Ronny Jackson Allegations

Allegations Of Mismanagement, Drinking On Job Delay VA Confirmation

New allegations just surfaced against VA secretary nominee Ronny Jackson including drinking on the job, improperly dispensing meds, and fostering a hostile work environment that may derail his confirmation.

Republicans and Democrats are looking hard for potential problems concerning Jackson’s nomination. Meanwhile, Jackson is practiced moot confirmation hearings at the White House over the weekend.

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CNN grabbed some feedback from lawmakers to explain what is going on, below.

Lawmakers On Admiral Ronny Jackson Allegations

“There are reasons, as there are with every presidential appointee, for very close scrutiny and vetting. We need to know if allegations raised by others may have some factual basis. That’s the process of vetting that has to occur,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, as he left the meeting.

“We need to be asking questions and there need to be answers,” he added. “At this point we are dealing with some fairly raw allegations and we need to know if there is factual support for it.”

“All I can really tell you at this moment time is we are continuing the vetting process. We are working very hard at it. It’s all hands on deck,” said Sen. Jon Tester of Montana. Sen. Tester is the top Democrat on the committee.

Asked if the allegations were troubling, Tester replied, “Only if true.”

This makes sense. In light of the shoot first and ask questions later tendency of the press and public to engage in witch hunts without a trail in this era, Jackson is at least entitled to a diligent review of the allegations rather than hanging him out to dry without a review.

Asked if Democrats could determine if the allegations are true before Wednesday’s hearing or if he would need to meet with Jackson again, Tester responded, ‘We’ll see.”

“I’m going to let my staff and myself enough time to do as much work as we can in the next 48 hours, less than 48 now. And then we’re gonna see what we can come up with and go from there,” Tester said.

Accountability Abuses, Reasonable Accommodations Terminations

The agency is in the middle of a massive upheaval, and not just within the ranks of leadership.

Nationwide, allegations are surfacing that regional office directors are abusing their authority under the Accountability Act and 38 USC § 714 to terminate low-level employees for a garden variety of issues not related to the spirit of the law.

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Employee Quotas

For example, agency leaders are targeting disabled employees, and particularly disabled veterans, for termination who request reasonable accommodations. The witch-hunt started last May, 2017, and is actively being carried out using deceptive termination practices.

The agency, in particular, the Veterans Benefits Administration, is focusing more on quota numbers and processing speed more than quality and what is in the best interests of veterans. Disabled veterans particularly are at a disadvantage in that kind of environment because management knows such veterans need frequent medical appointments and reasonable accommodations.

Both accommodations and medical appointments reduce the number of claims VA employees can process, which ultimately reduce the productivity numbers of regional office managers and their annual bonuses. Managers then use national performance standards that require a certain output but also limit the ability of a given employee to work overtime or make-up time missed while at those appointments.

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The end result is disabled veterans employed by VA fail to keep the quota because they are not allowed to make up the time outside the normal duty day. This is especially the issue in VA Voc Rehab where disabled veterans helping other disabled veterans are put at a distinct disadvantage and ultimately wrongfully terminated without the agency providing reasonable accommodations.

Should the allegations prove true concerning hostile work environment under Jackson’s command, his nomination would likely not survive. And given the climate within the agency, perhaps it should not survive if the allegations are true.

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  1. nothing will ever change at the va, the rich get richer and veterans keep dying. nothing will change until America starts to actually care about the 20% of veterans who can’t afford real health care, but nobody cares about losers, right? and nobody uses vha who can afford not to, right john?

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  3. I feel the same way, and I’m fairly sure he wasn’t awarded all that fruit salad If somebody didn’t like him, it just don’t happen that way. At least not in the units i was in.

  4. I will stand-by this: *IF* the Big Pig VSO’s do not like Admiral Jackson, then I certainly DO at least want to give the man a chance.

    How many VSO’s are on their “liquid lunches” somewhere between breakfast and noon each day? How many VSO Groups depend highly on their beer and cheap drinks in their lodges as well as lotto/gambling tickets?

    “He without sin throw the first stone…”, (or let’s all just get stoned).

  5. I am a 100% service connected, permanent & totally disabled due to injuries sustained in OIF\OEF. I was dismissed from my position as a nurse with the VA system in Madison, WI under that law change. At the time I was struggling, undergoing treatment and in the process of applying for medical retirement. I received no help with that from the VA system which I still must receive care from nor the union. I am now dealing with difficulties thru Voc Rehab as I try to go to school and retrain as well. I am sorry to bitch about this on a blog post but it just gets frustrating.

    1. Adam, don’t be sorry about any of this stuff going on. There is a huge base in the fearful silent majority who flat out fear discussing issues at hand or anything to do with VA or governmental corruption and game playing. Being fearful, afraid of all the well known tactics of retribution from the Gov., VA, health boards, politicians and many others is exactly what our ENEMIES want and work doing. Hence all the PC BS, censoring, and media blackouts concerning our many issues. Each and every one of us should be heard and have the so-called freedoms to be heard…. not attacked and silenced from every tangent, or have them make us feel we should have some kind of shame for being out-spoken or daring to speak some reality or truth. Ha, or making some VA staff, union garbage, or gubbermint official a “victim” from them being offended by our words or complaints. Poor poor things.

  6. Here’s the latest on President Trump’s pick for Secretary of VA! In my opinion, President Trump IS 100% over this. Why should Admiral Jackson subject himself to unverified and salacious attacks on his credibility? (As President Trump says in the 5th paragraph!) We’re been going through that kind of bullshit for over a year and a half now! And it’s ALL due to the democrats – Period!
    Now the DNC is suing Trump’s Campaign, Russia and Wikileaks! Good luck trying that. Now, President Trump (RNC) is suing the DNC! “Discovery is gonna bite the DNC in the ass!” That isn’t the only thing the DNC, and everyone connected to it, have to worry about in the coming months!

    So, now on with “WHY” should Admiral Jackson be worried about his confirmation?

    Trump on Ronny Jackson as VA Secretary: ‘I Don’t Think He Should Do It’
    (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
    By Jason Devaney
    Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018 1:38 PM

    President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would not proceed with the confirmation process if he were Dr. Ronny Jackson, his nominee for Veterans Affairs secretary.

    Jackson is under fire for allegations that he allowed the over prescription of drugs in the White House and that he drinks on the job.

    CNN and other news outlets reported on the allegations Monday night, and Trump addressed them Tuesday during a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

    “I would definitely stand behind him. He’s a fine man. I let it be his choice,” Trump said of Jackson, who has worked as the White House physician since 2013.

    “The fact is, I wouldn’t do it. What does he need it for? To be abused by a bunch of politicians that aren’t thinking nicely about our country? I don’t think he should do it, but I would stand behind him. Totally his decision.”

    Members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee raised questions about Jackson’s background and the work environment he has fostered in the White House. His confirmation hearing scheduled for Wednesday was pushed back as the lawmakers seek additional information.

    During Tuesday’s press conference, Trump pledged his support of Jackson and referenced the friendship he has forged with him during his 15 months in office.

    “Dr. Jackson, a wonderful man,” Trump said, adding that Jackson’s lack of experience running a large organization like the VA is OK because no one would have the right amount of experience for the job.

    “He’s a leader and a good man.”

    Jackson emerged from his West Wing office to brief the White House press corps on Trump’s annual physical in January. Trump was said to be pleased with Jackson’s handling of the rapid fire questioning, and in late March he fired VA Secretary David Shulkin and nominated Jackson to replace him.

    MSNBC caught up with Jackson on Capitol Hill Tuesday. He would not address the allegations leveled at him but said he’s anxious to move on with the confirmation process.

    “I was looking forward to the hearing tomorrow, kinda disappointed that it’s been postponed,” Jackson said. “But I’m looking forward to getting it rescheduled and answering everybody’s questions.”

    In my opinion, again, I believe Admiral Jackson just might be the best person to head up the VA!

  7. *Transfer Rick Perry, by making him the next “V.A. Secretary.” He has Ten Years of Management Experience as the Governor of Texas, which is a huge State. Perry was very popular, as a Governor. He was elected and re-elected. Perry is also a Veteran.*

    *Pete, age 72*Disabled War-Nam Vet* Houston, Texas*

  8. its not if the allegations are true, but who did receive the allegations to bring fourth a dossier of such that it is a fact of an existing concern . and if the fact contains enough support among the report that is hold liable to the extent ,where was the incidents in which the dr was hold accountability for his ethics of procedures placed at the time any work was develop for or from to or us or against medical consent?

    there are no correspondents to the allegations, POTUS will assign a new VA secretary.

  9. So said Senator Blumenthal – the guy who lied about combat service in Vietnam. Why would people even elect such a POS let alone let him sit on anything which has to do with veterans.

    I am not saying the nomination is a good one. I am saying that POS has no business sitting on that committee.

    With the climate in Washington, I am surprised any nominee can get a fair hearing because the allegations come flying every time a cabinet post comes up. Hostile work environment? It seems that today if you ask someone to stay past their normal work hours, or to do something they don’t think is their job, you have created a hostile work environment. If I am not mistaken, I believe there are allegations that many Congress critters also maintained a hostile work environment. Google it, you will be amazed. Probably the same Senators who are deciding if the nominee has maintained a hostile work environment are passing judgement. Well, in a way, I guess that makes sense?

  10. Ronny is untouchable behind Trumps coat tail. More a political stall job than real nominee since nobody human could hold the power to please , govern or control the diverse interests that plague the DVA monster.

  11. Here’s something I learned over the weekend.
    When “Seymore Klearly” gave us the “heads up” over “Pershing Hall in Paris France” a few years ago. Remember, the VA owns Pershing Hall.
    Well, how about “Shades of Green Resort” down here situated on Disney World Property?
    $10’s of millions of taxpayers monies went into this “Department of Defense” owned property!
    Want to learn about it? Then google “Shades of Green Resort”!
    It tells you;
    Where the monies go!
    How much it cost to build/renovate!
    “Stipulations” on staying there!

      1. Seymore,
        Did you see the videos of “Shades of Green Resort?”
        Beautiful piece of work!

  12. perfect fit for the VA. over 300 thousand employees. how many are doing the very same thing. this is how the VA became the way it is. Drunks, drug users and retaliation. these are the requirements for employment.

    drunk or drinking on the job. can you imagine how these people treat others. Drunk people do not make good workers, they worry to much about the next drink. Who pays for these type of people. Retaliation comes so easy for these people and do not think twice or care whom they harm.

    1. James,
      Remember how Shulkin was proud of firing lots of VA employees?
      Well, here’s the answer in today’s blog!!!!!!!

    2. James, the problem with this kind of smear is that it is coming from some unnamed source that may not even be true, but it certainly allows people to think all kinds of things.

      I know where you are coming from, but your comment clearly shows what I mean.

      One person reading about “drinking on the job” might take it to mean he had a farewell beer with people he served with before going on to his next duty station. He may have done that during duty hours.

      Another person may take “drinking on the job” as him having pints of whiskey stashed all over the place so he can be assured of having a drink whenever he wanted it, and would be falling down drunk by 2pm.

      However people take what it means…this is an intentional smear without someone having the guts to go on record and provide details, which would allow the White House to support him. He cannot defend himself in the middle of this confirmation process except behind closed doors. Do you think the media would want to cover his defense when they smell blood in the water over ruining another Trump nominee? Tester and Blumenthal and any of the VSOs that may be spreading this smear are irresponsible bastards that are spreading it simply because they don’t want their corruption found, and have no problem ruining a good man to do it.

      Again, any allegation of his drinking on the job could have come from some shitbag seeing him having a beer over lunch with friends 15 years ago.

      If he were a falling down drunk, I would think that would have been readily noticeable to either Bush, Obama or Trump while he was treating them, or any of a number of staffers in either of those administrations who he also treated.

      Jackson being smeared is no different than the VA or any of these Swamp Rats ignoring a veteran because they think he/she is nothing more than a pill-seeking booze hound.

      That should piss off any veteran who has been ignored by the VA because of false accusations or smears about veterans.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I agree with you 100%!
        I’ve been alive since Truman’s Administration.
        Since I’ve gotten involved in politics when Nixon was POTUS. I’ve NOT seen so much “anti” anything, ever!
        This administration has, by all accounts, been the worst when it comes to using “unnamed sources” to denigrate a sitting president. Or, anyone attached to this administration as well!
        When an “unnamed source” gives information, they DON’T give FACTS to back it up!
        Since the beginning of the 2016 campaign, until today, there’s been a slew of “unnamed sources” telling – then getting caught – in lies!
        I’ve never seen anything like it, in my 71 years on this earth!
        It’s gotta STOP!

  13. In my opinion, IF the Dems, and VSO’s, are wanting to delay the confirmation hearing on Admiral Jackson, it might mean they’re afraid he CAN clean up the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse of VA.
    I gotta sneaky suspicion Admiral Jackson is actually going to be good as the next Secretary of VA!
    Of course, that’s just my opinion!

    1. I agree with you Elf.

      When you see all the MSM fake news channels and publishers going after Jackson for innuendos and unproven bull. It seems very clear the piggies at the trough are really worried they are going to lose their links to the VA budget.

      As 91Veteran has said, he has been in charge of the medical care for the white house and three Presidents. Jackson certainly knows how to provide the best health care in the world and how to provide it.

  14. I think one of the reasons the VA is using “wrongful termination practices” against disabled veterans is because they more than likely do there job, and want to help other disabled vets and its therapeutic also one vet helping another vet a win win for everybody. VA leadership is sadistic, immoral, unethical, but i guess that’s not against the law, at least not at the VA. They ain’t ever going to see things my way and I’ll never see things there way, but I’m right and their wrong. I’ve spoken truth to them, they continue to lie to me, what kinda system is that, you can lie, obfuscate, manipulate, negate me but I have to tell you the truth, what kinda system is that? Personally I think the VA should hire all the disabled vets it can, because there the ones that can ultimately make the difference. What the VA did to me was unconscionable and deliberate, and cost me more in life than I care to remember. And big bankers I’d like to see them all thrown in an industrial pig barn, so they can feel right at home wallowing in the shit, and just like a pig big bankers will eat and consume just about anything too, hey what can I say there analogous to pig. I’d better stop I’m getting thirsty, and not for a diet coke either.

    “Polk Salad Annie” Tony Joe White (HQ)

    1. Good article on “Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases is Bad for Business” along with video and supporting articles truthdigs always cutting edge

  15. The military DOESN’T CARE about Veterans. Period!
    Yet, they Prez Frumpy is nominating a military Admiral; as if from his level of decision making, he could care less than a monkey with a full belly. They don’t care. In the mind of military doctors, f you can walk, fart and fog a mirror, you’re fit for duty and 100% NOT disabled.
    Once again, out of the mass confusion of an employment merry-go-round of the white house, they pick yet another political appointee.
    We’re screwed, just like always.
    Dismantle the VA and move the operations to Social Security Dept. They already do the same functions and do it extremely well and far more cost effective than any other agency. Then we can all go to the doctors and clinics of our OWN CHOOSING, not a bunch of practitioners who can’t compete in the marketplace and who graduated in the lower portions of their classes in medical school.

  16. AT least he was AWAKE to be drinking on the job, unlike a certain police chief at Bay Pines. The rest is ” allegations “.

    Sounds like he’s eminently qualified. He’ll fit right in that heard of piglets that run the VA now.

  17. No need to be concerned over the allegations of Blumenthal being a fake Vietnam vet who claimed numerous times on the campaign trail that he served in Vietnam.

    He admitted that he never served there when finally confronted.

    No word yet on whether Tester still dresses in woman’s clothes and likes lacy underwear.

    …if the allegations are true…

    The CNN article contains no detail saying anything about drinking on the job or a hostile work environment, and Swamp Rats are looking at his entire career, so it could be some disgruntled hack from 15 years ago making the allegation.

    Or it could be just Swamp Rats not wanting to let go of their piggy bank.

    If you are a veteran, seeing Jackson smeared like this should tell you that these Swamp Rats could really give a shit less about you or your medical problems. Their sole concern is politics and keeping that gravy train running.

    Political smears by worthless fucks in a town where about half are likely drunk or high by noon.

    1. CT loves Dick he’ll grow old in that seat just like Leiberman before him. It’ll be interesting to see the Gov Race though since Malloy isn’t running again. That’s what happens when you project a 5 bil deficit over the next two years lol. But tell me again how we shouldn’t legalize rec cannabis but toll roads and casinos and public sector pay freezes will bail us out of the hole.

      I think at this point locally the guys or girls willing to go on TV and state unequivocally that they will implement cannabis legalization at all levels ie rec/med commercial/home grow those are the people that are going to start getting my vote.

    2. Can’t say I agree with everything, you said. I can say, you make a humorous argument to read.

    3. How could Admiral Jackson become an Admiral if he is an alcoholic??*
      *Pete, age 72*TX*

  18. Personally my take is that Isakson and the Democrats are trying to come up with some BS about Jackson for the sole purpose of trying to force the white house to nominate Isakson’s former top aide Thomas Bowman for the position of Secretary.

    Bowman who is currently the VA’s deputy secretary. If Bowman gets in the VA’s will remain totally corrupted and the free flow of a large portion of the VA’s budget will continue to flow back into the accounts of the Senators and Congressman controlling the show right now.

    Bowman is directly tied to numerous non-profits that have been donating to these corrupt politicians for many years now. Of course all these non-profits lobbying and donating to the campaigns of these corrupt politicians are primarily funded by VA spending. Where some are currently receiving Grants and money directly from the VA. While some of the non-profits are receiving their funding through VA’s prime contractors who donate to non-profits they have set up to lobby the senators and congressman all the while contributing to their individual campaigns.

    The Non-profits themselves are managed by former VA Executives and Department heads. All provided with positions on the non-profits boards and positions in executive leadership positions at the non-profits.

    I will be posting a few prime examples latter today on the connections.

    1. What you say Seymore is shown in the article Crazy Elf posted about.

      They don’t give a damn about whether veterans are getting appropriate and timely care. Their sole concern is whether Jackson promised not to privatize the VA.

  19. This article is from: “”
    Dated: 23 April 2018 – 8:53pm
    “Trump’s VA Nominee On Hold After ‘Allegations’ Raised!”

    When you read it. It looks like the “Allegations Raised” were from an article in the “Washington Post”!
    That will give it credence! (Sarcasm intended here!)

  20. Franklin D. Roosevelt might have exaggerated
    when he said “Nothing happens in politics by accident; if it
    happens, it was planned that way,”…But I think he was right on target

  21. Why does Jackson in today’s “Bad VA Art” look so much like James Comey? Just me?

  22. “One Thing (turd) always leads to Another”- The FIXX

    “The deception with tact, just what are you trying to say?
    You’ve got a blank face, which irritates
    Communicate, pull out your party piece
    You see dimensions in two
    State your case with black or white
    But when one little cross leads to shots, grit your teeth
    You run for cover so discreet, why don’t they:

    Do what they say, say what you mean
    One turd leads to another
    You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one turd leads to another.

    The impression that you sell
    Passes in and out like a scent
    But the long face that you see comes from living close
    To your fears
    If this is up then I’m up but you’re running out of sight
    You’ve seen your name on the walls
    And when one little bump leads to shock miss a beat
    You run for cover and there’s heat, why don’t they:

    Do what they say, say what they mean
    One turd leads to another
    You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one turd leads to another
    One turd leads to another

    Then it’s easy to believe
    Somebody’s been lying to me
    But when the wrong word goes in the right ear
    I know you’ve been lying to me
    It’s getting rough, off the cuff I’ve got to say enough’s enough

    Bigger the harder he falls
    But when the wrong antidote is like a bulge on the throat
    You runs for cover in the heat why don’t they

    Do what they say, say what they mean
    One turd always leads to another
    You tell me something wrong, I know I listen too long
    But then one turd always leads to another
    One turd always leads to another
    One turd always leads to another’– The FIXX

  23. I don’t know Admiral Jackson from the crumb that fell from my toast, but I do understand political double-speak when I run across it. Some members of Congress have a way of molding the smallest issues into the broadest talking points in their great effort to mislead the public while playing a persistant round of tiddly-winks and enlarging their ol’ boy network! We’ll likely learn that that the “drinking on the job” was a toast to someone, the med mistake was actually that, and that the “fostering a hostile work environment” was a duely deserved kick in the pants toward someone!

    The agency attitude regarding disabled staff is a festering culture that can be changed in record time by the right leader. Let’s just get on with it!

    1. ROSIE,
      Google this, from;
      “” via “Associated Press”
      Dated: 23 Apr 2018
      By: Laurie Kellman
      “It’s Time for Trump’s Doctor to be Examined, for VA Chief”

      It gives one a glimpse into his past!

      1. Crazy Elf, that is an AP wire story, so it is carried by a number of news organizations verbatim from what an AP reporter wrote.

        Why is this such a despicable smear?

        Well, Jackson worked as Bush’s doctor, for Obama and for Trump.

        Why was he not vetted before? Why are these allegations only coming to light now? If he was good enough to provide medical care to three Presidents, shouldn’t he be good enough to oversee medical care for veterans?

    2. Thanks elf! There were a couple of extra tidbits in there.
      I agree also, with your post to SK above. History has proven the demise of warring cultures; God help us.
      BTW, I’m glad you found something of use from the video link I posted a couple of weeks ago.

    3. @91
      I took elf’s comment to be a response to my first sentence, which on reflection, I could have worded a bit differently. This one is on me.

  24. Throughout the day today RT News will be running their documentary Delay, deny, hope you die. It is reporting on Veterans exposed to burn pits during the conflicts in the Middle East and how the VA has been miss handling it.

    A Link to the description of the documentary is at: “”

    The Documenatary will be playing throughout the day but Due to copyright restrictions, this video can only be viewed on RT’s live feed. Time of broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.

    For the next showing go to: “”

    1. Seymore,
      Read the article “Delay, Deny until you die!”
      Seems there’s one commenter who hopes it takes “…16 years…” for vets to die!
      Another commenter said it was probably in response to the years we’ve been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq!
      If anyone is unaware, the US is ~ more likely than not ~, the most hated country in the world! All due to our propensity for WAR!
      The bankers ARE sure having fun with our lives and livelihood!

      (Never thought I’d share that with anyone!)

      1. It’s a tough pill to swallow. We pledged our allegiance, faith, and if needed, our lives. Betrayal sucks. Admitting being betrayed after sacrifice is harder. It makes getting all flag wavy n’shit pretty difficult.

      2. “”

        Government is not out to help or cure. Sharyl Attkisson…

        Been trying to get the RT program passed around the best I can.

        Ben hit the nail on the head, again. Seems everything is fast lane today. Processing speeds, health care, quantity or fast counting heads instead of quality processing or care. Shuffle those papers and get them pigeon-holed quick. Herd those cattle through boys and girls…. brand em’ and screw them, let them die. If any vet complains they will see to it the network retaliation thugs and activist are put to put to work. Body count for yet another week while DC plays musical chairs and local media and government keep playing the censoring games and pretend to care for veterans facade. Trump and Congress do nothing about the PC shit or vast amount of censoring? Acting like a room full of drunks and dopers that can’t stay on topic or get a damn thing done. (?)

        Oh forgot…. America first second and third. What BS we were fed, typical.

        Don’t know about elsewhere but society, polite society is dead or dying. The pure hatred shown or behind the scenes for vets, older vets, older people, is really rampant and scamming to ripoff attempts go unreported or protected. Predatory health care and corporations run rampant over us. The youth coming out openly showing their hate for us or like locally the youth age 21 or so running for sheriff or stating our old time is up and time to change everything has come. Even if it means our lives, health care, and our rights or freedoms. Blaming the evils of the world and society on us “baby boomers” or calling for us to die or be killed off for thinking or being stuck in “their old time mentality and ways.”

        Aww hell fifty million more illegals and more hate against us for ‘white privilege’ will make things all better. Along with the censoring, stopping pain meds, games in DC, fake news, ignoring priorities, etc., to keep us distracted while they flush the country entirely.

      3. “I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There is only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.
        Marine Corp Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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