Looking for Veteran Writers

Searching for Writers

Some of you may have noticed the huge image here putting out the word that I’m looking to bring on some additional writers.

I’m planning on taking this show on the road in light of the 2014 elections and am hoping to also pull more veterans in. I think we all benefit from reading as many perspectives as possible when it comes to life after service.

If you’re interested in trying your hand, send a note explaining what you want to write about and how often. I’ll touch base shortly if you’re a good fit. The gig is pro bono (no pay), but it is a good way to get some exposure for what you want to say. And you’ll help out a lot of vets.


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  1. Ron Nesler seems to think I can write. Perhaps one article on self-advocacy (and not letting the PTSD take control of the situation, like “going postal.”)

  2. I am not a vet. But I helped my husband with his claim. He then passed away in June 2013. I am still trying to get his claim approved. If I can help in any way by writing about the steps I took and am still taking please let me know. I would be happy to help.
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    Ron Nesler Dawn Marie Manley contact Ben Krause at the link in the article above.

    Hi Ben – I will help you out if you need my assistance. My above info I had posted to the Sprayed and Betrayed web site. Ron Nesler advised me to contact you at this web site.

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