hear broadcast. Inaudible most of the time . But I do appreciate all you do Ben .I am still waiting for anyone in our government to make VA trully accountable.

  5. Hey, Ben,
    Why don’t you add the word “CORRUPTION” to “Waste, Fraud and Abuse” to the list of criminal activities committed by VA employees!
    I believe there’s more than enough evidence to support CORRUPTION at many VA facilities nationwide!

      1. @Benjamin, I have tried to contact you but because I have filled out your former before, my information will not update and take in your consultation form.

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