VA Wait List Investigation

DOJ Shuts Down VA Wait Time Investigations

VA Wait List Investigation

Last week, reports surfaced that the DOJ shut down 46 of 55 investigations into the VA wait time scandal that were initiated in 2014. On Dec 3, the DOJ acknowledged its decision to not pursue charges in those cases. Only nine charges are still pending.

This was the most disappointing news I read coming off the holiday season. So if DOJ will not investigate, VA will not fire, and the House Committee will not hold VA executives in contempt for perjury, what can veterans expect in the future?


Last month, the House Judiciary Committee asked DOJ chief Loretta Lynch to provide answers about its VA wait list investigations during a hearing. Lynch had no answers but promised to have her staff provide Congress with information about its VA investigations.

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After one month, Lynch’s staff responded by requesting that DOJ’s answers be informal and taken over the phone. Congress stood by its request and stipulated the need for a formal response. Instead, DOJ then refused to answer any questions about its investigation.


Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) is the lawmaker who pushed DOJ to provide answers about its investigation into the VA wait list scandal. In response to DOJ’s refusals, she responded in a letter:

“I am at a loss as to why [the Justice Department] required a month to determine that it was unable to provide any answers to these questions… It is my concern that [the Justice Department] intentionally induced my office to participate in an informal discussion for the sole purpose of obstructing legitimate congressional oversight beyond the public’s purview.”

I came back from vacation severely remorseful that we as veterans can expect no justice from the system for the VA wait list. Apparently, our only avenue is to publicly humiliate wrongdoers by at least outing them to the press for their misdeeds.

While there may exist no accountability in the courts, at least each wrongdoer’s neighbors will know their face and what they did if the press writes about it.

Sometimes I wonder if it is time to call in UN Peacekeepers into the halls of Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals to protect us from this rogue agency?


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  1. End Game!!. Did you get you’r letter from the V.A. about the new rule’s and the affordable care act. The truth is Veteran’s of the near future are going to be forced to stand in line with every type of scumbag.So if you think the wait time’s are long and the care bad now just you wait !!! and see how much this Government care’s for us.

    1. This Government cares nothing for the vets. I am astounded at how hard it is to get help. My husband is terminal and has just begun hospice. He has 70% for PTSD but he’s had kidney cancer, colon cancer, malignant hypertension, two brain cancers and 2 stokes and list keeps going. I had to quit my job to come home and care for him. Now i have no insurance and no income and I’m having to fight for aid and attendance.

      AO may not have caused his cancers but the JP4 jet fuel and kerosene that was mixed 1:1 with AO sure could have. Now I find I’m on charity care a a local hospital and doctors office. I also receive food stamps. I have worked since I was 13 years old and paid taxes all my life, we have gone through our savings and retirement paying for full time care while I worked 50 to 60 hours per week.

      I am often given nasty looks at the grocery store when shopping for food, it is so embarrassing. I never stop working as I arise at 7AM and I’m often not in bed until after midnight. This is no picnic.

      My husband is my priority and making him laugh and find some joy is my greatest pleasure. My anger at the VA is huge but it will not dictate my life.

      I may be presumed one of those scumbags, I do get treated that way when I ask for assistance. When my husband passes I must go back to work and I really miss working. Please have a little compassion.

      Kindest regards,

      1. Suzan I think that the future holds the same for millions of Americans.

        Their is not going to be a middle class in America.the middle class is going to join the poor class.

        The people one percent that have all the money.will not share with the American people. They don’t care who has a roof over their head or who has food.

        I believe that within the next say twenty years the rich will hold so much power.they will control our government and it’s army.

        I believe after watching and listening to scholars speaking about this subject.I have come to the conclusion that Americans will be treated less than human and their will be another war here in the United state’s.

        It will not be a war of will be a war between the rich and the poor. Our grandchildren will be the looser. Millions will war is hell.

        You can see the writing on the wall.our government has turned it back not only on veterans but the public at large.

        When your elected officials refuse to acknowledge citizens when they ask for help.have become part of the problem. Special interest have made the office of our elected officials into money hungry people and sit back and wait for the best offer they can get to turn their backs against the American people.

        If this is not true why are they not yelling at the top of their lungs.enough is enough and the American people deserve better.

      2. Thanks for responding James, I do agree with what your saying with one exception. I believe that this economy will crash within the next 5 years. I read a recent article stating the U.S. is $60 trillion in credit card debt, there is about $250 billion that actually circulates within the USA. The article was an eye opener.

        We are looking to move to the mountains with two of my best friends. As we grow older we know that three or four can liver better than one. I’ve been growing a lot of our food for years as I love to garden. I have stashed water and food for the two of us and our dogs. Not sure about storing gas as I need to read more about doing it safely. It’s a bit scary thinking about how to care for my husband in the coming months. But I’m a fighter and I am will never quit fighting for my husband’s benefits because it is the right thing to do.

        Prayer, good friends and family, these are the real wealth in my life.

        BTW. I appreciate all of the people on this site that care. When I can communicate with people like yourself that get it I don’t feel good quite so isolated.


  2. It’s really important to know who you are voting for these days. Don’t be duped with all the promises they make just prior to an election. Some, not all elected officials make promises to take care of Veterans, widows and orphans, but after they get to Washington they are drawn in to establishment politicians way of thinking and that’s when things get stalled.

  3. The fight for my husband will never end even when he passes and he has just started Hospice at homep today. I will never quit.

    BTW. Has anyone noticed that the flaming star on the GOP and most recently the Dem. Logo has Ben turned upside down. I know only two things this could represent, the Masons and Baphomet (the devil)

    1. Where can we find the logo showing Ben upside down.the news media should be they can show Americans what our government really thinks about veterans justice.

      If that’s true.Ben will go down on one of few that actually cares. If they are attacking Ben.they are attacking all of us.

      Law suit

    2. Suzan,
      Here is a link that shows what you are talking about and even a little more disturbing is it shows a Hillary Clinton rally and a Jeb Bush rally in which the start on the American Flag are upside down.


      remove the ” ”

      I never noticed this before and I wonder how many times this has happened. I know I see the Flag but I do not look at it close enough to see something like that. Weird.

  4. >I came back from vacation severely remorseful that we as veterans can expect no justice from the system for the VA wait list.

    me too. it’s gotten this bad and it is bad, make no mistake.

    >>Apparently, our only avenue is to publicly humiliate wrongdoers by at least outing them to the press for their misdeeds.

    we’ve already done that, you, the media, others,… its something i agree with, but nothing has changed. the dictator in office must have some really powerful handlers across the globe to instill such fear into our fed gov that no one can do anything legally about any of it. bought and owned and corrupt most of them. we don’t stand a chance doing things their way.

    i suppose next on their agenda is to put into law disabled veterans can’t defend themselves, verbally or otherwise. not so far-fetched.

    >While there may exist no accountability in the courts, at least each wrongdoer’s neighbors will know their face and what they did if the press writes about it.

    many neighbors are in these so called unions, and far-left-ideologies, etc., they could care less. let us shame them anyways. about the only tool left for us veterans.

    >Sometimes I wonder if it is time to call in UN Peacekeepers into the halls of Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals to protect us from this rogue agency?

    i know you must be joking, the un peacekeepers would turn on us and protect the VA thugs. you see who those so called peacekeepers take orders from don’t you?

    more power to the unions, feds, thugs, inner-city warlords, etc., and less and less rights to the citizen/veteran. another crap year with this political regime.

  5. Vets can expect to continue to be treated less than dogs. The animals being fought for by PETA stand a better chance than we do. I been through the changes with DOJ who sent my complaint and proof of legal rights being thrown to the four winds,ththey sent the documents to Shisesnki who sent the documents back to the director who was violating rights who in turn wrote me sarcastically that the problem he and the others would be taken care of.They still are taking care of the problem victimizing other vets. We need to organize like these unions get rid of all the no action politicians and put people in office who look out for us or hit the door with the rest. Who lobby for us but they will lobby for a bomb to go in your bathroom window kill the occupant in the bathroom and leave everything else intact the cost could pay for all 3M of us a pension

    1. What you are saying about complaints being refered right back to the people.whom you are complaining about to answer is right.

      They are letting the law breakers answer their own inquiries. I’ve been saying it the old saying.the Fox watching the hen house and killing us off one by one.

      We know the employees will never tell the truth that they are hurting veterans.all their doing is deceiving everyone and those whom we write to.just don’t care and never makes a formal investigation.

      Senator’s office and DAV would make inquires and that’s all.what ever the VA writes back is good enough.even when they never address the problem. All that does is put a bulls eye on the veteran for retaliation.

      Even Bob McDonald’s office does not do investigations.his office told me twice that the employee who accused me of disruptive longer works for the VA.

      His office was lied to and or McDonald’s office.lied to me twice.

      When I told his office that the employee does still work for the VA.McDonald’s office stoped contact with me. Why

      Because they know they did not investigate the matter and the cover up continues and I still am being threatened with arrest.federal charges.jail time and banishment from all VA care.

      The disruptive committee needs to be they don’t even know what disruptive behavior consists of and VA employees can actually punished veterans and never required to provide proof of the disruptive behavior at all and the veteran pays the price.

  6. Nothing will ever happen. I am throwing in the towel. It doesn’t matter how much we call, write or attend town halls. It will never change. It sucks , but that’s the way it is.

    1. I feel your pain however, ‘apathy’ has never won one for any underdog and we are the underdogs here. I think the VA would give an evil Grinch type of grin at the thought of even -1- Vet throwing in the towel.

      Perhaps it would help if Veterans nationwide were to land upon the various VSO offices and bring attention to their lackadaisical involvement in helping Vets against the VA and being in collusion with the VA in obstructionist behavior???

      Those various VSO Groups are just as “guilty” as those on Veteran Committees that allow all these thugs to remain thugs at the VHA without accountability.

      I cannot see where any VSO is sticking their necks out there or rocking the VA’s boat in any way…it’s all about greed. Well, that greed has become a festering infection in Veteran’s Asses long enough. It’s killing us…literally.

      1. I think it would be quite a shock to some VSO’s if veterans mounted a public campaign of sending in their life membership cards resigning their membership and demanding a refund.
        Imagine hundreds of vets sending their cards to someone like Ben, and Ben doing a TV interview showing the hundreds of cards collected for that month, and announcing he is sending them back to the DAV or VFW or Legion. I know of 2 I could send him. Both cards have only been out of my wallet only a couple times in over 20 years, and only then because I was changing wallets.
        Both have not provided me any benefit during that period. In fact, the DAV actively argued against my and other Gulf War veterans health interests in 1997, and have been going downhill since.

  7. Well, I’m dismayed by all of this. What’s it going to take to get their attention that something needs to be done about veterans getting harmed. If DOJ won’t intervene in these cases, then I see the handwriting on the wall already. Veterans won’t ever get any justice. Maybe veterans need to get united and start demonstrations in front of the politicians offices or something? But then, I remember reading about what happened to the World War One bonus marchers when General’s Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton, unleashed troops and tanks on the bonus marchers. Maybe we should start a campaign of convincing young people to quit joining the military. Maybe then the politicians will be forced into bringing back the draft again and we can all sit back and watch the fun really begin when that happens!

    1. Seeing how Congress effectively made themselves *exempt entirely* from being required to USE the ACA or Obamacare, IF and WHEN there’s a new DRAFT, I fully expect those self-absorbed bastards to make their entire bloodlines exempt from ANY military draft as well. Wait for it.
      Oh, here’s something to ponder: Since the landmark Supreme Ct. Case, “Citizen’s United” which declared the legality that ALL corporations have **citizen status**, so how does this play out with a new Military Draft? Will these same pukes that effortlessly send billion$ to C-Street give their spawn *special exemptions* according to how much $$$$ is funneled into the Corruption Machine?
      It happened before. Many times.
      “Money is truly the root of all evil”–(whomever coined that was probably dead right)

      With Saudi-Arabia now at serious conflict with Iran, we all better buckle-up for a really rough ride because the evil carnival ride has only just begun. I actually think today’s major China upset of the Dow Jones was simply a “disruption test”. I no longer believe in coincidences. Russia and China will support Iran. China owns most of USA’s real estate and financial bonds now…do the math.

  8. Thank you for your feedback about VOC Rehab I had to contact my congress representative to get results , I am being put back through the program after a year. the information I was given by the VOC Rehab representatives was false. I really appreciate your voice. I too am a disabled Veteran.

  9. The “FIX” is in! The injustice to veterans is incomprehensible. It is hard to believe anything the VA says..

  10. Dear Mr.Krause:

    Our only hope,as I see it is Divine Intervention, that is all I am able to suggest, believe me that is all that has ever helped me: it will not hurt to try all we can lose is 45 minutes a day and that will not compare to what we will gain.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

    1. Frank.I think our God is in the process of fixing the world.

      With everything that’s going on in the world and the way man has treated his fellow man and it’s earth.

      Something is happening right now.but people gave become so involved I’m themselves that they just can’t see it coming.

      God has to be in our minds 24 7 and we have no say so about what happening all around the world.

      The devil is loose and has infected so many of the living.that I believe our Lord has seen enough and will take matters into his own hands.

      All we can say is Lord have mercy on us.

  11. What about when the va almost kills you missed diagnosis. The oig investigation is full of shit. The head Doctor and For other Doctors at the va hospital said to sue they all said we harmed you and please file a tort claim got a lawyer and did Just what they said to do its been over 7 months what the hell is wrong with them

    1. Bet you dollars to donuts.they send you a denial letter.

      That’s their MO.unless you have an attorney and good luck finding anyone who is willing to defend us.

      1. Roger that, Filing a suit or Bringing the Govt into court will put some young lawyer back on the breadline or selling used cars. That`s just on T.V. No one will ever call you back in the real world. Like Brother Frank P said, God has gotten me out of some pretty bad situations. Over & over again so I try not to ask anything of him for myself, But I (can) pray for you all. Grunts have always been on the hind tit (when/if there`s room). Billions sent around the world in Aid & veterans begging for help. and/or paying for Service Connected disability Healthcare. I just don`t get that. Maybe I`m slow. As for God, Maybe he`s saved a place for veterans in Heaven. I hope so.

  12. they do their back door deals for personal gain

    they never expected to find just justice

    they only want to expand their power over us

  13. The DOJ did nothing when my husband was forced to leave his job in 2004 when he was reprimanded and punished for “putting his second job as a military reservist” ahead of his “real job” as a small town cop. (Six months later he was sent to Iraq – as the spouse, I am really glad he put his “second job” training as a priority for that little trip to the middle east.) The DOJ said there was no recourse under any federal law since he was compelled to leave on his own before he was actually fired. (USERRA…. ????) Nice job of protecting our military – and apparently they consistently apply that lack of support to veteran status, too. The solution – my husband ran for village president when his deployment ended…. started an investigation on the police chief in an unrelated situation… and the chief was ultimately fired. There is recourse – keep plugging away at it. Americans need to realize that this is a tax payer issue – inappropriate use of THEIR dollars …. not just a “veteran’s issue” that they can turn away from. People get it when it’s their money – so we need to keep reminding them why it matters to them.

    1. @Carrie
      Believe it or not, that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to do on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.
      Problem is, a majority of civilians out don’t give a rat’s behind about what’s happening with their money.

      1. It’s more than that. As a technologist I can tell you with certainty that VA (perhaps FedGov as well) is using a technique called Search Engine Optimization, essentially paying a 3rd party contractor who maintains an extensive network of fake websites, to poison Google and other major search engines to supress Twitter, Facebook, and other social media search results to keep issues like mine from going viral.

        Search for terms related to this video:

        Or this article:

        See how many bogus results come back with he link embedded into the code for ED medication, MP3 downloads, etc?

        Giant red flag SEO is being used to supress public awareness of stories like mine.

        This is a violation of the 1st amendment rights of veterans at a scale that will make your nose bleed.

        Please pass this along.

  14. Only one thing will work a mass demonstration on Washington and all state capitals. Or they will never do anything about the veterans plight

    1. I took one abusive VHA clinic manager to Civil Court, which issued a Restraining Order To Prevent Further Abuse (statutes name). The DOJ defended the VHA employee who was named the “molester” by the Circuit Court Judges who issued the Restraining Order that simply prevented the manager from telephoning me at home personally.

      The DOJ had time to defend against his misdeeds and got the RO dismissed, but since the VHA employee showed up with copies of my medical record to support his reasons for calling me (against several federal statutes), he took a permanent vacation from federal service.

      But it took considerable effort on my part and resulted, according to VHA’s letter to me, in a Category One Violent and Disruptive Patient Record Flag. They cited the Restraining Order as the reason for the flag in their letter to me.

      The point of the tale is this; there are other avenues of reproach to an abusive VHA system. But they can and will retaliate. Without ANY doubt, the Cat One PRF system is corrupt beyond even the OIG’s own estimation about the vets who have been illegally damaged by the misuse of this system. I lost all access to care overnight, including suicide prevention group I had attended for seven months. They even wrote that all visits to any emergency room would be at my expense (I am 100% SC). So yep, they do bare their fangs and they did terminate life saving drugs for me, and I DO have multiple injuries that resulted.

      However, I did take them to court, and got them restrained. It peed on their corn flakes something furious and I am now labelled in my record because of a Restraining Order issued against them – But I did win one for the good guys.

  15. Out them to the press? That would be an awesome idea, if we know the names of those targeted for investigation by the worthless DOJ.
    3 of those targeted per week could be highlighted. Who they are, where they work, how many veterans were affected, how many may have died or suffered because of the wait, and finishing with the DOJ refusing to investigate in the face of all the evidence gathered. Perhaps the steady, weekly drip of 3 per week would finally get Congress’ attention.
    The House and Senate VA committees should be screaming about this, but not a peep from either of them. Regardless of whether the DOJ will investigate, those committees should be holding continuous hearings on what the VA is doing to administratively punish those who committed this fraud, and what steps the VA is doing to fix this mess since many reports are that it’s on going. I am just shocked at how absolutely eFing worthless those committees are.
    Why are we hearing this from the Judicial committee rather than anything from the VA committees?
    What are they going to do other than issue a strongly worded letter?
    There will be NO fix for any of the thorough corruption and other problems at the VA until a fire is lit under the asses of Miller and Isakson and they start doing their damn jobs.

    1. I think someone will need to wake-up Isakson, as he seems to have been asleep at the wheel for a while and Miller seems to have his “eyes wide shut” in collusion with the VA, I am almost certain these Committees *have to* know what’s going on…is it as bleak as ‘they simply do not care’?

      I am all for flooding the media in all 50 states, major cable news networks, et al, even BBC…expose this crap and corruption. Public shaming….bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I believe veterans problems with politicians are that we are in a Catch 22. With a Democrat in the WH, no Democrat will hammer the VA like they would if a Republican were in the WH, and they would only do it then because they would score political points from doing it. Republicans don’t care because veterans health care costs money they want to use elsewhere.
        If you have followed politics for any length of time, you can see this in action by seeing whose Ox is getting gored. If a Democrat is in the WH, blame the agency while Republicans blame the WH. If a Republican is in the WH, blame the WH, while the Republicans blame the agency.
        Neither will ever point fingers at where the true problem lies, which is Congress, and the lack of political will to do the right thing, fix the agency properly, and fund it properly if needed.
        It used to be that once veterans got loud enough, there would be one or two politicians that would do the right thing and pass legislation to fix the problem. Other politicians might whine about the cost or the legislation not going far enough or going too far, but they would generally get on board because they didn’t want to be seen as voting against veterans.
        That is not so true anymore, and the veteran service organizations share a big part of this blame because they have squandered their power and ignored their members voices.

      2. Simply of brothers seems to only happen in the movies.

        Some people took over a federal building to try and save our constitutional rights.hope our government does not kill them or put them in jail.

        All Americans should be doing this and soon.

      3. nam,
        I think we should plan a 50 state march, protest, shaming, whatever you want to call it. I think that it would make a better statement if every veteran that can make it to their state Capitol on a certain day at a certain time would show a much better force. If we all could get a time that worked from one end of this country to the other (say 2pm on the East would be 11am on the West). This would be covered by every state news agency and this way almost everyone who watches any news would see what we are dealing with.
        This would make it easier for those who could not make the trip to DC and thus would create a much larger force of veterans’. I am sure that those who wanted to go to their state rally could find others who would be happy to help get them there. Make the march when those who are in office(s) are actually in their office (or should be) and then the media can hopefully contact them for their response.
        Instead of a lesser amount in one place, we would have a huge amount from sea to shining sea. All at once, all in unison, all as one. Maybe it would be so big that something would have to be done.
        We cannot continue to stand by anymore with this latest blog by Ben. It appears we are going to be the ones who will have to advocate for ourselves, no one else is going to help us.
        We could have proof of what is going on and pass it around to everyone. Between most of us on here we could come up with binders of things to show. Proof of what our govt. is doing to us and proof that they do not care.
        That is my suggestion.

        On another note, I see my fifth PCP tomorrow. I wonder how it will go? I know I am wasting my time with this as nothing will change. It is actually getting worse.

      4. We have to do something. The stage capitals would be fine.but our senators and congressmen are all located in Washington who’s going to speak for them their aids.

        It’s still a very good idea because they would see veterans mean what they say and need action not just words.

        But we need someone like Ben to run the show.veterans like me with tbi can only do so much.without screwing it up.

        I know if Ben would ask for help doing certain things veterans would help.making phone calls.making signs and whatever needs done.

      5. I also see my 5th PCP tomorrow, 3 of whom I never saw, but was assigned before they resigned or retired.
        Given how a previous PCP falsified my paperwork, I will certainly be getting a copy of her notes immediately after.

  16. This really sucks!

    Obama’s DOJ could care less about Vets. Loretta Lynch and the DOJ however, are VERY BUSY doing whatever Obama and Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter WANT…and I found out something pretty interesting this weekend about that group…Black Lives Matter has *major support* from Black Panthers and The Revolutionary Communist Party…it’s found on the website on their “pro posters”. Not only that, BLM is NOW also speaking-out for ***Muslim Rights*** and Black Lives Matter has not the IQ to realize the very terrorists are hijacking their bowel movement on society…and our DOJ and POTUS okay it. NOW the terror networks are REALLY using news footages of Presidential Election news bytes to RECRUIT home grown terror FROM the Black Lives Matter….give them time and they will start using the VA Problems as a way to try to “demoralize the troops”…kind of very much like how the Viet Cong operated with their propaganda…wait for it. Obama is enabling the enemy an easy path to destroying the USA.

    Revcom DOT us, bills itself as “the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. You will see “RevcomDOTus” printed on Black Lives Matter pro printed protest materials. Our POTUS is supporting the unraveling of our right to peace and the very Constitution.

    So…the DOJ is **supporting** American Communists, Dissenters and violent protestors against our gov’t., even allowed and “given room to destroy”, they even are going Muslim Refugee Rights now….BUT HELL NO to Veterans being KILLED by the VA’s laziness and ineptitude through manipulating WAIT TIMES causing Veteran Deaths….but…VETERAN LIVES MUST NOT MATTER MR. PRESIDENT…RIGHT???
    THEN GO FIGHT YOUR OWN GD WARS WITH YOUR OWN PRIVILIDGED OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! War is NOT a reality show!!!!

    VETERAN LIVES MATTER…YOU basTURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Here is but one of MANY news articles on how our DOJ and POTUS is supporting both Soros’s Black Lives Matter and American Communist…there’s so much out there but this from October, 2015 is pretty revealing:
      “https://www.independentsentinel DOT COM/tragic-blacklivesmatter-communist-revolutionaries-march-in-nyc/”

    2. @namnibor
      I’ve read and seen articles (videos) where many “appointed” persons by Obama have links, or have adopted Islam as their faith, to Muslim radical groups.
      Lynch is a Muslim.
      There’s also reports coming out where many in government are linking themselves to Hammas, Hezbollah, ISIS (indirectly) and other terrorist groups as well.
      There’s also reports coming out, over the web, (Facebook, Utube and more), where Generals & Admirals (both Active Duty and Retired) are speaking out AGAINST this administration. Especially when it comes to terrorism within and without the USA.

      Today, 4 Jan., a family, the Hammonds, in Oregon (father and son) must report to prison for five years. Reason: “they refused to sell their cattle ranch to the government.” Fox 35 news last night. Others in that region have also lost their homes and ranches for the same reason. Right now, “Armed Militia (approx. 150 and growing) have taken over a federal building, in protest over what happened to the Hammonds. No one knows how this will end?!
      namnibor, they weren’t the only ones. In Nevada a family lost their ranch also.

      This push to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights is becoming clear. Disarm the populous. Just like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and more did. Do I have to spell it out?

      What’s happening to us veterans is egregious. What’s happening to America is worse. Our “Forefathers” drafted those documents for a reason. Today, our government has divided us. It started back in the 70’s full swing.
      People today believe too much B.S. coming out of our representatives. They aren’t doing anything but lining their own pockets with taxpayers monies.

      That’s my opinion damnit!

      1. What happened in Nevada was a dispute over grazing and water rights…mainly grazing after long term grazing leases were changed arbitrarily by the Bureau of Land Management. What is happening in Oregon with the ranchers are blatant attempts to force them off their private land, as BLM and Game and Fish did to other ranchers there going back years. Water rights out here in the west are very valuable, and have been adjudicated in the courts going back to the early 1900s. I can trace mine back at least that far. Not having water makes land out here useless. The rancher in Oregon had his rightful claim to water fenced off by the government trying to take his land. They then trumped up arson charges for which the ranchers served time. Since that did not force them off the land, prosecutors appealed the sentence, and the two ranchers are being sent back to prison today. Having outside militia may inflame the problems, or it may bring to light the shocking abuse of federal power. Very good reporting on this is at theconservativetreehouse for com.
        After reading the article there, I don’t think we as veterans have much of a chance at reforming the VA.

      2. @91 Veteran
        Are you aware there are LARGE deposites of natural gas, uranium and other natural resources on, and adjacent to, the Hammond Ranch? As was stated on a “Geological Survey” from the 1980’s I believe.
        Another family is losing their ranch in Oregon over “water rights”, because the feds want to build a bigger dam.
        At least these stories are coming out. Where veterans stories gets buried.

        Reminds me of what happened to my grandfather in Cuyahoga County, Ohio back during the Great Depression.
        He lost his farm over $32 back taxes.
        There’s much more to this story. He should have been given an opportunity to pay, but wasn’t. The CCC wanted the land. The feds shot him dead because he refuse to leave.

        There seems to be more stories coming out about this, and other families, nationwide.

      3. I saw your comment about the minerals but haven’t read any news reports on it. I would not be surprised at all.
        There were reports of similar tactics used by the feds against a mine up there, and similar tactics against a mine near Area 51.
        This topic concerns me greatly because my property borders BLM land, and I was blatantly threatened once by a BLM hack on using condemnation procedures to take some land from me. She initially claimed they had a right to access a private road going across my property to access that BLM land, and when I said I just bought the property and there was no easement for anyone to be on that road, she threatened they would go to court, condemn it and just take it. I said go ahead, and I would dig a ditch across my property blocking access to it.
        Game and Fish wanted to pay for an easement and I told them No without even hearing what they would pay because I was tired of fixing torn up fences and picking up trash left by hunters.
        I despise the BLM because they are nothing but thugs with unlimited taxpayer money.

  17. Just have to say it was to be expected.

    A couple of great articles posted by Dr. Merl Nass on her Anthrax Vaccine Blog about what is also currently going on in government regarding Inspector General are well worth reading.

    One she published on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 “Editorial: Federal corruption watchdogs are being denied access to necessary information/ LA Times”.

    The other she posted Sunday, November 29, 2015 “Obama’s Stake in the Heart to the Inspector General system at 70 federal agencies: “No records for you!” ,”

  18. So it is time to start ringing the phones. This is a very sad day in America, when Veterans cannot get justice from the DOJ! Am I missing something here or does it seem that this agency can do no wrong while always seems to be doing wrong? Or are we on this site the only people who can grasp what’s happening. The thugs and criminals keep getting get out of jail free cards. But wait…they do not get to go to jail.

  19. A recall petition sounds like an order of business. The “People” have to petition the executive branch, because the legislative branch is a waste of time. A “panty” waste to be exact

    1. @CorpmanUp
      I saw an article where the constituents in Ryan’s district (a very large %) want him gone. They are wanting him gone completely. That means get out of politics completely. They are pissed at him. And rightfully so.

      1. I really do not think petitioning the Executive Branch will prove helpful when Obama has effectively blurred the lines between Legislative and Executive Branches.
        I never liked Paul Ryan for a number of years. Remember, it was Ryan and that crazy female ex-Congresswoman from Minnesota that only a few years ago tried to reduce Veteran Compensation Benefits.

        Never trusted Ryan then and now as Speaker, and how he seemed to provide absolutely NO opposition to Obama’s Budget was really telling of what’s more to come.

        POTUS is going rogue on ‘gun control’, yet will not acknowledge the very “war zones” within major cities where the homicide rates are high because of thugs killing other thugs in all the gang violence or the violent home invasions by same.

        DOJ and USA Government place their claimed imminent domain over rancher’s lands they want over the VA killing Veterans. Why do they REALLY want those lands?
        FYI–I also learned this weekend that much more is going on and I think this recent ‘Budget’ reflects this with the HUGE DOD appropriations. I learned that some U.S. Bases that were decommissioned during the Clinton Administration are now having Billion$ poured back into some of them and activity again on these once closed down installations. One such example is Loring Air Force Base, Maine…the second largest USAF Strategic Air Command Base (one of the places I was stationed for shy of 5 years there alone).
        I mention this because something seems to be ramping-up and wonder why the government is so hell bent on illegally claiming these lands?

        How about arresting and send to prison all these Black Lives Matter folk that have damaged properties in their civil disobedience?? NO!!!!! But they will go after ranchers and treat them as criminals and enemies of USA and meanwhile BLM and DOJ is supporting American Communist Party…what’s freaking wrong with this picture?

      2. @namnibor
        One reason the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wants the Hammond Ranch and others, is over “natural gas deposits and other natural resources. Check it out. It’s on Utube. Many have gone there to defend them.
        This new jail term is concidered a “double jeopardy”, becaue they had already been sentenced and did jail time before. How’s that for being tried twice for the same alledged crime they did not commit!

      3. @crazyelf-
        There was a time back in late 70’s or early 80’s when the U.S. Gov’t. tried the same deal on one of the Lakota Nation Reservations. The U.S. Gov’t. sold that “piece of crap land” for ONE DOLLAR one hundred year lease prior…and since then, the U.S. Gov’t. learned that the very land was so uranium rich that the National Guard regularly would calibrate counters when doing exercises….but the U.S. Gov’t. wanted THAT land for the uranium and the Lakota Nation gave them all kinds of fuss and the Lakota Nation kept their “shitty land” after all was done with.

        I figured it had something to do with ‘mineral rights’…so they can go in and screw-up another pristine wilderness as they are effectively doing in N. Dakota/Canadian border. You should take a look at google maps that area and the HUGE LAKES in Canada that are SO polluted with oil spills you can see it clearly from the International Space Station.

        Greed seems to trump all. Greed chosen over justice for Vets.

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