Potentia Fight PTSD Software e-Learning

Vet Owned Company Uses E-Learning To Fight PTSD For Veterans Affairs

Potentia Labs is building out a new e-learning solution to help veterans fight PTSD in its $1 million contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Co-founder Eric Lenhardt, also a veteran, says the software “build skills like mental toughness and emotional agility.” The company plans to use positive psychology messaging practice healthy habits to build a content platform using content from more than 20 researchers and psychologists.

The Potentia website says the e-learning platform aims at “helping you find your inner hero. We know what the keys are to unleashing your happiness and feeling more fulfilled, and now we’ve got the technology and tools to teach them.”

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E-Learning To Fight PTSD

The e-learning software will use “dynamic courses created by experts to help build skills like mental toughness and emotional agility—the tools everyone needs to navigate life, work, and family.”

The company indicates they have seen “really positive results” in trials outside the veteran community. If true, it will be interesting to see how many veterans might benefit from the software.

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Lenhardt About Potentia PTSD E-Learning Project On LinkedIn

Here is Lenhardt’s summary of the project on LinkedIn:

Potentia Labs won the Department of Veterans Affairs Industry Innovation Competition. This award resulted in an approx. $1M contract to customize Potentia for Veterans and test in the San Diego VA Medical Center over an 18-month controlled trial.

Potentia Labs offers the leading innovation in scalable psychological development. An innovative LMS with over 30 courses created by 20 renowned research psychologists, the Potentia platform has won the most prestigious innovation competitions. Beating more than 300 organizations with similar concepts (many of which are multi-billion dollar corporations) in areas such as design, efficacy, and engagement.

Potentia is a tool to build the skills that promote every area of psychological, social, and emotional well-being & performance. It’s completely backed by science, designed to provide experiences on a daily basis, and it only takes 3 to 5 minutes a day.

Don’t Forget Real Psychologists, VA

Though, nothing replaces the benefit of receiving hands-on counseling services from real psychologists in person. As VA pushes to embrace new solutions to age-old problems, I hope they don’t lose sight of best practices proven to work…

Hire more psychologists and ensure they are available to help veterans when needed.

And yes, if the software works and helps veterans while in their home, that is also a plus.

Source: https://www.fedscoop.com/meet-startup-building-ptsd-fighting-software-veterans/

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  1. I just put in a VA OIG complaint on my local vet center therapist for telling me to do things he wasn’t authorized to and for refusing to record my symptoms in the treatment notes. I’ve been reading a lot of comments saying that therapist at the VA are refusing to record symptoms of Veterans. This is to disarm the Veteran of the proper paperwork when they get a rating’s reduction. Ben can you help stop this? This probably will lead to a class action law suit once enough Veterans who’ve been reduced get together.

  2. OFF – TOPIC: Mini-Report card on POTUS Trump VA Reforms:


    My opinion? A BIG FAT FAIL !!!!

    1. First year of ‘swamp draining’ hasn’t even managed to locate the drain plug, so the dysfunctional baby is still in the swamp water pooping-out even more swamp monsters, aka as turds. Pretty Fed-Up here, as well. I’m also still convinced the VA is this way on-purpose and if the Pentagon can currently have their first audit in 26+ years, surely the it’s high-time for independent audits and not by any co. affiliated with the VA or RAND or any of the war profiteering war machine co’s like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, to name a few…or friends and affiliates of funny hatters…

      Nope, it’s best to have the Country of Iceland or Norway perform the audits while the Army Corps of Engineers build the massive amount of gallows that will be needed post-audit, in America’s form of ‘The Nuremburg Trials’…no suicide pill get out of hanging cards this time around either…

      1. The good thing is, with the advent of modern communications technology. This revolution will be fought in 4k Ultra High Def Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Every drop of blood every spent shell casing will pop off the screen in IMAX 3D glory so real you can practically smell the carnage. I propose public pay per view executions of all captured politicians. That should go a long way towards the debt

  3. Thanks for the info, Ben.

    I am a firm believer that the proper use of technology can help. Having said that, most people in this country are incapable (no self-discipline) of utilizing their technology properly. Too much rush, not enough situational awareness. Witness the lemmings zig-zagging down the sidewalk fixated on a five-inch screen that is the entire world to them . . .

    I will keep an open mind until I have a fair chance to evaluate this new source of potential help.

    I understand that someone has to sell this to the veteran community – – – but the “inner hero” bullshit is a wee bit over the top.

  4. On another note: “https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/367460-improving-care-for-veterans-requires-a-cultural-shift-within-the-agency?amp&__twitter_impression”

    Seriously? Are they still on with that silly mantra?

    So, I guess our President’s response to nothing but a lot of laws being passed and no change is to send a video placating the masses and that we need to give this some time?

    Become a whistleblower and see how fast the VA puts your butt out on the street while the courts ignore the facts and laws.

    Same poop, different Presidential Administration. Yea, let’s give them another four years of no change at the VA.

    I’m so fed up.

  5. I wonder, and did y’all ever think, this “vet” who “…received [almost] a million dollar contract from VA to fight PTSD…” is somehow related to someone in VA!?!?

    I mean, isn’t that “the norm for VA contracts”?!?! For example,
    A. Be related to someone in VA, receive a contract!

    B. Get to know someone in VA, receive a contract!

    C. Get to know someone who’s already contracted by VA, receive a contract!

    Take your pick! Which was it “Shithead Shulkin”, “A”., “B”., or “C”.!?

    1. @Crazy elf- I’m thinking it’s none of the above. Why? Because it’s only *$1 Million$*.
      Now, $1 Million is a lot of $$$ to we commoners but THAT is dancing monkey chump change to anyone remotely related or connected to the VA. I suspect IF this Veteran were connected already with VA nepotism, that contract would have had at least an additional zero or two in the initial contract.
      Hell, the VA probably spends $1Million a day just on asswipe.

      $1 Million= 5 VA SES Employees Relocation Moving/Travel Pay anytime they need to crank-up the VA’s Whack-A-Mole Program.

      1. Elf, Namnibor – – – The low end contracts go to Veterans only. In this way, the VA can look OK, in sharing some of dat der low end pay, to a Veterans way.

        In other words, when the cookie jar is empty of whole pieces of cookies, the lid is removed, then the jar is turned upside down, vigorously shaken, the grainy specks fall to the books of dispersion, then the $1 Million crumbs that’ve fallen out, are scooped up using a bakers bench scraper (you pizza dough, bread, and pastry makers know what a bench scraper is), then a corrupted VA comptroller picks out the crumbs using a jewelers loop and tweezers, and disperses such smaller crumbs (I mean contracts), to the Veterans whom applied, and whose family members or good ethical friends work for the VA.

        Then at the point of awarding these contracts (I mean crumbs), this is when the VA’s big PR resources kick-in to spread the propaganda of how well the VA treats those vendors or suppliers of services that’re Veterans. This is the official process of how Veterans receive the VA’s outsourced $1 Million contracts.

        Official VA Seal per Notices of Intention to Disperse Crummy Contracts; ***** VA *****

        ~~~ Gargle, Gurgle, Gulping, Gagging, Gasping ~~~

    2. Crazy Elf, I don’t know that this is as much about having a relative in the VA, although it could be, but as much as this veteran knowing a researcher who would be interested in writing a grant to see if this software works.

      After reading the linked article, its clear this software was a solution in search of a problem. It describes how it was initially designed for corporate clients, and after seeing a VA solicitation for innovative treatments, they decided to apply for the grant and re-write their software to target veterans.

      The reason why I read further was the question of what qualifications Lenhardt might have in treating PTSD.

      After getting the grant, they worked with “20 researchers and psychologists” to re-write the software.

      It essentially tells a veteran to think happy thoughts, and alerts the vet when something happens, and reminds the veteran to think happy thoughts again.

      Why not get a bunch of shrinks together to read a list of positive thoughts aloud, with a head band that detects a throbbing vein in your forehead?

      The bonus to this might be a buzzer sounding when dealing with some lazy VA bureaucrat.

      A jingle when the vet is a little concerned, a siren when the veteran is a little cranky, and an AHHHHOOOOGAHHH klaxon going off when the vet goes from zero to red ass after dealing with the VA.

      It all reminds me of the happy, happy, joy, joy thoughts in Demolition Man.

      I wonder if the lead VA researcher is named Dr. Cocteau?

  6. Completely different topic.

    I read Ben’s blog regarding two occurrences at the Puget Sound VA. One involved no assistance going to the ER the other involved a veteran dying from a heart condition that should have been addressed immediately. Small world. My son’s best friend’s uncle was guy that passed away because of the heart issue. Needless to say, the entire family hates the VA. A big reminder to keep my eyes on a swivel. My son knew him and had good things to say about him.
    Apologies for bringing up a different topic then 2 days post.

    StayWell brothers and sisters!

  7. “VA Doctor Diagnosed Vet With Bacterial Infection And Gave Him Some Anti-Inflammatory Pills. Days Later, His Thumb Had To Be Amputated”
    by Jonah Bennett Daily Caller National Security/Politics Reporter
    1:12 PM 01/09/2018

    “Veteran Raynard Parks had to have his thumb amputated at a private hospital after being given anti-inflammatory pills by a Memphis VA doctor in response to a bacterial infection.

    Parks’ journey through the VA medical system began during December, when he started experiencing problems with his hand while working as a dish washer at a restaurant in Midtown, Memphis.”

    “Parks’ first visit to the VA was on December 21, but the wait time was so long he left without treatment and came back the next day. Staff took X-rays, which showed that there was nothing broken in his hand. After about 5 hours of waiting, a doctor diagnosed several different types of dangerous bacteria present on the hand: Enterobacter, Klebsiella Oxytoca, and Streptococcal Intermedius. The doctor promptly gave Parks five anti-inflammatory pills and a single antibiotic.

    Parks went home and took the pills, but told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a recent interview that they didn’t do much to stop the pain. After several days passed with no sleep, Parks decided it was time for a second opinion and went to the emergency room at Methodist University hospital.

    “Staff at Methodist University didn’t verbalize criticism of the VA, but the implication was that they were shocked about it,” Parks told TheDCNF. “They weren’t satisfied with the VA medical protocol. They were shocked the VA let a patient out with that type of bacterial infection.”

    After lots of tests, the doctor diagnosed a bacterial infection and employees went into action trying to save Parks’ thumb with courses of antibiotics.

    Parks’ thumb had to be partially amputated in early January.

    “They tried everything they could,” Parks told TheDCNF. “I couldn’t be mad at the fact that my thumb had to be amputated because they tried their best, but I am mad about the failed follow-up at the VA.””


    1. sounds like this VA quack should start practicing his scalpel holding in his off hand…

  8. it seems they’re assuming you can afford a home computer to run this softward, just like they assume you have reliable transportation to get to VAMC’s. if you don’t your SOL, they could care less. hands-on counseling from a real psyc and VAMCs is oxymoronic.

  9. I have severe chronic PTSD and my noghtmares are bloody, brutal, and three steps above “violent”. In my nightmares my face gets torn off and I am left bloody, beaten, and void of hope – just like I was one day long ago as a young Marine. Now we have an app to help…

    This sure beats the other method I have tried. I have found immense relief by stacking blocks. Sometimes when I feel the rage well up inside me against that motherfucker that tore my face off and hurt me so bad because he himself is still breathing that stacking red, white, and blue blocks real tall nips the PTSD right in the bud. I bet this app is twice as effective.

    When I jump out of sleep with vivid images of my face half torn off by my enemy so many years ago and my body so thoroughly broken, I can still taste my own blood and some of his too. I could barely see through the blood covering me and the vast majority was my own.

    In my nightmares I wander aimlessly for hours bloody and beaten in the dark alone until I find a fence line and follow it for reasons I do not know, just as it happened those decades ago that to me are yesterday. For some reason when near death and beaten utterly following a fence was the only thing I could think of to do and I suppose I,though it gave me cover. It led me back eventually to my base.

    When this happens and that horrific sense of loss sets in, I stack the white blocks up real high and put them in alphabetical order. Its tough because I often wake up in sweats because the dreams are so real despite having them now for years that my heart is racing and the night terrors make me sweat just as if it all came down yesterday. In these cases complete relief is had by trying to stack just one block which is hard when your shaking from old terrors, but I have a pink one that is highly effective at treatment this way. Does the app have pink icons? I sure hope so..

    I love the idea of an app that can cure me of all this. I knew someday a USB port would be my gateway to peace while I still breath on Earth. The app will train me, the article says, to brush away my symptoms by learning just how to be happy and good golly maybe its time to “forget” what it is like to struggle with every fiber in gour body for your life and nearly lose in bloody fashion. That idea is so fucking nice is makes me want to just shit.

    Good idea VA – a million dollars spent this way could save countless hours of block stacking for me.

  10. Off-Topic, but about we Vets: I *JUST* saw a TV commercial targeting Veterans specifically for…Grand Canyon Univ….I thought this was predatory talking and targeting our benefits for nebulous online degrees in fine art of African basket weaving and social work or even VA brain surgeon…all from home and the dirty utensils will be mailed to you?
    Arizona, the ground zero of VA Scandal…still ongoing as far as we know with wait lists, and that same McCain State is allowed to prey after we Vet’s educational benefits?
    Sorry for rant…rubbed me the wrong way. Time to pet a kitty…

  11. Ben, why are there limitations on the amount of times for editing? Don’t understand, papers, essays, and such are usually edited multiple times. You should know this.

    cj, thank you for bringing back your artwork. You should be able to collect monies from the VA. They get theirs. Shiiiiiiit.

  12. Off TOPIC – Those who believe and use MJ for their ailments (cultivating, smoking, eating, or ?), please look up “No Mens Rea.”

    See “www.ThornePeters.com” for more info. Our rights are being trampled on more and more, especially Veterans. Veterans are considered Second Class Citizens since we loose our State’s freedoms, rights, and the laws that protect us under the Federal Umbrella.

    Oh and cj, I’ll take that doobie any fucking day over PIG Pharma’s poison, and helping to make others filthy rich while I suffer more, and more. More monies in totality is wasted per the problems of Alcohol abuse compared to ALL drug issues and its associated costs. And, I’m not promoting the legality of all drugs. Just the medicine and plant extract materials of Marijuana. “No Mens Rea!” and fuck you, you dirty rotten to the fucking core VA.

    Some on here expect us Veterans to be civil, sweet, nice, no name calling, no offensive language, and no cursing. That’s for you, but I’m tired of getting fucked over all the damn time. Let them do this shit to your children, and then tell me if you wouldn’t stand up and call the mother fuckers out for a duel. Better yet, since many have more feelings for animals, what if they fucked over you pet or service animal?

    If it were legal, and valid, I know that I’d fucking expire you, and use your remains for the study and future of science, by feeding your body to the pigs to see how it effects the amount of meat during their growth before going to slaughter.

    You fucking puzzee, keep on pushing, and one day, you’re going to get fucked up big time without notice. Not by me, but by someone that under your watch has lost a love one. And the rest of you fucking dirt bags, and murderers, thieves, corruptors of men, and sodomizing perverts, would be so fucking stupid and say, “well why, what happened, we take care, and love our Veterans, as we collect our bonuses for not doing what were supposed to do.”

    Shulkin, you’re a fucking sick puppy. Need to be quarantined for 90 days, and be hazed until you can’t say Uncle. Why? Because for the hell of it. Your day is coming, not by me, but I can, like others on this blog, can feel something a rising, getting heated up, pushing its energies against the closed system that it’s in, and then, it starts tapping against the sides, the thermal energy putting pressure on its containment, then, splat there’s another mess. But this time, one that in all accords, maybe warranted.

    The above statements, are just statements. There’re no plans of action from this writer. I’m just sharing my interpretation of the anger, frustrations, and the energies of taking out what many Veterans consider, their ENEMY. Please watch your back, because I can’t, I’m not able to help protect you, due to being home-bound per your fucking incompetent medical staph (no misspelling). Oh, and FUCK YOU, you deserve whatever others give you. Their there own judges from their experience(s) of what you let happen to their lives, their love ones, and service animals.

    Shame on you. And the VA’s mission statement is a fake, bullshit, all words just to make yourself look good, per your own words, “adversarial to Veterans.” You fucking stanky puzzee assed bitch. FUCK YOU.

    1. “[Mens rea

      Mens rea in criminal law, is viewed as one of the necessary elements of some crimes. The standard common law test of criminal liability is usually expressed in the Latin phrase, actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea, which means “the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty”.]”

    2. I’m gonna go smoke a bowl. Take a pic of me smoking a bowl and send that pic to Jeff fucking Sessions.

  13. It’s apparent, that the new prez, isn’t going to fix anything at the VA anytime soon.
    I think instead of getting our undies in a bundie.
    Let’s sit back, have a beer, smoke a doooobie, and watch the girls dance, kind of a “calm before the storm”
    Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!


    Later Gators -!ii!-

    1. Yep…and meanwhile, Oprah and Roseanne Barr are all the talk about potential POTUS candidates next time around. Toss a Kardashian into the mix (any Kartrashian will do), you have the entire circus and the trailer park they live in….(oh, CJ…impressive graphics abilities). 😀

      1. Thank you namnibor.

        I cannot take credit for any of the artwork. Various artists have made these graphics, all I have done is find their work on the net, and paste it into a file for future use. Sure, I have some of my own, but nothing compared to real artists.

        To post in texts such as emails, do a search for ascii art.
        To look for ascii art that will post properly, for the most part, on Bens, search for asii art for blogs.

        In no time at all, you will have a file full of art, that fits your needs. Some you will have to tweak to get it to post somewhat like the original. This tweaking will give you the basis to create some of your own work.

    2. Nice artwork, CJ. Always found that watching pole dancers helps to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. Has a very calming effect on the nerves . . .

      Make Love. Not War.

  14. Go to your VA, and ask for a copy of all appointments, going back 20 years.
    Look at that list, and look at how may appointments were made and canceled.
    Bet you didn’t know about any of them did you?
    What your looking at, is how they manipulate the system to make it LOOK LIKE, their clinics are full. What is the end result? Well, they didn’t have to see anyone, and they still got paid, and it still looks like they had a full schedule.
    Isn’t that special? and now you know how the wait list scandal was born.

    Wonders never cease to amaze, it is still going on as we speak. Hell, why don’t we just have a party and pass out ice cream?

    ┈┃┈ICE-CREAM ┈┃♫♪♫

  15. Its a million dollar contract for what is essentially a research trial. Nothing really out of the norm, but hopefully the company keeps a close watch on exactly how this is conducted.

    Who’s to say what might provide positive or negative results? 1 veteran in the test might be on a medication that really helps them without the software, while the same veteran might not get the same results without the medication. Other factors might result in veterans having a positive or negative result after using the software. One can only hope all factors are accounted for, and we don’t see another million pissed away from sloppy research controls.

    Given how hard the VA is pushing cost savings in any area affecting a veterans medical care, I don’t have much hope of the end result being honest. These are the same people pushing telemedicine, cognitive behavior therapy for all and positive phone calls replacing counseling.

    Could veterans benefit? Perhaps. Could the VA benefit more by directing all veterans needing mental health treatment into this treatment first without proper evaluation first?

    How soon before some relative of a VA official comes up with a Game boy version of this to prescribe to all vets?

    1. Just play “Angry Birds” and pretend the piggies are the VA and VSO’s and all Vets are the Angry Birds. It relieves my tensions on an old Nook Color I keep around for that alone. Helps with some of my anxieties but nothing like a good vape of lemon haze.

      1. Crack me up. That’s exactly what I do on sleepless nights and not to mobile. Up to level 340 and have around one hundred thirty ducks to reign down on the evil bastards. Saving my twenty Eagles for when I am outnumbered or cornered. Getting harder to see and play but just being able to bomb some scum in a game does lower some frustrations.

  16. Another million dollar contract to cut billions in PTSD compensation. Has the cognitive therapy program (CTP) failed in its effort? Yes, I’d like to see victims get better but that is not the real goal of most of these programs. Otherwise they would be looking at brain scans more.

    1. Exactly Lem!!
      They claim they cured you, in order to stop your compensation.
      They claim the symptoms of your illness, are the cause of your illness.
      And my all time favorite, is when the quacks who are responsible for the deaths of Veterans in crisis, are provided outside private quacks when they witnessed the murder they committed.

      Yeah, we need to hire more of those…..

  17. “Hire more psychologists and ensure they are available to help veterans when needed.”

    You mean like when a Veteran is in crisis, and the quacks are too busy enjoying their lil holiday party, to be bothered to see him/her? So he/she walks outside, and takes their own life?

    Or how about when they make and cancel appointments, to make it look like their quack clinic is full, when in reality, they didn’t see a single fucking Veteran that day, let alone one that needed to bee seen?

    Is that the “Hire more psychologists and ensure they are available to help veterans when needed.” your talking about?

    I have a better idea, lets just hold the quacks they already have, accountable for the murders they took part in.

    How about that?

  18. Let me say kudos for the Veteran awarded this contract but I can’t help but think that $1 Million contract should at least have a zero or two afterwards.

    Why do I say this?

    It reflects DIRECTLY on HOW MUCH the VA actually “C.A.R.E.S.” about Veteran PTSD and Veteran Suicide when the VA can continually drop BILLIONS on FAILED IT Updates or how about that Hep C blunder….but a PALTRY $1 MILLION for something as IMPORTANT as PTSD? Tells me the VA is not really taking PTSD seriously or again, is this low-ball amount because he is a Veteran and not a crony? (or relative of a crony once removed) 😀

    Mark my words: The VA will steal this program from this Veteran then sell it to RAND then RAND will sell it back for $2.1 Billion…exactly….wait for it…

  19. My belief a Concerned Veteran if anyone knows how to make the Laws of Veteran Medical Center because i will do my best try to tell them every Veteran who have PTSD even Non Combat Veterans have a meeting at least once a week at every Veteran Medical Center.

    1. Me, I don’t want to go to their a fucking VA facility, I loose my State’s rights and freedoms. Read up, or get beat up, and not up and down either, well maybe by some VA perverting swine ass male tunabeast, that like to suck da man’s boobies. Sick people.

      1. Combat or non-Combat, PTSD is PTSD. Some even hit there head when they weren’t even on land in the heat of battle. Some may have been bullied by mobbing and traumatized.

        For me, it doesn’t matter how someone obtains symptoms of PTSD, and it makes no one better than the other on how they’ve obtained PTSD, whether they’ve symptoms from direct close encounters of battle, from a far being offshore on a ship or vessel of some sort, or even those seeing the wounded and the destruction of war, or any other way that one may have been traumatized.

        Makes no difference, a diagnosis of PTSD, is a diagnosis of PTSD. No need to cause divisiveness by any means. And, really don’t know where the fuck this is going. And if its meant to degrade or to make one better than the other, then fuck off, and stick your head out of the closet.

        No need to hide anymore, its all good, warm, fuzzy, with any colors accepted of the rainbow, you can have even more than one if you’d like, I don’t give a fuck. And, you can always walk into the freezer to not melt. And, if you’d like, the law states that you can hold hands of the same. You know, like the girlies would ask one another, “do you need to go to the bathroom.”

        We’ve come a long way baby, now haven’t we, or haven’t we not? What a douche. NO MEAN MACHINE (in the mindset of thoughts) GOTTA ME A SHAKEN.

        I just may take a wiz, and shake the excess off to where ever it flips and disperses in the air, and then landing on its final resting place, to then evaporate and or stain.

      2. Right on Nutter!
        There is always one internet douche canoe being divisive! That is why I label VSOs as Veteran Scare Offs.
        They label themselves as the authority on veteran issues , but continually will try to file claims on your behalf that mitigate high $ claims that the VA is responsible for adjudicating with a duty to assist.

    2. I used to be able to see a Vet Center counselor once a week.. Then all the guys who were coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan came into the system. It became once every two weeks, then once every three, then once a month. I figured at that length of time, and the fact, at age 70, there really isn’t much they can do for me, and thinking that counseling would benefit the younger guys and hopefully help them cope, I stopped going.

      The psychiatrist, who I saw once a month, is now booked up to three months in advance.

      But, like I said, I am 70, and probably don’t have a lot of time left (have serious health issues besides the PTSD) so, let the younger guys get the help. Hopefully, they will be able to lead more productive lives. The help came too late for many of us Vietnam vets.

  20. I’m only surprised the awarded contract was not for $1 Billion rather than $1 Million. Oh, I get it…it’s because the creator is a Veteran and reason only $1 Million….had this been a VA Psych Hack tinkering around with this program in their spare time in their basement labs but on VA and taxpayer’s dime, that VA Psych Hack would have commandeered a multi-BILLION $ contract, whether it only worked on bringing inner/outer hero’s out in lab rats, pigs, or even a Veteran.

    I’m all for new and great technics to help with PTSD and Veteran Suicide, but today’s happy horseshit lingo of : “[…aims at “helping you find your inner hero. We know what the keys are to unleashing your happiness and feeling more fulfilled, and now we’ve got the technology and tools to teach them…]”——–I absolutely do NOT need help with my “aim”, and if ‘Potentia Labs” REALLY wants to know what WORKS, well it’s already part of Potentia’s namesake in ….POT–entia, as in WEED…not…Potentia. (but the VA and Potentia already KNOW this)

    My “inner/outer hero” **must** remain in it’s containment field unless you wish to open Pandora’s Box upon all the idiots amongst us so I can TEST my aim. 😀

    1. You know nam, we could produce a cheaper version of this and might even undercut CorpsmanUps helmet idea, if we hire the right VA relative/lobbyist.

      We call it the Sweet Nothing’s program.

      We get the cheapest Blue Tooth enabled hearing aides possible, along with some blue tooth players fresh off the boat from Malaysia, and we program the player to whisper Sweet Nothing’s in the ears of veterans.

      Each package would come with a pair of paper rose colored glasses, like the 3D glasses but both lenses are rose colored.

      Imagine the cash we could make with upgrades we sell to the VA as we refine the Bangladesh accent out of the sound? Or the lens upgrades to the glasses for different shades of rose colors depending on the severity of bullshit a vet might encounter?

      This is a win-win deal for everybody, because after our lobbyists convince Congress this is a mandatory medical need bigger than dialysis, we move on to make the same equipment mandatory for VA employees.

      The audio played would have to be refined of course, depending on which employee is targeted. Clerks would hear “Donut, Donut, Donut, Dooooonut” along with some Barney and Friends music, while supervisors and above would only hear “Money, Money, Money, Mooonnney” as sung by Tupac, Fitty Cent and Dr. Dre.

      Rose colored donuts would be optional.

      1. I trust the VA and Malaysia Contract for rose colored glasses would have plenty of lead and cadmium in them to help the brain not give a fuck anymore? 😀
        The VA would spend Billions in developing Smell-O-Vision(SOV) for Vets, to keep the meatgrinder’s emissions smelling just like roses. All for the Vets, because only the VA knows exactly what we like to have blown-up our asses. 😀 😀

      2. The lead/cadmium infused versions would be an upgrade for later after the VA Secretary is cut in on our gravy train.

        They would be reserved for those DBC vets or others who ask too many questions, with a specific version for any whistle blower that fails to assimilate with the early versions.

        Of course, the later versions would cost a little more.


        …for the veterans…

      3. I’m picturing a classic 80’s era album cover art of ‘The Scorpions’, “Blackout” album, 1982. Forks in eyes…

  21. “The Potentia website says the e-learning platform aims at “helping you find your inner hero. We know what the keys are to unleashing your happiness and feeling more fulfilled, and now we’ve got the technology and tools to teach them.”

    Now that’s thats the biggest Joke I have heard in A long time, You wouldn’t want me to find my “inner hero” There would be a lot of dead bodies laying around, My outer Hero says NO…. Fucking IDIOTS ……

    We know what the keys are to unleashing your happiness…..LOL…LOL….LOL
    OK what is it Mother Fuckers……..I guess some one has to pay for the program to find out……Spend it everywhere else just like the Bionic arm that they spent millions on and something like 2 people got it, what a waste of money just as bad as NASA’S fake ISS spending Billions growing lettuce in space what a waste….Fucking Turds……….Just give me the seeds and I’ll grow it for you turds…..CHEAP

    1. I think they are actually growing kick-ass space weed called ‘Dark Star’ on the ISS. Problem is, it’s one large hyperbaric chamber and they keep consuming the product. Why ELSE would NASA send-up pizza and ice cream in latest resupply mission? Space Munchies. 😀

    2. Yeah, just what’s needed… less and less human contact/interaction or total loss of local physical meetings or groups. It’s all BS. While addictions to high tech crap is on the rise, people/kiddies, VA staff, workers can’t do shit or wait on us minus the ear-jacks or cell phones, kids and adults have lost the ability to interact with parents and other humans due to virtual realities, lives filled with online gaming, snap-chat sex, and on it all goes… down the drain with America.

      On top of that BS is the burn’t out use of “hero.” I guess some may fall for that ego building, long stroking, phony back-patting, propaganda BS I don’t.

      Hypocrites. That’s like ol’ Dr. Phil on certain programs telling people and parents/kiddies, teachers, to get off of or away from high tech crap, virtual living, oh, but be sure to stay addicted to watching his show and others on the same channel. All of it is doing so much harm to society and human existence… but be sure to tune back in to his program (support Hollyweird & Oprah) that is far far different than the typical aid we can find in real life, or at any VA.

      I want one of Corseman’s helmets. Minus the Pac man feature with puff eating nurses and plenty more of Hummingbird attack drones.

  22. Fuck !
    Why didn’t I think of that? I could of created a software program like that with limitless capabilities.
    Imagine a software program that is built into a helmet with virtual reality glasses.
    The program would have a “PTSD” program,; Post Traumatic Shulkin Disorder. It would show a huge raptor swooping down from the sky simultaneously palming him by the head and carrying him off into the sunset during a bullshit press conference.
    The program would be loaded with a PacMan feature showing fat ass VA nurses fucking up cheesy poofs ,; imploding like seagulls eating alka seltzer.
    It would have a built in corruption modulator warning you in advance of VA employees who are severely fucked up. ( credential modulator with red beam scanning foreheads)
    The best feature would be, that you can have your favorite sports team logo on the helmet, equipped a beer holder, and the helmet converts to a bong with two deployable hummingbird sized drones for self defense!
    Most importantly, my helmet should be capable of sending out big E – Fuck yous, projected on the VA hospitals, bill boards or wherever you need to protest!
    Yeah , 1 big fucking beam! LOL ?

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