James Byrne VA General Counsel

James Byrne – Lockheed Counterintelligence Expert Is New VA General Counsel

James Byrne VA General Counsel

The selection of James Byrne, former Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Lockheed Martin, flew under the radar and did not even get a VA press release.

I am embarrassed to admit I did not notice Byrne’s confirmation, and many advocates on Capitol Hill and within VA failed to notice, either. In August, the Senate confirmed Byrne as the next General Counsel to Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, MD.

Does Byrne’s lack of fanfare signify a lackluster career?

Certainly not, and his expertise in counterintelligence should raise some eyebrows including those of agency whistleblowers. Maybe that explains why there’s been little talk about it.

Would Byrne use that expertise to root out criminals within the ranks or will he use it to shut down whistleblowers leaking information?

Only time will tell, but it looks likely he will have his thumb on someone given how much of a pay cut he took to take the job as general counsel.

Either way, the future at VA stands to get interesting with his selection. But here is a hint. Rumor has it, Byrne is a fan of firing employees quickly with or without legal justification.

He is a ‘Fire From The Hip’ kind of guy.

James Byrne VA.gov Biography

James Byrne background from VA.gov:

As General Counsel, Mr. Byrne leads a nationwide team of attorneys, paralegals, and staff who support the mission and priorities of the Department of Veterans Affairs by providing sound legal expertise, representation, and as needed, critical problem-solving skills and risk-management advice to the Secretary and other senior VA leaders. As the Department’s in-house law office, the Office of General Counsel serves as a full business partner to VA leaders and ensures the just and faithful execution of the laws, regulations, and policies that the Secretary has responsibility for administering, thereby enabling the Department to accomplish its mission of service to our Nation’s Veterans.

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Byrne served as Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Lockheed Martin Corporation where he was also the company’s lead cyber and counterintelligence attorney. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Byrne served as the career Senior Executive Service Deputy Special Counsel with the Office of the United States Special Counsel, and both General Counsel and Assistant Inspector General for Investigations with the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. Mr. Byrne has over 20 years of experience in the public sector, including service as a deployed Marine Infantry Officer and a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) international narcotics prosecutor. He volunteered for the past ten years on the Executive Board of Give an Hour, a non-profit organization that has developed national networks of volunteer professionals capable of providing complimentary and confidential mental health services in response to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society, beginning with the mental health needs of post-9/11 veterans, servicemembers and their families.

Mr. Byrne is a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, where he received an engineering degree and ultimately held the top leadership position of Brigade Commander. He earned his J.D. from Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, Florida and started his legal career as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Malcolm J. Howard, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina.

Career Chronology

Date Description
Present General Counsel
2010 – 2017 Associate General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation
2008 – 2010 Director, Ethics and Business Conduct, Lockheed Martin Corporation
2007 – 2008 Deputy Special Counsel, Office of the United States Special Counsel
2005 – 2007 Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR)
2004 – 2005 Officer in Charge, Marine Liaison, U.S. Marine Corps
Military Assistant to the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Defense
Instructor, Law of War, ROE, Detention Ops, U.S. Marine Corps
2002 – 2004 Assistant General Counsel, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, American National Red Cross
1997 – 2002 Trial Attorney, Narcotic & Dangerous Drug Section, United States Department of Justice, Criminal Division
1995 – 1997 Federal Judicial Law Clerk, United States District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina
1987 – 2007 Officer, U.S. Marine Corps



Date Description
Present General Counsel
1995 Juris Doctor, Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, FL
1987 Bachelor of Science, Engineering, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

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  1. Does anyone know if Secretary Shulkin has a phone number so veterans can call. Secretary Shulkin refuses to reply to veterans letters. Seems he ignors service origination’s also.

    Or maybe it is his Staff that is holding or destroying the veterans letters, Employees like Stephanie. Don’t know her position, but she contacted me a couple time about a va employee who falsely accused me of being disruptive.

    Stephanie told me , “the employee that you are speaking about no longer works for the VA !!! I live two blocks from my clinic and live in a small town and I knew that the employee was still working at the clinic as manager.

    So I advised Stephanie what you are telling me is not True and the employee is still working for the VA and you are lieing to me or the VA in Denver is lieing to you.

    This pissed Stephanie off, for me questioning her story and cut off all communication. I have written twice to Secretary Shulkin. First time I sent him all the evidence needed to prove I was falsely accused and due to the false reporting the employee who reported me and the VA for believing her and punishing me and putting the allegation’s in writing have committed a class 6 Felony of Criminal Libel.

    Then I wrote him again after the Denver VA had their official call me and tell me that back in 2004 the Denver VA Disruptive committee was not being run properly and if this case would have come in front of them today, I would have never been punished.

    The official asked Mr. Gallegos if we the VA could do something to correct the error what would you like done ! So I told her ok, how about the Chief of Staff and the Director write me an apologize and correct my official medical records to reflect this.

    The VA official, became upset stating ” why should we Apologize to you that happened before we were in charge, Uh because I was falsely accused and punished and its never to late to correct an error and you are still the VA.

    Guess what that was the end of the telephone call, she hung up. Nice HU !!!

    Musical chairs and they will not help. Using the old excuse it was not me. Its never me.

  2. Please read newsweek.com/201 7/10/20 va fueled opioid crisis killing veterans 681552. This article spells out how the VA has killed thousands of veterans. Ben weighed in on the article.

    It made me so mad I let them have it. They have committed murder and making deals with bad employees, so the public will not know of their past and now they can harm civilians.

    I would like all of you tp read and to post to facebook your real thoughts, if enough of us keep writing on facebook to these VA articles the VA can not sensor you.

    This is a damming article against the VA and the investigators.

    God help us all, thousands of veterans have been killed at the VA hands.

  3. Is this one of the Atty’s that Obama put out on their keister for not brown nosing his politics?

    1. No this guy is not one of those Atty’s.

      This is one that Obama and his wife Michelle supported through the foundation he is the Director of named “Give an Hour (GAH)”.

      Here is a video on YouTube of the founder and President of GAH giving a presentation at the VA per request of Sec Shulkin.

      Note all she does is brag about her connections to then President Obama, Michelle Obama, Robert McDonald, Shulkin and herself.


      1. She sure does know how to put the spin job on her racket ….
        While they laugh all the way to the bank….
        And I think the IRS is complicate in all this shit …
        I made a comment on the vid…[What a bullshit scam artist]

        R.L. Burnside – Everything Is Broken – YouTube

      2. All this security to protect their crime RACKET

  4. Nominee Report | U.S. Office of Government Ethics; 5 C.F.R. part 2634 | Form Approved: OMB No. (3209-0001) (March 2014)
    Executive Branch Personnel
    Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e)
    Filer’s Information
    Byrne, James Michael
    General Counsel, Department of Veterans Affairs


    Period covered from May 2016 until May 2017

    1. Ethics Agreement on file at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics

      Filed June 30th, 2017


    2. His “J Thomas Burch” type non-profit where he is the Director.

      10109 NIGHTINGALE ST, GAITHERSBURG, MD 20882-4036 | Tax-exempt since March 2006

      ProPublica Non-Profit Explorer results for their 990 tax exempt filings.


      1. IRS Form 990 filings for: 2014, 2015, 2016



    3. Simply put after review and consideration of Publically obtained documents it is clear that Jim Byrne actively employed as an agent of either DIA or CIA. His Non-Profit shows a remarkable skill set in money laundering and tax avoidance of over 30 million per year.

      Truly an ethically, and morally, challenged type of individual.

    4. One thing that is very interesting to note in relationship to one of the articles cited by Crazy Elf today that directly relates to Jim Byrne.

      “VA Abruptly Drops Plan to Suspend Ethics Law”

      12 Oct. 2017
      Associated Press | by Hope Yen

      “This is about where VA employees can no longer profit from “for-profit colleges”!
      They were told “No No”! I believe we said it wouldn’t last when Ben put a blog on it!”

      1. You see the Non-profit that is directed by Jim Byrne is “GIVE AN HOUR NONPROFIT CORPORATION” and they wash money for a For-Profit School name the University of Phoenix.

        “Free Mental Health Care For Veteran Students”
        Military.com | 29 Aug 2017

        “Give an Hour (GAH) and University of Phoenix recently announced a new alliance that provides free, confidential mental health care and support to military-affiliated students, alumni and their loved ones.”

      2. Now note that the agreement between his, “so called”, Non-Profit announced the agreement between the University of Phoenix and the Non-Profit August 29, 2017. By September 14, 2017 Jim Byrne published the request for changes to ethic rules so that VA Employees can profit from connections to For-Profit schools.

        He seems to see rules standing in the way of his making money need to be changed. The rule was created to prevent exactly what he had planned to do.

        He needs to be fired NOW!!!

      3. Bens Article on the Subject at:

        “VA Proposes Employees Can Profit From For-Profit Colleges”
        By Benjamin Krause – September 15, 2017

    5. You also might want to Google the address listed on the IRS forms 990.

      10109 NIGHTINGALE ST, GAITHERSBURG, MD 20882-4036 | Tax-exempt since March 2006

      Just Google “10109 NIGHTINGALE ST, GAITHERSBURG, MD” which shows up in Google Street View as a nice little single family home in a residential area.

      1. Thanks Seymore, for your sleuthing. He’s definitely DIA ,most Engineering graduates from the academy get recuited by them.

  5. Mr. Privacy and Cyber intel? Sheeeet. He’s the guy who is going to legally bless Shulkin’s giving all of our medical data to Pig Pharma and Pig Med for data mining. Just sit back and watch the show folks. Of course, none of it will be for the benefit of veterans health. It will simply provide a mountain of free data. Follow the money. Always and forever, fogle den Gottverdammten geld

  6. I have a mixed response here…

    For one, IMO, the HR and legal teams in the VA desperately need someone with half a brain to lead them because look at the failed firings – either the VA is doing this intentionally (to fool the public into thinking they tried to get rid of bad apples when they really wanna keep bad employees because bad employees love to screw over veterans)…


    Their attorneys and HR are seriously incompetent – just like their fellow VA employees. Because the people who are engineering my removal? So many holes in it that a real court (not the MSPB) would tell them to get a clue long time ago.

    For two, the intelligence background reinforces my fear that this VA Accountability Office and laws making it easier to fire employees will only be enforced on whistleblowers. Before I was fired, they had people following me around (unlawful/unauthorized surveillance) as if I’m some CIA operative that they need to spy on. They allowed unauthorized access to my VA/medical/personnel records and were trying to threaten me with HIPPA violations and perjury. In other words criminal set ups and persecution and violaton of basic privacy rights seem to be on the table for anyone who dare whistleblow on this “New VA” farce they are trying to sell to the public.

  7. VA is a cesspool full of manipulated data, and anyone, anyone who works for the VA (upper management) and is not aware of that, or is aware of it and does nothing is incompetent and is not doing their job period. Just because he is a marine officer does not mean he has moral or ethical superiority to anybody. Of all people with the training this man has should know by now that manipulation of data is a VA trademark. I suspect he’s just there to promote l&m and their records program. Nonetheless, and I’m not that proud not to ask this man, respectfully, on behalf of all veterans, help us, stay on our side, and please don’t penalize us for speaking the truth, as crude as it may sound and be at times, Sir. May God bless Americas veterans and its armed forces. Amen
    Thanks Ben, I won’t be back but I will say this, I can make you laugh and i can make you laugh so hard your gut would hurt and your face would have permanent
    smile. Thanks again Ben for allowing me to have a little bit of a voice its been cathartic for me, God bless

  8. To get a sense of the swamp creature Byrne replaces, do a search on Leigh Bradley, the previous OGC from Dec 2014 until she resigned, and prior to that she was also VA OGC from 1998-2001.

  9. I must be missing something. I don’t see in his past something that says counter Intel.

    Whether his tenure at VA will be for good or not should be known within the next few months. I have been burned before by thinking some people would be good at a position they have been put in, but I have to see the silver lining in this until proven different.

    With his background, perhaps he will be a no nonsense hardass that will not screw up a slam dunk case of firing the corrupt. Perhaps he will go the extra step of referring the crooked bastards for prosecution. Perhaps he can at least start getting the OGC cleaned up. Perhaps he might light a fire under the IGs ass when it comes to proper investigations rather than white washing.

    I can only think there could have been much worse choices. Imagine what the discussion would be if the selection to head the OGC would have been a swamp creature like Tom Burch.

  10. Here is an identifying and handy VA employee type database for your reference. Hope this helps. – – – Nutter.

    1. Wow, just noticed that I forgot to post the link. Here it is;


  11. Coming from Lockheed, his job has been defined as limiting disability compensation so Lockheed can get more to the budget pie in government contracts. I think you can probably forget he was ever a marine. He’ll see every veteran claiming disability compensation of rehabilitation benefits as malingering. I’ll bet he is still drawing a Lockheed check laundered in some way or another. Probably like Cheney, A “golden parachute.”

  12. same here wait and see, legal advise. plead the fifth and admit to nothing. legal advise, should a veteran try and cause problems or complain about the care. claim they were disruptive and that will shut them up. no proof needed.

  13. Hey, Guys. The GC is not the IG and has no control over the IG. He has to respond to the IG for the Secretary.

    The GC fights veterans in Court far more than supporting firing of employees by the Secretary or other supervisory personnel.

    1. Lem, please expand on abbreviations when posting. Would clear up a lot wonderings of what that is. I know, everyone can look it up online, but first sight has lasting memory impressions. Thanks bro. – – – Nutter.

      1. GC= General Counsel. IG=Inspector General. NOA= Notice of Appeal
        SF-95= Medical Malpractice claimed in U S District Court
        CAVC= Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims
        CAFC= Court of Appeals for Federal Claims. CAFC has jurisdiction for an appeal of a CAVC decision and to challenge the Title 38 Code of Federal Regualation (Veteran’s Affairs laws and regulations)

        Does that help, Nutter

      2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found, that dealing with the VA in obtaining reasonable health care, and to continually speak out and fight to receive decent care, has caused me to spend a hell of a lot of time just with health concerns. I think the VA uses this tactic to hinder Veterans from completing filings for types of compensation. Its very frustrating, and has caused the PTSD symptoms that I’m experiencing to intensify. When I share this to the VA PCP, there’s no response of understanding. Rat Basturds. – – – Nutter.

  14. Will he be gung ho for the vets or overkill in interdiction of malingering. Present office is on the overkill end. Has been a long time so veterans end up on the street and when they finally can’t cope any longer, take that finale exit.

    I’ll see how the GC’s office responds to my SF-95 reconsideration and my NOA at the CAVC.

    Think I’ll try to reopen Bray v Shinseki at the CAFC for the cerebral malaria veterans since they were left out in the update of Chapter 4 of 38 CFR, rating regulations. Also those exposed to concussive blasts that cause bleeding from the ears and or nose.

    In the last 3 years every probable cause of organic brain syndromes that we claimed in Bray v Brown, a class action in the U S District Court for the Central District of California have been verified except mild and moderate TBI which was verified in 2008.

    Will the GC still oppose at the CAFC with a long off issue defense brief depending upon a clerk to brief the case ignoring our briefs and writing a decision for the “win any way you can” contract attorney for the GC’s office on the attorney’s brief because we petition in Pro Se?

    I’ll bet nothing changes unless Ben put his name on the petition. You on the BAR at the CAFC, Ben?

  15. Off Topic – – – Flu season is rapidly coming upon us. Please review the risks and benefits of getting a vaccine. It has been reported, that this year there will be much more people getting the flu. Remember, it takes a couple of weeks for your body to produce antibody’s against the flu virus. Plus, if your close to or over 65, and / or you have medical issues that challenge your immune system, again review the risks and benefits per obtaining this years flu vaccine.

    This in no way, suggests that I recommend getting the flu vaccine. I’m only sharing information about this year’s flu season, and what’s being reported. If this information pertains to you, please discuss this with your Primary Care Provider [PCP].

    And, if you receive medical care from the VA, please do you due diligence in weighing the risks and benefits in obtaining the flu vaccine from this Agency. And, your caretaker maybe able to receive their flu shot from the VA as well. Check with your local VA.

    To help with not getting infected this year, consider the following precautions; wash your hands frequently, when greeting another fist bump instead of shaking hands, disinfect front door handles, remotes, refrigerator door, computer mouse and keyboard, facets in bathroom and kitchen, and other surfaces that’re frequently touched by other Humanoids.

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    Please check with your Doctor about Bioflavonoids and Carotinoids (Phyyochemicals), but don’t be surprised if your PCP doesn’t know much about these potent Organic Molecules. Besides supplementation, please review the list of foods high in Bioflavonoids by Googling the “USDA Flavonoid Database.”

    The above information isn’t medical advice, please consult with your Physician. And, most likely the VA will not have Phytochemicals on their formulary. But, if you believe that you’re at risk for infection, please ask [demand] your VA PCP to prescribe you Bioflavonoids and Carotinoids.

    I hope this medical self-helping information keep you healthy this flu season. Stay strong. – – – Nutter.

    1. recommending to check with your doctor about the flu shot. haha. you’re advertising for flu shot now? that’s sweet. little mercury nevah gonna hurt, eh, nutter? bless your heart. i think double dose flue shot is good for many.

      1. I’m not recommending the flu shot; but to discuss getting one with your PCP. Everyone is different per health conditions. And, as I forgot to mention, to ask your Physician if the vaccine has mercury in it. As you forgot to mention, I also mentioned supplementation and USDA Flavonoid Database. No need to stretch things with confusion, your words. “I think double dose flue shot is good for many.” REALLY?

      2. I used to gargle mercury as a kid from all the thermometers I could find and break…so I could gargle cool mercury…no neurological ill-effects here! 🙂

      1. OLDMARINE – – – As you know Oldmarine, there are more medically related tough calls when we will have to make when we’re older. Unless, one has the sources ($$$) to fully fund a COMPLETE naturopathic lifestyle. With today’s hardy strains of bacteria’s and viruses, plus the flourishing of these infectious microbes, and depending on the durability of their immune system, those that are approaching or in the elderly phase of their life, must be more diligent in weighing all aspects of measurability for the benefits and risks per each modality of medical treatment when necessary.

        Sometimes, it’s not as clear cut as many may think. I deal with this on a daily issue. Just saying what I’m experiencing. VA has a hard time in knowing, why and how I measure the risks per their treatment offerings based off of the acceptable Evidence/Experience Based Medicine (EBM) practice guidelines.

        Everyone doesn’t fit in the same box. And I’m one of them. This has caused many delayed treatment protocols that the VA should use in TREATING MY SYMPTOMS, instead of plugging me into the same treatment like everyone else (other Veterans).

        I’m challenging the VA as much as possible. Hopefully some changes may come from this, but I’m not too sure. So far, they admit nothing, and try to cover-up their ass as much as possible (VA employee golden rule). VA is a complex monster, squirming, flip-flopping, and jiggling all over.

        The VA practices their theory of using the carrot to TRY and lead the donkey (Me and other Veterans). This is what I’m fighting about to hopefully bring some changes that will help myself and other Veterans. I don’t like to brag on myself, or to be puffy or smug, but this is my true intention. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

  16. Three articles out from “military.com/daily news”. Here they are!

    “Democrats Want to Help Deported Vets Get VA Care”

    11 Oct. 2017
    Stars and Stripes | by Nikki Wentling

    There’s one BIG problem these reprobate DemoKKKrats have forgotten. When a veteran is convicted of a crime, and have been deported, no matter if they’re citizens or not, ALL VA benefits cease, including healthcare and compensations! That’s the law!
    [These veterans were deported due to their criminal activities!]


    “VA Abruptly Drops Plan to Suspend Ethics Law”

    12 Oct. 2017
    Associated Press | by Hope Yen

    This is about where VA employees can no longer profit from “for-profit colleges”!
    They were told “No No”! I believe we said it wouldn’t last when Ben put a blog on it!

    3.) Y’all will get a kick outta this one!!!!!!

    “Online Behaviors That May Damage Your Clearance”

    When you read the “behaviors”, you might say, “Damn, That’s what Hillary Clinton DID as Secretary of State!” “Why is she still allowed a security clearance?”
    Our leaders in the State Department have yet to revoke her clearance! WHY?

    There you have it. Three articles out from “military.com” today. Enjoy!

  17. why does the VA need big guns like that. Common sense and a fair approach to things would suffice in most situations in my opinion

  18. “Would Byrne use that expertise to root out criminals within the ranks or will he use it to shut down whistleblowers leaking information?”

    nope. It is not the same cat. VA itself engages actively in counter-intelligence. This is the function of the PR folks – to take the “known” facts and obscure/obfuscate those facts until they have no informational integrity or value. VA is VERY adept at counter-intelligence operations and it is unlikely even a single person outside of VA could even guess about what it is that goes on inside. The VA has pulled this off within our own borders in the full light of day.

    This guy is a third rate flunky who has only studied the problem of counter-intelligence rather than having accumulated three generations worth of experience engaged in active deception of those who pay the bills.

    Root out the criminals??? Shit, he is a disciple now! With this kind of rank he too can attend Wimbledon from “Mr. Chairman’s ” private box so long as he can pass off the information in his new role that the event was ethical. He should be able to pull that off, right? Or wait a minute…. wasn’t he already counselling the big guy when that went down….???

    1. Disciple of the church of partially cooked chicken. Can I get a tax exemption? I’ve choked my share amount of chickens over the decades. No eggs left behind.

  19. James Byrne “…was confimed in August. “He is a ‘Fire From The Hip’ kind of guy.”
    So, to recap two incidents from last Ben’s Blog. Both occurring on Mr. Byrne’s watch.
    A “…manager is demoted for posting a video…” and another “…manager is counciled…” for committing fraud, waste and abuse. Which is a criminal offense!
    Remember those two recent articles?!
    Now, IF Mr Byrne was interested in doing “…the right thing…”! Don’t y’all believe he’d have FIRED the manager who committed a criminal act? Over a manager who posted an [alleged] racist video?
    To my way of thinking, we’re going to see NO difference in the way VA handles situations of either kind. Especially when it comes to anyone in management.
    I believe anyone caught in any illegal activities will be allowed to stay onboard the USS Titanic, also called the USS VA!

  20. Fortune Cookie for James Byrne, VA Chief Counsel: Foxes guarding henhouses forget what chicken tastes like.

  21. “[…Would Byrne use that expertise to root out criminals within the ranks or will he use it to shut down whistleblowers leaking information?…]”

    Okay, call me highly skeptical, but every bit of Byrne’s vitae reads like titanium bolted-down new deckchair on the V.A. Titanic. I will assume watch and also assume we are all still royally fucked until further notice. Please prove me wrong Mr. Byrne but someone with your Counterintelligence background is NOT there for Veteran’s backs…it’s the VA’s…and NOW you know WE KNOW it…again, please prove to your fellow Vets you are more than the usual ring-knocker entering earlobe-deep into the swamp.

  22. It was the Marine Commander that came to visit me in hospital after removal of right thyroid, which turned out to be small carcinoma. He asked did my division O come I said no. Then he saw a janitor yelling in room where a brain cancer surgery was recovering and he yelled at him, this is a hospital etc. He was the best I ever served under, even after he called me a ham for refusing to take my E6 picture with division officer from who beat him up last. Lol done now

  23. Just one more mention, I have seen limited amount of marines influenced by chaotically persons. Heads up sir you will be surrounded by feed the frenzy. As the VA says this is not sentara it’s the VA. I only perceived that to be fuk off. We will do as we please, and they proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

  24. US Naval Academy Honor Concept:

    The Naval Academy holds itself to high standards of honor, expressed in our honor concept:

    Midshipmen are persons of integrity: They stand for that which is right.
    They tell the truth and ensure that the truth is known.
    They do not lie.

    They embrace fairness in all actions. They ensure that work submitted as their own is their own, and that assistance received from any source is authorized and properly documented.
    They do not cheat.

    They respect the property of others and ensure that others are able to benefit from the use of their own property.
    They do not steal.

    2008-2010: Director, Ethics and Business Conduct, Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Hmm: former Director of Ethics and Business Conduct for Lockheed Martin, and formerly bound by the US Naval Academy Honor Concept. Would these be a help … or a hindrance, in serving as VA General Counsel?

  25. One more mention assault on veterans seem appropriate when they speak up. And it never ceases no matter how much time has passed.

  26. PS Please don’t forget your expertise in cyber security. It’s rampant in VA especially if one has spoken. Semperfi and best wishes.

  27. Maybe good news, semperfi at best who knows. I’ve only known very little marines who were apart of chaos on job. Marines were the icing on the cake for me after the navy marine like leadership I progressed on before I went to a marine squadron. I wish him well, make us proud and able to speak up on wrongs, and if so happens to be rights, without constant abuse or harassment. I hope and wish you well.

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