What Does A Trump Veterans Affairs Look Like?


So here is something we have not seen in a few decades; what will a Donald Trump White House look like for the Department of Veterans Affairs?

I have no freaking idea because no one within DC thought this would happen, so the feedback I received from both parties was totally not accurate.

Here is what I can guess might be for now.

We will likely see an acceleration of agenda under the existing Administration driven by President Obama. Next steps are likely to be driven in part by what Chairman Jeff Miller believes is appropriate.

So this means VA will “drain the swamp” as Donald Trump suggested of the federal government? I hope so, but that may not be possible unless he follows through with his positions.

That means we get a “We’ll see.” on this one.

On this topic, I’ll have some more insight tomorrow, but tonight was dedicated to at least enjoying the process of this weird as hell election cycle.

What do you think is the path for dredging the swamp for Americans seeking justice from VA bureaucrats? I’d be nervous if I were in their shoes. What do you think?

For me, I’m trying to think it through and plan to form an opinion tomorrow. For tonight, I wish you all well.

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  1. It took me 4 years to get paid the equivalent of 100% disability. I had to keep demanding a new exam. Time between a follow-up exam – one year. I was initially examined by a Pakistani. I ultimately determined he had NO medical standing, not even as a nurse’s helper. When I waited a year only to find my second exam was to be conducted by the same Pakistani. I told him to pick up the phone and tell them I refused to be examined by anyone who did not have an MD. He did. I was then scheduled to see a real doctor a month later. It turned out she was a clipped hair, nasty bull dyke. She spent the first ten minutes chewing my ass out for my questioning the competency of the no skills Pakistani. I was furious and tempted to tell her just what I thought. When I get like this I always take the exact opposite approach. When she finally shut up I told her, “I am a retired, 20 year plus veteran. I served in Vietnam. I am due the full respect such service should be entitled to. My ability to survive financially depends on an adequate pension and that my regular, not a VA doctor, agreed that my service related mobility disability was 100%.” Then I said “I totally respect what it took for you to become a REAL MD and all I ask of you is that you give me a fair exam and then make your own conclusion.” For some reason this calmed her down and she spent 90 minutes giving me an extremely thorough medical exam. She concluded I was 70 percent disabled BUT that I was “I.U.” [Individual Unemployable] as a result of my disability. This pays at the same rate as 100 percent disabled. Not only that but my compensation went back to the date of my initial claim, filed some four years earlier.

    My only recommendation is be persistent. I honestly believe many, maybe most, VA employees think anybody applying for disability is a whiner and a a malcontent. I think that by insulting a veteran and continuously denying their claims, they hope the vet will give up or die before they are compensated. All too many do just that.

    Just think of the VA as a large insurance company that will do everything in their power to deny a vet justice. The more money they pay vets, the less they have left for their salaries and promotions.

    During my visits to the VA during that 4 year period I met many mistreated and abused vets.
    How sad that those who served their nation honorably are abused by the VA. In the end it is you who will have to fight tooth and nail to get what you deserve. So do just that and never give up while you are still breathing.

    1. Welcome to this site. It’s been twice today hearing good news about a veteran finely being paid attention to.

      Your post is correct many veteran’s give up !

      I applied in 73 and denied and denied them stating my official military record’s were distroyed in the saint Louis fire in may of 73

      How can one produce something that was destroyed.

      Hired an attorney 40 year’s later and guess what they had the record’s all along.

    2. I’ve been working on TDIU since 1985. Finally received SSDI after another MVA as of Sept 1990 in 1992.

  2. It has been a problem,for Veterns to get a straight
    answer !!
    In reading these articles at shows up ($80,000.00),
    this amount,with two different answer .To what is
    the truth,about the statement ???
    What happens if you didn’t, get your disability
    until you where(40) years old??
    I am “66”year old “nam vet”..I’m a COMBAT VET..
    I carried ,a rucksack & am a m16,for”10 months ,
    Plus !!!!
    Where is this going to leave us older vets???
    What Vietnam,didn’t screw up ..The -V-A-,
    personal(worker),,twisted me in the wind from
    1975- until-1989,to get my (100) percent !!
    Am I pissing in the wind/or/,can some one give
    ME,a straight answer ——I don’t want am answer
    from aTrump supporter

    1. I am courious why did it take for the VA to adjudicate your claim. Did they tell you your military record’s were distroyed or lost.?

      What reason did they give as to why they kept denying your claim.

      What did you do different for the VA to adjudicate your claim.?

      Just so you know for piece of mind, thousands of veterans have had their claims denied over and over.

      Many veterans had to hire an attorney to get their disability.

      Glad you finely received your disability, to many veteran’s were unable to live long enough to receive their deserved disability !

      The Norm not the exception !

  3. POTUS TRUMP FIRE FAKE RANGER BOB MC DUCK 2 his sewage rats at va dc hq asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A change for the better will include monetary settlements and faultless work records for VA employees. It’s already very lucrative for a VA employee to negotiate their disciplinary and dismissal procedures. They walk away with a big payout and no bad marks on their work record. Employee attrition may cause worse backlogs.
    As the swamp gets drained, so does Uncle Sam’s bottom line.

  5. The Country Served, thinking no taxes, will be Happy, us Veterans and especially the Brothers and Sisters with combat theater/serving care needs Not So Much STILL, as the Veterans Administration becomes a Long Time Conservative Want, Privatized for Corporate Extended War Profits with little to no regulation and added fee’s for that bottom line, investment, growth!
    All the, Finally, building what should have always been: > “Why in 2009 were we still using paper?” VA Assistant Secretary Tommy Sowers “When we came in, there was no plan to change that; we’ve been operating on a six month wait for over a decade.” 27 March 2013 , under the Obama admin and Cabinet, with nothing but Conservative and People served attacks will now cease!!
    Most of the people served, especially the wealthy and all conservatives, the trump speaks: 2 Aug 2015 – ‘I fight like hell to pay as little as possible’: Donald Trump says he avoids all the tax he can.
    But only bask in that happiness a short while as those served your taxes/fee’s Will Go Up just not for the Wealthy as you continue paying their fair share, to enhance that bottom line growth from a privatized government!!
    Not just because of a trump presidency but where the rubber actually hits the road, conservative legislative control!!
    * * * How does a Country HONOR It’s Fallen, by Their Own ‘Sacrifice’ in Taking Care of the Brothers and Sisters They Served With!! * * *
    * DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11″, Decades and War From, All Over Again!! *
    The VA is the people served Responsibility, not another corporate profit seeking entity off of war as now much of the privatized military has become, just look how fast and big the corporate merc army/intelligence was built above all laws and caused more lasting deadly damage to the American, once proud in leadership and moral, brand on the world stage! Not socialized anything but their Responsibility to Actually Sacrifice, as it’s been since it was established but promises never upheld with congressional fixes coming mostly unfunded and piece-meal causing more problems, the way those served seem to really like it that way as they lay blame on the VA personal!
    Keeping My Oath: USN All Shore ’67-’71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country ’70-’71 – Independent**

  6. One of the likely persons being considered for the position as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs is Chairman Jeff Miller. House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman will also be retiring this January. He was also an early Trump backer.

  7. Sorry, Seymore the retard! Did’nt read this^^^^ one, because you are an OBVIOUS certifiable troll who can’t get what you need. That’s alright. You can always find a nice fresh dropped pile of dung to roll in and EAT.

  8. I think this thread is a good bellwether sampling of all that can take place under a Trump Presidency…angry troll fights and all.
    Something also needs to take place nationally for change, if even possible, in that we Veterans collectively…collectively, are a powerful force for *help guiding* change for the better in all aspects of the VA.
    If we could collectively tuck away our political ideologies that so often cause the very in cohesiveness we currently possess nationally, and not through some VSO Group…no, they all once served a great purpose but they are lamprey to the VA at our expense.
    I am thinking that we Veterans should perhaps wield the same respect and reporting abilities as VA Employee Whistleblowers…and taken seriously.
    That, and I would just love if Trump forced all of Congress to start using the VAMC’s only in their home States since those rat bastards exempted themselves from Obamacare.

    Have Disabled Veterans of all walks of life with equal powers as congressional Veterans committee members as real live litmus tests for what’s working and not.

  9. Well Ben, overall a good day . Lots of good ideas today . I’d like to see you in office Ben. I even enjoyed listening to the trolls . Oh well tomorrow’s another day . If only for a moment, it feels good to be a veteran.

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      Rick Lipary October 31, 2016 at 3:06 pm

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  12. The first thing I would say to Trump is, get rid of the bonuses and get rid of the Union in the VA. Then everything should work out fine.

    Have some faith you guys, he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. He might surprise all of us and do something really good for the veterans.

  13. Idea:
    Since building things/construction are Mr. Trump’s thing he is good at and within or under budgets and timeliness…all Trump needs to do in order to peel the ugly onion peel back on a massive ongoing scandal with the VA is the vastly over budgeted Aurora Colorado VAMC Project. Follow the money trails of those contracts to the leeches at the VA and then you will have found the main tunnel of the VA cockroach hotel, then follow all paths from there. Cannot hide that massive property nor the amounts of $$$ thrown into the huge VA black hole there. Trump can directly relate to construction projects and I really think this would be a great introduction for him down to shed light on the VA cesspool.

    1. When Trump learns the same people are still employed that made terrible decisions, that should be enough to get his blood pressure going for a resounding…YOU’RE FIRED!

  14. 6gtexan: You are’nt very BRIGHT, ARE you!? Requesting is’nt getting! I had emergency colon cancer surgery at the V.A. hospital in Sioux Falls in 2014, and was forced to BEG my way into an all male surgical team, and even THEN, there were females on call! I was originally diagnosed in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2009, and they sent me to Phoenix for confirmation. The bitches at the Phoenix V.A. told me in person AND on the phone, “Accept women for this intimate surgery, or DIE!” They were literally CHUCKLING at my visible discomfort! Those extra fivecyears killed have killed me! Luckily, it was a slowcgrowing type, and I seld treated, which is the ONLY reason I am HERE!

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  15. Maybe he can make the VA Great Again smfh and maybe he can give us some more useless sound bites. Im Glad on the local Level in Nevaduh Con-us-Congressman Joe Heck failed in his Senate Bid to take Harry Reids seat and Catherine Masto Won!!!! Heck was nothing more than one of these fuckn Photo op Politrickcians i called his USELESS OFFICE A FEW TIMES IN 2014 to send a Rep to talk to a group of about 40+ Vets daily and after several messages left i finally get a Flunky on the phone and he told me they cant send ANYONE til the next 9 fukn months i was ok thats it i tried….the Hell with JOE HELL NO HECK….

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      3. Lippy,

        You got to admit it is poetic justice having you placed in a nursing home where you will reap the lack of benefits all other veterans have known for years.

        Clearly you have spent your years working at a VSO fighting to deprive most veterans of their rights to benefits.

        Oh and lippy the folks at the nursing home should really put you on some kind of monitoring where they need to take your Temp anally 5 times a day for the rest of your miserable life.

      4. Oh Lippy! time to bend over and crack a smile your nurse will be with you shortly. Make sure it is a big smile since Hillary lost and changes are coming to the VA. Watch you blood pressure now!!

  17. Even under a “drain the swamp” Trump presidency, I believe that the entrenched VA union and overall machine will be able to wait out his term of office and keep doing business as usual. Civil service law must be changed by Congress, I’m pretty sure. Congresscritters are buried so deeply in the pockets of the union’s contributions and linked through the bureaucratic network so much that no earth-shaking, “you’re fired!” law could be put in place in fewer than whole years. Even then, the union would probably finance court challenges that would drag it out further.

    Shorter term, Trump could issue some executive orders in the form of administrative law that might expand private coverage. Overall, though, the effect on the VA’s performance would be not much, as I understand the civil service protections.

    Remember that we’ve had VA administrators show up for Congressional hearings and simply absorb fire for a few hours of a posturing show, with no effect. (It’s not just the VA – multiple IRS admins and a CIA head have gotten away with prevarications in committee hearings.) The VA admins know their jobs and pensions are secure, so at most they’ll go home after being called out and kick the dog or get drunk.

  18. Q: What do you think is the path for dredging the swamp for Americans seeking justice from VA bureaucrats?

    A: Turn over the claims backlog to Kenneth Feunberg.

  19. From: “Fox News Live” earlier today.
    “Paul Ryan Eats Crow! “Trump Earned a Mandate”! “Turned The Political Process On Its…””

    Ryan is a punk. He’s no better than Hillary or the other Democrats and some of the Republicans.
    I put a “” article on here earlier. Titled about a “Navy SEAL Wins Governorship”! If y’all read it, you’d see where 30 NEW vets are on their way to Congress. Congress now has a solid lead in Republicans to get things done starting next Jan 21, 2017!
    Let’s help them.
    When y’all go to VHA’s, write down what you see, and take names! Report it to your representative. Let your representative know your helping Mr
    Trump “Drain the Swamp!”
    Damn folks, it ain’t that hard to do what’s right for ALL veterans!

  20. Nemesis: The remarks about your poor skills are valid, and you KNOW it! Read the casualty reports, DUMB ass, and Julia also! “Might” have been true in Vietnam!? God, are you a STUPID ass! 60,000 dead men, and TEN dead women! Pull your head out of the female CRACK! Even in the middle east, the KIA’S and wounded have been OVERWHELMINGLY male! You and Julia are IDIOTS!!

    1. No, caustic trolls such as yourself are idiots. Women in the military branches, no matter where stationed or duty, have all military’s six in various support ways. Did someone piss in your cornflakes today or was it just President Elect Trump’s victory that sent you into an embarrassing chauvinistic tailspin?

  21. get the vfw and the American legion politics out of the V/A. They are the ones that proposed this convoluted disability rating system…privatize as much of the healthcare that you can..have major hospitals bid on operating existing v/a hospitals./..put the claim process in a binding arbitration and/or mediation process to speed up claims. Bring existing military bases into the up their facilities to all disabled vets and honorably discharged vets. Drop the wartime requirements for those drafted. De-unionize the V/A immediately..put them on 401k retirement plans and reduce all v/a salaries as the are double the private industry salaries.

    1. I agree with you about the VSOs (I’m a DAV life member, BTW), but they’re not going anywhere. Mr. Krause reported in this blog within the past week about the Phoenix VA sign financed by VSOs. There must be a certain thrill for a VSO exec to make the annual trip for the repeated committee hearings, being photographed while speaking in Congressional testimony about the same ol’, same ol’. The VSOs had their place, then they mushroomed in number so we know they’re competing for funds and attention. Now they can make a Congresscritter sit up and beg with organized support or organized opposition.

      I like your idea of adding military bases to the options for services. Especially as bases continue to close and consolidate, there might be some municipal/county/state money available to expand services for veterans.

      Regarding open bidding, it would at least be educational for us all when the major players (HCA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.) analyze and estimate. We’d have to put them on shorter contracts, and/or beef up the inspections, to keep them on the right path.

      Regarding de-unionizing, granted that the federal union has so much power that it’s the tail wagging the dog, I don’t see how that could possibly happen. Trump can’t override those civil service protections by presidential declaration, and Congress will never ever ever rein in the unions.

      1. On second thought, there’s Presidential precedent in busting a contract, established by Reagan and the air traffic controllers’ union. That was pointed out elsewhere on this page by a better memory of history than mine, so thanks.

  22. This election was difficult for me. What sold me on Trump, was seeing the afge lined up behind Hillary. As for change; I hope he saw the afge behind Hillary. God Bless the Veterans..

  23. So last time I was at the regional hospital the nurses were all talking about moving to Canada and Mexico if trump was elected. So next week for my next appt. there I wonder if there will be anyone working there since they should all be packing.

  24. If he can legally get rid of the AFGE, that would be a HUGE step in the right direction. I don’t automatically assume, that Trump can control VA, no one else ever has been able. I am hopeful, but we must wait and see.

    1. Trump can’t be bought off. This means that he can do as he sees fit. He can say what he thinks and he can act with all the authority that the most powerful position in the world can wield. Trump is a man that gets his way.

      Right now Donald Trump is nearing a moment in time that he will take the reigns of the most powerful nation on Earth, the most deadly fighting force ever assembled, and an electorate that has given him permission to go kick some ass inside our own borders. America has given him permission to drain the swamp.

      If he fails, he fails for lack of resolve and he is nobody after all.

      If he succeeds then he really is Donald Trump, The President of the United States. I personally as his new boss expect him to be Donald Trump in office, the same as he was before being crowned King – and the King’s brand new God is called The People. I expect piety and prayer every single day of the new King to his new God.

  25. How about all of us. Writing to Trump and tell him about how Ben has reached out to all of us using this site

    I think if we should advise him about the great job Ben has done and how he really cares about his fellow veteran’s. That Ben deserves a real good look at for the top job at the VA.

    Thanks Ben. Wish you and yours a bright future. May veteran’s finely be vindicated. The VA has lied too many times about veteran’s or to veteran’s.

  26. Here’s my take, as was Mr. Herman Cain’s,
    “Political Correctness IS DEAD IN THE WATER!”
    Let’s inform VHA, VBA and all the useless VSO’s their time is short. Start doing your jobs, or get the fuck outta the United States of America!

    1. What’s rather humorous is Obama is actually very upset and insulted that HIS “L-E-G-A-C-Y” was not *respected*…just watched his long-winded speech. Seems this Nobel Prize Winner for Peace just does not get it…YES, we REJECT YOUR ***notion*** of change and where it’s brought us. Poor POTUS ego is bruised….too freaking bad. NEXT!!!
      Imagine what it will take to redecorate the White House? Also, President Trump may as well issue the eviction notice now for the live-in mother-in-law…may take an army to empty the nest….

  27. When is Trump going to get his own Nobel Prize for peace? Can he buy Obama’s? A hand me down Nobel Prize is certainly as nobel a gesture as the original one was, right?

  28. My thought is this, Trump brought to light many problems with our Government and has stated to all Americans drain the swamp and he has stated over and over veterans will be taken care of. We have ststed all along here on this site, when is Enough, Enough !

    Well we were not a lone and the American people were thinking the same thing, Well the time has come to say today is the start of fixing Enough is Enough !

    Now we need someone to speak for us and I would like to name Ben as our spokesman !

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the Department of Veterans Affairs, I know our elected officials will say anything to get elected and once elected they continue the same old stuff.

    I believe if Trump was sent a letter from Ben, VA is Lying and others, we veterans just might be treated with respect and those veterans needs will be given and anyone playing the game of stump the Veteran will be held accountable and fired or jailed.

    This election seems to have left out our Rural Areas and what they call the little people, well the little people told everyone Enough is Enough.

    This Country is very diverse and that is what has made this country Great, 23% of democrats voted for Trump, The American people have told our elected officials Enough is Enough, If Trump is inclusive this country will get back on the right path and we all will be better off for it.

    God Bless our Veterans and these here united States !

  29. I think it will take a simple warning to the VA. “Stop cheating and killing veterans now, because they day I enter the white house, I will hold everyone involved criminally responsible.

    1. I like that. Give the rats a chance to straighten-up or jump the cruising to disaster V.A. Titanic, and watch the rats just try to acquire legitimate jobs after the VA….hahahahahahhahha.

      I hear Haiti wants all its witch Dr.’s back.

  30. “Donald Trump’s Victory Speech in Full”
    Nov 9, 2016 on Utube
    (15:12 minutes)

    He specifically includes veterans!
    Let’s hold him to his words!

    1. Here’s the direct link to Trump’s speech and at the 4:20 mark is where he speaks about the VA and Veterans:


  31. As you stated, we actually have to wait and see. Trump is the 1 percenter. Does he really care about us. I have heard him talk about military and war as an opposer. He has two cheeks and it is which one he decides to use.

    Trust me, I am happier with him the Killary though. If they would just just do away with VA being a sovereign nation and make them fully accountable to U.S. standards, most things would take care of themselves.

    1. I could give a crap about any man caring about me. I want a man as President that has a pair hanging, a mouth flapping, and has a trademark phrase of “You’re Fired!” It is just a bonus that both the Republicans or the Democrats alike are unified in their hatred for him…

      This is the ONLY reason he was elected. I don’t want him to “care”. I want him to kick some “ass”.

      1. He can’t kick anyone’s azz, He can only start the motion. Then the Senate will shut him up if they don’t like him, and like the one he is trying to fire.

        I guarantee you he won’t do anything about killary and the FBI like he said he would. I bet your lunch money on that.

        I don’t see him do much except for the rich. The same as Killary would have did.

  32. First revoke the executive order allowing federal employees to have unions. He can pick and choose which ones.

    Second put some teeth back into the Court of Veterans Claims that the First Bush removed in 1989 ( remember the ” well grounded claims rule”

    Third open up the choice program via a NON-VA agency

    1. Veterans need unions after the very first signature entering the Military at
      the Military Entrance Processing Station. No soldier needs for the Drill Sergeants or Commanders to try
      to be personal with us nor show favoritism towards other soldiers like they constantly do. Train us to KILL
      from day 1 like the Chinese, Russians and Lebanese fighters. I feel as though when we trained in 1990,
      Fort Knox Kentucky (Tankers) we were pampered, I wanted to flip, dip, clip & trip my platoon opponents
      (Martial Arts style) until it was drilled into our heads. Tell every Veteran you know to think about the idea of a union for us & those of us that are still alive & future Vets, Free of charge unions, or else the
      VA and Government will get rich off of us like the poor excuse for employees at the VA.

  33. From;

    “There is $9 trillion missing from the federal reserve, here is the clinton foundations connection with the federal reserve, donald trump is right, we need to audit the fed”

    $9 trillion missing, WTF OVER!


    Now that Clinton has lost. Will we see a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation? Will we see a renewed investigation into the “carelessness” Hillary Clinton did with her emails? Will we see people in Washington DC be held accountable for all the bull shit they’ve “FORCED” upon the American Citizen, ie; Obamacare, higher taxes, less job growth, more people on welfare, less paying job market, stagnation of the GDP, etc., etc., etc.!

    What I’d like to see, is when Mr. Trump is “sworn in as POTUS”, he informs everyone in Congress, State and Local representatives, of the following;
    “If any of y’all have committed any criminal act. Y’all might want to leave the country NOW, before it’s too late!
    My newly established FBI and DOJ will not tolerate any criminal act by anyone!’

  34. Mr. President elect,

    Please consider for my nomination to Secretary of Veterans Affairs the attorney Benjamin Krause, JD.

    Undoubtedly Secretary Krause would fill key positions within VA by those people, or maybe just the one person, who has recomended him for nomination…

    Your good friend (and Ben’s)


    P.S. Before you drain the swamps can you please get rid of the liquifying corpses in VA hospitals. It makes the rats vomit.

    1. Note to Ben,
      I’m here for ya buddy, and can I get the snack catering business for VA if this works out? The profit potential appears at first glance to be enormous. The girth of the waists at VA seems roughly equivelent to the scope of the wastes I have noticed, and I can easily fill both needs wih cake (a modest profit set aside of course).

      As usual for a high placed official a plain unmarked envelope bearing the scent of Hostess snack cakes can be arranged on a weekly basis at the usual drop locations. Let Hillary get hers first though – she got plain mean last night and looks hungry. I can throw in some free cake too?


    2. As I suggested to Benjamin K. we Veterans need unions like the A–holes that are rude to us especially
      the Gay guy who almost got me so rattlled that if i hadn’t got teary eyed with what he was saying to me
      i would have definitely killed him at the VA. That faggot told me that i don’t have a RATING and i will never
      have a Rating “mean & sarcastically” and i was and i still am in the process of suing Robert A. McDonald, Secretary of the VA, they hired that faggot so that he could shake his faggot neck at me and make me
      feel lower than a earth worm or demon in hell. Tell all Veterans that we need to be unionized when we
      first sign our Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Drill Sergeants need to train us to fight and
      defend (kill) the country from day 1 and cut out all of that 2 mile run in the morning crap before chow!

  35. Two articles from “” this morning.
    “Former Navy SEAL Wins Governorship as Vets Head to Congress”
    9 Nov, 2016 | by: Hope Hodge Deck

    This second one, originally was from “Spouse BUZZ”
    Nov 8, 2016 and posted by: T.T. Robinson.
    “An Open Letter to Clinton and Trump, from a Military Spouse”

    This second “letter” should be read by every Patriot!

  36. I “third the vote” putting Mr. Ben Krause as Secretary of Veterans Affairs!

    Here’s something I believe needs to happen.
    We, veterans all, need to “band together”, as we did in ‘war’ AND ‘peace’, to hold VA employees, from top to bottom, accountable. Let us make sure these asswipes are put into “their deserving proverbial place”!
    That is;
    Make them squirm.
    Make the laws, passed by Congress, be enforced!
    Have the “Whistleblowers” come forward, without fear of VA reprisal, to hold all VA and VHA employees accountable!

    There’s so much work WE need to do. One man, or woman, can’t do it on their own!
    Did I leave anything out?

    1. @crazy elf- Let me add to that: Either renegotiate ALL contracts with the AFGE and if the AFGE does not like it, pull a Pres. Reagan on AFGE and drive them out of the VA FOREVER!!!!!! Don’t like the non-negotiable terms…get the HELL out!!!!!!

      I see the AFGE as the serious blockage in the VA Meat Grinder and only a series of power-wash enemas will fix this. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

      1. namnibor, I do believe Mr. Trump WILL renegotiate that “contract”!
        Yet, it’s up to us veterans to hold ALL VA and VHA employees accountable.
        We’ve seen, especially in recent months, local and state law enforcement agencies, going after VA employees for criminal act committed against veterans.
        I believe this is the beginning of the end for all the corrupt VA employees!

    2. the va dc hq is crapping their pants thats the 400,00 fedearal rats on taxpayers dime VA DC HQ IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY @ FOR AFGE UNION CONTRACTS THE VETS CAN EAT AFGE UNION CRAP FOR all THE AFGE UNION CARES ABOUT VETS THIS WILL BE A LEGAL FIGHT TO THE LEGAL DEATH OF AFGE UNION CONRACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. TO ALL VETS GET OFF YOUR JACK DANIELS @ COLD BREWS AND FIGHT THE AFGE UNION CONTRACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. My first trip to the VA was to be examined for VA disability compensation. I spent over 20 years in the military before I retired. At the VA I was examined by a Pakistani. I asked what his qualifications were and he said he was a “physician’s helper”. I was too innocent to protest. I already had 100 percent disability from SSI [ten years previously]. My disability from SSI was based on a thorough exam by an MD, and X-rays showing I had a fused vertebrae in my neck plus being permanently bent forward so it was impossible to walk without a cane and possible but uncomfortable even if I used a walker. The Paki did get me 70 percent disability but that isn’t squat in $$. I demanded a re-examination but the VA said I had to wait a year. I did, and found when I returned for a second appraisal, I was assigned to the same incompetent. I immediately refused and demanded he get on the phone and tell them I wanted an MD. He did this. BTW, this time the Paki told me he was a “nurses helper”. I was made to wait another month and then was sent to a nasty bull dyke MD. She spent ten minutes chewing me out for saying I wouldn’t be examined by the incompetent Paki. Well, when shoved to the wall I know how to deal with such idiocy. I told her in very polite speed [not what I would have liked to say!!] I had spent 20 years in service to my country and deserved no less than an appraisal by an MD. I said since she was an MD I would give her the respect she deserved but in return I asked her for her full professional attention. To my surprise, she spent 90 minutes on my physical exam and declared that I still was only 70% disabled BUT because of my age and physical limitations I was eligible for Individual Unemployable [IU] status. This meant my $$ compensation was the same as if I were declared 100 percent disabled. So they didn’t lose face and I got my earned compensation.

      In passing I might add in my final few month in the military when I was complaining about the symptoms leading up to my disability, they said I must be a malingerer or a malcontent. So I didn’t receive the medication I could have received which would have prevented in my ultimately being so drastically disabled. The good thing about VA disability is that if your status was increased in percentage or amount even years after when you initially filed for disability, you are paid at the new rate retroactive to that date.

      My advice is if you feel you are not receiving adequate attention or care – DEMAND it. It can’t hurt. God helps those who help themselves and this goes for any VA, military, or civilian medical situation. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

      The VA is a business, something like an insurance company. I am sure the VA doesn’t look kindly on any MD or “nurse’s aide” who awards any meaningful compensation. So as a vet – do what you were trained to do. FIGHT!!

  37. Look to the New Deal for answers. Supply side economics in building infrastructure to be able to make and move things cheaper. He is a builder at heart.

    And expect change in the VA. He knows we are angry.

    Don’t expect the freak of a frat boy that ran a campaign to win. He just played to every angry person out there because he knew anger would bring action at the polls.

  38. Anyone else possibly smelling troll seeds of dissent being sowed this early in morning? Rotten cabbage in the morning is so unflattering.

  39. Yes, wait and see. One thing we DO have as leverage already is being able to hold Pres. Trump to his word about cleaning-up the VA and ‘draining the swamp”. The Trump hating Dems and Repub’s as well as mainstream media will more than likely happily hold Trump to anything he uttered in campaign.

    Just as it takes some time to drain a healthy swimming pool, it takes even longer with a very dirty swampy swimming pool because of all the “debris” in suspension in the murky waters…as crazy elf stated, be patient. Change often takes a bit of time and the AFGE is not beyond sabotaging the VA in spite of a new Pres. because the VA AFGE Cookie Jar has now been placed on a higher shelf from the petulant chile called the VA.

    I do fear Obama will indeed ramp-up his “agenda” in last days now with the VA and Obama will more than likely let out a few 1000 more thugs from prison, and more than likely let in a few 100 thousand more unvetted political refugees…essentially dumping a cup of nails into the open distributor into the engine in his last days.
    The VA AFGE President Michael “little” Cox must be having extra Veteran blood in his bloody mary this morning, poor thing. We “deplorables” are going to kick your ass, Michael Cox!!! Hahahahaha….

    Now, if I were Trump, I would nominate Benjamin for VA Secretary. Done. (Michael Cox just had another bloody mary with extra veteran blood)

    1. Let me clarify that I still am not a Mike Pence fan in no way. My family is from Indiana and I know what Pence has done to small business and farmers as well as the VA System in Indiana is just as broken as Phoenix, if not more and the entire State’s VA sucks. Considering Pence has a Marine son, if makes Pence even more of a thing to be leery of and I hope to God Trump does not leave cleaning-up the VA to Pence as that would seriously cloud my “hope”.
      Wait and see.

    2. I think it would be prudent to be very concerned about the future viability of the VA as an organization. With Mike Pence whispering “privatization” in Trump’s ear, it is very possible that the Republicans will jump on the opportunity to disband the VA and privatize the entire organization. The idea has been floated before, but thankfully dismissed before much headway gained. I, for one, have few complaints as the Minneapolis VA is one of the better operating systems. I would hate to lose it. I understand others have not had the same experience with their local facility, but with a Republican White House and a fully Republican Congress, privatization WILL come up. One of Trump’s policy proposals was released on a late Friday afternoon recently, and it addressed the idea of privatizing much of our public infrastructure–roads, highways, etc. The VA is bound to be a target on that list.

      1. I hope they let any veteran go anywhere to be treated for any condition and the only thing needed is employees to run VBA and that be looked at very close, VA employees be let go !

        They have lied way to many times and the VA is unable to police itself. This would free up Billions for Veterans with disabilities.

        If the United States can remove 11 million people, many who have not broken any laws, It should be that easy to let go of thousands of VA employees and shut down the VA or start over.

        All new everything concerning Employees and the New Employees informed that this is the Veterans Buildings and they work for the Veterans, Not for Themselves or their friends, Management must be told they will be fired when its found they did not ad hear to all the rules and regulations.

        The New VA will not be able to make decisions about firing people, That must be looked at by an Attorney or Judge. Veterans complaints be looked at by an outside source.

        VA medical staff must be advised that anything written about a Veteran in their Official Medical Charts, Must be about the treatment only and their personnel opinion about the Veteran omitted from the Chart.

        Anything placed into the chart must have evidence of why it was submitted.

        The VA Disruptive Committee disbanded and if and when the Veteran should be as they call disruptive, Must be evaluated by Mental Health if they have a diagnosis of Mental Health problems and talk to that veteran in an effort to find out what is wrong and admitted if needed.

        Other Veterans whom become out of hand will be reported to the local police and if the local police feels a crime was committed the Veteran will be Arrested or a ticket given and must face a Judge.

        Any Employee, who breaks the Law, will be required to face the same justice, They must be reported to the local police for possible patient abuse.

        VBA must give the benefit of the doubt about their Disability and treatment provided and later if it is found out that the Veteran was not telling the truth, They will go in front of a judge and if proven that Veteran will have to pay back the VA for that care.

        Veterans that have been denied their disability and no matter how many years later get their claim approved they will be given that disability pack pay from when they first applied, No more WELL you let your claim lapse.

        It is and was to easy for the VBA to Lie to Veterans about them needing more proof or telling them their records were missing or lost ! That is an excuse, which should not fly !

        Nothing wrong with starting over, If done right and Employees know what will happen if and when they decide they are GODS and break the Law.

  40. Today as I had planned I am sending a series of FOIA requests targetting key documents regarding the Disruptive Behavior Committee here in VISN-20 as well as filing three Divil Rights Complaints within VHA itself for violations. I am a veteran of VHA civil righhts complaints – they will find a number or either technical innacuracies, or try sending clarification notices that require additional responses of the CR complaint gets tossed, and they will.claim that the people involved either no linger work at VISN-20 or have retired.

    Then when they imolement their well documented tactic, my second round of already complete FOIA requests and my already anticipated appeals (VHA Roseburg ceased respinding to my FOIA and Privacy Act requests) and my first round of appeals will be mailed at that point. At that moment, I will click send on yet another hhs dot gov Privacy Act complaint, my fifth (one netted major “tech” support to VISN-20), and at that point given the publicly documented history of VISN-20 treqchery and deceit I will appeal the whole package as a single item, newspaper articles, appeals, unanswered Civil Rights complaints, vetified phone conversations reported in the paper as criminal, unanswered pleas for help (the VISN-20 Patient Advocate who has refused to answer any question since he paper reported widespread abuse by VISN-20 officials from the top down.

    This is going to be sent as a package, neatly printed up at Kinkos with an index, Table of Contents, collored index tabs, and laid out in neat easy to read paragraphs – each will cite the federal statute that applies or was violated. This package will be sent to each of my representatives (Kinkos can do all of this for very little, I know.), it will be sent to three media outlets, paper, television, radio along with promises that I will comment.

    This package will also be sent to OIG who can line their pidgeon cages with it. Finally this package will be sent by First Class Mail to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (the office, not the man) and I will get myself photographed and interviewed in the process of sending this. The press eats this stuff up and I am in a real healthy feeding mood.

    The time to take action has never been greater. The metal is malleable pnly when molten and the time to strike is when the iron is hot. Now is the time to send every FOIA, Civil Rights Complaint, and appeal possible. The fire is hot. The race isn’t over – it just started and I have work to do.

    Let us see if the VA can trump that.

    1. I have used Kinkos before with this tactic and it is surprisingly cheap. My last appeal to DBC flag #5 (yep, five flags in three years) was sent on poster size paper in large print that printed out the legal requirements for a flag to be issued and pointed out hat the key requirement -the occurance of either a threat or a disruption – had never been met. Remember, the First Ammendment allows for infinite creativity to emphasize the pointless nature of the action.

    2. Dennis,
      Request the Medical Center Memorandum (MCM) Disruptive Behavior Community at the Medical Centers you are interested in. The MCM should outline the members present, how often the meet and criteria used. You can ask for rescinded MCM’s before the one being used. Just trying to help.

      1. The disruptive committee is illegal and takes away all veteran’s civil and constitutional and human rights.

        How can anyone be able to punish another person and the person be punished and the accuser. Not required to provide proof of the disruptive behavior.

        The acussed. Is not given any way to defend themselves is. No nothing. !

        With the VA if your accused your guilty period and you no one to go to to fight back.

        The VA has gotton so imbolded that they attack and when the veterans request any and all evidence used the VA if. As in my case state in writing

        We the VA does not have any evidence. But those were the facts at the time.?

        How can you have facts. With out being able to prove or provide those facts of when where and how and who was involved.?

        The department even went so far as to tell Bennett’s office. That due to the disruptive reporting they (never) punished me. Nor did they code my official medical record’s for disruptive behavior.

        Even with that evidence Bennett’s office stated we can do nothing. All we can do is make inquiries. Does that make sense.?

        Its like the commercial where the bank is being robbed and the Guard tells the people ( oh I’m not a guard. I’m a monitor ) and then tells the people ( there’s a robbery ).

        It is against the law to falsely accuse someone of something and have any proof and commence to punish that person. Without due process.

        The VA is incapable of policing themselves and are punishing veterans. At will. The veteran’s are being rail roaded.

        The VA state’s this is for veteran’s. Employees and the public. That become disruptive or could in the future become disruptive or. Really may become disruptive !

        What a joke ! If the VA should give a report on this committee. I’ll bet you it will not show any VA employees or citizen’s on the report of being disruptive (0)

        They are using this committee for one reason and one reason only. To control veteran’s that may question their motives or why problems with employees.

        It a retaliation act. Again it’s illegal and they are not part of our legal systems and have no authority by law. To punish anyone. !

        This is a NAZI tatic. How would u like to be accused of something and be punished and u have no say so about it !

        This is happening to someone’s Dad. Mom. Brother etc all the time and veterans deserve a lot better. Than to be accused of something and not be able to defend themselves..

        Look it up. The VA can not even define what constitutes disruptive behavior!

  41. Here’s something most have forgotten. The VA, like other “Government Subsidized Civilian Agencies/Businesses” is run by a union CONTRACT! This contract can be “broken” by the POTUS.
    The AFGE, is part of the AFL/CIO, which Ben has said before.
    All unions have contracts. These contracts can, and must be, renegotiated.

    I believe ALL of the VA upper echelon will start ‘taking’ what they can before 20 Jan 2017! I also believe the current administration, like Ben thinks, will ramp up their agenda – whatever it is!
    I also believe that would be a very stupid act.

    I AM for for a “reckoning” by law enforcement against all VA employees. Who have treated veterans, no matter their race, creed, color, sex etc., terribly or shabbily in the past.

    If y’all think this is going to happen overnight, think again. It’s going to take time! Please, be patient.
    The one thing we veterans don’t need to do right now is to – NOT FIGHT AMONG OURSELVES!

    1. Renegotiation of a contract — yeah, I think you’re right, in the abstract. I don’t think POTUS alone could break the contract, though. That would put Congress in a sticky wicket, as the Brits say: whether to support POTUS and change the way we do business, or to support the union and the status quo, knowing that no President lasts longer than eight years at the most.

      1. 6gtexan,
        The POTUS can reject any contract made, by a union, which interacts with the government.
        That’s how Reagan defeated the air traffic controllers union.
        I’ve lived through many presidencies. Starting with Kennedy. It can, and must, be done. It will take time, give him a chance!

  42. I don’t have any faith, trust or hope with Pence. He is, was, just a part of the Hoosier corrupt machine that ignored VA issues, gave lip-service, and just like the rest of the cogs in the machinery, never changed much at all. Never helped with the issues of censorship, local college town corruption, etc. I seriously doubt that even Trump can make a dent in local corruption, the censoring, the attacks, to the ignoring of those who are sticking their necks out for real change and transparency in my life time.

    Even if Trump could change the VA he still can’t change the idiots and fascist at the state and local levels. Since being told by VA counselors and idiots “if we wanted better health care vote Democrat,’ and on and on, then folks will have to deal with pissed off socialist in that machine now. He can’t protect us on operating tables or from all the angry vengeful, incompetent or professional types, or unions, that are all about self protection, retaliation, down to the idiots pushing laws and ordinances so much we can’t breath or get the medical needs or possible herbs that might help so many of us. When civilian health care jerks, medical boards, local politicians, a censoring media, all those professionals cover-up for their co-horts and the VA, practice all that “professional courtesy” it’s hopeless. How is Trump going to change a predatory medical system that is pushing out ‘professionals’ with the bed-side manner of a pet rock, smiles when they say “sorry can’t help you,” or brazenly covers for some VA activist and the rest of them?

    I keep getting pushed by incompetence, attitudes, body language, expressions, to just go back to the VA. No way. I am not going back to see some quacks making big money, waiting rooms full of patients waiting up and more than six hours for a stupid prescription and more quackery is just plain wrong. And for me there is no going back to the VA unless Prez Trump is standing right next to me and it all video taped, period. There is no wisdom in getting in position for a second kick or more from a mule. I don’t need a brick wall to fall on me to tell me I am a target like others of the system, networks, professional classes or anyone else who allows anything nasty and under-handed to go on just for a job and pure retaliation. In Indiana that retaliation, retribution, hate, doesn’t end easily but is followed through generationally which is seen by families/cliques/mafia styled stacking the decks staying in certain positions, appointed, elected, hired or whatever.

    It’s easy to see. How much do we ever hear out of places like Indiana or it’s college towns. Anything like VA complaints or local corruption? Not much to nothing at all. Any media noise about our VA issues and censoring? Nope. We hear feel good human interest crap, lefty college junk, that all is well, puppy dog and kitty stories, cleaning the towns up to look pretty for the college crowds (while the inside is evil as hell and dirty), or how great it is to live in such places, that are really open air concentration camps full of corruption and cover-up. And when the cameras and records of meetings are off, that is when the corrupt double-down and attack by any means possible without the smallest regard for us individuals or veterans, our needs, issues. Especially those of us who refuse to be assimilated by the “Borg” or jump on all the various band-wagons to appease/support we are demanded to do or to stay silent and die off, just like Oprah stated once. “Old people just need to die off.” That seems to have resonated with many in Indiana and with her worshipers/fans. Her program was on in many waiting room TVs. And to be sure to bow in silence to the new “tolerate everything’ city ordinances having been passed, that means we have no rights or rights to gripe or voice our opinions…or else.

    He got my vote but I still have to live in a town full of Obama/Hillary lovers, far left wingers, thugs, college kiddies, very deep seated generational corruption, so-called socialist/communist/globalist total Dem controlled, three major far left winger colleges full of facade, pure evil, corrupt to the core. Where veteran’s groups dare not upset the apple cart let alone some attorney or president. I just hope Trump stays alive and well and doesn’t turn out to be another Kennedy for pissing so many off. All I can do now is bitch, share my own stories, and like others before me, do it till I pass on. If things are going to change for the younger real American crowd/vets it has to happen now.

  43. @Rick chauvinistic much? In the last war the IEDs didn’t give a fuck what gender you were, and there were just as many female service members as males outside the wire and on FOBs that were attacked on the regular, let’s just request equal treatment on both sides and call it a day. I agree about the competent physicians that we won’t get, don’t get them in service not going to get them at the VA they are probably the same morons that treated us in service that haven’t improved with experience.

    1. Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are terrible, and exceeded only by your stupidity and lack of LOGIC^^^^!!!! I don’t know if you are “male” or female, but you are a fucking liar! Males are almost EXCLUSIVELY the ones thrown into the meat grinder, because people don’t value male LIVES! There is a reason why they say “women and children first” in a ship disaster at sea. Yet, we ALWAYS get the worst treatment, and the most disrespect! You need a logic and debate class, in addition to remedial English. The only thing you are a “nemesis” of is the truth and intelligence!

      1. Really Rick, you seem to forget, the last one wasn’t a conventional war, you cite grammar because your argument is flawed. Logpac convoys in Iraq USUALLY hit by IED male AND female personnel involved sniper fire incidents on convoy too. Females were all over that theater. Your argument may have been valid for Vietnam, Korea and certainly the World Wars, but the line you speak of is blurring and will continue to do so. I am quite intelligent and I am being nice unlike you gender is irrelevant, you also seem to forget how many of those females were raped or sexually assaulted by the you seem to revere and believe are superior. Not so.

      2. Further, I was not insulting toward you or disparaging of your opinion. I gave mine, I said nothing untoward but I am stating what I have seen personally, combat arms as it is you are correct, but there was an extreme upsurge in IED attacks and personnel of both genders that were in the line of fire. I think the issue is AFGE practices running the VHA and my personal belief, just mine, is that there is a shortage of care and compassion throughout VHA Male and female alike. The system as a whole is flawed from top to bottom, believe me I know. Just saying the last war OIF/OEF/OND were skewed weird and there were meat grinderesque casualties among both genders by the nature of the conflict. I meant no disrespect, granted my typing is atrocious right now because I am typing on a touchscreen that doesn’t want to play nice right now.

      3. I’d Be careful nutless. Whats left of your shit brains can’t catch up with your mouth. All of us here could take you out without even thinking about it. As for your Lipary, I could use that right about now. You wanna troll? Go over to Facebook.

      4. Really how old are you? You must be from an ancient war because there are thousands of women in harms way now. WOW! Waaaa!!

  44. I think it will be like the Who song the new boss is the same as the old boss. VA will remain a shit stain Ass Fucking Golfball Enema AFGE bureaucracy because we all know any promises made by Trump were lip service to get votes. I have no confidence in this president, I had no confidence in either candidate. Nuf said

  45. Get REAL doctors and nurses, instead of the same tired old rejects who can’t work anywhere ELSE, and are SUPER inferior! Give more of the power to doctors and, especially, VETERANS! Get rid of the openly hostile and disrespectful female patient advocates, and replace them with caring, respectful, and competent MALE disabled combat veterans! Stop giving special treatment to female veterans! They already get treated FAR better than male veterans, even though it is the MALE veterans who do the fighting, bleeding, suffering, and dying in our wars! This special treatment and favoritism is alienating the HELL out of male veterans, and turning us against these bitches who think they deserve better treatment than US! Give male veterans a LOT more privacy and modesty rights! Male veterans are FORCED to submit to females, even for extremely intimate exams, procedures, and surgeries, such as those for the colon and male reproductive system!

    1. Deep subject but we’ve had that huge issue going on here too. Males are not supposed to dare question female workers, admin, the cute faces and ugly attitudes of so-called patient advocates and the like. And never complain about female doctors or wanna-bes. That is just more politically correct bull or cultural Marxism that we are supposed to eat and tolerate to appease certain activist groups. That is where many of my problems began was with female staff, female CBOC contractor admin. How dare a man ask why his medical files are missing, deleted, or I dare question a “professional woman.”

      It’s just more social activist crap that needs to be left outside of any VA system. Just another topic or issue we are supposed to just shut-up about and suffer, or else we get labeled again, as usual with the special interest groups pushing some agenda, or having a socially engineered knee-jerk reaction instead of listening to the real problems. I think we all know or experienced “scorned women.” And more than enough incompetent scorned, ego bruised men/staff.

      1. I thought questioning ANY VA employee was a no no. They all seem to have god complexes especially raters at the regional offices. They HATE me because I refer to it as the regional orifice.

      1. OH dont go there honey..I am a woman that has to go in to every appointment with my combat vet husband because he was so fecked with by all you angry nasi witches who tried to abuse him and you try to get them all to shoot have messed with his meds and he almost died….you are the women nobody wants in the society and you want revenge by killing off the real americans of this country or you are that stupid and useless and lazy as to not do your job.. I am not sure which!!! You all deserve to be fired and prosecuted…

    2. “Male veterans are FORCED to submit to females, even for extremely intimate exams, procedures, and surgeries, such as those for the colon and male reproductive system!” Does this both scare and excite you?

      Seriously, any patient can request to be seen by a different gender physician for certain procedures, no matter what U.S. President is in office. Granted that it might delay your care, but really, why would you feel such horrible need to delay a yearly, 60-second procedure performed by a licensed professional? Or even to highlight that as a change you want Trump to make?

    3. WOW as a Total and Permanent 100% Disabled Vietnam veteran you children need to grow up. As I have heard the BS about the female veterans. Last time I checked a IED,explosives and bullets don’t give a Rats Ass what sex,race,culture or religion. I have a female Vietnam veteran friend who has a Bronze Star from Vietnam and she’s a doctor. So I like u to say something to her face and see where ur teeth go. Its bad enough the civilians treats us like shit but now we have veterans who are acting like little boys and blaming the female veterans. The VA dumb Nuts are just catching up with female veterans because the VA was never prepared for the big load of female war veterans. I have female friends who were in the Army with me that had more Balls than a lot of male soldiers. Grow up and stop the crying about Unequal treatments.

      1. William you’re assuming Rick is actually and really a Veteran. More likely he is a VA troll inciting division among real Veterans that read this website. Believe me, the VA reads this site too and are not below trolling to their advantage. Whenever I see this tactic of “Veterans” attacking Veterans these days I usually believe they attacker is not who they say they are. If VA leadership wasn’t so untrustworthy with so much to lose I would not think like that but they are capable of stooping extremely low so attacking a Veteran on a website is child’s play done without a second thought. If you want to see what those people are capable of here is but one example.
        I rest my case. Now you know why I believe “Rick” is a VA troll.

      2. You are BOTH stupid asses who live up flea male crack, and can’t handle the TRUTH! That goes DOUBLE for YOU, “Chief,” because at least William was’ nt stupid enough to question my status as a Vietnam combat veteran! I know that YOU are the troll, not me! But, how do I know that you are a Vietnam veteran? You could be a non veteran, or a Vietnam Era vet who never set foot in the country. If you ARE a Nam vet, understand something NOW: While you were safe, comfy, and cozy at Cam Rahn or offshore, I was a truck convoy driver and doorgunner being shot at and rocketed regularly! Look up 572nd “Gypsy Bandits” Transportation Co., 57th Transportation Battalion, and you will see that my company and everyone in it was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for combat valor during Operation Dewey Canyon 2, which was the invasion of Laos! You are so full of shit, that your eyes are brown!

      3. Get real, William! The BS is with dumb asses like you and these WOMEN! MEN, not women, have always been the ones thrown into the meat grinder, then SHIT on when we got back home, and treated MUCH worse than all those NON-combat women veterans. You must be a stupid troll if you don’t know that! In today’s politically correct environment, a woman can FART and get a bronze star! What you say is also second hand. Women and their MANGINAS always claim the did or received this or that to bolster their arguments! My Vietnam unit received a Presidential unit citation for the Dewey Canyon 2 operation from January through March of 1971, and it’s on the record! 572nd Transportation Company, AKA Gypsy Bandits. I also flew 25 missions as a Huey OJT doorgunner, and I am SC 100 also.

      4. Oh, the IRONY! All these tards on here who voted for Obama, even though he and “his” henchmen have done an admirable job of making the V.A. a smellier pile of pig shit than ever! Now, they are complaining! Super rich joke!

      5. Yeah, same retards that began voting for cutting entitlements during the Reagan Administration and have continued through every administration since including this newly elected Congress. I expect a difference in the White House. But then who am I to say and what do I know. I’m just one of your retards that has been voting for change the last 5 elections. And we’ll be hard put, given the Congress elected, to get it this time.

        When will the voter realize that if he wants his vote to count he is going to have to turn out incumbents until elected officials pay more attention to Main Street than to Wall Street.

      6. Yeh stop about women combat vets they did their is the 4 years to get vet status or the desk sitters that did everything not to go to war during 20 years of it that everybody wants know the coat tail riders..the cowards…the duds..basically and the crap nurse pa and social worker with fake evangelical puritan degrees junk…I hope they have to go through the same at some point in their lives..oh wait his name is trump!! The calvalry just showed back up you evil na#is

    4. A Veteran can request a same sex doctor to do an exam, treatment or other procedure in the VA Medical System. Patient Advocates are looking out for the VA system. They are more like damage control if a Veteran is being negligected or dropped from the system. Always request a print out of future appointments you can receive this at any clinic. If you show up for your appointment and the provider cancels on you make sure that the note in system that it was a cancel by clinic and not cancel by patient. The cancel by patient makes a no show. The cancel by clinic makes a missed opportunity for a provider. These are noticed by upper managers.

      1. I am a former V.A. employee also, and did an internship in the Long Beach V.A. E.R. in 1978. So, please don’t tell me how the VA. works! The V.A. has ALWAYS been hostile to male vets, and still is. Asking for male staff is not GETTING! Is there some part of my story that you don’t get or believe!? For the asshole who said “You seem to have a problem with women,” you could’nt be more wrong! I love women (even though they are SUPER weird and demanding) but I hate women who refuse to do their share in every way, ask for want they want, and to stop demanding queenly treatment! I was VERY happily married to the same woman forc35 years, until she passed five years ago, and she filled this bill beautifully! Idea: Stop being up-the-female-crack idiots, and understand that my remarksare valid. The V.A. staffs nearly every hospital with hostile, and many times out-and-out man hating dykes, then tells us to talk to these hostile cows or no one! Even today, 95% (in my day, it was 98%) of veterans are male,. Yet, about 95% of “patient advocates are female! What do you do if you are a male who needs to discuss mistreatment, discrimination, and other male centered issues? How many P.A.’s EVER side with a male when the offending party is another female!?

    5. Rick Lipary, you seem to simply be hating on women. It could be you’re simply projecting your hatred of the first woman you ever had contact with, your mother, unto all other women. HA! If you truly believe women veterans get better treatment than male veterans, you are delusional. If it happens on a smaller scale, depending on locations, it surely is not happening all over VA system. It certainly is not happening at my location where even the staff seems to lack reading comprehension skills and some still call me MR when they call my name. It has gotten much better, thankfully, but there was a time that referrals for needed specialty clinics were a fight for us. If I didn’t have male veterans in my own family to compare that discrepancy in treatments and availability, I would not have known, but I do. VA systems (all of them) should not be a required “fight” for services/benefits for ANY eligible veteran. I would like to see a day when VA simply works for ALL of us. In the meantime, you ought to go back and be weaned off that tit correctly and not hate “her” so much. Your misogyny is showing.

      1. You seem to be ANOTHER flea/mae ASSHOLE who can’t face and accept
        the truth and validity of my statements, and thinks that the hundreds of thousands of veterans who feel EXACTLY the same way I do must be lying! If you are flea/male, dump your hatred of males and accept that I am telling the truth, or give me ONE example in which you think that I am mistaken or lying, then back it up!! If you are “MALE,” stop being a MANGINA and grow up!

    6. @Rick L
      When our towns first VA clinic opened in the 1990’s as a moldy old trailer on the old hospital grounds, I was one of the first women to enroll. I wasn’t treated well, they actually didn’t know what to do with me. You want to explore intimate exams! Try getting a PAP smear, spread your legs & trust some incompetent female Dr who scraps you so hard you bleed for 3 days. Male DR’s doing that test or a Colon test have to have a female witness, to ensure no hanky-panky happens. I remember asking for help for alcohol abuse & got told my presents in the group would upset the men. I got no help. The male Ortho DR told me to be happy I even have an arm, not right nor fair to compare my injury to any amputee. Male shipmates have been tested for asbestos, when I asked to be tested I was told by female Dr “we don’t do that”. It’s the same maltreatment for each of us whether you or the DRs are male or female. Its been my observation that female DR’s treat us women with more hostility, disrespect than male Dr’s.. Special treatment for female veterans? Where? I want some.

      1. JUDY: You must be a man hating DYKE as well as a liar! Wbere are women in harm’s way, DUMB ass!? MEN still do ALL the fighting on the front lines, and don’t get treated anywhere as well as women veterans! I don’t know WHAT Superman Bizaro fantasy world you live in! You seem like the type who would be an online report bitch!

      2. Where? Try EVERYWHERE! What a FOOL! For example, here in Sioux Falls. When you get off the the elevator and you are male, you have to beg, hat in hand for the nearest bathroom! But when you are FEMALE, even though you are usually not a veteran period, and you get off on the 4th floor specialty clinic, there is a stand alone women only bathroom 10 feet in front of you! This is only ONE of millions of cases of the V.A. making war on us and HATING on us every YEAR! You are ultra stupid, if you don’t know that the V.A. has been making war on the MALE veterans that actually FIGHT this country’s wars FOREVER!

    7. Rick, you’ve got tunnel vision. All veterans are mistreated in the VA healthcare system. As a female nurse and veteran who cared for wounded service men AND women from 2004-2005, I find your commentary obscene. I tolerated many obscene comments and abusive behavior from my patients who had been treated poorly by the physicians and nurses (male and female) preceding me. I believed them and did not take their comments or abuse personally, just strived to treat them better and provide the care they deserved.

      There are just as many useless male veterans, physicians, and nurses as there are female. I know this because I have worked on both the civilian and military side of things. Looking at the average, I have worked with many more male than female nurses who sit at the nursing station letting drips run dry, not turning their sedated patients, rarely laying eyes on their patients, resulting in poor patient outcomes and even death. Male nurses are often treated preferentially by male physicians on the assumption that they are more competent, which can often be a mistake for the reasons noted above. This is not to say that all male nurses are bad. I have also worked with some great male nurses and bad female nurses.

      I have never been desperate enough to work for the VA because I do not wish any veteran, male or female, to affiliate me with the subpar treatment they have received there. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “You are not a combat veteran,” while at the VA. I even had a male physician put in his notes that I was “neurotic” and my abdominal pain was “not real”, only to find that I had bacterial overgrowth in my GI tract. I have a multitude of injuries that directly resulted from carrying my patient’s rucks, helping them in and out of bed, not to mention the fact that I listened to all of their horrific experiences down range, saw pictures of their dead, mutilated friends, cried with them, and frequently feared that they may kill me when I woke them to provide wound care to them due to their severe PTSD.

      You keep on insulting women veterans. I know what I did to serve my fellow service members. There are plenty others like you out there to share your sentiments. I pity your dead wife.

      1. ANOTHER long winded and lying reply from a man hating flea/male who likes engaging in ad hominem (look it up!) arguments instead of accepting the obvious, demonstrated and replicated truth of what I’m saying! How, as some semblance of a woman, would you think or know I’m lying? All the things I stated happen to male veterans endlessly at ALL V.A. hospitals and clinics! I have been in the system for 45 years, as well as working in the VA., and actually reading veterans records in the course of my duties, and those records back me me up 100%! You clearly don’t know what the hell you are TALKING about! Nor did you give me a single example that made me look like I was lying or wrong! Don’t feel sorry for my wife, dumb ass! We had a wonderful marriage, made a ton of money, and were deliriously happy! Be sorry YOU did’nt get me! Alas, I only accept quality. Sorry!

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