2017 Christmas

Merry Christmas From DisabledVeterans.Org And The Krause Family

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a fantastic holiday season. I thank you all for turning in each and every day to get the word out about what I am doing here and the reforms we are pushing for within the Department of Veterans Affairs. On that note, it has been a big year on the “exposing scandals” front, and I will write a lengthy note on that the Friday before New Year’s Eve.

Until then, have a great time today and this week!

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  1. “Cyberattack disrupts veterans benefit program”
    Breach delays millions in benefit claims
    By: Mark Maxwell  Posted: Dec 20, 2017

    “ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A malicious cyberattack, launched in early July, paralyzed a statewide computer program built to help veterans claim their government benefits.

    The outage blanketed the state for at least six weeks and disrupted thousands of claims likely worth several million dollars, according to state records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Veterans were left to fill out pages of tedious paperwork and submit their claims on fax machines. The logjam delayed benefit claims which run the gamut, including drastic reductions in processed medical claims for wounded veterans, burial benefits for surviving family members and pension benefits for widows.”

    “Veterans Compensation benefits are down 57 percent; Widows Pension benefit claims are 45 percent behind where they were last year; Veterans Pensions idle at 48 percent below FY17 figures; VA Education benefit claims lag 65 percent behind; DOD Combat Related Special Compensation claims suffered at a rate of 60 percent on average; Monthly Discharge/Medal claims were filed 73 percent slower after the July cyber attack; Also stuck in a 73 percent nosedive are death benefits for veterans killed in the line of duty and burial benefits granted to surviving family members; VA Insurance claims are down 62 percent so far this fiscal year.”

    Full article at: “https://www.illinoishomepage.net/news/local-news/cyber-attack-disrupts-veterans-benefit-program/884153850”


    They really hate Veterans in Chiraq.

    1. That’s just code for Shulkin’s next open-hand/arms to congress critters with a herd of piggy VSO’s sneering behind him to ask for *MORE* $$$ to fix the fix of the unfixed fixed IT security system from 1985.
      IBM’s Watson set himself on fire in a server warehouse farm in Utah to prevent him from being tinkered with by the VA ever again like some Veterans have done in VA parking lots. Seeing another pattern.

    2. “https://www.mywabashvalley.com/news/cyberattack-targets-veterans-in-illinois/885032993”

      I posted about this earlier. Again, the information changes and the original reported by the talking lying heads is different. Now the reports all seem to be lining up to keep the new dance steps in sync. All negatives down, all positives up, all is well in la la land, just peachy, homelessness down, hunger down, nothing to worry about, getting better all the time. A video down/changed that stated this was last year, more rampant and involved, kept quiet till recently. We need some public hangings and executions.

  2. While the Generals and Politicians salivate over revisiting The Korean War or going all out with Armageddon in Middle East; please remember we still have tens of thousands of troops in the *still going* longest USA war in history since 2001 and most of us know that it really started in early 90’s leading-up to 9/11 and present time…and the VA is still lying while Veterans are dying. Still. Yet, we are as a Nation wanting to make even more Veterans to be shit and shat upon? I’m seeing a disconnection complex.
    I’m suggesting activating the draft. Maybe if the wars affect the hipsters we can end these wars or will the military just redesign uniforms to be way-too-tight skinny pants, long bears, fake glasses, and scheduled nap times interrupted by “war” that the hipsters will be personally affected, thus ending the war and VA? Or will the VA just get an exclusive deal with Volvo and skinny jeans and beard wax?
    Never mind me.

    1. I think hipsters look so military chic with their mcbeards and curly mustache handles mashed flat against their face behind a gas mask. The urine stain down the front of the MOPP suit really accents the lines and helps break up the dull green uniformity of the wool material.

      1. The beard wax may indeed make for a better gas mask air seal but am thinking the beard wax is a fire hazard but handy if you need a human wick. 😀 Think: spontaneous combustion.

  3. Is it Chritmas already??? Damn. I was wondering why all the kids in the apartment complex all seem to have cute matching sweaters on and perma-smiles.

    The perma-smile is a holiday tradition for kids. They know that intense gratitude must be displayed today so they all paint a “look how delighted I am with all this new shit” look on their faces. Then they don the matching Kitty Power sweaters from Aunt Louise and head the fuck out of the house before Mom starts slamming pots and pans, before Dad begins to entertain by farting out “Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits” in perfect harmony for the entire extnded family present and before Uncle Bob starts on his second pint of whiskey. The smile on their faces is sort of set in but the deer in the headlights look in their eyes just confirms the wisdom to me of only scheduling Christmas once a year.

    I do appreciate helping you get the word out about needed reforms Ben. I just call it by a different name. It means the same thing but I tend to frame things in a more procedural way. I don’t say “needed reforms”. I say “bulldoze all the fucking buildings into dust and make them into dog parks”.

    I know exactly what you must be thinking – obviously as a needed reform this only goes part way; but on Christmas I held back a little. I thought any description in todays blog of the needed crucifix(s) and proper usage therin might seem a little bit Scrooge today. I have a heart after all you know.

  4. Happy Holidays to Ben and your Family and all the other Veterans here too! Enjoy this of year with your family regardless of who you are with now!

  5. Hello and greetings to all,
    I would like to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and wish good will and cheers to you and your families. I like to thank you all for putting up with my quirky random posts throughout the year. ???
    I do not intend to offend anyone on here , but will apologize at the end of the day when justified. So I apologize for not saying Fuck the VA before 6 am. Fuck OIG for all bookkeeping purposes.
    Merry Xmas
    Your friendly neighborhood Corpsman

  6. Let’s pray 2018 will be the year that veterans serving in Thailand in support of their brothers in Vietnam will finally be afforded presumption of disability due to exposure to herbicides.

  7. In God we Trust ! Merry Christmas we are going to need the help of our Lord next year. Ben can not do this on his own. Santa was busy hauling al that Coal around for all those VA Employees.

  8. Merry Christmas to all and make sure to eat good and nap long today, wherever you may find yourself, even if that’s alone or with a pet.
    I already performed my Christmas morning tradition by taking a solid scaled down likeness of Santa Claus cast in milk chocolate and a freshly stirred natural peanut butter jar, dipping Santa’s chocolate head into the peanut butter and biting his head off like a demented hungry elf. (no relation to Crazy elf) 😀

    1. HaHaHaHoHoHo, namnibor, my brother!
      Hope you have a great Christmas!
      Did you know that Santa likes to work in the garden? YEAH, He has three “hoes!”

      1. Santa’s reindeer names are street hustler names in Jersey City in Winter. Watch-out for Vixen. She’s not right. She’s a biter…

    Don’t eat too much! Don’t drink too much eggnog!
    Oh, what the HELL, eat and drink as much as possible! It’s only a few times a year!

  10. Merry Christmas today is great day to think about what you to share your belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare and Veterans Benefits to your Senators and Representative. ..Semper Fi ? 100 percent ?.

  11. Dear Benjamin Krause
    Hope you and Your Family have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.Appreciate..All the information that You given me an how accurate->WOW can’t recall how long I’ve been member here but with All I’ve seen under VA Screwing TBI Vets an how the info All matches up to exactly what’s gone on with me ..so Amazing. Thanks again


    Richard Rust

  12. Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all Veterans and the Disabled Veterans get theIr belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare and Benefits.

  13. 12/24/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    I am wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Karg Family.

    It is a good Christmas so far I received a Christmas card from Senator McCain.

    I hope your Christmas tree has plenty underneath it.

    Merry Christmas to all,


    Don Karg

  14. Back at ya Ben, and for yours, and extended family and friends.

    At least we got some snow here making it feel more like the season. Santa and Rudolph flew over, Tinker Bell too seemingly through one bad eye, and dropped off one heck of a head cold. LOL. Back to news listening and chicken noodle soup.

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