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Minneapolis VA Caught Red Handed Falsifying Records

One dead Marine veteran apparently contacted the Minneapolis VA from the grave to cancel and reschedule his appointment for care, the lack of which killed him while on a wait list.

Minnesota Marine Jordan Buisman died on November 26, 2012 while waiting desperately for care to treat his serious seizure disorder at the Minneapolis VA. This seizure condition landed him in the emergency room, and from that point on he waited approximately 40 days before he died. His death certificate read as a cause of death, “Seizure disorder.” He was only 25 years old.

Four days after his death, a VA employee wrote in his records that Buisman canceled his appointment and that he requested another one for December 2012. His record specifically read, “Veteran cancelled MSP Neuro,” followed by, “pt req apt for fu.”

Almost a month later, VA contacted Buisman’s mother, Lisa Riley, with a letter confirming a changed appointment for her son. Again, this was almost one month after he died.

His mother cited the letter, “It stated he had an appointment at the VA on December 20 which would have been approximately 70 days” from his initial emergency room visit.

Outraged by VA’s fraudulent behavior, Buisman’s family hired a national expert in neurology to evaluate the cause of death related to the wait list delay:

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Epilepsy Center at New York University, wrote, “It is my medical opinion …that more rapid referral to a neurological would have prevented his death.” The doctor went on to say he believes that if Buisman had been seen “more expeditiously” there’s a “more than a 50% chance he would be alive now.”

KARE 11 covered this story and others in a chain of examples of not only mismanagement but also outright medical record fraud. Veterans with problems related to medical record fraud at this VA may with to seek legal representation immediately.

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  1. As a combat wounded veteran who receives primary care in St. Cloud and has received specialty care in Minneapolis, I find both of the VA facilities to be lacking. A patient in these facilities has to really be careful since the VA makes a tremendous amount of mistakes for a medical provider. It really does not do any good to complain to someone in their system since it is a good old boys society and they protect each other at the expense of patient care. I have yet to find anyone in the two systems who would admit to a mistake even when presented with the truth. I plan on filing a complaint with someone in the government once I can compile all the evidence I need to prove their errors and examples of shoddy care. I agree with New Crusader and think veterans should form an alliance to deal with the VA. I do not think the current veteran’s organizations are doing a very good job at representing the veterans best interests at the VA. Perhaps the VA has these organizations in their pockets also.

  2. I salute this young Marine for his service and my prayers and condolences are extended to his family and friends. It is a egregious example of a “Culture of Corruption” that exists, continues and is nurtured within the Veterans Administration. It is allowed to thrive and is fed by all VA employee’s regardless of their position if they fail to report fraudulent conduct they become aware of and even more egregious when they directly participate in and condone conduct that constitutes a felony and are directly responsible for the death of a Veteran due to a lack of care or medical malpractice. Difficult for me to see where that line is drawn those who commit these acts are at minimum accessories to the fact and should be charged and tried for murder!

    Time spent at a local VA Outpatient Clinic and a Regional Medical Center I am dismayed at the number of Veterans that I encounter that allow themselves to become victims of a system that is supposed to serve them. They either become angry and leave out of frustration or are sheep being led to the slaughter. They (Veterans) lack the means to effectively address the acts of incompetence and malice directed against them.

    Veterans are going to have to band together if we expect the Culture of Neglect and Crime within the Veterans Administration to change. It will not be a top down change, but require that Veterans begin to address it from the bottom up directly with those who are tasked with providing service rather it is some administrator or indifferent Physician, Nurse or other Medical Practitioner!

  3. Forever. Berne Sanders & the Democratic Senate insured executives, and union employees would not be punished for continuing their crimes.

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