New Report: 6 in 10 VA Claims Wrongly Denied

A new report released by the non-profit organization National Center for Policy Analysis has evidence that 60% of the 31% of claims that are denied by the Veterans Administration are done so erroneously. Additionally the reports finds that 60% of the claims will take longer than 125 days to be processed and 4%  are completely lost.

I doubt anyone finds this shocking, but are we being too complacent in accepting the status quo never changing?



• Thirty-one percent of claims filed with the Veterans Affairs Department are likely to be denied — and 60 percent of those denials will be erroneous.

• Sixty percent of claims will take longer than 125 days to be processed, more than 7 percent of claims will be misplaced, and 4 percent will be completely lost.

• A veteran calling VA’s benefits hotline has just a 49 percent chance of being connected to someone and receiving a correct answer.


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  1. its true and I can prove the va is backdating evidence and doing everything it can to denie a claim even if the evidence shows the claim should be approved. my treating phsycologist md in tampa did a PTSD questioner on the 16th of july 2012 and the VA in the evidence list said they got it on may 22 2013 and then sent me a letter telling that some evidence may be to olkd so therefore it needed to be redone. well the PTSD questioner was not a year old when they denied my claim on the 8th of july this year and they even had nmy service dates wrong and even comfirmation was received by the va on my stressers from service on june 3rd this year but they made me do a C&P 15 months after my claim was started even though 3 va phsycologist and 1 social security phsycologist diagnosed me with PTSD from service. the va C&P examiner only asked me about my childhood and after the military and when I tried to show her the letters from guys I served with and other phsyc reports and other evidence she said I DONT NEED TO SEE THAT STUFF CAUSE THE VA VERIFIED YOUR STRESSERS AND CONCEDED THEM. she saw me no more than 15 minutes and 2 days later filed a 67 page report on me which included all the C&P reports from tha C&P clinic. the va relied on her report to denie me yet her specialty area of practice and interest is in sexual battered woman and adulessents. the va is now denieng claims to get rid of the baclog but increasing the appeals claims. the va called me and said I had 1923 claims ahead of mine for hearing and tinnitus, over 3000 for my back condition which both are documented in my medical records from service but denied cause the examiner stated mere speculation and over 15000 for my hep c 1b claim which I can prove my unit and other units had a hepatitis outbreak but also denied due to speculation. if anyone wishes to tak please feel free to contact me at 352-503-2569

  2. Sgt 54E NBC brain cancer, have been trying to get benefits for 2 yrs. File put o hold. I did not find out until I followed up and found out the VA left the offic e. He kept telling me to stop bothering him. Case hase been reopened how much longer will it take to get the money? After I lose my house, car ? stationed at Ft Mclellan closed in 1999 due o radiontion

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