VA Accountability Bill

VA Accountability Bill Passes House Of Representatives

VA Accountability Bill

The House of Representatives passed an accountability bill that will supposedly help Veterans Affairs fire bad employees while protecting whistleblowers.

The bill is dubbed the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. It cleared the Senate by a voice vote. President Donald Trump is expected to sign it into law soon.

The law is being touted to give Secretary David Shulkin, MD, more power to discipline or fire employees. It would also shorten the appeal process that presently takes years.

As an example, felon Sharon Helman, the former head of Phoenix VA, is still appealing her termination. It also gives the secretary authority to revoke bonuses and reduce pensions of executives who are disciplined.

Some senior VA executives are anticipating the bill will actually help terminate whistleblowers prior to being exposed. In many instances, obstinate, stubborn, or otherwise those employees who adhere to the truth are also the same employees who report their managers for wrongdoing. Those managers may now be able to terminate these meddlesome employees when trouble first arises prior to matters escalating.

Nonetheless, the legislation is being dubbed as a huge win by lawmakers.

“These changes are crucial to ensure that there’s accountability at the VA so that it can deliver for our veterans,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who sponsored the legislation.

Rubio crafted the bill with Sens. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., and Jon Tester, D-Mont. — the chairman and ranking Democrat on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

“Probably 99.9 percent of the people who work in the VA do a great job,” said Tester. “And the veterans will tell you when they go into the VA clinics, they do do a great job. But we got a few bad apples.”

How do you think this legislation will work out once the rubber hits the road?

I am hearing mixed reviews from whistleblowers inside the agency. Some think it will help encourage accountability while others are concerned it will help dishonest managers terminate honest employees prior to problems escalating.


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  1. @Rich B., you have a wonderful night. You got through a post without belittling others. You have made some good points. Sorry about the eye.

  2. @ Exva,

    I don’t doubt that you have witnesses some serious problems, I have too. In fact, I lost the vision in my left eye because a va resident didn’t know how to do cataract surgery. I don’t think anyone at the VA medical centers are actually out to hurt veterans. But when they go out of their way to lie about the mistakes that is a different issue. I don’t think all regional offices treat all veterans the same way, that points to poor training. I don’t think any va employee should be able to keep their job if they screw up, lie or hurt a veteran. I also think the VA is over loaded with Veterans that don’t have service connected disabilities, and the va does not have the people to take care of those with disabilities and so they hire anyone with a degree from any country. It would be a wonderful experience if every doctor that ever treated me at the va spoke English as their first language, and more often than not , many don’t speak English very well as a second language. The va is made up of people, people make mistakes, the system then lies about the mistakes, and tries to cover up every mistake ever made and never learn from the mistakes….. so yes we do need a watchdog, and we as veteran need to keep them honest….

  3. @Rich B., you sounded good, until the whining part. I’m truly grateful that you have had enough good experiences at the VA. I wish every Veteran had some good experiences. Problem is, so many of us have yet to have a good experience. Not to be praying, but which VA do you have these good experiences? I know there are a few out there. @Rich, we do listen, and most of us give a damn. So, quit with the labeling. I’m sorry I doubted your validity. Good luck…

    1. @Jo3n,

      As I said I have had good and bad experience with the VA. And I know not all veterans have had good experiences. I am not saying anyone who has a valid complaint should not complain, I just think it doesn’t do any of us any good if we attack others in a personal way, nor does it really do any good for me to counter punch. My good experiences have come from all areas of the VA from different region offices ( lived in 4 states since 1986) , to the medical care. My bad experience have come from the va screwing up my eye surgery, and then telling me it was not their fault, happened at San Antonio va medical center. Another bad experience was with vocational rehabilitation request because I never received anything in the end ( this happened 3 times). Look I am rated 100% and I get Aid and Attendance at the L 1/2 level, so that is good, but when you consider the 100% is only for one medical issue, and I have 16 other medical issues, that I don’t get any compensation for that makes me mad. A good experience is getting rated 40% for a TBI,( the TBI is not good just the rating) but the bad of it is it was just awarded in January, almost 31 years after my forced medical retirement for the Army…..The good experience is when the va approves my adapted housing grant of $64000. to adapt my house to my wheelchair. the bad thing is that it takes too long and initial denial to get it. I have had a lot of good and a lot of bad experiences, there really isn’t enough room to list all the high and low points….

  4. @ Jo3N,

    I have been dealing with the va for 31 years (on 6 June) . I understand the va system and they have screwed me over at times quite well. When I think the va screws up I am not afraid to let them know… and have many times…

    I just think that the va is made up of people, people make mistakes, some don’t care and some make mistakes because they are not trained… I don’t understand what good it does to constantly hammer the VA, they make a lot of mistakes no disputing that fact, but they also do a lot of good.

    Honestly, I know the VA games and how they play. I hope that my knowledge comes thru, and if you really think I sound like the VA than maybe some of my knowledge is coming thru.

    No I am no fake, and I shouldn’t have to prove myself, ( did you prove your veteran status ) just because some don’t agree with my opinions. But anytime Ben wants proof of my service all he has to do is ask for it. And just because someone doesn’t like my opinions doesn’t mean they have to be vile. I think we come to this board to learn, well most of us, the others just want something to whine about,, and some are quite good at it in every vile way possible….

      1. Ex VA,

        That’s not what I said and you know it!

        Darn, is there any one else that wants to urinate on my leg and tell me its raining?

      2. @Rich B, i do not think Veterans suffering by the va’s hands is a mistake. People make mistakes naturally. But a system that is out to injure, murder and cause serious harm is on another level completely. The va has criminals doing criminal things to Veterans, no mistakes about it. I witnessed it.

    1. Rich B ……and I am a brain surgeon, I’m here to help you…and tell your kids to stop at the end of the article, you wouldn’t want them to know theirs a world outside their bubble.. and wipe your mouth you have shit all over it. you must have been hanging out at the brown hole CLUB….and don’t forget to shine your shoes for the shiny shoe contest …..your friend the BRAIN SURGEON

      1. @OLDMARINE, LMAO!!! i just about couldn’t take this!!!! LMAO!!!!!!i can’t stop laughing!!!!

    2. Your words employees don’t know what they are doing, they make mistakes, they mistakes effects real people, yes veterans are real people.

      You defend people who are harming other people and look at all of this with rose colored ? and you will never see clearly through those rose colored glasses.

      You enjoy what you are doing and saying on this site. Write to the VA and tell them their shit don’t stink, they are still making mistakes

      And must pay and can make these mistakes some where else, then veterans may receive proper care. Some places you can not make a mistake people’s lives are at risk.

  5. @Rich B. Don’t stop now. I’d like to get to know you. I’m quite sure that you haven’t dealt with the VA as long as so many of us. Haven’t heard Cj get so worked up in a while. In all honesty, Rich B., you sound like THEM, and they lie. Quit it. You may even be a Veteran. Who knows? I can’t really tell. Others are much better at picking up on fakes than I am. Still, God Bless you. Whatever you are.

  6. @ namnibor June 15, 2017 at 9:22 pm
    It’s really okay to pull your head out of your ass from time to time and sniff the air everyone else has been breathing. It’s not all rosy out here in the wild.

    Why is it that you feel you have to verbally insult someone to get a point across? You do this quite often, I suspect it is because you really have noting valid to say or are just ignorant… I’ll think its a combination of both! Not only do you do this but quite a very regular users do the same think. And these type comments are not always directed at me but at anyone you don’t agree with. Again Ignorance is very plain to see.

    @Ben Krause, I am glad you do not censor your board, but don’t you think you should have some basic rules of decorum? Frankly, when it comes to some of the remarks, that I have read, this board is a cesspool. This board reflects what you think is important, and you write some very interesting articles, but I believe that when you allow some of these comments (such as the one above) , they become a reflection of you and your beliefs or values. I am not a prude and I have used a swear word a time or too, but that is not what I am referring to. I certainly would not want my wife , daughter, or granddaughter to read some of the remarks made by some users ( and make not mistake its the same people over and over again ). If I don’t want my female family members to read this garbage, how many other people feel the same way? This is your board and you should run it as if you care about getting your work out to everyone and anyone who has a desire to learn from your work. And lets not forget there are a number of female veterans who also deserve better. Instead you tolerate this kind of garbage why?

    1. Rich B June 15, 2017 at 12:21 am

      I wonder where did you ever learn such colorful language? Just asking because while it is colorful it really doesn’t help identify your problem…. just saying

      So……Rich B, Draws first blood against a fellow commenter, then doesn’t like the fallout,
      Rich B, also thinks he deserves more of everything then Veterans who served less time then he.
      Rich B apparently likes to make up classes of Veterans that he belongs to, and the hell with anyone else.
      Rich B from his comment above to “yesicomplainloudly” really had nothing positive to say, so he must be showing us his ignorance, after all this is what Rich B is accusing others of, because obviously Rich B is so perfect, right Rich B?
      Rich B, is now calling for those that call his ass out on his comments to be censored, and then tries to blame Ben because Rich B doesn’t like it that any commenter posted anything negative about Rich B.
      Therefore, because I MUST be ignorant, the only conclusion I am left to make, is Rich B is a pussy.
      Does that about sum it up Rich B? Gurgle Gurgle…….

      1. CJ,

        I take if from your garbled words you don’t like what I said…that’s really too bad. I wonder what you would have said if my comments were directed at you…..

      2. @Rich B: You can direct your comments at me all day long, wouldn’t bother me one bit, my skin isn’t thin. What I take issue with is you finding the need to make yourself look better than others by talking down to them, that make you a jackass. But please, if it helps for you to stop talking down to other commenter’s, then fire away at will, I am a big boy, I won’t go running to Ben, crying foul. Stick and stones you know?

    2. @Rich B- Wah….Wah….Wah…! Maybe, just maybe, if you were not constantly DEFENDING THE VA and belittling and talking down to others in a superiority complex, such comments would not be directed at you specifically.
      Benefit of the doubt is one thing, but repeated slamming against the same wall and expecting a different outcome each time is a bit like insanity. Been there, done that. Don’t like a person’s posts, ignore them, as some may as well do with yourself.


  7. @Rich B. So, you believe in common sense and the VA. Makes no sense to me. Good luck, and God be with you.

    1. @Jo3n,

      I never said I believe in the VA. Frankly, the VA has at times angered me, and at times pleasantly surprised me. What I do believe in is giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, this is one subject that I think cannot be prejudged. If they are actually trying to fix the problem great, if not shame on them but at least, let them prove their real intentions before you pee on their parade, after all wouldn’t you want the benefit of the doubt?

      1. Do you give the VA the benefit of the doubt in my case. Since 2004 the VA punished me falsely acussing me of disruptive behavior.

        The VA admitting they hand no required written evidence of me ever being disruptive, did not provide one piece of evidence.

        VA Denver sending every inquiry to the employee making the false allegations to answer herself.

        Denver director telling a senator that they never coded my official medical record’s for disruptive behavior and they never red flagged my official medical record’s.

        The Denver VA calling me and admitting that the disruptive committee back in 2004 was not properly running the disruptive committee and if this came in front of them today, I would have never been punished.

        refuse to apologize, using the lame excuse it was someone else that made the mistake. Still in my chart if the VA EVER HEARS that you are reported as being disruptive again

        You will be Arrested and federal charges placed upon you and you will be banished from all VA care.

        You sound just like a VA employee and if you are or were working with veterans, you also would be a dangerous employee.

        Do some real research into the VA, news reports, Senate committee on veterans affairs.

        Show do you think that the VA has won the honor of being the # 1 worst government agency.

        Not my words. But it’s true. ! All u want to do is piss veterans off on this site with your insults towards veterans and defending the indefensible. !

  8. I do believe that we would all like to see that bill. Why so secret? Who are THEY hiding it from? Very VA-like. Why are THEY hiding the bill(s) THEY are passing, deliberating on, even the bills that are submitted? It’s fairly obvious, They don’t want us to know. Transparency isn’t happening.

  9. @Rich B., all you agreed with, is your own words. At least you are open to…., your own words. God Bless the Veterans…

    1. Jo3n

      No… I agree with common sense… something that seems to lack on here from time to time

      1. It’s really okay to pull your head out of your ass from time to time and sniff the air everyone else has been breathing. It’s not all rosy out here in the wild.

  10. I want to know more about this bit:
    “Some senior VA executives are anticipating the bill will actually help terminate whistleblowers prior to being exposed. In many instances, obstinate, stubborn, or otherwise those employees who adhere to the truth are also the same employees who report their managers for wrongdoing. Those managers may now be able to terminate these meddlesome employees when trouble first arises prior to matters escalating.”

    Sounds counterproductive to me. Do you have the actual text of the bill providing these authorizaitons?

    1. I don’t believe they will publish it until after the president signs it.

      You can read the one propsed to the Senate Bill.

      This is where veterans can send idea’s to the Secretary on now veterans can assist him on how they are being treated.

      Look up VA accountability act.

  11. Other than what James G. Said, which I will follow, Is there something in this accountability bill to guide Veterans? Like a new way to lodge a complaint? Patient advocate seems unable to do their job. What a system the VA has. I agree with wait and see. It’s better than, ……., hell, I don’t know.

    1. Jo3n….

      Like a new way to lodge a complaint? Patient advocate seems unable to do their job. What a system the VA has. I agree with wait and see. It’s better than, ……., hell, I don’t know.

      Now that is something I think we can all agree with…

  12. Here comes the Bubble.

    “Following shootout in Virginia, members of Congress push for greater security”
    By The Washington Post Today at 12:49 p.m.

    With all the bad rules, legislation and laws that Congress has past and all of them being candy coated to look like they are something that is aimed at helping and in truth is only more harmful. Does anyone believe that this new accountability is anything more than a way to fire whistleblowers?

    It is likely to get even worse in the coming months for everyone as the swamp creatures are all about to insulate themselves with a bubble.

    1. Maybe the bubble-maker’s quality control was down that week and they omitted the perforated holes for oxygen, like a huge shake & bake hamster habitrail….with no holes for air. 🙂

    2. You maybe right, but I’m praying your wrong.

      I have little faith the VA will fire any employee, but a little faith is better than no faith.

      The Secretary had no excuses now to fire bad employees, veterans must keep following these stories and report anything they see or hear.

      That’s all we can do is wait and see, if nothing happens and the Secretary does not follow through, it will be up to us to keep trying.

  13. Following. Likely this is another “look nice law” for the voters never intended to be enforced in any way that will cost Uncle Sam money

  14. Veterans have waited a very long time for this type of action. Someone asked the question who is going to pick the Bad Apples out ? That is a good question. Well I say you ! Any Veteran who has evidence of wrongdoings should write a letter to Secretary Shulkin and send a copy to the White house, the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and to Rubio.

    You the people have the Power, now use it ! They say the pen is mightier than the Sword !

    Any employee that has harmed you and you know who they are and you write to Shulkin and send a copy to the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, The Secretary is required by law, to collect all the Bad Apples Names, where they work, their title or position and the Secretary must explain his decision’s as to what disciplinary action he took and why he did what he did.

    The committee on Veterans once they have your copy they can check it against the Secretaries list !

    More that the Secretary must get a copy, that way it can not be hidden.

    We are still going to have a problem, if the Secretary receives our complaints about VA Employees as we are not VA Employee’s doing the complaining. But they can not say they did not know about the problem and so will the White House and the Veterans committee on Veterans Affairs.

    Also who is the Secretary going to Believe the Veteran or the VA Lying machine. We know that VA Employee’s will cover up for each other especially when it a Veteran doing the complaining. Too many times Veterans have complained and the VA Management writes some lame excuse as to why they did what they did and try to make the veterans the problem.

    Those that think veterans working at the VA, will have your back, better think again ! Remember we do not hold the purse strings and remember all the Black Mail Money Managers have to keep their Employees Loyal. Yearly Bonus money or Hush Money !

    Harm this veteran or harm this other employee and your on the Good list, If NOT your on the Naughty list and we will make your life a living hell.

    So is the Secretary going to believe right out lies from VA Employee’s that cover up for each other or is he going to do a complete investigation and demand that anyone who makes false statements to a Government Official will be held Accountable, Just like they committed the wrongdoings themselves .

    The Secretary must realize that he can not believe everything told to him or his office. Evidence should out way the deceit or right out Lies of employee’s who believe the shit don’t stink. and they can do anything they like.

    The God syndrome must be stopped, False prophets ! Employees thinking if I do what ever I am told to do even if its wrong I will get a bonus or Promoted, that has to stop and veterans must be listened to.

    So take out you Pen and paper and write down everything you have been through and send it Off, If not today by Tomorrow. Paper Trail that the Key and if they don’t listen write again and again.

    If the VA tries to report you as being Disruptive write again and mention your first Amendments RIGHT.

    Folks we veterans have an opportunity to be heard, your choice complain and do noting else or write your Butt off.

    VA employee’s are evaluated by the Supervisors, That should change and Veterans be given a form when the Arrive with the Names of Employee’s caring for them on how they were treated and pictures of all the employees on the Wall with a Ballot Box where Veterans can place their form.

    Veterans should have some say so about how they see their providers, give the veterans a say so !

    New Slogan Liars will be Fired !!!!!!!!

  15. I have a GREAT IDEA for focusing America’s attention on the cost of corruption. By Executive Order POTUS could immediately transfer all VA employees from VA and swap them with the DOE employees currently operating our nations 100 commercial nuclear reactors that provide safe and clean energy for America (if you discount the half life of enriched plutonium of several thousand years as a waste product).

    I personally think that the word “plutonium” is derived from ancient latin which translates roughly into “DO NOT EVER figure out how to light this shit on fire”. Atlantis, legend has it did figure it out. They did not sink into the ocean – they created the crater that filld with water that was later named “ocean”.

    Let us hand the task of tossing the uranium pellets onto the good old campfires known as commercial nuclear reactors over to the good folks of VA. DOE has a GREAT track record tending the nuclear fires without vaporizing anyone, so tending to our nations wounded vets would be a cinch!!!

    Just think of the emabrassment that VA will feel when DOE does a better job them! They would be laughing stocks! Yep, that would sure get America’s attention…

    1. @Dennis- One potential thing to consider: Those Engorged VA Purple Teams (EVAPT) would surely mutate from the radiation then want MORE…the safety and longevity of our Mother Earth is at stake, no less here!!

      The VA being terrible at numbers, that half-life of 20,000 years for the spent plutonium would quickly be redefined as activated charcoal and sold right back to the VA to haunt Veterans needing a cleansing.

      The only atoms the VA should be near are those emitted at velocities only a neutron bomb can produce. We MUST prevent mutations, Dennis, at ALL COSTS!!!! 🙂

  16. Here’s are two articles from “ News” concerning the VA.
    “VA Shelves Plan to Cut Benefits for Elderly Disabled Vets”
    Dated: 14 June 2017
    By; Richard Sisk
    His email address is:
    [email protected]

    I believe it would be prudent to email him. Basically, to explain how Shulkin COULD gain monies by stopping all the “waste, fraud, corruption and abuse” permeating within the Veterans Administration!
    I believe ideas from veterans could be used to explain how the upper management is spending taxpayers monies recklessly!
    We on here have written many examples of how directors, SES’rs and others are spending taxpayers recklessly, ie;
    color changing walls in Los Vegas VHA.
    A bolder in a northern California VHA to help vets cope.
    Over budget hospitals being built by contractors, yet no one is being held accountable.
    There’s are many examples of these expenses. We need to help ourselves to expose the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse!

    “Failing to Expand VA Caregiver ‘Unfair’, Advocates Say”
    Dated: 15 June 2017
    By: Amy Bushatz | “” reporting.

    This program will help those disabled veterans who are injured prior to 9/11!
    Read the article.

  17. I don’t hate the VA. I’m disgusted with their behavior and attitudes towards Veterans. True, I don’t trust the VA because of 40 years of lying. Call me anything you want, Rich B.

  18. Factually,
    No one really knows how this will change the playing field for veterans. Hopefully it is not another smoke screen, but until it is put into practice we just don’t know. I suspect the Union will have something to say about this and let there be no mistake this will be challenged in court when it is used to get rid of someone……. then and only then will we really know if it will correct the current problems or if it is just another smoke screen. I will wait and see before I pass judgement on this, Frankly all the ranting and raving about it doesn’t get us anywhere , it just reinforces that some of you hate the VA so much that even before you know the full impact you just want to say its another way for the VA to screw us. Anyway that is my 2 cents

      1. namnibor,
        I’ll raise your $1 Along with three old moldy weevil filled hostess cup cakes to insure everyone will fold!

    1. Some of us know the truth! Facts are facts and veterans have died! $1.00 Raise the bar bitch!

      1. I raise your $1.00 with 3 old stale Hostess Twinkies. You can place the old stale Twinkies on end of fishing reel line and play bait and switch with your Engorged VA Purple Team, (EVAPT)

  19. I’m praying Ben and others here may just be the answer. @Ben is getting noticed. I think what I’m feeling here is like a broken record. Several of y’all have put steps needed to help fix the VA. A couple visited last week. They had heard two weeks ago, some type of accountability law doesn’t work. They came by a while ago. I told them we have a new accountability law. They asked me, ” why do I put up with this? ” I wonder the same….

  20. I know a few things about va management and i do know that they will test the waters with this new legislation. It is hard for me to believe from experience that this will benefit whistle blowers. I knew good employees that ended up with nervous breakdowns because of corrupt managers and service line chiefs harassment. I knew of an employee who committed suicide because of daily harassment of a supervisor and others who did nothing to help this individual.

    Helping the va “fire” bad employees? Who determines who are the bad employees? The corrupt managers? The corrupt medical center directors? I know of one reason why they protect “bad” employees. They protect the bad employees because they are in on the scheduling scheme. They are the ones covering up for a corrupt doctors schedule to only see 2 Veterans a week on average. They damn sure not going to go after the “bad” scheduling managers participation or the “bad” clerks who are also in on it. Those clerks will stand against every Veteran that comes thru the door till hell freezes over to cover up for their negligent providers/doctors schedule. A Veteran complains that he/she cannot get an appointment. Well, the have a way to deal with that also. Put him on the disruptive behavior list. Flag his record.

    The department of Veterans affairs is a sick, broken and disgusting system and needs massive reform. The Veterans are waiting for their claims some 10, 15 and 20 years waiting to be heard. This is how our nations heros, who have injuries, are treated. All i can say shame on you va!!! I reported grievous damaging, information that costs millions to the taxpayer about the scheduling schemes and suffered retaliation from your so called good administrators. All they did was try to shut me up with threats and harassment. I followed the said procedures and very little changed to help the Veterans. I reported loss/stolen medical center equipment, never heard any follow up from vaoig on anything i reported. Vaoig doesn’t go after real crime they just monitor it. What the hell is the point of that???? Oh,, i forgot they do make recommendations to the participating criminal employees.

    So, i unfortunately see this just as another smoke screen. How many employees that i would consider a “good” employee at a veterans affairs medical center? I estimated around 30-35% that i would consider a decent employee who was non-contributing to schemes, scams and crimes against Veterans and taxpayer monies. These are the people that have a belief in serving our nations heros and treat them with respect and to put in an honest days work. The other 70-75% are the real criminals that share values of a criminal mind and who do their best to undermine the va system in whatever capacity that they can. I remember hearing their lies and excuses for not be able to do the right things for the betterment of our Veterans and our nations resources. Some of these employees unfortunately held positions of authority and manipulated the va system for their benefit. The employees under them where protected because they also participated.

    Speaking from experience of reporting wrongdoing, i do not feel government employees are protected for disclosure of criminal activity. Especially the va, they expect you to trust them and disclose fully without reservation. The office of special counsel who gives whistleblower protection has a very limited budget. Why would they care to protect someone in the va system who reports crime? Va is too saturated in crime. Even if you have overwhelming evidence it doesn’t matter.

  21. @Ex VA,@Crazy elf,@Underwater: I hear ya. See how fucking twisted a person’s​ mind gets, after all of the VA’s constant criminal fuckery? Also from years of politician’s fuckery as well?

    For just a brief moment, I let my guard down, and thought something good happened. Once again, right on que, throw the dog a bone. Fuck, I hate these deceptive cocksucker’s, and the damn games they play with people’s lives.

    If laws were suspended for just a day. I would take a three foot piece of 3/4 inch rebar, and stick it through “lil” Cox-n-no-balls fucking skull, right through his ears. Hang his fat fucking Veteran hating ass, from a pair of pipe hangers by that rebar, and hang a damn bell from his fucking balls. Go back about 1700 meters, and start taking shots with a 338 lapua. I’ll ring his fucking bell alright!!!

    SOB!!!! Back to my cheery ol self again, obviously.

    1. @cj, i want to believe in good over bad myself. I resemble you in many ways friend. I want to believe people are better than they really are, but they prove me wrong when it comes to dealing with the va. I think things will change for the good eventually (many years) and maybe they will shut this department down because it is failing the Veterans on so many levels. I still believe in good people, but they are not the ones running the va.

      1. @Ex va:Ex, same here, I like to think people are better than they are as well. 99% of the time, I am proven wrong. It is that 1% that keeps me from going off the reservation completely.

        Talk in just a bit, I need to calm down and have a cup coffee.

      2. There is one thing that you must be prepared to also believe in if you believe in the good faith of your fellow man Ex va and namnibor inadvertantly stumbled upon a key concept supporting my hypothesis in a post just above! In order for you to truly accept that kindness and goodness are at the core of humanity and that the values of honesty and good faith are universally held, then you just first accept Ho Ho Ho, which namnibor irreverently shortened to HoHo. You have to honestly believe that the trademark phrase for the red nosed reindeer’s boss is at the core of humanity’s passion for kindness, compassion, and love.

        The reason of course that namnibor alluded to VA employees being Ding Dongs (aside from personal appearance) is that they are just cheap knock off products of the real giver of happiness, HoHo speakers. I guess you just can’t legislate a corrupt VA Ding Dong to chant Ho Ho Ho when their cream filling is injected in through a square hole and not a round one, right? It just aint the same. They do advertise as being substantially the same thing though – happiness, love, and good times for just a tiny plate of cookies and some milk (they are exempt from breaking and entering laws regarding unautjorized chiminey access into your home at night because they are a federal cabinet level agency)

        It isn’t that I don’t trust my fellow man Ex va. Nope. I trust them perfectly to be human. In hindsight I realize this is why we invented jails WITHOUT chimineys. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

      3. @Dennis- Dr. Sigmund Freud finds your thoughts about the manner in which a Ding Dong’s cream filling is injected, as highly suggestive in nature and deserves further exploration and probing. 🙂

        Dr. Carl Jung says in the Collective Unconscious, we are okay with both square and round hole Ding Dong filling methods, it’s simply ALL good.

        VA Mental Health Witch Dr. asks why can’t the cream filling be removed and placed back on the shelf in vending machine for an unsuspecting Veteran to pay for? Double Dipping Ding Dongs.

  22. Washington Speak Definition of “Accountability”: Well crafted and legally vetted non-accountability for allowing entities inside and outside the VA to rob the dwindling budget for shit that was never intended to work in the first place.

  23. Didn’t the VA have a billion dollars in the choice fund? There be a whole lot of shaky stuff going on up there and they aren’t letting Veterans have anything to do with it. Veteran Friendly? You have got to be joking.

  24. Hey, “cj”
    Most people who work for VA are afraid to Whistle-Blow.
    You know the old saying.
    “Suck bitch, BLOW is just an expression!”

    1. Yea, I know. I’m just in one of “those moods” tonight!
      Plus, I just couldn’t resist with the “blow” comment!

  25. This may be good news, or maybe NOT! With y’all, and a whole host of others out there who don’t trust “Shithead Shulkin”, as I don’t.
    A “brother”, Vietnam Vet”, called me this evening to make sure I googled the following:
    “Stars and Stripes”
    “VA Backs Off Budget Proposal to Cut Benefits for Disabled, Unemployable Vets”

    by Nikki Wentling Stars and Stripes
    June 14, 2017

    Seems 57 Congressmen have signed a letter, addressed to Shulkin and in this article, telling him to back off his proposal to illuminate IU from disabled veterans.
    Seems the VSO’s are onboard to help vets also!
    Vets were saying the suicide rate will go up if he cuts compensation!
    In the letter, Shulkin says he’ll find somewhere else to fund the (NO)Choice Program.
    Now, I’m of the opinion, Shulkin COULD BE TELLING THE TRUTH! But, with all his fuckin lies for the past many years – I don’t trust his ass!
    It’s NOW up to y’all. Are you going to trust this cocksucker?

  26. FINALLY!!! A senior representative of The People and representing veterans best interest, has achieved what scores of analysts and men of power have NEVER yet accomplished! Until this man spoke, the TRUE nature of problems at VA had been grossly misunderstood.

    The problem we now know is bad apples. I am telling you that all this time I had pinned a lot of blame on the Hostess snack cake dispensers at VA! I thought the smell I noticed last time at VA was from dead guys or something. Nope. It was bad apples.

    The last orthopedic VA doctor I saw had what I thought smelled like liquor on his breath. Nope. He got into one of the bad apples.

    God, if he downplays the raw chicken explanation in favor of a bad apple explanation then they must be some pretty shitty apples alright! It sort of tips my hand at being unsophisticated because I would have said, “The problem is raw chicken and cockroaches”, all the while being ignorant of the power of bad apples to render an entire cabinet level within the Executive Branch paralysed with corruption.

    This is our democracy in action!

    1. The “Hostess Organized Health Orangutans” (HOHO) want to put out the statement that we have absolutely no blame to share for the engorged HOHO’s, Snowballs, or Twinkies at the VA and their vending machines.
      We are however, highly suspicious of the Ding Dongs working at the VA. (Ding Dongs always had this superiority complex of ruler-ship, and they can be found in large herds under the AFGE vending machine), and furthermore, HOHO recommends Veterans stay clear of Little Debbie because she only has a trap for you, not a snack.

  27. @cj
    Hopefully the new office that 45 created for accountability will alleviate some concerns that insiders have especially if it is staffed with whistleblowers

  28. I was REALLY HAPPY when I made my first post. After reading everyone’s concerns over this new “Accountability Act”, I now see how premature my post was.

    Damn it!!

  29. The best news, for me last year, was when the State of Wisconsin(?), charged the psycho Dr.. Simply put; why doesn’t the VA go by the law of the State it is in? Did our wise Senators put anything in this accountability law that holds them accountable for not following the law? Why don’t they let you, me, someone else read the bill before it becomes law? Just know we’re getting screwed……….Again.

  30. How does this law work? Executive Shirley is deemed to have violated statute “X” by office of special counsel. Then what?

    1. Shake the big stick at them and wait for next year’s congress critter band aid. Maxine Waters may even get all the words correct by then. 🙂

  31. When I don’t trust Shulkin, how can I trust a bill he’s happy with?. Now, Shulkin can fire anyone and hush it up with the propaganda machine. I, the Veteran wants to hold them accountable. Again, all I am hearing, is they can now hold them accountable. Can I hold one of them accountable? Is anyone in the VA, responsible for Veterans?

  32. I was at an outside provider today (non-VA) for a follow-up on surgery done by them last year through the fucking shit-fuck choice fucking cock and ball-sucking program. This is a large specialized doctor group owned by a large hospital system here. The surgeon’s staff told me that “the VA just fired Choice today”.
    I haven’t read any news about this on the web when I got home. Does anyone know if indeed the VA got rid of crotch-licking HealthNet as the contractor for this dick-bag Choice program? I don’t know where they heard this from, although I asked.

    1. yesIcomplainloudly

      I wonder where did you ever learn such colorful language? Just asking because while it is colorful it really doesn’t help identify your problem…. just saying

      1. Rich B,
        Sometimes it takes “Colorful Language” to release the tension VA, and other entities, cause us!
        My father was a “very colorful individual”! Yet, it only occurred AFTER someone, or something, didn’t do right by others! Kinda like what VA has been allowed, whether by design or chance, to do to veterans for quite some time!
        Maybe you should overlook the ‘brothers’ colorful language, or just not read what he’s wrote!

      2. @Rich B: Really? You can’t figure out what this man is taking about?
        This from the guy who uses factually, like most people use um?
        Factually, Rich B, exactly what part of this man’s comment, are you having trouble understanding?

        Factually, I showed the comment to my 10 year old neighbor, and he had no trouble understanding the content. Didn’t you say you were college educated? You need to go back and ask for a refund.

        Or apply to the VA, for that brain surgeon gig. They would be glad to have you.

      3. @Rich B
        I learned this colorful language on the NJ Battleship I was on during the peak of the Vietnam War. I use it sparingly but harshly when it comes to “things VA”…especially the CHOICE program. The whole crew talked like that, by the way. The mystifying words in my comment, though, are from the surgeon’s staff telling me and the surgeon together “the VA just fired Choice today”. It shows how #&*@!*# the information flow is between the VA and the community providers that the Shulk wants to charm and coax them into using an extended Choice program after this train-wreck expires. All of the major providers hate the #@&*#!# program and will never buy into what the Shulk is trying to sell them. The man seems to live in make-believe-land or something
        Thanks Crazy Elf and cj for explaining this to the B.

  33. The execs are probably already strategizing how to use this new law to their advantage. Vets who work for the va better cover their 6 quick, fast and in a hurry if they have or are suspected of potentially ratting on the syndicate. Expect increased job scrutiny and being ostracized

  34. “Probably 99.9 percent of the people who work in the VA do a great job,” said John Tester (C-MT)

    That would mean there are only 298 bad apples. Hell, I can name at least 20% of that number and that is only at the VA I go to.

    Any wonder we think Congress Critters have their heads up their ass?

    1. I cannot and will not agree to 99.9% VA employees doing a good job. That is merely a feel good, bleeding heart statement. Until this VA scandal broke a couple of years ago, all the 99.9% “good VA employees were taking the money and running. Now suddenly, some are talking???

      Get the point??

      1. The VA is not good with numbers. Turn that 99.9% upside down to get Satan’s Asshole number of 66.6%, and I will buy that number.

        Does this new ACT come with a big stick to point at them when they ignore this ACT as well and we are here next year same channel with yet another band aid to place over the larger infected scab and old band aid?

        66.6% is more like it for Satan’s Assholes, whom probably already have their AFGE Attorneys roadmapping the loopholes to get around it as we speak.

        In a mood, esp. after brushing close to some of their ilk last night.

  35. You good VA employees out there, make sure you contact your lawyer before, you whistleblow. Do not tell your fellow employees anything, you cannot trust them. They will inform on you, trust us, we know what we’re talking about.

    You asshole VA teet sucking, Veteran harming, pieces of shit, your days are numbered. “lil” cox n no balls, can’t help you now.

    You fuckwad quacks, that have been illegally denying Veterans, service connected claims, best start packing up your shit. There is one such quack employed at the Hines VA in Maywood Park, IL. I am filing a complaint against your unqualified, quack ass by the end of next week.

    To the director of the Chicago VARO, dittos on your ass as well. Filings with the VAOIG, cc to Secretary Shulkin, and President Trump. You have been found to be in violation both in 2011, and 2015, for improperly denying TBI claims, by the IG, and you are still doing the same. You, sir, are a fucking piece of shit, and soon, your criminal ass is going to answer for what you have been doing.

    Who said there is never any good news on Ben’s blog?

    1. AMEN BROTHER VET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Lawmakers can call it any friggin’ thing they want. Win for veterans, my ass! What this country really needs is to get rid of these Lawmakers, and get some Leaders to do their snot-nosed jobs!


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. POTUS Trump and our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS. Give their replacement’s one term to take care of the Veterans.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh or Congressional Baseball Team Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Always.

  37. Looks like we veterans got the shaft AGAIN!
    Look at the three people’s name on who wrote the Bill, and that’s the answer!
    “Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!”

    Nothing more to say about this fubar!

    1. Isakson is the biggest corn dog eating sloth of them all! All lip service from Congress and the Senate as usual. They should have made the bill retroactive to 2014, because of the nexus to the 2014 scandal. This will get at the heart of those who are still players in the game. Namely Meghan Flanz, head of General Counsel. She knew about Burch’s activities, including the corrupt attorneys who went after many whistleblowers with fraudulent filings at the MSPB and EEOC. I will be sending many documents to various law firms as disclosures to what they are dealing with at VA. If VA wants to fraudently represent how they are helping vets, they will definetly get exposed. Trump has his hands full too with the same type of DOJ attorneys fraudulently defending VA as well.

    2. THIS BILL IS A TOTOAL CYA BILL IT WILL NOT HELP WHISLE BLOWERS VETS SCREWED AGIN BUY CONGRESS RATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. You just have to go to someone with the Brass and knowhow like Big Ben and you will be OK if you report bad care/behavior of VA employees

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