Facebook Friday: When Disability Meds Impact Your College

130426 Facebook Friday

Many veterans returning from the wars are struggling with college after service. Unseen mental difficulties plague lots of these vets. If this happens, they can be forced from college.

This week, one of our Facebook group members wrote in about his college experience. He was approved to become an accountant. Unfortunately, he is realizing he was not ready for college because of his disabilities.

Every Friday, I pick my favorite Facebook conversation. This week’s conversation comes from the Facebook group I founded called, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab. It has over 1,300 members.

I took some of the basic problems veterans have and wrote The Voc Rehab Survival Guide during my first year of law school. Between these two resources, veterans have been able to access Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation at higher rates than ever before.

My goal with publishing the convo here is to lend some insight from the group to those veterans without Facebook or who are outside the group.


Here is what was said. Provide comments and questions after reading.



Post from the Veteran:

Jeff I’m currently enrolled under CH 31 and attending school. I am not performing well due to mental issues and medication. What are the ramifications of withdrawing from school now? Will I lose my VR&E approval? I expect to be able to get back on track with a different medication and I’m registered for classes in July.


From the Facebook Group:

Mick Discuss with your VRC about withdrawing/dropping this semester and putting the case into INTERRUPTED status. No, you wont lose eligibility. This just a temporary situation which you expect to be resolved by the start of the next semester. The VRC MAY want a doctor’s recommendation, though.

Bryant (I second What Mick said)

Jeff Thanks guys! Follow on question is…I’m trying to get my instructors to give me an “I” (Incomplete) vs “W” or “F” (Withdrawal/Fail). What will I be financially responsible for? The tuition and fees? Repay housing stipend?

Mick With an Incomplete, there should not be any adverse action – simply complete the class you’ve been “paid” for. With an F or W grade, you COULD be liable for paying to retake the course and the credits MIGHT not count toward subsistence. Note: the capitalized words are for emphasis – nothing is “set in stone”.

Brian Are you registered with the DRC (disability resource center) on your campus? Once you inform the professor of your disability you may be granted leniency. Don’t quit, a lot of the time just being nice and communicable with your professors will help. Spring semester is sucking my will to live also, I hope I pass my classes.

Jeff DRC is processing the paperwork I submitted last week. Also, I have an appointment with the mental health counselor this afternoon. I thought I could get through things with more willpower, but I keep making MORE of a mess. I have a diagnosis of dep…See More

Janet @Jeff: Don’t feel bad I struggle as well, but there were some professors who helped me along the way.

Janet Jeff, go to counseling on campus and they can put things in motion for you.

Norman I dropped classes without talking to Profs and found out later that I would have passed just by showing up because I had proven my ability and tenacity before dropping the class. Same problem change of meds mid term. Not chapter 31.

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  1. I am a reitired army war vetera. I am also an award winning cognitive educator. I teach students and adluts with emotional disabilities such as ADHD, PTSD,Bipolar,Social Phobia, Anxiety, Depression and countless other emotional and behavior issues. With all of my qualifications you would think that the VA would get their head out of their … and hire someone like me. My fellow warriors the truth of this matter is your brain is racing 24/7 almost like my students. Anxiously trying to stay focus but there’s too much cortisol and adrenaline racing through your body& brain to pay attention and remember what the instructor is saying. I have written a reintegration guide for warriors and their families to help. Go to amazon kindle and look for Welacome Home: a Guide of Hope and Healing for Combat Veterans. this book was written especially for you guys and when you see the cover you will understand why I have dedicated my life to shutting down the VA.

  2. ~ I had a similar situation in which I had lost in excess of 50 pounds of weight , unwanted . My professor TOOK me to the VA and made sure I was attended to. Under Mitigating circumstances , which I do feel In my opinion any medical or disability related sitrep falls under. I , upon being discharged from vA hospital went directly to Ch31 advising them I was medically withdrawing. I did not lose but I made a return upon getting medically cleared.
    I am once again tryin to return this time being my third attempt @ school .
    I have tried communicating my desire to try self employment , but they won’t . I believe Mr Krause you earlier had a topic about Vocrehab counselors pushing vets to hard . In my case exacerbating my disabilies. I hope this kinda helps , feedback is appreciated

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