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How To Beat Veterans Affairs SEO, $24k Per Month Advert Budget

Have you ever wondered how much Veterans Affairs SEO budget costs when VA pays to stay at the top of Google searches to control the dialogue?

They pay $24,000, and that does not include the VSOs working closely with VA to drive discussion much less the tens of millions VA pays via taxpayer funds each year.

Hi all, and thanks for checking out some comment rules I need to implement for the website moving forward to compete with Veterans Affairs.

Did you know the Department of Veterans Affairs spends at least $24,000 each month to bomb Google with its own content?

The same holds true for some veteran organizations. Take Paralyzed Veterans Of American (PVA) as an example. They spend over $50,000. Compounding this, VA maintains its $5 million per month organic keyword website,, and its subdomains.

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Veterans Affairs Adwords Budget

Veterans Affairs SEO

Paralyzed Veterans Of America Adwords Budget


Just those two organizations spend $74,000 each month, almost $900,000 per year, to control traffic and messaging about veterans benefits.

And that is just on its Google advertising from just those two organizations not to mention all the government contractors VA hires to manage its keyword campaigns and other initiatives. All in, VA is spending tens of millions each year to dominate the landscape of Google Search.

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Can a small fry like compete? Heck yeah, but it will take a village without the budget of the Empire.

Do you know how many guides I would need to sell each month to compete with that budget? We’d need to sell 3,500 to offset our lack of taxpayer funds to control the dialogue, at least in the same way VA tries to manipulate public sentiment.

In order to compete in the marketplace of ideas, and to spread our Courtroom of Public Opinion to expose VA fraud, waste, and abuse, without that kind of budget, means needs our readers to go on the warpath more than ever to spread the news and keep our comments on target.

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Given VA’s enormous clout, budget, and partnerships to create an echo chamber, do you ever wonder how Free Speech and Free Thought on topics guided by the federal government can be maintained?

(More on the comments and their impact on SEO below.)

Top Paralyzed Veterans Of America SEO Paid Keywords

Paid Keywords Cost Per Click Monthly Cost
donate car $47.30 $4050.00
donate cars $39.48 $1318.80
car donation $41.74 $6450.00
military veterans $4.09 $38.70
donate a car $37.30 $3120.00

Top Veterans Affairs ( SEO Paid Keywords

Paid Keywords Cost Per Click Monthly Cost
military veterans $4.09 $38.70
apply for disability $3.02 $421.50
travel nurse $3.15 $8640.00
va benefits $3.48 $2280.00
veterans benefits $2.02 $546.90

Background On Comment Strategy

Those readers who have followed the progress of are aware I changed over to a new comment software platform. I had a mix of readers who wanted more options related to managing comments, and so I set out on finding a solution over the course of many months.

During that process, we saw a significant hit to site ranking and search engine optimization (SEO) as a result. This makes sense because the new platform truncates the comments somewhat, and the website is finally getting back to normal after 6 months. SIX MONTHS OF LOWER THAN NORMAL TRAFFIC AT DISABLEDVETERANS.ORG!

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Next Phase On SEO And Comment Strategy

The next phase is better coordinating website production with certain SEO standards.

Unbeknownst to me, comments matter when it comes to SEO. The best practice for comments related to SEO is to enforce a “stay on topic” standard rather than letting folks post whatever they feel like about anything. This prevents keyword frequency from being diluted from the target article, which happens if people post 100 comments about topics unrelated to the post.

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Yes, I realize this is not what some of you want, but here is my solution.

I will need help and support from all my readers to spread the word about the work we are doing here by sharing the heck out of the content on a regular basis. While VA relies on its deep pockets and backchannel agreements with veteran organizations, I rely on you to push this mission forward.

Now, I also intend to open up channels for contributors and a better forum option, so veterans and contributors who want to get the word about their particular mission will be able to publish here and in exchange for the content, I will continue to produce and edit the content.

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When you compete against Goliath, you have to think like David. I do not have a massive editorial board that buries commentary and unique reporting like a NY Times or other publication.

Of course, while all this is going on, I am managing my law firm and working to build out my learning management system I’ve been working on for two years. Luckily, that is finally almost ready to go.

While this new plan will not truly “beat” with its hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars, given the unique content we produce here, Google will hopefully continue to rank the website well as we continue to add new voices and fresh perspectives the Politically Correct within VA would be afraid to grab hold of.

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Next Steps At

So that’s where things are at right now on My ask moving forward is that comments on each post remain on topic. Here is an example of keeping things on topic in this article where I am addressing:

  • public affairs,
  • propaganda,
  • censorship,
  • media control,
  • federal funding for any of these,
  • search engine optimization,
  • Google Adwords,
  • spending by the government or veteran organizations on Google Adwords to push out divergent messaging,
  • First Amendment concerns,
  • VA deleting adverse opinions on Facebook,
  • Online publishing, etc.

Comments addressing these issues, your feelings and thoughts on these issues, and linking to articles addressing this same concern is basically on point.

Veterans who want to highlight additional issues should consider their hand at contributing here to get the word out about their unique perspective.

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  1. I just posted a comment, then my comment was put into moderation (with no links in content), and then puff, disappeared. Conclusion; spooky. – – – Nutter.

    1. Nutter, where is the comment you’re talking about? This system is automated like most other website comment systems.

      1. @Ben – – – Don’t know. When I posted, it then said in moderation. Afterwards, I refreshed the page, then it disappeared. Don’t know what happened to it. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      2. Same here Nutter. Except lots of my comments are not approved. @Ben I recommended using or my newest friend SEOProfiler.

  2. @Ben – – – This whole matter is disrupting. All SEO and no extras? Don’t know how this will “ALL” pan out. Maybe need some sort of menu listing; weekday topic, followed by separate menu of ongoing topics, and topics that reveal the new surprises that VA puts their spin onto things. Per the number of postings today, you may have to accept less number of posts per weekday. IMO. – – – Nutter.

  3. Ben,

    Maybe for policing the posts on this website blog you could solve the problem VA style? Appoint me as being in charge of overseeing the affairs of this blog. Call it Blog Affairs, or BA for short. I will develop a set of directives to conform to your wishes and pledge to hold myself personally accountable for any wrongdoing that I engage in while overseeing the BA.

    Under my leadership the BA can grow and serve all of your stake holders in equitable fashion conforming to BA directive. I promise to only involve our trusted labor partners for help with this service if absolutely necessary and ratified the BA directives. I will need a budget. I predict the budget will need to be flexible to meet changing BA demands. Very, very flexible in the expanding direction I am thinking…

    Ben if you appoint me to this role in the style of the Veterans Affairs management scheme, I promise I will deliver the best BA anyone has ever seen. Just one small fee.

    Think it over…

    1. I will act as the Office of the Inspector Sentence (OIS).
      Under this role I will investigate all matters at BA, that involve fraud , waste and abuse of sentences. But remember as the dialogue goes, I will not be able to conclude that a sentence was a contriburing factor to any matters at BA ?
      That was a great one Dennis! LOL

    2. @Dennis- “[…I promise to only involve our trusted labor partners for help with this service if absolutely necessary and ratified the BA directives….]”

      “Ratify”…VA redefined “Ratify” to mean to become a rat of questionable parentage. Better change that unless you intend to be inclusive to the sickness.

      1. namnibor, I have submitted your post to CorpsmanUp! for investigation by the newly formed (just now) DBC. The Disruptive Blogger Committee will inform you of their decision but not what the decision was but rather just that they made one. It was disruptive to to me to inform me that I needed to change.

        Your appeal rights are…… limited…..

      2. You’ve already installed industrial shredders in your BA Dept., haven’t you? Poop canons out and shredders in? LOL.

  4. so in the comments section on an article about staying on topic here I am going off topic. Need to celebrate. As of Nov 2 2017 my service is considered honorable for VA purposes and may proceed to a C&P exam!!!!!

    1. In an effort to stay on-topic AND celebrate, be careful, that ‘C&P’ could now very-well mean “Click & Point”…make sure to get some pointers over at that other gr8 Veteran-friendly and helpful website, ‘hadit dot com’…that’s where I learned everything I needed to file my own VA and SSDI claims at same time using my service connection evidence and medical crap…never send anything to them without making them sign for it as in registered & certified USPS…that gives YOU a paper record of their receipt and the real timeline.

  5. Hmm…Thinking about social media, why dont you take a hat tip from Trump and go all out on Twitter and Facebook like he did/does? I think that putting raw facts out there that may be controversial, and fanning the flames so to speak, would be far more effective than a half million $$ budget for SEO donations.

  6. “When you compete against Goliath, you have to think like David.”

    I like that analogy about VA!!! It got me thinking of other analogies about VA…How about;

    When you go to work at a VA career, you have to think like Capone (Al),
    When you believe what the VA tells you, you have to think like Magoo (Mr.),
    When you go to VA for care…no telling what you think like because you must be crazy! (checking my appointments now…)

    1. Can you believe that the same “Fifth graders” who tried to decide what was good for everybody are the same fifth graders who are now deeply entrenched in the VA Boobacracy? These boobs are getting paid to screw vets in every way they can. When is the VA “medical” organization and accompanying boobacracy going to be shut down and those billions of dollars spent for VETERANS’ pensions, disability benefits and actual medical care by outside providers, real doctors and competent alternative care providers?
      If every veteran punched just one VA boobecrat in the mouth, we would be way ahead of the game. Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits, flood the U.S. district courts. Many, Many slingshots will make a piece of swiss cheese out of the VA Goliath. When you of to an outside provider, at least you get to talk to a real doctor, instead of a physician’s “assistant” or nurse “practitioner”. If what I have seen of the VA is just the tip of the ice berg, we are in serious trouble. SPEAK LOUDLY

      1. I propose that our shots in our slingshots be made of white phosphorous internals and depleted uranium ball-bearing shells…to give them a taste of what the Gulf War Vets are still dealing with…but am thinking these clicky rats will react similarly to holy water-filled slugs.

  7. Corpsman move #552 Coffee shops, gas pumps and other open public places are good locations to display your colors, i.e F the VA hats, gold chains, like Flava Flav (big ol F the VA pendant)
    I am currently working on a T shirt that says
    Dear, Secretary and all others who have broken the sacred promise.,
    This is an official repossession of our healthcare services, pack your titties and GTFO
    (In the voice of Chesty Puller)

    1. CorpsmanUp!
      Let us know when you get the t-shirts going!

      I have one specifically designed for the VSO’s. On the back, it says, quote: “When two members gossip, there’s usually three or more opinions!”

      On the front pocket was the “VFW” logo! Let me just say, they weren’t too happy when I wore it to a “Post Meeting”! They couldn’t force me to leave. “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” ya know! They did “ask me” to “…cover it up!” I said “NO!”
      One of our members, at the time, was a good friend of mine. He’s also an attorney. He stated the post leaders, IF they forced me to leave wouldn’t be thought of in a “favorable light in a court of law! Mainly because, “bi-laws” are NOT recognized in a real court. Just like “Sharia Law” is NOT recognized in any court of law!

      Too them I say, Oh, well, “better to be pissed off, than be pissed on!” Right?!

  8. Does not sound like much but you figure that you could take care of three Vets per each 100K. What a waste of money when it could be put to better use.

  9. The “top executives” of Google were in front of a congressional committee last Thursday or Friday. They were slamming other websites. Saying “fake news” was rampant! They used “Scopes” and another site as their “FACT Checkers”! If you don’t know about Scopes, it’s an “ultra left leaning website” devoted to helping the government agencies and “left leaning” organizations, only!
    Google, Twitter and Facebook has also admitted to censorship of many “right wing organizations and websites!” Look at what’s occurring in Europe today, especially Germany!
    This “war on freedom of speech and press” is at an all time high! Why? Because, those who control the media, “Control the People!”
    Remember when y’all were in the military. What were the first two “agencies ” to “take control of”? Answer – The medias and communications! The next step, albeit at the same time, would be “those in power!”
    Do y’all see what’s been transpiring since JFK was assassinated?! A slow takeover of America!

    1. I feel discriminated against: My “clicks” are only the very best “free-range clicks”, not even addressed in the organic/nonorganic “click” dialogue and furthermore, they are low-calorie and non-GMO.

    2. Merkel in Germany outlawed any negative public discussion about any Members of Islam. They can say what they want, do what they want, rape who they want, steal from stores, don’t pay for public transportation and the list goes on. Her stance is that “German communities need to learn how to see it THEIRE way”

    3. Ya mean “Snopes?”

      I’ve been dealing with chronic censoring and corruption since the early seventies and beyond, even in Jr. high, with the school board and city officials covering up wrong doing, pedophiles, to severe racial issues they claim never existed here.

      Bad enough dealing with the health issues, not being able to find good care locally, eye sight going south, dealing with threats, harassment, etc., from locals on all levels. Then to be banned or get “strikes” from Youtube/Google just because I disagreed with some video or what I had saved in my lists, is total Draconian and fascist. Or with Local Democrats, town officials, colleges, and libs love it. Promising it will only get worse for “people like me.” And they don’t care if it is over legitimate veteran concerns or about our rights at all. They just want their crap/agendas out there, period, and we are not allowed to disagree in any manner or slightest innocent disagreeing comment on a Facebook page or YousuckTube.

  10. The powers to be at the VA could care less. If things get precarious, they just come up with another slogan, millions more posters and TV ads to praise an inept organization. Battle Creeks, MI VA website is full of self accrediting dialog letting everyone know how great they are

    1. My all-time favorite slogan the piggy VSO’s have mustered-up is that classic, “SAVE THE VA”…it’s the furious clicks of ratty claws wanting to keep things just the way they are.

  11. So…somehow “organic and nonorganic clicks” or “likes” are now far more valuable to the VA than actually fulfilling their *primary* mission in assisting veterans and administering safe and competent healthcare? May I ask this: How many clicks does it take for a VA Dr. or RN to kill a Vet? (that’s clicks of that ballpoint pen that can mean life/death to a Vet)

  12. My unique perspective is to pay for a VAis Lying poster board made specifically for an 18 wheeler. Get a few vets with CDL licenses to drive by VA headquarters.
    I knew the F the VA would make an impact , but still. F THE VA!
    Every time I go to my civilian doctor, I praise him over and over letting him know the VA sucks. It is best to let them know in the lobby when your appointment is done.
    Real time healthgrade counter intelligence move #551 in the book of Corpsman.

    1. I still have my CDL. You get the semi and I will drive by the VA head office and hit the air horn each time I go by. Think that would get their attention? Especially since semi’s are not allowed down that street so when I get stopped I can have a nice press conference about the problems with the VA and have it done on camera?

      1. @Dan- I like that idea, but may I add to have the entire contents of the semi-trailer cargo filled with about 10 Flights of Veterans all huddled and packed inside and we pour-out like fire ants with a vengeance for corruption when stopped? I’m sure if we huddle tight we could fit an extra Flight or two or would we need to allow for pitchforks, torches and other angry villager attire?

      2. I am willing as long as long as they are. Though with me wearing a back brace and two leg braces I may need a little help getting into the cab.

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