HARVARD LAW: 125,000 Post 9/11 Veterans Scammed

Harvard Law

Benjamin KrauseHarvard Law School just uncovered that Veterans Affairs scammed 125,000 post 9/11 veterans out of benefits if they received an other than honorable discharge. Harvard was joined by two other nonprofits to evaluate the problem.

Veterans of the most recent wars are being denied benefits at higher rates than previous generations because of a known glitch in VA internal protocol that denies vets with certain discharges that should otherwise be allowed benefits. The glitch results in the veterans being denied access to health care and other benefits.

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The Harvard report shows Congress stipulated that only veterans with dishonorable discharges from a court-martial should be denied VA services. Internal rules within VA contradict the law set down by Congress. Instead, VA denies services to post 9/11 veterans who should otherwise qualify since they did not receive dishonorable discharges.

Sloan Gibson promised to correct the scam after the Harvard report was released:

“I believe the report provides us, as a department, an opportunity to do a thorough review, take a fresh look this issue and make changes to help veterans. Where we can better advocate for and serve veterans within the law and regulation, we will look to do so as much as possible.”


Harvard head of its Veterans Legal Clinic said:

“Veterans who have served since 9/11 are being excluded from the VA at a higher rate than any other generation of veterans. They’re being denied very basic services.”


Bart Stichman, head of National Veterans Legal Services Legal Services Program (NVLSP), believes underperforming soldiers are being pushed out of the military to facilitate the scam, “They want to get them off the rolls because they want them replaced with another soldier who can perform.”

Stichman believes the military is kicking out service members with mental health issues while avoiding the lengthy and expensive medical evaluation board process. The end result is that more service members than before are being booted from the military without adequate processes being followed.


In our post-democratic America, only veterans seem equipped to fight back with the help of trained lawyers.

The reality here is that the lowball discharge game has ripped off countless veterans over the years. The DOD has perfected the game of screwing over service members while evading the true cost of paying for mental health services after combat.

Rather than own up for our responsibilities, our government is run by political hacks and shysters who skim the profits for themselves while screwing over the little guy who bleeds on the battle field.

More and more, Americans are waking up and realizing we are run by a bunch of over privileged cowards born with a silver spoon who rape and pillage the masses for their own benefit.

It is time we educate the masses to help them fight back against this grand display of cowardice so that future generations can regain the prosperity we have had stolen from us.

Personally, I am doing my part educating other lawyers and law students in how to fight against bad discharges like those talked about in the Harvard report.

SIGN UP: Federal Bar Military Sexual Trauma Seminar, April 12, 2016

Source: https://www.stripes.com/news/report-va-unfairly-denied-services-to-125k-post-9-11-veterans-1.401842

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  1. Right now I’m watching “Fox 35 News”, (channel 35 Orlando, Florida), @ 10 pm est,
    At the bottom, where they ‘scroll the news’, the “national news” has an interesting article. It’s about:

    “Leaked files of a Panama Law Firm finds detailed information about offshore accounts of politicians and public officials!”

    I wonder how many names and how much of our taxdollars are being held outside the U.S. illegally?!
    Y’all might want to google and investigate this further. Let’s start by publishing names of people committing possible tax fraud!

    1. Crazy elf,

      I put up a post on FB Desk Commandos of the VA.

      If any Special Ops guys are thinking they are changing the world or will be appreciated when they are used up…nope. I hope your mother, wife, or a good friend can look after you. America will kick you to the curb.

  2. To everyone! I need y’all to google the following. It’s imperative I get this info out ASAP!
    It’s from:
    “Townhall . com”
    by Cortney O’Brien
    Apr. 1, 2016

    “Veterans Launch ‘The Difference It Makes’ Bus Tour to Make Hillary Accountable to the FBI”

    The people on this “Bus Tour” is what makes this article an interesting read.
    It also just might be the end of their careers!

    1. Here’s something else people can do IF your fed up with the D.C. Corruption, G.O.P. and the Dem. Party corruption.
      If y’all are for Mr. Trump, (because it looks like the GOP is changing the rules as they go along), there’s a “plan” to set the GOP on the right right course, so to speak!
      Here it is;
      There’s a push “By the People” to send a post card every monday, starting tomorrow, to Paul Ryan.
      Do not use an envelope – POST CARDS ONLY!
      On it, write the following;
      “NO TRUMP – NO VOTE!”

      Send it to:
      “Speaker of the House Paul Ryan!”
      1233 Longworth HOB
      Washington D.C.

      Let him know “We the People” demand that “the corruption in Washington D.C. is to cease and desist immediately!” Or, the “Grand Old Party” will become extinct!

      1. @James
        This is/was for people who are for Mr. Trump. Or, if you wish for whomever y’all want! It’s about corruption “We the People” have put up with for far too damn long!!

        If your unaware,
        1.) there’s plenty of corruption in Washington which needs cleaned up.
        2.) the corruption is on both sides of the isle! So, take your own pick!
        3.) The corruption of VA is only one department of the government.

        If you keep burying your head. Then don’t expect people to help!!!

  3. Here’s a brand new article from the
    “D.C. Caller News Foundation” by Jonah Bennett on 04/01/2016.
    “VA Coached Employees On Wait time Manipulation Answers”

    This is from a VAOIG report just being made public! A must read!

  4. IS there anyway to just sue the bastards? For deliberate malfeasance, with malice of forethought & then collect punitive damages. That goes for congress, military & anyone else who created this crap. Scalia created a group called the federalist society, which are now groups of attorneys who are totally ultra conservative. I’d like to know if this federalist group are for or against vets getting justice & compensation OR IF it was this group that created the many ways to scheme against vets/citizens to just rob them of their rights & benefits since the 60’s. It was once said you cannot sue the govt, well, I believe it is time to do exactly that and that anyone who went along with deliberately depriving our vets, get to get sued or really put in jail for undermining our constitutional rights.It is truly incomprehensible that we’ve been so sold out with everything that we worked for has been stolen from right under our noses.
    Who can you really trust in govt. Not even the DOJ that protects corporations like self insurers that the the military & VA IS. There’s an old saying about being careful in waking up the giant, that giant is the American people.

  5. Does not surprise me… During my 12 years as a Vet Center Readjustment Counseling Therapist I personally know of several Veterans who were denied basic VA services for treatment of illnesses/conditions that began on active duty because of bad discharges. I advocated for these unfortunate Veterans with the VA Regional Offices. Many were “approved” for health care, but, many of them were denied registration in the health care system at the VA Medical Centers. I called the supervisors of the VA registration offices informing them they have made mistakes because of the VA Regional Office approvals, and was told to mind my own business. I reported this to the VA Regional Offices and could find no one who would offer to help; I was told (paraphrasing) ‘we can only make decisions based on the regulations but we cannot force the medical enters to provide the services.’ I urged the Veterans to call their congressmen and senators, but most would not — citing their disbelief in the system. The worst case I remember was a female Marine who had serious surgery 5 days before discharge and was told to follow up with a doctor in 1 week. She was not one of those approved for VA medical care. She had no support network and no health insurance. She dropped out of sight after being denied and I have often wondered what became of her.

    Do not be fooled — there are still assholes working in the VA and they seem to be protected by the bosses they cover for. The Vet Center chain of command did not seem to care, even though I kept them informed every step of the way. They did not want to “offend” anyone at the medial centers, hence silence.

  6. I’m happy to say that at least one of my vets with a ‘other’ discharge recently got his booted up to an honorable after I made him aware of the procedure. Took just a few months and was updated in VA system one day the following the effective date. I have a couple more in process. Keep putting the word out Ben. I’m glad they are doing this!

  7. Is the American public to trust anyone with a name like “Sloan”? “The Honorable Sloan clown” was the PR person for the USO. What the fuck does that qualify him for on these issues? Yeah, that qualifies him to make serious decisions -” to take a fresh look at themselves (VA) – to do a thorough review – to make changes”? What the fuck does the VA need to come up with that one? I thought they might have guessed they were all fucked up by now, not needing Harvard Law clinic to present them with their “findings”. I mean didn’t the VA notice they are scamming everyone of us in thousands of ways by now? I sure do feel Honorable Sloan clown will do everything possible to correct this – after he learns how to “thoroughly” wipe his ass.

  8. The VA functions very much like an insurance company, the less they pay out and provide to veterans -more is left for bonuses, lucrative sweetheart deals, etc.

    1. These people have had decades to insure they hired the people who would and will do anything they can to ensure veterans do not get their deserved disabilities and this means the veterans have to buy insurance and they fall into a bracket, where they have to pay the VA or do not qualify for certain benefits.

      They have become very dangerous towards veterans, if you smile crooked at them and they think your being a smart ass and they will make your visit a long one or they will report you. These people have imbedded their family and friends of theirs or their bosses as a favor and they can control them, as they hold the purse strings.

      With ever thing coming to light and you can see how many employees try to cover up for the employee that got caught ! Do as I say and keep your mouth shut and I will put you in for a Bonus, Hurt that veteran and I will give you a Bonus, They use the Bonus system to ensure loyalty. These managers have all the money in the world to do this at the tax payers expense.

      Lets call it Blood Money, not Bonus money.

  9. I need help with this issue. Can someone guide me to the right person that is leading this? I have a OTH and served 13 years, maybe I can finally the Post 9/11 approved

    1. you can contact Ben under contact to the left under the hand, Ben maybe able to help or get your story out there, what kind of help are you looking for ?

  10. This type of behavior has been going on for so long, they feel its normal to deny veterans their disability, they hide records, they shred records, the box up records, say they were lost or destroyed they do what ever it takes to ensure veterans are not given their disabilities as this would effect their yearly Bonus .

    The VA has lied over and over that they can not keep their lies straight and trip up themselves, but there seems to be someone who is willing to keep the lie alive and keep telling the lie, until they think its the truth !

    Really how long are veterans going to be hurt, before someone listens. They like veterans to become upset so they can blame the veteran and it happens all the time. Employees that falsely accuse veterans should be required to take a polygraph test and if its found out that they are lying, be told clear out your desk !

    We don’t want or need people like you !

    Anyone can just type in Problems at the VA and the computer spits out problems all over the VA and most have to do with Management or lack of !

    Enough is Enough, how many veterans must die, before something is done to stop these people !

    1. These folks will be volunteering to clear out there desks in a few months. I am going to make sure that they know how they are and that they need to go. It is simple. They have one option and that is to leave the VA and then the stealing will be easier to pinpoint.

      Right now it is a number of ways the VA is stealing. One, the VA mails out denial letters and all the while you have been approved. Two, you go to a VSO and they make themselves your “beneficiary” without your knowledge. Number three, you mail in your late husbands death certificate and the VA employee starts pushing paper to get all of the benefits your late husband or wife was initialed to, however you don’t know a thing and the benefits are paid out to a bank account that you know nothing about. Fourth, you go to get help until your benefits arrive and the folks in the office are filling out forms and lifting your signature and sending your benefits when they hit to their own personnel bank account.

      How is that for the VA working for you. It is a NATIONAL DISGRACE and I am going to shut all of this “BULLSHIT” down!!! I am tired of it. I am tired of seeing Veterans homeless and their money being stolen. I am tired of Surviving Spouses loosing their homes, cars, bank accounts and everything else.

      I am going to fight until the VA gets it right or shut the “HELL” down!!! Who needs them is we got e-Benefits anyway. You can upload your own documents. You can mail them in or fax them in. This alone can cut 85% of the jobs in the VA. These people are doing anything for the Veterans anyway, so they need to go home with no retirement for stealing.

      Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

  11. “Harvard Law School”, my, my. Let’s see Gibson ‘redefine’ this!
    @Robin, yep, I do believe Gibson’s going to be a buzy little boy, lmao!

    1. BTW, if y’all haven’t heard, Miller is NOT going to run for office next time. He said he’s “…had enough!”
      IMO, he, along with other miscreants, has decided to ‘jump ship’, like rats. Because they know the end is near on their free ride of fleecing the American Taxpayers. Plus, “WHEN” Mr. Trump’s elected President, I have a feeling there’s going to be MASSIVE AUDITS!
      GOD help those who have cheated the public!

      1. Trump being President is not what Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and Las Vegas odds-makers say. You must have mightier resources than those (?) And you think Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination as well I suppose.

      2. @Paul
        No, no crystal ball either! Just wishful thinking and hope!
        I do know this though. More people are coming out in today’s Presidential election than ever before. Millions of people are angry over all the corruption that D.C politicians have been getting away with for far too long.
        It’s been said, by intelligent people, the U.S. has reverted back to an oligarchy, boardering on a Dictatorship of sorts.
        I don’t know about you, I feel our country is on a slow descent to hell.
        Will it ever get back to the “Constitutional Republic” it was? Will the people stand up and say “ENOUGH?”
        I don’t believe anyone has the answers. Because there are too many questions!
        Questions no one in our government wants to answer!!!!

      3. our elected officials say nothing at all, seems like the are putting their heads in the sand and seem not to notice what’s happening, I guess they feel if they do this long enough everything will pass. They should know their ass is still in the open and someone will come along and give them what they been giving them in this part that is showing. They love the God syndrome, but can’t see the Devil is guiding them, they sold their sole’s and when its time to collect they will really pay the price, for their wrongdoings or for just looking the other way.

    2. 3:40 and no call back from Rep Lee Zeldin’s office. As of 2PM no word out of Gibson’s guys.

      So much for respecting a member of the veterans affairs committee. But, Gibson will still get his 178 BILLION because congress is afraid to say no.

    3. .I talked to Sloan Gibson’s secretary after I posted and she was going to try and get “someone”. Her number is 202-461-4817 in case you ever get tired of talking into Baghdad Bob McDonald’s empty cell.
      A Dr. Ronald Maurer was supposed to be on this. Much like Hickey and her return emails telling her staff to “get on it” but nothing ever got done…Maurer only manged to call back Zeldin’s office and say maybe another week. Turns out Dr. Maurer is a failed congressman himself. Sweet huh? Lose the election and your buds get you a cushy job as liaison between congress and the VA?
      Monday it will be two weeks that Dr. Maurer realized that Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens hid evidence in my husbands claim that proved he needed aid and attendance. A virtual cash cow that three congressmen and US Senator Dan Coates can’t account for. Neither can Miller. Or, his staff. Or, the CBO or OMB. SMC T for TBI vets is a black hole much like Aurora no one can find how much was spent on.
      Crazy Elf, check back here late Sunday night. In good handsis quite the bedtime story. Smedley Butler meets Iran Contra…or why my husband wasted his career in Special Forces. The only one that actually looks good after reading it is Trump.

      1. @Robin Mitchell
        Yep, just like we weren’t, “boots on ground”, in Cambodia OR Laos. Yea, right! Nixon was one piece of lying ——–!!!!!

        “Paul” is one facetious individual.
        I went 110% for Trump when someone(s) sent his son, daughter-in-law and (federal judge appointed by Reagan) sister threatening letters!

        As far as believing anything coming out of Paul (asswipe) Ryan is concerned, namnibor knew about his happy lying ass before he became Speaker! I, along with lots of other people, should have listened! Sorry brother!
        And as far as Las Vegas gaming is concerned, Trump said something out there which most thought he wouldn’t do. He defended the Bundy’s!!!! And went after the BLM (and I’m not talking about the Black Lies Matters either)!
        People better get their heads outta where the sun don’t shine! Or our country is going to go down that proverbial toilet bowl!

        Robin, see ya on Sunday!

      2. Yeah, Paul Ryan and then Michelle Bachman were trying vigorously to take away some of our Veteran Benefits, stating they thought we “had it too good”…(paraphrased), and this was just a few years ago. I never trusted Ryan in the past and will never in the future. Do not be fooled. He’s a first class smug ass.

  12. Sloan Gibson has two of his top guys on correcting an illegal denial and is supposed to get back to Rep Lee Zeldin by the end of today on how they are going to fix it.

    Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens hid evidence from those investigators. It was last known on his desk per his own admission.

    He is going to be a busy man.

    1. The VA is real busy right about now. It is an election year and the problems are as tall as Mount Everest. After four years and four months and my Survivors Benefits being stolen and taxes being filed in my name I received a letter from the VA. It was a condolence/confirmation /reconfirmation/looks like I am going finally get paid letter.

      I have written countless letters to President Barack Obama, the FBI, the VA, Law Enforcement Agencies, Congressmen and other agencies. Now That I have decided to run for President it appears that they are trying to make an attempt at getting my case straight.

      The GAO, Government Accounting Office has done countless “AUDITS” and have found that they are missing over 124 TRILLION DOLLARS. THIS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE. Instead of paying the Veterans, Surviving Spouses and their famines, employees at the VA have been re-routing the money to their own personnel bank accounts.

      These egregious crimes are not going to simply go away. Something has to be done starting at the top. All of the other employees are “SANITIZING”, “REDACTING” DISTROYING” ALTERING” WHITING-OUT” and “CREATING DOCUMENTS” to suit the needs of their own personnel interests.

      This 2016, is going to be a year for the record books as Veterans are standing up and fighting for what is theirs. To me the answer is simple, take the retirement checks from all of the people who have been stealing in the VA for starters and then work it through cross-referencing all the way down and in every way imaginable.

      Quancidine Hinson-Gribble

      1. Some former drug interdiction follow the money guys told me to look at a certain address of a VA foreclosure upstate NY. Seems a lot are sold to someone with the same surname as a person at the top for pennies on the dollar.
        They also sent the name of a 115 year old guy who lives in Falls Church VA who is still out there doing business by the same name.

        Same guys are doing quite the colonoscopy on the Indy VBA and it’s fiduciary scam. Employees living above their means including one with an expensive horse hobby and a felon for a trainer.

        We are Rome and we will fall. Probably sooner than later.

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