UPS Man Stealing Drugs

Former UPS Employee Allegedly Stole Painkillers Intended For Veterans

A Casper, Wyoming man and former UPS employee pled not guilty to allegations of stealing painkillers intended for veterans at the VA medical center located in Sheridan. The theft occurred over the period of 19 months while the individual worked for UPS.

The man’s name is Bryan A. Dennis who pled not guilty to allegations including burglary and possession of hydrocodone and dextroamphetamine. Possession of the drugs resulted in two felony counts.

Law enforcement began investigating the alleged theft in January. Fifteen packages were noted as missing, which led to UPS contacting DEA to investigate. Dennis was arrested in March.

Drugs intended for veterans are frequently the target of criminals including VA employees who steal the medications for themselves or to sell on the black market.

Since 2009, doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff within 160 medical centers and 1,000 clinics are suspected of siphoning off drugs for unauthorized use or sale. During that same period, drug loses at VA facilities increased from 237 to 2,397. For the lost drugs, only 3 percent of doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff implicated were actually disciplined.

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One example is a VA nurse at Minneapolis VA who was caught stealing opioids from work along with syringes. He allegedly stole the drugs for his own mental health. Thirty-four doses were found missing from the tracking machine and linked to the employee’s behavior.

Another example is the former chief of staff at Martinsburg VA Medical Center charged with theft of drugs intended for veterans. There, Dr. Daniel Bochicchio was charged with multiple counts of illegally acquiring the drug fentanyl that included 15 counts linked to fraud and subterfuge.

The list goes on and on and on.

Whether it’s VA employees or outsiders poaching resources for veterans, there are numerous stories of controlled substances being diverted for illicit purposes.

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  1. Office of Inspector General Veterans Affaris
    May 2nd, 2017

    Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) caught spending money appropriated by Congress to pay Veterans benefits was illegally spent in another VA IT scam. More than $11 million dollars.


    Worth noting is the fact that the misappropriations of Veterans Benefits funds occurred while none other than, Agent Orange Denier, J. Thomas Murphy was Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Mr. Murphy claimed that he misappropriated the funds because the person he had replaced ok’ed the misappropriation. Although his predecessor says they never approved the stealing of Veteran’s benefits funding to fund any Illegal scams Murphy is running.

    Thomas J. Murphy is currently the Executive in Charge, for Veterans Benefits Administration.

  2. “”

    Yeah, they want DACA or illegals to fill positions. As it stands now how odd it MAY be to have aids or nurses having to translate or play middle person while we try to speak English or use locals forms of speech or words.

    Media will show the unions but the college kiddy campus and media won’t do stories about veterans being killed off, suffering, dealing with AFGE and others harassment or retaliation politics towards some of us. They sure do know …. censoring, black-listing, and MoveOn styled Marxist activism straight from the Communist Manifesto or Rules for Radicals.

  3. Pence doctor resigns after Jackson debacle


    “Vice President Mike Pence’s physician has resigned, the latest fallout from the collapse of Ronny Jackson’s nomination for secretary of Veterans Affairs.

    Dr. Jennifer Peña, who like Jackson is a military physician detailed to the White House, was among those who made claims of professional misconduct against Jackson to senators considering his nomination, according to a person familiar with the events.”

    “Peña claimed in memos that Jackson might have violated Karen Pence’s patient privacy rights by sharing details of a medical incident involving the second lady with chief of staff John Kelly. The memos were first reported by CNN.

    The allegations were troubling to many in Pence’s office and the White House, who felt that Peña misrepresented the severity of the situation in an effort to harm Jackson, according to the person familiar with the situation.

    Jackson, a Navy rear admiral who served as a physician to President Barack Obama and continued in the West Wing to care for Trump, was nominated in late March to succeed former VA Secretary David Shulkin.”

    Full Article At: “”

  4. Another way it works. I recently discovered that while I was in DC a physician ordered opioids and other drugs under my name. He must have had a co-conspirator in the pharmacy. That is the only way the controls would have led to the drugs ordered to getting out. ID’s are checked and signatures required. But I never had the drugs ordered for me and never received them. And there is no matching IPR or OPR showing the drugs ordered.

  5. Hasn’t this been reported in the past about the Postal Services; ie fedx, UPS or others stealing medical supplies (drugs) from vets?
    Seems like we’ve heard about this a few years ago!
    We know VA employees steal shit. Why wouldn’t those working with the postal services do it as well!?

    1. Yeah…report your mailed VA prescriptions as “missing” or “stolen” will only get the VA to do the following:

      A) Your name is immediately flagged as drug-seeking, abusing/selling your meds by VA,

      B) Cut-off from any controlled RX’s either mailed or cut-off and…

      C) Disruptive Behavior Committee may come “visit” your mailbox with blunt objects to ‘thank you’ for making an official police report…

      D) While ALL the Above are taking place, the VA will be getting stoned high on your “missing meds”

      **If you selected ‘D’, you would be likely correct in that path of your hellish reality and suggest purchasing a few blunt objects yourself…to relax and chill**

    2. Elf, any links I had about the ‘thefts’ are history. Locally we wouldn’t hear about such thefts. If so it would be the short reports on TV with no links to share about packages being stolen by thieves or by other delivery drivers doing the stealing while delivering theirs. Nothing negative like that is allowed. IF anything blemishes the perfect college towns here or state chances are it’s “not for public consumption” and handled “internally” as usual. That is what chronic censoring and blacking out news by city and state officials, colleges, have left us.

      For years no news has reported much about this. However, many years back ( circa 1990) when I began SSD/VA care and before, the state and (later) the VA kept telling us to get bank accounts, checking, savings, go auto-deposit, debit cards, go internet for better care/communications, tracking of packages, and no worries about checks being stolen. Heard of stories elsewhere about SS checks and mail being stolen but not around here. If so it wasn’t being reported if it was as bad as they all claimed or were so fearful for us over. Some of us around here were given no choice in the matter, auto depo, or nothing. While others could get a physical check in the mail.

      For years now the reports or incidents won’t come. But the LEOs, talking heads, keep talking about scams, thefts during the holidays, not to leave packages in vehicles, etc. Claim the thefts is all rampant and very common but nothing else or where it’s happening. Like a death or killing here you’d have to know the people personally or not hear a word about otherwise. More censoring and protecting the cliques and facade.

      Had my debit card scanned somehow and used. Told at the bank it happens all the time. Media is silent on it because of lot of it is from college kiddies, store employees, to illegals doing it, stealing IDs and such. And an illegal claiming they just ‘made up’ your social security number is not a ‘crime’ they can be charged with as a theft. The libs/unions/globalist are teaching them well. A report to the bank about such things is kept at the bank level with their own special cop to do stuff for them only. To make a real serf’s police report about such events I would have to go to the police station and file another report per chance of finding out who it was and may not be told who it actually was doing the theft. I would have to wait and read it in the legals or arrests made if put in our local rag at all. If the thief is a homey, buddy, family, connected, in a clique nothing will be done by them or local courts.

      Heard stories about these rip offs and thefts going on, IDs stolen too around the VA and big city. If so we the peeps aren’t hearing about it locally. Hell, we can’t get normal nightly news from the capitol city here now by cable, sat and hard to find newspapers. So I don’t expect to learn much to do about anything in Indiana or these scum sucking corrupted college towns people think are so great and perfect global villages.
      Odd shit man.

      If SETI finds life out there…. I want to move off of this corrupt commie rock.

      “” They want more and more.

  6. VA News Release

    VA Health Care Rated Same or Better than Private Hospitals
    05/04/2018 10:15 AM EDT

    WASHINGTON – Veterans receive the same or better care at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities as patients at non-VA hospitals according to a recent RAND Corp. study.

    Are you convinced yet?….Because Rand said so

    1. RAND is an official septic think tank that has an exit orifice that exudes the very best bullshit $$ can buy.

  7. So if this guy ultimately gets convicted do they go after his cousin Ramal who made all this possible in the VA shipping department too or is that an OIG matter?

  8. When I said, “that’s fu**ed up!” over the phone. Now I’m a Disruptive Patient.

  9. I just asked for renewal of prednisone. VA “Doctor” noted, asked for pain medication. Now I’m a pill seeker. Really?!?!

    1. Don’t let that slide. Send a letter to the Privacy Officer asking that your records be corrected, and explain why. Even if they don’t agree to change the record, you will have documented your request and what the issue is.

      Push hard for a response.

      Perhaps that damn quack is incompetent and can’t tell the difference between prednisone and morphine.

      1. Yep, anything we do or say that is documented by all those freaks out there is permanently on our files and spread around for all to see. I call around hunting for a new MD or clinic to get into… that is doctor shopping and automatically slipped in to a questionable drug seeking file or pigeon hole. Or be asked how many MDs have I seen in the past month or year, etc. Hell, they know. Each one/hospital/clinic/MD office has to run all those checks on us. It’s da law! Or have to give them my info time and time again even if they say it’s on their pc but have to hear it from me all over again. Nuts. It’s like some kind of goofy ass interrogation trip, and info gathering session with each one.

        Change pharmacies because the slime at one clinic refused to do what I said, which pharmacy to use, didn’t listen and knew damn well what she was doing, and to create chaos,,, it’s on my file, my fault, for the next fool to ask me why I changed pharmacies to why I didn’t get a prescription filled that I told them I could not take due to side effects or not doing any good. Like Gaba junk and Tramadol that liked to killed me and raced my heart up about 200mph. Oh that’s my fault like not getting things put in my folder that I indeed told them about several times, but not there now or on their pc.

        It’s like some out there are out to set us up, trip us up, catch us in some lie or something we forgot, then slam us for a simple brain fart after not remembering every minute or phone call to some ‘professional’ in the past 10 yrs or so.

        Oh, and yes words matter. They all have me at the cussing stage I get so fed up with their games and stupidity. Those get inserted too along with some of their secretive “remarks,” about the patient or client. Or evil white veteran that can’t understand Arabic, Hebrew or Paki.

  10. Numerous stories of drugs being diverted, but I bet veterans were blamed or ignored and suffered for some time before VA finally got around to investigating.

  11. Ryan sucks.

    Kevin Nicholson: We need more people saturating politics and media from bottom to top like him. Local Marine Corp League would hate him for sure too. They have to join the herds here to fit in and vote Dem only or be ‘outed.’ And scum wanting him to apologize for truth? Hell, sounds like Hoosier poly-ticking. No truth allowed. Go to meetings, say the pledge of allegiance if applicable with those two faced clowns (vets included, Dems, … then have all those Marines, Legionnaires, others then go all out to censor the hell out of us and go on the attack by any means possible by them, all. But then due to nepotism and the ruling party being Dems are the ones who go on to higher politicking and appointed to higher offices. They also get the most votes in this sick area.

    Great catch.

  12. Two articles out today.
    From: “” via “The Washington Post”
    Dated: 3 May 2018
    By Emily Wax-Thibodeaux and John Wagner.
    “Former Congressman Jeff Miller Emerges as Leading Contender for VA!”

    Ryan “… publicly suggested…” Miller to President Trump. Therefore, I’d be cautious about Miller! We all know what “RINO Ryan” thinks about vets!

    From: “” via “The Associated Press”
    Dated: 4 May 2018
    By Scott Bauer
    “Bipartisan Veterans Backlash Against GOP Senate Candidate!”

    This is, in my opinion, a must read for all.
    Because, this “Republican candidate for the Senate” speaks FOR veterans! Something Democratic vets in Congress have forgotten! And, he’s receiving lots of crap from Rino ASSHOLES in Congress.

    1. Paul Ryan: Mark my words that he only stepped-down from Speaker of House to start the ramp-up for his forthcoming run for POTUS…against Trump next round….wait for it…


      Ryan is not a benefit to Veterans!! All you need remember is back not too long ago when MN. Rep. Michelle Bachman and then Paul Ryan on the Congressional Budget Office…”The Veterans have it too good and…we propose removing ability for Veterans to receive both SSDI and VA Benefits concurrently…”….

      …one and the same. He’s a snake in the garden of eden swamp wearing plaid camouflage. See right through his smug-assed smile.

      1. Bullseye! On Target.

        Yes, you can bet your eyeteeth that Ryan has the title POTUS in his sights for the future . . .

        Some of us don’t forget. Of course, our elected “leader” don’t. They just make a conscious choice to turn their backs upon those who voted them into office.

        And of course – – – they are NEVER held accountable. Maybe at the end of the current investigations that are happening in our government, things will begin to change.

        We can but hope.

  13. Nothing like going to high priced emergency rooms for a shot of pain killer only to know you are getting sterile water or something. Like we are totally stupid. Sure wasn’t pain meds.

    Anyone watching the watchers over pain meds in nursing homes?

    What happens to all that end of life medication that comes to late for the patient wading and waiting to go through all the red tape and LEO checks? No one to dare question, no authorities to go to.

    Union, AFGE, power.

    Poor babies.

  14. “Save Our VA”…from effectively killing the rest of us, PLEASE, acting VA Suck…and stop listening to the Big Pig Six VSO’s, as their indifference fell from same rotten apple tree as the VA…indifference is dangerous and it kills…effectively…esp. when the assholes abusing Vets are high as a kite…while blaming Veterans for their own behavior.

    …and we wonder WHY/HOW VA operating rooms can have fly infestations ongoing for YEARS? THAT indifference kills in SO MANY WAYS YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (may we assume that The Teamster’s Union @ UPS will be protecting this asshole out of “brotherhood” of the Big Pig Union, AFGE, under the umbrella of AFL-CIO???)

    1. nam you hit the nail on the head. The ‘network’ consist of many problem areas or enemies to deal with, the AFL-CIO is a biggie. Trumpka, the AFL/CIO prez and his ilk are nothing more than communist globalist that are short on morals, American borders, ethics, etc. That includes some law enforcement types under their umbrella too that are untouchable and usually above the law. That includes their buddies and crews on city councils, that includes VA staff connected to local unions like Muscian’s unions to health care workers, city employees and beyond. Including a bunch of nepotism. Including other fraternal orders, college Greek society cliques and on. We don’t have to think too hard why folks like me get everything thrown at them including the kitchen sink when dealing with such corrupt people and those networks out to destroy their enemies or silence us. Then the above claim there is not such thing as the ‘deep-state,’ corruption, censoring, to them playing the identity politics games. Like using city councilmen’s wives who are also nurses and workers at a major hospital that can get by spreading our medical file info around and harassing us/me so bad I had to leave Union hospital here like I did the VA. With them using the very same tactics, phone calls, harassment, inaction, deliberate insertion of wrong info in the files like what pharmacy to use after several conversations, and more insanity just like the VA staff used.

      We can also throw into that mix the social groups in any town, the Chambers of Commerce, a variety of business, anyone who can do you damage or try to make life hell. People fall silent and run when corruption or illegal activities or fascism is mentioned. Insurance dropped, code enforcement visits over nothing (oh they weren’t there over a possible smell of dead bodies), no trash pick-up at the house, no help from the local VSOs, ignored by media knowing full well what’s going on, can’t attend town meetings, no help from local lawyers at all but more problems, gossip for the networks, or illegalities. Harassing phone calls, death threats no help from the law or phone companies. Contact with congress critters or state reps just increased the issues or won’t help unless I sign my life and files over to them to use or spread around for nothing. Goofy stuff and calls leading back to utility company then denied they called or of two of their crews at my house then making my bills shoot sky high. OH and the super over Duke Energy is/was a city councilman and in like Flint, and corrupt/solid Dem. Hell, I can go up town for something and hear they have had phone calls about me (no need to say more than ‘yeah or really,’ or I walk away with no information I requested or could be found in their computers like my trail of property deeds. They just want a negative reaction for their cameras or use while on their turf… and I can’t record them. Great being the topic for the movers and shakers gossip all over town and at the country clubs, salons, and Freemason meets. But they found some unusual documents about the property that never existed before. And on it goes… what fun. With the local leaders, their legal beagles for the city/county and elected scum think this is all funny and don’t want involved it’s so much fun for them playing bullies the local Demoncrat/lefty college ruled town loves so much. And you don’t want to be in any meeting or around those club members during a health emergency or issues they probably know of to use. Again, not fun or safe. America? Constitution? While Trumpster and countless others sit on their asses doing little but wanting more wars and games.

      I’d say the deep-state, shadow government, the NWO types, the commies, communitarians, Marxist, lefties, the corrupt have won. With much thanks to the AFGE,SEIU,SES, VSOs, and many others that simply do nothing but profit and have fun with the photo ops and playing their games with full knowledge of doing harm and ruining our rights and nation. They and the special interest groups, Hollywood trash, et al, can kiss my big fat white buttocks. And to think the locals here are hating on any push for the anti-union “Right to Work” laws so workers would not be forced to work and play under a union shop only tyranny and Democrat only work place.

  15. The only mailing theft reports I heard of was at the local pharmacies over-hearing some vets complain about needing some head meds fast because they were stolen in the mail, USPS. The ones I listened to were going through some severe melt-downs and wasn’t getting any help from the VA on the weekend or from the civilian sector since not having a local civy MD/psych included in their care.

    This was another insane blame game at the last ‘new chronic pain clinic’ at Roudebush played on us. 2015. Not being responsible enough to have pain meds mailed to us and the dangers of being stolen. Like that would be our fault and if happened the meds would not be replaced. Haven’t heard of any such thefts and nothing in the news about it locally. Due to the heat and cold I put in a mail box alert so I could get my meds fast and not be exposed to weather conditions. Then the idiot councilor, Steve I think, tried telling me I had not done such a thing and he somehow knew all about my neighborhood, what I was capable of doing, and all about my corrupt town… while him being a big city punk and ‘best the VA has trained with 18 yrs of VA training and employment had to offer.’ He knows it all. Yeah, right. All that idiot could do is threaten, intimidate, blabber totally insane demands, talk stupidity, call us liars, irresponsible, untrustworthy, and criminals before telling us to hit street corners for pain dope.

    Besides the USPS is just another union joint with protected gov workers. Spent three months trying to figure out what happened to a antique bible I ordered from England. Never arrived but told by a local supervisor finally and obviously didn’t want bothered by any complaints…that it had been scanned in the computer and that means delivered, period. No mistakes are ever made. Nothing about it being wrongly delivered to another address that has happened before even after their scanning. Nope, the state officials didn’t care and this super in our last chat in person… they don’t answer their phones here… told me they dropped the issue cause they didn’t know or prove if I hadn’t stolen my own mail (?). No it wasn’t insured and why would I steal my own mail? More happy days in Indiana and such events frequent. So I don’t know if it is/was part of the retaliation network (seemed to be) or the caliber of workers hired by the USPS that backs into fence posts, hits mail box posts, can’t drive, don’t know how to do reverse, drops mail on the ground in front of the box and leaves it, to tearing mail boxes off the post or bending the hell out of a new box’s door. Like with the VA a constant change in carriers so hard telling who did what and when. And why I put up trail cams and mail box sensors/alarms. ‘They’ are all totally innocent, protected, but we vets/serfs are too stupid and irresponsible to take care of business or be on guard from all the creeps around us.

    All the BS dealing with the government seems full circle and very protective of their own. To hell with us. If wronged there isn’t much we can do about it and they know it. Oh they are from the government or VA and here to help and serve. “Save us from ourselves.” Hogwash.

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