Financially Incompetent Veterans

New Law Would Allow Financially Incompetent Veterans To Own Firearms Again

Financially Incompetent Veterans

Disabled veterans deemed financially incompetent veterans will be allowed to own firearms again if a new bill is passed by Congress.

The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act was approved by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs last week. It would allow veterans who are deemed financially incompetent to own firearms again despite being unable to manage a checkbook.

This would put veterans rights back on par with Americans and members of Congress, two groups where numerous individuals are clearly financially incompetent as well. Can anyone in Congress really balance the budget much less their own checkbooks?

Seriously though, veterans have fewer rights than American citizens.

Veterans cannot hire an attorney to represent them when they first file their benefits claim. They can only do so after VA developed evidence against them and denied the claim.

Veterans unable to manage their finances will lose control of their finances without a trial. And, those same veterans also lose their 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm.

Veterans also have no real choice in who provides them with health care – – VA dictates when and where the health care occurs, too.

Who knew?

No one told me that when I enlisted I would have fewer rights than criminals. Maybe the Department of Defense should disclose this as well as the risks of military service prior to enlisting.

Incompetent Veterans

For years, VA has unlawfully placed veterans on a “no buy” list after putting them into the mismanaged VA Fiduciary program. In that program, VA restricts a veteran’s ability to manage their own finances and own firearms without a court order, which is a violation of any veteran’s right to their property and the Second Amendment.”

According to VA:

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act prohibits you from purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition if you have “been adjudicated as a mental defective or been committed to a mental institution.” In compliance with this act, VA reports the names of incompetent beneficiaries to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), which then adds the names to a database called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Gun dealers must check NICS for the name of a potential buyer before selling him/her a firearm. You may be fined and/or imprisoned if you knowingly violate this law. You may apply to VA for relief of firearms prohibitions imposed by the law by submitting your request to the VA. The VA will determine whether such relief is warranted.

The problem here is that some VA attorney at some point in time concluded veterans who are financially incompetent for the purposes of managing their money somehow also means they are a “mental defective” for the purposes of the Brady Act.

So in a fatal swoop, VA eroded veterans’ Constitutional right to due process and to possess firearms.

Is this a symptom of linguistic confusion or something more sinister?

Financial Incompetence vs Mental Incompetence

Generally, VA must get an agency doctor’s opinion supporting the financial incompetence determination. This means the veteran is unable to manage her VA benefits. Then, a fiduciary is appointed to manage the veteran’s benefits for her. The restriction only applies to VA benefits monies and not non-VA monies.

Financially incompetent individuals can still make decisions and enter into certain agreements. That is why they can still manage their own non-VA money.

Now, the public commonly mistakes this determination with that of “mental incompetence” and apparently VA did as well.

Mental incompetence means the person is unable to make or carry out important decisions regarding their affairs. Such people are defined as mentally incompetent when they are manifestly psychotic or of unsound mind. The impairment can be consistent or sporadic by reason of mental defect.

In order to find someone “mentally incompetent,” evidence must be presented to a judge in a state court and that judge must render a decision that the same person is incompetent.

Basically, for ordinary Americans in this context, a person can buy a firearm unless a court finds that the person is mentally incompetent.

Why Do Veterans Get Fewer Rights?

Veterans are afforded fewer rights, and if a VA adjudicator who is a not a judge or lawyer concludes the veteran struggles to manage their finances, they lose the right to manage their own property and own a firearm.

As for firearms, VA has provided no evidence that one’s ability to manage their finances also translates to being an imminent danger to themselves with a firearm. But a lack of evidence did not stop VA from restricting the 4th and 2nd Amendment rights of veterans.

What do you think of this proposed law? Is it the right thing to do or will it expose veterans to greater risk of gun related injury or crime?

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  1. So My question is if i was removed from having the whole va payee thing due to the fact my regular va doctor thought I could handle my own finances and he also thought the va examiner that gave me my service connection failed in some areas of their examination, is the removal from incompatace remove me from the background check?

    1. That is a great question. I suspect not ! I had the same question about veteran’s that have been falsely accused of being disruptive and later found out the VA employee or employees were lieing.

      Once you are on any VA list or the medical staff notes into the official medical record’s something that is an error, which could result in the veterans accused of giving the provider false information and that could end up with the veteran charged with giving false information.

      I have not found the answer about that and don’t think we will find the answer to your question, not from the VA anyway !

      The VA just came up with another way to harm veterans. They state they will be reviewing all veteran’s record’s to see if they meet the requirements to be considered a suicidal risk or may become suicidal in the future.

      They will contact the veterans and tell them they have to come for special treatment. Make you a zombie and if you were not thinking about suicide, by the time their done with you !

      You will after you keep shiting your pants and droling and doing the thorizine shuffle.

      If that don’t work they will start using shock therapy. The VA is a very dangerous place !

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  6. How about veterans with PTSD are they restricted from owning a fire arm ? The VA making up Rules. Rules are rules and not Laws, So they have no Authority to restrict any Veteran. The VA not only wants to control their employee’s, they are controlling the Veterans.

    The VA is not our legal system, yet they act as a Judiciary component of the United States. They punish Both, we are not employee’s and the VA needs to stay away from out legal rights. They say they will not shut down the VA and on the News Trump is asking the Citizens to weigh in on how to change the system.

    Only one way Pass a Law to fire employee’s and get the Union Out. Managers that cover up for Bad employee’s, have to held accountable along with the employee doing the wrong.

    They have to start with the Secretaries Office and fire everyone and then start with all higher Management, then lower management and fire all of them and start over. Veterans need a outlet to grieve about VA employee’s outside the VA.

    Scrub all regulations and start new and the new regulations are Veteran friendly. Regulations that spell out to the letter that any employee caught harming a veteran in anyway, will be fired or if minor 3 strikes. Major out the door.

    Management if caught doing wrong be forced to answer to a real Judge in a real court. The Disruptive Committee abolished.

    It has to change from protecting employee’s to protecting the Veterans and anyone denying a claim and later found out that claims should have been approved fire that employee. There is not excuse, if an employee is not sure about the claim, Ask question from someone who can make the decision, that way the VA would know who to blame.

    The Key is the ability to get rid of Bad employee’s. Employee should be able to rate their supervisors, just like supervisors rate the Employee.

    Any one retaliating against a whistle Blower, Be Fired !

  7. @Cj, I would so much more want what y’all are growing. The soil here comes with fire ants and pine tar. As is so often, Dennis is a way only Dennis can, he reminded me of some of our Rights. I wonder, how far are we going to let them get away? We live in troublesome times.

  8. As far as I am concerned, the only reason I can see for this law is to reaffirm the rights of those now having them infringed by an asshole communist whose intent was simply gun control.

    As I understand this issue, and having followed it for a long time, this resulted from Obama directing his agencies to take advantage of the Brady Law by interpreting it in a many most advantageous to gun control.

    I was skeptical when I first read news about this thinking there must be something left out, until I was asked by an intake nurse at the VA who pays the bills in my house.

    It was his rule, not a matter of law. As I read it, it is a matter of law, and even quoted here, that a person must be adjudicated…not judged by some flunky intake nurse slipping a sneaky question in among others.

    It was a damn disgraceful infringement of Constitution rights, and in my opinion was an example of how far this country has fallen as shown by the number of people willing to go along with this travesty.

    Yes, it truly was sinister. What pisses me off about this specific subject is that our feckless politicians didn’t much give a damn when it was happening to veterans, but they got damn serious about it when it was affecting social security recipients.

    Why pass a law when a politician with guts should have raised three shades of hell just over Constitutional rights being so easily impacted?

    Really? You want to interpret that Brady abomination in such a manner? Fine. Prepare to have your agency budget impacted severely.

    It also disgusts me how many leftists commenting on this legislation can so easily dismiss another’s rights.

    We see what is happening on college campuses when snowflakes riot over speech they don’t like. It tells me too damn many citizens are absolutely ignorant about the preservation of our rights, and how easily they can be removed depending on who is in power.

    Yes, I support the legislation. Legislation that is only required because of gutless politicians.

  9. @ANutterVet,@Ex va; Not going to be on tonight, upper back pain is bothering me, and I have 4 appointments over the next 2 days, lotta driving. End up double dosing when it’s all over. Hope everyone sleeps well, goodnight and God Bless you all.

  10. Whenever I wear my Viet-Nam vet hat in public I’m always given these looks like I’m the creature from the black lagoon or something. Sometimes I will wear one of my T-shirts that has a rifle emblazoned on it to coincide with the hat. This installs a fear reaction in some. I’m a proud Viet-Nam vet and I have the right to feel like that but I want people to leave me alone about it.

    1. @Dennis – Do you have PTSD? Were you diagnosed by a licensed physician? Do you enjoy animals? How about K9’s? Are you able to take care of a K9? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you most likely already know what I’m going to suggest. If you’re interested in getting a dog, post a response here tonight, and I’ll share some additional information with you. What I’ve got to share, I’ve done myself. Let me know in your post. If you answered no to any of the above questions, don’t let these people take your pride away from you. You’re not hurting anyone. But, then again, we are talking about snowflakes. I don’t like to hear or see Veterans hurting.

      Or if you’d like, there is a good buddy of mine named @cj, and he’ll make a pathway for you when you go out in pubic. Plus, he needs target practice anyway. He’ll even bring his rounds with him. Only joking. No harm or threats towards anyone, except to whom? VA asswiping butthurts.

  11. Off Topic but interesting because we wonder what they do with all the blood they take,DNA from a Million Veterans & Enlistees…. And it was some years ago VA started using ID cards with your picture. Mmmm I can’t help but wonder if they’ve used some samples for Research & Development. For the murdered young lady soldier its money well spent even if he’s never caught.

    U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command has released a computer generated image of the man who killed Army specialist Darlene Krashoc in 1987. Based on new DNA technology a process called phenotyping, is used to create an image(s) of what a suspect could look like from crime scene DNA samples. The article has pictures & more info.

  12. @”cj”
    The article I referenced was from “ News” on the electronic machine being used at certain VHA’s.
    Title to google is;

    “VA Uses New Electromagnetic Therapy to Treat Depression”

    via: “Fox News” | by Terace Garnier!

    It’s a reminder that – “Those who refuse to learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it!”

    1. P.S.
      Many on here knew exactly what this “Machine” really is! Just like the ones, from the late 19th century and up through most of the 20th century, where the patients’ brain ended up “FRIED”! It was supposed to make the patient “docile”! What it actually did was make the patient comatose!

      1. @Crazy elf: I have never seen one in person, only in movies. Asylum horror movies and I think in Death Wish, the first one. Phyciatirsts are sure some sick bastards. They creep me out more than clowns creep other people out.

      2. They have one, a brand new one, at The Ohio State Univ. Wexner Medical Center, at their behavioral health building. I walked by it and my then Psych hack that was walking me back to the office she acted like Vana White on Wheel of Fortune, arms pointing to the oh-so-proud “machine”, and with a croc smile asked if I would like to “try it”?!
        Hell NO.
        The thing was all white and looked like the “orgasmatron” in Woody Allen’s very early and only movie of his I can stand, “Sleepers”.
        The VA using such a machine on Vets should be outright outlawed.
        That therapist that day was very proud of their scrambled brains machine.
        Spared no expense.

  13. To y’all who have put in “FOIA’s” during Obama’s administration. Here’s a reason why many weren’t given out.
    From: “The New York Post”
    via; the “Associated Press”
    dated: March 14, 2017
    US spent over $36 M on records lawsuits during Obama’s final year in office!”

    It was actually more than $36.2 million of taxpayers monies!
    There were three main reasons why the US government would NOT release information to anyone. Please read this article. It’s very informative!

    Today, the wife and I, went to my ‘bi-yearly, (service connected), eye exam’ in Orlando, FL.
    While sitting in the waiting room, we heard some VHA employees discussing the “…trouble…” they might be in over the “veterans suicide issue”! And, other issues as well!
    Like how much taxpayers monies are spent on frivolous things!

    (It’s as though they didn’t care who heard them. The wife was surprised by their candid talking points!)

    It seems, (I’m paraphrasing here), this VHA had a “problem” and the VHA “director covered the problem up” so the outside world wouldn’t find out a “…veteran shot himself recently…” on VHA properties. The “whistleblower” who tried to get the info out, was summarily intimidated to no end, so he would quit!

    They were also talking about the “HOLMAN RULE”! Y’all remember that little piece of legislation which was passed through both houses of Congress recently!?

    Also, President Trump just signed an executive order mandating ALL government agencies, (again paraphrasing), have to tell HOW their spending monies allocated to them. He basically is wanting to find out about fraud, waste and abuse! He wants to know how he can save the taxpayers monies!!!!!

    They also had nothing good to say about their director, Shulkin or their union.

    Maybe something is taking place we aren’t aware of! Maybe it’s something good for veterans!?
    I don’t know for sure, but when VA employees are “bad talking” about VA in the hallways, and not giving a rats ass about who hears them, something is definitely up!

  14. Living in Alabama, I didn’t know there was a law that forbade guns. It’s sad that the U.S. has to pass a law to make Veterans almost equal to the rest of the U.S. My money sometimes gets away from me, my guns don’t.

    1. @Jo3n: Jo3n, my money ALWAYS gets away from me, my guns and blades, never. You live in a great tomato growing state there. Send some of that potent soil up here will you?

  15. 03/14/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    The VA has been hiding a lot of criminal behaviors and this is one of those nasty tricks some had made a lot of money on.

    “For years, VA has unlawfully placed veterans on a “no buy” list after putting them into the mismanaged VA Fiduciary program. In that program, VA restricts a veteran’s ability to manage their own finances and own firearms without a court order, which is a violation of any veteran’s right to their property and the Second Amendment.”

    This is old news Quincy, M.E. House of No Return [Episode aired 11 January 1979] covered the whole selections of crime.

    You will find the episode very revealing, even though it is 48 years old.

    Financially incompetent and mentally incompetent are two different things, I hope the “lawmakers” understood this when they drew up the bill.

    I know a lot of people I would not give my money too.


    Don Karg

  16. @ANutterVet: These damn meds are messing up my vision, I need to sign out till later. Talk soon.

    1. @cj- Get some rest cj. I just looked at the comments again and didn’t realize that you were still on. I’m taking a break too. Tension and pressure is back again. We’ll talk l8r.

  17. The attorney problem. I’ve been asking for compensation for my minor wrist for 40 years. Operation was on the wrist. But the main problem is the thumb ankylosis. Because I didn’t ask for the thumb specifically and that was my major complaint on examination my claim was denied without specifically stating the reason so I wouldn’t know how to refile. The games the adjudicators play.

    Actually if correctly measured the wrist ankylosis is also compensable. So I should have two separate ratings from the one operation. Now, with an attorney instead of a VSO, I know.

  18. Why not cut to the chase and talk about what REALLY frightens people? From early childhood right up until very old age two words fill folks with fear, dread, and panic; “Mental Illness”.

    In VA things get even more interesting with this, don’t they? On the one hand (almost) nobody likes being the one in the center of the room who is suddenly aware at midday that they forgot both trousers and underwear and realizes that the one everybody is pointing at and calling “crazy” is you.

    On the other hand, fashioning creative headgear out your own fecal material then inquiring at the nearest VA for directions to The Alamo can very well result in a determination that the government needs to send you money every month and that all your financial worries will be taken care of. In essence it PAYS to be “crazy” in our world right now. However, once the paychecks start rolling in even the most dedicated Mad Hatter generally prefers to be treated as an equal. Even crazy people want to enjoy equal protection under the law.

    Is that not really the crux of the matter? Is that also not really one pillar upon which the absurdity of an all-in-one agency for veterans is founded upon? On the one hand if you are entitled to benefits you have to prove it. On the other hand when you begin getting those benefits, the proof used to obtain them is also the proof they use to remove other rights – at least if you are called crazy and apparently the inability to manage your money as wisely as the VA does lands you firmly into that category…

    I blame this on Rambo. This is not Earth shattering news that since Mom and Dad where slopping the hogs at the bar with beer to make a buck that my spiritual upbringing was substantially movie oriented. But what was Rambo at his VERY CORE? Answer; He was three things; 1) He was a combat vet, 2) He suffered severe PTSD, and 3) He very easily evaded all attempts on his life and kicked the living shit out of an entire village who erred in judgement about who they should start shooting at. Rambo was a HUGE success in the movies because it played upon the public fears of war torn veterans gone beserk. Plausible and complete bullshit at the same time – that’s why they call it “Hollywierd” in the industry.

    Rambo scares the shit out of Americans because Americans are afraid of mental illness and doubly so when the mentally ill person is a vet. The reaction of wanting to take away the firearms is simply an extension of the fear that war makes all vets Rambo-capable. Clearly Rambo could not manage his money or he would not be a homeless wandering guy who eats wild critters he kills with his knife and bare hands, right?

    Let me though avoid the issue at hand directly (as I have been doing) and point out the obvious; Rambo did not start the movie with a gun, nor did he obtain the guns he used in a lawful manner – he stole them. Do you really think that a man intent on violence with a gun cannot obtain one? Do you really believe that you can pass a law any different than the ones already passed to stop a vet from murdering if murder is on their mind? If you do, then the Democrats are looking for their NEXT presidential candidate.

    I suppose this is one reason why the men who had been fed too much bullshit by the King of England decided to first kill the King’s soldiers, then form a free country. Here is just a part of the reason that these men were willing to die in order to rid themselves of an unaccountable government;

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    All this above is a preface to the answer about todays post, “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…” We made a Constitution because people just do not get along well very well with each other. They are the rules to play by in a cut throat world.

    Ten of these rules we call a Bill of Rights. The second one gives all the people a right to own a weapon in this crazy, mixed up, and dangerous world. The Second ammendment of The Bill of Rights does not say, “Unless the moron makes poop hats, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It doesn’t talk about your godamn checkbook either. It certainly does not say, “…unless a timid American public is afraid of you…” nor does it single out ANY group, large or small, as the sole beneficiaries of that right..

    I am crazy. I am an American. One of those things gives me rights spelled out in our Constitution and one does not. One of them has meaning beyond simply the freedom and honor it confers upon me and one means that I am simply human. One can be treated but the other is permanent and when I die one will die with me, but forever will I be the other.

    Semper Fi

    1. Nicely stated, Dennis. I see a lot of VSO’s with poop hats, wonder how many VSO piggies are VA Appointed Fiduciaries for Veterans deemed defective? Enough to make salvos of poop hats apparently.

    2. @Dennis- I’d imagine those poop canons would make nice poop hats for the huddled masses at the VA and according to Martha Stewart, it would be a good thing.

  19. “[What do you think of this proposed law? Is it the right thing to do or will it expose veterans to greater risk of gun related injury or crime?]”

    I think it’s the correct thing to do and also take apart the VA’s Fiduciary Program because just how many friends of or even VA upper management SES hacks or Regional or VISN level hacks that are continually fed these Veteran’s to “manage and steal” their earned benefits?
    As far as the weapons, there clearly would be isolated cases where perhaps a Veteran is in a state of mind where owning weapons would not be an ideal thing but you also have to ask how piss-poor the VA is in providing Veteran’s Suicide Prevention and Mental Health…I see future push for *mandatory BUT FREE gun locks* as the VA’s attempt to control…and by the way, what about the person of a complete sound mind working on Wall Street and he or she had a bad $$$ day and simply snapped and wiped-out an office and takes their own life?
    How do you do “Pre-Crime” determination without a crystal ball?
    The VA’s crystal ball has long-clouded from opaque cataracts…the VA will find a way to toss some f^ckery into this law.
    However, it’s progress and it’s better than sliding backwards in the meat-grinder’s rear exit. 🙂

  20. Off Topic – Did you hear where the Air Force is creating a list of words that are not to be used, such as boy, girl, blackballed, etc. Political correctness is still running rampant.

    1. Yes, the military branches have their fair share of 8 years worth of Obamanite Butthurt Liberal Snowflakes. Soon ICBM’s will be redefined as “Tubular Nuclear Taunts”…TNT, but painted all pink with tie dye.

      Submarines will be redefined as “Tubular Underwater Taunts”…TUT, also pink with tie dye.

      All Jets will be redefined as “Tubular Intercept Taunts”…TIT, also pink but with polka dots just for fun.

      All military, whether male/female will utilize bidets to keep the brown eyes clean. 🙂

  21. @Crazy elf – Yes, it was a friend of mine. He was drafted into the Army and did a tour in Vietnam. This is what happened. I came home from college classes, and my mother shared with me that JR’s wife called. Debbie told my mom that JR was doing Russian roulette again, and that she wanted me to come over ASAP.

    I went and to my amazement, JR was really suspicious of me, and he demanded that I take out all of my things out of my book bag. I complied as he had a long barrel 357 handgun. I seen what this caliber of handgun could do to wood and other types of material. Plus, JR’s eyes weren’t the same. His eyeballs looked like they were bulging out of his eye sockets, and he looked at me with great intensity. Actually, he acted like he didn’t even know me.

    JR use to do my repairs on my pick up truck when I was going to college. He told me that my motor was the cleanest that he worked on, and that he wouldn’t charge me anything for labor because he didn’t get dirty, and that I was a college student. And, when my friends needed some green leaf [ya right], JR wouldn’t take any monies in order to help my good ole buddies out with some seedless Hawaiian buds.

    Anyway, JR’s wife told me that his VA doctor put him on 2 or 3 additional medications. His wife showed me all the meds that he took per day. I was amazed. During the time that I was talking to JR’s wife, JR was still in the lazy boy chair, spinning the cylinder, putting the gun to his head, and then pulling the trigger. I tried to persuade JR to give me the gun. Wrong thing to ask.

    JR then asked me, “do you think that I’m crazy?” I knew this was a trick question. I didn’t answer him. He then said, “never mind, don’t answer the question.” JR then put another round in the cylinder, and now there were two rounds that are loaded. I thought, “what the hell can I do for my friend?” This was actually the first time that I personally experienced something like this, especially from someone that I knew.

    Thankfully, I kept reassuring JR that I was his friend, and that I would always be there for him and his family. Then all of a sudden JR got extremely fatigued, and he couldn’t even sit up in the chair. Debbie [JR’s wife] and I had to help JR get into bed. JR was dead weight when we got him to stand up, his skin tone was pale in color, and JR was foaming at the mouth. Debbie called the ambulance.

    Three EMT’s responded along with four Hawaii County Police Officers. Side note: Hawaii County Police Officers could pick out certain vehicles for their police cars. The Police were subsidized. Anyway and thankfully, JR passed out, and was taken to the hospital. I stood by my friend’s and wife’s side the whole time.

    JR was immediately taken to the back and put into one of the examination rooms, out of the way from other emergency room patients and visitors. The hospital also had two guards that were posted by JR’s door. And, two Police Officers stayed because JR would get these bursts of energy, and then get exhausted. This happened quite a few times. When JR was amped up, he was a totally different person.

    I told Debbie to have the ER Doctor to have a blood screening done to determine what type of meds he was on. After the results of the tests, the doctors told Debbie that with all of the meds that JR tested positive for, that the combination of these drugs and the amounts on the bottles were highly contradictive, enough to easily kill him. The doctors were so pissed off, that they requested the names of JR’s VA doctors.

    After a short time of this incident, JR’s daughter’s boyfriend jumped onto JR’s Harley, and was demanding JR to give him the keys to the motorcycle. The next thing I knew, JR grabbed him by the throat and put the older teenager to the ground and beat the hell out of him. There was always something that was happening at JR’s and Debbie’s house. And, the Police were always on the lookout when they were called to JR’s place of residence. Most of my college buddies were afraid to visit JR because of his temper and outbreaks of unusual behavior.

    JR finally got a private sector doctor that helped him out with his PTSD symptoms. JR and Debbie were continually going to counseling due to his behavior. JR’s homegrown was da best.

    1. Forgot to mention, JR’s weapons were never confiscated. These people were afraid of JR. Even the police.

      1. @cj – Me too. It was the first time watching someone load two rounds, spin, point the handgun at their temple, and pull the trigger w/o a flinching. Not a good feeling or remembrance.

      2. @ANutterVet: Yep, that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that at any second……….well……….let’s just say: Those darn Russians and their silly games.

    2. ANutterVet,
      Did “JR” live in ‘Makaha’ or ‘Wainai’?
      I ask because I knew a vet out there who was like that!
      Might be the same “friend”!

      1. @Crazy elf – JR lived on the Big Island. I first met JR around 1985. He may have lived on Oahu, I’m not sure. I think the developments name was called Paradise Park outside of Hilo, Hawaii [Heal-low not Hi-Low]. Wife = Debbie, Army Vet, I believe JR and Debbie had two or three daughters, and JR’s parents lived in Hawaii as well. JR liked Harley too. There was a group of mechanics that would purchase pan heads and other types of Harleys that were used by the Hawaii Police Department, Hawaii 5-0. Do you still think this is the same JR?

  22. Who knew? Just another example of Congress treating veterans like a bunch of bugs on petri dish, setting us up for the next lab experiment.

  23. “[Mental incompetence means the person is unable to make or carry out important decisions regarding their affairs. Such people are defined as mentally incompetent when they are manifestly psychotic or of unsound mind. The impairment can be consistent or sporadic by reason of mental defect.]”

    1) The VA is rather arbitrary without any accountability in what *exactly* is determined to be the part of the Veteran that’s “defective” according to the VA.
    2) Almost every Veteran that sticks it out in filing a claim will either become very close to or outright homeless and destitute because of life’s shit sandwich served cold.
    3) ^#2 guarantees *any* Vet could arbitrarily determine they have a “mental defect”.
    4) ^#1 guarantees the VA has it’s scam-ridden VA Fiduciary Program set-up to rob Veterans of a % and more of the earned benefits *and* take away right to own firearms.
    5)”Mental Defect”. If you follow history, especially art history during WW2 in Hitler’s Germany, the Nazi Party had another word for the exact same way Veterans are referred to and that was “Degenerates”.
    6) Hitler’s Nazi Party has a myriad of similarities to the Veteran’s Administration. “Degenerates” or “Mental Defects” were determined to not just be of the Jewish Faith as so many have only been taught, that determination was projected upon anyone that simply made artwork or music or wrote poetry or sang in a way the Nazi Party and Hitler deemed as un-German…it was an attempt to completely wipe the society clean of anyone and anything they deemed a “Mental Defect” or “Degenerate”, and then came the actual mental patients, scientists…experimenting on these very “Degenerates” or “Mental Defects”, using them as NON-HUMAN TEST SUBJECTS…and bring-into your mental image of how the VA can be. Liquefying Corpses in body bags…body dragged to rest tossed into a shower stall for a few shifts….The Nazi’s were indifferent as well. The VA is efficient in their level of indifference.
    7) It’s always about that thing called CONTROL.
    8) It’s also always about $$$$$
    9) It’s always about CONTROLLING THE $$$$$$$
    10) Wait for the mandatory “free gunlocks” from the VA…so they can attempt to know how many and what you own. Wait for it…
    11) Do not ever tell the VA what you have, ever.
    12) The Fiduciary Program the VA has needs turned upside down. Have read about many horror stories in Midwest and I guess these VA Appointed Fiduciaries can have *multiple* Veteran Benefits in their trust, and that VA Appointed Fiduciary makes a % of entire VA Compensation. That would add-up fast.
    13) The Mental Defects are running The Asylum called the VA.
    14) The VA surely needs an appointed fiduciary as irresponsible as they have been with Taxpayer $$$.
    15) Rant Out.

    1. namnibor, thanks for your comment. i appreciate what you write, you often make excellent points.

      as far as your #5 & 6 in the above comment, i wonder if you would be able to provide primary source documents for your claims about Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich?

      the reason i ask is this: everyone here knows that we’re being lied to. Big time.

      now, it appears that we’ve also been lied to about ww2, AH, the 3rd Reich, etc.

      these documentaries give primary sources that contradict much of what we’ve been told:
      1. Adolph Hitler, the Greatest Story Never Told,
      2. Hellstorm
      3. Adolph Hitler vs. the Jew World Order

      Proven we’ve been lied to about this. Even Gen. Patton realized this when he got to Berlin. He was dead very shortly after expressing his concern with fighting with soviet union against the anti-communist Germans.

      I hope Ben will post this. I may have been banned for not going along nicely with everything presented here. We’ll see if this is a truth site for veterans or something else. Bless one and all.

      1. @lawyerlynn-

        Here’s one major published book from 1991 I based a now long-lost Art History final presentation on as one of my sources, I have the old hardcover museum type book of documenting the “Degenerates” but should be avail. I paperback or through your library network and interlibrary loan system:

        “Degenerate Art: the fate of the avant-garde in Nazi Germany”/ [edited by] Stephanie Barron, with contributions by Peter Guenther ISBN# 0-8109-3653-4 and the paperback ISBN# 0-87587-158-5 (LACMA pbk.)

        This art show and historical documentation shows how the German Public were forced en mass to attend three major “Degenerate Art Shows” before all such priceless pcs of art were to be destroyed, to demonstrate to the German Public what was NOT Germanic and what was specifically “Degenerate” or as the VA calls us, “Mentally Defective”.
        Might be a stretch of an analogy with the VA but way too numerous similarities to ignore either.
        Hope this helped…had to dust a bunch of accumulated cat hair off this book to get you the info. Cats Rule. 🙂

      2. Here’s the direct amazon link to the paperback: “”

      3. Lawyerlynn HENRYMAKOW dot com has a lot of articles about the JEWS and HITLER and he’s a JEW so he can say what he wants

      4. @Lawyerlynn–

        Duly note that in no way was I implying the Nazi’s did not do the exact same thing to the Jewish populace, because they indeed did, regardless of country or ethnicity origins.
        I wanted to make the point that the “mental defects of the VA” and Nazi “Degenerates” are of same cloth.
        Those that could escape did so, but Hitler’s Third Reich effectively shut-down one of the most innovative art schools and became a movement called “The Bauhaus School of Art”.
        Most also do not know that Adolf Hitler was an aspiring artist, watercolors. Hitler applied and was rejected to Berlin School of Art TWICE….and he didn’t have a grudge AT ALL against the artistic community now, did he?

        Research and deep research one does for intensive term papers and proposed theses uncover these gems that history conveniently does not teach.

        Also, Germany at the time really had no rich cultural history due to so long of periods of conflict before WW2. Hitler and his chief engineer Albert Speer were effectively creating from scratch an entirely new culture and history…like ants to a new hill being built after a rain.
        The VA is as evil and twisted and the correlations are really scary.

        (Jewish heritage in some family background here, but not myself a follower of any)

      5. Yes, I had many of those same ideas you talk about here, regarding Germany, the National Socialists, their role in ww2, Adolph Hitler, his policies, procedures, etc. all of it. I agreed and used the “Nazis” as examples of terrible atrocities and hatred towards the poor jewish people.

        I held those beliefs through years and years of schooling, formal education, self-education and work history. Our indoctrination towards the Germans and ww2 and AH is deep & probably permanent, from what I can tell.

        Those who readily call out liars, theives and crooks right here, will not entertain the idea that perhaps we were lied to about ww2, what happened, who started what, who stood for what and the outcome of all that. People are so indoctrinated with hatred towards their breddrin the Germans, while maintaining devotion to the jewish story, above all else.

        That being said, there doesn’t seem to be much more to say. I listed 3 documentaries that are well-made and present a different story than given to us by those who daily create fake news.

        These documentaries list primary sources for research. I hope some vets here will take a chance and at least watch them so we can have intelligent debate about it.

        I myself stand with General Patton on this one. Fighting with communists & Bolsheviks against the Germans who stood for nationalism, and anti-communism, was wrong. My father as well served in 3rd Army and would agree, if he was here, that we may have been lied to about all the ww2 activities.

        Blessings be.

      6. Different General Patton than the one my Uncle fought with and wanted to march on to Moscow. So much for your history rewrite lawyerlynn. Too many of us still alive who saw pictures from fathers and uncles who were there.

      7. General George S. Patton, 3rd Army, Europe?
        Wanted to march to Moscow.

        Different general? How?

        I’m not attempting to rewrite history. why jump to conclusions? defend indoctrination rather than discuss details? too bad but not a surprise.

      8. I saw enough of the details in black and white prints gotten from a staff photographer by my Uncle. Don’t need any more “facts”. Not worth discussing with deniers.

      9. If your father was with the 3rd then you should be old enough to remember the black and white news reals at your local theater up into the mid 1950s. Nothing tells it like pictures.

    2. Phyciatrists headed Hitlers death camps, they all fled Germany, not one has ever been tried for war crimes, and the same phyciatrist were responsible for setting up the asylums and shrik screwls in the United States. Isn’t that special? Yes even the VA’s own programs decend from these very induviduals. This comes from another doumentary about the history of phyciatry, <—————-thay doesn't look right, they even fuck with your head on how to spell their damn profession. Dirty bastards.

      _88____ §
      888___ §____ $$$$s
      __ §_ §_____________§$$$$$$$$$

      Quack quack quack!

      1. @ANutterVet: So true, and Crazy elf says they are bringing back some kind of magnetic torture machine? Some things never change with these quacks. The mentality of a quack………..

        Ah yes, the VA show must go on, where else can you watch a doctor trying to stop a patient from bleeding out, while he simultaneously is stabbing his patient with more holes to find the scalpel he left in there.

    3. And many came to America to live a good long life. If this is true a 98-year-old Michael Karkoc, from Minneapolis has Polish authorities seeking to extradite the man as a suspected Nazi commander with allegations that he committed crimes against humanity during World War II.

  24. Great Response, CorpsmanUp!

    I know of three instances, when a fiduciary was appointed to vets, and in all three instances the vet won.
    First two, Idaho and California, the VA (without the vet being informed) had VA representatives come to their homes to try to take their weapons. In both cases, the vets had strong support from neighbors, friends and/or local law enforcement and/or local representatives stand by them.
    The third case I have personal knowledge of. The “combat vet”, in Illinois, was given a fiduciary without his knowledge. He fought back. It took VA about one week to realize they screwed up. This vet, a “personal friend”, had more than enough evidence to prove, “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, the VA was 100% INCORRECT on what they did!

    Now, that being said, I wonder, for sake of argument, how many more veterans have been “taken for a ride”, by VA’s “version of incompetence”!?

    There’s also been articles out where fiduciaries have stolen monies from veterans for their own personal use! A violation of law, I might add!
    I believe there’s been articles about this, in the past, where not one fiduciary was was held accountable for this crime.
    Therefore, when VA is held accountable for their screw-ups, then NO veteran should lose his/her Constitutional Rights! The fiduciary program needs to be investigated immediately!

    On the other hand, those veterans who’ve been committed to “mental health wards/institutions for long periods of time”, and have been deemed unfit to live in society. I believe they shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms.
    Case in point.
    When I first joined the Army, and was in basic. The platoon was awakened one morning at around 3am. It was a Korean War veteran, with a “fire ax” chopping away at the corner of our building.
    We did not approach him. Instead, we sent a “runner” to the orderly room to inform the NCOIC of the incident.
    After the “men in white coats” took him away. We were informed we did the correct thing. Because, he had been a POW in Korea and didn’t know right from wrong.
    This happened at Ft. Jackson, S.C.!
    I will remember that incident for a long time!

    Has anyone else known about veterans who have “slipped the bounds of reality”? And agree with me?

    1. Crazy Elf, I read about the same things happening in CA and ID, but there may have been more than one in CA.

      In the article I read, the veteran actually had his guns taken.

  25. Congress should have their guns taken since they are unable to balance the VA budget. Makes sense to me!

  26. Hey va, come try and take this.

    …..____________________ , ,__
    ……/ `—___________—-_____] – – – – – – – – ░ ▒▓▓█D
    …..), —.(_(__) /
    ….// (..) ), —-”

    I double dare ya.

    1. @cj – You should sell your digital artwork. You one funny dude. Lets eat some thin crust pizza, then go out and target practice using certain subjects. What do you say?

      1. @Bill: Ask and you shall recieve.

        …..____________________ , ,__
        ……/ `—___________—-_____] – – – – – – – – ░ ▒▓▓$$$$D
        …..), —.(_(__) /
        ….// (..) ), —-”

    2. Nice digital artwork. That would make a great t-shirt of black print on olive drab.

    3. Disclaimer: I do not own any artwork provided here. I so a search for “ascii art” and then the item you want. I then just copy and paste it here. I don’t have an art type creative bone ine in my body. An example of a site would be “” you notice on the right margin, you can find other items. Have fun and post often. Pictures are worth 1000 words.

      1. @cj – And all this time I thought you did all the art work. Sure had me fooled. Nah, I remembered that you posted about the ascii artwork in a previous comment.

      2. @ANutterVet: Fact is, I don’t like deception. I may be a lil crazy over honesty, well not crazy, I prefer “a lil not right” lol

      3. @cj – You said, “a lil not right.” Does this mean that you fall to the left? What up wit dat? You need lil sleepy time tea, B2, TMG [Trimethylglycine], Omega 3 oil, Magnesium, 2 10mg Valium [no generic, only the light shaded blue one with a heart in the middle; a brand name med], and a quick-acting barbiturate such as secobarbital (Seconal), pentobarbital (Nembutal) and or amobarbital (Amtyl). Don’t stop taking your Morphine because you’ll start going through withdrawal.

        When you awake, and if you feel really drowsy, see your VA PCP and seek out a prescription of the old time black beauties. This will snap you out of your sleepiness. Repeat the downer and upper process until you feel refreshed, and that your vision is clear. Then we can go target practicing on some of these asswipes.

        Only joking. This is no threat or a sortie for planning out the harm of anyone that is a civilian. We only plan to knockoff the knockoffs. Kina of weeding out the drift. Removing the chaff. You get the idea. I’m talking about a video game.

      4. @ANutterVet: That’s not a heart, that’s a V for valium. My old boss designed that die. From Thomas Engineering, they make pill presses and pill coating machines, and bottle orentators. Biggest cutomer for the pill coating machines? M&M yeppers. They melt in your mouth and anywhere else.

        Wait………lean to the left? those fightin words… just kidding.

        Target shooting……yeah that’s right…..tarrrrrget shooooting…there goes your left leaning 3clicks left please.

      5. @cj – Its been a long time since I’ve been prescribed Valium 10mg. I didn’t know it was a V, makes sense. But, if I recall, it looks like a heart. For me, I’ll take either as long as it cuts the edge off from what I’m feeling.

      6. @ANutterVet: Same here a very long time since I had a Vallium. I remember actually liking that drug. Doc scripted it for anxiety attacks. Funny thing tho, once he told me he use to get them all the time durring med school, I never had another one. Strange how the mind works.

      7. @ANutterVet: Come to think of it, they may not have even been anxiety attacks. All I know is when I went off, I was like a cornered rabbid dog, not even in the same zip code anymore, and if you tried to get at me? You get hurt real quick. Glad that stopped whatever it was.

    4. Look for acii art that has the left indent lines, or when you post your picture it will be messed up.

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