Influenza Vaccine: Military Study Shows 36% Higher Odds Of Coronavirus, 2017-2018

A recent military study shows military personnel evaluated who received the flu vaccine were at 36 percent higher odds of testing positive for coronavirus (pre-SARS CoV2) with varied benefit in preventing some strains of the flu.

“Examining noninfluenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively) (Table 5).”

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The flu vaccine studied demonstrated varied benefit in flu prevention – – some strains showed significant benefit while others did not.

UPDATE 9/9/20: ScienceDirect truncated the study cited. You will need to purchase access to the study to read it in its entirety for $35.95. As the title of the study shows, the period studied, 2017-2018, predates the current coronavirus strain called SARS-CoV-2 that results in COVID-19.

Titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season, the report on the study addresses the phenomena of vaccine virus interference of the influenza vaccine.

The following screen shot from the study of Table 5 shows the increased odds of testing positive for coronavirus after receiving the influenza vaccine during that flu season:

Flu Vaccine Interference

Paraphrasing, the study highlights the value of the human body’s ability to fight against viruses. Apparently, by contracting influenza, the body naturally “may reduce the risk of non-influenza respiratory viruses…”

Due to the flu vaccine’s “interference” with the naturally occurring biological process, there may be an increased risk of contracting non-influenza viruses:

“While influenza vaccination offers protection against influenza, natural influenza infection may reduce the risk of non-influenza respiratory viruses by providing temporary, non-specific immunity against these viruses. On the other hand, recently published studies have described the phenomenon of vaccine-associated virus interference; that is, vaccinated individuals may be at increased risk for other respiratory viruses because they do not receive the non-specific immunity associated with natural infection.”

Why This Topic?

I started digging into this topic on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) advice two weeks ago when I noticed the agency’s top advice about coronavirus was to “get a flu shot”.

This advice seemed a bit too simplistic when given to a population of largely elderly veterans with significant disabilities, vaccine histories, and exposures to various pathogens worldwide. 

After writing about it, one reader sent an email citing this study in PubMed.

I was later provided a copy of the full study and reviewed it with an expert to verify my own conclusions based on the information in that report.

Informed Consent For Flu Vaccine

Now, the feedback I received that really caught my attention was mainly in a question: Is the heightened risk of coronavirus and other pathogens worth the benefit of the influenza vaccine based on this study as broken down in Table 5 above?

The column to focus on is “OR” in Table 5 called the Odds Ratio.

Coronavirus is 1.36 OR meaning soldiers had 36 percent higher odds of testing positive for coronavirus if they previously received the influenza vaccine for that flu season.

The influenza virus overall is 0.57 meaning the risk of contracting the flu was reduced overall. Three variants of flu did not receive a statistically significant reduction in risk.

Three of 8 evaluations noted a statistically insignificant benefit for the flu shot. Meanwhile, shot takers showed significantly higher odds of contracting coronavirus post vaccine. I would bet $1 that this year, many Americans would likely rethink taking the vaccine with that bit of information.

If VA has this information, and they likely do, should the agency be required to share this increased risk factor with individuals considering the shot?

Studied Military Population

The study, published in the scientific journal Vaccine January 2020, was conducted by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch Air Force Satellite at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

Taken at face value, the study indicates people who received the flu vaccine are at increased risk for coronavirus pre-COVID-19, during 2017-2018. Like veterans, current service members, school teachers, and medical professionals, the study population consisted of a population with a history of being heavily vaccinated.

“The DoD provides a unique population for vaccination studies as mandatory vaccination against influenza is required by the DoD for all Active Duty and Reserve Component personnel. This study aims to examine the relationship between specific respiratory viruses and influenza vaccination. The protocol for this study was reviewed and approved as exempt by the Air Force Research Laboratory Institutional Review Board.”

Future § 1151 Claims For Malpractice?

Will veterans who contract the coronavirus after receipt of the flu vaccine based on VA’s top recommendation be eligible for § 1151 claims for malpractice?

How will the US Court of Claims – Vaccine Court handle an influx of US citizens injured by contracting the coronavirus due to the significant risk in the study?

Given that this report was published by DOD researchers in a scientific journal, why is VA telling veterans to get the influenza vaccine?

What is the motive behind their advice?

Veterans, and many disabled veterans, may be at higher risk of contracting coronavirus based on vaccine history alone. That is especially true for veterans who took the flu vaccine at the encouragement of VA doctors.

Who stands to gain with the current recommendation?

There are winners and losers with each of these decisions. The virus itself appears to more severely impact the elderly, of which the veteran population has many.

How about Vietnam veterans exposed to toxic herbicides?

This virus is basically a death sentence for our poorly treated disabled Vietnam veterans who rely on VA to provide safe and effective medical care for their diabetes, cancer, hypertension, etc.

Ask Your Doctor

I encourage all readers to do your own research. Ask your VA medical doctor about this study and whether they agree with the blanket recommendation of the agency to get a flu shot to get ahead of coronavirus.

Is this solid medical advice?

For those interested, the study’s data came from the Department of Defense Global Respiratory Pathogen Surveillance Program (DoDGRS) is a DoD-wide program established by the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System (GEIS).

The individuals included in the study provided respiratory specimens to the DoDGRS for 2017-2018 influenza season. Individuals who were sick prior to receipt of the flu vaccine were excluded from the study:

“All people submitting a respiratory specimen to the DoDGRS for the 2017–2018 influenza season were eligible for the study. The influenza season began 1 October 2017 and ended 29 September 2018. Those who submitted a sample and only tested positive for Chlamydia pneumoniae and/or Mycoplasma pneumoniae were excluded because these illnesses are bacteriological in nature, not viral. People with influenza and non-influenza coinfections were excluded because they could not be uniquely classified as either influenza or non-influenza respiratory virus. Individuals with multiple specimens collected during the season were also removed from the study as they could have had multiple different viruses over the season. Specimens where neither vaccination status could be obtained via databases nor a questionnaire was completed were excluded because vaccination status could not be confirmed. Subjects who were ill before receiving vaccination were excluded as vaccination status would therefore be unrelated to illness. Lastly, those people for whom the laboratory rejected the specimen were not included in the final study population.”

Be Optimistic But Careful

From what I can tell, the odds of being exposed in the US are high. The death rate if you get sick is high enough to warrant concern.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get good advice from the socialized healthcare system managed by the VA that is supposed to provide us with care?

For some non-US centric news about the virus, I wanted to include a YouTube video of 60 Minutes Australia about their perspective on the disease.

Now, this video pushes the narrative that the disease originated from the wet markets in Wuhan that also happened to be located near the level 4 biological laboratory studying the virus. I do not believe we know enough to confirm whether the origin is from such markets or manmade.

Getting Your Flu Shot?

I am personally not getting the flu shot and do not plan on taking any vaccines moving forward beyond what I was forced to take in the military due to vaccine injury.

What are your thoughts? Getting the flu shot to get ahead?

To be clear, I am not opposed to the use of safe and effective vaccines. Personally, I should not take them. However, that does not mean use of a vaccination plan is not the right approach for others depending on their unique circumstances.

UPDATE 3/19/2020: According to the chief medical officer for England, cited by news media publisher Mirror, Britons who received the influenza vaccine for this flu season were cautioned to self-isolate for 12 weeks as they fall into the government’s “high risk” category.

UPDATE 9/9/2020: Article updated to highlight study of the population was 2017-2018 that predates SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Since March 2020, ScienceDirect removed the full language of the study from its site meaning the full study is behind a $35.95 paywall. In June 2020, Mr. Wolff published a letter to the editor stating his results should not be construed to mean people should not get an influenza vaccine.

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  1. Off Topic,
    There have been posts about the burn pits and the devastating repercussions of the VA/VBA/VHA inactivity to assist veterans and their families. PBS has provided insight to this battle our warriors are being forced to fight when they come home. “”
    I hope it will bring some understanding to the ignorant; those insisting that as Veterans, we have carte blanche authority over promised benefits earned.

  2. You and/or your expert do not understand odds ratios. An odds ratio of 1.36 does not imply a 36% increase in risk. It is more like a 7% increase in risk for the common cold in the study year 2017/2018. Given that the study showed effectiveness for the flu vaccine in preventing the flu, and at worst, a 7% increase in the risk of the common cold in the study year, fluvax still looks like a worthwhile exercise.

    Anyone at risk of severe risk of covid-19 complications should want as many people as possible to get the fluvax, to reduce the seasonal flu burden on already stretched hospitals who may need resources to treat covid-19 complications.

    1. ??? Ratios? Who doesn’t understand what? Who and why is censoring and blocking any questions or discussions, exposure about all the ingredients in X -in-jex-tions? I could list them all but I digress and won’t waste my time on foolishness. Sad it seems things are pre-planned or happen just after some training exercises, etc. Same with all those school or public shootings but most refuse to investigate matters on their own or choose to follow the mob mentality. Or believe some jokers from the gubberment, some bought off scientist like in court room games, out of some lying university, or generations long corrupted health departments or fed agency.

      May God or the cosmic forces help those raising kids today and allowing them to attend public academia or allow social engineering to continue. OH!!! Bill Gates will save us like all the political parties will. LOL


    2. I’m wondering how you find an increased risk of 7% from an OR of 1.36. Can you explain furthermore ?

      1. 1.36/(1.36+1.0) ~= 57%

        i.e. in this study for the 2017/18 flu season, there was a difference of 7% vs the expected 50% in the vaccinated group, for getting the common cold in 2017/18.

        Odds ratio are not the same mathematically as relative risk , so you need to be mindful of this when interpreting them. Any epidemiology textbook will cover this in detail.

      2. Hi. sorry, I need the details, or can you give me a link explaining this ?

        I know that odds ratios are used to estimate relative risks through the common formula (if π 1 and π 2 are small ) :

        OR =(π 1 /(1−π 1) ) / (π 2 / (1−π 2))
        = (π 1 / π 2) * ((1 − π 2)/(1 − π 1)
        = RR * ((1 − π 2)/(1 − π 1)
        ~ RR


  3. @ Stuart,
    Dr. Oz has done 15-20 min. on C-19 at the start of his programs this past week. He does have his own website with videos, articles, etc. as well as a YT channel if you’d like more info. On one of the shows this week, he fully explained the masks. It boils down to this: 1) the commonly seen masks we’ve seen available at our clinics are for folks that may be or are contagious. They are exhalant protection, not inhalant and I think, would hold the germs. 2) the hardware masks aren’t an option either. 3) the actual surgeons masks are custom fitted to each surgeon and so, are frightfully expensive. As with our firefighters, and some MOS duty, there is a mandatory close-shaven faces to guarantee full protection. I hope this helps!

    The only things that will work is for the ill to mask up and treat for a cold (or allergies if that’s your sniffles). Also, avoid other people as much as human(e)ly possible. Call your provider before you venture to the clinic if there’s a fever of 104. And for the rest of us to use common sense and wash our hands while keeping them to ourselves. Some have gotten creative and suggested elbow bumps; right… cough and sneeze into your elbow and share!

  4. Sorry there is insufficient information in this article to draw conclusions. Just look at the “outrageous” increase in the no-pathogen detected percentage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once could make clickbait titles based upon that greater “effect”, or you could try to understand the difference between causation and correlation.

    Just maybe at-risk, sicker populations are more highly encouraged to get a flu shot???

  5. Vets and others, don’t get a flu shot now (March 2020) or if any Covid 19 deaths have occurred in your region. There are at least 2 strains of the virus, one is worse, and you won’t hear the stats on that one. And it mutates every 5-7 days! The virus can stay infectious on metal surfaces like grocery carts, service trays and coins for up to 3 days. Imagine the chance of staying healthy on a cruise ship, or at Costco, for that matter. Wearing gloves is more important than wearing those flimsy masks that shunt air below the nose piece. Anyone have the mask test results?

  6. For all you misinformed people out there:

    1. Here’s another little tidbit:

      How does this set with veterans? IMO, not very well!

    2. Hey, Ben,
      fraud or something going on everywhere. Been dealing with an alert attached to my personal information. I was notified.
      Yep, either a mistake with my personal information being used or someone is opening up accounts using my information. I do not mean just a credit card either. Same story different day that is involving me having to straighten out and correct situations.
      See, where a lot of my time is spent. Yes, I spend time posting on your blog but I have my agenda going too. Jobs, jobs, jobs, school??? Family….daily…tasks… Investigation started…I say what is going to happen next??

      1. Could be someone either directly or indirectly connected to the VA.
        Ben, veterans do get targeted from everywhere. Look at all the cases where the veterans’ fiduciaries have stolen money from them.

      2. Pending problem arising. Headed it off at the sources. I shut it all down.
        Ben, honestly, investigate this and investigate that with many believing this is the only way. Handle the situations myself. Just cut off the access. Corruption at every turn. Sad.

  7. #Concerned Citizen,
    Maybe you should take 5 minutes of your time and watch the following!


    Maybe you might be enlightened!

    1. Crazy Elf, thanks for all the extra information that you put on here that adds to the discussion.

      I recognized more hope forward for myself by leaving the VA when I did back in 2015.

      1. #Angela,
        Spread this around. So people can be more informed!

  8. Stop listening to the MSM’s! They’re a bunch of LYING SOB’s!
    Here’s my proof about the coronavirus;


    1. This is going to be very confusing for those who do not know that this is NOT referring to SARS -CoV2 which causes COVID19. This study is referring to a different coronavirus! I would recommend removing this post!

      1. @Concerned Citizen,
        You are wrong! Did you even read the article! It gives valuable information about the coronavirus many in the the main stream medias are trying to spin against President Trump.
        Lastly; I will never remove pertinent information, which may help individuals learn the truth!

      2. No one seems to know just what your saying that SARS CO V 2 is covid19! There has been in my opinion intentional efforts to make people think they js no relationship to the SARS epidemic in 2002 and 03 and now

    2. The political correct folks want the Trump rallies to stop. The people who hate the president and who want to destroy the economy. All the institutions shutting down because they believe the public will say that they do not care if they do not shut down. All a bunch of followers – Wimps -Media – Democrat stigmatizers.

      Ben, here is how one can get around status.

      Take a test in the moment face to face in front of employer eyes using ✏️ pencil or pen to paper.

      I mean in-depth exam to demonstrate competency.

      Removes overreach, biasness, discrimination, judgement, stigmatizing and sabotage.

      No online usage that allows other hands to interfere.

      1. Chuck, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. You are not informed; and, plus you do not know the substance behind the comments at all. You are placing a judgement before knowing the facts.

    3. Crazy Elf, see how Democrats are trying to destroy the economy.
      Democrats are not about helping anyone. They are about pushing big centralized government. They are attacking companies in the way of making them responsible for payment of sick leave even for those unaffected.
      Red Chinese goverment is spreading propaganda. The virus was started by China. Chinese sought to cover it up. The Chinese government is about taking out anyone who crosses them. This is what Communism does. Democrats are using this virus as the vessel to try to destroy the president and to take down the companies by attaching them with all of these expenses in efforts to destroy jobs. Even attaching excessive funds to abortions. Push massive government mandate onto companies. How can they push more funding for abortions when they claim to care about people when it comes to the Coronavirus? Both are about death.
      Democrats are pathetic.
      They want to open the door for all felons to leave prison. So much for law and order when it comes to the Democrats. You should see all this extra spending attached to the Coronavirus spending bill? Told you Ben they were up to no good. Although you may have already known.

      1. The virus has been serious from the very beginning. The problem is the people who hate the president, his supporters, his policies, and this country are using the situation against the president and all who support him.

      2. In all honesty, the efforts of the Trump administration have not changed my situation one bit.
        As for the VA, zero of what the VA Secretary has done has had any positive impact on me whatsoever.

        And for those involved with the VA more than me, have mentioned that the VA has not improved.

        I honestly do not know first hand anymore.

        I really do not even care.

        Because none of them are in my direction at all with bringing positivity.

        So Ben the federal government is going to do what it is going to do regardless.

        I do not even care.

        Why should I? No ear there for change.

    4. China does have a long history of poor safety practices. I always look at the products to see where they are made before I purchase the products. I never purchase any type of food or vitamin or any kind of product that is to be taken internally if I view it as having been made or grown in China.
      China is now trying to blame the United States for this virus. The Chinese government is spreading this propaganda to their people. We have had absolutely nothing to do with this virus. They are trying to take us down with the spread of the virus plus with the spread of false information. 👎😡😠

      1. The virus is about losing lives.

        And we all know this.

        Virus is not about the president.

        And we all know this.

        But some do not pay attention to this.

  9. First off, OT. Everyone watch the movie “Dark Waters” yet? Should. It shows how we can’t trust the gubbermint, stats, agency reports/claims, corporations or very many people today, or could at any time really. The one with Mark Ruffalo in it along with everlasting, lifelong, life destroying chemicals. It ain’t just propaganda or about fear tactics but pure ol facts of life in ‘Merica.’ Like bad waters at the Marine base people take so lightly. Or our city waters filled with crap and Fluoride, etc.

    Like mentioned who to believe? None.

    We are all different but that’s an unmentionable. At first at the VA I’d get the ‘flu shots.” Last one years back was the permanent, one shot only needed, to help prevent pneumonia in us old folks. If we dared opt out of things mentioned at the VA someone would be sure to mention the fact of us being ‘non-compliant’ with medical advice.

    I’m different. Colds alone can really tear me up, slam me down, make life miserable, the flu bug is worse yet. Like sinus issues aren’t bad enough. I’d get those shots, get weak, feel like crap and have symptoms for quite a while, but was told in was in my head and the flu shots did not pass along any flu bug or live virus’.

    In the fifties around here the first thing the school boards or teachers and parents would do is tell us, take us all, to get the ‘flu shots.’ Colds, some kind of flu bug, didn’t matter we got the shots and the MD got the bucks and filled offices. Oh, plus scripts for anti-biotics, cough syrups, Paregoric for sleep, band-aid, and a free sucker… lollipop. Just depended on the situation or other complications. But the above were standard. It was okay to go to school with slightly elevated temps. When feeling better we could make our family rounds and such to visit those with Chicken Pox or whatever to see if we’d catch it while young and more resilient… I guess.

    It’s just more gaming and fear mongering. Hell, Indiana had to open special clinics over Hep A and ignorant nasty people not simply washing their paws. Like seeing many vets leave the VA potty rooms after use and not washing their mitts or leaving bloody bandages or urine pads laying around on sinks and floors. Nasty humans. So among other countless “out-breaks” what’s new? Of course suicide issues are dropped, pain issues ignored, foreigners flooding in for medical staff cause Americans are too stupid or lazy to work in health care. Shortages everywhere oh my. Plus we’ve already had plain flu issue warnings out for years, here.

    Told the story before. Had the ‘bad’ “Super Flu” or whatever label it had several years back. I was going to the hospital to visit friends with that and MERSA by countless numbers. One day they’d tell us for a visit to gown and mask up for visits, the next day didn’t need to. Next day visits were told to gown and mask up again. So what goes??

    Encountered another friend whose wife was in hospital for the “super flu” and on her death bed. Insurance company that refused to pay for it, hospital staff and big Pharma company said they could try a treatment, anti-viral, that may help. Problem was claimed, it wasn’t used that much, expensive to produce and limited shelf life. Cost that bankrupted him… like twenty seven thousand bucks for one few ounce IV fluid bag. Yep $27,000.00… cash or contractual payments to big pharma and hospital. Oh and cotton balls then each was $7.00.00. She snapped out of her illness after two weeks in hospital and on her death bed. Oh, and he never could or would discuss the subject after the miraculous healing and contract signings. I wonder why.

    Have a lovely day in our open air concentration camp… USA now USSR styled. Censor censor censor, real news not allowed. G-day.

    1. Ugh, you nailed it! Sorry for all the toxins you had to endure in the name of health. Thanks for sharing and serving!!!

  10. One of the confounding issues in the study presented here is the flu vaccine as preventative actually creates a mild flu in order to allow the human body to activate antibodies to fight the true influenza. Obviously, the flu vaccine will create some mild flu symptoms, but they are non-threatening in comparison to the occurring prevention for future actual influenza.

    1. These politicians hype-up situations always while the M.Ds. sit calmly. MDs have minimal panic.
      Politicians are panicked.
      Even medical leftist folks politicizes everything. Yes, the Coronavirus has been around long before now from what I understand. Coronavirus only has a 1% mortality rate. Democrats and media are a joke. Where the Chinese are traveling is where the virus is located. Here you go. Italy, California, DC; China buying up Italy. China is responsible for this virus. Democrats just want to use it as a vessel to destroy the good economy and to destroy Trump.

      1. Politicians always say:
        *”NEVER let a good scandal go to waste!”*
        They’re using this issue to fatten their pockets! Two House Republicans and one Senator voted that “coronavirus bill” down. They’re reasons were sound and logical. All three stated there was too many Christmas Tree Ornaments attached to it!
        The original bill was around $2.3 billion. Whereas, after the democrats got a hold on it, it mushroomed to $8.3 billion taxpayers dollars!
        Look it up damnit! It’s nothing but a bunch of bullshit!

      2. Yes, Crazy Elf, I heard about what you are talking about with jacking up the Coronavirus Bill. 👎

      3. I have come back to say a few more words. Yes, it is true many who are not aligned with the President do want to sabotage the economy. All travel has just been suspended.

        Getting to my further information here; The VA news included in their email about using MOS for employment. My job was a Rating and Rate. I was a member of the United States Navy.

        The American Dream is alive and well with including me.

        The government can be insulting and demeaning to people who are a little older due to the government not being informed.

        I am going in a total different direction than the job that I did in the Navy. Life is hard; but, I am positive. I am very optimistic.
        What I did in the Navy is obsolete.

        Let me share the difference between the VA employee attitude from years ago and the VA employee attitude of today.
        Ben, there was genuineness and humaness displayed towards veterans back then.

        Here is the past front and center.

        With my not having been able to handle for myself and with my not having been able to accomplish the necessary actions and tasks, one of the VA Social Workers actually guided me and assisted me in the situation during her off time.

        Ben, during her own off time after work, she positioned herself to be present in the situation at the place. I had great difficulty coping, communicating, and functioning back then.
        Back then, people had to help me manage my life. Yes, they did which is the opposite of today. Some of those people were VA employees with one having assisted me during her own off time.

        Now see the difference?

        Government has older people pegged as history.

        Ben, there are no guarantees regardless of the age.

        The VA overlooks this perspective.

      4. Typo – I was saying there are not any guarantees regardless of any age. Further explaining, there are many older people who are still very sharp and can run circles around the young. I know of a lady who graduated from Harvard with becoming a physician at age 87. This is true. The current oldest living lady engineer works for the State of Missouri DOT as a Project Manager. Yes still holding a job.
        I am bringing this into the conversation because of the comments regarding the VA with how they rather not help older veterans into having longer lives. This was my point of bringing in the information surrounding the age. The VA laws are discriminatory against older veterans in regards to education and training. VA does not plan for veterans coming out the other side. As a matter of fact, the VA underhandedly along the way may at times take some actions to prevent the veterans from coming out the other side. The VA does not want veterans to improve to the point of entering school and to the return of entering the substantive employment workforce. The VA heads only one way. That way is to hospice.
        See the VA sounds like Michael Bloomberg and Former President Obama. Older patient needs whatever to stay alive but the government says go enjoy yourself for you have lived a long life and then does not provide any treatment because of age.
        Benjamin, when I say the VA is wrong, this is what I mean. VA sending out emails including in their news with saying MOS can be used to land veterans employment positions.
        Ben, this is truly an uniformed statement put out by the VA Public Relations. This statement could only apply to the younger veterans. The VA is low. The NEC from my old Navy Cryptology job is obselete. The VA is cheap. Look at all the money put into the VA and it is still failed. I’m not in the VA at this time. I made this statement based on what someone just recently communicated to me.
        Everyone have a joyous and prosperous day. I know that I am going to under God’s permission.

  11. sub the link by writing out the addy…ie

    www dot google dot com.

    people need to put it into the addy bar w/. instead of dot that way.

    1. Just heard it mentioned as being more than likely a ploy to take over the healthcare system to eliminate private healthcare insurance.

      1. The dems have already stated that!
        As a matter of fact. Guess what. A few have already claimed they’ll stop the VA’s healthcare side and put everyone on medicare!

    2. The best way to add a website to a comment is: put quotation marks ” ” at the beginning and end. That way a comment WILL be shown and you will not be waiting.
      For example;

      Now all one has to do is “copy” to watch or read.

      1. P.S.
        I should have said copy and then “share” the website. Send it to yourself to watch a video or read an article.

  12. IF the body does not get practice fighting invaders, the defense system gets weak. Giving instant immunity through immunizations strips the necessity of the body’s defense system to do its job, so it gets lazy and out of shape.

    The same thing happens to veterans who get lazy and lay around on the couch drinking beer and smoking cigarettes all day.

    1. The only ‘instant immunity’ is gamma-globulin from a recovered Covid 19 patient. Of course you don’t know for sure who has had the virus unless the patient had a CT since some of the CDC’s positive swab tests were ‘inconclusive’. Come back, Cunningham! You were more right than you know about the flu vaccine!

  13. Comment without the link. For those interested, it was to a Justice Dept Press Releases on a Harvard professor and 2 Chinese nationals arrested for smuggling virus samples to Wuhan. Search on Justice Harvard professor Wuhan to find it.

    I have not gotten the flu shot in many years as a result of getting experimental anthrax and/or other shots during the Gulf War. I also have not gotten the flu in many years, but the VA pushes it hard. I haven’t been to my VA in 3 years now because the care is so pathetic. I see they pushed the flu vaccine on their Facebook page last night immediately after they posted about steps they are taking to check for Coronavirus.
    Do they have an obligation to tell veterans? Well, ethical medical providers would, this is the VA, so that is laughable.
    Why would they push the flu vaccine? Well, for the same reasons they do many outdated medical practices…that’s the way they have always done it, and vaccine suppliers demand to be paid. It takes years for cutting edge research to trickle down through the VA resulting in better care for vets. Vietnam Agent Orange and Gulf War illnesses prove that.
    I find it interesting the DOD was studying coronavirus 3 years ago. Clearly someone saw it as a threat.
    I also find it interesting a Harvard professor and 2 Chinese nationals were just arrested for smuggling virus samples to Wuhan the end of January.
    It makes me think someone is looking for a vaccine pay day like the VA flunky with the Hepatitis vaccine.

    1. 91Vet,
      Have you read about this shit.

      There’s so much “in your face” corruption going on in our Republic it’s pathetic!

      1. #91Veteran,
        Check this out;
        Proves my point!

    2. 91Veteran, I agree with you on the vaccine pay day. Yes, remember all about the Hepatitis story with the VA researcher. More of the same.

  14. Ben, I have a comment stuck in moderation, likely because of the web link to the Justice Dept. Press Release.

  15. Do not visit the VA unless you have fever and cough. The Veteran population is very at risk. What is the VAs plan forbwhen veyerans start showing up sick? If I need care will the VA turn me away?

  16. I got the flu shot and pneumonia vaxx a week ago… Saw this VA info just now. Oops? 74 Yr old vet.

    1. Stay home, drink plenty of fluids, make sure to double and triple up on your vit c’s and D3’s, and wash your hands often for 20 seconds at a time before touching your face, mouth or nose. Most importantly Stay Home!

  17. One issue after the other totally reveals what the VA stands for. They might as well join Senator Bernie Sanders with their obvious Socialism. Though, Mr. Wilkie claims he rejects Senator Sanders Socialistic ideology. This is what it is; an ideology that exists to serve no one and serves in the best interest of no one.
    Ben, all of the issues like this flu shot which is among many of the VA sabotaging issues synchronizes right along with their actions taken in regards to my school to reentry employment.
    Ben, here you go. The last ten years have been exactly like this. Just do not know what to say. Why is the VA even existing? To murder vets slowly.
    Vets might as well not go to the VA if the objective is to take them out eventually. Why bother? Try to take care of oneself or resolve oneself.
    And the VA claims to be reducing homelessness. The vets might have a longer life by trying to bring themselves up somehow.
    The VA today pretends to show concern to help vets; but, get them under the VA wing and they are eventually taken down. So what is the difference?

    1. I can act dumb here.
      Could Mr. Wilkie not have known the facts? Or could it be just nonshalent leadership? At times, I do try to give the benefit of the doubt. I do not know why I even bother though. Because when it stays deep it is obvious.

      1. Or, an attempt to make the Trump admin look bad by releasing the study. Have not gone through and looked hard at it yet.

      2. No need to expound:

  18. There will be a Blue Moon before I will take the VA’s advice to “get a flu shot” in order to reduce the risk of catching cerveza virus.

    VA: Veterans Administration or Veterans Adversary?

    You be the judge! Call now, our lines are open.

  19. The more veterans who get the disease I guarantee you the VA likes it. Though, the VA is so disconnected they really would not even know the impact. Ben, all the VA does is stick it out there to hope it sticks. This is the Democratic party motto. This is exactly what the Democrats have been doing to the President in efforts to take him down.
    So here VA Secretary Robert Wilkie goes and does the same thing. See he is a Republican of course.
    Democrats and Republicans are the same in their operandi. He stuck the flu shot claim out there hoping to fill the satisfy. So President Trump the Republican run VA is no different from the Democrat run VA in my opinion.

  20. Ben asked,

    “Who would benefit from the VAs advice?”

    The VA because the more disabled Veterans who die that are receiving disability compensation from the VA then that pay is automatically added to their illegitimate bonuses at the end of the fiscal years.

    1. “Let’s cull the veteran population while we have this big chance!” Distorted- mouth, corona-face Wilkie says.
      In fact, let’s cull the entire fucking population everywhere. Except for all federal politicians and state governors, that is.

  21. I have not had a flu shot since the military. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and his administration of course are never about promoting good health particularly in the Obama administration forward. Why do you think I left? They underhandedly sabotage life. Then, President Trump claims he has turned the VA around. I like most of what Trump has been trying to improve and get resolves on; but, the VA is not on the list.

  22. I’m also NOT getting a flu shot. My reasons are; it’s been reported people who have a medical history of neuropathy should avoid getting the flu shot!
    Secondly, IF getting a flu shot puts one at further risk of getting coronavirus, that’s another reason for avoiding it!
    Thirdly, how many want to believe VA hopes elderly vets get this desease, in the hopes we die?!?

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