Strawman Proposal To Close VA Makes Veterans Fearful

Strawman Proposal

Benjamin KrauseA “drastic” strawman proposal for VA closure of hospitals nationwide now has many veterans fearful of being left without health care.

The proposal is supposedly a preliminary recommendation that Veterans Health Administration be drawn down and that veterans be allowed to choice whether to get care at VA or not.

The VA Commission on Care issued what is now called a “Strawman Document” that asserts VA health care “is seriously broken and, because of the breadth and depth of the shortfalls, there is no efficient path to repair it.”

Confused about what all the hubub is about? Isn’t the above claim already well known? Is it ironic that the information name of the document in question is nicknamed for a type of logical fallacy? Was that intentional or was the author misguided about language and instead referencing Wizard of Oz?

Do you like the strawman proposal or hate it?

DOWNLOAD: VA Commission Stawman Proposal

The commission is apparently fragmented because of a sharp disagreement on the politics of the VA wait list scandal, which was initially downplayed by certain veteran organizations and democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Seven of its members independently penned the recommendation.

In response, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and other veteran orgs wrote a scathing letter to the committee about the document. DAV has long opposed the extent of “choice” many veterans seek, which would allow full choice of health care. DAV claims allowing veterans “choice” would outstrip funding for the ever growing VHA that never seems to end the laundry list of scandals.

DAV and these other organizations have long opposed the extent of “choice” many veterans seek, which would allow full choice of health care. Specifically, DAV claimed allowing veterans “choice” would outstrip funding for the ever growing VHA that never seems to end the laundry list of scandals.

Here is an excerpt from the letter on the DAV website:

“What is most unsettling about the “proposed strawman document” is the utter lack of consideration that veterans would want to improve and expand the VA health care system. There is also no discussion of how this proposal would affect the coordination of care, the quality of medical services and the health outcomes for veterans. While there are numerous references to “bold transformational change” and letting “the money follow the veteran,” there is no discussion about strengthening the VA health care system for veterans who would choose to receive care at VA medical facilities rather than seek care from disparate community providers.”

READ: Joint VSO Letter to the Commission on Care

Thanks DAV, I sure hope you enjoy your fantastically high salaries that you pay yourselves on the backs of veterans’ sympathy from donors and members.

Why is it that the same organization that opposes a veteran’s choice to hire a lawyer is the same that opposes a veteran’s choice of health care provider? Does DAV truly stand for us or its own interests?

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One health care blogger, Suzanne Gordon, says the proposal is to “totally eliminate the Veterans Health Administration by 2035 and turn its taxpayer-funded functions over to the private sector.” Gordon hyperbolically titled her blog post “Group Drafts Secret Proposal to End Taxpayer-Funded Veteran Care.” The title has created quite a ruckus.

This is not the first time Suzanne Gordon hammered against the Veterans Choice Program or those who support it. Gordon is actually an ivory tower intellectual whose writing supports VA health care initiatives and the union.

RELATED: Suzanne Gordon And Anti-Veterans Choice Rhetoric

Back in reality, the plan was not secret and the recommendations within it do not include destroying the Veterans Health Administration, but definitely include massive reforms. Instead, it calls for “drastic changes” because VA continues to fail its mission regardless of efforts to increase accountability while eventually turning VHA into an insurance company.

Initially, the plan calls for a “closure of numerous VA healthcare facilities, with funding following the patients to community providers.” Over time, it calls for the eventual transition of veteran care to community providers.

Opponents to privatization of any kind, including the Legion and Paralyzed Veterans of America, believe the report is actually a call to shut down veterans’ health care. I guess that is half-true.

Meanwhile, the Washington Monthly called current outrage against VA for current fraud and misconduct as being merely a policy conspiracy. This is basically what Hillary Clinton claimed during her interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last October.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Blames Republicans For VA Scandal

Clinton harkened back to her famous claim about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that she said was attacking her husband during his presidency. Now, she and others like her claim the wait list scandals and apparent deaths are make-believe products of political theater.

Does Hillary Clinton have a clue? Are veteran service organizations out of touch with the pulse of modern veterans?

What do you think about the issues with “choice” and your health care?


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  1. I keep getting e-mails from the Clinton camp asking for my vote and donation.

    I wrote back if Mrs Clinton would speak about veterans care and the VA. I might vote for her.

    When asked to donate. I replied I would have donated but that money was kept by the VA for the last 40 year’s.

  2. I am a 70 year old 100% SC Vietnam vet. People have been “fixing” the VA all of my life, but VA just gets worse each year. Enough fixing, shut the evil corrupt bastards down, and give me a Medicare card with no co-pays or deductibles, and let the vampire parasites at VA find real jobs.

    1. I am totally on board with you Ronald. I’ve been 100% since 1987, Vietnam 68-69, combat wounded. I totally agree that if they just shut down the whole damn system which seems to serve the employee’s more than the veteran and just give me a card where I can get my healthcare with my choice of doctors and hospitals it would save the government millions. I’ve had 47 surgeries and quit many years ago letting the VA cut on my after a couple botched surgeries. The care at VA is horrible, doctors are 3rd rate and it’s hurry up and wait, wait, wait. It’s an easy fix and don’t know why any veteran who has used the VA system would want VA care instead of private care.

    2. I’m an Air Force Desert Storm veteran in total agreement….shut down the VA and allow veterans to choose paid for! If the VA has a 50 year old rogue history of failure to comply then shut them down. End of discussion. No one is above the law/accountability.

    3. I am a Vietnam vet. I use the VA hospital and find it good, not great. I use the dental, optical, pharmacy, and neurology. Their pulmonary dept. is very helpful to me.It is my opinion that the VA provides health care that could NOT be matched by Medicaid or ObamaCare. The VAHS provides care where others would fail miserably. I spent 40 years in the medical field dealing with Medicaid and find it offers little beyond the barest of necessities. Medicaid does not cover ####. ObamaCare is expensive and it is ###. In the WSJ 5-16-17 265 county plans have dropped ObamaCare because it lousy. To shift vets to ObamaCare or Medicaid would give us awful care.

      1. We all know that there are employees.that care about what their doing. The management part of the VA is out of control and that’s a problem.

        Many as stated before have the God complex and think they can say and do whatever they want and to whom they want.

        Many veterans have been hurt by employees whom have become complacent and just go through the motions.

        Veterans and the good employees are paying the price and many employees main concern is how to please their hopes of getting their yearly bonus. is a way management can control it’s employees and the ? used to do this is never ending.

        It’s my money.your ? and they don’t think twice about using it to control their employees to look the other way !

        If you really look into the problems veterans are having you would see the light.

        For those employees who showed you compassion and actually helped you. I say thank you.

        Now all we have to do is to get every employee too do the same.

  3. Rats know a good thing when they find it. DO NOT CLOSE THE VAHC”s That said, remove the union clean house and give choice. BUT DO NOT SEND VETERANS IN TO OBOMA CARE. THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS SHORT OF DOCTORS ALMOST IN EVERY GROUP. the government actions has caused theses problems both in the V.A. medical system and the public medical system. Bring the private sector into the V.A. so that the V.A. can out source any medical need needed by the veteran so there are no long waiting times. BUT DO NOT SEND US ALL INTO OBOMA CARE. .

  4. Do y’all remember my comment on the D.C. Madam? Where her “former attorney” wanted to publish the names, addresses and so forth of the “clients who partook of her services”?
    Weeeellllll, it looks like we got a “leak”, so to speak!
    Now it’s out today, April 4, 2016!

    Google the following;

    “Busted! Ted Cruz Number Found in D.C. Madam’s ‘Black Book'”

    On “InfoWars dot com”
    Quote: “Cruz claims to be faithful to wife as scandal set to explode!”

    Kinda funny don’t y’all think? The son of a minister who “exhaulted in his son as though he’s a savior!”

  5. that is what get for doing us that way SCREWWW EM SCREWWW EM ALL ALL let me say that agen SCREWWW EM ALL

  6. I have written earlier that the VA is so broken that the only way to do right by veterans is to let all vets get quality care through private health care. The reason being is that they don’t have politicians, unethical federal laws protecting them. They can readily be sued and most importantly be HELD ACCOUNTABLE unlike the many and criminals in the VA now which unfortunately is in the majority upper VA echelon directors etc we also need to use a private rating and pension evaluation firm just give them the criteria for all the grading amounts and a congressional review board that way no personal feelings,politics or bs involved

    1. Problem is that some, not all or even most, but some, stuff that the VA has to deal with could never be handled by the civilian sector. IE the current TBI situation. Also keep in mind that as badly out of hand as the VA has gotten with the incompetence and corruption much of the historical “progress” in medicine has come off the battlefield. And that means VA and DOD medical advances. There are ways to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Criminal charges that are made stick at the highest levels that the rot has crept is one way to start to get this in hand. Firing the incompetent and insubordinate to the fact that the VA is there to SERVE Veteran, and as such veterans are not a daily inconvenience prior to retirement. A change in the Charters of VSO that are chartered under Congress and thus are nowhere close to as independent as they try to claim in their fund raising materials so they can pay there boards more than a sitting Senator while all their true Veteran oriented missions are covered by “In Kind Donations” might also be something that needs to be addressed since many Vet’s do not have the ability nor support to tackle any bureaucracy leave alone one that hides behind FTCA and Sovereign Immunity. Just thoughts from the over 25 years I have been fighting these governmental twitts.

      1. In some respects I disagree, particularly on TBI. I do agree that many medical advances have come from the battlefield, I cannot point to any that have come from VA. The HepC cure may be a recent one, but we are how veterans or the taxpayer are being raped on that.
        As for TBI, I seem to recall several media stories on the military playing catch-up on TBI back in 2003-2005. I recall the private sector was far ahead of the military in recognizing and trying to treat TBI resulting from sports injuries.

        Everything else I agree with. Shutdown the VA unless every provider follows the laws in the states they are practicing in, same as the private sector.

        Change the charters of every VSO organization to get them back on track to what they were originally chartered for. Have honest measurable standards that prove they follow their charter.

  7. I used DAV transportation last week to go to the VA hospital for an appointment. The driver, who has never been in the military, is a very nice person who wants to volunteer his time on behalf of veterans simply because he wants to give back to his country and appreciates anyone who did serve. In my conversation with him, he had no idea anyone in the DAV organization got a paycheck (senior management). He thought the entire org. was run by “volunteers” receiving no monetary all. I informed him of what all these top managers & executives make there in pay at the DAV, and he could NOT believe his ears. He said “I thought it was all volunteer!”. I told him Their gimmick is to get all these volunteers to do the work (like driving and staffing hospitals with DAV people), while the “brass” collects a sizable paycheck each for running the show. Sort of like the cotton or tobacco plantations ran slaves – and they were the slave-drivers. This information shined a whole new light on his thinking about “what the fuck am I doing?”. He began telling me how unorganized the DAV transportation coordinators are (who are unpaid volunteers) and are not trained in any coordination or scheduling methods or software to use at all by their slave-masters. He said the trans. coordinator was afraid to speak up on “logical needs” they must have in order to make the transportation work better. That the person wants to quit because it takes up too much of her time, and that she is doing this for free – but she feels it wouldn’t be right because it would leave them shorthanded – in a lurch – while they looked for a replacement…for which nobody wants that job anyway.
    I said “yeah, that sounds like them alright. More piles of freeloaders hanging onto the VA lazy coattails.” The man finished his day with a whole other take on things, and with his head spinning. The DAV don’t explain their organization to their volunteers, and that the fatcats at the top in Kentucky and D.C. who run the DAV hope everyone of their volunteers stay ignorant.

    1. Have you visited “DAVReform dot org”
      It will explain all questions on who receives pay checks!
      And how they’ve stole the members, or chapters, monies and properties nationwide!
      My favorite one is in Florida. The DAV was being allowed, for free, to meet at a VFW Hall.
      The DAV State reps went and changed the deed over to their name.
      When the VFW was notified. It didn’t take long for them to apologize and straighten out the mess!
      This is the short version. Yet, still lets people know how corrupt the DAV IS!!!!

    2. Here’s two articles;
      “Panama Papers Leaker: ‘I want to Make These Crimes Public'”
      by Nico Hines
      04.04.16 @ 3:10 PM ET

      Quote; “That is many times more than the WikiLeaks cables, Pentagon Papers and Snowden documents combined!”
      There’s also a few, 2 or 3, video’s to watch.


      “Black Panthers Condemn Obama”
      Mr. Larry Pikney – a Black Panther Veteran.

      Quote; “It’s about ALL the People! Black, White, Yellow and Red!”

      A Utube video, approx. 55 minutes long, from InfoWars dot com

      In my opinion, it’s one hell of a video ALL people should watch!!!!
      related articles to google;
      a.) “The West and al-Qaida on the same side!”
      b.) “Africom” – “to militarize the African Continent.”

      Mr. Pikney quotes Jefferson more than a few times. Our “division” must end NOW! Or we will become more enslaved by the “elite”!

    3. These veterans organizations do not want to close the VHA. They will loose out. They are protecting themselves when they say vets don’t want the VHA closed. Give me private insurance anyday.

  8. I am not at all surprised to hear the VSO pigs squealing over the possibility of losing their place at the trough. If they had any honesty, they would recognize their role in the demise of the VA and a veterans confidence in getting proper health care there when their own representatives stopped listening to veterans long ago.
    Rather than mouthing BS talking points about strengthening the VA, perhaps they could offer detailed solutions for fixing the VA in a way that would restore confidence in them. Rather than do that, they are allying with insider hacks like Gordon and throwing bombs at any idea that might bring change.

    Instead of crying about cost, VSOs should realize how much better health care could be for veterans without the massive VA/VSO bureaucratic waste, corruption, theft, incompetence, etc., that permeates the VA.

    …but to them, dead veterans and broken families are a small price to pay for getting table scraps thrown at them by the VA.

    1. @glenn678
      Here’s something you might want to google;

      “Bill Clinton being sued in Massachusetts over Voter Fraud”

      Just last Wednesday or Thursday, a bunch of people filed this suit. There’s video’s, pictures and voice recordings of him stopping people at some of the voting precincts. Keepin them from gaining access to vote! Evidently he’s in a little trouble.
      Now that it happened. Hillary’s group filed suit against Mr. Trump. Seems they “allege” Mr. Trump “offered Dr. Carson a ‘position in his cabinet’, in exchange for an endorsement!”

      Seems there’s no letting up of scandal after scandal in this election cycle!!!

  9. VA DEATHCARE IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE @ SEIU UNIONS CONGRESS COWARSDS SHUT THIS TOTAL CRIME RACKET ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The politicians want to out source VA health care due to the monetary windfalls into their coffers that it will generate from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Then we’re going to see private industries jack up their rates and their fees and then the VA will start requiring veterans to pay more through higher co-pays and such until indigent and disabled veterans will not be able to afford it. The politicians with their Grover Nordquist ideology and the corporate medical establishment are the ones who will win on this, eventually. Veterans won’t win anything. Do we ever?!

    1. Veterans should be able to obtain health care-with the doctor of their choice-@ or near their home. They should not be treated no less than people who are on Medicare in Regards to prompt payment of service. This would save the Government money and provide quicker and better service to the veterans.

  11. The straw man in the room is “Veterans Healthcare”. The term is a lie. Ineptitude leads to harm which leads to deception. Above and beyond any oyher thing that I have learned about VA is an enormous capacity for deception. Since the agency draws the cast off medical technicians far more than general society it follows that those who scumbags thrive and grow. Like fire a this agecy needs two things grow, and money is the fuel. Discard the straw man argument that this agency which has visited harm on so many can rightly have the name “Veterans Healthcare”. It’s a straw man argument – we can’t fix something that doesnt exist.

  12. All VSO organizations are VA hacks and a waste of time for Veterans and tax payers too. VSO’s are greedy idiots and a layer of fat parasites that are just a complete waste of time and inordinate delays, And DAV has the gall to ask for $250 for their worthless services? Whatever they got you, you deserve more and deserve it yesterday.

    All you HRC hater Republican hacks, she has NEVER been proven of anything wrong. Republicans have spent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TRYING UNSUCCESSFULLY. Our whole Republican Senate and Congress, $2B/year expenses per Republican Senate can’t do it; and somehow by listening to a propaganda radio talk show, YOU know the answer? If you make less than $400K//year, Republicans are not doing you any favor: wise up.

    The VA is killing people in more ways than one in incompetence. The outreach program is excellent and should include acupuncture which is what MOST people need MOST of the time: and not drugs that do nothing but kill your liver and kidney. But if you need western medicine services (surgery, allopathic drugs (dangerous drugs that destroy parts of your body all for the ‘effect’ intended), radiology (pure stupid!), or chemotherapy (pure stupid)) then outside the VA is hands down the best deal and CHEAPER TOO!

    Western medicine is BEST for emergencies, dental care, and pulmonary care (CPAPS!) And the VA is poor in varying degrees in those areas. GIVE ME OUTSIDE CARE AND SHUT THE GD VA HOSPITALS DOWN! The whole overpaid Administrative Overhead is corrupt and worthless; and ripping off the taxpayers enormously for just killing Veterans doing minor services.

    1. @Paul
      I agree 110% about the VA!
      Most VSO’s are corrupt, Not all but most. I myself believe the VA needs to have a complete enema!!!!

      As far as the Democript, Hitlery Klinton, running for President.

      I suggest you google this;

      “Hillary Clinton’s Career at Rose Law Firm a Bellwether for Modern-Day Document Destruction”

      by Jennifer Kerns
      March 13, 2015

      As I’ve stated, I will never believe a word which comes out of that woman’s pie hole!!!
      Anyone who wishes to vote for her is, in my opinion, either just as corrupt or a fool!

    2. It is poor uninformed people like you Paul that scares me to death for my Military and my Country. I don’t know how you feel about the VA’s mental health because you did not mention. But, consider it !!!

  13. Im confused. I thought the proposals of the Blom-Strawman was exactly what y’all wanted. Choice to use community providers for faster, closer service. I think VAMCs have a specialized niche and always will have. But for the routine care of a diabetic, it makes sense for a vet to be able to go local to an internal medicine doc. The trick is making sure local docs know to watch for the other AO diseases, etc…

  14. The thing IRS Form 990 doesn’t tell us is how many of these do-nothing DAV VSO (executives)? are drawing full VA disability benefits and Disability Social Security. I’ll bet each one of them get every dime they can from the VA with no hassle and are P&T. I’m not saying the ones who are severely disabled don’t deserve what they receive but have to wonder if they’re working hard enough to justify making more then the Secretary of the VA, and should they be receiving the same benefits severely disabled vets receive who can’t be employed? Just a thought not making any accusations.

    Maybe we should be saying more power to them, get what you can……….that would be keeping with the VA screw you mentality……….

    1. @Hondo
      Have you visited “DAVReform dot org”!
      It will, or should, answer all your questions about the DAV. Especially their 990 IRS froms.

  15. Pretty sure this letter was signed by eight major VSOs, not just DAV – to include VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, PVA, IAVA, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and VVA.

    But let’s hear it for selective reporting of facts.

  16. VA management has the God syndrome and it will not change. Cover up after cover up, Deny veterans their deserved benefits or start the process to take it away, as soon as the veteran obtains said disability. management is not for the Veterans its all about the employees.

    To many bad apples in positions that effect veterans benefits, Management would let employees destroy veterans lives, just because the veteran speaks up or questions them, Hell the Employees don’t even need proof that the veteran did something wrong, just say it is so and that veteran will have the FBI, the OIG and higher management railroad that veteran and punish and threaten the veterans with Federal charges, Arrest and Banishment from all VA care and does not have to prove anything ( Say So Is Just fine).

    The VA has to be overhauled from top to bottom, either start over from scratch and those in higher management need not apply and Rules made if a manager hires a friend or relative or their friends relatives, they will be fired, or just take the hiring practice completely out of their hands.

    They have hurt so many veterans they may have to shut it down and let every veteran see whom ever they want. Someone has to fix the claims system. This could start now by firing all higher management and find someone who has high morals and make it a crime and in force it, when veterans are denied their benefits and if and when they win their case, the veteran is not punished for letting the claim lapse, It will be automatic pack pay from when the veteran was discharged no if ands or butts.

  17. All VA medical care is duplicated by the private sector.

    Fund the service member; let the veteran choose (1) VA health care or (2) private sector health providers.

    The “good” VA hospitals will thrive and the others will either deliver improved medical care or die and that is the only way to motivate the VA competition.

  18. 1.) Go to
    “DAVReform dot org”
    for a better understanding of the “Disabled American Veterans” (rip-off) organization!

    2.) I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of Hillary or “Slick Willies” mouths! Both are corrupt to the core!

    3.) VA IS BROKEN, PERIOD! With all the “Billions and Billions” of taxpayers $$$ going into their coffers about every three or four months. What the hell happens to it?

    4.) Instead of “Choice”, why can’t veterans use the healthcare program Robin Mitchell has suggested?

    5.) Do a damn audit on VA!!! Find out where the moniesare going!

    That’s all for now. I’m going to do some research on that law firm down in Panama that “…leaked detailed info…” of “…off shore accounts of politicians and public officials…” last night on “FOX 35 News” @ 10 pm est!!!!
    Maybe y’all can help. Then put whatever you find on here today!

    1. There’s are numerous articles coming out over the “Leaked files” from the Panama Law Firm.
      Way to much to detail here. Y’all should google and search it!
      The U.S. IS mentioned. Nevada and one other state have ties to this scandal.
      As does Argentina.
      side note: Obama recently visited Argentina after going to Cuba! WHY?
      This scandal isn’t going away anytime soon!
      The “comments sections” are lit up over this. Most want names of the people, banks etc, who may be involved!
      With all the $$$$ involved, WHO in the U.S. is involved?

      1. Here’s info just coming out from Mississippi. Looks like the brother of Mr. Medgar Evers, “the slain 1960’s civil rights activist and leader, has endorsed Mr. Trump. As well as; Rev. Farikon (sic), and the “President of the New Black Panthers!”
        There was also a “gathering” of “prominent African American church leaders” which have now come forward to “endorse Mr. Trump!”

        Just saying!!!!!!

      2. I know several original Anonymous members. For decades. The stuff I have heard they are looking into would blow your mind.
        Most truly are just hackavists that want to make the world a better place. They hate corruption and they hate the elitist society we have become.
        Expect a lot more interesting hands in the cookie jar things to come out before the election.

    2. CHAMPVA..the only VA program that never let me down. Same rules as Medicare, in fact same form when they filed by paper. No pre-approval, no waiting on VA employee to make an appointment. Win-win. Vets get quality healthcare of their own choosing like the rest of America and local communities get those GUARANTEED vet medical dollars.
      Adjust co-pays for service connection and income. No new rules, no graft based contracts to insiders. A proven program doctors know for decades. Why could I have this program thanks to my 100% service connected disabled husband but he himself could not?
      Veteran know they can now buy dental insurance thru the VA right? Metlife or Delta Dental.

      1. @Robin Mitchell
        Yea, there’s a lot of courageous individuals out there wanting to “bring into the light all the corruption they know!”
        A little while ago, “60 Minutes” did about a 20 minute investigative piece over “attorneys willing to hide assets” of people. Out of 20+ attorneys interviews, only one said no at the outset! This means only one wasn’t willing to bend or outright break the law!

        I also have a feeling we’re going to hear lots more dirt come out before November!

        BTW Robin, don’t give up! That’s what VA wants you to do!!!!!

    3. My husband just got an email from his lawyer. Seems the VA is still ignoring Training Letter 09-01 and trying to take symptoms of TBI and declare them separate issues.
      And, they might be trying the incompetency scam again. If they do you can expect things that are very ugly to come out. It will just be the ramblings of a crazy man. Who cares about it?
      I am done with this fucking game.

      1. ????????very good observation . These hospitals are loose cannons ripping off the government for pension they are not qualified to receive. Empty promises from unqualified people who are imbedded in a ball of yarn waiting to exit the door with a fat pension they don’t deserve. The veterans are right but they will see you dead or crazy before they treat you like a human. Pray pray pray And pray again. Truth is they don’t want the truth to be known. The goverment is sanctioning this behavior because it’s like taking money from a baby.

      2. The Truth about the VA is out and America knows ! But no one cares ! If our elected officials really cared they would shut it down or fire employees by the thousands.

        Very dangerous for veterans to say anything about or to the VA !

        America has abandoned the American Veterans !

  19. VSO’s protecting their ‘ca$h cookie jar’, and not focused on primary focal of, “We Veterans”, and totally believe many of these VSO Groups are so entrenched with the VA that anytime they oppose something so vehemently as shown here, it makes me think whatever they are opposed to is more than likely good for again, “We Veterans”, and BAD for VSO’s. Period. In addition, do not think the VSO’s are actually serving Veteran’s best interests, but their own existence and as Ben rightly stated, their embarrassingly large salaries.

    1. VSO ARE A TOTAL IN BED RACKET WITH VA DC HQ FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET OUTSOURCE THIS RICO CRIME RACKET ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree with Mr Reuben Castro. During the past 51/2 yrs, I have seen the workings of these so called VSOs What a joke.

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