DisabledVeterans.org Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving From DisabledVeterans.org And The Krauses

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family and I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving this year. Thank you for supporting this important work we are doing in chronicling the fraud, waste, and abuse at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The progress we’ve seen, even just this week exposing mismanagement of funds by blowing taxpayer cash at Google Adwords and getting it shut down, shows we are making a dent. Without you following, sharing, and commenting on these stories, Congress and VA leadership would likely not take notice.

Have a great day with your family or friends or even alone in your favorite chair!

Love you guys and gals!

Benjamin & the Krause Family

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  1. For anyone still using Veterans Administrations Health Care. Each time you go make sure and ask each of your providers if they got their Flu Shot.

    “50 Employees Fired After Refusing Flu Shot”
    Employee options: Get the flu shot, get an approved religious or medical exemption, or leave
    Fox19.com – November 22, 2017


    1. Those VA Hacks refusing inoculation are nothing more than the AFGE repeating bleak, early USA history, when about this time of year we gave Native Americans free gifts of Army wool blankets…that were also early forms of bioweapons, as those blankets the tribes brought back to their families were infected with Smallpox. Those VA hacks refusing inoculation are there to keep more business moving through the doors or morgues. Rant Out….bur-r-r-rp!

      1. I kind of Disagree, They should all refuse, What are they going to do Fire them all.
        Mine asks me if I want one and I ask him did u take one He doesn’t say yes or no, But gives me the look of NO but his job is to ask…He was A army medic and has more brains than that stupid doctor of mine..
        If you work for the state of NC it is mandatory to take the poison…
        If people are to stupid to research whats in them they get what they deserve, I would rather shovel Shit all day long then take one.
        Or just shoot me because it ain’t happening. LOL

  2. “[…Have a great day with your family or friends or even alone in your favorite chair!]”-
    Benjamin- Also, a special thanks for acknowledging that some of us do not have any families or relationships with family and/or the loners amongst us, and that definitely relates to me. They say isolation is not healthy but I say it’s healthier for society if I do so.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. This is my first post in three months. Dennis, I am glad you are still alive. IT took me 3months to resettle. Lots of travelling. Had to get out of Alabama. I’m now establishing residence in Oregon. Feel like I’m home. Love the new laws on marijuana. A very happy Thanksgiving indeed. God Bless y’all..

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Also happy thanksgiving to all my fellow vets and their families both here and abroad God bless you Thank you for your service and keep up the good work Mr Krause

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you Ben, your family and to all brother and sister Veterans.
    Turkey, family, friends and collage football in the coming days ( f••k NFL). It’s all good! Almost as good as the ass whooping Ben is giving the VA!!!


    Thank you

  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone…..I just on here so I want to listen so I can here what is happening? ?

  8. I once lay staring upward and calmly at the half moon on a rainy Oregon night. I was absolutely alone except for the doe that had wandered off and the Harley that I had previously departed which was on its side about fifty feet further down the road.

    I guess about half of me was broken inside and I was dieing. My fate would depend on somebody passing by in time. I was alone but not lonely.

    I wasn’t a bit frightened or down about it at that particular moment and figured that my last breath drawn alone in a quiet dark forest alongside a cool river with the moon overhead and not a hint of violence to be seen, heard, or felt…. well, I guess it seemed like a good place to go to sleep if that was fate.

    That night I remember feeling profoundly thankful. Not for my family, friends, posessions, or place in life. I remember feeling thankful that the Universe created such a wonderous place as our Earth and Moon. I remember feeling thankful hearing the nearby river rushing along and was glad the doe that I avoided had not been hurt.

    In other words, I was moved in those most spiritual of moments to a greater appreciation not for the things that kept me safe, and fed, and comfortable – I was thankful for chance to exist in it all and draw just one more breath. Each breath was Thanksgiving that night for me, and in some ways that feeling has just not left and once again this morning I am grateful for one more breath drawn under a veil of peace where I live.

    Thank you Ben for your efforts, thank you veterans for your courage, and God Bless America.

    1. ^Awesomeness!!^
      Like Dennis, I tend to greet and appreciate each and every day as if it were the last one to be consumed by the senses. That appreciation also has it’s inspiration in the earth, nature, and vastness of the universe, not so much through worldly possessions or even family or friends; this is a more humbling experience.

      FYI- For the “Public’s Safety” I choose to not participate in oddities such as “Black Friday’ because I did attend once a few years ago at only *one* red bulls-eye big box retailer and the literal stampede of FAT humans was a sight to see…from afar. I could only equate it to what the exits at any VAMC would look like if a fire alarm were pulled, except perhaps a tad more sluggish approach for the purple teams.

      Anyway, be safe out there, thank you Ben for shining VA Kryptonite called Accountability on these ingrates and Happy Thanksgiving from me and a rather engorged Maine Coon Cat. (not purple)

  9. Thany you for all your hard work and dedication! Love you too – Wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Happy Turkey Day!!!

    Department of Veterans Affairs Audit of VA’s Financial Statements
    for Fiscal Years 2017 and 2016


    1. Regarding: Last Sundays NFL game in Mexico City between the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders.

      At the Game the players for both the New England Deflators and the Oakland Kneelers were required to stand for the Mexican National Anthem.

      1. “US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley, November 19th, 2017”

        “WITNESSES: According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters!
        Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft can be clearly seen on the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.”

        “The number of SEALED INDICTMENTS presently on US District Court Dockets across the United States has reached an astonishing 1800 as of Friday, November 17. These Sealed Indictments began appearing on US District Court Dockets on October 31.

        There have never been this many Sealed Indictments showing on federal court Dockets at the same time . . . ever.”


        CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments

        “CONFIRMED! Marines Moved in To Stop Coup against President Trump, Hillary Worries Over Indictments”


      3. Additional Actions taken against the CIA operations in Afghanistan.

        “US begins bombing Taliban opium plants in Afghanistan”
        By Ellen Mitchell – 11/20/17, The Hill

        “The U.S. military has begun bombing opium production plants in Afghanistan as part of a new strategy targeting Taliban revenue, a top general said Monday.

        “Last night, we conducted strikes in northern Helmand [Province] to hit the Taliban where it hurts, in their narcotics financing,” said Gen. John Nicholson, commander of the NATO-led Operation Resolute Support in the country.

        Using F-22 attack planes and B-52 bombers, the military says it dropped bombs on labs where the insurgents turn poppies into heroin, as well as “storage facilities where they keep their final product, where they stockpile their money and their command and control,” Nicholson said in a news conference with the Afghan army chief of staff in Kabul.

        Nicholson said the Taliban makes an estimated $200 million annually producing opium, with 400 to 500 drug labs in the country. The strikes took out 10 labs, Nicholson said”

        Video’s of the Air Strikes included

      4. From Defense News regarding the stepped up actions of Marine F-22 attack planes began bombing Afghanistan drug labs shortly after the Marines landed at Langley. Both occurring with hours of each other on the same day.

        “F-22s conduct first airstrikes in Afghanistan”
        By: Tara Copp    3 days ago

        Also includes additional video footage of bombing runs by the F22s in Afghanistan released by the Marine Corp.

      5. Oldmarine,

        Most likely you are right about it being bombing the competition with the new poppy seeds coming out in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

        “Could New Poppy Strain be Boosting Afghanistan’s Opium Crop?”
        Local producers say they can now plant and harvest their fields all year round.
        By Gul Ahmad Ehsan, Global Voice Asia, 03/16/2017

        The new seeds only require 2 months from planting to harvest making the land more productive with 5 to 6 harvest per year. Only compatible with the Helmand Provinces growing conditions in south western Afghanistan near the Iranian border and the safer Gulf of Oman smuggling routes out of Afghanistan.

        Where as the north eastern growing regions in the Pashtun tribal zone of Afghanistan and Pakistan are limited to only two harvest per year.

      6. Also, Worth noting is that the new poppy seeds were developed by China with tech we sold them during the Clinton State Department Years.

        Additionally, China will be testing new GMO seeds that it has designed for other produce such as Corn, Soybean, Rice and other produce. Since China is not accepting most GMO produce in their country they have been test growing their new products here in the U.S. This is to reduce the possibility of contaminanting their own food supply.

        “Polluted China now imitating Monsanto by jumping into the GMO seed industry”
        Tuesday, January 03, 2017 by: Isabelle Z.
        Tags: China, GMOs, Monsanto

        “China continues to show a lack of regard for human health with the news that a Chinese biotech seed company is planting corn seeds that have been genetically modified. If you think they are growing this abomination in Beijing because the company in question, Origin Agritech Ltd, is based there, think again. They are actually planting them right here in America”

      7. “The global biotech seed industry, which is highly competitive, has been dominated mostly by Monsanto and Dupont Pioneer until now, and Origin Agritech will be looking to establish a foothold in the market. Meanwhile, the China National Chemical Corp has reached an agreement to buy Syngenta for $43 billion, indicating that Chinese players are extremely serious about entering the U.S. market.

        China wants to become GMO superpower

        Despite China’s extremely poor track record when it comes to pollution, GMO food has not been widely embraced there. In fact, the country’s biggest province in terms of grain production, Heilongjiang, has announced a five-year ban on the growing, processing and selling of GM crops, even as the central government positions itself to turn the country into a GMO superpower.

        The cultivation of GMO crops is not currently allowed in China, with an exception being made for papaya and cotton. GMO soybeans can be imported for animal feed use. However, the ban comes after Beijing announced plans to start developing GMO crops like corn and soybeans as the president called for China to “dominate the high points of GMO techniques.” The Heilongjiang ban will apply not only to soybeans and corn but also rice.”

      8. Guess that Heroin is getting even more dangerous with it now being produced via GMO crops.

      9. I found this one last night It will make u think outside of the BOX…Nothing is as it seems…..
        G. Edward Griffin on False Flags, Global Cashless Society, JFK Files & Elite Creepers – Tube

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