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Dorn VA: Veteran Called Cocaine Addict, Refused Care By Mistake

One Navy veteran filed a lawsuit against the agency after Dorn VA refused to treat his stomach pain following a urinalysis mix-up leading denying the veteran healthcare.

That mix-up resulted in VA concluding a veteran’s stomach pain was from excessive cocaine use, and then discharging the veteran without treating his gull stones.

The veteran, Eric Walker, went to the emergency room at the Dorn VA Medical Center located in Columbia, SC, with severe abdominal pains. The facility asked the veteran to submit for a urinalysis, and after an hour, things went sideways. Dorn VA staff told Walker he flunked the standard drug test.

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Apparently, VA can refuse emergency care to individuals based on the cause of the injury in a manner no other emergency room could. Or, Dorn VA thought it could. Rather than treat the veteran’s pain, they discharged him and told him to cure his cocaine addiction.

Instead of care, they discharged him and provided substance abuse pamphlets.

“Dorn Emergency Room personnel informed (Walker) that his stomach pains were a direct result of ingesting multiple illegal drugs, in particular, excessive cocaine,” according to a lawsuit that Walker has filed in U.S. District Court in Columbia.

Several days later, Walker grew sicker and was driven to Lexington Medical Center.

There, he was diagnosed with gull stones and disease of the gull bladder and pancreas.


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  1. I ate a gull bladder once. The gull was not happy. Then, I had to have my gall bladder removed too.

  2. 01/16/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Dorn VA Medical Center, Columbia, SC is a three [3 /they say 5] star hospital that was ran by Timothy McMurray until August of 2016, a two year term [4 years of Administration/before that he was a nurse].

    The veteran, Eric Walker [“Lt. Col, Squadron Executive Officer & Aircraft Commander. U.S. Marine Corps. October 1988 – May 2009 (20 years 8 months). KC-130 Assault Support Aircraft”], went to the emergency room [in May of 2015] at the Dorn VA Medical, Center located in Columbia, SC, under the old director, Timothy McMurray [March 19 2017, Director Omura entered into the picture] and received no care to his illness.

    So what did Director McMurray really do? And his Staff?

    This was one year into the scandal?

    The Director was finally let go 15 months later; totaling a 4 year run as a VA Administrator.

    Now we hear about this case in January of 2018; 32 months later.

    91vet had it right—“Well, your urine test shows positive for coke, so here’s a pamphlet. Have a nice day!”


    Don Karg

  3. Will continue to read the comments but going about totally blind here till surgeries starting next week.

    To hear news like the article around here we have to run the bar scene, several churches, know hair dressers better, coffee shops, have family workers in the hospitals like I used to have, and heard much. Other than the things we know or hear of in the surrounding neighborhoods… nothing will be known about or reported in our commie news of facade and happy happy happy college town. Hemostats, sponges, etc., left in patients or staff and known well that spread disease and have unclean surgical procedures resulting in serious infections. Not here.

    Those clowns are worried about central bankers and keeping credit scores good instead of swarming the streets and towns halls over health care, suicides, threats, corruption, etc?

    Indiana is no ‘red state’ that some media head started with his crayons he had stuck up his butt to start the red-blue BS. They pass this crap more and we will have zero rights or free speech. Question a foreign MDs or VA staff…. discuss the reasons for corruption or censoring more…. do not pass go, say nothing… go to prison just like is happening in Canada and elsewhere. Idiot commies and globalist, trilaterialist pigs.

    Where are the vet groups, legions, other non-commies or non-globalist at to fight all this crap. But I think America is lost right along with truth, honesty, a decent government or political party, or sheep that care.

    See more of the connections in health care, universities, Eskenazi, and why some VA staff can threaten us with “hate speech” like if we leave or criticize the VA or not sign their new secretive contracts in a pain clinic…we won’t find health care again in Indiana. They are all connected in some manner, and all play their silly little retribution and retaliation games. Their threats are NOT empty and this is a small dot connecting to the rest, why.

    Censoring, fear of ‘hate speech’ may offend some in the “gay community,’ hospital staff not allowed to discuss matters, total complacency, uncaring attitudes, keeping issues “in-house,” stupid hospital admin, etc., led to this killer to run rampant as he did, and in the open until noticed and caught by family members then action began…not until. Special interest groups, scum like SEIU, AFGE, those ‘quota” fillers low IQ affirmative action types who don’t give a damn, etc., have no place in health care or power over others. I don’t care who it is, La Raza, Mossad, Azteca, NAACP, Marx-Fems, endless creeps who expect to be pacified even if it costs us our lives and quality of life.

    We don’t get reports about any negatives like hospital abuse, dirty doctors, or the myriad of other issues we face daily, but hear it happening around us in states that don’t censor as much.

    May be some older links but applicable.

    Now real news in Indiana allowed like the below once reported on.

    “U.S. faces 90,000 doctor shortage by 2025, medical school association warns” So bring in more visa staff and foreigners that we can’t check on with foreign records or claims. VA is full of them, and in town.

    Indiana’s severe shortages claimed that we hear little about.

    Took all the vision I have had for today and night. Good night.

  4. “VA CIO: Expect another 10 years of VistA in facilities during new EHR rollout”
    Billy Mitchell FedScoop Jan 16, 2018

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs’ chief information officer wants to temper the excitement and expectations about the VA’s move to acquire a modern, commercial off-the-shelf electronic health records system to replace its current, decades-old technology.

    The legacy EHR known as VistA won’t be disappearing any time soon, CIO Scott Blackburn said Tuesday at the AFCEA Health IT Day.

    As the VA rolls out its modernized Cerner-based EHR over the course of 10 years, the department will have to continue to support and invest in its plagued Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture, Blackburn said. The department announced its plan last June to buy a Cerner system based on its interoperability with the Defense Department’s own new Cerner-based system.

    With a primary focus on cultivating interoperability between its EHR and DOD’s, the VA announced late in 2017 that its rollout of the new EHR will follow the path of the system known as MHS GENSIS, which reached initial operating capacity at its first location in the Pacific Northwest region in February 2017. That means, Blackburn explained, that facilities at the other end of the country won’t receive the new EHR for quite a while. And those with the modern system will still need to support VistA to continue sharing veterans’ records across the country, he said.”

    Full Article at:


    In realistic terms it means that the new software is nothing but more of the traditional BS Money pit software that will never work. Just a great way to blow $100 Billion of Taxpayer money and make a few people very rich while screwing Veterans.

  5. “VA says it won’t study medical marijuana’s effect on veterans”
    by Katie Zezima Washington Post January 16

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs says it will not conduct research into whether medical marijuana could help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain, as veterans groups are pushing for the use of the drug as an alternative to opioids and anti-depressants.

    In a letter to U.S. Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said VA’s ability to research medical marijuana is hampered by the fact that the drug is illegal federally.”

    Full article at:

    1. From Stars and Stripes

      “Harsh response to Shulkin’s decision that VA won’t study medical marijuana for PTSD”

      By NIKKI WENTLING | Stars and Stripes | Published: January 16, 2018

      “WASHINGTON — Despite pleas from congressmen, veterans and the country’s largest veterans service organization asking for research into medical marijuana, the Department of Veterans Affairs won’t initiate a study into the drug’s effects on post-traumatic stress disorder, VA Secretary David Shulkin wrote in a letter to House Democrats.

      The letter, dated Dec. 21 and publicly released Tuesday, was written in response to a request in October from Democrats on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs for the VA to initiate research into the efficacy of medical cannabis. In their request, the Democrats cited the country’s opioid crisis and the growing demand from veterans and major service groups that want cannabis available as a treatment option for chronic pain and PTSD.”

      “The letter states that a VA review last year of existing research found a connection between marijuana use and increased odds of suicide, as well as increased evidence of mania and psychotic symptoms. It calls attention to the VA’s efforts to reduce opioid prescriptions, and the letter lists alternatives available to veterans through the VA, including yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy and tai chi.”


      Reponse Letter from Congress at:

      Shulkin’s Letter responding to Congress:

      Full article Stars & Stripes:


      Guess some how in Shulkin’s mind having the VA pay for trip down to the local Oriental Massage parlor for a rub and tug beats smoking a joint for PTSD.

      1. Typical. Claim they reviewed the existing medical research, knowing full well there would have been very little to no federal research the VA would look at, unless it supported their position. What research would VA look at other than other federal research? Which federal agency would have done that research? That leaves little private research, which may have been published in some journal, but little else.
        The concern for veterans by most of these politicians is such bullshit.

        Why the concern over this research, and little or no concern over the suicide rate?

        Why the concern over this research, when the VA conducts all kinds of shady or crazy research on vets?

        I get the sense many are concerned because getting a federal agency to research it would open the door wider to legalization. None of them give a shit about the so called opioid crisis. All they care about is taxing whatever product they can after its legalized.

        I heard a talk show this morning in which this opioid crisis was discussed. I was shocked they admitted many of the deaths now occurring from overdoses is actually from heroin and fentanyl…NOT diverted prescription drugs as it had been several years ago when this first started.

        I also suspect many politicians blocking any research are more concerned over Pig Pharma than they are veterans.

      2. @91Veteran – Absolutely right. Felt this way for many months now. PSA are still focusing on scripted meds. Not Heroin or Fentanyl. Hardly any mention of these drugs being smuggled into US. A total scam, with a sham. Fucking manipulating liars.

      3. ANutterVet, with the news reporting that so many deaths are from heroin and fentanyl, it makes me wonder why attention was diverted to prescriptions rather than the real source of the problem.
        Did someone block investigations like Obama did with Hezbollah running cocaine into the country? I doubt Hezbollah would have focused on only coke and not other drugs.

        Seems the Chinese are busy producing the fentanyl coming in.

        I also read about drug cartels laundering their money through South American gold being imported through Miami by the billions.

        Again, it makes me wonder why the focus was elsewhere.

      4. The existing medical research cannot be accurate. I am an expert at isolating Delta 9 THC. I now have nearly thirty videos online demonstrating precise temperatures, pressures, equipment detail, timings, solvent systems, chromatography data, as well as the first ever published boiling point pressure curve for Delta 9 THC. Additionally our government lists on their official site (similar to Pubchem) highly incompleted data on he compound. For instance the government lists the properties of THC and under “flamability” of that compound it is listed as “probably”. One online video lab I conducted with pure THC shows conclusively that ThC combusts and sustains combustion in the presence of a catalyst like stainless steel. The answer is not “probably” as the feds say. The answer is yes.

        HERE IS WHY the government studies CANNOT be accurate; I have posted conclusive video evidence in which I purified a sample to pure D9 THC which is the primary medicine in marijuanna. I have long known how fas tthe compound breaks down but my lab was set up to demonstrate it.

        The compound when pure is almost transparent but slightly pale yellow. When in the freezer at even -7C the pale yellow compound turns first purple, then rose color, then progresses to ruby red. The change is noticable because the compound starts out pure. Within two hours the pure compound has noticably begun to change colors. Within three days the compiund has changed from light pale yellow to ruby red. The THC loses four hydrogen atoms and degrades into a different compound, most likely one known as CBN. The ONLY way to halt this rapid degredation of the medicine is to hold it under deep vacuum. My online video documents this conclusively.

        What is my point? I think it should be obvious – according to the government THC “probably” combusts. It means they don’t know. They cannot possibly be in posession of the data I have presented online. This means that ANY study done that does not recognize and factor in the rapid changing of the compound from medicinal THC into the degredation products then it is IMPOSSIBLE to know for certain what dose the patients are getting.

        If the government stores teats the pot for potency then they only test it once. If the study proceeds over even the course of just days with that same sample then the potency numbers are meaningless from a study point of view. If the pot is stored over the course of months it would ONLY be a scientific wild ass guess just what compound and what potency the patient is geing given.

        The governments prohibition precludes most studies at university level because the hands of higher educated are shackled by a government they rely upon for money. This is why I elected to launch into the research I did. I am a patient and know with certainty what properly refined medicine can do. At very best the medicine any patient can get tests at 70% nominal although some do offer up to 85% but it is hella spendy. Imagine doing a test on apsirin that was only 70% pure and then deciding how well it works. I refine my own dispensary extracts to near 100% purity and know therefor what properly refined medicine is like.

        Every study done the government is extraordinarily dated material. Moreover, THC was listed and used prolifically in the books on pharmacopia in America for over 150 years until prohibition and was obviously used susccessfully. No mention is made of suicide risk or any other known risk. Reefer madness was a myth created out the minds of very twisted men. Government data involving marijuanna cannot possibly have factored in the information they know nothing about. Govenrment studies even if done without agenda are worthless as data sets because they CANNOT logically say for certain precisely what the patient ingested. They can only say what it started out as and not what it degraded to before the patient gets it.

        Last point; Dr. Shulkin sir, you are a man of science. You are also from Oregon. Oregon was the first to decriminalize marijuanna. Oregon was the first to allow medicinal usage of the plant. Over these decades sir of now legal to obtian marijuanna and its products have you observed ANY statistical data out of Oregon that supports your claim that pot causes susicide? Don’t answer because it is a loaded question. We already know that if ANY intrinsic hazard lay in wait for the user that by now after decades in Oregon it would have presented itself.

        Dr. Shulkin why don’y you step up to the plate and become a doctor? Why don’t you decide to be the one that faces down these lunatics infected with Reefer Madness syndrome and start helping our godamn vets instead of just letting them suffer and die so that you can tote the party line? Step up and grow a pair Doctor Shulkin because with certainty you know absolutely that you are lieing for the man and laying down for the vets you serve.

      5. Very good points Dennis. It took me a while to understand where you were going, but I eventually understood.

        I never knew any potency would degrade so quickly over a short period of time.

        Its like giving cough syrup for a cold, and the cough syrup turns to water after 3 days.

        Am I surprised at government and sloppy research regarding medicine? Hell no. This is the same government that decided to make the anthrax vaccine mandatory for all in the military knowing full well how sloppy the vaccine production line was.

        A GAO investigation was conducted and a report released. I don’t recall how the report affected those deciding if the shot was still mandatory.

        Anyway, the GAO found the production line was so bad, they didn’t know how potent each dose was from dose to dose.

        They also found foreign material in the doses, including pieces of gasket from equipment on the line.

        It was only at that point that the FDA got off its ass and were forced to do their jobs.

        In lieu of the FDA pulling the license to produce the vaccine, the DOD stepped in and said the company would voluntarily shut down for 2 weeks to clean up their process.

        I haven’t heard much about it since.

      6. @91Veteran

        It is actually very beautiful in the first day or so in the freezer. The light purple color is enhanced by the fact that D9 THC is optically pure. It is like a gemstone visually and the few others that I have hosted and let stir the large dab after thaw become fascinated by it just like me. A camera cannot capture the effect. It is like a liquid gemstone optically and millions of facets appear and disapper as you stir but all the while you can see through it too. In that purple stage I personally find nearly 100% relief of some serious anxiety symptoms. When it is absolutely pure it can frankly make the anxiety briefly worse in me briefly too but the pain relief is tops at the pure stage.

        Just slightly purple which I guess is what a little red mixed with yellow makes doesn’t send me into the sub orbital dont give a shit about the pain high arena, but I find myself chuckling about things like pissing on the fire as a boyscout and learning why to NEVER stand downwind when doing it! No shit I will go all day just letting myself remember happy silly shit and being able to dismiss the intrusive memories. Those bad ones still present themselves uninvited but it seems the med aged a few days helps me deal with them like junk mail – take a look and toss it out.

        Plus as you most certainly noticed, my spelling and text errors are nearly zero since I started using THC for PTSD terapy.

        Today is a good day. Semper Fi.

      7. Good to hear Dennis. Thanks for taking the time to provide the detail you have in explanation.

        Have you found any way to preserve potency? Or preserve it at certain levels of potency?

        Would encapsulating it like a gel cap preserve it longer?

      8. Yes I have found a way to halt the degredation of D9 THC. Let me tell you it might seem a small discovery, but I don’t think so. Ecapsulation will not work. Airtight storage will not work. Freezing will not work.

        The “official” prescription THC is called Dronabil. They encapsulate the drug so to speak in sesame oil, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and other trace goodies to try to preserve the potency. However they still list degredation as I recall at 20% after 40 days. This is the capsule form and is not the natural THC isomer but it behaves the same mostly(?)(huge assumption on my part).

        Currently the only thing that works and which I have posted as a video is utter and complete removal of atmosphere exposure. I pull a deep vacuum and lock it in.

        Let me explain what I mean by deep vacuum and believe me when I tell you IT AINT EASY to figure out but once set up it is just the flip of a switch.

        Pressure can be expressed as “microns”. A perfect vacuum would be zero microns and not even outer space is a perfect vacuum. Zero microns is theoretical but not achievable in our physics. Standard room pressure is about 760,000 microns. That is the pressure you and I breath in and out at.

        It takes a special sensor known as a Pirani sensor to accurately measure things below about 1000 microns. My system incorporates such a sensor. The pressure reported by the sensor when my system engages is typically ¾ of one micron. This is also the reason I can refine the stuff to pure – at ¾ of a micron pressure the boiling temp is lowered to about 120 Celsius. At room pressure the actual boiling point is computed at WELL over 1000 Celsius.

        When I store THC at room temp but at a pressure of one micron or below all degredation seems to cease. This fact I just printed is largley unknown and I just posted the vid about it. I want to help people. If dispensaries are shown they can preserve medicine until purchased by investing in vacuum storage by my estimates based on the gram for gram value of THC the industry will save billions by reducing waste. Wouldn’t that be cool? The cost savings always trickles down and maybe vets will benefit.

        I hate everybody equally as a PTSD patient but I want to believe that my efforts will help the group I hate less – American Veterans. They gave me my freedom so that gives them a pass just a bit. Semper Fi

      9. Thanks for the explanation Dennis. I assumed vacuum was the key, but didn’t want to be wrong.

        You should patent the process.

      10. no patents for me. That would mean medicine would be more expensive. As far as I am concerned in a prosperous nation like ours medicine should be free. All medicine.

        But it won’t be. I however will not add to the problem for personal gain. By posting my videos publicly I intentionally released all ideas/information to the public domain. This will prevent others who follow from patenting too which is my intention. The cycle of hideously expensive medicine must be broken. Maybe this is a start. Paying a man to grow medicine is a good thing. Paying a man to tell you the secret to unlocking relief of human suffering is an evil thing. I am not a good man, but I am not evil either.

      11. Good points. I was thinking patenting the process would prevent Pig Pharma from doing so and charging $40000 per dose.

        Releasing into the public domain would do the same.

  6. PS- Since my comment is in “moderation,” I couldn’t my post. Should “please don’t me any slack.”

    @Ben Krause- I believe that you’re now allowing more times to edit. Thank you for making that change. If not, please reconsider. I know that you say that your busy, and I don’t doubt this, but please do me a favor, and check your inbox, and reply ASAP. Thank you.

    Per censorship, yes its true. I was censored for on a conservative site’s streaming program, for a post that included on one word; “yes.” Fucking censoring Fb. The commentator told me that others have complained as well. So it’s happening out there in the Net World. Another online-socio-engineering, because they need to monitor our speech, because they’re afraid of the truth getting out to the public, therefore the public believes what the read, and the game is over.

    Also, visited to play around and check a couple of searches out to see what came up. The following entries were inputted;

    Benjamin Krause – no hits

    “” – no hits

    Veterans Administration corruption – no hits

    Veterans Administration scandals – 1 (one) hit – Edward Hines Jr. VA Medical Center (Hospital) – Chicago, IL – Veterans not properly buried, bodies left in morgue, report currently not verified, ongoing.

    Interesting results. Hmm. Does that tell anyone anything?

  7. I can’t imagine being so arrogant that nobody thought, “gee, maybe we should verify what’s going on here.”

    This isn’t one incompetent lab clerk. Its multiple nitwits involved. Yes, the lab clerk initially screwed up, but who else was in that VA ER who refused to listen to this vet.

    “Well, your urine test shows positive for coke, so here’s a pamphlet. Have a nice day!”

    “Uh, gee doc. I think I understood through your thick Columbian accent that my urine test said it was positive for coke. I don’t do cocaine doctor, there must be a mistake.”

    “Here’s your pamphlet. Now you leave or we call security.”

    So far in the articles I have read on this, it suggests the veteran just left without saying anything, which I don’t believe.

    I think I would have said something along the lines of, “yeah, that is wrong doc. Since you insist on not providing care, I will be walking down the street to a real hospital and will get another test. I will also have them take a hair sample to be sent for testing since cocaine stays in hair longer than urine. Once the results come back, I will add them to the lawsuit I will be filing. Here’s your pamphlet. Cram it somewhere.”

    In any event, I would have recorded them telling me I could not get care because they claim I use cocaine.

    3 questions come to mind on this.

    1. How many cocaine abusing veterans do they see compared to veterans with other stomach problems that they immediately jump to cocaine abuse as a diagnosis?

    2. How many cocaine abusing veterans do they see to warrant printing a pamphlet to hand out to those they accuse of using cocaine?

    3. How many other veterans have been denied care because this lab cannot keep track of urine samples when testing them in a supposedly accredited lab?

    And a bonus…what if the vet was pissing cherry kool-aid in the cup? Would they have accused him of being diabetic?

    1. Gr8 points, 91Veteran.

      It begs to question how this would have played-out had this been a First Responder Vet that only used the VA but while working his/her skin came in contact with a miniscule amount of Fentanyl, enough to warrant an ER visit….would the VA had denied care or paying for ER care because they would now accuse this Vet as an addict, without even caring what the situational circumstances are?

      (That’s a very real world scenario playing-out with First Responders all across USA these days with current Heroin and Opiate Epidemic….but I guess the First Responder Vet would have more sense to NOT use the VA healthcare benefits and use the police union’s…smart)

  8. Shulkin had the opportunity to do the right thing, by signing a document expanding the list of presumptive diseases attributed to Agent Orange. A document that had been kicked around and differed for years by previous administrations, but may have recognized the deaths from bladder cancer, amongst other catastrophic diseases.
    It may have provided relief to the widows and other family members, that watched their Veteran loved ones die. Slowly.
    But no..of course. Couldn’t do the right thing for the elderly Vietnam Veterans. Nope.
    So it was turned over to the OMB. You know, the place that they buried the Lost Ark, effectively killing efforts to expand the list, forever.
    Many points….
    The Veterans and their families continue to suffer, but, most of all, illustrates the Presidents lack of care, regarding the need to effect change at the VA.
    Appoint the same ‘ll Beaurocrats held over from Obama, so that, they too, can take European vacations at our expense. Hope that they took pictures.
    Sorry Veterans, screw you, so that I can pretend to care. It will never change. Regardless of the blatant malpractice, indifference and neglect. One that we ” elected” has failed us. Die in peace, Warrior. Bless us all.

    1. Give veterans the choice to choose their providers – and I don’t mean providers that are granted contracts by corrupt government cronies. TAKE THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE PROCESS….PERIOD.

  9. Kinda hurts the overall credibility of the article when there’s “gull stones” referenced. But besides that “hair-splitter,” not surprised at all.

    One day I’ll share some stories about the Greater LA VA ER…Not the least of which was when a fire alarm went off (due to a REAL fire) and the ER staff was evacuated…while the patients were directed to remain in the (smoke-filled) waiting room. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

    1. @Tony
      With respect to perceived gramatical errors sir, would you like to know how many technical gramatical errors you made in your own post? If they exceed that of our host, does that make your own post more, or less credible? I do admire your info about the fire but respectfully the introductory sentence to any sort of written article indicates the overall intended message.

      The message I got was that you find fault with Ben Krause’s credibility and then you back out of the idea in the next sentence and very quickly switch the subject to a different topic. I do not believe you are a “plant” but if I were of a mind to undermine any article I would do it the way you did. I would question the credibility (planting the seed of doubt) then change the subject instantly to something other than the original posted topic so as to avert attention from the true subject at hand. Of course lending crditnility to yourself by self identifying as a VA employee with inside knowledge is just fine but it is hardly a badge of integrity that I would ever wear loz.

      Don’t take it personal because I am a certified nut job. It is just the way I see things and maybe pointing it out can bring you an insight. Take this post as a lighthearted jab but it is what my internal sensors say is detected.

      1. Dennis,
        I just received this article a few minutes ago, via email.
        A quote from the article; “The Real Reason AG Sessions Went After Pro Pot States. Hint: It Wasn’t Because of Legalization!”

        From; American Liberty Report”

        “Liberal States Show Us The Wrong Way To Legalize Pot!”

        I don’t know who wrote this, only it makes sense! After you’ve read it, what’s your take on it. The author uses the “passage of Prohibition” as his/her reasoning. It’s actually makes sense to me!


    2. …so if they don’t even have plans to evacuate patients in the ER when there is an Emergency like a fire, is anyone surprised no VA has a risk assessment or plans to protect their employees?

  10. I am shocked and surprised that this group has taken something SO fundamentally in stride as the truth when REALLY the question becomes this:

    VA and the lawsuit both claim that the urine tested for drugs was switched with that of another vet, right? Does it not occur to anyone that the sample was switched from what a VA employee provided with mandatory drug testing with the vets sample in order to obtain a clean sample for the VA guy? I mean we just take it on VA word that the cocaine laden sample was switched completely by accident AND that it must have been another vet who had his nose in the snow?

    Of course that would be an act of dishonesty so maybe I am going out on a limb here…

    1. Dennis,
      Your 100% correct! I thought the same way, only forgot to mention it!
      With ALL of the drugs going missing at many VHA’s near you, it’s an almost certainty to say an employee switched the samples!
      Well done, Dennis!

      1. CE, do you also spot the other GLARING ommision from this story?

        If the vet that was sick and whom they sent home after seeking treatment was sent home because it was dangerous to treat him with a tummy full of cocaine……. then what exactly happened to the vet that the urine DID come from? Hmmmm? He was after all seeking treatment too, right?

        They claim the sick vet could not be treated for what ailed him because of his cocaine addiction but logically then doesn’t that mean that they treated the actual cocaine addict for what was wrong with the first vet? Just ask yourself if the original patient actually tested positive for a disease detected in urine doesn’t that mean they treated the cocaine addict for that disease?

        Isn’t that a pretty fucking important item to just leave off? We know for certain that one vet nearly died because of this…. what did they treat the addict veteran for and did he live through it?

      2. That’s a damn good question, Dennis!
        Don’t forget the other vet had MORE than just cocaine in his stomach!

    2. You are right Dennis, but it doesn’t matter if they received such a lab report, they should have double checked and gotten another sample. It’s the SHITTY ATTITUDE, in the VA and among those medical providers who long ago lost their souls. Getting a job as a doctor in the VA should be an honor and only those with outstanding accreditation should be given those jobs which should be the highest paying jobs in the field. This balloon is going to burst and then the thieves and rats will be scurrying wanting protection but it will be too late. Step up to the bar and buy those drinks, Shulkin. get rid of the naysayers and bullshitters, (INCLUDING YOURSELF). Administrators should be doused with poop and hung for stinkiing, and those are lawyerly like terms, Yer Honor

    3. I was thinking earlier that the lab tech didn’t wash his hands after doing a little blow in the rest room, then didn’t put on gloves when testing the sample.

  11. Fuck these asshole rat bastards! I wonder how many illicit drugs the ER staff at Dorn are on at any given time at work or home?

    How about all those “missing/stolen” drugs at VA pharmacies by employees? Oh…must be a cuddly-wuddly AFGE Union benefit…but these fucks want to play judge & jury at the VA on our health?

    Pretty sure that’s what’s been labeled as…Health Death Panels. VA Deathcare.

    Fuck Off, VA~! Shut the VHA part completely down.

    1. namnibor,
      The whole damn thing needs to be shut down!
      In my opinion, the VA IS nothing more than a slush fund to enrich everyone in Washington D.C. and across the country!
      What the hell is happening with all that damn money VA receives is the question needing answered!

      1. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ARCHIVE THESE ARTICLES, Make sure you identify the persons who were ultimately responsible for these criminal acts, and the specific lil’ worms who were responsible for the acts. That is: A LIST OF WORMS NEEDS TO BE PUBLICIZED SO THAT ALL VETERANS AND EVERY CITIZEN KNOWS WHO THE CULPRITS ARE; When you are on a list, you will not sleep well at night. THESE WORMS SHOULD NOT BE SLEEPING WELL AT NIGHT AND SHOULD BE ALSO NOT RECEIVING $$$ MONEY FOR THEIR MISDEEDS. WAKE UP SHULKIN!!! get rid of COX

      2. Naming the perps in every article if known would certainly help when searching on their names.

  12. I believe Dennis discussed setting up Wikipedia pages concerning each VA scandal. Look forward to it. I might contribute pages as well and I know others will join. They can be linked together to form a dossier or a one stop shop of nasty VA misdeeds.

      1. Will research also I’ll look into setting up a memorial on the Internet where Veterans families can collectively tell the Veterans stories. Could be powerful stuff.

      2. Thanks Don.

        Just be sure the archive is just links to my site but not my entire article. If it’s the entire article, that could be part of why Google is de-indexing my site for keywords and would be copyright infringement.

      3. Gotcha…How about a link to your site with a list of articles to look for? I’m sure you have articles archived. How about a link to that?
        I’m interested in articles in which the VA in some way caused a Vets death…I’m thinking of doing a post on my site about it…

      4. Links to your site would be a mandatory requirement in a way because the articles must adhere to standards. One Wikipedia standard are that you must use links and references supporting the article you write. No unverifiable or unreferenced material will make it. They are on the lookout for folks wishing to use their service as a personal agenda and their editors will indeed change the text if they spot this.

        They would reject ANY copy and paste from your site and ANY kind of copy that is perceived as advertising potential but since you qualify as a “person of note” in these matters (as your bio points out), then links to this site would indeed speed the approval process and meet the community standards they describe. They instantly identify “agendas” so trying to form a coalition would also be fruitless. Wikipedia is very good at not being used as a political tool this way. As an author I could write a story about you as it pertains to your noteworthy achievements and because of your documentable history in news stories about VA then likely a seperate page would be created just for Ben Krause.

        Of course Dave Cox has his own Wikipedia page so maybe you wouldn’t enjoy being in that elite crowd…

  13. We need to come together and find a contractor, someone with property and build a huge memorial for those killed at VA!
    If there is a concerted effort by VA to scrub their deeds, this one way to fight back and at the same time, honor those who have perished at the hands of VA.
    This huge memorial would be able to project the latest instances of malpractice news, like Seymores postings.
    They wouldn’t be able to escape the news cycle on this one. It would be set up similarly to a place with donations and fundraising .
    Just a thought.

    1. I think a brick and mortar monument would work because of the ability to scrub the internet.

      1. “A Jumbo Screen Tower of VA Babel” (brink & mortar, VA contractors will give it the structural integrity like a drunken game of ‘Jinga’). 😀

        Speaking of which, notice in today’s Ben’s VA Bad VA Art’ the Dorn VA again, has the same architectural teams of state mental asylums? The VA’s interior decorator team must also work for the Adam’s Family?

  14. “Horror Show: The VA Hired Health Care Workers With Revoked Medical Licenses For Years ”
    Matt Vespa Dec 23, 2017

    “Well, there was more bad news for Veterans Affairs yesterday. Apparently, the VA had hired workers with expired medical licenses for the past 15 years.

    USA Today reported there was a crossing of the legislative wires in which a 2002 law gave local entities the ability to hire workers as long as they had a valid license in one state. Yet, a 1999 federal law prohibits any health care worker from working at a VA facility if his or her medical license had been revoked in any state.

    Of course, members of Congress are concerned, with one member saying that the VA appears to be a “dumping ground” for these sorts of individuals in the health care industry. The publication added 31 House members and 14 U.S. Senators have sent letters to VA Secretary David Shulkin expressing their concern.”

    1. Interesting. I think it might soon be quite embarrassing for an individual quoted in that article.

  15. “At Veterans Hospital in Oregon, a Push for Better Ratings Puts Patients at Risk, Doctors Say”
    By DAVE PHILIPPSJAN. 1, 2018

    “ROSEBURG, Ore. — An 81-year-old veteran hobbled into the emergency room at the rural Veterans Affairs hospital here in December, malnourished and dehydrated, his skin flecked with ulcers and his ribs broken from a fall at home.

    A doctor examining the veteran — a 20-year Air Force mechanic named Walter Savage who had been living alone — decided he was in no shape to care for himself and should be admitted to the hospital. A second doctor running the inpatient ward agreed.

    But the hospital administration said no.

    Though there were plenty of empty beds, records show that a nurse in charge of enforcing administration restrictions said Mr. Savage was not sick enough to qualify for admission to the hospital. He waited nine hours in the emergency room until, finally, he was sent home.

    “The doctors were mad; the nurses were mad,” said Mr. Savage’s son-in-law, Mark Ridimann. “And my dad, he was mad, too. He kept saying, ‘I’ve laid my life on the line, two years in Vietnam, and this is what I get?’”

    The denial appeared to be part of an attempt by members of the Roseburg Veterans Administration Medical Center to limit the number of patients it admitted to the hospital in an effort to lift its quality-of-care ratings.”

    Fewer patients meant fewer chances of bad outcomes and better scores for a ranking system that grades all veterans hospitals on a scale of one to five stars. In 2016, administrators began cherry-picking cases against the advice of doctors — turning away complicated patients and admitting only the lowest-risk ones in order to improve metrics, according to multiple interviews with doctors and nurses at the hospital and a review of documents.

    Those metrics helped determine both the Roseburg hospital’s rating and the leadership’s bonus checks. By denying veterans care, the ratings climbed rapidly from one star to two in 2016 and the director earned a bonus of $8,120.

    Current and former staff members say the practice may reach well beyond Roseburg. Recent government reports also challenge the reliability of the department’s metrics, casting doubt on a key tool that it says it relies on for reforming its beleaguered health care system.”

    Full article at:

    1. Why is this “Administrator” not sitting in a jail cell much less having no job??!
      Why isn’t he/she in a wheelchair pissing into a bag?? Tell me why, Shitty Shulkin?
      Why? shitty shulkin a shark with no teeth, a warrior with no weapon and a Secretary with no soul….NO MORE EXCUSES, MY FELLOW VETS; NO MORE!

    2. May reach beyond Roseburg? Is there any doubt? The wait time scandal certainly went beyond Phoenix. Why would this be any different?

  16. “VA Sued After Vet Died While Waiting for Heart Surgery”
    Fox News |8 Jan 2018

    “An Air Force veteran died while waiting for care at a Veteran Affairs medical facility in Washington state, a new lawsuit claims.

    George Walker, 75, of Tacoma, died in 2016 while on a surgical wait list for a new heart valve at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System, according to his widow’s lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Tacoma.

    “They never told us how serious it was,” Peggy Walker told the Tacoma News Tribune, referring to the VA health-care system. “If we didn’t think we were going to get the right care there, we would have gone somewhere else. He was just a happy man who didn’t know.”

    Her lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

    The VA Puget Sound issued a statement, saying that while it “does not typically comment on pending litigation, VA Puget Sound’s wait times at both our Seattle and Tacoma locations are better, on average, than local non-VA hospitals as we are continually striving to improve our service and efficiency,” the paper reported.

    That statement also said that it “mourns the loss of every veteran.”

    Walker’s obituary said he joined the Air Force and served for eight years in Korea and Vietnam. After his death, his wife learned he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal in 1967.

    In June, 2016, after complaining of shortness of breath, he went to a VA Puget Sound clinic and then to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, a hereditary narrowing of his aortic valve, the paper reported.

    He was discharged from the hospital after being put on a wait list to get a new one.

    He learned June 24 that his surgery would be July 5, the paper reported.

    He died July 1 at home.

    Full article at:

      Too much evil too long, way too long, Shulkin is a pussy and you need someone who isn’t a pussy. You need someone who strikes fear in the heart of VA employees and someone who can get get the Esprit in the hearts of VA employees. GET RID OF THE UNION , TELL COX TO TAKE A HIKE, THEY HAVE GONE FROM RIPE TO ROTTEN LONG, LONG AGO. I.G? ANOTHER LIL PUSSY.

      1. Shulkin isn’t a pussy. Believe it or not he’s cleaning house more than any other Sec ever! You just don’t read about, Not even here. Everyone points to The top when the fools making these ridiculously harmful mistakes lie wayyyy below the guy. He’s actually the best Sec in years who’s tried and done more than any other in history!
        Knowledge truly is a powerful thing isn’t it. However, the one thing it’s not, is reflected by all these chants to hang Shulkin when all some go by is what the read here. I wonder how many have truly met the man and spoke with him about his visions. I’m willing to bet 90% here have not, yet they regurgitate what others say to fit in with the crowd. Hell, I’ve read it on here about every single Sec VA has ever had! Who do you think should be holding this position then – You? C’mon, use your head. How the hell could it be Shulkins fault a scalpel was left inside a man when he was 300 miles away? The medical staff there on site should hang, Not the CO (Remember your military days when they charged the Pvt up to CG with negligence of some sort? You still see Gen Jim Mattis standing right? (Btw- he despises the name “Mad Dog”) How do I know you may ask? Because I personally know the man! And though I’m not buddies with Shulkin I do say he’s the best choice in years! Shinseki never left his office for fucks sake- and I know because I was there!!
        Btw- hasn’t anyone ever shared w you the lack of intelligence about those who use capital lettering in their correspondence? I assume not. But then again, what does ASSUME mean again? Lol. I always get a kick out of those who don’t know how to remove the Caps on button. Lmfao.
        (Oh lastly, though not a big Union guy myself, I do admit they’re not going away regardless of what anyone thinks!) Ok, stepping off the box here, gotta be careful not to ruin two good knee surgeries done at VA……….
        Oohrah !

      2. Gunny, can you explain how having a vision has helped any of the vets Ben has mentioned in his posts in just the last 3 months?

        How is it that having vision hasn’t translated into accurately knowing how much money they have for the Choice program?

        Having a vision is nice when its expressed in his staff conference room with slides full of statistics, but it doesn’t matter how great that vision is if it doesn’t translate into action leading to effective change.

        How has his vision stopped the fraud and corruption in his VISN and VAMC managers?

        You don’t offer any specifics, not even a hint of how Shulkins vision has made things so much better. I guess us unwashed rubes just can’t see the brilliance yet. I suspect if you offered specifics, you might find others offering explanations on why those changes were made that have nothing to do with vision.

        I had smoke blown up my ass by one of Trumps aides that was supposed to help fix the VA. I was told to wait. That change was coming. The longer I wait, the more stories I read about vets ending up dead from VA incompetence.

      3. Actually, No argument or disagreement with what you’ve said here at all man. It was very well said, and meant. Thank you sir.

      4. I appreciate the acknowledgement Gunny of what I was trying to say. My comment above may be harsh, but it gets old reading stories of veterans harmed by VA with no change THAT IS VISIBLE to us.

        Perhaps you can take that back to Shulkin. If he is showing change and success at reforming the VA, it must be visible to those using it.

      5. People who worship money says money first, BS walks, trust in God only not humans.

        Actions speak louder than words.

        Shit on top of the hill always runs down.

        There is no wisdom in getting kicked twice by the same mule.

        I hear of no change, seen no change, seen no actions, no inquires, just more corruption, cover-ups, buck passing, ignoring, BS drug laws being passed, etc.

        “Thousands of Poor Performers Are No Longer at VA, Shulkin Boasts
        “Scandal-plagued dept. has made progress ever since the deaths of hundreds of veterans awaiting care sparked a national outcry”

        by Brendan Kirby | Updated 17 Jan 2018 at 6:03 PM




        Call this rats ass office, like other offices/VA, and get info passed out to a lot of activist. Along with the …. “we need all your records and information to help you with the VA” Well duh, records or opening my files and life with no stopping dates or points, and passed all around the Demoncrat party, to Israel and beyond…. is rather stupid.

        “Those at the top” the VA admin, White House, DoD, HS, medical boards, scum like Donnelly, Pence, legal beagles, law enforcement, prosecutors, can all boast, and do much of, doing good for all vets and passing stupid laws, but seemingly refuse to jump in quickly when things are fresh to get some action…instead of a lot of words, assumptions, and allowing their staff or the VA to continue on with their crap. And all of them demanding we swallow all of their official assumptions, official narratives, studies, reports, claims, they throw at us.


        Partially he boasts:
        “$11 million in Federal Funding for Indiana to Address Opioid Epidemic: Through the 21st Century Cures Act— which I pushed to enact — I helped Indiana secure nearly $11 million in federal grant funding that will support opioid abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services across the state.
        VA Prescription Data Accountability Act : My bipartisan legislation with Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) to help the Department of Veterans Affairs more effectively identify and treat opioid abuse among veterans and their dependents was signed into law.
        Vietnam Veterans War Day : My bipartisan bill with Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) permanently designating March 29th as National Vietnam War Veterans Day became law. In March 2018, I will host an event in Indiana to honor Hoosier Vietnam veterans, many of whom did not receive the recognition they deserved when they came home following their service. ”

        All lip service, words, waste of time, with their phony ‘honor’ shows. But on TV they are all jumping for joy to report all the cuts in prescription pain meds at the VA and in civilian care. They throw a big party… live in pain idiots and endure the politics. Only the elite can get them today.

  17. Would be interesting to find out this and VA hospital mortality rates after ER admission and or visits vs private sector research or teaching hospitals. And you would have to make sure all VA ER visits are actually recorded.

  18. The Aurora Money pit!!!

    May be opening next Year now and it will need a lot more money due to the fact they will need to keep the current hospital open for the next Three Years while they work on staffing the Money pit until it is operational.

    “Report: Troubled Aurora VA hospital likely be understaffed”
    Associated Press, Associated Press Published 9:57 p.m. MT Jan. 13, 2018

    “The newspaper says that means the Veterans Administration plans to keep running an aging, overcrowded Denver facility that the Aurora hospital was meant to replace for at least three years.

    “Operating both (VA medical centers) will also generate excess security, logistics, facilities management, food service, and administrative staffing costs in the low tens of millions” of dollars, according to the document, drafted for the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.”

    Full Article:

    1. Additional reporting on the Money Pit that still isn’t filled.

      “Overdue and $1 billion over budget, Aurora VA hospital is still incomplete and will likely be understaffed, document says The $1.7 billion facility has a to-do list hundreds of items long, according to document obtained by The Denver Post”
      By Mark K. Matthews, The Denver Post, 01/15/2018

      “WASHINGTON — In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is expected to announce that it has all but completed construction of a new hospital in Aurora — a major milestone for a project that drew national outrage in 2015 when the agency admitted it was $1 billion over budget.

      But according to a congressional document obtained by The Denver Post, the Jan. 23 target will be little more than an illusion as the team building the $1.7 billion facility expects to spend several more months finishing hundreds of items on its to-do list.

      Even then, the project is unlikely to reach its full potential when it opens later this year.

      Officials at the VA are “pessimistic” about filling all the jobs at the new hospital in time for its planned summer opening, which “may reduce services initially offered,” according to the latest findings.

      Old hospital likely to stay open at least 3 years

      Also, because of the way the new hospital campus was built, there won’t be enough space for facilities such as a rehabilitation center for veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

      The shortcoming means it’s likely the VA will keep open for at least three years the Denver hospital that the Aurora campus is supposed to replace.

      The timeline could stretch even longer if Congress doesn’t approve the VA’s request to spend millions of additional dollars to construct another building at the new campus, although the whole situation is going to cost taxpayers either way — since keeping open the old facility is also expensive.

      “Operating both (VA medical centers) will also generate excess security, logistics, facilities management, food service, and administrative staffing costs in the low tens of millions” of dollars, according to a draft document prepared for the U.S. House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

      The new list of problems is sure to draw renewed attention to the project, which largely has gone unnoticed since 2015, when the VA revealed the project was $1 billion over budget and years behind schedule.”

      Full Article at:

      Well it is clear they are still going to keep milking taxpayers for every penny they can. Now it seems pretty clear they are shooting for $2 Billion over Budget.

      After all why not given no-one has ever been held accountable! Just promoted.

      1. No accountability. Nobody jailed. You think the IRS will accept my excuse that I just went over budget this year? That I need double any possible return because I want to continue spending like a drunken VA Tunabeast?

  19. Several important Facts as stated in the article and additional reporting by other reporters about what happened. Number one the Veteran needed emergency surgery when Dorn turned their backs on the Veteran. Also that Dorn is also being sued because someone at Dorn switched his Urine sample with that of another patient. Which almost cost this Veteran his life.

    From the article listed by Ben–
    “At home, Walker grew more ill. After several days, he was driven to Lexington Medical Center by a neighbor, said Walker’s attorney, Todd Lyle of Columbia.

    At Lexington Medical Center, Walker was “promptly diagnosed and rushed to emergency surgery for gall stones and disease of the gall bladder and pancreas,” Lyle said.”

    From Several additional articles published last weekend about the Veteran. That state that part of the lawsuit is because someone at the VA switched his urine sample with that of another patient.

    “Navy veteran sues SC hospital for cocaine misdiagnosis”
    Lexington Herald Leader, The Associated Press, January 13, 2018

    “COLUMBIA, S.C. — A U.S. Navy veteran is suing a hospital that he says misdiagnosed him as being a cocaine addict instead of suffering from gallbladder and pancreas disease.

    The State newspaper in Columbia reports Eric Walker has sued Dorn Veterans Hospital in Columbia for its treatment of him when he went to the emergency room in May 2015 with severe abdominal pain.

    The lawsuit filed in December says Walker’s urine sample was switched with that of another patient. It says Dorn discharged Walker and offered him pamphlets about treatment of substance abuse.”

    Full article at: “”

    “Navy Vet Told To Leave Hospital Over ‘Cocaine’ Actually Needed Emergency Surgery”
    Jonah Bennett Daily Caller News Foundation, 01/14/2018

    “Walker’s condition got worse and after a few days, his neighbor had to drive him to Lexington Medical Center, where his attorney Todd Lyle said Walker was “promptly diagnosed and rushed to emergency surgery for gall stones and disease of the gall bladder and pancreas.

    Walker recovered from the surgery, and now he’s seeking damages from the VA to recover costs from his treatment at Lexington and for pain and suffering. His lawsuit claims his urine was switched with someone else’s at the hospital, and was the reason for the cocaine abuse misdiagnosis.”

    Full article at:””

    1. Also a companion article on another Veterans Law suit that states “Late last week, a South Carolina Navy veteran sued the VA after he said a mix-up with a urine test led to his misdiagnosis as a cocaine addict.”

      That article is about a law suit for scalpel left in a Veteran during surgery. It has been confirmed it was the same scalpel used in a surgery the Veteran underwent at a VAMC in 2013.

      “VA hospital left scalpel in body of vet after surgery, lawsuit claims”
      By Stephen Sorace | Fox News 01/15/2018

      “An Army veteran from Connecticut claims in a lawsuit that a scalpel was left inside his body after a surgery four years ago at a VA hospital, reports on Monday said.

      Doctors discovered the instrument in Glenford Turner’s abdomen during a recent MRI, Glenford Turner’s lawyer said.

      The 61-year-old veteran has been complaining of long-term abdominal pain, his lawyer said.

      “The imaging study was abruptly halted when Mr. Turner began to experience severe, worsened abdominal pain,” John Faxon, the lawyer, said.

      Faxon said doctors confirmed it was the same scalpel used in a surgery Turner underwent at the hospital in 2013. He called it “an incomprehensible level of incompetence.”

      The surgeon “just sewed him up and moved on to his next victim,” Faxon said.

      Turner had an operation to remove the instrument in April 2017, the Hartford Courant reported. He filed a lawsuit last week against the Department of Veterans Affairs, seeking unspecified damages.”

      Full article at:
      Another article on the subject


      “Lawsuit Claims Surgeon At West Haven Veterans Affairs Hospital Left Scalpel In Patient”
      By Don Stacom, Hartford Current, 01/15/2018

      An Army veteran from Bridgeport says an MRI revealed that a surgeon left a scalpel in his abdomen four years earlier.

      Glenford Turner, 61, went to the West Haven Veterans Affairs Hospital with abdominal pain last March when the surprising discovery was made, according to his lawyer. Turner required surgery to remove the scalpel, and last week filed suit against the Department of Veterans Affairs.

      “X-rays revealed the presence of an abandoned scalpel inside Mr. Turner’s body. Doctors confirmed that is was the scalpel knife used during Turner’s radical prostatectomy — performed four years earlier at the West Haven VA,” attorney Joel Faxon of New Haven said in a statement Monday announcing the lawsuit.

      Administrators at VA Connecticut Healthcare’s West Haven campus could not be reached Monday, which was a federal holiday.

      In the lawsuit, Turner says he underwent a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy at the West Haven VA on Aug. 30, 2013. He returned to the VA hospital on March 29, 2017, for an MRI after complaining of dizziness and long-term abdominal pain, Faxon said.

      “The imaging study was abruptly halted when Mr. Turner began to experience severe, worsened abdominal pain,” and subsequent X-rays revealed the scalpel, Faxon said.

      The instrument was removed in an operation in April 2017.

      Faxon described the incident as “an incomprehensible level of incompetence.” The suit seeks unspecified compensatory damages, and claims Turner suffered pain, additional surgery, hospitalization, prolonged rehabilitation, medical expenses and lost work time.

      U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal called the allegations “egregious” and said he’s asking the VA for a detailed explanation of what happened.”

      Full article at:

      1. Additional Reporting on what the Veteran went through under VA Health Care.


        “Surgeon’s instrument sat inside patient 4 years, despite his pain complaints, lawsuit claims”
        By Jeremy C. Fox Globe Correspondent January 16, 2018

        “A Connecticut Army veteran alleges that a surgeon left a surgical instrument in his abdomen during a 2013 operation at a Veterans Administration hospital, and the object remained there for nearly four years, despite his complaints of pain, according to a federal lawsuit.

        Glenford Turner, 61, who spent at least 20 years in the Army before being honorably discharged, had his cancerous prostate removed in robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery at VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus, said his lawyer, Joel Faxon.

        The surgery took about five hours instead of the hour it should have taken, and afterward there was no X-ray performed to ensure that no surgical materials had been left behind — a standard measure after surgery, Faxon said in a phone interview Monday.

        The object, lying between Turner’s bladder and rectum, was not removed until April 2017, after Turner “experienced severe abdominal pain” during a March 2017 MRI, according to court documents. An X-ray taken in 2017 and included in the court filing shows what appears to be a scalpel.

        A Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman, Curt Cashour, said in an e-mail that the “VA does not typically comment on pending litigation.”

        Turner was traveling and unavailable for an interview on Monday, Faxon said. The attorney expressed shock at the case.

        “I don’t know how the man is still alive, frankly, because [the instrument] could have pierced the bowel, it could have pierced the intestines, it could have pierced the stomach,” Faxon said. “There are a lot of sensitive parts in the lower abdomen.”

        He said Turner was deeply upset after learning he had carried the instrument inside his body for years.
        “He’s apoplectic over the whole thing,” Faxon said. “He’s been going to the doctor for four years, and he’s been having this pain, and they’ve sort of blown him off.”

        So far, Turner has had no infections diagnosed and is “getting along OK,” Faxon said, but he is concerned there could be long-term damage.

        Faxon said that before pursuing the lawsuit, he and Turner had filed an administrative claim, as the law requires, and had expected a quick resolution.

        “I said this is the easiest case in the history of the world for the government to pay, because they know they screwed up,” he said.

        But the VA, according to Faxon, responded that it did not have enough personnel available to investigate Turner’s claim, which perplexed him.

        “You have an administration run by Donald J. Trump, who claims to be a friend of the veteran,” Faxon said. “And the veteran is then completely blown off by the government, forcing us to file this lawsuit and go through this process that’s completely unnecessary.””

        Full article at:

      2. Seymore,
        According to all accounts, veterans voted for President Trump in a “…2 to 1 ratio…”! IF President Trump doesn’t start paying attention and holding VA employees, from Shulkin on down, accountable, veterans may change their vote come 2020!
        Even though President Trump has kept most of his “promises”, the VA healthcare system is STILL rampant in corruption, waste, fraud and abuse!


      3. He has to fire Shulkin and Michael J. Missal before there can be any positive change at the VA.

      4. Seymore,
        There’s a lot of people in VA which needs FIRED! Starting with Shulkin and Missal!

      5. Unfortunately, neither will be fired as long as media pressure to do so if focussed on shitholes.

      6. The only problem with voting someone out is the choices you get, What if Killary went for a second try, Or o-pee Wind-Free she is in the same club as those Jokers I posted yesterday But has a lot of people fooled……I do not consent so I vote for no one, When was the last time anyone of those scumbags did what they promised on the campaign trail……Trump and the wall, Obummer and transparency, Theres plenty more but you get my Drift …LOL

      7. Severe pain during an MRI in March, and the VA gets around to finally pulling the knife out of this vet in April.

        As for that idiot Cashour….fire a few Interior Designers and hire some claims processors since you can’t hire competent surgeons.

      8. The VA will leave their cell phone, debit card and a full sandwich in you given the opportunity!

      9. Ding-Dong foil wrappers as well…some future fun for the VA Radiologists performing MRI’s. I can just envision these VA surgeons and medical assist. hacks munching on doritos or skittles while the Vet’s body lays open like a demented game of Milton Bradley’s ‘Operation’.

      10. Long term abdominal pain. How long did the VA ignore the guy reporting pain, or push pills at him for the pain?

        Do you have metal in your body? A question asked of anyone undergoing an MRI.

        “Well, gee doc…I did have surgery at a VA once, so who the hell knows.”

        Imagine lying on the table having a scalpel slowly pulled out of your body by an MRI machine.

        I do wonder though…how the hell did he convince the VA of doing an MRI without multiple rounds of xrays first?

        Did the VA do xrays at any point when he reported “long term abdominal pain?”

    2. Seymore,
      I do believe Columbia, S.C. is in Rep. Trey Gowdy’s district.
      My wife will be sending ALL of these reports off to everyone she has in her folder! As she has become MORE disparaged over the lack of coverage and transparency, as VA employees aren’t giving veterans proper medical care!
      Of course, this really needs more news coverage than what is currently being spread! As has been reported lately, “…sooner or later the MSM’s ARE going to have to start paying attention and reporting facts, NOT opinion…!”

      1. Crazy Elf, your wife could really help in verifying the credentials of VA doctors licenses, and how many malpractice suits they may have.

        I am going through Denver’s providers. I think there are 551. I found 1 provider with 16 claims against his malpractice carrier. He now works for the VA.

      2. 91Veteran,
        I just sent your comment off to her.
        It may take time, I believe she’s trying to make life hard for the reprobates in VA!

  20. Reminds me of the story of an elderly woman diagnosed with lithopedion, a condition as a result of a stomach pregnancy in which the fetus does not attach to the uterus and becomes calcified and could remain there for years.Detailed work ups are important, if VA calls itself training all American doctors. What a joke.
    This may explain the misdiagnosis , VA is accustomed to and this is the very reason why if your healthcare provider is 6 sandwiches ahead of schedule , it is not wise to take advice from someone with a silhouette of a birdbeast .
    Gall stones are very common with a lot of comorbid conditions that veterans suffer from. I hate the VA! My Corpsman training was more attention to detail than this fuckery!
    VA really needs to shut the fuck up with this level of malpractice!
    I guess if these so called providers are working in an environment where everybody’s stomach is sticking out, you are screwed as a patient if come into the VA , talking about your stomach bloated.

      It is one thing for a civilian medical facility to turn away a veteran, which is criminal.
      I am deeply disturbed by this event, as it reminds me of the time I came home from duty to find my father hugging his stomach in great pain. When I asked what was going on, (he had recently been recovering from stomach surgery), Mom and my sisters told me that they had told him that the pain was all in his mind. The next day I took my father into the emergency room where he had been operated on and told them in no uncertain terms, (I was in uniform for effect) to find out what the pain was from OR ELSE). Well, they opened my father’s stomach up and found a surgical towel they had left in after surgery,……BAD .ATTITUDE, NOT NEGLIGENCE.
      NOW, if these medical persons are not FIRED and prosecuted then you can kiss your ass good by as it relates to responsibility and any kind of integrity of the VA.
      ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME , SHULKIN??? You sit around on your ass and not take immediate action against these incompetent, slovenly, ARROGANT pieces of shit then the VA care game is OVER. Shulkin, you have already set the tone for an “I DON’T HAVE TO GIVE A SHIT” ATTITUDE IN THE VA BUT THIS WILL TAKE AWAY ANY FEAR OF REPERCUSSION OF BAD ACTS BY ANY VA EMPLOYEE.

      1. Reminds me of two recent news articles about VA incompetence.

        In this one, the VA left a scalpel in a vet for 4 years. 4 years of pain.


        This one, from September 2017 is of a vet in Colorado Springs. The VA did colon cancer surgery, then said he needed to start chemo right away. Denver was the only VA offering chemo. The vet opted for chemo through Choice. Chemo was ordered in September 2016 after his surgery. He finally was scheduled through Choice for it December 29, 2016. The first round didn’t work because of the delay, so they had to try something else not specified.

        Now, the article quotes Dr. Harold Dillon who is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff at Denver. Read the quotes from Dillon suggesting his cancer spread is not from a delay in chemo.

        Ask yourself, what the hell authority does a quack doctor licensed as an Opthamologist (eye doctor) have in giving a medical opinion on chemo and colon cancer?


        The smarmy bastard said the VA quality of care is above what is provided in the community.

        The staff listing for Denver VA has him listed as a surgeon.

    2. News for you. It is not just the VA. It is short cutting training and using unqualified personnel to do heavy work. Same happened to me with a neurological condition in a civilian hospital. The NP assumed the authority to overturn the Radiologist’s reading of an MRI.

      As a Corpsman, I never assumed authority to change an MD’s assessment and even thought it was unheard of for an MD to change another MD’s assessment without consulting the other MD. And to change the assessment of a specialist? To mix up urine samples? It is happening all the time in lower wage facilities that don’t get the best.

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