J Thomas Burch Jr

Former High-Level VA Attorney Guilty Of Embezzlement

J Thomas Burch Jr

One former high-level VA attorney who served as liaison to Department of Homeland Security pleaded guilty this week to embezzling funds.

The attorney in question is J. Thomas Burch, Jr.

Burch, a Vietnam veteran, previously worked for many years in the Department of Veterans Affairs as a senior attorney responsible for Freedom of Information Act requests and the liaison between VA and Homeland.

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But what landed him in trouble was his moonlighting job as head of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, where he allegedly skimmed funds and served as a political operative without filing the required conflict of interests paperwork.

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One element missing from this story in MSM is the fact that Burch was a senior VA attorney likely with access data he should not have had access to given his role as president of a charity where he also earned a yearly salary while on the job at VA.

According to the Washington Post:

The former head of D.C. charity meant to benefit Vietnam veterans pleaded guilty to wire fraud after embezzling about $150,000, federal prosecutors said.

John Thomas Burch, 75, of Alexandria was the president of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation until last year, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia said in a statement. He misappropriated about $150,000 of donations marked for veterans’ family members with small children in poverty, the statement said, giving the money to women he was involved with and claiming reimbursements for visits to clubs, meals and hotel stays that were not related to the charity.

Burch faces up to 18 months in prison, prosecutors said, and a fine of up to $55,000, among other penalties. He is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

Burch was a high-level operative in the veteran arena for the past three decades. His photography collection including numerous photos with VA secretaries, lawmakers, and others who supported veterans.

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Meanwhile, his organization made use of robo-callers to solicit donations from Americans without actually using the funds for the purpose they were donated. Instead, Burch used those funds to party and dine his numerous love interests.

When CNN first exposed Burch, they found a Rolls Royce parked in his driveway with the license plate, “MY ROLLS”. The senior attorney was subsequently investigated by the agency, but not before he was seen shaking hands with former VA Secretary Robert McDonald.

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  1. I just had federal agents at my door a few months asking me about this……now what do I, a stripper in Baltimore have to do with veterans? Well, that’s what they wanted to know! Oh, the stories I could tell about this asshole! I’ve received so much money from this jerk. (And he is a jerk to women, no surprise).
    Now that I know where it came from, I’d like to find a decent VA charity to give back to. This is so shitty.
    Apparently he was using funds from the charity and I received a good chunk of change….(lets just say he supported my car and apartment payment for a year a two!)
    I remember him because 1.he was rich and 2. he was an asshole. And I always remember rich assholes! Because I wonder how they got there! He offered to pay for my school, saying he could get me a scholarship if I wrote him a letter saying I had a veteran in my family. lol. what. a. joke.

    1. Elli, thank you for providing some detail on Burch.

      Yes, he was an asshole…from personal experience and stories I had heard long ago.

      I will never understand why it took so long to catch him.

      Just so you know, he was also involved with Adrian Cronauer of Good Morning, Vietnam fame. Since Cronauer was disbarred, it seems crooks love company.

      As for a charity to donate to, I would strongly recommend the Gary Sinise Foundation. You can research them online. They are a reputable charity that builds adaptive housing for wounded veterans.

      If you choose another charity, be very careful in researching them. There are several other scam charities as bad or worse than Burchs.

  2. Wouldn’t AG Sessions be in charge of investigation on Federal level? I just thought this would have been a good statement coming from the Whitehouse. I guess it was a statement.

    1. Personally I think this is nothing more than a free pass for Burch.

      Burch is not only going to be able to keep his pension and Health Care benefits and all the other perks but will likely get probation or house arrest for any sentence. That is for his part in the $29 million theft. Even though his scam involved the $29 Million dollars they only prosecuted him for the amount of $149,317 so that he only faces the federal sentencing guideline for amount less than $150,000.

      This is a federal crime in it self. Certainly demonstrates that the DOJ has no concern for Justice and is only focusing on just covering up.

      1. I have a feeling that Burch hit-up MANY congress critter wallets in past and Burch simply has a lot of dirt on all. Nothing else makes sense. Last thing congress critters want is a massive and proper audit to follow the $$$$. Just a working hypothesis.

        I’m also thinking McDonald had a hand in enabling Burch in more than a photo ops.

  3. Two people who need to be fired for their action in the Burch case.

    U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips and Andrew Vale, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

    USDOJ Press Release
    “Former Charity President Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Money Admits Using $149,317 for Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, and Women”


    1. I see Channing already know that he is about to be shit canned.

      “Who will replace Channing Phillips as U.S. attorney for D.C.?”
      By Colbert I. King, the Washington Post


    2. Regarding Vale,

      Comey promoted him to his current position on January 11th, just 10 days before Trump took office. His Bio dose not show that he is able to handle the position.

      FBI National Press Office
      January 11, 2017
      FBI Announces Executive Appointments


      “Andrew Vale Named Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office

      Mr. Vale most recently served as the special agent in charge of the Albany Division.

      Mr. Vale entered on duty with the FBI as a special agent in 1991 and was first assigned to the Newark Division, where he investigated terrorism, background, and civil rights matters. He also served as the supervisor of the Albany Joint Terrorism Task Force, overseeing all domestic and international terrorism investigations.

      Throughout his career, Mr. Vale has held leadership positions in the Counterterrorism Division, the Director’s Research Group, the Albany Division, and as special assistant to the FBI deputy director in 2011.

      Mr. Vale will assume this position in January 2017.”

      Is he just a sandbag that is holding back on any real investigations that need to be done in Washington?

      Certainly is looking that way with this BS Burch charges.

  4. Question? – – – What are the person’s called when a VA Employee tells an outsider (Media or another Person) what is happening inside the VA? Is it a good idea for a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) to become a VA Employee’s Whistleblower Spokesperson, so that the VA Employee can stay as private as possible? What do you think?

    Also, been under an extreme amount of stress. At this time, the VA has Medically Ordered me to began a Opiate Pain Medication Tapering, then directly into a Weaning Off of Pain Medication, and as a Course of Action then be prescribed SSRI’s for Chronic Pain, PTSD, and other Lower Levels of Pain in multiple locations. As far as I’m concerned, this is a far stretch.

    And, I don’t want to get into all the items in the VA Medical Order. I can tell you this; the VA tries to make themselves shine, and there are many inaccuracies in the document.

    I’m still in the process of finding ways to get out of using the VA for my healthcare. Being a Biologist, made this road a bumpy one. I’ve never been so amped up like this in a while. I don’t like the negative energy that the VA can produce from dealing with their asinine, dangerous, and reckless manners of action that they basically try to force upon a BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    One day soon, hope not that it occurs, but one day, a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) is going to go off inside a VA facility, due to the many outright times that the VA has screwed em over. The VA keeps on pushing cheap tricks on us. – – – Nutter.

    1. First, if you report your information re: the VA to Big Ben he ca claim attorney-client confidentiality and then the law precludes Ben from saying anything about his source, (who reported the VA corruption)
      Secondly, unfortunately, some poor fellow veteran will go off on the corrupt VA, but when he/she does, I hope he/she will get the right persons and will have researched his targets thoroughly

  5. Today, on “WDBN” FM radio, President Trump signed the “VA Accountability and Whistle-Blower Protection Act” into law.

    During that ‘segment’, I heard this also, (on “WDBN”, FM radio), “…some were saying this would cause massive layoffs…” at the VA.
    Maybe, in my opinion, that would be a good thing!
    Let the union members walk out. Then Dr. Shulkin or President Trump can fire them! Just as President Reagan did to the air traffic controllers. Then Shulkin or President Trump can dismantle the union!

    I’m not sure but with all the new investigations opening up against Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Wasserman Shultz and a whole host of others, that “Swamp might be getting drained!”

    At least that’s my opinion!

    1. @Crazy elf- Lest you forget…today I read where ex-AG Loretta Lynch is being investigated into why she specifically chose not to pursue many things under the law, playing pick and choose…popping popcorn for this one because it will likely get the protesting snowflake’s panties in a bunch again. Wait for it…

      Also, on Shilkin’s master secret plan to re-examine VA Disability…also wait for Shulkin to try to totally dismantle the BVA/appeals part. Wait for it. Sounds like Shulkin is desperately looking to save $$$ in all the entirely wrong places. He needs only look at all the fraud, waste and abuse under his leadership.

      Sometimes I just want to take the riding lawnmower over a long path of random rocks I tossed about…just pretending mentally, they are bean counter necks snapping off and flying into the pond. 🙂

      Yeah, in a mood. Why? Afraid the POTUS signed VA Accountability Law will be just as utilitarian as a handful of Charmin Toilet Paper with splinters in it. We will be right back here this time next year. Again, wait for it…

      1. Hey Namnbor,

        Saw this article and immediately thought of your poop cannon. Preloaded ammo with pics.

        “Man’s 29 lbs. of poop removed: What is Hirschsprung’s disease?”
        Fox News, By Sara G. Miller Staff Writer Published June 19, 2017


      2. @Seymore Klearly- Firstly, those are not *my* poop canons. Nope. You can thank Dennis and the Oregonian Farmers for that one. Where I come from, raised a farm boy in Indiana, we called them “Honey Wagons”…large tanker trucks with thick sludge of liquefied pig shit…sprayed right onto the fields.
        I’m thinking we in the Midwest could collaborate with the Oregonian Poop Canon bearers to make quite the thick coating of things.

        As far as that poor man’s removal of 29 LBs of shit…oh my, I’m afraid most in our leadership and the VA are indeed impacted because they are all full of shit.

        (Wanted to be clear with regional representative canons of poop)

      3. @Seymore Klearly, @Namnibor – – – That’s a devastating congenital birth defect of the growth of the nerve cells, used for moving fecal matter by the nerves sending messages to the colon muscles to contract (peristalsis). This condition many times is detected in adulthood, even though it is a congenital defect, inside the colon of the digestive tract.

      4. Hey Namnibor,

        Sorry for linking you to the poo cannons like I did. But you must admit that the Chinese seem to have been developing one on their own. Arms race Maybe? We are sure to know if they come out with their own version of our Stampy the land mine detecting elephant.

        You might be interested in several Vids on you tube relating to reports and documents being circulated and leaked, or released, from the Kremlin.

        “Hillary Clinton Spy Ring Unravels As President Trump Orders Arrests To Begin”

        Published on Mar 30, 2017

        “American President Donald Trump has ordered his Department of Justice (DoJ) to begin arresting members of a massive spy ring infiltrated throughout the US government since the 1990’s by both former President Bill Clinton and his wife, and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton—and that began, yesterday, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arresting one of Hillary Clinton’s top Department of State (DoS) aides named Candace Claiborne for being a spy for Communist China.”


        “Most Secret Grand Jury In American History Paralyzes Washington With Fear”

        Published on May 22, 2017

        “Most secret Federal Grand Jury ever empanelled American history has paralyzed Washington D.C. with fear after its swiftly moving this past Friday (19 April) to claim its first Hillary Clinton victim just hours before President Donald Trump left the United States on his historic trip to Saudi Arabia.”

        Well worth the time to watch.

      5. namnibor …………When a reporter for the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command interviewed Frank Zappa for the commands news syndicate, the story was held by a superior who demanded that Zappa – who had been rather hard on the army – answer one more question: just who does he think will defend the country without the army?

        Zappa’s reply: “From what? The biggest threat to America today is it’s own federal government…. Will the Army protect anybody from the FBI? The IRS? The CIA? The Republican Party? The Democratic Party?….The biggest dangers we face today don’t even need to sneak past our billion dollar defense system….they issue the contracts for them.” The interview was not run.

    2. Elf,

      Breitbart news wraps all the investigations up in a nutshell in an article published today.

      “Loretta Lynch, Clinton Campaign, Soros Officials All Caught Up in Senate Probe of Comey Firing”


      1. Yea, seems the Democrats are losing ground big time.
        I watched a video from “Rushbo” this afternoon where a “lt.col. Shaffer (I think that’s his name) went on to describe what your talking about.
        I don’t know how this will turn out, but the snowflakes are definitely getting out of hand in recent weeks.
        I do believe President Trump might call for Martial Law if they start rioting in the inner cities.
        They know better than to come into the country side!

      2. I also heard where the Democrats are wanting Pelosi gone! Have you heard that one? She’s definitely a bad image to the Democrats!

      3. Dems are scattered all over the place in backing certain Good Ole Peeps (should be Boys). Pelosi is losing influence, doesn’t have the same strength in clout, lacks guiding the Dems into how-do-we WIN elections, plus, the times are a changing.

        PELOSI will NOT be able to REGAIN even close to the amount of SUPPORT of the Dems to be considered as a PROGRESSIVE LEADER of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

        Conclusion; Bye Pelosi. Pelosi, “The Original Left Product of Prank da Peeps.” Nancy sends her progressive patronage to her caring, loving, and now abandoning followers. It was a good run, until my greedy shystering (the acting out like or performing the actions of a shyster).

        The BIG POLITICAL QUESTION? Who is going to stand out, and then lead the Democrats here in the very, near future? The Dems are idle. And, even though the Elephant Party has multiple strong hold groups, the REPUBLICANS are more inline as a party in whole. Not much more than inline. The Big Problem with the REPUBS is that they go against each other. So, they aren’t organized in power together.

        The DEM’s are RUNNING AMUCK and the REPUB’s are NOT RUNNING. The DEMS are solid strong in bringing down POTUS, no matter what. I believe that the PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP in our Country, is going to keep the movement of “He’s Not My President,” and keep all them strong emotions to stroll right into the next Presidential Election. Its been happening for almost the past 6 months.

      4. Pelosi and her 24/7, 365 days a year Botox Smile annoys me as much as listening to Insane McCain drone on and on.

        Also, if anyone else is a nerdy geeky comic book fan of sorts here, I think Pelosi looks like an even more demented Harlequin genetically spiced with The Joker. Maxipad Waters will be her sidekick. 🙂

  6. VA chief: Time to rethink disability system; current setup ‘not sustainable’
    By: Karen Jowers, June 23, 2017
    Shulkin made the comments in response to a question about whether the system should be re-evaluated. Potential new offerings could include wellness programs, rather than simply monthly compensation payments. Disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to veterans who are determined to be at least 10 percent disabled because of injuries or diseases that happened during or were aggravated by military service.

    “I do believe we need to begin to start having a discussion and a dialogue. Not so much about withdrawing our commitment,” Shulkin said, but about how to make the system better to improve outcomes for veterans.

    “I think that rethinking how we could approach disability is a key topic that’s going to be very important in future years,” he said. …….Sounds like another screwing

    1. It’s “…not sustainable…” due to all the fucking wars the past five President’s, at least, have gotten us into.
      I do believe the Afgan war,(17 years and counting), is the longest war America has been involved with ever!

  7. It is clear that the feds want to keep his sentence to a minimum sentence by only charging him with the $150,000 charge. Realistically if they had prosecuted his case for the full crimes against Veterans and the public he would be facing a maximum prison sentence of up to 20 years.

    Notice how the federal prosecutor, who gave Burch the light charges, name is not being published. He should be fired for this sentence.

    As for Michael J. Missal Inspector General, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General also needs to be fired. Not only did he try to cover this up in the past with that bullshit with the New York Attorney General.

    Where Burch agreed to As part of a settlement, Burch paid $100,000 to the Attorney General, most of which will be re-directed to charities actually helping veterans. Burch also repaid his severance pay received from NVVF and will cooperate with ongoing investigations into others associated with NVVF and its fundraisers. Burch will also be subject to a permanent nationwide bar on access to charitable assets or decision-making.

    Also Missal should be fired for; “EXCLUSIVE: VA Watchdog Promised To Stop Misleading Congress, Then Rewrote Report To Hide Misconduct” Luke Rosiak Investigative Reporter Daily Caller, 03/06/2017

    I do hope everyone realizes that in the photo above McDonald was paid as a professional fund raiser by Burch. I wonder what the cost of the photo op was.

    1. Link to the cover-up deal.

      “A.G. Schneiderman Announces Settlements With Vietnam Veteran’s Charity And Its Founder For Squandering Millions In Donations”


      1. I seem to recall it was essentially Schneiderman pushing this from the start.

        Regardless, letting Burch “donate” to other “charities” is bullshit.

        This appears to be little more than a PR effort by Schneiderman in NY, and to hell with those ripped off living in any other state.

        Again, the feds should have handled this since his scam was national in scope.

        As it is, at least he got prosecuted, but it took a state AG to do it.

        I agree, Missal should be fired.

        Yes, McDonald is a corrupt bastard.

  8. Breaking News: “Trump signs ‘historic’ bill to transform VA”


    “[WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has signed a bill into law designed to make it easier to fire Department of Veterans Affairs employees.

    Trump promised during the campaign to dismiss VA workers “who let our veterans down.” He cast Friday’s signing at a White House ceremony as fulfillment of that promise.

    Trump says the law represents one of the biggest reforms to the VA in a generation or more. He promised future steps to transform the VA “until the job is done.”

    The measure was prompted by a 2014 scandal at the Phoenix VA medical center, where some veterans died while waiting for care. The VA is the government’s second-largest department, providing health care and other services to millions of veterans.]”

    (that was entire article)

    1. Pelosi, wasserman shultz, ellison and waters, among other dems voted against the legislation. why am I not surprised?

      1. I’m not surprised either. Smoke and mirrors. All it does is fake news that the President got something done. Nothing really changed.

        Read it. Would you vote for something that essentially did nothing?

    2. Nothing changed. Smoke and mirrors. The time for appeals, time for a judge to decide are all that changed. still goes back to the board that lets them keep their job.

  9. I wonder, how many of the VA upper echelon committing crimes against veterans were in the service during, or just after, the Vietnam War?
    The reason I’m asking is;
    Do y’all remember the group, in which all of them were never caught, belonged to the “Khaki Mafia”? It was a large group of military personnel, of all branches, having illegal dealings within the “Black Market”!

    I remember, decades ago, the Sergeant Major of the US Army telling Congress to “Fuck Off” when he was investigated over this issue!
    As a matter of fact, he DID SAY – “Fuck You” to Congress! And summarily received a “Dishonorable Discharge!” He then told Congress he’d “…made his millions and didn’t need [his] retirement!”

    Could be we’re seeing a resurgence of this type of reprobates running the “…most corrupt government agency…” in Washington and beyond, Including the AFGE!

  10. More than a dozen prominent Washington research groups have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments.. . in recent years while pushing United States government officials to adopt policies that often reflect the donors’ priorities, an investigation by The New York Times has found.
    The money is increasingly transforming the once-staid think-tank world into a muscular arm of foreign governments’ lobbying in Washington. And it has set off troubling questions about intellectual freedom: Some scholars say they have been pressured to reach conclusions friendly to the government financing the research.
    So if you can get a Fuck stick like Thomas Burch, Jr. to bring in 8mill. we should get together and start our own foundation, then we could get our own lobbing group..To pay off the RATS..Washington runs on money….all the people get is to pay for the overhead as in deficit…must be nice for the fuckwads in charge

  11. I would also like to hear more regarding CRDP (Concurrent Receipt). I fit all requirements will I receive it?

  12. I would like to hear more regarding (TDIU) veterans or if Congress reconsidered. This issue affects me.


    1. The TDIU will continue…let me look into my future telling ball…..gazing now….

      Here is how the future will play out wih such a political hot potato (I say poh-tate-oh)…

      A senator or two, or all, will realize that the powerful denture wearing voter block will blame congress when their good friends, great uncles, and grandpas and grandmas get tossed out of their homes in favor of a new living arrangement at the local KOA, section “D”. They know that the public won’t give a shit just WHY the old geezers got tossed out of home and life other than it was the VA that “did it to them, and godamn it congress should have done something to stop it!!!”

      So the senators will sense the future wrath of The People will be directed at the direct representatives of The People (congress) and send POTUS a budget bill that cuts him off at the kneecaps at EVERY possible turn if the pasty white guy from New York doesn’t play his trump cards right and nip this shit in the bud pronto. My future telling ball tells me that the big guy will make a deal on this one… My ball knows all. We should send potus some of these balls.

  13. What is expected when lead by the unknowing, followed by the unwilling and acknowledged by all. It was just a matter of time before he got caught even if most around were probably doing the same. Same on him!!

  14. a senior attorney responsible for Freedom of Information Act requests and the liaison between VA and Homeland……A perfect job to control information put out so your cronies and yourself don’t get caught.

    Another thing they need to do, Redefine Lobbying as Bribery, When I got taught this bullshit in school they made it sound like lobbyists where part of the government…Nothing but word play
    Schooling more like training to be fish in a group…LOL..Think outside the box

    1. I should have added he must have stepped on someones toes, because they are a tight group of Thieves..It’s not nice holding back the loot from the higher up RAT’S…GREED…GREED….GREED

  15. ultimately greed gets them in the end yet rearly does anything happen to the political whores when they get snagged with the fingers in the cookie jar. Just because they are vets does not make them righteous and do the right thing for veterans. Some of the biggest crooks I know are vets

      1. Amen, it touches all.
        Back when Comey was investigating Hillary, I sent him an email telling him to “high diddle diddle right up the middle and play it straight” He didn’t and then he “winked” at Rosenstein whom I had thought was straight and magic “POOF’ we had Mueller a former Marine Officer supposedly white as the driven snow, now investigating America’s belly button. We all are fed up with corruption no matter who or where.
        But on the whole vets I have met are straight arrow and I would defend vets to the hilt.
        We all need to pitch a bitch and rebel against the mistreatment of all of us. “Death before dishonor” spoken by all will achieve the end result.
        Read the real history of our great country, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Anzio, the Battle of the Bulge, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Resevoir, Iraq, Afganistan, FREEDOM IS NOT CHEAP BUT IT IS WORTH EVERYTHING TO STAND UP TO THE CROOKED BASTARDS IN THE VA. AND DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND,
        There are for the most part, great cops, but some are incompetent and some are bullies, etc., but that doesn’t mean they all are bad; 80% are the salt of the earth and devoted to their job, and it has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. We need to keep the system honest,, and keep the VA on its toes, protecting us all. Semper Fi.
        Let us grab our muskets and fix bayonets, we need to keep the pressure on and support each other. As Churchill said in one speech he gave, reiterated by Pres. Trump, “Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up!””///////////////////
        Look how much big Ben has accomplished when they tried to roll over him and he said: ‘Up yer ass with a red hot poker!” look how he advanced himself and how much benefit he has been to us all. I doubt that they do not say when he walks in the room, “attention on deck” and their assholes tighten up.

      2. Money trumps peace little boy george bush….The Time George Bush Accidentally Told The Truth 3:24 min.
        “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVNhXcdt3_8″………protecting our interests Yea right….We are just Cannon fodder for profit ………You too can become president, if you belong to their bloodline

  16. “MY ROLLS”? Geeez…why not just post flags stating: “This Rolls was purchased w/embezzled Funds from Veteran Donations”
    If you’re going to be an arrogant prick, lets just go ALL OUT!

  17. (Up to a) $55,000 fine and (Up to) 18 months in jail, plus a few other charges. Bullshit!
    If he gets any jail time, or is forced to pay even that much money in fines, well – let’s just say – bullshit!
    Look at what just happened to Biden’s niece lately. She charged over $100,000 to a credit card, which wasn’t hers, and received probation! She was still on probation for hitting a police officer from a couple years before!

    I can see it all now. The judge will say Burche does great work for VA and veterans. Therefore, I sentence you to 6 months probation and time served! And no fine!

    There’s a “double standard” out there brothers and sisters. The “Washington elite” get to say fuck you to the laws, while we “lay persons” are put away for extended periods of time!

    1. And to anyone who has NOT read that much about the corruption going on with the DAV, (Disabled American Veterans), Service Organization –
      I totally recommend visiting
      “DAVReform dot org”!
      There’s plenty of criminal activities committed by these reprobates!

      1. My favorite DAV story of corruption happened here in Florida a few years ago.
        The DAV was allowed to meet, once or twice a month, at their local VFW. Not to bad so far, one would think, right! Well, this was occurring during DAV’s time period where they were stealing chapters away from their members!
        So, one day, the wife of an chapter officer, working at the “property deed office” in Lake City, Fl., noticed the “deed” had been changed over who owned the building!
        Seems a State DAV officer had changed the name, illegally, over on the deed to where the DAV now owned the VFW’s building.
        After notifying the VFW’s Commander on this issue, a conference call was then made to VFW State Department and National.
        It would actually take VFW threatening the DAV with a law suit to stop the bullshit from going any further!

        Once y’all visit “DAVReform.org” you’ll know more about that corrupt VSO!

  18. This sentence as a closing point is correct but I believe misses the mark:
    “The senior attorney was subsequently investigated by the agency, but not before he was seen shaking hands with former VA Secretary Robert McDonald.”

    Let me amend your sentence Ben;

    “The senior attorney was subsequently investigated by the agency, but not before he was awarded a medal by a then giddy VA secretary, Bob McDonald who then posed side by side in warm company with the man to show his profuse gratitude from VA on behalf of America.”

    Ben if I had a blog, as you can see it would take a LOT longer to get through MY daily articles…. I am gonna go look at my Good Conduct medals now. In the Marines you get one if you pass Go ever year WITHOUT going to the brig.

  19. He’s guilty, and so are many people associated with him. He’s a sacrificial lamb. Too many people knew, including Dr. Shulkin. The fines are a joke. Are all his charges misdemeanors? What was that $55,000.00 fine for anyway. Good article@Ben&others.

  20. What’s it like to quit your job and go TDIU? Anyone done it? I’m 70% SC PTSD and am sick of the disrespect from people because my disability makes it hard for me to talk and socialize. I’ve been discriminated against and sidelined from any real advancement because I’m not a suck up to the boss.

  21. What are the chances of suing the VA for encouraging this scum to rip off veterans, or even if they knew, (which they did) and didn’t do anything about it

  22. Regarding my comment above about Burch and Cronauer, I found Ben’s previous post on this at:


    I had found their 990 from 2011 with Burch listed as President, and Cronauer as Director.

    Looks like the VA does a hell of a poor job at vetting employees for sensitive jobs.

    My comment from that post:

    “The VA claiming they did not know that Burch ran a veterans charity outside his employment is a blatant lie.
    NVVF was founded by Burch in 1992. I believe initially to compete with the VVA, Vietnam Veterans of America, and their foundation, VVF. It didn’t take long for Burch to jump on the Gulf War veteran bandwagon to use that as a fundraising vehicle. It didn’t take long before a spin-off was created as the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition was formed to include Gulf War vets. It also went by the names National Vietnam Veterans Coalition Foundation, NVVC Special Projects, and Veterans Foundation.
    Interestingly, a blog post from 2015 on newtoseattle dot com by William Barrett shows the NVVF also went by the name American Veterans Support Foundation. The blog post provides significant detail on Burch and his scams. Other net searches show a number of complaints about their fundraising practices, including one on greatnonprofits dot org from 2014 by a Vietnam vet which suggests Burch was providing trinkets and advertising in VA hospitals, then contacting those veterans for donations.
    The Secretary of State web site for Washington has detail on them, including a phone number which may be a cell phone. Doing a search on that phone number shows it tied to several addresses around Washington, DC.
    Their IRS form 990s can be downloaded from projects dot propublica dot org, and their 990s show an address for the NVVF as 1015 N Pelham Street in Alexandria, VA…which is a house.

    Doing a search on that street address shows it tied to the Burch and Cronauer P. C. Legal Services firm, listed as a “branch location”.

    Does the name Cronauer sound familiar? It should. Its the name of Adrian Cronauer of Good Morning, Vietnam fame. According to wikipedia, Cronauer was disbarred in 2014 for “misleading consumers, through misrepresentations and deceptive and fraudulent loan modification and foreclosure prevention practices”.
    A Google street view of that address shows no sign of a Rolls Royce in the driveway.

    Oh, and the 990 I looked at? It shows total revenue for 2011 of a little over $4 million, with an expense of $3.1 million for professional fundraising.

    They also list an asset which is a “Portrait of Napoleon”, valued at over $4300.

    They list giving $29,554 as monetary assistance to economically distressed veterans and/or veterans families for necessities. This is the 990 listing his brother as a recipient.

    I knew NVVF, NVVC was a scam in the 90s. I found this after a few minutes searching.

    What the hell is taking the VA IG so long?”

    1. Because they plain do not give a rat’s ass about the vet and you have to put a stick of dynamite under their ass to get anything done

  23. I must say I am shocked to see this. I also must say the VA had nothing to do with him being charged. It can only be that some other entity forced charges on him.

    Gee, doesn’t McDonald look stupid now?

    …and the VA IG?

    Good riddance to another VA thief.

    1. MacDonald was corrupt he wasn’t stupid, he just plain didn’t give a damn about the Veteran he should have been kicked in the nuts

      1. I still recall his dumbass comment about not being able to fire your way to excellence.

        Hell, McStupid didn’t even try.

        Yeah, he needs a good steel toe right in the bag.

  24. Generally true but there are attorneys who specialize in attorney malpractice and this VA is a fat cat and can afford to pay big bucks out to the vets

    1. VA has $$$$$. They are wasteful, and no controls (means that the VA is out of control). Being out of control, is why I truly believe that there are loopholes, somewhere, that can pull this SCUM-SCAM down, big time. Anyway, this is what I’m looking for, loopholes. Areas where I or someone can kick open the corruptive doors of the VA and hit these bastards on the side of the soft temple (left or right will do).

      Hit the VA with something unexpected, something that they haven’t dealt with, something that confuses the hell out of the VA (you get the picture). Who knows, somhething can show up at any time. But, do you know what? This whole dam thing of the VA in how she operates, can all be changed if the VA Leadership was willing to change for the best interests of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).

      But the VA won’t do the right thing. There is to much money involved and at stake. What a mess. No motivation to change for the better. VA can’t even set standards of GOOD. The VA doesn’t know what GOOD means.

      GOOD means that it is in a VA Employee’s pocket. More money honey. Thank you. What’s next?

  25. Sadly, the ones doing damage to other veterans are often veterans themselves. It’s sick to use your veteran status to get people to trust you so you can wiggle money out of them.

    Well, not surprised. I’m dealing with a VA attorney who is also scum too. I have to bite my lip every time we interact to call this attorney on the scum that this attorney is.

    Thing is, the VA gets away with doing what it does because it takes scum to look the other way. VSOs are scum. The union is scum. Majority of VA employees are scum. “https://youtu.be/K2eXVA2b6so”

    ’nuff said

    1. Is he an attorney whom you hired to represent you against the VA? If so, you can fire him; You should interview another attorney to check his/her representation level/quality

      1. Unfortunately attorneys are a tight bunch. Very rare you’re going to find one who will report another and/or be truthful about another attorney’s wrongdoings.

    1. file 10 civil lawsuits against one of these creeps while they are being prosecuted, drive ’em into the ground, do NOT let the union represent them in either kinds of cases

      1. Sadly, that’s the only way you’re going to get these creeps – by using the courts to hold them accountable. Don’t count on DOJ, VA, IGs, etc. to hold these creeps accountable.

        Problem is, no one really has the money and/or time to go after these creeps and they persist in getting away with what they do.

        Here’s the VA covering up for the DAV: “https://youtu.be/K2eXVA2b6so”

  26. Nobody is above the Law, you cheat, lie steal time why working at VA, and many of the other sad things people do, you need to face up like this man and pay the price. I respect that he turned himself in, and this should be considered when Judge decides any Jail time. I wish more people at VA and other organizations had the balls to face past sin. Have a Come to Jesus meeting with proper authorities. What bothers me the most is not this small stuff but the millions of Veterans and families that was subjected by armed services to TCE and PCE when all Government agencies knew that EPA was working hard to delete these chemicals from fresh water sources on post, not just Camp Lejeune but all the Super fund sites, plus all the people like myself who were armorers, or worked directly around TCE and PCE. VA has covered it for 40 years, just like Agent Orange, it is the new version. I would like to give all of them who deny it happened or it was bad a nice tall glass of 1986 Schofield Barracks water or Camp Lejeune water. Those are the butt holes I want.

    1. The only problem is….he never actually turned himself in…no…he was CAUGHT…and this same scum had access and some authority over the VA’s Freedom Of Information Act Requests, if I recall as well.

      That $150,000. is a very small $$$ compared to what he actually scammed and squirreled away, as he was only returning single digit % back to the very Veterans he said his charity scam supported…the rest went into his lavish lifestyle.

      Be clear…he did NOT just honestly turn his ass in…the evidence was overwhelming…his ratty assed fat ass got his ratty claws caught in the Veteran Cookie Jar. He’s the ‘Boss Hogg’ of the VA.

      Rant Out.

      1. My gosh, we can’t shoot him,, hmmmm, I know let’s take him out in the woods for PT, I bet he can run 20 miles?!

      2. Lin Halliday was ‘LuLu Hogg of the OIG office. Looking like a big ol human pizza pocket with legs. Mattress back, two toned manattee silohoutte gut having big fat bitch! They are all crooked. Megan Flanz too! She was in charge of human resources, but didnt know she was an attorney at the time. That is why VA changes their position so that they can say they were not acting as an attorney when they gather info from whistleblowers. I got her number, “bar number” in Cali to be exact. She knows as an attorney, the shady misrepresentations by the 2 dimwits in her eastern office.

      3. Gather the evid and get her disbarred; she needs to go down and also lil cocks,cuz he doesn’t represent the little guy who is bullied on the job

      4. Correct Namnibor. Burch has been scum for years. I recall looking at his “charity” financials for one year when Ben first wrote about Burch being caught by CNN. He raised millions, and disbursed very little to veterans, but did include his brother.

        If you go to the article linked in Ben’s post, a commenter there said for one year, Burch took in $8.6 million, while giving out only $122k.

        If you do a search on Burch & Cronauer of Good Morning, Vietnam fame, you find they both had a law firm of the same name in DC. I wonder if Cronauer was aware of this, or a part of Burch’s group.

      5. Why is Burch only being fined $150,000 when he stole $8.6 Million, hey who is representing the prosecution, come on ‘Jedge’

      6. FPG, I assume whoever prosecuted this only reviewed a very short period of his operation, which means the prosecutor went for the easy win.

        They should have looked back at every record he submitted to the IRS for his scam charity. He founded his group in 1992, and they raised (scammed) a hell of a lot more than $150k.

      7. 91Veteran,

        Here is a link to the IRS form 990 tax filings required by Burch’s bogus non-profit.


        They are compliments of work being done by Pro Publica who is involved with Journalism in the public interest. A great organization. Also on their page you can search any organizations name to find their tax filings.

        Such as AMVETS or American Legion. You can then search all of their form 990 filings. AMVETS has 768 different charitable organizations although I should point out that each of their bars and gaming facilities, know as post, also all file as charities.

        Then there is the American Legion with it’s 24,342 charities. Most are also just like AMVETS nothing more than gaming operations and bars.

        Back to Burch, and his so called charity between 2011 and 2015 he report that they received $24,633,187. Of course he claims that most of the money went to pay professional fund raisers.

        Just like AMVETS and American Legion claim. See all of those bartenders, cooks waitresses, maintenance people, Lobbyists and lawyers defending these gaming operations are considered all professional fund raisers.

        Let’s not forget all the gaming machines supplied by companies in the gaming industry who get the lions share off the top of the profits from gambling in all of these VSO posts. I am, sorry I guess they call that lion’s share donation and not profits.

        The Gaming industry then pays rent to VSO posts to keep their machines in the each of the bars. Of course the rent amount they pay the posts yearly can run twice of what the whole property of the post is worth.

        I guess the Gaming industry can then use the VSO posts non-profit Veteran status to run their criminal gambling operations.

      8. Charity status and gaming capability equal a license to print money.

        With nobody in authority willing to ask questions as long as they get their cut.

      9. Your right 91Veteran,
        Also, it is a great way to launder money, fund terrorism and finance political campaigns. For example, take the nonprofit “AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ABU DHABI” who’s forms 990 show they have collected more than $100 million through gambling donations in the United states, while Obama was in office and Hillary was at the State Department.

        According to articles in the Daily Caller Bill Clinton earned $15 million in a hedge fund deal with his business partner who runs the school and also collected $5,6 Million to serve as “honorary chairman” of a Dubai-based for-profit network of Islamic K-12 school.

        The School has also donated millions back to the Clinton Foundation.

        The school’s form 990 tax filings are listed at the Pro Publica website. A link to them is: “https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/980050118”

        “EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket”

        “EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton Got Millions From World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm”

      10. But to be fair it is not just Dems in on the non-profit gambling, money laundering and continuing Criminal enterprise.

        Here is a link to an episode of American Greed that shows not only do the Dems profit from it but also the Republicans and the CIA.

        “Hail to the Thief”
        43:11•Full Episode•Season 8 Episode 14


      11. So in the balance sheets of “AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ABU DHABI” Bill Clinton is considered an expense as a professional fund raiser.

      12. If anyone is interested the school dose boost on Wikipedia that actual does have the following. Although I do note they do not provide classrooms.

        “The school is located on the island of Abu Dhabi city. The school facilities include a library, 2 Mosques, Art Rooms, Computer Labs, Swimming and Wading Pools, and six science labs. AISA has two gymnasiums, Outdoor and Indoor basketball courts, 2 Artificial Soccer Pitches and a grass Soccer Pitch.”

      13. One last add can’t forget Robbie Mcdonald’s non Profit.

        “The Foundation for American Veterans”. The Foundations founder is Robert McDonald. The foundations forms 990 are accessible at “https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/383214263”

  27. Sad to hear that one of our own has crossed the line, but we learned that rank or service did not keep one from heading off to the Navy Brig at Portsmouth or to Leavenworth. Colonels and Generals go there too. where they have a cell reserved for “Songbird McCain”

    1. THIS VA RAT IS NOT ONE OF OUR OWN BURCH WIIGO TO FESDERAL PRISION ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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