Robert Wilkie Confirmation

New Secretary Of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie Confirmed

The US Senate confirmed attorney Robert Wilkie on Monday to become the next Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs with a vote of 86 to 9.

Wilkie, a veteran with deep ties to DOD and the Senate is now responsible for correcting course to the most dysfunctional agency in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet. “Under his leadership, I have no doubt that the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to make strides in honoring and protecting the heroic men and women who have served our Nation with distinction,” said President Trump.

Senator Johnny Isakson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs said in a statement, “The Department of Veterans Affairs needs a leader who will help move the V.A., away from problems of the past and toward solutions of the future.”

Despite approving Wilkie, Senator Jon Tester (R-Mt) said, “Our job doesn’t stop today. The Senate must always hold Mr. Wilkie accountable to the millions of American veterans he serves.”

Wilkie is a career Washington insider with experience working for Senators Jesse Helms, Trent Lott and Thom Tillis. He also served George W. Bush as assistant secretary of defense.

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Now that Wilkie is the secretary, he will have his hands full with infighting between Trump loyalists and career SES and GS employees vying for control of the agency’s various programs. Following acting secretary Peter O’Rourke’s purge of senior officials, the deck is now clear for Wilkie.

Let’s hope he makes the most of the opportunity. This is President Trump’s opportunity to basically put up or shut up. With many of the Obama holdovers removed, Trump should be able to implement whatever policies he wants.


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  1. Not much is going to change unless they focus on America 1,2,3rd, and burn out the riff raff at the VA “top to bottom, at the same damn time, along with other deeply corrupt agencies and medical mafias… full circle. That includes keeping law enforcement to the United Nation’s and all their “sustainability” shit out of our lives and health care. Like now it seems all law enforcement types have taken control over things like pain meds, mental health, to thinking sitting in some MDs office for meds is ethical and okay. Along with thinking censoring us, attacking us, trying to burn us out is okay too. Notice all those at the top keep saying shit like we live in “Democracy” (Trump and Pence too) not a Constitutional Republic. That lefties, Progs, and Democrats are “liberals.” Get real.


    Two new VA CBOCs are being built in the area plus this major switch in locations for the presently serving joke of so-called care. They fail in this report (that keeps changing) to mention that this “new location” after the sign coverage is meant to last only 2 to 3 years and then to move again after wasting all that money in this move and renovation to begin with. WTF ?! Oh, the VA will give our lying phony fascist media more news about this fiasco later. Seems the freaks still don’t know who is pitching or who is catching…. or benefiting in powers and $$$$$$. They all have to grease the palms of the local property owners and the wealthy to city officials. My oh my how they all have to keep editing news and reports until they feel it’s fit for the public to read or know about. Two to three years after spending millions??? Pity they hid that part.

    Sure glad to see from certain past posts that DC is watching, if real, and not reaching out to help us. Rather to bust Ben’s balls and think we are all expendable and must live below the standards those in DC and the local elite can get in health care or voice. If we blow our whistles, want some truth instead of partisan politics, propaganda, or game playing then we are the enemy of many including those in DC and every media source out there. Oh, and of every network of evil and retaliation out there.

    Ha, why are all politicians too afraid to engage in public forums or more free chat boards? DC, state, local elected???? Media heads and commies????

    1. Meant to say sitting in some civvy clinic for pain meds or visits for six or more hours per visit is ethical, professional, supported, and okay. Pathetic.

  2. I judge people on some level by there looks. I never liked the looks of the past few
    VA secretaries. They didn’t appear sharp. In fact they mainly looked like Disney
    characters to me. So as far as Robert Wilkie goes I hope I’me wrong but I think
    I see another Disney character. (Goofey) time will tell.

  3. And the castle doors into the inner workings of the VA stay strong and locked trapping veterans in an environment of prison medicine and an early grave while some grow wealthy building and maintaining un-necessary hospitals. Thanks America.

  4. FACT: though VA has its own Policies that the Agency is supposed to STRICTLY adhere too, it’s a FACT from my personal experience, and from what I’ve read and researched, is that each Director of a VA Medical Center can create its own identity, and also kinda, to not follow what the Original VA Policies are. This behavior has been going on for decades; all VA Facilities aren’t operated and overlooked by the same standards.

    With that being said, it will not matter to me what POTUS Trump signs, enacts, rules on, or makes a promise of, or speaks out about, that if the FACT that each Director can almost shape each VA’s character and personality as they wish. So no matter what’s new coming down the pike of the VA, it’s all just fucking bullshit, that is until EVERYONE of Managing Responsibility gets onboard with a NEW VA PROGRAM.

    Until them, stop trying to play with my mf’ing mind, and flake the fuck off. I’m not part of your cattle, and I didn’t sign on no line to give you authority over me VA. And I’ll smoke fucking weed for pain relief and to help ease the suffering as much as I want. Until YOU DO YOUR FUCKING JOB.

    With that said, and I know that almost every influential pussyfied Politician knows that the VA is fucked up, but have no balls to stand up and to demand changes. You Sir, Ma’am, can go fuck yourself also.

    Show me the difference, instead of telling me about it. I’ll know when things are better with the VA, because I will feel the positive vibe. Until then, things are still the same as far as I am. Oh, and if POTUS don’t make a big (I mean HUGE improvement soon), he’s going to loose the support of many Vets. Albeit he already has.

  5. Personally I would like to point out one of the biggest changes that Trump has made at the VA that is going to greatly enhance the New Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie’s ability to move forward with changing the VA.

    The executive orders, which went into effect this month, limit union employees’ ability to use official time, shorten collective bargaining negotiations and encourage agencies to fire employees, instead of merely disciplining them. The Executive Orders also address the AFGE’s use of government time, space, equipment, and services.

    One of the many Federal workers who have spent 100% of their time preforming Union Work while collecting a paycheck for a job most of them can no longer do. The same jobs they were hired to do but instead ended up spending 100% of there work time screwing over the Federal Government.

    In a recent FedSmith Article one of the AFGE stooges who has spent the past several years working on 100 percent official time at SSA is quoted as saying he had retired 3 weeks ago and he had this to say about why he retired. ““I would have preferred not to [retire], but if today I had to go back to my desk, I haven’t done my job in years,” he said. “I don’t have any clue about how to do my claims work job at this moment, because my job has been representing Social Security employees. I’d have to be retrained.””

    Also for the some of the incompetent AFGE stooges that have not been in federal service long enough to retire the VA and other federal agencies are opening the door for their exit from federal service. The feds are now considering raising the buy out limit to $40,000 as opposed to the current limit of $25,000.

    So well certainly the acting secretary Peter O’Rourke’s purge of senior officials has emptied a good number of the deck chairs at the VA Titanic. There is also an ongoing purge of corrupt and incompetent employees.

    With all the purges going on all through the federal agencies. I would like to point out that not only has the office of personnel management (OPM) been instructed to ensure new hiring must follow the principle of veterans’ preference as far as administratively feasible. But President Trump is Continuing to Push for Veterans Spouses be given the same preference in federal hiring.

    Personally I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t see the positive effect Trump’s Bitch Slapping the Union has already had on the VA. With a lot more changes to follow.

    Some articles you all might enjoy.

    “Trump to Continue Push for Military Spouse Employment: Official”
    By Amy Bushatz, Military dot com, June 28, 2018


    “Concerns Voiced on Change in ALJ Hiring”
    Published: July 13, 2018, Fedweek

    “However, OPM on order underscored says that while ALJ hiring is no longer “subject to any examination or rating requirement,” requirements that candidates must have an active license to practice law still apply, and “an agency may prescribe additional qualification requirements as necessary.” They further “must follow the principle of veterans’ preference as far as administratively feasible.”



    * Federal Unions’ ‘Fake News’ and How to Check It”
    Bob Gilson, July 24, 2018 FedSmith

    “When the Civil Service Reform Act went into effect in 1979, no one on either side of the aisle in either house on the Hill or down the street on PA Avenue would have seen as remotely possible the complete payment of all employee/union representatives, some getting 100% of their work time doing union work. Also incredible in 1979 would have been the current practice in many Agencies of paying for all union communications, computing, office space, meeting space and other costa.”



    p.s. lem, fck off!

  6. Pork Chop Face ain’t gonna do anything. He’s already showed his colors by quickly signing the Cerner deal after the Brookings Institute explained it has a ridiculously low chance of success of improving the medical records system. There is no transparency with this guy at all. I feel he is even worse than Shinseki, McD, and the Shulk in his own way. Pork Chop Face looks like a stooge and acts like a yes man. Isakson likes him….that should say it all.

  7. History says “he’ll be out in 3-4 months”.

    He is nothing more than a new, bought and payed for puppet of the criminal family at the VA…..

    There are only 2 ways that the VS will get cleaned out..COMPLETELY!!!!!

  8. Straight up, with all this talking ass bullshit about changes in the VA, it isn’t helping or benefiting my health and life. Dream up. I don’t count my eggs until there in my basket, especially with these ass wipes. Now how long you’ve been waiting on your claim? EXACTLY, your eggs aren’t even being thought about. There in a pile. That’s what I’m talking about.

  9. WG I don’t research anymore and I don’t watch television, But i do watch Utube I turn it on and lay down and if I wake up from my snooze and something peaks my interest I watch it and pass it on..
    Nothing is going to change, Hope is just a fantasy……And I don’t believe Everything in the videos either There’s always some bullshit mixed in the scrambled egg’s …LOL

  10. Change the VA art. Paint the mouth red because it’s the same as putting lipstick on a pig.

  11. What can Veteran do where his previous won’t give me a fees waiver. We departed cause they Weren’t transparent with me about benefits at the BVA. Sleep apnea and Gerd and increases of arthritis. If they won’t give me that most lawyers will turn down. I asked for their evidence on my stuff at the BVA.

  12. The VA’s going to be rehabilitated. Well now, how many times have I heard that before in my life time? The VA only gets worse or becomes more sophisticated in screwing vets out of heath care, it never gets better. Yeah, change at the VA, HA,HA,HA,HA.

      1. All i can say is that change at the VA only means one thing, Vets are going to get short changed.

  13. So, who gives a flying F-?

    Nothing’s gonna change at the VA. No way the piggy VSOs, politicians and union thugs gonna give up on their taxpayer funded cash cow.

    I already predicted two years from now where Wilkie’s excuse will be ‘Change takes time and cannot happen overnight’

  14. Elf..Trump is part of the gang, But the people that voted for him are not. They just found out who they have to get rid of that is all.

  15. Will VA health care improve……nope. Will wait times for claims and appeals improve……nope.

    Will money be wasted……fuck yeah!!!

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss……..


  16. Career Washington Political Insiders are a bit like suppositories, once inserted, they melt and reduce swelling then move-on. Wait for it…drip…drip…

  17. What has happened to all those who have been “purged” or dislodged from the previous positions? I doubt we hear of their current or upcoming positions or placements. Not for public consumption since we aren’t supposed to question some things or about certain people. Like we aren’t allowed to know the full names of local hospital staff and nurses which is supported by state, local and federal officials. We aren’t supposed to know the real names of those who may kill us off, lie to us, harass, or abuse us, jack with our med files, God forbid. Seems the ones protected are the ones doing all the damages and not a law or people at “the top” to help us or lead a charge against the corrupt. It all seems totally supported from ‘the top’ outside of media reports and facade. They won’t allow anyone in place locally by corruption or nepotism fall on the sword to protect those around them or their superiors or state leaders. Nope, destroy the true victims instead the laws and ethics be damned.

    Even though locally the buck/blame is always passed to the upper levels or those at “the top” who seemingly keep having power over us and where the gov goes for replacements or department heads. Like the VA they are just following “orders” or training from the “top.” The top being directors/admin/insiders/CEOs. Like the Pentagon, DoD, DHS, Congress, SES, secret ops types, POTUS, assistant secretaries, old gals and guy’s country clubbers, Ivy league types, etc. Oh but today it’s all one happy joining of many including LEOs, AMA, state prosecutors, colleges, teacher’s unions, etc., when it comes to any kind of medical care, meds for pain, anxiety, alternative stuff to oxygen use we can’t even be trusted with apparently. Seems looking at the big picture it’s one big party and conventions with cocktails and hookers for the many involved in our personal affairs. WE are told to contact those like the above that are far above our ‘pay grade’ or social status, totally unreachable by many of us.

    It’s the ones at the bottom that seem to do the attacking and thuggery but are also protected by those ‘at the top’. So merely changing or replacing someone in DC is not going to help on more local levels unless all the scum are called out on the carpet and to face people like me. That will never happen. Too many Dominoes would have to fall on the sword to protect their masters. Then be moved around made secure to do more damage elsewhere. We all know how the game is played with the escape goats, the ones allowed to take the heat for the ‘team.’ And so on.

    I’ve been down/limited. Has she been confirmed?? Another “insider?” Will this phony investigator willing to read Ben’s site and ignore each state’s major issues and refuse to step on some toes? Over five years I haven’t seen much that I would consider proper, complete, thorough, or legal “investigations.” Not once have I been contacted back and asked further questions or told what was happening or who was contacted or to conference with anyone like they do.

    It’s also all the above and many more who claim we should have no reasonable reason or faith in having anonymity or privacy even when it concerns our medical files or VA info. “Too much third party access to our information.” they claim, some claim. Too many leaks and too many corporations making money info gathering and selling. Plus all the hackers in government, activist hackers, by local colleges and LEOs. Not to forget all those ‘staffers’ Trump and us should be wary of and not trust one iota. But then give us more ‘insiders?’

    If the lesser courts, corrupted politicians, to Congress critters aren’t willing or able to do their real jobs then Trump better step up and do what he said he’d do… America one, two, and three. To hell with the globalist, war mongers, lobbyist, Fed Reserve scum, deep state, the shadow government, censoring, distractions, and foreigners.

    1. T you might like this one.

      1. Oldmarine,
        Great video.
        So, 1/3rd of the population (of America) will have to be killed off, huh!
        To me this sounds like all the people who voted, which was 1/3rd, for a “Constitutional President”, ie: President Trump is their “main target”!

        Now, it’s reported (yesterday) the 9th Circuit Court has upheld the “2nd Amendment”! Stating, “…citizens have a right to open carry”! Which many MSM’s decided not to report! Because it went against their agenda!

        The VA’s upper echelon, is, in my opinion, starting to collapse in some respect. There’s lots of infighting going on in Washington DC’s headquarters. The more they fight, the more I think the lower level employees are going to be wondering what will happen to them.

        There’s a lot of bullshit going on everywhere.

      2. Old: Haven’t heard about JBirch for a while. I think I was 11 (ca. 1963) when I found a hand written manifesto by some Bircher. Found it in a ditch across a gravel road from a nuke silo in North Dakota. A fair amount of discussion about the Kennedy assassination. I showed it to adults. Never saw it again. Goons with gubmint plates on black sedans showed up. Adult whispers. I asked, …”Don’t Ask, forget this”…

        Pretty safe bet that something hidden and dark has been going on for a very long time. I no longer search for the who and what. The results are the same. Misery for some, wealth for others.

        I’m happier to think that this is all due to some aliens hangin out and smoking space dope and playing a twisted form of Galactic Battleship .. or Stratego…. Kinda brings to mind Gary Larson’s toon of aliens watching mushroom clouds on earth, as viewed from the moon – fireworks to them “Oooooooooooo”

      3. OM excellent find and share. Yeah we have Rosicrucians here too.

        Not many people are aware of all the book, journals, way older school books or primers, pamphlet, etc., that have been collected, burned and destroyed in previous generations to keep us dumb and ignorant of some truth and reality. Nation and world wide many tribes and groups including librarians to historians, agents, liars, did this. Much like how they all want to keep real information out of the hands of us serfs and pawns.

        Another point not many people are aware of today is the fact this country was screwed from the get-go by bringing things from Europe to here to start a so-called new country and government… for the people. They don’t teach about how bad the BAR was and is like the Freemason’s clique to control the works while claiming “freedoms.”

        Marx (not his real name) like others had their emissaries sent (1850s) to grand ole’ America in their time to influence and infiltrate high levels of government, especially local governments, get into media of the times, and businesses like health care and their taking control away from the ‘people.’ Not much to be found to read about that either and kept out of modern history books and like some materials confiscated, destroyed, and flushed down histories memory holes.

        One such emissary buried here locally in a old cemetery is nameless. Was to do their infiltrating and crap in Cincinnati Ohio but landed here due to ‘ignorant Hoosiers with strong backs, good work force, easily fooled, corruptible, and plenty of money to be had or made.’ Like old readers a very old X teacher used to help tutor me through schooling had about Lincoln and his real life and laziness isn’t to found today no-where and in no collections of old timey readers and school book collections used at the time. She was sharp as a tack, mightily despised the change in academia/teaching/American politics/lying news and historic rewriting. and passed away while I was in the military around the age of 100, circa 1970. Other kids thought she was a witch. I swapped yard work and store runs on my bike for tutoring and her knowledge of Indians and stories about her life and times.

        Damn pain and cramps. Hope congress and DC enjoy their dope and fun.

  18. Ha.

    Nothing like nepotism bottom to top…notice another “Pence” in ruling matters. Lefty of course. OH Pence family is supposed to be righties and all Constitutional and stuff. lol

    Moving, creating more chaos, making more false claims, ignoring many issues and attacking those like me. Are they going to hire more DACA people, more college kiddy activist, or retired prison health care practitioners, or those let go from other state positions?? More to connect with and play retaliation games for some of us vets and people who won’t bow to their circus and games? Well, yes of course, it’s all about a perfect positive community full of tyrants, corrupt supporting the corrupt and globalist.

    More BS and lies, Demoncrats of course. Donnelly doesn’t and has not given a shit about vets or our issues like Kersey cares nothing about us except for the vote and his strong support for the AFGE and other unions, and all things lefty and Marxist or tyrannical or corrupt of course. If I were an illegal or something they’d help, but not for some old white disabled guy who refuses to bow to local Dem tyrants like them. He, they, have sworn to fight against any ‘right to work’ laws in Indiana and to keep pain meds from us evil criminal veterans. But they can get theirs. All the while bowing to United Nation’s agendas. F em.

    Weird things happened around me when I contacted the Dem Donnelly and told his “staff” I would not be filling out any forms for his or another office to have more of my personal info to be abused. The locals soon knew of my contacting his office staff.

    Sent off before they disappear for being spread around.

    1. you sound like a typical bigot. Veterans are both dems, reps, lefty, righty, waterverie…think before you spew such offensive bs.

      1. Glad to oblige and be labeled. Councilman/ISU or Tribune Star scum? Communist fascist of course, you are, wanting others to be silent and not “offend” anyone. Typical Terre Haute group think. Truth hurts ya don’t it? Be a commie or burn’t out?? Kept from health care via VA ways and means?? Thanks for exposing yourself. I take your labels and attacks on me like water on a Duck’s back and proud to be labeled by filth like you. Odd how communist and fascist never get specific about things or care to debate some issues or present YOUR case. Just like going to a council meeting or have discussion with local scum and left-tards regardless of what they claim to be. So what was so offensive to you Todd or ‘Shaun’ of the dead?

        Yep, I am a bigot, racist, anti-Semite, hater, a no-good F-ing white townie, anti-every damn thing, not PC, not a lying pig “Progressive/libtard/college kid/socialist or commie” will not assimilate into your group-think and demands. Whine away activist and spy…oh and stalker insider. Just hate freedom of thought, speech, expression, and info spreading don’t cha? Poor flake. Pity my town, area and state is full of you whiners and deception.

        Are you a Pence fan or butt buddy? Love those crime syndicates and corrupt politics? Sure do.


        I have the right to be critical of any of them regardless of faith or politics you scum bag. Ahem…. none are righteous, not one. LOL Oh Pence is a good X-tian and repuke. But sean must love Hillary and Obummer and communism and fascism and censoring. Weeeeeee let’s have fun.

        How about Mitch Daniels? War monger, butt buddy, liar like his Bush family buds. Supposedly a right wing Repuke in a supposedly “Red state?” Ha ha. BS. Colors mean nothing.


        Odd how him saying how much he loves illegals and “loves Mexican money,” isn’t listed on his Purdue site. Or how he forgave corporate tax debts, did little for vets, filled the state with more illegals and criminals, very corrupt like the rest of them, took his free trips to Israel like most in DC and staffers do and did. Passed some secretive fascist laws protecting foreign filth and damages done to our state and farm lands. Did nothing about the state’s censoring and attacking Constitutionalist, even those who voted against other filth to put his lying ass in office?? A stern so-called “Republican” takes his free trips then comes back home, again, then takes charge over the state’s chosen billionaire corporations (Hulman, George, Bergs, whatever – man’s, Kor, Bloombergs, etc, and made “President of ultra far left wing Purdue U., where many of our town leaders and activist came out of??? Wants to make Indiana or give it “the college town and campus feel?” Are you kidding me? And wants to change the use of pro-nouns, promotes PC-ness, fascism, hate speech, supports commies, and socially engineer the youth like other lying colleges and people in Indiana? Get real “sean.” Or I should say “Todd.”

        What a flip from a warmonger Bush buddy, strong cough cough “republican” then the bait and switch … ta da…to a far far left wing anti-American college president???? Oh and he’s very “proud of his Arab/Semite ancestry?” Huh? Oh!


        OMG lets not bring up such things or games that are played in gubbermint and why things in Indiana are so F-ed up and corrupt totally.

        Have a great day in Americ…. I mean la la land.

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