GI Bill Fix – Some disabled vets better than others.

S. 3447 is purported to be a cure-all for veterans attending college under the numerous programs currently available. While this is largely true all Post 9/11 veterans and disabled veterans that qualify for Chapter 33, it leaves many others out in the cold.

Specifically, pre-9/11 disabled veterans using Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. The new GI Bill allows qualified veterans and disabled veterans the opportunity to attend college and receive a $1,300 housing allowance. Meanwhile, older disabled veterans attempting to complete training through Vocational Rehabilitation will receive $600.

Seem strange?

Over one year ago, both the House and the Senate had proposed legislation to resolve this disparity. The first was by the House, H.R. 297 Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Subsistence Allowance Improvement Act. Later, the Senate also pushed a similar bill called S. 514 Veterans Rehabilitation and Training Improvement Act. Neither of these two bits of legislation has received attention since April of 2009. Yet, much is being done to accommodate one subsection of disabled veterans over another, despite the fact that both groups deserve equal attention.

The VA has received pressure from most Veterans Service Organizations over the difference in treatment between new disabled veterans and old disabled veterans. We all fought under the same flag. It’s time to end government-sponsored discrimination of all veterans. Show some solidarity by joining the Facebook group Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab and write your elected officials.

Tell your elected official how you feel about this injustice. Send a letter today! This only takes a few second.

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  1. all I know is that when I enlisted in 1974, we were to receive that we would be eligible for educational benefits under the “GI Bill” and there was no word of terminal limits, that is, use it by X or lose it. But, that’s what happened.
    For various and sundry reasons, after 7 years of military service I was not really ready to attend college. I was to busy trying to adjust to, a by then very strange, civilian life and keeping room and board. I was content ‘knowing’ that at some future date I could get the education I needed to further myself in a chosen occupation. That ended in 1984 with the introduction of the “Montgomery GI Bill.” That made it a new system that was voluntary for service members to contribute into. Nothing wrong with that I guess except, it put a fairly abrupt “use it or lose it” limit upon those of us who got the GI Bill as an enlistment perk.
    Yet another “As long as grass grows and water flows” promise from the government. I sure could have used that after it was stripped from me.
    Sen loi sucker!

  2. Sent this to El Presidente Obama:

    Dear Mr president,

    Concerning the DEATH of the VRAP:

    I have NOT completed my schooling started under VRAP, why has the government left thousands of us veterans out to rot??? Im still in training. Im about to drop out because since Congress dont have the common sense to keep the VRAP going, Im going to have to drop out of school and to take care of my daughter who has cancer. Wow, and Im paying the government to do what???

    Also found this on a Army job page:

    As an active duty Soldier, youll be eligible for:
    Up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance, while on active duty
    Up to $85,536 for college
    Up to $65,000 to pay back qualifying student loans
    Up to $40,000 enlistment bonus.

    $195K PLUS!!!!!

    And what did the PRE-9/11 vets get for school training??????? A lousy $3600!!!!!!! Wow!! No wonder the PRE-9/11 vets feel so spit on just like the Vietnam vets…..

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  4. I have to agree with Carolyn. There time limit on these benefits needs to be lifted. The men and women who serve our country deserve every right to these benefits, whether after only 5 years, or 25 years. The opportunity should never have an expiration.

  5. I think that this is injustice. We all have serviced our country, and to separate us on this is just one more shaft that we veteran’s have received are receiving. I have been out of the military for some years and when i asked about going back to school i was told that my time had ran out, so i was not eligible for this program. I like to know how long after you are out of the army do you have before you lose your benefits?

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