Mr. Trump VA Secretary

Dear Mr. Trump, Please Call Me Before You Pick An Embarrassing VA Secretary

Mr. Trump VA Secretary

You won almost two-thirds of the veteran vote this month, and our only ask is that you not embarrass us by picking a sucky VA Secretary.

Before you make the selection, with all those special interests chirping in your ear, whether Fox News pundits, Koch Bros or Sheldon Adelson mouthpieces, please reach out to me in Middle America vet land.

You know how to reach me.

VA Secretary Options So Far

So far, we have seen a host of names floated and here are my two cents on each with a few names you should consider:

  • Sarah Palin – Former Gov. Alaska
  • Pete Hegseth
  • Scott Brown, Esq – Former Senator
  • Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL)
  • Mitt Romney – Former Gov Mass.
  • John Wells, Esq (not mentioned yet by MSM)

The top three names are all Fox News pundits on contract with the news network or formerly on contract as may be the case with Palin.

Sarah Palin VA Secretary

Sarah Palin is the newest name floated in the growing punchbowl for VA Secretary.

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Palin is a lot of things, and VA Secretary should NEVER be one of those things. She is /was a Fox News pundit. She did run Alaska as governor, and a lot of her voters liked her. Palin is considered by some to be quite savvy but election 2008 seemed more focused on her arm-candy appeal than her brains.

For example, she was called a MILF in the 2008 election with McCain (bumper sticker “McCain-MILF ’08).

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She could see Russia from her house (that is tongue and cheek from an SNL skit). When Katie Couric questioned Palin about what newspapers or magazines she reads on a regular basis, she was not able to provide a coherent answer.

“I read most of them,” Palin answered. “Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.”

Let’s not pull her into the gaggle that is the Department of Veterans Affairs. She does not have the chops to stand up against the union or other special interests plaguing the agency.

Please do not pick her. I am frankly embarrassed that you even considered Palin to run the most corrupt and complicated agency in your cabinet.

If you pick Palin, you will hate your life for 4 years because veterans will rebel across the board after your insulting selection.

We deserve someone with experience and chops after getting screwed around for so long by the West Point boys for the past decade. Give us someone who can get it done.

Pete Hegseth VA Secretary

Hegseth is a Fox News pundit who is a very new veteran at 36 years old. He ran Concerned Veterans For America ( for a while and raised a lot of money there. Hegseth created deep inroads for the organization despite not being a veteran until 2014.

Now, he is a Fox News personality after losing a Senate race in Minnesota.

A lot of conservative veterans like Hegseth, but I don’t think liking a person should equate to promoting that person to heading a $170 billion agency.

On the one hand, he is relatively charismatic, which works for a lot of positions including being President. He is a veteran. He is well-educated and raised by a school teacher and preacher in the Midwest. Good qualities.

Hegseth does lack business experience to run such a large agency, but I am not clear this is a necessary condition given previous failures of various administrations.


I would need to know more about him and his plan.

I did meet a person familiar with him growing up.

She said Hegseth is incredible at mastering skills like shooting three-pointers at Forest Lake, MN, where his dad was a teacher. Before school, he would reportedly shoot from various spots on his home court and then chart it out.

He was ritualistic about it.

Few kids in high school would have that fortitude, and I respect anyone willing to dogmatically work at an issue.

Down the road, Hegseth could be a great choice for VA Secretary, but his lack of experience could pose instant roadblocks with the union and other entrenched interests he would have to deal with at some point.

But maybe the union and entrenched interests need a shake up.

Scott Brown VA Secretary

Scott Brown spent his military career in the Army Reserves as a JAG. Most veterans do not trust JAGs. There are a lot of reasons for this. If you would like to enjoy large support from the veteran population, Brown is not the right choice, either.

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Chairman Jeff Miller VA Secretary

The only critique I have seen against Miller with repetition is that he never served in the military, unlike the past VA Secretaries who allowed scandals like the “wait list” or “Tomah VA”, etc.

If military experience was the litmus test, then I think we all need to evaluate our principles on the subject using the Einstein evaluation for insanity.

Insanity in the Einstein test is to keep trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.

For the past decade, each VA Secretary appointed by Congress was educated at West Point.

Let me tell you, these West Point folks may be great at breaking things and killing people. They may not be great at fixing problems, saving people, or working with unions. It’s an issue worth thinking about.

Regardless of who he picks, I would encourage Trump to look beyond the traditional “must be a veteran” litmus test. This is a red herring.

In a survey on my website two weeks ago, we learned over 84% of veterans prefer Miller over Scott Brown or Mitt Romney. Of that group, 22% voted for Hillary Clinton and another 16% voted for other candidates. Only 63% voted for Trump.

Maybe it is time to think outside the “box” for the next VA Secretary.

Mitt Romney VA Secretary

Mitt is no longer in the running for this position. I’m surprised he is being considered for Secretary of State, but that’s life.

John Wells, Esq VA Secretary

Wells is a longtime veterans advocate and retired Navy Commander.

He knows how VA works and has the chops to get it done. My concern with him may be a lack of political contacts, in part because VA is a highly political agency despite claiming to be above politics.

However, Wells is a quick learner and could probably figure things out within a reasonable amount of time within his own learning curve.

Other Options Not Talked About

  • Phil Roe – House Committee on Veterans Affairs, (R-TN), Army veteran, doctor, Vietnam veteran
  • Mike Coffman – House Committee on Veterans Affairs, (R-CO), Army, Marines and small business owner

Mike Coffman’s bio struck me, in the event people cannot bypass Miller’s lack of military experience:

“Mike Coffman began his distinguished career of serving our nation at a very young age.  At age seventeen, after finishing his junior year at Aurora Central High School in 1972, he enlisted in the U.S. Army.   Through the Army, Coffman was able to earn a high school diploma.  In 1974, he left active duty to attend the University of Colorado under the G.I. Bill where he continued his military career by serving in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Coffman took a leave of absence from the U.S. Army Reserve and the University of Colorado to attend D.G. Vaishnav College in Chennai, India in 1976 and the University of Veracruz in Xalapa, Mexico in 1977.  Coffman graduated from the University of Colorado in 1979 and immediately transferred from the U.S. Army Reserve to the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as an infantry officer.

“In 1983, Coffman came back home to Colorado and started a small business, an Aurora-based property management company, that would grow to over 20 employees. He remained the senior share holder of the firm for the next seventeen years until selling his interest in 2000. While in business, he continued serving in the military by joining the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

“In his role as a Colorado small business owner, Coffman saw the need to bring more common sense pro-growth economic policies to state government so he ran and was elected to the State House of Representatives in 1988 and re-elected in 1990.”

So far, Coffman is the Republican with the background I identify with most being a former enlisted soldier who now is an entrepreneur.

Anyway, President-Elect Trump, I would be happy to talk this through with you, and I have no special interest hang-ups with the likes of Fox News, Kochs or Adelson.

That may not be your thing, but if you want an outsider perspective, feel free to reach out.

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  1. How about doing away with the VA system and letting us get actual DOCTORS FROM REAL HOSPITALS AND DOING AWAY WITH THE VA COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am curious to find out what blog platform yyou
    are utilizing? I’m having some minor security problems with my latest blog
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    Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Hell, I narrowed it down to four individuals-all of whom have more knowledge than all of the above with the exception of maybe Miller and Wells. I have a problem with Wells, He just lost Mr. Procopio’s second stab at AO claims at the CAVC so I question his legal acumen. Here’s my short list in no particular order. You, Ben. Chris Attig, Ron Nesler or me. We’ve all been shortchanged by the VA. We all have the knowledge of how it works- or rather, how it fails to work- and viable repair orders. Given support from the President-elect, we’d have it running like a champ in no time. The budget would have to increase because VA has screwed so many out of legitimate claims but that’s how this works.

  4. Like many on this site: We wait and see. Honestly, I have no expectations. Can’t help but hope. I’m seeing things Klearly now. God Bless the Veterans.

    1. Sometimes in this life, hope is all you have and I mean not to diminish that thing called ‘hope’, because that very will to believe that things *can* become better, whatever it may be in life, esp. the VA, is a very powerful motivator. I say this because realistically, look at all the decades of corruption the VA has left in its wake but here we are again; we hope and wait.

      I like the mantra Trump is stating: “We are going to enforce the laws on the books…”, and he repeated that about seriously penalizing illegal sanctuary cities, including cutting funding to them and more in a news item viewed earlier. The mayors of those illegal sanctuary cities are emboldening themselves trying to be defiant…Trump is standing up to this.
      Maybe, just maybe I can hope Trump will stand-up to the AFGE in same manner and more.
      Remaining hopeful but make no mistake, been disappointed way too many times so do not mistake the hope I express with that other powerful thing called faith. Two entirely different hemispheres for me at least. I am not that trusting anymore in this life.

      1. @namnibor,
        As our “Founding Fathers”, during the first Continental Congesses, would have said;
        “HERE, HERE!” (as they “thumped their tables!”)
        This “exclaiming” would have been used to the affirmative on your statement!

  5. Hey, Seymore,
    You might want to check out these articles.
    1.) from; “The Horn News”

    “House Dems just Proved liberals are clueless”

    Seems many House Democrats, (60+), voted against Pelosi.
    They basically say the Dems haven’t learned anything in the past 4 election cycles. You remember Pelosi, she’s the Democrat idiot who claimed one “…had to vote and pass Obamacare, BEFORE (one) could read it!” There’s a Utube video of her saying that ridiculous statement.
    My comment on that was. I want to sell that bitch a car. She’s not allowed to see it, drive it or get anywhere near it until she pays full price for it! And ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND! AS IS!

    2.) from; “Conservative”
    “Clinton Team shrugs off recount effort”
    the article begins with;
    Quote; “Hillary Clinton’s closest allies are irritated with Jill Stein!”
    “The election they know is over!”
    “Now The Green Party Has Turned On Jill Stein!”
    by; Leah Barkoukis
    Good article about all the enemies Stein is making!

    If you want a good laugh at Hillary Clinton, google this:

    from; the “Conservative Book Club”
    “You Won’t Believe What Crooked Hillary Asked For From Santa”
    by, Bradley Matthews
    1 Dec. 2016
    Hilarious cartoon at Hillary’s expense!
    There’s probably going to be many more, if she doesn’t tell that bitch Stein to knock the shit off!

    1. Oh, Seymore, I read somewhere this morning Hillary is considering running again in 2020!
      Hasn’t she learned yet? No one wants that hag anywhere near the “White House”. Or anywhere near Washington DC for that matter.
      She and ‘Slick’ Willie’s time has come and gone!

    2. Loved them Elf,

      Especially what Hillary wants from Santa.

      On the Clinton Team shrugs off recount effort there are a lot of articles out there with the same title. The one I liked the best is the one from the Saudi Newpaper claiming that Hillary has accepted her loss but it is Bill Clinton that can’t accept his loss. That he is unable to walk away from the paper work and keeps going over it trying to find how and where they lost the white voters.

      Another great cartoon from the book club one is “Does The Corrupt Clinton Foundation Have To Refund Donors?” by Bradley Matthews – See more at:””

      1. Elf another disturbing article on Tomah.

        States ““It was purposeful that he was violating VA regulations,” Brahm said at a news conference Tuesday. “During all of the orientation, he used all of our equipment. He used it appropriately, so it was very purposeful from what we found in our investigation that he knew exactly what he was doing”

        They still have that rat bastard working there too.

        That was from “VA may have infected 600 veterans with HIV and Hepatitis”, By Teresa Welsh, McClatchy DC, 12/01/2016

        Read more here: “”

  6. Hey Elf,

    For a peek under the hood on how President Trump is currently handling the VA personally. Note hew has not met with the VSOs and it doesn’t look like he will given the VSOs are still fighting against Veterans receiving any kind of proper healthcare. Clearly a very strong plan that will definitely benefit Veterans as promised.

    “Trump VA moves already hint at major shakeups for the department”, By: Leo Shane III, Military Times, December 1, 2016


    1. Here is a post from the other day about actions President Trump has already taken regarding the VA.

      Hey Elf,

      In an earlier posting you asked and then stated the following: “A question many have expressed on here; “I wonder why President Elect Trump hasn’t been trying harder to get someone as Secretary of VA?!”” “My answer would be, “Because he’s waiting for the right person!”

      From President Trump’s actions, today I would have to agree with your assessment. Today President Trump added Lolita Zinke to the Veterans Administrations landing team to find and ensure that every thing that can be accomplished at the VA in the first 100 days is accomplished.

      Zinke provides us with her background in an opinion piece published at multiple venues on October 14, 2016 titled “Lolita Zinke: This Election is About Big Issues”. While she was working as a volunteer member on, then candidate, Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Board.

      Mrs. Zinke not only holds a law degree and has a daughter who is currently a U.S. Navy Diver, a son-in-law who is currently on active duty as a U.S. Navy Seal and a son currently considering joining the armed forces. She is also the wife of U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke the first Navy Seal Combat War Veteran to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 to represent the State of Montana.

      As you may recall Ben’s article, and the comments that followed It, from June 10, 2016 titled ““Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System”, By Benjamin Krause, JD.

      When Mr. John F. Ginnity an Iraq war Veteran with 23 years of military service retired unexpectant after only a short time on the job as the Montana VA Director. Publicly, Ginnity sited health concerns and family as the primary reasons for his decision to retire.

      While other politicians and the VA smeared Ginnity and claimed, it was part of cleaning up the VA it was Representative Zinke that came out and spoke the truth about Ginnity retiring.

      Here is what Ben’s article had to say about it and Ben’s quotes from Representative Zinke:

      “Publicly, Ginnity sited health concerns and family as the primary reasons for his decision to retire. Insiders say the VA director and veteran could no longer handle the unethical demands of the job from upper management.”

      “Senior leadership at Montana VA have been under investigation for some time related to unethical behavior. Ginnity was brought in to fix it but found he could not stomach the taste of the deceptive practices as the location.”

      “According to Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, Ginnity is retiring because “He got frustrated with the system, and he felt that he could not lead the charge of change as he wanted to, and he’s a former vet.””


      So, Elf in essences I believe you are right and it seems clear that President Trump is heading in the right direction with the VA. He also has the option of appointing and acting director until he finds the right person.


      “Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – June 10, 2016

      “UPDATED: Zinke’s wife Lolita joins Trump’s VA landing team”, Erin Loranger Independent Record, Nov. 28, 2016

      “Lolita Zinke: This Election is About Big Issues”, by Lolita Zinke, Breitbart News, October 14,2016

      From Open secrets dot org Representative Zinke has “not” taken any money from big pharma, any medical device manufacture or private healthcare system.

    2. Not certain but it also sounds like the VA will be paying for their actions in the failed VA claim system. Without a diagnose of a service connected disability Veterans will be able to get care from more qualified doctors outside the VA for those conditions.

      1. Seymore,
        My concern is IF a person is sent to a specific VA location to “clean up” the deceptive illegal activities, then can’t handle it, then what is to become of all the veterans having to continue receiving poor healthcare?
        This is why, in my opinion, a person of high moral ethics is needed. Someone who won’t back down. Someone who can get those carrion out. Someone who was like Sec. of the Navy, Ret. Adm. Zumwalt! He stood by his men. There’s plenty of true stories about how he crunched mayor’s and governors to protect his sailors!
        I know, I saw what he did in Norfolk VA and in Hawaii.

  7. Crazy Self, and 91 Veteran, you are on the right track. Only thing I am unsure of is I’m quite sure that my VA Dr. already lost his privileges to practice. Dennis, I am glad you remembered to take your meds. Good article Ben… I don’t believe Veterans should pick the Sec of VA. Just something else to blame ourselves for, if they were like all the others.

  8. Hey Elf,

    How to melt a snowflake!

    On a brighter note. With all these flag burning riotous Hillary supporters now advocating overturning the election results of a Democratically elected president elect here in the U.S.A. Which is realistically pulling a Hillary by attempting to overthrow an elected government. Just like Hillarys that were pulled in the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

    Maybe us Taxpayers might actually find a use for all those FEMA camps they set up all around the country. If we house them in those camps, then the VA staffs would have a place to find work, big pharma could then continue their research and these training and research colleges would have a place to continue to play with human subjects.

  9. Ben
    I fully agree with you! (Even thought, I know very little about your late suggestions)
    I think, Hon. Jeff Miller should be considered very seriously for the Position!
    He did an excellent job as The Chairman of the Committee and brought The MFs (Disability Raters) of the VBA to their knees!
    He knows very well the system and the how to “deal with”!
    He also has the “Right Connections” in Congress to Deal with AFGE!
    Hope The new administration ( If really looks after the Veterans Interests- and specially the Disabled Veterans) will consider somebody with Hon Jeff Miller’s qualifications!
    Vassilis Margaris
    MSG, US Army Retired, (chapter 61)

  10. My top 3 picks for SecVA to initiate Operation Bottom Blow, and get SERIOUS, SENSIBLE reform for the veterans this agency is supposed to serve:

    1. John Wells
    2. Rep. Jeff Miller
    3. Allen West

    1. Well, it’s all over now. Elizabeth Warren is reported to be throwing her support behind Scott Brown as SecVA.
      …which should tell you all you need to know about him.

      1. Scott Brown – – – Seen and heard far too much from that WANKER over the years. Seriously??? Sweet Jesus, we’re all doomed . . .

      2. I can’t believe he’s got a snowballs chance in hell at being SecVA.

        But, whatever keeps Lizzie busy.

        I see a headline that Gen. Mattis was picked as his SecDef.

      3. Mad Dog is a good choice for SecDef. Not a General who “forgot” what it was like to be a green butterbar in a platoon of hard-chargers. He’ll be a good SecDef – – – if the dumbasses who only know war through the media vice Danger Close will listen.

        During my service, I served under Captain Wesley Fox, USMC(CMH holder) who later retired as a colonel. Also served under “Hammerin’ Hank” Mauz, USN aboard the USS England during the early 1980’s.

        Those guys KNEW and DEMONSTRATED true leadership every single day of their service. Time to give the VA and AFGE some serious hard kicks to the solar plexus. Then once we have their attention, we can begin to put workable solutions in place that will benefit all our brother and sisters in arms . . .

      4. I think Mattis is a good choice. It should return our military leaders to the days of focusing on those who have to fight wars rather than stepping on them to get their next promotion.

        It makes me curious about how many of these pampered princes will be retiring in the next month or two.

  11. Mr Krause, I am a long time visitor to your site and in most cases I am in agreement with your points. I am, however going to call you out regarding your opinion of Governor Palin.

    I doubt, Governor Palin will be selected, but your character assassination of her was juvenile (the MILF comment) and entirely wrong as to a statement attributed to her. She never said she could see Russia from her house, what she did say was “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

    Next, her son-in-law, Dakota Meyer, is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and it is well known her son deployed to Iraq with the Army Reserves. She has been a strong supporter of Active Duty personnel and veterans long before her run for Vice President in 2008.

    As a former resident of Alaska, I had the opportunity to meet the Governor on several occasions. The first was shortly after her election when she greeted the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team coming home from Iraq. Her remarks were heartfelt and as the Brigade remembered the fallen of their deployment, the Governor was wiping tears from her eyes. As I stood only a few feet from her, it demonstrated to me her heartfelt sympathy to their sacrifice.

    As Governor she took on an old boys network and shook things up and righted the cronyism that was rampant for years in Alaska politics. She has been a strong supporter of the military for years and has lambasted the present administration over the scandals and the cronyism which exists in the VA.

    She is straight forward, intelligent (contrary to the media’s portrayal) has vision and stamina. Most of all she is a patriot, sincere and honest.

    I am quite aware that these words won’t change any minds. However, your characterization could not go unanswered

    1. @Dan F,
      I too am in agreement with you on Former Gov. Palin.
      I too have seen her spit fire at those who tried to denigrate her style!
      She’s something to behold when she believes in an issue.
      Yet, do you honestly believe she can handle the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse in the many VA’s nationwide, and correct it?

      1. I really don’t know if anyone can completely clean up the VA. It would take a lot of Congressional action such as outlawing the union and cutting out the layer upon layer of waste.

        I do know the folks at the VA are worried. I had an appointment on Monday and the doctor asked me what I thought of the election? I replied, “are you concerned?” She then asked, “What do you think will happen to the VA?” My response was do you really think it is in my best interests to have me travel 80 miles and spend 3 hours of my day (this was to my CBOC) to see you when there is a medical practitioner right around the corner from where I live? Her reply? Crickets.

        Maybe just knowing no more BS will be tolerated will cause positive change.

    2. Dan F,
      I too had an VA appointment on Monday. The employees were extremely nice. Yet, I still felt a great deal of apprehension from them. It’s as though they don’t know what’s going to happen come Jan 20th.
      My PCP was kind of “stand-off-ish”! She wouldn’t answer my questions over a “medical problem” I’ve been suffering for quite some time.
      I want to see a ‘eurologist’, (sic?), she wants to continue giving me meds.
      I’m not interested in taking meds I know nothing about!
      I hope President Elect Trump’s pick for Secretary of VA will clean out the garbage!

  12. The Veterans Administration has become a bureaucratic nightmare that no longer functions to assist veterans with care, compassion, and quality health care. The V.A. claims that the injuries and diseases associated with their military service can only be treated by the V.A., yet in many instances, the primary physician is unaware of Agent Orange, T.B.I.’s, and infectious diseases; and if you are a brother-in-arms, you know that the V.A. will deny most claims, until such time that you need a V.A. Attorney. And as we all know these cases go on for some time, with the V.A. hoping you pass away before extending benefits or unique health care. There is only one solution : Close down all the V.A. Hospital, sell all their property, terminate all employees, and institute a Veterans Disability Rating private cash payout to all veterans from 10% to 100%. Give each veteran a Private Choice Card with an equivalent dollar value equal to their rating.
    I realize that the V.S.O.’s will fight a passage of this type of change, but what have they done to help veterans except make friends with Senators and Congressman who spit on Veterans. Let’s face it, the new graduates of High School and College will not be eager to join any military force given the problems of suicide, P.T.S.D., and a genuine lack of compassion for disabled veterans; thus, I do not see volunteers running to enlist, so if they are injured in combat or exposed to nerve gas, they will only hope for a fast passage from this life because the V.A. will make their lives incredibly full of pain and hardship. Former V.A. Secretary Principi was incompetent, spending $650 million to Accenture to install a technological system in Tampa that failed, General Shinseki had no clue on what was going at any V.A. bureaucratic level, and did not institute any reformations, so it all fell to Mr. McDonald, who is making a effort, but without the help of the Senate, and H.R., to pass new strict rules within the V.A., thus, his hands are tied and the V.A. bureaucratic machine goes on and on ! Close it down, if our leaders do not care about active duty military members, who incur injuries during time of service, and discover a lack of care, due to shortages of physicians at the V.A. after service. The V.A. is as cold as ice, much like an Arctic Ice Shelf, intractable to change, reform, and the public has a complete ignorance of the incompetency and possible criminal behavior that incompetent Administrators perpetuate, and who simply care about their bonus, instead of their” allegiance to assist the veteran and his widow”. Ben may not like my proposal, the V.S.O.’s will not like my proposal, and any selection of a supposed ” tough new V.A. Secretary” is truly a farce, without a genuine effort to change veteran laws that protect V.A. Executives and V.A. Employees. I think that GOD, or Allah, could not change the V.A. with their POWER, except to destroy something like the V.A.t hat has destroyed lives, instead of saving lives, these are truly crimes committed, and hardships imposed on our veterans and their families. If the Senate Veterans Committee, along with the H.R. Veterans Committee, cannot reform the V.A. since the Korean War Veterans came home with injuries, and Vietnam Veterans were ignored as a pestilence, the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans now are encountering problems with their disability claims and health care needs. I foresee a military force that will be reduced in size, and a distinct lack of new recruits to carry on with the military might necessary to protect our Nation’s Freedoms and Democracy.

    1. Greg: I’m on board shit canning the VA. I’m going to set up a Go Fund Me for a trip to Washington DC to see Trump. I’ll buy two tickets and hire a limo….

  13. Ben, you know Phil Roe is in the states that has no medical insurance , nor does it have VA . I have no choices again , I don’t see any of them . I do hope to call you Ben.

  14. Since Trumps people were briefed on that scammer Roger Taylor and your participation in covering for him Ben that might be an awkward call.

    Oh, and John’s last boss in Indiana was a guy named Mike Pence. Oh, and Trump gave Zeldin his very first contribution when he announced for Congress.

  15. Too all you people who watch the “Left Wing News Networks”,
    Have y’all noticed.
    When those who back a Democrat. They just can’t seem to give ‘proof’ on just about anything.
    Their watching or listening to “left wing news medias”. Which either don’t tell the whole truth, or make up the news.
    For all you ‘independants’ or ‘Democrats’ out there, it was Ron Paul, on Utube, who called all the left wing news medias “FAKE NEWS!” (ex: CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, and CNN was on list multiple times!)

    How many on here have actually gone on Utube?
    How many have seen Hillary Clinton LIE to Congress during the “Benghazi Hearings”? Or how about the MANY lies she told during the “Emailgate Hearings”?
    How many have witnessed Rep. Trey Gowdy, Rep. Chaffetz and many more wise individuals, make complete idiots out of those in the DEA, FBI, IRS, VA and a slew of other agency pukes not willing to tell the truth?
    Every day there’s more videos proving how deceptive, deceitful and disgusting these paid hacks and thieves really are! I also enjoy the Republicans slamming some of the Dumbass Democrats trying to stand up for the idiots being questioned in front of the committees!
    There’s a great deal of information on Utube. All one has to do is look for it!
    There’s also a slew of other media outlets putting videos out to the public. These videos show just how corrupt many have became in the ‘public service arena’s!
    As someone said, “Going to Congress changes people!” Those who want to change Congress, usually don’t last long!

    Here’s another article, video, Rosie O’Donnell has apologized to Mrs. Melania Trump for saying Barron had Autism. He doesn’t, “Left Wing Nut Rosie” took quite a lashing over that issue. Of course, my opinion is, it could be Rosie was about to be “served court papers” what made her apologize!

  16. Who I would like to see, on his or her first day on the job, is to tell “Little” Cox to come on down and “…try to Whoop my ass!”
    That in itself would be priceless!
    Then go and start bringing charges on all the miscreants!
    Then start getting rid of all the idiots who believe they are healthcare providers.
    Then allow all veterans, if they so choose, to go outside for their medical needs!
    (Medical Marijuana would be great for those with PTSD)
    When that happens, then I believe President Elect Trump will have made the correct choice!
    After that it would be smooth sailing for whomever is picked!

    That’s my opinion brothers and sisters!

    1. First day on the job? Order all hospital or CBOC directors to provide a report on any problem they have at their facility within a week. Any subsequent problems found and not reported initially results in that directors termination.
      2nd hour of the first day? Require Little Cox to be at a meeting immediately. Inform him the AFGE Master Agreement is being renegotiated, line by line. Anything not in compliance with federal law will be removed and not subject to negotiation. Inform Little Cox that any AFGE member breaking the law will be investigated immediately, and if initially substantiated, removed from their position without pay until the complete investigation is finished within 2 weeks. If lawbreaking is found, no negotiation, they are terminated immediately, with a referral to the DOJ for prosecution. If they are a medical provider breaking the law, appropriate authorities will be notified to revoke their license to practice.
      After slapping Little Cox’ hand away from the donuts several times, show him the door.
      Afternoon of the first day? Announce a team consisting of all those considered for SecVA but not selected. Announce that team will be traveling to every hospital, CBOC, clinic, etc., for public meetings with veterans and VA staff. The team is required to report back their findings and recommended actions within 6 months.
      Announce any research currently being conducted by the VA will be reviewed. Any research being conducted that is unethical or substandard will be terminated, and further investigation will be conducted. Any research determined to be substandard involving a university will result in that relationship with that university being terminated for 1 year.

      Would be a good first day.

  17. Very good article Ben that should be spread far and wide quickly, but a few caveats/comments.
    Comments about Fox contributors show some history of each, but citing them so often detracts from your message I believe. It comes across as a leftist diatribe (which I know you are not) that is simply against a person because of a business relationship they have or had. It detracts from the better points against each person named.
    Palin. Including the comment that she can see Russia from her house seriously detracts from other good points against her that you make. The comment that she can see Russia from her house was never said by her. It was said by Tina Fey on an SNL skit, and the left have pushed it so hard to smear Palin that many believe Palin actually said it. Palin has good experience as an Executive and has anecdotal experience with veterans with her son and son-in-law, but she would not be a good SecVA. Far too many would ignore anything she wanted to do, particularly reforming a union broken agency, by continuing to smear her any way possible.
    I agree with your comments on Hegseth, and would add his actions paint him as a politically connected insider whose first intention would be to satisfy other political insiders.
    Brown? Absolutely not. I’ve said it before…the SecVA position should not be a jobs program for out of work, hack politicians. Besides, I believe Brown is too gutless to do what is needed to reform the VA. Further, I don’t hate or distrust JAG officers, but far too many have served a pampered service, and have no clue what it’s like to serve as a dirt chewing grunt.
    Miller? He might be a good choice since he knows where may VA bodies are buried or rotting, but he would have been a better choice if he took some ball-breaking action against VA lawbreakers while Chair of the House VA committee. That he did not tells me he might not know how to do that as SecVA.
    Romney? No. He might be a good executive and good at turning around large organizations, but he is not the rock eating hardass VA needs.
    Wells? Don’t know him enough to comment. I do see web posts saying he is retired Navy if it’s the right Wells, which would not make him a Colonel. He might be a good choice if his experience is in medical malpractice.
    Roe? Don’t know him.
    Coffman? He would be the best choice since his history has been one truly focused on veterans, and actually has support of both the right and left. He would also know where VA bodies are buried or rotting, and could surround himself with others just as good.

    Whoever is selected needs to be serious about their job. Not some putz like McDonald so clueless about the organization he heads that he pins awards on staff ripping off veterans through fake charities.

    Finally, it would be good to compare this good article against any by the DAV, VFW or Legion, and the hacks they are pushing.

    1. I might agree with that. I believe he proved already he would do what is necessary to protect his troops.

      It certainly would make several VA employees piddle in their panties if they heard he was nominated.

      I also believe political insiders of either party would hate him.

  18. I say to hell with it and do a one for one swap – all employees of The Department Of Education get transfered immediately to the Department of Energy, who will get transferred to the U.S. Forest Service, who will get transrerred to the Federal Aviation Administration WHO

    go to the Department of Veterans Affairs who finally become our nations educators in The Department Of Education.

    If the FAA can oversee the safe travel of billions of airline miles of citizens of all nations, then they sure as hell can determine if a subject is human or not. Good starting point! As for our children? Hell the VA ends up screwing them over after service so we might as well be proactive and mess the kids up beforehand. Right? Plus they could identify Catagory One Violent and Disruptive kids as early as kindergarten and protect the rest of the kids. Safety first, and before first grade!

    As far as having the lights come on when I flip the switch, and training tree farmers to engage multiple painted targets and vector them safely to their landings…maybe the plan needs refinement. I realize that this plan is less than stellar, but is it any less absurd than measuring the distance a crow flies when we are talking human life? Or maybe it’s the crow that needs to be refined. Perhaps a crow would make a good Chairman because nobody would challenge him in such basic understanding of how to get care to vets under the current plan, plus they prefer dead rodents to AFGE folks. And they eat poop (ever see an open community treatment plant in the desert?).

    No solution is perfect, right, but at least the AFGE folks would be safe from the crow.

    1. Of course this would put our current educators in charge of nuclear regulatory functions and our nations power grid, but these people are brilliant, so it should pose no problem….

      1. Dennis, you are cracking me up as well.
        Your message is hilarious. Hey, might as well do a swap because if nothing changes nothing changes. If the Trump leadership cannot make a target decision to appoint a VA secretary who is someone who is hard core, someone with great leadership General / CEO experience, and with military / VA experience / knowledge, then, I guess I am in store for path to the grave. I surely will not be up for a joy ride if we get stepped on again by a wrong VA secretary decision. I might just go ahead and get my coffin ready. I did not realize that serving one’s country warranted punishment by really this is the truth. Veterans deserve better.

    2. The only problem is the VA has already murdered their murder of crows and switched to vultures due to the circular flight pattern as a beacon above each VAMC.

      1. Vultures ate the crows before they could be part of the VA’s cafeteria system of loafing meats.

    3. I dunno Dennis. I’ve been in several FAA control towers, some at major airports. Seeing the grab-ass childish games that go on would convince you to drive.
      Besides, their union might be as bad or worse than AFGE.

      1. Just as long as they only had one hand on my shoulder during a prostate check, I would be ok if they played grab ass. I know after my dealings with VA medicine I feel like smoking a cigarette – and I never touch the things normally… So I might as well get one small thrill of some kind since they don’t give out suckers anymore.

        Hell, I was a commercial pilot as a youth and my OWN behavior convinced me to drive instead on most days… so I would fit right in. Plus I was a flight instructor and we talk directly to God and FAA knows it, so I might just have an edge.

        Time for my pills now…

  19. Hey folks, y’all need to watch this video. From that “Alt-Right” news station. You know, the one we get the “real news” from!

    “World Meltdown As Trump Inauguration Approaches!”

    Posted, Dec. 1, 2016. (17:01 minutes)
    Margaret Howell, Joe Biggs & Alex Jones reporting.
    They’re covering many stories today.
    1) A veteran in Plant City, Florida had his house burned down. Because he flew the American Flag, the “POW/MIA” flag and the Navy Flag. There were racist epithets spray painted outside and inside his home. Law enforcement says they have some evidence.
    2) “NATO is warring with Russia”. This is due to Turkey declaring war on Libya. And the “NATO PACT” signed after WWII.
    3) “Trump let’s go of his businesses!” This has been substantiated within the past few days. His children will be in control of his businesses. Even though there’s no law forbidding him from running his businesses, it shows he does NOT want any “conflict of interest”!

    There are a few more articles in this video. I feel the “Leftist crybabies” are on a bigger rampage than what we’re being told by those “Leftist MSN” stations.
    As the “Watch Commander” from the TV hit, “Hill Street Blues” said at the beginning of each episode——
    “Be careful out there!”

    1. @crazy elf- You beat me to the article on that FL Veteran. Damn this pisses me off!

      As far as these butt hurt cupcakes: I saw a great episode of South Park last night where they had the school counselor, who was a butt hurt cupcake/snowflake over Trump win, with a “trauma counselor” that was holding a stuffed doll, asking the counselor to point to the place on the doll where Trump “hurt him”!!! 🙂

      Love South Park.

    2. AH, the “alt-right”. If there was ever more a false flag operation in the mix claiming to be “Right” I haven’t seen it yet. You need to dissect the leadership of most of that brew to get a flavor of what’s going on.

    3. Sorry, allowing his litter to run the TRUMP businesses does not mean he will not be involved in every aspect of it and according to the Whitehouse ethics committee, the only way to completely avert any ethics issues is for his to basically complete liquidation. Give Trump’s history of lies and childish behavior I would have to agree.

      1. I would suggest that everyone give him a chance, insteaed of nit picking and whining over every little bit of made up news on him.

        Not my first choice but one hell if alot better than we have yet in this century

      2. Sincerely, I’m not trying to nitpick, but you have to admit that he has proven time and time again that he’s incompetent and could easily be a threat to our nation.

      3. The bottom line is this:

        If Trump screws up as president the legislature will try to get rid of him, there are mechanisms in place for that.

      4. Yet electing someone grifting millions of dollars from foreign donors by selling access to her and her rapist husband would have been OK?

  20. Ben,
    You seem a little hard on Fox News !!! I watch them every day of my life and enjoy them !!! I personally feel
    they are the reason Pres-elec Trump won the election. I voted for him and am damn proud of it ! I think he will pick a good person for the position and will wait for him. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and Pray whoever he picks will help us all with our healthcare !!!!!! I am leaning for Jeff Miller.

  21. As I’ve said before, President Elect Trump is still waiting. His “pick” needs to be a person who will unravel the chokehold AFGE/AFL-CIO has on VA.
    I’ve been to his rally’s. His understanding of the difficulty facing hiring a new Secretary of VA will be difficult, to say the least.
    Many times now he’s pointed out the (illegal) acts committed by VA employees, from top to bottom.
    We are just going to have to wait. It’s hard, I know.
    Our future will be decided by “WHO” he picks. Hopefully it will be the right pick!

    1. P.S.
      Already this morning there’s that rancid smell. Don’t feed it! Maybe it’ll just go away.
      Anyone who would want “…the most corrupt person/couple in politics…” to be “Commander in Chief” doesn’t deserve to be believed, in my opinion! I have no sympathy for anyone who voted for the “Butcher of Benghazi”!
      Her “violent tirades” during the evening and early morning of November 8th & 9th, shows exactly what kind of person she really is!
      And now, combining her forces with “Nazi Collaborator” George Soros with Jill Stein, is nothing more than a bid to usurp the election from the ‘will of the people’!
      Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have all denounced the recall! As well they should have!
      If one looks closely to her “go fund” my “scam” page. It says in very small letters, “…the money may not be used…” as was intended! Yet, no one reads the “small print”!
      Again, I have no sympathy for those who voted for Hillary Clinton!

    2. Trump would have a better shot at getting RAOUL CASTRO out of the mix in Cuba than cleaning house at the VA. Seen all this posturing before….

  22. I appreciate your perspective Ben but I believe that Jeff Miller might make a better undersecretary or deputy secretary. Has anyone mentioned FedEx founder and former Marine Logistics Officer Fred Smith as a potential candidate?

  23. Benjamin- Great article today with insight. As with the thought that we try someone other than a ring-knocker West Point type, perhaps a non-Veteran, business savvy candidate with a personal bias against the AFGE is what we need to look at.
    I also think it would be really swell in the ideal scenario for Veterans to vote on whom becomes VA Secretary. Vested interest is a very powerful motivator.

    1. In some respects, you could say veterans already voted for SecVA when they voted for President.

  24. Good morning football fans! Welcome to the pre game show! It has already been an incredible ride!

    Isn’t it amazing that before the first ball is hiked, we are all not only judging the plays Trump is making, the quarterback and players he is picking, but half of America is already deep in the fourth quarter and leaving the stadium after predicting the horrible outcome! Most are even predicting the beer will be warm, the hot dogs cold, and the cheerleaders will be ugly and the coach is planning on running onto the field naked trying to grab the women and kick the guys in wheelchairs. What excitement!

    Heck, that is even before the players take the field and people are not only predicting a failed Superbowl bid but are alreqdy trying to sanction the team because the coach looks at boobies, and once commented on a gay players weiner in the locker room.

    It is first down, ten to go, first quarter, score is zero to zero and Trumps team has the ball, and P.E.T.A. has taken the field in protest of pig skin footballs. Vets are arguing about who the tight end should be, femenists are arguing that the word “tight end” is sexist, Democrats complain that the officials have already cheated, and the Republican water boys are begging to be put in as wide receiver – yet another sexist position!

    One announcer from the Washington Post has been ejected from the game for refusing to blast the game plan until the stadium lights are turned on. Stadium officials keep running the flag up and down the post according to the chants of the crowd (its half off student day), but the game can’t start because the AFGE was tasked with keeping the coin toss coin safe and OIG has determined the coin to be missing. The AFGE president was spotted with a soda pop from the machine….

    Stay tuned for more game day commentary right here! The crowd is going wild!!!

    1. @Dennis- I think you are onto something.

      Perhaps finding the right VA Sec. could be a page taken from the Roman’s own love of Coliseums with very hungry lions. Instead of Lions though, place the group of VA Secretary Contenders in middle of coliseum and then turn loose the angry (and hungry for $ & dues), “I’m going to kick your ass AFGE President Michael Cox, for all the contenders to fight to the death and the remaining champion proving to the Veterans seated in the coliseum that the job can indeed be accomplished. Repeat until results manifest themselves. This may take some time because VA AFGE President Michael Cox is a very hungry and particularly nasty lion, err, liar.
      This would ensure we actually have someone fighting FOR us and not against us. If Sarah Palin has the fortitude to wrestle polar bears then she may well have a running start but again, the competition is VERY hungry for more Veteran Blood.

      *Get your popcorn, corndogs, and Palin Posters here* Above all, no feeding the AFGE Beast before the fight starts to keep things fair. *Popcorn, get your popcorn and Palin Posters here*

      1. Palin would have Cox tied up in a knot in a Pulp Fiction style love scene in ten seconds.

        Bring in The Gimp….

      2. Would that be Palin “hog-tying” another lipstick-painted pig? Might be a confusing battle. Maybe give them each different colors of lipstick.

    2. @Dennis,
      Thanks for the great enjoyment of commenting! Love it!!
      I may be “feminist” yet I have officiated football for almost a decade at Camp Pendelton for a decade! and I do not find “tight end” sexist LOL maybe yummy some of them for me 🙂 “wink ” but you are totally spot on as a great commentator of this current game !
      I do love reading many of your post even if I do not respond daily! Thanks 🙂

  25. An election should occur for this position, including term limits . The VA should not be able to have the authority to make rules, as to it is a conflict to Constitutional tests because it having a police force over veterans and their jurisdiction is over veterans records. This is completely wrong that the VA can document in your record by way of committees without accountability.
    Fuck Bob, fuck the OIG, fuck all fat ass nurses who eat at their desks in between patients. I have never been embarassed by this type of so called healthcare.

    US Navy Corpsman

    1. @CorpsmanUp,
      I had a conversation with the head of the VA police here in Central Florida.
      He informed me that “…at no time, was any (VA) police officer allowed to touch anyone!” Of course, this is under the stipulation that the vet is cooperative.
      As long as one “keeps his/her cool”, then they can’t do shit to anyone!
      He’s a retired Captain from the police in New York City.
      Now he’s in charge of the VA police in Central Florida!
      I don’t know how the laws are in other states. But this is the law here!

      1. @ CrazyElf, the sovereign immunity clause is their usual defense, but under title 18 242, you can get an injunctive order by way of a magistrate. DOJ will try to obscure your claim by jurisdiction or failure to state a claim. It is nonsense but you can charge them with fraud in federal claims court or by tort.

  26. Mr. Karuse & Fellow Veterans,
    I believe it’s a little to late to ask Donald for anything! I’m registered as an independent so I’m not tied to one or the other, however, I lean a bit towards the liberal side of the isle. I still don’t understand why Trump received 2/3 of the veteran vote but I am sure that this was the path Trump was going to take from the beginning of his campaign.Trump is in this for Trump, his family and his organization! He refuses to walk away from his business interests and I’m quite sure he intended to use the Presidency for self interest! Like Mitt said during campaigning, Donald Trump is a phoney he is a fraud and any promise from him is worth as much as a degree from Trump University. I’m afraid we could all individually send a request to him personally asking him to consider someone else to to head the V.A. and it would fall on deaf ears. I truly hope your pleadings for a phone call is heeded and you receive that very important communication but after listening to Trump’s ramblings every day since he won, I’m afraid we will be stuck with someone to run our V.A. that he will not give anymore thought to then what he’s going to have for lunch tomorrow. I hope I’m wrong and he’ll listen to reason. I too am a disabled veteran and have to deal with today’s Veterans Administration and it’s painful to say the least. At this point all I can hope for is that the Electoral College will change their votes and allow Clinton to become our next President, I believe we stand a much better chance of having our voices heard and believe me when I say that was difficult for me to say.
    Donald Trump is an obvious threat to our citizens, democracy, human rights, womens rights, constitutional laws and our country just to name a few. Even the thought of this uninformed, politically unintelligent fraud of a man becoming or next President makes me want to vomit. I implore anyone that voted for this fake to call your electors and urge them to change their votes for the sake of our nation and it’s veterans! Out of the 140 plus campaign promise this clown made to get your votes, even before he takes office, he has broken several. He has taken credit for several things he had nothing to do with, i.e. Lincoln automotive plants remaining in the U.S., they were never going to move that part of their business to Mexico and the latest, Carrier air conditioning jobs he said he saved hasn’t been approved by the company yet! He did however, promise rather high tax breaks to a multi million dollar company before he had the authority to do so not to mention giving tax breaks to the top 1% that he promised he would not do. So who has this fake lied to, the very people who voted for him hoping he would actually help them, the forgotten 99%. CHANGE YOUR VOTES! HE’S LYING ALREADY!

    1. So Bustamante,

      You want to cancel the election results to put a lawless regime into office. Have fun in your little world of imagination.

    2. Sgt: Rodger that most of what you said. I voted for a third choice myself, leave it at that. No next morning buyer’s remorse for me.
      As to the percentage of vet’s voting for Trump, the books my be cooked in that regard. No way that I’m aware of to verify that.
      Most of the veterans groups have been captured by both the Left and Right,and they march them out when ever the need arises.
      Trump is a political shape shifter. He is shedding off all the baggage that he acquired during the primary and the general election.
      As for the motivation that you describe for Trumps campaign, I don’t see anything that I would disagree with. His Primary was a leveraged buyout of the Republican Party, PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, and the general was a 70’s style OPM (other peoples money) scam. Trump has very little invested in his Presidency. He is probably broke, leverage out to the max, and was running the same rescue of his business empire that what’s her name was trying to pull off.

      1. YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to John Cokos and Sgt. B. Just not worth arguing with these Trumpsters about it. They know nothing but name calling and bashing anyone that disagrees with them. The TRUTH WILL show it’s UGLY head before the end of 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Complaining about people calling you names and you use Trumpsters. Isn’t that what you would define as being hypocritical?

    3. Sorry, if you think Hillary would reform a VA broken by the very union that supports her so much, you are foolish.
      As for contacting any Electors, again, sorry. I refuse to dishonor the Constitution and my oath to it by doing so. If you don’t like that current process, change it. Don’t be lazy and act to get around it. We’ve seen enough of that the last 8 years.

    4. Bustamante, please do a little deeper research on the president issue. You owe it to yourself. With a little more factual research, you might gain a different perspective.

  27. Are any of these candidates interested in shutting down the VA hospitals in support of allowing all veterans an unlimited Medicare benefits card of vastly better Veteran’s choice options?

    1. There is some evidence of privatization the mix, But Trump is a Narcissist and so self centered that you can’t get a real read on his next move. This is by design I sure…

    2. It doesn’t matter what the candidates want, it’s what the President wants.

      Any President shutting down a VA hospital would face major opposition to shutting one down by Congress, no matter the party.
      I read somewhere, likely a comment here by Seymore, about closing down Hot Springs, SD. I am SHOCKED at how many full time employees are there, in a town of less than 4000. 350 employees equal a salary of roughly $42 million coming into that town. No Congressman will quietly watch that kind of ching taken from his district. It would have to be replaced somehow to close it down.
      It would not only be employees screaming, but businesses in that town, building, hardware, housing, restaurants, all of them screaming over losing so much money.

      1. 91Veteran,
        Have you seen any of the MANY reports on “Veterans traveling to North Dakota to help in protecting the Protesters over that pipeline”?
        Seems like more veterans are upset over that pipeline than the VA.

      2. I’ve read several, including one about a bus stopped somewhere and a drug bust.
        They plan a simple 3-4 day media event, nothing more…if they can stand the cold it might be that long.

        Somehow I suspect there will be lots of fatigues handed out to be worn by many who never served.

        I really wish those going would be more educated on what they are being baited into supporting.

        One of their first questions should be why the Standing Rock tribe paid for a pipeline under Lake Oahe several years ago.
        The other question they should ask is if the pipeline that is currently in the ground, and where this new pipeline will go beside, if it ever leaked.
        The third question they should ask is for where these supposed sacred sites are so they can visit them. They are non-existent.
        Gen. Wesley Clark’s son is involved in this. He’s as nutty as his old man. It makes me think junior is trying to kick off a future political campaign.

      3. 91Veteran: Wesley Clark jr. may well be a left of center loon, BUT he is putting his ass on the line. I see him walking the walk. He IS DOING SOMETHING THAT IS LARGER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS.
        No one is coercing anyone to to do anything,19,000 people contributed to the cause, me being one of them.
        Blogging for whatever reason will accomplish nothing, you know as well as I do that’s it’s boots on ground. Stand for something ANYTHING, but put yourself on one side or another. When all is said and done it’s Wesley Clark jr who will be remembered, and not 91Veteran….Sad but True;.

      4. Actually, I may not be remembered and I don’t care, but my brother, also a veteran, will be.

        He works as a directional driller for pipelines and has put pipe in under rivers, lakes, streets, just about anything, all over North America.

        Wesley Clark is an ass for enticing other veterans into dishonoring their uniform for these lies. He has daddy’s money to fall back on after his little stunt ends Dec. 7th. Many of these other vets won’t have that luxury.

      5. Do a search using “The Mighty Mississippi River No Match for HDD” and you will read about a job my brother was on. It involved drilling under the river, then pulling in a 36 inch pipe that was 9038 feet long weighing over 2.5 million pounds.
        He was also supposed to be on a job in ND, but clearly parts of that have been delayed. A job that is much smaller, but involves putting the pipe 90 feet under the riverbed.

        Do some research on Standing Rock, and you’ll find there is lots of information and facts not being reported.
        Ask yourself, why is the left so worked up over a pipeline under a river in ND, but they all yawned over the Animas River here in Colorado being contaminated by millions of gallons of water containing heavy metals when the EPA caused that blowout? That contamination affected the Navajo Nation and many others in 4 states. Seems only certain water needs protection.

      6. Crazy elf; it might be possible to influence the DAPL debacle. The VA is too far gone for anyone of us to
        correct. I for one don’t waste any time anymore on VA issues. It’s a lost cause….I ETSed from a lost cause in 1970, one is enough.

  28. Too bad we can’t vote to fill the spot of Sec. of VA. That would be one way to prevent cronyism and break the cycle of impotent weaklings doing nothing.

    I hope Mr. Trump is bluffing with those names, and has someone in mind, who can and will get the job done. We don’t need more of the same, we need someone who actually cares about Vets and the issues we deal with.

    1. HEY KRAUSE HOW ABOUT BOZO THE CLOWN’ FOR SEC OF VA DC HQ NOTHING WILLL CHABNGE THE AFGE UNION CONTRACTS ARE THE LAW AGIN NOTING WILL CHANGE THE AGHE UNION RATS RUN VA YTHATS A LEGAL FACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I am very inclined to agree with you Sir.
        The AFGE has been in control of the agency for too many years, and that must stop.

    2. This is the group that will have the final say:Concerned Veterans for America-a Koch Bros asset….

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