VA Doctor Robert Levy

Former VA Doctor Charged With 3 Counts Of Involuntary Manslaughter

The former chief pathologist at one at Fayetteville VA Medical Center was indicted on three counts of involuntary manslaughter and 28 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and false statements to law enforcement officials.

Robert Morris Levy was charged yesterday for the deaths and cover-up scheme that included years of drug and alcohol use on the job. His abuse of alcohol and drugs were allegedly linked to over 3,000 misdiagnoses cases, at least 15 of which resulted in death.

A review of his work while a VA physician by VA OIG found that 10 percent of his diagnosis involved clinical errors. The staggering finding is more than 10 times the normal misdiagnosis rate for pathologists, which is 0.7 percent.

Sinister Disregard Says Washington Post

The Washington Post described the charges as follows (in italics):

Prosecutors described a sinister disregard for veterans’ lives as Levy knowingly entered false diagnoses for three veterans whose biopsies he read, one in 2009 and two in 2014.

One patient wrongly diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a type of cancer he did not have, received the wrong treatment and died in months. Another patient died of squamous cell carcinoma that spread after Levy entered a wrong diagnosis of small-cell carcinoma in his record.

The third patient received a benign test result for prostate cancer and as a result was not treated; he died in 2016 after the disease spread.

In two of the cases, Levy falsified records to claim that his deputy had concurred with his diagnosis, a required peer review for first-time malignancy cases.

Levy Finally Fired

Levy was eventually fired by the agency after repeat reports of impaired behavior while at work leading up to a DUI arrest after completing a VA treatment for impaired physicians. Before his termination, agency leadership failed to timely address complaints from colleagues who reported Levy’s dangerous behavior.

The agency claims Levy’s case is isolated.

A VA spokesperson said negligent mismanagement of Levy’s potentially criminal malpractice was “an isolated incident” and that the agency has “strengthened internal controls” to prevent impaired doctors from multiple instances of involuntary manslaughter and cover-up.


Is this truly an “isolated incident”? How did the agency’s leaders fail to heed the complaints of fellow coworkers that resulted in manslaughter?

Washington Post noted the spokesperson declined to explain what the changes were to more quickly catch VA physicians committing manslaughter.

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  1. Update: As usual the promised contact never happened after the dodging episode at the Congressman’s town hall meeting. His staff is well groomed to play the waiting game… again, and to lie. It’s obvious they go between being experts on everything including pain issues, what we deal with daily in their eyes, protecting the VA, siding with ignorant opioid laws to make stats look good no matter what we as individuals deal with in our individual issues. WE are all alike and should bow to tyrants and staff in politics and politicians that could care less about any issues we may have. That includes the censoring to attacks that none of them seem to care about but justify or gas light us. Oh the VA, unions, gubbermint, activist, etc., can do no wrong. All is well.

    Thank you Indiana for all your agencies, offices, VSOs, media, boards, lying staff in all arenas and politicians for showing your true colors and agendas. Darn good thing corruption and total lacks of ethics is censored and supported top to bottom.

  2. Hello, Its pretty sad when you can’t trust the Medical Field, V.A. or Civilian Hospitols, One may wondering is my Doctor going to pass field sobriety test, before seeing his patients, T mentioned Donald Harvey, yes he is right he was employed by the Cincinnati V.A. Harvey claimed to have killed 17 Veterans, but the V.A. said no go, he also killed at a Civilian Hospital in Kentucky, He killed in many different ways, then would be a hero, trying to resurrecting his patients, there’s a lot of Donald Haverys in the Civilian and V.A. medical Feilds, In Columbus a doctor recently was charged with 29 deaths, that same week, in the same town, two employees were charged with manslaughter at a nursing home, U.H. let over 3000 embryos destroyed, this same Venue did a couple of producedure on me in 2014, via outsourced by the V.A., To this day I was never told what they found, given a treatment plan or any type of help on my findings, in fact the V.A. rewrote the report, I have both copies to prove this was done. I lost all respect for the Medical Field.

    1. Just got back in from driving many miles for a so-called town meeting with Congressman Bucshon. Not many citizens present, a lot of cops. Right off the bat we were to fill out questionnaires and what we wanted him to discuss or answer to. Mine got folded up and taken by one of his main staff members saying he would turn these issues over to her so mine wasn’t put in the batch of baskets as others. Issues I mentioned and discussed with here was: ‘VA retaliation,’ abuse, lies, to censoring and the states vast corruption issues, what I have been dealing with, what the VA had told me to the civilian hospital withholding my med records to locals not X-raying the shattered jaw issues so as not to get involved in such issues or over the VA. She didn’t seem to believe any of it and said the VA would not do those things or tell us what we were told. I’d be getting a call from her tomorrow about some issues. But odd how it’s all automatically kept away from the main man or women in charge, all things easily dismissed or protected like ‘they wouldn’t say or do that.’ Really?

      Not one person has followed through with any real investigations. Not one has said they’d jump on a phone and ask why all this can happen to an American citizen or veteran because of cover-ups, ID politics, unions to their activist. Also informed her of the long list in part I’ve contacted including the state’s AG, VSOs, etc. But it seemed like water off a ducks back. So five years later it’s the same crap and time will run out, more records legally destroyed like at the local hospital, witnesses gone, with ALL including VA staff totally free to run rampant while the games play on.

      If they are legislative and legal experts they should know what is legal or not or against the many laws on the books. They all know damn well about the censoring and corruption in this area along with the nepotism and others all above the laws and protected. So just more BS. I also directed here and those around to Ben’s site since it seem no-one believed that the VA is that corrupt or would treat some vets the way they do. So gas-light the vets and claim all is well and will be checked on.. again and again and again. All deny knowing or hearing of any wrongs or issues with our VA or elsewhere which is total bull.

      Of course we couldn’t just stand up and ask questions. Heard a lot of wordy waste of time. Excuses, propaganda, dodging issues, etc. Nothing while there of veteran suicides, nothing VA, of censoring, a lot of Russia Russia Russia, and seeming justifying more bankers wars and MSM shit. Both parties are the same, do the same, cover up for both while pretending to attack each other then just say… “it’s politics.” And the peasants suffer and die. Oh and no-one today needs pain meds just therapy but the elite and politicians and cliques can get what they want, need or don’t really need.


    I read many of your articles here and on FB. I live in Lubec, Maine and receive my primary care through Calais, Maine.

    We have always had a problem getting professionals and keeping them at the Calais office but it seems that we often get doctors that have been to multiple VAs and just keep getting moved around for no particular reason. It’s like the VA is trying to hide something like the Catholic Church moved pedophiles around.

    Something to think about.

    Thank you,

    Bob Foster

  4. 08/21/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Dr. Levy in two of three cases “falsified records” [“claiming his deputy had concurred with his diagnosis, a required peer review for first-time malignancy cases”].

    He knew his days were number and drank heavily, and no one at the VA cared for years!
    “Kelvin Parks, the interim medical center director for the hospital, wrote to the Mississippi board on June 7 [2016?] that Levy “significantly failed to meet generally-accepted standards of clinical practice that constituted an imminent threat to patient welfare.” Two days later, the Arkansas physician program revoked its advocacy of Levy due to ‘non-compliance with daily check-in requirements and failure to return phone calls to the AMF.’”
    Dr. Robert Morris Levy, at the time was a VA pathologist, the VA removed him from clinical care after being found impaired in 2016 [after the third known Death of a patient].

    The end result was “three counts of involuntary manslaughter and 28 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and false statements to law enforcement officials.” But it doesn’t stop there—- he had touched thousands of family and traumatized them, 33,902 pathology results audit from 2005 to 2017, Officials have discovered 1,119 total errors then it changed to over 3,000 errors confirmed [“vast majority were of little consequence”/Really???], discovered 11 significant errors then it was changed to 30, the agency sent out 700 letters to impacted veterans around September [2018].
    What we have here is a lot of number changing—similar to the early reporting of the deaths at the Phoenix VA Hospital 40 in 2014 [The national press likes that number] to the President’s letter in 2017 the count was 1,700 and my estimates go over 2000 to 2500 in 2019 since 2014.

    Viewing this Doctor’s case is like giving the infirmary nurse a hard time at Auschwitz for screwing up. And no one has asked how Dr. Josef Mengele [Angel of Death] was allowed to “practice medicine” without supervision on our veterans? Who above the Doctor should have had the control stops/Quality Control when things go wrong? The Hospital Board?


    Don Karg
    “When nurses at the facility demanded an investigation into mysterious Swango-related patient deaths, the hospital refused to contact law enforcement. Several nurses eventually spoke to the local prosecutor themselves, and the prosecutor later said that “they were blocked by the hospital administration at every turn, despite the fact that everywhere Swango went, ‘code blues and deaths by respiratory failure increased.’ ”

    ‘Collective amnesia’
    “One of the biggest questions in the case is how Hoegel was able to murder so many people apparently under the watch of hospital staff.”

    After Dozens of Fentanyl Killings, Hospital C.E.O. and 23 Employees Are Forced Out
    The chief executive of Mount Carmel Health System in Ohio resigned one month after a doctor was charged with overprescribing fentanyl to 25 patients.

  5. This is exactly why you MUST get copies of your entire file and check to see what these quacks type into your file.
    The time spent with adjudication, appeals, court involvement, etc. is quite lengthy. Any inaccurate info typed into your file, will determine the length of time to resolve your issues.
    This RAT has caused a lot of Vets to endure with financial poverty, due to his STUPIDITY.
    I especially like that he had the book thrown at him! “Involuntary Manslaughter”…GOOD!

  6. Thanks Elf for posting the video link.
    To those that haven’t watched it yet, start at 1hr25min to avoid all of that lead in stuff; or at 1hr06min if you are interested in the honorable mentions.

    One thing that really dropped my jaw, was when he congratulated the Medal of Honor recipient and then says that he wanted one of those, asked if he could have one,…REALLY!! He actually stood in a public forum, in front of all of those veterans and took a dump on all of us that signed the line!
    Now on to another point of view. His whole speech was read off the teleprompter, indicating that the speech was written well beforehand. No real issue in that on the face of it, but I have to wonder just how much BS he is being spoon-fed about the conditions of the VA system as a whole. WE know that all of the VHA medical centers are not running in smooth, ‘there it’s all fixed now’, order. There are facilities running on a shoestring budget for myriad reasons, while those with more money than sense are shirking care and supplies to/for patients. Yes, he sounds like he is all in the know on all of these “perfect” changes in the VA workings, but he is actually just reading to a captive audience, whatever his minions wrote for him to say. I’ll bet he has never been “allowed” access to read one article or comment on this board! Ever!

    Don’t forget, on day one, he supposedly told all of the transition staff that they could go home and he’d get everything fixed in 24 hours, or so I have heard. There are still unfilled cabinet positions in his administration and some recently vacated (again?).

    Kudos to Betsy DeVoss! Good score and thank you!

    1. @”Rosie”,
      I think your right. I believe President Trump is NOT being told the truth about what’s really going on in ALL of his government agencies!
      On the issue of vha clinics not being filled with healthcare providers, I was informed yesterday, 21 Aug, by Ms. Marigold Murcado (who oversees the healthcare providers here in Central Florida) that “…ALL of the positions are CLOSED…”! She doesn’t know when they will open up for hiring new providers!
      Maybe this is why veterans aren’t being seen by real doctors! I haven’t had a real doctor in a long time. Or at least on who knows how to read a lab report!!!!!

  7. If I would have seen it, yes i would. I don’t believe in any kind of abuse to anyone or anything. I would also report someone who ignored the report and didn’t take it up the chain of command. I know the bad is out there. Its everywhere, especially today. I try to honest and to treat others the way i want to be treated. Maybe I have been lucky and have worked with a good group of people. I’m sorry you have been treated the way you have. I am a Veteran, my husband is a Veteran and we are taxpayers. We work for what little we have. I want to be able to be proud of what I do.

    1. @Lori,
      You say you would! Next question – “Have you ever turned in another va employee and what was their name?”
      Give full name and where they were employed!

      1. P.S.
        I just can’t believe you’ve never seen anyone at a vha commit an egregious act against a veteran AND have reported it to your superiors.
        My reasoning is, IF you had – you probably wouldn’t still be employed!
        OR, you would probably be telling everyone who’d listen about the acts you witnessed!

      2. I can honestly say, and swear to God that I have not witnessed any negative acts towards another veteran. Weather or not you want to believe that is up to you. And as you have stated before, when confronted staff have been rude, walk away or scream obscenities, I can assure you that I am not one of those people. Unfortunately no matter what I say here, you aren’t going to believe me, which is your right. I have my faith and my good conscience treated and respected and gone over and beyond to help those that I serve at my vha. I have not witnessed any veteran being mistreated. If I ever do see it you can rest assure that I will be the first one to report it. I hope you have a good evening and have better luck in receiving care.

    2. Lori. Ya know with everything I’ve been going through and doing with my signs, trying to get media attention and everything else there is a countless multitudes of people in this state, town, in many aspects of health care, many VA workers/staff, a local civilian hospital that has been flooded with chatter, back-talk, gossip, and all know about me.

      The failure to get copies of my files from them, the daily harassment, the networks of activist to union/association types, many in their attached clinic UAP and Union Health from surgery depts to registration, MD office, Records Dept., CEOs, supervisors, various switchboard workers, state’s AG, family members, cliques, et al., etc., that all have been recorded calling me with nonsense and being part of the big game of retaliation over the “don’t rock the local boat of corruption” here or the “no negatives at all” wanted in our town and state. With certain toes as over nepotism to never ever slightly step on or expose in the least. Point being there has to be very very few that know of or heard about what goes on in my area or state. None of those “good people” show their “goodness.” No-one will put their jobs on the line for a target or enemy. We all know how gossip is everywhere with hospitals being like as a “As the World Turns” or Young and Restless, As the Stomach Churns soap episodes on TV. With all them knowing about the records issues, VA stuff, the scorned females working there, their activist groups, omitting putting an entire visit and questionnaire in my file for the Md to see in paper form and not put into their computer records. The MD didn’t even question why not but just seemed to easily dismissed such intentional actions while one nurse just stated that that nurse was standing in for another and new there just for ‘the day.’ Birdies told me that “Marx-Fem activist” just wanted to meet me. Why? I’m not cute or open for a relationship, none wanted.

      I don’t ask or want others to be drawn into … my stuff or battles. That is why locally after many attempts to get someone to report on things in media to attempting someone to video tape me, spread it around and put it online. Not happening too much fear. Been told by some that if they reported my story or pushed it they’d never work in media again or in this state. If a student or other category they’d get failing grades and piss off the hip, slick and cool kids on campus. Not going to spill the beans on everything I’ve tried or groups or meetings I’ve attended to discuss matters with or try to find professional self employed videographers to do some work… also not going to happen due to fear or the retaliation of it all. Even when offered triple pay or extra perks. To be a target on their campus’ due to the activist and hate machines in all the surrounding universities. So the point of this paragraph is that if everyone is in fear of my more simple issues that could come to create me harm, death, mis-diagnosis, etc., then how much more is kept silent from “public consumption?” Also since deaths, the cause of, suicides, professional misconduct, malpractice, practicing without proper licensing is now out of sight, out of mind, out of news, totally censored and scrubbed. Plus not everything or reports, being censured is found on some website. All this is reality and very well known, and why I post most of it out here and have from the beginning of finding Ben’s site to show others how it is in my state and probably many others.

      1. I am really sorry to hear that you are going thrust this and am disgusted of my fellow employees doing this. I honestly know of none of this at my local facility. I have transferred to a different part of the VA and have not worked at the medical center for many years now, but when I worked there i would have not have hesitated to take any of my family members there. The doctors and nursing staff that I worked with were very professional and honestly cared for the wellbeing of our patients. I know a lot of Veterans in the area that prefer to get their treatment at our VA. I pray that your situation gets better and that our administration steps up and makes sure that our Veterans are treated with respect and get the best treatment that is available. I will keep you in my prayers that this turns around for you.

      2. Lori, thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers which are greatly, really, appreciated. It would take a huge act of God to change things around for me. Made too many enemies along the way, totally upset about every group, PACs, professional groups, orders, associations, cliques, et al., out here. Already been community wide banned, no business as usual for me or even finding handyman help or emergency type services, plus the attempt to burn me out and other threats which is totally supported and protected by all bottom to top, full circle. That is life in a college town with four of them, Indiana’s rulers in part, and totally ruled by one party on top of all other issues. Doesn’t matter to me and I don’t give a hoot what they do or “put a bullet in my head.” If this is the new America, what a global community village is all about and no stopping it, and have gone as public as I can…hell bring it why wait. I don’t care to see what else is coming for us or the younger generations to come.

        Again, thank you.

  8. What really sucks is that there are some of us that are Veterans that work for the VA that really do care and bust our butts to give the best care we can to our fellow Veterans. As you see above, this is generalizing everyone. That isn’t the truth across the board. Just because there are some that act like this it doesn’t mean its like that across the VA. Am I sickened by what this man did, absolutely!!!! Do I want things like this addressed and changed, absolutely!!! Don’t assume and put all VA employees in the same category. You don’t know me, so don’t categorize me and assume I don’t care and give substandard care. I don’t like being judged because I work for the VA. I served my country and I proudly work and serve those that also served our country!!!

    1. Lori, well “thank you for your service.” Cliche ain’t it? lol

      yep I’m guilty of generalizing and can’t help it with what I’ve been through, seen, dealt with along with others… for many years. I fully understand what your feelings are and where you are coming from. I have also seen “good people” stand by while some of us and others VA or not have suffered greatly and left in rooms in their own filth to die alone. You know about some of those good people and the saying about doing nothing while evil continues. And to remain silent when killers, activist, nut-cases, were running rampant in a hospital. And hospital CEOs and staff not giving a hoot about the mortality or death of others. No big deal to them and it’s only life and we are just a paycheck and a biological bag of guts and fluids laying on a slab or surgery table. Far different from what we may see on some medical show or ER. Heard many fine stories and jokes way back when I was a bartender or worked in pubs, etc.

      What I keep repeating to people that try to “do good” is that if the shoe fits wear it. If not don’t worry about it or let it offend you personally cause you know yourself and what you may do… I do not. And it’s still no reason or excuse for anyone harmed or suffering, or their families to be silent or to fall silent because it may offend a minority of staff, or be non-PC as the culture demands today.

      And yes I’ve seen a few, very few, VA or not bust their butts even while some trophy nurse, special staff, loafers or the incompetent sit on their asses eating cake, filling out Hallmark Cards, B-day parties, doing designer nails, showing off monster diamond rings etc., at the their stations, side rooms or un-used rooms. Had an aunt and niece bust their asses just for two, and seen the show they dealt with. Even while being head RNs somewhere, same stuff, and times they could do nothing over the lazy ass nurses or the ones that shouldn’t even be around patients or in the health care fields.

      Not to be confused with the … if the Foo Bird shits wear it. Have a nice evening.

    2. @Lori,
      In case you’ve missed it, VA employees who do not speak out on the abuse, waste and fraud ARE just as guilty as those who commit the crimes against veterans AND taxpayers!
      I’ve had numerous discussions with your so called employees who care! Only when the discussion turns to “did you ever complain to your superiors?” They become rude, walk away, or start yelling obscenities!
      So I’m now asking you –
      Have you ever turned in any va employee who has committed an egregious act against a veteran or taxpayer?

  9. Veterans who read this can you please on website veterans helping veterans share your belief how to improve Veterans can you reads Veterans.

  10. Did you see President Trump speak live today at the “75th National Veterans Convention” in Kentucky?
    He stated “…there was no VA scandals…”!
    My wife blasted him! Here’s the video:
    *””* He evidently doesn’t follow these many vet centric websites! Or he would never had stated such BULLSHIT!

    He did, at the end of his speech, sign an executive order desolving school debt for 25,000 severely injured veterans!

    1. TY for this post Elf and the major point. Nope, I quit listening to this fraud and phony like all others in the past too, and why I don’t jump on any politician’s or DC clown’s bandwagon or give full support or much praise or credit. He’s just like ALL others that have flip-flopped from their campaign promises and speeches. Nothing new under the Sun nor will come out of DC for proper change. Just like all those VSOs flip-flopping, being two-faced, and not caring about other vets or those outside of their inner circles. They all smile do a small step forward, boast and brag, fool the sheep, then nine backwards to appease their masters, the SES, NSA, etc.

      Like other entities, groups, whatever, just because they do a little good or a good thing doesn’t mean they are righteous people with good intentions, without their own damaging agendas like with chronic nepotism, America being first, second and third, etc. I smelled his true intentions when he got Pence to run with him and that was another huge story teller to me. Plus kept on hiring those in or from the deep-state then claims to be exposing them and on it goes. Then people keep believe he’s exposing or fighting the deep-state? But like at the pub the other day, we are supposed to be one side or the other, no middle ground, and expected to keep bashing one side or the other, get pigeon-holed, labeled, and forget our own needs, harm, etc. Nice huh buddy? Just can’t win or appease them all. But we sure can make armies of enemies from every direction in all our cultural battles of today. As the United Nation’s Agenda 21, 2020, the NWO, the global communist all roll over our country and asses.

      Rant off.

  11. Yep, same bullshit different day. That is really some shit that the Medicare provider had to clean up after the VA incompetence and negilience. Benjamin, going back to your other article, it is good that you have friends at NBC KARE 11. At least it is an open door to the networks. However, NBC is known for not reporting the news with the facts as how they lay. The mainstream media wallows in subjectivity with little of the truth if any at all. You are already informed. I am just commenting. Most Americans do not tune into the Mainstream media. I am serious. Check behind me. Once again, I say the funds need to be stopped from the VA as in VHA and switched to Tricare with adding private sector healthcare plans similar to auto insurance plans to assist Tricare because Tricare does not pay everything. Plus, Tricare has a $3000+ deductible for catrastrophic medical bills / medical conditions. Humana covers Tricare South.
    Anyway, I disagree with the VA spokesperson. This is not an isolated situation. I have witnessed veterans being delivered inhumane care on many occasions including my veteran uncle who was left to lay in feces and urine forever begin. The VA needs to get honest. Can corruption do an about face to become honest? No and hell no. What baffles me is how can the veteran service officers really help the veterans with knowing how inhumane this agency is? Benjamin, with what I know I could not send a veteran to the VA. I just could not do it. I do have a conscious.

  12. According to the indictment he was ingesting 2-methyl-2-butanol, a chemical that would intoxicate him but that standard drug and alcohol screenings don’t test for. When I looked it up I saw it for sale on Ebay.

  13. Doesn’t make sense the way the VA is run hiring unqualified doctors, not battle hardened veteran doctors. Just remember you only have to graduate with a “C” to get the MD behind your name. I my self know what it is to be diagnosed with lung cancer and them wanting to cut on me. I don’t think so got a second opinion from Gibbs Cancer Center Oncologist and was a untreated {who knows from how long ago) and he removed the tumor from my lung stapled me up and went home 1 week later. Oh yes, and the VA wouldn’t pay the bill (“wasn’t pre-authorized by the “sand crabs” running the show!) Medicare provider paid the bill and I got stuck with deductible of course. Took me 1 1/2 years to pay that off!

  14. And they are afraid of being privatized. As vets we should demand it. I would say before they you or I by what accident. The problem is there is no oversite into what a unionize employee can get away with. Let our voices be heard while we still own one.

  15. Let the patients have him who were victimized by this non-human with complete immunity to prosecution for the patients torturing him. He must NOT serve time in jail but die a very painful death as he has inflicted upon his victims.

    What they died from was extremely painful. It is almost as if the son-of-a-bitch purposely made them suffer so he could watch them squirm and die.


  16. Benjamin Krause i typing my firm belief…..Veterans who read this can you please try to go on the website veterans helping veterans once a while expression your feelings against the VA.

  17. Isolated? Absolutely not. Not what I’ve been through and seen others go through, no sir. VA or not.

    Another reason why the need for a free speech forum, real “Whistle Blower” laws/protections, and a screeching halt to censoring. Also recording events wherever/with whomever should be totally legal. Won’t happen though. Plus in some states or communities they know better than to squeal on others or else face the life changing repercussions. To expose other health care workers or corruption means a loss of education, employment, to life long ruining reports or references. Used to we’d even hear about MDs or staff spreading disease or improper protections for contagious diseases or protecting visitors when present. That ceased about 1979 or so. Some nurses had to take the fall or blame for MD’s screwing up medications, dosages, whatever. Had family working the joints back then and some left due to corruption, short staffed to save corporate monies, or cover-up for lazy trophy spouses of the elite.

    Anyone remember the cases of Donald Harvey or Orville Lynn Majors, plus some others? Been quite a few not making national news or spot-lighted. Angels of death or of mercy. It was reported back then and locally that even though staff were suspicious of some deaths they remained silent so as not to falsely accuse their associates, to be rats, or afraid of losing their own positions, feared being involved in any investigations, of other connections outside to the killers etc., blah blah. So the killings went on for years and in many places including a VA (Ohio I think). Ol’ Orville did a fine job here locally for years until enough families got together and some with connections that brought his reign to an end, and the hospitals rules to keep things internal and silent. He had special rights and protections too while killing people off and kept others quiet. Plus the covering-up of some things, file manipulations, omissions in records to the activist are still present here today. The spirit of them and other ilk live on. Protecting their own, transferring those demoted at the VA to other places, those not wanting to get involved so death for others is acceptable and okay, to the crap in the civy world too. And why I bitch so much and will not stay silent because of their threats, intimidation tactics, or networks of retaliation over some truth and reality.

    Took me two freaking years to get a squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed properly and for sure with a biopsy. Didn’t act or look like a common photo of them, or as pictured on most sites. It was a lesion, then something else can’t remember, given special cream anti-biotics because of healing difficulty until later would not stop bleeding when raw again. Then more contradictions about it. No that type doesn’t spread, see another one, oh yes they “satellite” out and spread, another says no they aren’t a serious form of cancer… cough cough barf. Later on told in that amount of time “waiting” good thing it didn’t get into your brain and eyes we’d had to keep cutting, removing tissue, until the lab reports said we could stop. Oh joy another surprise episode at the VA.

    OT. Local idiots and VA plan on building a new so-called VA hospital in town but won’t release the place, time or more info. College kiddies, the local activist, haters, those with un-earned degrees and connected will love that shit. Can’t clean up their messes and corruption now let alone just keep adding more and more to it using the caliber of people and training in a totally corrupt state.

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