Hines VA Hospital Cockroaches

Hines VA Hospital – Proudly Feeding Cockroaches To Vets Since 2011

Hines VA Hospital Cockroaches

A new VA OIG report released today confirms allegations that Hines VA Hospital knowingly fed cockroaches to veterans in since 2011.

The conditions of the kitchen facility there more closely resembled Joe’s Apartment (a dude movie about cockroaches in New York) than a sanitary kitchen befit serving our nation’s heroes.

Hungry, anyone?

Cockroach Allegations At Hines VA Hospital

This report was released on the heels of other allegations at Hines VA that the facility feeds veterans raw chicken and expired food. When my buddies write to me complaining about food on deployment, all I say is, “At least you’re not eating the food at Hines VA!”


Allegations from lawmakers made on behalf of veterans included:

  • Cockroaches were persistently present in and around the food service area
  • Patients were given food trays with cockroaches on them
  • Leadership knew about the cockroaches but failed to stop the practice

IG confirmed the substance of the allegations including veterans being given food trays with cockroaches on them when delivered from the main kitchen.

Now, I know some of you VA friendly readers out there are probably thinking, “Well, they did not actually feed the cockroaches to veterans; VA merely fed the veterans in the hospital trays with cockroaches in or around the food, knowingly, without addressing the problem for 5 years.”

We will have to agree to disagree on that one. Potato – potato.

According to IG, the lack of adequate inspections and failures to follow up were fingered as contributors to the problems.

Curiously, IG also highlights, “The facility did not have a permanent Director which may have contributed to the failure to readily resolve a persistent pest issue.”

Does it seem odd that playing musical chairs between bad VA executives is also now used as a scapegoat for serving cockroaches to hospitalized vets?

So, management inconsistencies also contributed to the cockroach infestation. Specifically, 10 different officials have held the directorship role at Hines VA Hospital from March 2011 to September 2016.

That is about it, in a nutshell.

A Slight Inconsistency

However, the finger pointing is not entirely accurate.

Joan Ricard (pictured above) was the permanent director from 2012 to 2014 when she resigned after allegations of wait list corruption surfaced.

RELATED: Hines VA Hospital Director Joan Ricard To Retire

Former Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) stated, “[Ricard] was by far the most corrupt and incompetent person I’ve seen in federal service.”

Ricard is apparently also bad at cleaning and ordering cans of cheap RAID.

Just prior to her retirement, Ricard said, “The 37 years I’ve spent in the VA, and particularly my past two years at Hines VA Hospital, have been incredibly rewarding.”

Ricard then, according to reports, clamped down on some piping hot cockroach stew after hollering “Bon appetite!” at the top of her lungs when she finished swilling a shocking number of chugs of cheap wine straight from the box.

The reports have not been confirmed but sound amusing.

RELATED: Hines VA Lets Veterans’ Corpses Liquefy For Months

Hines VA Hospital Response

In response, Hines VA decided to build a new kitchen at a cost of $1.2 million:

This will address the flooring and ceiling in all food preparation areas, dry storage, and dish room sections. COA 1 additionally includes ongoing pest control and surveillance of the basement and sub-basement. The renovation plan has a period of performance of approximately 270 days, and an award time of an estimated 90 days. This renovation would allow Hines VAH to resume normal food operations more quickly ensuring our mission of meeting Veteran nutrition needs.

Notice the plan did not include any consideration of merely buying cans of RAID. Instead, in exchange for letting vets each cockroaches for years, the facility scores a new kitchen that will probably cost five times more than present estimates.

It’s the VA way.

The plan will likely lead to homelessness of numerous cockroaches presently enjoying the warmth and lodging within Hines.

No plan has been put forth to safely move the cockroaches to similar facilities, though one can assume they will be back sooner than later.

Dinner’s ready. I have to run.

Source: https://www.va.gov/oig/pubs/VAOIG-16-03302-252.pdf

Disclaimer – The bit about Ricard eating cockroach stew while drinking from a box of wine was satire. Senator Kirk calling her the most corrupt public servant he ever knew was not.

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  1. Hey, Compadre, AnutterVet:
    You asked what kind of law I specialized in/

    Someone asked me once what kind of lawyer I was; meaning what field I specialized in.

    If the vets used every tactic they had in their knapsack this war against the VA bureaucrats would already be over……
    5. ETC.
    6. ETC.

    yes, this was just a movie , but so much truth in its messages

    1. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve: Excellent advice all around, I never retreat, nor surrender. I will win my battles, no doubt. What I described was just what I am up against, not meant as a complaint, just stating the facts. I have gathered all info I need on this hack, in her private practice before being employed by the VA, She was on pain killers, and would fall asleep during sessions with her patients, This hack would also pit husband against wife, and then when the wife would walk out in anger, she would laughed and made a comment to the husband, ” I see what you mean about her” Yes, this is the kind of shit the VA employ’s. I do have people working on this, and an entire team of professional, qualified, state licensed, board certified, doctors who determine and treat TBI injuries. They have now in my case, over 100 hours of observations, treatment, and assessment, and they are chomping at the bit to have their day in court in my behalf. I leave no stone unturned.

      1. 1,000 Attaboys and kudos my friend, do not have ANY MERCY on this “mental health professional”
        put the pressure on just like cops do and get her to admit that she was following directions from a superior based upon a POLICY from the VA. If you are smart you will bring down a good portion of the corrupt bunch.
        THEN, file a lawsuit MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, do not relent do not show any mercy, this is war, they have not shown any mercy upon us, (who are the ones who they were supposed to administer kindness and support),
        DON’T BLINK, DON’T GO FOR THE TKO, a real knockout, out cold and you will PAVE THE WAY. HOORAH!
        Keep us all advised, These VA boobs have made the MORTAL MISTAKE OF UNDERESTIMATING THE ENEMY, (US)……………………………….

  2. Ex va; I am really tired tonight, and have an appointment early. Will catch you tomorrow night. goodnight.

  3. @Windguy – – – I’m guilty of it, but let me explain. But, first, I do realize that it sometimes get exhausting. I understand how you feel, and even though I do it, I also get exhausted. I get exhausted because I learn all of the different ways that the VA is inhumanely forcing their improper care upon Veterans. Its down right disgusted, mean, wicked = CRIMINAL.

    I don’t get upset, frustrated, or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because I have to push it here, there, or toss it to the side. It is because it hurts to read about my Brothers and Sisters pain, oppression, suppression by the Veterans homebound enemy; the VA.

    Take you break bro, hopefully someday we’ll see . . . POSTS WITH NOTHING BUT VICTORIES BEING MENTIONED. I know, sounds ideal, but I’d like to continue to keep my hopes up that Ben or others will take that dam friggin enemy, tie em down flat on their back on an old weight lifting long bench, secure em well, duct tape a towel over the front of their face, and water board them to get the rest of the criminal activity information out of them. Round those mother fuckers up.

    I was in the Navy, fuck this, again I’m jumping overboard. See ya!

  4. I don’t know which is worse. A daily dose of reading about how fucked up the VA is, or, reading the ensuing litany of rants and raves and bitching and pissing and moaning, and all the anger and frustration – none of which I doubt. This is not conducive to treating one’s depression and overcoming “other” thoughts. It’s like opiates or crank or or juice. You know it’s bad shit, but you keep going back for more and more and more. Has there ever been good news? I’m exhausted.

    1. You ain’t no leader if you don’t know that if the troops are not bitchin, then something is not right.

      Are you one of the phony “therapists” whom the VA hired to double down on the Vets?

      Depression will be assisted by bitchin’ and groaning and if you want to silence the troops you want to stop the discovery of all of the fraud and corruption at the VA………………………………….
      Why are you so exhausted lil’ beaver?

      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – Windguy’s alright. A lot of the troops here get that way at times. I occasionally need a break from this blog myself, not because of what I read – – – but because things I have to get accomplished take precedence.

        Windguy will catch his breath, then be back standing at attention with the rest of the troops here – slight grin on his face, and FUCK THE VA/AFGE in his eyes . . .

        Since I do not use Facebook – – – I have begun sharing Ben’s articles on Google+ as public posts within the Military Community group. Amazed at how many people have warmly received them. Hopefully, we will have some FNG’s joining the platoon in short order . . .

        Keep fighting the good fight!

        Semper Fi.

        A Hui Hou!

      2. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – FPG, DV is right. I understand both opposite polar comments. We don’t want these folks to separate us. VA’s cruel tactics will do just that. We need to band together and not let all of this to NOT ever get to the point of making extreme degrading comments like Tommy posted earlier.

        And hey, even with Tommy, I wish he’d change his attitude and behavior. We don’t need to loose anyone. And then if something detrimental happens and the flip due to a well overdue flare-up, who’d they call?

        Put that cd in, and turn er up loud. I mean sweet loud. I mean sweet smellin loud. Gotta go, c ya, cig gah bluntsters.

        Sorry, I’m not to good at creating my own slang for joining Dennis outside, for some recently cured sweet fruity pine smelling sugar coated super dense sticky home grown fat nugget cola budsters, to toke on when my PTSD flares up from all the excitement.

        Com’n back to reality, since I had time to turn down the noise in my head.

        What field or subsets of law did you specialize in? You could be a valuable resource with all the intelligent and support staff Veterans that are in the world of Ben’s Blog.

        Just a thought. Can I have another hit off of that Dennis. Dag nam, what the coil burned up. Shootz. Lets do it using the South Side of Chicago Style. Where’s the Cubanno Stick Shop located?

    2. Every time we get good news of these incompetent, corrupt hacks being fired or held accountable, it’s followed by bad news that they get their job back, or paid to move elsewhere.

  5. The VA Bureaucracy United against the veterans. How can people in those VA positions be so inhumane? I just do not get it. Adjudication so they can hang more veterans out to dry. Since when are they concerned about the government’s money? Looks like they have already been squandering it to infinity. So what has changed? Going to grant even less money to veterans and even pay more money to employees as in bonuses. Sad. I wonder if they are growing horns yet? How about a tail? And how about a pitchfork? I guess they will continue to be on the side of evil with screwing more veterans. I cannot even grasp these VA employees. There are a few good VA employees but it seems like they are all starting to be against veterans. I just comprehend why the VA chooses to adopt this position. Why do people even choose not to help someone? I just can’t get it. Why are they even working for the VA in healthcare? There is no healthcare involved and certainly will not be even in the future as long as it remains single payer. It is all about just lumping people together to serve as population control. SAD. So much for the civil rights, human rights, the Constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  6. WTF???!?!!!!!
    Dude. You have a law degree. Let’s submit a class action suit against all these VA Hospitals and the DOD for the abject neglect that has been chronic since its inception. This is asinine! Our guys are getting fucked! Let’s do something about it.
    Ryan kelly
    CPT AV (ret)
    OIF III.


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to do the same to the AFGE now.

  8. Off Topic – Medical Provider Correlation Database – Database is not the best, but you can tinker around with it, and see if there are any physicians in your area that is either a high, mid range, or low prescriber of certain medications. Needs improvement, but I thought it was a little unique.

    Check it out – – – – -> “https://projects.propublica.org/checkup/” – – – Thanks. Nutter.

  9. Don’t Bogart that Roach! Save some for me. The Tucson VA doesn’t feed inpatient veterans. Small portions for every meal. Little protein unless you get a bug in your soup. Veterans starve, employees laugh, what’s not to like? Shut the VA down.

    1. @Don T Reply – – – Run for the dam door. Dam. Any way to get out? Family, friend, or like me, a dog that is human to help? lol Just sayin. Protecting myself as much as possible. Expose those wicked ones. Rat Bastards.

    “Surveyors, Engineers, Pilots and Sailors Expose the Flat Earth
    Eric Dubay”……….why not watch something stupid you might learn something

    1. The VA bureaucrats are united against the Veterans; Once I called the VA in reply to an ad they had posted for an adjudicator. When I asked what the requirements were for the job, I was asked by this woman what my credentials were. I told her that I was a former Marine Officer with jobs as assistant legal officer , (prior to attending law school) was an accomplished lawyer. She replied, honest to God she said: ‘Oh no, unless you have worked for the VA before you wouldn’t qualify because we have to be careful, as this is the government’s money!” As I wasn’t really interested in the job but was doing some research about the VA I politely told her what I thought and asked her, what her name and position was, (she refused to say and hung up).
      True story, folks, word for word…………………………………………

      1. Since when did they become concerned about financial accountability? And, Frugality? Lord help help them please because they need it.

    2. @clutch cargo – – – Hey clutch, man I listened to the audio, and I just keep slipping, slippin, slipp’n, slip’n, and slip n. But no shame, hold your head up. Nutter here found a comment from someone, its not my opinion, so here’r goes,

      JACK ASS: Rockets go up, sideways and then crash out of sight! NAZI still says they cant traverse the deadly impenetrable VAN ALLEN radiation belts; still trying to figure out how to get astro nots through! NO 2 OF THEIR 20 FAKE CGI BALLS ARE THE SAME! THEY MAKE SCI FI MOVIES FOR SUCKERS LIKE YOU! How can sheeple be so stupid??? ERIC BREAKS IT DOWN IN 100 VIDS SO A 4 Y.O. CAN GET IT! YET, YOU STILL BELIEVE IN A NONSENSICAL IMPOSSIBLE 66K SPINNING BALL?? NO WONDER OUR PATHETIC SOCIETY IS LOST!

      Sorry, can’t find the person to give credit to for the context above. Alright, better things to do, the matters of round, flat, or balancing stability isn’t going to fix the VA. So lets spend energy helping other Veterans, and standing by Ben and associates. – – – Nutter.

    1. @[email protected] – – – Seems like this may not be a “one VA facility problem.” Wouldn’t doubt it. Geesh, you’d think that after all of these decades that the VA has been, I do like to say it, taking care of Veterans, that have served our Country, to protect and secure, the freedom and rights of the public and VA employees, that the Federal employees that work at VA facilities would truly see to it that Veterans were truly taken care of. But, . . . NOT!!!

  11. Face Book Page for Hines – “https://www.facebook.com/HinesVAHospital/” – How bout visiting their FB page, and leave a review on their page. This is a good time to let them know that the problem has been going on longer than a year. Jerks.

  12. Updated About Hines Fixing Roach Problem – Hines VA says Roach problem has been going on for only 1 year, while Ben’s time frame in article says 6 years. That’s the VA, always making things seem like that things only recently occurred. A smooth way of putting a nice spin on an issue that is detrimental to the health of Veterans, especially any of them getting even less complicated out patient surgeries. – – – Nutter.


    1. ANutterVet, The clown that is trying to say their cockroach infestation has only been going on for a year should explain why the VAIG cited not having a permanent director over a few years as an excuse.

      Seems the IG believes it has been going on longer than a year.

      I think Senator Kirk would agree.

      1. Do VAMC Directors have some uncanny method of scaring cockroaches away that *nobody else* could have called the damn contracted pest control?

        I’m thinking there was a LOT of *filler* in the Hines loafing meat canteen’s meatloaf. Definitely was *NOT* thyme or slivers of bay leaves in the soup…those were critter legs.

        I wonder how the AFGE employees would like it if their Starbuck’s Coffee Kiosks were found to have been using rat urine instead of water and their expensive confections had cockroaches baked-in? betting it would be an entirely different scenario and it would be cleaned-up pronto and I bet some of those AFGE Piggies would even file a lawsuit against Starbucks for “emotional distress and pain and suffering”….see how the worm turns?

    2. @ANutterVet – – – VA LIES, VETERANS DIE. Of course that would be the VA’s reasoning. They did not notice it for five years. If you do not notice, or are not aware of it – – – then it truly cannot be a problem, right?

      That is how they think.

      Unfortunately, for most veterans – – – the real world doesn’t work that way.

      A Hui Hou!

  13. I see the cool weather in Chicago this past weekend caused the number of reported shooting victims to drop below 40 to 39 victims. Over all the cooler start to this year has caused a drop in the total body count as well.

    By this time last year the total number of victims was at 1,391 and this years cooler weather has caused a drop in the number of victims to 1,278. A total loss of 8%.

    The Democratic Mayor, former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm, director of the finance for Bill Clintons 1992 campaign and Clinton’s former senior advisor to the president for policy and strategy Rahm Emanuel is promising to get the numbers up this summer as the weather warms up.

    In other news, the Veterans Administration Medical Center Director at Hines Steven E. Braverman, M.D. and local Veteran Service Organizations are chipping in to sponsor a 10k walk through the highly targeting neighborhood surrounding the facility for anyone wishing to protest Cockroaches or raw chicken included in their dinners.

    1. @Seymore Klearly- I think you may have read that memo too quickly about the Hines 10K walk because it’s actually the *cockroaches that are protesting and marching* demanding that the unsanitary conditions at Hines VAMC be recognized for what they *really are*…the VA AFGE Employees.

      Yep, read that correctly!! The Hines Roach Motel is infested with AFGE swamp beasts that require neutralizing.

      The Hines Cockroach Union has a solution: Since we cockroaches have the assumed survival capabilities of a nuclear blast, we highly suggest a few tactical neutron bombs be dropped from near earth orbit above Hines for a massive extermination of the *real* cockroaches of the AFGE Genus.
      This may also have the unexpected benefit of lowering the homicide rates in Chicago for a few years…

      1. Namnibor,

        Did you note on the memo that there will be a surprise guest speaker serving cocktails at the end of the walk for the survivors. None other than the Candyman all the way from Candyland Mr. David Houlihan. He will be serving his party favorite cocktails made up from his personal stash of “California rocket fuel”, mirtazapine, venlafaxine with a tramadol twist.

        Guess they don’t want any survivors leaving unhappy, or more clearly put they don’t want any survivors period.

      2. Good opportunity for a trained sniper to do the veteran community at large a great service.

    2. @Seymore Klearly, Seymore, don’t forget, Rohm “deadfish” Emanuel, has declared Chicago a sanctuary City. I am betting all those cockroaches feel safe, and have union protection. I will even go further out on a limb, and bet all those cockroaches voted in the last election.

      If you all remember years back, the story of a young woman who was found dead, and someone had cut her unborn child out of her, those cockroaches responsible, lived in the same location as Hines VA. Maywood Park. Not technically Chicago, but close enough to be populated with the same shit.

      Later Gators.

      1. @cj – I remember that incident with the woman and the baby. Sick, wicked, not worth to be kept. Dam. – – – Nutter.

  14. @cj @Ex va – thanks for sharing. really means a lot. cj, that dam ham for my samich wasn’t cooked. what? hold on, no wonder, it was a va late night raw special. – – – Nutter. I’m really tire this time. nite.

  15. @Ex va: Ex, I need to call it a night as well. Goodnight and God Bless you and your family.

  16. @cj @Ex va – – – thanks you two. had a good buddy and pal, plus an informative time. lets roll cj and scope on these asswipes, with a clear and calculated bead on them. splat. shootz, i dropped my ham, cheese, and mustard samich. Good night. and chat latter. may HE really mightily bless the both of you, and you family. – – – – – – – – Nutter.

  17. Sorry, i meant to say that we do stand by each other. here’s another thing that i never did before. i write something, then realize that there are words missing. my grammar is effected. i can’t stand that.

    1. @ANutterVet, i know what you mean, when you have to type reports and write a lot it sucks when you miss the simple words. I do that, drives me crazy.

    2. @ANutterVet – – – Real Bitch, ain’t it? Happens to me verbally quite a bit. Got to do with my TBI I would imagine.

      So far, my cognitive writing not affected much. Noticed you will probably be off the blog. Keep in touch by e-mail and phone. Hope things work out well for you, and the missus.

      Mama and I are going to have some new, very serious fights on our hands shortly.

  18. @cj @Ex va – hey look, even though the quote happened back a bit, doesn’t mean that we stand by each other. I’ve got more communication from you two clucks more than from some family members. We’s Ben’s World tight. I got to hit the sack. I’m petering out =====o>—— — — — — – – – –

    will chat latter. night. again, God bless you.

  19. @ANutterVet: You can have it all, I never laughed so hard in my entire life when you asked that question. That was one helluva night.

      1. @Ex va: Good memory, yes now I do LOL. Nutter, we all type screwed up late at night. Don’t let it rent any space in your head, unless the price is right.

  20. @cj – that was my quote, and you can only use it on Ben’s blog. and if any one buys it, will split the bounty: i’ll take 70 and you can have 30. lol, then after more thought, it kicks up to LMAOoOoOoOoO

  21. @cj – you know, i still don’t have a dam clue what that was about??? and that’s not fair, you remember too much. LMAOoOoOoOooo… . . . . ( you know how you keep laughing and then it dies down?)

    Post what that was about again. still lost over it. no dah.

    1. @ANutterVet: So simple even a caveman can see it……………….there is a ham in every play.

      1. wholly mackeral, even my eyebrows were wiggling I was laughing so hard………..again.

  22. ANutterVet April 16, 2017 at 1:44 am
    @cj – I missed something. What does ham, brown sugar, pineapple, and cherries have to do with a play. Please cj, enlighten my with this one. LOL

  23. @Ex va – yeah, i don’t need to twist my lower back, try to apply tape to the patch, and then my back gets flared even more. the bs = DISSERVICE.

    Look my Brothers, its after 3am my time. hands and finga sore. going to say goodnight. and God bless, speed, blessings, sleep, pain reduction, take a good bowel movement, buy some good tp that don’t shred apart when you wipe down there (if you can reach it) lol, and all the other ailments that any one or love one may be having a challenge with.

    its been a nice chat tonigt. sorry for taking up a lot of the posts.

    @cj – sometimes i get really concerned for you. i personally know what can happen when you hold in a lot of things. its ok as long as you can get to Missouri and Oklahoma to get that stress out. i wish that i was able to go. i’d enjoy it.

    ok, got to hit the sack. Goodnight, God mightily bless you, your family, and the 4 legged kids. night Ben’s World. hold the fort. – – – Nutter.

    1. @ANutterVet, Goodnight and God Bless you and yours. Hope the best for you and your health.

  24. cj April 16, 2017 at 1:41 am
    I will remember this line next time I go see a play.

    1. ANutterVet April 16, 2017 at 1:44 am
      @cj – I missed something. What does ham, brown sugar, pineapple, and cherries have to do with a play. Please cj, enlighten my with this one. LOL

  25. ex va April 16, 2017 at 1:40 am
    The ham has brown sugar on it sometimes pineapple and cherries.

  26. @ANutterVet, you have a plan and you know what you need to do. That is good. It is a damn shame a Veteran has to go thru all this and can’t get adequate care. This is just wrong. I hope you can get the defective patches issue straighten out.

  27. @Ex va @cj – you know this requires to much time. i just may call the director and say, hey this is a disservice expecting me to use a defective medical product for pain relief. everything adds with the va. its frustrating.

    and Tommy, you can kiss butt bro. you offer no help. each veteran is not in the same situation. that is what i was earlier trying to explain to you. so listen up, no mouthing of because i have dam problems with the va when the shouldn’t be happening. i need medical supplies.

    if this nation goes belly up, and the disabled have no resources, we’re one of the first to be eliminated. got to get more weapons to back me up.

    anxiety is extreme tonight. i need to fully get away from the va. hopefully, i’ll know something more in the next week or hopefully earlier. i hate being dependent and a little vulnerable. i never thought that it was going to be this way. i’m only expressing myself. don’t believe in hiding true feelings when you can’t get away from it, because an agency has the carrots (meds) for you. lets play donkey kunk?

    @cj – where you been? you there?

    1. @ANutterVet: I am here, just answering questions from Ex, up above. Whatcha talking at Tommy for? lol
      Tommy is battling his own shit, he just made a mistake by making a blanketed comment. I don’t think he meant it personally. Hell, I fly off the handle now and then as well. We are all still part of the same fucked up family, like it or not. I don’t hold anything against any veteran. I have never waked in their shoes, and they haven’t in mine. One day, it will be left up to the veterans to take back this country, like it or not, we will have to work together once again. You might think I am an asshole, and maybe your right, but I still got your back.

      1. @cj – just as long as you stay in the front, i haven’t seen you shoot yet, and you need to get that aggression out. so cj, i’ll be your coordinator. lol

      2. @cj – – – “Hell, I fly off the handle now and then as well. We are all still part of the same fucked up family, like it or not. I don’t hold anything against any veteran. I have never waked in their shoes, and they haven’t in mine. One day, it will be left up to the veterans to take back this country, like it or not, we will have to work together once again. You might think I am an asshole, and maybe your right, but I still got your back.”

        Well said. Every lifer (like myself) has either been, or known people like that at one time or another. Long as they maintain honesty and integrity – – – it can be dealt with. Some people learn a bit harder than others. Yet we all manage to get the job done together.

        It’s only when the lyin’ starts, that things truly get out of whack.

  28. @cj @Ex va – – – i don’t know about you folks, but I’ve also been having these dam uncontrollable jerks. they just happen with out any warning. then the dropsy’s have increased. just today, i dropped 2 ice cream cones on the floor when trying to make them, dropped the ice cube tray when trying to fill it, vitamins falling onto the deck, and earlier when posting, spilled a glass of water.

    and, since the dam va is having adhesive problems with their medical supplies, i can’t request and va medical tape because it doesn’t stick. huh, got some crazy glue bitch. well, get it now. don’t look at me that way, go on.

    first time that i recognized being in what Nam refers to as; in the mood, “moody blues”

    1. @ ANutterVet, you don’t have blood sugar problems do you? I don’t know what the jerking would be. I drop a lot of things. Sometimes my hands, sometimes balance problems.

      1. @Ex va – no, not that i know of. but runs in family on both sides. hope not. will likely get lab tests. i tried to get the va to have on of the nurses draw a blood sample. the nurse said that she would even take the sample back to the va.

        VA is a DISSERVICE to Veterans.

      2. —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()
        MARSHMALLOW FIGHT!!!!! —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()
        —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()

    2. Sometimes psyche medications can contribute to the uncontrolled jerks. Later I will talk about what new research is saying about psyche medications. Not good. Matter of fact, I believe that I remember OLDMARINE sharing about how harmful antidepressants can be to the body. It has been discussed in recent articles in the Psychology Today Journal.

  29. READ THIS – I’m only at about 50% level of my exercises. now they are retreating with the physical therapy care. PT told me that because of my other medical issues, which she has no control over and can’t do anything with, and because she has showed me all the exercises possible, that i’m on my own.

    real nice. all this when I only walk a little bit before I get exhausted. I see the PT’s point, she is stuck in the middle. and, beforehand, i already shared with the PT that, since the va is not involved in my progress, that i expected something like to occur. during the couple of months of PT, i told the PT that one day, even though the va isn’t directly involved with my recovery therapy, they are going to come in, and make a big move and change everything with out even calling me to say, HEY . . .”well shit, fuck me over real good so that i still have to struggle more.”

    I’m concerned that about the timeframe of setting everything up on the out side for the all medical costs waived in the private sector, but i don’t know about the medication costs.

    1. @ANutterVet: Two ways to help with the medication cost’s, have your doctor write a script for 90 days, then:
      1. Go to GoodRX.com and fill in the info for your med and your zip code, it will give you all the locations and prices. The VA charges 15 dollars per month per script, you can get 90 days for only 10 dollars.
      If your med is a very expensive one then:
      2. Go online to the manufacturers website and locate the prescription assistance program for that particular med. Most times you print out a form, fill it out, your doctor fills out the rest. and then you are provided the med for a year free. At the end of the year you refile for assistance.

      1. @cj – thanks cj, i’m cutting and pasting your information. i totally forgot about the manufacturers’ assistance program. i’m totally going to play the fear of my health, recovery, and life card. its true and i have no choice. it serious.

        just now after reading your post, but you posted this before and i totally forgot, i feel relieve now. I’ve got a lot of work ahead for me. so don’t be surprised if i’m not participating on Ben’s blog.

        I know you can notice that i’m posting a lot of text tonight, but i fired up with this spurt of energy in my mind, not my body. finga one hurt from tapping da keysl

  30. it is part of the office of acquisition and logistics (OAL). ex are you familiar with this office?

    1. @ ANutterVet, the pharmacy would go thru logistics to purchase. Yes, i worked in logistics. You could call logistics and ask for the purchasing agent who purchases for pharmacy. I don’t know if they would help you, they might. They may give you a manufacturer’s 1-800 number. They go thru GSA advantage to purchase everything for a medical center. You might could look at that website.

  31. @cj @Ex va – – – I’ve come to the belief, that if the va would truly support veterans with their health problems, that this would lower the va expenditures for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and reduce va employee costs. And it is that is correct . . .

    deny, deny, deny, dam i’m tired i’m having more medical issues, veteran puts in more requests, deny, deny, deny, veterans health gets seriously worse, deny, deny, deny, local newspaper is tossed unto your doorstep, you open up the #OB section, oh my, you show your spouse, look babe, so and so passed away yesterday.

    This is the va’s fucking plan. I know it so well that I was able to write it out. the va is the suppressor as well as the oppressor. its not right my brothers, its not right!!!

    1. @ANutterVet: I don’t know what to tell you. I am mobile, so I have avenues to take that aren’t available to you. I treat the VA the same as I do walmart, I buy something that is fucked up, I bring it back and get a new one. Someone gets smart with me, I give it right back. I follow through on every thing I say. If I say I am going to contact my Senator, I do it right on the spot in their presence. Same as a congressman. I don’t argue with peons, I go right to the top. I look them directly in the eye, and I take care of business.

    2. @ ANutterVet, no it is not right. No matter how you look at it the va has no excuses!!!

    3. Yep, it costs more and takes tons of more time and energy to be corrupt than if all could have been done correct the first time. Yes, it would save billions of dollars and tons of energy if there was accountability, ethicality, and humaneness. Yep, it takes a hell of a lot more of everything to sabatoge and destroy. But they do not care.

    4. @ANutterVet – – – There is ZERO doubt that the VA doing things correctly the first time would drastically lower costs while significantly improving the overall care of our nation’s veterans.

      Ship’s Motto for the USS Leftwich was “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”. We had a hell of a crew who whole-heartedly believed in that.

      Our nation is a double-edged sword. We live in the most-blessed, and most-wasteful nation on the face of the earth . . .

      A Hui Hou!

  32. @ANutterVet: You can’t do this, but I would have driven to the VA, handed them the patches, and asked for new ones. I then would have tested them right there. If they worked fine, if not, I would have asked for whoever is in charge of the pharmacy. If that didn’t work, I would have asked for the director of the facility. If the director gave me any shit, I would pull out my cell phone showing my useless senators name and number, and ask the useless director “should I hit dial?” Or are you going to get me patches that work?

  33. @Ex va @cj – – – you know, with the va its not only the major issues, its the little things, let me explain . . .received patches to put on my back. dam things don’t stick to me. wife tried the patch. same thing, dam thing falls right off. now listen to this bullshit . . .I contacted va pcp office, asked to have nurse call me back about the patches not sticking. they have 48 hrs. to call you back.

    before she calls me back, I received an informational piece in the mail. the information said, thank you for bringing up the matter about the patches, many other veterans have complained as well. now here is how to fix the problem so that the patches stick to you skin, so that we can better serve you, READY FOR THERE SOLUTION? . . .

    Please put tape on the edges of the patch so that it sticks. woo whoo, I about jumped out of the hospital bed, hunted down shulkin and bitch slapped him. can you imagine the audacity to suggest such a thing. but wait, like always, there’s more.

    nurse calls back about the letter to solve the patch problem. did you read the information that I sent you. well yes I did. but I have a question. yes. from the letters information, and you know my condition with my back, do you expect me to try and hold the patch and place the tape on the edges of the patch, so that the patch sticks to my skin? well yes . . .

    but you folks know that I have extreme chronic lower back pain, and I’m in a hospital bed, and you know that this would require me to awkwardly twist my lower lumbar and sacral area of my back, in order to almost see where the edges are on the tape. is this what you’d like me to do? well yes. . .

    then I said, this is absurd. how is it that you folks know that this product is defective, the dam patch doesn’t even perform like it should and this is the reason that the pharmacy purchased it. so why don’t you do this, take all the patches and return them back to the medical supply provider, and get a refund. in that way you’ll be able to get a nice bonus for not having the va pay for a defective item, and plus, an item that in the private sector would require a prescription as well. this is no on the counter medical product. . .

    there was a little chuckle from the va nurse over the phone. then I said, well hey, how do I contact the comptroller or va medical supply buyer. no response. then I started to say smart ass things, and doing the va designated veteran complaining shuffle. she waits until I get done with my justified ranting. . .

    then the va nurse says to me, well at least they admitted that the patch doesn’t work. wtf. I said thank you and hung up the phone. shit.

    on top of this. I went to the homepage of the pbm (forgot what the abbreviation means), and guess what? there is no contact information on the pbm’s homepage. fucking unbelievable.

    you know, va better take this dam shit more seriously, one day, and I hope not, someone with a lot of experience with powerful weapons, is going to lose it big time.

    what do you think about the patch?

    1. @ANutterVet, they are wanting you to use a defective product to alleviate you pain??? WTF??? What if you call the vaoig office? Can you file a complaint with a patient advocate??? To me it make no sense for you to use a defective product that provides no relief when it is suppose to help you. That is a failure in the care they are obligated by law to provide.

      Can they not give you patches that actually work instead of putting more of a burden on you??? If you received them from a pharmacy you could take them back. Can you take them back to the va pharmacy??

      1. @Ex va – – – pharmacy is aware of the problem, their the ones created the letter that the nurse sent me. hey man, let me tell you, I’ve been on edge with big issues, and no it is these fucking rinky dink matters. Pure: ABUSE.

        @cj @Ex va – it gets better. after going away from the pbm home page (the pbm is the section of the va that purchases pharmaceuticals, hearing aides, batteries, and all medical supplies.

        I talked with a pharmaceutical chief. and she was hesitant in giving me any information or contact peoples names. then after a bit, she says to me, he let my give you the number to the (I forget the name of the phone number for vets to call).

        oh, its the number when you need help. so the chief of pharmaceuticals tells me to call the number and flib out because I can’t put the patch on myself. wtf. I went off. and, she knows that I located after I searched for a long time to find her number.

    2. @ANutterVet-

      This is the VA Pharmacy with another NIFTY solution to your dilemma of placing tape on the corners of the defective, non-sticking patches onto your back. Ready? (spared no expense)

      We at the VA want you to do the following:

      1)Place tape on each corner of the defective, non-sticking patch.

      2)Place patch with tape on corners upside down on floor.

      3)Flog yourself onto your back onto the floor, doing best to target the spot requiring patch.

      4)Repeat several times until you “hit the spot”. (this is how we at the VA apply ANY medication, esp. Psych Dept.)
      5)Don’t try too hard or we will reduce your Disability Rating due to being more agile than reported. 🙂

      6) The VA and all our collective cockroaches CARES.

      1. @Namnibor – Your right. They even sent me the instruction sheet, even were nice enough to punch 3 holes on the right side of the page for my convenience. How nice of the of them. Rat Bastards.

      2. @ANutterVet – – – Since the VA did it, one can most probably safely surmise that those punched holes obliterated the most important text of the instructions.

        A Hui Hou!

    3. ANutterVet take all the patches and return them back to the medical supply provider, and get a refund…..they must have bought them from CHINA where they don’t want there defects returned . that is why they get such a good deal.its all about the profit. and its not the profit Mohammad either…LOL its like shoping at harbor freight=junk

  34. Sorry, I redacted my comment, this isn’t the time or place to say what I deleted.

      1. @Ex va: Hines is in my system yes. I know Hines very well, filled with quacks. That is where you are sent to be denied a TBI claim, by a shrink that in’t qualified to even determine if you have a TBI or not. I am still debating on whether to sue her bitch ass, since she is licensed to practice in Illinois, and is therefore answerable to the state for her actions, she can’t hide behind the VA on this one.

      2. @cj, that is awful. If they can’t run food service safely, how the heck are they able to do anything else? Disgusting bastards. I would file a claim against them if they don’t have anyone qualified to do a TBI examination.

      3. @Ex va: Hines does have qualified TBI examiners, when they decide in your favor, the VARO then makes a phony c+p exam for an additional claim for let’s say “depression due to your service connected TBI” that you never asked for. They use this exam to disprove your TBI claim and call it a personality disorder. It is pure fraud, and hey have been caught doing it over and over again. Whoever heads up the VARO, need to go to prison.

      4. @cj, another no win scenario created by the va, unbelievable. This is knowingly fraud, intentionally done to Veterans. Yes, they need to go to jail and these Veterans should all be given their benefits.

      5. @Ex va: I will win my case, they intentionally disregarded all medical facts in the case. Didn’t even consider any of it, not the mri’s, not the professional opinion of duly trained and qualified TBI experts. and completely disregarded the findings of their own TBI examiner, and chose to instead take the word of a hack who stated that in her opinion, since I once got in trouble with the law, and hired a lawyer to get out of that trouble, that in her opinion, I was lying. Never mind, I was airlifted to a hospital after being in an explosion in an inclosed concrete room. All documented in my military records. Everyone must be lying, and all evidence must be bs in order for the quack to be correct. Good luck with that one in court.

      6. @cj – – – NOT the first time the VA has done something like that. I have had two or three vets over the years tell me that same story . . .

      7. @cj, i know you will win this because you have overwhelming evidence. You had serious live threatening injuries and the incident alone could have killed you. They cannot deny that injury and what occurred.

        Who doesn’t get into trouble in some form or another? Doesn’t make a person a compulsive liar or a liar for an incident. Who goes thru this life without making mistakes, and that doesn’t make someone a liar either. These are unrelated incidents and they must be desperate to be name calling. They are the liars, repeatedly, and reported almost daily on this blog. LOL!!!

  35. @Ex va: I wouldn’t hesitate to have them do joint replacement on your hands if needed. The pain is in the joints, and that stops you from full use of your hands. Replace the origin of the pain and it will be like new hands. There is a Korean war veteran farmer close by, his fingers are so mangled from arthritis, I know he could greatly benefit from that kind of surgery. Old farmers are stubborn when it comes to doctors and hospitals. They think if they go in they wont come out lol.

    1. @cj, that is the truth. During the old days, people basically went to hospitals to die and i know some old farmers believe that today. I have joint erosion in hands and its in other joints too. The back can get me down at times. I am going to keep doing things. My rheumatologist says to keep moving or they will lock up on you. I have pain meds and anti-inflamitories. They help sometime, doesn’t take it all away just knock it down a little.

      1. @Ex va: I believe that is true. Especially with what you have going on, I think what you have actually migrates from area to area, like a virus. Gotta keep moving. As painful as it may be, just think about it, you can do nothing and be in pain, or you can do something, and at the end of the day look back and say, this wasn’t such a bad day after all. One day at a time.

      2. @cj, you are right, because it feels worse mentally when i didn’t do anything productive all day. The ra feels like i have a bad case of the flu it hurts all over and some days i am physically sick. It isn’t much of a life if you can’t do anything. That is hellish. I have to keep trying regardless of the pain.

  36. @cj – good, you got those tomatoes in. making me hungry. I haven’t had green fried tomatoes in a long time.

    I know how you feel about you medical problems, believe me. Keep moving, or you’ll have problems like me. since VA took me off the “S”- brandname or “C” generic name, it has really taken a toll. my mind is very defensive from going into survival mode. the VA could’ve helped me over 16 months ago. let me explain something . . .

    you know cj, I know that I’m not the most intelligent person on Ben’s blog, but I can do my own research, to get a half way decent handle on the matter at hand. before the VA finally had PT’s do home visits, I cried out long before this. and before va agreed to help, I let them know well in advance, paraphrasing . . .

    . . . “hey, if you don’t get me some help soon, my health will be even more complicated, and will require lengthier times for in-home PT services. Please, I need help.”

    I informed well in advance about my current health condition (excluding digestive issue, but it may be very well related, scientifically documented that long term use of pain meds can cause; microbial dysbiosis (bad microbes taken over good ones), fecal incontinence (yuk, no movement of da poo), irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, hormone imbalance, and more.

    Do you think the va mentioned this to me? and they know that I’m an eclectic biologist (figure that title out). no cj, a fucking medical care DISSERVICE! Sorry for the long post, got going on proven documented facts.

    1. @ANutterVet: I know what you mean, VA is never going to be thorough in disclosing anything. You have a heart attack, a normal cardiac nurse will have a talk with you, and tell you the things you can no longer do, or eat. At the va, it is simply have a nice day. A little research will show all they should have informed you about. You need to have a combo health care system, you being informed about what is going on with you, and not expecting didly from the VA. Work within that fucked up criteria, to get what you want. Realize your dealing with foreign educated chimpanzees. Ya gotta stroke their egos to get what you want. In the end, who is the smart one?

    2. @ANutterVet, i am glad you have this knowledge and experience because you can help yourself and you have helped others like me understand issues i don’t have the knowledge or experience about. I am taking supplements because you have helped me understand and i think i am getting better.

      I know i have been doing more because my family has noticed me trying to do things and get out more outside. Well, you guys and the other Veterans help motivate me.

      The va is a hellish experience and there is no excuse for its negligence of Veterans and for the lives lost. For that reason and for many other screwed over Veterans, i cannot support the va in any capacity. They have miles to go before they could even start to improve on Veterans care and the correction of their agency.

      You post as long as you want to Nutter it is the truth.

    3. @ANutterVet: Tomatoes are not in the ground yet, I have till Thursday to get them in. Just need a break from all the rain to get er done.

  37. @Ex va: Ex thank you for that fitzhand site you posted. According to them, I have trigger finger, it is a tendon problem, not arthritis. Least I know what the hell is going on now.

    1. @cj, good you know, glad it isn’t arthritis. If my hands get bad, i will get that surgery. Don’t want to loose the use of my hands.

  38. @cj, i hope you have a great year in your harvesting. I am getting a pint of strawberries every other day no.

  39. @cj – for sure, I hear ya. when I started I did a booster dose every day for a week. now I cut back by 30-40%, then continue for a week with same dosage, then cut back by 10% – then do this dosage for a week, finally another 10% – stay on this dosage and the wait to see if there is any difference.

    Ya know cj, the VA is lacking in acceptable medical practices, in which private sector physicians can get pain from insurance companies, but since the VA doesn’t except any thing out FDA approval, VA don’t pay. Don’t believe, and can’t even engage in a little scientific rebutting conversation. in the science field, work, research, try to do something different, this is what occurs to solve an issue. VA, forget it.

    1. I know this, and you know this, you just have to find a way to work within their fucked up system to get your way. If that means ya gotta dummy up, then do so. You will be the one laughing all the way to the bank. When you become the controller, it is amazing how much fun you begin to have.

  40. @ANutterVet: I am not doing better, I just don’t give a shit, I refuse to let pain and discomfort control me. I have things to do, that won’t get done by rubbing a lamp.

  41. @ANutterVet: No, I still need to get all the tomatoes in the ground, and I have to do it before the end of the week, it needs to stop raining long enough. I have over 80 plants to get in the ground.

    1. @cj, @ANutterVet, we are still getting rain almost every day. It is strange. Good evening everyone. 80 plants that is a lot of plants!!! I can’t get over that number i hope you can get some help if you need it.

  42. Nutter, I know you said you were taking pro biotics, I don’t know if taking too many of those different home remedies can be harmful or not. Just sayin, take it easy, everything in moderation. Don’t want to cause an even bigger problem, ya know?

  43. @cj – the extra can be used for those additional 45,000 employees that the VA claims to be short of. need to get em before they get our comrades.

    1. @cj – yep your are right about doing tasks half -assed with never a quality solution. The whole damn government is like that. They just keep spinning their whatever with never reaching a solution. This why the Democrats and Republicans hate Trump. Trump is about results. They can’t stand this work ethic of Trump’s.

      1. @cj – the job security when they are always working to infinity with no solution. Typical for government in all agencies.

  44. @cj – – – Good, it seems like your doing better compared to about a week ago or so. Yeah, trying to hold on, SERIOUSLY, Still working on finishing touches with healthcare from earlier discussion. But this dam digestive issue is a mystery; major bloating (I can eat something and actually watch my abdomen expand, extreme gas, can’t feel normal peristalsis in intestines, and I feel heavy in my legs, get lethargic, weak, and unstable when grabbing a some equal signs, like . . .


    yeah right? – – – Nutter

  45. All this dam rain, I have dug enough dirt in the last week to bury just about the entire Chicago chapter of the AFGE, and still have enough room left over for a dozen or two gang bangers.

    1. @cj, doing better. Had an appointment today. Went good. How are you doing? Construction work all over the place. Just when you think they are done with the interstate, they start working on it again.

      1. @Ex va: That road re work is union payback for voting for Libtards. With todays construction materials, they are capable of building roads that can last a 100 years, They will always build sub standard roads, for job security.

      2. @cj, you are exactly right. Always the same damn construction company out there on the interstate and highway. Yes, they have material that would last a hundred years and they will not use it. They say that with tires too.

  46. @ANutterVet; Doing okay, can’t complain. Are you getting things straightened out? Baby steps, before you can walk, walk before you run.

  47. @cj – – – I’m up for a bit. How are you holding up tonight. Coffee buzz?

    cj, please post down below. I didn’t check the boxes. Lately been having slow time refreshing page, and because I’m trying to really hang in, I’m to tired, blurry eyed, and such, to go back and forth to retrieve notification messages. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

  48. I was stationed in the cockroach capital of the world as a Marine – Beaufort South Carolina. The largest recorded cockroach as legend has it was actually found at the Paris Island MCRD (boot camp) which is part of the Braufort community.

    The cooks were told to clean out a very old grease trap. EVERYTHING on Paris Island is ancient lolz. It is like stepping out of this world into another time and for sure a whole different reality. After the cooks managed to pry the rusted stuck grating off they heard something large moving around inside. They called the duty officer. With some poking and prodding the creature emerged from its lifelong home of grease and food aplenty and I am told it was a foot long from antenna to back legs.

    The duty officer drew his sidearm and blew it away! Right on the spot! 45 calibre round center mass and the thing blew up! They say he enjoyed free beer at the O club for a month aftert hat kill!!!

    Ben, lets arm a bunch of Marine Officers and send them to Hines! One way or another, if the US Marine Corps can take out the worlds largest cockroach then lets deploy the boys and hot drop them right into Hines! We know what tactic works! Set up some interlocking fields of fire in the kitchen, and send up the flare signalling FIRE AT WILL! Civilian casualties would likely be just a bare minimun. Wounded civilians would earn the Purple Roach medal.

    Damn! The idea is so crazy it just might work!

    1. @Dennis: Dennis, remember the taco bell rat incident in NYC? I was remodeling taco bells out in California at the time, and there were rat infestations at every single one of them. Open an electrical panel in a chefs counter? Yeppers, a real rats nest, poke your head up into a suspended ceiling? yeppers, rat droppings all over the place. Again, that was in every single taco bell I have ever worked on. Disgusting.

    2. Yes and for those boobecrats who survive, take ’em to the prison hospital and charge them with RICO violations, yes those are applicable to the crimes committed in the name of bureaucracy.

    1. Yes, I returned at 5:30am eastern time. I had typed a message of documented factual information from my personal experiences and the truth regarding the Democrats with more to come out about them to Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, the DNC – Democrats who have a civil lawsuit filed against them. My message was so long that it would not post. I had typed it on the computer. So I emailed Benjamin to see how I could attach it as an attachment in an email to him. The message was also about the VA optometry care which is poor in my VA. I have documentation supporting my comments. I do not know what my VA is doing currently because I have left the VA so I could get my care done so I could try to get on with my life. The VA has done a great job with trying to block me. I just cannot take it. We only live once. With waiting on the VA, my time clock will for sure run out unless improvements occur. I needed medical conditions taken care of as I could not wait on the VA. I live alone. I have no family living here where I live. My family is scattered elsewhere throughout the country. I do not have a husband. So I was tired of fighting with the VA so I left.

      1. @Angela – – – I would like to read of your personal experience. Hopefully, Big Ben will allow you to attach, without having to break that document up. If not, you could inquire of him how many characters before you are over-limit. Then just break the doc into parts, and post as “Part One of Five” etc. – – – Just like all those naval messages we used to handle.

        Good to see you.

        A Hui Hou!

  49. Had to take a break to calm down. Had major family talk. Wife was informed to NEVER, no matter what for, to be taken to ANY VA Medical Center for an emergency. After reading Ben’s article, then some heart felt posts, I had to take a break. I was so upset that I spilled the water from my glass. Dam. And these Federal umbrella protected employees can’t do a little research to solve the problem. I’ve done it from a hospital bed and saved a family member close to $1000. Fucking stupid asinine butthurt snowflake baboons.

    Fix the problem! Veterans having weakened immune systems, will be even more susceptible to getting infections. Do your dam job. What the hell is wrong with you people.

    Why? One (1) female cockroach can produce about 300,000 offspring in one (1) year. May not seem like many, multiply 300k by 1k = 300,000,000 cockroaches. Now multiply that by each floor in the hospital. Hmm? Shit. – — Thanks, extra bonuses are on there way if you solve the problem quickly. Just make sure Veterans foods are cooked well. Yuk. – – – Nutter.

      1. The above comments are for entertainment purposes only. I would never telegraph a true premeditated attack. After all, I am a much better man than lil Cox ==•

      2. @cj, @CorpsmanUp!, @Disgruntled Veteran, @91Veteran, @Namnibor, @Jo3n, @ Jane, @Angela, @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve, @ SSG.Gordon Wayne Bishop, @Jay

        Hey, listen up. You’re not going to believe this. Hurry read on before VA Sensor Committee finds this post. Oh my, dam this is good information.

        Coxes mistress called, and seen the post. I just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago. She said the she tried to call @cj, but his phone was busy. This is what she told me, . . .

        “Thank you cj, I know the VA likes to cover things up, and not tell the truth. But I can’t lie. So please remove two (2) of those equal signs from your ascii penis. That’s his truthful manhood size. God bless you, and thank you for your service.” – – – Relayed by Nutter.

      3. @AnutterVet: Lmaoooooooooooooooooo, she always was a kidder, will remove two in her honor. lil cox¬

  50. Yes, everyone, like I have mentioned, I have to take myself away from all this VA corruption and breathe deeply to absorb some fresh air for myself.
    The VA situation is so inhumane. And, President Trump goes to the middle
    east to try to negotiate peace and with telling these countries that they have got to wipe out terrorism for themselves. America cannot rescue them. This is so true because President Trump needs to be back here in America busting some backsides in the VA.

    1. I just want to step up to that fat shit, Cox, (Cocks?) and step in to substitute for whomever he threatened to ‘whoop’ his ass. He’s another big blow hard and he should be “passed around the circle of Vets who have been screwed. time to stop playing pansy with these COCK ROACHES and let ’em know how the cow ate the cabbage. HARD TIMES DEMAND HARD MEN, and we are hard men and now stop allowing these stupid pigs hide behind these stupid regulations. Yes, folks, I am a college educated law school educated lawyer, (with successful appeals in the Fed Appeals Court and State Court and a former Marine Officer, a “Gentleman” and a “scholar”) but I am tired of this bullshit and will not take it any more, so let’s get organized and take ’em down……………………………………………………………………..

      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve: Sir, it would be my honor to take care of that fat ass murderer of veterans.

        “lil” Cox deserves that special kind of slow death I can dish out, roaches included at no extra cost…..

  51. I’m waiting, anxiously I might add, for Dennis. Not saying that he and cockroaches have anything in common. Just that this article appears to be right up his alley. This story represents the respect employees have for Veterans. It’s disgraceful and unacceptable. Going on for 5 years…. oh, can we hold anyone responsible? Suicide/homicide…. they just keep kicking the Veterans at most vulnerable times and places. The art of war.

      1. Finish that roach?

        If that roach is Little Coxroach isn’t that what the kids call a blunt?

      2. 🙂 I’ve *heard* the kids indeed, call them blunt cox’s, but not to be mistaken for a spotted dick.

    1. The I.G. needs to have no accountability to the VA only to the law enforcement agency, such as the Dept of Justice. The I.G. needs to be a separate agency, like the FBI, not tied to the corrupt bean counters in the agency, a separate agency accountable only to the veterans. How did the I.G. get so corrupt,eh?


      1. How did the IG get so corrupt?

        Under the law establishing them, they are supposed to be independent from the agency, but that only works with honest people.

        To your question, IGs became so corrupt when Obama fired 4 of them within the first few months of his first term, because they were investigating friends of his.

        Congress meekly did nothing, so the rest of the IGs got the message…do nothing to piss off Obama.

        Once IGs were neutered, it became a free for all in many agencies for theft and corruption which continues…because Congress refuses to perform their oversight function.

        Do a search for “Obama fires IGs” and you can find the news on that.

      2. 91Veteran thats like the patient advocate should read hospital directors advocate

      3. @91Veteran – – – I remember reading those articles. Spot on as usual, 91.

        A Hui Hou!

  52. I think the same goes for the OIG, they had musical IGs for awhile, big fatback Halliday aka Boss Hogg’s wife, then there was Jack Mehoff , then Dick Griffin the biggest jackass off them all! I dont know what Missal Head has in stire, but seems like the IG is still a joke publishing tabloid stories about VA that have no effect or accountability.

    1. I think the cockroaches knew well to stay out of Jack Mehoff’s all glass conference room…

    2. …and Missal Head publishing a report when the media is focused on a terror attack.

      How convenient.

  53. Second attempt to follow. So pyssed off after reading this that I forgot to check the blocks. My comments later when calm down. Fuckin’ Asswipes at Hines!

      1. Oh, you KNOW you “can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat”?

    1. That’s why I turned to shitty humor.

      Mock the hell out of these clowns to keep from screaming.

      1. They are just tryin’ to imitate Bubba Gump in the movie with beef roach stew, roach salad, basted cockroach, sautee’d roach, chicken salad roach, shrimp roach, I’M SORRY THAT’S ALL I GOT…

  54. Benjamin should make a fundraiser item that’s a glossy refrigerator magnet of a cockroach with inscription, “The VA C.A.R.E.S.”

  55. They can never get AFGE roaches out. Veterans will be gone first. Then, the prophecy of Cj will come true.

    1. @cj, your idea about filming the Hines VA is outstanding. More evidence to support the calls for positive change. 🙂

    1. Could you imagine with today’s technology being hospitalized there? Get your food tray and take a video of the cockroaches crawling off your plate? Train them to follow your spoon like a cat following a laser pointer?

      Killing a few and pinning them to your bedside like fighter planes with planes they shot down painted on their nose? They would be like service stripes showing how long you had been in the hospital.

      Maybe you could keep one as a favorite, watch it grow and use it as a taste tester. If the cockroach won’t eat it, you don’t eat it.

      How quickly do you think the VA would react if that video hit Youtube?

  56. Maybe the Piggy VSO’s could turn those cockroaches into fundraising roaches and have Veterans paint the cockroaches red, white, and blue while eating their lunch so the Piggy VSO’s can let them crawl on their fabulous hats while diehard members throw $$$ at their flea (roach) circus for Memorial Day??!!

    WTF, VA??

    WTF, VSO’s? (blinders on while heads are in the piggy trough?)

    WTF, HINES?!!!!!!!!!!!

    The real problem is…the cockroaches working at the VA.

    I dare say that the cockroaches were probably the best source of protein at Hines Loafing Meat Canteen.

    WTF, VA? WTF?

    Really, WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!! (was taking some time off web to decompress and this just lit my fire….but BIG KUDOS to Benjamin on the most excellent ‘Bad VA Art’ today)

    WTF, VA?!!!!!!!! WTF, INSANE McCAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant Out, maybe.

    1. I propose any veteran who has been hospitalized in a VA actually catch at least one cockroach, have it bronzed, then send it to their friendly VSO so they can pin it on their hats as a badge of service to those veterans.

      Every 5th cockroach comes with a silver spoon signifying the 5th award.

      1. Keep it up and collect them all and then you will have VSO Monopoly game pieces…board game requires additional lifetime memberships for all spawn. 🙂

      2. What kind of prizes are there If you catch that little bastard with the monocle? Or the one wearing the Top Hat?

        If I see one cruising across my peas in a convertible it’s game over.

      3. That little bastard with the monocle is none other than AFGE Pres. ‘little’ Cox. He gets to threaten to whoop your ass while he collects $200. each time you pass. There’s a Get Out of Jail Card for each and every AFGE roach.

      4. Little Coxroach would be easy to spot. He would be the fattest of the bunch and drinking from the bedpan.

      5. I have installed commercial kitchens for 40 years, I know exactly where to look for rodents. I guarantee there is a rat infestation as well. I only wish I could sneak in and film them. Hines is in my area. I may do just that.

      6. @91Veteran, what’s the worse they could do to me? I am just a poor lost veteran who got all spun around in the big scary VA.

      7. @cj- Send in a cockroach drone, so it will blend-in with natural habitat while live feeds of the rodents feeding. Just have to hope that the drone does not get put in the soup and eaten because that would not be a great video to watch all the way to the end.

      8. I bet any one a trillion dollars that John McCain knows what’s happening but won’t do a damned thing because his political mind is shot like the rest of the politicians, shouldn’t his little a?? have done nothing else in congress except for help Veterans?
        I mean i thought he said he was a vet but proof seems different, real veterans help other veterans at least that’s what it’s supposed to be like! Who among us veterans would agree with me? He talks too GD much and does nothing.

      9. @ Genius H Kennard – – – I would whole-heartedly agree with you. Johnny-Boy has come quite far for a young man whose first great act of service to the nation was to be the matchstick that ignited the USS Forrestal fire.

  57. Ben, Awesome VA Art Work had a good laugh! Txs!

    Cockroaches n lack thereof RAID actually saved the Hines VA $$$$ I have heard they are protein! More Bonus $$ to! URGH URGH!

    6years Cockroaches have multiplied even more! Agree the “new kitchen” will cost way way more than current estimated along with still waiting for it to be built let alone when built before how long to take to get the first cup of coffee out of there??????

    how many other VAs have this problem?? oh isnt the AFGE much like cockroaches push their dirty ugly self without doing any real good for anyone but themselves?


  58. Lack of adequate inspections and failure to follow up? Hmmm. So it takes an adequate inspection for a Food Service Director making over $111,000 per year to know she shouldn’t be feeding fucking cockroaches to veterans on a continuing basis? Gee, I didn’t know that’s all it took. Hire a supposed trained dietitian, then have to hire an inspector to follow her around.

    Are these not supposed to be trained professionals in their field? If I recall from the raw chicken article, that bimbo in charge of the food service there at Hines won some dietitian of the year award at her former VA hospital. What kind of pencil whipping bullshit went into that award nomination?

    I can possibly see some kind of problem where there is a mistake due to incompetence, but this is no level of incompetence or stupidity, it’s just plain damn indifference and laziness. At what age did we all learn that eating bugs was not the usual menu item?

    That they have been delivering cockroaches on food trays to veterans for 5 years suggests a severe infestation, which suggests other nasty vermin is also infesting their facility. Rats? Mice? Raccoons? That they follow up that fine cuisine with raw chicken says it’s not a lack of follow up as the IG mentions, but a complete lack of common sense at any level in that shithole. How is it that several levels of management at that dump were not spot-checking on their own? Do these managers just not give a shit what kind of food is being served to their patients? Are they so damn bureaucratic that they refuse to look into an area under their management? Are they afraid the cockroaches will eat them if they leave their offices?

    I would not be surprised if you went up to the Executive Offices in that dump you would find some rather plush furnishings. I guess they all bring their own food, or order out.

    What would Tom Murhpy say if he were slurping down a bowl of ice cream and a cockroach winked at him from his spoon?

    It doesn’t matter whether they had a permanent Director flunky warming a chair there. Clearly they had acting Directors, and it shouldn’t take ANY level of management for that Food Service Director to do something about this nonsense. That statement by the IG is nothing more than excuse making.

    Will that $1.2 million new kitchen include a working stove to actually cook chicken? That picture you had of that slop looked like they warmed it over a candle.

    This issue of Hines and food service for veterans is just infuriating. It has me imagining some elderly veteran who believed in the VA and this country having to fight off the fucking cockroaches so he could eat something, or starve. It reminds me of years ago when some news show did an expose on a VA hospital somewhere. They had a hidden camera in the veterans room, and it showed the veteran had not eaten in days because whenever the staff brought in trays of food, they placed the tray too far from the veteran to reach. I recall one of the staff caught on that video was screaming at the veteran for not eating.

    How many of these veterans who didn’t eat their raw chicken garnished with cockroaches get listed on the DBC for not eating their food?

    Now I know why so many VA hospitals don’t sterilize their equipment. Why waste the money when you have cockroaches carrying germs to every veteran in the place?

    1. The RAID is in the salt & pepper shakers in the event you feel the need to kill your lunch.

      1. RAID? I thought that was crystallized Agent Orange for salt and ground Depleted Uranium for pepper.

    2. I just can’t take it. I would love to give these damn Republicans and Democrats a taste of their own shit induced by their failed policies which includes not holding the VA accountable. How would a Republican or Democrat love to eat cockroaches for their dinner? Or even have them restrained by the VA police for a stay in the VA system. If we put these Congressional officials in our VAs to receive their healthcare, then, this damn VA single payer system would be fixed in a heartbeat. Or have them check into the VA instead of their five star hospitals to receive care. Positive change just might occur then.

  59. I can tell you it isn’t because of some permanent director. Even with permanent directors, the VA are no better because they don’t care about you. I have brought up issue after issue to ours here in Fargo – and nothing is done.

  60. Remember all those VHA personnel point there finger at others to get blame off them, When they point ONE finger at someone else FOUR fingers point back to them. Seems almost VHA, and VAOPCs having a lot of issues that need to be INVESTIGATED.

  61. Why wasn’t the cockroach director arrester ; there are several criminal charges for which she could have been convicted and then she could have been refused her retirement pension and THEN THE FEAR OF GOD WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT UPON THE OTHER COCKROACH DIRECTORS WHO WOULD HAVE TRUMPETED TO THEIR EMPLOYEES,, “HEY FOLKS , SHIT RUNS DOWNHILL, SHAPE UP OR GET OUT!!”
    And if that union director/rep had showed up he would have disappeared.

  62. Great va bad art today! This is just disgusting. A very sick Veteran may/may not know what he/she was about to eat coming out of surgery or being in a confused state. I pray that a family member would notice what they were about to eat and refuse the meal.

    I hope that this hits the main stream media. Something needs to be done about this and it should have been done since 2011. Unbelievable.

    I can imagine the ? wine. LOL!!!

    1. Yes, all the medias. Leftists media, Mainstream media, Conversative media, Conservative Talk shows on radio stations. It needs to be spread everywhere. I just can’t take it. I am so fed up.

      1. I have had three buddies that i met in Miami Beach and all three of them had gotten their benefits from the VA, two i know are deceased and one is on the way if he keeps going to VA for anything medical like they did, one was Jewish US Coast guard, one was Sicilian Army like me and one is or was Red neck Navy, I’m AfricAm and we all got along like real brothers.

  63. And all of this ‘coming into the light’ (pun intended) just before “Memorial Day Weekend!”
    What a wonderful time the cockroaches must be having at Hines VHA! All that free food!
    How many other VHA’s are suffering from an infestation of unwanted pests?

      1. If we all wake up and band together we will win full rights as vets to work in all areas of the VA without any noise or violence taking place, Guess what? We worked in all areas with our MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) right? I’m not Syrus from the movie “Warriors” but CAN YOU DIG IIIIIIIT! Just name a time and a place that we can all agree on. I cannot do it all b y myself, we need more brains and more help! We can do it, Didn’t we sign our lives away to do other things for this country? All Veterans are not an M1 Tanker or a Sniper, there maybe a hundred or more occupations in the Army alone! Not even counting the Airforce, Navy and Marines…

  64. Benjamin, I say Lord help these government types. Because they really need all the help they can get to acquire some sense. They just do not give a shit about shit and love to blame everyone else but themselves. They draw these fabulous salaries but yet they shit on the veterans. Benjamin, getting back to the VA being supposed to pay for medical bills that pertains to service connected conditions in regards to emergency care. Well, I told you a little of one of my stories with one of my situations. Yes, it is a CFR or USC regulation for VA to pay for service connection but they do not honor their own regulations. To hold the VA accountable, one most of the time needs to get a state government official who is veterans representative to battle with the VA to hold them accountable to their own regulations. This has happened to me. The state government probably still has all the information regarding my situation archived. Do not remember Benjamin, is it a CFR or USC? Need to look back at your other news article.

    1. Benjamin, it is more shit and more shit. When is it going to end? Yes, the Congressman and VA types receive these polluted taxpayer funded salaries but yet they shit all over the people who are on any kind of assistance. When it is due to their own shit policies why people can’t move forward with anything about anything. Though, Benjamin, the government types do not have real jobs and their salary is funded just like my compensation. So I do not believe they are any different but they believe they are. They need to cut their salaries and put some money back into Trump’s budget because they surely do not earn it. They are too busy on recess. And too, providing lip service is not like problem solving a mathematical issue with a project or building something or installing something. They are drawing taxpayer money just like me. So they cannot strip veterans of disability when it is exactly what they are doing. Comes out of the same pot. Taxpayer dollars. The Congress and Senate are no better but they have egos to infinity. The VA with the Congress and Senate needs to just close the VA because the crap is never going to end.

      1. We do not need the VA and its endless bureaucracy just let the veterans choose their own five star doctors and pay the bill. bILLIONS SAVED FROM NOT PAYING ENDLESS NUMBERS OF MEAN SPIRITED INCOMPETENT BEAN COUNTERS DETERMINE OUR FUTURE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
        Private attorneys can adjudicate the applications for compensation and other matters, (they will have no motive to lie that our records were lost in the flood which Moses led us through and other ungodly outrageous tales told by regional directors who sit on the toilet all day reading the funny papers.
        “Don’t stir the shit, just flush the toilet!!” Semper Fi fellow guys and girls who served.
        Taking over the VA is much less difficult than defending Kesahn or taking the beach at Normandy, let’s just do it!!

      2. Trumps budget announced today gives the VA a 6% budget increase.

        Imagine how many extra cockroaches you can get with each chicken wing with that kinda ching!

      3. Benjamin, honestly, I believe with the state of this country and with the VA, both are about to make me sick physically. I despise our government and the VA. The only person with any sense is Trump.Though, hell will have to be froze over before any civility occurs and before the VA gets squared away.

      4. Where is the investigation on Hillary Clinton with all her illegalities? The Republicans are making this investigation all about Trump. Everyone look at all the crap that has happened during the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton emails and server —Bengazhi and the list goes to infinity. Benjamin, my previous post that I could not get posted due to size, I will break it up in different posts instead of just one post so everyone can read it.

    2. I had to file bankruptcy do to them not paying for my ambulance and being in death situation and brought back to life or maybe kept living with all available life support in the ER,,, NOT one bill would be paid for,,, I no as of today I face the same situation can happen again ,, and of course I will lose all my home everthing do to the fact The va will not pay for a private ER,,, I have to live somehow for another hour and half to get to a VA facility,,, which won’t be possible,,, but be saved in a Private ER room,,,, 27 miles away not 140 miles away,,, but I’m just a Viet Naum Vet,,, who has served a war that is not there,,,,,


      2. I can’t ,, My wife and I have left our home we were trying to build for over 10 years,,, and just gave and left and moved here 7 years ago,,,, The VA has destroyed my life period,,, no ifs DESTROYED,,, I just get up ,,and so does my wife,,, and limp along,,,, Why I have PTSD,,, because I finally rembered after over 46 years after,,, I stepped in and stopped a critical life threating issues that were going on ,,, and if not stopped would kill several in our CO. I stood my grounds and did it,,, I got severally punished beyond,,,, so the VA not paying for nothing is just the same as what happened to me,,, just only its here in America,,,,

    3. Well everyone, NSA abused power under Obama Administration. Currently determining how severely
      the Fourth Amendment has been violated. The current special counsel is a political animal with being Comey’s friend. Comey should be indicted for obstruction of justice and Obama should be held accountable under the law. Confirmed Susan Rice was not truthful about the unmasking. It is being stated Trump was a correct all along. New news. Out today. Obama was contacted for a statement but declined.

  65. Crawling, looking for a bin to hide in. Oops, there’s one of those humanoids holding a can of Whhhhaaaaaaaaatt? Raid!!! The whole dam VA system needs to be extirpated.

    1. Naaaa, brother. They’re holding a can of “Bengal Gold Roach Spray!”

      1. Don’t detract from his statement; he’s right! The entire VA should be disbanded, with the budget going to Social Security and Medicare. Let us get our care from REAL doctors and clinics.

      2. What makes you think you’ll get a “real doctor” at your local clinic? This is not 1962.

    2. When will we recognize that there are more combat trained capable organizers, mission accomplishers and just people COMPETENT TO TAKE OVER THIS COUNTYR THAT IN THE VETERAN POPULATION?

      When are we going to recognize/realize that we are the power and the Johnny Boy McCains are the little creeps who must do our bidding?

      Do you realize how many Marine Generals, (VETS) are in the Trump Presidency/Administration?

      What are we waiting for, Ladies and Gentlemen? We do not have to take this crap anymore, can you show a video of this “former VA director being force fed cockroaches and then run out into the main drag down the main street of the city in her panties doused in poop?
      Sounds wild and crazy doesn’t it? It’s NOT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


        U.S ARMY INBOUND…..

        RUCK UP!!

      2. The Food Service department workers there make $25hr plus. That entire food service department including management should be terminated! They can find better trained staff with credentials to do a better job!

    3. RAID? The cockroach has nothing to worry about. I’m sure there are several whales working there that use it as deodorant instead.

    1. Everyone, this detrimental and inhumane situation at the Hines VA in regards to the cockroaches is / was being reported on FOX Business today. Also, our Intel agencies who are leaking are of great concern. The U.K. prime minister is not happy with our media and our Intel agencies. Information was leaked about the Manchester terror attack. By our intelligence agencies doing this could contribute to another attack on the United Kingdom. Like I have mentioned, the deep state Obama holdovers need to be fired and put into prison. President Trump is furious with these government iditics.
      4th Circuit Appeals Federal Court uphold block on the extreme vetting executive order of President Trump’s Administration. The extreme vetting executive order is headed to the Supreme Court. Left Wing Liberal Judges are the problem. These leftists judges are about political activitism — Not the Law. These left wing Liberal judges do not follow the Constitution at all. When the VA employee Sharon Helman did not get held accountable recently by the federal courts, it was probably all due to which court it was and if the judges were leftists liberals. The Republican from Illinois confirmed in his statement that the Democrats are about to lose their minds trying to transform this country to 100% Socialism so a Republican will not ever be elected again. Democrats are the cause of all the violence. They provoke and entice the violence. Like I say we are heading for hard times. I am making this statement based on what happened with the Republican candidate in Montana. The Guardian reporter provoked the Republican candidate but Trump is being blamed for it as well as the Republican Candidate named Forte. China defying President Trump. Folks we have trouble coming. Liberal leadership in Europe take no action towards the terrorists. Folks, Trump is the only leader taking action with all this evil and violence that is occurring. Liberals do not give a crap. They just build a wall around them but raise hell about Trump trying to build a border wall along our country. Obama built a wall around his rental home in Washington DC. Obama is a hypocrit. Also, when they had the G-7 meeting in Italy, all these European liberals closed all the borders to seal off everyone from entering the country. Folks here is the Leftists who are using walls themselves. Hypocritics.
      Obama Spy Scandal. SAD. CORRUPT.
      Folks, just think if President Donald J. TRUMP had not been elected by the American Trump supporters, we would not have found out about all this Banana Republic corruption in our government. Obama in Berlin saying we cannot hide behind a wall when he has one around his rental home. Yes, Folks, Obama is a hypocrit. And why is he in Berlin, Germany at the summit while President Trump is there. What an arrogant jerk. Folks. I pray for peace and justice in our country. 🙂

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