Agent Orange

ProPublica Hammers VA Over Recent Agent Orange Science Rejection

Agent Orange

Today, ProPublica hammered a key VA official who denies the harm caused by use of dangerous toxins commonly referred to as Agent Orange.

Commenting on testimony provided to a VA advisory committee, lead analyst Jim Sampsel, dismissed present concerns over Agent Orange exposure, calling it “hype” and “hysteria” not based on “science.”

This curious given the longstanding obstruction VA and DoD have engaged in regarding the effects of herbicides using in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War including massive redactions of evidence and voodoo science to support the interests of Monsanto, the two companies responsible for manufacturing the toxin.

Much of the research in the past that I reviewed, which is part of the Alvin Young Collection, focused on impacts of dioxin exposure at normal levels. This assumption fails to account for the military’s use of the dioxin in highly concentrated forms to function as a chemical weapon, according to Russian research published at the time. (more on this below)

The collection consists of much of the research reviewed by US Air Force’s supposed subject matter expert Alvin Young, PhD. He went on to deny the harm caused by herbicides used in Vietnam and testified as a hired gun expert for Dow and Monsanto when the companies were sued by Vietnam veterans decades ago.

Assertions Of VA Agent Orange Denier Jim Sampsel

The testimony was presented last March to the committee in an effort to explain why VA denies to many claims related to the herbicide, “When it comes to Agent Orange, the facts don’t always matter.” Sampsel continued, “So we have to deal with the law as written.”

His subsequent testimony has caused enormous outrage in the veteran community due to Sampsel’s narrow view of the research and medical literature. In his testimony, Sampsel revealed VA will not include hypertension or high blood pressure within the list of presumptive conditions despite recent medical research supporting the connection.

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It should be important to note Sampsel is a Vietnam veteran who is VA’s lead analyst for Agent Orange research and Gulf War Syndrome research within VA Compensation. Quite often, agencies make use of a supposed “friendly” to destroy opposition to the same group.

Here, Sampsel is seen as a sellout by other Vietnam veterans. When you read what follows, his allegiances seem clear.

READ: Sampson Anti-Agent Orange Benefits Testimony Transcript

Sample Of Sampsel’s Assertions Highlighted By ProPublica

The following are examples of the outrageous assertions made by Sampsel to the committee followed by facts revealed by ProPublica that counter the allegations:

 He said he believes Agent Orange contained “very, very small amounts” of dioxin, which was quickly destroyed by sunlight and the open air. “That’s not commonly acknowledged by advocates,” he said. Moreover, Sampsel said, U.S. planes did not spray it when American troops were in the area.

In fact, a report by the Aspen Institute notes that on leaf and soil surfaces, dioxin will last one to three years and that dioxin under the surface could have a half-life of more than 100 years. Moreover, scientists have said that there are numerous ways in which American troops may have been exposed to the herbicide and some disagree that few troops were exposed.

 Sampsel pushed back against claims that veterans who served outside of Vietnam were exposed to Agent Orange. “When we get to outside of Vietnam, there’s a lot of controversy about Agent Orange use. And primarily it’s media hype, in my opinion.”

In fact, veterans who served in Thailand, near the Korean demilitarized zone, in Okinawa, Japan, and aboard ships off the coast of Vietnam contend they were exposed in a variety of ways. Some have produced memos, photos and testimonials that have been enough to convince the Board of Veterans Appeals, the VA’s tribunal, that there was sufficient evidence to prove exposure and that they were entitled to benefits.

 Sampsel criticized the Board of Veterans Appeals for its decisions. “BVA is, can do anything they want. I don’t know if everybody understands BVA. BVA has caused a lot of, what I would call misinformation about Agent Orange issues.”

A member of the advisory panel, Thomas J. Pamperin, responded to Sampsel at the March meeting: “A decision by the Board of Veterans Appeals is the secretary’s final decision. I mean, we can’t distance ourselves from the Board of Veterans Appeals. It is part of the VA.”

And in its statement, the VA said it, too, respects the BVA. “BVA is the highest appellate authority in VA,” it said. “They are attorneys who review the evidence of record and make decisions.” While the VA may not always agree with a decision, “their decisions are final and are implemented when issued.”

 Sampsel criticized the prestigious Institute of Medicine, a congressionally chartered research organization hired by the VA, which in 2015 determined that the evidence suggested that a group of Air Force reservists could have been exposed to Agent Orange years after the Vietnam War when they flew aboard the C-123 planes that had been used to spray the herbicide.

“One scientist from Harvard or somewhere said that dried, solidified TCDD dioxin never stops emanating molecules into the air,” Sampsel said. “Hardly anybody bought that at the time, but the IOM went with it.”

He added a bit later: “I don’t think the science supports it. Most scientists don’t think the science supports it, but the law is what it is.”

The Institute of Medicine, now called the National Academy of Medicine, found that the dioxin present on the aircraft could have exposed reservists who flew the planes years later. In its report, it said one contention of the VA and its expert, Alvin Young, was “inaccurate,” another “appears to be conjecture and not evidence-based” and a third was based on a study funded by Dow Chemical Co., one of the herbicide’s makers.

In its statement, the VA said the Institute of Medicine “provides a valuable service to VA.”

 Sampsel favorably cited Young, an Air Force officer, federal official and later the government’s go-to consultant, who has guided the stance of the military and the VA on Agent Orange and whether it has harmed service members. “I’m not the scientist,” Sampsel said at one point. “But I know that Dr. Alvin Young and the majority, the vast majority, of scientists don’t think that anybody gets any harmful effects from something that’s in the soil, buried in the soil.”

But ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot reported last fall that critics say Young’s work is compromised by inaccuracies, inconsistencies or omissions of key facts, and relies heavily on his previous work, some of which was funded by Monsanto Co. and Dow Chemical Co., the makers of Agent Orange. Young also served as an expert for the chemical companies in 2004 when Vietnam vets sued them. In an interview at the time, Young defended his work.

 Sampsel said Young’s research showed that Agent Orange “never went to the Philippines, never went to Okinawa, never went to Guam,” as some veterans contend.

A member of the panel interjected because he felt that Sampsel was being overly broad.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yes, yes. You’re, you’re absolutely correct,” Sampsel said, noting he should have said there was currently no evidence. “And if evidence does show up, we’ll certainly change our policy. … You’re right.”

After the first day, one commenter highlighted Sampsel’s deficiencies. Jerry Manar, a recently retired VFW member, commented:

There were no written public comments. Jerry Manar, a Veteran who recently retired from VFW, said he was disturbed by Mr. Sampsel’s presentation on Agent Orange. In one instance it conflated a lack of evidence of exposure with evidence of no exposure. It was openly dismissive of evidence of herbicide usage while extolling the virtues of Alvin Young, whom many regard as a biased source. Mr. Manar also commented on a remark by Mr. Sampsel that the Secretary would probably deny the creation of a presumptive for hypertension. He felt this position was taken largely for budgetary reasons, and if the Secretary were to grant a presumptive it would help tens of thousands of Veterans.

Rick Weidman, legislative director for Vietnam Veterans of America, called for everyone supporting Sampsel’s position within VA, including Sampsel, be fired.

“Where they are now is doing active evil,” Weidman said. He added that he doesn’t expect Sampsel and other VA employees to necessarily be advocates “but we do expect them to be neutral and honest arbiters of science — and they are not.”

Years ago, I searched through the Alvin Young Collection located at the US Department of Agriculture. Some of the documents are located online but many of them are not.

One very disturbing note came from Brooks Air Force Base. It was a translation from a Russian medical journal highlighting how the US used herbicides with dioxin as a chemical weapon instead of merely as a defoliant.

The military would mix many times the normal dose with the stated goal of inflicting harm on civilians and military personnel, according to the USSR researchers, at least.

[documentcloud url=”” responsive=true]

In light of all the various lay statements from veterans concerning the spraying of toxic herbicides in locations outside Vietnam, why is VA still running scared from acknowledging what we all know…?

Not every mission was cataloged and not every area sprayed by the harmful herbicides was likewise memorialized in logs of any kind.

But, does that mean our military never did it?

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it fall, does it make a sound when crashing onto the forest floor?

Using Sampsel’s logic, the answer would be a nonsensical, “No.”


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  1. As a 3 tour vet of USAF spl ops units. I am well aware of the service propensity for denial and misinformation programs. I am also a 2 yr survivor of bladder cancer, having my bladder and prostrate removed. A few years earlier, I was given a 30% rate for heart disease from AO. As of Aug , I will be waiting one year for a answer on my bladder cancer . i served at Udorn and NKP. 56th Spl Ops Wing

  2. I also find it curious how the VA came up with the cut off date of Aug 71 for agent orange and those who served in Korea. We all know this stuff stays in the ground 15-20 years after it was sprayed, some say even longer… yet the give a cutoff date 2 years after they say the last usage took place… BS

  3. It’s not only the AO claims being denied for lack of scientific evidence, but the claims for the contaminated well water at Camp
    Lejeune NC

  4. Secretary Shulkin has been given full authority to fire VA employees by the Senate. !!!!

    Secretary Shulkin, requested this authority and now he has it. !

    Will he use it.? Or Will he believe everything VA employees say.?

    So far concerning my letter and evidence sent to his office, is the same ol same !

    My inquiry for justice was sent right back to the people who harmed me, well back to the facility that let me be punished and to new management !

    Who called me today and told me that the people running the disruptive committee back in 2004 was improperly using the disruptive committee and if my case were to cone up today, I would have never been punished. !

    When I asked for a letter of apologize, I was told why should we send you a letter of apologize. !

    We did not do this to you, it was the people running the disruptive committee back in 2004, not the current administration.?

    News people same old shit, excuse after excuse !

    Yes, you we falsely accused and punished but it was not us, that did this to you. !

    Have a chance to correct an injustice, but instead of correcting it, they play the card, it was not me ! No it was not you, but the ball is now in your court and you are now in a position to correct another’s error or illegal act.

    Doing noting is the same as you harming me over and over, saying it ok to falsely accuse a veteran and then play musical chairs and then say well it was not me. !

    Insult to injury even when they know a wrong was committed. They don’t care that I was shot in the head and suffered from PTSD and traumatic brain injury and the VA denying me care for forty year’s.

    The Denver VA received an injury just today called me and told me they read all the evidence and did an investigation !

    Really, get the mail say 8am capped me at 2pm and accomplished everything and finding an injustice had been done and say they can do nothing about it. !

    I think someone is lying again.

  5. If VA would create a panel of Activists for Veterans, have them agree on the top 5 -10 things that need to be changed or fixed in the VA that directly effects Veterans. List them, do what needs to be that makes these things or areas to be of an honorable nature for the benefit of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). What da ya think?

    If VA, which they won’t, would only agree to certain things, that almost all of the negativity is gone from the VA, and BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) would see the VA in a positive manner, and even speak well about this Unaccountable Federal Agency.

  6. Who has the power to get Murph & Simpsel and all AO deniers fired?
    That is the question for today, kids

  7. Yes, on billboards all up and down the byways of DC, major highways (heavy traffic), entering and exiting major city limits.

    May be a nice start, but I’d really like to see the VA get hit on something that should’ve been changed. I’d like to see something big embarrass the hell out of these dam jerks. I’m a Investigative Research Biologist, and many so-called Medical Professionals shouldn’t even be practicing medicine. Disgusting.

    And our fat on the hog Politicians do squat. Politicians only use us. None of them has been know for making BIG changes in the VA.

  8. Could it be time for another “VA IS LYIING” billboard,
    the DC edition?

    1. I’m thinking more in the way of having our message skywritten over D.C. specifically, and use a vividly bright orange chemtrail over the D.C. Swamp. Repeat. If we need to replant the foliage, so be it.

      Repeat until all the congress critters have a permanent joker’s smile, because….”This town needs an enema!”

  9. @Jo3n – – – I believe that the VA System as a whole, that their way of servicing BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), will at some time cause the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) to file a complaint with the OIG, and if so, to possibly continue under an argument proceeding into filing a SF-95.

    I don’t know anything about these processes, but I guess at some point and time, that it is going to come up that I’d have to learn about how-to file a complaint with the OIG, and to file out a SF-95 if possible.

    I’ve found that dealing with the VA is quite demanding; stress, learning curve to know VA, lack of sleep, additional pressure on spouse (VA offers no spouse support), . . .

    Believe me, after I learn about the these methods of filing a complaint against the VA, and if I can use them, I’m going to try my best to embarrass that VA as much as possible, while at the same time, get the VA off of my back, and to change your ways to Good Medical Practices.

    Without no offense, I found also that you can only go so far when you participate in a blog with others that are dealing with the VA. I would hope for all, no matter what happens, that you see yourself as a BENEFICIARY. Sounds strange, but I’m going to keep referring to us always like this; BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    I’m not a customer, not a client, not a patient because I don’t trust VA peeps (their there own kind; strange), I’m a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and any where in the future where I can prove compensation, so be it. VA is a monster. God bless all BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), and may God richly bless their love ones that stand by their side.

    Take care folks. Don’t get upset with the VA. Get fucking pissed, the VA is your enemy. I’ve purposely tried to get along with, and to professionally deal with the VA. RESULTS; VA rammed my even more.

    Many VA AFGE Union Employees don’t care about BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). I’m sad to say, that due to the VA’s reckless and unprofessional behavior, and the continuance of personal violations against me, I have in my own non-threatening and non-harming way, to declare my own PERSONAL WAR against the VA.

    This is effective immediately. Tired of dealing with a non-caring system that could really care less about my health, recovery, and life. To the VA, I’m actually a number, and sorry to say, so are you!

    So WTF are we going to do with the VA. There has to be loopholes somewhere in the VA System. May not be in one area, but they may be scattered through the system, somewhere. Don’t know, but I’ve set precedence before, and won, against the Federal and State Governments.

    I know that I ramble a lot, but there has to be some way that something BIG can be THROWN in the FACE of VA. To me, I don’t care who finds these ways to embarrass and set the VA straighter, just do it.

    You folks have a pleasant one. – – – Nutter. (excuse grammar, having a major moment)

  10. To all,
    There’s a couple of petitions circulating around concerning VA, the IU and Social Security.
    Google these titles:
    “ to stop IU from veterans”

    This petition is where vets younger than 62 and are considered 100% p&t, can’t get SSDI until they use an outside medical care facility to declare them 100% disabled also. Especially if the vet has a college or university degree in something!

    “Disabled Veterans Desperately Need Your Help”

    This petition was started by Don Gucciardo, Tampa, Fl. about two weeks ago.
    It concerns how Shulkin is going to take away our IU benefits once we turn 62 (for Social Security)!
    In just two short weeks, he’s gathered 7900 signatures!

    In my opinion, every veteran should sign and share these petitions with as many people as possible!

    1. Direct link to petition: “”

  11. Turn-on the TV, the first droning irritating voice I hear is Sen. McCain drilling AG Sessions.

    What a herd of congress critter dinosaurs. Looks like ‘Jurassic Park’ Board of Director Meeting. Isn’t 2018 Dino Molting Time (DMT)?

    1. Jurasic Park was done in color scale, not gray scale. Besides, in Jurassic Park the old critters had teeth…

      1. Ah, the teeth. I was implying McCain was grating on my nervous system, not sharp teeth.

  12. this is why they can do what they want……….
    Feudalism – A Contract of Silence


  13. In Oregon we have a saying/question, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to witness it, does the chainsaw still make a sound?”

    Or, how about this one? “If a Private First Class in wartime is told to make up a dangerously concentrated herbicide at a ratio that does not harm humans and knows that it will sprayed onto the humans trying to kill him, does the bucket still run over brimming if nobody is watching?”

    Or, how about this, “If a U.S. Soldier is sprayed with Agent Orange and the government denies it harms him, does the cancer go away?”

    Or “If an Agent Orange doubter works at VA, does their bank account still grow via Monsanto’s kind generousity if nobody is there to see it?”

    All good questions, right? I am thinking two are “yes” and one is “no”.

    1. Dear POTUS,

      I have a suggestion for a “deal”. You seem to be good at the give and take aspect of trade. I have always admired your towers and shit, and figure if you can do that stuff the striking a bargain with a corporate giant is child’s play.

      So here is the deal; As POTUS please make an offer to Monsanto. Tell them that you intend to find out the truth and that you will devote ALL of your cognitive talents to the single mission of discovering the truth from you, Monsanto, regarding Agent Orange. Tell them you will seize all their records, freeze all assets derived from Agent Orange usage adjuted for inflation, and that you intend to authorize castration of all male senior executives and throw a whole lot of asses into Guantanemo Bay as war criminals IF a single shred of truth is discovered that you knew about but chose to keep hidden. The bargain is this – disclose everything now and I grant a pardon. It sucks but there has to be give and take.

      Fail to disclose and no pardon. Have this message hand delivered to Monsanto Board Of Directors by Mr. Jeff Sessions. Drive him to that meeting with an enormous motorcade of long black mirror windowed cars unmarked, heavily amoured, and occupied by men wearing black suits and sunglasses. Arrive at night if possible for effect. Keep the helicopter contingent overhead to less than thirty gunships. Then have Mr. Sessions dress up in a Nike workout sweatsuit jog up and cheerfully hand them your offer.

      Maybe this could help out a few vets and is it too much hassle to do that? I vote no.

      Your friend,

      P.S. Can you please tell the VA to remove my Disruptive Patient flag? I spit on a bush while escorted and the agent drew his sidearm. I swear it was not assault phlegm!

  14. Uh-OH!!!!!!!!!

    “[…Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking congressional leaders to undo federal medical marijuana protections that have been in place since 2014…]”


    1. “[…Sessions argued that the amendment would “inhibit [the Justice Department’s] authority to enforce the Controlled Substances Act.” He continues:

      I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime. The Department must be in a position to use all laws available to combat the transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.

      Sessions’s citing of a “historic drug epidemic” to justify a crackdown on medical marijuana is at odds with what researchers know about current drug use and abuse in the United States. The epidemic Sessions refers to involves deadly opiate drugs, not marijuana….]”

      1. “[…Through a spokesman, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R.-Calif.) said that “Mr. Sessions stands athwart an overwhelming majority of Americans and even, sadly, against veterans and other suffering Americans who we now know conclusively are helped dramatically by medical marijuana.”…]”

      2. I just LOVE how that word “SADLY” was used strategically alongside word “VETERANS”…now, I am ALL FOR Medical MJ, but I get sick and tired of the only time we Veterans are ever considered is as talking points to support a talking point then afterwards, BACK TO THE VETERAN STAGE PROP CLOSET YOU GO….!

        Maybe she was genuine. However, if so genuine, why isn’t she and like-minded congress critters pushing for the Federal Gov’t. to CHANGE and REMOVE MJ from the classification so VETERANS CAN utilize it without ramifications?

        Talking-points. SADLY…

  15. “” has a “petition” out from a veteran down here in Florida. He’s wanting to help vets get rid of Shulkin’s idea of stopping IU from being implemented against veterans!

    “Katterkat” is helping us. Let’s help ourselves by signing this petition.

  16. We need Trump to get rid of Shulkin.
    Go to vote on the IU. Tell your Senators and Congress to help make sure that they don’t pass the budget cuts to our Veterans.

    1. @Katterkat – – – Is that Don Gucciardo’s petition? Signed, then shared publicly on Google+. Also posted in the Military Community, and Disabled Veterans Doing What They Need To groups. If not the correct petition, would someone be kind enough to post a link?

  17. Here we go again, nother conservative, administration and cabinet, gov. with people served, Unwilling to ‘Sacrifice’ for those that served them!!
    Jun 12, 2017 – * Veterans Affairs official downplays Agent Orange risks, questions critics *
    Like our long time Vietnam and since Veterans, Conservative, Nemesis, one of their experts(?), used to shape their policies, and very highly compensated: * * Sally Satel Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money * * There are plenty of others, Like AO: * * Dr. Orange: The Scientist Who Insists Agent Orange Isn’t Hurting America’s Veterans * *, they’ve got a ready stable full of go to {experts?}, and plenty of purposefully unfunded ignored and denied issues!!
    Keeping My Oath: USN All Shore ’67-’71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country ’70-’71 – Independent**

    1. Another Conservative Admin, and This Time, Again Like Under The bush and Two More Wars With Full Conservative Legislative Control So No Need for Obstructive Filibustering, Not Even Trying As People Served Responsibilities To Veterans!! Their Words Will Say Different, DeJa-Vy, Oh So, Poser, patriotic, But Many More Drops(!) On Many Many Issues For Veterans Especially Of Our Wars and The Veterans Admin Much Needed Advances, Starting With Roll Backs Of What was Accomplished Under the Obama Admin Without The People Served Obstructionist Reps, To Come:
      Most of the people served, especially the wealthy and all conservatives, the trump speaks: 2 Aug 2015 – ‘I fight like hell to pay as little as possible’: Donald Trump says he avoids all the tax he can.
      For Wars-‘0’ For Continued Blowback From Policies-‘0’ For Veterans Of-‘0’ !! ALL Borrowed From Other Countries With Interest, Still Are!!
      Two Huge Tax Cuts, and more after those for them, not, ‘job creators’: Made Wealth off Defense War Investments, like the government funded private for profit merc army and intelligence arm -$$$ Making Wealth off Continued Blowback From the Policies-$$$ Wants To Make Wealth off All Privatized VA-$$$
      More corporate profits, health care industry, off wars especially:
      * The VA is the people served ‘Responsibility’ to ‘Sacrifice’ and Not for Corporate Profits, especially off Wars!! *
      * DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians, especially the wealthy, after Sept. 11″, Decades and War From, All Over Again!! *
      Keeping My Oath: USN All Shore ’67-’71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country ’70-’71 – Independent**

  18. @All, since we are on this particular subject of money. What kind of VA fuckery is it, when VA employees are paid way beyond, what any Veteran receives in the form of compensation? These employee’s are being payed to deny Veterans their compensation, and to do so, are payed a hefty salary, along with benefits. I find this fuckery to be of the most fucked up kind of fuckery to fuck over a fucked up fellow Veteran. Just sayin….

    How bad is this agency? Is it really setup to benefit Veterans? no
    Does it help those from third world countries more than it helps disabled Veterans? yes
    Does it benefit union employees more than it does Veterans? yes
    Do they ever change the way they do shit, even after exposed by the OIG? hell no
    Do they waste more money on PR then is paid out in the form of compensation? yes
    Does it cost more in committee hearings then it would ever cost to compensate a disabled Veteran? yes
    Did it cost more to produce the fucked up computer systems they are now using then it would to compensate disabled Veterans? fuck yes
    Does this agency actually look down on Veterans and their families, while robbing the coffers? yeppers again
    Do Senators, and Congressmen, benefit from stolen taxpayers monies slated for disabled Veterans? fucking right they do
    You know you could add to this list many times over. Nothing is going to change, Veterans are nothing but pawns to these criminally insane assholes we call politicians. The directors have been stealing Veterans compensation checks since at least 68′, The theft of Veterans compensation checks, converted into cash, has been proven to end up in the campaign funds of your local DC politician. The DC politician will never cut off the flow of illegally gotten monies into their campaign funds. We are forever screwed, and there is not a damn thing anyone is ever going to do about it.

    It is apparent, that these asswipes love when a Veteran dies, by any means. it is a benefit to them
    It is apparent, that these asswipes love when a Veteran says “fuck it, I am going elsewhere” it is a benefit to them
    It is apparent, that these asswipes love when a disabled Veteran is denied compensation. it is a benefit to them.

    On and on I could go, but there is not a single one of you reading this, that doesn’t know, Veterans are the last, and least, of who the VA benefits.

    I have but one more statement to make.
    ..\…………….. /……..\………………/
    The Nutter butter fickle fingers of fate::::

  19. Have y’all noticed something with VA, where they are trying to remove disabilities. Thereby, removing the compensation for those disabilities!
    I think that’s their agenda!

    IF VA gets rid of certain disabilities, (I.U. and A.O. so far), which will affect compensation payments, they will have more of the taxpayers monies in their coffers. Which tells me, get ready for VA employees, from top to bottom, receiving higher bonuses this year!
    Possibly receiving bonuses twice this year.

    “Who knows what evil lerks in the minds of men?” “Only the Shadow knows!”

    Last night, it was revealed, by the DOJ, there “…were more arrests made…” in the “…pedogate scandal!”

    There’s definitely something big going on in Washington, concerning the “Swamp being drained!”
    The only thing missing is the “MSM propaganda machines” aren’t reporting it! Like many on here have complained about for a few years, the “MSM propaganda machine” isn’t fulfilling their duties of reporting facts! They have become more of an “entertainment industry”! Worried more about how President Trump gets “two scoops of ice cream, instead of one!” That kind of crap is what’s delusional.
    Even when some of our military men were killed in Afghanistan recently, “crickets” from the MSM!
    Last night, there was hours on tv concerning the lose of life down here at the “Pulse Night Club” one year ago. I’m sorry that a crazed Islamic terrorist took the lives of so many innocent people.
    Problem is, what else was occurring in the world the MSM propaganda machine isn’t telling anyone?
    What are the MANY government agencies up to we need to know about?

    Well, I’m not sure about y’all, but I’m tired of being treated like a mushroom! You know, “Kept in the dark, and fed shit all day!”

    1. @Crazy elf – – – MSM really keeping this topic out of the limelight. Wonder why? Negative impact on Hillary? Who actually calls the shots at MSM’s Executive Offices in determining what the want to feed us everyday? Your right elf, only feed us what they want to feed us, in that way minds can be clogged up with bullshit. A tactic to keep the attention off of the things that need attention.

      Off Topic – – – This opiate epidemic and the way it is being handled by the authorities has me concerned. Not because I’m caught in the middle of this see-saw way that the problem is being handled. I believe that pain medications do have a place in medical treatment, and they can work very well in combination with muscle relaxers, even Carisoprodol (Soma).

      And lets keep on a roll with Pharmaceutical medications and there manufacturers. You know, the Executives of BIG PHARMA doesn’t want the Public to know how the price of a medication is determined, and by what means or how other identities influence the total cost of purchase. BIG PHARMA doesn’t even bread-down how the purchase cost of medication(s) are determined, and BIG PHARMA holds the formula for markups close to their hearts, while BIG PHARMA rips the last monthly monies out of the pockets of those who are having it financially rough in making it in todays world. The cost of medications are outrageous, and a down right disgrace that high medication prices hurt so many families.

      The opiate epidemic has everyone scrambling. Its not only time to realistically fix this problem, and at the same time, don’t jeopardize people from getting the pain relief that they need in order to function as much as they can.

      I believe that the leaders of the DEA, FDA, AMA, and other Agencies and Associations, really don’t know how to fix this problem. The Pain Medication Pharmaceutical Sector is instable. Especially when some of these incompetent so-called medical professionals believe that SSRI’s can give the appropriate relief from pain and spasms as well as SSRI’s. This is a far stretch.

      Without monitoring, and only believing that ALL pain medications should be banished or not prescribed is absolutely absurd. The drug epidemic has hurt those too who need medications to help them with getting relief from pain.

      And the VA fails in this area as well. VA causes more harm, anxiety, depression, pain, stress, confusion, and tension in households, and the VA doesn’t offer any help for Spousal Support. VA is an enemy to many, when in they’re a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), but they aren’t treated as such.

      VA goes against almost everything that I learned when I attended college, and in obtaining degrees in life sciences. Someone needs to stop this train wreck. Sometimes seems like a lost cause.

      1. ANutterVet,
        Let’s NOT forget how Shulkin, in last week’s news conference, stated he’s building another VHA somewhere. Where will he get the monies from, if not by taking away our compensations?
        Can y’all say;

        How much is the “proposal”?

        How much will it go “over budget”?

        How long will it take to “finish the job”?

        Who are the “contractors related to” in the VA?

        How many “Interior Decorators” will be needed at the taxpayers expense?

        Will the “projects coordinators” (architects) remember to add the “parking lots” this time?

        Will the directors office have “color changing walls”, Leather chairs and couches” plus a state of the art computer system?

        Will this new VHA have a “bolder” brought in to enhance the surrounding lake, to help vets cope with the VA?

        There’s so many questions that needs answers, it would take too long to ask!
        There is one last question needing answered by Shulkin. Does he really believe, because of so many failures, the VA should be in the “business world of construction?”
        These are my thoughts brothers and sisters. What are yours?

      2. Shulkin just said 16000 veterans this year choose choice over the VA and by the end of summer their will be no restrictions for veterans wanting outside treatment. !

        Now he has to start firing thousands of VA employees. !

        New facility means some veteran’s will have to commit suicide because they will be denied care to pay for the new building !

        News building, same old employees running the facility. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

      3. @Crazy elf- Shulkin is wanting to build a VAMC on the moon, then once that’s completed, Mars and onward.

        “Resistance Is Futile”–The Borg

      4. @Crazy Elf – – – RIGHT ON! to every single question you asked. Given the stellar success of the Aurora, Colorado facility, construction is one of the very last things the VA should EVER be involved in . . .

    2. Hello everyone, wanted to give you all an update about my letter to Secretary Shulkin on may 2, 2017.

      If you remember that a former coworker told the VA that I would come into the local clinic at least twice a month and become disruptive and that I wanted to murder staff at my local clinic.

      I been fighting this since 2004, had senator Bennett’s office and the DAV, write the VA about the VA and this employee.

      Each time the Denver VA would receive those inquiries and send them right back to the employee making the allegations to answer.

      I said I was going to be the canary going into the mine. I told you that I have given Secretary Shulkin all the evidence needed to clear my good name and the evidence would show that I was falsely accused.

      I told him that this employee only reported me as being disruptive as a retaliatory act. !

      I requested that the Secretary complete a complete investigation and requested that my information or evidence be sent to the Denver VA as they would do nothing. !

      Well this canary is smelling Gas and the Secretary did not listen and sent an inquiry to the Denver VA.

      Today 6-13-17, I received a call from a Brandy Morrison, whom stated she was the eastern VA congressional laison located at the Denver VA. !

      Ms Morrison proceeded to tell me she was calling me due to the allegations that I was falsely accused by one Martha Martinez manager at the la junta, co CBOC.

      She begain with you have been filing inquiry after inquiry and the VA has responded to every inquiry and that she has read everything concerning the matter.?

      I then asked Ms Morrison when did you receive the inquiry from Secretary Shulkin.?

      Answer Today. ! She stated that she read everything and stated that Mrs Martinez has rights as a VA employee and she could not discuss what has or not been done to a VA employee.

      I pressed her, you read everything. ! Well did you read where the director told Senator Bennett’s office that they never coded my official medical record’s and that they never red flagged my official medical record’s.

      Did you read where the VA stated they had no written evidence, asked do you know what I had been through the last 14 year’s.

      Two doctor’s hurting me physically. A doctor placing into my official medical record’s that I was stabbed while in the military. When that was not told to her by me, that I could be arrested for giving false statements to a government official !

      She told me I am sorry what happened to you and that the disruptive committee has changed since 2004.

      That back in 2004 the people running the disruptive committee was not doing it correctly. ! Yes she said that.

      Telling me how it has changed and that if they would of had the new way in effect back in 2004, I would have had nothing done to me.

      I again told her it was all started by Mrs Martinez, again stating the employee rights to privacy.

      I asked why did you call me. ? Because I had to. O.k. are you going to tell the Secretary that I was falsely accused.?
      Ms Morrison yes, ok are you going to send me anything that we spoke today.? Answer NO. !

      Kept saying how sorry she was that I had to go through all of this, Mr Gallegos if I could do something that could correct this what would you want.?

      How about having the Director and or the Chief of Staff write me a letter of apologize and state that I was falsely accused. !

      Ms Morrison, why should the Director or the Chief apologize they did not do this to you, it was not their fault. !

      Not their fault, maybe not but they are in charge now and could correct an injustice !

      I’m sorry Mr Gallegos We can not correct something that happened back in 2004. ?

      Really, I told her that story has already been used over and over by VA employees going in front of the Senate committee on veterans affairs.

      Who’s been fired, we don’t know that happened before I was in charge. !

      I requested that the Secretary not send it to the Denver VA as they will white wash it and nothing would be done.

      Ms Morrison stated well I am a veteran too. !

      I said since you are a veteran and you admit that I was falsely accused and punished, you as a veteran should be outraged that anyone would falsely accuse a veteran and noting be done about it.

      I know Ms Morrison will white wash her response to the Secretary, I told like it was, is. I told her she was not pulling the wool over my eyes, I’m to old and savy to fall for their fake sorry statement.

      She made her point, screw you Mr Gallegos, tell it to someone who gives a shit !

      So our theory about only veterans taking care of veterans. ! It proves that veterans will turn on their own. !

      Shut down the VA, the VA even when they admit they did comit criminal libel and all they would say is I’m sorry that they falsely accused you.

      I’m not finished I told her that the Secretary was not the only place I sent the evidence too, also sent to the Senate committee on veterans affairs and Donald J Trump.

      Also advised her that the Senate committee on veterans affairs must receive yearly all the names and what happen to the employee after the investigation.

      This canary is smart enough to carry a gas mask, seen to many canaries coming out dead.

      I will complete a follow up letter to the Secretary of veterans affairs and Donald J Trump Also the Senate committee on veterans affairs to let them know what Ms Morrison stated to me.

      I told her that I was ashamed of even saying that I had even worked for the VA for those 22 year’s and ashamed of the VA as a whole !

      Sorry for the long post, VA employees will always continue to harm veterans and will keep covering it up.

      Roe from the Senate committee on veterans affairs stated today that the Senate has approved legalisation where the Secretary of veterans affairs,

      Now have the authority to fire employees that should not be working for the VA. !

      I’m sorry but I will only believe it when I see it. !

      Secretary Shulkin, please do the right think and believe the veterans and not everything VA management feeds you.

      Be a Man, and stand up to them, remember your their boss, they are not yours. !!!!!!

      God bless America and All of our veterans some gave all and all gave a lot to protect this country !

      Veteran’s are not pons to be used and then discarded! Justice is the key !

      1. @James Gallegos: James, file an SF-95 on their asses, don’t forget to put in the dollar amount for damages, for the past 14 years, and don’t forget to add your wife’s name,as she was also harmed. Go big, win big. GL James, and thank you for posting , I like how they refuse to put anything in writing.

      2. The OIG officer was on the wrong side of something. A month or so ago I saw an add for the position of VA OIG officer at the Denver VARO.

        Could be in your favor. Often times the brass seems to ignore you but actually take some action. Or could be the opposite. The OIG officer didn’t do the cover up wanted by the brass.

      3. Problem is they admit something was done wrong and tell me one thing and the inquiry a different story.

        I believe that the Secretary of veterans affairs should have contacted me directly or his office.

        Like I said they admitted I was unjustly accused, but use the excuse it was not me that did it, so why should we apologize for something that happened before we were in charge.

        I was upset when this employee said she was from the Denver VA and had just received the inquiry the same day she called me and completed an investigation in a few hour’s.

        Tellin me I could sue the employee making the allegations through the court as an individual. That the VA could not be held accountable !

        I told this employee that she was wrong, that if another employee or employees assist in wrongdoing they the VA is to be held accountable.

        When is it ever told late to correct a wrong especially when they wrote in the official medical record’s, if we EVER hear again that you are disruptive you will have federal charges Arrested and banishment from all VA care.

        Why should a VA employee get away with committing a Felony be excused from wrongdoing and the veteran not be exonerated.

        I will be writing a letter to Secretary Shulkin again and inform him what this employee told me, this will also be sent to the white house and to the Senate committee on veterans affairs.

        The new law requires the Secretary of veterans affairs to provide the committee with all name’s coming in to his office of employees that have been accused of wrongdoings yearly.

        The report is to include the name’s, their job title, their employment station and what action was taken and why the employee was not fired, demoted or other action taken.

        I am doing this not only for myself, but for all veterans that the VA has falsely accused of disruptive behavior.

        I will never stop trying to correct this injustice perpetrated by disgruntled VA employees.

        I am the type of person who would take any punishment given to me, when I have done something wrong. !

        When I know I am right, I will never stop trying to correct it. I am going to ask the Secretary to send me the VA response they send him.

        A lie is a lie no matter how many times they say it or how long they cover it up. I do not understand why the VA has such a hard time believing the veterans and helping those veterans correct a wrong.

        These people must see that there is a price to pay, when they harm a veteran or retaliate against another VA employees exposing wrongdoings.

        Who has more power the OIG or the Secretary.? It’s does not matter who handles these case’s, if they don’t do a through investigation and not believe everything VA employees tell them.

        Only one way and that is to contact each person involved and tell them, we are doing a investigation and we require you to tell the truth and nothing but the truth !

        If found that they are found not to be telling the truth they will be held accountable as if they committed the offence themselves.

  20. (OFF TOPIC) – – – Now that I have returned from having a REAL Cappuccino and a few hours of sunshine and breeze, let me tell you what transpired with my day, before I read this article and began having homicidal ideation.

    Had a doctor appointment at the Honolulu VA today at 08:00. Supposed to be routine. Haven’t seen my doctor in nearly a year and a half. Due to my financial situation which is exacerbated by my not having my proper benefits after having served 17 years 9 months 6 days of honorable active-duty service, plus the ongoing fight with my government for those benefits – – – during the last 18 months I have weaned myself off ALL VA medications.

    Why? Because I am only service-connected 30%. I (in all honesty) should probably be a MINIMUM of 70% for my PTSD, TBI, Spinal Stenosis, Panic Attacks, Suicidal ideation, terminal unemployment since leaving the military (24 years’ worth) etc. But the VA has never seen how this could possibly negatively impact my life. According to them, I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. THAT has been their song all along.

    What started out as a “routine” appointment with a GP quickly turned into an “Emergency” Mental Health Triage. I told them the truth. We talked about my pressing need for a .45 cal with two rounds. One to test. One to end my pain. And my life situation in general. No real homicidal ideation, as my moral code as a Marine WILL NOT allow me to take an innocent life when I decide to end my pain. And I do want my PAIN TO STOP.

    End result was over 6 hours today at the clinic, and two phone calls today AFTER I left the clinic from the Chinese Social Worker I ended up seeing at Honolulu VA. Next appointment will be 22 June. Was in Public when I received the last phone call with a lot of straining ears trying to ascertain what my conversation was about. Hawaii seems to love to live on gossip. They call it ALOHA. Nosy Fuckers.

    Tomorrow when Chinese Social Worker calls, I will have to explain to them why my “Public” answers differed a bit from what I told them “Privately” in the Mental Health Clinic today. Obviously, I was not expecting such personal questions over a phone while in Public. No way for me to convey to Social Worker that I could not go into detail without arousing undue curiosity/suspicion I was hiding something from my companions.

    Not sure about my freedom of mobility after the 22nd at this time. Got some business to take care of before then. We shall see what happens.

    19:48 HST as I post.

  21. They literally get a chump with no morals to be the talking head for the V A to push the “Agent Orange is literally harmless agenda ” again. Erasing facts and calling all the studies proving its toxic over the years Voodoo science? They just did a 180 degree about face. I thought they were just talking about how the VA was accepting more and more diseases from AO? Now its all BS? It’s just unbelievable!

  22. All of Agent Orange issues should be solved by now. Who’s at fault; the VA. The VA is at fault for not closing all scientifically proven theories against any side effects of Agent Orange exposure and that caused a sickness. Simple as that. VA makes things so hard to get done, or its done in an awkward or reckless manner. We should revolt. That’s right, I said revolt.

    @cj – – – chek ur main box.

    1. @ANutterVet: Nutter, I got your email. I replied just a few minutes ago.Tomorrow will be best.

  23. Not a really GREAT time to cite Soviet Russian sources, but
    spot-on nevertheless…

  24. @ANutterVet, personally I feel like there are hundreds of issues with the VA. I agree, I need to add them up, and look at the list. I do believe, 1., obey the law. 2., accountability. Without those, none of it matters. Perhaps a bit of respect wouldn’t hurt. And, we can’t fire anyone for anything. How do people fight so hard to defend a bad positive? Agent Orange was, and is toxic.

  25. How many people recall during the Vietnam Era, the spraying of NIKE Missile sites, BELOW THE DMZ, by the Koreans?

    1. Hey, Doc., how about all the railroads here in the good ‘ol US of A being sprayed with A.O.
      They have realized good records of it during the ’50’s and early ’60’s.
      Or the many military bases here as well!
      Can y’all say, “cover-up” or “cover your ass” by the military elites.

      1. When I helped my cousin spray a corn field with 2-4D in 1953 his mother’s brother told us it was the most poisonous substance known to man. Use the rubber gloves to mix. Only spray going up wind. Don’t over mix or it will sterilize the field instead of just killing the wide leave weeds, etc., And if we spilled some on us to jump in the swamp real quick and thoroughly wash it off.

        Yes, A O contact was known in the 1950s.

  26. There were a variety of ways those of us who served in country were exposed.

    One of the most insidious ways was with the barrels which contained the herbicides once they were emptiy. Units would pick up the drums. Some were cut in half and made into barbecue grills and others were used to chill beers. We would get our ration of beer, go into the village, buy ice and dump a few cases of beer into the barrels.

    Some guys used hand sprayers of AO to kill weeds and undergrowth around the wire. Anyone pulling guard around the perimeter sat in the stuff. The crap was also dumped into rice paddies to kill crops in areas were VC sympathizers were located. More than once, I walked through that filth and it was enough trying not to think about the human waste and leaches in there. That’s a reason many vets contracted hepatitis, but years later we also learned we were wading through chemicals which would kill us.

    Maybe this moron could tell me what is the half life of dioxin is in those situations.

  27. Off Topic – well – sort of off topic since the topic is getting hosed it isn’t off topic. ? Dizzying ain’t it.

    Anywho – just came from my group. Popular topic was disability and unemployability payments under assault. But, what I haven’t heard before, and what came up is Shulkin’s (Trump’s) newest endeavor to offset disability payments with Social Security payments if you’re over 62.. Didn’t get to details because we had to get back to being encouraged to practice gratitude and stop sampling differing flavors of certain cleaning oils.

    So – stay tuned boy and girls. Same rat time. Same rat channel. (little tip of the hat to Adam West).

    1. Ben? Have you heard anything about disability payment offsets with social security? I’m trying to dig up more facts before I – well – say more.

  28. Now about paint with lead, denied it was harmful. Kid’s living in these home are still being effected.

    They say AO lingers a long time. Need the same people if alive that did the studies on lead paint do the tests and testifying.

    Once again the VA is harming veterans, deny, deny die. Punishment for genocide is Ten year’s, no matter how many veterans are killed.

    If caught. !

    If America keep going down this road, America will be no longer. Land of the free.?

    Now many times have we said that nothing will change at the VA, until bad VA employees are hand cuffed and charged with federal charges.

    People are really Fed up. With all of our elected officials, doing little to nothing.

    When it all goes down, they should be first to be rounded up and federal charges placed upon them derelaction of duty. !

    Treason. !

  29. As a lowly “grunt” in Viet-Nam, I can attest to the fact that only once did they fly out potable drinking water for us. The rest of the time we had to fill up our canteens from the streams and drink it. A few times I remember getting water out of a feces infested rice paddy. Hey, when you’re dying of thirst, you’ll drink anything! Agent Orange was sprayed all over that damn country and we had to drink it. I suppose that this guy, “sell out sampsel” has taken his cue from shulkin & Co.

  30. One of the problems is the Agent Orange Settlement didn’t differentiate between “poisoning” and “exposure”. And anyone who was in country could sing up. Including personnel that never left Saigon of Danang and were never involved in weed killing on the parameter.

    The study group was deliberately diluted in the same way it was with Vietnam veteran suicides. Thus a lot of fake data built up for the naysayers.

  31. These “bean counters” need to be flushed with the dirty bath water.
    Evidently they forgot we won the lawsuit back in the 1980’s! $53 million I do believe. Of course, did anyone – except the attorneys – see a dime? The answer is NO!

  32. Oh hell, lets clean up some dam troubling stuff that’s been happening to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) for decades, if not more. So to keep up with the times, I say let Ben Krause, Attorney, Veteran Advocate, pick the to 5 – 10 things that matters the most (needs to be defined).

    I believe that the amount of monies that BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) recover per their claim(s) will be satisfied, and both BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) and the VA will benefit (needs to be defined).

    I believe that if Ben can in some way, get to be interviewed by someone that with Ben’s information, be able to change the fix the VA by making the changes that are needed for claim resolutions, better health care, cost control, theft, etc..

    If Ben is able to obtain any type of traction by being able to bring to the forefront 5 – 10 things about the VA, that should be changed to streamline the evaluating process in the areas that Ben deems there should be an agreement into solving the matter(s).

    Since Ben would be listing things about the VA, that if solved favorably, could have a lot of impact on the BENEFICIARY (Veteran) and the VA, plus their relationship and understanding towards each other. Which their relationships are always in damage control mode. The objective of Ben’s actions – – – Making things run smoothly and professionally within the VA, and to build a better relationship between the two.

    As far as I see it, every thing is up to the VA. Moves made by the VA can turn ALMOST EVERYTHING into being solved. And this is a good thing. – – – Nutter

    1. Now, can’t we all get along? The VA changing for the better – – – such an idealistic suggestion. Hey, are there any Gubmint Contractors out there that can fix the problems that are going on inside the hallways of the VA?

      1. ‘Institutional Enemas R Us’, is the only type of contractor that would work save from dropping some neutron bombs.
        Bunker Busters will not work because the splash from all the flubber could hurt someone in surrounding neighborhoods.

        One Massive Enema is required.

      2. We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

      3. Technologically modern problems require
        appropriate technological solutions.
        We have to reverse-engineer the behemoth.
        I guess we need a hacker…

  33. I’m not sure if y’all have seen a brand new commercial on a “Class Action Lawsuit against Monsanto” recently.
    It concerns “dioxin” being used in the “commercial use of Round Up!”
    Seems it causes “neuropathy” in people who have bought it at many stores, then used it to kill weeds in their yards or gardens at home! Places where it can be purchased is: ie; Lowes, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Grocery Stores etc., etc., etc!
    The “commercial” says if you have been using this product, and have been diagnosed with neuropathy – “contact” the attorneys handling the case, (paraphrasing the last part here)!

    Well, looks like Monsanto is in the hot seat again! Only this time, civilians who never served in the military, or have never been outside the Continental United States, are being called apon to sue the dog shit out of this rabid chemical company!

    I just thought I’d let y’all know what’s been happening!

  34. “” Their petition not doing so well about this. Young is another VA tool and fool.

    Their petition over the budget:

    It’s all about time and kicking the can down the road so vast amounts of people will fall silent, tired, or dead. Truth is Indiana’s governor, capitol city mayor Hoggsett, the whole sheebang to DC do not care about vets, period. If they did all the bs would cease, fast. No, the priority list here is sanctuary for illegals, bringing in all the ‘refugees’ they can to give them all free stuff, some strange PC sicko parades, celebrating terrorist in those sick parades, American haters, so we aren’t even in the list or mentioned. Including the church crowds. So, so much for America being 1, 2 or 3. Not so. All this censoring, keeping reality, real news, needs to be stopped somehow, someway, and the fear to be known or included needs stifled, along with cognitive dissonance. This censoring is way out of control and so corrupt nothing will change, nothing.

    Took me driving all over town to find a Indianapolis news paper after seeing news reports jerked from online the minute they were shown. The reasons why are obvious. Private chats when able will be nice but will do nothing to expose the commie, and stupid empire, the VA for what they are all doing, and why.

  35. “[If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it fall, does it make a sound when crashing onto the forest floor?

    Using Sampsel’s logic, the answer would be a nonsensical, “No.”]”

    Does a bear shit in the woods, generally?

    I say it’s high-time to hold a massive televised interview with Benjamin Krause on one end of the table serving each and everyone of these VA Agent Orange Deniers (BVA Murphy, too), are being served a heaping serving of dioxin orange tang (color for dramatic effect), and mind you, at scientific lethal amounts, and watch each of them DRINK not just one heaping glassful, but watch them also eat VA CHICKEN with heaps of powdered Agent Orange Spice and some PCB’s for seasoning…watch them eat the entire thing….then give them all Vietnam War Agent Orange showers….(not to be confused with golden showers, that’s probably going-on at the VAOIG glass conference room though, like an Orange Julius Machine….remember those?)….so yeah, if the shit is SO SAFE, eat it bitches!!!!!!!!!!!

    What this reeks of is some VA beancounters cutting their future bonus losses by maximizing their current income on backs of Veterans.

    These leeches get off on this shit….time for some Veteran entertainment….eat and drink it!!!!!!! Bitches!

    1. **Disclaimer** Although I believe bears generally do shit in the woods, contrary to consumerism and marketing TV commercials would have you believe; bears DO NOT use toilet paper.

      1. I like that “bears generally do shit in the woods”. With the way I continually have to clean up their shit in my yard. I know the old saying isn’t always true!

    2. Exactly my first thoughts, sir. Let them eat burn pit pancakes. Spoon up some nuke or depleted uranium soups. Or take some AO showers while of course, as they …. oh oh better stop there. The suits in DC have soap on a rope or dope a soap.

      I better go lay back down. Take care all!

    3. Another article that gets me so pyssed off I now do feel homicidal. Time for some vape. As a young Marine at MCAS Futema on Okinawa in 1974 and 1975 – – – Agent Orange and Agent Pink were stored all over the island.

      The Japanese are still dealing with that mess today. There are frequent articles in their papers about how it affects them.

      Sick and tired of VA DENIES AND LIES UNTIL WE DIE. Ball-less lying Motherfuckers.


      1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

      2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

      3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

      4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

      5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

      6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

      7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

      8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

      9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

      10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

      POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. POTUS Trump and our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS. Give their replacement’s one term to take care of the Veterans.

      If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

      NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

      1. Sadly, BUT realistically, your post is incredibly SPOT ON to the letter and reference. I have written numerous responses to websites, blogs, and newspapers, expecting CID, FBI, NSA, and Secret Service to come knocking on my door because of some of the things I wrote.

        The VA is scandalous, they are criminal deviants, liars, and manipulators not to mention extortionists….


      2. There is no voting them out or ridding ourselves from all the appointees (cliques) from bottom to top keeping the old guard or shadow governing in power. Like keeping those in positions with connections to Monsanto etc., or big Pharma.

        When the sheep don’t even notice towns in a state are near completely cut off from easy access to state’s capitol news and information, bad sign it’s all over but the crying. When some vets wanting change are totally ignored, face retaliation, run off from VA systems for nothing but corruption, vet groups silent, legal beagles, law enforcement, media, politicians, civilian health care, be concerned over corrupt local enforcers, politicians/activist, and all the rest in a global village are clueless or support all the evils, it’s over, but for the crying when the poo hits the fan, or affects the clueless/uncaring/silent majority too close to home. When we lose communications or ability to form a small group for coffee and info sharing or support, it may not be PC or disagrees with local politics/powers, it’s over. The ‘machine’ has fulfilled it’s agenda with more to come.

        Years back I met a couple of families from our groups that used to be allowed to meet in physical groups reported, with documents, that their children’s (ALL) illnesses or birth defects were caused by AO. The vets suffering multiple effects from it. Wanted to stay in contact with them but their spouses feared retaliation or problems from the VA or powers that be. Last I heard one family moved to the woods and afraid to discuss issues with anyone for all the fears from possibly ‘rocking the boats.” Sad.

        When we have lost communications and info sharing, the majority allowing the outspoken or harmed to discuss issues or forced to avoid town hall meetings, etc., the entire war or small battles over a myriad of issues, is lost.

  36. B.S. I agree with, Rick Weidman, fire them all, and on the way out, carry a non English speaking quack, under each arm.

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