Labor Day

Have A Memorable Labor Day From

From us at the publication, I want to wish you all a memorable Labor Day this September 2018.

All the graphics I could find online mentioned a “happy” Labor Day, kind of like a birthday. Sometimes, those graphics folks just don’t comprehend what certain holidays are all about.

For me, Labor Day is the last shot we have of the summer to cram in as much back to school shopping for our kids as possible… oh, and to squeeze one last long weekend out of those 90-days of summer someone keeps talking about.

But I know for a lot of you, Labor Day also is a time to reflect on your service and to spend time with friends or family camping, hiking, drinking a cold beer, or just hanging out.

Whatever your flavor, I wish you a memorable Labor Day and that we have many more Labor Days in the future.

God bless America, and all of you.

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  1. I just got a Cat One PRF, my eight, two days ago. This time it was not sent from the COS but straight from “The Committee”. The crime? “It has been reported that you have contacted a VA employee at a non-VA approved social website and” left a message telling them they suck balls for cancelling my mental health care two days after I informed them of terminal liver cancer growing fast.

    “We have determined this could be interpretted as an implied threat…..” blah blah blah.

    Tell me on this Labor Day, since when can a federal agency take action because I disagreed on a public website with a scumbag VA employee? If that butt hurt snowflake had problems with me then how is it possible to skip local law enforcement and go straight to a federal executive branch decision? This on the heels of the fourth case number since December forcing VA Roseburg to resume the care they had abandonned. This last time they did indeed restore my appointments day one and on day two decided I had tweeted, googled, facebooked, or apetubed something that pissed them off?

    … and not a single peep before I informed them I was terminal with cancer and I am 100% sc. What scum. I do not have the time left to erase this obvious harassment. I hope the fleas of a thousand VA employees descend upon them all! What scum. And the punishment? I had complained that certified mail was hard for me to constantly retrieve and demanded all mail be sent first class. I cannot get to the door in time to answer to sign certified. So as punishment “All mail sent out will be strictly sent certified signature required mail.”

    This is not a joke. And nobody had the courage to sign the letter, not even the Chief of Staff. No name to hold accountable except the end lines, “Sincerely, The Behavioral Committee”. Nice huh? Have a good Labor Day. I am not going to let them suck the happiness out of my time. I am gonna soak up some Oregon Sun and thank God for everything – especially that I have Medicare and can just walk away. Why should I worry about compay now lol?

    Semper Fi

    1. Dennis,

      I hope that medicine helps you with your cancer. I believe in it. I am also deeply troubled and disturbed at how you are bring treated. I’m sorry.

      I too am struggling with health issues thanks for the wizards at the VA. I lost financial access to my medicine, however. I was successfully able to improve my quality of life from Tbi and ptsd as well as my physical injury pains and ibs.

      My wife would even remark at how much it was able to treat all my issues and what an improvement it made in quality of life. I was almost able to function until they conducted a fraudulent exam to take $500 out of my budget.

      Now my wife won’t even take me there because they are using the VA police to harass and bully me on the phone. Similar to you I tell someone what I think of the shit treatment of combat veterans and veterans alike.

      Snowflake butthurt = make up false statements, contact VA, profit?

      We’ll see what this attorneys office has to say. Hang in there bro, the deep state democrat retaliation is real. We are all fighting them on individual fronts.

      We need a way to unite those fronts and expand the line so that they cannot deny and hide the numbers of dead by the VA, suicide, cop or illegal war as well as the ongoing one star care and abuse of the nation’s s hero’s.


      A 30 year old 1st Cav trooper

    2. @ Dennis,
      I wish you comfort & strength in your fight!!!

      As for the below portion of your post:
      “The crime? “It has been reported that you have contacted a VA employee at a non-VA approved social website and” left a message telling them they suck balls for cancelling my mental health care two days after I informed them of terminal liver cancer growing fast.

      “We have determined this could be interpretted as an implied threat…..” blah blah blah…..”

      It does not sound like a threat to me, it sounds more like a friendly suggestion “that they suck balls”…..
      Some kids are just scared shit less by simple suggestions.

      All my best,

    3. Dennis, very sad news indeed.

      First off I’d like to thank you along with others for posting your many issues and problems with the VA. Most think it’s all us and that such evils don’t exist in the mighty VA or gubbermint. Kinda like me being told I’m the only one in the state or locale with any major issues with the VA, reps, or any of the corruption going on, which is total BS. Bait and switch, totally ignored to gas-lighting. Some staff saying they’ve never heard of such things or complaints against the VA, media, et al. Or having extreme unbelievable complaints like some of us endure. Many with issues like we have or much less tuck tail, run, bow to the powers that be, or will suffer anything, or have to for that “free health care.”

      Reading about your issues about communications with the VA and others is exactly why I cut off all communications with the VA and any staff. All I got was lies, cover-ups, games and their subtle threats or direct threats, run-around and more games. Got the same crap when contacting those like Sen Todd Young and his staff or state VA jokers who I thought and told were doing to kick issues to the top, like in DC. Nope, it always got kicked back to the state VA and all their clowns. Then all telling me to simply go back to the VA and use their stinking lying abusive P Advocates for remedy and do as “ordered.”

      I also dealt with the no name correspondence like from state medical boards and others that played the finger pointing game or leading me offices that didn’t give a damn or could do nothing at all but pass the buck. Nothing like not being able to know the names of the corrupt elite or full names of local civy nurses who picked up where the VA left off, first names or nick-names only I am told we are privy to.

      Sadly, pathetically, ‘the top – down” can do whatever their corrupt little hearts desire and there is a very long list of evil people and agencies to deal with. All and any of them seemingly exempt from investigations or prosecution like some others are at the state levels. Then the character assassinations techniques, town gossip machines, old enemies to scorned lovers from teen years come out of the woodwork like cockroaches to play their activist or pay-back games. At least their network hasn’t tried to burn you out.. yet. Hopefully you can find a good civy MD to see and not be lost in the “Medicare” system or have to deal with some scum like I’ve had to locally. And who are highly supported and protected full circle. The local corrupt Union Hospital still hasn’t released my files or given me a referral to see another civy MD or clinic, but that is legal and okay too. At least the VA gives us some kind of files messed with or not. The whole sheebang here is one corrupt mess. Civy health care refuses to X-ray a broken jaw the VA gave me not wanting involved with some issues or wrong doing? Then people tend to think we are to blame somehow?? Then we deal or have to listen to those that don’t care about others and claim to have it made while getting good care at some VA?

      The public has short memories: Laura Follett at Rosebugger. Just a drop in the bucket of issues across the nation.
      PS. I don’t pay for the many subscriptions needed to read some news from the racketeers.

      None of ‘their’ crap bothers me as I rage on and will continue to do so. There labels, hate, corruption, name calling, gossip, the networks doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t allow them to ruin anything in my own control.

      Labor day was as expected here. Local Marxist/Dem lefties/politicians made it a fun candy throwing day for all the sheep. “Support Unions,’ “Vote Democrat only,” “Union workers today are the true first responders. We keep your water running and lights on.” “People died to give us unions rights and protections.” Nothing said about trampling on vets, the Constitution, facing off with local corruption, censoring, our sanctuary state and town, etc. Oh it’s not about politics but then all about politics and supporting the far left. Neocons too. Oh how we love our happy happy globalist college campus styled living under fascism, police state, and amid all the two faced deeply entrenched corruption in everything imaginable. I just gotta laugh at it all. And pity the youth and socially engineered today.

      Here is some funny stuff for ya. I have encountered some modern day troops and of course young college kiddy activist that don’t know what a damn MIA/POW cap means? They think it’s about being a Trumpster supporter or some anti-libtard thing. Some youth in the military today doesn’t know what the hell that is all about and why???!!!

      Another. I engaged some conversation with some youthful military home on leave. Talk about some characters getting pissed off. They think all is well and they all look forward to the great care they will get after their service or during. They were showing me some photos they took of the fun had at their stations. Then it went to Jack-A-Lopes. Yep, bunnies with antlers. Four out of the bunch of others had to stay behind and tell me how wrong I was about there being no such a varmint. One gal walking away said the others are “stuck on stupid.” Their photos and info given them by old timers out West was proof enough that they existed. To the critters being extinct in America now but 200 of them can be found in Australia today. I mean they were visibly upset. Or they were damn good actors trying to suck this old man into a game. Anyone wanna go on a fun Snipe hunt or sell a bridge???

      Oh well. Daily best wishes, hopes, thoughts and prayers out to you and yours Dennis. We are not all alone in dealing with the quagmire called the VA or gubbermint.

  2. Thank you Ben for the greeting and thank you for the support and “eagle eyed” investigations which have pointed out so many of the problems within the VA.
    We need to find many more qualified attorneys to attack the RICO vulnerable VA and take them down
    The VA does not serve the Veterans. When was the last time you went to the VAMC and saw someone, (other than a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician’s Assistant), a really outstanding Doctor whom you would choose to see in private practice?
    We veterans need to have the CHOICE of the best of doctors and not just those who accept “medicare”.
    The Va is well represented by the FAT PIG who is at the fore front of the AFGE, Greasy Piggly Wiggly.
    We need better care and only thousands of lawsuits will accomplish that.
    Ben, you and your family have a wonderful Labor Day.

  3. @ Seymore Klearly and Crazy Elf,
    Seymore thank you for your responses to my querry the other day!
    Regarding your (and Elf’s) post about Petraeus’ plea about open-air burn pits that specific group of veterans. That is wonderful recgognition being pointed out but, we all know that no one is going to actually provide the veteran’s affected with appropriate information to contact that one physician that might be utilized to confirm that SC condition for realizing any medical benifit form said (non)diagnosis. As Elf’s post about AO and S-B patients points out, it will be a frustration on all levels to realize any benefit during our lifetime.

    There are physicians with at least a generations worth of experience that are refused the ability to provide the benefit of their training for our proper medical care, they are only allowed to prescribe formulary pills for symptoms, and maybe have approval for minimal tests. Like you stated the other day, if someone diagnoses a condition then they have to treat it. Well I’m here to tell ya that specialy doc will only do the stuff I mentioned a bit ago, so no point in anyone getting their hopes up.

    Remember last month, I posted about the exo-skeleton “” ReWalk and the approval by VA for paralysis patients. Great! At the Atlanta VA facility in the story some veterans have tried the system for a few minutes to see if it is useful for them. The problem? There is no one in place at any VHA facility to train recipients on how to utilize the miricle device. We all understand how quickly VHA won’t get this problem resolved!

  4. Titled:
    “Petraeus: US has ‘Sacred Obligation’ to Help Burn-pit Veterans”

    From: “Fox News”
    Dated: “3 Sep 2018”

    “EXCLUSIVE — Army Gen. David Petraeus, who was instrumental in guiding U.S. troops during the Iraq War, says that America’s service members should be receiving assistance for the mounting medical issues that they fear have come as a result of being exposed to burn pits while stationed at military bases.”

    “Petraeus, the former commander of U.S. Central Command and Multi-National Force-Iraq, said it’s time for the service members exposed to the dangers of burn pits — and who say they have been abandoned by the Veterans Affairs Department and Washington — to be provided with proper care.”

    “It’s a sacred obligation,” Petraeus, a retired four-star general, told Fox News during an exclusive interview at his Manhattan office. “And by and large, our country does an extraordinary amount for our veterans and for those who are serving in uniform, and for their families.”

    “But comparing what our VA does to any other country’s care of veterans…this is the gold standard. Certainly, a gold standard that can always improve, without question. This is an issue, though, where we have a sacred obligation, and we need to meet that obligation.”

    “The haphazard method of getting rid of trash, chemicals and even medical waste — in open-air burn pits — during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan generated numerous pollutants, including carbon monoxide and dioxin — the same chemical compound found in Agent Orange, the dangerous defoliant used during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.”

    “As early as Operation Desert Storm in 1991, burn pits were used on U.S. military bases in Iraq. At the height of the Iraq War in 2005, more than 300,000 troops were stationed there and potentially exposed to the smoke and fumes from burn pits. Estimates place the number of burn pits around that time at 63.”

    “Thousands of veterans and former contractors returned from the Middle East and have developed cancer, respiratory problems and blood disorders from what they claim is their exposure to toxins from the flaming pits. More than 140,000 active-service members and retirees have put their names on a Burn Pit Registry created by the Veterans Administration.”

    “Petraeus offered an explanation when asked about why burn pits were used on military bases, conceding that the realities of war kept concerns about how to dispose of waste a low priority at that time.”

    “At that time we weren’t worried about burn pits. We were worried about just getting enough water for our troops in the really hot summer,” he says. “We were looking forward to the time where we might get some real food, real rations, as opposed to MREs and so forth.”

    “The general explained how the rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure and the troop surge in 2007 were the high priorities at that time, but that the potential danger of burn pits was undeniable.”

    “They obviously fought us back. But over time, in that tour, in particular, you start noticing other issues,” Petraeus said. “So, yes, there is serious combat going on. But you’re noticing that there’s this massive burn pit that is up-wind of us. So it blows over this huge base, Camp Victory, where we had 25,000 or more soldiers based and stationed.”

    “We had a number of other locations, again, where we had these burn pits. And you start to notice it more and more. And I got more and more concerned during that time — I mean, it’d been something I’d noticed previously,” he said. “But now I realize that we’ve got all these soldiers who are, on really bad days, inhaling whatever it is that’s being burned in these pits.”

    “Petraeus recalled during the sit-down that requests to install incinerators were made during the time of the surge and followed up when he moved to Central Command, but that it presented issues of its own.”

    “Well, it was something that had to be done for a long period of time,” he said of burn-pit disposal. “But at a certain point, it set in that perhaps there’s a better way of doing it.”

    “Incinerators were actually brought in in some cases. And then there were even problems just getting incinerators to work. Unfortunately, sometimes it was easier still just to put it in a hole and burn it.”

    “Petraeus points out that our troops during that time were at what he calls a “survival stage” and many options did not exist to dispose of the massive amounts of waste generated on our military operations.”

    “You have to do something with that. And now it’s way beyond just human waste,” he says. “It’s also all of the byproducts of just daily life. And a lot of that gets dumped into a hole in the ground, and gasoline, or whatever it is — poured on it, and someone — torches it. And it’s the way of disposing of what otherwise can no longer be buried.”

    “The general conceded that this crude method had persisted for a long time and that as bases grew in certain areas, burn pits also grew significantly.”

    “The results of those, this enormous plume of black smoke and so forth was very, very noticeable,” Petraeus recalled. “[W]hen the wind was blowing and the burn pit was in operation at a number of these different bases.”

    “Needless to say, you’d try to put it so the wind wouldn’t blow it over there. But the winds vary. And they changed. And there was never any perfect method to that.”

    “Since 2013, Petraeus has been with global investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts [KKR], where he serves as chair of their KKR Global Institute. He has also thrown his support behind efforts made in Washington to bring reform to the complicated process many veterans go through when they file a claim through the Veterans Administration.”

    “In July, Petraeus sent a letter to Congress asking lawmakers to consider backing the Burn Pits Accountability Act — a recent bill introduced by Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and Brian Mast, R-Fla.”

    “I know that you share the sense of obligation that virtually all Americans have to those who have stepped forward at a time of war,” he wrote in the open letter.”

    “While steps toward reform are underway, there still is cause for concern for our troops who are currently in Iraq.”

    “A recent report from Fox News shows that burn pits are still being used in at least one military base in Iraq.”

    “In a series of images obtained exclusively by Fox News, a burn pit near Camp Taji, Iraq, is seen spewing thick clouds of black smoke into the air on a near-daily basis. According to one soldier stationed at the base, the pits are set ablaze as many as five times a week. The images were taken on and around June 3.”

    “The pits, seen in the pictures originally provided, are situated in a part of Camp Taji known as an “amber zone” — an area adjacent to U.S. Military operations where Iraqi National Forces operate. The soldier told Fox News that while the unit’s part of the camp is not using burn pits for trash disposal, it’s not exactly clear where their trash ends up.”

    “When asked about his thoughts on the burning still going on so close to where U.S. troops are stationed, General Petraeus expressed trepidation when seeing photos of the pits being operated in Taji’s amber zone.”

    “It’s actually the Iraqis who are using those now. But that still is a concern for us. And it should be,” he says. “I think as time has gone by we have come to realize that this is a bigger issue than clearly it was in the earlier years of these two wars.”

    “And with that awareness, obviously we can certainly do a better job.”

    (Shutting down the war might also be a step in the right direction!)

    Here’s the comment section!

    Mike Zondlo26 minutes ago
    Guess he needs to talk to the VA folks and quit denying their bene requests

    Lorence Parker40 minutes ago
    Burn Pits have been used in War since before Siprio Africanus slugged it out with Hannibal. They will continue to be used in War…

    Jon DewittLorence Parker30 minutes ago Yup we had burn pits in Vietnam…

    Mike ZondloLorence Parker26 minutes ago
    But, id don’t think they had the same sort of stuff or chemical make-up as these had

  5. Seymore, check this out from *””* / “military advantage”!

    “VA Cites Slow-Rolled Agent Orange Report To Oppose Spina Bifida Bill”

    From; “The Military Update”
    Dated; “30 Aug 2018”
    By “Tom Philpott”

    “More than two years ago, in March 2016, the Department of Veterans Affairs received the latest in a series of scientific literature reviews from the National Academy of Medicine on Agent Orange-associated ailments.”

    “This one raised the possibility that VA might add as many as four new conditions — bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, Parkinson-like tremors and perhaps even hypertension — to its list of 14 illnesses it presumes have been caused by exposure to herbicides the U.S. military sprayed during the Vietnam War.”

    “The report delivered in 2016 moved bladder cancer and hypothyroidism from “inadequate or insufficient” evidence of association to herbicide exposure up to the “limited or suggestive” evidence of association. That’s the same level VA previously relied upon to award Agent Orange benefits for conditions including laryngeal cancer, cancers of the lung, bronchus or trachea, prostate cancer.”

    “Hypertension (high blood pressure), the report said, remained in the “limited or suggestive evidence” category too, where it was placed in a previous study. That’s the same evidence level used to add ischemic heart disease to the Agent Orange presumptive disease list for near automatic award of benefits.”

    “The Academy also clarified that Vietnam veterans with “Parkinson-like symptoms,” but without a formal diagnosis of Parkinson disease, should be considered eligible for presumption of exposure to Agent Orange, just as Parkinson’s disease previously was connected to service in Vietnam.”

    “At the same time, the birth defect spina bifida in the offspring of Vietnam veterans was demoted by the Academy since its last report, from the “limited or suggestive” association category down to “inadequate or insufficient.”

    “The Academy, previously called the Institute of Medicine, delivered this last report, Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2014, after a panel of scientific experts spent two years reviewing the latest medical literature on health effects of dioxin and other harmful compounds in herbicides associated with certain diseases.”

    “VA officials promised to review the results and that then-VA Secretary Bob McDonald would act on the Academy report’s findings by July of 2016. With this report, however, the secretary faced no timeline for reaching a decision. That’s because Congress had allowed a statutory 180-day deadline governing secretarial actions on Agent Orange scientific reviews to expire in 2015.”

    “The consequence has been that the Obama administration in its final year did nothing more than study the report. The same has been true with the Trump administration during its first 19 months. While Vietnam veterans with, for example, bladder cancer await a decision on whether they will gain VA health care and compensation, VA has been silent on the 2016 Academy findings.”

    “That changed slightly on Aug. 1. During a hearing of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee dominated by discussion of the House-passed Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act (HR 299), VA Under Secretary for Benefits Paul R. Lawrence and VA’s chief consultant on post-deployment health, Dr. Ralph Erickson, referred to the latest Academy report on Agent Orange. They did so not to propose that a disease be added to VA’s list of conditions presumed caused by Agent Orange.”

    “Instead they cited the report to urge senators to reject a House amendment to HR 299 that would extend Agent Orange benefits to certain Vietnam-era veterans who served in Thailand and had children born with spina bifida.”

    “In his written testimony, Lawrence said VA “is concerned there is continued scientific uncertainty surrounding the association of spina bifida and exposure to Agent Orange. As found in the last relevant [Academy] report, an association between spina bifida and exposure to Agent Orange is no longer shown.”

    “Erickson reinforced the point with Sen. John Boozman (R-Ark.), after the senator said he was glad to see the House bill included a bill he had co-sponsored to provide Agent Orange benefits “to any child of a veteran with covered service in Thailand who is affected by spina bifida.” If the Senate passed an identical bill, said Boozman, children of Thailand-service veterans would get “the same health care, monetary allowance and vocational training” given children of Vietnam veterans with spina bifida.”

    “Are you all for or against that provision,” Boozman asked.”

    “Erickson noted that the Academy in 2016 “actually downgraded the evidence for there being an association of spina bifida and the children of Vietnam veterans. That doesn’t mean VA withdrew that benefit. However, at the present time, extending the benefit further is a little tricky because the scientific foundation per the National Academy of Medicine has diminished remarkably.”

    “Following the hearing we asked if VA officials weren’t using the Academy report selectively now – ignoring it as a justification to add ailments to the Agent Orange presumptive list but citing it to try to block benefits to more veterans with children born with spina bifida. The department challenged that view.”

    “Citing a specific scientific report to discuss pending legislation (HR 299) is nothing other than a reasonable and relevant way to address specific legislative provisions under consideration,” said Curt Cashour, VA press secretary.”

    “The issue of additional Agent Orange presumptive conditions is completely separate from HR 299, and the notion that the two issues must always be discussed together is contrary to what VA and the Senate committee were specifically examining at the August 1 hearing,” Cashour added.”

    “Carlos Fuentes, director of national legislation for Veterans of Foreign Wars, said the Academy’s downgrade of evidence associated with spina bifida means more research is needed. That’s why VFW “has pushed for passage of the Toxic Exposure Research Act to require the [Academy] to evaluate what research is needed to determine whether descendants of exposed veterans are impacted,” he said.”

    “Meanwhile VFW is urging the VA secretary “to make a decision as soon as possible” on the other conditions reviewed in the last Academy report.”

    “Those decisions now pass to Robert Wilkie, the new VA secretary. We asked VA when Wilkie plans to announce decisions on these other ailments.”

    “We have no announcements on Agent Orange presumptive conditions at this time,” said spokesman Cashour.”

    “After then-Secretary McDonald opted to leave those decisions for the Trump administration, Dr. David Shulkin became the new president’s first VA Secretary. Shulkin had served as McDonald’s top health official during that period when teams of experts at VA spent months reviewing the Academy’s last report.”

    “By summer of 2017, Shulkin had promised a decision on adding new ailments to the presumptive list by Nov. 1. He later told the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee he had delivered his recommendations by that date to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. But OMB had “asked for some additional data to be able to…get financial estimates for this. So, we are committed…to get this resolved in the very near future,” Shulkin said.”

    “Shulkin was fired in March this year before revealing which conditions, if any, he wanted added to the presumptive list. The fact that his recommendations had costs that the OMB needed to assess suggests Shulkin wanted at least one more ailment to qualify for Agent Orange benefits.”

    (In my opinion, more bullshit from the VA!)

    Here’s the comment section. Make of them what you will.

    367600031 day ago
    No the VA is starting to realize that people in their 70s and 80s should not die. And when they do die it has to be the result of the veterans Administration and they are at fault. The taxpayers should pay anybody that dies considerable amount of money. It must be the cause of Agent Orange

    Delroy Koska2 days ago
    Yeah parker, and what about the children that are affected? and what is the truth? all Vietnam Vet’s were lied to and it is still being done, and like Zondlo said. and the Gov’t still is ticking the spouses off, when something doesn’t look right for the ill vet, the VA. still turns the other cheek.!!!

    Lorence Parker3 days ago
    A lot of these issues are just “Old Man” diseases. To say that being in Vietnam one year 50 years ago is why I have Parkinsons Shakes now is a bit of a Stretch . Yes, you are 70 now and things will start going wrong in your body. Be Happy you made it this Far and your name isn’t on “The Wall” and you are Forever 19…..

    Mike ZondloLorence Parker3 days ago
    I hope then you are never affected by any of these “old man” problems – or your family.

    Lorence ParkerMike Zondlo 2 days ago
    I am affected by some of these and I realize the Truth. I am just Happy to be here..

    Mike Zondlo3 days ago
    ANYTHING AND ANY REASON TO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!! same bull crap they used about the drinking water at all the bases being “good.” yea, right………………. NOT!

  6. I’m always violently happy, whether it’s a ‘happy’ arbor day where I spare a tree’s life or national cat appreciation day, always violently happy, especially so on Labor Day because I loathe warm weather and welcome Fall and harsh Winter…even in process of moving up by Lake Erie again…like I said, I’m violently happy this Labor Day.

    Be careful out there and don’t drive your car or wheelchairs while distracted or intoxicated…have a violently happy Labor Day everyone.

    1. namnibor,
      Great advice! The wife and I don’t usually go out after 5 pm on any holiday. If we go out at all!
      Usually, those days are for the kiddies! You know them as the ones who can’t hold their liquor!

    2. But I loathe the buckeye state sunshine more.

      That and I watched a black guy steal my Mexican neighbors bike last night because he is too stupid to keep his stuff locked up.

      Please just kill me Lord.

      1. I remember back when windows and doors were left open. So, as to cool off the heat inside the house from the day.
        Can’t do that anymore!

  7. VA Dept. nurse admits poisoning husband with eye drops over three days, faces murder rap
    By Robert Gearty | Fox News September 2nd, 2018

    “A South Carolina man who appeared to have died of a fall was poisoned with eye drops by his wife who has been charged with murder, according to reports.

    Detectives arrested Lana Sue Clayton, 52, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs nurse, Friday in the July 21 death of Steven Clayton at their upscale waterfront home in Clover, The Herald in Rock Hill, S.C. She was also charged with unlawful malicious tampering of food.

    Steven Clayton, 64, was found in the foyer of his home after what appeared to be a fall down the stairs, the paper reported.

    An autopsy determined he died of poisoning, according to the paper. She then confessed to spiking his water with a chemical found in over-the-counter eye drops to relieve redness.

    She poisoned him over a three-day period until he died, the paper reported, citing arrest warrants.

    “The investigation autopsy toxicology tests discovered poisonous levels of Tetrahydrozoline in the body of the victim,” the York County Sheriff’s Office said. “Lana Clayton admitted to investigators she administered the substance to Stephen Clayton without his knowledge.”

    No motive has been established.

    A probate judge appointed Lana Clayton personal representative of his estate.

    The couple lived in a house valued at $822,000 the paper reported. The home is a copy of the famous George Washington Mount Vernon estate, that Steve Clayton lovingly restored, a friend told the paper.

    Steve Clayton was founder, president and CEO of Physical Therapy Resources, a national company with branches throughout the United States until his retirement in 1995, his online obituary says.”

    Full Article At: “”

  8. Back at ya Ben and thanks.

    Disclaimer: May piss many off. Opinions may vary.

    As usual just another day for me and many others I know. Holidays, parades, traditions, just bring the words or pondering about all the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of it all. The tune too. Maybe the good part being a day off to spend with family and such. The bad, more consumerism tactics..and such. The ugly, bringing out the socialist, Marxist, or the college kiddies and Profs in full support of the likes of Eugene V. Debbs to Saul Alinsky social clubs locally. Antifa, women’s marchers, all things will be present Masonic’s too throwing candy out for the brain-washed…. errr kiddies. Praising their agendas and power, “The Strong-holds” but thinking its a good thing for labor to charge two weeks pay to install a new toilet in some old ladies home or putting costs and union salaries far above the average working Joe or Sally’s income. As guilty as the corporations ushering in the high costs of living today. So much for their ‘socialism and the American way,’ or the betterment of some fairy dusted lefty college town community. Consumer reports will announce a huge day for businesses. More ugly… being stuck between self serving unions and the evils of the corporation/industrial complexes of the day.

    Came a long way from circa 1800s and the need for organized labor to fight the company store, slave and child labor. For safety and better working conditions. To today it’s all running rampant, all about politics, to allowing vets to suffer and die, unions and protected workers, loss in American manufacturing, them not standing-up to illegals flooding in, visa allotments, and immigrants to also run rampant and take American jobs away from American workers or those seriously wanting employment. But certain quotas must be met in hiring.

    Ahh and to think it all started with the old CLU and became the grand AFL/CIO of today that also pushes for open borders, promotes socialism, Cultural Marxism, and very far lefty votes totally leaving the common American or citizen/America in the dirt, kinda. And strong union held town filled with nothing but corruption, nepotism, and all other things… ugly.

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

    Have a great day out there.

  9. Blumenthal co-sponsors bill on 1966 Spain H-bomb accident
    By: Associated Press, Posted: Sep 02, 2018

    “HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal is co-sponsoring a bill that would ensure health care and other benefits for military veterans who became ill from radiation exposure after responding to a 1966 accident involving U.S. hydrogen bombs in Spain.

    The Connecticut Democrat announced the legislation this week. His co-sponsors are fellow Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Dianne Feinstein of California.

    The Palomares Veterans Act of 2018 would create the presumption of a service-related disability for many of the 1,600 military members who responded to the accident near Palomares, Spain, and were denied benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ailing veterans are suing the VA.

    Radioactive plutonium was released near Palomares in January 1966, after a U.S. B-52 bomber and refueling plane crashed. Four hydrogen bombs crashed but didn’t explode.”

    Full Article At: “”

    1. What about the B-52 with 4 nukes that crashed in Thule, Greenland in 1968. I’ve talked to other guys who were on the search teams some became sterile, some with eye problems, others with cancers and a lot who had indications of radiation poisoning at the time.

      1. For more of the official news on the Thule Airbase crash Broken Arrow incident:

        1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash

        There is a good amount of unofficial news on the incident for anyone willing to spend a few moments searching the Web.

        “Thule Nuclear Crash”

        H-Bomb Armed B-52 Crash Cleanup in Greenland: “Crested Ice” 1968 USAF Strategic Air Command

        “Project Crested Ice”

        Project Crested Ice. A joint Danish-American report on the crash near Thule Air Base on 21 January 1968 of a B-52 bomber carrying nuclear weapons
        Technical University of Denmark

  10. Labor Day 2018: To drain the swamp, you must be able to fire the swamp
    By Richard Manning | Fox News September 3rd, 2018

    “If you want to drain the swamp, you need to be able to fire the swamp.

    President Trump, Congress and public employee unions (the defenders of the swamp) all know this. You need to know this because this Labor Day the battle over public funding of public employee union expenses and the ability to fire incompetent federal employees should matter to everyone.

    Fortunately, the protection for the swamp is beginning to show cracks. For one, there is reason to believe that Congress will take steps to allow the rest of government to use the same expedited firing process that was overwhelmingly passed in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in 2017 for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Astonishingly, a 2015 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, estimates that it takes a between 170 and 370 days to fire bad federal employees once the decision has been made to terminate their employment.

    The sad fact is that many federal managers would prefer not to spend six months to a year in meetings trying to dislodge an entrenched do-nothing employee, so instead they just manage around unproductive employees. This allows federal employees who should be terminated to effectively shelter in place because it is too much of a pain to dislodge them.

    The stories are so common that they hardly make news. One GS-12 public affairs specialist in the Atlanta Environmental Protection Agency office attempted to pawn a video camera she stole from the government – and kept her job.

    A Department of Housing and Urban Development employee, according to Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., spent his day making real estate deals using his HUD email and kept his job six years after federal law enforcement reported the abuse to his superiors.

    In the private sector, these employees would have had their boxes packed, their desk cleaned off, and their computer access eliminated faster than the 10 minutes it would take to fire them. But not in the federal government. That needs to change.

    The primary obstacles to reform are the powerful public employee unions.

    Not only do these unions dole out tens of millions of dollars in campaign cash, but, more significantly, they use their high-paying government positions to drag out these firings. And here is the kicker: you, the taxpayer, are paying most of their salaries, expenses, and travel costs to the tune of an estimated $177 million.”

    Full Article At: “”

  11. Petraeus: US has ‘sacred obligation’ to help burn-pit veterans
    By Lea Gabrielle, Perry Chiaramonte | Fox News, September 3rd, 2018

    “EXCLUSIVE – Army Gen. David Petraeus, who was instrumental in guiding U.S. troops during the Iraq War, says that America’s service members should be receiving assistance for the mounting medical issues that they fear have come as a result of being exposed to burn pits while stationed at military bases.

    Petraeus, the former commander of U.S. Central Command and Multi-National Force-Iraq, said it’s time for the service members exposed to the dangers of burn pits — and who say they have been abandoned by the Veterans Affairs Department and Washington – to be provided with proper care.

    “It’s a sacred obligation,” Petraeus, a retired four-star general, told Fox News during an exclusive interview at his Manhattan office. “And by and large, our country does an extraordinary amount for our veterans and for those who are serving in uniform, and for their families.””

    “This is an issue, though, where we have a sacred obligation, and we need to meet that obligation.”
    – General David Petraeus

    Full Article At: “”

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