Anti-LGBT Scott Brown

‘Best Person’ For VA Secretary, Scott Brown, Also Considered Anti-LGBT

Anti-LGBT Scott Brown

Headlines have been chalk full of article after article citing Scott Brown saying he is “the best person” for Trump’s Veterans Affairs.

But is former Sen. Scott Brown the “best person” for the job? Will he protect women veterans? What about those in the LBGT community? How about disabled veterans? How many veterans think Brown is the best selection for VA Secretary?

There are a lot of unanswered questions that veterans and the real veteran community deserves answers before anyone is selected.

“All veterans, including those that identify with the LGBTQ community, deserve a Secretary of Veterans Affairs who will respect those advances and help move the interests of LBGTQ veterans forward,” said Brian Lewis, well-known veterans rights activist and law student.

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Only time will tell, but it’s important to note the press highlighting Scott Brown’s assertion that he is “the best,” has published nothing of substance in vetting his background to the public in relation to how he would lead VA.

Some veterans are women. Some are gay and transgender. Many are disabled. And all veterans are patriots who in large part rely on the press to help us select the best leaders.

Media Silent On Scott Brown Background

When asked, big name reporters at all the major news outlets have either been silent or acknowledged they are waiting for Trump to make a selection before publishing anything.

Why is that?

The news media has been all over all possible and selected members of Trump’s A-Team like a cheap suit. But it remains silent over the qualifications and background top runners for running the singular most scandal-plagued agency in US History?

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Some insiders speculate the reason is that big publishers at NY Times, CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere are waiting for Trump to make as many horrific selections for his cabinet as possible to then trounce him in the media.

Should the press throw veterans into the fryer because of an election grudge? I think veterans deserve better, and it would be great if the press would take action and help Americans better understand all named candidates for Trump’s cabinet, including VA.

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Earlier this week, I surveyed veterans to find out over 80 percent prefer Chairman Jeff Miller versus Scott Brown. The next day, I uncovered that he was linked to a sexual harassment and possible assault incident of a fellow Fox News employee.

Brown And Some Anti-LGBT Positions

The newest wrinkles are numerous and repeated comments by the former Senator and Fox News employee about the LGBT community that have some advocates up in arms.

Over the years, Brown did establish himself as a champion in anti-LGBT policies including refusing to support the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. He even went as far as to threaten one supporter of gay rights following a vote.

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Over the past 8 years, LGBT rights have moved forward resulting in VA taking massive strides to serve the veteran LGBT community through supportive policies. Trump has given no indication he intended to repeal those services.

Now, the consideration of Brown, a lawmaker who does not support LGBT policies, has many in the community concerned.

Brian Lewis says Brown’s consideration has raised concerns. “Brown’s consideration as Secretary of Veterans Affairs demonstrates a lack of sensitivity to the needs of LGBTQ veterans within the Department of Veterans Affairs,” said Brian Lewis.

“LGBTQ veterans have fought hard to have their marriages recognized, and to even be recognized as veterans, and they deserve a Secretary of Veterans Affairs who will respect those advances and help move the interests of LBGT veterans forward.”

Here is are some of Brown’s more controversial positions related to gay rights that now may impact some veterans:

  • He opposed domestic partners having children together
  • He opposed gay marriage, supported civil unions
  • He initially opposed repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell but reversed

According to the Boston Globe:

Earlier this year, Democrats criticized him for not joining in a delegation video offering encouragement to gay teens who might be otherwise contemplating suicide. They also criticized his voting record and comments on gay rights issues while a state lawmaker.

“The junior senator is and has been a staunch opponent of equal marriage, he is opposed to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” party Chairman John Walsh said during the conference call. “When he was in the state Legislature, he voted three times for a constitutional amendment to ban equal marriage and opposed funds for the commonwealth’s commission on gay and lesbian youth.”

As to Brown ultimately voting for the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” Walsh said: “Scott Brown only stepped forward to do the right thing after it was clear that the repeal would pass without his vote. That’s not leadership by any definition, and it shows Scott Brown is only willing to vote the interests of the LGBT community in Massachusetts when its in his best political interest.”

As for comments from Lewis, I agree that the next Secretary needs to support all veterans to the maximum extent of the law.

Does Brown have what it takes?

Let’s have a conversation about this and drive the dialogue rather than let insiders push prospective secretaries onto us who lack the experience we need.

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  1. To all Veterans! I know a large number of Vetetans are Senior Citizens. Many Veterans have PTSD. The Veterans Administration is the largest benefit and health network in the world. The person who leads it must have proven skills, wisdom, and direct leadership experience. Scott Brown is not the one! A career one weekend a month JAG, handling wills and POA documents. A good old boy who spent a life time in the state house. Not recommeded for Battalion or Brigade Command. Passed up for COL promotion and transfered to DC to get his political promotion being a Senator. Request to perform his Annual Training in Afgan for three weeks on a secure base. Now he claims to be a combat Veterans. He lacks shame.

  2. Is Miller even being considered. I have watched him for a long time and if anyone has seen what the VA Has done to veteran’s and employees it’s Miller.

    If Miller would be considered. I would second it. He could not do thing’s as chairman. But as VA Secretary. He would have direct contact with our elected officials and has the proof of what has happened

    He. Could advise congress that in order to get the VA to change. He must have the power to fire people for illegal behavior

    They whom ever they hire. Must be authorized to get rid of the bad actor’s and then take quick action.

    If the new president can hire all new people. Then the VA should be able to fire the old people ( no age ) current employees.

    Start fresh

  3. Wow, gay people do all that? A service connected sex change. I’m going to have to get out more. You are right; we still don’t know what is going to happen with Trump. Sounds like everything is normal. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks.

  4. I, along with others on here, believe many of the “appointed positions” may be “for sale”!
    This might be true, might not be true.
    We’ll just have to wait and see!
    If President Elect Trump has “pulled the wool over us…”, then millions of unsuspecting voters have been made a mockery of. I hope this is not the case!
    Until we see what his plans are, then I believe we need to be patient.
    No one knows what’s in his mind, soul or heart.
    He came off wanting to make a difference. “Make America Great Again!” was his slogan. Well, America has slid down the proverbial rabbit hole. It’s going to take time to see what he’s going to do!
    I myself am waiting.
    If he turns out to be a “traitor”, then we have more work in store for us!

    That’s my opinion.

    Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!!!

  5. Check out Leo Mackay for Sec. The Federalist gave him a good write up as a man that Trump should consider.
    He’s an ex F-14 fighter pilot, distinguished Naval Academy graduate, PhD from Harvard, and he’s a businessman. The article says he has a heart for veterans health and the knowhow to turn the failing VA around. Says he’s a wonderful pick Article says he’ll kick ass good. The Federalist, Nov 22, Mollie Hemingway write up..
    Mitt – out, Brown -a nothing, Jeff from FL – an ex real estate salesman and ex weather person before becoming a U.S. rep. He talks a lot, but can he kick ass real good?

    1. I just want a person whose license plate says “MY FORD”, and gives to charity instead of stealing from it. Working muffler optional.

  6. What about those in the LBGT community?

    Who cares?

    Seriously, who the hell cares about these people when it comes to veterans? They eat up resources with their invented problems, mental illnesses and spread of HIV/AIDS/STDs, and unnecessary surgeries.

    The fact that this question was in the first paragraph of your article shows how identity politics, Gay PR and degeneracy has infected your brain.

    1. Oh, Ricky Vaughn, I beg to differ. There’s definitely far more LBGT within the military and veteran population than you may realize…even before the now antiquated Don’t Ask Don’t Tell days. Why should that make them a lessor of person or as you stated, using-up resources and somehow spreading infectious diseases more so than the hetero bent?
      No, I do not agree with sexual reassignment surgeries, only that which is service connected, mental/physical, but I think you would be surprised with whom you have in the past depended on with your life that was indeed LBGT but guess what, it’s not what makes-up the core of identity of every person…it’s usually the incredibly insecure that make such degrading comments towards other humans they do not understand.
      Oh, you are way more likely to acquire HIV or other infectious diseases just while using the VAMC for whatever procedures rather than from sitting in same waiting area or god forbid, park in same parking lot.


    2. Actually Ricky the correct question is who the fuck cares about you? Get a clue, read a fucking book, get yourself some serious fucking education. Bigotry is never in fashion.

    3. Gay people eat up resources. Gay people become veterans. Gay people commit crimes. Gay people lie about illness. Gay people spread sexually transmitted disease. Gay people get naked with each other. Gay people sin. Gay people live. Gay people die. Gay people become Marines. Gay people get decorated for valor. Gay people act cowardly. Gay people smell bad. Gay people smell good. Gay people laugh. Gay people cry. Gay people care. Gay people love. Gay people grieve. Gay people even go bowling, and some even eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Many give thanks to God for the blessings they enjoy.

      Rick, I do believe you have missed many things that gay people do, so I helped fill in the list but it is hardly inclusive and as you likely spotted right away it is alphabetized in gay order, but I did answer as best I could your question about gays and the others you lumped in.

      My turn Rick for a question Rick assumes of course you are normal so you must be an expert. Perfect because I have searched for a normal person for five decades and to find one right here on a lawyers pro-vet website is truly providence in motion.

      Please, my mind is like a sponge eager to learn from you – Rick, what do normal people do?

      1. My personal standards for what I do sexually with my own body is simple; I never do anything in my bedroom that I would be embarassed to try to explain to a paramedic should the need arise. It simplifies the bedroom decisions greatly!

  7. i vote no-go with Brown at VA too. Trump can do better for American Veterans than that. i can see General Mattis heading VA and him battling VA with Trump’s admin providing support…(think fire support team). though it almost seems a waste of talent for a guy like Gen.Mattis to head VA. things are a changin hopefully, and just maybe, the new head of VA is more than a figure head.

    as someone else mentioned, no doubt someone from NVLSP knows ALL the dirty tricks the VA/gov has been playing on veterans and surely could help clean it up. would need the backing and support of the new president and admin to make any real changes. VA/union will pull out all thug tactics to stop any real changes.

    as “craz elf” and others pointed out, if VSOs want Brown, then for sure i don’t want him near the VA. gee. the VA union will swat him like a fly like they do to many veterans.

    a no-go for me and this Romney guy anywhere near VA or SoS. i admit at one time i liked him, but have since changed my mind…new intel and time does that to humans.

    a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to all here along with your families.

  8. Hey Ben,

    Great article but the photo is a little blurred and has some color streaks running through it.

    I did happen to find a few better pics out on the web. Don’t know if you care to use them.

    One set shows Brown as he is working his way through college. The other set is more recent from last year while he was prepping his infomercial after losing the election in New Hampshire. The set were part of the sales pitch accompanying the before-and-after photos of his physique, crediting his recent, dramatic weight loss to a commercial nutrition and fitness plan.

    “Scott Brown: From Cosmo Centrefold to Massachusetts Senator”, by James Meikle, 01/20/2010
    “Republican lawyer who has won Ted Kennedy’s seat reveals details of colourful past”


    “Salesman Brown pursues a weight-loss constituency”, by Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe 07/02/2015


    1. Hey Namnibor,

      I really don’t think this exhibitionist should have a wall of Glass window in his office.

      1. But on a brighter note we can at least say Trump hired a centerfold to run the VA. It sounds better than saying he hired another swamp creature.

      2. That’s exactly why I posted the lyrics of that song, “Photographic” by Depeche Mode…Scott Brown lives for the camera and photo ops. Many Veteran “props” would be needed if Scott Brown becomes VA Secretary…for all those photo ops.

  9. Where do we get a list of these VA directives? I am quite sure it’s these VA directives that of been screwing up my life . There’s got to be a way to figure out what the hell they’re doing .

  10. Why should we even care if any candidate for any position is qualified or not? VA doesn’t.

    Check out this copy and paste section I just got from Linkedin dot com. Nevada VA healthcare is looking for a nurse to help round up all of us horrible vets;

    From the job description off of linkedin site –

    “RN- (Prevention & Management of Disruptive Behavior (PMDB) Program Coordinator)

    “Serves as a member of the Disruptive Behavior/Fugitive Felon Committee, completes a minimum of two Category I Behavioral Patient Record Flag and Order of Behavioral Restriction re-reviews per month and attends all regularly scheduled meetings of the Disruptive Behavior/Fugitive Felon Committee”

    “Qualifications & Evaluations
    1) U.S. citizenship. Non-citizens may be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy.”

    There are many more qualifications but read #1!!! The most basic qualification is citizenship – unless it is inconvenient for VA.


    How about basic qualifications for VA Sec.?
    1) Must adhere to federal law unless it is not possible to recruit such a qualified person as required by VA Directive.

    How about doctors?
    1) Must be competent unless it is not possible to recruit a competent doctor as required by VA policy.

    How about janitors?
    1) Must be able to push a broom unless qualified candidates cannot push sticks as required by professional standards.

    My God they even advertise for incompetence and unaccountability in the same momth we elect Trump who vows to reign in that bery thing!!!

    They say, “We have bare minimum standards unless we can’t find anyone who meets them, then we hire anyone we want.” OIG concurs. Why even bother vetting a new Sec VA when right at this moment Nevada is taking ANYONE from ANY country to manage the single group called “Disruptive behavior/fugitive felons”. How about a drug lord from Bogata? If they can’t recruit anyone else, hey. they got the job! Drug lords are banned from service, unless a qualified applicant cannot be recruited….

    We are triffling with gay and lesbian issues when right under our noses the VA is gathering up anyone who breaths to manage all of us as fugitive felons and disruptive patients. English speaking is required by law unless a suitable applicant cannot be found??

    Mark my words, when the true extent of harm and death that these DBC committees are responsible for becomes known America is going to barf. How would you feel if a native of the Islamic Nation of Kenya banned you from care using his knowledge of the Kenyan judicial system?

    They are so desperate to fill the ranks of vets with the title “felon” and “threat” that they will waive their the requirement of citizenship for the person who is gonna restrict or terminate care for US veterans.

    How the hell is ANY VA Sec. gonna fight that kind of thinking???

    1. VA Secretary appointee must have a heartbeat and currently breathing. If not readily available, an unclaimed liquefied body bag will do while some other SES collects the salary claimed in their behalf.

  11. I don’t think the AFGE can just be told to f off. They must be ELIMINATED. Does President Elect Trump believe in God? Perhaps I should be praying to Lucy. I have been spending a lot of time just looking for a person to do a job that I have little doubt, is going to be impossible. The VA needs to be broken so we can rebuild it. Or, just replace it. Way too many thieves. I’m lost as to who could lead that bunch.

  12. Seymore,
    I had a deep suspicion Brown was connected to big pharma.
    Romney isn’t much better than a “Political Lackey” himself.
    I hope President Elect Trump does some real soul searching on the issue of appointing a Secretary of VA.
    Like most on here have said, we need someone who is like us – a veteran of honor and discipline! Someone who will go in and kick ass, from top to bottom. Someone who will not be afraid to tell the union to fuck off!

      1. Just off the top of my head you must think that Hillary does.

        Good Luck with that Moby.

  13. To Seymour K., and Dennis… Seymour K. I probably have learned more from your articles then any other articles I read concerning the VA . I don’t know what you know or how you know what , but you do a great job . Now, Dennis . If you ever write a book let me know because I love reading everything you write whether I agree or not thank you . Ben, you’ve got some good men on this site .


    1. That fat HOG can star in a Hamburger Helper commercial ! One big fat inflatable manatee which resembles the common nurse and staff at VA! Straight crime racket for unions!!!

  15. I don’t see anything happening good for the VA . Mr. Trump’s pics so far have been atrocious . It’s obviously aimed at an all white America . We don’t have an all white America . I’m lost still as to why these prejudiced sons of a gun are being rewarded by our new president . This country is going to hell . Who to put in the VA ? I don’t see that it matters anymore . I’ve been fighting the VA since 1971 . This president’s legacy I Gotta Feeling will be a disaster. I’m going to pray, because I don’t like Miller or pretty man Brown. God bless the veterans.

    1. Well Jon, if it’s only about skin color, then there are numerous other continents you could move to. No one is forcing you to live as a minority, use your passport and find out how the other halves live.
      So if someone is white, they are prejudiced?
      Stellar reasoning – you really laid out the facts to support your conclusion.

  16. AWhy THE HELL OUR YOU STUCK IN BROWN what did he promise you,,,,, first the VA union taken out,, second take out the incompetent leaders in the VA,,,, but making sure that the disabled vets have a place to go private or give all disabled a $800 monthly increase that has been totally taken away on using the wrong INFLATION COST ,,,, NO I””M NOT JOKING,,, We as disabled vets have had enough of this abuse,,, and then put someone else in charge and say this real smart commet you just said WELL SEE IN TIMES,,,just brilliant I’m ashamed of you,,, I have said before I have been around for 47 years with this crap,,, and each year it gets worst,,, now here we are ,,, not a thing gained,,, dang it I got no more time,,,, neither do the rest of us,,, SERVE YOUR COUNTRY AND THEN WAIT WAIT AND LOSE ALL YOU HAVE PL.US HAVE THE PRIVELAGE OF FILING BANKCRUPCY NOT ONCE BUT TWICE WHILE WATING ,,, what part of stupid is floating in your head,,,,, OH GOD please help,,,,

  17. This is what Scott Brown is saying — not what Donald Trump is saying. The right person for this job — by a wide margin — is Jeff Miller. I think that if Trump was considering Brown that maybe we all dodged a bullet with these allegations that are going to make Brown politically toxic.

  18. Hey Elf,

    In yesterday’s comments, you asked an important question about Scott Brown which was; “Is there any connection between the drug companies and Brown?”. The short answer is yes definitely he is connected to the pharma industry.

    The tool provided by the Center for Responsive Politics website at “” show the listing of his top contributors for his campaigns to date at: “”

    Some other interesting information that I have found on Scott Brown using the websites “” and “” is that this Fox News Employee worked his way through College and law school as a male model and even won Cosmopolitan magazine’s “America’s Sexiest Man” contest. He was featured as a nude centerfold in the magazine which jump-started a long and lucrative part-time modeling career for Brown during the 1980s.

    Remarkably this fox news contributor and former Nude Male model has only faced women challengers in his Federal campaigns. Winning once in a special election held to replace Senator Kennedy in Massachusetts he beat Martha Coakley. He lost the Senate seat in 2012 when he faced Senator Elizabeth Warren. Following his defeat in Massachusetts 2012, Brown relocated to New Hampshire to run in the 2014 election cycle and lost against Jeanne Shaheen for her seat in the house of representatives.

    Also, Namnibor,

    Wait for it, you can hear the music que now (Bow Chica Wow wow) you know this guy has done some porn in the 70s & 80s.

    1. As Stephen says “This is what Scott Brown is saying — not what Donald Trump is saying.”

    2. Also Elf,

      from the “” it is noteworthy to mention that Brown received some major bucks from Mitt Romney’s Bain capital investment firm during his failed run in 2012. Clearly not only is Brown owned by big Pharma but his political sugar Daddy is Mitt Romney.

      With the well publicized meeting between Trump and Romney I wonder who Mitt was promoting for the VA slot.

      1. Just like they own a big piece of Robert McDonald, Merck, Gilead, Teva pharma, and Proctor and Gamble,(while Robbie was crashing the company).

      2. “Scott Brown to Donald Trump: Mitt Romney’s a good fit, I’m ‘best’ for VA”

        “Washington – Former Bay State U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, who yesterday pitched himself to President-elect Donald Trump for the post of secretary of Veterans Affairs, also talked up Mitt Romney to head the State Department, saying the former Massachusetts governor would be a “brilliant choice.”

        “Brown told the Herald that Trump asked his opinion of Romney during a meeting at Trump Towers in Manhattan.”


        Makes this Veteran wonder since it seems the Secretary of Veterans Affairs position is up for sale how much does it cost and maybe we could all chip in and buy the slot and then maybe see so real changes that will help Veterans.

        Or Maybe, the American public can also buy the Secretary of State slot and then end the wars and bring our troops home.

        At this point it certainly seems that they are up for sale. Of course maybe Trump will do what he was elected to do but right now it is not looking very good.


        “Trump picks billionaire Betsy DeVos, school voucher advocate, as education secretary”



        Has anybody heard which drug company is buying the slot to head up the FDA?

  19. but why Jeff Miller? What has he ACTUALLY done besides talk about it and have hearing? What actions has he instigated to move the VA to doing their proper job? We need some one new that has the capacity to actually move the VA into the 21st century. Is it Brown or Miller? I personally think it should be neither one….

  20. I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again.

    The ONLY way any actual VA reform is ever going to happen is if we show up in D.C. in a coordinated effort on such a massive scale that we simply can’t be ignored if the news won’t cover our problems then we FORCE them to cover our problems. We let the President-Elect soon to be President that we find his choice distasteful.

    We also present a list of friendly suggestions for what we want to see in ANY TOP TO BOTTOM overhaul of the VA

  21. By way of history, JAGs are the absolute worst picks for VASEC. Look no further than the CAVC for the respect we receive from them. Since the majority of us were enlisted vs. Officers, and thus ate the SFWs, it stands to reason we ought to have one of our own. Miller is a politician, regardless of any other considerations. That is the problem. We don’t need another VSO retread like Jesse Brown as we know they are beholden to the old school VA.
    What we need is truly new blood- one from our own ranks who has walked the walk–not talked his way in with “I’m gonna fix this.” We’ve seen old generals appointed who foolishly relied on their underlings to implement changes. That got us ten years of “scheduling appointment-challenged technicians” who “misread’ the regulations.
    The time for change is ripe. We’d be foolish to succumb to the lure of a “tough guy” appointed from a list that some jackwad in DC feels is “up to the task”. We’ve had about as many Principis and Peakes to last us a lifetime. They own QTC and that made them rich. I want a Johnny Vet who is disabled and suffered at their hands to step in. Anything less condemns us to another 4 years of “We’re working on it so you have to be patient.” They’ve had a century to fix it and all we have is excuses and promises.
    I say we put a NVLSP attorney or a NOVA whiz kid like Ken Carpenter in there and I guarantee you it will be solved in short order.

  22. Let me post a direct copy from Roseburg Oregon Healthcare Systems home page:
    “VA Core Values and Characteristics
    Core values describe an organization’s culture and character and serve as the foundation for the way individuals in an organization interact with each other and with people outside of the organization. The Department of Veterans Affairs Core Values and Characteristics apply across the entire VA enterprise.
    Click here to learn more about VA I CARE Program.”

    I wanted to paste the entire paragraph because buffalo shit is an art form and I admire the beast for evacuating such a creative pile. However, after admiring the art I noticed something deeper in the shit at the very end;

    “Click here” (to learn that) I Care.”

    There is an emergent trait that awakes within a youth when they enter military service. Some are destined to find out that raw courage is a mixture of total fear, a puckered ass, and a godamn Sergeant screaming through your skull so loud the brain just does what the words say and take you along for the ride. Some learn that the Earth does not contain enough paint to cover all the ships at Sea but the Navy just keeps finding more for you to use. Others learn that when the red light flashes and the klaxon sounds that impact is imminent for the tanker aircraft and crew is to get into survival lockers without delay – with luck the landing gear will absorb the impact and not ignite the fumes.

    Many learn what real pain is, and what pure shame can be. Most never learn how to forget it.

    But of all the things that every single veterans learns irregardless of service is what bullshit smells like. “Click here to see that I CARE” is bullshit. It is bullshit to tell a hurting man you care when you cannot possibly feel that way towards everyone. When I see a sign saying “We Care About You” in the civilian world I check to make sure my wallet is safe. I do not want a godamn government worker to care at all and God knows no wallet is safe from the government…


    I do not want them to care what I say,
    I do not want them to care how much it costs,
    I do not want them to care how I excersize my rights,
    I do not want them to care what I look at,
    I do not want them to care what I ask for,
    I do not want them to care who I talk to,
    I do not want them to care if I like them or not ,
    I do not want them to care where I put my crotch.

    I don’t want them to care at all!

    They have cared so many veterans to death I think it is clear the experiment called The Department of Veterans Affairs has failed. How many more cared for vets will die believing that America has failed them? How many more cared for vets will step in front of the train after DBC cared enough to put guns behind them after they cried out in pain??? How many honored dead will be cared for until liquid inside VA hospitals before we stop caring?

    – if you are VA Let me tell YOU where to click to see HOW MUCH I CARE, not the other way around you jack asses!

    VA, I know you read this so hear this clearly – STOP CARING GODAMNIT – And you look me in the eye when we meet! Am I not worthy of your gaze? You swear to me instead that of all the sides in the world to pick that you pick MY side and that YOU DO NOT CARE what any other human says or does – you tell me that you are in my foxhole because just like being a Marine, it might suck horribly but it is your only mission and it is this oath I require of a person who is called “Public Servant”.

    Mr VA Sec. – I demand a new VA slogan, and I demand a minute by minute accounting of your servants for compliance; “I HEAL”.

    Your Employer,
    The People

  23. Personally I don’t care about social activism that has created huge divisions in this country, a government/VA/others full of so-called paid activist or those SJW (social justice warriors). That’s more like the stuff at the VA when their ultra liberal staff tells us to vote Democrat/Hillary for better VA health care. HUH?

    I called the ACLU once for some ideas and help and got nothing but bull, political correctness, and just more modern day crap. She went down a long list of those who they help or seemed concerned about…ie female, pregnant female, undocumented immigrant (sic), through the races, ethnic groups, the LGBT stuff, and so on. Not once, until I mentioned it, did “veterans,’ men, white men, disabled vets, Christians, get spoken of. The reply was, if I didn’t fit in any of the groups mentioned and that they thought were most important, couldn’t, wouldn’t, help. So again the ACLU showed me they are just the anti-American activist crew they were thirty years when they refused to get involved in various issues here. There-by protecting some of the most corrupt here and some of those we are supposed to bow to just because of some label they want to put them on special protected status above the rest.

    Now in Indiana – again – the LGBT doesn’t give a hoot, like the extremest animals rights people, like the illegals, radical feminist, like the corrupt, ….. do not give a damn about anything but their agendas, period. Pushing for special rights, privileges and protections while the country and all others are flushed, or openly declared even on TV, “never allow others a platform to challenge them or to speak from.” That includes us straight old white guys/veterans who seem to very and truly “disenfranchised,” and as Oprah said “Old people just need to die off.”

    If we don’t sign petitions for the activist, the PC crowd, to pacify younger people who have very little real life experience outside of the colleges and office cubicles or internet…. we are the enemy. If we don’t totally support the “cultural Marxist, the communist, college kiddies, those in professions who by oath or office are supposed to appease everyone (which is impossible)… we are the enemy. If we don’t support some silly and pathetic “Gay Parade” we are the enemy. If we protest or go to town meetings about the “Gays” having open sex in our parks so as we can’t take grand-kids play or watch the river flow..we are the enemy. But instead of arrests and media they get the parks closed and we are “haters and bigots.” Who seems to have the most voice today to distract and ruin? Who does the mainstream media, colleges and others seem to defend or constantly discuss? All we are doing, or seeing, the USA turning into another far left, no free speech, corrupt, dangerous, Canada or European styled fascist, tyrannical change in our culture.

    We don’t need all this modern day “hate speech” or ‘thought control’s’ in this land like England or Germany has. All we need is to go back to the Constitution, stop the cultural Marxist which mean to change everything including our history and what takes priority in this country.

    Just more crap for supporting, labeling, protectionism of some who should not be working in government or at any VA building. If a incompetent worker is mentioned all they have to do is fall back on the old ‘discrimination” crap. If a female…we are misogynist. If the MDs or other mal-practicing staff are of color, then we are evil racist and should not have voice enough to dare question them at all. Let them all kill us and abuse us. On and on it goes. Well, I don’t need activist or others to tell me what reality is or what group is better or more needful than others, I know. Or said to be old- fashioned? When one group is trying to force their stuff on others by any means… it is wrong. We are supposed to be individuals in a republic, not living on a college campus styled socialist regime ruled by “collective punishment” which war crime like, let alone being threatened for just voting for the lesser of two evils for POTUS, or for not agreeing with ever band-wagon others want us to jump on without a though of many other things or while dismissing our own trials and tribulations or life, those activist and the real intolerant simply don’t care about.

    From what I am hearing about Indiana and what some others have tried doing, just like other states, nothing, no-one, is going to change the VA or try to protect us, give us a safe space like our colleges have today for the ‘butter-cups’ and activist. If people really cared about issues there would be commercials about VA care and about veterans instead of the constant stream from the activist or PETA type people over animals. While we watch our vets die off, suffer, or forced to listen to the Fabians, Hollywood/entertainers/pundits or Marxist crew spout their stuff. All that crap should not be involved in a hospital, VA care, or forced on us, period. Others views may vary and we can only rely on what we have seen, dealt with, seen others suffer over, or the corruption it all leads to while protecting others from seemingly everydamnthing.

    Trump picks Haley for UN ambassador?? What a joke. She is one example of a real cultural Marxist SAD

    1. Great post.

      I do have a different angle for Haley for the UN. If you think the UN is a joke, and I do, why not put one your enemies – who you think is a joke – in charge of interacting with the UN?

  24. I will add that early in my life i knew families that struggled with a member being gay. That’s all it was then GAY. I always accepted whatever a person wanted to be. That was how my father and mother felt. That was REAL before i went into the Army.

    1. FLB,
      It wouldn’t be until almost 40 years had passed, when I found out one of the “brothers” on our patrol was “gay”! Did it matter? Not one damn bit!
      He did his job.
      As a matter of fact, he was damn good at what he did.

  25. Who are the “REAL” veterans? Just asking. we all know that Scott Brown is not the choice to serve as VA secretary.

  26. Do y’all remember a “poll” that a VSO had members take, (last year I believe)?
    When the “results” weren’t too their liking, the “National Officers” reversed course, and did what they wanted in the first place!
    I wonder, how many of the VSO’s high officials are wanting Brown in as Secretary of VA? That might be worth investigating.
    Who was the ‘dickwad’ who put Brown’s name in the hat for Sec. of VA?
    Just because he’s spent 35 years in the National Guard, does not make him an expert on veterans issues! Being a JAG Officer definitely is, in my opinion, a strike against him!
    So, Ben, where do we, the ones who actually matter on this issue, go from here?
    Who will listen, even if we do call or write, to our opinion?
    The VSO’s don’t care! We’ve seen that many times before. A majority of our legislators don’t care. That’s been established.
    Even an ‘online poll’ (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) could backfire on us!
    So, where do we go from here?
    I’m not a “defeatist”! But damn, it seems like we don’t matter in any “decision making”! Especially when it’s our rights which are being trampled!

    1. P.S.
      Another question;
      What will Brown do when David “Little” Cox threatens him, like he did with McDuck?
      I’ll bet he’ll run away like a scared rabbit!

      1. well you do realize scotty fucking brown had a side gig as a model at one point so he wouldn’t want to get his pretty little face messed up right?

  27. It is folly to believe that men raised in the era that us current 50 year olds were raised in can discard generations of teachings surrounding gay issues. When all of the major and most powerful religions in this age of men hold to these values they become a part of the body language. 85% of personal coms is body language and it is that language which gets passed down from the moment we open our eyes after birth.

    Those who express themselves publicly in a manner engendering inclusiveness and acceptance as their own personal creed are only telling 15% of the story if that number holds true. It does.

    I believe in the words of our Constitution, that ALL men are created equal. These words are true now and have been for eternity. This means that all men are capable of terrible bigotry, hatred, and fear. I am.

    It also means that all men are capable of learning, growing, and changing. A man does not learn to undo the looks of his mother’s face when he suckled. That is hard wired into us as are the expressions on “fathers” face in matters of life. This man in the article is said to have expressed what are now unpopular ideas. All men are created equal and I am betting that I have better queer jokes than he does, but keep in mind that when my own father was of draft age the VA was still performing a procedure known as labotomy on vets who were diagnosed as gay.

    The last one done here in Roseburg was done by inserting an ice pick up in through the eye socket then gently moving it back and forth to severe the connecting tissue between the front and the back part of the brain. Just a few years before I myself was born, this was VA medicine at its finest hour.

    How could I expect my father to feel anything but revulsion when a diagnosis of “gay” meant institutionalization and in many states imprisonment? I can’t.

    So maybe I am gonna give a pass to a guy who hates what other people do with their crotches, because I don’t think it matters anyway. If he does, then maybe he should write a book or something but given the horrific true example above, gettting a new guy that only hates gays instead of wanting to cut their brain in half is progress beyond measure – and nobody said that life is easy or perfect.

    If we wanted “perfect” we would have voted for Hillary, right?

    1. “lf men are capable of learning, growing, and changing”. “A man does not learn to undo the looks of his mother’s face when he suckle”.


      1. It was not an analogy. Women have between 13 and 17 identified areas of the brain that processes body language that men do not. The child receives 100% of the initial communication during development through its mother. Since Mom is the source of food the brain wires itself to seek and emulate the mother.

        An analogy on he other hand is a comparison, generally in the form of a tangential anecdote. I was being literal and speak from a well known body of human psychology. I also do not fear what others might think of me any more than a whale concerns itself with the brine it eats (an analogy).

  28. I have to ask this in contrast to today’s article: The “best person” considered for VA VBA Chief by the VA was Thomas “Agent Orange Denier” Murphy. WTF?
    With that said, I worry that the powers that be, (VA Meat Grinder) wish to have a ‘photo-ops-friendly face’ to represent the VA. Very similar can be achieved by placing very bright lipstick on any pig.

    I worry that “qualifications” are not the primary driving qualification for VA Secretary….I worry that it’s more along the line of “nobody wants the job and look, he has JAG time in the Guard”, let’s make HIM VA Secretary, yeah, that will work.
    I worry that Scott Brown and Vice Pres. Elect Mike Pence have much in common in their puritanistic views on what takes place in the privacy of one’s bedroom. So much in common, that perhaps Trump is ill-advised to allow Pence to make this choice because the personal bias is strong with these two (Brown/Pence), and these types wield their religious values as strongly as the very terrorists we are fighting called ISIS.
    I truly think Scott Brown would be a sorry ass choice considering the huge amounts of scandals taking place at the VA.
    Why does the position of VA Secretary seem to always be treated as a political lackey reward position program?
    Why did they not ask some seasoned Disabled or otherwise Veterans with a vested interest in the VA?

    Scott Brown theme song: “Photographic” by Depeche Mode.
    “A white house, a white room
    The program of today
    Lights on, switch on
    Your eyes are far away

    The map represents you
    And the tape is your voice
    Follow all along you
    Till you recognize the choice

    I take pictures
    Photographic pictures

    Bright light, dark room
    Bright light, dark room

    I said I’d write a letter
    But I never got the time
    And looking to the day
    I mesmerize the light

    The years I spend just thinking
    Of a moment we both knew
    A second past like an empty room
    It seems it can’t be true

    I take pictures
    Photographic pictures

    Bright light, dark room
    Bright light, dark room”

  29. My first selection would be General Mattis, who in- turn would take on the unions AFGE, LIUNA head on . With a mantra of being polite, also asserting a reckoning force of a plan to put them in check when needed. The mission of the VA is to assert its’ “Fiduciary Responsiblities” first. He is the only choice left at this moment because of a communistic style of infiltration of media sources that have digitally blocked true sources of government corruption that have been exposed over the last decade. I am pretty sure “Mad Dog” would kick David Cox , Robert McDonald and any corrupt individual , including the VA OIG , square in the nuts , 0321 style. Lin Halliday Hog, aka female “Boss Hog” needs to go too! As a of now, the VA is one big RICO crime racket disguised as a healthcare entity that serves no purpose to “some ” veterans. If the ones that like it, let them have it. It is a waste of time to argue with them about it. Pain, sickness and health problems can be temporary if you are motivated to do something about it, but stupidity in choices of who you allow to dictate your health and well being is forever! The power of healing is in oneself, not from the cadeuse. That is coming straight from a Corpsman, who seem a lot of death! To the ones who know, Semper Fi and Cedere Nescit!

    1. Trumps cabinet choices should clearly be based on line of succession. Fortunately, McDuck falls at #17. The vice Prez is first, then the Speaker is second. what is disturbing is that VA falls behind many bogus cabinets that is clearly non operational in manpower or resources to handle an operational assault on this land. That why current veterans need to remain a force to be reckoned with by empowering ourselves to run the VA like a military machine.

    2. Yes, I agree General Mattis could take on the AFGE union head. I believe Brown would be stepped on left and right. If we do not get a leader in the VA or leaders in the VA who will for once do their jobs ethically, then, I say the VA needs to be shut down. The VA promotes dependency and false care. The care needs to get to the point and quit coddling. I mean allow the veterans to have individual thought about their own care. Veterans wants to live their lives as meaningful as they can. Veterans whether disabled or not want to be productive as they can. I do not want to be dictated and most Veterans do not want to be dictated in their lives either. One thing that is really important to me when I go to the VA is I would like the providers to know their job well and be able to make spontaneous decisions about what tests need to be run based on their medical knowledge of symptoms and to know what to look for with the occuring symptoms of the veteran that aligns with certain diagnoses for their particular speciality care area. This is called accountable and quality health care. If they do not know, then, it should be followed up with further research or with a consultation seeking more expert guidance from other professionals in the field. If there are looming medical issues that need attending to, then, the VA needs to dive into the situation and not say, “We will wait and see.” Because tomorrow may not come for the veteran. This is how veterans are dying whether the vets are in the system already or still trying to get in the system.
      I say we need a leader who will fight, fight, fight , who will stand by and encourage life, and who will stand by ethical behavior.
      I know in my heart there are many leaders who have these values that I have previously mentioned. We veterans and the VA desperately need a leader of this caliber. I am still praying that Mr.Trump will make a quality decision. Benjamin, why can’t you throw your name in the ring? Have you thought about it? Benjamin, I have been begging to be retrained in a law / social work/ Economics background with the goal of maybe having an opportunity to contribute in a leadership position to advocate for others / vets or work in an upper echelon VA leadership position to improve the quality of the VA healthcare environment. The right VA secretary has to be in charge, though, as I do not believe I could work in the VA under current leadership. We need more of a positive change and if not, then, close it down. Now, Benjamin and all, now you have more of my take on the unsettled state of the VA.

      1. In addition to my previous reply, I do want to express that I am seeing some improvement in my current VA in various clinic areas at the present time. Slow positive changes but still a long way to go before I would even come close to trusting them. I speak also when credit is due. I do not totally negatively critique. I do express the discrepancies about the VA to the VA face to face; but however, when I do I suggest ways on how to improve the discrepancies. I do offer suggestions in a constructive manner and if they listen great and if they don’t well that is on them. I still strive to continue to innovate my own health care and well-being by taking care of myself as best I can with my own knowledge of diet, exercise and home remedies. By my own personal responsibility, I get along better anyway until an issue happens that is alarming. One thing about the VA there are some decent providers but a veteran seeking care does not know if he or she is getting a pro or con. If I have an alarming issue and go to the VA, I have no idea what the outcome would be as in whether life would be enouraged or ended. Too unsettling. I still object to Scott Brown being appointed as VA secretary. He is not right for the job.

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