Corrupt VA Execs

Shamed VA Execs Appeal Demotion

Corrupt VA Execs

Benjamin KrauseThe shamed VA execs charged with manipulating personnel transition protocols for their own financial and personal benefit have now appealed the demotions that resulted.

Kim Graves and Diana Rubens filed appeals for their respective demotions after collectively benefiting themselves by $400,000 while forcing subordinates to move. After being caught, VA OIG passed on their case for review by the Department of Justice for possible criminal charges. Those charges never came.


Now, the emboldened VA executives are fighting back against their demotions by filing appeals. Think they will get the same consideration as us veterans fighting for our benefits?

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One issue I cannot resolve is how their demotion was unjustified since the positions they accepted are constructively demotions to being with. I know most employers would cut your pay if you fought to get a job that required less work and less qualifications.

Here, VA demoted the two by cutting their salaries by $50,000 and revoking their SES status. Again, if they knowing excepted a job generally held by a lower ranking person, this demotion makes common sense.


For a little background:

Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves were senior executives and regional directors with the VA accused of using their titles to force subordinates out of jobs they wanted for themselves, according to a department’s inspector general report from September.

The VA tried to demote the women in October, but the case was dismissed in December on account of a technicality after the department didn’t provide them with all the necessary information in the allotted period. The VA earlier this month again tried to discipline the women. And again, they appealed the move to the Merit Systems Protection Board, which will determine whether the demotions stand.

How do you think this thing will play out?


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  1. The ownly indictment served is to the criminal justice system ironically they declined to prosecute that to.

    The executives trashed title 5 merit and are immune to title 18 criminal.

    The book ” license to lie” has got it right .

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    Remember one thing, these thieves make,or try to make fulls out of us but they will not full GOD, I could cite many instances in my own life but nothing is more credible then the “Battle that saved Europe,” in 1571.

    Please do not take y word for it just google the aforementioned “Battle of Lepanto,” to which I have referred.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  3. Dear Mr. Krause:

    To my fellow veterans, I was watching Donald Trump’s speech just last night the situation seems to be improving, proof GOD is on our side, so do not falter it appears thins are turning in our favor, do not give up on prayer.

    We never gave up when we were needed and we came out ahead, I can truthfully say we did not win entirely because it takes time, especially on such a monumental task and challenge we are now confronted with, but remember, with GOD’s help we ca surmount this.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  4. THE VA DC HQ RATS WILL SCREW THE VETS @ TAX PAYERS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ EVERY TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These two “Humans” (I like animals) I watched as they Both “Took the Fifth” before Congress. Rubens Actually “Smirked” as she repeated the Fifth Over & over again. As she (And) Graves BOTH Thumbed her nose at the Congress` Committee on Veterans Affairs (For) We the American people. Using STOLEN MONEY (We) gave/paid them to pay for a Lawyer. Not only to “stick it to us” but to also “Rub our nose in shi$” as the final Coup de Gras. With that wise ass “Smirk” deeply embedded in my memory.
    I recently made a statement about Mexico`s Corruption in the Mexican Government, Police, Federal & Civic, Military, Drug Cartels, The wage system of 5-8 bucks a day, As opposed to 8 bucks an Hr here, As the cause of people to come here to work.
    It`s my belief that they are jumping from the “Frying pan into the fire”. Compared by the size & population.
    The Corruption in the U.S. Government has the “Market” on corruption and very SOON will cause the Civil unrest dwarfing Mexico`s problems to almost to zero.
    The “Flow” of Traffic could reverse itself having (Illegal Americans) Fleeing North or South to ANYWHERE but here.
    To believe this can`t happen in the U.S. IS EXACTLY why we`ve ALL let out system to get so out of control of “We the People” There may not be anything short of a Revolution that could get the U.S. back on track, And STILL that`s unsure of any favorable result. IS IT TOO LATE? Because this situation, As BAD as it is, Is ALSO dwarfed by what really goes on in our nation. Perpetrated by the Very People we have elected to govern us. There are no “We the People” that`s been turned into a punchline to a really f`ed up bad Joke.
    Point is, How can we plug this Wound? OUR Country is Bleeding out. Do we wait for Her to die? Personally, I`d much rather die myself, In Her Defense. Because just Handing it over, And Giving up Is Hateful to me. Not an Option I will EVER consider.

  6. Dear Mr.Krause:

    My opinion on this Graves and Rubens issue is this; these people should be tried as criminals; conversion of funds, which they engaged in is felony, they should be made to pay restitution, serve jail time just as anyone else if that doesn’t happen it is a miscarriage of justice to let them go free, because they posses a title or have a lot of money.

    Yours for GOD and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

    1. @Frank P. Calderon,
      Do you see what’s transpired within our government agencies?
      Corruption at the lowest and highest level has become the norm! We, middle class on down, have slowly lost all rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      We don’t matter. We’re inconsequential to the super powerful. Last week I gave information on a “legitimate report” on how many individuals own the most wealth compared to the total population. The report came out early January. Here’s the finding!
      “Less than 100 people own more wealth than the remaining population of the world!”
      Think about that! Less than 100 people are richer than everyone else.
      Do you really think those who have millions care anything about the rest of the populace?

      As far as Graves and Rubins is concerned. In a few months, as someone has already pointed out, there will be no more said. They will be put back in charge. They will ruin veterans lives. They will continue to break the laws. Not only “man’s law”, but “GOD’s Law” as well.
      That’s my opinion.

      Maybe it’s time for God to step in and fulfill his retribution against all of society. As is predicted in the last book of the Bible – “Revelations”!

      “For GOD and Country” as you so eloquently point out!
      Crazy Elf

  7. @namnibor
    Hey, brother.
    How about googling this:

    The Clinton’s Dirty “Rich” Friend

    You may, or may not, remember on Billy Boy’s last day in office he “pardoned” a real bad man! There was quite a backlash over it!

    When you read what that scumbag asswipe “Reich” (his real last name) did, you’ll understand just how corrupt Hillary, Billy Boy and many others in our government, plus their “foundation”, really are!

    One thing, I’ve fact checked the “Why” BLM’s in many western states are “taking over” people’s property. There’s also a “take over”, by the ABLM (Arizona Bureau of Land Management) of Native American lands in Arizona for the exact same reason.

    1.) “Uranium and other natural resources!”

    I’ve done great research on this. And have come to a solid conclusion!

    When anyone goes to a civil court to adjudicate a claim. Isn’t it “the preponderance of the evidence” which will set the record straight?
    Well, when you read this article, you’ll understand just what’s going on!!

    Lastly, in my opinion, the Bundy’s and all the other idiots who took over the government land in Southeastern Oregon, they were wrong.
    Again, in my opinion, they should have gone to the Hammond Ranch and asked the family,
    “What can we do to help y’all keep this ranch going until you husband and son are released from prison?”

  8. Two Blonde bimbos whining about a demotion, really !! Only at the VA.

    And they will still be able to collect their pensions ,if they’re fired. And that’s a big if.

  9. Shamed VA execs? Surely you jest Ben. I have yet to encounter a VA exec exhibiting shame.
    How will this turn out? That depends on what the stated infractions were. If the demotions were for some infraction over forcing the other directors out, their demotions may stick of they violated some law. If its just committing fraud with travel pay, then they will win their appeals simply because someone higher (Hickey ?) signed off on their travel orders and their travel vouchers. This type of travel expense would have likely been required to have periodic vouchers submitted rather than one big one. The cost should have triggered an official a bit higher than their first line supervisor to sign off, which may have been Hickey or above her.
    Someone signed off on each of them.
    Likely the same person who signed off on the purchase of multiple posters for VAs across the country warning veterans of fraud in travel pay.
    This problem will not be fixed if this is policy, or if the official who signed off on these travel orders and vouchers is not identified. Even if Rubens and Graves are playing ignorant, the official who signed off should have known of what was appropriate.

  10. Nothing will happen because they are ALL listed in the Plum Book. Presidential appointees in high visibility billets can do as they please with no threat of jail time. They are appointed by the President and Confirmed by the Congress. When have either of those two power bases every admitted to making the wrong decision? They don’t and won’t, they will just shuffle people around and hope everything calms down. Anything to keep themselves securely in their elected positions, and inept employees reap the protection and pay so long as they stay quiet and don’t raise a fuss.

    You want change? Vote professional politicians out of office. All of them. Do not support political affiliations, register as and remain an Independent.

      I agree with much of what you say. Especially with voting all the career politicians out of office.
      Yet the last part I have to disagree with. If you want to vote for an “Republican”, in most states you MUST be registered as a Republican.
      For example, here in Florida your vote, if your registered as Republican, you cannot vote Dumbocrat or Independent.
      It’s as though this “two party” mafia has people by the short hair!
      Plus, no one can vote for anyone outside their district.

      I myself will be voting for Trump!

  11. MR DIANE RUBENS YO ARE ONE UGLY UGLY UGLY LOOKING SHEMAN WHEN ARE YO GOING TO MARRY MS KIBERLY BEALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I honestly do not think Rubens or Graves have the “moral compass” to even acknowledge that they even did anything wrong from the get-go with this.

    I am still wondering if these two have also behind the scenes tried to make this into a “Discrimination Issue”, in order to downplay the errant and illegal manipulations they orchestrated?!

    What are they going to say to support their demotion was “unjustified”? I predict that unlike recent legal actions where the VA screwed-up (purposefully) by not being prepared, et al, that the VA will more than likely give them what they want…UNLESS…the Senate/House Veteran’s Committees grow some balls larger than those of Rubens and Graves:-)

    These two should be incarcerated for Grand Theft and Deception on a Federal Level. If the VA will not prosecute (or fire) one of their own employees that beat to death a 70+ year old Veteran in a VA Hospital Bed down at that Louisiana VAMC, then I can see Rubens and Graves getting exactly what they want and more.

    Meanwhile, that $50,000. less they are making due to demotion would go a very long way for a Homeless Veteran or five Homeless Veterans. Maybe Rubens and Graves should be made to see how selfish their continued obstinacy towards their own actions are to lessor fortunate Veterans, because I honestly do not think Rubens and Graves have the capacity to even show remorse for their actions, which only serves to embolden all the other crooks and thugs at the VA.

  13. It looks like Obamy’s “appointees” have ruled and are ruling VA like “little Napoleons!”, for now.

    At least now we know the “relationship” between McDonald and Gibson! Both West Point Cadets together. Which means, neither served in a war! We also now know more about Gibson’s past.
    We also know “WHY” Gibson sat in front of the “Committee” and tried to redefine “accountability”!
    He, and McDonald, are trying their best to leave VA in a complete state of corruption and graft.
    Since Gibson worked for a bank (CEO of AMSOUTH Corp). In my opinion, this shows me he definitely knows how to manipulate monies. Therefore, the Committee needs to find out “WHERE” the money VA received is going. Because it damn sure isn’t going to where it’s supposed to be helping veterans!

    In my opinion, both McDonald and Gibson are “playing a dangerous game” with veterans lives. Both are basically thumbing their noses at Congress. They have basically proven the Committee, Congress and the Senate has no power over VA employees from top to bottom! They can do whatever they want with impunity!

    Until America wakes up and votes all career politicians out of office. This corruption will continue!

    On a side note. The CEO of CVA (Concerned Veterans for America) resigned as of 31 Dec. 2015! This was one of the side stories off of the military dot com link Ben gave for this story.
    Most on here knew the Koch Brothers were backing CVA. These people don’t give a damn about America. Same can be said about Soros!

    1. @crazyelf- It was Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) very major backing from the Koch Brothers that made me not have any respect for CVA because it’s all about “privatizing VA” and we see how this has been a HUGE FAILURE with many State Prisons that have been “privatized” just in my State…there’s been MANY successful escapes of thugs here in Ohio, and inspections have showed maggots in food being served…so I am not a fan of “privatizing” because it ALWAYS serves those with Big $$$$ such as Koch Brothers.
      I know many may disagree with me on this but these Koch Brothers could care less about Veterans let alone America, BUT they sure enjoy their freedoms to keep all their Billion$ off-shore and tax-sheltered, don’t they?

      1. @namnibor
        I agree 110% with what you say.
        “Privatization” of VA would be a mistake.
        On the other hand, allowing veterans to pick their own physicians on the outside would be a step in the right direction. The VA, in my opinion, would save money in the long run.

        The Koch Brothers and Soros probably have enough money in off shore accounts to put a big dent in our National Deficit, or even bring it down to $0!

        Yesterday, while listening to my favorite radio station. I heard an interesting fact about Andrew Jackson. It seems his administration was the last time our deficit was at $0. Which means, even though he did some very bad things, (Trail of Tears, etc.), at least he completely wiped out our deficit or debt. This AFTER the newly formed U.S. had been engaged in two major wars and other mishaps with foreign powers!
        I’m not condoning his mishandling of Native American’s one bit. Yet, his administration definitely got rid of our debt!

      2. Yup! It also was Hamilton that was VERY AGAINST the forming of the Federal Reserve and he even predicted what has happened this very day. Hamilton did MUCH more than perhaps ‘history’ teaches these days or people have motivation to spend time actually reading a book or three.

        Correct me if I am confusing something with some other accounting figure, but did not Pres. Clinton actually leave office with a HUGE Budget SURPLUS, in which was quickly pilfered by Halliburton and Raytheon, et al., not to mention all that “surplus” literally going in MANY palettes of hard USA Cash going to early days of Iraqi Freedom/Shock and Awe, and all the other “names” of these ‘war actions’ have been given, and there was NO accountability with all these Billion$….remember that back in the scandalous “private USA contractor mercenaries” that was so scandalous they went as far to change their name entirely to where I cannot even remember either of them other than original name may have had the words ‘dark or black’ in name of company????

        That lack of accountability seems to have historically gone all way back to Lincoln’s original conception of the VA or Gov’t Liability Insurance Co., and if it was once there, power and greed made accountability be buried 6 graves deep long ago.

        @crazyelf- please correct me if wrong or erred slightly about Pres. Clinton actually budgeting and leaving Whitehouse with a huge Surplus so I can reprogram my synaptic network on that?!! Thanks.

        OH….on CBS This Morning (today, 1/27/16), there was a whole story on a Disabled Veteran(s) that are bringing accusations that the “Wounded Warrior Program” has huge accountability problems and similar dysfunctions we know of the VSO groups. I hope it is erroneous but check it out. I thought and want to still think that’s a great group doing great things for Vets but will not support if same infection and inflection of greed has tainted the meat.

        Sorry so long. Talk of Jackson was right where my brain has been with Hamilton of late as well as good ol’ Benjamin Franklin. They must be turning like an eternal rotisserie in their graves these days the way the USA has gone.

      3. @namnibor
        Yes, your referring to the “Black Water Scandal” during Clinton’s administration. And, no – there was still a debt. I don’t remember how much.
        People were getting lots if conflicting stories by both Clinton’s! Remember when Hillary claimed “they were broke when they left the White House!” Then they had to return “stolen White House property. Or be charged!” ?

        I saw the article on World News last night about the “Wounded Warrior Organization”!
        It seems one disabled veteran was extremely upset over a $24+ million dollar “Conference” being held out in a Colorado Ski Resort. He just couldn’t stand by and do or say nothing! (It reminded me of the two conferences DAV did here at the Marriot in Orlando a few years back. Remember that fiasco. Or how about the conferences the VA did around the same time?)
        The top dog for this VSO didn’t even have the courage to come out and defend these accusations. Instead, he sent a punk to say the same phrase over and over! He even got “called out on it.” He sat there with a stupid fucking expression. Like, “What can you do to me or my organization!”
        In my opinion, this organization is just as corrupt as all VSO’s. This includes the VA!

      4. @crazyelf-

        Yes, same interview and am glad it was just not me making a knee-jerk reaction way back when I learned they were primarily financially backed by The Koch Brothers, and that comes with a price in the form of corruption by very nature of it.
        Yes, just like the other VSO groups that have lost their way OR operate in almost a ‘war profiteering way’ for that 501C tax exemption and all that PAC $$$….using Vets as head counts for contributions…we’ll send you a blanket.

        How about giving all those damn blankets out to Homeless Vets?

        That CVA representative DID seem really flakey and like he had no remorse and just kept repeated himself, sounding incredibly unprofessional. Kind of like what used to be called “Christian Children’s Fund” and they “took the Christian out of the name” when they were caught only spending few pennies on the dollar of their claimed church and subsequent 501C tax exemption…now they just overtly ask for cash.

        I think I am ranted out for now…oh, another American from Wisconsin radicalized and FBI caught them, they were planning to wipe out everyone attending a Masonic Temple…FBI arrested, now wait for Obama’s DOJ to state again there’s absolutely no problems with Syrian or otherwise refugees coming en mass to USA while at war with them?!!!!

        Sorry if a bit off topic, but corruption is eyeball deep these days to point starting to see brown.

      5. @namnibor
        Yea, there seems to be no limit to the corrosive corruption permeating within ALL government and civilian agencies! This goes for the city, county, state and federal governments!
        I sure do hope and pray America comes out of this deep sleep she’s in.
        From what I’ve witnessed on Facebook and Twitter lately, it seems more people are waking up.


  14. It’s the government, EEOC, MSPB are political pundits and are not of this country . Nor are they are pro veteran. The MSPB chair person is a communist traitor by all definition and represented union counsel. So Obama’s appointment of her her was clearly calculated. Her term is up in February. I have direct evidence that she misrepresented my case and this will be brought before the DC Bar counsel.I have an EEOC AJ that has 2 of my EEOC cases who states that my cases are “open” before her when they have clearly benn brought before the MSPB as affirmed defenses. She is getting a bar complaint as well. The bar associations do nothing, but it will be for the record and I will be placing a publice notice in their hometown newspappers about their conduct.

    It is all a waste of time until America is cleansed of VA period.


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