EHR Transition May Impact Access To ‘Abysmal’ My HealtheVet ‘Glitch Factory’

Veterans are noticing “abysmal” user experiences when accessing My HealtheVet recently. The once solid database is now a “clusterf@ck” and “glitch factory.” But why?

In just the past week, veterans provided this site with numerous reports of problems using the system, some new and some longstanding. The new login apparently does not work well with Linux or Apple. Others noted the system is an erratic “glitch factory.”

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VA told one veteran in an email, “If you’re using the Safari browser or an Apple mobile device, you may have trouble signing in right now. We’re working to fix this problem as fast as we can.”

If you have a recent experience or knowledge of what is wrong with the system right now, please help out by posting a comment below.

Here are direct quotes form veteran commenters over the last week on this site.

UPDATE: All the quotes are exact quotes, misspellings and all, except I did remove the “u” from “clusterf@ck” to protect the innocent.

Veteran Comments

Not Playing Well With Linux Or Apple

Veteran 0: Yes. Healthevet has taken a huge dump nation-wide. Used it for many years with nary a problem. Now, nada! New sign-in does not play well with Linux or Apple OS’s. Who knows how long it will take to get that clusterf@ck in working order?

My HealtheVet Is A “Glitch Factory”

Veteran 1: I have been giving VA the benefit of the doubt with Myhealthevet crap since the “program” started 8+? years ago; it has never worked for more than a few days to a few weeks. Now they just put a tweak into the name of the same old glitch factory, and force US Vets to use it for whatever.

My HealtheVet Medications “Abysmal”

Veteran 2: I have received emails concerning some kind of move to a new login process. I haven’t logged in since seeing the mention of the login. On the matter of prescriptions, however, I’d suggest you call the pharmacy at your VAMC for your needs. My experience with getting meds via myhealthevet was abysmal. I was suffering from gout and wanted the colchicine or whatever it was that my PC Phys subscribed and they sent me all my other meds but nothing for gout.

No Health Records To Download

Veteran 3: This problem seems to have invaded my access to my individual MyHealthVet access. There is a recent screen with a green button that asks me if want to try the new system. If I do not use it, I cannot access the system. If I do use the green button, it usually lets me in. However, recently it will not provide my health records. I can use the prescription refills and the secure messaging but nothing gets downloaded when I request my health notes or labs. Obviously, something is wrong. Any helpful comment will be appreciated.

VA Acknowledges Login Problem

Veteran 4: Ben, when trying to utilize the new Mhhealthevet sign in today, this is the message that appears:

“You may have trouble signing in right now. We’re sorry. If you’re using the Safari browser or an Apple mobile device, you may have trouble signing in right now. We’re working to fix this problem as fast as we can.”

I have yet to be successful in utilizing the new sign in because of this problem.

The Roseburg VA will be switching over to the new EHR on June 11th and will also switch to the new Myhealthevet.

EHR Transition Affecting Access

Veteran 5: UPDATE: this afternoon I received aN email alerting to a new message but am now forced to use the My VA Health sign in. which I was auto directed to and an email was sent to me to verify my email and a verification code was sent to me via email which was no-good but the code texted to m was good but takes you in a circle from this screen: “New: Portions of My HealtheVet Transitioning to My VA Health
Your VA health record or portions of it may be managed on My VA Health. Learn more about the steps you may need to complete in your My HealtheVet account, such as communicating with your VA health care team.”

And then to this screen: “We’re sorry. We couldn’t connect to your health record.

Please try again later.

Questions about using your My VA Health patient portal? Contact support anytime at 888-444-MYVA (888-444-6982).

What Veterans Want

Veteran 6: Time for the VA to build the MyHealtheVet system into a robust, efficient platform that every veteran who has Interweb access can use to help manage their healthcare.

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  1. after reading some neanderthal comments here, I guess I can cross out using this as a forum, but there is some good writing above the comments

  2. Crazy Elf, That Biden Administration was just a indicator of the issues YES the VA has had many issues well before the Biden Administration

    1. Oh Crazy Elf
      You are so correct. Oh my gosh for years and before even me. Crazy Elf I have witnessed the changes over the years and as years moved forward the issues became more serious. Benjamin when they speak about transparency how can they be transparent if the VA employees do not know what is going on to begin with. There are 3 layers in that agency and they are all disconnected to each other. The VA physicians just salute to the leadership and do as they say. All coming down from the top leadership who are truly disconnected. One point that has been stressed by more senior VA physicians is there are no physicians coming behind them to replace the current physicians. Yes these are exact comments from a VA physician who graduated from Medical School with Zero College debt back in the day. Benjamin this was medical school during the Reagan administration. Guess what folks? He was the opposite of both the Republicans and the Democrats who are serving today. This is what real free competitive market capitalism delivers to the people. This is the truth. Today the corporations are becoming part of the state which destroys all boundaries. This is BAD NEWS.

      1. Recent parties on both sides and government at all levels have been destroying the educational system for years. Common Core under Obama contributed to real problems with the Mathematics and Reading Scores.

  3. Everything was going great with Chrome, and in the middle of my dialogue through the secure messaging feature everything stopped working. Each time I logged in, it would immediately treat me as if I was logged out. Just going in circles. So now, if I want to use myhealthyvet or secure messaging I am forced to use Microsoft Edge, for everything else I can use Chrome. This, on top of the 3 to 6 month wait periods for my next appointments is INSANE.

    1. Benjamin
      this issue could be related to not having the IP addresses configured correctly and the security firewalls. The browsers are all different and are tailored to their security features individually. The IAM may not have correct screening when the veterans go into the system. If the specific identifiers are not exact people cannot access anything. This applies to non veterans and veterans. Benjamin I have spent more time cleaning up after these companies in relation to this technology. A lot of this has come from the companies’ human errors and too where the companies have become so focused on defrauding people. E-commerce fraud has been through the roof. When companies change hands, information is not changed over. Many times the consumers do not even know and then it is left up to the consumers to correct it. Benjamin consumers cannot access the employment in companies because they have to go through so many menus. When they finally get a real human, the human comes across at the consumers like why are you bothering me? The biggest mistake the companies and the government could ever implement is technology only. I mean without alternatives. The federal government had better be glad they have not shifted away from the big mainframes that were built back in the 60s. All bets would be off for all information if they did. Benjamin with the newer technology they change it over to abruptly. In many situations the employees are NOT trained correctly. Look at all the cyber security employees who have fired by companies. Benjamin how can anything operate efficiently if the federal government and the companies together are destroying the educational system. Because people coming from other countries are coming here on VISAs does not make them in the slightest more qualified. Because the countries are not free. When countries are not free the innovation and the problem solving goes out the window. Back in the day, inventions and innovations were not subsidized by the government. Benjamin subsidizing blocks successes across the board. I am not qualified to solve this technology problem at this time. In the last few years I have tried to update my own skill set but the intentional and unintentional negligence coming from those who want to destroy everything have thwarted my efforts. Many of them believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and it isn’t. People yes of course should strive to always do their best and do what is right. We are all created with abilities to prosper. It is not about whistle blowing on anybody. Remove the personality out of everything. Detach and just Focus on the business of the day that needs to be done.

  4. Ben, Maybe you can help with what I relay below regarding Veterans Insulin/scripts. I use Myhealthevet for numerous purposes, re-ordering prescriptions usually works well unless the Prescriptions can’t be renewed and you need to contact the local VA (Roseburg) Pharmacy. Recently there were numerous problems due to the pharmacist not reading the full text of the secure message stating not to ship right away as I would be out of town. This resulted in my receiving warm insulin sent to my P.O. Box and when I informed of this, the pharmacist just shipped more, this time home delivery. The box left on my doorstep did not state to keep refrigerated nor did it include the notice on the box (from the VA CMOP) the that reads “Attention UPS Driver One delivery attempt only if customer unavailable please return immediately” this was left on my doorstep on December 24 and I was again out of town, my neighbor retrieved the package and put it into his house unaware it contained insulin or the need to refrigerate. The insulin that was being sent to my P.O. Box contains no warnings to refrigerate or a notice to return immediately.
    My myhealthevet secure message request to be provided a tracking number when my was shipped garnered a secure message response that they would call me when it was shipped which they did not. When you try to track down with UPS where the insulin was shipped from and give them the tracking number from the package UPS will not tell you the origination address of the package. Probably one or two CMOP locations nationwide.

    The Lantus insulin is only good for 28 days once it gets warm and then must me thrown out. I should have thrown out (but saved for evidence) over 7 boxes of insulin (approximately 3 to 4 hundred bucks a box) I’m not the only Vet that has received warm insulin and some vets are not even aware of the 28 day expiration date and that you cannot just put it back in the fridge. Deborah Rogers the Roseburg VA Pharmacist that handles my diabetes is aware and said the VA is now aware of the problem. There is much more I can share about the problems with the CMOPS and the failures to provide FDA mandated warnings on the labels, and not including the FDA’s Black Box warning with prescriptions such as Lisinopril which does not include the FDA Mandated Black box warning “fetal toxicity” with the paperwork (doctors labelling and patient safety info) that accompanies the prescription. the warning “do not take if you are pregnant”
    were removed from the bottles when the CMOPs finally switched to the new labels mid 2018 after my conversation with and second letter to Congressman DeFazio.
    When pregnancy is detected, discontinue lisinopril as soon as possible [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)].
    Drugs that act directly on the renin-angiotensin system can cause injury and death to the developing fetus [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)].

    Director Allen is aware, but rather than fix the problem he put out a press release honoring Dan Neal for some fellowship award even though he lied to DeFazio in writing to bury the problem.
    Check your Prescription for Lisinopril from the VA CMOPS which distribute 80% of Vets scripts. The white plastic bags your VA prescriptions come in are from the VA CMOP, not your local VA that is printed on the return address. CMOPS do not take back prescription so they get returned to the local pharmacy. there are six or seven CMOPs nationally where the prescriptions are shipped from.

    In Roseburg, Director Paxton’s 2017 initial reply to DeFazio, Roseburg VA Pharmacist Dan Neal replied that I liked the labels with the yellow highlights. Dave Whitmer took over after that and addressed with him several times. And I raised the issue at a Roseburg VA TownHall with Allen. no response.
    I also addressed the problems which prescribing Gemfibrozil to patients with Gallstones. per the manufacturer of Lopid 600mg Gemfibrozil, you should not take this if you have gall stones. this medincrease th cholesterol in the bile of your gallbladder and locks it up leading to gallbladder surgery. I’used secure messaging to address this with Roseburg’s Patient Advocates Kara Coffland and Sarah Cranston. Roseburg’s Todd Quier also responded in a PATS Report the I was not correct about Gemfibrozil even though I had provided the manufacturers patient warnings about the drug which were not included in the Roseburg VA’s Local pharmacy paperwork about this.

    Much more I could write about VA’s Prescription Drug Failures and maybe this post will at least stop the killing of babies of lady Veterans of child bearing age who take Linsinopril. I save all of my prescription bottles and have since 2008. I have a plethora of documentation of all of my efforts here to correct VA Prescription Drug problems which include certified letters, PATS reports, emails, etc.

    There are other ways I utilize Myhealthevet secure messages in conjunction with emails and my blogposts here that get sent to Roseburg VA Kieth Allen, Veterans Reps, The patient advocates and others.

    if I have time I will write more about myhealthevet problems and successes which are more relevant to this article. I didn’t mean to write a long rant here but I am quite passionate about the prescription drug problems with the VA that affect unsuspecting Veterans.

    below is the wikipedia link about the VA CMOPS and the corruption is higlighted.

    Chicago Mike

    1. Well damn Chicago Mike, I didn’t realize you were in Oregon, I left you a message on your comment about your TBI, a couple articles back or so. Maybe you can find something similar in your area, that I posted about in Hoffman Estates. Anywho, I’m outta here. Later Gators -!ii!-

      1. Thanks for the info SOB,FJB, I shared the info you provided to Vets back East.
        I sent Ben a lot of additional info/links about TBI and the latent problems that emerge, much more than I can post here. The VA does not want to recognize the problems vets experience 30 or 40 years later and I’m glad you were successful with yourTBI claim, even after 40 years.


    2. The federal government medical supply system is just thrown away. It is true they just keep sending and sending. My statement applies to the private sector too. The federal government has it’s hands in all the healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. It is true they do not take back any pharmaceutical products of any kind. Benjamin when everything becomes more centralized this leads to disaster. In 2018, I took over 3 car trunk loads of medical supplies to the police station to be incinerated. Plus local thrift store had a nurse who was working with them who reviewed the rest of the products to determine if the products could still be used or not. Yes many of the products could still be used. So this is what happened. The products were loaded up and given or sold to people for very little. People who were strapped who needed help with those types of products. As for the Black Box listed medications the VA prescribes those to veterans all the time which is unethical. Most of these are banned in other countries. The only way the veterans would know is if they research it for themselves. The VA employees are many times or many times were not informed themselves. Benjamin working in that agency is rough because it is so politicized. Here is a comment. The system is not perfect. The employees just accept the system as it is Benjamin. How can they do that honestly and sleep at night? Well I have already mentioned the system is so large and the tyranny blocks any type of interpersonal connection that the morality just becomes non existent. Veterans are a number and that is it. The technology has added to this problem. The only solution for any veteran including me is a Conservative Congressional Representative. Ultimately the only way to improve the system is at the root of the issues.

  5. You make a initial error in your question with the Biden Administration ,The VA ,that error is you assume Democrats have a thought process, would listen or even that they give a dam. They do not care they fully believe that they are Right the are doing the best thing for themselves but not for the Country, They are not representatives of the People they are a entity unto themselves so all the questions are worthless. The People need to remove all democrats from all Federal, State, County, City governments. The best way I can think to do this is TAR and FEATHERS!

    1. #John B,
      You limited this fubar to biden’s administration. It goes back allot further. I’ve been using VHA since 1983, after honorably being discharged (under medical) from the Navy. I’ve noticed one specific thing about VA employees. They must have been taught ALL veterans – especially combat vets – are LIARS! Therefore, they do not and will not treat us with respect! That’s my opinion!
      Oh, btw, I’m considered “dual service”! I was in the Army (1964-69) prior to the Navy (1975-82) and worked for the Railroad in between! I actually was signed into the VA in 1972 or 73. That’s when they received my DD-214’s and Army medical file. I’ve seen many egregious acts committed by these so-called great employees! IMO, the medical side needs closed down and then we veterans could use civilian medical! Some vets say no to this idea. I say yes because that way we can pick who we like serving us!

    2. Hey IDIOT!!! You trash Democrats readily but FAIL to recognize that they help the people of this great country more than republican(‘t)s ever could.

      republicatholics are moochers and grifters when the are in public office. they blocked constructive legislation so nobody gets anything. they fill their pockets and we citizens go without. republicans are the epitome of pure greed!!!!! EVIL rotten monsters!!!!!

      No. I am not a Democrat. I am an Independent and have been as should be required in the military and beyond until 65 or released from military responsibility. Why, because we may be tasked as military to gun down our own citizens when ordered to do so (cannot let anyone off – even mommy and daddy and siblings) as almost happened with the trump idiot. It has been verified that trump wanted to gun down ALL of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters. That makes trump, SHITHEAD SUPREME!!!!

      1. Chill dude. I encourage you to spend five minutes on YouTube “George Carlin American Dream”. If you don’t get it, watch it again. Rinse, repeat. To quote George, “They don’t give a fuck about you, at all, at all, at all….” He didn’t pick a party. “Only the illusion that your vote counts”.

        Keep spewing hatred of lefty/righty shit. The whole idea is to keep Americans distracted with dislike for each other so we don’t collaborate and fix this shit. To quote Shakespeare, “First, we kills all the laywers” (Sorry Ben)

  6. I’ve never been able to use “MyHealtheVet” system since its inception. Even though a VA employee helped me get on it. Oh, wait, maybe that’s the problem – a VA employee was involved in getting me on it!

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