Bush Era Bad Doctors

Bush-Era Illegal Hiring Policy Turned VA Into ‘Dumping Ground’ For Bad Doctors

A Bush-era illegal hiring policy followed by VA hospitals since 2002 allowed agency administrators to hire bad doctors with revoked licenses despite a national law forbidding such.

In 1999, a Clinton-era federal law prevented hiring of doctors with revoked licenses by the Department of Veterans Affairs. But in 2002, under President George W. Bush and VA Secretary Anthony Principi, VA created an illegal policy that allowed hiring of the same, turning VA into a “dumping ground for all these folks…” Congressman Mike Coffman, R-Colo, said in an interview.

How is it that VA was allowed to disregard common sense and federal law for 15 years while putting veterans’ lives at risk, knowingly? Will anyone pay the price for this negligent hiring practice?

Lawmakers Speak Against Bad Doctor Hiring Practice

Last Monday, 31 members of the U.S. House of Representatives fired off letters to the VA secretary expressing “extreme concern.”

“The hiring of doctors who have had their medical licenses revoked in any state is already prohibited,” 30 of the lawmakers wrote, including Democratic and Republican members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. “However, it appears the laws and regulations establishing that prohibition are not being followed by VA.”

Amy McIntire, the daughter of a veteran whose death was linked to malpractice performed by a doctor with a revoked license, told USA TODAY last week that she is furious VA circumvented hiring laws that led to her father’s death.

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“I’m appalled by the ineptitude at the VA,” said McIntire, a registered nurse who noted that an agency so large has numerous staff to write policies and ensure they comply with federal law. “For it just to be ignored, it’s crazy.”

Bush-Era Bad Doctor Hiring Policy

According to USA Today, the national guidelines governing VA hiring have stretched to 1,267 pages. And let’s not forget the additions and addendums added since their first issuance in 2002. Buried in one paragraph, on page 239, is the authority for VA to flout the law and hire disciplined doctors with revoked licenses.

Despite the obvious lack of common sense and disregard for the health and safety of veterans, the main problem with such a policy is that it is clearly illegal. The agency lacks the authority to circumvent federal law, though it often does when adjudicating disability benefits.

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VA Secretary Shulkin said the agency has 66,000 regulations.  And, Shulks says he has launched an effort to reduce them by 80%.

Do you wonder what regulations he is going to truncate?

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“I don’t know how any organization or any human being could appropriately understand and follow 66,000 policies,” he said. “If we don’t deal with these root-cause issues such as these ambiguous policies, we’re going to see problems like this just pop up over and over again.”

Cutting of regulation may sound great to some, but for VA, veterans and veteran organizations need to proceed with caution. Less regulations may provide the agency with greater discretion and less predictability when adjudicating disability claims.

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That aside, the issue of bad doctor hiring is a developing case being investigated by USA Today for the past few months.

We also covered problems linked to VA hiring bad doctors to conduct exams they were not qualified to perform during the run-up to the TBI Scandal in 2015 through work with KARE 11 reporter AJ Lagoe that resulted in a nationwide scandal and equitable relief package.

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/12/21/va-policy-years-allows-hiring-medical-workers-revoked-licenses-violatiohiring-policy-breaks-breaks-l/971058001/

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  1. In 8/2017, As one of the top of the top, presidents in the insurance industry stated, its about, DEPOPULATION while the ins ind increase its profits past 4 and half TRILLION dollars and “health”, medical care is over one half of that. The VA along with the medical community for civilians that are trained to NOT give what care is necessary here in the U.S. with those from other countries that are in actuality trained in quackery and shaman’s could do a better job. Too many of us that need medical care of a certain age, disabled, maimed, or sick due to toxins in everything like our soil, air, food, water and THEN include Rx’ed meds that either are tainted because they’re made in China, thanks to kaiser or we’re all overdosing of many meds.. “OUR” LEGISLATORS heed the hired guns that are thugs and goons called lobbyist’s, that work for foreign & international commie, fascist and muslims CEO’s that want us DEAD. The ins industry that includes the VA is not about saving lives, it is only about making profits just like the foreign companies and kaiser started all of it way back with its risk management expertise by the DOD and every employer bought into it because it was the fact, that doling out the right medical care that in effect would cost too much. and soldiers that come back from war medical expenses are only to make money for drug companies and tech companies coming up with NEW prosthetic’s that most vets cannot get. and if anyone thinks I don’t know what’s going on, then remember, that the WW11 victims who survived could tell you, that it is all more than possible and the ins ind, pharma, Monsanto and tech companies like Diebold and IBM helped it all along and their profits ended up in the “neutral” country called Switzerland and now there are over 50 OTHER offshore countries with our in lieu medical money in those accounts, along with our other life earned benefits like pensions and disability benefits including benefits owed to our vets!
    DEPOPULATE is being used in the insurance world and that includes OUR VETS. Just as the word profit is!For anyone making money to main , kill off deserves to be hung up side down like Mussolini, at the very least.

  2. Anyone know the phone numbers of the Fee Base Claims Office?
    Try googling it but came up empty.
    Had to go ER at a local hospital Sunday.
    Was walking and suddenly starting veering to the right and
    the floor was spinning. After cat scan MRI blood work ekg and
    X-ray everything was negative. I was released the same day.
    Doctors notes maybe minor stroke or vertigo. Follow up
    with neuroglist. I’me 60% service connected for asthma/copd.
    I must contact va within 72 hours.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Depends on what VA you go to. Do a Google search on your city and VAMC. Go to their web site and call them.

      Make damn sure you get to the right people there, and get the name of who you speak to. If you are on MyHealthEVet, follow it up with a secure message.

      1. That would be best actually if you can physically go there.
        Harder to ignore you.

        Get the name of who you report this to, and tell them you want a Report of Contact submitted on why you are there, then ask for a copy of that Report of Contact once its submitted.

        Either way, get something in writing on why you are there.

  3. Well i would agree about bad doctors for sure. For i wasnt treated with any respect with a few. So that is why i left the VA system in the first place to be treated at my pwn expensewhich cost me my reirement. For i was told that the VA did not have the rsources to treat my encephalitics and i was in ICU for a month near death and i am the lucky one but fom but from my point of view it doesnt feel,like it. But on the other hand my wife who,is An Emergency Room Doctor applied at the VA and was accepted after she gave notice at her ER Hospital went to work at the VA only to be turned away ffor they had definded the position. And now they do not have an ER at Spokane for lack of doctors. Not to mention the pay is very low she was willing to give to be only turnd away! She had worked at Langley, Farchild, and other VA hospitals with all of the scecurity clearances so management at the VA is lost. I only returnd to the VA system years later when i came to terms with some of my problems with years of therapy at my dime.

  4. Show just how crooked the VA is in Minnesota.

    “Former Mayor Pleads Guilty to Receiving Veterans Benefits Despite Having Not Served”
    5 EYEWITNESS NEWS KSTP, St Paul MN, December 21, 2017

    The former mayor of Lakeland, Robert A. Livingston, pleaded guilty in federal court in St. Paul Wednesday for making false demands against the United States.

    5 EYEWITNESS NEWS broke the story in September of 2016 when it reported that federal agents and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were investigating Livingston’s military service history.

    During his successful 2012 mayoral campaign in the Washington County community of Lakeland, Livingston cited his military record in a newspaper clipping, writing he has “military service as a field grade officer ….”

    The plea agreement said Livingston never served in the military and created “numerous false documents,” including a DD-214, when he applied to the VA for health benefits and compensation.

    Livingston obtained $110,566.21 in medical care from the Veterans Health Administration and $27,198.66 in tax-free disability payments to which he was not entitled, according to court records.”

    Full Article at: “https://kstp.com/news/former-lakeland-mayor-robert-livingston-pleads-guilty-receiving-veterans-benefits-but-didnt-serve-military/4716776/”


    Wonder which VSO pushed that through for the Mayor. DAV or VFW?

    1. The ‘Stolen Valor Patrol’ need to go fetch someone for a cold lake dipping and nonsurvivorship training.

      1. The Salton Sea would be perfect,hot in the day, cold at night. Gator roll his ass on the 111 side of the All American canal leading into Mexico.
        By the time they find him , it will look like someone lost a pinata.

      1. Then see how many times dipping him in a cold lake up around Duluth will take before he turns into a human popsicle(like hand-dipping candles), then kick it with a steal toed jump boot and see how many pieces he shatters into.

    2. His Bio while running for Mayor. Note it was updated after people started looking into him.

      Age: 69

      Family: Widower, one adult daughter

      Education: Bachelor’s in history and political science from Ursinus College in Collegeville, Penn.; two years at Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania; eight months of specialized courses at the graduate division of the London School of Economics and Political Science

      Occupation: Executive director, Yellow Ribbon Network of Washington County

      Relevant experience: Eight years on Lakeland City Council, serving as acting mayor, parks commissioner and personnel committee member; previously served as public safety commissioner; former member, State Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information task force; former member, county Public Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee; member of county Parks and Open Spaces Commission

      Why should people vote for you? “In addition to the city council, I have broad experience in management, military service as a field grade officer and relevant education. My work with Beyond the Yellow Ribbon is widely respected and has given me the opportunity to interface with officials including legislators, Gov. (Tim) Pawlenty and Adjutant General (Larry) Shellito.”

      Contact information: 651-998-9510, ralivingston “at” gmail “dot” com, boblivingston “dot”us

      Bio pulled from
      “Lakeland mayor’s race: About the candidates”
      By Mary Divine Pioneer Press
      PUBLISHED: October 6, 2012 at 11:01 pm | UPDATED: November 10, 2015 at 10:28 am

      At: “https://www.twincities.com/2012/10/06/lakeland-mayors-race-about-the-candidates/”

      Also note he listed his Occupation: Executive director, Yellow Ribbon Network of Washington County

      The organization does not exist.

      The News report indicates he was a member of the local chapter of the VFW and fell out of their good graces. Then they turned on him.

      1. “The News report indicates he was a member of the local chapter of the VFW and fell out of their good graces. Then they turned on him.” –Like rabid gators *Only* because Livingston had no real Veteran Influence/Background for the piggies to benefit from once they realized they were duped. Loving this part. I’m smelling burnt bacon being served with dissociation served cold. 😀

      2. Most likely he got caught steeling from the pull-tab profits they run through their post to the bogus Non-Profit he was in charge of. No doubt they helped him get the VA Bennies.

        But he must have got caught schimming more than his fair share. So they retaliated. They are co-conspirators more likely than not.

      3. Also need to point out about the Big Thriving Metropolis of Lakeland MN.

        Google Maps states: “The population was 1,796 at the 2010 census. Per–Wikipedia.” Currently the population is 1,827 (2016).

        Also the news report said he was a member of the VFW Post 9024. Their website is listed at the link below. One notable thing is that they List “Woodbury Yellow Ribbon Network” and when you click o the link it leads to page does not exist error.

        But thanks to the internet archives it is available at:




        Just more scams non-profits is all they are?

      4. 1. Bob Livingston. How can anything he says now be true. Everything is suspect with this Klown now. He is liar. Bob Livingston entire resume is questionable. And the SOB lied and got benefits from the VA! And the SOB started updating his resume, only after people started reporting him. What a-f**king Pig. Bob Livingston.
        It is insulting, to injured vets, and disabled former soldiers, who had worked so hard, served their country, and did not get anywhere due to injuries. Or lost everything due to injuries or a disabilities. Total Pig.

        2. This is same things. These three VA employees did in ohio, Started updating their resumes as soon as they were reported for shit, at the Akron Ohio VA. This one right here.
        Pamela Sue Sherer AKron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo road Non Veteran Catholic. Knucklehead. Had a social work degree cert on her wall. And then somehow this nut jumped over everything, maybe everyone. And then earned a degree, ph.d. from this small Catholic college in Philadelphia. Where it was in Gerontology. The study of aging. I thought WTF? Of then she jumped back from the Catholic College from Philly and got into the VA Ohio. Interestingly, the only diagnoses she had taken from three private providers. Was from another Non Veteran Catholic, Draft Dodger 1964 to 1973 Anti Military in Lancaster Pennsylvania, who I had only seen for maybe 7 months. Catholic to Catholic, and non veteran to non veteran!

        3. This one, Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic lied right to the senators, senator Rob Portman Ohio, and Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio. Huge two foot Rote Caste Iron Black cross on her wall. With these rosary beads, and mother mary stutue with blood coming out of her hands, or something like that. But she said of course lied to the senators in Ohio, “veterans gave her those religious artifacts!” Well then those veterans must of-been catholice vets. Then you had to walk in her little office, and sit down. And stare 3 to 5 across at the “Charles Mason” like shit. Of course I had a witness. Wrote the senator, only after she had lied about the placement of these “religious artifacts” she quoted to the senator. And of course she lied. WE let her lie first. She lied also to the VA Medical Director Susan M. Furher Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. Then WE wrote the senator, about her lies. With a witness!

        4. Now I am being treated for truama, and she knew damned well how I was injured, and the injury haunted in my life by this non veteran catholic Pamela Sue Sherer, who skipped out somehow on her bizarre formal education, that ended up at the VA Akron Ohio. It just odd. How she put these bizarre degrees on her wall. And these “Catholic Artifacts” that she lied about in her office! Some kind of social networking sh*t going on here at the VA. But Pamela Sue Sherer did change her resume up, like this character above here Bob Livingston. Only after the senator inquired did Pamela Sue Sherer did she change the resume, and she lied to the senator(s) of Ohio.

        5. The point is, if your going to lie like that. How can you be trusted? Then how and why wouldnt she lie on her Forensic Reports, her VA medical notes about YOU, or any other injured veteran or disabled former soldier. The point is, if lied once or twice to the senators. How can she be trusted at all?

        6. Then this guy, is across the hall from Pamela Sue Sherer. Engaging Gang Rape. Medical abuse.
        ERIC CANNA Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road Outpatient clinic who said and stated,

        7. Then they bring in this “Forensic Whore”, PETER M. BARACH OHIO NPI #1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973, (possibly deferment from miltary for mental health problems) democrat leftist, possibly anti military Jewish C and P Exam Hatchet Man. Out of no where. This nut Peter M. Barach cherry pick from 7 months worth of private medical notes. Disregarding 6 years worth of private medical notes from 2 private providers, who created a DBQ form fully developed claim. WHen you can in the same local yocal over and over again. Pay him over and over again. It is more like likely (50% greater) the forensic eval, psych eval or C and P exam is going to be favorable to the Payee or institution that pays “the Forensic Prostitute”. Meaning, there will be a bias against the injured vet, vulnerable vet or disabled former soldier and the C and P exam will lean towards those who had paid PETER M. BARACH. It forensic fraud. Or he is known to the courts and judges as a “Forensic Prostitute.

        8. PETER M. BARACH Got a couple credit in Psychology from John Hopkins. Flunked out and eneded up at ANN ARBOR MI majoring in “Children”. Gets his degree in “CHILDREN”. Then ends up across the steet from his house at SHAKERS HEIGHTS CLEVELAND OHI at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE where he spend how many years. Talk about “ACADEMIC INCESS”. Graduates from this LOCAL YOCAL COLLEGE the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE, and gets a job across the other side of the street from his house at the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. PETER M. BARACH these get to engage in “FORENSIC FRAUD, cover up for malpractice by other VA Employees, by doing these hatchet jobs, Or DRIVE BY SHOOTING on injured vets and disabled former sodliers, where he creates “FRANKENSTEIN” Like corrupt 20 page c and p exams in the their VA File wihout any DUE PROCESS.

        9. Peter M. Barach Ohio NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973, Demorat Liberal Possibly anti military, Jewish VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. C and P exam, VA LAP DOG, or the VAs FORENSIC WHORE. Aka. “THe Monster of Shaker Heights”, Cleveland Ohio

  5. Only at the VA can one be promoted for a Stellar Display of Incompetence!!!

    “An insulting promotion at Veterans Affairs”
    By The Denver Post Editorial Board | December 26, 2017

    “For years, Coloradans have endured shame and embarrassment over the enormous cost overruns and the continued delayed opening of the new veterans hospital in Aurora. Comprehensive investigative reports from The Denver Post and documented findings of shortcomings by federal watchdogs have offered details meant to explain the many lapses that swelled the hospital’s expected cost by more than $1 billion. But at the gut-level understanding that many understandably rely on, we would guess that readers see the construction project as simply another crown jewel among examples of government incompetence at its finest.

    Such a boiled-down assessment might help explain the latest outrage. Turns out one of the key players in the debacle has been quietly promoted. As recently reported by The Post’s Mark K. Matthews, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs named Stella Fiotes to serve as its acting head of the divisions that — wait for it — handles acquisition, logistics and construction.”

    Full Article worth reading at:


    This promotion certainly shows just how incompetent Shulkin is!!!

    1. What’s interesting is the response from that putz, Cashour, “We appreciate the congressman’s concerns and will respond to him directly”.

      As if the taxpayers have no need to know why the person in charge of a project that went well over a billion in cost and way behind schedule got promoted.

  6. I have “Extreme Concern” for my safety and health if I were to use the VA and not Medicare and private medical specialists. It may cost me significantly more out of pocket but I cannot place a price tag on my sanity so my ‘extreme concern’ is justified and not an unjustified PTSD type of fear…reality kills.

    1. Does anyone have a link of the VA doctors who weren’t credentialed or improperly licensed? I’m assuming the VA will redact their names for “privacy” reasons

  7. cant believe i served my country knowing in the end it was not even worth a damn. US is falling apart for its attentions to divide and conquer.
    any advice for Canada euthanization doctor.am all ears. there is no honor in this country anymore.

  8. had an tele. conf. with pharmacy consultant doctor.
    they say that they are the ones that are suppose to give me advice about big pharma. it was the greatest insult to my life i had ever witness.not only did she lie in my medical notes but asked me random questions without any advice under a doctor. so it was not even the right doctor i was speaking too.

  9. I once came across a VA policy that said they can in times of shortage hire doctors without the doctor providing any credentials. At a town hall type gathering I questioned the VA admin about that and was told that only happened in time of emergency like a natural disaster, however that is not what the policy said, it clearly stated they could use that when they had a shortage of doctors, which is always

  10. “…..Last Monday, 31 members of the U.S. House of Representatives fired off letters to the VA secretary expressing “extreme concern.” Right, “We’re extremely concerned”, and they won’t do a damn thing about it.

    Go back to Clinton’s ca 1999 “law” and see how many Dems and Reps voted in favor. Then, go to Bush’s circumvention and find out how many Dems and Reps were OK with it. My hunch is that it’ll be the only fair and balanced you’ll find from Congress.

    It still amazes me that millions of veterans cannot get together and give their government the finger. You know – burn some flags, and camp out in front of recruiters to dissuade potential enlistees. The current or next Nimrod in Chief is going to get us dragged into another war. For that, we’ll need canon fodder capable of fogging mirrors. These impressionable kids will listen to veterans.

    Every friggin day Ben comes up with crap that should embarrass the shit out of the VA and Congress. But – (no offense Ben) – it barely matters. And it won’t until veterans stop waving the fucking flag and start to get militant. We were trained to honor our country and obey. Nowhere does it say we have to acquiesce to being brain-washed. I’d rather take a knee than keep taking a dick.

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed,there’s a massive military industrial complex that has now encroached into over 130 countries. I don’t see Congress jeopardizing that money machine for the sake of even modestly better healthcare for vets.

    Follow the money. Money money money.

    Queue Anthony Jackson’s bass on the beginning of the O’Jays hit, “For the Love of Money”.

    1. I honestly think they are playing the long-game and the near future it will not be warm bodies but warm drones and circuits within robots and nanotech and it’s already in existence, they are simply improving upon it…and robots and circuits are reprintable or more disposable and cost effective than warm bodied able to fog a mirror trained military member. DoD just announced self-flying jets and helicopters…sorry to say, but we Vets are soon to be dinosaurs and new military recruits are programmers of code from MIT…so more of a ring-knocker future while the robots war onward and they then can beg congress for more parts. This would mean no VA medical even needed…again, in the long-game outlook and perspective. This future, like quite a lot of science fiction, can be seen action-filled played-out in the “Terminator” series. Wait for it…”Ill be back”!

      1. I was watching a vid on youtube the other day. The Atomic Bomber W-125 if we achieve a breakthrough in nuclear technology that allows us to build small, durable, powerful reactors. We can keep autonomous air frames aloft for months on end. The only reason to RTB is to re-arm and for any maintenance issues that develop.

  11. I do believe it’s time for ALL vets/patients to be allowed to “video record” and/or “voice record” every appointment at the VHA’s and at any administrative setting as well!
    The way it could be done is; Vets need to be able to remember what they’re told!
    NOW, if they’re told to do something, and it causes them harm, the proof will/can be used against the VA!
    I know, there’s a flip side to this. Only let’s get something one record to help vets first!

    This b/s of claiming VA is a “government agency”, and NOT a “civilian agency”, has got to cease, PERIOD!

    1. I totally Agree on the recording elf I just ordered The best one I could get and plan on using it Screw the VA I’m getting tired of the bullshit they are putting in my records, Like T said “WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO EAT ME”….LOL

      1. Always wear copious amounts of anti-manatee spray before entering any VAMC. Bug spray only attracts them so do not make the mistake and spray yourself with Round-up…

  12. If you read carefully, this article is bad enough because the VA hired this butcher AFTER his license was REVOKED.

    There is outrage because his license was yanked and his actions killed a vet, but why is the outrage different for those who may have survived malpractice? Are they any less maimed by these quacks?

    I think the VA has a much bigger problem with hiring and retaining those that have been sued for malpractice. Multiple times.

    If you look at VA practices in hiring those with a revoked license, what makes anyone think they won’t hire and retain some quack with multiple malpractice settlements? The only difference is that either the vet is still alive, or the maiming was not so severe as to warrant license revocation. Or the state is too lazy and blames federal jurisdiction.

    Given how states readily give jurisdiction to the VA in overseeing their doctors, how many malpractice suits can a VA doctor get away with before a state yanks their license?

    I recently found out a VA doctor at my VA has been sued and settled a third malpractice claim. The settlement shows “Self Insured-Federal Government”. The guy is a surgeon. His malpractice settlements date back to 1994, with the most recent in 2016. How many surgeries will the state licensing board allow him to screw up before they do anything?
    He joins at least 5 others that have been sued and settled for malpractice at least twice.

    At least Shulkin is taking this very seriously by whining about the amount of policy. The usual response is not following or a lack of policy. Sane people can understand no policy is a substitute for common sense.

    Since federal law was ignored for 15 years, I bet there are many more quacks with revoked licenses at VA. I bet that number pales in comparison to the number of malpractice suits settled, and the state ignores them.

    1. 91Veteran,

      The law should be changed to make all VA providers supply their own insurance and Veterans should be allowed sue in Regular Civilian Court in cases of Malpractice.

      With the number of Veterans life’s that would be saved and no doubt the number of Veterans injured by malpractice would certain be reduced to a fraction of what it is now.

      Also the saving to tax payers would be in the Billions annually.

      If the doctors are a student the university should be paying for all Malpractice claims or insuring their students. Not Tax Payers.

      1. By allowing vets to sue in state courts, it might also get the attention of state regulatory authorities and prevent the VA from shuffling these quacks around the country.

        Some might say you over estimate the amount that could be saved, but I bet its fairly accurate when you factor in all costs associated with malpractice such as the increased cost in care or other factors not accounted for when just adding up settlement amounts.

        I’ve mentioned this before, but this reminds me of a USA Today article in the mid 1990s when the military would allow medical professionals to join and be ranked according to their professional degree. These hacks would join so they could avoid malpractice suits in the civilian world. One doctor joined to avoid sexual molestation charges. Another joined in his mid 50s to avoid at least two malpractice suits. The military allowed them to join, then shipped them off elsewhere out of reach of the suit.

        2 states were dumping grounds for bad doctors…Oklahoma and Colorado, because both did not require military doctors to pass any state licensing exam.

        I recall congress was outraged for a day or two over that, and they had some Undersecretary For Fucking the Troops testify, then total silence on the subject.

  13. Here’s something interesting.
    With VA always stating “privacy rights policies”. [when anyone questions VA employees committing a FELONY], how would anyone find out who in the healthcare side of VA has been charged, criminally or civilly, to get them FIRED?

    Plus, since these new revelations have hit the news, WHY hasn’t the VSO’s, even down to the local levels, shown their displeasure? Why are they staying silent? Oh, wait. Could it be the VSO’s are “afraid of losing their cash cow?” Like maybe the “DAV”, and a couple more, being kicked out of all the VHA’s nationwide?

    1. Anyone doing any business with VA should be required to go through a security clearance and all employees should be mandated to carry professional liability insurance. This can be funded by the OIG recoveries that they brag about ,sua sponte Shulkin begging for money every 3 months.
      Where is the money you are recovering Fake OIG?

      1. The OIG may be embarrassed in publishing news of the $39.00 they recovered in travel pay from a veteran, while millions are ignored being shoveled at PR firms for flashy advertising.

    2. The VA would have to fight the AFGE in a losing battle to kick the VSO’s out of the VHA Facilities since most of the VSO representatives working for the VSOs at VA Health Care Facilities are also Full Time Employees of the VA under different titles at the VA.

      Of Course also all AFGE employees are also being paid as Full-Time VA employees under different titles also. So Both the VSO and the AFGE employees are collecting two pay checks.

      1. The Piggy Sizzle War would not take very long at all. 1) remove funny hat and it takes away most of their powers, 2) then give each of them some white phosphorous chewing gum and wait for the bacon sizzling smell…you have just started/completed the Piggy Sizzle War.

      2. Another good, needful, very divisive, controversial issue. Unions and connected toes that would be stepped on if any real change happens.
        AFGE, AFL-CIO Trumpka, SEIU, local union powers that be, etc. Then it all, like local attacks, retaliation, I deal with contaminates local civilian health care, metro unions under the AFL-CIO umbrella, cops, fire, etc. Who are they all going to stand up for and support or protect? Plus their family and cliques at the VA or those in the local medical fields that seems to carry on the VA threats and to silence trouble makers. No recourse of actions for people like me or other vets with the same issues unless they are connected somehow.

        How many vets know how strong the SEIU is and how militant they are, plus filling positions in the VA? They filled the streets some years back under Obummer in support of open borders and Trumpka (?) wanting to unionize the planet (VA) with them (illegals). While locally the local rulers demand a full stop of “Right to Work” laws that would not force people to join such unions to work and tell, demand, people to vote Democrat only, and see that corruption, nepotism, malevolence, never ends. Along with the dues and lobbying.


        Meanwhile, I do without proper care, deal with various forms of harassment, totally ignored. Those local metropolitan unions plus town officials, workers, have their very own clinics and care much like Congress has, claiming it saves tax dollars for the working serfs dealing with lousy choices for care or unable to find a decent caring medical service minus the BS.

        Having dealt with corruption unions and much more in the past, plus like the VA staff covering for staff, MDs covering for techs or whomever, and vice a versa kings blurs who we can actually do some battle with or find the true source of all the evil. Live in a totally corrupt community like mine, throw in the VA, an uncaring government, another joke of a president and gaming Congress… it’s a lost cause. Especially living in a state strong with such groups like MoveOn, CPof the USA or towns filled with politicians, workers, colleges sworn to groups like the Eugene V. Debbs socialist workers society, plus the old Students for a Democratic Society, but actually communist/Marxist/bullies/tyrants/censors/fascist.

    3. Yep. fear of retaliation, losing the cash cow, losing the old quid pro quo, not being part of the in-crown or dis-favor of the college kiddies or country clubber scenes, etc. Not a one top to bottom cares or has shown the least bit of concern locally, none.

      Felonies are allowed here, over-looked, supported by most. Really nice (sarcasm) living in a global community that brags of perfection, a perfect place to live, full of compassion and equality for all. Nothing here but positivism, truth, honest media with all the “News we need to know.”

      Really, they all have shown their true colors, many vets here too. Who would dare lose a job, be black balled, shunned, become known, in such a community for standing up to generations of nepotism, evil, or a locale full of corruption everywhere. It’s not good but they all have their own agendas to fulfill and we are not part of it.

  14. I’m thinking had Sen. John McCain looked a bit harder he could have easily found at the VA some brain cancer hacks that were rejected/fired due to malpractice at their former employer, the Mayo Clinic!?!?!! But no….McCain jumped ship to a cruise ship of medical care while leaving his fellow Vets stranded on the VA’s poop decks….and that fucker along with other congress critter Veterans like Lindsey Graham and other bags of air KNOW how fucked-up the VA is…everyone of those worthless hacks on both Veteran’s Committees KNOW this, yet do nothing but enact more fucking rules to be never obeyed by the VA.
    Am I the only one seeing this a bit like the ‘Borg’, in ‘Resistance is futile’?!
    Shut the VA Medical Part down. Completely. Medicare Plus for all Vets and get the AFGE Union out of Federal Gov’t. and the VA.

    Another example in my reality: A relative has been recently going to VA for substance/alcohol/mental health abuse counseling and these fucks have advised him to totally be selfish and ignore his entire family during holidays after our father died this year…they are ENCOURAGING isolation and teaching him that his alcoholism is NOT a disease but a CHOICE….wtf? Yep, this is the VA system in Indy. Assholes. It’s like the VA subliminally is instructing suicide by doing polar opposite of what the REAL medical field does.

    1. Found the proper VA Doctor for McCain.

      Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr. Mohamed Eleraky.

      He certainly had plenty of time on his hands to take care of McCain.

      “VA doctor gets $1 million to ‘do nothing,’ while VA forced to keep him on staff”
      by Melissa Leon — American Military News posted November 27, 2017



      His Florida Medical lic states that he graduated from Faculty Of Medicine – Tanta University or better stated Tanta University is an Egyptian university in the city of Tanta, Al Gharbiyah governorate, Egypt.

      Also the lic states that he graduated with a degree of MBChB. A MBChB degree is defined as: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees, which are awarded in the U.K. and other countries (such as New Zealand and South Africa) after 5 years of what is analogous to a combined undergraduate-graduate course of study.

      The Florida License also indicates that he holds licenses in Ohio and Wisconsin. Oddly he forgets to post info on his California license. Maybe that is because he uses his full name there which is EL-HARAKEH, MOHAMMAD-ALI ADNAN and he list a different university for his medical education. Lebanese University School of Medicine.

      Certainly if a brain surgeon with bachelors degree is good enough to be hired to work on Veterans. He should certainly be qualified to work on lame Brain McCain I would think.

      Also McCain would have a chance to support some of his isis friends by using him. Unless McCain is a racist against Muslims.

      Also worth mentioning his Wisconsin lic shows Mohamed celebrated 9/11 this year by paying his lic fees and dues in Wisconsin on 9/11.





      His Ohio license is not findable under either of his names.

      1. Seymore, your comment makes me wish we had a crowdsourcing web site or database as Ben has mentioned where we could post information like this.

        A simple site where VA doctors/nurses names, where they are licensed, malpractice suits and questionable items on their license.

        The Southern Poverty Law Center has their hate group listing that is cited by the media constantly. Imagine if veterans could verify and post the same information on VA doctors.

      2. The list of unqualified doctors an hacks and the list of those VA Boobs who hired them needs to be widely circulated;
        There will be a long line of veterans waiting to take a crap on the freshly backfilled grave of Songbird McCain

    2. Brings me back to the time I was left speechless & stunned during one appt when my VA doctor said to me my Iraq Combat Veteran son who had recently returned home “should NOT be living with you” & he needed to move out. Really! Where is he supposed to go & who is so heartless as to throw out their child into the street after returning home from war. How many of these young people have counselors & Drs told to move out of your parents house only to commit suicide because they were not yet able to function mentally or financially on their own. F-You anti-family VA.

  15. Seriously anyone who has any Health Care Provided by the Veterans Administration should have their head examined.

    The deadliest and most corrupt Health Care System in America.

    1. On a side note the total heath care system in America has been taking a turn for the worse for a long time now. With no signs of addressing the problems to improve Health Care. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

      One example:

      A Report by the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration from the Diversion Control Division that was last Updated October 12, 2017.

      The Report is a listing of investigations of physician registrants in which the DEA was involved and resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the Doctors connected to Drug Diversions conspiracy schemes.

      The report contains 104 pages listing the Physicians who were prosecuted and lost their license to dispense drugs.

      About 98% of the Physicians arrested and prosecuted were arrested and prosecuted prior to the Obama Administration taking Office in January of 2009. After Obama took over almost all investigation and prosecutions ended.


      Anybody wonder why we have a national problem with opiate addiction that Surged under Obama?

      1. …and gobbled-up by the AFGE and VA leeches in no time, disserving Veterans. No accountability only attracts the most dangerous serial killers.
        John Wayne Gacy & Jeffery Dahmer would have worked at the VA if given time and The Zodiac Killer probably is hiding/working at the VA to this day.

      2. Seymore,
        Off topic, yet noteworthy for what transpired during the Obama administration’s decision to halt investigations is; “Operation Cassandra”! This was against ONE of America’s worst enemies – ie; “Hezbollah” in Lebanon!
        Kinda goes along with other “investigations” Obama wanted halted, doesn’t it!

        [The reason behind my bringing this up, is due to my direct connection and involvement in helping extract civilians being held captive by Hezbollah, at the Beirut, Lebanon Airport in 1976!]

      3. That must have been something Elf in Lebanon. I remember watching it on the news as it was being covered.

        With Project Cassandra the news that is out barely scratches the surface of what is going to come out from what I am finding. There is a heavy duty Pakistan connection with some of the bad guys in Bin Laden’s old neighborhood in Pakistan.

        Also there is the connection to those Pakistani Democrat tech aids who had access to about 45 democratic members of Congresses computer systems and the DNC’s systems.

        Project Cassandra was born out of the success of Operation Titan. In that operation there were many success prosecutions but of course as soon as Obama took over he did shut down most major drug prosecutions and blocked Cassandra.

        His actions demonstrated that he had more of a plan than just getting the Iran deal. He attacked our country.

      4. Too bad we just extracted the good guys instead of completely destroying Hezbollah. Thanks fo0r your good work, Semper Fi

      5. Also want to point out that Project Cassandra was reportedly started in 2008. Obama did not get into office until January of 2009. That is when the obstruction of the investigation started by the Obama administration.

      6. Seymore,
        Seems,the Obama administration “obstructed” many such investigations. In order to “take down OUR REPUBLIC by any means necessary!”

      7. Seymore, I’m curious if there are any names listed in the report you cite.

        I ask because the web site I looked at for verifying VA doctor credentials and malpractice suits has an entry within their profile for whether they have any DEA sanctions against them. I don’t recall if other state licensing sites have the same entry.

        I’m curious if there are any names in that report, and if it matches state licensing information.

        Or is it an instance where that information just never was reported to state licensing boards.

      8. 91Veteran,

        There are a lot of names on the list and I started at the A’s to see if they were still practicing after their sentences by checking there names on the National Providers Index (NPI), for Medicare and Medicaid. A lot of them had received prison time.

        I didn’t start checking State licenses though.

        From the NPI it seems that a lot of them are still practicing and never were prevented from working with Medicare and Medicaid programs. Even though they are usually charged with fraud in their drug sentences.

        I noted also a number of them were from the VA when sentenced.

        Also unusual was the fact that a high percentage were Arabic Names. Some where in the neighborhood of 60% to 65% where Arabic Names.

      9. For anyone who wants to check out a licensed medical provider at the National Providers Index (NPI) Registry.


      10. To give an example of what I mean Seymore, I looked up the name on NPI of the VA surgeon at my VAMC that has been sued 3 times. There is no detail on his malpractice settlements at NPI, but it does show he is licensed in CA.

        I looked up his name at the CA medical license verification site, and the entry states there are no records of him settling malpractice suits.

        In looking up his name on the CO medical license site, when you view his full profile, it shows he has 3 malpractice settlements. 1994, 2011 and 2016.

        I don’t know why CO has that detail and CA does not, other than it being a felony in CO for a doctor not providing it. I don’t know why some providers are listed on the CO site and others are not. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether they are licensed in CO since several other VA providers licensed out of state are listed on the CO page.

      11. Interesting. I have used NPI in the past, but I find it doesn’t provide the detail that some state web sites do. It is still good to check with them though.

        I will have to check out that report, along with some names and see who pops up.

        I could imagine all kinds of VA doctors on there busted for violating prescription regulations. Yet its the veterans who are blamed as pill seeking.

      12. David Shulkin license #25MA08723900 in the State of NJ.
        This information is outdated since 2005
        He had his own business as a sole proprietor billing medicare./ medicaid

        Issuer State Number
        MEDICAID NJ 5547407
        Other MEDICARE NJ 183127U77
        It would be interesting to see if he is stirring contracts there through the choice program.
        The address listed is
        100 MADISON AVE
        MORRISTOWN, NJ 07960-6136
        Phone 973-971-5450

      13. He was part of the Primary Care Partners LLC as a subsidiary of a nonprofit hospital, but his group got paid.
        USA Spending dot gov shows the hospital received 445,000 in grants.
        Follow the $$$$$$
        Bogus Secretary!!!!!

    2. What I should have said is; “Seriously anyone who has any Health Care Provided by the Veterans Administration should have their head examined by competent Doctor. Not a VA connected Doctor.”

  16. 66,000 ‘rules’, or “policies” in place to interpret however each “little fiefdom” wants. As Ben says, and Congress, Veterans, and Veterans Organizations should agree upon, who the HELL could follow all of them?
    Now Shulkin wants to reduce the amount by 80%?! Here’s one suggestion. Follow all federal laws first! If this means a large % of VHA medical personnel are fired, so be it!
    Then, once all the “GARBAGE” is gone, and the VHA is seen for what it is: ie; a slush fund! “Privatise the VA by allowing all vets to use outside healthcare! It’ll more likely than NOT be cheaper on the taxpayers in the long run! And veterans will, more than likely, receive better healthcare!
    Here’s another suggestion.
    The next time va employees, from Shulkin on down to the lowest level employee, are caught breaking the laws, prosecute them! Since when does a “policy” override a federally signed law? Answer—-NEVER!
    If the federal agency, ie; FBI and DOJ won’t do it. Let it started happening on the State level. If they can’t or won’t do it, go on down to the county and city prosecutors offices! Once some of these individuals start seeing jail time, I believe the system might start cleaning house!
    The VA IS a civilian agency. It’s only “government subsidized”! Therefore, the civilian court system could/should handle the prosecutions!
    These are my opinions!

    1. And if the county & city level will not do it, well, that’s where the Constitution describes the LEGAL NEED of…Militias. The Pentagon still to this day uses private armies for hire…’Blackwater’ simply changed their name after getting caught drinking shots out of each other’s asscracks…<—TRUTH.
      The Citizen's Militia needs to string-up these VA assholes and start the 24 hour revolution to clean house. (can we please use the nukes?) 😀

      1. Time’s a wastin, nam the clock is ticking away……………………………they need to go, NOW

    2. Well stated, Elf; do you remember when an attorney of the fringed jacket variety got himself appointed as a private prosecutor and sent a real pig to prison for murder who had earlier bragged that no one could convict him? He spoke at our law school graduation and wrote the book: “Fire in the Belly”

  17. How about just dropping some unqualified & unchecked nukes from low orbit onto each and every VHA facility and office structure? You know, to be sure the unqualified and dangerous hacks are neutralized then start over?
    We could even give it a Bush qualified “Mission Accomplished” in some fanfare after the nukes drop, on a battleship somewhere…
    Oh, a fresh post-Christmas & qualified FUCK YOU to the VA this morning.

    1. ^Yes^, I am implying we have homegrown terrorists we need to be fighting and they work at the VA.
      Next week we will have reports on here of the various VAMC facilities around USA that have Legionnaire’s outbreaks from moldy and toxic water used to water all the real Christmas Trees in every VA lobby. Wait for it… (maybe woodchucks rabid squirrels as well…from trees stolen from Nat’l forests bordering EPA Super Fund Toxic Clean-Up Sites…so really toxic woodchucks)

      1. I assure you that “Bull Shit” can burn…very-well, actually. My ancestral Native Americans passed a few handy things down to me. Oh, money ALSO happens to burn; figuratively & objectively. 😀

  18. While it is true that within the walls of any insane asylum there are indeed far more rules for any given resident to follow than they can often understand, I question the wisdom of believing that the “misunderstandings” are not what sane people simply call choices.

    It might reduce the stress on a VA employee to have fewer rules to choose to break but what arrogant conceit it is to suggest the poor stupid folks at VA can’t know right from wrong because there are just so many things that fall into those categories.

    Yet again in all these decades Congress for the seven hundreth time writes a letter of concern, outrage, and admonishment to those in charge of VA. Yet again a plan is hatched. Yet again we learn just how deadly it is to stray from Constitutional boundries that were set in place to stop this very thing from happening.

    …and one more letter gets sent, filed, forgotten. Just like our kids to war. Let me ask you; how many more do we need to send?

    1. Dennis have you called your Senators or Representative how to improve Veterans Healthcare Benefits or if not my Business. .


      2. The answer really has to do with jelly beans SG.

        I did call my Congressman about my concerns with VA but not first. I called the Circuit Court first about VA. In Circuit Court it turns out the judge agreed that the behavior of my local VA rose to the level of molestation of a disabled person which is prohibited under Oregon state law. So she decided to issue a Restraining Order which prohibitted VA from further molestation. She ordered them to cease.

        Three days later a Disruptive Behavior Committee meeting was held by VA specifcally as a result of them being served with the Restraining Order. A “special meeting” was held and citing the Restraining Order as being the primary “disruption” I caused according to FOIA records they issued a Cat One Violent and Disruptive Patient Record Flag and had the gall to send a letter also citing the RO as evidence. They also ginned up a wild story(s) that got wilder, wilder, and then so wild with their unbridled attempts at deceit that a newspaper printed two back to back articles about it all and still left out half.

        They then refused to answer the appeal I made to the Cat One flag. I then did indeed call my Congressman. VA informed him, “…that you had threatened to murder their entire staff.” They failed to inform my Congressman that the court order prohibited them doing what they did and failed to mention that a police investigation into me ordered by them internally revealled no threat had ever taken place at all. Thay also failed to mention I had revealled for them a drug distribution ring taking place in the mental health clinic – FOIA turned up VA police reports that discovered multiple drug caches and a secure VA prescription drug tablet in somebody’s purse…. I was the one that turned them into police for that drug distribution scam. After that, I became fair game for whatever whim the DBC cooked up.

        So yes, I did call my Congressman. VA accused me of threatening to kill them all frankly was just a smidge alarming. Then I called the press. Want to guess how many more VA lies followed after that? I won’t tell you the answer but the hint is this;

        Have you ever tried guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar?

      3. You are right on the money, Marine; These boobecrats in the VA are the most vile, evil of all the disgusting bureaucrats in this screwed up bureaucracy. The VA needs to be disbanded/ gotten rid of. There is no other remedy, and the Senators and Congress”persons” as well.
        I will never forget when they sent 4 VA cops to physically take me away after I had very softly and peacefully attempted to get a record which I was entitled to get, but they did not want me to get. I said:
        “You boys coming to get me??” And they said: “Yes” and I said: “Good, cuz I could use the money”. Dennis they have no idea how evil this bureaucracy is and the depth of the cancerous growth.

      4. dennis I will till the day I die, will blast the VA Disruptive Committee every chance I get. Ant news report I read, I try and bring this to light.

        I too was reported as wanting to Murder VA employees at my clinic by a former coworker who just wanted to retaliate against me for the director making me the chairman of a certain committee, the former coworker Held.

        Stupid reason to retalate, but she was succesful and all she had to do was make a simple phone call and witout any evidence the chief of staff proceeded to call the OIG, FBI and my local police department telling the I wanted to murder va employees and the OIG and FBI believed the Hearsay as fact and I too was punished.

        The VA admitting they had no written evidence showing I had ever been disruptive (ever) !

        So I will keep blasting the Disruptive committee, until I die or the VA presses charges against me and that maybe the only way for me to bring to light the Illegal disruptive committee in front of a Judge.

        One day my Friend, these people will be Caught, harming veterans by using this Illegal committee.

      5. I have…two of the “best” Senators…Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.
        Absolutely no response, except to solicit campaign donations.
        Piggys at the troff.

      6. I myself had physically gone into worthless Murray’s office . In the federal building in downtown Seattle , 13 times . I wrote out very specific issues with the Seattle VA Hospital and American Lake VA Hospital in Lakewood . NO resolution to any of them , ” they’re still pending ” . The only thing they have treated is my Crohn’s Disease , since 2000 . They had attempted to treat my Depression , Anxiety , PTSD and OCD by Cognitive Behavior Therapy . It didn’t work and they offered no other solution . I have had a great reduction by at least once a week , Acupuncture . From private clinic in Seattle , a part of the ” Community Acupuncture Clinics ” . That are nationwide offering it on a sliding fee / low cost basis , $ 20 – $ 50 .

      7. Acupuncture here is 600.00 bucks a pop from a local woman’s clinic. But there again, I’m a male living in a strong militant Marx-feminist community coming out again strong like the eighties movements.

      8. I am a lawyer and former Marine Officer who used to deal with congressional inquiries and I have attempted as an experiment to contact my Senators and Representatives, but I find that they are as worthless as tits on a male hog. It usually turns into the proverbial hamster wheel

    2. When we decide that enough is enough, then action will follow, well planned,…
      But until then we will just let the crap pile higher and higher.

  19. It boils down to the attorneys who are overseeing compliance. If it is the “law” these attorneys who are responsible for implementing “law” are the culprits.
    The medical personnel are just that, and competencies that go unchecked will result in further harm to veterans.
    Remember, VA and OIG cannot conclude anything, yet along , their inabilty to hold anyone accountable.
    Quacks are Quacks, especially when you have doctors and nurses in charge of unions , and performing 88% admin duties over direct patient care.
    A person who served in the military will not willing take advice from manatee in a lab coat! Ain’t happening!
    The quote of the day is “Lifestyles of the Fat and Nasties” (Robin Leach voice)

      1. Semper Fi 1/4 , 3/7 85-93
        MAGTF 3-88
        Dubuque , Wimbrown 7 , Hercules
        On behalf of all DOD medical personnel, past and present, we are so sorry for the severe downgrade and embarrassing standard of care you are subjected to by the Department of Veteran Affairs!
        We will at all times continue to make it right for you by speaking up and shaming those who are an embarrassment to military service!
        Semper Fi! Nescit Cedere!

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