Labor Day Vacation

Hi all, and thanks for checking in this Monday morning. This has been a crazy summer with the bar, graduation from law school, and everything else that seems to uproot a person.

I will return in September with the full suite of regular daily columns and advice. Until then, enjoy your family as I am. Maybe with a little time to gain perspective, we will come back and figure out how to fix veterans issues. I won’t hold my breath but am forever hopeful.


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  1. The only, only, only way to get to the VA and the VAHS is to embarress them publically to the taxpayers. The VA spends millions and millions for PR to make them look real good and for damage control on their bubblehead ways. They don’t abide by any Congrssional orders given to them and don’t worry one bit about anyone or any Congressman straightening them out about anything. The department is a waste of taxpayor money (sound familiar?) and only responds to all Americans learning how screwed up they are and hearing about it from us Americans. You ought to start to direct your entire website on how to create the pubicity to turn their faces red.

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