Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records: VA Sec Says Agency To Use Common Sense Fix

Electronic Health Records

Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin, MD, announced the agency will use a common sense solution to its antiquated VistA system.

Right now, there is a massive problem at every VA medical center and CBOC. Their medical records systems are difficult to manage and do not communicate with their military counterparts to allow review of both present VA medical records and military medical records.

Finding a solution has cost taxpayers billions with no solution in sight until yesterday. Yes, while video games and other systems can communicate with each other, neither the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense could find a way to cooperate.

In an announcement yesterday, Shulkin said he would adopt the same system the Department of Defense (DOD) uses so that the systems can communicate with each other.

“It’s time to move forward, and as secretary I was not willing to put this decision off any longer,” Shulkin said.

“These commercial systems don’t talk together and we need them to talk together,” said Shulkin at a White House press briefing following the announcement on Monday.

‘Why is this significant?’ you might be wondering. ‘VA spends billions all the time on software solutions. Who cares?’

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Meme from March 2013 article covering same issue.

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Electronic Health Records Fight

For more than a decade, VA has wrangled with the DOD to implement a unified electronic health records (EHR) system for its medical operations. After spending literally billions to figure out what to do, VA will now use an off-the-shelf commercial solution for the integration.

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The move closely aligns with a more common sense approach to agency computing methods. Instead of always created brand new systems for every need using contractors and federal employees, VA will now start using commercial solutions that work, hopefully.

The debate over the fate of VistA has been hotly contested for decades. Initially, VA had the infrastructure and know-how to update and maintain the EHR. But cutbacks and drawdowns within VA under Bill Clinton resulted in an outstripping of the institutional knowledge. Now, the agency is wholly reliant on the private sector for a variety of projects including the majority of information technology initiatives.

“This is one of the biggest wins for veterans in decades,” said President Donald Trump in a statement yesterday after announcing privatization of air traffic controllers.

President Trump lauded the announcement as move to improve access and efficiency for veterans transitioning from the military to VA.

Shulkin indicated VA will avoid the competitive bidding process since DOD is already using a vendor and opening up the bid would create a two-year lag before a decision is made.

Instead, the secretary said his goal is full implementation within the next 3-6 months.

Possible Benefit To Veterans

As an attorney, I am onboard with this move so long as the new system is easy for veterans and outsiders to read when reviewing the records.

Presently, VA’s system is incredibly redundant, and it takes medical experts far longer to review when compared to standard commercial EHR solutions.

Community care providers not training in VistA tend to struggle to review the medical records veterans submit to them for review when seeking non-VA care. Hopefully, the new EHR solution will be better.

Fingers crossed.

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/va-secretary-shulkin-unveils-new-electronic-health-record-system/

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  1. The VA has some slick AFGE Employees that work for them. The VA is one Cov-fe-fe of many Clusterfucks. Many of the VA’s Executive Leadership, Mid-Management, and Managers (Supervisors) have their degrees from Circle Jerk of the Day University. Their school of thought is based on Cluster Fucking. Even when many AGFE Employees are determining the fate and welfare of a VA BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and not taking into any consideration on what the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) disagrees about their medical or behavioral health care the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) receives from the VA.

    The VA offers no input to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) if there is a disagreement on the manner of treatment of care. At this point, at my local VA, I question their standard tof care in General Practice of Medicine, Pain Management, and Behavioral Health Services that the VA has not been much help at critical times when a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) is overwhelmed with behavioral stuff.

    I’m a little scatter brained, and sometimes I don’t like when I feel this way. But today for some reason, I feel different. If I find away to bring embarrassing spot light on the VA, I’m going to do it.

    From personal experience, I don’t agree with the VA Treatment program that was made in a meeting when I was not physically able to attend. But they didn’t say exactly what they were going to do. Plus, there is no way of feedback to basically change the medical order in what these reckless people want to do.

  2. Here is one that is truly problematic.

    Shulkin wants to replace the Veterans Choice Program with something titled the Veterans Coordinated Access and Rewarding Experiences Program, (CARE) program. The new program removes the 40 miles or 30 day rules and also removes the word Choice.

    Under Shulkin’s CARE program Veterans would only receive outside care determined by a acting VA PCP recommendation. They would no longer have the 40 miles or 30 day reasons for being eligible for the Choice program.

    In other words “Fucked Again”.

    Oh and of course the VSOs are all behind Shulkin on this one.

    “Vet groups endorse VA’s call to replace ‘choice’ with ‘care’ plan”

    Read more here: “https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article155064024.html#storylink=cpy”

    1. “Rewarding Experiences Access Program” (REAP) And we KNOW it will NOT be Veterans REAPing those “rewards”, it will be some Fat Rat Bastard skimming “ghost contracts” $$$.

  3. “Another contractor indicted in St. Louis VA supervisor kickback scheme”
    By Robert Patrick St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    1 hr ago

    “ST. LOUIS • Another contractor who worked at the John Cochran Veterans Administration Medical Center in St. Louis has been indicted on a federal conspiracy charge and accused of paying kickbacks to a former supervisor.

    Jeramy Wegman, 38, was indicted in U.S. District Court in St. Louis Wednesday. The indictment, made public Thursday, accuses Wegman of paying former HVAC shop foreman Tony Pedretti $1,500 for every two contracts he won. Each contract was typically worth under $2,500, the amount Pedretti could grant without supervisory approval, the indictment says. About half of the contracts were “ghost work,” which were never completed, it says.

    From Feb. 1, 2014, to April 30, 2015, Wegman earned $181,673.93 from VA contracts, the indictment says.

    Full article at: “https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/another-contractor-indicted-in-st-louis-va-supervisor-kickback-scheme/article_5fca8a84-2281-5d49-bc1b-05899880aef3.html”

    1. “Former St. Louis VA supervisor admits kickback scheme”
      By Robert Patrick St. Louis Post-Dispatch
      May 23, 2017

      “ST. LOUIS • A former supervisor at the John Cochran Veterans Administration Medical Center in St. Louis pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge Tuesday and admitted taking kickbacks for steering about $270,000 in work to co-conspirators, prosecutors said.

      Tony Pedretti, 43, now of Whiting, Ind., was the HVAC foreman at the time, with the authority to agree to contracts of up to $2,500 without approval, prosecutors said.

      Prosecutors say Pedretti worked with outside contractors Scott Geary and Geary’s stepson, David Graham.

      Between Oct. 19, 2012, and April 9, 2015, Geary worked as a contractor and was also a VA employee for part of the time, prosecutors said. Geary recruited Graham, who then kicked money back to both Pedretti and Geary from April 1, 2014, to April 20, 2015, prosecutors said.

      “In all, prosecutors said about $270,000 worth of work went to Pedretti’s co-conspirators.”

      Full article at: “https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/former-st-louis-va-supervisor-admits-kickback-scheme/article_c5a11d8a-da9e-5396-ba49-fe0e7553bb09.html”

      1. “Indiana Man Pleads Guilty to Charges Relating to a Kickback Scheme at the John Cochran VA Center”


        Must have been part of the VA employee self bonus program.

      2. @Seymore Klearly- And one might ask just HOW massive VA projects go massively over-budget such as the Aurora Colorado VAMC Black Hole?

        That’s a LOT of “ghost contracts” and if that’s only at -1- VAMC in St. Louis, you can BET and COUNT on that # to be exponentially insanely multiplied.

        $181,000.+ sure would’ve helped a lot of Homeless Veterans or someone other than themselves at the fat farm. Fat Rat Bastards! (yeah, I’m eyeing you AFGE little Cox).

        Will DOJ actually do anything? OSC? VAOIG come in and go “HurrUMph, we recommend blah, blah, ba, blah”?!!!!!!!?

  4. words are really spells………”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE3zdcehe-g”……..deceptive-language-hidden-meanings”…….so watch your spell-ing…LOL

  5. “https://rielpolitik.com/2017/06/08/big-pharma-10-monumentally-false-claims-made-by-conventional-medicine-about-healt”

  6. The first song from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer was “What a lucky man he was.” When I found my best buddy in the bathroom hallway already passed away. He was my father.” And I wish that my family was as tight as a friends of mine family is. They stick up for each other and are always there in times of need. Our family use to do that. Not anymore ever since Grand Mom R passed away. And now that my cousin is now older, when my cousin passes away, things will really be different. Many times, I miss my youthful years. – – – Nutter.

    1. @ANuttterVet

      Let me offer you some advice. VA has pumped enormous resource into medicating and treating me and by my estimation that makes me qualified to give world class advice…

      The concept in he military is IFF. Identification Friend or Foe. I try to apply this to my thinking when I can.

      I find that it is best to remember things and laugh and do this up until the moment that a single regret of things, present, or future enters my thoughts. Then I stop remembering and eat a donut. Pancakes will do in a pinch. Start recording new memories at the first bite and remember those instead.

      Computers call it efficient memory allocation and usage. For me, I call it sanity. VA calls it behavior modification therapy. My civilian therapist calls it a “stop thought” decision and suggests even saying aloud and softly, “stop thought” the moment they turn away from an “I’m just fine” kind of moment.

      The above part was paid for by the American taxpayer for me to learn. I boiled it down to ten words, which for me is something of a miracle but the one word version, “God”, is harder to explain somehow;

      No Fear, No shame, No regrets, Choose life, and Semper Fi; These five two word phrases capture the sum of my spiritual foundation. May you find the memories that make you smile and get old enough to forget the ones that do not, my friend.

    2. “those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end”………………….

  7. Oh boy!
    Shulkin offers first glimpse at new VA Choice plan


    “community care if they live more than 40 miles away from VA medical facility or if the wait time for care is 30 days or longer.” Damn liars.

  8. Lets Talk Poo – – – Well all I can tell you is this, that the texture and color of my poo is getting normalized. It was at one point slight had a orange tint to it. Boy it todays Political Mud Throwing, I was getting concerned. That Poop Chart that is all over online is very simple. I was looking for images that showed good color plates with possible reasons for the different colors. But that is lacking online.

    @Namnibor – – – Yes, I do sour kraut, BRAT diet. And hey, hang in there it takes time to manage. You’ll never forget certain things, and you’ll always find ways to manage them in your life to. – – – Nutter Original.

    @OLDMARINE – – – The only cheese that I’ve been eating is a low fat small production Italian cheese. I only ate the cheese because my wife bought it. I usually eat black beans, humus, lima beans, white beans. Cabot has cheese with cultures you mentioned? That’s great. I had a butter that was specifically cultured and it was really good. Forgot the name of it, ice cream to. I know, there’s stuffs in that stuff to that isn’t no good for ya.

    This constipation and irritable bowel is a big thing in our county. Since I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies, beans, humus, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EVOO is excellent for you, contains less fat than coconut oil, and since EVOO is fluid compared to coconut oil, it is most likely less sticky to your arteries.

    I have spent a lot of time observing my poo. Outside appearance is one thing, but you need to put on disposable gloves and rug your hand through you poop. You can tell if it is oily, has mucus on the inside, and possibly see strings of yeast, Candida albacans, in your poop.

    My wife and I have been looking into home remedies for constipation and IBS. Of course there are different kinds of IBS. These home remedies tend to be short lived. But I’ve found some relief to since I’ve been taking massive doses of 32 strains and 85 million Colony Forming Units [CFU’s].

    I will say this, my digestive tract acts and feels better with less sugar, white bread, dense meat, pastries, cookies, and ice cream. And, I’ve done more to help myself compared to the VA helping me. Gotta go, need to get ready for an appointment. Chat later. – – – Nutter.

    1. ANutterVet ………….u need to watch this on u tube its kind of long but worth it
      “The Greatest American Lies – The Oiling of America and Heart Disease

      1. @Seymore Klearly – – – Sure am. Don’t like being told what medications that I will be given for chronic pain and PTSD. VA has messed up on almost every area in my treatment from the VA, no monitoring of In-Home VA Paid for Physical Therapy treatment. My PT In-Home Person (Instructor) discharged me because there are no more exercises to show me. Not, because I’m physically well enough to do things on my own, or even with assistance. My endurance and stamina needs to worked on.

        I’m not healthy enough, nor do I agree with a mode of treatment that the VA is trying to push on me against my will. I feel like and taking it to heart to protect myself, that the VA is my enemy.

        @Seymore, look, even though I’m a Investigative Research Biologist, it is out of the norm for me to list a bunch of research papers when making an argument about something. But when it comes to the VA, I’ve scrutinized them over and over, and my final conclusion is that they are an enemy against my life, recovery, and my health.

        Both my ex-Physical Therapy Trainer and my current Specialist Nurse, believe that I’m not up to par in strength, endurance, and stamina to go outside at this time, but only for assisted outside exercising.

        I feel extremely violated by a fucking uncaring and unaccountable Federal Agency, that has always showed a resistance of input from BENEFICIARY (Veteran) has to say about their medical treatment.

        Got to go Seymore, a lot of stuffs happening.

  9. Nam, that is some horrible stuff. A guy I know stops by at times and has that. He passes an amazing about of blood with his due to inner hemorrhoids I think he explained it. Been doing it for years and his GI doc said not to worry about it. foreign civilian MD he has. That just doesn’t seem right to me given the colon cancer issues and signs.

    When contracting a pharmacist’s daughter I worked for couldn’t leave the house at all. Poor woman. Had to be tutored, couldn’t go to school, no work, and never dated until in her thirties last time I talked to her father. Said she finally found some relief and know how.

    I think I’ll just hopefully (knock on wood) (short prayer) stick to what I am accustomed to. Thinking about trying to deal with others issues like dealing with this is just too much more complicated and harmful.

  10. Is anyone else incredibly tired of this FBI Comey Lifetime Drama dominating the news? You’d almost think we were not in active wars or anything at all these days in the USA.

    Meanwhile we have a petulant child leader of North Korea launching all kinds of rockets and will not cease until the petulant child actually has a rogue missile hit a ship or surrounding countries and island nations.

    Meanwhile, we have ISIS launching attacks on Iraq’s capital city first time.

    Is anyone paying any attention? This FBI PROBE seems like a surreal Lifetime Drama Show and it also smells of a smokescreen for whatever else is really going on. (more of a cockblock to any of Pres. Trump’s actual draining of swamp, is my suspicion)



      1. Ahh the good ol’ days. ELP, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly. I better quit or I am gong to weep. lol

      2. T humble pie……I Don’t Need No Doctor (Live At The Fillmore East/1971)

    2. @namnibor: I agree. You should have seen what I deleted, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh I would have been banned fo shoooooooooore!!!!!!

      1. yes, Well you are right on, and this stinking left wing overflowing of the septic tank will continue until the “health department” shuts it down. But it may be way too late, Always wait until they bomb Pearl Harbor……………………………………………………………………………………

    3. Getting very tired of the soap opera. I just wonder who has been writing the scripts for the whole melodrama. Didn’t they already have a soap called “As the World Turns”.

    4. If you think back to what Watergate was not, What the Democrats did caused this country to NEVER, EVER, BE RELIED UPON TO KEEP ITS WORD AND STAND BEHIND ITS SUPPORT OF ANOTHER COUNTRY. Nixon could have ended the war if not for all of the mini violations that the Dems turned into big piles of shit. So millions of Vietnamese died. Many Marines died because of the Democrats.
      What they are doing now is a repeat of what they did during Watergate. And the people want to see a horror show without regard to the consequences. That’s why you feel when the Repubs are in charge they are adults and when the Dems are in charge they are children who have never been loved with discipline.

  11. Beta-testing update of morning testing of terminal velocity brown matter onto new “VA Scat Mats”:

    1)Every VA fraudster’s face even has the ability to somehow deflect brown matter splats on the VA Scat Mats.

    2)Space X and NASA are very interested in the VA Scat Mats now for an entirely different use and that would be to replace the ceramic reentry tile on reusable spacecraft with VA Scat Mats.
    a) Graves & Helman’s faces in particular are better than 4 inches of Teflon.
    b) More testing required.

    1. @Namnibor – – – More testing? Dam, we gave you everything you wanted.

  12. Ahem, not my day, meant my Dad. dang it sitting too long and got rigor, and brain farts.

  13. Found that colon clean machine info for ya.

  14. Man, things are so bad on my end with the VA, that they don’t even want to participate in with me in getting my poop in good form and texture. Not many people really think about their poop and wonder how to get it to look good.

    Well, this is exactly what I’m doing, is to get my shit in order, literally. Because I believe, which VA never discussed even to this day, that the long term use of opiates can cause microbial dysbiosis, or some form or the other an imbalance in the small, large, rectum, or the colon part(s) of the digestive tract.

    1. Nutter, I really feel for ya man. If you caught what I wrote about this issue, it is NOT fun. My top no-go time is just past 30 days straight. Having to drink liquid supplements I got on my own because I was so blotted and miserable. The VA does little but stool softeners and laxatives, if that Ducolax mainly. Or wait till you become so impacted surgery is required and a bottom side surgical/manual digging out removal of said fecal matter. Not fun. For some reason I know a lot of people with these issues, without pain meds, and have had those procedures about, like my day, or have waited and died off from it. Bowel ruptures, severe impaction leading to their demise.

      First, see if it actually is the pain meds or possible anti-depressants or variants. Anti-depressants like with seniors in nursing homes was my primary enemy. Like being immobile a lot of the time.

      Two. Spinal issues: Just like when I was young and viral, my old spine today has more moves than a monkey can do on a hundred foot of grapevine. Chiropractor showing me a chart where the spine, nerves, problems, can create organ issues like with the bowel system. I think they focus on this more in Far East medicine. My lower disks can slide out making me walk crooked and funny, kinda sideways, to falling and cannot go potty. ( I had to get a Medic Alert) Besides that difficulty is trying to sit down on a taller potty I ordered. From top to bottom I deal with various issues when a disk slips or I have to get on neck traction.

      My Chiro left the state, he got sick of it and the games.

      Three. Soapy in-eeeee-mas or Fleets for the lower system. Sorry, I attempt sick stupid humor in dire situations or in pain. Or you can, for a price, find one of those spa places that can hook up a clean out and rinse machine that can near completely get you washed out just like at the car wash. Do not attempt the car wash trick, too powerful and will blow your poop sack up around the nasal hocky box facial region. That’s without pulling the trigger for full flow. Oops, my mistake, full pressure mode by accident. Damned arthritis and nerves. Emergency use only for clean up on the road. (would have to travel to the VA with a full camp site in my truck for emergencies, including pop up privy and those special buckets and liners. We older gents can’t get far enough away from the road way in time…and to appease the public and police.

      Contingency plan B: Enema floats, and oral therapies. I got more results from using a “Inversion Table.” At times, just depends on special occasions or situations. Helps with my spine compression, and sloshes my E-floats and other liquid therapies around in there. Dark fermented harder stuff you are probably dealing with will take multiple series of fun on the Inversion table. Disclaimer: If you have bad shoulders and elbows, put the extension strap on inversion table for safety and fit. Go too far, stuck in upside down mode, and getting back vertical is horrible. And having a bad neck and back. Especially after doing a large in-eeeeeeeee-ma-God.

      Suppositories: But only seemed to function around and near inner anal passage unit for me. Used to make me blast in my youth with such needs, not today.

      Heavy Mineral Oil… Food grade, at the pharmacy or can be bought in five or 55 gal drums online.
      Castor Oil.
      Colon conditioners like “Oxy-Cleanse.” Just like with herbs (listed online) such things work temporarily but fails as time goes on. So some times I have to do a bounce around method so as not to get accustomed to one thing. Or deal with the old higher tolerance issues, feeling the need, or have to use more. Not good.
      Probiotics: Get the good ones with a lot of useful multi-tract bacteria. Worth a try.
      Diet: May have to change. Didn’t help me much. Avoid dry food stuffs like breads, cheese if it hangs-up, heavy meats, etc.
      Some salts, Epsom: Draws moisture to the intestines. Use caution, Disclaimer: check with physician. If they don’t know what a anal passage is, misery of chronic constipation, or what a turd is supposed to look like, or where it comes from. If not change MDs.

      Push fluids: Not 100 proof, juices, clean water, green tea, teas for pooping, etc. Tea laxatives can also be used in in-eee-mas.
      Ahem, not the ornery ones. Massages, vibrators, with or without heat: I have and use fancy ones with heat and high energy. On my belly not on my youthful sex appeal thing, turned urine spout unit. Old styled hot water bottles may help comfort too. Homedics has a long handled, infra red, long handled unit with a double thumping head that works well enough for me when needed. Not the one with the single bulb, but the two bubble headed style. Great helper for us single rascals.

      Rhubarb, greens, flax seed, don’t over do the fiber, pre moistened disposable wash cloths are fantastic for general clean up and seepage from …. yeah. Or unable to hit the shower or tub on occasions. Super if we can’t afford a toilet-like device that washes the external genitals and anus is known as them thar bidet. Known also as small pet showers, children’s water fonts, for cheap thrills with cold well water, water sports, etc.

      About time to try to do some early missing the heat animal and yard duties. I hope I gave you some ideas and help.
      Try to enjoy the day all!

      1. @T – – – Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve been doing a separate thing of trying to get my digestive tract running without taking stool softeners or senna. So far not to bad, I’m going without them both. Heavy liquids, inulin, 32 different strains, 85 Million Colony Forming Units [CFU’s], a lot of strawberries, blueberries, humus, black beans, banana, low fat cheese, salmon, eat less of dense meats (steak, pork, some chicken). So far, I’ve got movement. Thought I had a sleepy colon, so I said to my self, “Ya gotta getter movin, ya gotta getter movin. The VA don’t help, by the way. – – – Nutter.

      2. ANutterVet ……..CHEESE………. Many have super long ingredient lists.
        Most brands employ texturizing ingredients like carrageenan (steer clear if you have any type of inflammatory digestive disease, as research shows this additive can exacerbate them). There are also preservatives and natural flavors, which can top as many as 15 ingredients for some brands. (Compare that to run-of-the-mill Cabot sharp cheddar, which has only four ingredients: pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, and enzymes.

      3. You are more than welcome Nutter.

        Nam, LOL. “terminal velocity brown matter” I wish I could have cut loose while over there at times. It may have created a record for medical journals and severe file flagging, and a forcible trip to the Thorazine Shuffle ward. Though I wouldn’t want to harm other vets or prevent any oxygen intake due to a toxic aroma.

      4. ANutterVet……………….another thing is if you don’t move it wont move

      5. @ANutterVet- Do not underestimate the power of sauerkraut. It was recommended by private Gastro Specialists after the VA gave me a kick ass case of C-DIFF years ago.

        Sauerkraut has fermenting enzymes and bacteria that are VERY GOOD for the gut and would try that as well.

        You more than likely know this already with your background but I have to say it: You CAN have such a thing as an OVERABUNDANCE of BAD bacteria as well, which usually would not have you impacted, but polar opposite: veterinarian term on the farm was called SCOURS with the cows. Not pretty.

        Also, look-up the commonly given diet by Gastro Specialists for gut stuff when going on called The BRAT Diet: (it’s bland on purpose) Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, & Toast (no butter or anything on toast).
        This diet helps your gut reset and is pretty neutral.
        Good luck and hope everything comes out all right. 🙂

      6. namnibor………from real people with the same problem.I get my best tips from blogs like this…..”https://patient.info/forums/discuss/do-parasites-cause-autoimmune-diseases–39892?page=1″…………………….and you should look into Diatomaceous Earth

      7. Bentonite clay can also be used for some conditions. Many uses for that and Diatomaceous Earth in the home helps or in the garden. A lot of barn yard and human cures or helps have been dumped down the memory hole due to big medicine and big pharma, the AMA, etec.

        Colloidal silver is another one people were scared off of using. So was the very old use of H2O2 food grade of course. High percentage.. dang it messed myself up in the yard. Brain lock. oh hell. Rocket fuel. Dang it the stuff is watered down so as to be taken internally. Its also a process used in some places for COPD with good results if used in time.

        Pardon trying motivate and keep the mind distracted.

        In my younger days a old farmer had a veterinarian pal that told him he had to destroy his entire flock of turkey, chickens over some dang disease that made them look swollen and ugly as hell. Can’t remember the name of it. He said nope. Separated the sick foul and started with a H2o2 mix, electrolytes, and something else. Cured the sick flock and veterinarian couldn’t believe it. Took tests, came back clean. Impossible the vet said. Said he had never seen anything like it. Then come to find out the farmer drank this stuff for years, like others did, plus did his daily and yearly doses of his spring tonics and the like, and doing stuff like every morning stuff with vinegar with mother, lemon juice, etc. I have it some notes somewhere boxed up. He also always planted his crops according to the moon signs. I wish those old timers were still around. Not many like that around now days to pick their brains. Well they are all gone now.

      8. Yep all good stuff T…now all we have to do is get namnibor to try it….LOL

      9. I would love even just -1- day of being constipated. Living with chronic IBS and more is absolutely no fun because all I have to do is move my eyelid to give me the urge to test-out a VA Scat Mat.
        Mine is related to a few things, namely PTSD/Anxiety, Infectious Disease, side effects from meds that have a huge amount of side effects.
        Have to strategically plan ANY going out of house to shop, etc., due to the chronic urge to poo,
        Nerves really mess my system up. I deal with most things after the fact and always have the tenacity and strength to endure anything while it’s taking place….so right now, a month after my dad’s funeral and all the fucking family drama also endured and enduring currently, my VA Scat Mats may get worn out.

      10. namnibor……………this might help you out……..”https://drhyman.com/blog/2010/09/16/5-simple-steps-to-cure-ibs-without-drugs”

      11. Forgot about the GI rice and banna thing, and about mom’s homemade sauerkraut

        Also forgot about the antibiotics issues. Just as bad as anti-depressants on me. I have had some artificial joints since the seventies. Dental work or surgeries requires a week or 3 days before I had to do a course of them, and 3 to 10 days after. VA said no, others there said yes absolutely. So I would tell them I am not changing something I have done over my life time. And to recently never heard so many contradictions about it. So I stick with what a podiatry hospital and their surgeons have repeatedly told me to never forget to do.

        One course of ten days or so will leave me a mess for months regardless of what I do. Wasn’t until later in life I was informed why anti-biotics do what they do to my system in destroying the good with the bad bugs all the way through the system.

    2. Even Dr. Oz was concerned about “poop” But the only “poop” about which the VA is concerned is the bullshit which keeps on flowing out of the mouths of the boobcrats.

      1. Hence the natural attraction of the VA to scam companies such as “Flow Health”. Anything to keep the bullshit flowing from the meatgrinder.

        Said it before: The USA could generate all the electricity we need and then some by placing generator turbines on the VA”s bullshit exit flow. Would have to replace the titanium bearings often.

        Maybe with the new found nexus of VA and DoD, the Army Core of Engineers can make that happen if the AFGE is going to stick around?

  15. If the FBI was required to thoroughly investigate the VA, well this would create about 10k jobs to help monitor the VA’s activities in different areas of the VA’s Pharmaceutical Network of Controlled Substances. Objective is to closely monitor the transport of Controlled Substances.

    After the FBI tidies up after finding the areas where the VA is losing money, then the FBI can sign on for more investigative inter-workings, with-in the intra-departmental aspects of the VA’s functional and transactional changes, that can be logged or set into a reporting format to keep account of “the things” that you want to monitor, control, and manage in what ever part in the VA Webbed Networks of Lost Monies.

    No one knows what could be identified in the VA Operational Point of View. The other said thing is that the VA Leadership has no zeal or ideal to keep up with the “Zero Tolerance” for drugs. The VA is truly lacking in this area.

    Most likely, if all of the VA’s transactions or transporting of Controlled Substances can easily put a control or two into effect. Each transportation leg of delivering Controlled Substances should be accounted for. If there any issues, then in this manner, things may be easily tracked and monitored by keeping account of the transport of Controlled Substances.

  16. The VA is also very good at writing letters back to you (the BENEFICIARY- Veteran) about any changes. You must read every sentence, hopefully there will be some sort of flow, but if not, you do your best in responding back to any of the VA’s letters in order to understand the information or topic at hand.’

    Recently, I went to the VA Patient Advocate (PA), and there were no VSO’s available. At this impromptu meeting, I informed the PA that my VA PCP is dangerous to my health as well as the Pharmacy Department at the – – – blank VA Hospital – – – , is also at fault for not picking up or somehow flagging a major drop in a monthly dosage. Then Pharmacy showed no concern, the Pharmacy staff was only interested in attending to the line instead of a life threatening concern.

    The VA Master Plan is to get you taking medications in which you, the BENEFICIARY (Veteran), doesn’t agree on taking in order to treat certain ailments. BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) should always be able to speak their concerns and to take them into the medical treatment received from the VA Medical System. The VA has run amuck in many managing aspects of operation.

    There are more than likely hundreds of Millions of Dollars that is unaccounted for within the VA, due to some unknown reason or explanation. The VA hasn’t even mentioned how they do or don’t control and manage the flow of Controlled Substances that go through the VA’s Pharmaceutical Networks of Distribution. The VA admits that they don’t even know where to start to figure out how to help stop the theft of Controlled Substances through the VA Distribution of Pharmaceuticals.

    The VA needs to be investigated by the VA in the areas that the VA believes there are problems, and then the areas where others believe that the VA should be investigated. These areas should be the first priority into looking into to determine anything that needs to be changed.

  17. Not saying that it can’t be done, nor am I the one to take on the task, of changing the VA in a major way to try our best to make things work out in favor of the BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). A BENEFICIARY (Veteran) shouldn’t have to fight with a Federal Agency, the VA, in order that the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) can obtain help from.

    To me, the VA misses the mark in treating BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) every time when the VA Medical Staff uses the Evidence-Based, or Experience-Based Medicine [EBM] Modules of Treatment. I have found that the EBM is lacking in taking into consideration of what the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) has to say. It makes the treating party feel disconnected to their medical care.

    The VA Systems of Networks would keep the FBI very busy. The sad thing is though, the VA wouldn’t be able to tell the FBI where to start. Read the past 2 or 3 articles of Ben’s. VA Officers admitted that the issue of theft of Controlled Substances. VA Leadership has no idea of what to do or where to find it.

    Bottom Line- When monies are held unaccountable, there will always be some corruption or mischief that is going on. The problem with the VA is that it is one big monster. The VA Management don’t even know where there troubled business areas are located, nonetheless, what to do to solve a problem.

    And the Problem- The theft of Controlled Substances within the VA Pharmaceutical Network. This is only one major problem that the VA faces. Its a mess folks, expect more of Ben’s articles on the topic in the near future. Good luck Ben. These people need their ass whipped about some.

    I have so much anger that I’m holding in. After I add every thing up, I lose. Straight and simple. VA Leadership and other oversees should be ashamed of themselves for not monitoring transactions, and that if these were the same products that were lost in the Private Sector, they’d be tracked and monitored very quickly.

    May as well kick this up a little. I’m going to request my Nurse in my VA Team to call me at a specific time, or in a specified time frame. I hope this VA issue gets solved, but I see a continuance always in the favor of the VA. Its about time that the tide changes.

    Only condition, that that American public is first educated in knowing more things about BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). Heads up, and as y’all know, when you add it all up the VA sucks, but I’ll tell you, nothing can beat the good pride that is in some good people, whether their in my Team or not, when someone renders aid or not, Doesn’t matter, no big deal, as long as their not against us.

    I read and heard about way to many stories of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) being really screwed over, especially the VA in involved, you don’t know how to or you just can’t trust VSO’s. And any other Federal or State Agency’s bullshit that BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) need to go through. The BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) are beneficiary’s of the VA’s Federally allotted monies.

    VA is an everlasting pest if they have something that you need or require. VA has been none to use this need as a carrot would lead a donkey. That is cruel, and this type of medical treatment is unacceptable. But, wait, why am I complaining, when the VA is under this Federal Umbrella, and the VA’s Physicians or Licensed Medical Staff are also under this Federal Umbrella.

    We need to share with each other on what makes the VA WORK IN YOUR FAVOR. The whole process in dealing with the VA can be overwhelming. I’m trying to get local help, but resources are short even though there may be many outreaches.

    In conclusion, I shall know in a few days if I’m going to have a battle with the VA or not. My In-Home Nurse, has even voiced her concern over how treatment is monitored or what is in need. The VA can create more covfefe’s (clusterfucks?) into the mix.

    I can tell you this, again, being a biologist that has an extensive biomedical research background, the VA is a vicious monster, and the VA should be investigated by the FBI. The VA is out of control, it has to be when there are no accountabilities set in place.

    End my way to Rant. Peace, and ~~~ gurgle ~~~

    1. Aaaamen.
      I have frequently reminded the VA bureaucrats : Hey, you work for me, I don’t work for you! Now say that again, a little more respectfully and slowly

  18. @T – – – Shit! Damn pain fogs the mind – – – Left out the “wrap up”. There is a corollary between being racist, and being an AFGE/VA employee that hate veterans and treat them like shit. Sorry pain too much. Can’t get it out now.

    Later maybe.

    1. Understood. I am dealing with the same after some light yard work and trying to keep the Topix issue going since the town and councilmen keep having the thread about communism and etc., down. Too many irons in the fire.

  19. “American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox, whose union represents many VA employees, called the bill “a bad piece of legislation” that “creates many problems.”

    1. @T – – – If Little Greedmeister David J. Cox does not like the bill, then it MUST be a good thing for veterans as a whole.

      1. Yes true. The ‘act’ sounds good but application or enforcement would not be engraved in stone, or easy for the whistle-blower at all. It’s like in Indiana, if THEY want you out or damaged is some way, silenced, it will happen. Corruption is too vast full circle and it pays well for the crooks and creeps, while earning them big points for destroying a do-gooder or well meaning person.

        To drain the swamp in states like this one is to find yourself neck deep in gators and sinking fast. Unless they eat you and spit unwanted parts out first.

      2. @T – – – Don’t I well know that. Honolulu is pretty much the same, but at a much higher cost of living. Spark Matsunaga facility which was rated one star in 2015, now has a 2 star rating with “Greatly Improved” as the commentary. Still, 2 out of 5 stars is not exactly a stellar recommendation. And the VBA side is much worse than the VHA side.

        I grew up in St. Louis in the 1960’s in a multi-cultural, multi-racial family. Never quite understood racial discrimination – – – always thought it was stupid. NOBODY EVER got to choose the color of their skin, so why make such a big deal out of it?

        But I will say, that living in Hawaii has given me a real appreciation as to some of my Americans of African descent friends struggles back then. Cause Racial Discrimination is certainly alive and well here. They are just less honest about it over here than other places.

        Time for a few tokes for pain relief, then a few hours nap. Lots of Administratium to accomplish later this evening.

  20. @figure8fan, I read that. It’s sickening to me. How is anyone going to DRAIN THE SWAMP? God Bless our President…

  21. While I was at the Indy VAMC today, I noticed a card on the nurse’s desk which read Federal Employees Benefit Association. I looked it up and this is what I found:
    About FEBA
    FEBA was established to offer federal, postal and DC government employees supplemental financial and insurance products customized to meet their individual needs. We specialize in providing access to enhanced insurance benefit programs to government workers throughout the United States. As a government employee and FEBA member you are eligible for certain supplemental benefit plans that are not available to the general public.
    Our Benefit Advisors have extensive knowledge of the federal government employee benefit package. For over 30 years, we have counseled government workers in their selection of supplemental insurance products. We specialize in providing disability income protection, life and critical illness insurance products custom designed for government employees and their families.

    This is the mission statement:
    Mission Statement
    To educate federal, postal and DC government employees about their government sponsored benefits and to fill the gaps resulting from the shortcomings of their existing benefits.
    To offer high quality insurance and financial products that supplement and/or replace the benefits offered by the federal government.
    To offer FEBA members the Working Advantage discount network program 100% free of charge. This is a premier turnkey solution that offers members discounts on entertainment tickets, online shopping and so much more!
    To provide FEBA members the Healthcare Alliance pharmacy card at no cost. This card provides discounts of up to 75% (and an average of nearly 50%) on full-price prescription medications.
    The site link is below. They have all kinds of things, like discount tickets to Disney World. All of this for only $49.95 This is also their retirement package. It looks like a very nice deal.

    FEBA site:

    Employee Benefit Advisors: This is for their retirement package.

    1. Isn’t that a pisser.

      You can probably bet that info like that, like the SEIU ( proud members of the AFL/CIO globalist Trumpka fans) posters that were up in elevators and around a few years back, may not be so publically exposed much longer.


      Think that “act” will cause any change in Indiana’s, or other states, vast amounts of secrecy, cover-ups, retaliation from all directions in or out of the VA, corruption on any level, or make good people feel comfortable enough to expose the myriad of issues?

      Equal Employment Opportunities… for many a failure.
      Age discrimination…fail.
      Constitutional rights and protections… big fail.
      Due Process of Law… big big joke and fail.
      Freedom of Speech or safety going to corrupt town hall meetings…big big big fail and propaganda.
      Disability protections, laws…. big fail for many. And on it goes.
      The grand American Experiment. Total failure on many levels.

      Hope you at least got some good news or made some progress.

  22. @91Veteran: Off topic: 91, Last supplemental, summary. VA double charged for SC injuries, one charge billed as “N. Chicago VAMC”, and the same duplicate charge billed as “James A. Lovell FHCF”…… IT’S THE SAME FUCKING PLACE!!!!!
    Time we get together and file a class action suit against this criminal empire!!!

    1. @cj so there is double billing using different names, but each one of the names is the same place. Who is double billing who?

      1. @ANutterVet: The VA is double billing my medicare, supplemental insurance, that I pay for, for service connected injuries, that I am not supposed to be charged for. They billed out over 600.00 for a single PCP visit. My own private PCP charges nowhere near that amount. No fucking way is a non English speaking jackass, employed by the fucking VA worth 2400.00 per hour.

  23. VA never stops with its movements of medical orders that will harm BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). They’re ruthless, non-personable, I find the VA to be appalling. The FBI needs to investigate the Veterans Administration (VA). And fast, before one day, someone is going to clean up . . .

  24. A win for veterans today was reported regarding marijuanna. Congress has passed the behemoth budget package. Our representatives in the capitol added one condition for the money that the Dept. Of Justice;

    “None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used, with respect to any of the States of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, or with respect to the District of Columbia, Guam, or Puerto Rico, to prevent any of them from implementing their own laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

    I am certain of the effecacy of marijuanna to treat PTSD symptoms in vets. This is a win for vets.
    This is how America is supposed to work – we elect giant assholes to go to Washington DC who proceed to tell We The People that we are all immoral pricks that need to be tossed in jail. Then Congress tells them that if they try to do that then they won’t get paid. This sounds also like a common sense solution short of nailing the assholes to a wooden cross.

    1. Dennis,
      The problem I see with this is simply;
      Even though the FBI won’t receive monies if they go after MJ users in the states you mentioned. The federal government still has marijane as a drug.
      It won’t help veterans who use VA’s for healthcare. As a matter of fact, veterans can, and probably will be cut off of everything if their caught using the drug!

      1. @Crazy Elf – – – I agree with you. Which is why, if you are a veteran who suffers from Chronic Pain or PTSD in one of the states Dennis mentioned – – – NOW is the time to begin writing letters to your Congress Critters. And send them some educational articles as well. There will soon be petitions circulating the net to have Marijuana removed from Schedule 1.

    2. @Dennis – – – Best News I have heard this year! And we all know you are mighty right about marijuana reducing chronic pain.

  25. I find that Shulkin does not know what he is talking about in this article. You can access anything and can retrieve anything. You have to be authorized to do these searches. The va doesn’t want anyone to know anymore than their pay grade would allow them to.

    A lot of providers and administration va employees do not know how to do their jobs efficiently and effectively and when asked they are only able to do the minimum. A lot of the va employees do not know how to use the software because of the lack of knowledge and abilities. The va requires hours of training every year but it does rarely trains ability on vista/cprs. Some providers are not required to have the ability of knowing how to access and write a legitimate progress note. I doubt some could pass an English 101 course without someone writing their papers for them.

    The va could fix this problem and many other software problems by standardizing progress notes, treatment plans and the retrieving of specific data. They just do not want to do things efficiently and effectively. It is a problem and Shulkin as per normal operations does not have a clue in correcting it.

  26. Just now on Channel 9, news WFTV,
    “For the first time, ISIS attacked Iran’s capital city!” It “…was a well coordinated…” attack.
    ISIS and Iran have been enemies since the inception of ISIS!

    Well, this puts a new twist on what’s happening on the worldwide scene!

    1. wonder how many ISIS cells are in reality proxies for other powers that be under the guise of the creating religious caliphate? the timings of some of these “attacks” appear to bolster other political agenda’s when superimposed over say, gloabal news aggragates. they get funneled massive caches of dough and protection. and these players have been on the playing field for years in one form or another under various incarnations, and yet the West is no closer to stamping them out. on the contrary the West seems to be aiding them with their self-defeating policies of political correctness and their pie-n-the-sky false sense of secure harmony with these blatant enemies. do American schools teach history anymore?

      still very skeptical of the recent deal made with Saudia Arabia(SA). some circles think that deal wise for our continuing foothold & interests in the ME. i submit a cautionary tale, SA has turned and will turn on the USA/West without warning and are experts at playing in all four panes of the window and both sides of that proverbial window.

      often neccessary, but compromises and friends of enemies-of-our-enemies is always difficult to manage

      will be interesting to see what the Persian’s response is to this

      1. Source – journal-neo.org

        – “…ISIS came out of the CIA’s Al Qaeda franchise called Al Qaeda in Iraq. In 2010 its name was changed to ISIS. Then as Israeli journalists pointed out the embarrassing fact that the English acronym for the Hebrew spelling of Mossad was ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services abruptly they decided to call their band of mercenaries with their black flags and US M16 assault rifles, IS for

      2. @Cantigny – – – I have thought since the mid-nineties that we were supporting the wrong “friend” in the middle east. Lets do some very simple math – – – and leave it on the table for a while. Total Number of Hijackers for the 9/11 Attacks: 19 Total Number of 9/11 Hijackers who were Saudi Citizens: 15. Or 78.947%.


  27. With the potential for massive errors when the newer ‘system’ is put into effect, it is possible that if you don’t keep up-to-date copies of all of your medical records they might ‘accidentally’ disappear in the transition. Not saying that this is going to happen, but being extra prepared is far better than trying to re-create records that have disappeared. Just sayin……

  28. To all:
    Here’s the VFW’s email address to give your support against the VA, (“Shithead Shulkin’s”) wanting to take away our “IU”:

    [email protected]

    Remove quotations to send “Ken Wiseman” your “support over this egregious act against Disabled Veterans!”

  29. I just got off the phone with Ken Wiseman, Assoc. Director, National Legislative Services, VFW, Washington Office,

    I received a “thank you for the support” when I sent an email that’s on the following:
    “Action Alert: Protect Veterans Benefits from VFW!”

    He’s informed me that the “IU” issue “…is dead…”! That Congress will never let it happen! I pray he’s right!
    If y’all have noticed, “Shithead Shulkin” is NOT talking about this issue any longer!

    1. P.S.
      Mr. Wiseman also informed me about “…the illegal ways…” VA is managing monies through their “…appropriations…” departments nationwide. The VFW, along with Congress is going to be changing the “ways” VA handled taxpayers monies!
      This issue will also be discussed in the committee!
      Maybe, VA will be seeing a change of personnel in the not to distant future!

    2. As I said, Crazy elf, that was a testing of the waters, and do not think Paul Ryan didn’t have anything to do with the huddle of ratty minds for that one.
      Good to hear a few of the VSO’s actually coming out against this.

      1. namnibor,
        I’ve got a sneaky suspicion the reason the VSO’s are finally speaking up, is due to MILLIONS of members of Veterans Organizations taking offence to this egregious act committed by “Shithead Shulkin” and a few others in VA!
        If y’all really think about it. What would it accomplish, economically, by stripping disabled veterans of IU? Answer, not one damn thing!
        It actually hurts the surrounding small and large businesses.
        It also would financially hurt veterans, by causing them to declare bankruptcy, ie: losing their cars, homes, businesses etc., etc..
        There’s more of a financial downside to this egregious act than what Shulkin can admit to!


        When it comes to physicians or any health care professionals, who have purchased “bogus diplomas” from “fake universities” from other countries, and may be working under the “J1” or “H1B” Visas!
        Has there been any attempt to put this information out to the Inspector General Office, or any other government agency?
        This was one of the topics I discussed with Ken Wiseman. He informed me, “…until the IG is [made] aware of…” [these types] “…of issues…”, there’s really nothing VFW can do (Paraphrasing parts not being quoted)!

        I know if anyone can find out about this, you can!

      1. Just now on Channel 9, news WFTV,
        “For the first time, ISIS attacked Iran’s capital city!” It “…was a well coordinated…” attack.
        ISIS and Iran have been enemies since the inception of ISIS!

        Well, this puts a new twist on what’s happening on the worldwide scene!

      2. Paul Ryan, (RINO- Ws), needs to be shipped off to the desert sands. Maybe then he’ll have a different opinion on war and the ways it’s fought!

        He’s behind a lot of bullshit coming out of mouth!
        The wife and namnibor warned me about him a long time ago!

      3. Yes, we were aware of this mean little shit’s lack of ability to represent the best interests of the American people. We have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt assuming he would work with the president. He gave John Boehner ulcers, and thought he could do better. Sad

      4. Can anyone who looks like Eddie Munster, ever really be trusted? Fitting he is the leader of the vampire nest, I mean house. Bat house that is, swimming pools, movie stars. Ops, wrong show, ……right characters, it’s so confusing!!!

  30. Here’s a few videos to watch.
    Plus, the VFW is now against recending IU from disabled veterans once they reach retirement age. Google the following:

    “Action Alert: Protect Veterans Benefits from VFW”

    Videos to watch:
    From: “Fox News”
    Dated: June 7, 2017 (3:11 minutes long)
    “Secretary Shulkin on the VA Modernizing Its Medical Records”

    In this video, Shulkin is asked about the union. His answer was bullshit – as usual.

    From: “Fox Business News” on utube.
    Dated: 1 June 2017 (08:28 minutes long)

    “News_Veterans Affairs WhistleBlower: Roaches Found in Food At VA Hospital”

    Great interview by Fox News reporter of Scott Davis! It’s not just about “roaches”!
    Mr. Davis claims “Shithead Shulkin” is still allowing “business as usual” at VA’s nationwide! As if we didn’t already know that!

    During the interview, y’all might be interested in knowing the VA is going to be receiving $186.5 BILLION taxpayers dollars! And yet, “Shithead Shulkin” is wanting to strip/steal monies from disabled veterans to help “balance the budget!” Then, utilize it in the “Failed (NO)Choice Program” few veterans ever get to use!

    The first article I put on over “Action Alert: Protect Veterans Benefits from VFW!” Is a must find and sign, to tell VA “Shithead Shulkin” we are pissed off enough to “Roll on Washington D.C.!”


    Here’s an old video from utube titled;

    “VA WhistleBlower: The Pharmacy Is The Cash Cow!”

    Dated: May 23, 2014 (18:37 minutes long)

    A “GS-12” tells it truthfully on the VA!

    When y’all start googling these videos on utube, other videos will pop up to watch!
    Happy Hunting!

  31. With all the bad information coming out against VA, it’s a wonder more taxpayers aren’t coming unglued.
    Next time y’all find out when your Elected representative(s) have a town hall. Make a few copies of this website, and a few copies of the “links” provided by some of the commenters. Then hand them out to individuals prior to the event.
    This way more people will understand how VA is stealing their monies!
    The wife has said she’s going to make copies of many articles from here, and every time we go to the VA, she’s going to leave them on the tables!(Especially the one about how VA is stripping veterans of IU, once they receive social security! That should really get vets pissed!)
    The more information that gets out, the better!

    As far as this CERNER company, “Shithead Shulkin” owns it 100%!
    No one can tell me he didn’t know of all the legal bullshit this company is/has been embroiled in!

    I’m glad to see Judicial Watch getting involved in the fiasco out there in the West Los Angeles VA property!
    There’s been nothing but VA screwing over veterans out there for decades! And “Mcfuck McDonald” is part of it! He knew exactly what he was doing to fuck veterans out of property that belonged to them!
    Judicial Watch’s court case, helping a veteran from going to jail over putting a small American Flag on the fence out there, is – in my opinion – the beginning of the end over VA’s control over that property!
    Once Judicial Watch gets their teeth into something not quite legal, they won’t let go!

    1. I try to throw some crumb financial support the way of Judicial Watch. Easy to see they are seriously doing their thing.

      Here is question about more IT crap. Does anyone know anything about those e-mails between the out-sourced care or specialist and the VA that are self deleting? I caught the VA in more lies over a medical issue so they sent me to be tested. The civilian specialist said I have been fibbed to about types of treatment and items used the VA said didn’t exist. After testing I went back down to question her more on what she said to me and to show me what the VA sent to her or reported, and to get a copy from her. Too late. She pulled up my file, let me see it, and said it had already been automatically deleted with those forms and emails being good for only a limited amount of time I think she said twenty four hours in my case. Supposed to be some kind of security thing the VA is using.

      Just wondering about it since this computer stuff is popping up in my and bringing back some memories.

      1. @”T”,
        This is just a suggestion.
        Use the email address I gave –

        [email protected]

        And ask Ken Wiseman about your situation with your heath records.
        He’s a certified veterans service officer for the VFW.
        I’d say, since he “worked his way up to be in Washington D.C.”, he might be able to help you!

        Please don’t let on from “who” or “where” you received this information!

  32. OFF TOPIC…… New post on Governmental Services Corporation Watch ……….duel citizenship politicians


    Please note that each SENATOR and REPRESENTATIVE is its own UNIQUE Legal Presence Artificial Person. That is to say, because of the nature of the OFFICE a suitable Insurance Franchise needs to be created in their “legal fiction” Trade Name. The stunning thing about this is that the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED does NOT recognize dual …

  33. Fundraising Idea For Benjamin:

    You know how there’s those plastic “skins” that advertisers or people wanting to be unique with their car, truck or even boat or walls at home, that stick-on with all kinds of cool graphics, even photographs?

    Well, Benjamin could order these “skins” to be specifically utilized on the inside of our toilet bowls and you can pick your favorite VA Fraudster or collective montage of VA Fraudsters photographs adhered to your toilet tank and get the daily satisfaction of leaving a blast from your intestinal past on their faces. Flush, and try again.
    These “skins” could be called “VA Skids”.

    Imagine the satisfaction any Veteran can have when a VA Fraudster yet again gets away with their scheme without any ramifications and even gets promoted through it all.
    Take Rubens and Graves for example.
    You can now give them the travel pay payback with the travel time of brown matter to their faces like torpedoes…Navy Vets should LOVE this. 🙂

    Take AFGE Pres. little Cox for another example.
    You can now “kick his ass” with a blast from your intestinal past, every day and repeat. Like a demented etch & sketch, but in your toilet.

    Warning: As tempting as it will be for Veterans to not flush after relieving leaving their skid on the VA Skid to obscure the face, it’s ALWAYS advisable to give a courteous flush for your family or pet’s sanity.

    “VA Skids”….. List of fraudsters growing as fast as the budget deficit.

    1. “VA Skids” will require the beta-testing of Veterans with Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and another group that can tolerate large amounts of incredibly spicy foods to ensure the inks utilized and the adhesive qualities meet quality control and longevity standards.

      Since Alpha testing is the first stage, that’s done in-house, but since beta-testing is the #2 phase, it’s logical to have them meeting the brown torpedoes out in the wild.

    2. Something else that can be added to the “VA Scat Mats” product line. VA Cake, urinal cakes with the faces of all the famous VA characters.

      1. @Seymore Klearly- Great idea!! And just as Graves and Rubens will not go away, so will their embossed images on the VA Cake not erode away, like a never-ending gobstopper. May even prove to be effect therapy for those with bladder and kidney problems, practice makes perfect.

        RAND agrees; VA aims to please/pees.

      2. Just install a trough urinal with slightly larger “cakes” in the image of John McCain, the “hero” of Hanoi Hilton, Package these cakes as Songbird McCain or Insane McCain; why was he allowed to live and return to bogus applause, couldn’t he have just been shot in the back of the head and shoved into a shallow grave in V.Nam.

      3. Thought of a great promotional gimmick that can be used to promote the VA Cake line to all the VSOs’. Just place a gaming token in the center of the urinal cake good for any VFW, DAV, American Legion, or AMVETS post’s illegal gambling machines. That way all the losers who play there have a last chance of winning. I am sure that with all the Tax Free beer being served at each of these post those cakes won’t last long in those urinals.

        With the beer wars going on between John Mccain his wife Cindy, the heiress to Anheuser-Busch, and Jake Leinenkugel, the new VA Adviser, representing the Miller Brewing company. I am sure those cakes will see a steady stream of use. No doubt the pissing matches for distribution rights at the post are going on strong and heavy.

    3. @namnibor: Great idea, you could add the companion game,”sink the fraudsters”, you toss in a handful of floating likenesses of these fraudsters, and see how many you can sink in a single piss. You can add the soft foam anti aircraft sight that snaps on the shaft, for those with poor aim. I think your onto something here. Soon you’ll be able to sign important VA documents, including crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s with extreme accuracy.

      1. Now you are going to have to pay LEGO commission fees with all those attachments. 🙂

      2. The penis buis, so you can take it with you.

        ._. {±} Patent applied for #4Q-IN-D-ASSLILCOX-WITH-A-REDHOT-PORKR

  34. “[56] Army Veteran Tells All: Billions In Missing Cash, No Care For Soldiers
    Redacted Tonight”……..on u tube

    1. This is one powerful video. Got something else to spread around and piss people off with. lol

  35. Off Topic.

    A belated thought of honoring yesterday’s D-Day and great loses. Many didn’t even mention it or recognize the day.

    Also It’s coming. “https://teddystick.com/michigan-city-gives-muslims-control-but-what-happens-next-is-shocking/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Aweber&utm_campaign=6_June-1”

    That is precisely what is ruining local politics and living. Sharia laws must be coming as the illegals are, while we are silenced and forced to obey “tolerance ordinances.” Or told to bow to political correctness.

    Yes, historic and changing times for us. More negative than good for some of us.

    1. @T – – – What a COVFEFE that is! Good thing the majority of them that voted did not know that it required five votes to make it happen. Dearborn has been spared for a few more days it would seem.

  36. What Russian times is saying about the VA upgrading the medical record system. Note some of the comments in the comment section.

    “Veterans Affairs to finally modernize 30yo medical records system”
    RT News, Published time: 6 Jun, 2017


  37. Another Black Eye for Shulkin!!!

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is suing the VA for information being withheld regarding the property deal in Los Angeles.

    “Judicial Watch Sues Veterans Affairs for Information on a Plan to House Homeless Vets”
    By Judicial Watch
    June 6, 2017

    “The property at issue was deeded to the federal government in 1888 for the specific purpose of caring for disabled veterans. It includes a veterans’ home, but, over time, came to include facilities for entirely unrelated uses such as a stadium for UCLA’s baseball team, an athletic complex for a nearby private prep school, a golf course, laundry facilities for a nearby Marriott hotel, storage and maintenance facilities for 20th Century Fox Television’s production sets, the Brentwood Theatre, soccer practice and match fields for a private girls’ soccer club, dog park, and a farmer’s market.”

    Veterans sued the VA to restore the 388-acre site to its proper use, and some of the non-veteran related uses have been terminated. In October 2015, former VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald and attorneys representing homeless veterans reached a settlement, vowing that the campus would be dedicated to serving and housing veterans in need, particularly those who were female, aging or disabled. A new organization, Vets Advocacy Inc., was established to administer the plan.

    On May 29, 2017, The Los Angeles Times reported:

    It’s understandable that this project will take years to complete – that’s calculated into the master plan. It is a colossal undertaking to remake a 388-acre campus. The VA did not even receive the necessary congressional authority to enter into leases with developers and service providers until September.

    The problem is, there really is no new development yet. And now the VA says the first phase of 480 units will take four years to install, not 2½.”

    Full article at: “https://canadafreepress.com/article/judicial-watch-sues-veterans-affairs-for-information-on-a-plan-to-house-hom”

  38. How do we know how many Veterans really die every day? I know of three in last two days. One in the news, other two not. Unknown cause, at least to me. Don Karg wrote 508 official deaths in Phoenix, since Oct.. How do we get an official States count? Perhaps numbers aren’t that important. I’m just confused…….again. Things don’t add up.

    1. @Jo3n: Jo, I don’t think we will ever get an accurate count of how many veterans pass away each day/month.
      It shouldn’t be a problem to do so, it would only take a simple line item added to a coroners report: Check this box if the deceased was a veteran. Then the county adds it’s totals and sends it the the state, and the state then sends all it’s totals to dc. First someone would need to take that first initiative, to get that line item added. It should be the line item right before the line item removing the deceased from the voting rolls. Now stop making sense Jo.

      1. correction: county adds it’s totals and sends it the the state,

        should read county adds it’s totals and sends it to the state.

  39. Whatever it is that may be springing up, it should have a lot of power to make the VA feel ashamed. I don’t know how to completely do this correctly for negative impact or to expose the VA, but if the VA can be bombarded with messages that puts them in the negative limelight or exposes the VA for improper filings. The VA as a whole, is a money machine, especially for those who know how to use the system by theft.

  40. Until Ben’s and his ass kicking legalizers kicks open the door of a case against the VA, there’s got to be some way(s) to put shame onto the VA. I’m not sure, but I think using Social Media Applications and Marketing Tactics to send negative impacted impressions of why this Federal Agency, the VA, needs to be reformed, reorganized, and reformatted. To do this would be a massive task. And not to be offensive, more than likely this Whole VA Accountability Factor will never be solved. Its just to big for all of us. Only if . . .

    The FBI is called in to complete investigations that VA management was concerned about, and other areas that the FBI Members found that needs to be evaluated more closely. Then the best accountants in the world should evaluate all transactions in specified areas to be investigated. The accountants can possibly determine what is going on financing. And to track common patterns of transactions or movements of Controlled Substances. The loss from illegal drug theft or activity most likely will be in the $100’s million.

    I’d suspect, that if the leadership of the VA has no idea of what needs to be changes or even to where the problems are occurring. The VA has no way of measuring and monitoring the flow of in stock Controlled Substances, whether they are in a warehouse, refrigerator, or on a shelve.

    Then each time something is moved (Controlled Substance = CS) that keep track of movement of the CS. One side is subtracted from stock, the receiver gets more inventory. Its all subtracted and added up.

    But if we really knew how messed up that the VA actually is? A mess, most likely. And one, that I don’t have the resources to fix the dam mess. A shame on how this Agency has been managed. Wow!

    1. Their lack of any proper accounting gives a really good snapshot of how messed-up the VA is.

    2. Past generations were warned time and again about all levels of corruption kicked down the road for us to deal with now… which is impossible. As a younger man confronting union corruption and other examples a quote would come to mind and applies today even more. But not only about communist. Yet that label fits my town to the T.
      From wiki quotes:
      “The menace of communism in this country will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of communism. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” J. Edgar Hoover.

      “A conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” Personally I have hit that brick wall continuously in my life. But then I am supposedly the nutty conspiracy freak like so many are labeled today. Which is fine with me. At least I know who and what the enemy is, and this peon does not stand a chance to fight it or do anything much for change. You can’t get it through the sheep’s heads, the brain-washed, or parents heads claiming public schools are so great but actually are mind destroyers, and ignorant activist producers. Hating people like me with little regards for our well being or safety. The majority just don’t care. Hell we can see this by what is liked or supported on Youtube or FB and such.

      One part, a drop in the bucket, of all this corruption brings us the VA and it’s networking.

      True they can’t keep track of anything. I once got my meds shipped to me from Canada. I could kick myself in the ass for not keeping the box. Came from there to, I can’t remember exactly, Wisconsin or Minnesota VA, then on to me. Talk about a third degree and stink eye from my counselor and others at the VA when I mentioned this odd event. But eventually told some things like “it’s cheaper from Canada,” or “there’s a shortage here in the US.” Or that … oh you must be wrong.

      The communist, the United Nation’s agendas, the globalist, trilaterialist, cultural Marxist, big government, big medicine, big churches, foreign nations, loss of real media. bombarding with distractions, etc. Have all won in my humble opinion. When you think that some government agency, office, rep, lawyer, teacher, union, anything that is supposed to have your back double crosses a private concerned citizen or member trying to do good gets trashed and thrown under the bus with absolutely no recourse for justice. No paper or law, Constitutional rights matter. Yeah, it’s a wake up. Not going to do what so many want me to do and give up or lay down to be silent. The world hates me and I hate the world. So be it. Hope the good Lord has a pup tent ready for me behind the mansions with a fire pit. Ahem… not hell like. lol

      1. “A conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” …..how true it is, sorry to say

      2. @T – – – “True they can’t keep track of anything. I once got my meds shipped to me from Canada. I could kick myself in the ass for not keeping the box. Came from there to . . . ”

        Happened to me once or twice over a three-year period as well. Unlike you, I was not in a group or had anyone I could mention it to at the time. I was also unaware of the existence of this valuable resource – – – so had NO idea that there were other veterans experiencing many of the same problems I was in different locales.

        Should it ever happen today, I would be feeding those labels into a scanner and digitizing them, saving the wrappers in a file folder, etc.

      3. Write down the date and the name of the meds you received and sent the info to the I.G. and to your Senator, (unless she is Dianne Finkstein or =) and request an explanation or ask if it is necessary for you to send them a subpoena to get the records. Nothing is below what these creeps do.

    1. Meanwhile, I filed an FOIA request to get a copy of my C-file, about 18 months ago, and still haven’t received it. Soooooo, I walk into the local veterans assistance commission, and ask for a copy of my file. Oh, no problemo, hit enter and out it prints, all of 5 seconds, SO why does the VA need 18 months to get me a copy of my C-file? ……………………………..Oh that’s right the VA doesn’t follow the fucking law!!!!!!!! What records? You don’t need no stinking records. Please step to the back of the bus.

      1. You have to keep following up ever 30 days or correspondence logged on a computer dies.

  41. For example: Minneapolis VA cannot contact Philadelphia VA, Denver VA cannot contact Phoenix VA and nobody wants to contact Oakland VA, all the records are in LIMBO boxes hidden on carts in the hallway.

    1. @Glenn Williams, they are different visn’s. Yes, they can talk to each other, it just requires an IT access and authorization. Talk to records people at a vamc.

  42. By the way, McDonald got 2 billion from Congress to interface the fuckin’ VA computer system, which never happened. Where the hell did that money go.

    1. @Glenn Williams: Excellent question. Why not make ” lil” Cox=• and crew pay it back? I believe the money was wasted, to intentionally make sure the VA computers, could never talk to the DOD computers. Why? To stop the DOD from holding the AFGE/SES employees accountable for their shenanigans.

    2. @Glenn Williams: Let’s not forget the 19 million they spent for the mobile app. Look for it DOD, no system to merge with, cause were gong mobile. Sneaky ass fucks!!!! Now they will of course need another 19 million, to make their already 19 million dollar app, talk with the DOD’s computer. See how this works?

      ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱ ..┈┈┈╰━┳┓┏┳┓┏╯┈┈┈
      …………………….. ┈┈┈┈┈┗┻┛┗┻┛┈┈┈┈

  43. I am not sure I agree with this solution. I realize this could be good for soldiers transition from active to veteran status, and this could improve their claims processing, but I don’t think it will improve much since the VA already processes new veterans claims on military bases prior to discharge from service.

    For those of us who are retired and get care from both facilitates, it might be ok, if your not concerned about a DOD medical record that is created after retirement screwing up your compensation. For example, I just had a private doctor tell me yesterday that he does not think I have COPD, wait a minute I said, I was diagnosed with COPD 30 years ago, and the VA has awarded service connection. The doctors says well what you really have is serious chronic Asthma, based on all the medical evidence… so like I said if this info were somehow connected to the VA system, I could be screwed. I like to use the Military system since it is close to home and I can get a same day appointment, but the downfall is referrals usually end up in the private sector…

    I am will to wait to see how this goes before I pass final judgement.

  44. I have no clue how the VA gets anything done in any manner that is acceptable. There’s always a hidden agenda. They’re crooks. Would all in service records be there? Going back to when? He said all medical records. I can see where POTUS believes what Dr. Shulkin says. I’m still not buying into Dr. Shulkin. I read the law, lots of room for vague. He defended the VA way, and overrated the system the VA uses. I ain’t buying it. Not in a trusting mood. God Bless the Veterans…

    1. They are definitely crooks, to think my 4 kids suffered so that some management asshole could get his bonus, just sends me into super pissed mode. Do most vets have hand written VA Form 21-526 on file? In my file, VA Form 21-526, which is the Application for Compensation/Pension, is typed. They went so far as to fabricate most related documents. Then intentionally and very heinously called me to come to the local VSO to sign the fabricated typed document. Their heinous, fraudulent, intentional act of deception disqualified me from the 90%entitlement I should have received on the premise of 1 year claim after ETS. Well I filed 3 days short of 3 months, but those assholes changed the record, cause they couldn’t fix the SOFT ERROR.

  45. I need a lawyer real bad. 37 years ago the VA changed my record then destroyed original documents and intentionally changed the record. This happened because of a “SOFT ERROR”. in the transition from Card Fed Computer System to Disc Operating System. There truly was a thing called ” ERROR 1979″. The VA intentionally minimized my condition on my initial C&P Review, because my record was in LIMBO at 10% Service Connected. 22 years later I went for another C&P for fractured index finger, which they did not address the first time as they stated. raised me to 20%. My claim was also for PTSD, I surmise they tried to cover the first lie with another lie by setting me up with a Psychiatrist that truly had a Narcissitic Personality disorder. The VA took 11 month’s from application to review. This shrink ripped me a new asshole, by ridiculing everything I said, and I mean everything I said. I don’t drink, but by her evaluation I became an alcoholic in a minute, because I was aware that I had only 12 Mikes Hard Lemonade drinks over a 12 month (1 year) period, also accused me of DWI, purely a Narcisstic projection of her alcoholism and her DWI. I was awarded 10 more %. PTSD was denied. Because the VA changed the record in 1979/1980 didn’t receive RETRO/lump sum compensation. As it happens had 2 service connected TBI, which rendered me with Amnesia, long term memory loss and short term memory loss. so I never realized that they had fabricated the VA Form 21-526 because of that SOFT ERROR. 6 yrs later had another C&P Review, I admit I shouldn’t even made the claim. Then in November 2014, I realized through long term memory restored to me that I had the TBI’s and memory loss, which until then was unaware of. I filed for C&P evaluation, which was contracted out to qualified specialist, and was awarded 90% Service connected. Only then did I realize they had changed the record. They never gave me copies of anything, and what documents I did have were lost as I moved many times. It is very much more complicated and very much deeper than that. Thats why I need a lawyer. I figure they owe me at least $500,000.00 plus dependents benefits 1981-2011. Please Mr. Krause contact me, this is another records scandal with many many lies on the part of the VA, that they are trying to cover up.

  46. CJ is correct. I would NEVER charge a red cent for doing my duty to try to help improve the lives of my fellow veterans. Here is what he was referencing:


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT. Attorney’s for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. POTUS Trump and our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS. Give their replacement’s one term to take care of the Veterans. If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    1. Most excellent!!!!!!
      VA would save the taxpayers hundreds of millions, by paying this gentleman, 1/10 that amount to fix their deep rooted COVFEFE!!

      Veterans from all four corners of globe for the first time in a great number of years, could be seen with smiles on their faces ?.

    2. I would even suggest a very strong #10 for consideration:

      Make the VA a transition from active military to civilian career path utilizing the already specialized educational shovel-ready on the job skillsets to replace all the mammoths at the VA and VA Voc. Rehab. would be fiercely integrated with that transition.
      With such an active duty to VA civilian career path, of course also utilize older veterans already in the meatgrinder and some things such as expensive IT fixes could be handled by some very specialized veterans working at the VA with other skillsets…you get my drift.
      I want to believe if the AFGE were gone and our own brethren and sisters were taking care of us, including at management levels, the head of the snake would be agreed upon in 20/20 hindsight, the AFGE.

      (#9 & #10 are entirely codependent)

      1. Great list, great addition and needful. Should be a priority. Would have to change a lot of things in the local arena due to such things like “Nepotism.” Or trying to over-come the cliques and other machinery.

    3. I love the links and info I get here. Plus the understanding of all issues.

      Locally all I get is flak from a far left winger town completely ruled by same, and the neocons. Nepotism rules. Called a conspiracy theorist, racist, misogynist, crazy, crazy crazy etc. Gets old. Then the subtle threats, to censoring, and inability to go to meetings because of health issues and other possible problems. Vet groups included. There is no way to protect ourselves alone in a meeting, say a sugar crash, then having a young attorney, the son of a sitting town attorney hop in your path and keep dancing with you making a swift (ha ha) exit difficult and in that shape. Especially when I am greying out, sweating profusely, soaked, shaking, and absolutely intentional with not one persons offer for help. That is what living in a one party college town is like. I should have grabbed the pencil neck, big eared fool and broke him in half. But now he moved up to be a corrupt appointed king. But that too is fantasy according the nepotism club present or not even present at the meeting. Guess I need a body cam too.

      Ooops run of on a rant.

      Back. No, this IT issue and asking the wrong questions or some relatively small complaints led to other more serious issues and the VA abuse and mistreatment.

      We are guaranteed top security like with “Secure Messaging” or the Healthy E-Vet thing. Wrong.

      1. It seemed my prescriptions were deleted, changed or played with on daily basis. (near constant changes in pcps didn’t help)
      2. Those so-callled private communications got totally deleted especially when they showed the incompetence, and intentional gaming going on. From the Advocates, to making appointments then cancelling them as I drive a couple hundred miles to hear oh that was rescheduled. I just checked messaging that morning.

      Like, they would call and let it ring twice. Enough to capture it on the answering machine, then hang up. Then tell me all the time that they tried to contact me. Wrong. Why hang up the second I may get up on two rings to answer to have them hang up. Then later leaving a Secure Message stating that they have tried in great effort to contact me. Then that’s gone.
      3. To find out after being told only a PA, MD’s clinic nurse, , special clinics can see my info and not clinic to clinic either. Liars. Then to find out it was the VA and the contractors IT at the CBOC that deleted everything on that site before I could get home, log in and get in all copied. After I woke up to see what was going on. Or had the presence of mind to cover my ass better.

      4. Then to get into a heavy argument with the VA IT stating that she was allowed to monitor the site. And saying she could delete my stuff if she wanted to. Or if it was causing issues with the system. Whatever that is. It was in her job description and in her power to do so. I asked about privacy. Then I wasn’t supposed to dare question a ” powerful, independent woman doing her professional job.” Being so highly trained. Ahh so I am dealing with a Marx feminist man hater seemingly, hubris, big psycho ego, thin skin, and pissed that I didn’t back down because of her power position. And more. So left the CBOC after them claiming perfection, among other issues, jumping into the fire going to Indy. Down hill from there. To VA retaliation, more abuse, more intentional neglect and gaming and on.

      So we are dealing with a system of pathological liars, social justice warriors, special interest activist, psychos, sick egos claiming to the best, and more. Then to get that mess of papers/files showing more lies and file modifications to suit their purpose? Yeah, we can’t see behind the screens or know just how many people in reality have access to our personal lives or issues. Being told Homeland Security has total rule over everything including property to health care is difficult for me to decipher, understand. or agree to.

      A cocky P Advocate said he could bring all that info that was deleted back up. Never happened. Led to more arguments. People that knew the info loss and other stuff happening refuse such accusations. But my secure messaging was left…. empty. NO response came from that question with the clear evidence at hand. Then the barrage of P advocates claiming to be there to help, or what my problem was.

      So who can we trust? No one, nada, none, zero. The files, the IT, record keeping, notes, manipulations is all in their hands, not ours. Who said it…’In God We Trust” all others trust is earned, like respect.

  47. I would hope that the VA has brought in the best IT Networking Professionals for consult with finding a platform compatibility. If VA foresees this to be a long term problem, it may be best for the VA to determine if a separate platform can be created that contains many applications, for the sole purpose of maintain the records of the VA. I don’t know to much about platforms, but I’d think uniformity would be in the mix.

    “Tear it all down, and then builder right back up. Now do it again. Come on now, move. I know, I know. But, listen everyone else is complaining how terrible this is to. We can’t help it, that’s what they sent us. Deal with it, may be their product don’t work, but at least we got a program named for it.”

    The VA. A money pit that has no boundaries. The Whole VA Network Systems of Operations is amuck. I’m no accountant, but this I do know, the VA is accountable to no one. An Agency that is loaded with mud, sludge, and slime.

    The VA Network as a Whole, is unmanageable even when there are managers that are present. This past week someone from the VA said that they have no idea of where the VA’s Controlled Substances are illegally obtained or stole. VA doesn’t know what is going on nor do they know where something needs to be evaluated or fixed.

    Bring in FBI + Bring in Best Accountants = Their Lucked Up + Accountability = Real Service + Saved $$$

    1. @AnutterVet – – – Pssst! Hey mac, heard a rumor that the new net is going to be named CLUSTERFUC – – (Cough) Excuse me. COVFEFE in honor of the POTUS whose budget will allocate the money to construct it.

      1. @James Clement – – – Hey, you know how those capitalists are. There’re full opportunists with the light always green. I don’t know if they have enough Anti-ClusterFuc in stock. Production runs can’t keep up with demand from President Donald Trump, Designated Family Members, Wife, and other non-Designated Family Members.

        VA isn’t capable of holding itself accountable, they don’t know how, and they don’t know where.

        CRAZY ANYMORE . . .

  48. Right now, there is a massive problem at every VA medical center and CBOC.

    Yeppers, it’s called the AFGE/SES!!!!! Simple fix, follow James Clement’s 9 part plan. Won’t charge the taxpayers a red cent for that detailed information.

    1. @cj

      A much more subtle form of protest is available and though likely it is illegal the recipient won’t DARE report the crime….

      Go into the employee parking lot and leave a scratch from front bumper to back bumper with the key of your choice. Then scratch AFGE into the windshield. VA folks won’t notice you doing this anymore easily than they spot dead bodies but more importantly as you pointed out this is a union shop which means union tactics 101 is a prerequisite..

      You won’t be reported out of fear that the vandalizer was sent by the union to explain why it was a bad idea to flip off the shop steward last year. Unions, or rather the people belonging to them are like elephants (ref: Ben’s bad art) and they do NOT FORGET! There would be no way to know if the AFGE scratched into the windshield represents a resentment towards VA or pride in a brotherhood. Take it from me growing up as a younger brother, you just don’t want to piss off big brother…

      1. Dennis you are suggesting people commit the crime of criminal damage to property. The amount of damage you are recommending could end up with a Veteran arrested for a felony.

  49. Shulkin wants to take away I.U. from us older vets and channel that money over to Veterans Choice. But will Veterans Choice work for vets? I’ve got doubts. I just look at Medicare and how there’s many doctors and specialists that won’t see a Medicare patient. I can see the same thing happening with this Veterans Choice. Suppose a veteran can’t get in to see a specialist and decides to go back to the VA and Shulkin & company have decided to put a halt to any vet on veterans choice to come back? This veterans choice as I see it is the start of this privatization scheme, Stealth Privatization, the American Legion calls it. What if all vets are placed on veterans choice and then you can’t be seen by the specialist you need to be seen by and then there’s no more VA to go back to?

    1. Really Dennis. Your here quoting American Legion hyper-bullshit. What the fuck is your major malfunction?

  50. What worries me is the very real possibility of the VA corruption, just like a virus, will then naturally fully corrupt the DoD and next thing you know the UCMJ is replaced with Union Bylaws and Agreements.

    The AFGE absolutely must go.

    Then, employ Veterans FIRST, and institute a ~~LITE VERSION UCMJ~~ to keep it running squeaky tight.

    Above all, the VA needs accountability but without any code of ethics, like the UCMJ, or let’s call it Uniformed Code of Veteran Justice, (UCVJ), and that structure *and* making the VA a true **system**, where it matters not if you go to a VA in Delaware or Arizona or Hawaii, you get the same treatment without some fucking HACKS trying to tear apart your diagnosis by saying, “Well, we do it differently HERE…”
    Until there’s basic STRUCTRE and ETHICS, you can spend a TRILLION $$$ on new IT and as long as the same Purple Team is there, well, the virus remains.

    The AFGE Lamprey must go.

    Rant Out. (happy b-day mam…June 6, 1944)

  51. Another attempt of a fix by throwing $ at a problem. Where is the real common sense?

    I was the systems Administrator for a small but multidepartment business. I have no computer degree. I was told to take this on. I educated myself by classes and other studies. I quickly learned that the software maker was less than knowledgeable of our business.

    The VA has too many systems. As a Veteran we have more than a few choices for Healthcare networking and information. Why can’t one system capable of interfacing with all necessary government agencies be designed?

    One system,covering all department bases with multilevel security, providing one source for everyone to go to, even outside providers is a must.

    Keep the Bureaucracy out of the design. Included users, with knowledge of departmental needs help design one big secure system.

    In this day and age, there is no excuse for kicking the money can down the road.

    1. @Joe Fultz

      Agreed whole heartedly that the VA has WAY too many systems. The ones that come to mind are racketeering, embezzlement, bribery, and coercion. I think the system I most favor be applied to solve the VA problems is a special system that believe it or not is custom made to SOLVE EVERY SINGLE VA PROBLEM.

      It is called the Criminal Justice System and it is really good at solving problems when America grows weary of crime and points its finger at ANY of the above sytems and says, “Sic ’em boys!!!” Lets try this system first or anything else we do is in vain.

  52. Well, Hell, I just better get a look at my records more closely; Your psych records can affect the care you receive from other physicians and be used as a flimsy excuse for not administering the proper care.

    1. After waiting a couple of months for my new, lame, MD playing PCP to get my files in black and white since the electronics failed, the second question from him was “you’re not taking any suggested anti-depressants for all the chronic pain you’re having.” Then I proceeded to tell him the story, like he seemed to care. Then saying there’s a lot wrong with you it’s going to take time to get this figured out. Then, you should go back to the VA. ” I received over ten inches of paper on you so far.”

      Next visit two weeks later my file couldn’t be located there, New nurse and desk person. Doc couldn’t remember what we discussed and wasn’t in his notes. Then had to ask him why he called a prescription in to the wrong pharmacy, something for pain, but Gabapentin after me telling him several times I could not take the darn stuff. And on it goes. Such is life in Indiana. So it’s not only in the VA but a trickly down affect using PCPs and all the new laws and junk. Seen that one twice, his pain clinic referral twice and been searching for better care since.

      So my records are being dumped all over the place.

    2. @FPG

      It is MUCH more insideous and juvenile than you think when your shrink shares the same damn notes with your PCP doctor. Ask any nurse in Primary Care and Mental health care to relate the relationship that exists between psychiatric doctors and THEIR diagnosis and primary care doctors and THEIR diagnosis. I can certify with ZERO hesitation that far and away the single biggest failure in place that virtually destroys therapy for a mental patient inside of VHA is ego.

      The local rivalries are well known and the nearly constant feud that exists between the primary care egos and the mental health egos has escalated to epic proportions. We lament that DoD and VA do not get along? Try applying that same test between the mental health clinics and primary care. Ask yourself how many shrinks do you see mingling with primary care in the private sector? Those folks just do NOT get along well because just like a carpenter will see every problem needing more nails, a plumber will try to fix the same problem with a wrench. Enter the ego unbridled when you start calling somebody “Doctor” and suddenly the carpenter is telling the plumber how to go about unplugging the toilets while the plumber is installing a load bearing structure made of pipes to build a house.

      Does this not sound like VA of today? I say truthfully the biggest concern a mental health patient needing primary care has is that the government has jammed these enormous conflicting egos into close proximity. It is kind of like a retired porn superstar reunion in which everyone has a different definition of twelve inches and EVERYONE stinks to high heaven!

  53. Now, if they could only make Myhealthevet show our records prior to January 1, 2013!!! The next issue I’d like looked at is that all of our VHA care providers (and the VBA Chapter 31 counselors when we are using that benefit) can see our psych chart notes, which can limit what we confide about our VA medical care in other departments. Yes, they are only supposed to have access to them when we are being treated, but at that time can look at everything! Even our dentists can read them when they are providing us with treatment! Most civilian health groups have these specific chart notes considered to be confidential, so why not VA? Just sayin………

    1. I’ve requested MyHealthevet e-mail records back from 2014 to present. Low and behold all the pertinent messages I was looking for were left blank along with dozens of others. You can find all your Pharmacy renewal requests and simple stuff like that, and they’re in your records too like they’re supposed to be. But it seems anything that they deemed negative for them, they erased, not even in your records either. I asked the Myhealthevet coordinator about it and she said they only allow appt. requests to be deleted as she specifically instructed everything else is to be left in secure messaging. I showed her five messages I had copied after I sent them to be forwarded to a Dr. as my condition I had was degrading back then, and asked where they were in the e-mail records as she could go back to the time period. Nothing, all deleted, she said she didn’t know how that could possibly have happened, she’ll look into it and that was the last I heard from her. Just had to get that off my chest when I saw MyHealthevet in your comment, they manipulate that too. I also asked for my medical records on a disc, they sent it in a format that couldn’t even be opened, even brought it to a computer place and they couldn’t even open it. I did get 8 boxes of medical records with thousands of pages though.

      1. Pharmacy records were interfaced from the beginning with the mail out pharmacy. Going all the way back to the 1990s. The separate VA Medical Facilities each had their own congressional district pork barrel IT contractor which set up “hard ware with burned operating systems” that enabled the contractor to guarantee a lock on his contract for the future by maintaining the “code” inaccessible to other companies. So it was a bunch of individual contractors not giving up their code in an attempt to get the whole VA contract that brought us to where we are today on anything more than the pharmacy record and the interface with the call center that only lists the problems assessed.

        And we can’t get our medical records with the actual progress notes from any of them. I’ve been seen by at least 10 VA Medical Facilities since the first computerization of progress notes in the 1990s. An FOIA request has been in the works since 2012 without results to all of the facilities and because of changes in contractors I’m unable to get copies needed of progress notes.

  54. Sometimes I’m amazed at the incompetence. “Were spending billions of $$$ on our Vetera….Ooops….I mean our IT again! Yipeee!!” Another round of “our system is down” excuses for the next 5 years. I don’t even shake my head anymore when I read about VA problems, I just think they are going to something even more hair-brained to make the last mistake look miniscule. Sure seems like they shoot that $$$ everywhere but in the direction of the Vets.

  55. DoD almost certainly does not flag military patients as violent and disruptive prefering instead to defer to military justice under the UCMJ. Want to take any bets about the newest giant clusterfuck VA runs headlong into when the new record system is not designed for the kangaroo courts known as the notorious Disruptive Behavior Committee?

    They are gonna change systems? Uh-huh. What will the new DBC implementation be? A chalkboard in the lobby with names? Will tall pointed paper hats will be required of all DBC patients while on campus? A scarlet “D” painted on the back? Or will they just keep a paddle handy in the vice principles office and take care of the problems as they occur daily?

    I am gonna hold my breath until I know! Godamnit, please don’t let them make it legal to spit on a VA sidewalk! The place will get filthy!

    1. The first time the Disruptive Behavior Committee took any action against any vet, the DAV, VFW, Am. Legion and all the others should have filed a cause of action to dissolve the Committee as an unconstitutional leverage of administration of justice. The DBC is not a valid entity, it is just a Boogie Man, and if they charge you with something it better be a misdemeanor at least, provable in a court of law, beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not the military where you get “office hours” or a school where you do not have all of your constitutional rights yet. These bureaucrats have been getting away with literally murder to cover up their other crimes, i.e. he/she is “acting out”. There are valid instances of misbehavior but not for becoming extremely frustrated for being denied the care to which the duty is owed by the VA to the veteran.

  56. I believe everyone on here has just about covered all the bases!
    I’m also in agreement over what namnibor has opined about concerning the Air Traffic Control person’s.
    I believe “David Little Cox-sucker” is in denial over how President Trump is privatizing his little asswipe workers! And, just maybe, the VA is next!
    Maybe that’s why he’s against anything President Trump is doing. As is a majority of democrats and RINO’s in Washington!

    One thing I do know is, we are seeing history in the making. There’s never been anything like this in my lifetime!

    1. “One thing I do know is, we are seeing history in the making. There’s never been anything like this in my lifetime!”

      A big AMEN to that. Coming at us from every direction too. My pondering is:just how will the historians write it up, or revise it. Not many are reliable about some truth or reality.

  57. It is not a mistake it is intentional, I caught them red handed raise hell find out where the last goon had the last records be like a maddog on their Achilles tendon, Grr…………………….. These are not nice people and should not be treated with any respect..

  58. About time. Sounds like finally getting a software solution to a software problem instead of a lock in to a contractor through a hardware solution with burned software which doesn’t work and can’t be fixed. And too costly to effect needed changes.

    1. It does indeed sound like a solution. As a matter of fact, it sounds precisely like a VA solution. VA has announce so many godamn solutions involving money they have gotten really good at announcing solutions, right. “But….”, you might quickly quip back in defiant retort, “Now we have Trump, a man of solutions.” Agreed… indeed he hit the pavement running with his very first VA solution on his very first day which promised through decisive action a whole string of future solutions. It was the firing of one of the most corrupt VA officials never to show up for work at VA! The guy is an absolute crook.

      How is that going anyway?….

  59. The issue of using the same VA staff with the same work ethic is a problem. The VA has lost decades of my medical records, sent me approx. one thousand pages of other veterans records and are stonewalling me on my missing records.

  60. Sorry but I had a thought:

    What if…(just go with me for a minute here…)… VA Sec. Shulkin and the AFGE Rats already and SUDDENLY have seen the writing on the wall with POTUS’s announcement of privatizing the air traffic controllers and the VA is taking this bold move to make it an even harder integrated ratty network to fire and replace when the AFGE is ALSO BANNED from Federal Workplaces???

    I know it sounds almost absurd but I’m telling you this supposedly had already been attempted in past with DOD and the obstinate rats would not make it work.
    With Shulkin suddenly pulling this solution out ass and dusting it off, it reeks to me of a stragic chess move to make things more of an….integrated KNOT that would be harder to detangle and…privatize.

    I’m probably wrong but that’s the polar opposite of a happy place where the VA and DoD magically can all get along and communicate over a campfire and kumbaya….as long as the burnt marshmallows and bloated hotdogs are still at the help of VA Titanic, it’s still headed for icebergs.

    Wait for it….

    1. right on the money, Privatise no more bureac rats just go to private doctors and let lawyers do the adjudications, very simple lots less money…………………………………………..

    2. Supposed to be a ‘Right to Work” brief, hearing, whatever, coming up to the SCOTUS. Unions, all, locally are hating losing some shops and want their powers back. That includes the AFGE, SEIU, along with the others. They all want closed shops and globally today. Especially the SEIU crowd.

    3. @Namnibor – – – The only thing that sounds absurd – – – is when you said “I know it sounds absurd”. I think you are quite correct. Intentional Plan.

      Once they are “partnered up” – – – then like so much else that SHOULD NOT BE, the government will assign a security classification – – – probably SECRET to military member’s health records.

      Or maybe tre Records will be classified as TOP SECRET/NOFORN/LIMDIS/FUCKED UP VETERANS WILL NEVER GET YOUR BENEFITS NOW documents.

      Back in the eighties as a Watch Supervisor at the CincPacFlt Operational Command Center, I saw quite a few Admiral’s Golf Scorecards marked SECRET NOFORN/LIMDIS. Golf scores as a National Security Issue.

      Imagine that!

      Crappy as some of those Admirals shot – – – They probably should have been classified TOP SECRET/SCI.

      Your post was not absurd at all.

      1. Golf scores! That got me.

        Oh well. Our records are supposed to be open to law enforcment when wanted or needed. The same will go for the rest like Homeland Security IT will have to comply or have the ability to function with all others. Hell with it. All they have to do is plug in to the NSA or CIA since they are capturing everything we do and say, or going on in our lives.

        I wish I could become a hacker. If I only had a brain.

      2. @T – – – they are doing WAY more than capturing everything we do or say in our daily lives. Take a good look at “https://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=6506148.PN.&OS=PN/6506148&RS=PN/6506148”

        Remove the quotes. This is some scary shit that has been a work in progress for the last 15 years or so.


      3. James Clement. Now that’s a real tree shaker. I guess the show Jesse Ventura once had “Conspiracy Theories’ was on target somewhat about this technology and using weird beams or radio frequencies to mess with peoples minds, or ruin them. And why a guy on RBN radio sells some equipment that is supposed to fight this form of dis-ease and health problems. John Moore is his name. I think.

        This government is far ahead on things, science, that we are made aware of. Maybe like this issue year later. Oops too late to defend ourselves or make younger ones aware of such things.

      4. @T – – – Never watched. But I do know who J. Ventura is. All the way back to his time with the UDT at Subic Bay during Vietnam.

      5. That was a heck of a show. He moved to Mexico after the networks and supposedly the government shut it down. Some can probably be found on Youtube, maybe. They would report on some very serious hot topics, plus about the “shadow government” and them being years ahead of the general public with technology.

        He had some high level people on there. Upset some people when investigating 9/11 and asking questions about what some scientist were reporting on. Government men in those secret black ops stuff. You would have to watch it because I don’t even know how to explain some of the high tech weapons and mind control stuff they had on there. Scared the hell out of him several times.

        Had a deal where a subject or target would get voices in their heads from using some kind of monitor or the TV screen stuff. Turn the monitor away from the target they could here nothing but a regular program, turn it to face the subject they’d get voices in their heads, or whatever was programed or used in that unit. Really strange far out equipment.

  61. I have become a full blown pessimist, so I am not buying it. Just have to wait and see. Instead of all the lip service and blowing smoke why don’t they just give all disabled vets a million bucks each since they seem to lose as much everywhere. Then we can pay cash for care. LOL They can dig deeper into those deep black budgets and hook us up.

    Well maybe more since less than a week stay at a Eskenazi critical care unit is over that amount.

    Local scuttle-butt news said Eskenazi is supposed to come to town and offer that service to the new med school being built. But really it’s just paving the way for more of their services and hype. So all these ‘resources’ would have to use the same systems wouldn’t they? Private MD offices, clinics, hospitals, VA, medicare, maybe medicaid, insurance companies, seems very extensive and complicated.

    Like those KIOSK we are supposed to have used, not many I dealt with even functioned. Or like those new cards they gave us to scan with failed.

    I see major problems when it comes to Medicare, VA, payments for out-sourcing, and delving into the civilian scene. All those electronic file transfers consent forms I have signed giving them permission to use seems to never function either. From MD’s office to whatever Medicare office and to a clinic or specialist is futile. So they would connect and centralize it all, it seems to me. We can’t trust VA techs or contractors computer techs for security like deleting some communications and records, so this would give more eyes to see, and more activist, the corrupt, to have their way with our info and communications.

    I don’t have to worry about the VA file sharing or keeping cause I am never going back.

  62. Hello Veterans Rise and Shine call your Senators and Representatives I tell them that you believe how you feel that a New Veteran Benefit Law should be passed and tell them passed on to on the Veteran Affairs Committee in Washington, DC do not Surrender.

  63. 06/06/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Just maybe be with the old Lockheed counsel out of the way [“nut case”] we will see what has happened to all that IT money. Could you add all the IT money up and see what we got for it?

    I believe this is one of the big crimes at the VA, underneath the “murders”/”homicides.”

    Last official count has been “508” in Phoenix since October of 2016.

    Common Sense is a rare item in America.

    Paine’s thoughts were just briefly used to get America going, just imagine if we would apply common sense to this treasonous VA Problem?


    Don Karg

  64. “[Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin, MD, announced the agency will use a common sense solution to its antiquated VistA system.]”

    (corrected and translated to what this means to taxpayers):

    “Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin, MD, announced the agency will use a common CENTS solution to its antiquated VistA system.”
    (which means shoveling more $$$$ into that black hole called the VA as a FIX for myriad of past FIXES that surely will require MORE FIXES to their ratty network.)

    The VA could employ Merlin himself and it matters not because even when idiots mess with magic they cannot get out of the locked cage submerged into water.
    I am ALL FOR linking the DoD and VA, but expect resistance within the ratty network in the form of engineered failure.

    What I am proposing is, this is a smokescreen for a cash grab, nothing more. What about all those Billions going to IBM and Partners? Did Watson get medically altered by the VA already?

    1. Or did IBM’s Watson go on strike after realizing he was dealing with psychopathic idiots? Did IBM’s Watson get turned into a hall monitor for the DBC or was it more suited to AFGE’s basic human needs at the VA such as porn on their ratty network?
      Or…is Watson in various parts & pieces after various parts came-up mysteriously missing?

      1. What will come *next*, if this link-up with DoD works even half-assed: The VA will then declare that ALL their **hardware** is obsolete and needs a total reset.

        The VA would be correct in the obsolete and need of total reset, but it’s not the electronics we’re speaking of being obsolete in need of a total reset.

        “You can’t fix stupid!!” – Gump

      2. @namnibor: The way the VA fixes stupid, is by hiring doctors from a more primitive country than they do now.

        Coming to a VAMC near you, introducing Dr. Tsiinu, from the Baniwa tribe Amazon.

        Reminds me of an old joke.
        A woman is waiting at the airport for her daughter and ​her new son in-law. From the aircraft, her daughter emerged with a 7 foot Zulu, with a bone through his nose. The young bride’s mother yells out to her “I said RICH DOCTOR”

      3. Sorry Namnibor,

        Regarding Watson, it is just a machine and a algorithm with no conscience. So, the first thing it did when it started working with the VA files was join the AFGE. Now it too is fighting against Veteran’s rights out of self preservation just like the rest of the VA.

  65. that’s great to have the record system efficient, but what about the rest of the crapola from the bureaucrats and ”Doctors” from Timbuktu who can’t speak English, and the psychologists who sabotage veterans’ records and the Nurse Practitioners and Physicians’ Assistant who are practicing medicine instead of VA providing qualified Doctors, and how about “Choice” which only refers to doctors or clinics of lesser standard who accept just Medicare for payment, and how about, the millions of dollars spent on Rocks and “Vestibules” and how persons who commit negligent homicide of vets can’t be fired, OR PROSECUTED EITHER………………and how about…………………….putting lil’ cocks on a spit………………………………………….and like the ads say: “SO MUCH MORE…” (GET OUT OF BREATH…)

  66. Like I said, y’all need to Google the “Kansas City Based CERNER company.
    It has a long list of Controversies attached to it!

    1. Also in May, a $31 million Cerner implementation at the Athens Regional Health System in Georgia turned into a fiasco, with reports of botched orders, medication mistakes and patient care problems /////////On top of all that, Cerner is still in court-ordered arbitration in Kansas after a small rural hospital system sued the company in U.S. District Court after an attempted 2010 install, claiming Cerner ratcheted up charges and eventually dropped the project, leaving Girard Medical Center with no EHR system. ……a good honest company.LOL I am sure i barely scratched the surface

      1. us taxpauers just bend over tge cerner co inc is going to screw real good out of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ US TAXPAYERS HERE COMES THE CERNER CO BIG SCREW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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