President Trump Portrait Removal

VA Protocol Reversed, President Trump Portrait Replaced After Outcry

President Trump Portrait Removal

In an unusual move, VA quickly changed protocol following outcry over removal of President Donald Trump’s portrait from a Florida VA on Tuesday.

For the past 50 days, VA facilities nationwide have failed to replace the photos of President Obama and Secretary McDonald with photos of President Trump and Secretary Shulkin, MD. Normally, the photos are replaced within the first month after inauguration.

The photos are supposedly delayed from GSA and have yet to be supplied to VA.

Florida VA

Taking matters into their own hands, disabled veterans placed portraits of President Trump and Secretary Shulkin into the placeholders left vacant since January. Congressman Brian Mast (R-Fl), a combat veteran and double amputee, spearheaded the operation.

Some hours later, VA staff removed the photos. One VA spokeswoman called the actions of the Congressman “inappropriate,” as if Rep. Mast was a small child. The spokeswoman cited protocol as the reason for removing the interim portraits intended to honor the President and VA Secretary.

Initially, it was believed the local facility removed the portraits, but I just received word the call for removal actually came from someone within VA Central Office.

Who do you think mandated removal of the portrait installed by the Congressman?

Thankfully, outcry from the public raised awareness about the matter resulting in VA blowing off the protocol to only hang an official portrait given the tardy presentation of the images.

Instead, VA mandated immediate printing and hanging of interim portraits until the formal portraits are made available to VA by GSA.

Whether you like President Trump or not, he is the President, and his image needs to be displayed promptly.

About President Trump Portrait Replacement

According to the VAntage Point blog:

In the last few weeks, and especially in the last few days, there have been a number of inquiries from the public, media and members of Congress in regards to the lack of photos of the president and Secretary Shulkin in VA facilities. Though these facilities abide by the General Services Administration protocol and have been anxiously awaiting an official photo of the president to arrive, today, Secretary Shulkin issued guidance to break from protocol.

By direction of the secretary, VA facilities have been instructed to temporarily display an image from the White House’s website until an official portrait of President Trump is released.

All VA facilities have been directed to download and print photos of both the president and Secretary Shulkin, and every facility is expected to have them appropriately displayed immediately. The president’s photo, while not his official portrait, is currently used by the White House on its website and social media platforms. Once VA receives the official photo of President Trump, facilities will replace the temporary version.

Though VA facilities have been following the correct federal protocol for official portraits, we realize that it is more important to display these temporary photos to demonstrate a clear chain of command and respect for our leadership and our Veterans.

What would be great is to see President Trump coordinate massive deviations from flawed VA protocol related to how it processes appeals, too. Maybe this is a first step to using common sense solutions.

What do you think?


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    VA idiots can follow protocol regarding whether or not to replace obama picture with Trump. Yet, the idiotic womb rejects working at VA cannot provide proper protocol, care, and service to veterans regarding medical and Voc Rehab.

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  4. @Ex va: Damn thing crashed 3 times while writing that last comment. Okay Ex, talk later…goodnight.

  5. @Ex va: Well if it is browser related, them most times Adobe is the culprit. I was tlhinking I would have to update my system BIOS, not a simple thing to do on this system. I have the new BIOS flash, I have to transfer it to a windows machine then create a special kind of bootable flash drive containing the new BIOS flash. I have just been putting it off cause it is a pain in the butt.

  6. @Ex va: All my plants are doing great for now. As long as nothing unexpected happens all should go well.

    1. @cj, great your plants are doing good. God Bless and goodnight. I hope you get some great sleep. Take care. Talk later.

  7. @Ex va: I am still having trouble with ALL of my browsers, they keep crashing. I haven’t figured out the problem yet. I think one of the last linux updates is causing the trouble. I may have to just take a day and go through the entire system and check it all.

    1. @cj, damn that sucks. I have to keep deleting all my history everyday or i start crashing. I had to reboot everything too. I don’t know if it is just normal internet surfing stuff or something else.

    1. @cj, sometimes i can keep up with the comments, tonight they are all over the damn place. LOL! I can’t make sense of it sometimes, my brain doesn’t want to work right. I go to my e-mail a lot that helps me. I will look up posts and on YouTube and check out articles about news, or this blog articles. It usually helps me with anxiety, sometimes it can triggers my anxiety too. I have to watch that.

      1. @Ex va: yes you have to be careful, the topic of the day can get heated at times, and can easily raise your blood preasure. Like we talked about last night I think. Some times it is better to just stay away for a couple days and let your mind reset.

      2. @cj, i agree, sometimes that is the reason i don’t comment more because i want to say too much, all would be true about how corrupt and criminal the va medical centers and clinics are and that they seem to always get away with crimes. I do have to let my brain reset or i probably would go insane. How’s your plants doing? Getting ready? I hope you have a great season for all your vegetables.

      3. @Ex va: hey Ex, I am going to sign out, this browser crashing is getting bothersome lol. I will catch you tomorrow. Sleep well, and God Bless you and your famiily. Goodnight.

  8. @Ex va: If Nutter was going to my VA, they would just say “sure here you go, have a nice day” they don’t give a shit about anyone either, but you ask for meds, and they just give them to you. That is why I say that they are doing this intentionaly to him. No wonder he gets so upset over his treatment……………there isn’t any….

  9. @Ex va: The brain not being able to shut down, and sleep deprivation. When I do finally get to sleep, alarms start going off, to take my meds, then an hour later to feed the dogs, then again to let them out. etc. I try to sleep during the day, but that doesn’t seem to work out either. Been ths way forever.

    1. @cj, that sucks the sleep deprivation. Sleeping during the day isn’t good either. I can get hallucinations sometimes with the sleep deprivation. I hate that. Sorry your going thru this. Can you e-mail ANutterVet?

      1. @Ex va: you know, Friday was suppose to have a bad winter storm in his area. I wonder if he lost his internet?

      2. @cj, they did have some heavy snows in his area. I hope that is the problem. I am rural and with storms and snows i loose the internet. I hope he didn’t have to go to the hospital or something. People around here are going to the hospital over the flu. It is really bad in this area.

      3. @Ex va: I hope he didn’t have to go either, or get the flu. That’s what sux about the internet. We can’t just walk next door and go check.

  10. @Ex va: It sure is, and what they are messing around with him on is all BS. Like they are intentionally giving him stress. How many times has he posted here about them not letting him get relief by taking soma? Makes me wanna get in the car n go after the damn doctor and break his f……….ing legs.

    1. @cj, me too. If he lived closer i would go to the damn va too. Just give him the medications that worked and he took for years. It is like they have been punishing him. Sick. F*******. I know of Veterans still on that med. they haven’t quit prescribing it and never will. If you are disabled and sick you need meds that give relief and that does for some people. Yes, they are intentionally inflicting emotional distress. See, i think they should be sued for stunts like that. It is negligence and abuse. He is disabled and needs medications and they don’t want to give it to him they want him to continue to suffer.

      1. @cj, i get that too. I get an e-mail for my own blog. I think it is automatic when anything posts.

      2. @cj, doing better. How are you doing? Are you getting sleep? I had a bad spell of not sleeping too.

      3. @Ex va: Glad your doing better. My sleeping habbits are terrible, I am use to traveling all day and working all night. When I was working it was always night shift. I say I don’t sleep I pass out lol. Have you heard anything from Nutter?

      4. @cj, you talked to ANutterVet? I haven’t seen him in a while. I haven’t went thru all posts yet.

      5. @cj, i haven’t seen his posts in a long time. That is not like him. I hope he is doing alright. Don’t stop taking medications abruptly do talk to a physician. There is different sleep meds you can take for not sleeping good a night. If you have night terrors they have meds for that too. I have insomnia and it sucks. I take meds for it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t.

      6. @Ex va: yes I have been watching, and no comments. I haven’t stopped taking meds, I am about to run out, so I cut them in half to last till I can have my doc call in a new script. It was all me fault, I wasn’t paying attention to how many were left and then boom. the weekend is here, and it is not a very nice med to run out of. Luckily there have been very little withdrawal symtoms. and I have 1/2 tab left so all is good.

      7. @cj, he is a smart guy, the damn va he is going to is jerking him around. I hope everything is ok with him. I hope the va abusers suffer someday with all this bs the give to others, i hope it comes right back to them and they suffer times a thousand. Maybe it will change their smug a****. Infuriating.

      8. @cj, is it your brain not wanting to shut down or is the pain keep you up? I have both. The brain doesn’t want to quit doing things and then the pain can keep me awake too.

      9. @cj, i mess up my meds too, i take like over 10 pills a day. It is hard to not mess up sometimes. And if there is some kinda glitch with approval or insurance, it can mess me up sometimes.

      10. @Ex va: There have been some new veterans commenting on the blog. I have noticed a common theme between a few of them. I did a little researching, and what I found is not very good at all. Once again John McCain’s name was mentioned. That jackass should be put in front of a firing squad.

      11. @cj, the USS Forrestal, says it all about McCain, crazy elf showed me about him. McCain, is no good. I thought he was, but he is in it for himself. Don’t care about Veterans.

      12. @Ex va: True, I hate sell outs like McCain. Any veteran that would not stand by another is a piece of shit as far as I am concerned. There is an awfull lot of pieces of shit on active duty as well. nco”s and co’s, I have no use for military personnel that screws over other military members. Or criminal ones either, like rapists, or the ones that look the other way.

      13. I knew I should not look into this but I did it anyway. Flash-back starts with all the tiny hairs standing up, can’t breathe, legs get weak & tremble, heart pounding, eye starts to twitch, jaw locks up, mouth goes dry, flash back visual kicks in, the smell, the audio, its so real, so real time the throat closes up, can’t swallow, can’t breathe, every fiber in the body twitching – where am I – your safe, be calm, breathe, its not real just a memory remember the psychologist told you to let it play out, watch it, observe it, your safe be calm its not real just a memory a complex chemical reaction in the brain due to some type of stimulation usually unsolicited. Then the tears start & the chastising of myself, why am I so weak its been 31 years why won’t it stop will it ever stop…anger takes over so much rage, then exhaustion, wish I had a bottle of Yukon Jack might help to stop the trembling, that’s right remember you can’t drink, not one drop, it gives courage to act on the death wish & people still need you & love you. Remember your orders – “never ever speak about it”. Collision of the USS Jason & USS Willamette.

      14. @NiteWish so sorry to hear of your pain and misfortunate experience. So sorry of your flashbacks. I will be praying for peace for you. God Bless you.

  11. Tonight’s “60 Minutes” program will shed some light on other elements of our immigration and visa program. “New loopholes in the H1-B program allow USA firms to outsource USA jobs and displace American workers”…

    Why is this important and my own knowledge of last 8 years of whittling away at our USA’s foundations?

    This is indeed a “friend of a friend” type of short tale related to this evening’s “60 Minutes” show, in that I knew someone that had worked as one of the many creative minds at the computers working for Disney, doing a lot of those really cool graphics in recent decade of movies your kids or grandkids probably enjoy still.
    He worked for many years to get to the position he was at, but he was hardly anywhere near the ‘top’, he was just one of the plethora of creative technical minds employed by Disney…until…Disney, as well as other companies, but understand the hypocrisy here in a company empire that owes its profitable existence to the kids and parents of Americans….well, Disney started a few years back exploiting the H1-B Visa Program by not only using those limited # of applicants in a lottery kind of way, but also, bringing these “new employees” from India (again, on the H1-B visa), and my buddy and his friend at Disney were then told one day, “You WILL TRAIN and TEACH Abu here, your entire job as “on the job training”, and Disney gets huge tax credits for being a cuddly wuddly Disney…until…another day, my buddy and his friend and MANY working in various dept’s all their lives, it’s all they know, learn that day that they have been training and programming their very replacements from India…rinse, repeat, more H1-B’s, more replaced/displaced Americans…these are highly technical jobs and specialty focus jobs…replaced by people that were used like livestock all for that almighty tax credit…Disney may or may not be talked about but they are but one of many huge companies and…MEDICAL Professions, that do so, and it makes me wonder if our VA has been doing this and reason so many foreigners at the VA?

    Sorry so long. But thought you should know that Mickey Mouse and Eisner and Friends are not the same Disney that Walt had ample vision of. Now, “It’s a small, small world” ride is a sweatshop of imported workers displacing USA workers for a damn tax break…if Disney will do it, you can bet your ass this program has been abused and thrown to the curb over the last 8 years under his Obamination Tour.

    Rant Out.

    1. I read that article a while back and didn’t they tell them if didn’t stay and train them they wouldn’t get any severance pay

      1. Bingo. Minnie Mouse is a bitch to work for because she wears the pants at Disney because she has Mickey Mouse’s balls clamped in a mousetrap. 🙂

      2. at least that proves to myself i still have a little room left in my head for memory LOL I dont watch 60 min. any more they have been stretching the truth more as the years go by. i have that amazon firestick and downloaded KODI on it mostly i watch youtube

      3. That’s why I read and view/listen to various news sources and only making my own mind-up with all the various opposing views and look for similarities, usually the beef of matter and most of the truth, then look at what’s not being reported, mentally sort, process, which may or may not be suitable for human or non-human test subjects, and move-on. “60 Minutes” is but one of many sources.

  12. I have long since believed that the VA should be ran by vets for vets, not run by a bunch of civilian bureaucratic, shills, union and BS artist.

  13. This came out late last night or early today from; “The Still Report”

    “Judge Jeannine’s Blasts Liars – 1552!”

    Her “Opening Statement”, (7:11 min. long), is definitely an eye-opener. Dated 18 Mar. 2017!
    Especially when it concerns that Liberal Judge in Hawaii who blocked President Trump’s “2nd pause on immigration”!
    And, Donna Brazile’s admission to giving the questions to Hillary Clinton!

    That said, to y’all who’ve lived in Hawaii. Answer this AFTER you’ve watched the video;

    “IF” there were Muslims in Hawaii, how do you think the “Local Boys” would react in areas, such as; ‘Makaha’, ‘Waianai’, ‘Wahiawa’, ‘North Shore’ and on the other outer islands. IF they were to pull the same shit there as they do here?
    I lived there for about 10 years. The “locals” HATED palolos! If you don’t know what that Hawaiian word is – Oh, well, too bad!
    Do y’all think there’d be lots of small boats out in the ocean????????

  14. I just watched a commercial concerning the ACA. It’s telling everyone to tell your representatives to keep it.
    Something very interesting about this commercial.
    It says only “…20 million…” people are on it!
    Last time I checked, there’s 320 to 330 million Americans; according to the last census count!
    Let me see, doesn’t this sounds like a scam!
    Under President Trump’s plan,
    1) Physicians will now be responsible for their patient’s healthcare, not government, unlike Obamacare!
    2) “Work requirements” will be to make people feel wanted and respectful to themselves.
    3) “Insurance exchanges” must work FOR the people, not against them. Again, unlike Obamacare!

    ABC’s This Week with Stephanopolis!
    Sen. Rand Paul is now speaking. “The fundamental problem with the (GOP’s healthcare) is the insurance exchanges!”
    “Obamacare just doesn’t work!”

    Y’all watch, the Democrats will shut down the government next month over this, and other issues I mentioned earlier!

  15. The problem is that VA names us all low lifes as “stakeholders” Think about that! It just is not working! We need to deduce a more appropriate term for ourselves given that a brand new acronym slogan is due to be printed out anyway right after the new photos of Bubba and Grinch are sent out.

    In the military the most common denominator folks are named “Private”. This was done (I am sure) because it was these men and women who needed the VERY BEST CARE from their generals, so we named them “Privates” on the sure knowledge that generals will ALWAYS care deeply for their privates. With privates that are ready to go at a moments notice even enemies in the most treacherous bush country are gonna take a pounding!

    VA folks don’t seem to care about their “stakeholders” nearly like a general covets his “privates”. We need somehing more appropriate to the venue. Prostitutes call their own customers “John” so that name would only confuse although the dots do connect. Maybe they should change the word they use for us vets from “stakeholder” to “Dick” instead? Then they could say, “We care about every Dick in our inventory”, right?

    1. That must mean the VA AFGE Employees are the ‘Steak Holder Idiots Throwing Stakes’, aka: S.H.I.T.S. in Whoville.

    2. I despise the term stakeholder as much as I despise the term customer when used by the VA to describe veterans.

      A stakeholder is someone who might have an interest in some area varying from passing interest to radical.

      I am not some environmental wacko trying to avoid the poo cannon, or some bored housewife interested in saving every Frank Lloyd Wright designed building.

      I am also not a customer like I might want my burger without lettuce and the biggie size fries.

      If I cannot be referred to as a veteran who honorably served his country in exchange for medical care for injuries incurred during that service, then I prefer the simple term of Agency Owner.

      Or any other term describing the entire reason for the agencies existence.

      1. or another good one is protecting our interests in whatever country they are talking about

      2. RAND Corp sent out 775 surveys to All PC’s & other primary care staff to 12 VA medical centers because little is known about the “Views” of primary care providers & other primary care staff concerning the care THEY Provide to women veterans. 288 surveys were completed by just 94 PCs & 194 by staff. The Rand Conclusions was: Training efforts that focus on eliminating perceived barriers & strengthening positive attitudes toward women may be more successful than changing women’s health practice characteristics alone.
        My conclusion is 487 didn’t respond, the majority of PCs & staff don’t care, have a negative attitude towards women & can’t be bothered to Invest in Female Military Human Capital. When will the training for PC’s & staff begin? Not in my lifetime.

        Military Human Capital = their words not mine.

      3. @NiteWish- The problem therein with the VA relying so much on whatever RAND Corp. thinks and recommends is if you pay the likes of RAND just enough ‘contracted $$$’, you are guaranteed the desired results you seek…RAND Corp. and other so-called ‘Think-Tanks’ are very much like a vending machine or a computer: Garbage In, Garbage Out. It’s like getting melba crackers every time when you selected the correct code on vending machine for a Soda, because after all, you are really thirsty and the VA’s water fountain has listeria and Legionnaires…you have to really love melba crackers.
        Meaning, for the right price, the seeker will always find what the desired outcome was all along and have it certified, stamped, organic RAND melba crackers. Only the very best for the Vet$.
        However, the VAOIG and RAND share very similar weight against the mighty VA AFGE in that they can only recommend and have no penalizing function because in the end, the asses always do what asses do and that’s talk more poo. 🙂

        Think Tanks like RAND are very much like authenticated recommendation prostitutes. Every supporting answer has a supporting price. Thanks for supporting RAND.

  16. This came out yesterday, (18 Mar. 2017), on;
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    “President Trump has some GREAT news for Veterans!”

    It’s the fourth article, (at the 4:35 min. mark), in the video, (6:57 minutes long)!
    Evidently, President Trump “met with veterans groups at ‘Mar-A-Lago’ yesterday. He says reforming the VA “…is ahead of schedule!”
    It’s a short article. He really doesn’t say much.
    So, I guess it’s up to veterans to take charge of our healthcare and report wrongdoings immediately! Make VHA healthcare providers sweat their asses off! Tell them what you think about the horrendous acts they’ve committed against us!

    1. P.S.
      “Mar-A-Lago” is in West Palm Beach, Florida.
      That’s where “Frank” works for the VHA down here!

      President Trump is going to submit his “Budget Proposals next month”!
      Schumer, Pelosi and others have already stated they are going to “Shut Down the Government!” IF his proposal has certain items in it, ie; defunding planned parenthood, building the wall and other proposals necessary in protecting our Republic!
      These reprobates are then going to blame the Republicans for the shutdown!

      Donna Brazile finally came out and admitted to giving the CNN questions to Hillary Clinton BEFORE the debates and Town Hall Meeting!
      She didn’t apologize, she just said it was wrong!

  17. Budget Cut’s ? Trump is re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. He is just basically stealing a little a little money from Peter and giving it to Paul. Follow the Money…..

    1. well you would probably say Clinton balanced the budget too he stole money from the social security account it had trillions in it. but they don’t tell the people that. they just tell you its going broke . the only problem now is theres nothing left but your bank steal …..look up ………Catherine Austin Fitts-2017 Destruction of the Old & Creation of the New……. look her up JOHN …..then tell me i’m COOO COOOO

      1. OLDMARINE,
        Have you seen the video where Jeff Sessions “…swipes Crazy Joe Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter?” And then promptly exits stage right!
        Maybe that’s why Sessions is interested in investigating Pedophiles and Sex Slavery!

        I also thought this crap was a “conspiracy theory”! I’m leaning more towards, it’s fact NOW!

        Look at what’s been taking place since President Trump took office.
        Over 1,500 people have been arrested for sex crimes: ie: pedophilia and sex slavery of young girls and boys in major cities across America!
        I believe the shits going to hit the fan more and more as information comes into the light!

        There’s another video out on the website; “Gowdy Chaffetz reports”, where Ashton Kutcher spills the beans on “Sex Trafficking Worldwide” during a Congressional Committee Meeting recently.
        I didn’t know there was 40 different non-profit organizations trying to stop this act against our citizenry!
        Very informative video. Not too long either, about maybe 12 to 15 minutes!
        So, for anyone NOT believing this is a “pandemic problem”, in my opinion, has their head stuck up their ass!

      2. Have you seen the video where Jeff Sessions “…swipes Crazy Joe Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter…YES I HAVE ………another one i like is Eustace Mullins they asked why he wrote all those conspiracy theory books and his reply its no theory they are facts and just do your own research as for your quote ……So, for anyone NOT believing this is a “pandemic problem”, in my opinion, has their head stuck up their ass!…..very very true……just like i posted the positive affects of grounding once and people think i am crazy one way is the ground wire in your electrical socket , sounds crazy doesn’t it but then go to “” and they did a study read it from them…..BUT WHAT DO I KNOW IM JUST A STUPID OLD MARINE THAT CAN READ…..LOL

      3. Excellent link OldMarine, thankx for posting it. Are you aware of the Lily Wave – United States Patent 6470214. Published research has now put false memories into mice & male mice pass on trauma via the sperm which contains an epigenetic signal that is also able to codetermine the gene activity of their offspring. Your not the only nut on the branch, don’t feel alone.

      4. NITEWISH I don’t care what i get called they are just words from the ignorant that don’t research anything and i will look into it when i get back in…….. United States Patent 6470214 ……..and like the old saying goes truth is stranger than fiction …..and I am believing it more everyday

      5. i just read it.very interesting . one thing about patents they don’t lie . thats how they can put voices in peoples heads and make them think they are crazy but they are not….. Your not the only nut on the branch, don’t feel alone……. not to worry im on a old tree and both nuts are still up there. they are going to need an axe to get me down because im not letting them use my chain saw LOL … like I always say truth is way crazier than fiction ever thought it could be……just like i was trying to find the part on TED TALKS bill gates talking about if we do a really good job with vaccines we can reduce the population he is still on there but they took that part out.

      6. @Crazy elf- I just watched a documentary recently about the epidemic status of pedophile and sex slave trade and a HUGE bust took place just a few days ago…this news show also highlighted that unbeknownst to most Americans, the major nerve center of sex slave trade is in Atlanta, GA. They said there’s even been sophisticated dark web “auction sites” for bidding internationally on these poor souls. Sickening Shit.

      7. I read an article several days ago where one or two girls escaped from a sex slave operation in Atlanta.

        The guy rented some fancy mansion there and kept the girls at the house.

        The only complaints about the place were complaints from neighbors about the amount of traffic going there.

        I don’t recall if they caught the guy or not.

      8. OLDMARINE,
        Yea, I saw that shit. Our Social Security is in trouble. Yet, I believe President Trump will see to it our seniors are taken care of.
        Bill Clinton stole monies from anywhere he could to leave his legacy intact.
        Just like Obama stole from the taxpayers, (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), to fund his FAILING Obamacare, to make a “slush fund at the DOJ” to fund “Leftist Propaganda Organizations throughout the world,
        There’s more, only I believe you get the picture.

      9. I DO….and ABOUT THE BUDGET they need to shut down the government but at the same time shut down the whole electrical grid that way you couldn’t watch the bullshit spewing news and when they get it resolved turn the grid back on to give us the final FIX instead of the old blame game……..AND DENNIS THE ONLY TIME I AM A STAKEHOLDER IS WHEN I POUND MY TOMATO STAKES IN THE GROUND

      10. Actually OLDMARINE, there are some pension funds they are looking to steal.

        There are pension funds that hold billions for those who have worked for years and paid into it for their retirement. I started reading news articles over 5 years ago about politicians eyeing them as a source of money to spend.

        It would be exactly like Social Security where politicians “borrow” from these accounts and replacing the funds with a worthless IOU.

        They just haven’t figured out a way yet to steal that money without being skinned alive with a cheese grater by the pension fund holders.

      11. you nailed it 91 i knew about the pension funds thats why they like giving those pills from a QUACK out. so you get to confused to know whats going on…………….i’m out the door later everyone

    2. @John

      The whole affair between Peter and Paul just got way out of proportion! Orginally it was simply a matter of a mother who had lost one breast but had twins. Sometimes it was absolutely necessary to “rob” Peter to feed Paul! Then it grew into urban legend….

  18. this is off topic but in my opinion is why this whole system is so fucked ……..PIZZAGATE SATANISTS & PEDOPHILES RUN THE WORLD – DAVID ICKE ……. its on u tube it only makes sense if you have a open mind with common sense

    1. David Icke ? Why waste your time on that psycho babel when there are real issue’s to confront…

      1. that was a quick reply what part didn’t you agree with, do a little research . yes when i used to listen to him years ago starting about 2003 i thought he was a real nut-case myself. until i started researching into different areas and not watching that square box in the living room that puts you into their programing …….read some of this and tell me they are crazy too…….Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

  19. @Lily; Many of us may have options, most will chose private. Those of us without options, have a shorter life span. Go back and read the many harsh, but true realities of Veterans affairs and Veterans. This blog is the most accurate blog out there. Most of the people on this site are real. Lily, as to whether or not you are real; time will tell.

    1. I’ve done my research. That’s how I found this site. I was left for dead by the VA but I survived. Upon leaving the military I was sexual assaulted by the doctor. I’m convinced that same doctor was responsible for misplacing my military records. Within a year of leaving the military I put in my claim for PTSD. I was told by the VA “sorry, we don’t have your military service treatment records. Claim denied”. Angrily I threw away the denial letter and was left hopeless.

      So I leave the military and I’m sick with PTSD, a rare ear disease, I can hardly speak (aphonia), tinnitus, rhinitis and chronic sinusitis. I can’t get help because they can’t find my medical records. 7 years later I get my first full time job. In 2016 I reopened my claim and was granted 70% disability. I’m still waiting for a BVA decision on my other claim that was denied and filed in 2010.

      So after all this I read VAMC personnel are screwing with vets by saying they’re getting better when they’re not. You bet I’m going to act like I’m walking on egg shells with these people. I’m not letting them get away with shit anymore. I’ve had enough, read enough and seen enough to take any more abuse.

      I went through combat for this country and I’ll be damned if I ever let a government official screw me again.

      1. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hit them were it hurts them the most. Beat them at their own game….

  20. I was over at vets.yuku and someone said “the VA is the gold standard for PTSD treatment”. I think it was a pro VA troll because on this site I’ve read lots of comments that say the VA psychiatrist were sabotaging claims and just throwing meds at vets. I’ve read some vets can only get one appointment with a VA psychiatrist every 3 months. Sounds like the VA is worse than a private psychiatrist. Is this true?

    1. Also, in order to reduce benefits the VA needs two doctors opinions. If you use VA healthcare the VA doctors opinion can be seen directly by the VA and used against the vet. All it takes after that is a negative opinion from the C&p doctor to lower the vets rating. Is this how it works? If it is then it sounds safer to use private healthcare.

    2. @Lily: Hello again Lily, I can tell you this, I use an outside Clinical Psycologist, she is thorough, liscensed in what she is treating me for (TBI), a pleasure to be around, is for me and not against me, and I look forward to my treatment every week. Compare that to the VA, who first and foremost is actually gathering data to be used against me, never makes eye contact, can barely speak English, treats me as if I have leprocy, and I flat out refuse to have an appointment with any one of them at the VA. I find this holds true mostly with pcp’s and shrinks. It is a crap shoot for the specialty clinics, some you mind find a pleasure, and others might as well be the local dishwasher from McDonalds, dressed in a white lab coat.

      1. And Jo3n is right, those without options tend to have a shorter lifespan. Good point Jo3n.

  21. Here’s an interesting turn of events. President Trump is indeed getting rid of a number of agencies.
    One in particular is; “The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness”, or (USICH)! Est; 1986 or so. Then reaffirmed in 2009!
    This agency is part and parcel of the Presidency!
    Look it up. It’s like, in my opinion, all the other government agencies! That is to say, they ‘leach’ off the taxpayers.
    Why do I say this?
    Those individuals who work for this agency haven’t accomplished anything to stay Homelessness in any real degree!
    Homelessness today, is worse than it was 30 years ago!
    This agency is supposed to work with all states, counties, cities. How many of you have seen any dent in the veterans homelessness in recent times?
    Here in Florida, the city of Orlando, Mayor Buddy Dyer, put veterans in motel rooms. Which were broken down and ready to be demolished.
    After a short stay, the vets were again homeless.
    I’ve tried searching to see if HUD was being shut down, concerning homeless veterans, and have found nothing. Except this agency “USICH”! Which, again in my opinion, is nothing more than a SCAM against taxpayers!

    1. PPS,.
      There are a number of agencies/non-profit organizations President Trump is being accused of “Shutting Down”!

      For example; He’s being accused, on Twitter and Facebook, of Shutting Down “Meals on Wheels”! Not true folks!
      First: “Meals on Wheels” is NOT a Federal Agency! It’s run by the “Salvation Army!”
      Secondly: only “…3% of monies to this group is coming from the government…! Federal, State and Local!” The other “…97% comes from donations from people…” like you and me, plus the recipients pay a small amount for the meals!
      Quote: “So, even if the government was to stop its funding, it really wouldn’t hurt [the Salvation Army]!”
      The Salvation Army also performs another ‘service’ the VA doesn’t do, “Wellness Checks” on their recipients!
      (Remember that (dead) vet who sat in his car for 5 days. Wouldn’t it have been great IF the VHA would have done a Wellness Check on him?)
      Source: “USA TODAY”
      date: 18 March 2017 @ 4pm

      These types of “rumors and false innuendos” are coming from the “Alt-Left

    2. I think Trumps budget request to congress is on the WH web site.

      Its amazing how many agencies, useless all of them, are being cut.

      1. @91Veteran- Yes, it’s about time the fat gets trimmed. What I like is Pres. Trump is keeping it very in the present, reminding us that the USA has an entirely unsustainable National Deficit, and an alarmingly huge one growing every minute and in order to not cut social security and Medicare, the fat must be cut. Less gov’t., which I am thinking, if I am correct, the congress critters have no idea they are akin to frogs being slowly boiled in a pot on the stove, the congress critters are very much part of the swamp needing drained, and I am *just waiting* to see if the congress critters are going to be able to exempt themselves from whatever the new healthcare law is called….because if Trump’s team sees the private insurance those bastards have, and the very best, there’s no freaking reason we Veterans cannot and should not have that same care…or make those congress critters utilize *only* the VAMC’s in their districts they come from…PLEASE. Give THEM a taste of scary mary medicine!!

        My city of Columbus, OH is trying to get all the city leaders on board to make certain buildings in the city Sanctuary Buildings, bypassing the entire “Sanctuary City” term, for illegals. It’s still illegal. They are thinking of ways to spend $$$ in this city, meanwhile there’s an entire tent community of homeless Veterans living along the river West of me in the woods year round.
        The only time those Homeless Vets in the woods by river will come-up in their board meetings will be just like what happened a couple years ago where the Homeless used to live in woods, and many Vets, when a developer and libtards wanted to bulldoze most of it for expensive condos and bike paths. The Homeless Vets and others moved. When the next developer eyes that land where they now huddle, they will be moved again…how about building places for THEM to LIVE???

        Rant Out!

      2. What needs to be remembered is that the Presidents budget is required to be submitted, but congress can completely ignore it.

        Reagan had many budgets declared dead on arrival by a democrat controlled congress.

        More recently, I think every one of Obama’s budgets were rejected, some were by votes of 95+ to 0, when democrats controlled congress.

        Now that republicans control both houses, I wonder how many limp wristed RINOs like Graham will be smoked out and whining about the NEA being cut. Or some other worthless agency.

      3. Congress Critters rack-up HUGE amounts in Travel Expenses, and are allotted some ridiculous amount to enable this huge sucking sound from our budget.

        With today’s technology of even basic SKYPE, there’s absolutely no reason Congress Critters need to maintain two different homes and all that comes with it.

        Have regular sessions via electronic video encrypted but also available for ALL USA to watch for free, THAT would be great Public Broadcasting, as a start.

        Congress Critters can then remain in their respective States and only meeting in D.C. like some online college courses are where you have to come-in (D.C.) for mid-term and final exams, same with Congress Critters.

        Eliminate need for air-travel from the States to D.C. for the Critters by:

        Along with Pres. Trump’s Infrastructure Rebuilding Plan, he should plan for the Congress Critter’s transportation means as well. This will be a series of 50 plastic or glass tubes just the right diameter for a Congress Critter and a briefcase & laptop, and again, these tubes will be either clear or sort of a yellow color, but transparent all the same.
        This proposed network of tubes would be completely hot-air & flatulence powered by the very Congress Critter that will be chuting his or her way to D.C., much like the banks use the money tubes and chutes with air at the drive-through and also another great analogy would be hamster habitrail tubes.
        Each State would be able to view their Congress Critter utilizing completely their own hot air and gas to poof themselves all the way to D.C. and will cause tailgate parties to erupt to just watch the event like fireworks or Old Faithful.

        Each State’s citizens also get to take place in the raffle, much like a lottery, that gets to dictate what the Congress Critter is to eat for a gaseous dinner before their poofing to D.C.

        Spared No Expense. RAND Corp. concurs this will boost morale considerably AND save $.

      4. I forgot to add:

        Of COURSE the interiors of those tubes would be well-lubed for the Congress Critters. Friction Sucks.

      5. Also, there’s no reason an App could not be developed (easily) that would be like Apple’s Fingerprint Authentication and encrypted voting for issues remotely from their State….let’s make being a Congress Critter something more than “Club Med” for Attorneys that know someone that knows someone that owns that contracting co. and chairs that board for the DoD.

        Make TERM LIMITS of ONE TERM ONLY. Start sending farmers to Congress again, they would enjoy the tube ride. Just throw in some hay. Maybe a chicken or two. 🙂 (no pigs, that would be a deadly mess)

      6. Nam, I’ve always thought Reperesentatives should be limited to 3, 2 year terms for a total of 6, and Senators to their 1, 6 year term.

        Both would have the ability to serve beyond their term limit, but it would require them winning 65% of the vote in their state or district. If they don’t make the cut, they are out and that states governor appoints someone for 1 term, which does not count against their term limit.

        Every state should have a uniform recall procedure for their Senators and Representatives. Currently, it’s a mish-mash where every state is different, or they have no mechanism at all for recalling these buffoons.

        Some states may have that recall ability now, but others don’t. That Senator has as much an effect on me or my state as they do in their own state, so the recall procedure should be the same everywhere.

        They can take money from outside their state to get re-elected, but I don’t have a say in recalling them?

        The other change would be they could receive their current salary for an additional year for every year they served, so a representative serving for 6 years would receive their salary for an additional 6 years as a pension, and after that extra 6 years, they get nothing.

        No more of this lunacy of politicians serving short terms, being thrown out on their ass and getting a pension for life.

        A pension for each year they served should be enough to tide them over until they can get a real job.

        All politicians should also be barred from lobbying after their term. For life.

  22. Has anyone here quit using Clonazepam cold turkey? What am I in for? I also take Morphine, and am hoping the Morphine will lessen the effects of withdrawl. I am not doing this by choice, once again the script needs to be refilled, it’s the weekend, only 2 tabs left, and I didn’t notice till this morning.

    1. from my experience you wont be sleeping much I was up for 2 day without anything so i bought some sleep aid over the counter stuff and sleepd a little ….thats why i weened my self off of every thing but pain meds and muscle relaxer when i need it….. but then again everyone is different

      1. Thanks OLDMARINE. No sleep I can deal with. I think if really bothers me, I will just double dose the morphine. If I go the weekend without Clonazepam ? I just wonT have it refilled. One less med to pay for.

      2. @OLDMARINE; So far, not too bad, I think the Morphine is masking any withdrawal symptoms. Thanks for asking. I may not refill this scrpt if all goes well..

      3. I would refill it but see how long you can last just in case ….i had a neighbor of mine quit smoking but he always had a pack of smokes on the dash of his truck he said it was a little reverse physiology they were always available to him but never smoked again

  23. Crazy elf: I’m not interested in changing your mind, or anyone else’s for that matter. If your a vet, it’s a zero sum game: one winner, one loser. It pay’s to be a winner. As for all the musings about Trump and all the other players in this VA drama, who gives a shit about anyone of them on a personal level? Can they deliver for you ? Show me the scorecard at the en of the day, who performed and delivered for you at the end of the day.
    If I have somehow upset some cherished belief that you hold on to, I consider it a well spent blog post. In some respects, Trumps Art of The Deal approach make;s much more sense than whatever you personally believe in. I want to walk away with as many chips on the table as I can get away with. If it means gaming the system, so be it.

    1. JOHN COKOS,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess, by your statement, you don’t give a rats ass about anyone but yourself!

      Good! Next time I’ll know better than to give some feedback on “WHAT’ I feel might benefit veterans!
      As I’ve said, I believe it would be beneficial IF veterans could record their medical appointments.
      As those doctors here in Florida said made perfect sense! They are real physicians looking out FOR their patients. Not like what we have to put up with in the VA!

      Oh, and by the way. I’m a 100% T&P Disabled Veteran. I served in the US Army, 173rd Airborne Brigade, (2 years, 2 months & 2 days “in-country Vietnam”) then, after that, I joined the US Navy (helped “extract civilians being held hostage in Beirut Lebanon 1976”)!
      So, I guess I’m a fuckin’ veteran!
      Are you? Because, all the “Combat Veterans’ I’ve met, don’t insult other veterans!

      1. P.S.
        IF veterans want to see change in the VA, they’re going to have to take measures to insure they receive all the benefits they deserve. That means “stand up for your rights!” Don’t let those asswipes take your rights away from you!
        Do everything possible to insure your receiving the best medical care possible.
        If you don’t do it, no one else will!

      2. Crazy Elf, I know a brigade is huge, but did you ever run into a guy named Kilgallen while over there?

      3. Jumping out of a perfectly good Airplane ? Just an old joke. “Feeling’s” and “opinions” aren’t going to get any of us out of the situation we are in. Hard intell is a better way to go. Like the late Hal Moore is quoted to say: There is always one more thing you can do to increase your odds of success.

  24. Well, Friday came and went. I wonder what kind of crap, Friday Dump, VA will have pulled yesterday?!

    I also wonder where Seymore has been!? Ain’t seen him on in awhile. Hope he’s OK!

    1. You can be sure whatever the crap was, it surely was green with greed involved in topic, no matter if it had been St. Patrick’s Day Friday or not. 🙂

      Speaking of green, now the Dumbocrats are tossing ‘Climate Change’ into the cogs of Pres. Trump’s plan to drain the swamp. Seems the Dumbocrats do not like the green smog swamp gas but want to enjoy the swam…the congress critter equiv. of wanting their cookie jar and eating it too.

      EPA laws on steroids are what ultimately put my family’s manufacturing business in the ground because we could not pay the $20,000. fine each year to EPA to continue polluting like huge corp.’s such as 3M could, and now these companies even sell their polluting rights in an EPA trade $ for smog, congress critter campaign $$ for continuing to keep the $$$$ flowing from the corporations, who in turn continue to pollute…most Americans have no idea how huge of a sham the EPA is to any small manufacturing or milling operation.
      I have no doubt that we humans are affecting the Earth’s climate by our own collective of human farts on a daily basis is far more than all the cows out there farting daily. Then there’s the VA’s own rear orifice of the meat grinder…jet propulsion quality swamp gas.
      Rant Out.

  25. I think you might find this of interest!

  26. HEY BEN why do i get this when i post things if its you thats fine just wondering if my computer is high-jacked……….Your comment is awaiting moderation

    1. @OLDMARINE- If you tried to post a link without placing quotations in front and end of the link, you will get that automated moderating comment message on your post. Example, “”

      1. Also, if you tried to for instance copy & paste something from an article but you inadvertently copy & pasted a word or two within that quote that were blue highlighted (links), without placing quotes around them, again would be auto-moderated. Hope this helped.

  27. I found this quote and i had to share it…………………..George Orwell once said that “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Since he offered those words decades ago, we have seen deceit become a pervasive and global problem, where the general public really has no clue what is happening

    1. Another prophetic element turned inside-out with Orwell’s novel “1984”, written in 1948, is a major part of the plot is both the Big Brother ever-watching Gov’t., to the extreme of “Thought Crimes”, but behind the scenes throughout the novel of our possible future, Orwell created this “constant world war” that was ever-present in news and this horrific terrible war is what kept the Big Brother Gov’t and Policymakers always in constant action, using the war a reason to strip every right any citizen once possessed.

      The difference in reality, come forward to 2017 is that the “wars” are very real. In Orwell’s “1984” the wars were completely made-up by the gov’t and used as an effective control element. Those that sought the truth that the wars of Big Brother were indeed a sham were considered the actual terrorists because as you stated in that quote, “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”, there is nothing more powerful than the disinfecting qualities of daylight to bring-out the truth of things.

      So today, even though the wars are very real, many in the USA are going about their busy lives oblivious to these atrociously violent and savage wars brought-onto to us by savages, that Orwell’s “1984” plot in today’s reality is polar opposite but just as deadly because the sickness Americans possess is apathy and indifference, just like most of the VA.

      (The “New World Order” (NWO) you may read here and there on internet and even spoken out loud esp. with the European Union, is pretty close to Orwell’s Big Brother, because utopia does not exist on this planet Earth, Adam & Eve took care of that but at least we can see the difference between truth and fiction)

      1. I like apples but not so much snakes, so not so sure I would have been tempted by the serpent in the Garden of Eden but then again, Eve did not even know he was a serpent until her eyes were opened….powerful metaphors to ponder this morning walking in the thick fog.
        Why can’t they make green fog for St. Patrick’s Day? I bet that fog was indeed green over the swamp trolls habitat enclosure in D.C. (Reflecting Pool)

      2. Namnibor, Odd you mention the Rand Corporation in another comment. I just started watching the shows Iron Fist on the Netflix which is about a Rand Corporation taken over by hostile entities from within & prescription drug manufacturing. Theres always a hidden message in movies, I wonder what this show will expose.

  28. @Ex va: Ex va, I gotta get going, I can barely keep my eyes open. it’s been a long week. I hope you feel better soon, if you see ANutterVet before I do, say hello for me. Okay I better go. Talk to you soon. Lily, it was nice to meet you. God Bless you Ex va, and Lily, and all of Ben’s world. Goodnight.

  29. @cj, it is getting late here. Are you going to be able to sleep? I am going to sign off. Take care and God Bless you all. Hopefully talk tomorrow with you and ANutterVet. His family cares for him he has excellent support system. That makes a big difference when you don’t.

  30. @Ex va: yes, sometimes you need to just get away from all of it for a while and re energize yourself. Spend time with your family or service pets. Zone out, and watch some old movies on the tube.

      1. @Ex va: I use to live on youtube, and do an awful lot of research for different things. Now it is hard to get motivated. The smallest of tasks are getting hard to get started. Some days I don’t even care if I wake up or not. I have to force myself to do everything.

      2. join the club, i used to move from sun-up to sun-down there wasn’t enough daylight for me now i have no motivation. even my little inside dog goes outside when its cold and stays out I think he’s trying to give me a hint

      3. @cj, i know exactly what you mean. Things that should be easy to do can be overwhelming. I really hate that. The depression can make you feel hopeless. My meds are not acting right. Probably being sick of the antibiotics. You might be depressed. Or maybe antidepressants are not working right.

  31. @cj, i can understand that sometimes it get me depressed at times. No good news or rarely hear the good news

  32. @Ex va: Maybe he just needed to take a few days off from the stress the blog provides at times. I just don’t want him to think we didn’t notice he wasn’t here.

  33. @ cj, i worry at ANutterVet, because they are messing with him and being so cruel to him.

      1. @Ex va: Yeah he is, he is smart as can be. If they don’t like it? tough beans. He should be getting the proper care. I can’t for the likes of me understand how these quacks get away with it.Well yes I do know how they get away with it. What they need is a swift kick in the ass, by way of the local news, both on air and print.

  34. @cj, he worries me too. The va messing up his meds and he says the pain is not in control. When was the last time you saw him?

    1. @Ex va: Had to be Tuesday, the last day we talked. After that my days were filled with different appointments and I pretty much passed out till the next morning, each day.

  35. @Lily,@Ex va: Good for you Lily. I am glad you didn’t listen to them, and I am glad you were able to get the compensation you deserve. Ex va, I haven’t seen ANutterVet in a while. I hope he is okay.

  36. I’m not going to the VA after what I’ve read here. I would rather use a emergency room.

    1. Lily, it is okay to go to the VA. Most specialty clinics are okay. Most of the trouble veterans are having is with their pcp, and administrators. I go when ever It’s time for follow up appointment. Just don’t let them treat you less than you deserve to be treated is all. You deserve to use those facilities, and I think things are going to start to get better.

    2. Lily, Ex va, here knows alot more about the VA than I do. He can help you out much more as well.

  37. @Liily: Lily, don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t get compensation for your service connected injuries. That is simply not true.

    1. I got compensation and went back to veys.yuku and told them. They banned me again,lol. I got discharged under honorable conditions even though I was in less than 2 years. Vets.yuku administration lied to me saying you can’t ask for VA compensation if you served less than 2 years.

  38. @cj, you doing ok? This weather has been messing with me. Hands really swollen and back is hurting bad too.

    1. @Ex va: Yes Ex va, I am doing pretty good. Sorry to hear the weather is messing you up. We should answer Lily

  39. This disability website vets yuku is infiltrated by VA lackies. I saw a comment on it that said “Go to the VA, they love vets”. So I asked why they were shills for the VA and got banned. I just went to spy on them and caught them lying to Vets about benefits. They keep saying vets who don’t go to the VAMC will get their benefits reduced. They lied to me by claiming I couldn’t request VA compensation for my injuries.

    1. @ Lily don’t understand what you are saying about this disability website. We get trolls on here occasionally and va employees who have an ax to grind can always put ina claim for compensation for injuries. Ask a question someone can help and answer.

      1. This is a great site. I was reporting a site called vets.yuku . I was over there and it’s the exact opposite of this site. At vets.yuku they act like the VA is Disneyland.

      2. @Lily: Lily, veterans on this blog stick together. We have each other backs. It is busier during the day, and most of the veterans can point you in the right direction if you have questions about filing a disability claim. Each day Ben post’s another topic that we all read, and then comment on. Some days we get off topic and just say what’s on our minds. All good people here, we really do all care about veterans first.

    1. @cj, i will check later on for ya. I hope ANutterVet is doing better. I am doing a little better.

  40. @Ex va,@ANutterVet: Hey Ex va, how are you tonight? I read your post. I am just as guilty, of not being here at the same time as you and ANutterVet. Been crashing most of the day, and commenting early in the am. Too many appointments, it tires me out badly. Hope the both of you have been doing well.

    1. @cj, i had somethings i had to do today too. Glad your keeping your appointments. i missed out on a funeral this week. i was too sick to attend.

  41. There is no sense like common sense. Kings have fallen and nations destroyed for ignoring it.

    1. @js: js, I have never heard that quote before, I think it is words to live by. Most excellent, Thank you.

    2. No wonder there’s the current USMC facebook porn scandal with sexist attitudes like Dennis. Thanks.

  42. Nice distraction. Let’s focus on a couple pictures of a couple dickheads, and not pay attention to the fact that the VA is driving a bus over two generations veterans. MABAaaaaaaa Make America Bleed Again and again and agin

    1. Try again Windguy, there’s about 4 or 5 generations of veterans VA’s been fuckin’!

      1. I blame it all on nasty women.

        Maybe the REAL reason Trumps photo didnt go up was they were still trying to airbrush cleavage onto Hillary’s photo until VA had authenticated the election? There is ALWAYS hope for men when nasty women with cleavage are around. Who the hell is gonna find hope looking at a president who looks like he bit into his first lemon? Either that or he got photographed pinching off a brick but either way I am thinking maybe VA had another good idea and were caught off guard that people cast vote in America still.

        I’ll run the idea past our new Chief Of Staff at Roseburg who hails from India. I haven’t seen if she has decent cleavage yet and the jury is still out on whether she is nasty or not, but maybe this is a shift towards more veteran-centric care?

        My SECOND act as a newly appointed VA chief would be to demand nurses go topless. My FIRST act as new chief would be to demand the femal adminstrators cover up completely. My campaign is run on Hope!

      2. @Dennis- The RAND Corporation has concluded that looking upon the sights of Diane Rubens topless would be more detrimental to Veterans minds and bodies than if it were Medusa’s Face alone.
        The VA concurs with RAND because the VA has been testing authenticated photo portraits of Diane Rubens and testing between topless and regular face-shot only Diane Rubens photos, and have concluded that both types of photos of Diane Rubens, topless or not, are very effective in turning CAT 5 Disruptive Behavior Committee Veterans to stone either way.
        However, the topless method seemed to cause Vets to take their own lives by any immediately available means. Highly effective. Dept. of Defense shall be testing Diane Rubens Disruptive Bombs against ISIS in coming months. So far, everyone wants to become stoned before being exposed to the Diane Rubens Disruptive Bomb and many went as far as scratching their own eyes out to limit exposure.

        RAND Corp. does not recommend any topless VA nurses unless cold stone veteran props are needed for reelection congress critters as stage props. In that case, we will always recommend the Diane Rubens Disruptive Bomb.

  43. Sorry Ben. A first step towards common sense solutions would have been for that hospital management to join in the hanging of the pictures temporarily while explaining they would have to be replaced with official portraits once they were received.

    I don’t but the excuse that the directive to remove them came from VACO. I see some bureaucrat being misleading. Yes, the policy of waiting for official portraits likely came from VACO, but I can’t believe a bureaucrat got another flunky at VACO on the phone who ordered them removed.

    Unless they had the super secret phone number of someone who would actually answer the phone.

    I also can’t believe the order to the spokeshack to publicly respond like an ass came from VACO either. That order came directly from being arrogant and the belief they are untouchable.

    And finger-pointing at GSA? Really?

    The whole issue shows how locked into following policy these people are when it suits them.

    If brains were gas they wouldn’t have enough to fire a piss-ants motorcycle around a cheerio.

    1. “[The whole issue shows how locked into following policy these people are when it suits them.

      If brains were gas they wouldn’t have enough to fire a piss-ants motorcycle around a cheerio.]”

      LMAO! 🙂

      1. Lots of aardvark shaped VA hacks, so that piss-ant would also be in danger as well as the cheerio of getting eaten.

  44. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: Wondering where you guys are at, and hopping your okay. If you see this, Hope you have a great St Pat’s day.

    1. @cj, @ANutterVet, sorry i haven’t been on except too late at night. Hope you both had a great St. Patricks Day.

      1. Not so much a crowds fan here. Don’t do bars. Not Catholic. Being an USAF Veteran, I naturally tend to gravitate to blue instead of green. Just listening to some relaxing music and reading an instruction manual. Very nerdy leprechaun here.

        However, I hear the VA placed all brand new green urinal cakes in the bathrooms for the occasion. The Canteen Cafeteria had Gangrene Green Loafing Meat with a side of fava beans to celebrate the day.

      2. @namnibor, yeah, the luck of the irish with green urinal cakes!!! LMAO!! Don’t eat the mystery meat in the cafeteria!!!! Fava beans !!!! Yeah Hannibal would like that.!!!

  45. Crazy Elf: Recording in ANY PUBLIC Federal Building has been found to be a protected activity thru Federal Court Case ruling. ANYTHING to the contrary is just internal policy.

    1. John Cokos,
      That “protected activity” could, and should, be overturned by the Supreme Court to make it legal in some cases; ie: doctor/patient appointments. Where the patient can remember how and what the doctor (healthcare provider) said!
      As far as “internal policies”, same as my previous statement!

      Why do you always come on here, and other websites, to shut down any good idea someone might have?

      1. P.S.
        JOHN COKOS,
        Down here in Florida a couple years ago, ( 2+/- 1), physicians went on Local News Stations and reported they “…record all appointments…” between the physicians and patients! Their reasoning was (paraphrasing); It insures the patient(s) follow instructions they may forget after leaving!
        This “reasoning” is beyond any “INTELLIGENT THEORY” by physicians at VHA’s nationwide!

        Every year Vietnam Veterans, Korean War Veteran and WWII Veterans are getting older. Our “attention span” isn’t what it used to be!
        Our “hearing” isn’t what it used to be!
        Some veterans don’t have the “Luxury” of having a “significant other” to be with them at VA. To help the veteran with instructions given by the physician!

        Therefore, “Recording the physician is, in my opinion, a great idea!”

        No matter what you say, it will never change my mind!

  46. Don’t waste any time on the Trump portrait story and spend the time finding out just how the HUD program that covers housing for Homeless Veteran’s that is being defunded will impact Veteran’s.Who gives a crap about a Trump portrait ?

    1. What about the 500,000 veterans that depend on meals-on-wheels that trump is going to cut in his recently announced budget. He’s bannon’s puppet.

      1. I suggest those vets who depend on meals on wheels instead learn to find meals on the hoof. Poaching is not just for eggs anymore.

  47. >>What would be great is to see President Trump coordinate massive deviations from flawed VA protocol related to how it processes appeals, too. Maybe this is a first step to using common sense solutions.

    indeed. i keep hoping. if WH is going to upgrade USA military, which it needs, i do hope he and his admin start really fixing the VA…he’s going to be sending more troops about the worlds hotspots, he sure as hell better start real reforms at VA.

    he spoke about it, got veteran block to vote for him, so follow through Mr Trump!!!

    >>What do you think?

    if the other half of this country cannot see now what most of VA is all about, they never will. its left up to the other half of this country to push for true reform at VA.

    also, to hell with McCain, Ryan & Graham, for starters!!! these guys are nothing less than saboteurs of Trump’s admin and are totally bought and paid for puppets. and do get ride of the obama holdovers, all of them it seems will put politics before “doing the right thing”.

    1. the other thing I would suggest is get rid of the BONUS money if they cant live on a good salary they need to go elsewhere. i am sure there are a lot of good honest people that would take a straight salary and do a good job…

      1. @OLDMARINE: Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact I was just finishing up a 30 page rant, that you just reduced a few key words. A good sign I need to get some sleep.

    2. I know what you are saying Cantigny, but when you have sitting Congressmen and former generals opposing a veteran having rights equal to any other citizen, I don’t think they give a damn about those same veterans getting lousy treatment by the VA.

  48. OK,
    This just out from “WDBO” radio news at noon.
    President Trump said during his meeting today “…with top VA Officials…” , “…There’s been enough horror stories out about VA…”, “… We’re going to protect those who have protected us!”
    This is just before he will be “taking off on Air Force One” to come to West Palm Beach, Florida, this afternoon. His security detail and limo’s are already here.
    Side Note;
    Maybe “Frank” will have to explain to President Trump, and his team, “WHY” he used his work computer, while at work at West Palm Beach VHA, to comment on here! Might be a very interesting situation for “Frankie Boy”!!!!!!!!

    Now’s the time to let your VHA healthcare employees know exactly how you feel about them!!!!!!!!

    1. I also want everyone to put their feelings on the comments on here. Because I’ll have the wife send all of Ben’s Blogs off to President Trump and his son Eric Trump.
      They are following my wife. Therefore he’s following Ben!

      1. P.S.
        I’m also having the wife explain to President Trump and Eric about the “NO RECORDING (VIDEO/AUDIO) at VHA’s Nationwide BULLSHIT!

        We older veterans need help in remembering facts on medications and healthcare steps to ensure we’re doing things correctly.
        This “No Recording” inside VHA’s nationwide is a hindrance of our well-being!

        Tell me what you think of this! The wife is sending today’s blog off right now to President Trump and Eric by “Twitter”! We all know he’s an avid Twitter follower!

    2. “… We’re going to protect those who have protected us!”

      Trump didn’t say “veterans”.

      Who is “us”?
      And who has been protecting them?
      Those are the true questions.
      Because the answer will tell you who he’s talking about.
      It sure is not the veterans or he would say so.
      Unless the head (((boss))) of Trump will not let him say who he’s talking about.
      LOL. Trump is president of the corporation. Who is a member of that corporation?
      Hint: read Supreme court justice Roberts opinion on the obamacare mandate.
      That decision explains the corporation and the shadow gov.
      It’s quite a long slog, though. Good luck and dog bless.

      1. I think your tinfoil hat has grown a bit thin and the microwaves might be affecting your mood or you may just have a leprechaun bug up your ass, it is St. Pat’s after all.

      2. I myself believe those are legitimate questions.
        Who wants to shut down legit questions, even if they are the hard questions?
        And why would any vet want to make fun and mock another, especially one who is trying to get legitimate questions answered.

        Rather than responding with childishness and name-calling, you could answer the questions, since you seem to have a handle on everything. Thank you and dog bless.

      3. look into this…………Christopher Story – Leo Wanta: The 31 Trillion Dollar Man ……………….

      4. lawerlynn,
        “News Nugget!” President Trump was talking about the VA!
        Only veterans can use VA at VHA’s nationwide!
        I agree with namnibor. Your “tinfoil hat has grown a bit thin…” and I would add a little too tight! Maybe it’s cutting off circulation to whatever brain cells you have left!

        And, lastly, it’s NOT “dog bless”, IT’S “GOD BLESS!”

        What are you, a fuckin’ Muslim TROLL!

      5. @Crazy elf- I was trying to give benefit of doubt that she perhaps is dyslexic with the “dog bless” thing but I think you’re correct, I was being to generous and should have said something as well because it rubbed me the wrong way and made the hair on my neck and back stand-up like a wolverine. It’s God Bless, aluminum foil heavier thickness next time.

    3. can you send me in the right direction about this….what Gifford had done “BEFORE” she was shot ….i cant find any thing on it and am allways looking for real truth instead of the MSM bullshit

      1. OLDMARINE,
        You won’t find anything about what Gifford did before she was shot.
        As I stated, it was only broadcasted through a few minor news outlets, not the MSM’s.
        The info has probably been scrubbed from everywhere.
        I found out about it through my wife. Who lived in Arizona during this time period.
        It NEVER made headlines at all!

    4. A chemistry professor at a large college had some exchange students in the class.

      One day while the class was in the lab, the professor noticed one young man, a foreign student, who kept rubbing his back, and stretching as if his back hurt.

      The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist government.

      In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question: “Do you know how to catch wild pigs?”

      The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line.

      The young man said this was no joke and explained:

      “You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again.

      You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat; you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught.

      Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.”

      The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America.

      1. @OLDMARINE: Definately food for thought. Perfect analysis of the current state of affairs. I tell my son he has no clue of how many freedoms he has lost, between the time I was his age and now. He never lived it, so he doesn’t know he is missing it.

  49. In an unusual move, the VA decided to immediately remove the boots stuck up their asses by those wearing them. One internet video of the facility shows “Skipper” banging his captains hat first on Chief of Staff Gilligan’s head and then in an unprecedented move began whacking all the Gilligan clones at VA in like manner. The union representing the facility, AFGE, has filed a stay order in Federal Court halting the decision to place temporary photos into the picture frames. They are demanding mid term negotiations as required under contract, citing the fact that requiring independant thought from VA leadership represents a safety of workplace issue within the facility which requires a renegotiation of contract terms under section 7.2.9.a(1) of the contract.

    Secretary Shulkin responded to Congress over the matter, “Our healthcare employees are ‘hands-down’ the best employees we can get. Unfortunately the ‘heads-up’ employees in healthcare are not currently available due to budget shortfalls, and I urge you to pass additional spending for veterans care which of course will be diverted immediately to posters of me and the other guy at once.”

    Meanwhile Congressman Brian Mast has been placed under the authority of the Disruptive Behavior Committee, and a Cat One PRF has been entered at the direction of Chief of Staff Maloni Rabini Mustaffa Amin, PHD of Mozambique, and all of his future visits for care he must be accompanied by an armed US federal agent into all spaces.

    1. Would those “heads-up employees” happen to be giving themselves expert prostate self-examinations? You know, eyes to the brown eye, just to be sure?

      New VA Directive via Central Office: No Veteran shall touch any walls at any VA Facility with the exception of the Mental Health Ward where the VA spared no expense on walls that you can run your tongue up and down that are imbibed with all kinds of fun pharmaceuticals: THOSE walls are okay to touch, and of course lick. Any other VA Facility walls are sacred AFGE halls and shall not be blasphemed by the touch of a lowly Veteran. The VA CARES.

    2. @Dennis: OMG, Dennis, your right about it being a “union safety in the workplace issue” I forgot how absolutely dangerous hanging temporary pictures can be.. This is just a small list of things I can see posing a danger, the first one has a very high probability of occurring. once a box of President Trumps pictures are opened. OLDMARINE brought this one to my attention.

      1. T.A.I.D. but not to worry, impeachara can be handed out to union member “before” opening the boxes.
      2. Slipped disc, or even worse, herniated disc.
      3. Severe PTSD once the union member realizes that by carrying a box of the Presidents pictures, He is actually “hugging” the President.
      4. You all have hit your thumb with a hammer and know how debilitating that is.
      5. Did anyone think of how terrible it would be if a union member started to choke on eating crow?
      6. The dreaded paper cut, you KNOW how terrible this one can be, especially if an infection occurs.
      Now I have cerebral issues so I am sure I have missed a whole slue of safety issues. But I can see how profound Dennis’s insight is here. Dennis, you just might have saved lives here. good catch.

  50. Out today from:
    “ News”
    “House Passes Bill Enabling Gun Sales to ‘Mentally Incompetent’ Vets”

    via: “Stars and Stripes
    by Nikki Wentling

    The vote was “…240 – 175 approving the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, which will now go to the Senate.”
    Good article. See if y’all can find the “flaws” the Democrats, and some Republicans, are using to block it!
    As far as Gifford is concerned. I put this on here after she was shot.
    It seems there might have been a reason “WHY”.
    Gifford, without going through the State Legislature, “sold all the state owned buildings to the Chinese. Then, rented them back at the expense of the taxpayers in Arizona!”
    That’s why that person shot her. It was well reported what she did in Arizona. Yet, the MSM’s never spoke on it at all.

    “Expanding Veterans Mental Health Care”

    16 March 2017 by Senator John Boozman (R-Ark).

    Evidently he’s aware of the problems VHA’s nationwide are having on hiring professional mental health professionals!
    Yet, I’m pretty sure he’s unaware of the incompetence permeating throughout the VHA’s over how they come to a conclusion why a veteran is actually placed, albeit wrongly, on this list to not own firearms!

    1. What the hell is wrong with and putting out a headline like that? Are they now “that” left leaning?
      Thank you on the information about Gifford. This is the first I have heard about this. She must have used the Rockefeller business model, the one used to print US currency, and then charge interest for doing so. One more drain the swamp issue to take care of. Let the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA print it’s own money, not the Rockefeller printing scheme. Concerning the national debt, how can you owe interest on money you printed?

      1. “cj”
        It’s true we print the money. The “Interest” we pay is to the Federal Reserve.
        Google the Federal Reserve to find out more.
        Hint: The Federal Reserve is neither a Federal entity or does it have any money in reserve.
        It was established during Pres. Wilson’s administration. You remember him, the “Bigoted Racist asswipe who got us involved in WWI” !!!!!!!

      2. My great grandmother would seethe with the anger of brimstone and sulfur when talking about Wilson. She was not a fan and not afraid to tell we grandkids at time.

      3. “cj”
        My wife told me about what Gifford had done “BEFORE” she was shot.
        Like I said, it wasn’t widely publicized outside of Arizona at the time.
        Shortly after, she was shot.

      4. I am not defending military dot com, but at least they had the sense to include the quote from Phil Roe, chairman of the House VA Committee. He adds much more context to this issue that all of the crap spouted by the hacks opposing this legislation.

        [“It’s disgraceful because the VA doesn’t determine the veteran is actually dangerous before sending the name to the FBI. They only look at if the veteran needs help looking at his or her financial affairs,” said Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. “Unfortunately, the VA’s decision has serious consequences for the veteran, including losing his or her Second Amendment rights.”]

      5. @91Veteran: I have to admit, I never read the article, just the headline. It could have been a total pro veteran article for all I know. It just struck me as insulting. Next time I WILL read the article before commenting. On McCain being unhinged: Remember when he ran against Obama? at the RNC convention. Remember his speech? When he raised his fist and yelled something about fighting, and the crowds went wild. After that because of the reaction, he kept punching his fist and yelling fight. In between fight was completely unintelligible. Just like that unhinged person everyone is talking about. He is one traitorous, senile old bastard, and correct, he and Graham, both the perfect poster children for term limits.

      6. No worries on the article CJ. It wouldn’t have had any balance without Roe’s quote. They likely would have left it out if he wasn’t chair of the House VA committee.

      7. @91Veteran: Been a heck of a week. Bens blog has been busy as can be. I wonder why VA employee’s have beeen chiming in so much lately? Something must be going on.

    2. Crazy Elf, you should read this NPR report on that legislation.

      They say it will add a hurdle to blocking a veteran from getting a gun by…requiring a judge declare the veteran incompetent. Such HORRORS!

      WTF? So it’s horrible to have a judge involved in declaring someone incompetent like every other American?

      They spout the usual BS leftist talking points, including quoting Chiarelli, without ever disclosing in the story that he is a part of that “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense” front group for the leftist, anti-gun Americans for a Responsible Solutions.

      I so hope Trump zeroes out their budget.


  51. A memo was issued throughout the VA notifying the staff about the delay in formal portraits. Its amazing how staff were not effective in communicating that with the Veterans when they had this concern. I don’t know why the facility and central office had to be stupid and probably rude about it. I DO like that the secretary took the Veterans’ concern seriously and put up temporary portraits in the mean time.

    1. @JackO- I agree it’s great the “…VA Sec. took the Veteran’s concern seriously and put up temporary portraits in the meantime.”, but it was again, only when caught not doing the right thing 50-60 days ago. I still think if Hillary Clinton had won POTUS Election, all VA’s would have had the photos up that morning and am also going as far as the VA and AFGE Piggies were SO SURE that Hillary was going to win, they may had already printed them up with Hillary’s portraits in anticipation.

      Kudos to Sec. Shulkin for at least bowing down to allowing temporary likenesses on the walls. However, I would think on any new VA Sec. checklist, ensuring your portrait photo is up at every VA facility is pretty high on that list, along with safe healthcare. Protocol.

      We should send a Special Ops Team to go in at night at every VA facility and take down the portraits and replace them with exact replicas and see if it sets any authentication alarm bells off.

    2. If only on a temporary basis we could print out and post a photo of Yoda and Chewbacca at the entrance. It might help the vets prepare for the fantasy inside the building in a meaningful way. The Force can guide the vets to safety unless of course you are not on Yoda’s side then the Force is a real bitch. Like VA….

      1. Nice. But at least in my mind, those characters should be more fitting to be from the ‘Alien’ & ‘Predator’ movies, one of each at the entrance, giving reason to “…just nuke it from orbit, to be sure.”

        If they must be Star Wars themed, I’m thinking a lot of Jobba The Huts and just as many Jar Jar Binx. Yoda would know better than to be caught even as a ghost in the VA and Chewbacca would be afraid of the crab lice in the VA hospitals. Alien Face-Huggers and Predators are not even hosts for crab lice.

    3. JackO i bet they have a lot of killary photos they have to put in the trash now just like i think it was TIME MAGAZINE that had the early release of her on the cover as the new president

      1. @OLDMARINE: Waste not, wnat not. Some enterprising individua,l should take possesion of all those pre printed stacks of Hillary pictures, and super impose a standard sized 50 meter target, on all of them, for use at your local range, oor the back yard. Recycling at it’s finest. How could the Libtardasaur, even deal with the inteernal strife, of both being on board with recycling, and being against anything gun related or Hillary effigy targeting.
        Hey they cold always press 1 and be transfered to the India veterans crisis hotline. Hold on there..effigy, afge..hmmmmmm, what can we make of this?

      2. great idea on the posters and for the magazines i would stack them floor to ceiling around all 4 bedroom walls and create my very own safe space LOL

      3. @OLDMARINE;Sorry OLDMARINE, I didn’t see your post, I stepped away for a few. I can picture that safe room hahaha.

      4. thats OK i went and laid back down … i have been in a slump mood all week haven’t done a damn thing but tomorrow is another day and i am going to force myself to do something outside all day even if it kills me LOL and they call this shit the golden years LOL

      5. @OLDMARINE: Exact same here OLDMARINE. Last appointment I had with my cardiologist, he is the one that was on duty and saved my life. I told him face to face, “doc, if I have another heart attack, and your the cardiologist on call, PLEASE, don’t be a hero, let me go”. First he chuckled, then he looked at me and said “your serious” I said “yes sir, I am”. This was on my way out the door after the appointment. Whoever named it the golden years, must have meant a golden pain in the ass.

  52. watch this on utube McCain Defends Henry Kissinger from Protesters “Shut Up or I Will Have You Arrested.. Low Life Scum” and i seen another one about kissinger saying people in the military are stupid i would like to be in a room with both of these turds and open up a can of whip ass on these two

      1. I have already read it he’s the only one that got taken off that ship. daddy had to protect his little turd, probably from getting his ass kicked from the rest of the crew

  53. That was a good one Crazy elf. In honor of St Pat’s day “” enjoy.

  54. Hey Frank, from the Florida VA, you still watching instead of scheduling veterans? Turns out you grossly underestimated the importance of what occured at your facility……dint ya?

    1. “cj”, I totally forgot about “Frank”!
      I wonder what kind of day he’s having? I hope he got his ass reamed out for using his work computer, during work hours, to comment on here yesterday!

      1. @Crazy elf: You thing Frank was bad, check this jackass out, go to the bottom and look for dion: “”

      2. @cj- I just taunted “dion” over there on that thread from 3/15/17. Definitely serious swamp gas ass.

      3. @namnibor: They sure been coming out of the woodwork, worried about their job security I supose.
        Anyway, everyone have a great day, no sleep, and Ineed to pass out again…………I always miss all the good stuff when I pass out. Ya snooze ya lose.

  55. “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY” to all!

    namnibor, I believe it’s more of a “boiling point” veterans have reached concerning our dismal healthcare!

    1. To all,
      Have you heard this one?

      A man was walking down the street in Washington DC. A robber came out of nowhere, and stuck a gun in his ribcage. Then said; “Give me all your money!”
      The man said: “I’m a Congressman, you CAN’T rob me!”
      The robber then said;
      “Your right! Give me ALL MY MONEY!”

    2. @Crazy elf: Well said. Between the poor treatment, and the insane exuses to deny claims, indeed a boiling point has been reached.

      And a happy St Pat’s to you as well.

  56. God I hate those two, McMain and Graham. I wish they would both stroke out and die already. Damn useless RINO’s. Okay, being honest there are plenty more I would add to that list. Next executive order should be each Congressman and each Senator, to prove their worth. If they can’t, then be forced to pay back every penny from day 1, and bye bye retirement as well. Why the hell should they be paid more than the young woman and men they put in harms way? Let’s trade, soldiers get what the elected officials are paid, and the elected officials……………..get a paricipation citation (a yellow stripped ribbon, that has a scratch n sniff component, in the aroma of dingleberry) and a long wait list at the retirement home, I mean box under the bridge.

  57. We need to set up a “Brass Balls” award for those politicians who would challenge the VA as this junior congressman did. Maybe it would light a fire under senior politicians like do nothing McCain and give me a Bronze Star for waking up Graham, 2 very senior veteran politicians…………..

    1. McCain & Graham only get the “Balsa Wood Balls” award at this point, not even remotely close to “Ping-Pong Balls” award as yet.

      1. Also, McCain & Graham are joined not only at the hip but between them they only share -1- “Balsa Wood Ball” between them.

      2. namnibor, did you see where McCain called Rep. from Kentucky a “Russian Agent”? His exact words were; quote; “He’s working for the Russians!”
        Yea he did! On Tuesday, this week “Songbird McCain” said it in front of Congress. All because the Kentucky Rep, who happens to be a doctor, said he “objects” to the new “RYANCARE”!
        There’s a video on Utube on it! I watched it last night! Laughed my ass off at the clown!

      3. Crazy Elf, I saw a follow-up to McCain where Rand Paul was responding to what McCain said.

        Rand Paul was/is holding up some issue of adding Montenegro to NATO because he doesn’t believe we need to expand it and risk getting drawn into war with Russia.

        McCain responded as if Paul would not defend his action, so he said Paul was working for the Russians.

        Paul said in the follow-up why he took the action he did, suggested McCain was a good argument for term limits and that he is unhinged.

        I agree with Paul’s assessment.

      4. @91Veteran- I would rarely say this, but I also agree with Rand Paul on his take on Unhinged McCain. Industrial Barrel of Crazy had it’s lid flown-off in that altercation…very similar to watching the two old men up in the balcony on ‘The Muppet Show’, “Waldorf & Statler”, except the backstage muppets accidentally switched one of the old men’s hair with “Beaker’s” hair to match Rand Paul’s crow’s nest or whatever that thing is.

    2. Hondo,
      Maybe a “Fickled Finger of Fate Award” for all the VA employees should be added in the mix!

      I think that “Combat Disabled American Veteran/Congressman” had something to do with this! Because, up until now the VHA’s nationwide weren’t following rules/regulations on putting up the pictures of “OUR” President and Sec. of VA! That bullcrap that VA spokeswoman told, was just that, BULLSHIT!
      I wonder what’s going to be said about the “video” that went viral? Y’all know, the one that spokeswoman said was “illegal”!

      We all knew the Secretary of VA has/had power to do a job. His job is to insure ALL VETERANS be treated with respect and honor in OUR healthcare at all VHA’s.
      Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of a NEW era of veterans healthcare! At least I hope so!
      Now is NOT the time to get “overly ambitious” when seeing a VHA healthcare provider. We must show our restraint by being “stern” in how we WANT to be treated in “OUR” VHA HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!
      I think it’s time for us to say; “I have this problem with my ‘service connected disability”, and want to know more about it!” And. “I’m having trouble, side effects, with the medications your prescribed!” (Side note: “IF the medications are still in the ‘testing stage’, let them know you DON’T appreciate being a test subject!”)

      Basically, your forcing the VHA healthcare providers to “learn” more about medical procedures and medications! If they want to “act like physicians”, force them to be physicians! Ask questions they DON’T WANT to hear!

      I’ve been trying this out recently. Y’all would be surprised at the reactions my wife and I receive! As a matter of fact, my last appointment with my (alleged) PCP, she got frightened by my wife asking questions she couldn’t answer – when it came to my “service connected disabilities”!

      1. As far as “SONGBIRD MCCAIN” is concerned. I have absolutely NO fuckin’ respect for him at all. Especially after the Navy Released his records in 2015! Then kept it quiet for about a year.
        It finally hit Utube late last year.
        I always wondered why there were so many Sailors who hated him with a passion!
        Every one of the Sailors I met back in the late ’70’s, said it wasn’t primarily about what he did as a POW. Then they would clam up! Even some of the vets I met since, wouldn’t talk about what happened onboard the “USS Forrestal”!
        Since I learned the truth about him, I too have a growing distain for his ass!

      2. @Crazy elf- I also honestly thing Veterans have reached a scandalous VA saturation point and are starting to take ownership.
        Also, as you well-stated, taking ownership of your particular chronic health issues is also very important, and you likely will be healthier for it, and may I add, if you do not LIKE your VA Provider, **demand** to have a competent hack and accept NO Compromises!!!

        Side-note: In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, all of the water in VA facility toilets will indeed be green. DO NOT DRINK THE GREEN WATER, it’s a bit like the steering clear of yellow snow rule, no matter how thirsty. However, the drinking fountains will likely still contain Legionnaires and MRSA. The VA CARES. Happy St. Splat Day.

      3. Crazy Elf I have tried that before regarding your statement…….I think it’s time for us to say; “I have this problem with my ‘service connected disability”, and want to know more about it!” And. “I’m having trouble, side effects, with the medications your prescribed!”….what i think we need a nurse or a friend of ours present to be a wittiness of the stupid replies we get back from the PCP or be able to video the session for proof of these do nothing fucks

      4. MRI brain imaging. As I reported this morning, a significant bug in the software had been discovered in 2015. The software, not medical personnel, is responsible for creating the brain images. Therefore, 40,000 published papers relying on MRI results have been invalidated………………….But don’t worry, be happy. Keep your mouth shut and obey all doctors’ orders. like a good little soldier ……..I got this from this article it might help some of you TBI guys out……..Explosive: a quick review of fake medical diagnostic tests
        by Jon Rappoport

      5. @OLDMARINE

        VA has used the MRI-scam for years. scam, in the sense that VA radiologist summaries are less than and your VA doctor is onboard with that. that is, even if your VA doctor will tell you the results of your latest MRI. usually you have to ask about it.

        VA at many places wouldn’t even use a MRI on veterans even though the technology existed. why? like using a CT versus MRI and saying they don’t “see” anything. service connection deniability, plain and simple.

        and the software you speak about is very important.

        i’m sure many of you or you know a veteran who was able to get a civilian MRI with up to date machine, software and a radiologist/doctor who used specific protocols for specific ailment being looked into & would write a summary of what actually was being seen.

        compare some of those to the wiggle room the VA radiologists allow the VA doctor to deflect real treatment and/or service connection.

        you think any of the doctors who worked at VA and now in private practice pull this crap on their patients? they would be out of business and/or sued if they did.

    3. McCain is not a do-nothing.
      He’s been hard at work, drumming up business for the (((group))) he works for.
      In 2013 or so, McCain entered into contract on behalf of United States of America, Inc.,
      with (((Elbit Corporation))) of Israel to build the same wall as they built at West Bank and Gaza.

      The Donald must not have known the wall was already contracted for.

      1. McCain is a do-nothing to help his fellow Vets and clean-up the VA. He’s playing his violin while the epicenter for VA Scandals is and has been burning right in his back yard of Arizona.
        That’s the hypocrisy with McCain: He’s a Vet, but yet only uses Vets when it’s a good photo op or reelection time for props while again, Rome is burning behind him. That’s indifference if I have ever seen it and the VA reflects same. McCain does not use the VA so it does not affect him. Indifferent old dinosaur congress critter.

      2. Let’s not forget Mr. McPain’s photo op five years ago in Syria, with Al Baghdadi, erstwhile
        Founding Chairman and CEO of ISIS. Let’s see. Weapons from Benguazy end up in Syria, and there’s an Israeli connection. Hmm. Netenyahooooo said many years ago that Israel is safer without strong Arab leaders (dicktaters), and Islamic sectarian wars. Looks like it’s working. The NWO marches on

  58. “[Initially, it was believed the local facility removed the portraits, but I just received word the call for removal actually came from someone within VA Central Office.

    Who do you think mandated removal of the portrait installed by the Congressman?]”

    I am of the belief that at VA Central Office there’s a wall of Klaxon Alarms and all kinds of blinky flashing lights that go off anytime at any VA facility the Veterans may be showing signs of taking our VA back.
    Apparently, not only the entire wall of Klaxon Alarms were set-off by Veterans showing any signs of independence, but also every VA Choice Crow was flying in circular flight pattern over VA Central Office letting the VA know that we Veterans are starting to make our OWN Choices….and Johnny Isaacson flew off his stairmaster machine, which spoiled his breakfast of also, Choice Crow.

    RAND Corporation concurs that a crack in the VA’s foundation occurred this week when Vets started taking ownership of the VA Facilities. Therefore, that Florida VAMC shall be eating a lot of Choice Crow in coming weeks and months, as those Choice Crows were defective in not blackening-out the disinfecting qualities of daylight on the VA.
    Remember, The VA CARES.

    1. “KAW”– Klaxon Alarm Wall. It’s also the sound of the Choice Crow’s alarm, ‘KAW’!!

      1. …and the sound Isakson makes when he gets his ass launched off his Stairmaster.

        How about we get rid of Isakson? Let him do all the Stairmastering he wants and promote Congresman Mast onto Isaksons committee as chairman.

        Then Isakson could go back to reading Mens Health magazines rather than bad news about the VA.

      2. @91Veteran- All-in for Congressman Mast to replace Isaacson as committee chairman. Matter-in-fact, Congressman Mast is exactly the type of Disabled Veteran that should be leading the VA, not a yes man medical dr. that appeases piggy VSO’s.

        My last thought about this authenticated photos debacle is, it makes me wonder had *any* of the big three piggy VSO’s brought-in photo portraits of Pres. Trump and Sec. Shulkin, would those photos have been accepted as fully authenticated VA Photos since the VSO’s are bedfellows with the VA?

      3. Nam, I don’t think any of the VSOs care whose picture is on the wall as long as the gravy train runs.

  59. I sure hope the congressman and the disabled vet do not get put on the disruptive committee list.

    They will never be seen again

  60. In between Shulkin and the President’s photo should be a picture of Mattis. A Goliath size statue at the employee entrance of every VA with a placard above it that states “Tread on my troops, and I will definetly Fuck you up!”
    I hope the President knows about this. Whatever ails the Donald in his drive to succeed, I like it! I hope just cusses more people out so that it would show the media’s contempt with him and the obstruction of his need to govern.
    The Secretary looks like a combination of a pregnant Greg Brady and Sylvester Stallone with a tic as depicted in a previous photo in Ben’s Bad VA Art, aka Heisman Head photo.
    His picture just needs to come down and just have his name tag up there.
    The OIG has Crohns (random statement), the VA sucks, OGC lawyers are official dweebs with pens and suffer from MRSA pimples on their asses. Otherwise than that, it is going to be a great day! Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all!

  61. I’m just plain tickled to know, now, that Dr. Shulkin can override VA protocol with the snap of them fingers. There be lots of protocols to be snapping them fingers for. VA protocols are a large problem in the VA. Most are political and aimed at lessening a Veterans life. Both in value of life and the time we have. It’s current protocol, what ever year, does affect what my records are showing. When first diagnosed with PTS, the entire staff’s protocol was to find a way to blame my parents. Wasted a lot of time. Protocol, what’s politically correct counts.

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