White House Poaches VA General Counsel For Possible Impeachment Prep

After barely a year on the job, VA General Counsel Richard Sauber was tapped to help White House fight again future investigations if Republicans win majority in midterm elections.

Sky News Australia noted President Joe Biden is building his team in anticipation of impeachment hearings after midterms based on a New York Times story. “President Biden has hired a top-rated defense lawyer Richard A. Sauber to help him with any future legal troubles as the Democrats brace for Republicans to take back the House and the Senate in this year’s midterm elections.” Sauber will reportedly be in charge of responding to subpoenas and other oversight efforts.

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Officials confirmed to CNN various reports about Sauber’s premature departure from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the next few weeks, he will serve as “special counsel to the president.”

“Dick is an excellent lawyer who brings decades of experience that will be a valuable asset,” Ian Sams, a White House counsel spokesperson, told CNN. “As we have since the transition, we are ensuring the White House is prepared for the issues we are facing or will face in the future, and we have built and continue to build a strong legal team to conduct our work and serve the public and the President.

A White House official told CNN Saturday that the administration was not “making assumptions about the midterm election.”

“We expect oversight no matter which party runs the House and Senate, and we are preparing for that,” the official added.

Do you think the White House is really not making assumptions about the midterm election at this point?

Immediately prior to his confirmation at VA, Sauber was partner at Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP. VA’s executive bio page indicated the law firm specializes in representing companies and individuals in connection with government investigations and enforcement actions.

Sauber has experience representing clients in Congressional hearings, government agency proceedings, grand jury matters, and corporate internal investigations. It looks like he is considered an excellent defense attorney on matters of national security, contracts, and potentially embarrassing matters with the press.

For some background, the majority of litigations involving the former K Street attorney appear to be defense actions defending against False Claims Act accusations. These law suits involve a whistleblower who levels allegations of fraudulent over billing against an employer who is a government contract. We see these kinds of litigations quite a bit involving the defense industry.

Now, that part may seem a bit boring, but I thought some context may be necessary for readers to get a better idea of how Mr. Sauber’s background is unique.

What caught me on this CNN story was the sudden shift from VA General Counsel to help President Biden prepare for investigations and possible impeachment proceedings. Without knowing much else, it simply seemed odd.

While prior VA General Counsel have been fine, this is the first time I can recall that General Counsel being called on to develop the president’s defense strategy for a potential impeachment.

Sauber’s Very Particular Set Of Skills

If Sauber’s expertise is vital to the White House, now, there are some additional quesitons worth asking.

For example, what kind of legal strategies and issues were at the top of the Biden Administration’s worry list within VA that needed someone with Sauber’s particular set of skills – to borrow from Liam Neeson?

The quickest way to get at this, at least in mind mind, was to conduct a brief survey of his press mentions in cases over the past thirty years to get a sample of the cases.

That is my take away, as I did not have time to dig through public court filings.

Below is a list of available matters and cases I could locate using Google and paid research databases. Some of the articles used as resources may not be publicly available.

Where available, I added a YouTube clip to help provide context since many of these matters are over a decade old. The clips may not correspond with the exact time of Sauber’s representation, but they appear to provide context relevant to the matter.

Sauber Comments On Hunter Biden Laptop Disinformation

In 2020, Sauber served as a Biden campaign lawyer. When asked about the Hunter Biden emails said, “criminal investigations of Russian disinformation campaigns that include the witting participation of American citizens like Rudy Giuliani often involve investigation by the FBI of whether the American has received payment for these activities that would implicate the Federal Money Laundering statutes.”

Sauber was nominated to serve as VA general counsel two months later, February 2021.

The Hunter Biden laptop and emails were since confirmed as legitimate by New York Times, in 2021, and the tactics deployed by the Biden team were, in itself, an example of a disinformation campaign.

Here is a recently clip from former Attorney General Bill Barr addressing the disinformation issue.

Las Vegas Sands Corp Chinese Casino Contact

In 2019, Sauber represented Las Vegas Sands Corp (owned by Sheldon Adelson) against Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen. Suen “helped the US company open its first casino in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.”

Suen did not have a contract but he argued he was promised a $5 million “success fee” if Sands got a Macau license plus a percentage of the profits. “Las Vegas Sands now owns five lucrative properties in Macau.” Suen argued he and his company, Round Square Co., “should get almost $347 million for introducing Adelson and Sands executives to key Chinese officials with influence to grant a coveted Macau gambling license.”

Sauber initially countered the amount with a $3.76 million figure. Sauber accused Suen of abandoning Adelson and Sands well before the Sands Macau casino opened in 2004. It appears the amount settled was significantly higher than the $3.76 million offer based on statements from Suen.

This clip is from 2013, well prior to the settlement reached.

Secret Service Prostitution Scandal

In 2014, Sauber represented an attorney in a flap implicating Secret Service officers, a White House volunteer (the attorney), and prostitutes in Colombia that was reported on by Washington Post.

Sauber disputed the journalistic ethics and evidence relied on by Washington Post to publish the story.

“Operation Cotton Candy” Physician Opioid Drug Trafficking

In 2007, Sauber represented a pain-management clinic physician, William Hurwitz, who was original sentence to 25 years in prison for drug trafficking. The physician was accused of “prescribing massive doses of opiates.” Sauber’s team successfully reduced the physician’s sentence to 5 years on appeal.

The physician doled out huge prescriptions including one patient who was given 1,600 pills in one day. The judge in the case stated, “The amount of drugs Dr. Hurwitz prescribed struck me as absolutely crazy.” But after hearing testimony from both sides, “I totally turned around on that issue. The mere prescription of huge quantities of opioids doesn’t mean anything.”

The judge ultimately felt the defendant’s case was undermined for ignoring clear signals that some patients were drug dealers per The Roanoke Times.

This one may remind some of you of the Candyland fiasco in Tomah, Wisconsin nearly a decade ago involving opioids.

Many years later, some news outlets resurrected the Hurwitz story when covering the opioid challenges surfacing over the past decade.

The Scooter Libby Scandal

In 2005, Sauber represented former Time reporter Matthew Cooper in his handling of confidential sources. Cooper wrote the article about war critic Joseph Wilson where his CIA operative wife Valerie Plume was outed by the reporter.

Wilson was critical of the now infamous yellow cake evidence from Africa. The supposed evidence of an Iraqi uranium deal was frequently cited in the news as justification to invade Iraq.

Do you remember that?

The argument pushed out by the entire Bush White House is now widely considered to be propaganda, not called disinformation.

Cooper named Lewis “Scooter” Libby as his source (Karl Rove was also implicated) who provided off the record comments about Plume that Cooper later published. Libby was the chief of staff of Vice President Dick Cheney and was convicted for revealing classified information. Cooper originally refused to testify but later shared his sources. Libby was later pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Here is a later clip of Wilson and Plume discussing their perspective on what happened.

False Claims Act For US Contractor Shell Companies In Iraq

In 2004, Sauber defended Custer Battles LLC against allegations of contractor fraud during the Iraq War. Whistleblowers alleged the company set up shell companies to inflate its prices in the costs plus contract without adequate receipts. Sauber argued there was no credible evidence. (St. Paul Pioneer Press article no longer available in Google)  

East Germany Spy Conviction

 in 1998, Sauber represented the husband of Defense Department lawyer Theresa M. Squillacote named Kurt A Stand. The Assistant US Attorney accused the two former campus radicals of espionage. They were allegedly dedicated communists who hated the US government. They were accused and convicted of spying for former East Germany, the former Soviet Union, Russia, and an FBI agent.

Sauber argued the sharing of information was not a crime because the information shared was not secret when it was shared. He argued the two shared political and economic intelligence, which was not illegal.

Squillacote was convicted of spying and sentenced to 21 years in prison. Stand was sentenced to 17 years.

Here is a 60 Minutes segments on the case.

Cruise Missile False Claims Act Guilty Plea

In 1990, Sauber represented Northrop Corp in a False Claims Act litigation. Northrop pleaded guilty to three dozen federal counts related to falsified testing for parties for the AV-8B Harrier jet and cruise missile components. The company agreed to pay a $17 million fine.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/05/14/politics/biden-white-house-richard-sauber-republican-investigations/index.html

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  1. This *is* interesting. Going through his cases makes for some interesting reading; and remind me, at any rate, of just how pervasive corruption is in government, particularly in positions one might not see as “political”. This guy is a heavyweight for vested interests, and seems to be particularly adept at protecting graft.

    The only *obvious* risk for the Biden administration is an indirect one, the infamous Hunter Biden chimera. That Hunter is not going to win any ethics prizes is–or at least ought to be–abundantly clear. It seems likely he rode coat-tails to riches. It also appears that Biden is seeing that as Party R’s only workable angle.

    What I find curious is *why* the Biden Administration is taking a *legal* approach to the issue. From what is available in the record, HB rode Dad’s coattails into lucrative positions on boards and committees, just like other waste-of-space rich kids. Probably, authorities in Ukraine choose the politically wise approach of moving HB out of harm’s way. That choice almost cost them heavily, but is paying new dividends.

    The *legal* risk of conviction from the extent documents is nearly zero. Impeachment is, as another commentator noted, a political circus put on by the establishment to try and force more compliance from the impeached politician. So why have a serious guy from “the inside”? Biden is the definition of an establishment politician. He is in zero danger from impeachment.


    1. Good analysis, Steven. Your last two paragraphs are incredibly spot on! I am sure we both share some of the same questions, and will be monitoring further developments as the situation progresses.

      1. Hey Jim!

        Was going to comment on your Cerner post, but I cannot post comments there today–I suspect my browser is mis-behaving.

        Read your post on Butler, btw. One of my heroes–though so was TE Lawrence, so go figure!

    2. The Republicans have pretty much stated that “it is going to be all about Hunter Biden”.The Hunter Biden story is sufficiently muddled that, should the radical right wing of the Republican Party take control of the House in November, it no doubt will turn this into a 24/7 blood bath for Democrats for the next two years.

      Yet, there exists no clear evidence of a crime thus far according to United States Law. The Republican gaslighting around non-stop corruption during the Trump years reeks of hypocrisy.

      To me, the Hunter Biden chimera to this point in time contains many damaging details that seem to make Hillary Clinton’s emails look awfully quaint.

      One thing is undisputable. American voters despise corruption in politics, yet those on each side are much more accepting of it when it comes from their own political party.

      What the Hunter Biden chimera, and the Trump scandals together should say to the American voters is that now is the time to elect people with integrity that also maintain an appearance of integrity.

      What this means is that votes are cast not based on party, but on facts and values.

      I sadly conclude at this point in our history, it might be too late for that.

    3. I just saw your ‘mea culpa’ response to another article filter through my feeds. Mea Culpa? Not warranted or required. You stay put here! Many of your posts are quite logical and very insightful. Have an off day when you made that posting? Marks you as no different from the rest of us. Keep contributing!

  2. I keep getting denied clothing allowance in the Augusta GA VA medical Center prosthetics. I was getting a clothing allowance for almost 8 years prior to moving to Augusta GA. The reason allegedly is the back brace has to be custom made. I am not finding that reason in the CFR. Can you assist in finding custom made in the regulation

    1. Oh dear, I surely want to comment on this Benjamin soon. I am in the middle of doing laundry at a collapsing laundry mat. Guess what? Collapsing due to the current administration. Owners cannot get products which points to manufacturing and supply logistics.

      1. Happening even under DeSantis. Benjamin just stumbled upon more information about logistics dilemmas.
        Other than what the Biden administration has done with canceling this and canceling that, UPS manager revealed that many of the people who died from Covid and vaccines were in the workforce. I have not seen the numbers on this. All I have noted is the people who have died are over a million plus people. If I was an attorney, there would be no way I could represent anyone in the Biden administration. This sums up my position. The VA General Counsel could be a somewhat fair attorney or try to reduce the sentences. I have heard about this attorney or heard of him. From my personal perspective, what is going on is WRONG. Let’s back up, do you see how impaired President Biden is? Benjamin, this is the way that I used to be when I was injured on active duty. I was worse. I will explain. I am sure you have noticed how President Biden has used giblets of paper to speak with because he can not remember. Benjamin I was that way among much more. I had a continuous catatonic stare including the psychoses. When the DAV and the VA as in VBA handled my claim, the initial decision was not correct. I was sicker than what VBA had initially noted. It took VHA to make them double back to evaluate. But this came after the Georgia Department of Veterans Affairs submitted additional information to the DAV in Providence RI. The follow up decision should have been the first decision. The VA was trying to half ass the decision initially.
        However, even with what they did handle it was still all done in half measures. I did not arrive into VISN 8 from RI until after 4 years after USN Ret. I could not handle mentally handle the change. I had to wait and wait. So anyone of today who wants to question any of this, I welcome it. Whatever they put in the FOIA file I will soon find out. And I know what happened in the Navy. The VA does not. I seriously doubt it. They can say or write whatever but I am the one who has ultimately struggled and walked the path. The bottom line is people who claim whatever do not know until they have experienced it themselves. It goes with saying the only way the VA will ever be fixed is if the Republicans and the Democrats receive their care under the same roof as the veterans. And even these company CEOs and leadership who are stealing constantly from the VA. If I were an attorney I would push for this to happen. I would push for a lot of issues to be solved.
        Benjamin, medicine is trial and error. VA providers can conduct mental state exams and do MRIs or whatever but these are tools and measurements to determine whatever physicians are looking for. Ultimately in my opinion the real deal cannot be truly determined until the proof is in the pudding. Do you know where the proof comes from? Being able to function or not being able to function and to what degrees to what degree? Many factors come into play when deciding this. Benjamin physicians are not God. They are not perfect. Some try and some sabotage. Ultimately how to determine is in the doing.

  3. Each Political Party (and currently the Trumpers and Bideneski’s) will continue to blame the other for our nations veterans continuing to be underserved. When it comes to fixing the problems at the VA, politics will never accomplish that. Solutions fix problems. Politics do not.

    So here is my plan to fix the VA:

    It is high time for some real leadership at the VA. Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten. Leadership that develops rapid and effective solutions to take better care of ALL our nations warriors.

    Leadership that recognizes that when they are doing a good job – – – it will be veterans singing their praises, rather than the VA needing to pay PR Agencies to put out “Fluff Pieces” to mislead America and her citizen’s about what a stellar job they are doing.

    They are not doing a stellar job. In fact, they are doing a pyss poor job. The VA has a first-world budget which they use to provide veterans less than third-world medical care.

    Current VA leadership has their Brain Housing Group the size of mice and their Hearts no bigger. It is about TWENTY YEARS PAST TIME TO FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA:

    1. IMMEDIATELY recognize the problems inherent in the VA System are NATION -WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good and non-communicative Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee. Every veteran deserves to know the Who, What, Where, When, Why of their appointment or paperwork status from a human being. Time-wasting circle-jerk robo-recordings do not make for happy veterans.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into military barracks-style housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can see consistently and eventually learn to trust.
    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in XX state? You need to be LICENSED in XX state.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits to the VBA that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a VBA claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted. If the veteran is convicted for making a false claim, stiff penalties including mandatory jail time must be enforced.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.

    Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE LIFETIME DISMISSAL FROM ANY/ALL GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYMENT.

    10. Attorneys for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    You have my contact information Mr. President. Call me anytime. I have a lot of ideas to help this nation improve the services provided to my fellow veterans. The ones that were promised, but have yet to be delivered upon.

    Veterans have been waiting for over fifty years for the fulfillment of those promises. I will not hesitate to speak up at all.

    For my fellow veterans who have been ill-served by this DERAILED CLUSTERFUCK of a GOD AWFUL TRAIN WRECK CALLED THE VA over the years:

    Our battles overseas were far less stressful than our war here at home. Never Cruel or cowardly. Never Give Up. Never Give In. You earned your benefits with your service. You should have them without confusion or obfuscation. Delay, Deny, Wait for us to Die is not the answer.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. Time for POTUS to break up the AFGE. The vast majority of our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS BASTARDS.

    Give their replacement’s one term to take care of Veterans who put aside their own personal lives to answer this nation’s call when she needed them. Many of those Veterans suffer the remainder of their lives for doing what most of their countrymen had not the courage to do.

    If they cannot MUSTER THE STONES to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their VOTING RECORDS ON VETERANS ISSUES.

    Rhetoric is cheap. Congressional Voting Records speak louder than words.

    We have now reached the next accelerative phase of our country falling apart. Country before Party. Principles before Personalities. Always.

    Want to REALLY fix the VA? The next SecVA needs to be a former Enlisted Man brought in from the general veteran population with a few serious axes to grind against the VA and the AFGE, with zero previous governmental civilian service. Apparently, Former Flag Officers, SES appointed Civilians, and legal counsel can’t cut the
mustard. Certainly they offer no practical solutions.

    Maybe a SINCERELY MOTIVATED Gunnery Sergeant or Chief Petty Officer can.

    1. Hi Jim
      Haven’t heard from you in awhile. I guess none of us have. Benjamin was dealing with his and his own family’s survival which required his attention. However I believe he is back stronger than ever and wiser.

      1. No. Haven’t been here for a few years. Finally escaped from Hawaii where I had been fighting for my earned benefits unsuccessfully since 1993. Left Hawaii for Alamo City in November 2018. Never informed the VA. When I arrived in Texas – – – I took a few months to get myself squared away before going to register with the VA here. During that time, I lost my beloved wife of 22 years. I also had my seventh or eighth (stopped counting long ago) documented suicide attempt. Spent the 2019 Christmas season locked up in the Mental Health Ward of Audie L. Murphy VA Center. When I got out, my social worker (Bless her old Texas Heart!) turned my case over to the Texas Veterans Commission who immediately got me a new C&P exam. The results of that exam gave me 100% for my PTSD, then of course they added up the points for my physical injuries/disabilities. VA math, go figure. Yet the Hawaii VA had 25 years to figure it out and was completely clueless.

        How much different would my life have been if the VA had done their job from the moment I walked through the door for the first time after giving twenty years of my life in uniform to my nation?

        Our families histories have crossed paths on more than one occasion due to our shared military service. I was deeply saddened to read of your uncle’s passing in 2021. He was the oldest POW of Desert Storm. I remember meeting him back when I was a young Lance Corporal some forty odd years ago. Hell of a good Marine.

        After my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in the mid-seventies, I went back home to Missouri. Hated the winter. Needed to get some of that California sunshine! So I joined the Navy and became an Operations Specialist. That is what set up the second crossing of our families paths during the mid-eighties.

        You were always one of my favorite CT’s. And people. I truly hope that you are doing well today. I know you have had your struggles with the government we both so honorably served.

      2. I make that statement based on the CT comment you made Jim.
        When my uncle who was near my mother’s age before he died was in Iraq during the first Gulf war, I was in the Gulf War theatre. At the time when he was being held as a POW, I was in Scotland providing support as a CTT.

      3. Yes
        Jim my uncle loved the Marine Corp. My grandparents had to sign for him to enter the Marines. I remember when he would come home on leave and spend his leave time with my parents and I. I have many pictures of him at that age. He was always telling jokes. After being shot down and retiring, he went back to school and earned a Mathematics degree. He started teaching Mathematics K-12. Oh my gosh you should have heard some of his comments. He did not stay in K-12 very long. He transferred into teaching College Mathematics. Zero discipline among the students of today is what he witnessed in the educational system when entered teaching after the Marine Corp. He was correct. Yes he was a tough Marine. He had a Constitution made of steal. The Younger Marines oh my gosh admired him and had great respect for him. The younger Marines would seek his guidance constantly. The Marines refer to my uncle as a Marine Corp Legend. People who are old school have been through it. Jim glad you are back. You are correct. If the VA and the government itself would do things correct the first time many problems would be prevented. Hope you are doing better. Keep moving it.

      4. Oh yes military families.
        When I mentioned my grandparents had to sign for my uncle to enter the Marines, Jim, it was because he was not old enough. My uncle was under the age requirement.

      5. Guilty as charged! I still love you girl, but have never been or will be in live with you!Yes. We know each other. We met a few years before the Gulf War. I’ll leave it at that and let your highly analytical mind chew on it for a while . . .

        I do believe in our relative youth that on a good day, you could have wiped the court with either Steffie or Martina. Poetry in motion you were!

        By the time the Gulf War began, I was back on my sea rotation. My destroyer was afloat way up north in the Persian Gulf. I of course, was one of the Combat Information Center Supervisors. Our ship was one of the first to fire our BGM-109 Tomahawks. We were also the first ship to conduct a wartime reload of BGM-109’s.

        Enough reminiscing! You’ll figure it out one day. I have absolute faith in that. And I am still an enigma to some. Liberals think I am conservative. Conservatives think I am liberal. (Chuckle, chuckle).

      6. Correction to a previous reply to you: I still love you girl! But I am not or will ever be in love with you. Big difference! Typo made due degenerative nerve disease. Apologies.

    2. Jim,

      I admire your sincerity, and if the world were what we thought it was when we went off to serve, maybe it would work, despite the power of the establishment and the permanent bureaucracy. Alas, those are forces persons of honourable intent seem unable to overcome

      I wrote out a fairly long response–a vice of mine, I admit–and then, as I was ending my Great Thoughts, I finally got around to where I ought to have started (sigh):

      Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC

      I admit the obvious weakness–not an Enlisted Man. Still, no fawning pawn of the establishment, either. And hard to beat for sincerely motivated. But he wound up bitter and disillusioned. That, I fear, is the fate of your guy (by which I mean person of either gender, having served with both).

      On your idea of voting–that *should* be so clear as to be a no-brainer. The trouble seems to be that we are unwilling to vote in our own interests. We don’t care about voting records for Veterans, clearly. How a politician votes on veterans issues–regardless of all else–should hold the greatest weight for us. Then we might be able to get some traction with the establishment, and make some changes beyond the cosmetic.

      1. Steven, Thank you.

        To my mind, Smedley D. Butler was one of the top 10 citizen’s this nation ever produced. Not just because of his military exploits. The man was a true intellectual who not only had walked through the smoke and fire, but observed, catalogued, utilized his experience to try and educate his fellow countrymen.

        War is a Racket resides both upon my bookshelves, and in my computer. IMHO, it should be required reading in our schools.

        You are correct on his final state. No doubt correct on the fate of the person who would ultimately transform the VA into the organization that it purports to be. Seems to be the fate of a lot of patriots and visionaries who are honor-driven in our society.

        Your last paragraph said it all. Unfortunately too many veterans do not vote in their own self-interest. When, and if that would ever change – – – there would be a positive reformation at the VA such has not been seen since its’ initial inception.

        Glad to see that you (apparently) have decided to stick around. You are a valuable asset to this forum.


  4. As a 75 year old who has voted since my early 20’s, I can assure you – I have never seen a president cause so much pain and anger. Yeah, Nixon (R), Johnson (D), Carter (D) and a couple other’s were/are in the running. Only as far as royally screwing up, biden is, IMO, the worst person to ever take the post as POTUS!
    The list of his egregious acts against America and “her” citizens are too long to list! People were warned – only they didn’t listen. Now we have “2000 Mules” and other news articles proving massive voting AND voter fraud in the last election. And the MSM’s are silent! WHY?
    Well, I’m not interested in biden’s impeachment strategy. He WILL be impeached when the Republicans take control. There’s way too much evidence against him. IMO, there’s lots of reprobates on both sides of the aisle needing impeached. We’ll just wait and see what occurs after the next election!

    1. You do realize that impeachment is basically an administrative procedure that has no concrete significance in the real world?

      Only three U.S. presidents have been formally impeached by Congress—Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. One of those presidents, Donald Trump, was impeached twice during his single term. No U.S. president has ever been removed from office through impeachment.

      In addition to Johnson, Clinton and Trump, only one other U.S. president has faced formal impeachment inquiries in the House of Representatives: Richard Nixon. Many other presidents have been threatened with impeachment by political foes without gaining any real traction in Congress.

      The framers of the Constitution intentionally made it difficult for Congress to remove a sitting president. The impeachment process starts in the House of Representatives with a formal impeachment inquiry. If the House Judiciary Committee finds sufficient grounds, its members write and pass articles of impeachment, which then go to the full House for a vote.

      A simple majority in the House is all that’s needed to formally impeach a president. But that doesn’t mean he or she is out of a job. The final stage is the Senate impeachment trial. Only if two-thirds of the Senate find the president guilty of the crimes laid out in the articles of impeachment is the POTUS removed from office.

      Although Congress has impeached and removed eight federal officials—all federal judges—no president has ever been found guilty during a Senate impeachment trial. Andrew Johnson came awfully close, though; he barely escaped a guilty verdict by one vote.

      And without a punishment, i.e. Removal from Office – – – impeachment is naught but a waste of time, taxpayer dollars, and a convenient way for both Democrats and Republicans to strut in front of the media while avoiding doing any actual useful work to solve the problems of our country.

    2. Crazy Elf
      President Biden and many others need more than impeachment. They need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Crazy Elf I am with you.

    3. Oh yes you are correct Crazy Elf.
      If the Republicans do their jobs and not run away or be bought, I believe impeachment will happen. What is going on should not be. All what is happening is intentional. Sad

  5. i am a Korean veteran and nearly completly blind and deaf. it is very hard to type. I have been waiting over two years for a evvaluation and haver received no reply from the VA. I would think that some one would make an efferet to assist us in need.

    1. Elwood
      my uncle is Korean veteran. He lost his hearing in that war. The VA crapped on him and did nothing for years. I believe finally my cousins may have fought hard enough to have the VA at least provide some hearing aides. I understand what you are saying. He ran a business all these years without being able to hear. Electrical motors

      1. My uncle is 90 plus years old. Last year my great uncle died at age 96. He was a WWII veteran. Recently my mom’s brother died who was near her age he was a 5 tour Vietnam Veteran and POW First Gulf War Marine Corp veteran. He retired as the first promoted Marine Corp CWO5 with 33 years of total service. My mom’s other brother who is near my age retired from the Air Force as a Full Colonel and is still working. He is Space Program Manager currently at NASA
        Los Angeles, California. Current first cousin Navy Pilot and her husband. He is on an Aircraft Carrier soon from what I gather about to be promoted to an Admiral. My other cousin whose husband just finished Navy Postgraduate school is also from what I gather soon to be promoted to a General in the Marine Corp. Another uncle owns a Lazer Company. He served 4 years on active duty in the Marines. Who knows why I started listing all of my family members? I guess I decided it was important to do so. I guess to stress the importance of a strong military and to stress the federal government should step up to the plate to deliver instead of destroying those who put their lives on the line in defense of freedoms and our country. Military across the board should be treated with more respect not stripped.

  6. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your efforts and a thoughtful synopsis of Mr. Sauber’s history and the particular set of skills he brings to the future impeachment(apparently). It is a bit disconcerting that they are reeling him in so early for defense of future investigations they anticipate after the mid-term election. I can’t remember ever seeing such a preventative “tell” by past administrations. I agree that it would appear the White House anticipates to be held accountable in the fall for their abysmal record on inflation, failed foreign policies, border protection, the opioid crisis, and crime increases across the country.

    Lastly, I’m really grateful to see more frequent postings from you of late and look forward to more in the future. Thanks for your recent posting on Ch. 31 benefits and how to navigate to success into law school and past the red tape of bureaucracy we may encounter from VA counselors.

    Thanks for making the effort Ben.



    1. I am also glad to see Benjamin back. Ready to go for the Gold?
      Benjamin I am referring to Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. Jaw dropping?

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