Follow-up On VA Prudent Layperson ER Bill Denial & The Happy Flower

There is some good news after highlighting my own VA denial for payment my ER bill following symptoms of heart attack.

The most recent version of the denial was that the agency denied my claim by mistake prior to receiving the evidence it should have reviewed prior. KARE 11 News is covering the story and plans to interview me tomorrow to start a more in-depth look at wrongful denials.

I also spent a considerable amount of time on the phone today debating the finer points of VocRehab policy with some individuals within agency leadership. I hope to provide more information on that once VA attorneys reorient themselves from being poor defense attorneys into attorneys pushing for what is in the best interests of veterans.

Stay tuned.

As for my blog today. I am pooped and too tired to write much else.

The Happy Flower

In the interest of amusement, I am providing a video of me mowing dandelions tonight.

When I was a kid, I always looked for the loophole, which probably explains why I am good at spotting them in VA’s endless bowl of anti-veteran arguments and policies.

To start with, my mom used to call me ‘Lawyermouth’ as a child.

In junior high, my English teacher, Mrs. Stengel, forbid us from writing about ‘blood and guts’ Rambo-style stories. Not to be discouraged, I instead wrote about “The Happy Flower”, a story about a dandelion massacre perpetrated by a lawnmower.

There were loads of guts in my story, but not the human kind. It explains a lot about me and how my brain works.

I think she gave me a B.

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  1. @ANutterVet – – -Just now got done reading both your e-mail, and this public posting. Since you decided to out my real-life initials on Ben’s Blog – – – maybe I will be forced to blog with my real name. You could not even give me twelve hours to read and reply? Interesting.

    Do not like public responses to your public posts? Then do not make them.

    You are correct. It is dead. And so are we.

  2. @Disgruntle Vetean – – – DV, if you know hoe to have James Gallegos’, please give him all of my contact information, so that he may contact me, so that I can personally tell James (hearing my own voice) that I sorry.

    If not, again, James I came down hard on you, due to completely missing what I read. I took it that your NOPE meant that you didn’t see that we as Veterans are BENEFICIARY’s. So sorry for the mix up.

    This whole matter with me being at fault, tells me that I need to slow down with all this VA stuffs. Like the rest of us, I’m tired of BENEFICIARY’s getting beat up for things that are theirs. Its do draining sometimes that we misstep, big time. Sorry James.

    1. @ANutterVet – – – I do not have any contact information for James Gallegos, although it would be fairly simple to run it down – – – were I so inclined.

      I cannot speak for James Gallegos with regards to his thoughts on your original post that started this whole mess. What I can say is that his “NOPE” was most definitely an answer to your final question of “Is it wrong to think in this manner?”

      As for the rest – – – I do not know very many veterans who are not under a tremendous amount of stress dealing with the VA for protracted periods of time. Every veteran I have ever corresponded with on this board has SERIOUS medical issues, and SERIOUS VA issues.

      You are NOT ALONE. BUT it is YOU that has to REACH OUT to resources available to you. Yes, it sucks. Yes, if only . . . BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS.

      You have seen my letter to POTUS. Have you written one? Did you enclose your documents? Have you applied to the Board for Correction of Naval Records like I told you to? How many seeds are you leaving unplanted, that could possibly bear fruit for you down the road?

      Only you can answer these questions. I can tell you from personal experience that while your brothers and sisters in arms care, want to help, and are rooting for you – – – it is you that it falls upon to get the shit shovelin’ done. If you do, the shit pile will get moved. If you do not, the pile will just sit there and fester.


      1. @Disgruntled Veteran – – – Hey man, did you not think that I was go to make a comment about your post. I made a mistake JC, and owned up to it, JC. In no way shape or form did I imply a pass from my mistake. I did try to say, that I was off key in what I did and it was wrong. I apologized from my heart, not my fault resources are limited in my area, even though there are more non-profits in my area than yours. Sounds like the VA beating down on me. And, not welcomed, nor accepted as my responsibility that its hard to find the fucking resources that I need

        I’m still STUCK IN A HOSPITAL BED. Shit, even the VA can’t comprehend this, and still expects me to always take extra pain meds to do things, when there are other muscle relaxers that has been proven to help me, but the VA will not prescribe them to me. Therefore JC, since you seem to know ALL ABOUT my battle, well then, would you too like me to take more addictive medications to go to the VA when you know that they aren’t going to do anything?

        I don’t want to start a tit for tat, but right from the get go, your post was uploaded at ill. How did I come to this conclusion? Read your first sentence, “If I were so inclined.” That is a little kiddy fucking dig at what you’re not willing to do, but you could comment about me and in doing so, chewing me out about every other fucking thing that you and I spoke about in confidence. Wow. Trust = a little trashed wouldn’t you say.

        And, I made no reference in asking you what you think James would feel about my post. As far as I’m concerned on my end, I honestly apologized for my mistake. Or in others vocabulary, they may say wrongdoing, which one sounds harsher.

        You no what JC, I sent you a very pleasant email about this, and you’re taking a mistake and my apology, then spinning and twisting and taking my mistake to the extremes, and with fancy clothing on, telling me in YOUR way that I have no excuse. My mistake was just that, a mistake that you caught, and I’m glad that you did.

        Your letter to POTUS, even though I agree with its contents, has nothing to do with my mistake and my apology. I made a mistake, and like a man I owned up to my wrong doing. What more do you want me to fucking say. Oh, I’m sorry that I just now got to my email, and did send you one back saying; hey JC, funny video, thanks. Sorry for not getting to email inbox. Is yours clogged up as well?

        Jim, from where you are, behind your screen, you have no way of adding to my current real time clinical nature. Not even close. VA was almost on their way. I gave them a nice warning shot.

        Like I said, since you seem that my mistake was that severe, and this is evident from your post, then hey, I believe that since you have my telephone number, and that I shared with you multiple times, that you can call me ANY time of the day or night.

        Stop trying to kick it up wayyyyyyyyy out of proportion. Everyone makes mistakes, even you in your current medical state, which I can’t totally comment on, nor will I comment on. I’m not able to clinically state your PRESENT REAL TIME medical status, which like me, has been fluctuating. Shootz another fucking mistake.

        So Brother, no need to be chewed out in public, like I said, if the mistake is bothering, all you need to do is to call me. Besides that, all that you needed to do, do to your long post about my mistake, is to even call me, and say –you know my name–, hey man, are you alright.

        Brother, I want you to really have my six in the mix of the struggles, not to try to blast me by posting it, and knowing that you did so. CALL ME What am I going to do, jump through the phone. Still a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) and virtual friend on the East Coast, respectively, BB

        Mistake is solved as far as I’m concerned —–> I apologized, and don’t want the issue to be kept tugging at. And, since I sincerely apologized, and if James doesn’t forgive me, well now it James problem. This is how apologies work.

        Sorry for any grammar mistakes. And I can forgive also. That good human quality is in me as well.

        Enough JC. Its dead.

    2. Listen, you know you need help that’s half the battle.

      Yes it’s hard to get started and you will be given medication and they may change it to get it right.

      It’s not fun at all, but once they find the right medication you will feel better.

      Ask to go to the alcohol and drug inpatient program if they are a problem.

      Once you finish this program go to the PTSD program. 6 weeks and 8 week’s. I had to wait 40 year’s to receive treatment.

      Once you go, you will meet other veterans going through exactly what you are going through.

      They are not bouncing off walls and running around acting crazy. In order for it to work, you have to be willing to listen and follow instructions.

      I went to Sheridan and then to Topeka Kansas for the PTSD program. 5 star in my book.

      Made a lot friend’s there and I have been called a success story. It was all worth it.

      Sober now for over ten year’s !

      Good luck you deserve it. ! Remember that.

      1. @James Gallegos – – – Congratulations on being sober for over 10 years. Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Words to live by.

        I was polymorphic. After many years, it is still an ongoing process. Will be for the rest of my life.

      2. @James Gallegos – – – Well, peace of mind is worth quite a lot. So is being able to enjoy one’s family. I also, am fortunate in both regards. Noticed you said you went to Topeka for PTSD. You from Kansas? Got some relatives from the Gutierrez side of my family up Great Bend and Hoisington way . . .

      3. No I’m from Colorado, was sent there. At first I was very Leary about the VA employees.

        Once I got to know them and my fellow veterans, I found everyone had our I interest in mind and taught us a lot.

        They took no crap, if someone came into the program and not want to learn, they were sent home.

        When I was there they had a group that invited anyone in the program to their home and Fed us and we just hung out ot was nice.

        The owner was a pilot during Vietnam, they even got a band to play for us. We did meet a couple of bad employees and we veterans set them straight by reporting them.

        We also met some very good employees and reported them and they received a reward.

        These damb bad employees need to be gotton rid of, the VA employees and veterans would be so much better off.

        I suggest anyone having problems go to the program.

      4. @James Gallegos – – – Now I understand. Thank You. When I went through my group here in Hawaii, there were also some very good employees. And it really did help. Not everyone at the VA is a “bad apple”. A lot, I expect are good people who are afraid for losing their jobs (and their family’s means of support) if they speak out.

        But there can be zero doubt that the top level management system-wide is corrupt. And they are the ones that make policy for the whole VA. Shulkin may have been the best that POTUS Trump had available at the time, but he needs to go. As does the AFGE. Time to disband that union.

        I once had a VA employee here in Honolulu tell me (after reading my letter to POTUS) that my problem was that “your generation of Gulf War Veterans doesn’t have a union – – – if they did, you would already have everything you had asked for”.

        Since when does being a Patriot require a Union? That remark by that VA employee was one of the things (along with my experience) that helped me to decide that I could not recommend the military to any young person with a clear conscience. Especially since this country now wants to fight serial wars, police actions, and conflicts.

        I will always be a Disgruntled Veteran. Now it is time to shed that moniker, and step into the light . . .

  3. @Disgruntle Veteran – – – Bro you can stop shaking you head now. You have all my contact information. And, please, in the future if I’m that off, please never hesitate in calling me. Thanks.

    Everyone- I’m under a tremendous amount of stress. I have no refuge, local support team to help me. My wife can’t handle my outbursts due to me going into protective mode. And, I’m sure as hell not going to go to the VA, with out having a set treatment plan that I agree with. Anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and anti-histamines are out of the question.

    Who knows where this is going. I may just end up walking into my local hospital. We’ll see.

  4. @James Gallegos @Disgruntled Veteran – – – James, I am so sorry. With deep regret, I reviewed my earlier post and its contents, and I’m terribly sorry for my latter post and it contents that directed all negatively towards you. It is my fault. I’m deeply sorry.

    1. Hey we all make errors, call it being human.

      It was not that hard for you to catch it and fix it. Try getting a VA employee to admit to a simple error.

      In stead of fixing the error, they cover it up even more. They make it sound like admitting they made an error, they committed a crime.

      If they would remember it’s ok to make an error as long as they correct it.

      NOPE many think if they make an error it would make the human !

  5. Everyone, know this, and start thinking in this mindset . . .

    I’m not a customer, I’m not a client, I’m not a patient, “I’M A FUCKING BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and there is a difference.

    I came to this conclusion of truth. Now, since my healthcare is in jeopardy, I have considered the VA to be an enemy in which no treaty has been agreed upon. Think about for more than a minute. May be ponder about changing your thought process from thinking like a customer, client, a patient, instead of knowing and believing that you’re a BENEFICIARY of the monies that are allocated to the VA, in order to only manage for the proper care of the BENEFICIARY’s.

    Its a different mindset. The VA is holding what is yours. And, don’t throw your hands up yet. Listen, you’ve noticed what parents do to their child when they keep on asking them with out stopping. I know they whoop their ass. But wait, were not a child, ANYMORE!!!

    We’ve been pushed around to much, and accepted it. And by doing this, what did we tell they VA? Answer: “That it is OK to treat us like children. Hold these fuckers accountable, even if it a small issue. Your non-threatening actions and behavior, will inform the VA that your getting smarter by being onto to their selfish games.

    Some of you make think this is ridiculous. REALLY. Well, I BEG TO DIFFER. The VA cut my pain medications a life threatening 95%. I confronted them, gave them an alternative of being exposed, and guess what, the VA Pharmacy gave me back all of my monthly medications.

    Hey, I’m not saying that by standing up to the VA, and confronting them from being a BENEFICIARY compared to a customer, client, or patient, will always get you everything. But I say this, if you challenge and stand-up to the VA with clearly defined solid arguments that you’re going to get everything that you ask for. But I do know this, they will view BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) differently.

    Think about what I wrote. And don’t forget, You’re A BENEFICIARY (Veteran) Thanks. – – – Nutter.

  6. @ANutterVet – – – “I ask for this reason, depending on the answer, a person’s mindset will be formed. In other words, if I’m a beneficiary of the VA, then this basically means, figuratively speaking, that it is like being willed something, or like it is mine already. Or in another way, that I earned it already. Is it wrong to think in this manner?”

    James Gallegos said: “NOPE”

    Then ANutterVet BLASTED James Gallegos for using one word to AGREE with him.


  7. I am enrolled as a Priority Group 1 entitled to medical benefits & Class IV, Any needed dental care. Yesterday I received the Prudent Layperson notice that after careful & compassionate consideration after administratively & clinically review ‘We regret your claim does not meet the eligibility requirements for payment for non-service connected emergency unauthorized medical care for episode beginning April 2017.

    First of all there was no episode April 2017. I have no idea what they’re talking about.

    I had been per-authorized for TMJ treatment July-Nov 2016 & they have not paid the dentist for those appointments & the authorization expired & they would not renew before the finally fitting of the orthopedic appliances so they don’t fit right. The letter is signed by the same person who approved the initial treatment plan: Li Gapasin, chief, health administration service. Claim Denied – The treatment provided did not meet the Prudent Layperson definition of an emergency. 38 CFR 17.1002(b)

    Again there was no episode of care April 2017, no visit to any ER. WTF!

    1. Somebody found your lost VA card. The assessment didn’t match your conditions. Ask for a document review for identity theft.

      1. Lem, I had the thought somebody stole me. 2 of my sons received those letters for identity theft a few years ago when all that info was compromised, I did not get notified. I never lost my ID.

      2. Similar name? ER picked up the wrong name?

        I have a DC pharmacy entry that was not mine. Either a mistake or malfeasance.

    2. UPDATE: I mailed my letter of disagreement on Claim Denied & today 7/10/17 I received a statement from VA that the dental bills have been paid for TMJ treatment & they also paid the regular dentist. Some time back I got a phone call telling me I could not go to the regular dentist, I needed to find a new one who would accept Choice & I never received in writing from VA I could not see my dentist & I asked person on the phone to send that in paper form. Somebody at VA tried to take away my entitlement for dental & failed.

      1. Good on you for asking for it in writing Nitewish.

        Typically when a veteran does that, the lying snake bastards run for the tall grass and never respond.

      2. 91Veteran I have you all on Ben’s blog to thank for the education or it would be me laying down in the tall grass giving up to despair.

      3. Many veterans are denied for something and the VA banks on the veterans not saying nothing, believing what the employee said was true and not fight it.

        VA is a senate committee interview told the committee that thousands of veterans are denied their disability and that about 90 %
        Will not reapply.

        That was a slip on their part, but it’s the truth.

        Glad it worked out in your favior

  8. I had a almost life threatening situation today with the VA. As of now, the matter has been taken care of for this month, but nothing is guaranteed for next month. When its suited for me, I’ll post what happened.

    @cj , I want to thank you very much for helping me, and having my back when dealing with the situation. Y’awl right in my book.;

    I need input to finalize an issue that I’m having. Here er goes – – –

    Question —–> As a Veteran, am I a Beneficiary, customer, or client of the VA?

    I ask for this reason, depending on the answer, a person’s mindset will be formed. In other words, if I’m a beneficiary of the VA, then this basically means, figuratively speaking, that it is like being willed something, or like it is mine already. Or in another way, that I earned it already. Is it wrong to think in this manner?

    Thanks – – – Nutter

    1. @nutter
      the veterans are “beneficiaries” of the trust set up to manage these corporate affairs. that’s the legal title of what we are.

    2. @ANutterVet, you served your country you earned benefits. I believe almost all the modern world in different cultures/countries understand someone served their country and are a beneficiary of a benefit from their country a Veteran. This title of Veteran has been around for hundreds of years.

      It is not wrong to think that you earned a benefit or pension. Civilians have the same in some corporations they receive pensions and benefits they received for the years of service or payed into.

    3. @ANutterVet – – – YOU earned everything you can get from the VA already. Their holding back, and being unwilling to help – – – is, or should be a crime. Certainly, it can quite easily be considered a national shame.

      When you raised your right hand to take the Oath of Enlistment, you were writing a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount “up to and including your life”.

      THAT is Honor, and there are way too few people in this country that understand that anymore.

      On a personal note, the first time you and I talked on the phone last year – – – you let enough slip about your personal experience that I was able to surmise a bit more than what you told me. I firmly believe you deserve your full benefits – – – just as much as I earned and deserve mine.

      Without going into detail – – – let me just say that I believe you experienced some of the worst the military has to offer.

      I truly hope you can make the VA and Military pay.

      1. @James Gallegos – – – May be not. And, you offer no guidance, what to watch for, what are you basing ANYTHING off of, what is the situation, how are you building a case and based off of what, was the VA notified by me that certain medical problems would happen if they didn’t provide me with medical care, and did the VA act appropriately in handling my medical circumstance which led to a life threatening event that caused my PTST to flare up.

        If the VA can get away with what they are doing to me, then I will forgo trying to finish learning how to use my website content development software to establish a business online, and therefore, I will do my best to bring the VA up on any legal charges, and if this doesn’t work, I will do my utmost best, to bring a negative limelight onto the VA in order to EXPOSE THE VA FOR ALL OUR SAKES.

        And not to brag or to be smug, I may find someway to make the VA liable, but then again I may not. But this is one thing about me, is that my main goal in anything that I research is to; learn all that I can, in order to find loopholes in the system.

        In 1990, I found the legal information, that enabled me to create a legal argument, that was successful in setting precedence (first time being done), in suing the Federal Government, and the State of Hawaii.

        James, closely read my post below. And, there is more to what is possible happening in the behind scenes between a couple of us. I’ll say no more until it is necessary to inform others, whether a certain positive force can putt pressure on the VA or not, in order to expose them for their incompetency, hold the legally bound, or to legally has the fuck out of to let them were here.

        There will be a post in the future, to let other know if this force can be set up, and to be effective in shaming the VA one way or another. An informing post will come at a later date.

        Thanks for the one worder James. – – – Nutter.

      2. NOPE, was used to say you me anyone should not feel the veterans should feel bad about believing the VA has the right to deny us of anything and we have the right to receive our deserved disability.

        Last part of your post.

      3. I’m sorry, lately I’ve been having extreme problems with my grammar, dropping things, losing my thought process when talking and writing, and I get these phasing in and phasing out episodes that are happening in my mind. I know VA, its all my problem, because you (VA) can’t figure it, but I already have told you why this fucking shit is happening to me, and still, you fucking do nothing.

        VA to me, YOU”RE THE HOMELAND GROWN TERRORISTS AGAINST THE PROPER TREATMENT AND CARE OF THE BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), the you’re responsible to take care of when they are in trouble, or in need of help. And do you know what else, THERE ARE NO TIME LIMITS – Once a BENEFICIARY, always a BENFICIARY.

        So, fuck off.

  9. Following, ou shootz, I tripped and fell. Can someone help me up? Hey buddy, you reading my post, can you help me get up please? I’m a Disabled Veteran, my K9 PTSD-Alert Service Dog has diarrhea, he’s over by the tree. So how bout it, can you give me a hand Brother?

    Want to help me get up? Please leave me a post. Thanks, – – – Nutter.

  10. @Sepp Dietrich, @Rick b – – – Thanks for posting a reply bout defining . . .

    ILP = Independent Living Program

    Rick, you wrote the following, “The problem with this program is that there is no consistency from one regional office to another, and while some veterans might get a lot of good stuff another might get nothing…. just depends on the counselor you get stuck with.”

    Rick b, to the best of your knowledge, can you explain the ” ** ” tagged questions below, based on your past experience of being a Counselor, and any other insight that may come to your mind? And, according to your recollection, how can one get around all these differences.

    A lot of factors non relating to the actual “what is available to the Veteran,” but may be determined by non-consistency;

    (1) Regional Office- ILP differences when usually the make up of each Veteran population is basically the same in most states, maybe different in somewhere like Alaska. Do you know why then VA does this pertaining to different Regional Offices?

    (2) One Veteran Gets Good Stuff, Another Nothing- What determines this? Whether the Counselor likes you or not, or depending on how the Counselor feels?

    (3) Depends on the Counselor You Get Stuck With- This shouldn’t be a factor that a Counselor has the option of holding back or off from providing a Veteran based on the Counselor. What makes the Counselor be the deciding factor?

    Corruption, collusion, incompetency, nepotism, favoritism, and bullying runs in all the gambits in and of the VA. Clean the swamp. thanks.- – – Nutter.

    Thanks Seymore for the above post. Interesting. Thank God that I didn’t get wrapped up with gambling. Even though I was extremely environmentally influenced and exposed to gambling since I was born. Every weekend family would get together to play cards (different types of games), bingo, track, illegal lotteries, and numbers.

    1. ANutterVet

      If I knew the answers to your questions, I might have actually received something of value from the experience.

      Really, How can anyone say why each regional office has their own way of doing things,…. I just think it might have something to do with the people that work in these offices.. some may care enough to help veterans some make care less…

      i don’t have the answers….

      1. @Rick b – – – Dam bro, you’ve just answered the question in the above post and you didn’t know it. – – – Really, read your post. Thank you for serving. – – – Nutter.

  11. A salute to all Veterans on this Memorial Day Weekend. And a special word to all Veterans about some of the most vulnerable among our population.

    Regarding Veterans Homelessness and Veterans Suicides

    In 2013, the American Journal on Addictions published a study by, Drs. Joe Westermeyer of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and Jose Canive of the Albuquerque VA Medical Center reporting on a gambling study that involved nearly 2,000 veterans from VA centers and community clinics in Albuquerque, N.M., and in Minneapolis.

    The study confirmed problems stated in a letter sent by the Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling, Keith Whyte, to the then Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki six months earlier.

    In his letter, Whyte stated “Gambling addiction is a serious health problem that affects veterans and active-duty service members,” “It is highly co-occurring with other serious conditions and complicates the treatment of these disorders. In addition, gambling addiction has disastrous consequences for the veteran and his or her family.”

    In his letter, Whyte also cited the following statistics which were confirmed six months later in the Westermeyer, et all, study. Also, I would like to point out that the VA has been slow to address this problem in the Veterans population:

    1.) “suicide is extremely common, with 40 percent of veterans seeking treatment for gambling reporting suicide attempts.”

    2.) “Vets in treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder may be as much as 60 times more likely to have a gambling problem than age-matched members of the general population.”

    3.) “Rates of depression among vets with pathological gambling problems have been shown to be as high as 76 percent.”

    4.) “Among veterans hospitalized on a VA inpatient psychiatric unit, 28 percent were classified as problem gamblers and another 12 percent as pathological gamblers.”

    5.) “Rates of depression among vets with pathological gambling problems have been shown to be as high as 76 percent.”

    6.) “Studies of veterans utilizing VA treatment services found 10 percent were pathological or problems gamblers.”

    Although I do not have a Phd it is clear that any reasonably intelligent person, with an IQ greater than 50 would consider these facts as pointing to gambling addiction as one of the major contributing factors at the heart of Veterans Homelessness and Veterans Suicide.

    1. Of course a number of the big six Veterans Service Organizations has know about the problem for years and have fully taken advantage of it. A few links. I will be following up this weekend on the money trail and how most of the Billions raked in every year through the VSOs is landing right back in Congressional pockets. Through organizations such as “The Heritage Foundation”.

      “Outraged American Legion and VFW posts ponder next move on gambling machines”

      “Deputies seize illegal slot machines at VFW post”

      “Potentially illegal ‘sweepstakes’ games raise millions for veterans”

      “Executives with Athens gaming company plead guilty in gambling probe”
      Heritage Amusement Co.

      “AMVETS in legal battle over gaming machines with Edgewater”

      “9 individuals charged in ‘illegal gambling’ raids”
      Mark Caudill , Reporter 6:39 p.m. ET March 17, 2016

      “Slotlike gaming machines fall in gray area of the law”

      “Posted on March 31, 2017 by Amy W.”
      “The U.S. military may not be doing everything it can to diagnose gambling disorder, suggests the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).
      The report, which based its findings on Department of Defense (DOD) data, said the military has only diagnosed about .03% of its service members with the disorder each year. The GAO noted that the DOD doesn’t specifically target gambling abuse for screening, which means service members with the condition may be likely to go undiagnosed.
      The GAO offered several recommendations, including the addition of problem gambling questions to the military’s screening processes. However, the DOD rejected that recommendation, arguing that it was “impractical to screen for every low prevalence disorder.”
      It’s worth noting the DOD currently operates 3,141 slot machines—1,159 of which are on Japanese bases. The machines generated nearly $539 million in revenue from 2011 to 2015.”


      Homeless people are ten times more likely to be problem gamblers than the UK population as a whole, researchers at Cambridge have found.


    2. Been there and done that. Not a problem since being rated at 70% and having a level of income at the top of the poverty level. And I think not meeting “provider” expectations because of TBI and PTSD was a part of that.

      1. You statement has nothing to do with the gambling problems that are stated in my post. As a matter of fact nothing you said in your comment is related to my post in any way.

  12. From:
    “The Political Insider”

    “Veterans Group Facing Backlash After Turning on Hannity Show”

    by Matt | Contributor | May 25, 2017

    It’s about the USAA Insurance Company and how they’re NOT wanting to support Sean Hannity’s free speech!
    They’re taking some extreme backlash from their customers!
    Y’all read it and judge for yourself!

  13. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all.

    Has anyone seen the “Missing Man Table Ceremony”? It’s a “special tribute” to the men and women in uniform who never returned! It was first started about 35 to 40+ years ago by a few “173rd Airborne” members! One actually was a “MOH”, (Medal of Honor), recipient. Who refused to wear his medal during the ceremony. He sited; “[he] didn’t want to distract from the ceremony!”
    My first time seeing it was about 15 years ago. When I went to Illinois to be reunited with my “brother” who served with me in Vietnam!
    When I returned to Florida, I purchased all of the accruitments necessary for my local High School JROTC to perform it! They do it on every special occasion for veterans.
    If you haven’t seen it, I suggest finding out where it is at! Go! Trust me, you’ll have “tears of joy!”

    1. Happy Memorial Day everyone. Please take the time to remember our brothers and sisters who are currently serving their country in your prayers this weekend and throughout the year. I hope you all have a peaceful and remembrance weekend. God Bless you all.

      1. Happy? My WWII uncles are dead. Some pleasant memories but I’m certainly not happy they passed away young because of their aversion to the military was so great they didn’t seek VA care and a longer stay with us. Only one did. On his death bed too late to be saved for a few more years. PTSD care wasn’t yet available to them.

    1. Lem, you have a blessed weekend. Thanks for following. Take it easy. Many thanks to everyone.

      1. Thanks, Angela. Every day is the beginning of a 3 day week end for me. I’m retired. Unable to work since 1990.

  14. Memorial day is upon us once again. Remember those who gave all,
    May God Bless the families, and friends of loved ones lost. A heartfelt prayer goes out to you all.
    While planning to bbq, and enjoy this long weekend, think about visiting a National Cemetery where honors are being performed, I promise you, it is an event you will never forget.
    Have a safe weekend, and God Bless you all.

  15. Former U.S. Army intelligence officer and Attorney John Donald Cody Claimed his bogus Veteran charity was a CIA operation. His charity was named “The United States Navy Veterans Association”, (USNVA) was a tax-exempt veterans’ organization that claimed to have a national headquarters in Washington, D.C. It claimed that its purpose was to support the U.S. Navy, and to assist veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families.

    The Association claimed to be a national organization with 43 U.S. chapters and over 66,000 members. John Donald Cody, used a complicated scheme including an entire board of directors and management structure that didn’t exist. It went on for about eight years until it was exposed by a 2010 newspaper investigation in Florida. The Association was formed as a Veterans’ Organization 501(c), (19) tax exempt charity.

    The USNVA website listed the MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP law firm in New Albany, Ohio as its General Counsel; Legislative Associates, Inc. of Stillwater, Minnesota as its Legislative and Public Policy Counsel, and Rubin & Associates, P.A. of St. Petersburg, Florida as its Special Counsel. It also hired additional lobbyists to gain the right to solicit in Virginia.

    In late 2013, Cody was convicted of charges including theft, money laundering, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, tampering with records, and identity fraud; and sentenced to 28 years in prison. His 2013 conviction was for running the largest charity fraud case ever prosecuted in the United States. As part of his original sentence ti was order that he spend every Veterans Day in solitary confinement.

    Cody had run the organization under the alias “Bobby Thompson”, and authorities were at first unable to determine his real name. However, on 1 October 2012, it was announced that Cody’s identity had been determined using fingerprint records.

    The Veterans Administration did remove his charities listing from their website.

    Here are links to a few photos of Cody. Perhaps some one might be able to identify some of his unprosecuted co-conspirators in some of the photos links below.







    1. It is also interesting to note that John Donald Cody had been arrested before and fingerprinted. But at the request of the State Department his finger prints had been removed from the FBI data base. He was only identified after an investigator in the case recognized Cody from a FBI wanted poster relating to other crimes he had been involved prior to this crime.

      Also he had been declared legally dead in the state of Florida under his real identity.

      From the difference in the pictures above and his FBI wanted poster Clearly the plastic surgery and hair transplants made him look different. The surgeon and the person who did the hair restoration testified at his trail.


  16. Ben, not really sure I understand the mowing video, but it must be nice to have enough strength and breath to push a mower, something I surly miss with my breathing ailments…

    I am happy to see that you have/are recovering from your heart attack. Remember to follow your doctors advise, regardless of what we might think most of them really know what they are doing….

    I am also glad to hear you have made progress on your ER bill situation. I know its not fun to fight the system when you receive a bill that should not have come to you, been there done that.

    As to voc rehab, I have had some minor success with the program, but over all little ever came of it. I applied four times, the first time they gave me an E-machine computer with printer, in went into the trash in less than a year because it was just garbage. I fought for computer related classes, and was only allowed to attended the basic MS windows, and office classes which really offered nothing new unless you had never used a computer in the past. The second time I applied, was after I had moved back to central Texas, Waco office counselor did seem inclined to allow some of the things I requested such as woodworking tools and at that time I still had the breath to do such things, but because I chose to move closer to my daughter and grandchildren who’s husband was in the Army, we moved close to Fort Gordon, to be near them. The Augusta voc rehab office was in the VA Hospital. In over 18 months these guys ignored my request for anything and everything. In fact, as I was getting ready to leave the area, to return to Texas, they denied my request in wiring saying that at the time there was nothing they could do for me since I was uncooperative. Not a big deal I had this idiot on tape the many times we met and the many phone calls we had. From what I heard he lost his job because of the way he treated me and other veterans. It was apparent he thought he was the gatekeeper to VA funds. On my last try for Voc rehab, in San Antonio, they denied anything of value, or any training instead opting to keep things in house , and providing me with such things as a portable air conditioner, back side cleaner, and a hand cycle. Overall they stated there was really nothing they could do for me at the time, but that I could reapply anytime. Of course these were all request for Individual Living programs. At one time you may remember that I purchased your little handbook, which contained nothing concerning the ILP. You did later add a page but frankly without knowledge of the program it must have been hard to put anything to paper. This was not any bad reflection of your part, but the VA’s because to date I haven’t seen or know of no area, in the US were any VA Puke really could tell anyone anything about the ILP, it was as if they never really intended to provide a program. And while it the past I read a lot on other veteran web pages stories about riding law mowers, computer systems, classes, woodworking tool, and even sun-rooms for a wheelchair bound artist. I was never ever able to get much if anything from the system. And honestly, when I look back, I would have just been smarter to buy the Items I wanted at least it would have caused less heart ache ( no pun intended).

    Again glad you are recovering

    1. @Rick b – – – Please tell me and others who may not know what does the abbreviation ILP mean, and what is actually is?

      Also, when adding new abbreviations of anything, please list what it is. Please don’t assume that everyone else knows what your talking about. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      1. Anuttervet

        Independent living program.. is part of the Vocational rehabilitation Program of the VA. It is for veterans who cannot return back to work, and the idea is to provide things that might improve the veterans living conditions. Fore example someone with breathing problems might get a riding lawnmower. Someone who wants to tinker with wood might get a scroll saw or drill press. Another person might be into crating a web board, so they may get a computer. The problem with this program is that there is no consistency from one regional office to another, and while some veterans might get a lot of good stuff another might get nothing…. just depends on the counselor you get stuck with.

        hope that answers the question….

    2. Rich B, I wished you could have been given more assistance from the VA Voc rehab to support your interests or goals for your life. Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation needs lots of reformity instead of just writing veterans off.

  17. Olddogs Comments!

    Brethren I swear to you there is no way to return to something that never existed, and even a monkey should be able to see the tyranny existing in America, and recognize how successful the lies have been over the course of our existence. There is no possible excuse for this ass backward patriotism that deadens your minds. American patriotism is like loving a wife that has been secretly prostituting her/your daughters. The very people you think you are voting into office are murdering your children and prostituting them. Not even the Roman Empire was as putrid as the scum-bags in D.C. It will not be much longer before they bring down the fires of hell on our heads if the people in mass, do not grow a set and rebel. Money is their only God! Most of you do not know what really happened in the beginning of America, and to some extent you are innocent from being lied to, but that is not an excuse because any one with a half ounce of brains should be able to smell the rat. It is the putrid odor of authoritarianism that should have alerted you to the lies and theft of your money and freedom. It is the death of millions of your children that should have alerted you. It is the loss of property rights, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the constant wars, the constant devaluation of your money, the loss of sovereignty of your States, but most of all your personal loss of sovereignty. I could go on and on but I know from personal experience most of you have already stopped reading. Woe to you who support your murderers. You have no excuse when just this one link will educate you on how it all happened and what to do about it.


    1. Thank you a million times over, Oldmarine!
      That link is wonderful. It gives all the detail of what happened.
      I’ve known this for a while, but most won’t believe it, even when you tell them.
      And, likely, even when you provide evidence, such as you have.
      Third Reich, in response to worldwide jewry declaring war against Germany in 1933,
      kicked all the international bankers out of germany and took germany back for the germans.
      Of course this brought the wrath of the worldwide fraud upon Germany, and now they are totally occupied by the banksters.
      I try to point out this obvious example but all the holohoax and anti-hitlerian propaganda clouds the minds of otherwise intelligent people.
      And I do not point it out just for intellectual debate or argument, but because Hitler devised a very clever economic solution for recovery of the people. We could do the same. That’s why Hitler is most hated man on earth. If people really looked at what the Reich accomplished and how they did it, they would know that this is possible.
      Bless you Oldmarine. You’re a good one.

      1. Sepp Dietrich your welcome …..people need to re-search some his-tory and not from only one website all the websites you can find and then come to a conclusion not the horse shit you were force fed in school as truth… will come to find out its one BIG lie……thats why i speak my mind. i dont give a shit

      2. Sepp they invert everything …black is white …war is peace …they even do it with the laws they pass, the title sounds good so people think its good. read the whole bill that was passed and its totally inverted from the tittle, a bunch of satanists in my opinion, and i am not a bible thumper but i do believe in a higher power..they even inverted our language, but most people don’t know that. i speak two other languages so i should know

    2. Well, I spoke too soon about the value of the site you posted.
      By the fourth article I read, sure enough, anti-“Nazi” propaganda.
      National Socialists (nationalists) were madmen?
      Why? Because they wanted what this woman says we should want for America.
      But the german nationalists wanting the same thing … they are madmen?
      The whole thing is mad.

      1. some times there is bullshit tossed in there but there is a lot of truth also

      2. Sepp Dietrich listen to this guy and see what you think “”

      3. oldmarine, thanks for the link. Tex Marrs did a few videos back in the day with Freeman Fly, which exposed hollyweird shenanigans in movies and behavior. I haven’t heard anything from him since. I am skeptical of anyone promoting english-version of the Bible as primary source of information. All English versions are translations, subject to error.

        like you said about the Anna Von Reitz info, must sort the shyte from shynola.

        one thing: we’ve been taken over; people are generally uninterested; it’s a serious matter.

        and, when you look into ww2 history, and the fraud involved, and the continuing propaganda against the ONE people who stood against the banks, then it’s obvious who runs the $hoah. oh yes, the $hoah must go on.

        thegreateststorynevertold dot tv
        is the best video/movie of all time.

    3. Helluva breakfast rant. Pretty literate and concise for an old jarhead… oh… oh… Windguy takes a shot AND HE SCOOOOOOOOORES.

      Neue Weldordnung uber alles
      Uber alles in der Weld…..

      Trotsky was bought by JP Morgan who used the American Red Cross as a pipeline to fund the Bolsheviks.

      Tons of cited morsels in Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. Text-like read – a bit pedantic at times, but chock-a-block full of historical references to money, power, and wars. All of it linked to the formation and operation of the Federal Reserve.

      I still have a hard time with two 100 story structures collapsing in perfect symmetry. Doesn’t happen in structural mechanics, and steel does not melt at JP4 flashpoint. But – rest assured of truth and integrity now that Mueller has been appointed Special Counsel for the Trumpy stuff. After all, he was the lead on the 9/11 Commission …. booooohahahahahaha

      –… …–

      1. @Windguy – – – I will simply say that 9/11 was the single biggest “single event” hoax ever perpetrated upon the American public. Buildings that tall do not fall in perfect symmetry naturally. Any structural engineer knows this. There is only one cause that I am aware of that would enable that to happen – – -that cause is man-made.

        Sure was effective at getting us back into Iraq though, wasn’t it?

        Used to have an old shipmate, guy by the name of Ken – – – who was really knowledgeable about this stuff. Sure miss conversing with him. Me? I just have the simple OS mind – – – but I can connect the dots given some time. Takes a bit more today due TBI.

        Hope this finds you well.

      2. Yep, I was never quite sold on the entire 9/11 event. The key to me was upon watching TV when the events first took place and they kept replaying it with vivid video footage of humans jumping to their deaths and more…then…scrubbed for eternity, edited, and suddenly, they are replaying forever to this day, the scrubbed versions.

        Nope. The science and physics do not cut it at all, not the chemistry…then there’s the ability to time something so synchronized within tight flight schedules…nope.

        9/11 was a jumpstarting event for war profiteering on steroids. Over. Rumsfeld still gives me the creeps and porky pig Karl Rove and Koch Bro’s and Friends….then there’s the Dick Cheney(Darth Vader) nexus with Halliburton….then right after 9/11 we are magically building World Corp. HQ for Halliburton in Qatar…not enough rough edges for this to be anything but an orchestrated jump start for cronies to send fresh meat and fresh killing toys so they can make more…and hope to not have to support the broken lucky ones that return…but no worries, we will keep sending them back repeatedly and even take away their reenlistment bonuses afterwards if they come back and if not, well, there’s the widows.

        What has happened to our USA?

      3. @Namnibor – – – What has happened to our USA?

        Easy Answer. We have now become the most corrupt nation on the face of the earth. A nation where it is FAR more important to “go along to get along”, and to “look the other way, rather than doing what is right and honorable”.

        Simplistic, yet true.

        Money is King. Morals are Nothing. Being correct no longer matters, only going along with the Status Quo.

        Do that? You are a good citizen. Not be afraid to stand up for what is right? You are labeled a (insert a thousand synonym’s here for) “TROUBLE MAKER”


      4. Windguy …thats why i have a bumper sticker on my pickup that says 911 was a inside job..besides the one , one a jarhead always a jarhead …LOL

  18. A political observation….

    I recently read that our current US Attorney General is publicly taking on the marijuanna industry. What else is new, right? Washington DC Pop Tart needs to pull out his brass balls out for a photo op and an atta boy, otherwise he goes unnoticed. Bad career move to be unnoticed as a made man willing to tow the line in Washington DC, so I have zero malice towards the guy. He is no more a prick than any other authority figure in Washington DC….true dat.

    But the point of my blog post is not to cast insults at the most powerful law enforcement servant in our nation (although it does feel good), my point is in just how he framed the proposal in his speech that it was marijuanna that had the caused the upsurge of crime in the 70s. He cited the fact that he had witnessed this violence personally in the 70s, or at least lived close enough to it to be aware of its impact on his life – which by his own estimation was less of a good life because of marijuanna use.


    He is the top dog at our top agency against crime. Does that position not presuppose that the individual be educated in how a criminal thinks? My Uncle Dave, now departed, was a police instructor at a law enforcement boot camp in Los Angeles. He talked about the crimnal mentality so I know the course is available for learning.

    So exactly what did cause the uptick in violence in the 70s? It was not marijuanna. It was not gang loyalty. It was but one thing – violence became profitable.

    Al Capone would have lived the life of a shoe shiner if it had not been for the prohibition on alcohol. The prohibition made alcohol so enormously expensive that it was profitable enough to risk even death to engage in bootlegging. Why death? Because if you threaten to take a mans livelihood then he will fight for it, BUT if you threaten to take away a mans freedom, he will die for it. This is the moment a casual criminal chooses to become a hardened criminal and somebody dies.

    So the assertion that it was marijuanna and not the prohibition of it that attracted the criminal mind and the violence, is twisted backwards. The stats of violence line up in direct proportion to the law enforcement effort applied. More law enforcement during a prohibition of anything has historically ALWAYS ramped up violence for the reasons cited. I believe his to be taught at law enforcement academies, but only from my Uncle Dave. (I was the provider of law enforcement, just a customer….)

    Is it just me, or is his logic completely backwards?

    I feel like smoking a joint now…man made pills and legal or not, God made pot. I never did trust in mankind to do the right thing and I had to pick just one to believe in.

  19. War Related Illness and Injury Study Center………”” Our first module, “Assessing Deployment Related Environmental Exposures,” is intended to increase clinician knowledge and to inform learners about how to recognize the role and importance of deployment related exposure assessment, identify steps for determining deployment related environmental exposures, provide available post deployment health resources, and describe approaches to communicating deployment related exposure issues to Veterans, their caregivers, and their family members……………………..i cant believe this, they don’t already know, and its voluntary …..WTF….no wonder the stupid VA doctors ask me why do you think you have that problem

  20. you need to start eating those dandelions leaves they make a great salad with lots of iron in them…i am not even planting lettuce this year going after the dandelions …or get a bigger lawnmower…BEN

    1. @OLDMARINE – – – Maybe, but if I had that much room on my property, I’d try my best to build and extension, then design the new addition so that it closely resembles the appearance of the original structure, with the inside fitted out to so that I’m able to have an small personal indoor cannabis growing operation, and the outside would be fenced, cameras with motion sensory detection capabilities, with trained dogs that are specifically trained to be alert for moving objects, and construct a couple of guyed mast structures where falcons would be perched to detect incoming further out. That’s what I’d do.

      1. Don’t forget to set those bear traps around the parameter as to keep those dogs well-fed by the very prey they are guarding against. Recycle everything.

      2. those pesky wabits are worse than the bears… we have a community garden also. I got to go plant my beets they need more water so i plant those at home

      3. i dont smoke that much besides most of my neighbors have plants scattered all over no one steals them when all you have to do is ask….but cbd oil i need to research how to make it and if i can..smoking it intensifies my arthritis real bad…. and all for personal use

      4. oldmarine,
        bless you. i’ve had good luck with cooking high-grade cannabis buds in oil, then straining the oil for use, and making the “poultice” of the cooked buds. you can use the oil on your skin; you can place the poultice on your skin and it will pull the edema and inflammation from the arthritis in the joints.
        same for gout, same for inflammation and pain from injuries.
        you can also internally ingest the oil if you use coconut oil.
        i use castor oil, which is very healing externally, and a great laxative. that’s why it may not be so good internally. or it could be good if you take pain pills which cause constipation bad.
        with this high-grade, high-THC cannabis oil, you will get good pain relief.
        cbd oil is a racket/scam, as all research shows high THC plant material to be best for healing.
        cbd buds are GMO. cbd oil comes from genetically modified plants developed at U of Minnesota about 10 years ago. they produce this telling people it’s better because you won’t get “high”.
        LOL, no, it’s not just “high” that THC produces, it’s healing. that’s the BIg Lie.
        Anyway, if you try this oil, you won’t be sorry.
        I always enjoy your posts.

      5. Sepp – I’m going to respectfully disagree when it comes to CBD. Ingested or topical it has the anti-inflammatory magic. My pain is constant and I could smoke some shit that would drop me dick in the dirt – no pain relief. NSAIDs fragged my stomach forever. Enter CBDs. My first was a home brew topical. Smelled like that bottom of my 1972 Thai bong water, but damn I felt good. Then I got the oil – CO2 pressed. Almost pure CBD. Topical application – bingo. Then I tried the edible version of CBD oil that looked and tasted like a friggin twig. Bingo – awesome response. A friend in West TX – baptist no ATF or cussing – Mr. Clean – developed Parkinson’sf a high speed trip to a wheel chair, diapers and dribble cups. Major moral decision to send his wife to Colorado for that illegal shit. Within a week – he’s walking – first with a walker and now with a cane. All CBD – no THC. He won’t go back to work or as he said, “join the rodeo”, but he feeds himself and gets round with a cane and has a very slow motion tremor. He dumped most of his chemical meds to boot. Study just reported on epilepsy – Pig Pharma docs called it a “game changer”. Don’t know CBD vs THC tho.

        As for U of M. The State of MN medical marijuana program looks like it was written by and being implemented for Pig Pharma. Uber controlled. I’d have little faith in their study – one way or t’other.

        That’s been my experience. What I know won’t fill a thimble.

      6. Pure CBD oil is extracted from a genetically modified plant.
        CBD oil, being a synthetic substance, like a drug, will give some relief.
        It has to, or it would not sell. But, like drugs, it won’t fix the problem.
        Whole-plant cannabis extract, pure extract or extracted into oil like I gave recipe for,
        will actually HEAL the problem.
        THC is the healing compound. CBD, as part of the plant, will help with symptoms.
        I believe Parkinsons can be cured with THC-containing whole-plant extract. As example, someone with arthritis could get pain relief in the joint from CBD oil. But if they used oil with all the plant compounds, then after a while of using the oil, the arthritis is gone and no more need. I don’t think that happens with CBD oil. Also, pure cannabis resin extract cures cancer. I don’t know if CBD oil does that or not.

        For some reason, people would rather use genetically modified CBD than whole-plant extract containing THC. It’s a mind-screw; I can’t figure out why people won’t use it.

        I guess the lugenpresse has contaminated the minds of people against a plant.
        No surprise really.

        The patents issued to researchers for cannabis medicines always state that high-THC whole-plant cannabis gives best results. I read alot of patents. That’s where the accurate information rests.

        Blessings be.

      7. @windguy
        PS … the U of Minnesota didn’t do a study; well, I’m sure they’ve done a study, but what I was referring to was that they DEVELOPED the CBD-producing genetically-modified cannabis plant.

        They modified the genes of the plant to NOT produce the healing compound, THC. So when you use CBD oil, you’re supporting the genetic alteration of the plant. Rather than preserving the wonderful genetics we have, they take a plant, change the genetics, patent the new plant (because it’s not a natural plant anymore, it’s a product), and make products from the extract of the genetically-modified plant.

        I do not believe in supporting what you call “pig pharma” and I love the natural world, the plants and all. It’s not right to tinker with nature like they’re doing, and in the process they mind-control people to believe that this is OK, and even better than nature. The only reason someone would buy a genetically modified synthetic product that does not heal, is well, mind control. That’s the way I see it.

        Maybe nobody agrees, that’s ok, i’m used to being the outcast. I’ve done the research; I have extensive experiential proof of what I say, so it’s all good.

      8. Sepp ………. and I love the natural world, the plants and all……. i agree but for now i need to find some decent oil i had three plants started but they took a dump not paying attention to them…..check this sight out if they taught this shit in school the Fibonacci Sequence i would have probably stayed in , i get my best links from the comment sections …………open-minded-people-embrace-being-wrong-are-free-of-illusions-dont-mind-what-people-think-of-them-quote-……..””………..

      9. Windguy …can you email info about where you get yours i have been reading there is a lot of garbage out there also ……”[email protected]”….just put windguy in there so i know its you …thanks

      10. ANutterVet I have to other out building so that is not a problem. its a little community surrounded by a state Forrest there are only 13 full time residents and about 3 that have a place but don’t come to often..we even bought or own fire truck we bought on gov deals for 5700 dollars ..if anybody ever wants to stop by i live in brevard NC…all is welcome i have a spare bedroom with its own private entrance so you can do your own thing if you want… the way i only have one acre of property

  21. Benjamin: “[…The most recent version of the denial was that the agency denied my claim by mistake prior to receiving the evidence it should have reviewed prior.]”

    In the exact same way the VA ignores evidence on Veteran Compensation Claims. Glad to hear the VA is backpedaling on this but you KNOW it’s only because that VA Kryptonite called accountability was shown on their shady ways!!

    On your mowing and lawn: I would buy some kid goats, but then again, you could also easily push-out pent-up frustrations by placing glossy photos of Rubins and Graves face-up on the lawn and get some joy out of administering “lawnmower man justice” (LMJ).

    However, duly note from this farmboy from Indiana that if you intend on using goats to keep your yard down to code, the use of glossy photos of Rubins and Graves may cause the goats to lay-down on ground in front of the lawnmower rather than consume toxic ugly pixels of VA fraudsters. 🙂

    (Maybe Rubins & Graves could be put-out to pasture to graze your lawn down….just thrown some tuna fish around in your lawn, all set for lawn munching) 🙂

  22. Ben,
    When you get too pooped to putter and need a good jolt into enthusiasm, just put on the Surfaris album Wipeout. Starting with Avalanche, then Wipeout, then Apache and all the rest, listen to each one and I challenge you to visualize the fingers playing that music! Good God how can fingers play like that!

    The VA works at more of a disco pace. Grinding, bumping, droning beats, lots of mouths flapping, bodies wiggling, and no godamn substance anywhere on the dance floor. The Wipeout album is what the VA is not – good, energetic, and talent beyond the words to describe.

    My prescription is to cut some time out to be alone and put the music on.

    Heheheheeee hawww ….Wipeout!

    1. Sadly, Surfer Joe went to the VA clinic after he got off KP duty and out of the Marines and has not surfed since.

      Poor Joe!

      1. Apologies to Ron Wilson

        Up at Hines VA where the veterans all go
        There’s a big Jarhead Veteran named Surfer Joe
        He’s got an old green woody & a board to match
        And when he’s riding Great lake waves, man is he hard to catch

        Surfer Joe, now look at him go-o-o
        Surfer, surfer, surfer Joe
        Go man go
        Oh-o-o Surfer Joe

        Joe went to the cafeteria late one week
        For the weekly cockroach stew convention meet
        He was sniffin’ the stew and pinching his nose
        And when the Meet was over, the biggest cockroach was Joe’s

        Surfer Joe, now look at him go-o-o
        Surfer, surfer, surfer Joe
        Go man go
        Oh-o-o Surfer Joe
        Oh-o-o Surfer Joe

        He left the cafeteria, man, Joe was sulkin’
        When he bumped into the veterans friend, Shithead Shulkin
        He elbowed the Shithead, dropped him to the floor
        Then,boots were grindin’ the face of that political whore

        Surfer Joe, now look at him go-o-o
        Surfer, surfer, surfer Joe
        Go man go
        Oh-o-o Surfer Joe
        Oh-o-o Surfer Joe

    2. correction – Apache is a fave of mine in the style of Surfaris but was The Shadows. Absolutely the most beautiful guitar music there is.

  23. @Ben: Ben, you are one sick puppy…………those poor dandelions!!! How will momma fuzztop ever explain why daddy fuzztop was cut down in his prime?


    1. @cj – Must say Bro, I see a Militant Michael Angelo in that new style of artwork. Its sharp, catches the eyes, and gives a Veteran a big shot of adrenaline, to run to the gun cabinet, load up, and go and shoot the street lights out at the nearest VA Medical Center. oThen run up and down on the asphalt of the VA MC’s front entrance, yelling you wittle head saying, “fuk u va, nough enough already, fuk u bitches.

      CJ, that’s because you one onrey (spelling) old time trouble making farmer that is quite sickly, and for your peeps, you eat cold pizza with mayonnaise heavily spread all over it. LoL Don’t get mad at me, Ex va sent me an email, and twisted my Wi-Fi wire, and threatened to pull the plug. Dam. I’m getting some Ham. Love ya bro, all the rest of the crew sends you hugs, I’m sending you insect spray for one kill da bugs. L8r. – – – only a Nutter. Thanks.

      1. @ANutterVet, didn’t send you an e-mail, i could send you my electric bill. LOL!!! (I keep getting those sublima messages from your ping from your transmitter). I will send you an invite for ham with brown sugar and pineapple rings, cherries for christmas. yum! yum! We can go to a play afterwards. ROFL!!!??????!

  24. Good that KARE – 11 News is going to start looking into wrongful denials of outside ER denial of claims by the VA. While I have never had to use an outside ER due close proximity to Tripler Army Medical Center, I am sure there are thousands of veterans nationwide who have had that experience, subsequent denial – – – then battle with the VA for reimbursement.

    Another reason that it is high time to . . .


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. POTUS Trump and our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS. Give their replacement’s one term to take care of the Veterans. If they cannot muster the stones to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .


  25. Ben, if that is your back yard, you are working too hard.

    Thanks for the hard work you are doing. I wish I could believe the VA would learn their lesson from your case, but I highly doubt it.

    Look forward to seeing the interview.

  26. Great News, Ben!

    Will stay tuned. Amusing video. Always wanted to do that as a youngster, never got my chance.

    1. @Benjamin, thanks for sharing about your top notch quality work ethic and lawfulness with the use the video. The video about the dandelion massacre is great!!!!!!!!! Mow them all down. Get rid of the unlawful individuals. Awesome, Ben! The Dandelions are pretty though. Great scenery to view. Also, in regards to your heart attack issue, I am glad that you got through the attack with getting to the other side which is back to good health and with the continuance of life. Benjamin, I honestly believe that the VA many times just deny the veteran’s claims because they can. The VA employees do not even dive into the claims with viewing the evidence. And, if they do not have the evidence, they chose not to even bother to retrieve the evidence from the veterans. They just deny. They do not even follow their own regulations. In regards to Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, the program is helpful to veterans when they VA will actually approve it for the veterans and follow through to the ultimate goal of retraining the veterans for hire into substantive employment. I mean employment where the veteran can really be productive and contribute to what ever the mission is. I am referring to all types of engineering, medicine, finance, accounting, law and the list goes on. Benjamin, even, with a disability with the use of accommodations, degrees and employment that require extremely high levels of mental functioning can be accomplished. For example, it is true that the Lilly Pharmaceutical company has had scholarships and grants for the reintegration of individuals who have unfortunately been taken down by a mental disability such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Biopolar or Schizophreniform. Anyway, in the recent past I stumbled upon a guy on YouTube in a video diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This guy was a student at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He still maybe a student there. Not sure. Anyway, Lilly Pharmaceutical company funded his education to reintegrate back into society. He was getting a degree in Nuclear Engineering with going on into the PhD program to do research in Nuclear Engineering. Benjamin, here is a guy who has a mental disability and is accomplishing great goals in his life. Getting back to the VA, yes, Benjamin, when a veteran has mental health issues of any kind, the VA pushes them aside and steps on them like they are contagious. Benjamin, they over medicate the veterans with presenting biased and disrespectful attitudes towards the veterans. I know they do because I have experienced it. Benjamin, Chapter 31 needs to be expanded with establishing an intermediary program that connects the Independent Living program to the actual Chapter 31 Program with the current existing Employment tracks. Benjamin, the CFR regulation that states 12 years is the cut off time limit for eligibility for retraining which needs to be reformed. This is why. Benjamin, during the first few years after my retirement from the Navy, there was no way I really could have participated due to my functioning. Benjamin, it has taken me years to be able to tackle the academic arena. I mean classes such as Financial Accounting in which I achieved a 96.42 final grade in this class even with an eye infection condition that the VA missed during an examination Spring 2016. And too, they did not even correctly update my eyeglass prescription. This contributed to my leaving the VA for my healthcare.
      So I have been involved with private medical providers for the last couple of years due to the more existing flexibility, dependability, and accountability principles that the private sector entails most of the time. And for my current tasks, I am reviewing my Trigonometry and Precalculus getting ready for Calculus 1 and Calculus based Physics. Yes, the Chapter 31 program put me in an extended evaluation program in 2014 but denied me retraining period. Benjamin, during this evaluation, I had 3 volunteer positions with tutoring math at the level below Calculus at a college, tutoring math at a community ministry and serving our veterans as an ambassador in the VA. The Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor did not even follow up with my supervisors to evaluate my performance. They just denied me and determined that participation in Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation is not feasible at this time. Now, I am beyond the 12 year time limit since my last rating decision. Prior to this particular denial, there were many VA Chapter 31 denials. In addition to these denials, I have a long list with the State Vocational Rehabilitation agency as well. So I am doing what I can do within my realm. I am enrolled in Calculus 1 etc. and meeting with an advisor of an Electrical Engineering Technology program with even engineering being a possibility as well. Still researching. Many companies recruit from this program such as Lockheed Martin etc. The CEO of Lockheed Martin is 9 years older than me and is an exceptional lady manager / leader of this company. Afterall, she and President Trump have been negotiating and compromising with each other in their business dealings regarding the aircraft and weapons. The in demand employment are of course manufacturing, cyber security, engineering, and all the technology and industry fields. We will see Benjamin. I know many companies such as Harris, Lockheed Martin etc actually have career fairs for hire for disabled veterans. This type career fair is a good way to initiate the initial employment process to break the barriers. Anyway, no matter my age years young or situation, I am moving forward for reentry into employment with ultimately hoping to be hired into a company such as Lockheed Martin, Harris or a company involved in technology, manufacturing, or some kind of industry. Benjamin, all I can do is continue to put forth my best efforts one day at a time to achieve the desires for the reminder of my life. The return of the ideal economic and political system of Capitalism is the very reason I have supported President Donald J. Trump 100%. And, too, LAW and ORDER as well.

      1. Sorry, Benjamin, but, I do get long winded with having lots to say. Secretary David Shulkin on Fox Business News this hour. I agree with him using private industry or private sector companies to try to fix VA but there has got to be cost controls or medical services price controls. More people will have their hands in the candy jar. Or will the VA even be financially responsible with the paying bills to private companies for the veterans or are they going to hang the private sector companies with non payment and cause more debt among veterans? Yep, looks like another take to hang veterans. Afterall, most people do believe money grows on trees. Just like all the tuition cost gauging. The tuition price – cost gauging is great for these liberal professors. Millennials said they want to be citizens of the global world but yet they can’t find the world on the globe. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, touting Identical Base Income for everyone. Boy, I guess now, he has moved into Marxism now. He has moved a little from Socialism. Secretary David Shulkin did not have much to say to news commentator on Fox Business about cutting TDIU veterans income. He still hasn’t commented on the veterans who will not have Social Security Retirement Income due to not enough work credits. SAD. How is Secretary Shulkin creating decent healthcare for all veterans when he is inducing homelessness. If our government is striving so to cut funds, why don’t they cut funds to illegal immigrants? Our elderly veterans deserve every penny. Democrats have twisted themselves into so many pretzel shapes. Rarely even tune into to any media now, because it is all becoming infected with liberalism. I just tune into the radio now when I have a chance. Since Murdock brothers have taken over Fox news, it is almost heading to the CNN perspective. SAD. False news. Everyone have a great weekend. Still have more input regarding the VA optometry for what it is worth. And too, many more VA issues. Best Wishes For A Great Memorial Day weekend To Everyone.

    2. @Disgruntled Veteran – – – Well hell bro, your lucky. I’ve got an elderly aunt who needs her yard weed wacked. She’ll pay for the gas powered weed wacker. The weeds are very tall. Here’s that good part; way back in the right side corner, may aunt was able to plant some medicinal weed. I think she said something like sensemilla (sensimilla or something like that).

      Sometimes my aunt is kind-a like those older flower power hippies. Oh, don’t worry, she really interesting. She’s also a alternative medicinal bio-chemist who comes up with some unique formulas that can rest your worried soul. I told her about you. And she’d like you to inform her about vaping. She is 78 and likes getting into todays technology for smooth delivery systems. Interested?

      Another thing. She use to work for Dupont during the week, weekends she worked at Tower Records, and always traveled to Muscle Shoals to help out during recording. I think you’d really like her. She makes excellent brownie and chocolate chip cookie (always extrea chips, and she uses a special chocolate strain called “chocolope”)

      How’s mama doing? I may have missed updates. Please post. – – – Nutter.

      1. Hey, ANutterVet, your Aunt previously working for Dupont sounds like she was an outstanding chemist. Dupont is a great company and offers tons of internships to prospective employees. Have a great weekend.

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