Trump VA Nominee

Trump VA Nominee Allegedly Got Drunk Overseas, Yawn

Allegations against the Trump VA nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs is swiftly veering in the direction of a witch-hunt with naysayers asserting mere allegations should preclude confirmation.

So far, we know some allegations surfaced in 2015 where the nominated replacement for Secretary Shulkin was supposedly inebriated overseas at night and banged on the door of a woman. He also allegedly handed out medications to the White House team under his care while traveling.

It looks like CNN is making a mountain out of molehill based on unsubstantiated allegations that did not result in any known reprimand while serving President Barack Obama.

“If you are drunk and something happens with the president, it’s very difficult to go in and treat the president,” Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mt) said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “That’s what multiple people told us this was the case on several different trips.”

Of course, Tester seems to assume the allegations are true. He also seems to assume no other medical doctors on the team were actually on call that night in question. But if they were true, why is there no record of any admonishment for the behavior?

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Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Ks) says Jackson denies wrongdoing. “He does deny that he’s done anything wrong in his service to the country. And particularly his time at the White House as a physician in the medical unit.”

One former White House staffer says the allegations about Jackson’s drinking while on official travel could raise questions about his judgment assuming the allegations are true.

Again, in the #metoo climate, some naysayers would have us condemn Jackson without substantiating the allegations, first.

There could be hundreds of scenarios where Jackson may have been drinking while overseas but not on call. At the end of the day, there are no publicly known reprimands where Jackson’s behavior resulted in some kind of admonishment or reprimand.

If Jackson was drunk while on duty, assuming the government functions the way it normally does, he would have been punished. The allegations as raised by CNN seem to kick up some dust without providing much of substance.

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Even if Jackson were drunk while overseas, it does not mean he was on call or otherwise behaving in an unethical manner related to his duties.

When I traveled overseas in the military, I seem to recall a lot of soldiers including officers drinking. Excessive alcohol consumption would hardly raise an eyebrow.

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  1. Aaaaannnd he withdrew…

    Ronny Jackson withdraws as Trump’s nominee to lead Veterans Affairs
    WaPo, April 26 at 12:47 PM (EST)

  2. What’s the plan? Time running out? It’s OK though, just as long as they have a buffer fixed up for them and their family. It’s futile with these ass-holes. So how is this all going to be fixed? Most reasonable thing that I read, one that causes a big stir in the pot, is what James Clement has included for the job of a Gunny.

    If only I could find an Attorney with some balls to go against these corrupt bass-turds. You folks try and take good care of yourself. There are casualties when one battles with the VA head one. And it’s true, because they don’t care, they don’t hear. Depending 0n what’s going on, I may stop by here or there.

  3. I read this article and these comments & can only shake my head in dissapointment. We as Veterans scream & yell about accountability at V.A., then, when a possible case of a lack of personal accountability AND a glaring lack of professional experience by the nominee for V.A. Sec. smacks us all in the face, half of you do deep dives on Obama’s conspiracy theories & Mr. Krause shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “ehh, what sailor hasn’t gotten drunk?”. I mean, honestly, we get what we deserve when it comes to Veterans Affairs. Just rubber stamp Dr. Jackson & we can do all this 2 years from now. Of course most nitwits will say, “seeee, I told you this guy was a problem, but nobody listened!”. Many of us have become the frauds we complain about…

    1. CommonSense, can you elaborate a little?

      Are you saying that unnamed sources used by politicians should be taken as fact? Or are you saying only certain unnamed allegations from certain politicians should be taken as fact?

      Either way, DC would be a pretty damn quiet town if rumors spread by politicians were taken as fact.

    2. CommonSence,
      Evidently you like listening to “unnamed sources” as being FACTUAL.
      Most of the lawmakers, especially the Dems, are – in my opinion – “using any excuse” to keep from appointing any person President Trump wants!
      This is exactly what’s been going on since President Trump took office!

  4. I want to know if he ever got caught smoking dank skunky weed. I realize that sometimes that the wholesome oils and hashish that good folk use is just not in arms reach, but if the dude was sucking down skunk reefer then his character is absolutely in question. Think of how it would look with tar stains on the guys pucker when he speaks. It’s just wrong and he has unmistakable that skunky dank behind the woodshed Bogart joint hitting look if you ask me…

    Veterans deserve the best and if he can’t lay hands on the really good oil then what good is he to us? Soggy joints? Is that what America has come to? Our vets deserve better.

  5. We on here have been discussing the effects/affects of pharmaceutical companies for some time. “Think About It”, a utube channel, just explored it in detail.
    The title is; “This Is Why The Mass Shootings Are Happening In America!”
    I would change the first three words to: “Is This Why”. Because, that would give the viewer a chance to question the “motives” of “Big Pharma”!
    I would also add this word to the title; ie; SUICIDES! Because, there’s the burning question as to “WHY more people are committing suicide today?”
    This video, in my opinion, is a must watch. It’s 13:01 minutes long, published today 25 April 2018!

    What’s your thoughts?

    1. Elf. you might want to post the actual link because there are many choices to filter through.

      1. Rosie,
        Type in the “title” then add “/” then “Think about it-utube video”
        It should take you right to it!

    2. Elf, having been raised with a PDR in the house, I can’t argue against his scientific position, but I do caution using a broad brush to paint all medications as poisonous in all situations.

  6. Jackson’s war experience, reported drinking, and reported creation of a hostile environment reek of PTSD. The hostile environment generated a Navy IG report recommending one of the two captains be removed from the White House. Appears Jackson won that one but was it because of a suck up? Look at his report on the President’s health for evidence. He didn’t even have to give a public report. certainly not the one he gave. I sincerely doubt he did a genetic study compared to a two hundred year base to give his report.

    May be O K but I don’t think we need a VA Sec creating a hostile environment at the VA unless it is to get rid of some bureaucrats. The Navy nurses and corpsman on his White House team are probably Trump voters. I wouldn’t want to say they were anti Trump without some historical email base for supposing so.

    1. Actually, given that Shithead Shulkin ADMITTED that the VA is adversarial to veterans – – – a HOSTILE environment at the VA may be precisely what is needed. Seems to me if there is to be any adversity at the VA, it rightly ought to be with these worthless (insert VA title here) fucktards keeping their jobs – – – or receiving their bonuses.

      Maybe time for veterans to get adversarial with those whom are supposed to be there for them – – – rather than being USED as a means to justify their overly cushy jobs.

      Just wait until I relocate to the mainland. Hawaii media has no balls when it comes to printing anything negative about the VA.

      But I am sure I will be able to find a few veterans on the mainland to join me. Just a matter of a bit more time . . .

  7. The media smear needed something because the lack of “institutional experience” to manage such vast organization is a tougher sell in hearings. So they dig and try to trash the guy. Is the “experience” issue that serious? Perhaps. Then again, better a mean drunk than some beltway insider selling out mountains of veteran health data and selling out to the beltway for more failed IT systems .. etc. But – it could also be he’s a malleable Trump minion who wants to “privatize” the VA and hand over more $$$$ to Pig Pharma and Pig Med.

    Perhaps it is best we save our breath. Deep down you know nothing will change. Peaceful obeisance by veterans has not, and will not result in change. Mass marches, regional protests, perhaps a flaming flag will kick start a real movement. It’s all about optics.

    Hold tight – wait till the party’s over
    Hold tight – we’re gonna be in for some nasty weather
    There has got to be a way
    And we’re burnin’ – down the house

    (I prefer the Bonnie Raitt version)

    1. You are right on about optics Windguy.

      Look at any description from a veteran about poor VA treatment and gauge the reaction compared to poor treatment shown on video.

  8. Barak Hussein Obama smoked pot, may not have actually showed up at Columbia, and was an avowed socialist who worshipped at the feet of communist and not a single one of them complained about that.

    Even if these allegations are true, the politicians already set the standards and it really does not impact anything. Beyond saying something MIGHT have happened, that goose is cooked.

  9. This BS came from the left leaning NY Times who never named ANY of the so-called sources. And this is why the Press gets a majorly deserved bad rap. They can try and deatroy you on page one and then when its proved wrong they give an apology on page 99 section ZZZ. If they were required to apologize on the front page like they try and destroy someone they dont like on the front page, they would stop this bullshit.

  10. Here’s a thought,
    Maybe “King Turd” David “little” Cox WILL threaten Admiral Jackson like he did McDonald! Remember that little bullshit story?
    I gotta sneaky suspicion Admiral Jackson, being active duty, won’t put up being threatened by some fat asshole punk! At least that’s my opinion!

    1. I would hope in that situation, Adm. Jackson would take any handy empty liquid bottle and promptly shove it up AFGE Pres. David “little” Cox’s ass…better make that a full 2 liter bottle for that asshole.

    2. Anyone that can jump out of a perfectly good airplane, shouldn’t have a problem dealing with that bullshit.

  11. 91Veteran,
    Check this out from “” yesterday, 24 Apr 2018, 8:53 PM!

    “White House Doctor Refuses to Pull out as Trump’s Nominee for Veterans Job”

    “President Donald Trump’s physician Ronny Jackson will push ahead as the nominee to lead the Veterans Affairs department after allegations about his conduct stalled his Senate hearing for the job, a White House official said on Tuesday.”
    “Jackson had been set to have his confirmation hearing for the job on Wednesday. But that was postponed indefinitely as senators from both parties said they wanted to look into concerns that had come to light about the Navy rear admiral, who has worked as a presidential physician since the George W. Bush administration.”

    “Trump left open the possibility during a news conference that Jackson would withdraw from a political process the president described as “too ugly and too disgusting.””
    (My note: This attack on Jackson’s name is about as bad as it gets!)

    “But Jackson met with Trump late in the day, and afterward a White House official said the doctor would “certainly not be railroaded by a bitter ex-colleague.” ”

    “The White House provided copies of Jackson’s performance reviews with handwritten notes of effusive praise from former President Barack Obama and Trump, and said the FBI had given him a clean background investigation.”

    “It also provided reports from a military medical inspector general that shed light on a toxic work environment in the White House medical unit in 2012.”

    “The reports described a power struggle and infighting between former White House doctor Jeffrey Kuhlman and Jackson, then the director of the White House medical unit. “The staff characterized the working environment as being caught between parents going through a bitter divorce,” one report said.”
    (My note; “Infighting” by another doctor? Could it be, the other doctor is a “disgruntled employee”?)

    “Montana Senator Jon Tester, the top Democrat on the committee, told NPR that more than 20 military personnel had come forward with concerns about improper distribution of sleeping pills and drinking alcohol on overseas trips, as well as creating a toxic work environment.”
    (My note: 20 more disgruntled employees, maybe they weren’t doing their jobs correctly!)

    “Some of the exact words that were used by the folks who we talked to were: abusive toward staff, very explosive personality, belittles the folks underneath him – staff that he oversaw, screamed toward staff, basically creating an environment where the staff felt that they needed to walk on eggshells when they were around him,” Tester told NPR.”
    (My note; This sounds like the type of person veterans would want running the VA! Could this be the reason behind the VSO’S NOT wanting Admiral Jackson as Secretary of VA? Because, he’ll get in there and start firing the REAL ASSHOLES!)

    “The White House said an audit by outside experts has shown Jackson “worked within the official guidelines” in his work and confirmed his prescriptions were “completely appropriate.””


    “Jackson, 50, is an Iraq war veteran trained in emergency medicine who raised his profile in January in a long and glowing news conference about Trump’s health after his first presidential medical exam.”

    “The situation is the latest in a series of White House personnel controversies that have resulted in a higher-than-usual turnover.”
    (My note: The reason for “higher-than-usual-turnover” IS because, the “leaders” we had before were crooked ASSHOLES!)

    “Jackson’s qualifications to lead the sprawling Veterans Affairs department were questioned from the time Trump nominated him in late March. Trump acknowledged on Tuesday that Jackson had an “experience problem.” The agency, which has 350,000 employees and runs 1,700 facilities that serve more than 9 million veterans a year, has long faced criticism for the quality of its care and the bureaucracy that veterans encounter. In total, it oversees healthcare and benefits for about 20 million military veterans.”
    (My note: This large agency has too many little Napoleon’s running the clinic’s and hospitals + VBA’s! It needs flushed! Just like Congress needs flushed!)

    “It has been led by an acting secretary since late March. Trump fired former VA Secretary David Shulkin after concerns about unauthorized travel expenses.”
    (My note: Shulkin needs to be arrested, tried and convicted of fraud!)

    “Even after his hearing was postponed, Jackson had continued to hold meetings with senators on Capitol Hill.”
    (My note; He ain’t afraid of the lawmakers! Another “plus” in his favor! Maybe the lawmakers are afraid of Admiral Jackson?)

    “I can answer the questions. I’m looking forward to rescheduling the hearing and answering everyone’s questions,” Jackson told reporters after meeting with Republican Senator Jerry Moran on Tuesday.”

    “Moran told reporters Jackson had denied having done anything wrong.”

    “The Senate’s calendar might not work in Jackson’s favor. There appeared to be little chance the committee would hold a confirmation hearing this week. On Saturday, Congress begins a nine-day recess, which is a long time for any embattled presidential nominee to be in limbo.”
    (My note: “Congress begins a nine-day recess…,” These reprobates need to be voted out ASAP! Damn, how many “recesses” do these ass-wipes need in a year? Don’t y’all wish you had a fucking job like that?)

    “My Note” is my opinion after each paragraph! Hope you enjoy, I did!?

    1. Jeffrey Kuhlman “”
      As a kid, I was told of how crabs in a bucket will grab onto another pulling it down, in its own quest for freedom. Sounds a lot like how Congress is acting.

      1. Awww, poor Kuhlman. Only made Captain in the Navy and didn’t like the Admiral.

        His bio is now on the rubber chicken speaking circuit. It has enough to suggest he is rather disgruntled over being passed over for certain positions while at the White House.

        Now relegated to treating leg cramps for the NBA at the Orlando Magic.

        His LinkedIn profile shows a little service treating the troops in nice locations, then plumb assignments since 1997.

    2. Thanks for providing all that Crazy Elf. It proves even more this is an orchestrated smear, and that bastard Isakson is right in the middle of it.

      Bitter ex? Yeah, I get the sense that the other guy he worked with during the Obama administration is jealous and being used as a tool. Sentors should know better than to give someone like that much credibility.
      Interesting stuff on the performance reviews and IG report. It tells me Isakson is right in the middle of this smear. He claimed in the media that the White House did not provide documentation to support Jackson. Clearly they did, its just not what Isakson wanted to hear.

      Another senate hack, Sherod Brown is also quoted as claiming some of these unnamed sources are whistleblowers. He’s trying to suggest there is a double standard when it comes to whistleblowers. Gee, he watched as several VA employees were fired after blowing the whistle.

      To show what a political hit this is on a uniformed veteran, note that this crap exploded in the media the day before his hearing was to begin. Every member on that committee had plenty of time to get documentation. Every member had time to raise questions. Waiting until the day before his hearing was designed to derail the hearing, then allow the media to kill him off during the delay.

      Isakson has been somewhat quiet about all this, but he’s said enough to prove its his fingerprints on the knife in Trumps back.

      I highly doubt there are 20 other people claiming dirt on Jackson. If that were the case, why did they not push through military channels to have Jackson removed? Why allow him to continue providing medical care to 3 Presidents?

      It is interesting to see in every media story on this that Jackson’s praise of Trumps health is mentioned.

      Its almost like the media is butthurt over ruining their narrative that Trump is a deranged lunatic.

      1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        Spot on again 91.

  12. I saw the headline and first paragraph of this on CNN last night, and didn’t read beyond that.

    This entire attack on Jackson is a very poorly orchestrated smear by leftist politicians wanting to bloody up anything Trump, with the help of RINO Swamp Rats and yapping VSOs seeing their piggy bank being squeezed.

    Why is Tester and Patty Murray leading this? My guess would be AFGE protection. Testers comments appear in several articles. In one yesterday about drinking overseas, he talked about working with the Pentagon to get all the documents. No explanation why, but the comment wasn’t designed to give a reason. It was designed to suggest to the reader that the allegations were serious, and the Pentagon may have taken action to punish Jackson.

    Trump did not say too much on this. In my opinion, he might have said more, but he said it was up to Jackson on whether he wanted to go forward. In any regard, you could tell by Trumps comments in some articles that he was pissed off and disgusted with the smear game played by these hacks and a willing media.

    CNN has been a favorite anti-Trump outlet for attacks by the Swamp Rats. They are irresponsible enough to not care who they destroy.

    I first saw this “drunk overseas, banging on doors” bullshit on CNN last night.

    I saw it after it had been reported by other media that Jackson was going to fight for the nomination, so this “drunk overseas, banging on doors” was another smear designed to counterattack Jackson.

    “Hey buddy. You wanna fight? OK, we will trickle out a little more dirt. There’s more where that came from”.

    All veterans should carefully watch this, and see how much concern for actual veterans is in these attacks. If Jackson goes down and Trump has to appoint someone favorable to the swamp, you will see that lack of concern for you continue.

    1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      91, Spot on.

    2. @91 – – – “This entire attack on Jackson is a very poorly orchestrated smear by leftist politicians wanting to bloody up anything Trump, with the help of RINO Swamp Rats and yapping VSOs seeing their piggy bank being squeezed.

      Why is Tester and Patty Murray leading this? My guess would be AFGE protection.”

      You damn betcha!!! Patty Murray indeed. If memory serves, this is not the first time she has tried to fuck a military man over with unconfirmed hearsay to show patriots who have SERVED this nation what a headline grabbing, situationally unaware, bleeding heart for the wrong people ASS she is. Despicable.

      If memory serves, during the period 1993 -1994 she brought up some unsubstantiated allegations that Admiral Henry H. Mauz, Jr. had “mishandled” sexual harassment complaints. These unsubstantiated allegations could have resulted in the Admiral having to retire at 3 vice 4 star rank. Ended up requiring a full senate vote to confirm his retirement. Vote was 96 – 4 in favor of the Admiral. His retirement was delayed 6 months due her shenanigans.

      Bitch tried to railroad him to “make her bones” as a freshman Senator.

      “Hammerin’ Hank” Mauz was the finest CO I ever had. Served with him at three commands. Onboard USS England (CG 22), as a Plank Owner at CTF-12, and out in the Gulf during the Storm. Excellent seaman, great mentor to both junior officers and enlisted.

      Now, if she has her way – – – history will repeat itself. And RADM Jackson will suffer.

      1. I have no doubt that whacky bimbo is only protecting the AFGE.

        When has she ever stated anything in support of veterans?

  13. Also, I just saw on national news that Tester is calling Jackson the “Candy Man” and claims Jackson is known already for excessively dispensing RX’s giving him the nickname of “The CandyMan”….Hm-m-m-m-…I think Testor has Jackson confused with recent and current ASSHOLES called DR.’s AT THE VA doing JUST THAT…Tomah’s CandyMan is NOT to be confused or replaced for political banter!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck the swamp critters! They are only afraid the flow of gravy to the V.A. Titanic and it’s lamprey and barnacles will not get theirs.

    (barnacles are VSO’s, VA Contractors, anyone that’s not a Veteran needing that square deal but not the one offered that’s 6 feet deep, and more of a rectangle, but in the squarish family.)

    1. That was also in the WaPo article Nam…The Candyman.

      Of course, the smear is out there, but other comments in the same article say he handed out two or three pills at a time in little envelopes. They were Ambien or Provigil, and given out to aides who requested them on overseas trips.

      They were nowhere close to the same shit killing veterans at Tomah.

      1. 91Veteran,
        So, Admiral Jackson gives Ambien and Provigil to those who’ve travelled looonnnng distances with a sleeping disorder!
        He must be a real bad man! (Sarcasm intended here!)
        He’s no where near as bad as that murderer called “Candyman” at “Candyland”!

      2. If the passengers are WH staff and he is the physicican for the same, then what has he done in error?
        We get to suffer with “spin-the-wheel for today’s PCP” assigned to our care, while they experiment with drug cocktails and/or off label experiments with those drugs, and they deliberately withhold diagnoses and proper care.
        When is Congress going to question thoroughly that misbehavior?

  14. A sailor “…goes overseas…” and “Allegedly gets drunk”, Who woulda thunk it!??

  15. Congress Critters tossing stones within an all glass conference room again…or something like that?!?

    What’s next? Does Jackson negate separating his laundry colored/whites? If so, could he also be a racist based on how he separates his laundry? Does Jackson use fabric softener? Does he watch reality TV? How many guns does he own?….burp….blurp….*BL-L-U-R-P*…

    Meanwhile…the swamp monsters are raising such a gaseous stench down at the swamp, a stairmaster-induced explosion is likely among the cherry blossoms today…

    1. What’s interesting Nam is a WaPo article in which all the smears are from unnamed sources, but a named official from the Obama administration who worked with Jackson says he never saw the things Jackson is accused of.

      Swamp Rats are protecting their floating turd.

  16. I can tell if someone is a drinker just by looking at them. (Me included). If He’s going to take on the VA he better get a handle on it or it’s going to become a bigger problem for him.

  17. This is just the top of the first inning. The pitch was made, a curve ball about drinking (sin #1) had the guts but turned slider and missed the strike zone. Ball one.

    I see the catcher signaling now for the next pitch… pitcher is shaking no. No. Yes! Catcher gets set… here is the windup….

    Ok, now a poll question for you baseball fans… the next pitch will be?
    1) a fastball involving unzipped trousers with flagpole extended
    2) a sinker about tax evasion
    3) a slider about military service


    4) will they just walk him now with a bean ball about Russians?

    Oh look! Rain clouds coming in….

    1. That’s not rain…that next pitch is coming from the Kentucky Windage of an Oregonian Poop Canon…

    2. I’m thinking a bean ball about how he talked harshly to a Russian lobbyist creating a hostile work environment for Isaksons Stairmaster.

  18. I was reading this man’s resume on wilikpedia, has some impressive qualifications,. Quality care at the VA should be everyone’s responsibility. I think their just trying to spook people now with these drinking allegations. He who can manage a few can manage the many. The more they talk about this man’s drinking the more I kinda like the man. He’s just as qualified as some past VA leaders.

    1. I’d rather have a leader with a bottle in front of me than one with a frontal lobotomy.

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