Just How Many VA Facilities Were ‘Dysfunctional’ And ‘Dishonest’?





VA Facilities

Benjamin KrauseJust how many?

Lots, and we have the numbers broken down ranking the most lying and cheating VA facilities at the top for the world to see. Check out whether or not your facility was audited and where it was in the lineup.

No sooner did Robert McDonald get confirmed than VA released an agency audit confirming widespread dishonesty and dysfunction across the entire Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

This is a no brainer and we are all aware of the enormity of the scandal and the brazen disregard VA employees paid to veterans. What we did not know were the specific numbers of bad conduct required by management and the percentage of employees asked to lie.

VA’s new audit provides the number of manipulative and lying employees broken down by facility. These liars and fraudsters forced pion employees to do their dirty work while the managers collected bonuses and related perks for having good numbers.

Here is a table of each facility and the percentage of employees at each one who were encouraged to lie and swindle veterans by manipulating their medical appointments. I ranked the facilities by their tendency to falsify appointment data.

If I had one of these VA facilities named after me, you can rest assured I would be a very embarrassed individual. I’d be surprised if we did not see some of these families demand to have their name removed from the facility due to the dishonor associated with it.

Read More: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/arizona/investigations/2014/07/29/va-scandal-audit-exposes-chaos-patient-scheduling-system/13330701/

* The fourth column tells you the percentage of employees aware of the falsification scheme. The fifth column tells you the percentage of employees aware of the secret wait list scam. The sixth column tells you the percentage of employees properly using the electronic wait list program.

Ranking Medical Center Location Told to Falsify Appt Data Track Appts Outside System Proper Use of Wait List
1 Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System Montgomery/Tuskegee, Ala. 57.10% 9.50% 23.80%
2 Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center Clarksburg, W. Va. 53.30% 6.70% 26.70%
3 VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center White City, Ore. 50.00% 20.00% 50.00%
4 VA Montana Health Care System Fort Harrison, Mont. 42.30% 20.60% 47.10%
5 Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System Biloxi, Miss. 42.10% 15.80% 21.10%
6 Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Charleston, S.C. 38.70% 6.50% 38.70%
7 Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital Hines, Ill. 36.80% 10.00% 25.00%
8 VA Puget Sound Health Care System Seattle/Lakewood, Wash. 33.30% 4.80% 52.40%
9 Olin E. Teague Veterans Medical Center Temple, Texas 32.30% 0.00% 37.80%
10 VA North Texas Health Care System Dallas, Texas 31.60% 2.80% 5.60%
11 VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Pittsburgh, Pa. 31.60% 18.20% 22.70%
12 Philadelphia VA Medical Center Philadelphia, Pa. 30.80% 0.00% 23.50%
13 Durham VA Medical Center Durham, N.C. 30.00% 0.00% 70.00%
14 VA Roseburg Healthcare System Roseburg, Ore. 30.00% 5.00% 55.00%
15 Phoenix VA Health Care System Phoenix, Ariz. 28.00% 11.50% 46.20%
16 Grand Junction VA Medical Center Grand Junction, Colo. 27.30% 18.20% 45.50%
17 VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System Harlingen, Texas 26.60% 3.20% 80.70%
18 VA Western New York Healthcare System Buffalo, N.Y. 26.50% 2.90% 61.80%
19 Bay Pines VA Healthcare System Bay Pines, Fla. 25.60% 2.60% 46.20%
20 San Francisco VA Medical Center San Francisco, Calif. 23.10% 30.80% 30.80%
21 James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center Altoona, Pa. 22.20% 20.00% 40.00%
22 VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Los Angeles, Calif. 21.90% 9.40% 28.10%
23 Northern Arizona VA Health Care System Prescott, Ariz. 21.40% 7.10% 57.10%
24 Cincinnati VA Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio 20.70% 6.90% 34.50%
25 Chillicothe VA Medical Center Chillicothe, Ohio 20.00% 6.70% 66.70%
26 El Paso VA Health Care System El Paso, Texas 20.00% 0.00% 13.30%
27 Marion VA Medical Center Marion, Ill. 20.00% 2.90% 74.30%
28 Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System Little Rock, Ark. 19.10% 0.00% 18.20%
29 Iowa City VA Health Care System Iowa City, Iowa 19.10% 0.00% 42.90%
30 Alexandria VA Health Care System Alexandria, Va. 18.80% 11.80% 76.50%
31 Fayetteville VA Medical Center Fayetteville, N.C. 18.80% 21.90% 40.60%
32 Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center Walla Walla, Wash. 18.80% 12.50% 87.50%
33 VA St. Louis Health Care System St. Louis, Mo. 18.80% 6.30% 31.30%
34 Manchester VA Medical Center Manchester, N.H. 18.20% 9.10% 18.20%
35 VA Loma Linda Healthcare System Loma Linda, Calif. 18.20% 4.60% 81.80%
36 South Texas Veterans Health Care System San Antonio, Texas 17.90% 0.00% 50.00%
37 Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center Tuscaloosa, Ala. 16.70% 33.30% 66.70%
38 VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Ann Arbor, Mich. 16.70% 26.30% 21.10%
39 VA Illiana Health Care System Danville, Ill. 16.70% 12.50% 20.80%
40 Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center Columbia, S.C. 16.00% 8.00% 24.00%
41 Dayton VA Medical Center Dayton, Ohio 15.60% 5.30% 31.60%
42 Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Augusta, Ga. 15.40% 14.30% 21.40%
43 Jesse Brown VAMC Chicago, Ill. 15.40% 3.90% 15.40%
44 Malcom Randall VAMC Gainesville, Fla. 15.20% 7.50% 38.80%
45 Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio 15.10% 16.40% 61.60%
46 Hampton VA Medical Center Hampton, Va. 15.00% 0.00% 25.00%
47 VA Northern California Health Care System Mather, Calif. 14.60% 14.30% 59.50%
48 Asheville VA Medical Center Asheville, N.C. 14.30% 0.00% 64.30%
49 Martinsburg VA Medical Center Martinsburg, W. Va. 14.30% 14.30% 67.90%
50 Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center Albany, N.Y. 14.30% 18.20% 63.60%
51 VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System Denver, Colo. 14.30% 6.10% 33.30%
52 VA Northern Indiana Health Care System Fort Wayne/Marion, Ind. 14.30% 9.50% 52.40%
53 VA Black Hills Health Care System Fort Meade/Hot Springs, S.D. 13.80% 20.70% 44.80%
54 VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System Las Vegas, Nev. 13.70% 0.00% 76.90%
55 White River Junction VA Medical Center White River Junction, Vt. 13.30% 33.30% 33.30%
56 Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center Iron Mountain, Mich. 13.00% 0.00% 69.60%
57 National Average U.S. 12.80% 7.90% 48.80%
58 Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Nashville, Tenn. 12.80% 4.30% 78.70%
59 Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center Spokane, Wash. 12.50% 31.30% 12.50%
60 Robley Rex VA Medical Center Louisville, Ky. 12.50% 3.00% 63.60%
61 Syracuse VA Medical Center Syracuse, N.Y. 12.50% 8.30% 54.20%
62 Wilmington VA Medical Center Wilmington, Del. 12.50% 15.40% 46.20%
63 VA Boston Healthcare System Boston, Mass. 12.20% 7.30% 31.70%
64 Minneapolis VA Health Care System Minneapolis, Minn. 11.90% 2.30% 51.20%
65 John J. Pershing VA Medical Center Poplar Bluff, Mo. 11.80% 5.90% 52.90%
66 Atlanta VA Medical Center Decatur, Ga. 11.50% 7.70% 42.30%
67 New Mexico VA Health Care System Albuquerque, N.M. 11.50% 19.20% 50.00%
68 VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System Leavenworth/Topeka, Kan. 11.50% 0.00% 38.50%
69 VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System Reno, Nev. 11.10% 14.30% 38.10%
70 VA Palo Alto Health Care System Palo Alto, Calif. 10.80% 7.70% 48.70%
71 W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center Salisbury, N.C. 10.70% 0.00% 67.90%
72 Battle Creek VA Medical Center Battle Creek, Mich. 10.50% 5.30% 21.10%
73 Southern Arizona VA Health Care System Tucson, Ariz. 10.50% 0.00% 21.10%
74 VA Long Beach Healthcare System Long Beach, Calif. 10.50% 4.80% 52.40%
75 Alaska VA Healthcare System Anchorage, Alaska 10.00% 10.00% 90.00%
76 Canandaigua VA Medical Center Canandaigua, N.Y. 10.00% 4.80% 61.90%
77 Coatesville VA Medical Center Coatesville, Pa. 10.00% 10.00% 40.00%
78 Overton Brooks VA Medical Center Shreveport, La. 10.00% 0.00% 30.00%
79 VA Connecticut Healthcare System West Haven, Conn. 10.00% 3.30% 13.30%
80 VA Hudson Valley Health Care System Montrose, N.Y. 10.00% 6.70% 53.30%
81 Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 10.00% 14.30% 66.70%
82 VA Central Iowa Health Care System Des Moines, Iowa 9.10% 4.60% 72.70%
83 VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System Omaha, Neb. 9.10% 3.00% 54.60%
84 Birmingham VA Medical Center Birmingham, Ala. 8.60% 2.90% 88.60%
85 VA New Jersey Health Care System East Orange, N.J. 8.60% 11.10% 50.00%
86 Bath VA Medical Center Bath, N.Y. 8.30% 8.30% 58.30%
87 Captain James A Lovell FHCC Chicago, Ill. 8.30% 8.30% 8.30%
88 Tomah VA Medical Center Tomah, Wis. 7.70% 15.40% 69.20%
89 Carl Vinson VA Medical Center Dublin, Ga. 7.10% 7.10% 21.40%
90 Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center Richmond, Va. 6.70% 13.30% 26.70%
91 VA Butler Healthcare Butler, Pa. 6.70% 12.50% 68.80%
92 Providence VA Medical Center Providence, R.I. 6.30% 12.50% 25.00%
93 Memphis VA Medical Center Memphis, Tenn. 6.10% 0.00% 54.60%
94 Jack C. Montgomery VAMC Muskogee, Okla. 5.60% 0.00% 83.30%
95 Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center Milwaukee, Wis. 5.00% 5.00% 40.00%
96 Fargo VA Healthcare System Fargo, N.D. 5.00% 9.50% 76.20%
97 William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital Madison, Wis. 5.00% 15.00% 65.00%
98 Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center Indianapolis, Ind. 4.80% 0.00% 14.30%
99 VA Caribbean Healthcare System San Juan, P.R. 4.80% 4.80% 23.80%
100 VA Salt Lake City Health Care System Salt Lake City, Utah 4.60% 0.00% 86.40%
101 West Palm Beach VAMC West Palm Beach, Fla. 4.40% 13.00% 39.10%
102 Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System New Orleans, La. 4.20% 6.50% 35.50%
103 Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center Columbus, Ohio 4.00% 4.00% 32.00%
104 Harry S. Truman Memorial Columbia, Mo. 3.60% 7.10% 25.00%
105 James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Tampa, Fla. 3.50% 6.90% 62.10%
106 Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center Houston, Texas 3.50% 6.90% 55.20%
107 Orlando VA Medical Center Orlando, Fla. 2.60% 2.20% 53.30%
108 Portland VA Medical Center Portland, Ore. 2.50% 10.00% 50.00%
109 VA San Diego Healthcare System San Diego, Calif. 2.40% 7.10% 54.80%
110 Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center Saginaw, Mich. 0.00% 12.50% 37.50%
111 Amarillo VA Health Care System Amarillo, Texas 0.00% 16.70% 58.30%
112 Beckley VA Medical Center Beckley, W. Va. 0.00% 0.00% 44.40%
113 Boise VA Medical Center Boise, Idaho 0.00% 7.10% 50.00%
114 Cheyenne VA Medical Cheyenne, Wyo. 0.00% 9.10% 63.60%
115 Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital Bedford, Mass. 0.00% 7.10% 50.00%
116 Erie VA Medical Center Erie, Pa. 0.00% 0.00% 31.30%
117 G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center Jackson, Miss. 0.00% 0.00% 17.70%
118 Huntington VA Medical Center Huntington, W. Va. 0.00% 0.00% 38.50%
119 James H. Quillen VAMC Mountain Home, Tenn. 0.00% 4.80% 81.00%
120 James J. Peters VA Medical Center Bronx, N.Y. 0.00% 0.00% 83.30%
121 John D. Dingell VA Medical Center Detroit, Mich. 0.00% 6.70% 93.30%
122 Kansas City VA Medical Center Kansas City, Mo. 0.00% 0.00% 62.50%
123 Lebanon VA Medical Center Lebanon, Pa. 0.00% 12.50% 75.00%
124 Lexington VA Medical Center Lexington, Ky. 0.00% 4.20% 50.00%
125 Miami VA Healthcare System Miami, Fla. 0.00% 13.30% 63.30%
126 Northport VA Medical Center Northport, N.Y. 0.00% 5.30% 47.40%
127 Oklahoma City VA Medical Center Oklahoma City, Okla. 0.00% 0.00% 50.00%
128 Robert J. Dole VA Medical and Regional Office Center Wichita, Kan. 0.00% 10.00% 30.00%
129 Salem VA Medical Center Salem, Va. 0.00% 16.70% 54.20%
130 Sheridan VA Medical Center Sheridan, Wyo. 0.00% 11.10% 55.60%
131 Sioux Falls VA Health Care System Sioux Falls, S.D. 0.00% 0.00% 94.40%
132 St. Cloud VA Health Care System St. Cloud, Minn. 0.00% 0.00% 60.00%
133 VA Central California Health Care System Fresno, Calif. 0.00% 0.00% 53.30%
134 VA Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System Leeds, Mass. 0.00% 4.40% 43.50%
135 VA Maine Healthcare System – Togus Augusta, Maine 0.00% 0.00% 61.10%
136 VA Maryland Health Care System Baltimore, Md. 0.00% 7.70% 25.60%
137 VA NY Harbor Healthcare System New York, N.Y. 0.00% 15.40% 61.50%
138 VA Pacific Islands Health Care System Honolulu, Hawaii 0.00% 23.50% 64.70%
139 Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks Fayetteville, Ark. 0.00% 20.00% 35.00%
140 Washington DC VA Medical Center Washington, D.C. 0.00% 0.00% 81.00%
141 West Texas VA Health Care System Big Spring, Texas 0.00% 16.70% 41.70%

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  1. Terry A. Riley A United States Veteran & Patient of Veterans Health Care, alleges malpractice and multiple acts and violations of wrongful accesses and disclosure of protected individually identifiable health information and sensitive information, as well as Psychotherapy Notes relating to the claimant and his health records. Manipulation of patient data, patient wait lists, utilizing false clinics, fudging the numbers, doing whatever it takes to get higher ratings, and or higher bonuses, favoritism, cover ups, and unlawful hiring practices, flawed patient complaint investigations, and a history of Managers unlawfully accessing patient records to obtain information that could be used in acts of retaliation. The Unites States and Louis A Johnson VA Hospital and / or their employees knowingly, and callously, violated claimant’s right to privacy, expectation of confidentially, and negligently without due care and just cause illegally accessed without proper authorization or without official medical reasons claimant’s medical and Mental Health records. I am requesting 16.5 Million Dollars for damages listed in the claim and a JURY trial, also for the case to be heard by the US District Court located in the WV Northern District located in Clarksburg WV.

    I can be reached at [email protected] I am seeking others for a class action claim.

    1. Please sir get back with me have you been harmed fighting this issue I have still not getting care from the assult/ unnecessary Surgical procedure from a VA provider

  2. I finally got ’em on the #8 American Lake (Tacoma) dental clinic as that is the only facility I use now.I am due for a cleaning every 3 months due to the insidious effects of Hep C on my teeth. You must wait until the first of the month of that third month when it would normally be scheduled. Even if you set your alarm clock and get on the horn @ 0630 they are always religiously 45 days out. If you hesitate to call until after the fifth of the month then it is usually 60 days out. You are not allowed to make an appt. as you leave (for three months in advance) because the computer will not “accept” it. That quirk began about July 2010. I have had two cancellations for “your dentist is no longer in the employ of the VHA. We will reschedule you soon.”

    After over a year delay, I finally got in Sept. 29 to fix some fillings that fell out . They were running late (0745) in spite of my being the first 0715 appt. of the day. Only two fillings were accomplished by 0845 hrs. but a good discussion of the Seahawk’s Superbowl chances were spot on.

    As I left, I asked why I cannot take advantage of outside, local dentistry to get the rest filled. After several days days, they agreed and I am going back to my old dentist tomorrow. He was almost (gasp) 12 days out and plays golf on Fridays. The added bonus is that I have never had one of his fillings fall out.

  3. I go to the Seattle VA (Puget Sound VA) and it is 8th on the list. This is in no way a surprise to me. I told about how they handed me a piece of paper that had info for my next appointment and had 2 boxes in one stated in computer and the other stated in book. I tried to get the paper back after I thought about it as it was at the time of the Phoenix thing. I could not get it. And then while I was at my appointment the woman (nurse maybe) was telling another employee how this “paper” worked. She said that she gets the next appointment for the vet and then puts it in “the book” and then gives the book to another person who then puts it into the computer. Sound like that is not right. So no surprise to me. I am surprised it is not higher on the list and I am sure it would be if it included certain health related things. And I know this from experience. I have seen my Dr. now 2 times for my sciatica and have secured e-mailed him about what was his plan to help me with this as it is now down to almost my knee. To this day I have received no response from him or anyone else on the “team”. I am making another appointment with hum for the same thing Mon. and I will not leave until he makes a decision and I know he is going through with it. I have contacted the Patient Advocate and her response was “let’s wait and see what happens”. Yeah we are going to see what happens during my next appointment. I am sick and tired of being treated this way by this facility. I am planning to move back to IN (central part, Indianapolis) They seem to have a better place on the list. The Dr’s here in WA state don’t give a crap about you. I have been lied to, have to make my own appointments after being told someone would contact me. I am still waiting on a return call for an appointment in which I will most likely leave another voicemail and it will never be returned. This is a very important appointment that I need to have. The Seattle VA is such a joke. I have to travel three hours one way to get there and my local CBOC can’t do anything that deals with my disability. I get denied every time to try and get something done locally. I know this takes out of the VA funding; however I am currently unemployed, not eligible for unemployment and the travel gets paid but it puts wear and tear on my car that I just don’t want to have to put on it at this time. I know that the travel pay is to help but if my transmission goes, the travel pay will not cover it and I don’t have the funds to cover it. I will have to borrow which means I have to payback. Sorry got off the subject and I have rambled on enough.

  4. I would like to know who he asked in order to find this data. Present employees? Former employees? Disgruntled employees? From the first day of retirement after my paperwork was complete, I haven’t had one issue with the facility in which I use. The Iowa City VA is, in my opinion, is top notch. I haven’t heard a thing from any other VET saying anything bad about the facility except maybe about the parking and they are working to fix that issue by building 400 stall ramp.

  5. So, no problem. Congress fixed everything (as soon as H.R. 3230 becomes law). I wonder how long it will take to actually start giving all enrolled veterans timely care. I wonder how long it will take to eliminate the actual backlog of benefits claims.

    1. Dear Senator Murray,
      My name is SFC James A. Legendre U.S. Army retired. (old # 11468289—new #007422758). I am in desperate need of your assistance. I’m a veteran of the Viet Nam War/Conflict in 1966 with the 25th Division 2/27/HHC .
      On Aug. 27, 1966 while on a MEDCAP near Cu Chi,RVN, we came under fire by the Vietnamese and our jeep driver was looking to where this was coming from when we came to a V in the road. Our driver and everyone else in the jeep jumped out. I was positioned around the tripod of the 106 rifle and had no way to escape. My enclosed medical records will show the original injury and all the medical services that I have had to have had to endure over the past 47 years. How can the V.A. say that this is not combat related?
      V.A. results over the years (File # C 28 398 182)
      1986=10% Tinnitus ears Combat related /10% left knee condition Service Connected
      2009=10% Tinnitus ears / 30% left knee condition ( total knee replacement with substantial scarring—formerly DC 5257 Residuals, Medial Meniscectomy with degenerative joint disease.)
      2012=10% Tinnitus ears / 30% knee condition. Second total left knee replacement ( DC 5257 ) same as
      the first left knee replacement.

      My feeling is there is a double standard going on. I know a man that a total knee replacement service related and not combat related condition. He gets 60% disability for only one replacement. [inappropriate comment deleted by editor] This just doesn’t seem fair at all!!
      How is my injury not combat related an INSTRUMENTALITY OF WAR—COMBAT VEHICLES, WEAPONS, AGENT ORANGE, ETC. I almost gave my life for our country at the age of 19 years old.

      I hope that you agree with me concerns and agree with me that my injury is combat related. I feel that I have been unjustly treated for years. I also feel that I should get a higher percentage of disabilities and that they classify my injury as combat related due to being fired upon by the enemy and sustained a lifetime injury and being classified handicapped.
      Thank you for your time and support of our veterans. I hop e too hear from you soon. THANK YOU!!

      Regards, SFC James A. Legendre U.S Army Retired
      17306 Heather LN SE
      Yelm, Wa. 98597
      My cell# 360-292-3821

      THIS WAS SENT OUT TO Patty Murrays Office in Seattle Wa On the 8 August 2013. NO respons on this yet August 1, 2014.

      1. So you`re willing to throw a fellow Veteran under the Bus, Because he got something you Did`nt? Offering him up as a sacrifice, By giving his name, & Address?
        “Sarge” I`m sorry, But, That sux.Trying to cause him trouble is not going to help you. How Could it? “Jonny got a bike, & I only got Skates” Come on Man.

  6. I think that I would like to see a list of VA facilities that are NOT on the list. That might help veterans select a facility in advance or feel confident in their facility.


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