Electronic Health Records

The Future Of Veterans Affairs Electronic Health Records

Despite intense oversight pressure, VA failed to properly track its $2+ billion in spending on its electronic health records system.

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) released a report covering 2015 to 2017. During that time, of the $2.3 billion spent on the EHR system, only $1 billion was tracked sufficiently. The crux of this problem is VA failed to use “a well-documented methodology” to show what was spent where.

What this means is that after 36 years, VA is still not informing Congress and American taxpayers how much it is spending on the backbone of its medical records system for veterans. And, the numbers the agency keeps reporting are completed “off-base.”

Off-Base Reporting

One example highlighted in Military Times was the cost of additional hosting for its EHR system leading GAO to believe the $2.3 billion number is actually much higher.

What I’m about to tell you might surprise even my most dedicated readers.

Step 1: VA tells GAO that its cost of additional hosting was $238 million.

Step 2: VA tells GAO that its cost of additional hosting was actually $950 million.

Step 3: VA reports its cost of additional hosting is zero dollars.

Yes, zero dollars.

The additional hosting amount was not included in the final tally VA provided for the final GAO report. This led auditors to believe the actual cost of VistA is overall substantially higher than $2.3 billion.

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Not Credible

GAO also concluded the tally of $1.3 billion VA spent on infrastructure – – this is usually referring to software and personnel – – was either not accurate, not well-documented, not credible or not comprehensive. Yes, “not accurate” and “not credible” were included in the description of the improper tracking by Military Times.

Carol Harris, director of GAO’s IT acquisition management concluded VA’s spending on VistA “is likely to be more than the $2.3 billion.”

Now, Paul Tibbits, executive director of technical integration for VA said the minimum cost to sustain VistA while transitioning to Cerner is likely going to be $4.98 billion. The estimate is almost half what the $10 billion cap for the Cerner project to transition away from VistA.

Opponents to the VistA transition to Cerner’s system cite concerns that the transition away from the open-source VistA will cost substantially more than $10 billion.

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Why Keep VistA For Now

You may be wondering what the point is for keeping VistA running in this manner.

“Until the new electronic health record solution is implemented across the VA enterprise, VistA remains VA’s authoritative source of veteran data,” he said. “Sustaining VistA for the duration of the electronic health record modernization ensures that VA continues to provide uninterrupted care and services.”

So, there you have it.

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Future Of VA’s Electronic Health Records?

Meanwhile, as VA released its big announcement on its VAntage Point blog announcing openings in the new office in charge of the transition. In case you’ve missed it, the transition I’m referring to is the unification of the EHR for both VA and DOD.

The project has been under development for well over a decade without substantive progress until VA signed up with Cerner in 2017.

The new office is called the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) Program Office. The agencies are seeking a Director and Deputy Director for the project, based on Rosslyn, Virginia.

“Integrating patient data between VA and DoD is one of the nation’s most transformational healthcare initiatives,” said Darren Sherrard, Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing at VA. “These leaders will be central to the success of this effort, which will make it easier to provide seamless, quality care to service members and Veterans.”

Did you notice something?

The office was not given a name that is derivative of either DOD or VA. Instead, it was simply named with the word “Federal” at the beginning.

Do you wonder if the FEHRM is limited only to DOD and VA records? Could this platform really be the base model for unifying all health records for Americans?

Or, is the unification under FEHRM a sign VA may be subsumed by DOD at some point in the name of efficiency? These two agencies boast the largest budgets of any other Cabinet agencies. I can only assume efficiencies can be found between combining the two.

But at what point will lawmakers stop allowing DOD to become enmeshed with VA? Can we trust that DOD, with its huge budget, will not exert undue influence on VA policy? Is that already happening?

Where do you think things are going organizationally?

Private – Public Partnerships

The next step also includes combining these systems with private corporations that are also sifting through veteran EHR data as well as genomic data to develop new artificial intelligence systems.

Apple is creating iPhone apps for veterans and healthcare professionals to access our records. Google’s company DeepMind is sifting through genomic data to develop algorithms to detect kidney problems before doctors. The Amazon Cloud is also being relied on for certain services for VA.

How is VA addressing privacy concerns to protect our data while these companies develop market solutions that can later be sold to the public?

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  1. With all the illegal activity occurring in VA Country, it is my hope the more corruption will be discovered to clean house;

    – Veterans should not only be heard out, but their issue should be top priority in getting resolved
    – VA to documentually seek Precision Medical Care and apply to ALL DEPARTMENTS
    – Remove VA from under Federal Tort Laws
    – Cease VA Union Activity
    – Seek VA Employee Retention Consultation & Best Programs
    – Hire Veterans first
    – 100% Open Door Policy to bring up problem areas or other issues

    All above must be satisfied. If not, Privitization, and phase out VA from performing major medical procedures.

    Just saying.

  2. Read an article from 2017. Then ask “Are these illegal healthcare providers still employed by the VA?”

  3. I have a degree in Biology with max Independent Research credits, basically I was overseen by a Professor during the research.

    Sometimes sciences gives you additional options or to choose another direction), then I’d collect the raw data for plotting and analyzing, write out a short research objective and hypothesis, to hopefully discover something new, or to further lead the understanding of a concept or process. STAND BY . . .

    THIS JUST IN . . .

    POWER NEWS FLASH, SUNDAY, 4:42pm, AUGUST 4, 2019;








    I’m looking for a large carat weight solitaire, a clean & clear rare tsavorite gem for a 4real operational & working image of the VA.

    VA keeps bragging, displaying, and holding Veterans up, (WHEN THEY WANT TO USE US VETS TO MAKE THE VA TO LOOK GOOD).

    In the spotlight and photo-ops, the VA holds Veterans up as “Diamonds,” for the Main Stream Media to replicate to the US Public.

    FACT CHECK; Diamonds aren’t rare. The colors may be rare, but there are many more precious gems with more rarety.

    There is even a man-made stone that has many times the explosiveness in luster than a Diamond.

    My past VA care has been heavily & flawed. Total experience of my VA communication & services hasn’t even reached an OK level of status. At times I almost have to make it a habit of following up, or being surprised with changes just because VA says so.

    VA you fall short on the specifics, and you truly don’t value the input from Veterans, because if you did care about a Veterans input . . .

    you’d be seeing & thinking where I’m at but you don’t know the specifics of Veterans, but when there is conflict, it is the Veteran that is thought to be incorrect.

    The VA has plenty negative attitude energy and time, that has absolutely no right being involved in medical decisions.

    Less specific mapping of rehab plan, we can try this & that all day & all night long.

    The VA practices Derivative Medicine not Precision Medicine. Many Providers can get into the chasing the symptom syndrome (madness).

    Many of VA’s Providers aren’t scientific thinkers, medical investigators, or an ice cream cone maker working a summer gig.

    Now I’m going back & eat my refried bean, tomato, onion, garlic, mixed cheeses, ginger spread, with burrito bread flipped onto other side making a half-moon shape.

    Add dried tomatoes & olive oil spread bruschutta all over the top of burrito bread, then heavily top, I mean coat it heavy with seasoned seaweed & green tea flakes.

  4. The Municipal Debt Scam

  5. Did somebody say a “pallet of cash disappeared” ? Billions of dollars disappeared???

    Somewhere in the vicinity of Cerner, DOD and the VA? Oh gee , for a moment I thought we were in Afghanistan or maybe Iraq, or Vietnam, how about Korea?

    Same old same old, money getting lost by the same people who try to convince American Taxpayers this is supposed to be happening.

    What will the future of EHr’s be like. Just like it is now, corrupt , worthless subject to criminal access and manipulation at the highest levels because the Doctors want it this way. You can’t possibly think that the data will be used to to sort out all the mal-practice, iatrogenic and nosocomial harms that have been inflicted on Veterans leading to better healthcare- that’s not going to happen Bucky because to do so is the equivalent of imploding the gold mine when there is still so much gold to be mined. By 2030 most of us will be dead, so they’ve got to make their money now and most of the malpractice harms will die and be buried with us Veterans, the public never knowing the extent of how bad it truly is. Gulag Healthcare. Private Business involvement shouldn’t scare you fellas- it’s the same criminals inside the VA that belong to the Union outside the VA known as the AMA.

    The whole medical system is scared the Left will win in 2020 because it portends capitated prices for everything. Screw the AMA. the VA and all of its connective tissues.

  6. @Oldmarine,
    Here’s the other one;
    *”Veterans can receive VA services at MedExpress, urgent care facilities”*

    Thu., August 1, 2019 5:09 p.m.

    Urgent care services are now offered to veterans through Veteran Affairs urgent care clinics.

    The program, which started June 6, offers services to those suffering from the flu, minor burns or skin infections at locations like MedExpress, UPMC Urgent Care and MinuteClinic, located inside CVS stores.

    Retail locations include a walk-in health clinic within a retail business. These locations can help treat uncomplicated illnesses like a sore throat or earache. At urgent locations, officials can diagnose or treat illnesses or injury for people seeking immediate medical attention for non life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

    “The new urgent care benefit is not a substitute for emergency care for life-threatening conditions,” Dr. Ali Sonel, VA Pittsburgh chief of staff, said in a news release. “Veterans experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 or visit their nearest emergency department.”

    In order to receive the benefits, veterans must have received health care services from the VA in the last 24 months. Veterans may be required to pay a $30 copay. Those wanting to stay with VA providers can call 412-822-2222 for in-person or video appointments.

    Those searching for a clinic can visit vaurgentcarelocator.triwest.com/Locator/Care or call 1-833-483-8669.

  7. Elf…….The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

    1. @Oldmarine,
      The page was about how the Choice Program overpaid their contractors $39 million taxpayers dollars! This was done during the 2016-17 fiscal year!

  8. Look at what a friend sent me:

  9. Yeah I’ve been posting much lately, I guess what I’m trying to get across is that . . .

    “Services & Money the VA can provide, but what is truly.missing is heart. Veterans are looking for the heart.”

    That sums it up.

    1. @ANutterVet,
      Much of the time the VA doesn’t provide “service”! As for “money”, I’d be afraid to venture a guess on how many vets got screwed out of the money VA owes them!
      “Heart?” – I’ve only met a few, less than my fingers on one hand, who has “heart” in the past 20+ years!
      Privatize the VA. Give vets a real chance at life!

  10. Took God and Jesus out of schools…look what happened. What do you expect would happen when you do the same at VA… and the whole country… .

    1. @junior2/5,
      I hope you read the article.
      I actually have a boil or something on my right (facial) cheek. I received – free of charge – 10 days worth of antibiotics
      The visit was free also.

      Hope this helps you!

      1. At an Urgent Care Fac.? Didn’t read the entire article, but my experience with VA is it is un Godly. There are good people at VA, but they are the exception, not the rule. Be glad if they send out some guide books on the Mission Act, but they would probably be as accurate and helpful as the guide books on Choice, not. Got a pamphlet from a doctor at VA touting the Mission Act wasn’t user friendly, esoteric (obfuscation). From what I understood I don’t expect much to change. Glad you were able to get treatment for your boil.

      2. Privatization is the only thing that will give veterans the health care we deserve, for profit facilities must do a good job or go hungry. Gov. run (socialist) entities don’t GAF about veterans, only power and control.
        Thanks for your comments…

  11. Y’all are gonna love this. If you have a cold, skin abrasion or some other minor illness, go to a CVS drug store!
    Here’s the link:

    1. P.S.
      There’s also a poll on this site. So far out of slightly over 3,000 polsters, 84% of veterans want to go to these small walk-in clinics.
      As a matter of fact, I’m at one now. The wait time is around 4 minutes!

      1. Thanks Elf. I found I only live 35 miles from one. I will definitely check it out.

  12. What happen with the 3rd Party Medical Providers used by the VA? What these Providers do will reveal much in the next few months or so. Keep a look out.

  13. Damn Nutter, You should know by now, Not a Damn thing will change, That ship is so full of holes with money spewing out of it The crooks don’t want it Fixed.
    They are all crooks, Left, Right and center and It’s only going to get worse, And I would bet my life on that.

    1. I still and try to say something. Plus newbies reading too.

      Most of ALL THIS SHIT should of been taken care of by now. Theses helmuts (dicks) have no concern of a Veterans total well-being based on solid & reputable science fact & findings.

      I’ve accomplished much by taking & meeting the steps to help for a measureable recovery. VA would have to provide much to TRY and make up for, or to help so to make it easier on Veterans.

      @OldMarine- you’re right bro, that’s how these pigs can be and actually.are.

      Their so stupid that it wouldn’t take much for the VA to come up with.ways, that REALLY gives us Vets the respect & care that we each require & been waiting for.

      If the Medical Private Sector are paid on time, and compensated as a win-win, with no side kick winners getting a cut from the deal.

      These bastards are slow & cruel. Ugency? Wtf is that?

  14. The VA lacks not only in accountability, but even when she (employees) gets caught red handed in outright violations, the punishment will usually be lean, and the whole informative process isn’t transparent like it should be.


    Hey helmuts, Veterans want their VA into their hands. VA you can come up with all the fancy program names, or what have you. It only counts on how the Veteran is rehabilitated.

    Unfortunately, VA Rehabilitation is a VA medical derivative to.many Veterans.

    Its made to look like its there, but it is fake. Its a mirage, misleading, made to look like its beefed up but its not.

    It has a song and dance, but no umpth.

    In the meantime, how many of us Veterans are under-treated, hurting and suffering for no more reason, but only to make the VA to shine, or to make it look like the VA is shining.

    The VA’s PR firms are good with their propaganda counterbacks too. They are very slick, and don’t we know that 4sure.

  15. A decade of analyzing VistA into Cerner by combing real and past records to evaluate, and trying to define trends pointed by back records, and the power of including both budgets of the DoD and the VA. Plus all the third party affilitations, contracts & networks.

    The access to such a huge block of a medical database alone is quite valuable.

    Who knows? I could be speaking out of my ass as much as the VA changes.

  16. My wife’s MH doc is changed like I change my boxers. How can they expect to treat someone if that someone does nothing but explain why they are there, time and time again, the new doc reads over the old docs notes, looks at meds prescribed, and follows the party line. Nothing changes, and it is the veteran who is suffering.

  17. I can see why the VA has a problem with vets blowing their brains out in the va’s parking lots. I just looked over my last month of MH appointments. My mental health treatment coordinator put my chief complaint about drinking. I never mentioned it. I told her I felt my doctors were not listening to me and I wanted to get off the meds I’ve been placed on for 5 years and do something different. No mention at all, just drinking. My MH Doc spent the first 5 min of my appointment congradulating me on the job my supported work case manager switched to, then ignored my request to get off the meds that havent worked for 5 years (no documentation of this either) and then told me I need to take the first job the CWT program (which I am not in) gives me so I can get into a routine. I sent her a secure message and patient advocate. She called and said she was trying to understand and then I corrected her 3 times and told her, “you see, you still dont even know what programs I’m in are”. I have an appointment to pay by myself to see a new civillian psyche doc and get some fresh eyes on my situation. Still havent heard from patient advocate.

  18. Why can’t Congress oversee all spending and accountability for the VA . Who,what,when,where and how was/is the funds spent/spending on . Who’s responsible?

  19. If there was any doubt about a slow push to privatize the VA, look no further than this;

  20. Y’all would not believe how many civilians, who’ve never served out there, are under the illusion we veterans “receive free healthcare”!
    It’s as though they’re unaware of the VA being “government subsidized” through every ones tax dollars! Like the railroads or GE or any other government contracted corporation.
    When it’s explained, it’s as though they have a brain fart. They just don’t or can’t comprehend the VA’s “single-payer socialized healthcare system”.
    That being said – how will anyone understand the “FREE Medicare For All Single Payer Healthcare System”?

    Can anyone say; “population control”?

  21. My fellow vet You are not alone. I feel what you are going through and have experienced the same at my Gainesville VA. Hang on, it doesn’t get better (not really from my own experience anyway) it just ebbs and flows… Hang in there and try to power through it, which is not possible some days. Be good to yourself, you have been through a lot and there are people here in this group that understand & care. So keep coming to this fellowship of good vets. I have listened to many of their posts and they have “made my day” many times with their wit, wisdom, and cutting remarks about the fraud waste and governmental abuse of the federal govt and the VA MANATEES aka VA employees. Love and rainbows

  22. I have become depressed all things VA out only twice this summer and rarely leaving bed. It really does not matter since medical records and notes get changed or tossed at will. My psychiatrist left for the entire summer on Parental leave with his husband. Left without leaving refills or instructions. Even worse after taking one medication for 10+ years we switched, had problems right away adjusting twice and when called for the third he was gone. Never corrected, I called and tried to explain and was treated as a drug addict/seeker. After two days of being treated like shit, they filled. Now in a deep depression and this one is pretty bad, they get worse to fight when older and not sure about this one. Left right after my last appointment first week in June and next appointment is 10-28. The good news is I found exactly how everything works and horrible, worse than most could imagine and records are no where close to the top. Treated so badly that I have a hard time believing.

  23. “The office was not given a name that is derivative of either DOD or VA. Instead, it was simply named with the word “Federal” at the beginning.”

    That’s because It’s going to be as “Federal” As Fedx, or the Federal Reserve, Which is not Federal and has no reserves, But I hope you knew that..

    1. Yeah and idiots and the brain-washed still think the CDC or the Fed is part of our governmental structure like Congress or the FDA or Education dept., of losers and fools.

      “Where do you think things are going organizationally?” To be Frank… deeper in da shit hole actually. Like we aren’t in it to our eyebrows now so deep in corruption, nothing but propaganda, PR and PC bs, plus dealing with DC clowns already.

      OT but relevant:

      Wow, wonder who all in DC approved that crap besides all the preachers and media.

      About as much fun as knowing local politicians, activist, college kiddies, have easy access to our medical files, banking info or whatever else they want. Thanks to corrupt Masonry, country clubbers, elite cliques, corrupt cops handing out out info and on it goes. Then we are supposed to believe in things like honesty, ethics, morals, professionalism, some phony oath, etc.

      Googlet, Amazon, and many more all want their hands in the pie health related or not, including foreigners of all stripes and many activist too. Colleges getting new super computers that claim they can handle everyone in the grand ol’ USA…. and more. We, or I, have been told not to expect privacy at all, but privacy prevents us from gathering witnesses or info on med files about mistreatment, abuse, or file manipulation to withholding our med files for whatever reasons like over ID politics/retaliation. Nice huh.

      No time for this too much to do however. Before joining the ranks of the mighty VA “customer” (being just a stat, number, lab rat.) services getting files transferred to one MD leaving town to another was near impossible dealing with lost tests, complete files lost on paper or via the mighty internet and their multitude of systems used and with all the malfunctions. Then told files are only kept by my medical pros/hospitals for about five years then destroyed, yeah right. Or then told they could be found and released to me but had to sign documents so they’d get a huge chunk of any disability back pay. Guess that’s legal too.

      We don’t have any friendly’s or allies at ‘the top.’ Or on local levels. Politicians, media and staff aren’t standing up defending us or swearing allegiance to us like they do with sports, Hollywood, PACs, lobbyist, pedophiles, Israel, the UK, and many other scum bucket parasites and evil doers out there. Are they? NO. All we get is two-faced crap, smiles and facade on YuckTube or whatever else us peasants and serfs are allowed to see or know of. They all say one thing on camera, something else entirely different in person, by communications or by their well trained staff.

      The Pentagon just got a load of cash to play with, so did Israel… again. VA… $$$… down the abyss too with no accountability or transparency. Still no mention of the billions lost in cash by the skids-full in Iraq and other areas. How much is being sucked down the black ops and black secret budget holes? I’d love to know that amount for just one year alone. Not to forget the billions going for free stuff of quality care for illegals attaining whatever they want and desire. Even training for their trannies and how to act in America…their points of ICE dropping them off by the bus loads….. how nice.

      The Feds are supposed to be starting a new whistle-blower website with security and privacy. Let’s see how that lying bs works out too. Privacy on the net? Like total anonymity if calling crime stoppers and the cops won’t know who you are? How funny and the sheep believe it all sucking us all the Kool-Aid being drenched over us all daily.

  24. A Thorough Forensic Audit of VA ‘s operations, in order to put dollors spent per item or service performed.

    Then start looking for trends, or numbers, or things that don’t add up. The VA is in such a wreck in responsibility, that many believe that the VA is totally unaccountable. And many believe this to be true.

    Most Veterans are saying, “when is the VA going to do something that rocks so heighty that its a whooper and out of the park baby went.”

    When are the Veterans, who really know what’s happing inside the VA, going to experience a VA breakthrough or change in VA Policy?

    Veterans are looking for a VA that belongs to Veterans, and the VA employee always peojects this believe as well.

    For this Veteran, and many of you folks too, “the VA needs a whoop whoop image change.” Truly putting Veterans first vy tidying up when on the road of another VA derivative called, “getting well.”

    “Getting Well” means different things to different people.

    And the VA doesn’t like my guidelines of “Getting Well,” while I must abide in a VA employee’s interpretation of a person’s direct medical care based on VA Policy.

    The VA Policy’s are in NOT in touch with the needs of the 21st Century Veteran.

    The VA PR system is trying to smooth the crookedness out. These amounts will be rectified on the your VA’s next bonus check, promotion, or items that slipped out the back door.

    God bless the VA in setting a medical treatment type, that we Vets will always remember that we don’t want to repeat or experience that type of service again.

    “30 days in the hole.”

    1. “…The VA PR system is trying to smooth the crookedness out. These amounts will be “rectified” on the your VA’s next bonus check, promotion, or items that slipped out the back door….”

      Secret word is “rectified”, which in VA Speak is way too close to the very rectums trying to smooth things out, it’s a feedback loop of shittiness.

      1. Clean up on Admin Floor #6. We have a spillover & upward effect.

        The shit we’ve been giving those suckered Vets, have spread to the upper level floors. And that’s OUR area to service.

        Who authorized this bullshit to allow something to go amuck against us. Our mission is has always been to serve THEIR Veterans.

        We VA employees can do better for ourselves. So get your shit together and tighten up the turds. I’m tired of the looseness occurring. Someone will slip and really hurt themselves.

        Keep the upset ones down in the lower levels of our facilty. Oh and Maintenane, we need more spray to wipeout, kill & exterminate the foul.

  25. Feels like hurting yourself ? OIG report out today New Mexico VA 4 month wait on mental health!

    1. At the Gainesville VA if you’re feeling suicidal they tell you to go to the emergency room. They SAY Don’t COME to the mental health clinic they’re too busy and understaffed. I can remember 8 to 10 years ago when I was in a period of crisis and an old Doctor Who has since died told me if I ever needed to see him that I could come up there at any time and he would make time to see me. Definitely not the mindset of the shrinks up there now that’s for sure. And what are they going to do in the ER after you sit there for hours I can’t even imagine. Probably nothing! And they don’t even bother to tell you to call the Crisis Line. I guess they know that’s a waste of time. They used to give you the Crisis Line on a little magnetic thing that I had stuck to my refrigerator -they don’t hand that out in the mental health clinic anymore either. And I noticed that the mental health appointments get further and further apart. It’s not like I’m getting better and better. Also they’re trying to get me off some of my psych meds. I wasn’t aware of that bipolar “improved with age” or was curable. I guess if they can’t fix it then it isn’t broken. Anybody know of a bipolar cure they’ve discovered yet I’m not aware of one. Gee one shrink had me so medicated I couldn’t get out of bed- literally. This one wants me off everything so I’m freaking out all the time with panic attacks and can’t sleep at all. How about a happy medium folks? And that’s the recipe up here at the Gainesville VA. Every time you get a new shrink they have a new philosophy and they put you on their personal set of meds which are usually different from the shrink before them and you have a whole new set of side effects to deal with. This is veteran mental health care… I am one of the lucky ones I actually see a shrink and I’m on some meds. I should be grateful.

  26. This does not surprise me at all. Many of your most dedicated readers have known for years that the VA does not know its Arse from a hole in the ground . . .

    But they sure know how to screw veterans out of justly earned benefits at every turn, don’t they?

  27. Our American democracy system needs an upgrade. Now, more than ever before, we have the means to discover the magnitude of corruption by the people running our government and corporations. With that being said, we also have the means to revise this great country and create a new and improved version of its former self. It’s just time – it is the natural progression of things – it is difficult – but that is what happens with progress. Previous governmental systems just don’t function efficiently with the modern updated world.

    Not everyone in the system is corrupt! We have a lot of freedom fighters in the ranks doing their best to take the high road. This is not an easy task as the greedy, self-serving individuals stuffing their pockets at the expense of the everyone else are masters of manipulation. This is their area of expertise, they are willing to do things to get what they want that other more compassionate and altruistic individuals simple will not do. This is a hard battle to fight and win, but we cannot give in to this lower-vibrating energy.

    What can one do to remedy this situation? Never give up fighting against the immoral and ethically deficient human beings that count on everyone falling in line with their agenda. Keep on Keeping!

    “What is it to gain the world but lose one’s soul”?

    Peace Out

  28. The VA system is so broken and corrupt that these individuals believe that they won’t be caught stealing, but then again the most they’ll get is a slap on the hand and allowed to retire with the money stolen

  29. What bothers me is that medical records just seem to “disappear”! You can see a doctor a year past, know that the visit notes are in the file because you’ve read them, and yet while going back to view a timeline, those records are gone! Just like magic. Hubby had a massive coronary 12 years ago. While he was Bayflighted to a public heart trauma center and treated, VA did pay the very high bill for the five days in ICU and multiple stents. Why? Because, come to find out, the heart disease was due to his exposure to AO! But wouldn’t you know it, future VA doctors wouldn’t know anything about that heart attack because the records aren’t in the file anymore! Our outpatient clinic goes through physicians like water. We went through one period of no doctor at the clinic for almost two years. Our nearest VA treatment center is 2.5 hours one way from home. With the AO registry treatment of ANY condition must be done at a VA facility so to get heart treatment we have to spend 5 hours driving. And records continually go missing. If a private physician ran their practice in this manner they probably wouldn’t have their license very long!

    1. That is why I copy and and print to pdf all of my appointment notes, labs, radiology reports – all of it. It’s also a good practice to review these notes because some stuff doesn’t get transcribed. They won’t change records, but I get the opportunity to point it out. Those stay in the records too.

    2. I have had medical records relating to my hip and to my left eye go missing. There were actually photographs taken of my eye and they told me I hadn’t even had an eye appointment (Much less 8 x 10 photographs taken). Photos were taken because they thought I had glaucoma. It was so insulting it was like I was imagining it or something. Infuriating.I have had medical records relating to surgery that have had changes made to them. Surgical time altered because the surgery was performed after the nuclear tracer dye had passed the time when it was too late for surgery to be performed but they performed it “blind” anyway. This electronic medical system should make it easy to “see” who’s logging in and making these changes. But supervisors cover for their employees and we have no way to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Unless you constantly keep hardcopies of all of your medical records there’s nothing that can be done. It’s beyond frustrating.

  30. “….the VA failed to properly track $2 Billion….” Now now Ben, that’s some “glass-half-empty” shit right there. You have to be more positive. The VA succeeded in not tracking the $2 Billion. It’s what we do in Amerika. That’s your government emulating the good old free market. Lie, cheat, and steal, and by all means, wrap it up in a flag and put a yellow ribbon on it.

  31. And what should scare you senseless is that the VA now wants to allow your private doctor access to your medical records there. So what if the VA makes false charges against you, until this happens nobody is going to see them, after this happens then your doctor is going to see these and now will start treating you differently. And people in doctors offices DO talk! Now you have a rep as a dysfunctional Vet. Now they can come take your guns and if need be place you in a medical facility as a danger to yourself. personally I think the VA is just trying to get rid of all veterans so they dont have to deal with us anymore

    1. Everything you posted makes sense, Dan. Except the last sentence. If they get rid of ALL veterans, how would they ten justify their Departments continued existence and massive budget?

      I could certainly see them going after the veterans whom they have let “fall through the cracks” over the years (and decades) that refused to roll over and take it lying down. Many of us have become quite critical of the VA, and are not hesitant to speak out against them when warranted.

      But ALL veterans? Sounds like shooting yourself in the foot so you can forget about the pain from the cut on you finger . . .

      1. SO how do they try and justify their existence now with all the Veterans being treated badly by having to wait and wait till they die on claims or being mistreated in the Hospitals and they still want paid?

      2. You can watch some CSPN, Read a Newpaper, Visit several websites, watch YouTube videos, etc. for the answer to you question. VA propaganda/Justification for it is all over the place thanks to their PR firms.

        Long time readers of this blog should be familiar with my ten point plan for VA reformation. I still think if rigorously implemented, it would have a fair shot. Problem is, in our “overly political climate” no one currently holding office would have the balls to implement it, then stand strong for the time period required for it to have the desired effect.

  32. Being a disabled vet has almost become a curse. My first meeting with the new leader for the western US was n 2012 in San Francisco. 2 congress people attended. He promised it would all be fixed and backlog eliminated by 2015, the politicians said that isn’t fast enough and we all knew it just another whitewash. This happens over and over. Trump has shuffled the crooks at the top, but us in the trenches are still paying the price. I myself recently contacted Mr. Krause recently. A 15 month wait to have the ASIB in my heart fixed has left me with severe COPD. I live is a small town, decided my big yard is to much and my house is sold. I am desperately struggling to find moving help, and currently I have been assaulted by a man and his son twice last Saturday, but they grew up here and our local law enforcement and Mayor are now trying to change the facts so it’s my fault, though I am currently recovering from 2 cracks in my hip. All I wanted was a cold beer with the people buying my home and their realtor, but my rights were denied and I was refused service by a woman who had no legal grounds, I sent the Federal and State laws to the mayor as it is a town of 900 and she has openly and falsely denied my rights and discriminated against me. It is a case of plain jealousy. Her son threatened me, and when I went to another bar her son and husband came in and as the father pinned my legs to a chair they threatened me. I mean I was told I was a dead man, this is because the father has a long record and lost his truck license for multiple DUI’s. I am sorry his wife has 3 jobs so he can fish more, but she has no right to deny me service. I even tried getting a Harassment order against them all, denied. I run have had problems with this police chief before after seeing a drunk run a stop sign then switch to the wrong lane not stopping for 2 children in a marked crosswalk, The municipal owned bar is the only source of income and will serve you as long as you like, this city is broke and dying, and I am currently their target. Veterans are harassed wherever they go. Lies and corruption much tike the VA itself is where I am. Maybe today these psychotics shot me in my home. I will then be charged with bullet stealing. Never been so afraid in my life.

    1. Steven M. Not comforting is it dealing with the VA, politicians, lying media whores, then town politics, the cliques, then come the family mafias, VSOs turning their heads to some major issues, then corrupt LEOs/courts, with enemies every which way and around every corner or office. Then to find out we actually have no rights, no representatives, no back-up, no laws to protect us from the myriads of idiots and traitors out there today. Then on to the possible black-balling, being community wide shunned by thousands including Chambers of Commerce, college crowds et al. Yep, America don’t sunk down the poop hole and a level below.

  33. Here’s a good example of how the VA is not addressing the suicide problem:

    1. With more than 25 (at this point – – – although the years old VA “official” figure is 22) veterans across our nation taking their own lives every day in the United States, and very little media attention being given to the crisis, it seems that many in the medical and mental health communities are perplexed as to why this is occurring. Not to mention, many within the Veterans Administration who are spending millions upon millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars ‘searching’ for answers, and ‘studying’ the myriad of reasons that this may be likely to occur. They do this in order to come up with a “one size fits all” solution for veterans.

      This profligate waste of the taxpayer’s money on a ‘miracle cure’ is unfathomable to me. This is about pain.

      Physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. Utter long-term waves of pain that overwhelm even the strongest of us.

      Lieutenant Colonel Jim Turner, USMC who in full Dress Uniform at the Bay Pines, Florida VA Facility took his own life with his rifle atop his stack of VA Records on 10 December 2018, and many more veterans like him show that it is not about weak or fragile people. His was the fifth veteran suicide at the Bay Pines VA facility in as many years.

      I have read here and countless other places, many people trying to figure out the “why”. It’s really very simple.

      It’s very clear many at the VA have sold out their moral values in order to get a higher paycheck or promotion. Some veterans are not blind. We see through the fake smiles, the fake words, the propaganda banners on every surface. The “VA CARES” horseshit.

      We see the ridiculous waste and fraudulent spending. Contrary to popular belief, we can and do read. Many veterans hold advanced degrees in any discipline you might name. Stupid we are not.

      We can see the billions upon billions of dollars Congress throws at the VA, only to see the VA waste it on stupid, dysfunctional, worthless websites. We can see obscenely opulent facilities that begin to fall apart immediately because of poor contracting administration and maintenance.

      We know these beautiful new facilities are not for us, but for the VA employees. If the VA were for veterans, we would have much better care. Not gorgeous buildings with $7,500 office chairs and a myriad of new technologies that just sit there not being used.

      What I believe is causing many of these suicides is the inability to stomach hearing one more story about how the VA has killed yet another few hundred of our brothers and sisters and then having to gratingly endure hearing one of these ‘fine’ VA employees say, “Thank you for your service.” Every time I hear that come out of their mouths, I want to assault them!

      How dreadful this is. I fear this is a situation that is only going to get worse. I fear we will see many hundreds more of our brethren die this way because the pain in our bodies and minds is nothing compared to the pain of our country’s betrayal.

      That which we love so much is now killing us. I also fear soon veterans are going to start taking others with them. It is chaos now, but should that happen, I can’t even imagine how horrible it will be.

      1. Jim, you mentioned the one size fits all concept, well, let me comment. The comment is absolutely laimbrained. Yes laimbramed government officials. Yes they are. One size fits all is their utopia which is a world of false reality.

      2. @Angela – – – Yes, Angela. I did mention the one size fits all concept. No, Angela. The comment was not lame-brained. Yes, Angela. One size fits all is the governments utopia and a world of false reality. Precisely why I used it in quotation marks in my statement, then when on in following paragraphs to decry why it is such an unfathomable waste of taxpayer dollars.

        It is called precision targeting.

    2. Gender things of the nameless, non-organic, robotized, latex like skin models has been deteched in many Counties. They are towards the slippier side in nature, and leave moist streaks while after moving over your foot. Hope you’re not wearing flip flops.

      Stay safe out there. Double glove yourselves with those thin micro-metal meshed handware before handling.

  34. VA has proven time after time they can’t be trusted with taxpayers money. Why is it we let them get away with this. When the Choice Program first started with Barry Hoggle Soetoro He dipped into the funds to give the the Refugees and Illegals. They funneled it through like Money Laundering from other programs. It was broke before any Veterans were able to use it. We are still having this problem with the VA. The Choice Program is always broke. And not that many Veterans even use it.

  35. Sounds like there’s more VA higher ups becoming wealthier with taxpayers monies again!

  36. Every time they spend another fortune, it looks like they unsuccessfully attempted to tweak the system with a few unimportant changes. The end result for us veterans is that the system contains less and less information.

  37. We know where the $ went and can be tracked by not only an outside AUDIT, but also in the additional industrial weight-bearing shocks ordered for fat ass manatees sitting indifferently within, collecting performance bonuses….all for the Vets!

    1. I will never be able to remove the Fat ass Manatee’s vision from my memory when I go to VA now. That s hilarious,and accurate.

    2. New models for calculating fat asses are coming out soon. I’d leave a few coupons for ya, but there’s some unknown glitches where they can’t be found.

      VA helmit leadership created many derivatives services, that if not monitored, will become like the rest of them almost woresless.

      Thank you VA for a leadership that all the business and or operational journals are talking about.

      We Veterans are waiting for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to where the VA ROCKS OUR DAMN SOCKS OFF.

      Stop playing games with Veterans. Most Veterans who use the VA knows that the system needs a big fix, or put a memo out, . . . again, to remind employees to work.

      Did I miss something? Please, your comments are welcomed & get this, your comment might be the one to get read. Go ahead, take a chance, tell them something that you want them to know . . .

      Look for your new model in your working area. Or, grab your shit, go to Human Resources, your ass is most likely terminated. For good. No transfers. And definately NO BONUSES.

      – – Thank you Ben for all that you do, and your family sacrifices to produce your site. I always give you shares.

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