MLK Day Forum Of Hate

MLK Day – VA Still Silent On Victims Of Racist Forum Of Hate Veterans Law Judges

This Martin Luther King Day, it is important to note VA has not announced a fix for any veterans impacted by racist “Forum Of Hate” veterans law judges.

At a time when the mainstream media demands statements from wrongdoers in repentance of sex crimes, racism, etc, the media has been very light on addressing racism run amok at the Department of Veterans Affairs under former President Barack Obama.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that VA investigated rumors of a “Forum Of Hate” containing racist and bigoted slurs from veterans law judges and attorneys working at the Board of Veterans Affairs from 2008 to 2015. IG substantiated the allegations and ultimately the judges appealed their terminations to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

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Forum Of Hate Allegations Substantiated

The MSPB confirmed the majority of allegations and upheld the termination of at least two individuals. The others involved in the “Forum Of Hate” did not apparently push back against termination.

While the individuals that were caught were dealt with, the agency has not addressed how they plan to deal with “Forum of Hate” victims. Those groups impacted could include practically any minority and women and homosexuals and rape victims.

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Veterans Law Judges Score A Pass From Mainstream Media Post MSPB

That is a lot of hate and a lot of bigotry to go around. And it seems important to note that no other members of the news media wrote about the MSPB decisions.

No one. Not NY Times. Not USA Today. Even The Daily Caller was quiet.

They all gave VA a pass on racism and bigotry once it was confirmed by MSPB.

How has VA addressed the racism and bigotry that may have impacted decisions adjudicated by these racist or sexist or bigoted individuals?

So far, the agency is silent on what it plans to do. Since the mainstream media did not care enough to write about it when the decisions came out at the end of last year, I supposed VA thought it did not warrant attention.

I suggest this MLK Day, let’s email our respective lawmakers and President Donald Trump to see what they will do to protect minority groups impacted by these individuals.

Google Quietly De-Indexing

As an aside, if you search for “forum of hate” using Google News, at least as of yesterday, my articles under “news” are not showing up on the topic.

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Over the past six months, Google has deindexed over 80 percent of the keywords here and smashed the organic search value of the site by 97 percent, dipping from $16,000 per month to $379.

Luckily, I was not advertising on the website and never relied on those funds, but if I had, imagine doing the same amount of work while receiving a 97 percent pay cut? I had no idea the site had that much value to Google.

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But why is Google doing it?

I have exposed enormous scandals benefiting veterans of all races and genders since 2010 starting with exposing that VA Vocational Rehabilitation was refusing to grant benefits to deserving veterans but instead misleading vets.

That was my first big scandal exposed even before writing here.

In 2011, I wrote the Voc Rehab Survival Guide and began selling that to help fund the software needs and planning for this website with the goal of turning this platform into a news resource for veterans focused only on VA.

(Yes, it takes money to create a news publishing platform.)

In 2012, I exposed VA selected bad contractors to process disability compensation claims forcing an increase in the backlog and testified before the Democratic Platform Committee on how to help veterans:

In 2014, I exposed the outlandish nature of the “crow flies” rule for Veterans Choice to the new media, which eventually made it on The Daily Show after hitting the airwaves via KARE 11 reporter AJ Lagoe:

That same year, I also exposed how VA used taxpayer dollars to engage in over propaganda schemes while also using Soviet-style patient flag systems to harass veterans:

In 2015, I was also asked to provide written testimony to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs about problems veterans experience when seeking benefits from VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment. Reforming that program is a pet project of mine, and I manage a 23,000 member Facebook Group I founded in 2009 to help increase transparency.

From 2015-16, I exposed through the press that VA used unqualified doctors to evaluate veterans for traumatic brain injury. That was a massive nationwide scandal, and AJ Lagoe at KARE 11 turned it into a national story that led to an IG investigation:

In 2017, I exposed through the press that VA was wrongly denying payment to disabled veterans forced to use non-VA emergency room services due to an emergency. That massive scandal also led to a national investigation starting with KARE 11 that is now being investigated by IG:

In between all those years were numerous smaller victories I will not get into here, but suffice it to say we have been winning, that is until mid-2017.

My reward 8 years later?

Google is making sure fewer Americans read about the crimes, fraud, waste, or abuse on my website (at least for now). I must need approval from to be legit.

And since perception is reality, most Americans will continue to read news stories and puff pieces put out by yellow journalists on the dole telling our country how great the Department of Veterans Affairs is.

Nice. So not only are we fighting VA’s tens of millions within its propaganda spin-and-stonewall machine, but Google is also ensuring fewer and fewer Americans read news stories and commentary from independent journalists like me. Fantastic.

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Meanwhile, no one else is talking about these hard issues and exposing VA’s lack of interest in developing a fix for those harmed by its racist employees who were responsible for adjudicating countless veterans’ appeals.

So, Um, Help…!

Anyone with feedback on how to address small publishers being de-indexed by Google News, and Google generally, please message below.

The big boys are not having nearly the problems that we independent publishers are experiencing, but since Google is pro-big business, pro-big brother, we should not be surprised at the level of narrative control we are seeing.

While Google says they support new and fresh content, they also appear to only reward highly homogenized, highly optimized content – – the kind of content generally created with massive budgets and editors.

As you will note, I added around 230 articles this year and still, the number of keywords, rankings, etc, has plummeted, while websites like “” (an Allsup division website) see massive increases in just two months for similar keywords.

Google De-Indexing SEO In Two Months

Note that has been around for just two months based on the numbers I have from Spyfu.

If you take a quick look at their website, you may struggle to figure out how they could have more keywords showing up in top searches than a website that’s been around for 8 years, exposed countless scandals, big and small, while also churning out new content almost daily.

I’m not bitter 😉 Website SEO

Forum Of Hate Excerpts

And back to racism. I guess if we don’t figure out why Google is crushing our search numbers, many Americans will never believe any federal employees, much less judges, could be members of racist forums. But in case someone does stumble across this article in the distant figure, they will be reminded of the truth of the matter.

Here are some of the slurs MSPB reviewed:

  1. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about January 14, 2008, which ridiculed a BVA Deputy Vice Chairman’s Puerto Rican accent. (Tr. Vol. II at 38-39; Agency Ex.  [*5]  3-D).
  2. Respondent’s reply referring to a “taco lunch” attempted to trump “the outrageousness of his [Bernard DoMinh] email” by further stereotyping and mocking the Deputy Vice Chairman’s nationality. (Tr. Vol. II at 39-40).
  3. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about January 14, 2008, which used homosexual slurs to discuss several BVA employees. (Tr. Vol. II at 40-41; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  4. Respondent identified numerous BVA employees as homosexuals in response to the email using homosexual slurs. (Id.).
  5. On or about March 21, 2013, Respondent participated in an email chain containing a picture of an all white little league team. In response to the picture, Respondent stated “[n]ice, but where are the white sheets? Gotta start them when they are young” and “of course my bad. ‘Bon Fire’ after every victory.” (Tr. Vol. II at 41-44; Agency Ex. 3-C, 3-D).
  6. Respondent’s references to the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) infamous hooded white outfits and the KKK burning crosses in celebration are racist and offensive. (Id.).
  7. On or about August 28, 2013, Respondent participated in an email chain containing altered pictures of an FOH [*6]  member receiving an award; the pictures were altered to contain derogatory terms for Vietnamese people and also called an African American BVA Chief VLJ a “G-Pot.” (Tr. Vol. II at 44-46; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  8. Respondent’s statement that the racist alterations to the pictures and other racial statements were “hilarious” encouraged and condoned the use of racist terms, regardless of whether one of the individuals in the photograph was an FOH member. (Id.).
  9. Respondent replied to an email chain containing a picture of four female BVA employees; the email contained derogatory terms to describe having sexual intercourse with one of the females in the picture. (Tr. Vol. II at 47-48; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  10. Respondent participated in an email chain on September 11, 2013, where another FOH member described a BVA Chief VLJ using inappropriate terms and describing her treatment of another BVA employee. (Tr. Vol. II at 48-49; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  11. Respondent replied to the email describing the BVA Chief VLJ as being a “total bitch” to the BVA employee; the reply did not use any sexist or racist terminology. (Id.).
  12. Respondent sent an email on September 19, 2013, containing [*7]  a news article he altered. (Tr. Vol. II at 51; Agency Ex. 3-C, 3-D).
  13. Respondent altered the news article by adding the following sentences: “[t]he opponent, a fast food working, basketball type playing man, indicated that such talk just wasn’t cool. He left, timidly, when 11 people causally tossed ropes at him.” (Resp. Ex. B-7(1)).
  14. Respondent’s use of “fast food working” and “basketball type playing” refers to African Americans and are offensive racial stereotypes. (Tr. Vol. II at 53; Agency Ex. 3-C).
  15. Respondent’s statement concerning tossing ropes refers to the KKK’s use of ropes to lynch African Americans. (Agency Ex. 3-C).
  16. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about December 13, 2013, which ridiculed a BVA Deputy Vice Chairman Puerto Rican accent. (Tr. Vol. II at 54-55; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  17. Respondent’s reply stating “[m]ore likely he’ll roll on Dennnneeeeeese CheeeOpeeeeta and Jeeemy Marssshhhh” further stereotyped and mocked the Deputy Vice Chairman’s nationality. (Id.).
  18. On January 30, 2014, Respondent sent an email calling another VLJ an “Ewok.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  19. On January 30, 2014, Respondent participated  [*8] in an email chain where Mr. Charles Hancock made a reference to two male BVA employees engaging in oral sex. Respondent’s reply to the homosexual comment was “[y]ou’re on fire today Chuckles,” to which Mr. Hancock stated “I am clearly filled with hate. Need to stop.” Respondent then replied “[n]o!! actually keeps it sane here.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  20. Respondent’s comments to Mr. Hancock’s emails condoned and encouraged Mr. Hancock’s homosexually charged comments. (Tr. Vol. II at 55-56).
  21. Respondent participated in an email chain on or about May 20, 2014, which included racial and homosexual slurs. (Tr. Vol. II at 59-60; Agency Ex. 3-D).
  22. In the email chain, Respondent refers to two male BVA attorneys as “butt-buddies,” and a Chief VLJ as “charo.” (Agency Ex. 3-D).
  23. The FOH used “Charo” to mean someone of Spanish decent. (Agency Ex. 3-C).
  24. Respondent used “butt-buddies” to imply two BVA employees were homosexual. (Tr. Vol. II at 59-61).
  25. Respondent only stopped sending FOH emails because he was “caught” by the VA OIG. (Tr. Vol. II at 88).

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  1. Ben, deep machine learning changes everything with website optimization. Humans may enjoy repetitive syntax, but AI squashes it down into nice little packets. I’ve included an ancient syntax style called anaphora of MLK’s ‘I have a dream’ speech in Scottish Gaelic… Even repetitive punctuation will effect your blog’s categorization by Google API. “Tha aisling agam gum bi an dùthaich seo ag èirigh suas aon latha agus a ‘toirt a-mach fìor bhrìgh a creideas: “Tha sinn a’ cumail na fìrinnean sin gu follaiseach, gu bheil na fir uile air an cruthachadh co-ionnan. Tha bruadar agamsa aon latha air an dearg cnuic Georgia, bidh mic nan tràillean a bh ‘ann roimhe agus na mic aig luchd-seilbh thràillean a bh’ ann roimhe comasach air suidhe sìos aig a ‘bhòrd bràithreachais. Tha bruadar agam gum bi aon latha eadhon ann an staid Mississippi, stàite a’ sabaid le teas ana-ceartas , a ‘gluasad le teas an fhòirneart, air a thionndadh gu bhith na oasis saorsa agus ceartas. Tha aisling agam gu bheil mo cheathrar chloinne beò aon latha ann an dùthaich far nach bi iad air am breithneachadh le dath a’ chraicinn aca ach leis a ‘ susbaint a ‘charactar. Tha bruadar agam an-diugh!” Throw some video on your site…AI loves complexity.

  2. Army vet suing VA over scalpel left in body after surgery …OUCH


    The VA did not immediately return messages Monday

  3. Sorry to hear that Ben, I have a friend with a website same thing happened to him. Google offered no feedback or reason why. You are up against the big brother of the net. Hang in there love your input on the VA.

  4. The best thing you can do is to inject yourself into as many forums as you can. Get registered on every social media outlet and post each article on every single one of them. The outfit that you linked to is bird-dogging, giving referrals $100 for each SS referral that they win. Its free money!! If they pay for add-words, they will swoop you every time. I did note the change in searches, does not show up on the first several pages anymore (Google) when I search for VA disability info. In Bing searching for VR&E lands you in the 3rd spot, Google puts you on 2nd page behind 7 VA hits.

    Use the playbook Trump used, go Twitter and post info daily or more often. I dont think it has to be all expose’s of VA corruption, but building a Twitter following might help.

    1. Twitter will censored you as well, I tested it with a friend who confirmed a tweet was not visible.

      1. Thats true, Project Veritas exposed it this last week. It does not mean stop trying, and hopefully the exposure of Twitters behavior will force them to stop it.

      2. If Twitter, Facebook, Google and others think they are so big they can start censoring, at what point do taxpayers start questioning why every federal agency has an account with them?

  5. I wrote to President Obama about that very thing VA hired a lawyer who had dropped my case a kenneth LaVan who went to court pretending to represent me and had my case dropped without my knowledge. Obama just wrote a letter to the very people who had this done to me. Luckily for me I had won my case in1982 for PTSD but because he never pushed the issue to correct anything they still to this day refuse to pay my disability even though it was awarded to me in1982 and another rating ordered by VA in April 2011 pushed my disability above 100%. They basically laughed because they knew the president or his people would say anything. That’s my experience.

  6. One sided forum, Ben never reply’s to his readers, the excuse of to many followers does not wash. Certainly his association with KARE 11 reporter AJ Lagoe is beneficial in getting National Exposure, but again it is limited to What Ben and AJ decide is important and not the Audience. I would think that the VA actions on a case that is now in its Fourth Appearance before the US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims, or any Appeal that has had numerous appearances before the “Court” would be a worthy story to share on the national level. How about a former Vietnam Protestor who rises through the ranks to become the Omaha VA Medical Center Director Colluding with the Lincoln VBA Director (Also a Career Non-Veteran) to manipulate compensation and pension examinations. The scam was they would never return a examination as in-adequate which would harm both the VHA/VBA’s final yearly numbers. The Business Manager was in on the scam also and he silently went into retirement just like the former manager of the Lincoln Veteran Service Center. Both of these key VA mangers just quietly faded away, Why! was or is there Skeleton’s hiding about their official duties. The Former Business Manager was a key individual in denying Emergency Room re-imbursements and was even high-lighted as providing training on a National Level to other VA employee’s Nation Wide on reimbursement processing. The former Lincoln VBA Director worked the system to effect his transfer back to Salt Lake City (He was stationed there before and his wife is from the Area) to become the Regional Director. His move was all part of the same scam that was highlighted earlier with the Dana Ruben’s scandal. Not one light was shined on him, or the individual that he replaced in Salt Lake, that individual has the worst track record of any previous Salt lake Director. The Former Salt Lake VBA Director was rewarded with a third paid move back to Phoenix (his Home Town) to become the Director of the Regional Office. Both the Salt Lake and Phoenix Regional Director’s got paid moves back to their Home Towns and became director’s of facilities they once served as Deputy Director’s of. The Stinky part of this is that they already had career employees with proven loyalties already in place, unlike a New Director with no previous interactions with existing staff, who would be better suited to make positive changes verses continuing the “Old Boy Network”. I respect the work of Ben Krause and his partner A.J. Lagoe and together as a team they do impressive work on a national level. The work does has National Importance and without them the nations veterans would continue to suffer more injustices. My only complaint is that the forum only flows one way, the veterans of Nebraska does not have a Ben Krause or a A.J. Lagoe to help expose the corruption affecting Nebraska’s Veterans, and is why repeated contacts have been made without a single return contact.

  7. i wish more people would speak out about homo’s and foreigners. it’s out of hand and those judges can see it better than anyone.

    as far as google searches go, your marketing should be distinct from any need for google. they are not our friends, as you can see. worrying about google is a mistake; you need to build readership and work the social media sites to drive traffic here. to build quality readership you need a better comments section.

    most of the commenters here are mainstream medical people. they believe in the medical system. until you get commenters that realize this racket/scam, not many will continue commenting and coming to the site. your reporting also serves the mainstream, by continuing to promote scams like “elections” and writing to the slavemasters.

    in this article, you ask people to write to their “lawmakers”. that’s what you call them. i don’t know what you were taught, but my parents paid alot of money to send me to good schools which taught that those are our representatives. they are supposed to follow the law (constitution) and represent the people. but now, you and others call them LAWMAKERS.

    who gave these creatures the right to make LAWS? they are a corporate entity and should be exposed as such. instead, you, benjamin, continue the lie. that these creatures are lawmakers and they have authority of some sort, to make laws. Thomas Jefferson addressed this issue and if it’s changed, when did it change, and where were the people notified of the change?

    1. “Lawmaker” is a term that we can use in a democracy to refer to anyone who is part of the legislative branch. In a democracy, the legislative branch makes the laws. For this reason, we can call each person in that branch a lawmaker, even though they do not personally make the laws.

      A “representative” is someone who represents other people. We generally use this term to describe members of the legislative branch. We elect these people to go and represent us in Congress or in our state legislatures. They act for us since we cannot all go and participate in making laws. Thus, a lawmaker and a representative are the same thing.

      However, you may be thinking of a Representative, meaning a member of the House of Representatives. If this is what you are thinking about, the difference is that all Representatives are lawmakers, but not all lawmakers are representatives. The House of Representatives is one part of Congress. All of the people in it are called Representatives and are lawmakers. However, the members of the Senate are also members of Congress and are lawmakers. While they are lawmakers, they are not Representatives because they do not belong to the House of Representatives.

      So, these terms can be interchangeable. However, there can also be a difference if you are using the term “Representative” to refer specifically to a member of the House of Representatives.
      Faggots and Foreigners has no relevance to legislative issues.
      I think when the time comes, veterans will speak up with overwhelming force. It will be more like a mob flash , rather than an organized event.

      1. LOL. I’ve spent plenty years in the prisons called “schools” and I know the story you gave above.

        It’s a big fat lie.

        You didn’t answer the question. Why do you claim it’s a “democracy” when it’s supposed to be a republic?

        Senators and Representatives both were called our “representatives” as they represented us, the people. maybe you were never taught that. I was. But it’s a lie. They work for a corporation, not us, the people.

        It’s a fast one been pulled, and these commenters here totally ignore that fact. Besides, why doesn’t anyone here care that elections are compromised? Isn’t that a core issue? It’s hopeless. Bring on the anti-German slurs, because you believe another lie. It’s called WW2.

        Carry on.

      2. In any legal proceeding jurisdiction is key whenyou file disclosures in federal court of a corporate entity. Personal jurisdiction vs corporate jurisdiction are distinct see Bivens v Six unknown agents.

      3. I agree and know as well. WE also do not live under a original Constitution or “organic C.” The U.S. turned into a huge corporation back in the early thirties. 1933 I think it was. The wording clear.

        Everything we’ve been taught, forced down our throats, led to believe, forced to support with our tax dollars…is a lie. Smedley Butler knew it, Herbert Hoover knew it. Eisenhower knew it, all the whistle blowers know it. About all wars or conflicts to the 501 C 3 religions of mankind… is flawed to the bone and meant to deceive and control. And there are more than enough banned materials, books, people been imprisoned, and silencing ‘hate speech laws’ coming to prove it and clamp down on the non-conformers.

  8. Ben,
    I have the answer about why the media is not covering this issue in todays blog. Just moments ago I got an automated email from the New York Times. I don’t subscribe but am signed up as a reader. Here is exactly why vets lose in the press. Copy and paste from an email NYT just sent me;

    “Dear Reader,

    On January 7, The New York Times aired to a nationwide audience of Golden Globe Award watchers “The Truth Has a Voice.” Inspired by our reporting of widespread sexual misconduct in entertainment and other industries, this conversation-spurring TV spot has already been viewed more than 14 million times online.”

    Veterans dying needlessly at the hands of corrupt VA leadership gets a mention on one day. Tom the news anchor shoving his hand down the bra of Jill the weatherlady gets 14 million hits and a special message sent out to readers.

  9. VA propagates it’s money making scheme at the cost of veterans lives, We are nothing but the bitcoins in a corrupt government pocketbook that keeps government afloat!
    You have to have scandals in order to refill the pocketbook.
    One generation gets a Michael Kors handbag and the other a no frills Walmart tote. This is done intentionally to split veterans apart , with the effect of” one’s service is better than another label”.
    There is no need to title your service i.e OIF, Gulf War, Afghanistan Vet . A veteran of war knows the creed. These titles of combat vet/non combat vet are civilian labels to fuel the divisiveness.
    Those who have made the ultimate sacrifice will never hear the word veteran associated with their name, but it may be labeled on their tombstone by civilian characterization. KIA defined with the most honor in the name of freedom is our legacy as veterans to protect. No one will disrespect that honor without a fight.
    “Death before Dishonor “

    1. To further add,
      VA literally wants an incident to occur on federal property as an excuse to take inventory of your weapons as a requirement to enter the buildings under the guise of special legislation. Wait for it…….
      There has never been any hearings regarding DBCs at the house or senate.
      This really needs to be addressed with real
      Category I veterans , not some prop actor that was paid.

  10. problem: VA a closed system, they make their own rules and do what they want; congress and most of America don’t care.
    solution: boycott VHA, only appox. 20% of veterans use vha, privitize vha save taxpayers a lot of money and give veterans better care.

  11. If I had to guess, Google is keyword scanning all sites for so called hate speech. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of anger vented on this site. Is Google part of a conspiracy to silence a voice for veterans? I doubt it. Why would they bother? Congress and the American sheeple don’t need any help doing that.

  12. Good Article.
    I hope that continues to produce the quality news and information the veteran community needs—I hope website lasts for foreseeable future.
    I am a progressive person, I vote the Democratic ticket, It took awhile but I saw that is Conservative/ to the Right/ moderate Republican site. So I do try to limit my comments on here.
    One thing website has been able to do is monitor the troublemakers and trolls, and police the website to keep dialogue flowing from entire veteran community.
    As far as Hate Forum goes, I went through all my appeals, claims, denials etc looking for names of the individuals who were outed as vile racists. I did not see any names associated with my claims. Still it took 14 years for VA to decide my claims, this is not right. (I enlisted in 1972).
    Wish veterans here all the best in 2018, hopefully vets here and other places come to their senses and organize. If cops can form unions (PBA) professional athletes: NBA, NFL, NHL etc then sooner or later the veteran community is going to acquiesce. When it comes to VA there is no greater metaphor than survival of the fittest.
    Dr. King might of enjoyed this website, his penchant for being able to agree to disagree fits.
    Hey I saw Minnesota Vikings game yesterday, great play at end of game…Keenum to Diggs!!
    Peace to all veterans.

  13. Post your articles in steemit,, and create your video in and avoid youtube, facebook, twitter at all cost. I believe you will have wider audience more than ever. Please stop getting approval from mainstream media or any fact checker out there. Keep up the good work!

  14. Meanwhile, I have been without a doctor and care since July 2017. I’ve contacted my congressman, the white house, my local VA, veterans choice. No doubt in my mind about targeting. I was shadow banned on msn, way before they quit allowing comments on main stream articles. Just like the IRS targets conservatives, if you are white, pro constitution, pro life, pro justice, against the 3 letter alphabet agencies being beyond the reach of the constitution, gun owner, Christian. They know beyond the shadow of a doubt where we all stand, and if you lean towards more than one or all the things I mentioned, regardless of what your disabilities are, they damn sure target you as the enemy.

  15. OK, here is what I am doing to help. I just authenticated an account on Wikipedia. Pretty easy. I am going to begin publishing articles about known VA corruption and I am gonna get prolific. I will keep the snippets small, fast reads and I double dog promise my personal bias will not impact the way I present the facts…

  16. The problem is that any keywords + combination of user name can be added as a filter from it being seen.
    What you have to do is when writing a story you may have to put in a trending topic keyword in order for it to show up.
    They are not going to block their moneymaker keywords.
    You have to do some counterintelligence.

  17. To ALL,
    I just came across this “Project Veritas Video!” Showing exactly what’s really going on behind the scenes.
    From: “veritasvisuals”
    Dated; Jan 11, 2018 [15:15 minutes long]

    “HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning””

    IF y’all believe this is only occurring on Twitter, think again! Like I’ve mentioned, it’s occurring on ALL major computer networks!
    “Saul Alinski’s” “Rules for Radicals”, and other publications, is STILL alive and running rampant in the 21st century!
    And, IF anyone believes the Nazi’s lost WWII, well ———— we’re seeing Hitler’s Germany in many of our government’s agencies today; DOJ and FBI and the VA!
    Y’all might want to read these books;
    1. “Mein Kamph” volumes 1 & 2. [C. 1925 + 1926]
    2. “Zweites Bush” [c. 1928]
    3. “My New Order” [c. 1941]
    These are just a few of Hitler’s future of the world he envisioned! Once you’ve read them, you’ll find he was really a “progressive [liberal] democrat”!

    1. I have read them and a number of others on Islam and on the silent form of communism. Crazy Elf is right on. There is no value to the movers and shakers in doing the right thing for those they represent.

    2. This is what I was thinking Crazy Elf when I commented above. People wouldn’t care or wouldn’t believe it if Project Veritas only wrote a column about Twitter banning content. Undercover video though adds excitement.
      Undercover video adds to any issue Project Veritas covers. Otherwise, Robert Creamer would not be persona non grata right now with Democrats. A man married to a Dem congresswoman who visited Obama in the WH many times, and a convicted felon but can’t get the time of day now because of video.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I believe “Project Veritas” does a great service FOR America. Look at how “planned parenthood” is being “defunded” in many states, all due to the corruption in their ranks!
        I wish they’d do “undercover video work” against the VA! Wouldn’t that bring the VA to its knees!
        Can you imagine, getting Shulkin and others in high places on film screwing veterans and taxpayers out of healthcare and monies!
        Maybe “Veritas” could get Shulkin and his wife laughing about the illegal trip to Europe on fucking veterans and taxpayers! Wouldn’t that be something!

      2. Crazy Elf, I think veterans should just do it with our own video, and pass it on to Veritas for distribution.

      3. Any vet can do it if they have the video.

        And manage to catch the VA being shitbirds at the right time.

      4. The last few smart assed PAs I talked to over the phone wanted me to go to the hospital to discuss all the issues with. I politely told em’ that I would IF I could record the sessions and bring along a couple of witnesses to stay with me constantly, no stepping out of the room, no behind door crap, etc.

        I was told NO, can’t happen. Since I reported to the PA that I was audio recording things that I would have to stop and get permission or face the consequences. For video recording, or if wearing a body cam sort of thing, I would need to get permission slips and waivers from anyone and all being recorded on VA property, every MD, every staff member, etc.

        Since it seems some things that the VA tests, tries, the government wants to use like PCPs, to stopping needed pain meds, to patient treatment and times… flows to the civilian sector, these recording issues did the same. Now our city officials are, or going to ban, all electronic devices in our court house throughout. That means no cell phones too. Nothing of the sort to ‘carried in to the court house building” period. Just judges, cops, staff, attorneys. So where does that leave a vet or person that needs to record situations for future use due to some health issues? Or to try to protect ourselves from the criminal corrupt element that run, our ruin, our lives? Since it seems so many staunch Democrats read this site, it is their party that has total control over this town and pushes this kind of crap on us to have their way, and to push their agendas on us, Constitutional, criminal, or not.

        It’s beyond playing tyrannical, evil, or communist when an entire community filled with Dems back and support this stuff along with severe censoring of citizens and veterans. Racial issues? It’s like the left and neocons, mainly the far left, supporting Obummer, Barry, whatever his real name is, not charging the Black Panthers for chasing away white voters on the East coast that was in the news for a while. And under Barry is when the VA activist went wild and felt the need to start telling us to vote Democrat for better care, etc.

        As for recording in Indiana the laws are unclear and I have never had an attorney tell me straight up if it is legal or not, saying something “as long as one person is aware” or some such wording that be toyed with. I can’t really remember right now off the cuff how it reads, but it is goofy.

        2018 a new millennium and the brain washed and socially engineered are still playing the two party game while they both serve the same masters, make the money, oppress the people, play banker’s wars, both are the swamp creatures, think we are free, have ruined this country beyond repair, and refuse to change. Or to focus on veteran’s health care.

  18. The senior editors in all media would not be silent if they thought people cared enough about veteran problems to sell their news. America could honestly give a shit abut vets of any race, creed, lifestyle, or whatever. Americans do not care at all about vets. They might say thank you but only because it is now custom to do so.

    So lets be blunt – if your site doesn’t show sex, violence, perpetrator walks, or bloody bodies from the battle field then this genration has no interest at all. Instead of the best achievable time viewed of three minutes twenty seven seconds on a website, without blood, gore, and more, your site gets about eight seconds.

    If you want to drive people to your sight you cannot do it with stories of old vets being beaten, left to die, and alone. This generation sees no entertainment value in this and therefor no value at all.

    If you started posting combat footage of vets getting blown away and computer enhance the spraying of American blood then todays gen might give it one minute ten seconds nefore the clicked on through to their favorite porn site.

    Ben VA is what it is because America does not care. The media reaponds instead with with stories of rich starlettes without panties in public and stories of folks in Haiti that don’t like our President. These are the stories America cares about. Nobody cares Ben when a Congressman takes the floor of Congress and pleads for the safety of vets from VA, but a story about Paris Hiltons or Britany Spears uncovered crotch? Front page news.

    1. Hell you can’t even go in and shoot the place up anymore. The news only gets you at best 48 hrs worth of coverage and then the story drops off the feed. If your lucky there might be a follow up piece in a couple months after the “investigation” is “completed”.

      One thing I’ve learned. Nobody gives a shit. Not citizens. Not veterans. Certainly not FedGov.

      We hold onto ideals like honor and integrity. The sad fact is ideals in america have fallen by the way side. The modern society we find ourselves in is in moral decline. Everybody is out for themselves and what they can lie, cheat, and steal their way into or out of. Words like Honor and Integrity are about as flimsy as a summer breeze. Is it any wonder then that the average american citizen is unresponsive to vet issues? They don’t even speak our language anymore.

      I see this as a cyclical cycle. The populace will wake up and pay more attention when people start getting drafted again as the volunteer pool dries up. So perhaps we should be focusing attention on the new recruit.

      As for Google…don’t know what to say. If Ben’s site ends up going down I suppose I’ll find a new source to get my vet news. Although if I’m being honest. Other than the daily horror stories that 98% of the time don’t affect me. There’s little else of substance on this site.

    2. Dennis, spot on. Its been that way for many years when those looking to monetize an issue saw Oprah crying on TV, then the OJ trial kicked it into high gear.
      Reality TV, no matter how faked it became, really captured attention, along with encouraging the public to get involved by voting for their favorite singer.

      Veterans issues being reported? Think back to the Phoenix scandal. Why did it break wide open? Essentially because a former employee doctor blew the whistle. How did the VA get past that? They used their taxpayer paid PR firm to squash as much as possible. Once the VA claimed they would fix the problem, the rest of America went back to the latest on what the Kardashians are doing.

      I have always thought pictures and video bring attention to an issue where words fall short. Words just don’t capture the attention of the illiterate drooling while watching The View or re-runs of Jerry Springer. Pictures and video are why people now describe things “going viral”. People SEE what is happening and spread it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

      Unfortunately, that is seriously countered by massive spending by the VA on PR to kill stories. Witness how little widespread coverage there was of Charles Ingram burning himself to death outside a VA. You can bet your ass if there was video of that posted on Facebook, the VA would have had a much harder time covering it up.

      We also do not get help from a huge amount of the population, particularly in media, that knows to paint the VA in a bad light also paints government run health care in a bad light.

      I also think the VA has no problem threatening local media if they cover the VA in a bad light.I’ve seen it happen several times. AJ Lagoe has shown their threats don’t matter, but for some reason it matters to many.

      What to do about it? I dunno. But I have seen where others on the internet essentially put a massive number of keywords in their content to simply drive up page views. Perhaps Ben should try that as an experiment. Create a block at the bottom of every post…just about 10 lines. In those 10 lines, type up as many popular keywords as will fit. Make the color of that text the same as background. Humans won’t see it unless the text is highlighted, but bots crawling the web will see the text.

      Measure what the change is.

      The only other alternative is to figure out how to defeat global companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook who have gotten so big, they believe that they can easily censor issues without consequence.

    1. Nah the current bigot in the “offal” Office is keeping that fire stoked high and hot. Let me know when “your boy” fails you too.

  19. The VA deep state is laughing at the Trump administration. Shulkin and Tom Murphy are the ringleaders.

      1. Personally. They didn’t have ‘all” my records or med files there. Just the info they were using to put in my files, or communications about my health care, the various clinics, pharmacy, the questions we may have for them, test results, communications between PAs, MDs, appointments, etc.

        I don’t think it’s a site that provides, that can provide, set up to provide, much of our files, “all” our information or access to our many files.

        Like I had previously no issues with the pharmacy and drugs listed or to be re-filled. Later on the mixtures of dope they had me try was dropped from the list and not found in paper-work either. It also went from easy use to being changed daily and making it difficult to keep track of just what and the hassles of some meds not being on the site’s pharmacy list that used to be easily ordered…. until the grand change in the scheme of things, or to seemingly after contact with them… to make life more difficult with the game playing and back and forth.

    1. Continuity of Government – 2018 Look it up on white house info
      And I didn’t make this shit up it’s on their website

      The Shadow Government

      Following a catastrophic national emergency, the President, or his successor can authorize the establishment of a temporary “shadow government” to maintain control of the essential functions of the Federal Government. President Bush activated the shadow government on September 11, 2001 shortly after the second attack on the World Trade Center.

      Every federal agency has designated key individuals to be part of an “Emergency Relocation Group”. These ERGs are assigned to an alternate secure location on a rotating basis and are ready to take over the duty of supporting the National Essential Functions of this nation in an emergency.

      Shadow Government deep state same shit and they just laugh at us arguing over left right bullshit , Obummer, Trump, and all the rest belong to the same CLUB

      Here’s another one u can find on the tube…..
      (18 Jul 1973) Interview with Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney general, John Mitchell on how Senate hearings are rehearsed and not spontaneous. How everyone is tired of Watergate and states that she was kidnapped in California

      I guess she is crazy as I am…LOL…..That’s show BIZ

      1. OLDMARINE,
        When anyone watch’s the committee meetings and Congress, there sure seems to be a lot of reading from “scripts”!
        The only ones not reading from scripts are the VERY few trying to get to the bottom of things. And trust me, there’s very few actually believing we STILL live in a Republic!

        In my opinion, I believe there’s going to be a few in high places going down in the near future. Because, at least a third of our voting public demands some retribution against certain people! Just as what occurred in 1776 with the “Declaration of independence”, OR our “[First] Declaration of War” against British authority.
        [Historical facts are: A THIRD wanted freedom. A THIRD wanted to stay with England. And a third didn’t give a rats ass about anything! As one can see, history DOES repeat itself!]

      2. elf I have to kindly disagree with anyone going down, except if they don’t follow the big plan and step out of line other than that they have plenty of leeway ..and they pump them up and make them look like great American’s

        Like Aleister Crowley… 73rd “greatest Briton of all time”

        Although he is considered to be the most influential occultist of the 20th century and was recognized by the BBC as the 73rd “greatest Briton of all time”, most people have never heard of Aleister Crowley. The English occultist, mystic, and ceremonial magician is incredibly popular in some circles (occultists, artists, celebrities, etc.) but completely unknown to the average person. And why should he be known? What did he accomplish? Simply put, he foreshadowed the radical philosophical change that would sweep the Western civilization during the 20th century. By founding the philosophy of Thelema and announcing the coming of a New Aeon, Crowley did not only formulate the major philosophical precepts of the 21st century, he was part of the Illuminist motor that promoted it.

      3. OLDMARINE,
        What I was trying to relate was: The amount of people who wanted “Separation between England and the Colonies” vs. the amounts of people who voted, for each incombant, in the last Presidential Election. As was/is described in almost all textbooks.
        When I talked about the “one third groups”, it’s the same then, 1776, as is reported in the last election, 2016!
        The other issue I’ve tried to relate to: ie: The takedown of certain individuals is more likely than NOT going to occur. Especially when, and since, so many (1/3rd) of the population demands it during the campaign!

        I do understand your philosophy on the individuals you mentioned! Although this was not my intent!

      4. What I was trying to get at is most of the politicians are in the same club as the rejects I listed, It’s world wide and the Vatican included…
        Truth is always stranger than fiction

      5. OLDMARINE,
        Ain’t that the damn truth!

        I also believe there WILL come a day, as has occurred many times throughout history, when the population demands a reckoning with the criminal elite! I’m not sure IF I’ll be alive to see it. Yet, it would be appropriate due to all the reprobates deserving of retribution!

      6. That would be nice but it won’t be from the younger generation They are to busy staring at that phone, And if they do read something they don’t go past the headline and then want to argue about the content

      7. Albert Pike and The Three World Wars | Time No Longer


        Pike served as a Confederate military officer in the Civil war of dubious competence. He was not strictly for the emancipation of the South from the Union at all, but rather only fighting on the side of the South in the interest of maintaining the economic advantage of slavery.

        Outside of this questionable distinction, all that could be called notable of him in an accepted historical sense is that he was a writer and a lawyer. This hardly would seem like a resume that would result in a memorial for all generations in the nation’s capital.

        Albert Pike has a much more noteworthy record in the shadowy world of occult-directed supranational powers. A record which would certainly put him in the top bracket of esteemed figures of history from the perspective of like-minded proponents of a “New World Order”.

      8. OLDMARINE,
        I hope MORE read about Pike and his affiliation with the illuminati [or deep state]!
        Great read!

        In my opinion, these individuals of today, who follow such ideologies, need to be excoriated from the earth! Maybe we’ll see it happen to a few here in Washington D.C. and/OR in America !?!? At least that’s my hope!

  20. I have been squawking about ‘militant activism,’ censoring, double standards, racism or hate towards whites for a lot of years. Now it’s all grown into the monsters we deal with today and no discussions allowed. They just sling some label at us and the conversation or issues immediately dropped or ignored. This is from town hall meetings, union meetings to the courts and colleges. Also the VA and it’s contractors/staff/unions.

    My more major issues with the VA began at the local CBOC over a “female’ deleting badly needed proof and info that was on my so-called “Secure Messaging,” on E-vet. What was over breaking federal laws about messing or deleting our medical files and communications with doctors and health care staff turned into a Marx-feminist slinging poo and thinking I should not be questioning a “highly educated, VA trained IT woman. Or questioning what she can do and can’t do. How dare I. So it ended with me leaving the CBOC due to coverup and corruption, plus the constant flow and changes in care over the PCPs. I bet she is Twittering on #metoo movement along with her communist workers.

    Then I go see a new MD at the Purple Clinic. An older Black lady who is shortly changing VA positions. Tells me she didn’t have the time to reveiw my files and didn’t know anything about me but started telling me I had to re-do all tests and change everything I have been doing that worked for years. Then changing prescriptions that I had tried in the past and didn’t work at all, but she told me I must. And more BS as she talked.

    I sat a listened to this crap for the entire 15 minute allowed visit. I go out front to the desk and inquire about what she told me and if she is typically like this with all patients sent her way. They went into high defense and team support mode. “Oh she would do or say anything like that, she knows all her patients very well.” Blah blah blah. Then it turns out I am the enemy for daring to question a black MD and female at that. How dare I.

    Then she moves on and am stuck with a Pakistani female PCP. About the same crap then sent to the torture chamber of the new chronic pain clinic to hear more insanity by some white dude that sounded like he hated his own heritage, country, and all other vets. Cough cough. Just white people in the group too, female and male. Odd? As he continued on with his ‘orders from the top.” Then after that more games from the P team and run-around.

    Fast forward. I leave the VA never to return after more games by the Advocates more worried about their staff, their lineage, their cultures, some history, or what wealthy family they came from like places like New York and such. Totally side-stepping the issues at hand and either subtly or matter of factually, I had no rights to question people of color or females, or any of the team mates. Then came all the harassing phone calls and threats from the area and nation. Some sounding like Pakis, some sounding Black, Latino, Asian, and on it went. Some to my private cell phone number only the VA had, has, and others with the VA code on my answering machine I would call the number back and get ‘no phone calls were made from this office or number” or some other excuse. BS Then tons of others from their area code I never got before.

    Everything the VA, unions, activist, can be found in the “The rules for Radicals” or the “Communist Manifesto.” Or books about how Marxism took over the Soviet Union and is working today in America. No need to post that fools info, but found on college campuses easily.

    I never got the chance to inquire about the old black lady that couldn’t hit a vein in blood drawl after fifteen or so attempts, lost count. Then told not to mention it by another person.

    Or another in blood drawl with five inch finger nails, metal in her face, couldn’t fit the latex gloves, Black, but I was dealing with enough stuff. Including the little Asian gal that could barely speak English and shaky nervous as hell and had me empty my pockets, while on crutches, and leave it all on a open counter top for all to see, and easily grab, while I was doing my second pee test for the day to appease her shaky ass. Other vets sitting near by thought it was all funny, not me.

    So there is a lot that can said and reported about “racism.”

    More to be said about other activist at the VA like the Marx-feminist man haters club. Then the Antifa, BLM, union militants, and many others. But I am the racist and hater. What a joke that is too.

    I think there are more irons in the fire than can be dealt with, minus a proper and thorough house cleaning and firing. No ‘affirmative action or damned “quotas.” Or turn every VA out there into housing for vets and force civilian MDs to treat us per our needs and what works. All other BS aside. Won’t happen though and all this activism has permeated or infiltrated every profession and medical office out here.




  21. Ben,
    From what I’ve read, it would seem, NOT only Google is [radically] censoring readership so is Facebook and Twitter! Also, from what I’ve read, anyone who has a “Right Wing Conservative Viewpoint”, thereby showing corruption, waste, fraud and abuse in any government agency, is also being censored and censured!
    I could be wrong, only this is being discussed by many on utube as of late!
    Only time will tell on “what” the American People can view.

    1. They are desperately trying to stuff Pandora back into her box but it’s way too late…unless you blow-up server farms…everywhere.

      What Google and others are doing USED to be called….”SCRUBBING”, a technical term for whitewashing or as in released ‘Project Bluebook’, USAF UFO investigation reports: black lines through anything of remote informational value.
      George Orwell’s “1984” would call this “Thought Crimes”, and he wrote that in 1948. At this point George Orwell is much more of a prophet with a greater tangible track record than most prophets of doom and gloomy paradise losts.

      But then again, isn’t “Group Think” a very common denominator in cults? 😀

      1. In my opinion, namnibor, the taxpayers monies VA IS receiving is nothing more than a slush fund set up to make those in Washington D.C. richer!
        They will be caught. It’s just a matter of time!
        Of course, how many MORE veterans have to die before they’re held accountable?

      2. None of them have great vision nam, They just have a script they read from, That tells the people their long term vision agenda look up
        “The Kinsey Syndrome (full movie) : Shaping the Sexual Revolution”
        on you tube this one started in the 40’s ..And Rockefeller was involved with that one also ……….Those pervert Satanists. It’s like over 2 hours long, but it will make you look at things a little different
        The blue blood cult is what it is…LOL


        By Paul McGuire
        April 14, 2014

        The Illuminati plan for World War III began with the Fabian Socialists like H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, and a vision by Albert Pike written down in 1871. The Illuminati are a secret Luciferian Elite who rule our world and have a plan to bring in a new world order through chaos or crisis. Their motto is “Order out of Chaos,” which radical Marxists, who are tools of the Illuminati, call “manufactured crisis.” In order to achieve their goal of a Luciferian New World Order or what Aleister Crowley termed the “New Aeon” they create a never ending series of crises. Their disciples move from nation to nation, strategically overwhelming all existing social, political and economic systems, causing them to break down in order to create chaos. When the chaos becomes global and threatens the very existence of Mankind, their plan calls for the establishment of a new global order.

    1. Funny stuff. Locals keep telling me to check my facts with main stream news, Google, Snopes, MoveOn, Wiki, etc. Yeah, it’s all getting to be bad jokes and totalitarianism in our face. Washington DC to local governments…. doing nothing about any of it.

      Twitter is down to about zero information and things keep disappearing on my FB page. Then FB has posts trying to tell me they are doing things for my safety or to clean up the net. Ha.

  22. I believe the AFGE Union is a “Form Of Hate”, so remove the AFGE and the “Forum Of Hate” naturally atrophies and Vets are safe again when accountability is allowed to exist again.

  23. It may be just a glitch Ben.


    Later Gator -!ii!-

    1. I get the backlash from Facebook. And I have other social enterprises companies addressing VA issues who agree with my thinking. The problem is there is no true evidence. However?

      1. my husband died. VA Loma Linda VAMC and there bad doctors, or contracted personal, privacy officer Craig Curtis, orders my husband file, because he seen that there were issues with the computerized file he was looking at there at the hospital, he said he would order the paper file a week later he called and says that the entire paper file was destroyed, we call back to speak to him again , and he has retired , and they have no record of anything we were told, and they will not look in to it. to whom ever will listen please help.

      2. delia garcia, sorry for your loss. your husbands file can’t disappear, there are steps you can take to get the entire file. I am not thinking clearly today, so I may miss a few things.

        Go the the VA your husband received his care from, and go to the privacy officer, and they can print out his entire history. If you feel there are things missing, or they are covering up due to malpractice, then contact an attorney. An attorney would be able to get everything your looking for. You or your attorney, can file a FOIA request, as well. If this attorney see’s there is wrongdoing in your husbands care, he can file a wrongful death, or malpractice lawsuit, or both.

        Others here know more about this than I do, I hope some of them respond to your plea as well. Again so sorry for your loss.

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