Is New VHA Head Qualified To Lead Dysfunctional Agency?

Dr David Shulkin

Benjamin KrauseNew VHA head Dr. David Shulkin was recently affirmed as head of health care for the Department of Veterans Affairs after leading Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey for the past five years.

According to Wikipedia, vital stats for the organization show the company has:

  • 5940 employees
  • 1415 physicians
  • 192 medical residents
  • 687 licensed beds

The Veterans Health Administration meanwhile touts:

  • $59 billion budget
  • 3 million patients
  • 305,000 employees
  • 150 medical centers

I’m no rocket scientist, but these numbers just do not add up. Based on these numbers, Dr. Shulkin now runs 150 times the size of an organization he previously ran. So can veterans expect a turn around with Dr. Shulkin in charge?

The fact is, Dr. Shulkin was in charge of just one and happened to create an online rating company for rating doctors. But aside from that, I cannot tell exactly why he is qualified to manage a $50 billion organization.

So what is the story? Why is Dr. Shulkin qualified to take over Veterans Health Administration? Or, is this a political favor being paid?

Here is Dr. Shulkin’s biography per

Prior to joining Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Health, Dr. Shulkin was the President and CEO of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, where he led a financial turnaround and rebuild of the 1.3 billion dollar organization. Dr. Shulkin has served in numerous physician leadership roles including the Chief Medical Officer of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University Hospital, and the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital. Dr. Shulkin has also served in academic positions including the Chairman of Medicine and Vice Dean at Drexel University School of Medicine.

As an entrepreneur Dr. Shulkin founded and served as the Chairman and CEO of DoctorQuality, Inc one of the first consumer orientated sources of information for quality and safety in healthcare. Dr. Shulkin has been on the editorial boards of numerous journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association and Hospital Physician, and is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Patient Safety, the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management and the Journal of Disease Management.

He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, completed his internship at Yale University School of Medicine, and a residency and Fellowship in General Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Presbyterian Medical Center. He received advanced training in outcomes research and economics as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Shulkin has received numerous awards and was named one of the country’s top Health care leaders for the next century by Modern Healthcare, an International Leader in Health Care Award by the Healthcare Forum.


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  1. “Is New VHA Head Qualified To Lead Dysfunctional Agency?”

    He is Absolutely not Qualified.

    The reason I feel he is not qualified is that currently at the Wilmington Veteran’s Hospital he has Jeffery D. Steidler not only acting as top cop for the facility but also as Chief Administrator.

    Mr. Steidler the current acting top cop and Chief Administrator for the Wilmington Veteran’s hospital has demonstrated his ability to put ethics and morals aside when it suits him. A prime example of Mr. Steidler’s total lack of ethics and moral judgment was demonstrated by him while employed by the East Brandywine Police Department. See: “”

    While employed as a police officer Mr. Steidler, while off duty, was involved in a hit in run accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. He then fled the scene of the accident driving in excess of 90 MPH. He then tried to destroy evidence by having his vehicle repaired without reporting the accident.

    Mr. Steidler is not someone that should be not only the top cop but also the chief administrator for a VA facility unless you want some one who is ethically and morally challenged and is experienced in covering up crime running investigations and the administration of that facility.

    The Wilmington Veteran’s Hospital certainly has enough problems according to:

    As far as I am concerned it is a total failure on the part of Secretary Mc Donald for employing Dr. David Shulkin and Mr. Jeffery Steidler.

    As for Senators Thomas Carper, Chris Coons and Representative John Carney they certainly are showing an total inability to represent Veterans in the state of Delaware.

    1. You spoke of just one “bad apple”! What do you know of Dr. Shulkin, to make such a decision ?

      1. Pretty certain Jade Helm here was more than implying that Dr. Shulkin’s lack of clear judgment and commonsense by not only appointing a vastly unqualified person, “Mr. Steidler ” for that position but also the egregious lack of obvious ETHICS of the person Dr. Shulkin appointed, simply points to yet MORE VA “cronyism” by “whitewashing” another position in which Veterans are the ones whom end-up suffering from yet more unqualified people, placing a huge question mark on Dr. Shlkin by proxy and association.
        These are the type of things in the periphery of any appointee that shows “THEIR TRUE COLORS and WHOM THEY TAKE MARCHING ORDERS FROM…I do not mean to be the “downer here” but if indeed that scenario IS true, how can we even begin to place ANY faith that VA Dr.’s and Staff that do egregious things or ethics tossed out the windows, will EVER be actually held accountable?
        Who was the FIRST CHOICE that turned-down the position? Is this yet again a last in their class Dr. placed in a high VA position with a VA spun story filled with more hyperbole than facts?

      2. Crazy Elf — When you see a rotten to the core apple on top of a bushel of apples there is one thing you know that you will find and that is more bad apples in that bushel.

        You asked “What do you know of Dr. Shulkin, to make such a decision ?”

        What I know about Dr. Shulkin is that he is responsible for the Wilmington Veterans Hospital as well as all other VA Medical Facilities. He is responsible for staffing and policies at those facilities.

        Currently Dr. Shulkin has a former Police Officer, who not only broke the law but is so ethically and morally corrupted that he broke even more serious laws to try and avoid paying the consequence of his actions, now as top cop and the administrator at the Wilmington VA Hospital.

        Also currently the policy at the Wilmington VA Hospital is to staff the veterans choice phone lines with 10 clinicians costing salaries of an est. 1.8 million a year to do the work of 10 federal administrative assistants. With nearly an additional 1 million to rent and maintain a set of new offices away from the facility.

        And all the time the Administrator is saying they need to hire additional clinicians to handle the work load at the hospital.

        It seems to me that this is just a way of burning up the money for the Veterans Choice program. It certainly should not be occurring.

        Also there is coverage on the actions being taken against whistle blowers at the facility.

        Senators Thomas Carper, Chris Coons and Representative John Carney need to pull their heads out of the sand and demand some answers from the VA.

        Secretary Mc Donald you need to step up.

        Crazy Elf — If you want to read more on what is ongoing at the Wilmington VA Hospital under Dr. Shulkin and ex-cop Mr. Steidler a good place to start is:


    2. You are correct if he did those things, he should not be hired, but the va likes people like that who is willing to cover up illegal activity.

      1. James I fully agree with you.

        Personally I feel Mr. Steidler should be removed from those positions immediately. As for the people who placed him in those positions and have allowed him to stay in those positions. They need to give a full accounting of why he was ever put in the positions or they should also be removed from their positions so that it doesn’t happen again

      2. I fully agree with you James.

        I also feel that the persons responsible for putting Mr. Steidler in those positions at that facility and continue to keep Mr. Steidler in those positions need to account for their actions. Else they should be removed from their positions to prevent their placing some one else whose is morally and ethically bankrupt in some other position like this in the future

  2. This morning, while watching “CBS News Sunday Morning”. A commercial, which lasted almost 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, on Channel 6, WKMG (local Orlando or Central Florida station) advertised:
    “Who’s doing it?” concerning “veterans benefits being denied”, veterans having medical problems and not being treated and other maladies “…which are plaguing the system.” The “spot” will air tomorrow evening, (Monday,15 July 2015), at 11 pm on the above channel. I would strongly recommend watching it, if you are able to ‘pick-up’ this station. If not, the ‘article’ might be available on-line shortly thereafter, or the next day. If you can’t find it, their phone # is (407) 291-6000. Their address is, 4466 John Young Parkway, Orlando, Florida. 32804.
    I hope this will be a wake-up call to VA Employees in all levels of the “Veterans Administration”.

    1. Correction; The WKMG news report, concerning the VETERANS plight, will air tomorrow night, MONDAY 13 July 2015, at 11 pm.

    2. CORRECTION: The “Veterans News Report” will air tomorrow evening at 11 pm, MONDAY 13 July 2015. All else is correct. Please tune in if you live here in Central Florida. If you do not receive this ‘Station’. I have given the correct phone number and address. You may call them to get the ‘e-mail address’ of the ‘reporter’ handling this story. Or the ‘website’ to access the story.

  3. I was so disappointed when I heard that Dr. Shulkin was leaving Morristown Medical Center, but I believe that if anyone can turn things around for VA, he can do it. His creativity is surpassed only by his dedication to patients. Everything he does is for their benefit. He has boundless energy and approaches life in a common sense manner. I know it may be tempting to presume that he left Morristown because he was unsuccessful there, but nothing could be further from the truth. His drive ushered Morristown Medical Center firmly into the twenty-first century with his vision towards the future. A truly old fashioned dedicated family doctor at heart, he has the sense and the faith to take the practice of medicine where he finds it, not bucking the future, but embracing it. Dr. Shulkin recognizes the importance of not resting on one’s laurels, but of continuing to grow and to work always towards excellence. As a patient at Morristown Medical Center, and a small donor, I know that he will be sorely missed, but that he has created a culture of excellence here, and will continue to do that wherever he works. He is precisely the man that is needed at the VA. Incidentally, he was not the first choice for the job. I don’t remember who was, but Dr.Shulkin was very clear about letting everyone know that the first choice candidate declined. I know that Dr. Shulkin will bring his best game to this new position.

    1. Robyn, that was a very heartfelt praise of Dr. Shulkin.
      I think what most on here want to know is, What is or What will Dr. Shulkin DO for veterans as the new Head of Veterans Health (Care) Administration?
      For example, will he turn around their non compliance of transparency?
      Will he be able to admonish and/or recommend a veterans administration employee be FIRED? (As to those who commit egregious acts against veterans/patients)?
      I believe this, and other questions, is what many on here want to know.
      When we the answers to these, and more, then we may feel better at ease!
      Thank you.

  4. Exactly, who was on this “committee”. Why was he nominated? For what reason did he get the job? When was his name first discussed by anyone? What was the motivating factor behind his nomination? Where are all of his qualifications that allowed him to take on such a job? And so forth and so forth!
    I believe no one can fully answer any or all of these questions. Therefore it’s the same old B/S being forced down our throats.
    Again no accountability and transparency by VA.

  5. I need more information to render an opinion on this. If we just use the criterion that someone is not qualified because (s)he has never run anything as large as the VA, then nobody would be qualified to head the VHA because there’s no hospital anywhere near the size of the VHA.

    I’d like to know two things. (1) What was his track record in his last job? (2) How did he get nominated? The two questions dovetail. If he did a crappy or marginal job and was only nominated because of close ties to the current administration, this would be a HUGE red flag. If more qualified people were not nominated because this person is a political contributor or crony, then this would also be cause for concern — but par for the course for this administration.

    1. Sephen, so far, it has neither been found out “WHY” he was nominated, nor “HOW” he ended up with the job.
      Many have asked. No one has supplied the answer.
      Your quess is as good as anyone’s!

      1. He was nominated by a search committee and his political ties are Democrat as evidenced by relatively small donations over the past 10 years – nothing which is earth shattering news.

    2. Exactly. If we notice, there is no real transparency as to why he was nominated, who this guy really is, or any writeups anywhere at all on what his track record is. You’re not going to find that anywhere, no matter how much you try to research. We simply are not told anything but the spin the VA wants to put on him. It’s a complete ‘roll-of-the-dice’ again. The people of the U.S. and the veterans who worry about how their healthcare will be delivered from this dysfunctional, costly organization have no say so in anything the government imposes upon them. You just read carefully edited sanguine sound bites that is fed to you by the people who want control of us all.
      That’s not to say Dr. Shulkin is not a good man for the job….it’s saying we have to accept what’s handed to us no matter what. It’s called control and NO transparency.

  6. This just in on Channel 9, the doctor, in Michigan, who misdiagnosed patients with cancer (none had it), was sentenced to 45 years behind bars. The sentence was for receiving $20+ million from the government. Excuse me, but didn’t he kill people with cancer treatments they didn’t need? Therefore, why wasn’t he tried for murder?
    Sounds like something VA would do.

    1. To Crazyelf,
      They would have to get around the intent to kill issue. If they prove he had the intent then yes Murder, if not them perhaps manslaughter voluntary or involunatary but they would all carry prison terms…How many people were killed? With a Doctor proving intent to kill is tough…you need specific intent or general…negligence moves it down in to the manslaugher area and perhaps they figured he would serve more time this way….

      1. Ok John, I have to agree. On This mornings news, the doctor admitted to treating patients for cancer. Even though he “knew that non had [the desease]!” Therefore, his statement concerning that patients died due to the “treatments” should have been admissible in court, right?
        The ‘sentence’ he received was, in my opinion, correct in as much as he “defrauded the government”, people and insurance companies” out of $20+ million, as the reports stated!
        Yet, I still believe, something more should have been done to help the ‘surviving family members’ with the outcome. For example, how will the families, taxpayers and our government be reimbursed for his MANY ILLEGAL ACTS AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!
        I wish more could’ve been done. Maybe we haven’t heard the final scene of this tragedy yet….

      2. Those admissions would be admissible but they have already tried him and it would be double jeopardy to back and do it again etc…..the question is would have have received more time or with that you said that was clearly intent then it becomes is this a capital punishment case if the state he is in has the death penalty but he should have been charged and tired on that also…as for the families well since this was an agent of the VA I think the VA should be paying them damages. No lawyer has been retained to sue the VA for wrongful death etc? It might be in the works. Knowing lawyers they are probably all over the families to sign them up to sue the VA and there is clear liability since the doctor was an agent of the VA etc….good case….could be some huge damages the government would have to pay

      3. Ahhh, here’s the rub John. True, he cannot be tried again for “fraud”. He can, could and should be tried for a different crime. for example, involuntary manslaughter. That, John, would not be “double jeopardy”!
        I’m not sure, but I believe Michigan, does have the “death penalty”. I believe, it is “life without parole”. Which is a form of the death penalty.
        Lastly, I’m not sure if he was with VA. If he was then they, like you say, will probably have to pay out the nose for this FUBAR. If he wasn’t then all his accumulated wealth (properties, stocks, bonds, bank accounts etc., etc., etc.) should be confiscated and the court distribute, to the families, all holdings to said families. Of course, this should be done in either case.
        What do you think?
        John, It’s a pleasure to have this ‘civil discussion’ with you. I get soooo damn upset at individuals who don’t do this. It’s hard to comprehend why our government can’t do the same….
        Oh here’s something that I, and my wife, heard on the radio yesterday. You know how our government has said repeatedly, “The U.S. makes no deals with terrorists or countries that support terrorism!” Well, why is our government “making a deal with Iran?” It, by our own governments’ words, says “Iran backs terrorism!” The U.S. also says, “[We] don’t do business with communist countries!” Wait for it, what is Cuba?

  7. Dan F, I found Dr. Barbara Fare on healthgrades. How she received such high marks, is puzzling.
    In my opinion, I believe VA would not allow negative survey reports to remain. I believe, the surveys are manipulated in the physicians favor. If you think back, how many times have you seen VA keep negative veterans complaints quiet?
    Question, when you go to these websites, how many VA physicians have low marks? The answer is—–??
    Most Civilian physicians, on the other hand, have websites directly aimed at them. In my opinion, IF I were a physician in high standing in my community. I would welcome a website which would be open to the public. And it would be on all my paperwork. To show I had nothing to hide.
    WHY doesn’t VA do the same?
    In my many years with VA, secrecy has dominated all aspects of its culture. Everything is kept in house. It is only when someone who is brave, and leaks out the truth, do we hear all the negative about this disfunctional government entity.
    That was what causes all of what we have seen in the past with VA!!!!!!!!!


    1. @John-
      Use the “Mail Icon” above and to the right of this site’s “hand logo” that’s in the darker strip on left side while viewing here in order to send a message to Ben and make sure to give him your contact info as well as patience with him getting back to you as he’s not only very busy but also just back from getting married.

      As far as this new appointee, let’s again do the ‘wait and see’ thing. The fact he’s a Dr. may help but I will say it again, until the VA is forced to be through a huge audit, and a cleaning of house of the bad apples, well, you can appoint whomever you want as ‘window dressing’, but if it’s not addressing the actual “problems with the VA”, well, the saying, “candy-coating-crap” comes to mind every time.

      The entire VA OIG needs an enema…a thorough flushing…E N E M A.

  9. I hate to bust chops here, but I looked this Dr. Shulkin up 4 months ago when he was being considered for the job by both Obama and Bob McD. He wasn’t the president of the whole Atlantic Health and Morristown Medical Center, which comprises four (4) facilities, but was mostly mentioned as being entrepreneur in coming up with this website “Doctorquality” which is a website something like “healthgrades” or “rateMDs”. The website is not in business anymore, and he was only with it for a little more than a year (not very long). Nobody knows anything about it or remembers it at all (it was over ten years ago when he did that…but they make it sound like he just did this). In other words, it was a flop. He is not the CEO of Atlantic, but more like a higher paid level person there. I think what you read above is total bullshit!
    Being from NJ, and very familiar with Morristown Med. Center (my mother had some diagnostic work there), I can say it is a very good hospital especially for heart problems. But this guy? He did an extensive research “project” about how to coordinate care and prioritze patients who are in serious condition and need medical attention quickly. If he can bring that to the table, that’s certainly something the VA needs desperately.
    Bob McD. doesn’t have a hospital or heathcare backround, so Shulkin would be advising him, I guess.
    Lastly, if Shulkin was so wonderfull where he was, why did he accept a much lower salary at the VA? Bottom Line: Something just don’t click right.

    1. I guess we’re just going to have to wait an see. If what you say is factual, looks like we veterans got screwed AGAIN! Seems to me, that’s the freaking way it goes!

    2. I don’t know where you come by your information. DoctorQuality, Inc is still in business and was purchased by Quantros in 2004. It is not a company similar to healtgrades or vitals, its corporate profile is to provide Internet-based products and services to measure, select, purchase and improve the quality of health care. Among things they do are report on adverse events and medical errors. They do not have a dedicated website.

      As to Dr. Shulkin not being in charge of the entire Atlantic Health Care System, you are correct. He was appointed as President of the Morristown facility, which is the largest in the Atlantic Health Care System.

      About a month ago, when I heard of Dr. Shulkin’s nomination, I discussed him with my vascular surgeon who is affiliated with Morristown Medical Center. The surgeon, himself well respected in his field, was effusive in his praise. So, although I don”t know Dr. Shulkin,, I do have a great deal of confidence in my surgeon’s opinion.

      As to his reason for taking the position, I would hope it is altruistic and not for the compensation, which he can vastly eclipse in the private sector. Of course, his effectiveness at the VA will be measured by his accomplishments. Let’s give him a chance – it sure can’t get worse……..I think.

      1. There are two opposing viewpoints here. The only thing I see where we agree is, “let’s give him a chance!”
        If he is given that chance, and he screws up, what will happen to our healthcare? All must agree at some point, someone in a high position must be held accountable in a court of law..
        If this doesn’t happen, then the “Status Quo” wins. In my opinion, it will be at that point where VA will eliminate as many veterans as possible. Without fear of reprisal. Think about it……

  10. Dan F, I went to those two sites you gave. I could neither find any physician which works for VA nor post anything about anyone. How does one do what you say? I had a PCD, Dr. Fare, who during 2010 to 2013 she had three (3) kids. I DON’T down her for having kids. It’s just that that’s all she wants to discuss. As soon as the vet wants to discuss health problems, she sits there staring at the computer. It’s as though she makes one believe she’s being bothered. How’s that for healthcare. I’m not the only vet who believes this. Veterans have left that VA pissed off to the max.
    About three or four months ago, due to the amount of complaints she has received, she was transferred to Orlando, Fl.
    I had a physicians assistant who was so full of himself, he caused many vets to get up and walk out. Thereby receiving no medical help what so ever!
    There’s a whole lot more stories about VA (horror) HEALTHCARE here in Florida. Many vets want to sue. But can’t find an attorneys to take their cases. They only want to take cases which entails “Claims”! Isn’t that a crock!?
    I could go on and on, only I believe you get the picture!!!

    1. Is Dr Barbara Fare the doctor in Orlando to whom you are referring? She is on Healthgrades and Vitals. Put her full name, Barbara Fare in the search bar at the top of either sites search bar and you should be able to pull it up.

      As to care, or lack thereof, I could write a very lengthy book of my own personal experiences. From being misdiagnosed to the point of being at death’s door, to rude employees, to having pure fiction written in my medical records, I have resigned myself to transferring my care to the private sector. It is a lot less taxing on my psyche.

      1. Yes, to the “alleged” Dr. Barbara Fair, on all counts. I also have had the same B/S happen to me as what has happened to you.
        I can’t afford private health care. So I’m stuck with VA for what it’s worth.
        There’s one aspect to my values, which were instilled into me at a young age by my parents. Don’t take no bull from anyone. If man or woman, they all get dressed the same. Stand up for your “Rights” at all times!

  11. It’s all about leadership–it doesn’t matter what size organization you lead. It is not about numbers—it is about the people–the patients–that matter.

    1. You make a valid point, Susan. After reading his qualifications, I say “Give the man a chance!” A doc who took care of children, can’t be all bad, lol.
      If he doesn’t become “corrupt”, then he may be the answer we veterans need. If he screws up, oh well we’ve been there, done that….

  12. I agree give the guy a chance, just hope Bob don’t. Show him the ropes on how to ignore veterans request for assistance with important matters that effect every veteran. Mainly fixing the illegal process of the disruptive committee. Where are you Bob McDonald, why are you letting the va frame veterans for disruptive behavior and the va doing so with impunity, where are the veterans right to face their accuser, stop the va from this illegal act, be a man and stand up for the veterans, take off the rose colored glasses, then you maybe able to see the truth on how the va is destroying veterans lives, if this would stop, you can save hundreds of veterans lives. How would you like to be accused of something, then punished for something you never did and the va admits they don’t have anything to prove you ever did anything wrong in the first place and then the va place into your official records, if the va Ever hears that you are reported disruptive YOU will be Arrested, federal charges placed upon you and you will be banished from all va care. Can you see my point Bob. Do it today not tomorrow, you hold the power to correct this injustice and illegal committee antics.

    1. Well said, I do believe every state, and our Constitution, has something concerning “Being able to face ones accuser!” law.
      Yet, since this administration has come to power. We all have seen what’s happening to our State Laws and our Constitution. It’s abysmally clear as to what is happening to our “Constitutional Rights”.
      When will it change? I have no idea. It’s only going to change when the people stand up and say, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!”

  13. Morristown Medical Center is the go-to hospital in Northwest and Western New Jersey. The private physicians I have there, as well as ones who have treated my father, all of have been “world class.” It has a well run environment of care all the way from the free valet parking to surgical suits to cafeterias. I travel past 3 other hospitals to be treated at Morristown.

    Dr. Shulkin is well respected in the medical community and his resume speaks for itself. The commenter that said, “I am not surprised they appointed a Jew”, needs to explain himself. That sounds antisemitic to me, which IMHO has no place on this, or any, veteran forum. (I am not Jewish).

    My hope is that Dr. Shulkin can bring some common sense and private care best practices to the VA. Unfortunately, the VA has beaten many good men with great ideas, intentions and integrity.

    1. Dan F, very good comment. well written also. You seem to have ‘Personal Knowledge’ of Dr. Shulkin.
      My only concerns are; Will Dr. Shulkin be able to “fix” the broken VA healthcare system? Will he “Fire” incompetent employees, Doctors, Nurses, etc., etc., etc.? Will he ‘broadcast’ it nationwide? This would prove to millions of veterans and taxpayers someone cares and is willing to do something about it!!!!!! Will he, on the other hand, Praise those who are willing to “Give it All” to their veterans? And, Broadcast that as well. Will he, or can he, “go after” the likes of the people who are causing veterans to be addicted to “Opiates”? ie; the “Candy Land” and “Candy Man” of Tomah, Wisconsin and other VA’s Nationwide?
      Another concern I have, as was another comment on here, will he be able to “TAKE THE HEAT” from those of the “Status Quo” if he decides to actually fix the VA? You know, people who care more about getting “Bonuses”. Instead of giving Quality Healthcare to their “Patients”?

      Does anyone else want to add anything? I know we have MANY questions and concerns over the “WHO” and “WHY” Dr. Shulkin was ‘appointed’ to this position. Now is you time to get as many people as possible to read this and other ‘Blogs’ Ben has put on here. Get the word out. Let all know of what’s happening……

  14. It seems Dr. Shulkin is qualified. Yet I have serious reservations that he can run a health care system of this magnitude.
    There was, if I read it right, his bringing about an ‘on-line evaluation’ for physicians. This, in my opinion, would be an invaluable tool to straighten out, or praise, a VA Employee. Of course, this will only work if he receives ‘honest’,’open’ evaluations. In essence, NO MORE MANIPULATIONS OF REPORTS must be tolerated by VA employees.
    Does anyone else have any thing they would like to add?

    1. My only concerns are “WHO and WHY” was this physician nominated to take over this extensive VA medical system?

    2. In reply to Crazyself. There is a way you can grade your VA doctor. There are two sites, one is Healthgrades . com and the other is Vitals . com. You can find out where they graduated medical school, board certifications, age, sanctions and you can rate them.

      Unfortunately, few veterans know of it, or take the time to rate their doctors. For example, go to vitals . com and type in the name of this doctor Lancelloti,Frank. You will see he has a 3 star out of 5 star rating – meaning he is average. Which, for the VA isn’t bad – I guess.

      1. If I ‘rate’ a physician, nurse, nurses aid or any other employee negatively. What will this info do? What will, if anything, be done? Does it do any good?

      2. At least if you rate the doctors, another vet might have some confidence in who he/she is seeing. Or, maybe to avoid one that is bad.

  15. What is the point of this post? The VA is not going to spend the big money on some well known administrator. I say give the guy a chance. He may surprise us and if not well then we have seen all of this before.

    1. His head is kinda squared off like a Gefilte fish. /but he reminds of what the love child of Greg Brady and Robert Downey Jr would look like.. I miss Ben’s artwork of the Pinnochio-Oig. Now if this page can get a cartoon series featuring the antics of the VA and using caricatures of the leadership and their random antics, I think it would be a hit!

    2. Sorry, but I take personal offense to such a statement and is outright anti-Semitic and has absolutely NO BEARING on any person’s competence in any which way and has no place on a forum full of Veterans that regardless of our heritage or religious or socioeconomic status, is still a HUMAN BEING and find that incredibly offensive as an off the cuff remark and ugly discrimination.
      Can we not just all get along and love each other?

      1. Well said. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for an African-American Corpsman (who, btw- NEVER CARRIED A WEAPON, he only carried a Bible and a folding knife)!!!!
        And, my new PCD is Vietnamese. He spent over 25 years in the military, I believe it was the Air Force. He just began working for the VA at the beginning of this year. So far, he hasn’t been corrupted by the “Higher Ups”! At least not YET, lol

  16. If you look at this data for compensation rates for CEOs in the private sector, I do not think the American people would approve of a competitive salary for what they make in the private sector.Look up nonprofit CEO salary and it will explain a lot of things that may tie into why this bonus thing at VA is the motivating factor in all the scandals going on at the VA. Follow the money and you will find the motivating factor in all the corruption. It must have took a secret deal, that is undisclosed to make a CEO like McDonald and other CEOs come to VA. A direct display of the ponyshow Obama used to address the scandal.

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