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Veterans Choice Program Almost Out Of Money, Again, After A Couple Weeks?

Veterans Choice ProgramSince its inception, the Veterans Choice Program has been plagued by three things: 1) bad VA employees blocking access; 2) bad contractors not paying doctors; and, 3) underfunding.

Well, we are now facing the third rail for what seems like the fifth or sixth time since the Veterans Choice Program was first created in 2014. In fact, the speed of running out of money is now happening so frequently that just a couple weeks ago, VA cried for and received more money. Now they are almost out of money, again.

Now they are almost out of money, again.

Let me summarize the various arguments on the Hill.

Republicans are saying wonk wonk.

Democrats are saying wonk wonk.

Veterans organizations like VFW and DAV are saying wonk wonk.

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Seriously though, left-leaning groups cry against privatization of VA using misinformation. Right-leaning groups cry foul since both Republicans and Democrats have drastically outsourced VA jobs and services.

Blah blah.

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Running out of money has become such a frequent problem over the past few years that it’s losing the effect it once had on Congress and the American taxpayer.

I have no doubt the practice of now coming to Congress crying for money is at least better than the old practice of screwing even more veterans out of benefits while lying to Congress about budgetary shortfalls.

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Now, we at least know when VA is broke, or at least we know when VA says it is broke. Seems like going hat in hand to Congress is the new black – – at least for Veterans Affairs.


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  1. Just like I have stated before they are robbing us blind
    Deep State Globalists Want to Destroy US Constitution – Catherine Austin Fitts

  2. “VA investigation closes Garland veteran career center”
    By: Staff
    Posted: Sep 27 2017 09:04PM CDT
    Video Posted: Sep 28 2017 07:27AM CDT
    Updated: Sep 28 2017 12:42PM CDT


    “A job training program in North Texas that caters to veterans suddenly shut down after news of an investigation by the Department of Veteran Affairs. As a result, hundreds of students were just left hanging.

    The Retail Ready Career Center in Garland suddenly closed its doors to students on Wednesday without notice. The program has graduated more than 2,000 veterans in recent years.”

    “Most of the stranded students are staying at an Extended Stay in Irving while enrolled in a training program. The group said they were in the middle of class Wednesday afternoon when an instructor abruptly told them they had to leave the premises and that the school was being shut down.

    Marine Corps veteran Justin Nations wants answers.

    “Everything just kind of went downhill after last week,” he said.

    The San Angelo native is one of some 300 veterans from all across the country now living in limbo after the Retail Ready Career Center suddenly closed its doors.

    “You could tell it was a big shock to all the instructors,” said Army veteran Auriel Walsh. “They basically told us, ‘Pack your stuff. Get all your belongings and please leave the premises as soon as possible.’”

    The students who said they pay for the program through the GI bill said the first sign of trouble was last Wednesday when law enforcement officers stopped their bus as it pulled into the center’s parking lot.”

    “We showed up at 7 a.m. to be early for school. And the cops were there,” Nations recalled. “They told us to sign a form and leave and school started the next day. And a week later, here we are.”

    When FOX 4 stopped by the center Wednesday afternoon, the doors were locked but our cameras captured a few people coming out of the building. One man appeared to be carrying a box of items.

    “It was like no warning. It’s like a headshot. That’s it,” said Torris Blackshear. “Out of pocket $21,000.”

    “In a statement, a spokesman for the center said “the Department of Veteran Affairs is conducting an administrative review that has temporarily suspended classes. We hope to resolve this issue soon… Retail Ready Career Center is attempting to address any issues that may have arisen from this unfortunate situation.”

    With little answers, several students aren’t so sure.

    “They came in and pretty much told us, ‘Hey, you’re going home. Get your stuff,’” said Blackshear.

    “320 students — they just said, ‘Hey, it was nice knowing you. Bye,’” Nations said.

    One of the veterans said the group is grateful for the hotel that is allowing them to stay for free at least for a few days until they can find a way to get back home.”

  3. “VA employee from Sheraden charged with 20 counts of possessing child porn”
    Patrick Varine, Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, 9:18 a.m.


    “Updated 18 hours ago

    A Sheraden man and Veterans Affairs employee has been charged with 20 counts of possessing child pornography.

    Erik Z. Bietz, 28, of Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood, was arrested Thursday, charged by the state Attorney General’s Office. He was also charged with one count of criminal use of a communication device.

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released a statement announcing it is taking immediate steps to fire Bietz.

    “This behavior is not in line with the norms and values of the VA, and as a result the employee has been suspended from all duties. VA has initiated the process for removal from employment,” VA Press Secretary Curt Cashour said in a statement released Saturday. “Secretary (David) Shulkin has made clear that VA will hold employees accountable when they fail to live up to the high standards taxpayers expect from us. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this case.”

    Bietz is free on $10,000 bond. Court documents do not list an attorney.

    He is scheduled for an Oct. 12 preliminary hearing before Judge Jeffrey A. Manning.”

    1. “Man fired from VA hospital after arrest on child porn charges”
      Updated: Oct 1, 2017 – 5:50 PM
      ASPINWALL, Pa. – UPDATE 1:15 p.m.

      “The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is proposing the termination of an employee arrested Thursday on multiple counts of possession of child pornography.

      Erik Bietz, 28, was arrested at the hospital.”

  4. “Former MA Police Sgt. Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Funds From Disabled Veterans, Running Fraudulent Tax Prep. Business”


    “Glenn Pearson took advantage of disabled military veterans who could not manage their own financial affairs, by diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in VA payments to his personal benefit,” said Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Goldberg.”

    “A former Whitman, Massachusetts police sergeant pleaded guilty today to wire fraud, preparing false income tax returns for clients of his tax preparation business, obstructing the internal revenue laws and misappropriating funds from the accounts of disabled veterans while he was a fiduciary appointed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), announced Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Stuart M. Goldberg of the Justice Department’s Tax Division and Acting U.S. Attorney William D. Weinreb for the District of Massachusetts.

    According to documents filed with the Court, from 2007 to 2012, Glenn P. Pearson, 61, was appointed a VA fiduciary for eight disabled veterans of the U.S. armed forces. A veteran, who has been awarded VA benefits but is unable to manage his or her funds due to injury, disease, mental incompetence or infirmities of advanced age, can have another individual, referred to as a fiduciary, appointed by the VA to receive funds on the veteran’s behalf and to manage those funds for the benefit of the veteran. Pearson used his position as a fiduciary to misappropriate and embezzle more than $250,000 in VA-issued benefit money from the accounts of several veterans.

    Moreover, beginning in 2012, Pearson operated FTS Tax Services, a tax preparation business through which he prepared false tax returns for clients for a fee.

    From 2012 through 2015, Pearson prepared numerous tax returns that included false credits and fictitious deductions in an effort to get his clients bigger refunds than they were entitled to receive. When Pearson’s clients were audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Pearson took steps to obstruct the IRS—including making false statements to the IRS and preparing false documents for his clients to submit to the IRS during the audits. Pearson admitted to causing a tax loss of more than $1.5 million.

    “Glenn Pearson took advantage of disabled military veterans who could not manage their own financial affairs, by diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in VA payments to his personal benefit,” said Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Goldberg.

    “He then used his tax preparation business to generate more than $1.5 million in bogus refunds and obstructed IRS audits looking into the fraudulent returns he prepared. Today, Pearson is held fully accountable for his abuse of trust and fraudulent conduct.””

    1. That would never, or other deep seated corrupt practices make the news in my open air concentration camp of Indiana, or Terre Haute. The network, or mafias, the corrupt, would never allow one of their own to be caught so easily. If so they upset someone or are expendable or caught beyond repair or to use one of their public relations firms to make everything look good to pacify the sheep. Sad but true since we here only have two local news stations to watch, can’t leave comments on any news or events, and can not get news on TV or radio from our capitol, Indianapolis.


      Oh gee great news! The suicide rate is falling due to some quack local nut hospital and a so-called globalist village or community who is supposed to care for all of us. More BS. If anyone truly cared they would not attack us being on some list, for speaking out, deal with retribution on every level of life, censor the hell out of us, use health care for retaliation state wide, those vet groups fearing us trying to get some things investigated here, etc. No, they all have to “stay on the same page,” they claim, and pretend to give a damn when they don’t and must stay with the herd of absolute corruption and cover-ups.

      They claim a drop in suicides, I hear on the streets and from those in the military the opposite. The local news rooms, media, openly declare that they will not report about such things like local suicides or such deaths. Considered to be for privacy sake. Hell, we don’t get real news or about local crime period. All anyone has to do is research things a bit and ask why, and why so much lack of transparency in government and news.

      Here the attorney general and every state and local office to the activist, colleges and etc., are all a part of the problems and refuse to get involved in our major issues or of all the corruption and VA corruption which spills over into the civilian sectors now. Oh what fun.

  5. “Attorney General issues Cease and Desist against American Veterans Foundation”
    Posted: Sep 28, 2017 12:24 PM CDT
    Updated: Sep 28, 2017 12:24 PM CDT


    Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced a Notice of Intended Action and Cease and Desist Order against American Veterans Foundation (AVF).

    The move comes after Schuette claims the foundation had more than two hundred thousand violations of the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act. They included deceptive solicitations and diversions of funds raised to other purposes.

    More than 12,000 donations, totaling more than $250,000, were received from Michigan donors.

    The AVF came to the attention of the Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Section after an audit of its charitable solicitation registration and IRS Form 990 and through connections to questionable telemarketing fundraisers “Courtesy Call” and “Donor Relations”.

    The Charitable Trust Section questioned several aspects of the AVF, and said the foundation’s responses revealed a very different picture of its programs than it reported to the public.

    “This is the third deceptive veterans charity this year that my office has acted against,” said Schuette. “As I’ve said before: our troops deserve better; our citizens deserve better. And other deceptive charities should take this as a warning to shape up or stay out of Michigan.”

    AVF’s telemarketing scripts told donors that AVF was “dedicated” to its programs and that money raised would provide “immediate support” to homeless veterans and provide “We Care” packages to deployed troops. During the years 2014 through 2016, AVF raised nearly $4 million nationwide, but spent only 1% of the funds raised for these programs, according to Schuette’s office.

    In 2014, despite claiming on its Form 990 that it had helped hundreds of veterans, AVF directly helped just one homeless veteran by making a single grant of $1,565.

    Rather than providing direct relief to veterans as represented to donors, AVF spent the money it raised on fundraising, administrative costs, the salary of its President Paul Monville, and other costs, according to Schuette.”

    Copy of the Notice of Intended Action and Cease and Desist Order at:


  6. “Former DAV treasurer indicted for embezzling in Salem”
    By Victoria Shirley Posted: Mon 1:29 PM, Sep 18, 2017


    “SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) A Salem Circuit Court Grand Jury indicted a man Friday on five counts of embezzling money from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 3.

    Randy Carlyle Turner, the former treasurer of DAV Chapter 3, is charged with embezzling more than $200 five different times between April 1 through the end of August.

    The total amount believed to be embezzled is unclear.

    Virginia State Police Special Agent Douglas R. Hubert presented evidence to the grand jury Friday.

    The grand jury returned five true bills, one for each month Turner is accused of stealing money from the DAV, beginning in April.

    Turner was the chapter’s treasurer during the time of the believed theft, according to DAV Chapter 3 Commander Perry C. Taylor Jr.

    Taylor Jr. said he discovered an issue with the funds August 8 and questioned the treasurer about it, however, Turner did not provide any answers.”

  7. I TEAM: Exclusive Video–man busted in veterans’ charity scam
    Posted 8:43 pm, August 15, 2017, by Ed Gallek

    “CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained police body camera video showing a man investigators say was running a scam on a veterans charity.

    Stanley Trzebuckowski has just been indicted by Cuyahoga County prosecutors for falsification and more.

    Berea Police began the investigation in June at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Questions came up about Trzebuckowski collecting money in the name of Disabled American Vets.

    Video shows him getting confronted by two local leaders of the group. They can be heard saying, “You’re not allowed to be doing this.” And, “They want this stopped immediately. There’s no record of you sending any money in to them at all.” They even seized little forget-me-not flowers.

    Berea investigators then built a case, and weeks later, they arrested Trzebuckowski.

    In booking room video, a detective can be heard scolding the suspect, reminding him how important military veterans and their sacrifices are to the general public.

    Trzebuckowski can be heard on the video talking about how he is a veteran himself and he’d never steal.

    Records show he was put on probation in March for a robbery conviction. He went through a special veterans’ court aimed at getting veterans in trouble with the law services as they work their way through the justice system.

    Trzebuckowski has pleaded not guilty to charges tied to the latest case.

    The national office of Disabled American Veterans says the group rarely has just one person collecting money at a time, and the group would have signs and clothing with the name of the organization.”

  8. “Former Mt. Carmel VFW manager arrested on theft charge”

    “MT. CARMEL, IL (WFIE) –
    The former manager of the VFW in Mt. Carmel is charged with theft.

    Police say 50-year-old John D. Reed used the VFW’s Menards credit card for personal use.

    Police say they found some of the items bought with the card inside Reed’s home.

    Th current manager of the VFW, Charlie Hedge, tells us taxes, electric, water, and insurance bills were all left unpaid while Reed was the manager last year.

    Hedge says the VFW became thousands of dollars in debt because of the poor management.”

  9. “VFW Complaint Leads To Arrest Of 70 Year Old Watertown Man”

    “A 70 year old Watertown man faces grand larceny charges after being accused of falsifying gaming records.

    The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office detective unit arrested Patrick Daly following a complaint filed by management of VFW Post 5344 in the village of Adams.

    Daly was charged with third-degree grand larceny, first-degree falsifying business records and tampering with physical evidence.

    Officials allege Daly falsified “bell jar/pull tab” gaming records over the course of several months in 2016, in an effort to conceal that he was collecting winnings after playing the game without paying for game pieces.

    Daly is also accused of destroying several played out deals in violation of state gaming laws.”

  10. Mitch Mc-Conn-nell

    1. “Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/29/2017 Stock Trades By Congressional Aides Risk Conflict of Interest”


      1. Published on Sep 29, 2017

        Tucker Carlson Talks About Congressional Aides Routinely Engaging in Insider Trading, Buying & Selling Stock in Companies That, Their Committees Have Ability To Regulate & Investigate.

      2. It is well,known in the financial circuits that I used to hang out in that there is a single group of people in Amaerica that is immune from insider trading laws. Maybe it has changed but when I was day trading options I read the article myself.

        Congressional staff is, or at least was, immune from laws precenting the rest of us from using insider information to earn profit in stocks or options. I realize this sounds like bullshit but it is true.

        Here is how this law works and precisely how it does not work. This is the CORE of how options trading is rigged. Make no mistake, it IS a rigged game. Here is how:

        Let’s say it froze early this year when the orange crop was in blossom. The government reports that they predict a 50% reduction in crop yield. “Futures” are VERY similar to options and is simple an agreed upon price you will pay at some point in the future for a commodity. It is locked into a contract. Airline companies LOVE futures trading because they can lock in fuel prices this way long in advance.

        Let’s say in this case that one federal agent is in posession of a “futures” report that shows the crop of oranges did not suffer at all. The man plans to release the official report on Wednesday. Up until the moment of release the stock market prices orange juice futures on the prediction that short supply means higher prices.

        This man walks into my congressmans office with the report and “leaves it open” on a desk for all to see. If you know for certain that the price of futures will plummet on Wednessday when the report is released (the crop is fine after all) then what you do is sell future options on the crop. Each gallon of orange juice will be worth much less on Wednesday when the report shows the supply will be abundant after all. The futures price will plummet the moment the official report is released. If you own a contract that can force a person to pay much higher than market value because you have future price agreed on by contract, then the man who knew the market would plunge gets VERY rich.

        In this scenario some poor bastard goes the other way and gets VERY poor. This is not a crime in most countries, but in America it is not considered a victimless crime to trade on inside knowledge like this and is punishable routinely by long prison sentences…… except for one group: congressional staff members CAN use inside information and cannot be prosecuted for it. The congressman can be prosecuted if they do it. You and I would be if say the man with the report was your brother and gave you the report to use, or ANY other human inside America would be tossed in jail for using inside information – except congressional staff… no bullshit.

        The article I read years ago now in a financial journal listed the sheer number of staff members that went from almost zero net worth to multi millionairs in the stock market. This is no secret. The theory goes something like this; a congressional staff member will ALWAYS be exposed to insider information that can be leveraged as I explain for huge profit (which means somebody else takes a huge loss). It becomes impossible because of the constant exposure to this information to prove that they did not already intend to make those same trades. If I do this, what they look for is whether I had an opportunity to see the inside information. This is enough for police.

        Since a congressional staffer “glances” routinely at all kinds of inside information law enformcement has no footing really. It is not illegal to trade. It is not illegal to take huge gambles is way. It is not illegal to turn huge profit. So unless a staffer waived his right against self incrimination just how on Earth can you prove it was the open report on a desk that that made you a millionaire? With me just the fact the report was in my office before release and I traded options on the stuff after would be prosecutable EVEN if I acted without reading the report. Not so for congressional staff members.

        The report I read tallied up the number of first time investers known to have score six figure windfalls from options and futures trading. The article was exposing this even years ago – the VAST majority of six figure windfalls by amatuer investors are …. wait for it…..

        Congressional staff members. This is a position fought for with ferocious vigor by predatory investment types because of this precise reason. It might have changed by now right? Huge money. Politicians. Washington DC. Wall Street. It might change one day…..uh huh….. Want to funnel millions and millions to a politician? Arrange to have a crop report “dropped wih pages open” in nearly any congressional office. His staff will know what to do…

  11. Just spotted a great bumper sticker this morning: “IF MY FLAG OFFENDS YOU, I WILL HELP YOU PACK” 🙂 Loving it…

  12. “Stoughton American Legion Ran Illegal Drug And Gaming Operation: Police
    Six people were arrested following a raid Thursday night.”

    By Daniel Libon (Patch Staff) – Updated Sep 22, 2017


  13. “Police shut down gaming operation at American Legion, arrest six”

    Posted on September 25, 2017 at 8:05 AM


    1. “Authorities shut down an American Legion hall in southeastern Massachusetts late last week after finding cocaine and illegal gambling there, leading to six arrests.

      A multi-agency raid of the establishment, located on Prospect Street in Stoughton, occurred around 9 p.m. Thursday night, according to Norfolk District Attorney’s Office.

      The raid turned up just residue of cocaine on countertops, but police believe the legion served as a trafficking spot for significant amounts of the drug. An illegal video gaming system was also found during the raid.

      Arrested at the legion were hall employee Denise Black, of Stoughton, charged with two counts distributing cocaine and Judy Fantucchio, 53, of Stoughton. John Flynn, 71, of Stoughton, Thomas Coyle, 54, of Randolph — all facing cocaine possession charges — and Timothy Cruise, 57, of Canton, charged with cocaine possession and allowing public gaming.”

  14. Target 8: VA brass sends cop to snatch signs promoting suicide awareness
    News Channel 8 Investigative
    By Steve Andrews
    Published: August 30, 2017


    “In August, we told you VA police removed signs promoting Keith’s rally, which were placed on a state right of way. We helped him get them back.”

  15. “Target 8: Veterans protest, claim VA frustration leads to suicides”
    News Channel 8 Investigative By Steve Andrews
    Published: July 3, 2017, 3:55 pm


    1. (WFLA) – The day before the 4th of July, some veterans are dusting off their uniforms to join in parades.

      One group stood in front of the V.A. Health Care Center at Bay Pine, carrying ominous signs that state the V.A. “provides the maximum opportunity for the veterans to kill themselves.”

      Every 72 minutes, an American veteran commits suicide. About 20 veterans per day take their own lives.

      On Monday, some pointed the finger of blame right at the V.A.

      Army veteran Brad Bolden is one of them. He stood in 90 degree heat to protest treatment at the V.A. that he sums up in one word.

      “Horrible,” said Bolden.

      Veteran and former Bay Pines nurse Carol Henson joined him.

      “You’re just ignored, it’s like you’re a passing thought,” added Henson.

  16. “PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA)—In the United States, 22 veterans take their lives every day.

    In front of the Veterans Affairs office at Bay Pines, 22 mannequins stood to serve as a reminder of this American tragedy.

    Army veteran Mike Ford admits he’s come close to ending his life.

    “Idea was to just go ahead and just kill yourself on V-A property right, maybe if they see, if maybe people like, wow, there’s something really going on here,” he told News Channel 8.”

  17. “Veteran suicides, VA corruption focus of rally and protest”
    News Channel 8 Investigative
    By Steve Andrews
    Published: September 29, 2017, 5:44 pm


  18. “Bill would help veterans exposed to burn pits”
    By Maureen McMullen on Sep 29, 2017 at 8:39 p.m.

    “WOODBURY, Minn. — Amie Muller returned home to Woodbury nearly a decade ago after serving a two-year tour in Iraq.

    The end of her deployment, however, ushered in a gamut of health issues for Muller, including severe skin rashes and sun sensitivity, chronic fatigue and a fibromyalgia diagnosis. She was eventually diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in 2016.

    Amie, a mother of three, died from the disease in February at age 36.”

  19. Here’s were the money went….


    Rat and king of the VA swamp creatures himself, taking his own trips on the taxpayer’s dime.

  20. Too big moves need be done with the VA; (1.) Can Shithead “Shitty” Shulkin [I said this not to long after first posting in Ben’s World, and (2.) Audit the VA.

    When I worked for a top PC manufacturer (hint: the PC biz was started in a garage in Cali), I was the leader in our Quality Control Group. Our goal was to streamline production to increase quality, reduce the stress on employees, and to locate any areas of cost reductions.

    It was common during that time, when upgrading the flow of production, to at least find from 3-5 in savings. What if the VA found only 1% cost savings. How much savings would that be?

    1% of $180 Billion is $1.8 Billion. We all know that there is corruption, fraud, waste, and over expenditures in the VA. This is why the VA needs to be Audited. And the VA Leadership is requesting more money. What a fucking joke.

    Piss off VA. One day, if you don’t change your ways, its going to catch up with you. – – – Nutter

  21. Liberturdytards – – – It pisses me off when you don’t agree with the far left’s movement on bending on one knee or locking arms during the playing of our National Anthem. Damn Inside Edition called those that wouldn’t join the others in Thursday Night Football’s game, defiant. The one’s kneeling or holding arms are deviant. Lib’s got it backwards as usual.

    Brings this to mind. I suspect that there are more Lefts working in OUR VA facility’s compared to the Rights. I wonder who picked those names? Someone got that right.

    1. That’s why I am setting footballs, basketballs, anything classified as a “ball” on fire as I come across it in my life’s path from hereon. I will hum the Nat’l Anthem while amber waves of grainy smoke dissipate and then carryon.

      1. A nerf football set on fire and thrown makes a particularly fun visual effect, esp. considering it was soaked in accelerant. 🙂 (no firebug issues nor wetting of beds here, none at all) 🙂

  22. On Lame Brain McCain. Guess he wants to make sure he got his full share of the last Veterans Choice money. He must suspect he was shorted on his cut.

    “McCain demands accounting from VA on money for private care”
    By HOPE YEN, September 28, 2017 8:51

    “WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain is demanding a full accounting from the Department of Veterans Affairs on the financial status of its private-sector health care program after the agency said it could face another budget shortfall as soon as December.”

    1. Insane McCain is only laying a 20/20 Hindsight Foreshadowing to cover his ass for his apparent tad of guilt for going to Mayo Clinic while his fellow Vets are being killed by the Phoenix VAMC. 🙂 In a moo—oood. The cash cows are getting nervous. Isaacson better have his ass tethered to his Stairmaster with bungee straps for Monday Morning. The Friday D.C. Swamp Fart was particularly layered in it’s shittiness today.

  23. Question – – – With all the distrust that is not being dealt with, what VSO’s, if any, are Veterans to trust? Seriously. I had one lie to me, dropped him. Told me right from the start, “there was no fire in any record keeping areas. All records are on file.”

    1. The VFW Branch in some part of Ohio today announced they would no longer allow people to protest the Nat’l Anthem before games being shown at bar…they said on TV interview tonight, that it’s time for Vets to stand-up for the FLAG and USA. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. The butthurt snowflakes have finally raised the hair on the VFW VSO’s, will the other piggies follow suit, esp. in-light of Shulkin being under microscope of lavish expenses, the VSO Piggies may want to distance themselves away from the $$$ trough until dust settles. Public announcement about the VFW in Ohio tonight…google it and you will find it.

  24. “VA looks to ease telehealth regulations”
    By Rachel Z. Arndt | September 29, 2017

    “The Veterans Affairs Department proposed a rule Friday that would allow VA providers anywhere in the country to conduct telehealth visits with VA patients across state borders, regardless of state licensing.”


    1. Telehealth — online video game for VA doctors where they complete to see who can achieve the highest Veteran Body Count.

      1. The new rules will now allow nurses to play the game. Regardless of any state laws or state requirements.

  25. Is the honeymoon over between Shulkin and Cox?

    “AFGE president blasts VA Secretary Shulkin’s taxpayer-funded European vacation VA grapples with funding shortfalls as agency head travels Europe with wife”

    News provided by
    American Federation of Government Employees 
    17:51 ET


    1. “WASHINGTON, Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American Federation of Government Employees J. David Cox Sr. released the following statement in response to a Washington Post report regarding Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin’s travel expenses:

      “Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin should be ashamed of himself for traveling to Europe with his wife at taxpayers’ expense – especially as the VA grapples with funding shortfalls that undermine veterans’ care.

      “Mr. Shulkin needs to explain to veterans who are waiting for doctors’ appointments how attending a Wimbledon tennis match, touring Westminster Abbey, and cruising along the River Thames with his wife helped them get treated faster.

      “He also needs to explain to VA employees, many of whom are veterans, why he ordered a crackdown on their travel just two weeks before going on his taxpayer-funded European vacation. With 49,000 staffing vacancies to fill, our nation’s veterans and the Veterans Affairs staff deserve to know how Secretary Shulkin intends on improving services at the VA.

      “President Trump came to Washington with a promise to drain the swamp. He needs to start by holding his own Cabinet officials accountable to the public they serve.” “

      1. I just am watching this on world news tonight. Fucking VA Rat Bastards….and Shulkin had the audacity to even consider taking away TDIU 100% when Vets turned retirement age? FUCK YOU, VA!!!!!!!!!!

      2. But of Course Cox has some problems of his own regarding spending Union Dues on paying for his Vacations and trips to the Cayman Islands Offshore Banking capitol. At least that was without using taxpayers money. But still someone else’s money.

        “Top federal union ousts second-highest leader during a critical time for feds”
        By Joe Davidson | Columnist August 18

        ““Over the past several years,” he wrote, “I have been an outspoken critic of how AFGE President J. David Cox and other members of the NEC have spent AFGE money for personal use, including family vacations to the Virgin Islands.””

      3. The Cayman Islands is where the AFGE master vault lives for laundering those nonperformance bonuses tax-free/offshore.

      4. AFGE David “little” Cox gets his freak on by taking sauna baths freshly laundered money while VSO Piggies bring Cox bon bons and champagne. In a fucking mood tonight. Where’s my vaporizer?

  26. “Moline man shocked after job training center for veterans shuts down”
    Posted 5:13 pm, September 29, 2017, by Chris Minor WQAD 8

    “GARLAND, Texas- A Moline, Illinois man is one of more than 300 veterans left in the dark after a job training school they paid for through the GI bill abruptly shut its doors.

    “Three weeks before graduation, we were told goodbye. They sent a senior instructor around to each class and he just came in front of the school and said, ‘I need everyone to pack your bags, the schools been officially shut down and everyone needs to vacate the premises’ ,” said Dallas Wild, who had enrolled in the career center after hitting dead ends looking for a decent paying job in the Quad Cities.

    The Retail Ready Career Center catered to veterans interested in a career in heating and air conditioning.

    “They called and offered us a $23 dollar an hour job after we got out, guaranteed job placement,” said Wild.

    Tuition was $21,000 for the six week program, which included food, lodging, and round-trip air-fare. Most tuition bills were paid through the GI bill.”


  27. Durham VA hospital changes its mind and will let this Vietnam vet stay. He had refused to leave.

    By Thomasi McDonald

    Read more here: “”

    1. DURHAM —

      “On Monday, officials at the Durham VA Medical Center discharged a double-amputee who lost his legs after being stricken by the effects of Agent Orange-related diabetes that he contracted while fighting in Vietnam.

      But the man wouldn’t leave the hospital. Instead, he camped out in the lobby of the facility’s patient entrance for 48 hours.

      By late Wednesday afternoon, the VA reversed course. Sharonda Pearson, a VA spokeswoman, announced that James Donald Francis will be allowed to move back into the hospital’s community-based living center, at least momentarily.”

      1. Guess taking care of this Veteran would have costed to much money and cut into Shulkin future Vacation funds.

      2. I’m hoping this will bring-out that luxury 5 star hotel in France the VA apparently still owns…and a brand new VA Sec….a seasoned leatherneck Vet with a serious bug up his or her ass about the VA.

  28. U.S. Veterans Affairs — “Trump’s VA Secretary Is the Fourth Cabinet Member to be Caught in a Travel Expense Scandal”

    John Patrick Pullen, Fortune September 29, 2017 5:30 PM ET


    1. “Overshadowed by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s resignation Friday afternoon, Veterans Affairs chief David Shulkin is the latest Trump cabinet member to be found mixing personal trips and expenses with government travel. The VA secretary cruised the Thames, took in sight-seeing at Westminster Abbey, and watched a Wimbledon tennis match during a 10-day European trip with his wife, according to an itinerary obtained by The Washington Post.

      The VA secretary’s 10-day trip—which also included the department’s undersecretary and her husband, Shulkin’s chief of staff, an aide, and six security people—was approximately half business, half pleasure, the itinerary reportedly details. The government paid for Shulkin’s wife airfare and provided a per diem for her meals because she was traveling on “approved invitational orders,” reports the Post.

      The Shulkins’ July trip was revealed as the personal travel and government expenses of other cabinet officials have also come under scrutiny.”

  29. “VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wife’s expenses covered by taxpayers”

    By Jack Gillum, Alex Horton, Drew Harwell, Lisa Rein Washington Post, September 29 at 2:02 PM


    1. “Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin had attended a Wimbledon championship tennis match, toured Westminster Abbey and taken a cruise on the Thames.

      The 10-day trip was not entirely a vacation. Shulkin was in Europe for meetings with Danish and British officials about veterans’ health issues.

      Yet he and his wife spent about half their time sightseeing, including shopping and touring historic sites, according to an itinerary obtained by The Washington Post and confirmed by a U.S. official familiar with their activities.

      Shulkin’s six-person traveling party included his acting undersecretary of health and her husband, his chief of staff and another aide, the itinerary says. They were accompanied by a security detail of as many as six people.

      The agency said Friday that the government paid airfare for Merle Bari, Shulkin’s wife, because she was traveling on “approved invitational orders.” The government also provided a per diem for her”

      “Shulkin’s trip came less than two weeks after he signed a memo instructing top VA staffers to determine whether “employee travel in their organization is essential.”

      “I expect this will result in decreased employee travel and generate savings within the Department of Veterans Affairs,” Shulkin wrote.”

      “All of Shulkin’s activities on the European trip, including his attendance at Wimbledon, “were reviewed and approved by ethics counsel,” VA press secretary Curt Cashour said in an emailed statement.

      “These were important trips with our allies to discuss best practices for taking care of veterans,” Cashour said.”

      “Cashour said the husband of Poonam Alaigh, the acting undersecretary for health, paid his own expenses.

      In an interview Friday, Alaigh defended the trip as a “tremendous and valuable exchange of ideas” with British and Danish counterparts.

      “Were there some breaks we got? Sure,” she said. “But they were reasonable. They were not at the expense of what we had committed to do: representing our country and showing our commitment to veterans.”

      Alaigh said the delegation took an unplanned trip across the border to Sweden one evening.”

      1. Unfortunately the article does not mention the well planned trip to Switzerland to set up the new Veteran’s Administrations Sec retirement account.

  30. Totally Off Topic – – – As I’ve gotten older, I’m having a annoying problem with a lot of hair growing out from my ears. I have to pluck, then add soap and water to then shave my ears. Its getting on my nerves.

    Here’s my question; “Does anyone know of a durable, but reasonably priced laser light that will wipe out the hair roots so the hair doesn’t grow on my ears?

    By having a system like this will help me to cut down on the grooming time, therefore not to get additional pain flare ups, or possibly tilting over, then slamming on the deck. Done this many times. Broke right wrist a few years ago. I’m trying to protect myself from more injuries.

    The damn VA didn’t heed my call for help, and let me wait for over 1 1/2 years until these pukes (VA Staph) said, “Oh my goodness, this Veteran needs help. Can we plug him into a program for more points so our Supervisors will get off our ass?” Ratty Basturds.

    Hey you Illinoisians, I’m still looking for those loopholes. I know that they’re there somewhere (personal joke to those who know what I’m talking about).

    – – – Serious Replies Only – – –

    But, if you have a good joke, or an amusing way to take care of my problem, for a good laugh or chuckle, please post. I don’t want to hear about the Purple Team or Hippo this or that. I need to find a laser, and could use some good humor as well. Most likely others could use a laugh too. Thanks – – – Nutter

    1. “VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wife’s expenses covered by taxpayers”

      By Jack Gillum, Alex Horton, Drew Harwell, Lisa Rein Washington Post, September 29 at 2:02 PM


      More on page 2 of the Comments here.

    2. ANV,

      With respect, just make sure when you get whatever laser you think you are gonna get by listening to either me or my fellow cretins here who post that you aim it at something not alive before you pull the trigger. Observe the results. Maybe post on the RAND website a photo or something of what happens and see what their take is?

      Asking a group of disabled veterans which laser to aim at your own head has it’s own benefits and consequences I suppose. On the one hand it is pretty cheap healthcare advice, like VA. In the worst case scenario of a grossly overpowered laser applied to the side of your head at least you will be rid of those pesky hairs. VA would call this a favorable outcome, right?

      … ducking now ….

  31. If Health Care providers aren’t getting paid, WHERE is the money going ? Are the off the books operations from the 60′ and 70’s still in place ? Just asking….

    1. Administration, salaries, bonuses, stock prices, donations to politicians. Whatever’s left might go to a provider if they won’t just go away.

      As I posted previously, Centene, the parent company of Health Net had their stock price rise over $6 per share from last Tuesday. I suspect that jump was from the news that the VA was going to beg congress for more money for Choice.

      If you owned 1000 shares in Centene, you made $6000 on that news. If you were a Centene board member like Dick Gephardt or Tommy Thompson where you are given stock shares as part of your compensation, say 10,000 shares, you made $60,000 over the weekend.

      If you were a VSO and knew congress was going to continue funding Choice and you bought 100 shares of Centene stock at $62 per around the time they took over Health Net in 2015, it cost you $6200. Today’s share price is $95.27, so you as a VSO almost doubled your investment of $6200 to $9527.00 in a little over 2 years.

      1. @91Veteran

        You are absolutely right but the dollar amount is off by a huge factor.

        I once made my living by trading options. Specifically I traded “covered calls”. This is a simple concept. If you own a “call option” to buy a stock at say $62 then you can force the sale of stock before the option contract expires and purchase the stock at $62. So if the stock is now $95 you can force the sale at $62 then instantly resell for $95 by excersizing the option.

        Why is this an ENORMOUSE money maker? Because to purchase the option to “call” the stock at $62 the purchaser needs to perhaps pay a very small fee, like $0.65 per stock, in order to secure the option to buy. In this scenario (practiced daily) anyone knowing with certainty that the stock would soar thusly would not buy the stock – they buy the option. Then a $0.65 investment nets you $95.

        Big money is involved in options and this is where the true wealth is hidden because an option is worthless unless it is excersized or sold. If they expire they never have value. If you ask a politician with ten million dollars of options that are not excersized yet how much his net worth is, he can exclude without fibbing the options because they have no value unless excersized or sold and in fact could never be able to be sold for a profit.

        Think “Warren Buffet” and you will know the power and $$$ of options.

      2. Good point about the options Dennis, and yes it includes a huge amount of money.

        I stuck with numbers that are essentially reportable or provable rather than those that could be denied by some weasel.

        As it is, politicians have even gotten around that by investing in mutual funds where they can claim a little deniability that they are invested directly in a company that makes them money when they take certain legislative actions.

        I looked at McCain’s financial disclosure reports when I was looking at Centenes financial reports. All of McCain’s money, according to his disclosures are in mutual funds, with the exceptions of assets that can’t be hidden like real estate.

    2. Where does sit go?

      heheeee. When Google Earth gets good enough to overlay a map of the Earth with the ability to portray the population of local Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, and like cars then you will know.

      For now just find ANY webcam in Washington DC that is live and count the number of those fine autos that go by. Then find a webcam at any other town in America and count the same thing there.

      Any hunches about what you will find? Money just LOVES expensive cars and it takes LOTS to drive one around.

      1. We have seen ENORMOUS dollar amounts seem to evaporate in tue last few years. If you go to the press release portion of Rolls Royce and find a 2015 end of year sales figure, ttyis is what business was like in that period that America saw billions evaporate into thin air…..

        Copy and paste from Rolls Royce press release, 2015;

        “Second highest sales in the marque’s 112-year history.”

        Where does the money go? lolz, apparently hand built cars are popular….

    3. If you were a well connected former politician like Dick Gephardt or Tommy Thompson and wanted in on that government run health care gravy train, you could have joined the board of Centene when their stock price was $18 per share in October 2012. As a board member getting stock shares as compensation, say your compensation up to today means you have 100,000 shares of Centene. Those stock shares alone mean you now have $9, 527,000.00 in stock alone.

      Now, imagine that board member not paying taxes on $9.5 million if it is part of some deferred compensation package.

      But, don’t you DARE try claiming extra mileage on your travel pay!

  32. I wish I could use Veteran’s Choice. The vet center therapist I went to was a complete asshole. For 6 months I wasted my time talking to the dumbass. He tried to make me out to having a personality disorder and made up my past without asking me about it. I dumped the bum and am considering my next move. I told the idiot from the beginning I was already service connected for PTSD and he asked me multiple times later on “are you service connected for PTSD”?

    The therapist is a psycho. The most annoying thing is that he’s not registered as a therapist in the state I live so he can get away with his abuse of veterans because it appears his supervisor doesn’t care what he does. He called and told me “if you were offended you can talk to my supervisor” which is turn speak for “My supervisor doesn’t give a shit what I do. Talk to my supervisor and nothing will happen”.

    1. Next time you go into that psycho VA therapist, try this rather fun technique that usually drives theraplists types and most humans absolutely nuts: Simply fix your eyes and stare at the center of your therapist’s forehead; not into his eyes, piercingly, imagining you’re burning a hole through his head and frying his brains into green eggs and ham…may want to practice first because you’re going to want to laugh when you see the results of your therapist starting to drool over himself and his own need of psychotherapy will become clear as your stare through his little brain.
      Have fun with these assholes! 🙂

      1. Important: act as if all is normal as you interact and continue to stare at the dead center of forehead. Use their own witchy poo psyops techniques right back at them.

    2. lily,

      I carry severe PTSD in my skull too. I have seen exceptional folks paid by VA but non VA and VA folks MUCH less so. It has been years and a variety of therapies, pharmacutical and otherwise and I find myself this morning pretty much ok with how things are right this instant.

      As a fellow PTSD sufferer you must certainly know how precious and fleeting these moments can be. Let me tell you what therapy I landed on that got me here:

      I began to walk.

      At first I impressed myself that I walked three or four miles in a day. Then I discovered what endorphines are at mile six one day and after that I inderstood Mother Natures built in mechanism for coping with PTSD. Move a muscle and change a thought. PTSD just loves to pick a fight with you and ratchet up the anxiety. I think that long walks trick that part of the mind into believing that you are taking action of some kind and that seems to be enough to relieve symptoms for a while.

      My suggestion if all other therapies fail you is to set yourself a schedule (mine is sunrise) to take a long walk. My best PTSD therapist said it takes 15 minutes for the adrenalin that gets pumped into our veins at a moments notice to get reabsorbed back into the body. I believe her. Generally two hours a day at a just-got-off-crutches-after-YEARS-last-month pace is what I can manage and it seems at about the 15 minute mark my mood improves noticably.

      I have often gone very long periods without “just ok” moments so given that I have dispensed with all pharmacuticals I can attest the new therapy is as good as it gets:

      Here is what I do now: In the morning when I wake I inhale a fine mist (vaporizer) of aerosol conatining a hash oil extract of nearly pure THC and take walks. I time it to watch the sun come up. When I begin to experience unpleasant symptoms again in several hours I vaporize again.

      This patient reports feeling good right now. Tell me again as a nation how any $$$ we are spending now on PTSD therapy vs. how many PTSD patients treated at VA make that same report? Never fight PTSD my friend because it will win. I give the energy somewhere else to go by walking and medicating with the thing that works which is not VA.

      1. ok…I need to add the silly part but this is true and DEFINATELY a part of my therapy. I am being honst here:

        As I walk when I realize that my mind has drifted to an unpleasant memory, I say simply (when I can) ,”… but all that doesn’t matter now because I moved to the Land of Dontgiveafuckrightnow. So, Idontgiveafuckrightnow. Then I giggle lolz. Just try saying that as one word WITHOUT pausing. The acid test is if you can do it without giggling. Just one word. How hard can it be?

        Maybe I shouldn’t have shared this lolz, but I do take liberties as a citizen of the Land of Dontgiveafuckrightnow that others do not enjoy.

      2. I agree on the walks. I’ve been doing that 15 minute walk about 3 times a day. It does exactly what you say. I also do yoga breathing where I lay down on my back, full body self massage and tai chi. I do them all at the same time for the greatest relief. The mind is another story. Controlling the thoughts is difficult but possible. I have a series of things I repeat sometimes over and over because it’s better than allowing the negative thoughts to just repeating over and over. When I walk I do remind myself to leave all the bad stuff back there. My walk is a meditation walk, a time to forget everything.

      3. The problems that a vet faces who carries a diagnosis of PTSD to obtain care is not uncommon but the nature of the disease makes the VA uniquely unsuited to treat it.

        PTSD will likely become renamed to something that also accurately describes the condition but in terms that others can relate to. I have seen medical journals talk about calling it something like Hyperactive Adrenalin Syndrome or similar. In other words when you skip past the “why this happens” label and jump to the “this is what is happening” label then it becomes easier to understand that at a moments notice our adrenalin levels spike in a fight or flight response over seemingly benign stimulus. They call it an “exaggerated startle response” which means that when the goddamn adrenalin begins to pump we get JUMPY. PTSD patients have a hair trigger on their adrenalin gland.

        Telling a PTSD patient that they have to navigate a process that triggers this adrenalin response at virtually every single window hole you have to speak through, and the multiple pointless procedures, acts, and submissions just to get mental health care for a mind that HAS HAD ENOUGH BULLSHIT ALREADY is like telling a blind patient to be sure to duck when passing through the low security doors because the openings are intentionally low for security, and then when they bang their head and cry out over getting hurt they are escorted off the property at gunpoint by armed men.

        This is veteran care in America today. ALL hospitals say the same things because that is marketing. It is what VA does not say that chills me:

        “VA has the finest surgeons.
        VA has the finest administrators.
        VA has the finest equipment.”

        To be fair just substitute “VA” for your local hospital and this is PR. But what part did the VA PR leave out?

        “VA’s has the finest federal officers.
        VA’s police force has the finest captains.
        VA’s police use the finest guns, handcuffs, mace, billy clubs, and are expert shots.”

        I guess the VA Police are there “To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself”? My god, we have foreign born Chiefs of Staff in many places now with operational control of an armed force on American soil. Why?????

        Question: who believes it is a good idea to treat an anxiety disorder patient into a place crawling with armed men, doctors from foreign countries, nurses that can barely understand english, and food you need to spray with Lysol before you eat it?

      4. The therapist I saw isn’t licensed by the state I’m in. I think it’s because he’s union, fed worker who knows he can get away with abusing veterans with less accountability. I was going to report him to the state. He left me a message saying i could talk to his supervisor. Why’s he not worried about his supervisor getting complaints? Tells me his supervisor is an enabler. I’ll never tell them I feel well again because going there alone makes,me sick.

  33. Where’s is our pro veteran president? What’s shulkin dong?
    Is he waliking around with a cane? How can this shit happen?
    It’s one fxxxxxg thing after another. Nothing gets rectified!
    It’s partially our fault. We’re all over the place.
    We should take on one issue at a time and show our strength in
    numbers by writing and calling the White House.
    Or maybe marching over their. There’s strength in numbers.

    1. Right on. I’ve said this same thing before. One issue, big strength in numbers. Best advice I’ve heard yet about getting Vets together.

    2. I have been barking about that for years and – nothing – has changed. Plenty of lies, propaganda, liars, hypocrites, facade, to total BS from the talking heads on TV to the churches to the vet groups, etc. “One issue at a time” to trying to get ALL these cats herded up on that one simple concept is impossible.


      The above is a small example of the local fluff and lies. If, if, an entire community. the locals, three major lefty colleges, media, et al, cared for us, respected us, they would NOT allow for any of us to be constantly attacked, ignored, censored, or lured to local town meetings for more secrecy, run around, for the exposure to the many local activist we have here to know about us, where we live, and what we disagree over. While they promote the “group think” to their fascist Marxist/communist ways.

      A family member just lost a Army buddy to suicide. I keep telling those around me to have anyone in that mindset to contact me. I will have true concern, not push head dope on them, fill their heads with college, or book learning stuff, or use some activist agenda or political correctness to shut them down or attack them is some stupid way while claiming how free we are. Sad.

      Tax dollars go to sports events to play pretend patriotism. More wasted dollars.

      I need surgery on both eyes now and I can’t trust any, none, in the local health care fields since I don’t hide and very open about things. I refuse to sit in some local pain clinic for six hours one day a month for pain meds. Especially since I can’t do, wait, sit, put up with my problems like others don’t mind doing while being totally disrespected and put on the civilian pas the buck around game. Or deal with idiots who tell me they have migraines and can still be out in public, in the daylight, and put up with nonsense to eating a aspirin for some magical cure is BS to me.

      It has evolved so bad here I am constantly getting phone calls for torment from one local hospital and their clinic, the UAP, where I sadly picked a PCP MD for care after leaving the VA. I have called and informed their admin about them calling me over all kinds of patient calls for others using MY phone number alone. How can anyone mistake over twenty different patients concerns, or them wanting them to call other numbers to fill out some survey use the same phone number for all of them but no calls for me and my issues or needs.

      My answering machine shows the the hospital’s and clinic’s names and numbers. I call them back at first informing them they have called the wrong number thinking some other person will miss a appointment or not go to the hospital over one of these calls. Turns out so many of these is NOT from a mere mistake in calling the wrong number or a robo call.

      I called again and told a hospital admin, female, about this and nicely as I could (slipped and said “damned phone calls” which highly upset the previous female callers) told her how I felt and what I thought of one woman who keeps calling me, being a activist Marx-feminist who tries to tell me how to talk, what words to use to pacify her, to obviously being a stranger on the phone and demanding I use a more mild monotone tone of voice and words to appease her, etc. Sounded exactly like those at the VA and them boasting about how highly educated females they are or trained and no man is going to question them about anything they may do. Including breaking federal laws concerning our health care records.

      That and having total strangers pass by you after some town meeting, or out in a store/in public mention something about our health care we are dealing with, that can only come from both the VA, local clinic and local civvy doctors and clinics makes it obvious what is going on. Especially when city leaders, the elected have family and wives that work in both arenas or the colleges, in media, and all being corrupt psychopaths and haters when they deal with people other than their lefty fascist politics, all their down town cliques, or their anti-veteran, anti-American, anti-civil rights for all agendas.

      I contacted a local private eye about this and asked if he would check into this crap, the town, officials, and things going on with the VA and he replied…”it would be a conflict of interest and my hands are tied.” He, they, are veterans too. So there we have it. And I am getting this shit from mail delivery loss, new mail box torn up, fence post being intentionally hit, at times followed or others notified if I am out and about somewhere, to the phone calls. And still not being able to find the care I think I should be getting from some “professionals.” All the while local media ignore it all, not interested, but play the facade game. All others from the Feds, state, locals don’t care and are all part of the problems that exist for many, and me.

      Sorry for the length but this and my FB I rarely can visit now is the only place to vent or to try to expose some things in the grand state of Indiana. It’s so ‘damned’ (sorry female Marxist control freaks for using the word damned) corrupt here and run by activist, college kiddies, communist, fascist pigs, foreigners, the corrupt, and scum.

      Our pain clinic group back in 2015 was told if we left the VA health care system we would never find health care again in Indiana. He claimed the VA, IU schools of medicine, other schools of medicine ran the whole thing state-wide and controlled it all and us. Having control and connections in every county and influence over the colleges have over several surrounding counties each which makes up the entire state. Guess they are making their threats good.

      Try to have a nice Saturday out there. Also, don’t trust some of those veterans with web pages or FB claiming to be for all of us or wanting us to jump on their band-wagons and for money.

  34. This is priceless, McCain demanding VA accountability?


    Oh, where is the VA Office of Accountability (that was created from the VA Accountability Act of 2017)???

    I don’t know if I should laugh or feel insulted at this point.

  35. May I highly suggest the VA be appointed a Disabled Veteran Fiduciary since they cannot manage the $$$ allotted to them?
    I’ll suggest and say this yet again: I still insist the VA is one huge Federal Slush Fund and because public generally has compassion for Vets, it’s not even a gamble usually when asking for *more* $$$, as long as that essential word ‘Veteran’ is in it…from there, it’s terminal velocity for Vets and congress critters on Stairmasters that buck this gravy boat train.

  36. Congress tells them that things are wrong and fix it. The make promises that can’t be done. It is the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever dealt with and there will be there till I die

  37. All they are doing is hiring too many people to run the program and it’s more money for them. The program can never be successful with the overhead they have, plus they like finding ways for the money to land in their pockets. Anyone that’s tried to get an appointment sees the hoops we run through. I’m so tired of the VA, I’ve lost my will and probably won’t be around to see improvements

  38. No Money DUH due to finally paying the bills for two years! VA Accountants sure cant count! got their accounting degree from the Hippo and Scum school?
    I said this before when VA went crawling for money like a check book need to look at what is still needs to paid add that too the amount requesting for supposed future!

  39. WOW! It really pays to know the “Clinton Crime Family!”
    Check this out from: “Daily Caller”
    by: Richard Pollock
    dated: 9/27/2017
    “EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea’s ‘Best Friend’ Wins $11 Mil In Defense Contracts With No Clearence!”

    This goes back a few years. And the Defense Department is just now getting people clearances!
    I wonder IF Hillary, while Secretary of State or as a Senator, had anything to do with this? Oh, but wait, that would mean an illegal “pay to play scheme” going on. And we all know Hillary, Bill and Chealsea wouldn’t do anything like that! Yea, right!!!!

  40. Well of course there’s no more money…SES, managers and cronies have to get their bonus money and kickbacks from some pot of gold.

  41. It is high time for some real leadership at the VA. Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten. Leadership that develops solutions to take better care of ALL our nations warriors.

    Leadership that recognizes that when they are doing a good job – – – it will be veterans singing their praises, rather than the VA needing a PR Agency to put out “Fluff Pieces” to mislead America.

    Current VA leadership has their Brain Housing Group the size of mice and their Hearts no bigger. It is about FIFTEEN YEARS PAST TIME TO FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a VBA claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    You have my contact information Mr. President and Mr. Secretary. Call me anytime. I have a lot of ideas to help you improve the services provided to my fellow veterans. I will not hesitate to speak up at all.

    For my fellow veterans who have been ill-served by this CLUSTERFUCK of a train wreck called the VA over the last few decades:

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. We are on the Righteous path.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. Most of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them. Many of those Veterans suffer the remainder of their lives for doing what most of their countrymen had not the courage to do.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    Rhetoric is cheap. Congressional Voting Records speak louder than words.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE. Apparently, Former Flag Officers and SES appointed Civilians can’t cut the mustard . . .

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer CAN.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. With respect JC we have tried as a people countless changes of leadership in the past several decades and corruption grows ever more deeply. The reason for this decay in our democratic republic is pretty simple – it operates outside of the laws that we ourselves, The People, are held to.

      Ben can fill in just how many rights we are granted in the Constitution and likewise can point out in the Constitution just where it says “Go directly to jail and do not pass Go”. It is spelled out in language that any one citizen with half a brain (or two full houses of Congress collectively) can understand.

      Here is where things break down: Down in Roseburg Oregon there is a magic line drawn around a hospital, a golf course, a few permanent homes, and a lot of VHA buildings. When you step over the magic line and onto property NOT owned by The People but rather owned by this agency whose citizens come from countries all around the globe and not even Statehood can pierce the veil the magic line provides.

      You must cross this magic ine to collect the debt owed by The People and the price for obtaining services owed by The People is the suspension of the rights you had before you stepped across the magic line onto VA property in order to secure your own property.

      Once across the magic you will 1) not be told the new rules, 2) will be governed by the new rules, and 3) you will never encounter the same set of rules twice. The magic is very potent indeed.

      Now tell me friend, when did they teach the class about his particular magic line in public schools? Answer: they didn’t because its not supposed to happen in the Republic. “Corruption” is NOT the disease. Corruption is a symptom of ignoring the words in our Constitution. It happes when “Due Process” becomes “Payment Due” and the bill is sent right to The People as Ben points out in his article today.

      1. Dennis,

        I agree with everything you posted. Guess I have just gotten too old and outlived my usefulness to America. America as a whole has changed along the way. Some ways good. Some way not so much.

        I do observe that from where I sit Vladimir Putin is the most honest player in the United States Government. Not saying I like it – – – but it is what it is.

        Yet there is still that small spark within me that says we never just roll over and surrender. May be futile, but I have to speak out when I can.

        I do a lot of local work to try to convince enlistee-age kids to not go that route if at all possible. I do not regret my service to our nation – – – but given our governments penchant for never-ending war, coupled with denying veterans their just, earned benefits upon their return – – – well, let’s just say that I do not want to see someone sacrifice themselves needlessly.

        And I, like so many of you – – – am tired of the wonk-wonk.

        Very Tired.

        NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . . and those were minor incidents in the scheme of war.

        We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.


  42. The VA use to have the month rule if you can’t see a doctor in a month you can use Choice but they took that away and tell you to wait now Choice is primarily used for only medical treatment they don’t provide yet the VA is making the veteran jump through hoops for instance let’s say the veteran needs cortisone shots for a bad back the VA will now have you see their back surgeon who most rule out PT and must come to the conclusion that this is needed if it is then they will allow you to see an outside doctor but might go through there tricare insurance over Choice because of limited funding basically the VA is going back to using tricare insurance and using VA clerks instead of the Choice employees the problem with this is that it is going to take much longer and more work for the VA and now the Choice employees at the VA are getting paid for doing nothing each VA hospital has about 3 Choice full time employees who are getting paid to do nothing because the VA is not using Choice maybe at a 25 percent capacity

    1. The VA still has the “month rule”. It applies to both dead veterans and uncooked chicken. They figure if the dead vet gets in the ground before a month ticks off then it is mission accomplished. The VHA food service folks are same-same with the chicken; if it is left out for less than a month it is mission accomplished.

      Bon appetite.

  43. Again, Choice, like the VAs budget is not underfunded in my opinion, but pissed away because of poor management, and zero accountability from zero oversight by congress. If that were not the case, why the hell are the same problems being reported 3 years after the program was created?
    I see the usual hacks have lined up either to defend the funding, oppose it, or defend VA, but I see nobody demanding improvement for vets.

    The comments in the linked article by Senator Tester and the leftist hacks at VoteVets are telling. Tester says there would be an explosion on the committee if there is a commission to look at closing facilities, and VoteVets is worried about jobs with AFGE holding rallies over vacant jobs.

    Where the fuck was the explosion with the current suicide rate? Veterans being killed by incompetent VA hacks? Veterans being denied care, or getting bills sent to collections because the VA and Choice continue to refuse to pay bills?

    Where the fuck is there any sign of life from the House and Senate chairs of the Veterans committees? No comment from either on this?

    I used to think the entire Choice program was possibly a temporary program until the VA could provide better care in a timely manner. That things would improve at the VA. Choice was nothing more than a band-aid covering the sucking head wound at the VA, where after the band-aid was applied, the patient was wheeled into the closet and ignored.

    But hey! Centene stock prices are up $6 per share since last Friday…so who gives a shit about some poor bastard going bad in the closet?

    1. Right-on! I believe the VA just keeps spending $$ without any concrete budget until the ratty claws reach stone-dry bottom of cookie jar. This is also how such massive over budget VA projects like the Aurora VAMC Black Hole manifest. VA LOVES to spend oodles of $$ as long as it’s not primarily on Veteran Healthcare.
      Rat Bastards!

      1. In many respects, the VA is just doing what many federal agencies are doing. Lining up their place at the trough, elbowing aside competition to get the most amount possible from congress (taxpayers).

        They are operating under a Continuing Resolution which expires in December. That’s why they mentioned Choice may be out of money by December. They need to drum up support for how much they demand in the next budget.

        Anyone else find it weird how the VA claims they can’t tell how much money they might have left with Choice?

        They have people who can account down to the last damn penny of a veterans travel pay, but they can’t tell how many millions, even in round numbers they have left in Choice?

  44. I know exactly what you are talking about. I go to the local VA hospital tomorrow for pre surgical lab work and an MRI for a 90% chance of having a pinched nerve in my lower spine for the FIFTH TIME, and these idiots wanted me to drive 120 miles round trip to go to their emergency room just so they could tell me what my local hospital emergency room stated, and then come back 4 days later to see the doctor. Then they hit me with the bobmbshell “you could use the choice card program but there is no assurance that they will pay for this” This is a secondary documented result from my service connected injuries, so how can they not pay for it? This “choice” card/program is about as useful as teats on a boar hog!

    1. If a VA doctor is authorizing the care, what the hell say should Choice have? If it’s authorized then they should pay the damn bills.

      1. Yea thats the way its SUPPOSE to work. But the VA doctor actually has no authority to send you to an outside doctor. They have to get permission from a “Fee Basis” worker, which means that the worker will decide IF you should be allowed to do this and IF they will pay for it.

        Pretty screwed up way of doing things isnt it?

      2. That ‘Fee Basis’ worker crap is simply federal job welfare works security program that also provides another AFGE dues-paying engorged purple team member. It’s ALL about ‘control’…passive-aggressively, at that.

      3. Other issues exist too like civilian MDs not accepting the amounts the VA is willing to pay. I was told there are set rates of pay for everything. I was told by one doctor, specialist, when the VA told me to find one my own in my area and would pay for it. The MD’s secretary reported that she (MD) would not lower her expected charges/rates. The MD does not discuss reasoning over rates or debate the VA over them. Which was very high payment for each procedure. Inflated charges to me it seemed. VA would tell me that they can’t force her to drop her high charges and would not pay inflated charges from civilian health care. Using a card or not I would be expected to pay any other existing charges or pay to see any others I was referred to from her, the civilian MD.

        Later I was told no person at the VA said such a thing, talking to a new person each time I had to call back. So I did without, and the game goes on. Set limits/rates, no set pay out amounts, not paying, trying to talk to new people/staff being clueless, having to make sure the VA finally pays up before we go to some court, the game went on and continues.

        The problems run full circle.

      4. I am misunderstanding something Dan. My point is that if the VA has referred you to Choice and the authorization sent, then Choice should be paying the bill.

        Why is some bean-counter at Choice second guessing a medical opinion?

        Now, if a doctor says they will refer you to Choice and a VA bean-counter won’t issue the authorization, that is the same as the bean-counter second guessing an opinion, but different from Choice not paying for a properly authorized appointment.

        The VA bean-counter should be made to explain why they are second guessing a medical provider, and why they are interfering with your care.

      5. No, they told me that IF I used it in this then the VA may not pay for it. So I waited until today and let my doctor see this, and after she got the MRI boy was she PISSED! She wanted to know why I had not came in earlier, and I told her that I was NOT driving 120 miles round trip just for some dweeb to tell me what my ER already told me and then for the VA ER to tell me to come back today to see you. And they told me this was the earliest that they could get me into see you. She was FURIOUS! She dragged the nurse into the room and showed her the MRI and then got nose to nose with her and told her that If they didnt get me to see a neurologist within the next 48 hours the damage could become so bad that I could lose the ability to walk. And if that happened she would see to it that that nurse NEVER worked in the medical field again. I have an appointment with the neuro surgeon on monday morning at 8am. Seems they found damage from the L1 spinal disc clear down to the L5 S1 spinal disk and I may be having five operations in one as I see no reason to do some now and then have to go through this all over again to do some later. Do them all now and get it over with. And the Doctor called Fee Basis, the ones that authorize outside VA care and she told them the same thing, either they authorize this or they can quit or be fired.

        I honestly can say I have NEVER seen a doctor that pissed off about how VA workers actually work, before in my whole time with the VA. Sort of a nice refreshing change..

    2. Dan, you better watch Esther Gokehale “Walk This Way” before you get back surgery. Her method fixed most of my back pain after 40 years of chronic pain.

      1. I will look into that, but it may be too late for me as I have already had 4 of these. But thank you for the info as it could be very helpful in the future

  45. To think ‘Choice’ started as a murder of crows flies rules while the VA keeps murdering.
    “The owls are not what they seem.”– Twin Peaks

  46. Yep, VA’s MASSIVE fraud, waste and abuse shows NO signs of slowing down! I wonder how many of our elected and appointed officials bank accounts have grown fatter? Or, have any of them opened new off shorebank accounts since the last time choice was given monies?
    That would be something which should be investigated!

    This out today (28 Sept. 2017) from: “ news”
    via; “Stars and Stripes” | by: Claudia Grisales.

    “Senators: More Must Be Done to Reduce Vet Suicide”

    After y’all have read it, can you point out the stupidity of this issue by “Dr. SHITHEAD SHULKIN”?

  47. Is nobody watching the chickens in the hen house? Which Senators son is overseeing the programs

    1. None. They are too focused on funneling cash to Dick Gephardt, Tommy Thompson, George Miller, etc. , the mutual funds the Senators invest in make money. Mutual funds give them the appearance of being clean since it is not investments directly in Gephardts ass.

    1. I hear ya norman but point out that Congress has been “auditting” the VA for decades. The results are tabulated now on a weekly basis as things are very fluid in the agency under scrutiny. The audits are filed in Congress in hopes Congress will uphold and defend the Constitution of
      the United States of America. These audit results have been kept in a warehouse somewhere in area 51. This is not because it is any secret at all. Generally any english speaking third grader in America, Mexico, and Canada understands completely that VA is corrupt and broken.

      Rumor has it that even second grade Russian kids know this too, but Trumps denies it of course! They keep the audit results in Area 51 now because they have huge ass warehouses there called deep dark tunnels that go for miles and miles underground. It seems that the chronic clogging of the entire Washington DC grid of sewer lines from paper flushed down the toilets has been completely alleviated since Congress voted to instead file VA audits of corruption in Area 51 instead. Oddly, both Democrats AND Republicans claimed a victory in unclogging the Wash. DC crapper lines. Area 51 is where they now place the audits of VA corruption, sloth, and malfeasance.

      I also hear the rats in those tunnels are HUGE, but suspect that it is just an urban legend. I wonder how those things get started?

    2. Trouble is the VA has no internal auditors. Just the inept VAOIG that reports to Shulkin who is counting down the days he runs out the door and heads the Penn health system for doing nothing that would rock the boat. If HVAC appoints forensic accountants whistleblowers will point the path of fraud. At the Philadelphia VA everything from illegal management bonuses to systemic HR management fraud. Too much to ask for?

  48. The idea with choice was to avoid the payouts for 38 CFR 3.154 (malpractice compensation). Vets would have to sue their choice Dr. instead of claiming compensation under the liberalized 3.154 route. But 3.154 is way cheaper than fee based malpractice insured medical practices.

    And managed care doesn’t do any better than VA care other than being closer to your home and having a better bed side manner geared to letting the fee based physicians milk the system until it doesn’t pay. Some physicians are only accepting 1 or 2 insurance companies now and neither Health Net or Tricare is among the accepted policies.

    The only cure? How about “Nationalizing” some drug companies, some of the medical hardware providers, especially MRI manufactures that “lease” equipment (especially reading software) at such exorbitant rates the only physicians that can afford to use the best in America are the super high charging Neurosurgeons and some Radiologists. What a great thing it would be to have the best reading software in every Doctor’s office. An MRI machine in every Clinic. The way it is in the worlds top 5 rated countries for health care.

    And so the U S has now slipped from 37th to 42nd and falling. Yes, we are really Making America Great Again. Just like the 1950s and ’60s when we had the best health care. Funded physician training so there were enough physicians to staff a multimillion man army and multimillion veterans’ care.

    Can’t give more tax breaks to Wall Street and pay the bills. (Unless they print more and drive up inflation making the poor poorer and the rich richer) And so Congress is absolutely going about it the right way? Not the Trumpism I voted for.

      1. I move to support a Constitutional ammendment that is very simple. It would forbid the federal government from engaging in the dispensing of goods or services that are already available in the common marketplace and are already utilized by the general public.

        Do I hear a second?

        I am sure the legal profession can interpret my ammendment into no more than six or seven large volumns of legal opinion about how this is interpretted…..

      2. The first 6 abridged volumes covers just the definitions of the words you used. “General” and “public” cover 2 volumes each.

      3. Single payer works just fine in other countries. The VA doesn’t get fixed because Pig Pharma and Pig Med want it all. They certainly don’t want an example of a functional single payer system. Same reason “they” won’t clean up Medicare.

      4. Worked for Truman and the Railroads. Got them in line and hauling troops. When the greedy get too greedy they need to be shown they can be taken down a notch and held there until they get their act together.

  49. Ok Ben, when you toss a softball of course I am gonna take a swing….

    “Republicans are saying wonk wonk.

    Democrats are saying wonk wonk.

    Veterans organizations like VFW and DAV are saying wonk wonk.”

    —– The hippy tye-dye stoner disabled vet from Oregon ammends your words thusly for more complete context —–

    “Republicans are going whack whack.

    Democrats are going whack whack.

    Veterans organizations like VFW and DAV are going whack whack.

    We The People feel bent over and sore.”

    He swings and connects! ….It’s a line shot up the middle! Look at this kid go! He is rounding first and sliding for second…it’s gonna be close! I think he’s gonna make it….

    1. Yep plan on for another four years of promises, good/bad cops. I guess the best bet is to become a VA cronie and get in on this scam while it’s good.

  50. Hi all! No, I am not dead yet, just so much going on plus going a bit blind until my Medicare supplement kicks in and can get in for some surgery next year. So Old Marine and others on Wire I’ll be back on there when things settle down.

    Per topic: I had better luck with some things about getting civilian care locally before the 40 mile and Choice Card stuff came along. I fell and needed physical therapy & chiropractor years back for my hips and shoulder. Seemed to go fairly fast with about a week long wait to get in for therapy all done by phone. I seen my new found Chiro whether or not they would agree with it or would pay for a part of it. Paid just for a part of it that is. Now back to not having a Chiro due to him, another local MD to leave the local area and state due to local and state non-sense including politics.

    It’s all a battle wherever we may turn. I filed a FOIA here because now the city wants to ban medical devices like Medic Alert, to any kind of recorders in local courts, dealing with attorneys, judges – in or out of chambers, in or out of a court room where cell phones are to be shut off anyway, etc. Not a word back yet and won’t be. They claim it’s about “safety.” No, it’s about more corruption and more tyranny. Totally silencing everyone, keeping them in control while the corrupt cliques, and such as VA or other local professionals to thugs can get by with whatever, just tell us to go down town to face off with them and be searched, on their turf. Zero transparency here and no chance for a threatened or hassled person to prove any of it. So our fearless leaders and the rest in town can get by with whatever they desire as usual either by legal maneuvering or illegal means.

    Then we have to deal with veterans on various levels. I think we all know about the VAislying website. I was banned and censored there because I don’t support cultural Marxism or agree with Antifa supporters. Again politics comes in to play. If we don’t support the tearing down of civil war memorials or hate the old confederate battle flag, agree with Ron on everything, apparently have to agree totally with those on the left, not seen as politically correct in the eyes of Ron or his mods then we are censored and told to go away. Nice huh? I don’t know if others seen it before the deletions, seen the ‘bait and switch,” to heavily censoring us for one reason or the other, or for personal politics, but the politics, political correctness, and activism should be left out of our health care full circle.

    I don’t feel the need to post what I copied from his site before the censoring and deleting was going on. But pretending to be one thing then flip-flopping to be something else behind the scenes is not safe for us, or will help getting the word out about ALL the various wrong doing and corruption when dealing with the VA, the state, the locals, the feds, etc. Political correctness, calling us racist for pointing fingers at the wrong doers just to appease some supportive group of activist is not good. This is the best I can put it right now in my frame of mind and with some issues going on.

    Unlike Ron and others on the far left seemingly, some of us are really putting our lives on the line here and our heads on the chopping block for being honest, wanting some truth, decency, respect, exposing the corruption, the problems with activist in the VA and out, etc. It’s not fun to be a toy in a lefty controlled town filled with true haters and evil, let alone have to deal with it from other vets who have many side issues/agendas to side with, leaving some of us in real danger of attack in real life. TV or media do not show how Antifa and the violent groups fans can harm us in or out of the VA.

    But that is how it rolls in Indiana. I don’t care who knows how I feel on anything. I don’t censor anything on my own little FB page. I don’t tell other vets in so many words to go to hell if you disagree with me on any level to censoring any civil questions or discussion over the matters that be. I also don’t and won’t try to flip-flop and support the various activist inside the VA or the many of them silencing us, attacking us, outside of the VA. I also don’t give a hoot about any agency or activist group knowing how I feel or about them doing any investigations on me. Right is right and wrong is wrong and we are supposed to be free and have a Constitution and civil rights for all, not in Indiana though. Here we are expected to bow to all and make everyone happy and to heck with all the other major issues and problems we have to face up to and deal with in any way we possibly can. Censoring and political correctness to supporting “Cultural Marxism” the destruction of our cultural heritage to expecting me to hate my own white race and heritage or my sexual preference of being straight is pathetic, total nonsense. We already have to deal with activist tactics, corruption to heavy censorship all over and when dealing with life issues. We sure as heck do not, or should have to deal with it when it comes to the VA or using divisive tactics to keep us battling each other and never getting anything done but sure is making a laughing stock of us by the two party system and the myriad of activist and haters of freedom and America. Very sad and disgusting days in America, very sad. Then we are to trust those who claim to be on our side or so-called medical professionals who are flooding out into the health care world that behind the scenes hate us for one reason or the other with little true professionalism to be found minus their activist social engineering and other vets who seem to support whatever the activist demand? Or for some money for some project or something? Crazy.

  51. Another program in the ditch. There is soooo much money down the drain by starting another new program in the shadow of the old one. A lot of money down the drain from the start up cost. Can’t count how often this happens, I lost track of what is the latest and greatest and frankly I’m tired of it and don’t really care. Can’t do anything about anyway. It’s just another VA scam to pay themselves

  52. One big crime racket at work and pockets are being filled otherwise why not a Audit ?…Our government is bleeding the taxpayer DRY on purpose

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