VA Disability

Secretary Wants To Redo VA Disability, Present System ‘Not Sustainable’

VA Disability

With all the talk about cutting Individual Unemployability benefits, the new VA secretary may be pushing for an even more radical step to VA disability compensation.

Who knew Shulkin could take the whole system off a cliff, not just benefits for severely disabled, elderly veterans?

“I think that rethinking how we could approach disability is a key topic that’s going to be very important in future years,” Secretary David Shulkin, MD, said. “Our system incentivizes disability, when our system should be incentivizing health and well-being.”

“Our current disability system that is designed from 50, 60 or 70 years ago….. I would suggest it’s not sustainable and it may not be achieving the results of well-being for our veterans,” Shulkin said at Bush Institute event.

“Everybody recognizes we have a responsibility as a country to provide and be able to supplement resources for veterans that were harmed or injured during their time of duty. I don’t think anybody‘s suggesting that we take away our commitment to that,” he said.

According to Military Times:

Shulkin made the comments in response to a question about whether the system should be re-evaluated. Potential new offerings could include wellness programs, rather than simply monthly compensation payments. Disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to veterans who are determined to be at least 10 percent disabled because of injuries or diseases that happened during or were aggravated by military service. 

VA Disability Budget Increases

VA budget documents claim beneficiaries who receive disability compensation and pension benefits in 2018 will increase by 180,000 from the previous year. The increase will result in a $1 billion increase in benefits payouts at $87 billion next year.

While any increase in veterans benefits may seem surprising to Chickenhawks who send us off to war while underfunding the Department of Veterans Affairs, any budget increases seem in line with the high-cost impact of traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities from the present wars.

But are these increases unsightly? Do they warrant a dramatic restructuring of VA disability compensation? Or, are these maneuvers a ploy to just downsize veterans?


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  1. not to sound Un-American–and yes, i am a veteran with PTSD; but i know many vets who have placed getting well on the back-burner because the disability check is too good. For some, disability is indeed an incentive to not get well. I know people who put off surgeries (that otherwise would make them get well sooner) because they don’t want their rating decreased. I know people who pick-out hard to prove disabilities, or crap that they know they don’t qualify for (clogging up the system), because they’re trying to get pushed to 100%. It’s all about the money for some. lets not act like this doesn’t happen. I’ve questioned the integrity of some of my fellow vets who have done this, and the response was the same. They blame VA for writing the regs the way that they did; and if that reg happens to give a vet a loophole to get benefits, then they all have said it’s foolish to not take advantage of the free money.

  2. Who knows what the DD214 code SPN 432 means? I am about to lose my android charge, and I don’t come on here often, so I am not very good at navigating this site! It can’t mean homo, because I was crazy in love with the same woman (lost her in 2011) for 46 years! It can’t mean behavior, because I only had one or two tiny dust ups in more than two years, and made three promotions in one year! Last, but not least, it can’t mean mental, because the only psychological problems I had were understandable, and revolved around the exploding rockets in Vietnam that I told you guys about a couple weeks ago, and the the hearing loss and exaggerated startle reponse they caused. Again, my DD214 code is SPN 432. Anyone know what it means?

      1. 10/4, C.J. and thanks! BTW: That asshole Warren says that he thinks he can pick out “Fake vets by how elaborte their stories, accounts, and documentation are.” That is ASININE! The V.A. FORCES us to document and elaborate before we have ANY chance of winning our claim! They seem to operate on the false belief that because THEY are corrupt ASSHOLES, WE must be also!

      2. @Rick Lipary: Your very welcome. Hey don’t let people like Warren, rent any space in your head. If a Veteran, makes a claim, and it is backed up by his military record, who cares what the likes of Warren, war Mike, and the very scary raptor eagle thinks.

        Those are the kind people, we end up reading about, that claim they were abducted by aliens, and forced to listen to Zydeco music in reverse.

        Here is a possible senario, Warren, warMike, and raptor eagle, are in boot camp, along with poor Bob. Dumbass raptor eagle, fucks up on the hand grenade range, and poor Bob jumps on the dropped grenade, saving the lives of the other three fucktards. Poor Bob, lives, but his military career has ended.

        Now some Veterans would say poor Bob, doesn’t deserve to have VA benefits because he was never in combat. Some would say poor Bob, doesn’t deserve the same benefits they do, because poor Bob, didn’t serve the same amount of time they did. Yet other Veterans would say, poor Bob, is making shit up because he sure doesn’t look like he jumped on a grenade. Funny how those three are still alive, to talk shit about poor Bob. Maybe if poor Bob thought like they did, he would have ducked, instead of jumping on a grenade, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        It’s a slippery slope, when we take on the role of judge, jury, and executioner.
        Those three should worry about their own shoes, because they sure as hell don’t know shit about poor Bob’s.

      3. The va is to help veterans obtain that information ! They don’t. !

        The va is to go in favour of the veterans when in doubt. ! They don’t. !

        The va is to treat veterans in a timely manner. ! They don’t. !

        Va when reporting veterans as being disruptive they are required to provide written proof. ! They don’t. !..

        The va is to fire bad employees. ! They don’t. !

        The va is to help when veterans have a problem with staff. ! They don’t. !

        The va is not to lie to veterans. ! They do. !

        Veterans matter. ! They don’t. !

        On and on. !

      4. Spot on, James! Despite what the government tells us, at least 80% see us as losers for being disabled, and view us as a collective nuisance and burden!

  3. Why don’t they just shoot me. For I don’t believe I have much time left now that I am loosing all of my teeth, have 3-4 grandmas seizures a month due to any stress. Now I here that they say they can’t continue to fund our right to disability. Well I believe if we get rid of some of these people’s salaries we can continue our funding of our up employability. Do they think it is fun not to work?
    Well if we get rid of them they can have the same fun I have each minute of the day wondering what is next? Walk a mile in my shoes and you will see how it is to loose fun the ability to work, smell, to chew food without pain,

    1. @James Alto, sorry to hear of your grand mall seizures. Please keep trying to get care and help for your disability. I hope soon that you will get the help you need and become more stable with your disability. Disability is a heavy burden to carry and many of us suffer daily with our disabilities. Take care. And God speed.

    2. What r they doing or not doing to you. ? Veterans on this site are trying to help all veterans.

      I have suggested that any veteran having problems write the Secretary and tell him what they are going through.

      Who, when, where and how. !

      That means getting copies of all your medical records and point out the above.

      It’s been a mess for many veterans and we must stick together and share our stories with each other and to the Secretary, our elected officials.

      One, thing many veterans on this site has stated over and over, never give up hope.

      Who, knows one day someone that actually cares, will pick up one of these letters and finely say, enough is enough and actually hold bad employees accountable.

      Hang in their and keep asking what you can expect in future treatments.

    1. @cj – – – OKer, there, you have a good evening. God bless you and your family. Hope your harvesting is doing well.

      1. @ANutterVet: Sorry Nutter, yes I signed out for a while. No the meds are not straightened out, I have a suspicion they will cut me off without notice. Not a problem, and you know why that is. Also, I don’t NEED the VA, so I can get my meds elsewhere. Funny how cynical I have become towards the VA since 2010, I have lost all trust in that damn agency to do the right thing. Once trust is lost…………what’s left?

        T, Figure8, and others, I had to chuckle, we are all in need of knee replacements, wonder if we can get some kind of group replacement deal, can you see the results if we had this done at the same VA? I would get T’s right knee, and F8fan’s left knee, T would get my left knee and F8fan’s right knee etc, with one leg longer than the other we would walk in circles, of course the VA is one big circle jerk, so to them it would be a successful surgery. Here we go round the fuckery bush, so early in the morning.

        To be perfectly clear……….I would NEVER let the va take a knife to my body!!!!!

  4. @cj – – – Its the DEA. Ordered by others. CJ, after you read some of those papers, by the way I wouldn’t read anything older than 5 years. In this way you can eliminate a lot of reading, and to not be overwhelmed while researching.

    How have you’ve been lately? Do they have all your meds straightened out? Sure hope so there for ya bud. The dam mess that starts when you deal with healthcare, it becomes a view of many cascading problems. With no accountability, the VA Members of the Bonus Society, answers to no one. No one at all.

    And that’s exactly how it is. Here on one of the earliest nights of 2017’s new summer. Should we just be thankful, and do what we do? Or, do we try to find other ways to expose the VA Robots and bring the spotlight of shame on them if the VA doesn’t want to change.

    Off Topic- Gave K9 brain freeze from eating ice cream to fast, to much. LMAO.

    1. @cj, I left a message with you about TBI examination letters. I just wanted to give you a heads up if you didn’t already know. Do a search on Ben’s blog top of this page. “TBI examination letters” Hope you already know about this. You were not examined by a proper professional/doctor. The articles dated in July 2016.

  5. @ANutterVet: I am not bragging believe me when I say this, My tolerance for pain is through the roof, I can get sliced to the bone and calmly sew myself up and keep on working. This I attribute to being in severe pain my entire life to where, for me it is normal, I don’t know any different. Not so for so many of you, out there, and I feel for you, I think it is nothing short of a criminal action to put people on narcotics, finally give them relief, then pull the damn rug out from under them with no solution before doing so.

    I know you lost your arm in the auto accident sir, we will provide you with the finest care available, your in the best of hands, take two aspirins, and call me in the morning. That kind of thinking, they would heat up a cast iron pan to cauterize the damn missing arm.

    1. The VA should be furnishing medical M.J. to veterans for some pain and for veterans with ptsd or tbi.

      It may not help everyone, but it has helped many veteran’s !

      Cutting off veterans cold Turkey, can explain the 22 veteran’s suicides each day or part of it.

      I had to drink to get to sleep once treated and given something to help me sleep, I have been a lot better and have not touched a single drink.

      Some VA employees do not like success when it comes to veterans.

  6. @cj – – – I’ve have felt for many years, that there are no immediate release medications that can perform, as expected, compared to Schedule 2 Controlled Substances. @cj, try go visit RT and search for the documentary on Anti-Psychotic Medications. I feel for those people. There shaking, nodding, and can’t stay still. A big wake up call for me. Pass onto others that you know so that they are aware of this trap on getting us on Anti-Depressant Medications.

    @cj, this has me pissed off. I know deep in my mind, heart, and scientific sole, that there is something dirty right here; New VA Trial and Error Choice of Action in Treating Chronic Pain combined with PTSD. Oh my, this is a far medical stretch.

  7. @cj – – – I think anti-Depressants cost less too. But, cj, I’ve found NO solid medical information that favors this Course of Action in treating all level of pain, combinations of pain in different locations, and PTSD. This is totally absurd, and this is exactly what VA is trying to push on me. Stress is terrible. And, using Meds against me.

    Hey, hey you, hey I’m speaking to you. Listen go ahead and trust your local VA PCP’s. They’ll take care of you. Yep, they surely will. The VA thinks that we are their Bitch. WTF!!!

    1. @ANutterVet: Correctomundo,, ZERO evidence anything other than narcotics, works for severe, chronic pain. Bad thing is, these damn government assholes are spilling their bs into the private sector as well,, where your private doctors, and pain specialist, are becoming fearful of losing their license, for scripting much needed opiates. What a mess the damn politicians on both sides and the damn middle have created, along with the DEA.

      1. I was concerned about this exact same thing when DEA set-up their Directives on Really Cracking Down on the distribution of a Pain Medication that is a Controlled Substance.

        I think what the DEA is doing, is to limit Mu-Receptor loving Pharmaceuticals like Opiates, but they are also heavily cracking down on Benzodiazepines, and as usual, the controversial Muscle Relaxer, Carisoprodol (Soma). Say Car-I-so-pro-dol. Easy.

      2. @I have no proof of this, but it only makes sense who is behind all this, the DEA, and politicians, who else would it be? Everyone else benefits from opiates in one way or another, either by profit or pain relief.

  8. @cj – Your spot on. I think the VA might be involved in some sort of Correlation Study on Pain treated by Anti-Depressants and other anti-psychotic medications.

    1. @ANutterVet: I have read study after study, and not a damn single study shows any type of anti depressant nor anti phychotic med works in place of a narcotic. The only study that showed any type of relief was an iv type of ibuprophene. kinda hard to live a normal life with an iv attached to your arm.

      Another form of non narcotic med is in the testing stages, shows no sign of addiction, butttttttttttt, only blocks a percentage of what narcotics do. At any rate that drug is many years away from being used on human subjects.

  9. Many of our siblings are struggling in one way or another. We find most of the time, that it is hard for us to trust the VA. And this is understandable in all manners. We should be very skeptical after reading all of Ben’s Articles, and posters comments about the weekday topic, or just to make Off Topic Comments or something.

    But for real, here are some contacts that I found Googling this phrase, “free psychological help phone.” I not promoting anyone’s services, but only wanted to provide a listing of alternative psychotherapy consults by phone. You’ll have to screen them as you would any other company. Check Better Business Bureau or State Licensing Division in the State where their practice is located.

    1. I forgot to list the search to Google. Here it is, “free psychological help phone.”

      1. @ANutterVet: Nutter, I still can’t find any known replacement for narcotics for severe chronic pain. Now I ask, what should be the normal course of action?

        Sounds to me, that they should first develop an alternative pain control med FIRST, then talk about taking people off their narcotix, SECOND!!! O—|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>——-

        Slimy Rat Bastards!!!!!!

        Or am I making too much sense?

      2. @cj, did you get one of these examination letters for TBI? If you type in TBI examination letters in Ben’s blog search bar on top of this page several TBI articles came up. Please review this because i do not believe you were examined by a proper professional at the va. These articles were in July 2016.

      3. I have a BVA remand because of unqualified examiners. Will take time. The contract have to be let to private contractors because the VA doesn’t have the personnel.

        I’m hoping for the University of Colorado Medical school but that may be ill advised. The campus is where the new Denver VA that is grossly over budget and behind schedule.

        We are just not turning out pre med students from our high schools. I gather this from listening to a couple of teachers talking about the “new methods” last Thursday. No rote memory training and developing of the brain in current programs. ie: spelling, multiplication tables, etc. And to be a good Dr. you need a huge fund of rote memory to draw upon. Thus our pre med students are coming from counties that are not technologically advanced. India, etc.

      4. @Lem, your exactly on target. I hope this process does not take too much time for you and cj. They want to use foreign doctors because they except the lower paid salaries, no student debt they have to pay off.

      5. Look around you at any clinic. Foreign doctors are all that are getting through medical school. The reason is they started learning in schools that require rote learning of spelling and arithmetic and definitions. Brains not trained in rote learning can’t make it through memorizing details of anatomy and physiology. Thus they can’t develop the mental tools to be physicians.

        Look at any instruction that comes with using something or putting it together. Because of the lac of rote the broader thinking individuals can’t bring themselves down to the need of detail required by the ordinary person. And because they cannot use detailed memory they are quick to do trial and error. Trial and error doesn’t work well in medicine. Failure means you are dead or severely damaged goods.

        Better stick to those foreign doctors for the right care the first time. They are the ones who know their anatomy and physiology in detail.

  10. New Direction, But Not Off Topic – – – Its not like anyone is wrong if one person’s opinion who posts on Ben’s Blog is different from another. Specific areas of performing what is basically referred to as Micro-Managing is a unique and basic method of determining what specific areas of the VA’s Entire System of Conjugated Medical and Claims Services.

    You know, we all have our reasons to speak up, write down how you’ve been screwed over, or just to vent out, cuss, use dark humor, then add your dam personal stuffs to the mix. It doesn’t matter. We’ve all in some way been burnt, hurt, or done wrong to that may bother you deeply. But hey, try to wish all well, while protecting what you have.

    *****NOTE***** – – – The communication that is taking place, in real time, is a very good example of why Ben’s Blog contains a vocal group of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) that most likely, are speaking out about the same things that needs to be changed in the VA System of Cheap Services.

  11. Wanna save money? Shut down all the va medical facility’s. Give each vet a credit card
    type Medicare card and let him/her or whatever go to a medical facility of there chosen.
    That’s the end of all this BS. Just have a small group of civilians and military overseeing
    the operation. Just a group we can go to if needed.
    And as for dr shulkin when you have walked in our boots then you can make decisions
    for us. A non military person should not be making decisions for us. Just like men should not
    be making decisions for what a women can do with her body.
    Hey Donald, I hope I wrong about thinking that maybe half the country was right about you.
    You said you would take care of of vets. Don’t let us down. Put the right people. People
    Who take care of us. Not just bean counters.
    That’s my 2 cents Brithers and Sisters

    1. I been saying this for a long, long time………………
      Can you imagine how much money we can save by getting rid of all those “employees” so much money for salaries and benefits and for lil’ cocks…………….Billions. no $10 Million art projects, no 40 Billion overruns in construction projects, no stolen drugs at the VA……………………………………………………………………..
      Put that money towards administration of benefits, in and out………………………………

      1. You guy’s know that makes to much sense !

        But that is the answer shut it down, have only VBA, cemetery agency and all veteran’s go to private doctor’s of our choice.

  12. They have not spent a dime helping me with my traumatic brain injury, even with VA neurologists stating I have a traumatic brain injury.

    The VA has denied my claim over and over, not one red cent spent. !

    1. @James s Gallegos: James, I expect an answer on my TBI claim early September, if it’s a denial, I take it to a judge, and I will win. I can’t for the life of me, understand, how the hell, are they denying your claim.

      We should assemble the panel that decided your claim, point a gun at their heads, and ask ” Whatcha think doc? When I pull trigger, TBI or no TBI?”

      1. In my case, I would tape a stick of TNT to their fucking skull, light the fuse, and ask, TBI or no TBI?

      2. Ask for a hearing w/in 30 days on the record, someone is screwing with you
        There is no reason for such bullshit.

      3. Find out specifically WHO denied you claim and on what basis; there are some real weasels in the claims benefits dept

      4. I will wait to see what happens through the secretaries office. I believe in a good paper trail for when I have to go in front of a judge.

        The more they mess up, the better for me in the end !

        I believe the VA would not tell a veteran who completed or worked on any claim, VA state’s VA employees have privacy rights.

      5. Cj…..I even had a outside doctor wright [at least likely as not] and they denied me,so they do what they want, I had plenty of other proof also …..denied ..

      6. I believe that when the VA employee falsely accused me of disruptive behavior and the VA putting into my official medical record’s that I wanted to shoot the rater who did my rating in 1974.

        Then that I wanted to shoot someone at the Denver VA and then writing that I wanted to murder staff at my local clinic.

        Had something to do with it. Or they are just so corrupt that they do this to veterans on purpose.

        I’m trying to get off the disruptive committee radar and I don’t think shooting people will accomplish that. !

        They are not worth jail time, I will bide my time and keep fighting legally. I am pissed about this, but they say the pen is mighter than the sword.

        Don’t want to join the ? employee group !

        I sent Secretary Shulkin evidence that should that I was falsely accused of disruptive behavior.

        I sent him a folder requesting an earlier effective date on my disability claim and sent him a packet with all the evidence showing I have a traumatic brain injury.
        With everything going on I am supprised that this has not happened by veterans.

        Since this has not happened, I think this proves that the VA is wrong saying veteran’s are dangerous.

        If that were true there would be a lot of news reports about veteran’s killing employees.

        They have it ass backwards, the real danger is VA employees attacking the veterans and each other.

      7. @James s Gallegos: James, a symptom of TBI, is doing shit without realizing the consequences. So you saying your going to shoot someone, is actually part of the proof you have a TBI. In other words they used proof of a TBI, to deny a TBI? Very interesting.

  13. When I first started going to the VA for Medical Services, I never wanted to get into a BIG MEDICAL now possibly rolling into a BIG LEGAL if, as far as I’m concerned, the VA doesn’t back off from trying to force me to take any type of Anti-Depressant(s) or other type of Psychiatric Medication(s), that they’re against my scientific medical belief and understanding to the main Course of Action(s) in treating the following consecutively;

    continual chronic low back pain with painful spasms, continual moderate cervical neck pain with spasms, on and off pain in right arm from shoulder to wrist, and full body muscle atrophy being emphasized more on one side.

    I lack balance, endurance, stamina, and get winded after trimming regular hair, clipping facial hair, and then shaving my self bald. And, I informed the VA, that I refuse to take additional Pain Medication(s) in order to be able to visit a VA Medical Center (VAMC) for an Office Appointment.

    Bottom Line- I don’t want my body to be use to only a certain amount of Pain Medication. The lesser, the better. And, the VA tends to get a lot pushier with the things the VA requires to be done, but the VA cares less about your input.

    Medical style(s) of the VA doesn’t contain any groovy types of medical modality(ies) that I particularly care to participate in because it makes me very uncomfortable, and I upfront don’t trust VA Medical Staff for Intrusive Procedures.

    Nope, won’t say that I’m sorry one bit in not trusting the VA. I know, just like most say, “You’re not the only one that is going through this.” Like the last sentence comforts me? I would be concerned even more if everyone was going through something that I was going through myself.

  14. I am sure a number of the posters who have been in for a while will remember some of the excellent coverage by Ben, AJ Lagoe at KARE 11, and Ron Nessler at VA is Lying on the subject of the VA listing false information in their Our Doctors info at each VA Health Care facility.

    Well the VA Inspector General’s Office just issued a report on the subject. It only took Michael J. Missal’s office two years and 10 requests from Congressman to finally issue a report. Basically, they found that in fact the Our Doctors info does contain bogus information and they will be looking at correcting the problem in the future.

    Also, I would like to point out that the bogus info is put there by the doctors themselves. Who wants a dishonest doctor handling their healthcare?

    The links below are to some of the coverage on the problem also want to point out that the KARE 11 Link has a great Video report on the subject.

    Ben in your Article you may want to update your link to the Vid your link is not functioning.

    “Veterans Affairs Caught Falsifying Doctors’ Certifications”
    By Benjamin Krause – November 10, 2015

    “Medical credentials questioned at VA hospitals”
    “A.J. Lagoe and Steve Eckert , KARE 10:39 PM. CST November 09, 2015”

    “Healthcare Inspection Review of Veterans Health Administration’s “Our Doctors” Website Accuracy”
    VA Office of Inspector General June 23rd, 2017
    Bogus doc info report at: “”

    1. @Seymore Klearly – – – Thanks for the posts. I may not be interested in all of them, but there’re some that I am interested in. One person can’t handle everything that the VA has in their Unlimited Corruption File.

      I have never in my entire life, been exposed to such incompetent and reckless medical services, supplies, and outreach programs that the VA offers their BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), to supposedly help them get better, or well, better off (than what?).

      I’ve found that the VA has an extreme lack in using streamlined 21st. Century Technologies for BIG PROBLEM AREAS that are happening all through the VA System.

      @Seymore, for accountability. My, if I was working for the VA, had some clout and power so no VA Black Hatted Dirt Ball could give me trouble, I’d focus on one particular area that I suspect there could be a lot of monies that can be saved. No matter what, its going to be about money, BIG TIME too.

      For example, lets say we do this. I pick the area of the Distribution of Controlled Substances to be evaluated from the time these individual items are stocked under the VA, and that all movements, distributions, or transactions with Controlled Substances are to be counted or weighed each time the item or product is distributed.

      Then when all is finished, yes, you do pass out some bonuses. The sum will be a lot of monies. But wait, the greater amount will be the savings that will accrue over the years because a problem was fixed. Then ask the VA Employees to locate other areas that they know wastes monies for what ever reason.

      I’ve done this same technique when I was a Quality Control Manager, Gas Chromatography Hi-Pak Production Testing Analyst, and Leadman of a group of 10 Gas and Liquid Chromatography Column Production Workers, Chemist, and 2 Receptionists for National and International Sales.

      1. This will work better than any system that the wiz boys, (boys peeing) at the VA could dream up. Anything they dream up for ore efficiency will cost 10 X the amount saved.

    2. Congressional “investigations” are bullshit. You need court orders to get this info and then court orders to shut them down, get rid of this “doctor” or hold him down and stick a needle in his ass making him a bobble head.

      1. Again Flotmorton, What Doctor?

        My post deal with a subject that has been covered here in the past and not just a single doctor. Listing some great prior coverage by Ben, AJ Lagoe at KARE 11, and Ron Nesler at VA is Lying on the subject of the VA listing false information in their Our Doctors info at each VA Health Care facility.

        The reason for the post is to highlight the recent report released by the VAIG’s office.

        Also again you are talking about a single doctor on my posts that do not highlight a single doctor. Why?

  15. Did anyone know that the health care at VAMC Los Angeles was even more deadly than the care at Phoenix?

    In an article published yesterday Dr. Christian Head a surgeon at the Los Angles VA said that 140,000 patient consults were deliberately deleted. “The number of patients waiting for care, the deletion of consults, and the wait list were much more significant here than at Phoenix,” Head says.

    The article also cites a new report by the FA Inspector General Office that show 43 percent of the 225 patients who died between October 2014 and August 2015 at the LA VAMC were waiting for appointments or needed tests they never got. That was patients who were already receiving care at LA VAMC.

    One of the examples, one of the deaths was Allen Hoffman. From the article:

    “Susan and Allen Hoffman were happily married for 43 years — but Allen, a U.S. Navy veteran, was living in pain.

    “He had an enlarged prostate and they just kept saying it’s not a problem you know, whatever, and then, it started to get worse,” Susan says.

    He was scheduled to see a specialist in May 2013, but she says that didn’t happen.

    “She said, ‘No, you’re here just for a consult. You have to understand people have cancer and he doesn’t,'” Susan Hoffman says. “I think we were there for 15 minutes.”

    Four months later, Hoffman was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.”

    Source: “Disgrace: Almost 100 Veterans Died Waiting For Health Care At Los Angeles VA Hospital”
    Matt Vespa Posted: Jun 24, 2017


    Maybe Shulkin can get them to put in a new wellness center there.

    1. You have to get that doctor sued and his/her license removed just as a start; got to find out who are the snakes who are doing these things then go after them, ruin their careers, step on them like the bugs they are.

      1. What Doctor Flotmorton?

        My post is about the 43 percent of the 225 patients who died between October 2014 and August 2015 at the LA VAMC. Also how the health care at VAMC Los Angeles was even more deadly than the care at Phoenix.

        As confirmed by Dr. Christian Head a surgeon at the Los Angles VA who said that 140,000 patient consults were deliberately deleted. “The number of patients waiting for care, the deletion of consults, and the wait list were much more significant here than at Phoenix,” Head said.

      2. That should be considered Genocide !

        Genocide punishment is 10 year’s in federal prison. Prison with tennis court’s, Starbucks and weekend’s off.

        Time off for good behavior, so maybe 2 year’s.

  16. To All – – – @cj, @Ex va, @Namnibor, @91Veteran, @Crazy elf – Since VA is on this reckless kick about prescribing Anti-Depressants, here are some important links for your favorite VA folder(s);


    Dr. Peter Breggin – “” “”

    I’m not sold on these types of medications, the least of almost all. They are very dangerous, and I’m inclined to think they are worse than pain medications. Anywho, I wanted to post these hyperlinks for y’all.

  17. Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, racketeering, and theft (Stealing Controlled Substances, Employee Theft – – -> Big Time.

    All I can say, that no matter what has been posted in all the comments here in Ben’s World, no one will actually know how much illegal Governmental Activities has been going on in the Hallways, Highways, and Bi-Ways of our dearest VA.

    May be POTUS should give sign a Executive that states something like this, “If the Union or Better Medical Practices are not reached within the VA (The medical practices must be established), the I shall require that all VA Employees are to receive their Medical Care only at the VA. Or, they can purschase their Health Care by their own choosing. If there are no VA Medical Services for a medical condition(s) (proof of condition a must), or due to age (must be verified), then VA will pay for outside Private Sector Medical Services (you’re responsible for picking up or obtaining the paperwork).”

    And, “ALL Medical Service and Treatment Providers that’re required to be licensed, these VA Employees must be licensed in the State where their working facility is or where they’re practicing such medical services. This last sentence shall not apply if it is deemed a Federal Emergency (definition of Federal Emergency must be established).

    In this manner, all VA Employees will be required to evaluate the Medical Facility, Department, Section, Floor, or Medical Area that they work in of the VA Agency.

    That’s only one thing that I’d do. I’m trying to only write on how my medical situation is proceeding along. I’m going to try my best not to post anything that can save the VA any monies. Before I share anything more, I don’t want a Krispy Critter Piss-eee Assed Clumpy Cat Litter Covered VA Dirt Bag to get any credit for the suggestions that I may have discovered.

    I think that I’ll only feel secure with the VA, when and only if, I see where the VA Leadership is definitely making a change for the betterment and good of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), families, and caretakers. That’s most likely when I might have a change of heart.

    But until then, same ole, same ole, my Brothers and Sisters. Take Care and God Bless all of YOU and YOUR LOVE ONES.

    Going to watch a movie, take my pain medicine, drink my 6th bottle of Blueberry Beer with Sativa Blueberry cut up Kola’s. Yes, dear, I’m doing it outside in the back. What? Yes, I got dried cat tails sprinkled with fragrance to make a natural freshener to roam through the air, outside in the back.

    – – – Nutter.

  18. I certainly didn’t read every posted comment but here’s my take. Of course there are shammers in the VA System. I saw it multiple times in 2 visits to the PTSD Program in North Chicago. I brought it up each time and was told to mind my own business because when they go before the C&P Examination they will be outed.

    EVERY, SINGLE, VETERAN who receives VA Disability Compensation made an application, submitted evidence, went through a C&P Exam and was judged competent for VA Purposes!

    Shulkin is using AGE, solely as the criterion to roll that class of TARGETED Veterans back to their scheduler rating. This is AGE DISCRIMINATION at its worst and violates Section 4.19 of 38 CFR which SPECIFICALLY prohibits using age as a factor!

    The direct dollars lost are between $23,000 and $14,000 depending on what they are rolled back too. Their spouses LOSE their Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage under CHAMPVA.

    AND NO WAY will these dollars (3.2 Billion) in Year 1 FIX the miserably managed Veterans Choice Program, which just ran out of money!

    Then there are the 475 THOUSAND claim in appeal which SecVA said will take NINE years to reduce to zero!!


    Disabled Vietnam Veteran with Infantry Combat experience in Vietnam and Cambodia with the 1st Cav in 1969 – 1970 and YES, I was wounded as well.

    1. Hard to believe that Veterans Choice Program ran out of Money. They weren’t paying any of the provider’s. Where did the Loot go ?

  19. I think its funny how buracrates make statements like this, but their excessive spending on parties, artwork, travel and employee moral time never seems to be a problem… MABYE, if they spent their budget on VETERANS and NOT Themselves there would be more money FOR VETERANS!

    1. The VA is the most corrupt and incompetent organization I have ever seen mostly full of people who just don’t give a damn and those who have lost the faith in life of always trying to do good

  20. Brothers and Sisters,
    Here’s President Trump’s speech on the day he signed the “Accountability and Whistle-Blower Protection Act” this past week.
    “Trump Speech on Fixing the VA”

    Published on June 25, 2017
    (12:24 minutes long)

    Does anyone think “Shithead Shulkin” got the “memo”?

        Someone needs to hack into their medical records to show that THEY received care from real life four star rated Physicians and specialists not one star and two star “Choice” physicians who take only Medicare payments for their services, those doctors who are either just starting out or are on the decline, sliding fast into malpractice.
        When the fat bureaucrats visit the medical practice for care, THEY don’t stand for just seeing the “Nurse Practitioner” or Physicians Assistant.

      2. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – VA’s are using Clinical Pharmacologists too. Good question. I don’t recall reading any literature about how VA was able to do this, or did anyone really call the VA on this particular reckless medical service and treatment change(s).

      3. I will find out and look for a chink in their “armor” and get back to you with an answer.
        Feds do not have to abide by any state laws as a rule, (they can write their own building code), but they do have to abide by the standard duty of due care or they are susceptible to law suits for violation of those standards. It is almost like they view us as cattle instead of human beings who are entitled to the same treatment the bureaucrats are entitled to. I believe that the Choice program also violates the standard duty of due care by limiting “choice” to only doctors who will accept just Medicare payments while most other reputable doctors demand additional payments, which is the reason for the sale of so many “supplemental” policies, like with the phony AARP.
        At any rate I should look into a Class Action lawsuit against the VA for violation of the Standard Duty of Due Care, (negligence) and further as to the applicability of the RICO Statute, 18USC Sect.
        1961, (criminal) and 1963, (civil). When I get the answers I will let you guys know as well as Big Ben.

  21. Dennis, you sure have things turned around which I expected. No where did I advocate pulling trigger to start killing anyone. I detest killing. But if our government is training our military for crowd control on the quiet, who is the crowd. My wanting vets & disabled vets to be armed as I am sure if the military gets to the point they want to come down on us as the crowd, they would have a choice to make. Fire on armed brothers or obey the Generals. intimidation only as long as it lasts, a tool our government uses against many of our citizens daily. And if it gets to the point they start firing on us as citizens most would be thankful to have arms to protect their family. I remember Kent State, that scenario could of easily escalated into something much worse. And if an armed rebellion started would you be the one that is unarmed hiding somewhere so the armed forces can’t shoot you ?

    1. Remember how the “great ” general Mac Arthur was going to fire on veterans who came to D.C. to collect their PROMISED veterans benefits? Veterans need to be armed, ORGANIZED, and continually trained to present a valid “fifth” arm of independence. Remember how it was said do many times in history: “They wouldn’t do that !!” BUT THEY DID////////////////////////

  22. Even though they were meant to do well for the worker(s) of any government job Unions now protect the NON-PRODUCTIVE and Government falls for it every time by rewarding the NON-PRODUCTIVE with comp time, days off and sometimes with a little more pay in the NON-PRODUCTIVE’s pay. I have witnessed this in other government agencies and it is a disease.
    A quicker way to cut costs to the taxpayers and the national budget is STOP management/supervision ANNUAL BONUSES, that is what a SALIERY was created CONTROL. The higher you go in government the more you are given. All one has to do is SCREW-UP constantly and they MVE-UP. Inside the government it is named WORKFARE.

  23. I have a different take on this issue. First and foremost, no matter how much the VA system is realigned it will not affect those of us who are already rated. There is always a “grandfather clause” for veterans already in the system and rated under the old rules. It will be the newer veterans who may pay a price for the realignment. Also, it takes years for the VA to actually do something after someone gets an idea.

    The present VA compensation system has been in existence since WWII, and was based on medical science, earning power and jobs in existence at that time. Many of the diseases that veterans are compensated for are either under-rated or over-rated based on the old standards. Many other diseases, or conditions have been had reevaluated with newer standards within the last five or six years. Many of the manual jobs of the 40’s don’t exist anymore, while pay in most cases has increased. With that said, the system needs a complete overhaul. In many of the compensation rates have been reevaluated or are still undergoing reevaluation now.

    Fore example, cataracts are rated 30%, based on the medical evidence of the 1940’s. Today, the replacement lens more often than not are better than the natural lens, and many actually see better after the surgery. so why am I being rated 30% if I see better now. The compensation system was created to help offset some of our earning loss because of disability. Today, there would be no loss of income for my eyes because of post cataract surgery. Just as there is really no loss of income for those of us that use a CPAP. And why are they rating sleep apnea as a lung disease, when it is not now or never was a lung condition, this still even after the ratings for sleep apnea were reevaluated recently.

    Factually, based on medical Science, many conditions presently being compensated for, could be eliminated. Other conditions need the ratings increased or at least be more reasonable such as the rating for hearing loss. When you consider most veterans who require hearing aids do not get any compensation for the hearing loss, there is something wrong.

    Does the present system encourage veterans to seek out treatment, or compensation generally speaking yes. I know when I go to the doctors for my lung condition, they take a CT scan, and in the process find out that I have a fatty liver, or pulmonary hypertension, these new issues require me to seek additional medical care. hat about the medications we get, many cause secondary conditions, or bad reactions which cause us to seek more medical care. These new found conditions prompt many veterans to request new compensations based on secondary conditions. Why do you think the VA installed revolving doors at most Medical Centers ?

  24. Good morning from Oregon!!! This is Morning Edition….stay tuned for News!

    I have been pondering Shulkin’s words this morning after inhaling vapor of nearly pure delta nine tetrahydrocannibinol, and sipping some coffee. These are the only two drugs I use now. It occurs to me that Shulkin from a certain point of view in my case is right about improperly incentivizing a veteran to procure services.

    It is zero dark thirty hour here and this PTSD patient, who is also diagnosed with Nightwalker Syndrome (severe Restless Leg Syndrome) is once again almost like circadian clockwork wide awake and energetic at just before 3 am. RLS is very hard to explain but imagine that you are sitting in a way that makes your legs “fall asleep”. If you keep sitting in that exact same position your legs will begin to feel numb and progressively worsen until you stand up or move. At some point you will not be able to tolerate holding that position if you are at all unrestrained. Often you will find that you have to shake your legs to wake them up to get rid of the pins and needles feeling.

    With untreated severe RLS that precise sensation I just described begins to occur immediately and gets progressively worse any time you stop moving your legs. Standing, sitting or laying down does not alleviate the symptoms – only walking or medications do. An oddity of severe RLS is symptoms seem to be triggered at around 2-3 am. After I had spent a personal fortune to the top surgical nuerologist ($1600/hr) here in Eugene Oregon, who employed extensive consultation and nerve conduction and velocity measurement techniques and along with consults from two other board certified nuerologists, the private sector hospital diagnosed me with severe neuropathy and RLS and prescribed medications. The meds worked but they were expensive.

    ….soooooooo…..I had a grand jiffy idea. I thought it would be a good idea to get them for free from VHA since I qualified for “free medicine” from VA. It turns out…..there was a catch to the “free medical care”……

    In order to treat severe and chronic RLS a patient is now prescribe mental health drugs known to correct whatever wierdness causes this. The same drugs generally work well for neuropathy too. So in order to get the drugs prescribed by Dr. Knewhishit Prettywell, I had to see a VA shrink with ZERO formal training in surgical neurology or doubtful even knew how to take a blood sample. When he perused my diagnosis and medical evidence he gave it a full thirty seconds. He was not impressed at all with the diagnosis of Neurology Associates in Eugene, the MRI data, the nerve velocity and conduction test results, the consults from Peace Health medical group, or the podiatrist. As a matter of fact, the youthful VA shrink said flatly, “I want to test this idea of RLS, because I think there may be other causes….” I am unsure if he even knew what a podiatrist was…

    It turns out his test of “free medicine” did indeed produce observably different results than the properly incentivized private sector medicine did.

    So the youthfull VA shrink altered the dosages and make up of drugs through his prescription of “free medicine” in hopes to correct the mistaken diagnosis made by at least three board certified neurologists, as well as a litany of tests ranging from nerve velocity conduction tests to MRI scans and shit in between that is as much fun as a root canal to experience. “Free medicine” said RLS is not on the list of things that can occur in a human, disputing medical observations going back to the 1600s when they dubbed the syndrome “Nightwalker Syndrome”. “Free medicine” my government told me, was better for me.

    So just like any other damn freeloading vet I took my governments “free medicine” like taking cookies from the jar…

    Within three months the VA dosages began to include morphine, hydrocodone, clonazepam, anti-psychotic drugs, blood pressure drugs, water retention drugs, huge vitamin doses and medicated eye drops for chronic dry eye and laxatives. My teeth began to rot.

    All of these listed were not on the prescribed list of properly incentivized private medicine which I was prescribed before, but were indeed on the list of improperly incentivized “free medicine”. After about two more months the VA did indeed incentivize me to seek even further benefits in the form of inpatient care at the local VA mental ward and even persuaded the police to give me a ride to the hospital. Nice guys. Once on the ward, they determined my evermore out of control flatspin in life that was initiated after I began quaffing “free medicine” could properly be treated by…..wait for it…….

    More “free medicine” which they gladly prescribed. I have no explanation how I survived VA healhcare or any of other other things I have.

    There are now at least a half dozen moments in my life that I think back upon that nearly claimed my life, and I mean by inches. As I sit here now this morning the only medicine I take is vaped up and inhaled and made from a plant grown locally plus the precious liquid that I drink called coffee that is made in a far distant land. As I sit here now chuckling and wih RLS quietly asleep and the coffee sweet, I count VHA among the top three of all the lethal exposures in my life. As I sit here now I realize that while using “free medicine” I just never chuckled about anything. I guess I am right back to being crazy.

    My incentive for giving up all the “free medicine”?

    Life. I think maybe Shulkin has a point. VA does indeed provide incentive to seek services but I instead chose “life”. As Shulkin tangentially has observed and that I have witnessed this is not a current VA offering. What VA offers are doors. Once you walk through them VA will indeed provide incentive to seek further care and I agree with Shulkin that this is unsustainable.

    Now you know, The Rest Of The Story. Good day!

    1. Good morning Dennis, I hope you sued the bastards for deviation from the STANDARD DUTY OF DUE CARE IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY and got punitive damages. The problem is not free VA care but the level of free medical care and letting unqualified doctors and BUREAUCRATS make decisions that affect our lives.
      Getting the right care is the issue, not walking away from the VA medical care.
      Again, I remember my brilliant VA internal medicine Physician have to quit the Va because he was in debt for over $600,000 for loans to get him through the many advanced studies and residencies which made him so super qualified, because he could not afford to work for the VA and pay his loans back and make a living.
      BUT, …..The VA hired a doctor from India who had gone through a British medical school FOR FREE and who could afford to work at the VA for $175,000 per year. BULLSHITSKY!
      More Vets need to sue the VA and those health care providers for negligence, (and in many cases for “gross negligence” and even intentional acts deviating from the standard duty of due care.
      The only thing stupid arrogant people pay attention to is MONEY/damages which they must pay for their arrogance), and then they are replaced by persons more qualified.
      Everytime a so called Psychologist tries to screw a vet he/she needs to be sued, screwed and tattooed.
      These warthogs are not going to do right because you ask them to do right, you have to frighten them…..

    2. CannabaDennis… Dennisadiol? Ever try acupuncture? My brother had nasty RLS – as you described. A couple weeks with a dart thrower and he hasn’t looked back.

  25. I think Sec. Shulkin has lost his marbles. The va mission statement part of if goes like this, “To care for him who has borne the battle, his widow, his orphaned….. Where has it ever stated that the va is suppose to be sustainable? It is like Shulkin is trying to say there is no such thing as a disabled Veteran???? The va is to deliver healthcare, benefits and burial to Veterans our NATIONS Heroes!!!
    And it appears that the va does make an effort to get out of that responsibility every chance they can.

    The veteran affairs medical centers should be sustainable by their practice of the billing of service connective injuries to the private insurances of Veterans. The va doesn’t have a problem and somehow something that they are legally responsible for they are now making money off a Veterans service connected injuries. How do they justify these insurance billing practices? Oh, i forget the va doesn’t answer to anyone or any authority.

  26. Here’s the bottom line, my siblings. Without the disability benefits paid to us through yhe VA, many of us will quickly die.

    I used to say the only thing VA does at all well is to bury us. But that was before VAMC Hines allowed deceased veterans remains in body bags in their morgue to liquefy and burst open when moved. So we veterans can not even rely on VA to give us a decent burial.

    I wonder if Shulkin has considered taking all the deceased veterans, his disability cost cutting scheme will cause to die and feed us into the VAMC furnaces? Our bodies would then generate heat for the facility. That would reduce VA heating expenses, as well as, the expense of giving each of us a proper burial. Shulkin could just have a CD player by each VA furnace, playing TAPS on a loop.

    Hang in there, my siblings.

    US Army draftee, RVN Combat Infantry NCO, 68-69.
    VA survivor.

    1. @White Rabbit- Your proposal to have the VA hit two or three crows with one stone would fall to furthermore grizzly and sordidly nefarious deeds by the purple teams.

      How and why?

      My crystal ball shows a very likely chance that instead of using deceased Veterans in VAMC furnaces to cut heating costs while also providing every Veteran a funeral with taps on a loop in the basements, the VA will be found instead, to cut VAMC Canteen Cafeteria Overhead Food Costs by actually COOKING the deceased Veterans and recycling us that way into the VA’s very special recipe of “Indifferent Loafing Meat Loaf”.

      It would be the VA’s version of the musical play, “Sweeney Todd”, except the ‘Meat Pies’ would be served in genuine khakis or seasonal camouflage with BVA Murphy’s very special super-secret orange sauce.

      The VA could screw-up a wet-dream.

      1. Donner! Donner party of 14, your table is ready!
        All this talk about food has made me hungry.
        Donner! Donner party of 13, your table is ready!
        I personally could care less what happens to my shell after I die.
        Donner! Donner party of 12, your table is ready!
        What I would like is for the savings to go towards living veterans.
        Donner! Donner party of 11, your table is ready!
        I do wish to be buried 1 foot below ground near a fruit tree as fertilizer.
        Donner! Donner party of 10, your table is ready!
        If buried with my butt out of the ground, my kids will have a place to park their bike when they visit me.
        Donner! Donner party of 9, your table is ready!
        For tombstone, an ATM machine to allow $20 withdrawal per visit.
        Donner! Donner party of …

      2. Francisco…. Bike parking, GREAT IDEA ..LOL..I sat at the counter, party of none

      3. Phew – had me worried there for a minute. I was afraid you wanted something else parked .. .in there.

  27. @namnibor, on the Veterans tax, at first I hmmdd, then thought you are right. Taxpayers would start thinking about Veterans. What about a Swamp tax? A percentage based on the numbers of bureaucrats who did or were complicit in a Veterans death. They do kill Veterans in many ways. We all are Veterans, and this site serves Veterans well.

  28. I was injured in the military. I was rated and considered a disabled vet. Five years later when I had my 1st physically demanding job, the injury came back immediately and the pain was much worse. This was when I was 1st introduced to the insanity of the VA. All I wanted was care. I did not receive the care I needed. What I was given was a bare minimum of care and drugs. Now, over 20 years later that injury has worsened at an accelerated rate and I am more disabled than I would have been had I received proper care at the VA. I am unable to work at 45 years old. I am still fighting for the care I need, and if it weren’t for family…I WOULD BE HOMELESS. Appeals take years and I will never receive the care I need to the VA. The work that I can do to make the most money is physical in nature and now that I am unable to do that work.. and most other work.. the VA percentage disability I receive is not even close to being livable. I am dependent on both family and the VA to survive. The inadequate care from the VA has actually increased the level of most vets disabilities creating an expensive vicious cycle. Short-sighted and incompetent VA management for at least the last 50 to even 80 years has brought the problem to a critical mass. The system is broken and once again the veterans are the ones that will pay the price for the nation’s inadequate care for their veterans. We have gotten expensive. I am sorry for returning hurt instead of dead. THE USA OWES ALL OF THEIR VETERANS ADEQUATE TREATMENT AND COMPENSATION. I DON’T CARE HOW EXPENSIVE IT IS. Someone please tell Secretary Shulkin. Every disabled vet out there suffers from the same experience I have had to some degree. I am not sorry for demanding what all veterans deserve after over 20 years of miserable treatment by The VA. For some vets, that miserable treatment has lasted 40 to 70 years.

    1. @G – – – Hey Bro, I know exactly how you feel. I’m worse off now than I was before I started using the VA. Been losing it lately. Frustrated, tired of the Bull Shit. VA generic meds are a scam. Many seem that they’re less effective, or the meds mode of action doesn’t work. I’ve had this problem in the Private Sector, and Rite Aid worked with me to find a generic med that actually relieved my pain.

      I was up and about, taking my wife out on a dates, dinner, and dancing. Physically stable enough to train my K9/Alert Service Dog. Performing response training so that my Buddy Boy would pick up and recognize that I may be having an episode. To be truly successful in having a well groomed K9 that is in sync with their master, the K9 must be emotionally attached to the maestro.

      The VA Pain Management Team didn’t care one bit about the success of our training. If a medical group, agency, organization or anyone, doesn’t back up the person that needs a K9, this will have a major negative effect on the disabled person reaching their desired or planned out goals in obtaining better health.

      Furthermore, it is a down right disgrace, and evil, if a medical provider doesn’t back up and support the person that has a service dog. The disabled person relies on the K9 to be an extension of themselves. And, the VA has no excuse what so ever in not knowing this basic principle function of service dogs.

      The VA didn’t help me to get a service dog. I did all the calling to establish relationships in most of the animal shelters locally. I finally was able to receive a gift of a 6 month old puppy boy. The shelter didn’t charge us for anything. They even gave us dry and canned foods, flea powder and spray, a leash, and collar.

      VA knew that I trained my own K9’s. When my other K9 was alive, passed away August 8, 2014. He was not trained to assist me with PTSD symptoms, he LOVED to pick up buds (marijuana). He loved the smell so much that his mouth would drool all over. His eyes would light up, and his stance would be in such a way that he was ready to go find more. He could also detect crack, heroine, methamphetamine, and all sorts of paraphernalia. He could also hit (pick up on) cadavers, whether land or in water (expensive to train).

      The VA was well aware that I trained K9’s. And, most in my VA Medical Team knew my buddy. Sorry G got to go. Eyes watering, emotions flowing. I know how you feel man. Don’t give into these people. Be back.

      I have a very hard time holding back when I relive things that the VA shafted me on. They shouldn’t be delivering healthcare to us. I don’t know how all of this is going to work out, but to start out with, the (VA) needs a heart.

      Do all the necessary Googling to find things that may help you to put pressure on the VA for things that you need. For me, I’m looking for loopholes that directly pertains to my situation (services) that I receive from the VA.

      Currently, a Medical Order was submitted by a VA PCP that was relieved in being my VA PCP before the Medical Order was written. VA is looking for numbers that make them stand out and look good. Numbers, that’s all we are to them is numbers. A fucking sad thought. People treat their pets better than many of us receive from the VA. Pathetic. Needs to change, and fast.

  29. ~~~Gurgle~~~ Very rotten cabbage brewing. Feed not, the troll. I smell VSO Piggy Bacon.

  30. @Michael Warren: Dude, did you not see my story!? My disabilities are ALL combat related, DUMB ass! AGAIN (for fucktards!) the criterion is CAUSED OR EXACERBATED BY MILITARY SERVICE! Is the print LARGE enough for you!? NOWHERE does it state that ONLY combat veterans with wound related disabilites are eligible!! DUH!!

  31. In this case, I find myself agreeing with the Secretary of the VA. The present system is not sustainable. It requires serious rethinking, and a new direction for the future.

    1. Spending millions of Taxpayer dollars on fancy artwork to adorn the walls of VA Clinics to “boost morale” is not sustainable. That money should be going to veterans.

    2. Not being able to properly adjudicate a Veterans Disability Claim properly and accurately within 90 calendar days, rather than taking years – – – sometimes decades from date of submission is not sustainable. That money should be going to veterans.

    3. Forcing veterans to endure more than 45 day waits for ANY appointment is not sustainable. Those veterans should be seen by their respective specialist within 45 days. Waiting three months to get an MRI is unacceptable.

    4. Not being able to FIRE senior management or medical personnel such as Sharon Helman, RimaAnn Nelson, Dan “the candy man” Houlihan et al within thirty days, once they are caught with their hands in the Veterans Cookie Jar is not sustainable.

    5. Not having the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) being able to cross-communicate is not sustainable. Each of them are, after all – – – a major component of the Veterans Administration. They should be working in concert, without the need for the “Veteran Middleman”.

    6. Going after HONEST employees AKA “Whistle Blowers” for speaking up about problem areas within the VA, or dishonest employees dipping into the Veteran Cookie Jar is not sustainable. These employees should be promoted rather than persecuted.

    7. The nepotism when awarding contracts for Veteran Services “outside the VA” is not sustainable.

    These are but a very few examples. Again, Mr. Secretary – – – I AGREE with you. The current system is not sustainable. It requires a thorough rethink. I believe there should be some Veteran Input into this process. After all, who better to find the fallacies in a company or organization, than the people it is supposed to serve?

    Therefore, with all due respect, I humbly submit my thoughts to you on how to FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS Trump to break up the AFGE. Most of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or Cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. We are on the Righteous path.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior

      1. @Namnibor – – – LOVE your Veteran Gas Tax idea! Let’s get ALL American Citizen’s involved in our wars. Hit them in the pocketbook – – – and maybe they will begin to learn.

        “Thanks for your Service” is an INSULT to me. Easy to say, yet harder to do. Most of America is asleep.

        I suggest 25% at a minimum . . .

      1. @Lem – – – Thanks Doc! I can see by reading a lot of your posts that you’re still taking care of the boys (and now, girls) just as you did wiht us in the rice paddies and highlands a long time ago . . .

        Semper Fi. Fair Winds and Following Seas to you . . .

    1. Good post. If YOU really want the ass. Google SecVA Shulkin Senate Hearing on 14Jun.
      Among a whole host of comments he admitted that the VA HAS no fix for the current 475,000 Claims currently on appeal and that it WILL BE 9 years before that backlog is reduced to ZERO.
      On 1Sep, VA is rolling out another Claims process called Legacy.
      Legacy is where their focus currently lies (pun intended).

      The VA IS broken: morally, financially and mired into the bureaucratic morass of Government. Even IF Shulking was the answer, which I doubt simply because he isn’t a Veteran, the problem is bigger than one person to fix!
      Air Cav, 1969 – 1970, Infantry!

      1. It is time for 10 Million veterans to storm the Nation’s capitol, NINE YEARS, MY ASS

  32. I suggest all disabled & many of other vets give thought of purchasing a firearm of some kind. That will make Trump & his Republicans happy and send a message. I am a relic from the Korean war & when 5 doctors from Rehab Medicine did 2 EMG tests on my back & said there is nothing wrong with it, I just needed exercise & they refused pain pills. Then I got an appointment with the Neuro Surgery Clinic on a Friday P.M. After they looked at same EMG tests they called MRI to see if they would stay overtime & do a scan on my back & they agreed. Neuro surgery did surgery on Monday morning. Surgeon apologized for rubbing nerve cord quite raw during the surgery & I do have considerable nerve damage from it. I have multitude of other injuries & with the surgery at that time a reevaluation was automatic & a review of findings with the rating board after. They changed every thing around, deleting some things added others, nothing for disability on back, but 10% for back pain & 30% for unemployability. I asked why did they do this, there are several things that was left out. They replied it is just much simpler to write it up that way, it is the same amount of pay as if it was written for 100% disability, so why worry. I responded it seemed to me it is just an easier way for you to cut it down the line. They said no, that has never been done. That was in the 1950’s. It has been thrown in my face several times since then, by V.A. employees, that I am not 100% disabled, they just gave me the extra 30% because they felt sorry for me. Now the same back, sitting I do not have severe pain in lower back, but standing I have to bend over at near 90 degrees or the pain is unbearable. Sixty mg of Codeine will not help. I walk with a walker or crutches & am hunched over like an ogre. And now I have had a lot of thought about that easier to write 30% unemployability, I am sure it’s time is limited. I am not a hero, just a man injured on his job under orders through someone elses fault & a life member of DAV which used to be a decent group, now it looks as though all the top echelon are turncoats as if they were being paid by the V.A. And back to buying arms, there is a lot of scuttlebutt that our military is getting a lot of training on crowd control, just in case this unrest in our country we have lost our health for is training military for crowd control. That is Americans getting out of hand disobedience wise even to the point of starting a revolution. If it got to that point. I know where I would stand, it would be with the people not with our government that cannot run this country via the Constitution as it is supposed to be. They are all mostly a bunch of liars. They are mostly on the take & corrupt and all the time talk about corruption elsewhere while their corruption is worse. It would be interesting to see where the military would go if it ended in a shooting revolution with all the vets mostly armed. Would the military follow the vets & people or the Generals. We know where the generals for the most part would be as they are somewhat on the take also. And the Generals are all aware of this scenario, with concern if their troops subject to their command will follow them or join the people. I do not advocate a shooting revolution, but reading history of every where that has had this break out, it seems this may be where we are headed because of our government. This used to be such a beautiful country to live in, but the politicians, the corporations, The upper 1 % on wealth lists, & the ones that want to be on that 1 % list have ruined it. The sad part is that Joe average, the working intelligent man & woman can own the elections due to the numbers, with exception of the ones with most of the money end up being the ones that are winning the candidate slots. It has to change.

    1. Paragraphs. Help to divide up comments is smaller portions of text for easier reading (and more). Stay well my friend.

    2. Paragraph’s are your friend….Leave stream of consciousness to Jack Kerouac 🙂

      1. I prefer to hang in Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Everyone is rather mellow there.

      2. And now, @John t Cokos – – – I don’t have to many spontaneous proses. And, I was born about a generation and a half, after the major bloom of youngsters of the Bean Generation.

        “The best teacher is experience and not through someone’s distorted point of view”
        ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

        Know what I mean?

    3. @Bob

      Purchasing a weapon with the intent to do anything but to accellerate lead to ballistic speeds is a fools errand. If your intent is to send a message that you are frustrated enough to begin killing people then are you gonna be the one who pulls the trigger on another human over money??? Is that not an act of a coward? If you see a firearm as a way to send a message then you better write REAL tiny on the godamn slug before you pull the trigger.

      What message will be sent? That veterans are deadbeat murderers, bullies, and a burden to society. Isn’t that the very stigma that Shulkin is playing upon here? That vets are liars and homeless thugs who simply need to be offered a different motivation to turn them into decent and productive folks?

      My advice is Bob that if you have a need to blow somebody away to make a political point then it is best to purchase a firearm because an improvised explosive device can be heavy and it is tough to pass a background check to get one of those anymore since the fucking congress became bought off by the anti-IED lobby. Bare handed murder also a good option as a device to communicate frautration with the government but it can be tough for a disabled vet to do the neck snap thing vets all get so good at before we became homeless! That is what guns do – they give power to those who can no longer snap one neck while simultaneously completeing a round house kick to the four other bad guys who need killing that day. If you need POTUS to notice for political reasons that you now have a rifled barrel that can kill people (owing to the fact your disability ruined neck snapping for you) then you need to murder somebody with your gun and use an iphone to take a photo. Tweet POTUS that you killed somebody to foster change. Send him the photo and to the news too. Trust me – change will occur.

      I need to log now and get to my morning stretches. Some of those folks that need killing out there today often will offer struggle and it is easy to throw my back out if I either snap a neck without limbering up or if pick up my groceries without bending at the knees first. Stretching in the morning seems to help. I like to do all my killing before breakfast. All my grocery shopping after.

  33. Oh and Cokos,

    Guess you didn’t get the memo but Hillary lost the election and no matter how much you snowflakes whine about it she lost.

    For a clearer look behind the headlines here are several links to Russian Intelligence’s reports on the subject of your leader Hillary.

    YouTube post from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

    “President Trump Orders FBI To Conduct Massive Raid On CDC Headquarters”
    Published on Jan 23, 2017

    “Hillary Clinton Spy Ring Unravels As President Trump Orders Arrests To Begin”
    Published on Mar 30, 2017

    “Most Secret Grand Jury In American History Paralyzes Washington With Fear”
    Published on May 22, 2017

    1. Oh and Cokos,

      It appears that Hillary is about to get Lynched. Although that will surely lead to a new staring role in “Orange is the New Black” after Hillary wins her new orange Jumpsuit.

      1. Lem when are you going to wake up and smell the feces.

        When the mainstream media is nothing but propaganda you need to look else where for more creditable news.

        Take for instance the Spy ring the MSM is not covering but instead scream Trump Russia. Watch and listen to the Vid above then look at the accurate reporting by the Daily caller which confirms must of what is in the Vid.

        Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes [VIDEO]
        Photo of Luke Rosiak
        Luke Rosiak
        Investigative Reporter
        9:53 AM 05/24/2017


        So go eat another shitcake from the MSM like msnbc.

        Note on the bottom of the page on the Daily callers reporting there is a full series of articles covering what is confirmed in the Russian Vid.

      2. Also confirming a good portion of another of the above Vids from the SVR. The parts about the Clintons and China financing a large portion of the 1996 presidential campaign which was followed by Clinton selling China our most advanced weapon technologies including all of the then most advanced nuclear warheads and even the neutron bomb.


        1996 United States campaign finance controversy
        “Chinagate” redirects here

        Timeline of the Cox Report controversy

      3. I could care less. What we are dealing with in the here and now is “Trump Gate,” “Russia Gate”, “Campaign financing gate 2016-2018” Can’t change history. Have to take care of the here and now.

      4. So Lem you never watched the Vids or you would know that is what they deal with. The here and now.

        Go back to snacking on your shitcakes from the MSM. I am sure you will find something on the Clinton News Network (CNN) that supports your beliefs.

  34. @Benjamin and all, I agree to a certain point with Secretary David Shulkin but not totally 100%. Benjamin, there is a method to the madness. Secretary David Shulkin should not be just grasping for straws to find a solution for his money problem in the VA. There is a method to reforming the whole VA, but he just can’t reach and reform out of sequence. Benjamin, entities within the VA system builds on one another. If Secretary David Shulkin is not careful, he will collapse the whole damn system as if it is not already almost collapsed. As for Secretary David Shulkin’s perspective about the VA incentiving disability, I disagree with him. This is not what is happening. @Benjamin and all, I will share my take a little later when I can really dive into the topic. Folks, Hope all is well.

    1. @Angela – – – VA isn’t in a financial blunder, and not even close. The coinage runs through this whole dam system. How can anyone know if the VA is having financial problems, when no one knows where the VA stands at financially in the first place. Don’t make fucking sense. Shit. Dam. What a fucking mess that the mess hall workers put us in. Gee-zoo.

      1. Love your comment about the ” mess hall workers ” cuz that is what they are.

    2. Let me explain. As far as the disability incentivizing, I disagree with Secretary David Shulkin on this perspective. As far as the VA disability compensation and pension needing to be reformed to a certain degree, yes, it does. As far as Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation needing to be informed, yes it does. As far as VHA needing to be reformed, yes it does. As far as wellness programs being added in, yes, this is good. In reference to VHA, this has got to be cleaned up first. And too, here is where Secretary David Shulkin could get some of the money that he is looking for. The VHA is where the Wellness programs can be aligned. The wellness programs have got to be aligned with the providers first. Benjamin, the wellness programs cannot be successful if the medications and the vitamins are not balanced to begin with. With the veterans who are on hard medications, the VA providers should be performing regular blood work on these particular veterans. This is why. These hard ass medications contribute to depleting the cellular structure. These discrepancies can be found in the blood work. When the cell structure is lacking its necessary nutrition, more serious health conditions show up for one to have to deal with. As we all know, nutrients are chemical substances in food that body cells use for growth, maintenance, and repair. Six main types of nutrients are water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Minerals are the inorganic elements that occur naturally in earth’s crust. In the body they appear in combination with one another, in combination with organic compounds. Minerals needed for the body to function are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, iodide, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, fluoride, selenium, chromium. These minerals are vital to the body. And of course, we need all the vitamins which are organic nutrients required in small amounts to maintain growth and normal metabolism. Anyway, these minerals and vitamins are necessary to be able to live. This is why we need a balanced diet. Further to my point, the hard ass medications that treat and target certain medical conditions can lead to other medical conditions because the cells in the human body become depleted. The cells in the body lose the necessary vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain balanced functioning. This then leads to cancer or whatever. What I am describing here is an area where the VA might could reduce costs tremendously with targeting the reduction of medical conditions by monitoring blood work more in detail. Then, with the VA providers or civilian providers partnering with the veterans about the veterans care by pointing out the depleted vitamins and minerals, the veterans could then in turn have a part in his or her care. The veterans should not be hung out to dry. More to come. I have got to break up my posts because I know I will run out of posting room. Be back shortly with more on the areas of discussion.

      1. @ Benjamin, all veterans, and Secretary Shulkin if he were to ever read this, VHA has got to be cleaned up first. This is a must. Getting back to the medications, many of these medications could be eliminated and the medications could be updated to reflect medications with less side effects which also decreases the number of medical conditions for a veteran to deal with. Many medications could be substituted with more natural oils, vitamins, organic foods and just regular healthy foods. Fish oils, Krill oils, coconut oil, geranium oils, grape seed oil, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar etc. the list goes on. Vitamins, nuts, fish, tuna, sardines, etc. vegetables, fruits, Greek yogurt, etc. I hope I am not making everyone hungry. When buying any oils, make sure they are cold pressed. This means the hexane chemical is not in the oils which is healthier for the body. Anyway, getting back to my point, the VA should really focus on streamlining medications with each veteran and keeping veterans on the medications that are most necessary. This would reduce costs. The tailoring off the medications needs to be done the right way, though, to prevent damage to the veterans body or death. The bottom line though, some of these pharmaceutical companies could be eliminated from the VA expense account. Although, no pharmaceutical company will ever be eliminated from the VA account, though, because this is a business in itself. And too, VA leadership and VA providers are making their illegal drug profits. So if the ACCOUNTABILITY LAW is ever adhered to in the future, this will be more money for you Secretary David Shulkin. Don’t forget about the pharmaceutical companies stocks and investments. And too, pharmacies such as CVS, etc. These are other means for the VA leadership to line their pockets. So really Benjamin, the pharmaceutical aspect of VHA most definitely could be reformed to save money in the VA budget. Although, I agree with all veterans. The VA is not hurting for money. It is about stripping the veterans. More to come about the over-regulation in the VHA where the union dictates control. I will be back to speak about this and the other topics. Benjamin, Secretary David Shulkin has not been in the VA that long and he has never been on the receiving end of services from the VA. Before he makes any more decisions of any kind, Secretary David Shulkin really needs to speak to quite a few veterans. More to come on my explanation of VA collapse. My comment was not necessarily directed towards financial.

      2. In regards to Secretary David Shulkin’s comment on the VA Disability System on how he believes the VA incentives it, well, I do indeed disagree. Here is why I disagree. The VBA DISABILITY COMPENSATION system should synchronize with WELLNESS and WELL-BEING in VHA. Both go hand in hand. The wellness and well being should be adopted in VHA. Here is some of the problem. VHA does not doctor with that approach. The VA medical providers sabatoge veterans or push them aside or make medical errors that create permanent damage or death. Most of the Mental Health doctors are MEDICAL MODEL trained. They are status quo. The VA mental health medical model trained doctors love those damn medications. Many of the psych medications contribute to diabetes as well as other conditions. The medications are really only to be used for just a short time until one can get into some intensive therapy. The therapy can then take the veteran to the other side of the serious issue to a point where he or she can better handle oneself, one’s life’s surroundings, or whatever has happened. The VA runs from intensive therapy. The VA had rather load the veterans up with needless medications and stick them into assisted living. This makes me furious!!!!!!! @Benjamin and Secretary David Shulkin, here is your problem. This is where you, Secretary David Shulkin, are destroying lives. The problem is not necessarily the compensation. The problem is how the VA providers, VA leadership, and VA employees conduct themselves towards the veterans on compensation. The VA disability compensation program has a black or white perspective. This is not how it is for the entire process. Yes, when evidence is being initially presented the decision is either black or white. Either service connected or not and to what degree. As for my take on compensation, the VA disability compensation adds to the Wellness and Well-being of the veterans. Both are needed. So Secretary David Shulkin, how can you rule out one and not have both the compensation and Wellness Programs occur simultaneously? The Wellness programs will reduce the need to see a doctor and thus reduce the backlogs of veterans waiting to be seen by doctors or specialist providers. More to come on how having the VA Disability compensation promotes and facilitates recovery and how it keeps veterans away from death. More on the veterans in assisted living and chapter 31 vocational rehabilitation. It is not the compensation that thwarts wellness and well-being. Like I have mentioned the problem lies with VHA with their unethical and unaccountable doctoring. Now, the VA perspective on compensation comes from a Socialist ideology that causes the veterans who might could get back into the workforce or who would like to try to get back into the workforce be strangled and stuck. This aspect of the VA system stagnates recovery growth because the VA disability compensation is not designed for a veteran to transition back into the workforce after additional education or additional certifications without leaving them out in the cold. The Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation forever denies. The cost of tuition is outrageous. Lots more to come.

      3. Wow! Well put. I wish I had read your writing before I wrote mine. You made twenty years of bureaucracy clearer and understandable that it is not because the VA is nothing but a house of smoke and mirrors to the Veterans and the public. They read well as to their mission, but they do not walk the talk. I wish I had found this forum twenty one years ago before I went in to the VA and asked for Voc Rehab. It’s all a joke and I am having great difficulty finding the humor, I’m sure they get to laugh all the way to the bank, at our expense.

      4. The current state of the VA is not sustainable. I agree on this; but, the compensation is not totally being incentivized. Let me further explain, like I previously mentioned the compensation and the wellness programs go hand in hand. As for my compensation, I have been using it to pay for my own healthcare outside the VA. The VA eye-care or VA Optometry is lousy. They did not get my prescription correct the last time that I was there plus totally overlooked an eye infection. My eyes are service-connected and I could not even get back in to see the doctor until 8 or 9 months later. I have moved all my care out of the VA so I can get the medical issues taken care of. My eyes are considered as medical conditions according to Medicare and Tricare not just a refraction issue. I go to an Eye Institute M.D. Specialist. The procedures that I have had done outside the VA are not even done by the VA. Also, the VA does not specialize in the Blue Defense lenses which filters blue-violet light that comes from the phone, tablets, computers, televisions, LED, and overhead lighting. So Secretary Shulkin, I am using my compensation to pay for my eye healthcare so I can experience Wellness and Well-being. So how is the VA incentivizing disability compensation? The veteran has to have something. The VA denies Voc rehab forever begin. Of course, my list does not stop here. I have been denied, slammed, and incorrect decisions were made way back when and now have an influence on any substantive employment today. So I was slammed for no reason. The powers to be probably did it because they could. As per current U. S. Navy Captain, the situation did not warrant my being slammed. So Benjamin, the Military and the VA themselves contributes to their own unsustainable states by the decisions they make. With the situation with my eyes, I am not even sure I can even hold a job now. My eyes are still being tested and treated. More private sector M.D. appointments are forthcoming to better determine if I might could get back in the workforce. We will see. Overall, though, I cannot take the VA at all. I stay away. More to come. Secretary Shulkin can do whatever, but I have no trust in the VA. With what is going on in our country, the Democrats have moved to far left. The leftists are Communists and Marxists. The Democratic Party is not what it used to be. The left in this country are unhinged. And too, many of them are in the VA. So who knows what is going to happen with the VA and with this country. More to come.

      5. @Benjamin and all, before Secretary Shulkin can do whatever he is going to do with the disability compensation system that he is planning, like I have mentioned VHA has got to be squared away. The veterans have to have some damn decent healthcare before veterans can even look to any employment if this is where Secretary Shulkin is wanting to take this. Here is a major ordeal. The veterans have to have something to go to before you Secretary Shulkin go stripping veterans of their financial livelihood. Let’s look some more at VHA. Secretary Shulkin, the time management in VHA is horrible. This is what I am speaking about. For example in my case and I am sure this same situation happens to many veterans, I have an Accounting Class at 2pm. Well, I have a VA primary care appointment scheduled at 12pm. I get to the VA early because I want to get in and get out because of this college class. I check in around 11;15am and shortly the triage nurse takes me on in and gets done with me at 11:50am. Well, the nurse sends me back out to waiting room to wait for the Nurse Registered Practitioner. And too, before the triage nurse sends me back out she tells me that the Nurse Practitioner will see me a little after 12pm around 12:10pm. The triage nurse says that the Nurse Practitioner was taking a break. So I go back out to the waiting room and I sit there and wait, wait and wait. So finally, it is 1pm and the Nurse Registered Practitioner still has not called me in the appointment and I have my 2pm Financial Accounting Class. So I went up to the nurse’s check in desk or counter and asked how much longer for the wait? The nurse’s check in desk mentioned that the Nurse Practitioner had a patient in her office. So then the triage nurse must have lied to me because the triage nurse told me that the Nurse Registered Practitioner was taking a break. So I mentioned that my appointment was scheduled for 12pm. It is now 1pm. Well, folks I have now waited an hour after the triage nurse did the preliminary medical procedures for the Nurse Registered Practitioner to be seen. So I started questioning them and confronted them. Folks they wanted to reschedule me. I said no that I had some medical issues that needed attention. Folks, I had been waiting since 11:15am. So I started standing up to them and expressing to them that this is why a veteran cannot have a life or cannot even get on with his or her life because it is them, the VA employees, who contribute to this non-adherence to medical appointment policies, obstruction, and poor healthcare delivery to veterans. So yes, right after this encounter, the Nurse Registered Practitioner finally comes out to the waiting area. She then finally takes me in to the appointment. Benjamin, they were harassing me and trying their best to provoke me. Anyway, guess what this Nurse Registered Practitioner was the fabulous AFGE union member. So I finally got out of the appointment and got to my Financial Accounting Class. I was late to the Accounting class due to the VA with their sorry ass time management procedures and obstructionism. I arrived to my Accounting around 2:30pm. After class, I had to speak to the Accounting professor and explain to her why I was late to her class. So here is one example. I am going to illustrate more in another posts.@Benjamin, VHA has got to be cleaned up first. This is the bottom line. A veteran cannot even attend school or even try to hold a job if the veteran is constantly having to fight with VA to get them to do their jobs. Benjamin, employment, education and training out in the world do not wait on the VA leadership and VA providers. And too, without proper care, the veteran cannot function out in the world. With the way the VA has been, it has been a full time job just getting medical issues taken care of and this is like this for most veterans. So before anything can be done with any reform of the disability compensation system, a stable accountable healthcare foundation in VHA has got to be developed, aligned, and maintained with efficiency or the veteran cannot survive in anything about anything. Another bottom line though, I do not believe the Veterans need to be stripped of their compensation. Yep, the Congress, Senate and VA leadership always head to the veterans with aligning the veterans to be the first on the chopping block. But yet, our government loves those immigrants with giving them full rides to our universities with tuition paid, medical care, room and board to earn bachelors degrees with. Yes, even happening in a State of Georgia University known as Valdosta State University. The university full rides are courtesy of Former President Obama and the Obama administration. So when the minorities complain of no opportunities, they are not informed at all. The minorities had rather create chaos, violence, and play the victim card when there are many educational, training, and employment opportunities already existing for them due to the Obama administration. So look at this Benjamin. What do you think?? And, Secretary Shulkin wants to find his money by stripping the veterans of their compensation. The VBA wants to continue to deny veterans Vocational Rehabilitation. Benjamin, yes, the system the continuance of the reform efforts need to be ongoing so the VA can sustain but the veterans have to have a there there. Benjamin, the compensation is compensation for the veterans who have been injured or whatever. The military crunches most veterans. Eliminating the compensation is really not an option. The veterans cannot just exit out of the military and expect survive particularly if they are sick or injured. And too, many veterans who have not been able to work or be retrained cannot just be left out in the cold. This is a fact. This topic continues on. I have lots more. Yes, it is correct the veterans do not need to be stripped of their compensation but at the same time it is the VA system that dictates, blocks, and many times prevents the veterans from moving forward with their lives. It is SOCIALISM. The compensation system has got the be reformed to where the the veteran is not left out in the cold but at the same time the veteran is afforded the flexibility and the individual rights to transition into education, employment or whatever. The veterans who would like to try to work should be afforded the opportunities to do so. But again, here is where the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation has got to be reformed. There should be a bridge program in between Independent Living and Vocational Rehabilitation itself. I will explain what I mean and why. The veterans who will not be able to work should be just supported on their compensation. More later to further explain. Of course though, Benjamin, my input is probably not amounting to a hill of beans in regards to what the VA is or is not going to do. Like I have mentioned before, the VA is going to do what they are going to do regardless of what I say or any veteran has to say. More later.

      6. Angela, you are right; if you want progress, you must monitor progress and feedback is absolutely necessary in monitoring of blood and other tests.

      7. @Benjamin and all, I come back to respond more to Secretary Shulkin’s comments. As for myself and possibly many other veterans, my circumstances landed me in the VA. Consider this, Secretary Shulkin, most veterans do support President Trump. I know some are snowflakes as well. Though, the Trump agenda represents what most veterans stand for. In other words, veterans get things / tasks done. They do not mess around. Most veterans have a great work ethic which aligns with the Trump agenda. Most veterans will fight and have fought to the very end with suffering blood shed to stand up for this country, fellow brothers and sisters, and for our freedoms. And too, for what is good and right. So the point that I am getting to here is. Secretary Shulkin, many veterans may not even want to be in the VA. I know that I do not; but, the bureaucracy has landed me here. I have been stuck due to damn Socialism and a Biased Society. I hate Socialism. I believe in Capitalism 100% as I have been around long enough to know that an individual can be successful and prosperous without the government breathing down one’s neck or being strangled to death by bureaucracy. Secretary Shulkin’s statement can be interpreted in many ways. It is true the VA treatment modality for veterans does not incorporate Wellness and Well-Being. Socialism does not generate Wellness and Well-being and this is what the VA leadership and the VA system is about. The norm for the VA does not generate individual rights or thoughts. The norm for the VA does not support a recovery that leads to success and prosperity for the individual veteran. The norm for the VA does not encourage healing and wellness. The norm for the VA is to treat veterans where they experience slow death. I am referring to all these damn medications, sticking veterans in assisted living for life, and performing medical procedures that contributes to more permanent damage or even more deaths. So Secretary Shulkin is correct in this aspect. The VA does treat with the medical model that is status quo that labels and keeps the veterans sick. Many times the veterans become more sick after seeking treatment from the VA than they were before when they initially even went to the VA. For example a couple of years ago, I went to the urgent care part of the emergency room for an issue. Well, within a day or so after leaving there, impetigo showed up on some of my face. Impetigo comes from a Staph infection. I have never in my life experienced such a skin infection. I can only pin point it to the VA. Once a person has had an initial breakout of this kind of infection, it can occasionally shows back up. It is kind of like chickenpox or shingles. So getting back to Secretary Shulkin’s comment, he is right about incentivizing disability instead of wellness and well-being. The VA does not encourage life at all. My interpretation of the incentivizing disability comment is just exactly what it says. Keeping veterans sick and making them sicker is incentivizing of disability. The VA Socialistic system keeps the veterans beyond repair. And too, the VA does not recognize that the veterans are real human beings who want better lives for themselves. The VA identifies the veterans as numbers and does not treat the veterans as individuals who still have dreams for themselves and their families. Socialism never generates success of any kind. If this is where Secretary David Shulkin is considering leading the VA, I agree with him. And too, if this is what he means by his statement, I agree with him again. I want to speak about how the disability compensation has helped me improve my life to a certain degree. This is a positive take instead of looking at disabilities as impairments. What I have been through has made me a better person.

  35. From

    Wellness Programs

    A program intended to improve and promote health and fitness that’s usually offered through the work place, although insurance plans can offer them directly to their enrollees. The program allows your employer or plan to offer you premium discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships, and other incentives to participate. Some examples of wellness programs include programs to help you stop smoking, diabetes management programs, weight loss programs, and preventative health screenings.

    1. I am sure the VA Wellness Programs will include testing new Happy Pills Named “FucItAll” to help make you forget all your troubles. Also much less likely to pursue a claim because you can no longer function mentally.

      1. @Seymore Klearyly – – – This is what the VA does all the time; juicing you up on drooling happy pills (Anti-Depressants, SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and Anti-Psychotic Meds).

        VA is using SSRI’s as a Course of Action to give relief from Chronic Pain, and other combined ailments that one person may have. A FAR FUCKING STRETHC IN GIVING PAIN RELIEF. These types of medications are addictive, and do your self a favor and Google RT’s documentary on these meds. What the people and see how they act after being on these meds for a while.

        They can hardly talk, they have the shakes, the nod, jerk, and move in awkward position. And their relationships? Well, if they do have one, is held together by a thin thread.

        VA keeps pushing. One day, I’m going to grab someone by wrapping my first 4 fingers around the back of their neck. Then as my thumb dangles in from of their face, I will take the tips of my thumb, jam my thumb into their eye sockets, and scratch the living hell out of their frontal lobes of each hemisphere.

        Itch anyone?

    2. Wellness Programs aren’t the main medical services. These programs are in the addition to medical services. Some one but get some things in order. Misinformation running rampant as always.

  36. If they cut anything, It WILL be the Vets who end up with the shitty end of the stick. 100% Disable on Aid & Attendance, I filed to added a Dependent in March ’16, Now 15 Mo. Later they send me a packet of forms to fill out & Send back. (Because I left some blank spots on the Claim that didn`t apply)
    Remember the Fugly Blonde, Hickey, Back in the Rubins Deal that went exactly nowhere?
    Allison Hickey Testified before Congress, That they “Often times” can Add a dependent as early as the SAME DAY! IF SO, It HAD To be one in the V.A. Cartel`s fold!
    See y`All on the other side boys & girls God Bless

  37. When the VA Secretary says veteran benefits are NOT SUSTAINABLE, that means the benefits cost money could cause higher taxes for billionaires, many of whom made their fortunes on the wars we served in.

    1. Isn’t it odd how a federal paper pusher looks at a problem? Look at how this guy sees the problem. He frames the idea of an unsustanable effort ONLY as it relates to spending on the mending of wounds suffered by veterans. His solution? Find a way to pay less for the wounded.

      What a back assward way to look at the problem! TsunTsu wrote in The Art Of War of the extreme perils and expense involved with laying siege to an enemy. Our country has laid siege now for decades at the door of various enemies. Isn’t odd that a man who witnesses so many wounded vets would not conclude that a better solution to explore is just how the hell to stop sending our men and women to fight on foreign sands.

      War, Dr. Shulkin, is unsustainable and the price tag has got very godamn little to do with just dollars. Just wander the VA mental health wards at night my friend and in that darkest of places the truth will shine for you brightly and you will learn what price America pays for freedom. Not afraid?

      You will be.

    2. They’d rather sell hardware and take their money to the Caimans. Won’t catch them working the floor in one of their factories when the line doesn’t hold because they were too cheap to pay their share of taxes.

    3. Ike said: “Beware of the military industrial complex” Every expansion of military spending needs to have a veterans expenditure attached to the bill, as the vets ae actually part of the military, NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT.

  38. Don’t want to do monthly disability compensation? Then pay service connected disability war veterans a one time lump sum payment $500,000 up to 50% disability and 1,000,000 up to 100% disability; that’s 25,000 a year and 50,000 a year for 20 years respectively.

    Heck, accident victims get hundreds of thousands in settlements with barely a scratch to show when the check comes in. VA is turning over couches to find pennies to pay vets with? Well Govt. bean counters, How about One less F-35 per year? 19 billion less for NASA per year to fake trips to mars, jupiter, pluto? 43 billion less in foreign aid to countries who leach tax payer dollars and do nothing but burn American flags all over the world, and particularly those who dream of the day when they can bring jihad against all infidels and flow a river of infidel blood to the mouth of their ever thirsty god?, 2 billion less in refugee resettlement funding, raise taxes, and on and on and on.

    The young men and women who want to serve in the armed forces need to see just how the agency responsible for taking “care of them AFTER their service is setting up the standards to “THANK THEM” for their future service!

    1. James Oneill …..”This is EXACTLY how NASA fakes everything”…..look that one up on u tube…Published on Jun 12, 2017…….case closed

    2. The people who administer the VA are so small minded, that they need to be “bumped” forward, a stick pin in their ass. Screw the refugees when they take ANY PREFERENCE OR PRIORITY OVER VETERANS. NOT ONE CENT, FOR “REFUGEES’ UNTIL VETS ARE PROPERLY RETRAINED, AND COMPENSATED. A squeaky wheel gets the grease. NO ONE IS going to give you anything YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT! So the pressure must stay on and
      if we stick together, and keep saying: ” BULLSHIT, SENATOR, OR BULLSHIT SHULKIN” as I have said to many VA bureaucrats, (While they were speiling out bullshit, I looked over my shoulder and the back at them and said: “I thought you maybe had been talking to someone else who was gullible to eat your bullshit, or you were practicing a speech and looking at the wall” Remember that we never asked the enemy to give us something, WE TOOK IT!

  39. I know that no one should be surprised that voted for the present administration. The republicans are going to give themselves and the top one percent a tax cut. The money has to come from somewhere they will cut Veterans benefits so keep on defending all the way to a homeless shelter.

    1. Boy’s and Girls: Can you say ZERO SUM OUTCOME ? If you don’t get the goods, they will give it to somebody else, and you don’t qualify as that somebody else. Trump, Ryan, Shulkin and Co. already have it dialed in….

  40. To the public and other’s in military, I’m a Veteran. And my relationship to the VA, I’m a BENEFICIARY. What say you?

    1. I say this @ANV,

      there are two unique earmarks for spending by our federal government. They are “discretionary” and “entitlement” funds. This is set by law and the idea is this; entitlements are spelled out in statute. When a man or woman meets all the qualifications spelled out in federal statute then the funds are taken from entitlement funds. Since they are codified into statute it is in theory illegal for any government body to simply stop funding because irregardless of any other consideration the law says the person has it coming and it is paid as a debt owed. All monies satisfies entitlement before any discretionary money can be spent.

      Discretionary funds are the rest of spending which is not codified as an entitlement. There is no law saying that the federal government MUST pay every state one billion dollars a year to help maintain roads. It is up to the discretion of the federal government to cut loose with that money or choose not to if the budget requires a cut. Discretionary spending of any kind is not a legal requirement and is not binding upon government to spend.

      So I would say that under the law that The People of America have labelled you as an entitled veteran more than simply a beneficiary of funds. Anyone can benefit from charity, but only entitled vets can benefit from VBA and in fact the federal government is required to do so.

      1. O.K., Dennis, if you don’t want to go to law school, that is ok, with us but you have a great talent as a strategist and you should be working with about 12 lawyers with Ben to strategize and Identify issues. You are like Ike and the lawyers are like Patton, but Patton needed Ike to show Patton who to bite, and when/ Give it a try, you will help us all.

  41. Ben,
    It would be nice to have a “following” button so we can get the posts without having to post something. I know I like to see what my fellow vets (and others) have to say but I may not want to post something.
    Just a thought. Keep up the pressure on the VA
    Thanks for continuing to remind me of the Purple Team. I am very happy that I got away from that “Team?”. lol

  42. The VA should clean it’s front door steep first. When I have gone to the VA I have always been confronted by a receptionists that are very brash and talk to me like “How dare you interrupt me”, attitudes. As they emery board or paint their nails. All the while waiting I observed 6″ or maybe 8″ fingernail all painted up, getting more attention than any vet. Hell they couldn’t do there job even if they were doing it. Pencils were utilized to enter the vets information. “Go sit down you will be called”. Gee thanks, asshole. Do not ever get an appointment close to 11AM because the reception personnel will be giving each other dagger looks regarding “How dare you take 5 more minutes than for lunch” or maybe “How dare you go to lunch first before me”. after this shit is over about 2PM, who gives a shit attitudes really come forth because once settled back in their shift is over at 3/4PM and most of that time is in the restrooms. How in the world can anything get done? Makes one wonder. No wonder vets hate the VA. These experiences are true and experienced by myself and my wife. I am glad I stayed in until I retired now I can utilize a different medical system.

  43. So then, since I wasn’t in combat, I deserve nothing? Okay, I’ll gladly trade all my arthritis from falling down a flight of stairs during the first week of Boot Camp…and the effects of concussion received then, too. You can have my non-combat ptsd as well…let me give you fair warning…that ptsd comes with a MST price tag you might not be able to afford. But have at it…here, here’s my shoes see if they fit…go on…I dare you to walk a mile in my shoes…carry this bag too, that bag has the weight of pre-DADT era knowledge that if word for out you will be revictimized by the UCMJ, criminalized, charged and convicted, with a lovely parting gift of either a BCD or DD. Go on then I dare you to pick up that pack, put on my shoes and hump that shit for 23 years…I double dog dare you!!!
    Oh…one more thing…I haven’t received one red penny for that either. An empty wallet won’t weight you down so much while carrying my pack and walking in my shoes. But that’s my fault, too, just like the MST was…didn’t ask for MST and I never filed a claim for ptsd from it either.

    1. @JustadumbMarine- Do not let those fellow Veterans that would like to divide us amongst the ranks into the ‘US’ & ‘Them” crowd, because those same assholes probably also do not take into consideration even in peacetime, there’s such a thing as Military Sexual Assault, which indeed will produce the same PTSD as a Vet in combat, just different triggers, but the symptoms are the same.

      It would be like the VSO Piggies to attempt to divide veterans amongst the ranks…fuck them! There’s quite a lot of shit that happened during the cold war days that were not actually ‘wars’ but under guise of “Peacekeeper Forces’ or “Mobility Exercises…live rounds and scenarios’, etc.

      Any Veteran that wishes to divide us into “lessor than” and other BS needs a reality check. WE ARE ALL VETERANS, you fucks!

  44. How are these “Wellness Programs” going to pay my bills? I’m not able to work. I’ve done every treatment plan VA has recommended for my PTSD and other related injuries. I also draw SSDI because of PTSD. Now there’s the chance they could pull my unemployability because I draw SSDI which I worked for? I would be in bankruptcy. My rating is permanent and I have become dependent upon it for living. I guess this “Wellness Program” will really help when I’m homeless.

  45. The VA is to be used by wounded Vets only for their ‘combat’ related injuries, not the follow-on crap that is seen today and fraudulently promoted by fake VSO’s. How many Vets abuse the system and are claiming up to 100% disability when they were never wounded in combat? Oh, I have sleep Apnea because of being in the military; Oh, I have PTSD because I was in the military; Oh, I have a ingrown hair up my ass because I was in the military, etc etc etc) Reorg the VA and shut down the VSO’s. Help POTUS Trump drain the swamp of the VA, VSO’s and FAKE Vets.

    Posted by a Combat Corpsman

    1. @Micheal Warren – – – Get your point, but you’re stretching it to the max.

      1. But, with your attitude, other BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) have no right in declaring PTSD even if they tested positive for such. Stay warm in understanding others in their fight to be justly compensated. MW, for your reference, review the Psychiatric Medical Dictionary on how one can get PTSD, and they’ve never left US soil to be transferred anywhere close to a war torn battlefield. As a Corpsman, you should know this condition very well, and that NOT everyone gets this condition in the same way.

    2. @MW

      The issue at hand is not the motives of veterans at all, however Shulkin has framed it thusly. This is why I do not trust he had engaged his brain much when making this off-hand comment. Our system of legal prudance can indeed present as an argument the idea of “motive” in a constitutionally sanctioned government decision made for The People by a hand selected group of citizens known as “a jury”.

      What he screwed the pooch over in this matter is by assuming authority by speaking as a federal official about changing policies based on a notion that assigns motives that cause a man to seek compensation or RATHER the notion that if policies are changed then the “current” motives for people who seek compensation will no longer be strong enough for them to do so.

      So let me ask you, what is it right now that motivates a man to face a YEARS long process by applying at a BEHEMOTH and notoriously corrupt VA, with ABSOLUTELY no reliable and consistent source of public information about just how the hell to go about doing it that motivates a man to do this? In my experience it is because you are at the end of your rope and the “motive” is survival.

      In short – I don’t like Shulkin sitting in judgement of my turns around the Sun because that is not his role in our government. That is why a jury is selected from citizens and NOT government.

      1. You are onto something. With Shulkin’s reasoning and thinking, then any Veteran on disability MUST have actually entered the military HOPING to have gross bodily/mental damages…all to further the democratic process if peace, even if it means coming back in pieces or not at all.

        They are truly dumb fucks at the VA.

    3. You don’t know much about workman’s compensation do you Michael? That sailor or supply clerk that was injured getting ammunition to the troupes you slapped battle dressings on don’t deserve compensation because they didn’t play safety first because of the urgency?

      Also a combat corpsman. But obviously from an earlier war. Times have changed in the “voluntary” military. And so have the benefits. We were paid considerably less and considered on duty 24/7/365.

      Speak for your time, not mine. What I earned and was promised is what I have a right to. And so with the sailors and marines I cared for.

    4. Lay off the Kool aide brother. Trump is a swamp creature. He’s just from a different swamp. And he’s building new ones.

      1. Windguy …..Congressman Chaffetz Says Trump Is No Better Than Obama! …..look that one up on u tube

      2. Where the hell have you been, boy. The Republic was destroyed over 100 years ago and all the presidents are appointed.

      3. Hey son, what the fuck are you talking about? Our Republic as a safe Nation was financially destroyed when POTUS Tricky Dicky took our Country off of the Gold Standard.

        Presidents appointed? To many conspiracy theorists. Corpsman, are you one of them?

      4. Your education is showing. The Republic was finally destroyed in 1913 with the founding of Centralized Banking and the Federal Reserve System. Nixon was following orders and the elimination of the Gold Standard was part of the “Plan”. Nixon didn’t want to end up like Kennedy who backed the Gold Standard and went against the Elitist Establishment of that time and was murdered by the Bush Cabal.

      5. @Michael Warren – – – You keep on blowing hot air. Bush family murders Kennedy. Another big fucking stretch. You may want to watch out. Alveoloplasties might be necessary for speech clarity. Take care homie.

      6. Knowledge and Truth are two biggies that you missed out on. Go back and support your Clintons and troll their sites. WHA!!! WHA!!! People like you are the problem with this country.

      7. And who actually gave Nixon orders to remove the US off of the Gold Standard? (Oh yes, reference please).

      8. Like I said – your education is showing, or lack thereof. Pretty pathetic, Troll.

      9. Michael Warren,
        What is “Before it’s news”???
        It is:
        Before It’s News is a citizens journalism website where stories are provided by individuals without credentials. Stories can range from moderately credible to tin-foil hat conspiracies. It seems this source has become a haven for conspiracy theorists and pseudo-scientists. Further, the website is riddled with pop-up ads and potential malware that make it impossible and unsafe to navigate. This source has been classified as Fake News by Fake News Watch and Politifact.
        why is this in your gravitar page? I think we all know why.

      10. @Michael Warren – – – You’re a piss poor profiler. Been a solid conservative since being politically active. Again, big stretch with the Knowledge and Truth. People like me would rid our Country of fucking ass wipes like yourself. Because someone says something about an issue, doesn’t make them a whiner. WTF is wrong with you?

      11. Warmike: I get the Jekyll Island ca 1913 issue. Then there’s Prescott Bush and his foul seeds – and all the hell that hath been wrought since. However, there is no way that you or anyone will ever, ever convince me that Trump is the guy who can go up against the NWO heel clickers. We’ve succumbed to the expectations that our presidents are minions of a higher order. But this guy has so much baggage, and is so incoherent, and lies so frequently, and has built a base of support based on selling fear and empty promises. If he was raised by Geppetto, he could sit in the oval office and stick his nose up Putin’s ass in the Kremlin. He may very well be getting subverted by Mueller – who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw an aircraft carrier. But I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Four Deferments Donnie. Would you seriously let your kid follow that guy into battle?

        Marine: Certainly no better than Omamma. Baarky drank the Kool Aid about two weeks before he won the election in 08 – right around the time he got his first intelligence briefing where he likely saw the unedited Zapruder films, got an earful of 9/11 and thermite 101, and was informed how lucrative cooperation could be – “just look at Clinton”…. Go back and find early speechafying, well practiced orator Obama versus December 08 policy drone status quo zombie Obama. Mortarforker took Bush’s (Hank fucking Paulson’s) bankster give away, ate it up, and puked it out whole. Quantitative Easing my ass.

        aaahh shit – back to therapy.

      12. @Windguy – – – I just notice the name title “WarMike.” LMFAO, big time.

      13. where did warMike go?
        He must of had a very important factual??? story to put on the “Before It’s News” site of Facebook page.
        That is the site on his gravitaor page

    5. Michael Warren: You talk like man with a paper ASS! Read the V.A. regulations! They CLEARLY state “Conditions caused or EXACERBATED by military service!” In march of 1971, when that rocket went off 20 yards from me, (I was in the mess hall, and it landed in the motor pool in the exact spot I had been standing in five minutes prior) I was only 19 years old, and the sound was so unexpected and loud, that I was left with hearing damage and noise aversion for LIFE! One of six rocket attacks! Are you so stupid and hateful to the wrong people, that you don’t even understand that rocket attacks, (temporarily setting aside the dozen times I was subjected to small arms ground fire as a doorgunner) noise aversion, and PTSS ARE war wounds!? Imagine for a moment that I am trying to give somebody an insulin shot, and I hear a sudden noise! BAM! That syringe is buried all the way in their vein, and I have hurt them! Even the crack of plastic from an expanding water bottle or the phone ringing shocks me! I am not accusing you of being a fake, but you SOUND like somebody who has very little or NO combat experience, and even LESS mercy and compassion!!

      1. @Rick Lipary – – – You must be no good too according to @Michael Warren.

        Hey Mike, I can sit back, then watch ass others tear into you to produce another alimentary canal port hole. Peace Bitch.

      2. What is that you don’t understand about “Combat Related”? We you, or were you not, in a Combat Zone? What is it that you are so confused over? DUH!

      3. @Michael Warren – – – I was in a Combat Zone where I was stationed, and I wasn’t in combat against a foreign enemy, but an homeland enemy. Do you remember how many criminals were told by Judges, that they can do time or go into the Army or Navy? This happened in the 70’s.

        I was discharged before I took one of these creeps out for the things he was doing to others, and threatening their life. Bingo, snipe time. Boy your jumping all over with firing back at comments.

        Oh and by the way, I have an Honorable Discharge. And, that doesn’t make me better than others with papers that are less. Many of us got screwed over by our own kind. Many should get benefits but their DD214 lists them as less than Honorable.

        And, lets not forgot how they also changed the Separation Codes on the DD214. Most of us didn’t even know what the Separation Code was for in the first place. The code in this block of your DD214 could’ve hindered a Vet from being employed.

        Change Topic- A person doesn’t need to be only threatened in a Combat Zone to be diagnosed with PTSD. Many factors are involved with the someone being diagnosed with such, wouldn’t you say there less than Doc?

      4. @Rick Lapary: Rick, my father would use that on us all the time, “Confusious say “You talk like man with paper asshole””

        Thank you for reminding me of him.

    6. You are 100% correct Doc. There are too many ex-military leeches out here that abuse the system and ride the VA as their own personal “Gravy Train”. In my organization we have been able to expose 100’s of these frauds – some have gone to prison for their actions in defrauding the VA over non existing conditions and even conditions that are completely non-military and/or combat related. We have found that most of this scum were worthless prior to Military service and never changed; just got worse. We are also exposing the VA personnel for what they are as well. I’ll be in touch. Our organization could use your talents. Keep shaking up the Hornets Nest. Semper Fi, Doc.

      1. Hey, Marine, What is the name of your organization, who are its principals and by whom are/is they/it funded?

      2. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve: From what Raptor Eagle is saying, he must be a scum VAOIG.
        The same scum that turns a blind eye to Veterans being murdered at the hands of directors who credential unqualified surgeons to perform simple surgeries that end up killing Veterans, and he calls ex-military leeches?? Blames the Veteran, and not the VAOIG, or the directors for using the VA as their very own gravy train.

        Hey Raptor Eagle, you Veteran hating piece of shit:

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

        I got your ex-military leeches right here!!!! Stick your ‘ORGANIZATION UP YOUR ASS!!!!

      3. This guy caught 100’s of veterans scamming the system, he should post everyone of them and show the proof of each.

        How many va employees did he catch, we know that only a hand full of va employees have been held accountable

        Is it that they only want to go after veterans and not federal employees.

        What organization. ?

        Show us the proof, if not then this person is blowing smoke.

      4. James Gallegos….I guess with a name like Raptor Eagle we were supposed to fear this asswipe..He talks about the ex-military leeches, He needs to look at the higher ups where they steal the big money…he talks about a hundred’s of vet’s out of 21 million…that’s peanuts versus the higher up pistachios…LOL ….AND RAPTOR EAGLE GO FUCK YOURSELF…..and I’ll give you my address if you want it

      5. These fake Vets that I’m referring to waste over $10B/yr. when real Vets with real injuries are pushed aside. You and especially others on this post are protesting why too much which is the first “give away”.

        Most people who make false and embellished claims of military service go to great lengths in order to support their claims. We often see false documents, altered pictures, claims that could never be true, sock puppets, legal threats, and so much more being used by posers to defend their lies.

        Some of the most bold posers use bravado to fend off anyone who dare question their service. They will use all forms of deception to justify their lies. We have had several cases in the recent past that stand out. One man had started his own FaceBook veteran group and was invited to help Admin many more veteran groups. He used the fact that many people who are known within veteran communities were on his friends list to establish his credibility. He had been doing it for many years. His blunder was to try and join a private group that investigates Stolen Valor. They take their lies too far, they always seem to go too far.

      6. I get 408 dollars a month for a kidney so tell me, I’m ripping who off…….High blood pressure I get pills but it’s not on my problem list, because they might have to pay another 10% now tell me I’m ripping them off….Sounds like your dealing with some con artists YEA, but your getting low on the totem pole …and ten billion sounds like your saying everyone is scamming…..Fact’s on paper from a doctor, The vet doesn’t wright the shit up

      7. And Oh by the way, go fuck couldn’t get shit on me because theres nothing to get


      9. HEY DING BAT, I have yet to see a single post, from anyone, stating, let alone embellishing, their military service. There are not only Veterans here, but also VA employees, and friends and families of Veterans/wronged Veterans, along with spouses of Veterans that have died at the hands of the VA, along with Lawyers, scholars, and anyone else who is interested in disabled Veterans issues.

        When anyone comes to this site, and starts calling the members, AND I FUCKING QUOTE “ex-military leeches” here to “scam the system” you can expect to get fallout, and, it is well deserved fallout at that. If you are not here to contribute, or chime in on crimes against Veterans, then what the fuck are you here for?
        You can get away with just about any comment, or position you take here, as we often do. Nobody, however, is going to take what was said lying down. Honestly, I would like to hear your answer. As big of an asshole I have been known to be, I am being pretty calm here, and you damn well know it.

        You can either, issue an apology for smearing Veterans.
        Keep up with your position and dishonor yourself.
        Take a flying fuck on a rolling donut.
        Or, just simply stick your head back up your ass, shake your head around, and pull out a fish.
        You can always just leave as well.

        Personally? Your not worth the effort it took, for my twisted fingers, to type this shit in the first place.
        Fuck, I need my head examined!!!! Just shoot me.

    7. @Michael Warren: Did you hit your head on the way in? Your a damn idiot, and don’t know shit about what the VA is for, it certainly is not for YOUR personal description of what you THINK it should be for, Go suck a fucking egg,

      1. We have heard this before, one has to understand that active military personnel get hurt in training or accidents and harmed by person’s who do not like American soilders.

        Our military is all over the ? and do get harmed. The va has income limits before veterans have to pay, if not service connected.

        This person does not understand that hundreds of thousands of veterans have been denied their deserved disabilities.

        Yes, this person is a disgruntled va employee, maybe ready to be axed and wants to get one more ? in before getting their pink slip.

        We, have seen over and over va employees on government time, posting on this site.

        What goes around comes around eventually. !

    8. Combat Veteran, do you not know that we have service members all over the world ! How about training accidents, how about solders stabbed or shot or their vehicle rolls over and not in a combat zone.

      How about all the support people getting hurt.

      You do not have to be in a combat zone to get injured, sometimes worse that in combat

  46. he speaks of wellness programs….I’m sure the Vet dying from Mesothelioma or a disease associated from exposure with Agent Orange….will just jump for joy!!!!! and Vets who have become amputees will clap or some will stomp their feet ……this jackass makes disability sound as if its something everyone covets…

    1. not to sound Un-American–and yes, i am a veteran with PTSD; but i know many vets who have placed getting well on the back-burner because the disability check is too good. For some, disability is indeed an incentive to not get well. I know people who put off surgeries (that otherwise would make them get well sooner) because they don’t want their rating decreased. I know people who pick-out hard to prove disabilities, or crap that they know they don’t qualify for (clogging up the system), because they’re trying to get pushed to 100%. It’s all about the money for some. lets not act like this doesn’t happen. I’ve questioned the integrity of some of my fellow vets who have done this, and the response was the same. They blame VA for writing the regs the way that they did; and if that reg happens to give a vet a loophole to get benefits, then they all have said it’s foolish to not take advantage of the free money.

      1. How about a veteran that was shot in the head, applies for disability and the VA deny, deny, deny claim, stating his official military records were destroyed in a fire that happened in May 1973 and the veteran discharged in Oct 1973.

        What did they do, save an amber just for my records. Me suffering from PTSD and a Traumatic Brain Injury that I did not know I had. Drinking to self medicate, going to jail, divorced twice, trying to kill myself !

        And after forty years hire an attorney and BOOM, ALL of a sudden my official Military records were pulled off the Shelf. I am 100% now, permeant and total and unemployable.

        Finely treated, Drug after drug, running into walls, until they found the right dose and I have not touched a drop since. So you are saying that since I am not drinking now, I should not be rated at 100 %.

        I worked for the VA for 25 years as an administrative assistant, until they pushed the wrong button and my PTSD flared up so bad, I had to take a medical retirement.

        Many veterans fight years for their deserved disability and as soon as they get it, the VA starts the process of taking it away and thousands of veterans have committed suicide because the VA used this tactic !

        You got yours, so screw everyone else, you should be the only one getting disability. My TBI is so old their is no help, hell they can not rule out Brain cancer, did they send me to Oncology NOPE, we will just watch to see what happens !

        Thanks for your service ! NOW GO AWAY !

  47. The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.) 2min.
    “”………he said this in 2007

    1. Link failed, but I’ve seen it. Wes was on the BoD of a couple of small wind tech companies. My first encounter with him was a report I did on a wind turbine crash – I fingered the construction manager for operating under unsafe conditions, and the OEM for inadequate safety systems. Turns out Wes Jr. was the construction manager on-site. Then senior hired me to go beat on the OEM in Holland. Interesting fellow, and in private, he did make mention of the grand plan. He seemed somewhat embarrassed that it took him so long to figure it out. Dude drinks sweet Rieslings as a cocktail – with ice. Yechhh.

      1. Clark Jr. and a fellow named Woods were raking in the Money, over $1 Million in Go Fund Me cash with the Veterans at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. The Vet’s are gone, and so is the Money that they raised. Haven’t heard from them on the final accounting of the funds. The Clark’s know how to ride the Gravy Train when it pases thru town.

      2. Jr. didn’t walk away with a dime. Tents, food, water, porta-loos – you name it. Jr. isn’t wired that way. The old man makes his dough on the speaking circuit (very little these days) and on Boards of tech start ups. He isn’t getting fat either. He could have done much better joining the military industrial train – and didn’t. That’s my opinion from my limited direct contact. I did exchange mails with Wes II when he was doing the Dakota thing. There are no saints.

      3. Windguy: any final accountability that I can read ? I haven’t seen any numbers. How do you spend that much money on a cluster-fuck that didn’t achive any goal? Looks like the usual roll out the veterans and beg for money. What is likely to happen with this is that Clark and Co. will resurface with a politically correct cause to run for political office (Flint Michigan water crisis) and the veterans ? Oh those guys….yeah I remember them. What ever did happen to those guys anyway ?

  48. Daughter of Mossad Chief: I Refuse to Enlist in the Israeli Military.. 6MIN.

  49. This is weird, I agree with Secretary David Shulkin, MD, said. “Our system incentivizes disability, when our system should be incentivizing health and well-being.” I speak, or write for me and no other veteran, but I am sure there are many in my shoes. I went in to the VA because I thought I had a minor sleeping disorder (insomnia of some sort). After a battery of written tests of many kinds, and psychiatric interviews, and groups on alcohol and drug addiction, and being tested monday through friday for substance abuse; about a year and a half later after I kept refusing to put in for compensation, but was convinced by a WWII, Korean, and VietNam Wars Sergeant Major working for the VFW, I put in thinking that at least 10% will get me my sleeping pills for free, and if a miracle were to occur and I would get 30%, I would be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation service connected. VietNam was more than two decades behind, so I knew that I had survived it. I was told that I had PTSD to an extent that I was labeled terminally ill, I guess I was supposed to commit suicide, but since I did not get the memo, or in today’s parlance “the email”, I missed that train. I had never heard of PTSD, I had heard of PTS(syndrome), but thought it was just another acronym buzzword. I get a letter stating “Congratulations”, it felt like a slap in the face in front of my family, and I could not fight back to defend my honor, integrity, and prestige. To me it confirmed that the system has me labeled as “crazy”, in their terms “mentally ill”. I could not believe that serving my country and having fellow marines die in my arms would bring such a heavy toll many years later. I hated it, I still do. The pieces of shit awarded me 100% totally and permanently, and have not had a reevaluation for twenty years. I think I pissed someones statistical probabilities about me committing suicide. I’ve looked for the memo, and I haven’t found it yet. My hope and dream was to be as proud as my hard working WWII dad and never ask for a handout, but work hard and honestly for every penny. I think that conflict is what gave me PTSD. I ordered the Voc Rehab off this website and it scares me because it is all so true, but even more so because the product fails to more fully describe the Voc Rehab system people as “pieces of lying bags of worthless shit”.
    I took the letter and applied for Voc Rehab hoping to get a training to find me gainful employment, but I was denied because I was taking too much medication (psychiatric). About four years ago a VA shrink pissed me off, obviously his racist roots showed, and I weened myself off all psychiatric medication and only kept my diabetic medications because probably connected to Agent Orange. So twenty years go by and I apply again and I am told that I was totally rehabilitated in 2010 when the VA gave me a computer (with Windows 98, broke in two years, could not afford the repair because it was a dinosaur by then). I remember the contracted Voc Rehab counselor told me that I was taking too much medication and that Voc Rehab would only train me for an entry level position that would pay much less than what my compensation check was and that I would loose many of the 100% benefits such as vision, dental, and the like. I said I can be the controller of my destiny and how much money I will make, the counselor said that they would not approve and that I could appeal. Seven years go by, four years without psychiatric medication since I was functioning with out them for over 23 years, and the Voc Rehab counselor still said that they would deny and not overturn the total rehabilitation back in 2010 when the VA gave me a computer. The main reason was that I was taking too much medication, I said that I was diabetic, and without the medication I would certainly die after some serious complications like amputations and blindness. The counselor then gave me copies to go register with the Unemployment Office and State Office of Rehabilitation. When first diagnosed I was told that my symptoms were from drug and or alcohol abuse. I’ve never taken non prescription drugs and had not touched alcohol since May 1, 1976, but at least I thought that there was a cure for whatever my sleep disorder was, so I went to the meetings for months, but the symptoms did not go away, and every single blood and urine test came back negative for drugs or alcohol. How I wish I was a drug or alcohol addict because that can be cured and managed from relapse, but not PTSD. Prior to the VA, I was a functional PTSD Zombie, after the VA prescriptions, I became a dysfunctional PTSD Zombie. I am back to a functional PTSD Zombie with an understanding of why, but I guess I am more valuable if the system incentivizes my disability to qualify their existence for their paycheck just to show up. Am I just a guinea-pig? Maybe I can be Secretary David Shulkin poster child (or veteran) by helping me help myself by what Secretary David Shulkin, said that our system should be incentivizing health and well-being; hopefully with some voc rehab. It’s hard to compete for a job when you haven’t worked for over 27 years, and was a dysfunctional Zombie for 16 of them. I still don’t drink or drug and my nightmares, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, scars, aches and pains are like old friends that I can count on because now I know them and the why, as opposed to my government that I thought I knew. The sad part is that many of my brothers, and not just friends that are on the Wall died thinking that they were doing a noble cause to protect American citizens and not just corporate profits and other hidden agendas. They believed that if they survived that they would come back as heroes and that our government, not our country, would take care of us if need be; similar to what Abe Lincoln said about the widows, orphans, and those that bore the battle. I still believe in my country and its citizens, but not in the government because they are not here to help. Now I gotta get back to my Voc Rehab Appeal.

    1. I agree. I would rather have been treated and rehabbed properly than given 100%. I’m now 75 and one year on seizure medication that I should have been taking for 48 years instead of several different anti-depressants. I’m more employable now than I was at 30.

      1. Work is highly overrated. Sleeping in late and watching your neighbors scramble is it’s own reward. It’s a Zero Sum Game…..

    2. Interesting story. It has a 1984 flavor to it. My only anaylisis is to TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, and NEVER look back. If your fucked either way you look at at, why not get paid for the experience? You over thought the whole thing, now your paying the price.
      My personal experience with the VA (the money side) is IF you see a window of financial opportunity, break it open and crawl thru……Just me venting of course.

  50. I am gonna tackle this one VA style!

    First, let me say something that I like about any government official answering questions without reading from a script;

    It brings back wonderful memories of waking up with the Sun in my shared bed with my brother on Saturday morning and romping down the hallway in jammies to turn on the Boob Tube and plop down to watch cartoons! I could just NEVER stop laughing at Mr. Magoo! Mr. Magoo, you have done it again!!! So I like remember Mr. Magoo, and that is a positive thing.

    What I think can be improved upon of course is the installation of a shock collar normally used to reign in weiner dogs in a trailer park from barking. We can improve Shulkin’s behavior by installing a weiner doggy shock collar modified for neck size (but not much) onto Shulkin. The collars can be set REALLY sensitive so that even a whimper will be picked up by the onboard microphone and trigger a jolt of electricity directly to the laranyx. This can represent the will of The People and also keep his neighbors from complaining about all the barking at night. Have you ever seen a weiner dog get caught in a horrible loop of getting shocked, then yelping from the shock, the getting shocked from yelping, and repeat? I have! It wasn’t funny at all until that particular weiner dog bit me once, then I sort of tried to get it to bark…just once….so the cycle would begin. Paybacks are a bitch when the bitch bites me! My love of creatures has a price tag; No biting allowed or you ain’t my friend (unless you look really hot in black lace).

    If we put one of these weiner dog barky collars on Shulkin then his urge to make noises may not go away, but the collar wouldn’t care about what he wants or doesn’t want AND the shock collar would without question reinforce accountability. The People would get to set the sensitivety on the collar. Sort of like The Constitution, right?

    As for me I would likely surprise him on the street and try to get him to say something in public again….let the cycle begin bitch!

    1. I was at the VA Portland Thursday. I had flashes of Saturday morning “funnies” – especially The Three Stooges. In one scene, upon hearing “thank you for your service”, I became Moe – ” – slap – punch – slap “shuddup puddin head”. In scene two, at imaging following “thank you for your service”, I was Curly doing his woo woo woo dance, slapping his own face and ending up with his growling dog. Scene three was me being Larry back at imaging again, and again, and from a different soul “thank you for your service” – instead of Moe pulling my hair out – I was doing it to myself.

      Things were different when I finally went to see the Rheumy. I’ve never been treated so well by a VA doctor. In fact, she ranks a close tie with Dr. James Garrity at Mayo – Dr. Eyes. This woman took me through every facet (sorry) of my spine images and explained why it was probably that I had been mis-diagnosed with DISH (civilian, then VA docs) instead of her calling out Ankylosing Spondyfuckedup. She was frank, friendly, explorative, open to challenge and alternative. No one has ever dug this deep into my stuff. Fully understood why I couldn’t take drugs A, B, and C, and immediately went to the really spendy shit that the VA doesn’t pass out willingly. We’ll see if it works. My wife was crying at the end of the consult. “There’s hope?”

      We’ll see. We’ll find out in a couple months if I can attempt to go back to work. In the day since, I have been analyzing myself – did I set my expectations so low that I was easily encouraged? No – history with give a fuck idiots who never read a file or chart belies those thoughts. This young woman was nothing but thorough.

      Lesson? Pick through enough shit, and you too can find a whole kernel of edible sweet corn.

      1. The Old Picking Peanuts Out of a Turd Gambit . Don’t care for Peanuts(not at that price) and the latter, well leave them on the sidewalk where they belong….

  51. The secretary is right. Disability compensation needs to be re thought. See Bray v Shinseki.

    A mental category I inductee isn’t as disabled from an amputation as a mental category III. A mental category III inductee isn’t as disabled (economically) from a TBI as a mental category I.

    Medical approaches to treating TBI need to be upgraded to prevent suicide. A greater recognition of anosognosia and its effects on the psyche needs to be included in treatment for left frontal lobe injuries and right mid parietal lobe injuries.

    Yes, a new approach needs to be taken on both treatment and compensation. We are no longer in the era of primarily manual labor where a person on the end of a shovel could make a reasonable living. The labor force of today is radically different than the labor force post WWI. Even WWII. This needs to be addressed.

    And don’t worry if you are currently compensated under the old rules. You’ll be protected by the Constitutions “post de facto” rule. You’ll get the higher of the two, new and old laws.

    1. Disability calculation methods need to be easier to understand. Reads like an Attorney decided how this would be all set up in the first place. Wait, it was a bunch of legal beagles that set this up.

      There is also the possibility, that the total yearly sum of the Disability Payments are less that what they should be. Remember how many are denied for decades, and more? BENEFICIARY’s are undercompensated. There are other areas that the VA needs to get ahold on of its costs. I see a smokescreen coming down the pike. Shulkin is looking for a way that will detract the leaders at be and the public, to think that he is doing a lot to make the VA chug a lug on a bit more efficiently. Sure.

  52. The “4th of July Celebration” is right around the corner. How many wanna bet we veterans will be dragged out onto the streets, fields and stages around the country, to get the population teary eyed, so our plight will go unnoticed?
    Here’s something else. Before “Shithead Shulkin” took over the Secretary’s job at VA, President Trump has a few other individuals in mind! Only, none of them wanted the job! Why? We surmised those individuals didn’t want it was because they knew how corrupt VA was, and didn’t want a “black mark” on their resume! (Remember that!)

    I agree with namnibor over how “Shithead Shulkin” is throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks! So far, it’s getting pretty sloppy on that wall, because nothing’s sticking!

    I also agree America needs to wake up to the MASSIVE corruption and illegal activities of almost every single government agency…….
    30 Years ago we didn’t have these “magical electronic devices” to show us what “our government” was up to on an hourly basis! Now we can see, through the lens of utube and other medias, exactly what these reprobates are up to!
    Problem is, we have to research what they say, or we are treated like the proverbial mushroom (kept in the dark & fed shit all day long)!

    I believe “Shithead Shulkin” might want to reconsider his employment status. Because if he continues to throw veterans under the bus, his tenure as Secretary of VA will be short!

    Lastly, stop the wars and watch America jump with joy!

    1. ELF right on, we get taken off the shelf on the 3rd of July, get dusted off for the 4th parade/show- hooray

      1. Don’t forget those lovely magnetic fender ribbons. Gets me all flag wavy n’shit.

  53. ‘[…Secretary David Shulkin, MD, said. “Our system incentivizes disability, when our system should be incentivizing health and well-being.”…]’

    Shulkin is sounding JUST LIKE those ring-knockers that have posted on here in years past. The name ‘Gade’ comes to mind, a West Point instructor that believes Veteran Disability Compensation is a bad thing and he said as much as Shulkin, in that he thought it incentivizes disability…and that’s likely what he’s been teaching his newly manufactured ring-knockers and I have no doubt that’s where some of this crapola is seeping from.

    Rant Out for today. Throwing more rocks. Broke the lawnmower. 🙂

    1. namnibor…WE are already paying a war tax, that’s where our taxation started from …read your HIS-STORY/history

    2. Shulkin is brain dead. War incentives incentivizes disability by letting hunks of metal and explosives come your way. What would he suggest, hire mercenaries so you don’t have to pay them for the after effects of war…?

  54. ANOTHER IDEA!! (this is a WHOPPER and something completely different)

    Mr. President: I propose a “GASOLINE VETERAN TAX OF NO LESS THAN 20% AT EVERY GAS PUMP”–this tax will be in-place until the VA’s fraud and corruption is cleaned-up and by cleaned-up, banishing the AFGE Union from VA workplace and FIRE your way to excellence. Until then, for every 6 months that go by and the above is not accomplished and Veterans are happy and SAFE, that TAX will INCREASE additional 5%.

    This is not a corporate tax, this is a tax hitting every single American, rich, poor, and every business that utilizes petroleum to exist.
    UNLESS, every American is hit where they will take notice from whatever the Kardashian train wreck is doing or whichever sports pro is gang banging….

    I REALLY think this drastic TAXING MEASURE will tax the bean-counters and congress critters when they tire of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches following them.

    I really believe we can TAX OUR WAY TO EXCELLENCE.

    1. My proposed Veteran Gas Tax (VGT) would make the word “Veteran” be more than a stage-prop talking-point or staged holidays fireworks or air show feel-good, warm and fuzzy after-glow, or re-election erection campaign veteran stage props…no…the word “Veteran” will also be implanted on every American’s mind that until the “Beneficiaries Of Their Freedom” they enjoy in these United States are treated with the simple promise we were told and Veterans cease to kill themselves at a rate of any % a given day, that gas tax will keep climbing.
      Really think hitting the wallets of all is the only way. I bet the AFGE would be driven away in no time.

      1. We could also add a WAR TAX to all commodities and place ALL Americans on RATION STAMPS…we are at war, now 17 years+ and going …..what I am saying is compared to wars of the past, esp. the Great Wars, the USA citizens are NOT making *any* sacrifices that encourage the citizens to encourage our congress critters to stop making new Veterans.

      2. This Veteran Gas Tax (VGT) might also drive home to Americans that these wars are indeed only about controlling the damn oil…in name of democracy, or something like that…

        Also, in case OPEC helps the AFGE and VA out by lowering gas prices by oil barrels down to say $20. a barrel, well, the Veteran Gas Tax (VGT) will increase exponentially to the power of 2 to allow for potential fraud underhand corruption creep.

        (Fraud Underhand Corruption Creep: (FUCC) is anywhere the VA goes they corrupt absolutely…FUCC’d is the typicaly aftermath)

  55. WTF is a wellness program ? All you Trump bots out there who were singing the praise of the Orange Menace and Shulkin are due for a wake up call. You have NO ONE who is looking out for Veterans. ” vox populi” public opinion is always wrong at first blush…Get rid of the pre-canned Republican talking points, were are on our own.

    1. JOHN COKOS ….Everyone of you owe it to your families and neighbors to do everything possible to re-educate them. The alternative is to watch them die. Every politician reading this is now on notice; we will not surrender to your masters and you and they can go straight to hell. To you fools who swear by your political party, you are too stupid to contend with. They are your enemy!

      1. and America was never intended to be a democracy and is not one now. It’s all one big rotten lie. America is and has been a corporate owned and controlled series of incorporated service companies that eliminated our humanity and converted us into slaves. The Constitution for the united States is in a state of hibernation and THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES Inc. is slowly but surely brain draining every one of us into accepting defeat by supporting the existing charade.

  56. My theory is simply this:

    I believe Shulkin & Friends at the VA are throwing-out things against the wall to see what may stick in order to stave-off any massive audit of the VA. I believe Shulkin thinks if he can propose alternative, drastic cost-cutting measures, it makes the bean-counters happy, and the corrupt AFGE minion can sleep soundly knowing they will not have to sacrifice a thing to continue being a ever-getting-plumper-purple team. Notice how he firstly threw against the wall the stealing away TDIU from retirement aged Veterans? That did not stick well, SO let’s try WELLNESS CLINICS….it SOUNDS GOOD to the bean counters…check, are the AFGE piggies sleeping well? CHECK!

    VA Sec. Shulkin- You DO NOTwant a Veteran revolution on your hands because you will WISH it were the zombie apocalypse instead. What’s NOT SUSTAINABLE is VA CORRUPTION YOU RAT BASTARDS!
    Also, if we cease getting into these wars and properly FINISH THE JOB, we would not be having this conversation. Maybe it’s high-time for the nuclear option for the middle east? Worked a charm in WW2. Just saying.

  57. Lily, completely agree. Lots of serv- connected vets from previous wars are dying every day. It is a situation that offsets VA spending. It means benefits that the VA actually saves. VA doesn’t tell us that either.

    1. Is there anywhere we can find some numbers on how many vets die every year and how much the VA saves?

      1. Your comments are very offensive Lily. You are sounding like the va just waiting for us to die.

      2. @Bill: Bill, you may have misunderstood Lily, I have never known Lily to take the VA,s side. I think what she is saying is, Shill-kin is talking about cutting benefits to save money.

        Lily is saying they are saving enough money, due to the fact many older Veterans, are dying, along with younger Veterans, who die waiting for care, that the VA, is no longer paying out benefits to. And simply asked where she could find those stats at.

        I don’t think she meant to offend anyone.

        Later Gators -!¡¡!-

    2. Not every veteran gets 100% disability and many of those past war veterans were given a 0 % rating, some a little higher and many were denied care.

      That’s why they are dying off, the va has denied claims and without an adjudicated claim, sorry Charlie, next !

      Seems you think every service connected veteran are making large amounts of money !

      Something smells. ! Guess were not dying off, fast enough. Are you a va employee.?

  58. If it wasn’t for modern combat medicine we probably would have had 60,000 dead by now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead we have a huge number of disabled veterans that would have been dead. Of course it’s going to cost a lot, but lets not forget a lot more disabled WW2 and Vietnam Veterans are dying every day. So it kind of equals out in the long run financially if we stop having wars that aren’t necessary. Also, good luck changing the system when a few hundred thousand lawyers will be fighting for veterans.

    1. Lili,
      Let’s NOT forget the “dead veterans” still on the payroll where VA employees are stealing the compensation!

      1. BINGO!!!!!! Along with opening accounts under fictitious names, using the claim number from denied claims, since 68′ at least!!!!

        100’s of millions per month, some making its way to political campaigns. Hell no they don’t want an audit.

      2. @Lily: Lily, here is a link, from the man himself, I know it is a long video, but please, watch it in it’s entirety.
        If you want to skip to the theft part, it starts at around 19 minutes in.

      3. I would recommend that EVERYONE look at Eds video, even if you don’t buy the premise. I was in contact with Ed when he first came out with the interview, and even if he was wrong on some of the details, it’s the general premise that explains were we are at today.
        No one has picked up on ED’s research, either for reasons of self interest or it’s just too much work. Ed suggested to that there death threat’s against someone involved in the original unfolding of the paper trail. It’s easy to go on a blog and go on various tangent’s, but ED and a few of the whistle blowers were in the tall grass on this. Even they didn’t get near the third rail.
        Ben should interview ED, I suggested this to him some time back.

      4. @John t Cokos: What amazed me most, is all the entities up and down the line, that turned a blind eye to him, even though he has clearly provided the proof. Supreme Court says fix it, the VA says piss off, the lower courts pull a Schultz’s, “I see nothing”, and not a single politician could give a shit.

        You knew Ed personally? That is awesome!!! If you ever talk with Ed again, please let him know many people, both Veterans and civilians, think the world of him.

      5. I connected some years back when he was being interviewed by some long since gone vets radio talk show. I took a while for me to get my head around it all, but it fell into place after I did some independent research on my own.The closer I got to trying to corroborate the facts he put out, the more resistance I got. Hit a stone wall at one point. I think that Ed’s know’s a lot more than he is saying. He’s not in good health from the last interview I heard him own. I went to local Congressman in my area for some help in obtaining documents,and was pretty much shut out by the Vet’s Rep in his office. Never got any response from them. What does this say ?

      6. @John t Cokos: Sorry to hear of Ed’s health, this is the game plan right? Wait for him to die, makes me so angry. I would expect nothing less than stonewalling, when trying to get answers. If you were to tell all that you know, to anyone other than Veterans that have been screwed over, people would think your off your rocker. Exactly how do you penetrate, that damn wall? And, when you do, who the hell is going to listen? Let alone do anything!!

        We can cry, and scream, and throw shit all day long, but until we are ready to band together, put our differences aside, and march together as one, and DEMAND JUSTICE, nothing, will ever change!!!!

        It is up to us, to exact accountability, nobody is going to do it for us. The powers that be, don’t give a shit about research, or proof, or what anyone thinks, or knows. The only time these politicians will ever get off their lying fat asses, and change the status quo, is when they see the horizon shimmering with Veterans heading their way.


      7. @James Gallegos: James, I sent out emails asking for guidance to 7 different organizers, along with follow up emails. Not a single response from anyone, not even a piss off!

        I need to go back to the article Ben posted, about the Missouri doc not being able to practice at the VA.

        I recall someone posted, who obviously knew what he was talking about, all the things we would need to do, to march in Missouri. I need review some of those posts, make a list of shit to do. And I guess, try to get it done on my own. Of course for DC.

        I thought maybe some kind of country wide march, so Veterans, and others, who just can’t afford, or, due to their disability, couldn’t get to DC.

        At the same time, another, much larger march, on DC proper. I may not be the sharpest knife in the back, but what the hell? Gotta try, this VA BS has to end, too many Veterans lives are at stake, we cannot fail !!!

        The politicians like to take us for a bunch of chumps? Time to turn the tables, time for the no accountability crowd, to bear witness, to the largest voting segment, coming straight at em, like the MOTHER OF ALL SUPPOSITORIES!!
        ONE BIG INNUENDO (###################®)<—— insert this end first.

      8. Maybe flooding Secretary Shulkin’s from veterans all over the country explaining their complaints about how they have been treated or not treated or punished by the illegal disruptive committee or any other problem they are having. !

        It has been told that the pen is mighter than the sword. Every letter, inquiry must be filed and kept for so many year’s.

        The letters will be the Paper trail and this should act as notice to whom ever is reading it, about certain problems that need to be addressed.

        The Secretary is required to submit any action taken concerning “bad” employees, to congress, senate and committee of veterans affairs.

        Every letter, inquiry must be replied to, that is part of the paper trail.

        These replies can be sent to the white house or the senate committee on veterans affairs and they can not say, they did not know about a certain problem.

        Where does the Buck stop, at the top. !

        Veterans must cut out the middleman and go right to the top or tops.

        The Senate committee must be aware that you wrote the Secretary and any evidence they have to back up the charges.

        This I believe would be better than a march.?

        They can not ignore any veterans claims about their care or lack of, or how they were denied their deserved disabilities or their love one committed suicide Etc.

        Pulling at straws, your right this is to important to fail !

        They may not believe it but veterans are real human’s, just like they are, some have forgotten freedom is not free !

        Every current congressman, congress woman and senator should be required to serve at least one year in the military, unless they have already served.

        That would give them a clear picture of what soilders do and what veterans have to go through, that should change a few tunes and maybe some will leave, choosing not to serve.

      9. @James Gallegos: James I really like that idea as well, of flooding Shill-kin with complaints in writing. We all can start that in the morning. I am having trouble thinking of the right word to use, I will work my way around it, I no longer trust anything to do with the VA, I feel if all we do is flood Shill-kin, the entire matter will still be kept from the public. It is hard to hide a massive march, one that brings all the ugliness that is the VA to light., I know I am fighting an uphill battle, getting people to take off of work, Veterans marching that feel they might jeopardize their compensation checks, and Veterans who think the VA is fine and dandy.

        I admit, I am in this way over my head, but this isn’t about me, it is about justice for all Veterans, and especially for those that gave their lives, waiting on this criminal agency for help. Ever see the Dr Suez cartoon, Horton hears a who? That is how I see all of the Veterans, they can scream all day long all together at the same time, and nobody, hears, I think it just takes that one more Veteran added to the mix for the entirety of us all to finally be heard. I don’t know if what I just said even makes any sense.

      10. I understand, I sensed a lot of stress in your post and thought I would throw you a life line.

        I was speaking to my Wife and she agrees with you that a March is also called for. !

        She has watched me before I was treated and after, life is a lot different and I can function without having to drink, I use mother nature medication.

        The va has to understand that every time they deny a veteran their deserved disabilities, they are assisting in harming those veterans.

        Who ever started this insanity should be in jail for life.

        They have forced veterans to suffer a life time of their own jail and no get out of jail card.

        Wife said just go to the internet and type in how to start a protest and we can pick and choose.

        You can not put all of this on just your. shoulders, try that and it will drive u crazy.

        You try and I will read what we can and post it and maybe some others will do the same.

        Later gators

      11. #cj: >>We can cry, and scream, and throw shit all day long, but until we are ready to band together, put our differences aside, and march together as one, and DEMAND JUSTICE, nothing, will ever change!!!!

        and the results speak for themselves or we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, of all places on a “voc rehab site”. veterans issues with VA & especially VBA always morph back to critical point of frustration && every time VA heads, currently shulkin, speaks, we are reminded of why we veterans are so pissed off about all this.

        as i’ve mentioned before, the wait list is just tip of a corrupt ice berg. behhold, shulkin finally addresses the VBA issue, and look where he takes it & no one in so called MSM picks up on it except a few veteran benefit centered sites such as this one. MSM at least picked up on the whistleblower unjust actions VA took. VA/VBA must be some gov within gov and answers to no one.

        what @cj wrote has been said & written in many ways regarding these issues all around the veteran web landscape. proven history is on your side regarding your statement & sentiments.

  59. Now how is Shulkin going to take care of BENEFICIARY’s with Wellness Programs. How is the VA going to calculate how this issue is measured, when the average BENEFICIARY, Active Duty Personnel, VSO Peeps of the VA, the common person, or a trained circus animal, going to . . .

    Determine how to replace the can’t understand how-to come to the conclusion of the amounts of percentages, when the segments of the listed disabilities have a sum that is extremely hard to repeat in coming to the same amount when recounted?

    I’ve tried many times to understand how the VA calculates percentages. The process is very confusing, and the common BENEFICIARY (Veteran) will not even scratch the surface in understanding how these current disability ratings are specifically calculated by way of an equation.

    Shulkin is using deserved Disability Payments as a smoke screen, so that no emphasis will be focused on auditing the VA System as a whole. VA can’t even get proper performing medical supplies. VA purchases some products that should have a big spelled out word on the supply boxes; Reject.

    A word that should be burned into the center of Shulkin’s forehead; Reject.

    1. Shulkin should put up some Police Tape around the budget issue; ‘Move on folks, there’s nothing here to see”. I might well be that they have NO plans to revamp the compensation issue, it would just bring attention and heat to where the money isn’t really going. I don’t see them killing off the Golden Goose of Money Laundering…

      1. VBA. Needs new management we veterans do not need people like Diana rubins and Kimberly graves who are willing to plead the 59th when questioned about their getting over $4000 relocation money.

        If they are willing not to answer to senate staff and it was on the up and up why not answer the questions.

        They are the leadership, since they refused to answer about relocation money, what are they doing to veterans and their va claims.

        They have shown they have something to hide and will continue. After all, all they have to say about anything when questioned is I Plead the 5th and that’s is far as it goes.

        Employees at the region office said other employees laughed when they heard they had to go in front of the senate committee.

        And Diana Rubins told them go ahead and laugh, we will see who has the last laugh. !

        Any employee only has to say I plead the 5th and done deal, back to harming other employees or veterans and nothing will be done.

        Veterans are a pawn and are no human, we are someone who is expendable and do not matter.

        Thousands of veterans have been denied or given 0, 10, 20 % disability, when many of them should have received a higher rating.

        What is Shulkin mean by his statement, deny even more, can’t be substained.

        The whole va can not be substained the way it is being run.

        Only two ways to fix it, get rid of veterans or VA employees !

        Who is going to get axed, the va was made for veterans, not employees.

        Start over, the government could furlow all the employees. Lease the buildings to private doctors and collect rent. Veterans given choice of any doctor of their choice.

        New VBA, with new management and employees.

        Veterans should not be the ones taking up the slack.

        Shut down the VA save billions and then deserving veterans claims could be paid and it can then be substained !

        This country has lost it’s way, they are willing to let 22 million people die because insurance companies say so and our elected officials are letting it happen.

        How many wars have we fought, how many people have died for this country.

        This country is being distroyed without one shot fired. Our elected officials are doing something that no other country has been able to do to the United state’s, distroy it.

        For the life of me, I don’t understand what happened and why veterans by the hundreds of thousands are not marching on Washington.

      2. “For the life of me, I don’t understand what happened and why veterans by the hundreds of thousands are not marching on Washington….” for those no medicated out to the twilight zone there are those who the system has paid off with benefits . Nobody marches against their own interest’s.
        The veterans as a group have been hijacked by the Republican party through various front groups.This started by in the Nixon Administration, and was ramped up with Trump through the Koch Bros. special interests groups… I know because I was a FORMER member of such entities.
        There are no coincident’s…..

  60. War is a racket! And President Trump is a banker’s wet dream. Do I smell another civil war around the corner? Or is the stench of the DC swamp getting worse?

  61. Don’t take money from the disabeled. How about fixing the system how about not wasting money
    how about not giving so much to isreal. We are the police of the world. We should get a pension
    as police do. Get some of those country we protect to kick in some money. Especially
    those oil rich countries. Hey shulkin how are you going to make those of us that lost
    limbs any better by taking our money?’ Also there is not a hearing aid store on every block.
    President trump, you made a promise ti take care of us. I don’t think this guy shulkin is
    looking out for our good. He’s just dong what chews do looking at the bottom line.
    President trump does not let us down.

  62. That’s ok. Just let these free loaders use attorneys to get SS disability, illegals from all over the world get food and free medical but the young men and women going off to war go to wellness clinics? Who thought this one up?

  63. The problem is within the va system itself. The va does not want to correct itself and let the employees, doctors, providers, etc. do whatever they please with rarely any accountability.

    1. @Ex va – – – You hit the ganglia (nerve gang) of the VA. Directly straight up the main line of corruption. Shulkin is diverting necessary auditing of the VA Health Care and Benefits System, and blaming Disability amounts of payment for Service Connected or Non-Service Connected piss poor caring calculations.

      1. The VA has been cooking the financial books for DECADES. This looks like a smoke and mirrors maneuver either to move the cheese piece’s around and CYA or just outright money launder the money to whatever off the books account they are maintaing. Ben is guilty in some respect for NEVER having gone into this bit of history.
        But, he is in good company……

  64. So our government tells us “WE” are entitled to healthcare. But when applying “WE” receive benefits for service connected and non service connected care. Yet, “WE” are a cost, for each individual to the health care system, through our tax system.

    So, which is it? A entitlement? A benefit? A cost?

    WE served this nation, to protect and defend it against all foreign and domestic. In doing so,
    WE understand the cost of our blood, sweat and tears, comes at a price. WE also know, that cost leads to pain, suffering and even death.

    So, your saying…WE don’t have a voice?

  65. How can veterans get “better” when the VA (like when we served in the military) dispenses Motrin for everthing; you can’t even get an appointment to see someone (i.e. the wonderful “phantom” waiting lists) and, if/when you finally get seen, you have to deal incompetence, Idgf doctors, or doctors who are stealing the meds from the VA?

  66. Meantime, Shulkin’s beloved Israel is propped up BIG time by US. taxpayers dollars, and 3.8 trillion dollars is spent on 15 consecutive years of middle eastern wars that are usually illegal and immoral, and were based on the big lie of 9/11. There are at LEAST 15 discrepancies between the official version and narrative of 9/11 as presented by our war mongering zionist government, and what REALLY happened!

    1. The “Israel Lobby” vs the “Veterans Lobby” ? We are out spent and out gunned. Where are those sacred VSO’S who are the champions of Veterans Rights ?

    2. Rick Lipary….Speaking of Isra-hell and 9-11 who do you think runs almost all security for all the airports in the world, I’ll give you one tip and it starts with I…And for the people that think I’m anti jooo , the people of that country are just pawns in the game just like us….FUCKING satanists are running this world…ISIS..Israeli-secret-intelligence-services…with our money of course.. It’s in your face but OOOO no it cant be…. And fighting for freedom what a FARCE, that’s a bullshit line for the shepple..never enough money for the VET’S but plenty for WAR and foreign aid…..and don’t look for any wars ending anytime soon because WAR IS PEACE to these CREATOR rejects….AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS..and look this one up…”ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel”

    3. If I thought for a second that Trumplethinskin was the right guy to expose what or who lurks in the shadows – I’d forever be on his side. But – he isn’t that guy. That said, he is getting raked over the coals by the NWO brethren. Comey gets booted, and who shows up – Mueller – head of the 9/11 Commission. Booooo haaaaahahaahaha. Dude knows how to rubber-stamp a myth. The Narcissist in Chief makes it sooo easy for him.

      Hey – Weathered Leather – it’s sheeple – not shepple. Don’t get me wrong. I like lamb. As for the whole Satanist thing (are we really supposed to capitalize “Satan” – seems too respectful?) … I prefer to stay away from the subject as it detracts from the more tangible elements of grand conspiracies – the fundamentals of which are simply a group of men seeking to dominate all men. Invoking religion merely provides the leap of faith that justifies horrible behavior – kinda like Islam.

      Evil lives within all of us. It is up to the individual to choose the right path. Ooooohhhmmmmmmm. Aaaaaahhhhmmmmm. Iiiihhhhhmmmmmm gonna go make pancakes.

      1. COKO – it was Shemp – who has interchanged with Curly, or Curly Joe. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

      2. Somebody finally gets it, us giving is-it-real a fake propped up government in 1947 more than 3 Billion a year in monetary aid and sending them our best military equipment . Just so every fuckn now n then our politricians can get on their knees and say the same Ole robotic shit we need to help our so-called allies when the very government we help Spies on us on a daily basis smfh. Look it up of Jews getting caught spying on the US during or before 9/11 and getting a pass sent back to is-it-real. Not a word was said about it of course. Did they know something was going to happen before it happened? ??

  67. So unlimited funding for the banksters and the globalist mercenary forces (that’s us, as in US) is OK? Nothing changes unless and until recruitment of new meat is threatened. Onward false-flag soldiers.

      “”…..WINDGUY I think you’ll get a kick out of this one..LOL

      1. Shithead Shulkin is a mouthpiece for the Gov’t’s intent to hold on to the money and screw the veteran, He is such a phony SOB

      2. Old: O’Keefe lost me at Reptilians. But he’s was on the right path with Israel. I continue to look for Netanyahu’s 90s treatise on Balkanization – it seems to have disappeared from Youtube. Odd that O’Keefe finds air time on RT – Russian Television. Then again, we have MSM, FOX etc. Propaganda is propaganda, regardless of flavor – cheap beer or cheap vodka.

      3. Windguy …………Reptilians/bankers dirt-bags what’s the difference……. The money magicians…The creatures of Jekyll Island ….And you don’t think the MSM would have him on, it might make people think..they like putting B.S. from holly-weird on air…stay tuned for your next scheduled programing… LOL

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