Taper Opioids

IG Finds Missouri VA Did Not Taper Patient Off Opioids Safely

Taper Opioids

The VA inspector general confirmed allegations that clinicians at one VA located in Missouri were not tapering veterans off opioids safely.

This confirmation follows years of veterans lodging complaints against their primary care providers for removing veterans from opioids without utilizing appropriate tapering techniques. The result of these measures has allegedly forced veterans into the black market to seek alternative treatments for chronic pain including using heroin.

Here, the Missouri VA implicated is the John J. Pershing VA Medical Center located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

IG confirmed allegations of poor training and a lack of knowledge with at least one primary care provider who did not know how to convert opioid dosages to conform to basic tapering standards.

We found that a provider lacked knowledge of safe and effective methods for tapering patients’ opioids.

Despite a pain consultant advising on how to taper, the care provider was still unable to apparently add or subtract appropriately.

Where do you think they earned their medical degree?

Scared yet?

This news comes on the heels of another scandal wherein VA doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff are being investigated for skimming medications intended for veterans.

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Opioid Patient Tamper Issue

The IG report covered a variety of issues, but concerning tapering, IG made the following recommendation, which was allegedly complied with prior to the report being issued:

Recommendation 3. We recommended that the Facility Director ensure that the relevant providers receive education on the concurrent prescribing of dual short acting opioids and tapering of opioids.


Target date for completion: Completed

Facility response: The relevant providers have received education on dual short acting opioids and tapering of opioids. Safety Initiative Academic Detailing is being provided for all new providers during new provider orientation. Additionally, third quarter 2016,

Pharmacy provided in-services educating providers on the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC’s) guidelines on prescribing opioids. The medical center also has planned tele involvement with another VISN 15 VA medical center in their Pain Summit, which occurs in spring 2017.

The Chief of Pharmacy Services provided repeat written education regarding prescribing dual short acting opioids in March 2017. Materials related to tapering of opioids, and information on consults that can be placed to assist, were also included.

Consults have been developed and made available for Opioid Taper Clinic Consults and Pain Management eConsults. These patients can be evaluated by a Pain Management Clinical Pharmacy Specialist who will assist the provider with the tapering process. There is also guidance available for tapering opioids in the Academic Detailing Pain Management Opioid Safety: A Quick Reference Guide which was given to all providers. An electronic link for the quick reference guide was also provided.

Additionally when an order is placed, during the Pharmacy review and verification process, the pharmacist monitors for dual short acting opioids. If it is identified that there are dual short action opioids ordered, the provider will be alerted, and clarification will be requested.

A review was completed of all non-oncology patients receiving long term opioid therapy.

Two patients were found with dual short acting opioids, for a compliance rate of 99.8 percent. The two patients who had dual short acting opioids were originally on one, with a new prescription written due to recent clinical changes: one patient was being treated for unilateral kidney stones and given a 30 day supply of an increased strength pain medication, and the other was given a 4 day supply due to increased “suspected cervical radiculopathy pain.” Both have instructions in the medication order “do not take Lortab while taking Percocet.”

I am certain all readers are thankful this idiot primary care provider was educated in how to add and subtract when figuring out how to taper a veteran off opioids, but it seems like too little too late for that oaf, no?

How frequently are other care providers failing to follow generally accepted standards, not asking for help, and then putting a veteran’s life at risk?

Source: https://www.va.gov/oig/pubs/VAOIG-16-01077-255.pdf

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  1. Here’s two utube videos well worth watching.
    Both are from; “Based Patriot”
    Both dated: 6/5/2017
    #1.) Titled;
    “President Trump Announces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control 6/5/2017 | FULL SPEECH”

    The first few minutes are about the Veterans Administration. Total time: 15:31 minutes long.

    #2) Titled;
    “Sarah Sanders Press Conference With VA Secretary David Shulkin 6/5/2017”

    Total time “Shithead Shulkin Speaks” is about 20 minutes +/-! He’s stating the VA is combining forces with the DOD and “community based health care” so veterans will receive better health care!
    The video is actually 40:53 minutes long!

    In both of these videos, Shulkin does NOT mention anything about veterans losing “IU”! He does mention, or eludes to, VA wanting more tax dollars!

    1. @Crazy elf- That’s what AFGE Pres. “little” Cox is going to further explode over…and I hope this is the precursor to those words I want to hear from POTUS to AFGE….”YOU ARE FIRED and banished to try to unionize the fast food crowd, but NEVER AGAIN the Federal Gov’t.”!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You wait, the AFGE is amassing their collective asses on this one, just like the VA accountability thing.

  2. A fast, to the point thrusting rift, standing up in challenging a point of blog-turf-and the view from and of knowing minds.

  3. Ya know, if Shulkin dressed up like his colleague in the medical profession, Dr. Frank N. Furter of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame, then the VA from top to bottom pretty much would be precisely on script for that movie from beginning to end… Although I would have to nominate the VA version for an Emmy because they do a MUCH better job at makeup and costumes!

    VA is just a godamn rerun!!! Except for the raw chicken. They are all out of Meatloaf which tasted kind of like chicken anyway…

    1. I would say Dr. Frank N. Furter would be very high-tiered science compared to the Frankenstein Witch Dr.’s at the VA.
      The VA would harness lightening for electrical lobotomies just to have some entertainment.

      All Dr. Frank N. Furter really wanted all along is to be loved and love. Even that is high-brow for the Federal Jobs Welfare Workers, AFGE Herd. (American Feral Gibsmedat Employees)

  4. U.S. Patent US6506148 Is Hacking Into Your Nervous System Via Plasma/LCD Screens

  5. I am on a roll so…..

    vet vs. va – tip number four

    I have often mentioned that VA originally flagged me when a VA clinic manager became upset about my faxed complaints to his clinic. After his third call to my home threatening action by DBC if I did not cease I went to District Court and obtained a reatraining order that ordered him to cease calling me at home. Once they were served with the restraining order they accused me of threatening to murder an entire CBOC staff and EVEN wrote in a letter that the restarining order placed against them was the causative factor for me being determined “distuptive” Lolz, I am SURE that a restraining order disrupted them!!! They gave the middle finger to the courts by retaliating against me for something the judge signed.

    Up until this point though I have not mentioned precisely just what pissed off the VA clinic manager enough to call me at home repeatedly to insist I stop exersizing my First Ammendment rights and faxing my service complaints.

    Pretty simple…heheeeee. My complaints focussed simply and without profanity on the fact that all of my prescriptions were routinely late. However, I did not want my faxes to simply be fed into a machine for translation and forgotten. So I made sure this did not happen. For each message I made sure at least four pages of text filled the pages. I took a sharpie pen and wrote my messages in sharpie. Some letters were standard, some where written in block letters and all were easy to read – except for a computer. Computers can’t read sharpie pen writing unless it is meant to be computer readable and even them it misses a lot. So what the manager was calling me about and was so bitter about was the fact that when the computer was unable to process the complaints then he task fell to him personally to transcribe sharpie pen writing. He angrily told me, “Do you have any idea how much time it takes me to input that stuff into the computer?!?!”, then went to on to say, “I still have a whole PILE of your faxes stacked on my desk!”

    He confirmed for me the effacacy of my treatment of them. He and his DBC determined that writing a sharpie pen message was a threat. I am NOT making this shit up! He said (you wont believe me) “… even the way you write is threatening.” referring to my mix of block letters and standard letters. NOT ONCE did he claim that the words I wrote contained a threat, only that the manner in which I wrote them was considered a threat and a disruption!

    So my brohers and sisters, purchase a family pack of sharpie pens. Hook up the fax function of your all in one nifty printer, scanner, fax machine, and let the First Ammendment gather into a threatening pile on a VA desk near you. Leave them your pile.

    1. Sharpies are indeed threatening to the DBC. Actually, any writing instrument capable of disclosing the truth, hence accountability, is VA Kryptonite.
      Best to disguise your “threating wring style” by wrapping that Sharpie with a suppository wrapper or really any medical device not recognized by the flying monkey stormtroopers.

      1. I can’t tell you again how much delight I got when those 4 VA cops came up the hall and I politely asked them: “Are you gentlemen coming for me” When they said: “Yes, we are, Sir” And I said: “Good, cuz I could use the money” Then they could not cope withy someone who knew the law and knew when they were walking in quick sand. These bullies need to be stopped short in their tracks, instead of being allowed to cover up their tracks. They need to know that 1. You know the law 2, You know how to enforce the law 3. You may know more important people than they can complain to. Unfortunately the VA people who are assigned to take your grievances in each facility work for and are subject to the same VA discipline for which they are supposed to take up your cause of action against. Duh, I think that is called a “conflict of interest” So do the right thing but when they shit on you, stand up, speak up, and calmly take no shit. They are not invincible.
        Demand an American Doctor , do not accept a Nurse Practioner or Physician’s Assistant as your provider; (when they do not provide you a competent doctor that is negligence per se, Brothers)
        Keep a close eye on lil’ cocks cuz in many cases when he intervenes he is an accessory after the fact to serious crimes. lil’ Cocks reminds me of “Mr. Bluster” on the Howdy Doody Show. Set him up and take him down; down to the level where he is performing his duties but not overstepping the line. He is like everyone else, give him an inch and he/she will take a yard.
        Just like Comey who was appointed General and then thought he would be President without being duly elected.

    2. They even threatened by letter to turn to the police and seek telephone harassment charges if I did not stop faxing complaints. By FAX and in sharpie, I responded truthfully that under Oregon law ANY public servant who makes it a condition that a citizen must cease activity that they have a right to engage in (like faxing complaints) and threatens to disrupt services unless you comply with their demands is committing a Class C felony in Oregon under the staute for coercion by a public servant. The statute specifically cites the circumstance VA engaged in. It is illegal for a public servant in Oregon to lead you to believe that the police will arrest you, OR that services owed will be disrupted or discontinued unless you depart from excersizing your rights. Period. So they stopped threatening me with police over it and immediately entered a flag that specifies all comms from me be routed directly to DBC for review.

      I am telling you, the DBC is criminal and this is a just single instance in just one case. Any guesses how many more instances of felony coercion take place every single day at VA by a public servant? This is not a trivial constitutional matter. A federal agency is actively involved and open with violating a crime that is a class C felony in Oregon – coercion by a public servant(s), and the federal government is protecting them.

      When the federal government openly engages in felony activity in a state without consequence, the term for it is tyranny.

      1. @Dennis: You speak of Tyranny, yet you commented directly to me about excersizing my second amendment rights guaranteed under the untied states constitution to stop said tyranny. You even stated how on three separate occasions you swore an oath to protect this tyrannical government. You even went as far as to say you would protect this tyranical government against those who may arm themselves against such a government. So what’s up with that? Are you saying only YOU have rights? Even Crazy elf chimed in and said it was our DUTY to excersize our 2nd amendment rights. Or, did you just have a problem with me personally? Inquiring minds wanna know. I say this with all due respect.

      2. @cj

        I have no memory of suggesting you dispense with your constitutional rights. I further have no memories of deciding to protect any particular government the US might elect into office. I have always held a belief that anyone who takes up arms with the intent to kill others for political motivations is acting outside the wording and intent of the 2nd ammendment and if I perceived this was the case then yes, that would put me at odds with folks so engaged. A man who is firing back at troops firing into his home is defending his life – it is not political. A man who marches down the road with others with their arms loaded and ready is intent on political change. I do not believe that action to be protected. It has nothing to do with respect, it is just how I view things.

    3. when the VA bozo called your home he should have been arrested; these guys get a fed job and they think they ARE the govt. They are surely most mistaken, What he should have done is resign saying he was incompetent to perform his duties to service the needs of the veteran and maybe you should have filed a fed ct motion to have him removed and have him document his incompetence.
      Otherwise you are a genius, so keep on screwing with these boobecrats

  6. @Namnibor – – – We’re sorry sir, but to give our lovely recipients a full taste, we use extra sting lacerating buck shot with surgical steel triangular nubs with smooth laser sharpening. We aim to please, with an impact of remembering.

    1. Ouch! Also [OUCH] this morning, as I am quite literally feeling the burn of “The Ring of Fire” from the jalapeños I had on an otherwise excellent pizza last night. Not much transit time from oven to ring of fire though.
      “The ring of fire, it burns, burns, burns. That ring of fire!” –J. Cash.

  7. RATED PG-13

    Bizarre but effective unbalancing tactic #3 – vet vs va terrible tip number three

    If you become offended easily over religious topics stop reading here because this could offend which is not the intent.

    After the newspaper printed their story about VA in which VA learned from the front page that their facilities had been penetrated by the photo media they retaliated against by imposing restrictions on me even though I was the patient and not the one taking the photos (the senior photographer of The Register Guard).

    So just prior to writing another written complaint about care over this I went online to the Universal Life Church website. The requirements of the ULC to become an ordained minister is that you fully embrace the creed of the church. The creed of the ULC church is that we are all children of the same universe. A suggested donation of about $37 can forever commit your devotion to this idea into a handsomely printed certificate of ordaination, which then makes it valid for you (in Oregon at least) to officiate at weddings as a minister. Tye Dye optional.

    I gladly embraced the creed and gave tithe of $37 to ULC for revealling my path. Before I sent in my appeal again to be removed from the Violent and Disruptive Patient list, I forwarded a copy of my certificate of ordaination via secure messaging to the VISN-20 chaplain. Secure messaging it turns out not only gives an option to send your docs a message, but also the chaplain and because it is secure messaging it becomes a part of your medical record. It makes it a federal record then. I made a simple request, “Brother, please notify VISN-20 of my recent ordaination and my sincere desire to have my salutation on all communication changed from ‘Mr.’ to ‘Rev.’ God Bless.”

    Then I sent my appeal to have them recategorize me as non-violent or disruptive heheeeeeehawwww. The chaplain sent me a congratulations and although he is part of senior staff, he does not get invited to the DBC kangaroo court so he of course would be unaware of the DBC flag against me as a rule. I suppose they have no room on the DBC for a man that makes it a living to forgive.

    My ordaination by ULC puts the VA DBC into a horrific potential PR nightmare. In the future, the press question is no longer, “Why did you do this to Mr. Dennis?” It will be, “Why did you accuse Rev. Dennis of this?” Each ask for the same info but are in NO WAY the same question now are they? heheeee.

    I thought of all the things that I could possibly do for my fellow man, giving the VA Disruptive Behavior Committee a public relations headache was among the most noble geatures I could do short of dropping my trousers in front of their front door. Less fun, but more spiritual. Personally, I think it was a good decision that way…God bless.

    1. With your ordaination, can you do an exorcism to rid the VA of the AFGE? Can we tie-dye them up? Or die-tie them up?

      1. excorcism is only included in the Platinum ordaination package. I got the silver. We only get to sprinkle holy around, available by six pack or by the case from ULC.

      2. Does the “holy” come in powder or crystalized form that we could load the poop canons with loads of ‘holy shit’? 🙂

  8. My main food dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack; hummus with EVOO infusion, guacamole with EVOO infusion, large handful blueberries, and 5 large strawberries cut into 1/6 each pieces. All this wrapped around 2 large tablespoons of coleslaw and two tablespoons of canned whole black (negro) beans. And some Soft Hawaiian Sweet Bread from Kings Bakery of Hawaii. And, small patties of churned sweet unsalted butter. Then for dessert, it’ll be the Old Time NY Cheese Cake, 100% Bronx made. Verified, Monitored, and Import Checked for Food Authenticity. – – – Nutter.

    1. Can I be the house cat eating the crumbs from your table? I light rats on fire, pretty handy. 🙂

      1. I’m sorry Sir, these are for AFGE employs. You Ir may sit at my table, and shall eat all you want.

  9. @Windguy – – – You and I may have a few things in common. Old Saying: “A Bird in the hand, is worth two in the Bush”. Glad you were there doing your duty. Kept a lot of guys alive.

    @91Veteran – – – Sound like GOOD PTSD Therapy to me. Much better than a view of concrete and steel all around.

    @OLDMARINE – – – Robots are ALWAYS what they want. Thinking, particularly good critical thinking is dangerous to evil-minded people . . .

  10. I have come to the conclusion that VA Executive Officers of Internal Operations have no idea where illegal drug activity is occurring in the hall ways of the VA, nor is there any motivation for AFGE employees to adhere to the “Zero Tolerance” Drug Policy. Beaglebrained and confused to the point unawareness of total scope pertaining illegal drug use or abuse in the VA Pharmaceutical Network of Distribution, or however this is designed by the VA’s monitoring of Pharmaceuticals that are Controlled Substances.

    The VA needs to set up a pharmaceutical distribution and verification process solely for the monitoring of Pain Medications, Benzodiazepines, and certain Muscle Relaxers, those that are in question of being addictive due to possible euphoric effects that has been reported, especially when combined with opiates, and benzodiazepines. This is known as a “cocktail.”

    The monitoring, distribution, and all the ineffective ways that the VA either moves inventory or when VA delivers Controlled Substances to its VISN Areas, Pharmacy Depots, or to deliver medications directly to the BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). For the VA even to admit that there is a problem, you can bet that the problem is costing taxpayer’s monies to be wasted, and someone, somewhere in the VA’s AFGE Employee Network of the Delivery of Controlled Substances, that drugs can be missing at an inventory point of contact or storage, or the drugs could possibly be missing when they are distributed directly to the BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).

    Conclusion; Do to the nature that the VA has no idea about where there are illegal drug theft or manipulation of Pharmaceutical Controlled Substances, nor is there any interest, motivation, or zeal for VA’s Executive Management to fix the illegal drug theft problem in the VA, nor does the VA know how to go about investigating such task, that this matter should be totally turned over to the FBI, to investigate areas of compromise of a and at such points where illegal drug activity is occurring or suspect of committing illegal drug violations under VA’s own “Zero Tolerance” Policy on Drug use or abuse.

    The FBI can demonstrate to VA the areas of Controlled Substance Distribution Network, that are or could be a problem area. All Medications must be accounted for. And I’m sure that if the VA really wants to get a hold of the illegal drug theft problem that is currently happing in VA Distribution Centers correlating with VA Medical Centers into VA Pharmacy Departments.

    Just give the FBI, the authority to investigate and review areas that may and or has been an area of interest in the movement of stolen Controlled Substances in the Pharmaceutical Network Distribution System of the VA. Monitoring and controlling applications must be implemented in this vast unorganized money pit where accountabilities need to be in order that measures the amount of medication that is moved or delivered to a BENEFICIARY (Veteran).

    If crooks are found in the VA Networks that handle Controlled Substances, and enough evidence is there to bring up a case, then bring up charges against these individuals, that can be linked to the movement and missing amounts of Controlled Substances, from one point of drop off (that is measured), to one point of delivery (that is measured), to another delivery point (measured amount).

    Controlled Substances should be monitored, from when these drugs are accepted into the VA’s Pharmaceutical Network of Distributing Controlled Substances (when these substances first enter the VA Network), these medications should be measured, and each time that medication is distributed to elsewhere or to someone. All movements of Controlled Substances need to be monitored each time any of these substances are moved either to accept or to deliver any type of Controlled Substances.

    It may also be the case where the FBI will need to contract with specialists in the area of product delivery, and the manners that these medications are being distributed. More than likely, millions of dollars ($10 – 100 Million) of recovered monies are in the illegal drug theft of Controlled Substances that are included in the VA Pharmaceutical Network System.

    What say you? – – – Nutter.

  11. Good Shit in prior post^^^^^^^^

    You can see how even more engorged that fat porker Cox is by going to the link and viewing the full ratty pic.

    If ANYONE needed to use a Stairmaster, I am guessing Little Cox is one.

    No room for -2- on Johnny Isaacson’s Stairmaster, nor will the foundation at Congressional Gym support it.

  12. Benjamin and all: “Drain the swamp? Not if this guy can help it” (AFGE Pres. David J. little Cox)

    “[The federal workforce. Blech. Blech, now more than ever, or so it seems, in the minds of the new administration. “A waste of your money,” Trump’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said in March about federal climate-change research. “Can we really continue to ask a coal miner in West Virginia or a single mom in Detroit to pay for these programs?” he had said about public broadcasting. “Taxpayers are stuck paying for overly generous compensation,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), chair of the House subcommittee on government operations, said about federal employees as a whole — the big morass of some 2.8 million civil servants nationwide.

    Donald Trump, master of punchy catchphrases, had spent his campaign and the early days of his presidency promising to do the same thing: “Drain that swamp.”

    The swamp was the federal government of Washington.

    The epicenter of the swamp was metaphorically at 80 F St. NW, in the office of a stocky 66-year-old man named J. David Cox.

    Cox is the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the largest federal workers union in America. More than 300,000 dues-paying members, and around 400,000 more also protected by default. “Every Zip code in America,” as Cox likes to say. “Coast to coast, Guam to Europe.”

    The Environmental Protection Agency, with its 31 percent proposed budget cut for 2018? AFGE represents a portion of its employees. The Department of Commerce, with a 16 percent cut? An AFGE agency. Department of Energy? Transportation? Labor? Justice? Health and Human Services? The Census Bureau?

    AFGE, all of them, and all of them earmarked for slashes in what Cox had deemed “The worst budget I’ve ever seen.”

    And also: “Federal employee morale is about as low as I’ve ever seen it, in my pushing-40 years of experience in the federal system.”

    Federal employees had become a punching bag, and so on a recent Friday, Cox took his lunch to his desk and set about dialing a few local union chapters to see just how punched his members felt.

    His first number: a prison guard in Pennsylvania, the president of a local Bureau of Prisons union.

    “Now, they haven’t taken your keys away from you, where you can’t get out, have they, Chris?” Cox joked.

    “Nah, not yet anyway,” the man laughed.

    “The hiring freeze, y’all are still affected? Is morale up or down?”

    “It’s not good. Especially because of the budget. We told our congressmen we were going to get billboards and put them up saying they don’t support law enforcement.”

    His second number: the president of an EPA chapter in Michigan.

    “How are you all doing, Tad?” he asked. “I want you to know, I appreciate you.”

    “We’re running a long fight,” the man sighed. “We’ve been trying to talk to congressmen out here to tell them about their constituents who work in our laboratories. But I had two constituents who were afraid to come to a meeting with their own congressmen because they feared reprisal. This is the environment that’s been created. We are citizens afraid to talk to our own elected officials.”

    “Organize, organize, organize,” Cox told him. “Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize.”

    Three floors down from Cox’s office another EPA chapter president named Nate James had come to AFGE’s offices for a meeting. As he waited in a conference room, he talked about what it was like to work at the headquarters of the agency that he’d always associated with clean air and water, but which had come to represent controversy and politicization.

    “It’s deadly quiet in the office,” said James. “Normally we’re upbeat, but it’s deadly quiet.” He had put out a call for questions to his office’s 2,500 employees, thinking that giving his colleagues a venue to talk about things might ease some of their stress. But out of all the employees, only two questions came in. One asked for any information, any at all, about what might happen to the agency.

    The other one said, “We want to do good work, but how hard do you work on something that might be shut down?”

    In the 1880s, a senator from Ohio named George Pendleton — “Gentleman George” — sponsored a bill to save the federal government from itself. The workforce was at the time truly a swamp, one of back-scratching cronyism and patronage. His bill, the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, ended up creating the modern federal workforce — professionalizing it and making it into a meritocracy. It also became something else: a reliable ladder rung for reaching the middle class, a pathway to the American Dream.

    In the 1960s, J. David Cox decided to become a nurse, enamored of the profession after watching the nurses who worked so hard to care his ailing father. Some schools he applied to wouldn’t have him; nursing was for women, they told him. But he did become one, joining the psychiatric division of a federal hospital, and also joining the union there, where he became a chapter officer. He rose through the ranks and eventually became the boss of the whole thing, devoted enough to AFGE that his wife sometimes sighed that his gold AFGE ring might as well be a second wedding band.

    The matters of navigating a psychiatric ward are not entirely separate from the matters of navigating Capitol Hill, and now Cox is using all of his experience and training to try, he hoped, to save the federal government from cutting itself to ribbons.

    “We got to pull every Republican our way, and we got to hold every Democrat,” Cox told his staff at one morning meeting.

    He wants to get the word out about potential perilous outcomes of the 2018 budget proposals, he said. Encourage members to call their representatives in Congress, to visit them at their home offices. Recruit new members, because due to job attrition and retirement, AFGE had to obtain 5,000 more a month just to end up breaking even. It was better to grow — to show Congress that they were a voice to be reckoned with.

    The union’s largest agencies, the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, had received proposed increases not decreases, but the increases looked like they might come in the form of equipment and not people, Cox thought, so they still worried him.

    “Mr. Bill?” he said now, turning toward one of his staff members. “I want another 10,000 members.”

    “I’ll get them for you,” the man said. “In Pittsburgh last week, we had the phones going, we had the popcorn machines popping, and we made over 200 calls.”

    A few weeks later, Cox went to New York to mobilize more.

    He had reserved a room at the federal building downtown for a Lunch-and-Learn, a recruitment event where workers listened to a presentation and then got a coupon for food.

    “So you’re the voice I keep hearing,” one employee told Cox, laughing about the recorded calls she received with Cox’s voice on them.

    He guffawed. “You know, once I was walking through airport security and one of the agents said to me, ‘You’re the man who calls me all the time.’ ”

    The Transportation Security Administration? An AFGE agency.

    A group of about 30 people sits around the table and after Cox explained what he saw as the benefits of joining — collective bargaining, negotiating retirement and health benefits — he made a plea:

    “Brothers and sisters, who would like to pick up that ink pen, turn that page over, and become the newest member of the AFGE?!”

    A man in a collared shirt and khaki pants raised his hand. He would. He would be the newest member.

    Cox erupted into applause, and the rest of the room followed. “Y’all go downstairs now,” he said. “Y’all go downstairs and send me up some more EPA folk.”

    Another Friday, another morning. Earlier in the week, Congress had approved a bill to fund the government through the end of 2017. It had not yet incorporated many of the proposed cuts that the White House had wanted for 2018, but Cox felt like he was merely treading water before the next big wave hit.

    “We scraped by this time,” Cox told the staff at the morning meeting. “But come this fall, it’s going to be a bloodbath.”

    He got on the phone to do an interview with an NPR affiliate who wanted to hear about what could happen next. “What are you getting ready for?” the interviewer asked him.

    “We’re bracing,” he said. And he wanted to make it clear, he said, that cuts would not mean only fewer government employees but also fewer government services. “Longer lines in the airport,” he said. “Worse air for children with asthma.”

    “That was good,” his chief of staff told him when the call was over. Especially the part, he said, where Cox had stressed that it wasn’t just about jobs that would be cut, but service to the American people.

    “All right, what do I have next?” Cox said, looking through the rest of his schedule. Nine more events. Interviews, and phone calls, and an EPA appreciation event.

    The mood was buoyant now, but the general tone of the past several weeks had been one of anxiety and trepidation.

    On a mass phone call earlier in the week — a monthly Q&A that was open to any federal employee around the country who wanted to join in — the AFGE staff could hear the worry in the voices of those who called in.

    In a typical month, they might expect to see 5,000 callers dial in, and Cox would stay on the line and answer any unique questions.

    But at this one, Cox’s staff had sat in their conference room in Washington and watched on a screen as the numbers ticked up and up from around the country: 1,209 callers on the line, then 2,930, then 5,214, and then suddenly more than 7,000 federal workers were all lining up in a queue to share what terrified them. “Do you think there will be a shutdown?” asked someone from Georgia. “If there is, would it be like last time where most of us ended up working anyway?” asked someone from New York.

    Cox talked and talked until his voice was hoarse, until one of his staffers said, “Last question,” even though there were still more in the queue.]”


      1. What does that article mean exactly by referring to AFGE little COX as “STOCKY”?

        That’s the head engorged purple team ratty rat. Notice his gravy boat is in elliptical orbit around and in him?

        “Boss Hogg”….and looks and acts every part. Oink. Snort. Snort…

      2. Notice this part in the story:
        “It’s not good. Especially because of the budget. We told our congressmen we were going to get billboards and put them up saying they don’t support law enforcement.”

        They are going to put up billboards. Wonder where they got that idea?

      3. Right, on the billboard. The entire article and interview is so rich, I also sent it directly to Ben in event he had not smelt it yet. It definitely leaves an after taste even when sniffing this richly dished-out bullshit that clearly discloses where the AFGE’s priorities are….not medical safety compliance, not anything about treating Veterans better with the BENEFITS WE EARNED, no, he ONLY WANTS MORE MINIONS of MEMBERS.


        Time to send Boss Hogg little COX back to hell, Satan needs his stocky piss bucket boy back.

  13. Off topic but this was on the AFGE and Cox:
    remove the parenthesis

    This was put in with the link highlighted so I am sending it differently. One thing I noticed in the article is:
    “It’s not good. Especially because of the budget. We told our congressmen we were going to get billboards and put them up saying they don’t support law enforcement.”

    They are going to put up billboards. Where did they get that idea?

  14. 165926 AE08B5 we got the whole crew out today….its getting better
    United States Navy
    United States Military
    Boeing F/A-18F Hornet F18

    15950 ft
    Vertical Speed:
    Twin jet
    Wake Turbulence:
    Aircraft is not transmitting its callsign

  15. another front company……N818WF AB290E
    Wing Aviation 0N818WF
    United States Civil
    Israel Aircraft Industries 1125 Astra SPX ASTR

    40000 ft
    Vertical Speed:
    Twin jet
    Wake Turbulence:
    Route not known

  16. By: Bradley Loves

    During the Classic Movie “THE WIZARD OF OZ”…, the lion, scarecrow, tinman and even Dorothy were “shaking in their boots” when watching the fake smoky head floating above the stone alter.

    You can’t get a better lesson in life than this one lesson!

    No such comparative instruction concerning life exists anywhere…, and it was shown to us as children over and over and over again, so that hopefully…, we would all get it!

    Only a little dog (who was meant to be taken as “smarter” than the rest of the group) figured out that the very “thing” that everyone was so afraid of…, was NOT REAL!

    The “enemy” was made of smoke and mirrors (a magicians trick) and was being created by a “man behind the curtain”.

  17. Over View of Kathy Griffin’s Rages- @James Clement- Hit it right on. How can Kathy Griffin’s actions of first holding up a mock of POTUS’s Bloody Head, then Ms. Griffin gets a lot of negative attention, then the most recent release book writer (Kathy Griffin), blames someone else for her negative blow back; “ruined me,” and when Kathy Griffin was crying, she revealed the lack of wet material, oozing fluidly from the corner of Kathy Griffin’s eye, at a time when Kathy Griffin, well she’d be tearing up, then down with real physical tears?

    @Namnibor – – – You’re absolutely right. Kathy Griffin can get your dam nerve up a bit from the way she acts and carries herself. She can get on the fringe of making a joke that can almost really cut into your, she get just can get under you skin at times. And, she tries to stretch her spin and make it like she is getting hurt out of these Political snipping. If Kathy Griffin wanted attention for her new book, well she got a lot of it from all of this negativity. Wonder if book sales went up? Feel like digging?

    @Warhorse – – – Everything seems to be tied into everything, but no body knows where it starts. If one doesn’t know what the other does, and there is no accountability between everyone, then things will never work out. Everyone gets edgy, and some get easily pissed off.

    @Crazy elf – – – Sorry to say, its only going to be a matter of time until someone or group implements these types of new crimes that have been happening in London, England. Its just a matter of time. Arrangements are the key. Need to know how to trail someone or something to find out if something is happening and needs to be investigated. Strange, all around thing is a lack of accountability when a Agency can tell you where they are having problems at. Example: VA. The VA has no idea as to even know where to start in finding out where any illegal drug activity is occurring. The VA doesn’t know where to start looking at all, period. And, there is no enthusiasm by VA Officials to make positive changes in adhering to the “Zero Tolerance” Rule. It does look like many changes could be on the horizon. I dunno?

    1. I wonder what this guy is spraying N214ML A1C97C caught him on virtual radar
      Jet Linx Aviation
      United States Civil
      Raytheon Aircraft Company King Air B350 B350

      22400 ft
      Vertical Speed:
      Twin turbo
      Wake Turbulence:
      Aircraft is not transmitting its callsign

      I agree. Sooner or later the shit will hit the proverbial fan here in America with multiple attacks against civilians. Some may be veterans, many more may not have served.
      I’ve stated before, it will probably be something horrendous which will bring America together!
      I just hope our anger and military might is directed against the person’s involved, ie: “IF” it’s out own government, as in the “9/11 attack, so be it!
      Yea, I’m a believer that our government caused 9/11!

      1. Elf…….”beware the industrial military complex”. Great words that the fucktards in D.C. have never heeded.

      2. elf …..you might this one on the tube…..
        New York & England Hoaxes Connected – The Masonic White Rabbit & Fear Based Mind Control

  18. Hey, “OLDMARINE”, check this out from;
    “Christian Conservative Daily”
    dated: June 4, 2017

    “New ISIS Weapon has Trump on High Alert”

    Seems ISIS has figured out how to drop “rifle grenades” by utilizing drones! They’re doing it in Iraq now.
    The “Daily” warns us we could be next! I suggest we all be more careful when out and about.
    I also know, for FACT, people are becoming increasingly more irritating to others for no apparent reason!


    The wife just found out how to get our “message” to President Trump on Utube!
    When your putting a comment on a utube video, type into your comment the following:


    Remove the parenthesis to post it! Plus, make sure it’s all one word! People have actually had him, or one of his aides, respond to a comment. It’s like his Twitter account, only on utube!

    1. @Crazy Elf – – -Thanks for posting that! I will surely find it useful.

      1. James,
        Make sure it’s exactly like this;


        It will get to him, or one of his aides! Don’t forget the (+) plus sign!

  19. I can’t remember what news source this came from.
    Has anyone heard, read or seen videos of the attack last night on the London Bridge?
    Seems there were numerous people killed and more injured by “…three men of Mediterranean…” ancestry. The police caught two, and were looking for the third one. They used a van first. Then exited the van, and used long knives to do more damage!
    It happened late Saturday night.

    In my opinion, the United States of America is going to have to have something like this, and MORE, to let the “SHEEPLE” realize just how dangerous our society has become!

    Now, I read an article, where “…ISIS is practicing with chemical weapons…”!
    Where did they get access to chemical weapons? Could “Songbird McCain” have made a deal with them during his last visit to the Middle East? There’s pictures of him with these terrorists during that visit!

    Just wondering this cloudy Sunday morning!

    1. just more cia/mosad operation to put fear into the sheeple for more satanic control. they are all blackmailed, the ones that scream the loudest like mccain they got the most shit on them…..after mowing down the V.A.,the black house, and the pentagram, ooo sorry i ment the pentigoon .shit pentagon…I would rather die in a firefight than die a slow death from pig pharma………………………………………………………………………………….Want to convince someone of something entirely untrue? Just keep repeating it. Over and over.

      The illusory truth effect has been flying around the world of psychology since 1977. But recently, more and more evidence has arrived to back it up.

      The illusory truth effect is the idea that if you repeat something often enough, people will slowly start to believe it’s true. Sounds about right, considering all the times we’ve blindly trusted an old wives’ tale or a much-retweeted factoid.

      But a new study has revealed that the illusory truth effect is much stronger than we imagined. Because it turns out that even if a person has prior knowledge disproving a lie they’re being told, they’ll still believe the lie if it’s repeated enough……………………….and T your right its a slow KILL they get off on pain and torture……………I tried CJ’S suggestion again yelling out the window I’m mad really mad, and what I got was your CRAZY….and nothing else…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i think they went back to sleep….

    2. Robert Steele: Deep State 101….he got it.. look that up….for a x cia man

    3. What more is there to say, Gunny, smoke break over; organize the company in attack, call in air support and then give the 105s about two hours to pound their asses, fix bayonets.

  20. No sympathy for that bitch. Why not hold the head of a dead baby, how about the heads of the Clintons or Obamas? Mainstream media would come off their rocker if that happened. What about Madonnas statements about destroying the people’s house. Fuck these sniveling assholes. I can only imagine the reaction of most VA, card carrying AFGE employees. Lil Cox probably even had the beginnings of a boner when he viewed that disgusting photo. Fuck VA, Fuck AFGE.

  21. Off Topic – – – What do you think? Is Kathy Griffin really sorry for cutting off the Donald’s head as a joke. Even though it was only meant as a Political jest or sneer. Albeit going overboard and publicly being highly out of taste towards President Trump’s early months in holding the title, “President of the United States.” Kathy Griffin’s actions, caused a portion of the public to rightfully be upset. But to give Kathy Griffin the benefit of the doubt, I encourage you to visit other News Media Outlets video’s, showing Ms. Griffin apologizing from many different observed angles of Kathy Griffin saying that she was sorry.

    My only problem with Kathy Griffin, is that I didn’t see any tears from the angle that I observed Kathy Griffin’s facial expressions while she is upset or disturbed. Did I miss something? What do you think about Kathy Griffins apology? Was Ms. Griffin’s apology sincere? Do you have anything that you want to say about Kathy Griffin’s behavior? Have any questions that you’d like to have answered? You must have some thing that doesn’t make sense in this Celebrity News Story.

    1. @ANutterVet – – – I think I have zero sympathy for an entertainer that is saying “she is sorry”, and “Trump ruined Me” after just purchasing an 8 million dollar plus Home/

      She could live better than 5 or 10 people together that I could name on this blog – – – just by selling her house and renting a small apartment. Trump did not ruin, or hurt her career. Bad judgement did.

    2. Kathy Griffin grates my nerves in the same area of my brain that 200 incessantly barking Chihuahuas would…with pinpoint accuracy on all those synapses.

      The male counterpart to the Griffin Gaff is anytime John McCain opens his droning mouth.

      Both are equally annoying in differing ways but both can cut glass with precision with varying intensities of annoying.

      I am ALL for dark humor, but making any jest at killing our POTUS or burning the American Flag…nothing but poor taste and sensationalism for a has been wanting to get likes for more $$$, fuck them.

    3. There is nothing of Grifftin or others who are mocking our great country,,,, ONCE UPON A TIME,,, I was told of a country that had something special that no other country had,,,,, so I gave in and fought a war,,, and today I’m still looking for that something special that country had over the rest of the world,,,,

  22. It took a lot of work, but I feel much differently than I did a second ago.

    1. I get frustration out by doing an old metaphysical trick an old Lakota gentleman taught me years ago. May seem a bit far out but seriously hear me out and it does take some investment in meditative type head-clearing thinking; an open mind.

      Whatever that thing, person, object, whatever, is such that you are allowing it to affect you spiritually and/or emotionally, write that thing down on some paper or anything within parameters of keeping things safe that is flammable.
      Let that grief go as you light the object and watch it burn away.

      Repeat as required.

      Your millage may vary but be mindful that pigs are indeed very flammable while still oinking.


      1. @Namnibor – – – One problem, I live in a corn silo on a big pig pharm. No worries, I just hangeddided many fire alarms, so no I can light these babies up. Only joking, but when I burned mines up, the smoke was so heavy it came back down. Hey but all seriousness, I don’t have a place to burn that kind stuffs. I’m waiting for my friend to call. She’ll have a place. I did score some good Sativa on Friday.

  23. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve buckled down tight. VA has tried way to many stupid and wrote down life threatening medical orders and pharmacy monthly refills of pain medications. Now isn’t this a hot issue to bring up. Hmm, with out thinking through about the unnecessary painful withdrawal episodes that the BENEFICIEARY’s (Veterans) will have to endure, especially if these medicines are straight-up reduced by 95’m concerned, this is a life threatening medical order that wasn’t even questioned or flagged at the VA’s Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Tech’s said nothing is wrong with this extreme reduction of monthly pain tabs. And the VA Pharmacy showed no concern. Do you think I wasn’t pissed off? This issue hasn’t been solved to any such agreement or understanding. – – – Nutter.

  24. It just boggles your mind in how much monies that is being wasted by the VA, and it pisses me the fuck off in how many BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) are in need of special services to survive. – – – And the “Wolf,” the guitar of Jerry Garcia, the Greatful Dead’s front man, auctioned off for a measly $1.9M. What say you? Now that’s something to shake you head about. – – – Nutter.

    1. Gee, I wonder if they will not understand why the revolution happened? Gosh, they will say: “I didn’t do anything” And we will say: “That’s right, you didn’t do anything, but idiot, you had a duty to do something, so now you get over in that pen on wheels……………………….

  25. I used to have night terrors of me going postal on him and many others around here. Glad that’s all in the past and sometimes, time does heal up things a little bit. Just one other hard lesson learned. Then people wonder why I am the way I am today. I don’t bother much any more going into details with the locals.

  26. @91Veteran,@Seymore Klearly: I would like to donate 1 truckload of horse manure, to be dumped on top “lil” Cox -• automobile, by a brother veteran truck driver. Could you please provide that scumbags, current address? Appreciate it big time.

      1. @T: T, I don’t like to wish ill on others, but I must admit, I can’t help it at times. I am truly glad that lawyer is no longer among the living.

        I am not a bad person, but it sure seems to me that the good, are far outnumbered by the evil.

      2. cj, I consider myself a fairly decent human being but I too at times can hope someone would croak or fall off the Earth. But then I may be hoping the wrong thing and that they may be going to a happier place, maybe. However this country does not need more attorneys or less of the very corrupt ones that take up a lot of space and ruins lives.

        We are outnumbered by evil and the truly evil ones. Especially at the so-called top of the ladders rungs. Holding all those power positions and offices of influence and media. Encompassed by them all in every avenue of life it seems. Then some want to label us vets as “domestic terrorist.” Or Jeff Sessions thinking the pot smokers are ‘not good people.’ In these times where evil and nasty is good and anything good and for freedom is evil, well, some people are a bit twisted if they demand we follow their lead or jump on their band-wagon. I won’t stop doing what I do and I’ll have to follow my own personal constitution and path. Let others play their corrupt harmful anti-American games, I won’t join in.

        Hope ya’all are trying to have a great day. I am popping in and out, up and down trying to get a little something done today. Might get a flower or squash seed in the dirt later on. I dunno. That is up to by ruling body. lol

      3. @T: Same here, out and about, trying to get some things done. Have a great weekend bloggers.

        Later Gators.

    1. I want to be the guy who steps in for the person to which lil’ cocks threatened with some ‘whoopass’
      When lil’ cocks says; (like Johnny Ringo said to Doc Halliday: “I was only kidding”, then I will use Doc’s Line: ” I wasn’t”

      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve: I really have a deep rooted hate for that fat ass former nurse. Every time I thrust my hoe into hardened Earth, I think of that Earth as his fucking skull. My neighbors must think I’m insane, when I leave the garden with a shit eating grin.?

      2. Trust me I fully understand what you are saying and this POS is a roadblock to any improvements

    “Voted “Best Conspiracy Interview Ever Flat Earth…
    FLAT EARTH STREAM”…..once you find out every thing else was a lie, it makes more sense to me….and I do read and watch both sides of the tall tale ””’yea I know it sounds crazy…..but it makes sense to me…………………..open-minded-people-embrace-being-wrong-are-free-of-illusions-dont-mind-what-people-think-of-them-quote-…

  28. I responded to a post earlier by advising to involve the press. Let me be more specific and explain how I did that exactly and what VA did in response so you are better preparred and understand what frightens VA.

    It is pretty simople. VA will attempt to bar a reporter from conducting interviews on VA property. There is one thing though that has conistently thwarted their efforts courtesy of yours truly in this regard: For each visit in which a reporter tagged along wih me and gathered the inside info on VA, and IN PLAIN SIGHT TAKING NOTES I granted each reporter a healthcare power of attorney with the duration of that power ending upon exitting from the VA facility. This is precisely the reason I am now banned from VA psychiatric care – they are in a horrible legal bind to deny a power of attorney granted to ANYONE for ANY reason.

    We are under absolutely no obligation to justify our reasons to excersize our rights under the Constitution because the Constitution itself is the reason. What they did within one day of the first reporter visit in which this was carried out now several years back was to redefine the definition of “friend” (no shit, true story here) and post that in the pyshiatric clinic in Eugene. They did this because their own literature suggests that you SHOULD bring a “friend” if you need to, to help you take notes and understand things, right? My argument to them in a secure message was, “What other Earthly friend could I possibly get to help take notes that would be any more accurate than my friend, the reporter.”

    So to be clear, make sure you call the reporter your friend and give them a healthcare limited power of attorney for the duration of your visit. Then, if you have a legal right to be there, then by definition legally they do as well. Tell them specifically, my friend the reporter is here to take notes and help me remember what went on. True story.”

    Can you believe VISN-20 posted a new definition of the word “friend”, when a literal reading of their highly defined definition of friend (“…long time acquaintance who understands your medical history.”) does not apply to one single government worker employed at that facility? Hmmmm. Maybe they got that part right?

    1. I am in a mood to fess up here….

      patient vs. va, tactic two:

      When flagged as a disruptive patient by the kangaroo court known as VA DBC, the Chief Of Staff will send you a letter of justification for this departure from constitutional rights and at the very end will explain that you may appeal this decision. The appeal, the COS will explain, should be sent directly to him and then it becomes his duty according to the letter you get to forward it to the VISN leadership for consideration.

      Since the flag was a complete sham I decided to make it “easier” for them to read my appeall of the bogus flag. I figured if they concluded from a police report that claimed I had never threatened anyone that I had indeed dome just that, that they either had poor lighting when they read it or had poor eyesight.

      I only wanted to make things better, right? I wanted to make darn sure the appeal was not somehow misplaced or unreadable becaise of darkened rooms or forgotten reading glasses, so after I wrote an extremely well thought out constitutional argument complete with legal footnotes, opinions, and references I placed it on a memory chip and took it to Kinkos. You might not believe this, but when I put my mind to it I can become very wordy so the appeals were extensively worded… unlike married life, in government more words are better it seems.

      Then at Kinkos it only cost me about $30 to have each of the 17 pages of the appeal printed onto poster sized paper, rolled up, and placed in a cardboard shipping tube with a SINGLE paperclip to keep 17 poster sized pieces of paper from unwinding rapidly upon being removed from the tube.

      The COS had placed no limitations on the form of the appeal and I figured they would appreciate a gesture of good faith in acknowledgement of their myopic vision for my future. The nearly assured scattering of the pages would ensure that people would fet their eyes on it, so you see, I was facilitating a solution – VA style. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

      …and….there are more tactics too….lolz! God Bless the First Ammendment which is frankly in place because humans invented the idea of “paybacks”.

      1. Dennis, You intelligence and creativity make me smile, and I wish we could have formed a team;
        Unfortunately, the VA boobs never tried to pull that shit on me cause they knew I was a lawyer and would run right to the local Fed Court and file an appropriate cause of action. Man I love your Kinko job. What happened in the end result.
        The VA doesn’t seem to realize that when they pour a bucket of shit over your head you have a right to object. These Sleazy little boobecrats don’t realize that there is a public venue, (federal court) outside of their little cubicles.

      2. As reported in the newspaper, the “end result” of my First Ammendment expression was they banned me from care. This seems at odds to me with the Constitutional protections I was taught in school. True, I barely graduated the public high school in Madras Oregon (Go White Buffalos!!!) with a D- average I still was elected to give the student speech at graduation. True story.

        So no formal education as a lawyer might call it, but I have graduated from a prestigeous school of thought that the Native Americans I went high school with called Oshithathurt School of Knowledge.

        In that school you learn to appreciate the Constitution, just ask any Native American elder. They seem to understand the federal government pretty good.

      3. What was the basis upon which you were “banned” from treatment; Hypothetically, how can you “ban” someone from mental health treatment because they need mental health treatment?
        Did you have rep from one of the VFW, DAV, or an attorney doing volunteer stuff?
        Doesn’t seem like they have the right to “ban” you from treatment for physical or mental problems.
        Then again, look what they did to one of only two sane members of the “Cuckoo Nest” in One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest”……………………….

      4. @FPG

        Communicating an idea is much more effective in the context of humor because folks like to feel good, not shitty. A vet going around lamenting about being shit on by life is shitty. A vet exposing his buttocks to the front door of VA is funny. The distinction of course is a gray area, but in practice it is true.

        I know…

      5. Of course they have no legal basis for banning a vet like me SC 100% for PTSD from obtaining mental health care by a VA shrink. Of course it is against the law. My friend it took two full spreads in the newspaper back to back just to list the 80% of misdeeds they engaged in and still enage in today.

        This is why I post the shit that I do – they have not been deterred by the only leg of government that seems to change things – The Press. They have been encouraged by Justice. They have been funded by Congress. They have disregarded The President. They piss on vetrans rights. However this was not their sin in a free republic.

        Their sin was that they shit in me. Not just a morning lumo in the toilet either. They crapped a post Thanksgiving loaf right on top of my life. Their sin was they crapped on a United States Marine that was exactly already one turd past being really pissed off.

      6. Like I have said before, the VA cannot be fixed when the most of the funds are used to pay for idiots and persons with ill will towards everyone. Semper Fi Dennis, you a very bright boy and most of the smartest people I have met in my life have those who have never registered for freshman class.

      7. @Dennis – – – Thank You for sharing that. I may just need to use that idea/technique/method some time in the not too distant future. For sure, I will be sharing the method out to some folks over here.


    2. this little VA creep had no right to keep the reporter out of the public meeting and you should have walled right past him and waited for someone to ‘put their hands upon your person’ (have a secret 3rd party video it )

    3. Now that is some damn fine slick legal maneuvering and tactics. Limited powers of attorney. Nice. Any thing I try to pull off here I do alone. Others may be on the other side of the room, say at town hall meets, so they won’t be seen knowing me or get involved in any heavy battles. Same with the VA crap, too much fear and trembling of them losing free care and free stuff, with some dying off quickly for that choice.

      With no help from the likes of ACLU but seemed to aid the enemy. I had my town officials, unions, union reps, fraternal orders, state agencies, health departments, IOSHA, NIOSH, OSHA, Dept. of Labor, etc., and state by the nuts back in the seventies over labor laws, severe violations of safety and health acts, poisoning the community – hence our extremely high cancer rates that are secret today, corruption on all levels of government local and state to the Feds, proven in the raw..professional misconduct, threats of death on my person, local billionaires, family mafias, corporations, inspectors, pay offs/bribes, health dept., certain groups/secret societies, violations of the big C, RICO Act, and many Federal Register issues. Had the photos, tapes, some questionable tactics like using those old FM voice transmitters, bugs, and etc. Gee what fun. Took years.

      Guess I didn’t have the tits or looks of Erin Brockovitch. Or the backing because of it.

      All lost at a Indy attorney’s office during a move. Lost everything in the brief after he told this dummy he needed all originals evidence in his office to move a head and for safety concerns. This dummy young pup rushed them over to him. Made payments for years to keep this moving along and get done only to have that happen with no recourse. The BAR or IN., Supreme Court for disciplinary actions here doesn’t mean crap. They all can be as corrupt here as their little hearts desire. And much worse than that today. This dummy put lots of hope and money into another corrupt high dollar law firm.

      The corrupt to the Socialist slash Communist Party of America just really loved the defeat and to show the final power flex. With all the local sheep/workers/citizens fought for or over, watching, and others just went bah bah bah baaaah. The corrupt are still in some office or official capacity. That’s how Indiana typically rolls. It’s not over. God’s justice will be coming up for them. Errr, and me.

      1. @T: T, what was this lawyers name? I believe it is time for evil to pay his ass a visit!

      2. He’s dead now. Frank Maley Sr.I can’ t remember the law firms name after they moved. Had too many names on the door.

  29. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED…….and it has 3 short video’s ….Bilderberg Meeting Attendees and Agenda for 2017
    June 3, 2017 Covert Geopolitics……TRAITORS TO HUMANITY

  30. T…..this sight might interest you……..NEW POST ON ANATIONBEGUILED.COM

    Christians Who Hate


    I have received a lot of backlash from my article explaining that “Christian” Kings hired Jews to practice usury against Christians to make a buck. Even faced with the present government and its activities, there are some who want to argue the point and can’t believe that their kings and queens would do any such nasty, dishonorable, small-minded, money-grubbing thing—-even though these are the ancestors of the same people who have stolen your identity, transformed “you” into a commodity to be traded like pounds of butter, and taken the profit of it for themselves.

  31. Here is some government hogwash for you; in 2016 our new attorney general was quoted as saying, “…good people don’t smoke marijuanna.” and has subsequently said that marijuanna, a drug that no human has ever died from owing to overdose, is nearly as dangerous as heroin, a drug that kills at least 12,000 annually from overdose alone.

    BUT that isn’t the hogwash. This is; as of last week the Secret Service has changed a key hiring requirement because Trump has inadvertantly tossed them a whopper of a problem. Under statute ALL of a sitting President’s personal property and family must be protected by Secret Service folks. This is not optional. Trump has a very large family and has extensive properties to protect. This means that Secret Service must hire a LOT of new people to do his.

    So whatbis the hogwash? As of last week, in order to boost recruitment to protect the President Secret Service is relaxing the requirements that applicant have not used marijuanna for five years. They say, “…we need to take a more holistic approach to determining if potential applicants are qualified”!!!!

    So, let us apply this logic as the new AG applies it. This means that Secret Service must be hirig “no good people” in order to protect the boss of the new AG. The new AG vows to place people in jail for a drug “…nearly as dangerous as heroin…” and the SS intends to use those same people to protect POTUS?

    BUT that isn’t the hogwash.

    Here is the hogwash; 22 states plus the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuanna and have now recognized formally that it was a mistake to prohibit this plant that grows from the dirt. One group stands out amongst ANY other group that reaps the benefits of the anti anxiety properties of this drug – veterans. Jeff Sessions, the man who will surely fill our prisons to brimming yet once again says that none of these folks “…are good people.”

    The folks protecting the President and securing our freedoms abroad have now been deemed by AG to be “bad people” on par with heroin addicts. The federal government it seems is now poised to through all these bad people in jail? Hogwash! How do you build a prison large enough to house 22 states worth of content cannabis users? This new AG is spooky. The closest allies to the President, the Secret Service is willing to a “holistic” approach to hiring bad people?

    hmmmm. Seems to me VA has therefor been practicing holistic hiring for a long time. I wonder Mr. Pasty White and openly ridiculous AG man – Who exactly hired you?

    1. That’s why the VA told our group to bow to them or hit the streets and use some crack, heroin, etc. Hell, we get busted for trying to feel better, minus the abuse and addiction stuff, get popped, go to jail and prison, they confiscate all our properties, money, and the system gets our monetary benefits for being behind bars. Sweet deal for the industrial prison system and getting property. What a deal for the police state and the VA doesn’t have to deal with us.

      1. …well, at least in prison the prisoners get healthcare that is rated top in our nation and food substantially cooked and free of cockroaches. If you ask me, it sounds like maybe the dope smoking hippies locked up in prison have figured something out that America’s veterans and fighters for our freedom have not?

      2. @Dennis- Not so fast actually on that with all rosy with the prisons. In the last 8 years the prisons have been largely handed-over to private firms where the bottom line always comes first, just like the VA.
        Not only a couple times now in just the last 2 years, the outsourced prison system within state of Ohio has had rampant reports of cockroaches, and even maggots in their still not quite cooked food and prison facility upkeep went down the toilet as well.

        The hippies protesting the full privatization and outsourcing of Ohio’s HUGE prison system were warning these types of things would likely happen when the bottom line comes first before proper accountability.
        Just like the VA, the privately run prisons have now had multiple ESCAPES from these prisons, and a few to date are still on the run.
        Like the VA, the unions get involved and all goes to shit because of the bottom line.

        Perhaps this is only an Ohio problem but likely not. But I do agree that at ONE TIME, the food and healthcare would be top notch in prison compared to the VA.

      3. Posted wrong first time drats.

        Speaking of poop. If anyone wants to see some with my name mentioned or to see how Terre Haute functions. Go swiftly to
        (topix.com/forum/city/terre-haute-in) remove parenths, add the needed, and go to thread “Terre Haute is a Marxist Communist Socialist etc.

        The town councils and mods are going a bit nuts censoring posts since I posted people to go there and ask why veterans were being censored here.

        My name is also mentioned when the councilmen should have no idea I posted there. They know who there enemy is huh.

      4. @T – – – Looks like they just pulled the whole thread. Cannot see it from Honolulu on Sunday, 4 June 2017 at 19:36 Terre Haute, 13:36 Honolulu Time.

      5. James,
        try this one. I just looked and this should take you to the thread.
        add http to the beginning.

      6. @figure8fan – – – Thanks. Interesting. I would guess T posts as POTH on that board. We have our share of too much corruption in Honolulu as well.

      7. It’s 7;48 here and it’s back up and showing on this end. Someone from New York was posting about this until they finally left one thread up. Why they left this up I don’t know. I also don’t know if they can block other towns or states from seeing local posts. I do have it all copied with only around 8 posts made and one deleted. The councilman I have had issues with always posts my name, or claims I am the only one disagreeing with the city or globalism or corruption.

  32. This is one of the best advices that I ever read on Ben’s blog, minus take a reporter with you, if needed.

    Dennis June 2, 2017 at 8:52 pm
    take a reporter with you. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that if you explain what you are doing and why they will pounce on this. The phone numbers for all news desks are easy to find online. The only way to rid our system of these vermin is to shine the light of day down the rabbit hole. Mushrooms anyone?

    **I say get the FBI to investigate the VA, since the VA can’t legally manage to take care of Controlled Substances like Oxycodone and Morphine. VA Management has no zeal in fixing the illegal drug problem in the VA. Just turn the VA’s Drug Issue over to the FBI. Truly this would give the VA some resolve.

    What do you think?

  33. Wow, its almost 5am. Anxiety has been terrible. I’m going to hit the sack and call it a night, that was well, alright. Good Nite people of Ben’s World. God Bless you and your family’s.

      1. That’s how it goes sometimes. I get all fired up to solve something in the VA. Need to bring in FBI to investigate. No loss all gain. Your up late as well.

      2. Yeah Nutter I am up and down all day and night. When my body and mind can’t take all the thought processes, memories and pain I crash and do it all over again when I wake. Life without simple pain meds or what has worked for me a bit for years. Now all gone and doing it all in the raw and feeling every bit of it, none stop. Gets real old fast.

      3. Ya got me remembering the past. Tie rods and king pins in my old 46 Willies Jeep. LOL

        I was told once many years ago that while I was at work, sleeping, etc., the enemies told me they were hard at work in multiples planning their next moves. I kinda let that sink in and do the same in my own little way planning their next moves and agendas. Some times I just can’t shut it down and have to make notes while I am laying down. Or make notes on things to research. Trying to contact people here for any help is useless and the government is a waste of time. So I kinda hit a brick wall on what to do or who to contact when I have covered them all with zero results or concern from them.

        It just really pisses me off to know there are so many more out here going through worse issues than me and going through the BS. I could chew railroad rail and spit size 16 nails.

  34. VA says they don’t know where the problems are, and the VA don’t know at what point where are these drug thefts occurring, in the Pain Medicine Distribution network for when VA receives Controlled Substances, to when these medications are distributed to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) for Pain Relief.

    And, that the VA Leadership has no zeal in tackling the matter of where the missing Pain Medication are being stolen in the distribution network of these Controlled Substances.

    The FBI needs to be called into to solve the VA’s missing and theft of drugs and other drug related problems, and the no tolerance campaign for working or driving under the influence of Pain Medications would be enforced.

    The bottom line is this; the FBI needs to investigate the VA. Inform VA of the problems relating to drugs, and how to fix such problems of drug theft in the VA’s Pharmaceutical Network Transfer Points of the Pain Medications. The FBI can fix all of the drug theft.

    Lock them up. Lock them up. – – – Nutter.

  35. @Namnibor, @91Veteran – – – Do I remember those days! Two days ago had a flat black primer painted ’69 Chevy Z28 that barreled and roared past me. Memories came flashing fast in my mind. My Light Blue wide white stripes (2) from front to back, two spoilers, and aerodynamic to say the least.

    396 cubic inch, More Than A Super Sport, Dual Holley Carbs, 4-Speed Hurst, Dual Overhead Cam, Super High Performance Clutch and Pressure Plate, and All Black Visceral Inside Leather Interior.

    A 100 watt 8-Track, AM/FM Stereo Radio, with Speaker Synthesizer Control Panel, all speakers up to 100 watt, low total harmonic distortion, two 4 inch speakers on front doors, two 4 inch speakers on the side panels of the back seat area, two 8 inch and four 4 inch speakers in inside back window panel. The pounding of the bass was solid. Very powerful stereo system package.

    This Z28 was built by a Muscle Street Car Builder in New York State somewhere. I can’t remember the Company’s name, but I remember this dam quick and powerful Chevy of Mine, and so did a lot of other aficionados back in the day. When I put up this solid rock of a kick ass muscle car for sale, only County Police Officers were interested in purchasing this Z28. I didn’t know much a vehicles, life long mechanics told me to purchase a muscle car like this Chevy.

    I brought this car before I was sixteen (16) years old. I remember waxing this car at least once a week, whether it was cold or not. Front hood of this car was always shined up and looked sharp, even water would bead off ever so smoothly of the windshield when it rained. This Z28 would hold the road snug, and had excellent take off and catch up power and speed capabilities.

    I ended up selling my 1969 Z28 in 1973 to a County Policemen. I purchased the car in Summer of 1972 for $1800.00. The car was sold for $2000.00. That’s over a 10% increase of the original purchase price of the car.

    I’ve been to many businesses that sell Camaro Z28’s, and if I had this same car today, it would be worth at least upwards to $75,000.00. It would have been nice if I still had this Hot Muscle Car. I can honestly say, for a nice sporty car, the 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 did me quite well. I absolutely adored driving this car.

    Shit man, I remember those days quite very well, why thank you. – – – Nutter

    1. Same here ANutterVet. I too remember the days of those great cars. A 68 Camaro, a 67 Charger, the Cuda my cousin still has.

      Such a carefree life back then.

      Ps. The mother of my best friend in grade school drove a 55 Chevy with a 3 on the tree. She complained about it wandering on the road.

      His brother restored it somewhat. My friend, helped in scraping paint with a screw driver.

      The gouges in the driver side door were hard to fix.

      1. On that Chevy II, I may have been a year or two late in the year, but it was the precursor to the actual NOVA. Also guess what? It wandered ALL OVER the road. Used to do much of my own work on cars back then and reason always loved older cars, but even my current ’03 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS is such that anything other than routine maintenance, nearly impossible. That Chevy II was no sports car by no means, it simply served a purpose and when I got a mint condition 1970 Chrysler Newport, I gave that Chevy II to a disenfranchised friend that needed a car and liked to tinker. The only stipulation was, the “Band Aid” I painted on the metal where Mule Deer messed-up the headlight area had the name ‘Bambi’ painted on inside of band aid, had to stay, on a free car.
        That Chevy II had it tie rods and wheel bearings and alignment all checked and since she was built like a tank with many miles on her already from Black Hills, S.D. when I bought her, am thinking ‘Bambi’ had previous encounters with deer in her sordid past.
        Yes, after my Mushroom Mule Deer Mash (literally), I named her ‘Bambi’.

        Yeah, am not right. (That ’70 Chrysler Newport was a lead sled Love Boat…loved it)

      2. namnibor ……had a 68 chevelle 327 and three on the tree ran like a mother fucker until I hit a rusted out no tail light ford maverick I was doing about a 100 drunker than a skunk at 2 am, lucky that thing was a rust bucket more cushion..i smacked my head on that steering wheel so hard i put a v in it and that was good old made in the USA steel, with that hard plastic coated over it, no wonder i have a headache…LOL…it was on I-90 and route 2 where it comes together east of cleveland …what a wild ride this life has been…LOL

  36. Any VETERANs who are being denied pain medications in the Mountain Home VAMC area (or elsewhere if you are able to travel), I have an appointment on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, with the Disruptive Behavior Clinic at Mountain Home main building (where the ER is located) in Room H102 at 1100am. If you are interested in joining me to share your horror stories of how this genocidal policy has affected you and your loved ones, please contact me here – four.of.hearts @ comcast.net – so we can meet and go together. Robert D. Rose Jr., BSW, MEd., USMC, Semper Fidelis — Teufelshunde

    1. take a reporter with you. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that if you explain what you are doing and why they will pounce on this. The phone numbers for all news desks are easy to find online. The only way to rid our system of these vermin is to shine the light of day down the rabbit hole. Mushrooms anyone?

      1. @Dennis – – – Don’t worry bout this. If I can put things together without a doubt, that’s what its all bout. If VA makes next move, and its from the same incompetent genre. Well there’s the answer. We must meet in peace. May be?

        – – – Nutter.

      2. Dennis, I did that once. Took a reporter to a public VA event in Madison. The VA PR guy caught us outside the front door and chewed the reporters ass for not calling him ahead of time to let him know the press would be there.

        The reporter ignored him, but did not go inside. It didn’t matter since the reporter got what he wanted…vets going to this supposedly public event at the VA.

        I don’t know how the PR guy knew press was coming, or how he knew we were at the front door other than him thinking press might show up and he recognized the reporter.

        The PR guy was a wormy little pencil neck bastard.

      3. I once in my “colored past” and not that long after getting out of USAF, I irresponsibly had some colorful mushrooms. I had an old 1969 Chevy 2, built like a tank, three on the tree shifting.
        Decided to head to Spearfish, S.Dak., which on I-90 from Rapid City was a very dark stretch at night back then.
        Everything is going fine on my mission, feeling pretty groovy, knowing there’s no way and logic and reason I should be driving right now, I could hit something.
        But I’m doing fine.
        Turn-up Depeche Mode.

        All the sudden before my headlights in middle of I-90 with no other cars around in the pitch black there were at least 14 Mule Deer just playing cards or something like out of a Gary Larson cartoon strip.
        I knew to sway hard left or right is how people die in such situations so I braked as best as I could….
        …while plowing into and over at least 9 Mule Deer.
        I was okay, the car was still running, but I could see out my rear view and side mirrors that red glow of red tail lights and cold outside and rear exhaust….and 9 Mule Deer not exactly quite dead.
        Morbid scene. I called the game warden at the rest stop anonymously like any tourist would, so they could be removed.
        One of my headlights was pointing like a spotlight way out of alignment where a few Mule Deer had met Chevy Steel.
        Mushrooms were really kicking in.

        Don’t do shrooms and drive is the only moral to this true tale.

        I’m sorry Mule Deer, I’m truly sorry.

        What a trip.

      4. Nam, I’ve driven that stretch of road a few years ago about 2am. I dodged a friggin deer in the middle of the highway that didn’t have a care in the world.

        About 30 miles later I passed two people going the other direction on a street bike. No helmets. Bad time to be riding. I have no idea if they made it to where they were going since I was going the other way.

        Sorry. It was off of i90 going north on some highway out of Belle Fourche.

      5. 91Veteran- Spearfish Canyon Road was always deadly at night. Damn, I need a vacation. Seriously.

      6. Nam, I will be driving that route Tuesday. My mothers 80th birthday in NoDak.

      7. @91Veteran- I kid you not…my own mother’s birthday is also June 6, 1944 to be exact. D-Day. Interesting. Patterns. 🙂

      8. Happy Birthdays to our Mom’s. There the best. My mom us to make me Black Angus Pot Roast Cut of Beef, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, and Sweet Maui Onions. My moms would brown that roast on a cast iron pot. Then put the Beef and Vegetables in a big Roasting Pot. Add some beef or chicken stock into the Pot. Put a lid on the Pot, and then bake it in the oven for two (2) hours at 350 F.

        My moms would always bake sweet cornbread with pieces of corn. Butter was always sweet and salty. Dam I miss those days. Happy Birthday to our Mom’s. Cherish these days with your Mom. God Bless you folks.

  37. If the VA makes a move that my hurt my life or to cause more additional stress, than I will no other choice, but to expose the VA of its wrongdoings. If not now, then if need be, explained later.

  38. Why is it that the VA doesn’t monitor outside in-home Physical Therapy (PT) Treatment Programs? I’ve on and off of a VA In-Home PT Program for about 3-4 consecutive months, with my bowel habits; constipation, bloating, gas, being physically off-balanced, tired, and miserable, with mind fogginess, interrupted with incomplete thought processes.

    VA PT was cut off. I’m only at about 60% max of what I should be doing at this time. Physical Therapist says that there is nothing else to show me in order to get stronger and healthier. There wasn’t a proper switch over to my wife, or was there any type of training to show my wife how to assist me. Through my whole in-home Physical Therapy Treatment Services, the VA was not once involved, in obtaining any goals reached by the BENEFICIARY (Veteran). Nor was there any information given to the BENEFICIARY (Veteran), on any unique or personally made-up extreme exercises for people with walkers to use for strengthening and endurance purposes. I can find cool and neat exercises online with Google.

    I don’t mind, I’ll just Google for different exercises for people that have two (2) wheeled personable walker. But overall, if I was going to rate the VA on my Physical Therapy In-Home Services based on a one to ten scale; I’d say this; “‘That the VA In-Home Physical Therapy is at best; “‘substandard.'” No VA Medical Professional (Doctor-Physician, Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Nurse (RN), or a Clinical Pharmacologist (ASC-PT).

    Nor has one even took into consideration other medical issues that you’re currently experiencing.'” VA always puts injured people in a box, this is what Evidence/Experience – Based Medicine (EBM) is questioned. EMB is a modality of medical treatment, that may at many times, keep the human factor out of medical treatment. In other words, put everyone in the same box when they are being treated for a designated injury. VA never called any meetings throughout the Physical Therapy Treatment provided by “XXXXX” ? Nursing Services.

    Not to be vindictive, but I’d give the VA a 2 out of a ten rating. The Pain Management Group recently had a meeting a while back. Since then, there has been no communication or updates from the VA about the meeting. Plus, VA could have caused Beneficiary (Veteran) to go into peak withdrawal in a matter of hours, if there were no more of my regular pain medications available. The VA Team (blank) Primary Care Physician but in an order so that my monthly pain medication amount was being reduced by a UNHEARD of, and a UNNECESSARY Means, that will put the life of a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) in harms way.

    My VA Primary Care Provider (PCP) cut my regular monthly order of pain medication to be recklessly reduced by a straight drop of 95%. This Pharm Order change made by my VA PCP, was not logical in following through with information and training types of communique for the best interests of the BENEFICIARY (Veteran), and their immediate family members or best friends to say the least. All relating participants must be confirmed.

    On top of this ridiculous cut in monthly amount of medication, there are no agreed upon pain treatment schedule recognized. On my part, I recognize my regular amount of monthly pain medication. All PCP medical services are in limbo. We are waiting on a reply. This whole matter will put egg on the face of the VA all of this information is given to the Main Stream Media (MSM). So far, the current and personal VA CLUSTERFUCK, and CIRCLE-JERKING blundering frustrating VA Train Rides of Discomfort.

    Stress has been so annoying, that I’ve been on a plant protein based, with high insoluble and soluble fibers, for the past 28 days. I’m remapping my bodies biomedical alarm clocks to a more natural manner. I have to found ways to deal with the amount of traveling poisonous darts from the VA, that are meant to purposely hurt BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).

    **Bottom Line** – – – As a BENEFICIARY (Veteran), when you’ve been waiting for a decision, and you’ve always thought that the decision would go in your favor. Then when you get that letter that states that your claim has been denied. Please don’t try to tell me that this doesn’t hurt in some way or another.

    Lately, have you ever experienced any VA Train Rides of Discomfort? Do you have anything that is just asinine about how the VA treated you or how they took care of you. Then afterwards, what is it that you’d like to say about your VA experience? What is it that you’d like to tell other BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) about? What say you?

    – – – Nutter.

    1. @Nutter- I feel your pain, quite literally. The residents/students working in the private Psych dept. via Medicare I used to go to for medication management were ALSO doing residency with the VA and those fucks in Jan. 2016 decided arbitrarily that I should after all this time try something ~**NEWER**~ for PTSD/Anxiety/Depression, even though what I had been on since 1996 through last year, same dose, never “lost my meds” nor EVER asked for increases…it was all about Pig Pharma’s push to call it “Evidence Based Medicine”, and guess what?
      It was a huge personal sacrifice to my well-being but I finally had enough and through just as many years of solid cognitive therapy, I was wanting to tell them on the the contrary, I am NO LONGER TAKING YOUR SHIT…oh, they looked at me like an alien zoo animal critter…they were SURE I WAS ADDICTED…quite the contraire Shitlock.
      Yes, it was a pain getting off 3 MG Xanax controlled release and 3 mg as needed throughout the day for panic attacks but…I KNOW NOW I am SO MUCH BETTER OFF.
      I got up and left two different appointments because of the shit they were doing under “last months of Obama free for all” and screwing with those of us whom really had a need for them….notice, did not say a “want for them”…it was definitely not any addiction for me and although my PTSD symptoms are even more in the forefront, I feel I am just now starting to RECLAIM areas of my life.

      Hope my travel down this road has helped in some way. Yes, I also am still in significant pain at times from extreme IBS, my infectious diseases care of USAF and their medication side effects make every day as dicey as the next and last…but damn it, I know I am more in charge of my life now and am using music, art, writing to ease the brain. Sometimes, well often, a little drive down to a safer area by river just to contemplate or a walk in the woods….but even that is becoming dangerous.

      Has the USA just gone batshit crazy of late? Or…is their definitely a relationship between warmer weather and thug behavior? Had an old retired Vet beat-up here in an area of city today by an icecream truck driver…the old Vet simply honked his horn behind the truck and the guy came out and through the children of driving ice cream truck and beat him unconscious and tried to steal his dogs. WTF?

      Be careful out there. It’s apparently a zombie apocalypse and Halloween came early.

      1. @Namnibor – – – I hear you loud and clear. Since I’ve been attacked, and hit from behind on three (3) separate occasions, and these 3 times caused a completely unnecessary things of surprise that happened, and then this major change sent me into a amped up condition related the stress that is associated with mentally dealing with the VA, that would require one to participate in doing some Indica to help relax, and then vaporized Sativa hybrids that gives you a burst of energy high to start or finish projects.

        in order to experience a nice bodily and mental recovery or ease of pain, anxiety, depression, or what ailments that are deemed covered and then prescribed by the Physician. I have informed VA Medical Professionals and other workers in the Health Field Industry, that I carry these (items to protect myself) things for protection. I don’t go out with out them. Nowadays, you’ve got to protect yourself.

        Grant you well Brother, the race sometimes seems so very distorted. Its been blurry for me many times. One of my goals is to find a good source of information, that shows that the VA Employee to be completely incompetent in their specific fields of study.

        And, I always tell Officials, that I’m carrying these strange items, and if not, then I will be encouraged and persuaded to get licensed so that I can carry a handgun to protect myself, my wife, my K9, and then my property.

        You may think that I’m overdoing it a bit, but I may see it as a necessity to live when carrying something to protect myself in the town. And, if I can’t carry these, then I will participate in this, then get licensed, and then I will be able to carry a weapon.

        At this point in my life, I don’t think I’d trust myself with a hand gun, or any deep tissue lacerating weaponry. Given my current medical status, I feel easily comfortable carrying two (2) special knifes that will grab and lacerate the carotid artery, or scrap on right down to bone on some ones shins.

        When my outbreaks got worse, after each attack, my wife had to make a readjustment into her own life. y wife has become a little soldier in her own right.

        My wife and I met in Hawaii. And we both love the Big Island of Hawaii, even though employment opportunities are very limited. Changes in our lives has been an ongoing thing. I got up to doing seven (7) miles a day jogging no matter what the weather was like. I don’t have all that I did back then, but oblige in things that coma my way.

        Unlike Dennis, I’m doing a plain ole wooden bowl, plus topping off that wooden bowl, with a few small scoops of 100% pure isolate of CBD crystals. Dennis is still stuck without new technology in the delivery mechanisms of the product of easing and relaxing. Any body seen Dennis?

      2. Easy enough if when the Ice cream truck driver came back to the old vet’s car he got the muzzle of a 9mm stuck up his nose

      3. CAPTAIN……I like those flare gun’s converted to a 12 gauge… more bang for the buck

  39. Great job, and news. Shulkin’s been there a while. He knows how and what works. Hopefully, POTUS will catch on. @Crazy Elf, good news is rare here, ya did good. Thanks

  40. OK brothers and sisters, and all us “deplorables” and veterans all!

    Here’s it is, the telephone number to contact President Trump (855) 948-2311? It’s in this June 2, 2017 video, (23:30 min. long), from:
    “Not Fake News”

    “Veterans INCREDIBLE: Trump Just Did The IMPOSSIBLE For Our Veterans!”

    The phone line will be open permanently on 15 Aug 2017. Even though it’s supposed to be open now! Again – (855) 948-2311
    You’ll hear from “Shithead Shulkin” first, then VP Pence and last – President Trump!
    In my opinion, Shulkin is either extremely uninformed, or he’s lying his ass off in front of Pence and Trump.
    I thought VA wasn’t supposed to build anything any more? More “slush fund monies” coming around?
    Nothing said about removing “IU” disability from veterans compensation! Maybe he got the memo!?!?


    Here’s the next video y’all should google, from:
    “Latest Conspiracy Theory News”
    April 28, 2017 (12:28 min. long)

    “Hundreds of Nasty VA Workers Just Got Their Butts Booted By Trump After He Found SICK THINGS They Were Secretly Doing!”

    Question: Just WHEN & WHERE & AT WHAT VA buildings did hundreds of VA employees get the “boot”?
    I’d like to have that question answered!

    1. I know it’s late in the day. I hope y’all google and watch these two videos!
      Don’t barf dinner though. Wait until after dinner while your enjoying a drink of your choice!

    2. good to know. glad @crazy elf posted this. i’ll make use of it and chk out the links.

      don’t forget to flood any and all comm lines, (analog|digital) to WH and POTUS’s son-n-law office if & when possible. those two do have the balls & power to do something about all this IF they WANT to. their choice, and the veteran community has to let them know about things others are not informing them about.

  41. as for this current article, one opine comes to mind, would the federal gov please strip the classification of MJ from a classification as Schedule 1 whereby veterans lose some constitutional rights due to federal supersedes state law. i.e., even if a veteran has a med Rx for MJ, they get scooped up into a MJ database (oh my) and lose some Constitutional rights.

    since the country & med community has gone wacko on pain meds & shoreing them up and tossing blame all around the landscape, sure looks like one of the best altenatives is med MJ or non-med MJ. either way, a pos piss test and/or med-MJ ID card, can and does diminish some USA Constitutional rights. the VA contracts veterans have to sign is another obstacle if that pee test is pos for MJ, med or not, yes|no?

    good post by @Jane, though i will have long ceased to exist before the “…CDC and FDA need to develop a practice guideline that is truly “patient centered,” …”. i’ll keep a little hope in me back pocket just in case someone in Congress rises to the level of common-sense.

    1. This is from the Washington Examiner dated May 31, 2017:
      David Shulkin: Veterans Affairs ‘interested in looking at’ medical marijuana use
      Indiiana passed a bill allowing epileptics the use of cannabis oil. My daughter is starting it to see how it works on her seizures. Hopefully it will help her.

  42. VA Leadership is unable to manage their own employees, Upper VA Management has no zeal in trying to figure out where and how employee drug theft of Controlled Pharmaceutical Substances are occurring. And, at present, the VA Top Dog, doesn’t even demand such “zero tolerance” pertaining to drug theft and trafficking. Therefore, Shitty Head Shulkin must be terminated, with full pay, benefits, and bonuses. Shulkin did a poor ass job and should be rewarded as so. And, Shulkin needs to be given some sort of award for being a left-over Obamamite, which POTUS is afraid to tell Shulking, “YOUR FIRED.” What do you say?

    – – – Nutter.

    1. Sorry, mistyping is rubbing off. Keep on adding a “g” to Shulkin = Shulkin + g = Shulking

      1. Shulkin is definitely NOT THE PERSON FOR THE JOB. He is a wimpy political temporary cover their ass guy. We need a guy who is a prick, a knowledgeable prick with a legal and medical training and strong enough to stand up to Lil’cocks and get indictments. But really the boobracy must be shut down. Semper Fi, They would not want this old Marine Officer, with a law degree and a premed degree in there kicking ass, I assure you. I would love to see Ben take over as the Sec of VA.

      2. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – They definitely would not want me. But I took an oath – – – many times throughout my military service. And I still today, am willing to serve my country. So, just in case SOMEONE should call – – – I have my SecVA acceptance speech/first address to the nation, and all VA employees ready.

        It begins like this:

        “Ladies and Gentleman,

        Thank you for the faith and trust you have placed in me. While the VA was begun with good intentions to serve them who have borne our nations battles – – – over the years, the organization has morphed into the largest CLUSTERFUCK, ahem – – – please excuse me – – – COVFEFE within the United States Government.

        It in NO WAY serves the needs of this nation’s fine warriors. As VA employees, YOU are going to EXPEDITE squaring away this CLUSTER – – – COVFEFE. You will UNFUCK it within six months, OR I WILL FUCK YOU.

        Should you require more specific direction or instructions, my door will always be open to you . . . ”

        And you know where it will go from there. Should give the boys and girls on CNN, Fox, RT, et al something to talk about . . .

        Semper Fi.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

    2. @ANutterVet – – – Mighty right! Keep working on your definition of VA Veteran Care Terrorism. Looking better all the time.

      Disgruntled Veteran
      1973 – 1976 USMC
      1978 – 1993 USN

  43. The CDC “opioid epidemic” and the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management (“DVCIPM.org”) along with the VA National Pain Director’s Directive in the New March 2017 Veterans and DoD Pain Policy ( WARNING 198pages! – “https://www.healthquality.va.gov/guidelines/Pain/cot/VADoDOTCPG022717.pdf”) to cut opioids out is nothing but a farce sadly from the now FIRED former Surgeon General who owns with his “buddies ” Four Addiction Centers! and wants anyone who takes any narcotic to be called an addict when we are not! Below is a GREAT ARTICLE on the So Called opioid addiction epidemic”! I will post the whole here for all but also where t can be found as well! Very good read for all!
    By Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D. (has done lots of research for Chronic Pain veteran and civilian for over 20-years!)
    the full article can be found here “https://nationalpainreport.com/warning-to-the-fda-beware-of-simple-solutions-in-chronic-pain-and-addiction-8833744.html”
    On May 9-10, 2017, the US FDA held a workshop titled “Training Health Care Providers on Pain Management and Safe Use of Opioid Analgesics—Exploring the Path Forward.” I attended that Workshop in person to offer public comment on behalf of chronic pain patients. This paper is an expansion on the same theme.
    “… If you are truly concerned with the safety of patients who are prescribed opioid analgesics, then your first duty may be to adjourn this conference with a public acknowledgment that you aren’t ready to train doctors because you have no viable or safe standard of medical care in which to train them. This is true because the March 2016 CDC Guidelines on prescription of opioids are fundamentally incomplete, desperately flawed, and actively dangerous to the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of people.” 1
    Primary criticisms of the CDC Guidelines can be summarized as follows:
    Guidelines were developed by a core consultants working group which was hand-picked with an anti-opioid agenda in mind — and which met in secret until challenged by the Washington Legal Foundation 4 and Congress 5,6. The process of guideline development was dominated by addiction psychiatrists who had little training in pain management. None of the Board Certified pain management specialists in the group had practiced outside hospitals. Medical ethics consultants were never consulted.
    Even after Congress forced CDC to schedule public input to the Guidelines 6, dissenting voices of pain patients and pain management specialists among more than 4,700 comments were largely ignored.
    Writers of the guidelines drew strong conclusions from very weak medical evidence or unsupported opinion. Research referenced in support of the guidelines was manipulated to draw conclusions on opioid and non-opiod therapy that were unsupported by the medical evidence 1,7. Pertinent research was omitted from consideration, possibly because it contradicted conclusions of the CDC consultants. 8
    Although phrased as “voluntary” and directed to general practitioners, the guidelines became de facto restrictive standards even before the document was issued. A Congressional budget resolution bill in December 2015 made CDC guidelines mandatory for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Multiple restrictive State laws have been modeled on the CDC conclusions. US HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have proposed mandatory “soft audits” of insurance claims, delaying the filling of prescriptions until a doctor can verify them, where opioid dose levels exceed the limits proposed in the guidelines. The natural result of such audits will be to further restrict prescribing to people in agony.
    To these generally understood weaknesses in the CDC guidelines, we must examine three additional observations which have not been as widely discussed in public sources.
    The strong emphasis of the CDC guidelines was on reducing opioid addiction, not pain management. However, published evidence suggests that the most reliable risk factors in addiction are status as an adolescent, a history of family trauma, and/or prolonged unemployment. None of these factors is addressed by restriction of opioid analgesics needed by pain patients. 9
    While it may seem plausible that higher sustained doses of opioid analgesics might be associated with higher risk of addiction, the guidelines reference no literature supporting a particular threshold over others. The proposed maximum 90 Morphine Milligram Equivalent Daily Dose (MMED) is essentially arbitrary and is poorly supported by the limited evidence available 10. This maximum is being forced upon patients who have been stable on higher doses for years, despite the absence of any criteria for such action in the Guidelines. 11
    The Guidelines are dangerously silent on a fundamental issue which should shape both prescription opioid practice standards and physician education. Opioid pain relievers do not create their effects directly in the brain. Drugs must first be metabolized by enzymes into their component chemical parts. However, there are substantial genetic variations in the ability of individuals to accomplish this metabolism. Multiple gene alleles play a role. 12
    Drawing from long-established medical literature, it is known that:
    “Cytochrome P450 enzymes are essential for the metabolism of many medications. Although this class has more than 50 enzymes, six of them metabolize 90 percent of drugs, with the two most significant enzymes being CYP3A4 and CYP2D6. Genetic variability (polymorphism) in these enzymes may influence a patient’s response to commonly prescribed drug classes, including beta blockers and antidepressants. Cytochrome P450 enzymes can be inhibited or induced by drugs, resulting in clinically significant drug-drug interactions that may cause unanticipated adverse reactions or therapeutic failures…” 13
    Some patients “hyper-metabolize” or ‘poorly metabolize’ one or more commonly used opioid analgesics. For example, in patients with faults in the CYP2D6 allele who hyper-metabolize, the medication Codeine gets split rapidly by the enzymatic system into the prodrug morphine — at much higher levels than the original dose of codeine. Lethal blood levels can occur from doses that would be innocuous in a person with normal metabolism. This prompted the FDA to ban Codeine and Tramadol for children 14 — although genomic testing was ignored in favor of denying these alternatives to all children.
    Enzyme faults, drug interactions, gastric bypass, Crohn’s disease, gastroparesis, late stage diabetes, etc. can also cause poor metabolism (p-glycoproteins, CYP3A4, CYP2B6, CYP2D6, OPMR, COMT, MTHFR) and patients with these issues will often require significantly higher doses to generate therapeutic levels of analgesics. 12,13,14,15 Underlying disease progression also needs to be considered in dose increase over time.
    There are potentially millions of pain patients in the US who both need and respond well to opioid doses exceeding 400 MMED. There are case reports of patients doing well on megadoses exceeding 2500 MMED 15,16. Based on the preponderance of this evidence, it should be apparent that there can be no one-size-fits-all “maximum dose” or “addiction risk threshold” in the prescription of opioid analgesics. Guidelines should not state such a maximum. Dose must be tailored to each individual and informed by genomic testing when therapy fails. Prescription guidelines need to be explicit in directing that for patients who have been on stable doses and who have sustained improved function and quality of life over time, there is no scientific rationale for arbitrary withdrawal or tapering down from even “high” dose levels. To the contrary, such tapering may contribute to iatrogenic suicide.
    From postings by tens of thousands of chronic pain patients in social media, it is clear that the existing CDC opioid guidelines have directly resulted in an exodus of physicians out of pain management practice. Patients are being summarily discharged or unilaterally tapered down from opioid dose levels that have safely controlled pain and promoted function for many years. Suicides have occurred and more should be anticipated as ever more patients are plunged into agony, disability, and depression by denial of care. 17,18
    Given the substantial body of published medical and popular literature which contradicts the CDC de facto standard to which the FDA proposes to train doctors, the only ethically and scientifically sound direction for present FDA training efforts must be to publicly acknowledge that the CDC opioid guidelines must first be withdrawn and rewritten to correct their many errors and omissions. On the second time around, ethics consultants should be included in the writing group. Pain management specialists active in community practice should lead the effort. Pain patients or advocates must be voting members of the group.
    This time, the CDC and FDA need to develop a practice guideline that is truly “patient centered,” rather than being a knee-jerk response to political pressure to “do something” even if that something is clearly the wrong thing. 19
    About the Author: Richard A (“Red”) Lawhern, Ph.D. is a non-physician writer, research analyst, patient advocate, and website moderator for chronic pain patients, families, and physicians. His wife and daughter are chronic pain patients. His 20 years of experience has produced articles and critical commentaries at the US Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, Ben’s Friends online communities for patients with rare disorders, US National Institutes for Neurologic Disorder and Stroke, Wikipedia, WebMD, Mad in America, Pain News Network, National Pain Report, the American Council on Science and Health, the Global Summit for Diagnostic Alternatives of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Psychiatric News and Psychology Today.
    References: PLEASE ORIGINAL ARTICLE for Very Good Readings including the Bibliography as well!
    AGAIN the full article can be found here “https://nationalpainreport.com/warning-to-the-fda-beware-of-simple-solutions-in-chronic-pain-and-addiction-8833744.html”

    1. @Jane, Hi Jane, good info, but bunched together, with no paragraphs. Please use in future posts. When comma’s aren’t used in long writings, your reader gets lost in the contents. Ever so kindly, thank you.

      – – – Nutter.

      1. @ANutter kept getting too long & would not post 🙁 per Bens blog guess too many characters or something I did try! maybe should have done two posts?? thanks! easier read going to source why I posted that above n below

    2. Thank you for the info and links. Now all people have to do is read and understand we are being led to the slaughter intentionally either by slow kill, or fast kill.

  44. Off topic, somebody may have already posted this.

    The body of a veteran was found in his car in the DC VA parking lot in May.

    His sister called the VA to look for him since he didn’t return from an appointment May 15th.

    The worthless fucks couldn’t find him. His sister found him in his car 2 days later.

    How can a veteran that sick go to the VA and not have proper care provided? Was he just given some aspirin and told to go home?


    1. WTF, VA?!

      That’s exactly how indifferently ignorant these assholes are! WTF, VA????!!!!!!!!!

      This is earlobe deep in the swamp, D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (where Shulkin Sleestack says all is fixed now!!!)

      1. If you read the article, I doubt much comes of it unless the family member who called those lazy bastards several times got a name.

        I bet there are lots of them denying they received a call from her.

        He sat In his car for 2 days slumped over. The article says he was found unconcious, but does not say if he were still alive when found, which makes you wonder if he could have been saved if they actually looked and found him when she first called.

        Yet the VA Barney Fifes are likely patrolling the parking lot for vets spitting or speeding or parking over a line.

        On the NBCWashington article, some VA Program Support Assistant commented saying, “My heart felt sympathy to the family of our veteran”.

        If he was “our” veteran, then why the fuck didn’t they show some sympathy a little sooner?

      2. 91Veteran, and we wonder why VA with all the research that they fund, along with DOD won’t confirm that there is such a thing as Gulf War Illness. They can’t even find one of Americas finest in their own parking lot. Fuck VA, Fuck AFGE.

      3. Warhorse, certainly true.

        I don’t know if you have ever looked at the VA/DOD research portfolio for Gulf War veterans. I did some years ago when they had already wasted around $200 million in it. That was close to the time when Congress finally got wise and started funding independent research by private, non-government researchers.

        Anyway, looking at that portfolio was interesting. It had a very large number of PTSD studies by VA or DOD researchers, with several done by the same people.

        There were several where there was just a slight variation of the same research, and what appeared to be lead authors taking turns who would lead the study.

        The VA and DOD were damn good at keeping any research money in-house.

        …until Congress started asking what gains were made from so much money spent.

        The VA is still heavily involved in keeping their researchers employed and well fed, but they still have little to show for it, and what is discovered doesn’t translate to actual good treatment for veterans.

      4. 91Veteran, I’ve attended the meetings of the Research Advisory Comittee on Gulf War Illness for the past 4 years. You’re correct, duplicate studies being done. One by VA, the other by DOD. The days of research being done to determine “cause and effect” are long gone when it comes to GWI. Now most of these fucktards are more interested in breaking this shit down to the molecular level. Purposely being done so more of us will die. Ran some numbers today, about 650,000 US troops deployed in shield/storm. 411,000 have passed on AFTER returning home. There is one Dr that does research out of Georgetown University that does have his shit together. I’ve participated in his studies, got the real no-shitter results from him. This man is for the troops, and he’s not afraid of the “swamp”.
        Fuck VA, Fuck AFGE……..

      5. Warhorse, you and I know some of the same people then if you’ve attended the RAC meetings.

        I was a reviewer of some of their proposals some years ago.

        Would that be Dr. Baraniuk? If so, damn good doctor and researcher, and you are right, he is for the vets.

        Now if his findings could just be put into treatments for vets.

      6. How about an immediate court order to implement the valid Dr.’s studies and for criminal actions against the other boobs for falsification of records, etc. come on VA boobery

      7. 91Veteran, you’re correct, Dr Baraniuk. I’ve never had a doc, civilian, military or VA actually spend 4+ hours each day with me during the study explaining things, answering questions and listening to me. Dr Baraniuk also will do a DBQ for participants that complete his study.

      8. Good to hear that Warhorse.

        I met him in Kansas at a military medical conference in 2009, which I think he was presenting his initial findings from his research proposal we had funded earlier, or may have been presenting his actual proposal. The guy seriously knew what he was talking about, and genuinely had concern for Gulf War vets, as opposed to so many other VA and DOD presenters there who clearly couldn’t fake their concern enough.

        Does Kelley Ann Brix ring a bell?

        I haven’t followed his research or any treatments he may have as much as I should, but I do know he made a very good impact for veterans of any era with his Neuro research.

        Good to hear you spent time with such an extremely well qualified doctor. I suspect it was well worth it.

        Your comments also tell me it was well worth fighting for the legislation that created the RAC and the CDMRP.

        It’s just unfortunate for veterans that the VA blocked its creation for so many years, until congress forced them to act.

        Gotta keep those worthless VA researchers employed I guess.

      9. 91Veteran, I know I’ve heard of Kelley Ann Brix in the circles of GWI research. Will have to look into it again. The study of Dr Baraniuk that I was in fall 2016 is the conformation of results from the front end of his study on changes in the brain of deployed vets compared to none deployed and also compared to healthy, non-military controls. The results that he has discovered is fucking scary for us deployed troops. The RAC and CMDRP was a good idea. Personally I believe forces within NSA, CIA, DOD along with NIH are trying to silence the few researchers that have our backs.

      10. I wonder how it would look if Johnny Isaacson was not found for 2 days while he was slumped over his Stairmaster or splatted on the wall behind him?

        But damn it, do NOT DARE PARK in VA Employee’s parking lots, which are all CLOSER to the VAMC than the parking lots designated for Disabled or otherwise Veterans.

        A VA Barney Cop will be out there faster than a blow fly to a fresh pile of shit. Dead or dying Veteran, an entirely different story. Priorities. Priorities.

        Had that been the local contracted donut delivery truck driver slumped-over, I am betting they would have saved their life even if it meant the VA Witch Dr.’s had to sacrifice a Veteran in surgery to get parts.
        Got to keep those donut-shaped employees all safe with their built-in floatation devices around their waistlines and asses.

        Sorry for the rant but I DID end on donuts.

      11. when I was using the D.C. VA I would not allow the employees to park closer than the vets, and when they tried to give me a ticket I took it up with them right away, telling them they were violating fed laws re: disabled, etc. etc

    2. 91Veteran,
      If you haven’t figured it out, not one asswipe at the VHA went out into the parking lot and looked for that veteran!
      They’re nothing but a bunch of worthless scum/cock sucking punk ass little botched!
      I’ll bet and guarantee y’all just about every single VA person, from upper management to the lowest dickwad, is still crying over President Trump winning the election.
      They want Obama, or even either Bush, back. Why? Because it was easier to steal from the Veterans and Taxpayers!
      Look at all the “TRILLIONS” of dollars, ($20+), the United States of America is in debt for! All because of a past few presidents!
      When, or IF, President Trump can get a handle on our deficit, which he’s trying hard, it will be a rocky road to clear it or to bring it down to a manageable figure!

      I pray he’s getting it straightened out! Then he may begin his frontal assault on the Veterans Administration! At least that’s what I’m hoping is his strategy!

      1. Crazy Elf, I keep thinking maybe the House or Senate VA chairs will get tired of being embarrassed and start demanding accountability, but even the quote in the article from Roe sounds old and rehashed.

        Of course, there was no quote from that equally worthless Johnny Isakson.

        You are likely right. I doubt anyone got out of their chair to look for him.

      2. Plenty of VA money if we fire all the bureauc rats and pay the private doctors for med care to vets and spend more $ on compensation.

    3. What the hell is so dam hard about finding a car in a VA Parking Lot. Many VA Employees can’t do shit.

      “Alert, Alert, keep you heads up and be on the lookout for a Veteran on campus that is driving a (color, type of, name of make of vehicle, and model).”

      What is so fucking hard to follow up on that Alert?

      1. ANutterVet, you are right, it wouldn’t be hard to follow up.

        I doubt any effort was made to do so.

        How hard is it to find a car when given the make, model and color?

        How hard is it for a VA employee to find their ass with both hands, a map and a flashlight?

      2. @91Veteran- “[How hard is it for a VA employee to find their ass with both hands, a map and a flashlight?]”

        Let me try:

        The engorged VA Purple Team Member has an anatomical shape that induces a gravity wave.
        This causes items to have a beneficiary orbit in an elliptical around the engorged purple team member.
        So with that suggestion, both hands would not be needed, they can continue to grab various assorted donuts and chicken orbiting around their mass.
        The flashlight simply can be turned-on and let it illuminate the engorged purple team member’s ass for full viewing.
        Map- Not needed as the gravitational wave allows for GPS to be utilized to find their ratty crumbs.

        I tried.

      3. Good enough and well done. Some of their incompetence and attitudes are beyond words. Ahh yes, the P team. Meet a new MD that states she hadn’t the time to read my file but then started changing everything and tell whatever I have done over the years in and out of the VA I would have to do all over again. Or three desk clerks didn’t know how to deal with travel pay. While sucking on their Dairy Queen Blizzards. Nice people there, real nice. Nope.


      5. The purple team (Indy VAMC) has no one you can find to fix that. They refused to look at my previous VAMC (Puget Sound VAMC) medical records and I changed providers five times. They want you to do what they say and do not question them.

      6. Go right up to the Director’s office and file a written complaint and get a copy and file a med malpractice suit

      7. Starting out I can proudly say I have only lost my cool once at any VA joint and that was in Indy with a VA cop, Harris. He put orange cones around my car and said I did it and it was on tape leaving me a ticket. I heard the hospital speakers announcing someone to move their FireBird car for some bus to park in. Which never parked there before. I am sauntering out and see the cop, my car, the bus, then the ticket. Hmmmm

        I asked what was going on. He said are you the owner, I said yes, He said I made announcements for your ass to get out hare and move your car. I said I heard no announcement for my vehicle. He called me a liar. I told him my car is a that little Sun Bird, not a Fire Bird, he said it was the same damn thing. Put his hand on his pistol and told me to get my ticket and get. I said wrong. I want to see the tape. He said it won’t happen. I said, watch this fucker. Same thing to the bus driver squawking making the same claims and threats. Officer begins to pull his weapon, I said with a loud voice turning some heads as witnesses, you gonna shoot me over this you corrupt lying fucker? Do it, stepping forward with my arms out stretched. Then told him to do a back shot as I told him I was going to the officers station to see the video while it was still fresh.

        In short, there was no video of it, I was not allowed to review a video, the Sergent took the ticket back and told me to have a good day, and said sorry. I walked out expected to be jumped, high wired by then. He’s not there and cones pulled away. Bus driver was there and we about went to fisticuffs nose to nose. After him telling me to never park in his spot again. I told him loudly and politely to back away slowly or I was going to rip his throat out, poke his eyes out and skull F him, and to let me leave at peace or jump. He backed off to his bus cussing me all the way. He was a veteran. I shook and barfed for fifty miles over this episode. Seen the cop after this a few times afterwards and got the silent stink-eye from him until I was out of sight. Funny.

        Other than that I have never even raised my voice much until the new pain clinic scenario and due to emotions and being disrespected my voice went from a about a 65decibel range to 75 or 80 at times I was truly pissed.

        So I was calm and polite at all the P team crap. I left the TH CBOC that was one move, going to Howard. She quit that position changing jobs and I got Golla the Marx feminist quack hack and liar. After all the games I requested a change of clinics and MDs. Was told by Patient Advocates no way. Not over two changes in health care teams or MDs in one year. Which is odd because the VA had me see way more PCPs than that in one years time.

        After I woke up and smelled the coffee and notices all the PA and other clinics and union staff were playing games with me on many levels, in person, and over the phone, plus the broken jaw, I walked away never to return.

        After what I have been through, seen others go through, know to many people who have died under their care, all the mistake stories I have heard, I can never trust such people and an institution like that again. Death, suffering or not. Like local civilian pain clinics wanting us to wait an entire day in a waiting room for a visit and a dose of pain meds…… it ain’t going to happen. I refuse to be walked on and treated this way ever again. I am fed up. At this point death doesn’t bother me a bit but I will not allow some phony, corrupt, POS kill me on a cutting table to “Practice” their trade on me, and not giving a damn if I live or die. Or to flat out kill me because I am not a sheep and ask questions, or stand up for myself and others.

        I now know why I have seen so many pissed off vets leaving the clinics and hospital. And why some damages happen to some vehicles while they walk out. Maybe hitting side mirrors or keying cars all the way to theirs to last out at something, or punching their vehicle and others as they go. I know now fully. There is no discussing matters with the corrupt, liars, or a complete network of them working together to show their powers and hate.

      8. T,
        golla was my last PCP. She is a lying two-faced person. She is the reason my choice program appointment took 90 to get finished. She forced me to sign “her” version of weaning me off my pain med. She told me if I did not sign the slower taper, she would not prescribe hardly any pain med the next month to get me off of it. She told me she would not increase my iron tablets for my severe iron deficiency anemia because according to her “I did not have nor have I ever had a history of being deficient”. I had to show her my ICU admittance at the Puget Sound VAMC to get her to change her mind. She still refused and now I have to have another gram of iron infused (second in three months) next week.
        After I proved her a liar is when I got my flag in my records. They stated:
        The patient has demonstrated repeated acts of inappropriate, bullying, and intimidating behavior toward staff members that disrupted the environment of care.
        This is also known as proving them wrong and being liars. I was never bullying, or intimidating. I was not backing down in what I was proving and they did not like that so I got flagged. My new PCP is not putting anything in my records about our appointment. I think this is being done so I will not see what lies he is putting in.

      9. f8f……My new PCP is not putting anything in my records about our appointment. I think this is being done so I will not see what lies he is putting in………mine doesn’t either, must be some type of flag or they are just hiding info for proof on a claim………………..

      10. OLDMARINE,
        I just sent an nice e-mail to my new PCP asking why there is nothing. I am sure you are right. The notes do exist; however, they are in the third set of records. I am sure they have a good reason to hide important medical information from the ones they are treating, NOT.
        We will see what the excuse is.

      11. f8f ….I talked to the nurse on the phone last week and she just ignored that question…I think I’LL email them too about doctors notes…..maybe because i tell all the nurses he’s worthless…the nurses tell me to tell him when you get in there, but he just ignores me ,….what great death care we have….. I’m tired of being polite,…to the turds in white trench coat’s…. I like a good debate anyway..LOL.. and thats the truth and i don’t lie ever..I don’t have to, it is what it is….i cant stand being around some one that the story always changes, I’m not on garbage-pentin any more so my memory is back…..I’m going to do a F.O.I. on everything pertaining to me and see what i get….good LUCK and let me know how that works out for you……….OLD-JARHEAD I have the lid screwed on tight today LOL ….AS ALWAYS…open-minded-people-embrace-being-wrong-are-free-of-illusions-dont-mind-what-people-think-of-them-quote-…

      12. I believe that there is NO reason/excuse for that to happen. it deserves a rage and firing and cleaning house, and prosecution. Like the Sarge used to say in Boot camp:
        “Excuses are like assholes, everyone’s got one”, NO excuse, absolutely No excuse. Just like for the 4 of our brothers who died at Ben Ghazi, No excuse, you die too, Hillary, Osama Obama. You let someone die needlessly, you die,
        old testament stuff. Fragging stuff. 300 veterans die cuz they didn’t get care??!! You die, Director, and you, director, and you Director and you director…………………………………………….. and Mr. Sec. overboard you go………………………

      13. @ Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

        All the times I tried I was not allowed to speak with certain Patient Advocates or those with the pretty pictures on the walls claiming they’d take care of our needs.

        I tried seeing the VA directors, just like the rest of them in the state, the governor’s office, staff, medical boards, Congress critter, others, I was always given excuses why I could not personally visit with them being busy or not present, or being constantly told to go back to the Advocates. That the governors office, state’s attorney general and all others I was told to contact from the VA, all told me the same song and dance. Hence nothing ever got accomplished, but ignored then stopped.

        With some major changes in their stories or reports. It went something like this: “odd we haven’t heard any complaints about our fine VA in town or in Indy. Blah blah blah..”what a lovely city.” blah blah. You are the only one with complaints and negative reports. or experiences. Oh really?

        Or, from some the states’ AG, governors office, office of state vet affairs, etc.: yes we have had hundreds of calls over these matters. We can’t do anything about it so you should go back to the VA for care and contact the P Advocates and they will honestly help you any way they can. You can trust them they are there to help.” Unquote. The states veteran affairs office can’t do anything about veterans serious complaints? Huh.

        And yes I was told by many to hire and attorney. I did over several issues. Some flat out refused to talk to me due to “Professional Courtesy.” First time I heard that one but it stuck and heard it more from physicians later. They won’t harm those in their own professions or others.

        Over my bankruptcy I fired an attorney who said my VA disability was not exempt from it like my SS was not exempt. BS. None would take his place until I finished filing with the Trustee and accepted the Chap 13 and payments or lose all my back pay, and bank account savings which wasn’t much. but still.

        One attorney (actually more than one) said he’d look at my case but demanded a, I think if I remember right, around 25,000 retainer with no promises to take a look at the bankruptcy, but could do nothing about the VA. That would be more money and ‘they’ were not comfortable with my reports and claims in dealing with the states medical boards, broken jaw, no file about VA complaints, no copies of the communications and files they had deleted from my “Healthy E-Vet” Secure Messaging System”, and the rest. So I have just been put in a corner with little else to do but bitch, make many more enemies, and spread the word about all the corruption and covering up. No help or aid here from any vet group..all “their hands are tied” due to politics and the old quid pro quo. So to hell with us peons who are not connected or part of some herd.

        Yeah, I got the rage, it’s been bottled up. So I do just what I can do since others seem to live in a state of fear, fear of losing VA care, or fear from all the retaliation that can happen here locally with ease.

        Yep, I too still have my blood boiling over Ben Ghazi. Boiling! USS Liberty, other vets I have seen suffer and die and some other things. Living in such a corrupt lying state as Indiana. All that and more plus pain keeps me up all hours. I guess I’ll just bitch and piss off the scum at the top and all the rest of the evil bastards till I drop. These are sad and sick days in America but very few care. Locally none.

        Oh well, I better get off that bummer mood quick. Ya’all have a great morn, and a sunny Saturday!

  45. Air Force Vet Sentenced to 35 Years for Attempting to Join ISIS……see what you get when you try joining a cia owned company uninvited….OOOOOOOOO.by invitation only…unequal opportunity employer ………..I think I need to take a hike

    1. I just loved the Benghazi witch-hunt (not that Clunton isn’t fucking witch). Nice diversion to cover the reality that the port of Benjizzy was also home to GaDaffyDuck’s massive arsenal. Those pesky nosy embassy staffers were asking too many questions – they had to go. Never get in the way of a Mossad/CIA op. The Sheeple keep lapping it up and blaming lefties and righties, resorting to name calling commies and nazis, and thus perfecting and perpetuating the perfect divide in a fantasy democracy.

      1. Is CIA Behind the #ResortsWorldManila Lone Nut Terror Attack?
        June 3, 2017 Covert Geopolitics…….oooooo no they wouldn’t,, would they…….TOP SECRET YOU GUYS GET THE NEWS FIRST CHECK THAT DATE OUT

      2. CIA – “They” NWO, Bilderburgs, Rothschilds, Illuminati, Reptilian Shape Shifters. I like to bundle my conspiracies for efficiency – Jewluminaziburgs kinda covers them all. Either way – trust nothing of what you hear or read. Conspiracy web sites are among those I least trust. I decided long ago Prison Planet was a counter op designed to discredit any and all challenges to 9/11 “findings”. Create a popular channel of information, disclose enough truth of withheld information of the black-op bolster logic, and discredit it with the likes of Alex Jones’ ranting and raving and fucking “Obama is a reptile” shit. Geezzuz.

      3. speaking about the…. Bilderberg starts this week all the TRAITORS will be there Many of the world’s most powerful people are gathering for the annual meeting of the mysterious Bilderberg Group this week. Russia, the Trump administration and ‘The war on information’ are among key topics up for discussion.

        This year’s gathering takes place in Chantilly, Virginia, less than 30 miles from the White House, and goings on in the Oval Office are top of the agenda for the 131 people who’ve confirmed they’re attending.

        Many top White House figures will be at the four-day event, including the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, National Security Advisor HR McMaster and Assistant to the President Christopher Liddell.

        Other topics up for discussion include ‘Russia in the international order,’ China, ‘The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks,’ ‘The war on information,’ ‘Direction of the EU’ and ‘Why is populism growing?’

        This year’s event marks the 65th meeting of the infamously-secretive group which has met every year since 1954. Denis Healey, Joseph Retinger, David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands were the group’s founders.

        The group says the conference is “designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.” Each year it’s attended by people from the fields of politics, industry, finance, media and academia. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America.

      4. Oh – Manila. Twenty two people perish in a nightclub in the UK, and it stays in the news cycle for a week. But the Manila bombing disappeared in about twelve hours. Nary a headline.

      5. This is yet another mysterious CIA, NSA, mission gone amok by some accounts. It is one reason, still today, why the new president of the Philippines, Duterte, dislikes the American government. This is bad blood after all these years. According to CNN, intelligence reports showed that Meiring was a CIA covert operative that had ties with the Muslim militants in the Philippines.

      6. @Windguy @OLDMARINE – – – Gentlemen, you two have been charged with paying proper attention to history and current events. The sentence, should you be found guilty – – – is slow deliberate execution by VA incompetence and indifference.

        What say you on pleading to the charges?

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      7. @Namdibor Yeah, it’s crazy as hell out there and getting more dangerous by the day. Worse in the big city and was bad in the VA parking lot for the disabled. Plus pure hell to get lost in the big city because of construction or large mobs in the streets.

        I guess I would have to stand up and plead guilty too. I’ve done all my studies, research, got countless degrees from the University of Hard Knocks, refused several mainstream chances for ordination (not a guppie, won”t sugar coat shit, or carry on with the failed traditions of man IMHO, I refuse to be a sheep, and know who my real, and many enemies are. I’d rather swing with kindred spirits, die fighting, because I will not conform or assimilate to the mainstream or Kardashian boot lickers of Hollywood, etc.

        Been far enough around and in the cup of life to have found the handle. Came, went, and saw. Seen the sheep and goats do it at the fair. Been behind some closed door meetings with the elite. I earned and bought the hat, given a few, got the T shirts, plenty of physical scars….errrr memories, and emptied bank account too just to prove to some…. been there – done that, I don’t like threats and bullies. I don’t back down. Lost my ass more times than I can remember. Took on billionaires and the corrupt below them. Ha ha, I lost, but they know this “piss ant on the elephants butt was and is here, and unstoppable so far. What more can they do? Eat us? lol

        I would love to be put on lie detector about my state and town. Would like to see some of my choice comply to do the same. They would dribble down their pant legs.


      9. Fuck the VA. Fuck the Army. Fuck the NSA. Fuck the Government. And by all means, fuck all the ignorant flag-waving Kardashian motherfuckers who continue to believe political parties actually matter. I’d say “Fuck the Sheeple”, but I’d be accused of bestiality. Besides, I like lamb….

        Some day I’ll regale you with my NSA interviews – especially the polygraph tests….

      10. @Windguy – – – I hear you completely on the first paragraph. I like lamb as well. Goes good with falafel.

        Would love to hear that story. Spent some “extended polygraph/oral interview” time in ’85 with some humorless folks up in Virginia prior to being cleared mid-transfer from a ship homeported San Diego for some naval duties in Pearl Harbor.

        Smoked so much back then – – – that if anyone onboard ship saw me without a Camel non-filter cigarette in my mouth or hand – – – they would ALWAYS inquire if I was feeling OK.

        Went in for the interview, and apparently lighting up in a government building was to the East Coast Navy, a gaffe right up there with running you Aircraft Carrier aground in your homeport.

        So after about 4 hours without, I started getting fidgety. The more fidgety I got, the more the readings varied when asked a question. The female agent who was conducting the interview asked why I was getting nervous. I told her what I needed, she was cool. Told me that she could not say it was alright – – – but was NOT in the navy, so had NO authority to give me a direct order. Smiled, walked over and locked the door – – – then came back and sat across the table from me.

        I noted this, made a quick reach inside my socks for my herd – – – quick reach into my chest pocket for Lt. Zippo – – – introduced the two, and within 15 seconds we continued for the next several hours with “All Readings Normal”. And I thinned the herd by two more camels.

        Today, of course – – – doing that would probably get me jail time.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      11. OK Clem – here we go:

        76 – I’m out 18 months. Go to DC for my interview with NSA. I had been ASA – slave labor for NSA – why not? Did the head tests. Did the skills tests. Did this, did that. Spotted the rat goon they sent into the hotel bar – in about 90 seconds. Douche was looking for blabbers. Fine. Get to the polygraph. Name or not. Sold out to the commies – yes or no. Approached by the commies – yea or nay. Did I inhale. Do you like sex with women. Do you like sex with men. Are you a homosexual – hell no. Are you a heterosexual…. aaahhh no? Flat line telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Here I am – 23 – two plus years in the Khmer Rouge mission gathering a ton of intel – from shit daily to hours daily. I can tell how those radio monkeys were trained. Top Secret Umbra JSC cleared for anything except who killed Kennedy shit. But I didn’t know what the fuck the meaning of heterosexual was. No shit – can’t make it up. This Buddy Holly bespectacled redneck short sleeve button down white shirt pocket protector motherfucker was real pissed because he couldn’t get my plotter pens to wiggle the right way. Fucker thought I was a liar extraordinaire and he fucked with me for hours. And it got ugly because I figured out what he was saying, but was still a clueless sober dipstick.

        I head back home and got the proverbial thanks but no thanks letter. A week or so later I’m having coffee at Mom’s. She asks. Then she probes. I get to the hetero story. She busted out laughing so hard I thought she’d tip over.

        I didn’t know what to think. So, I got high, drank a little, got high again, and went to my sweety’s and got laid.

        Fuck the NSA.

        Still got the girl.

      12. Windguy, I would like nothing more than sitting around a campfire with a case of beer shooting the shit with you.



      14. @Windguy – – – (Insert 10 Big Smiley Cartoon Faces her) Ah-HAH !! Caught you! Americans were never involved with the Khemr Rouge in Cambodia. We NEVER went into Laos either. I know this to be true because the U S Government which fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way told me so . . . Wait, that is Superman that does that. Sorry.

        I’ve known a few guys like you in my time. Good Operators. Guys you could trust in the bush – – – yet there was always something in the “civilized” world of American Bureaucracy that inevitably “tripped them up” at good opportunities. Funny Story. And the NSA’s loss, I am sure.

        But that is what our nation does best – – – waste money, waste talent, waste time, waste lives. In ’76, you would have been fairly anonymous – – – but today, all the SPECOPS guys have their “brand”.

        Amazing some of the “word games” the government will play that can trip you up at the most inopportune times. Back in ’89 I had to have some special caveat added onto a clearance, which required a Special “Bring Up” – – – forget the proper term – – – and was asked several questions about my sexual habits.

        Never liked boys, ALWAYS liked girls and as a young stud – – – the more the merrier. Subic Bay and Pattaya Beach, Best Merry Go Round and Roller Coaster East of 180. Was asked something about “Could I ever be blackmailed sexually due infidelity in a relationship?” Before I answered, I had to ask what infidelity meant.

        Told them not a chance, but should an attempt be made I would report it – oh, and BTW, any chance you guys could get me a copy of the tape for my collection?” Gave me the clearance, but the fuckers surely must have thought I was off my rocker . . . Humorless Bastards.

      15. Windguy ….they wanted a robot not someone with a brain….CHECK THIS IP OUT,,,……

      16. @Windguy – – – I will second 91Veterans motion re: campfire. You, 91Veteran, OLDMARINE, and Me. Bet between the four of us, our overlaps would be enough to make a History Channel Documentary out of.


        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      17. Dv, I’m thinking 4 cases then, and at least one being Blue Moon.

        Would be a damn good night.

        On a par of one I had years ago talking with a merc who had been running around what was then called Rhodesia.

      18. @91Veteran – – – Agree it would be a hell of a good night. Haven’t had a drink in over twenty years – – – but I surely would buy you guys a case of Blue Moon. As for me, I would bring my own “relaxing stuff” to fill my Digital Pipe with. Eases chronic pain. Long as I did not overdo it, maybe a wee bit of Irish Coffee.

        Got to win my fight against these worthless VA fucks first. Get my earned military retirement, and VA bennies. Get off this tiny pimple in the middle of the Pacific. Buy my Commie (Ural Gear Up w/Sidecar) Rig. Then hit the road. Would be the first good road trip I have had since’84. Rode my BMW R65 from San Diego up to Saint Helens and back. Took a bee in the sack at 75+ on the return.

        Damn. Big Checklist. Back to work on my fight with the Guvmint.


        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      19. Dude, for you or any other veteran on here, my home is open. I have a view of Grand Mesa in Western Colorado to the east and the Uncomphagre to the west. Creeks are flowing on the backside with Trout and horses in the pasture.

        Whatever your pleasure is up to you.

        Cottonwood all over providing whatever firewood is needed.

      20. Follow ups. Beer is a good idea – after chores dammit. Ya – the campfire would be a hoot. Gotta go easy on the alcohol – instant inflammation. A little high CBD sativa and I’m good to go.

        Clarification. I wasn’t any kind of bush grunt. Just a nerd in intel flying around in a wee fleet of clapped out U21s (think King Air) looking for the bad guys so the FANK Cambodian regulars AND the “civilian” pilots of a certain fleet of Specters could shred civilians with an occasional Rouge target actually getting hit.

        Insane stars over the Southern Oregon coast tonight. The moon is high and it reflects off the ocean so bright you could almost read. Faint drone of calm surf scrubbing the edge of the continent. There’s a glow of a few fishing boats near the horizon – probably tuna boats. Peaceful.

  46. If, or when, y’all google the article about Vets getting angry about the IU bullshit.
    I suggest emailing Richard Sisk and letting him know about how veterans aren’t being allowed to use Choice!
    The more he learns, the better for us!
    His email address is at the bottom of the article. Click on his name to email him!
    I’ve already done so. I need MANY more to help with what they know about how the Veterans Administration screwed them!

  47. Well, it’s Friday. So that brings to question what kind of catching mechanism is required behind the VA Meat Grinder’s rear exit?
    Will it be chunky to justify carbon fiber netting or will today’s extrusion have the consistency of lava and just as hot?
    Neither of which would do if it’s an explosive diarrhea day.

    Or…maybe we will get lucky and with the amount of opiates the VA hacks are on they are constipated and therefore impacted with shit.

    Either way, full of shit.

      1. With the high number of VA employees stealing opiates for their own personal use. I have to agree with RAND on the impaction due to the employees suffering from Opioid-Induced Constipation.

        Wonder what is the second most stolen drug at the VA Laxatives?

        Since we all know that everyone at the VA is full of Shit now we know one of the causes their drug addictions.

    1. namnibor…..you asked for it you got it……Secretary Shulkin on the ‘State of VA’: Making VA into an organization Veterans deserve………its called bullshit stew….ask your doctor if its right for you

    2. namnibor,
      I also wonder what kind of shit sandwich we’re going to receive today!
      Will it be “smooth” or “chunky”?
      Either way, we always get fucked hard!

  48. ** VA Veteran Care Terrorism ** – the intentional infliction of emotional stress, including physiological and pathophysiological accentuators, and the incompetent and incomplete medical services, that includes using sets of preemption laws that prevents recourses for dangerously poor or defectively designed therapeutic supplies, and pharmaceutical formulations, that has harmful effect(s) on the appropriate and proper health care, and the speedy recovery of the lives of BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans). And, the lack of a fluent, streamlined, and timely filing process of claims submitted by BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans), for their due right of timely compensation and pension decision(s), and if not, will immediately put unnecessary stressors on the BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) life, which then directly puts a BENEFICIARY (Veteran) in a degrading state of fear, of losing their health, recovery, family and friends, livelihood, and most importantly, the fear of losing their life. (Revised- May 30, 2017) – – – Nutter.

    1. Great reply, butter!
      Not only that, but I’ll guarantee y’all the majority of “veterans” who get to use Choice are Vets who work for VA! NOT us veterans who want to use it!

      Remember last year, I believe, when Choice was robbed of billions of dollars? Which went to other (fraud) programs – as in trying to build that Aurora Colorado VHA. Which by the way still isn’t opened and $1.7 Billion over budget! Probably more by now!

      1. The wife just reminded me of HOW Obama took out billions to give to the refugees! Remember that little fiasco!

        “Shithead Shulkin” is an Obama holdover and needs to be fired!

  49. I received this today, 2 June 2017. The article is from yesterday.
    “Military.com/Daily News”
    by: Richard Sisk.

    “Proposed VA Benefit Cut Angers Elderly, Disabled Vets!”

    “Shithead Shulkin” still doesn’t realize how many veterans out there are starting to get pissed! The VSO’s are now taking heat for their inactions against VA for decades!
    Good, let them sweat! They’ve been throwing Vets under the bus for too damn long.

    For y’all living in Indiana. Here’s something of interest y’all might like!

    From: “Latest Conspiracy Theory News”
    Dated: 30 May 2017
    “Breaking: Entire Indiana Police Dept Quits After Being Told To Do These 3 SICK THINGS!”

    It looks like “Bunker Hill, Miami County, Indiana’s “Men in Blue” aren’t too happy. Seems the city council wanted the police department to “spy” on their political apponents, among other things! And it ain’t sitting to well with them. So they quit!
    Right now the sheriff’s department is filling in until a new police force can be hired. But wait, according to the article, “NOT ONE WANTS THE JOB!”

    1. Wow, some integrity in Indiana finally? This is news to me and I try to news hound all I can possibly handle.
      Oath Keepers club for Indiana seemingly ignore discussing Hoosier issues and the need for real oath keepers full circle to do what they swore to, not what corruption can do for them and their family or connections.

      I wish the locals were like that. Far from it. The in-crowd, socialites, trendy, power families, Fraternal Orders, unions, cliques, any media, the hip-slick-and cool locals, the down-towner college campus living styled clubs, the assimilated or rock hard conformist, professionals of all sorts, would not dare make a public spectacle of themselves doing such a thing. “Rocking the Boat?” Rare here indeed. They would some how lose their positions, be set-up, or life made a living hell. Just the opposite here. No-one here dares upset the local ruling mafias or ruling party which is Democrat through-out and completely. Even the so-called mayor ran as R but is D. Doesn’t matter because they all serve the same masters, colleges, agendas, bankers, and the United Nations Agenda 21 including the drug war is in full swing complete with street dope and increase in illegals and gangs.

      This is one of those stories that our council critters and others don’t want the general public to hear of. That is why big city news or other Indiana broadcast news was ceased on local cable and sat networks. And the sheep don’t care. Years back the news paper had an article I can’t find, stating that the city and media would decide what news would be made for Public Consumption. No one here seemed to give a damn but me. To the point today we rarely hear anything the fascist don’t want us to know about. They know and have plenty of state wide info, not us. But can sure pump out the war time like propaganda, winning hearts and minds, emotional stories sucking the sheep in, refusing to report real news and happenings. Don’t ask the rulers to provide evidence or proof of something, it won’t happen. Insider information and knowledge for the political class and wealthy pays off for them, while using their thugs to threaten and silence us. Been that way for years, hence, Sin City, and not because of the old whore houses that used to be here. Little Chi town the other nick name, little Chicago. I guess no explanation there is necessary.

      Vincennes IN also had problems finding cops, I think it was last year. Another college town, had to broadcast the need in hopes of filling positions. They finally did. Caliber of hired individuals…unknown

      Thanks for the heads up on this.

      1. T,
        I read all of your posts and I have to agree with you on the way things are in Indiana. I could not have said it better on the things I have seen and been through. I was born and raised here and with the Air Force and my 10 year vacation to WA, I have lived in this state. It has changed so much and none of it for the good. The “epidemic” that the news continues to blast everyday could have been avoided. This state tells you what to do and how you will do it. It is more like a dictatorship. They do not want you to question anything, just do as we say and all will be well. I guess that is why we don’t get along, I will question anything even if it has the slightest sent of being wrong.
        It is unreal how they get by with what they do.

  50. I just got a news letter from health dot mil about mosquitoes they tell you this….Wear repellent containing DEET when outside………then watch this about deet on u tube….
    “The Zika Files: DEET is part of a binary chemical weapon targeting your brain (FULL)

  51. they also give me garbagepentin 800 mg 3 times a day…..good for the walking dead affect.. they keep giving me the shit but i don’t take it LOL………and thank you for your SERVICE V.A…LOL

    1. Old Neck: I get so tired of the drone-like “Thank you for your service” bullshit. It’s just as bad as the perpetual presidential “God Bless You, and God Bless America” bullshit. “Now, let’s get back to bombing more brown people. Mom’s, dads? Your country needs more hero cannon fodder – send your chilluns to serve their country. Amerika honors its veterans”…..

      1. Windguy….I have to ask was that you in that black helicopter this A.M flying around my house. woke me up touch down and turn that thing off next time and come on in for a cup of coffee …….LOL…..how have you been….I got the info I needed so no need to email me..LATTER..

      2. @Windguy – – – Right on the money, and I am overly-tired of all their bullshit as well. People really want to honor America? Raise your children well to be persons of integrity. Keep them AWAY from the modern day military, and out of the hands of the VA.

        It will benefit both America and them . . .

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      3. HEY MARINE JIM … what is the time difference from there to California …. just curious

      4. @OLDMARINE – – – 3 Hours. Hawaii Standard Time does not observe Daylight Savings Time. As I type this, it is 10:42 June 2nd in Honolulu. 13:42 in California. 16:42 where you are. Time Difference between you and I will drop to 5 hours later in the fall.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

  52. Ha!! Funny high caffeine thought for the morning. Now all I have to figure out is “Trepanation.” Hell, I may be able to stop the migraines and neck nerve pains shooting over my skull and down the back side. Need to read up how or what they used for pain thousands of years ago. VA pain clinic quacks said the ancients didn’t have anything for pain until the 1800s using Laudenum. Those idiots want us to believe every word they say.

    1. Yeah, I know how many nights no sleep affects the body. Sorry, only wanted to be online for an hour, have mid-morning appointments. Have to close.

      1. You take care. I am up for the duration. I try to get some chores done by the time the sun comes up and it heats up. Then I can trudge back in and fall out as needed.

        Thank you and God bless you and yours. As well as all other on the board.

    2. @T,

      For at least 3000 years man has recorded the extensive use of cannabis for pain and anxiety as well as a host of other human ailments. I use it myself and extract that is refined to nearly pure provides relief not even morphine could. It must be more potent than just dried leaves though. Eric The Healer of ancient Rome, often considered father of modern medicine used extracts of marijuanna in ⅔ of his remedies. His remedies were reported by folks at the time to be something of a miracle so efficacy is comfirmed.

      Up until the 1930s, at nearly the same time the American Federation of Government Employees was formed, it never occured to anyone to tie marijuanna to immoral behavior. Then a movie came out which was paid for by the federal government – Reefer Madness, with an URGENT and heatfelt plea to, “…tell your children!” The movie was scripted to tie acts of murder, theft, conspiracy, mob activites, illicite sex, and ultimately criminal insanity to the smoking of a joint. Eric The Healer it seems got it wrong? Our newest version of Barney Fife in DC, is STILL quoting Reefer Madness ideas insofar as continuing the hoax that smoking a joint will turn you into a criminally insane person.

      To be fair, in Reefer Madness the wholesome girl was indeed murdered after the wholesome boy tried to rape her (because he smoked a joint), so I guess the plot suggests a joint will do this but more modern movies just kill off the black guy for effect. Apparently blach actors do a much better job at dying well on screen…

      This murder of course was offset by the fact that the boy got laid by the wife of the dope dealer. It turns out that the slutty dope dealing wife killed herself over the shame of boinking the young man and getting caught. The young man, who plowed down a pedestrian in the sidewalk with his car while laughing like a maniac (after smoking half a joint) who was involved in a murder, and who cheated on his then still alive girlfriend, got out of serious consequence after a stern lecture by the judge. That joint the smoked must have been some righteous good shit. The lecture was VERY stern and the young man changed his ways in time! Yay!

      (Back then the marijuanna apparently made you hallcinate that you were seeing the shadow of a hangmans noose over your head! maybe they used a different kind of rolling paper back then?)

      Go to Netflix and force yourself and watch Reefer Madness if you want to understand exactly what made marijuanna a morality issue. AND THEN of course, TELL YOUR CHILDREN!!!

      bwahahaaaaahaaaa! May, get me another reefer, NOW!!!

      1. I’ll have to add Eric of Rome to my reading list.

        I have the CD Reefer Madness. Seen it back in the sixties too. lol I remember countless people going to northern Indiana to gather WW2 hemp that was planted then. I bet that made the state and locals a ton of money in fines and arrests for hippies wanting hemp to make cloths, not getting high from it at all. Strange world.

      2. They even had a rapping, tapping, finger jamming piano player who frankly only started getting good after his second reefer. I am not sure what that message was all about?…..sex, drugs, and reggae?

        I suddenly feel like listening to the Surfaris.

      3. T: South Central MN was another major center for hemp growing. My farmer father-in-law to be told me all about the Dept of Navy pushing hard on hemp growth and having their own warehouses near rail lines. Hemp also took up the slack for cotton supplies during WWII. Huge production. My first job after the Army (71-74) (besides bartending) was with a county HWY dept. I road atop a 2000 gallon surplus deuce and a half tanker loaded with chemicals, firing an M60 ish nozzle at wild cannabis growing in just about every ditch in the county. It was all ditchweed anyway. Pity the fool that tried to smoke it.

    3. cannabis resin extract will kill the pain.
      it’s been used for thousands of years.
      look up “rick simpson oil” and he shows a fairly simple way to make it.
      another new method is called “rosin extraction”
      where 2 heated plates press the rosin (resin) out of the flowers.
      you can look them up, easy to find.
      no need for opiates when you have cannabis.

      1. With a simple glass tube and a substance normally used as a desicant in packaging, silica gel, the extract available legally can be refined easily at home with little training in a process inown as liquid chromatography. Specifically I personally employ Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography, which is just one method possible.

        By filling the tube with silica gel and placing the extract on top of it, then flushing the extract through the silica gel with a given solvent which is common and available, you will discover that the different components of the extract exit the column of silica gel at different times. Simply wait for the solvent to turn pale yellow and collect that seperately from the oranges and the greens that each come out (elute) from the column in the order of their relative “stickiness” to silica gel.

        It takes an hour or two from start to finish to refine dispensary extract which is normally tested in a lab at about 60-70% THC which provides the bulk of the medicinal value to me. After I run it through my $60 chromatography column and purge the solvent away (boil it away) the oil becomes pale yellow and stick but fluid at room temp. This is nearly pure THC and it is this medicine when vaporized and inhaled that provides profound relief from pain and anxiety.

        It is true that marijuanna causes paranoid delusions, fear, lethargy, and interferes with cognitive thinking, but this known to occur only in legislators who attempt to regulate it. I tend to get housework done myself.

  53. I’ve just started to move around after being sedentary for a couple of years. VA not prescribing me the medication that I was on in the private sector. Getting medical decent medical services and good generic medications would be a good thing, and to get tap, bandages, and medical tape that sticks well would be nice too.

    Dam, sounds like you may have severe nerve damage. What say you?

    1. Yeah, I have some nerve issues head to toe. Joints fire up every time I move in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, elbows…feels like hitting the crazy bone when I move. the neck, and jaw, TMJ stuff. And that was made worse and made my head and jaw swell to huge sized when dental got done with me. I had to bend my eye glasses out one half inch each side to get them to fit my jaw for a while.

      I use orthotics and special SAS shoes for the feet but the VA stopped using those too. Every thing they changed to to save money didn’t work for me, and they lied on my medical files saying I was pleased with all the changes and shoes I could not get on to wear. So that helped me leave them in the dust, the VA that is. Feet issues are from botched bunion surgeries and the second new implants for both feet were put in wrong and wrong sizes so that left me messed up. Having had about 13 surgeries on both feet to-date, and totally ruined.

      Yes, it’s a real mess when we have to deal with the VA and all these new laws. They don’t ask us what we need but rather … this is what we have or allowed to give you and that is that, suffer.

      I ordered the medical tape, bandages, surgical supplies i need online. Came in handy pulling jaw bone pieces out of the inner jaw. The oral numbing meds for kids came in handy for that plus freezing the jaw with ice. Not fun. I guess we have to go back in time to heal and treat ourselves since the VA and medical boards among others just don’t care any more.

  54. Ah, I hear that, been busy creating and implementing my own PT exercises so my ligaments and small muscled tendons are aching. In late night recovery. Take many nutraceuticals. High anxiety due to being unstable with full medical care. Been happening a lot lately.

    1. The same here. Do some exerciser, use my gravity board thing that I can hang slightly upside down on. Try to get out in the cool night to walk off the cramps and burning leg pain that feels like I am on fire that wakes me up. First started having them years back and felt like, or thought, I fell asleep smoking and was on fire beating the outside of my leg and jumping out of bed messing myself up worse, only to see it wasn’t fire.

      I have about a one acre yard and try to get out and garden or walk the dogs. Mainly at night, early morn. Trying to garden is a joke and I’ve bought about every long handled tool out there and other stuff to make it easier but those days are about gone too.

  55. Most growth is in Asia with Agriculture. Wow, also, major financial leaders say to watch RT for financial news. Hmm, and many of our current Political Bureaucrats tell us that RT is not good to watch. I don’t believe that this issue has ever been discussed, about the positive or negative aspects of the effects of watching RT. I say, why don’t our Government want us to watch RT? I’d like to know. What say you about watching RT Television?

    1. Political Bureaucrats are out for themselves just like those talking heads on TV are.

      I listen to all kinds of news and from many sources. Left and the right and foreign news in English. Then I can make my own mind up and research issues and stuff on my own. Which the VA told me not to do over health care and complaints. They and many others want us to remain stupid, ignorant, uninformed. So RT to me is just another source.

      I enjoy it more listening to John B Wells, a little Jones, or Michael Rivero at What Really Happened, to some woo woo out there stuff like Coast to Coast and the like.

  56. A Meeting State of Idealism . . .

    Opening (by animation) the VA’s Top Executive’s Doors to get at their brains and mind-sets, where thought and reasoning occur, is the objective of this meeting.

    Participants include Top VA Leadership, Attorney Ben Krause (JD) – Veteran Activist, and both Veteran and VA Visionary, and any other Support Staff that is designated by Mr. Krause, then both legal representation and idealists for VA and Veterans, not limited to Veterans Advocating Leaders, and Any Other Group Leaders for Veterans, and that Veterans should have whatever medical advice, and or any pharmaceutical services that the Veteran states that it gives the most relief and reduces discomfort by medicinal therapeutic treatments, so that the Veteran is are able to reach and obtain a normal lifestyle suited more to benefit the Veteran’s side more than the VA’s side when settling areas of managing.

    And that any Federal Government Agency Officials or Offices of Legal Representation or Leadership will be encouraged to join-in, with the promoting of extreme Support for All Parties that are participating, and the authorized partnering with Government Intellectuals as needed by VA, Veterans, and the groups, that represents any parties that are present in this meeting.

    This is going to be overlooked by For-Profit-Group of Business Behaviorists and Party Affiliated Political Marketing Managers, and the Top Decision Makers that make up the Executive Officers of the Veterans Administration, plus any Veteran’s Advocacy’s Groups that are deemed necessary to represent and litigate for the best interests of Veterans.

    This meeting, if accomplished, should happen in an orderly manner. What’s so hard bout this? There should not be any disagreement on what stands for orderly. Any comment? – – – Nutter

    1. Another Thing – Nothing is ever going to be resolved, if we don’t agree to have all parties sitting down together to discuss the best interests of Veteran(s), then this would be a good thing.

      1. I have tried to herd cats most of my life…. impossible. lol That includes veterans and so-called patriots.

        It would be nice but such things as integrity, some sacrifice that may hurt things too close to home and hurt the wallet or a job maybe is out of the question today. Not talking about military or engagement style sacrifice either. The kind that is really good for ALL in a community and for the nation’s best interest. Rather than what is best for foreigners or special interest groups to the corrupt that fills our government and agencies. Oh, and colleges.

    2. The idea is to co-ordinate all the organizations that have their own agendas

  57. The Hungry Hippo Holler:

    Hungry hungry hippo, or the oompa loompa dance
    You think you can fire us, but you ain’t got a chance

    We don’t speak no English, We ain’t gonna go
    We get paid more than you, so fuck off gi Joe

    Little tiny teenie weenie pills in a box
    We are led by one big fat ass who’s name is lil cox

    Forever we been screwing you out of all that we owe you
    It’s done with your leaders blessing this is nothing new

    Your senators and congressmen are taller than a giraffe
    It’s just you’ve never seen them with their heads out of their ass

    One day you will say “we have had enough”
    Until that day comes You gonna have it rough.

    We hide your bodies from prying eyes
    And confuse the hell out of them with all our little lies

    We know your catching on so fast it is making us sick
    You’ll not be happy will you? until we are on a bbq spit

    With that we hungry hippos bid you a good night
    You wont ever change a thing no matter how hard you fight.

    signed: lil cox and friends.

    1. ╭┳━┳┳━━━━━╭┫╰╮┈┈┈…┏━╮╭━┓┈.╭━━━━╮
      ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱ ..┈┈┈╰━┳┓┏┳┓┏╯┈┈┈
      …………………….. ┈┈┈┈┈┗┻┛┗┻┛┈┈┈┈

      1. @cj – – – with your signature art work, I may have already missed you. Stay well. See ya later. – – – Nutter.

      2. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve,@James Clement: Thanks fellas, just late night bordemm.

        I started another poem sorta thing, that included all the commenters, but I couldn’t remember everyone’s names. I didn’t want anyone to be offended due to my memory problem. It started something like this.

        Look at Shill-kin fly through the air so fast
        namnibor must have shoved a rocket up his ass

        The bulletproof glass in the waiting room, was shattered to smithereens
        They never should have underestimated the strength of OLDMARINE

        Dennis sent a tweezer and a magnifying glass by eight
        So lil Cox could could whine and cry and then go masturbate

        Etc etc etc.

      3. @cj – – – Keep after it! That has some serious potential. Fomenting the seed of an idea now that will require a few weeks . . .

        Will e-mail you when I have it (do not expect within a week) and if you like it – – – then use as applicable. Pretty busy here. Lots of letters to answer, research to do, etc.

        Will remain in touch.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

  58. Accountability is vital, but having the VA follow the law is equally vital. We can’t hold them accountable if they don’t have to follow the law. They don’t have to follow the law, if we can’t hold them accountable. Dr Shulkin, and President Trump, make the VA obey the law and only then can we hold them accountable. Other than that, the rest of this shit will always be shit. We are tired. You’re in your first year.

  59. Nurse Practioners and Physicians Assistants have taken over the diagnostic duties in the VA and it is a Ripoff and a violation of several federal statutes. Why do we stand for such a lowering of the standard duty of due care?
    When you go to see a private doctor, you SEE a private DOCTOR.

    Most Physicians who take Medicare also charge an additional fee but the only doctors to whom ‘CHOICE’ refers veterans to are doctors who will accept only Medicare payments and thus the doctors to whom veterans are referred to are by and by lesser qualified doctors.
    The clinic I was referred to got two stars, bad references, (but they have several in this area) and the clinic was described by persons who had been there as dirty filthy, and the non doctor personnel as rude and incompetent. WHY IS THIS TRUE. I BELIEVE THAT THE attempted IMPROVEMENT ALLEGED BY THE NEW SEC OF VETERANS AFFAIR IS A RUSE AND AS WE HAVE LEARNED NO ONE WHO HAS CAUSED THE DEATHS OF VETERANS HAVE BEEN HELD CULPABLE FOR THOSE CRIMES WHICH CONSTITUTE AT THE MINIMUM NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. WHAT IS UP, FELLOW VETERANS.
    LAWSUITS LAWSUITS LAWSUITS, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ??!! Contact Rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General Push, Push, Push.

    1. Flot: Pig Pharma and Pig Med in the private sector are rolling out PAs and Nurse Practitioners at just as fast a rate as the VA – IMO. A “practitioner” can prescribe drugs which serves Pig Pharma very nicely. There just aren’t enough doctors to push the myriad profit generating drugs. Lobbying isn’t cheap.

  60. Targeted Cities List – Used to develop policies to blame the veterans and to hide the actual numbers of veteran suicide as well as the number of deaths from natural causes by a veteran being tapered or denied… (Based on my research many locals are still missing)
    Minneapolis, Minnesota – 2012
    St. Cloud, Minnesota – 2012
    Fargo, Minnesota – 2012
    Bedford, Massachusetts – 2013
    Roanoke, Virginia – 2014
    Dayton, Ohio – 2014
    Columbus Ohio – 2014
    Show Low, AZ – December 2014
    Orlando, Florida – 2015
    Walla Walla, Washington – 2015
    Baltimore. MD – 2016
    Hagerstown Clinic, VA – 2016
    Johnson City, Tennessee – 2016
    Eglin AFB, Florida – 2016
    Marion, IL – 2016
    Martinsburg, WV – 2016
    Viera, Florida – 2016
    Tomah, Wisconsin – 2016
    Leavenworth, Kentucky – Spring 2017

    Veteran Suicides (that I could find)…
    Peter Kaisen, 76-year old of Islip, NY – Navy veteran suffering from chronic back pain outside a veteran’s hospital in New York being denied pain medications.
    Daniel Somers, 30 – Army – Operation Iraqi Freedom – Denied pain medications – June 10. 2013
    Kevin Keller – US Navy – Denied pain medications
    Ryan Trunzo – US Army – Denied pain medications
    Zach Williams – US Army – Denied pain medications
    Travis “Patt” Patterson – US Army 01/27/2017 – Denied Pain Medications, also PTSD – Topeka VAMC, Kansas, MO
    Bryan Spece – USMC – Denied Pain Medications – Benefis Pain Management Center, Great Falls, Montana

    Denied Mental Healthcare
    Richard Miles – US Army 02/20/2015 – Mental Health – PTSD VAMC, Des Moines, IA–
    Todd Ray – US Army –
    Stephen J Bowling – 2016
    Mark Nichols – August 2015 – PTSD

    1. There are also two deaths due to the actions of the former Director of Psychiatry and Psychology/Mental Health in Washington, D.C. who was fired by the Inspector General but got his job back by going on active duty with the U.S. Navy in the same geographical area, (he was a reserve Navy Commander) and coming back four years later to the VA with all of his raises and promotions he would have gotten as if he had never been fired. He was the Director of Mental Health but he held no degree in Psychology, nor did he have a degree in Psychiatry nor even was he a medical doctor;
      He had a “Doctor of Education ” degree!!!????
      We will never drain the swamp at the VA if we agree to the “repair” of the VA. Dump the VA let private doctors administer care, (real doctors who have served their residencies in US medical schools who are 5 star rated and who can speak English.
      Let private attorneys adjudicate the compensation and the money, instead of supporting incompetent “I don’t give a shit bureaucrats and bully junior Psychologists and doctors who couldn’t get a job in private medicine, let the money go to where it was designed to go, to the veteran. TIME IS UP, NO MORE BULLSHIT CHARGES FOR “ACTING OUT” as they tried to pull on me, (however unsuccessfully). Come on guys! We are the former U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Coastguard, let’s get going. No more little arguments as to who the best is, DAV, American Legion, VFW, time to coagulate, Air Force Bombs, Navy Fires Artillery, Army and Marines take the beach and then some……………(Coast Guard screens for bad boys) United we stand, (and prevail), divided we fall (and fail). Ben’s doing a hell of a job let’s give him some real support.
      HOORAH> Like Bobby Darin said “If you ain’t goin’ my way, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”
      Semper Fi

      1. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – Sir, are you referring to Silvio Weisner? Around Sept. 2015 I believe?

      2. No this was prior to that and he’s baaack and doing his dirty bureaucratic stuff without ever being penalized

  61. Tapering. How much does that take to learn how to taper down BENFICIARY’s (Veterans)? This article has forced me to come out and report, that the VA was going to recklessly cut off 95% of my monthly amount of pain medication. My VA PCP is Fucking Dangerous. VA PCP was fired by me right after I found out that my pain medications were dramatically reduced by a whooping 95%.

    I’m demanding that my new VA PCP to be licensed in my State where I reside, and must have experience in Pain Management. What’s crazy is that my local VA has a Pain Management Department, with a Pain Management Physician, but the Pain Management Physician doesn’t cut out the prescriptions to be used for pain relief.

    In my past VA arrangement, my PCP was a Nurse Practitioner [NP], and would prescribe me my pain medication for the month. But all of this will have to change for the positive, in order for me to trust the VA.

    As far as the illicit drug theft of Controlled Scheduled Substances, the FBI needs to be called in since the VA Executive Management, has no idea where the drugs are being stolen from Pharmacy Distribution Network, and there is no enthusiasm for Top Management to be interested in conduct, ethics, or standards in the complex VA System. Go figure.

    Right now there are only about 30% AFGE VA Employees that are BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) in the VA network. This should be increased to 70% BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) working in the VA System. Whether the dam AFGE Union is involved with the VA or not. – – – Nutter Reporting on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

  62. Safe taper? How is this for safe taper? Christina Craft, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, License Number 21419, Licensed only in TN at Mountain Home VAMC, Johnson City TN, started my on a taper mid-October 2016 by telephone. She had no clue about my medical history. I went from 180mg Morphine Sulfate (3x60mg tablet – daily) to zero by December 29th, 2016. My blood pressure went through the ceiling and is still acting up months later. Solution they doubled three separate BP meds so now I every time I stand up I have to go to the bathroom. Then again after getting me to 30mg daily, she also tried to take me back to 120mg daily mid-December because of the uncontrolled blood pressure and anger issues. Believing this to be dangerous, I declined so she offered me Meloxicam; a NSAID. All is good except the manufacture warns not to take if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression or diabetes! Guess what I have all four! In March 2017 I finally was appointed a new PCP: Dr. Mark Vernon.

    Dr. Mark Vernon, Family Medicine, Tennessee medical license #22157, expired September 30, 1998. His Arizona license #22357 expires January 21, 2019.. On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, he again denied pain medications. However, and this is the confusing part, he did encourage me to continue smoking (cigarettes) as they would help relieve the stress from all the frustration and anger. Ok, I get that but then, knowing I am diabetic; he also encouraged me to continue drinking Mt. Dew. His reasoning for this sound medical advice is that the sugar molecules in the soda would attach to pain receptors and block the pain signals in my body. Does this is in any way make sense to anyone? If so, please explain!

    Then again on the same date Dr. Vernon stated there was not really wrong with my spine based on the latest MRI results from the Johnson City Medical Center. In fact he minimized the degree of damage to the point that he diagnoses my current condition as being fibromyalgia despite the fact these some of these conditions date back to 1991 and are documented in my military records. The conditions listed from the MRIs completed on May 5th, 2017 & May 12th, 2017 are as follows:

    1. Disc osteophyte complex develops and a series of bone spurs form on multiple vertebrae, the space surrounding the intervertebral discs becomes compressed, and there is a danger of the osteophytes in the spine exerting pressure on the nerve roots or the spinal cord. It is this neural compression that causes symptoms like localized pain, pain that radiates to the extremities, tingling, numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation.
    2. Uncovertebral hypertrophy is the enlargement of small synovial joints found in the upper surfaces of the bodies of the lower cervical vertebrae and the inferior surface of the superior vertebral body. The enlargement of these neck joints and pain are a common symptoms of degenerative neck disease.
    3. Schmorl’s node itself is a cause of pain. This may not be the main cause; often these are found with disc herniations or disc degeneration that can cause radiating pain as well as modic changes in the bone at other locations than the node.
    4. Facet arthropathy, which simply means a disease or abnormality of the facet joints, causes pain and discomfort associated with the degeneration and arthritis to various parts of the spine.
    5. Near complete effacement of the anterior thecal sac which means the protective membrane covering the spinal cord is experiencing extra pressure and causing pain.

    So bottom line, the VA apparatus simply wants to kill as many veterans as possible. I for one am not going to go without a fight.

    Thank you, take care and may God bless.



    Robert D. Rose Jr.
    BSW, MEd., USMC
    Semper Fidelis

    We defended your freedoms…
    Will you support America in her time of need?

    1. Semper fi to you, Brother and give the Attorney General of Ohio a call

    2. Fibromyalgia, I was told at the VA that is not a recognized medical affliction and cannot be diagnosed, proven, let alone treated. Migraines were put on the list too about four or five years ago here.

      I have many of the same issues and the spinal stenosis, degenerative disks, neck, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, etc. My neck cannot be messed with at all, even by chiropractors. I do use a soft neck brace at times and a neck traction unit.

      After falling a few years back because of my ankles and knees not being able to engage properly all the time or going up or down stairs forced me to pay high dollars for a Medic Alert. That is when I found out medically, ha ha, that all my joints are wrecked in some way and can’t be trusted. But the VA and local MDs think it’s all okay, said I had to learn how to “minimize the pain I think I feel.” Yeah, right. So now it’s in both hips that complete my whole body is in need for a complete over-haul or re-build. lol So about every move I make has to be mindful, anticipated, firmly made or else I deal with the consequences. Like driving and almost getting hit by some fool on a cell phone makes me turn the neck too fast will pop and instant headache and nerves running wild to puking. And the cops are not “social workers” and couldn’t care less why your at the side of the road barfing or trying to get pulled back together again or laying in the back of my truck due to the pains, fast movements, or near misses. They are trained to throw around, yell, push, etc. So I don’t get out much anymore either. Not without my own body cam. Lol

      TENS units and pain patches are useless and a waste of money.

      Locals are too afraid to discuss these matters. Especially when bad medicine and treatments are the cause of some issues.

      1. RDRose and T. Have either of you researched DISH Syndrome? Diffuse Intervertebral Spinal Hyperostosis? AKA Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. It does not appear to be in the VA playbook. It is often initially misdiagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis, which, requires a specific genetic marker. Episodes of severe pain occur when a bridging osteophyte stabs into or near the spine. This lasts sometimes for months until the bridging process is complete, and the disc is essentail fused with new bone.

        I was finally diagnosed with it around 2002, after a whole lot of BS when I could afford the $1200/mo (each) insurance. Five years ago I had to succumb to the VA freebie. You get what you pay for, in spite of the down-payment we all made. NSAIDs worked for a while, and subsequently fragged my esophagus – forever. My “file” states boldly “NO NSAIDS”. After the visit to the Pain Specialist backfired (Trigger Point Injections) I was sent back to my PCP for “options including a Rheumy or neurologist. Sure enough, my newest reading impaired PCP said, “we could try some new NSAIDs”…. I lectured, and she recommended combining NSAIDs with heavy doses of PPI’s (Nexium and other). I had to lecture again – it’s all in my file. Finally, the idiot gets back to me and says, “well, DISH does not appear to be treatable, so I don’t see what an MRI will tell us”…. Me: “Ah, maybe, just maybe I have a common treatable form of stenosis”

        She’ll get back to me. Meanwhile, I’ve been sampling enough CBD cannabis to know it isn’t BS placebo. That shit works just about as good as NSAIDs for pain management. Plus, you get a buzz. The side effect is a possible eating disorder also known as the munchies. Acupuncture seems very effective during the early and late stages of bridging hyperostosis. Presently, it’s blowing through the acute phase and has provided no relief. Look for Traditional Chinese Medicine accredited acupuncturists. The chiropractors that took a month or two of acu don’t get it the job done.

        As for fybromyalgia – my wife has lived with it most of her adult life. It’s real, and the AMA crowd have no clue. Their responses range from “It’s all in your head” to “fuck off”. However, symptomolgy is very similar to post-acute stage Lyme. I’ve often wondered if DISH isn’t a form of Lyme. Some docs on the fringe would agree. Nobody knows.

        Take away. Back pain clusterfuckdom is not exclusive to the VA. However, the VA does score highest in clusterfuckdom when it comes to back-pain “treatment”. Lose weight (big challenge for all of us), control inflammation (booze, sugars, wheat, sugars, coffee, sugars), Tai Chi, and breathe…

      2. Thanks for the link. It will be useful. A local dentist was telling me about that and the hyperbolic chambers. Said it would help heal my broken jaw the VA dentist did, but she refused to X-ray for and put in my files that the inner jaw, mandible was extremely shattered from the back molar into the mandible hinge and deep muscle structures. She called it “that issue.” More of that protective “Professional Courtesy” crap.

        A local spa has one for women and the hospital here that has one is expensive, needs MD prescription and Medicare won’t cover any of the cost for the needed treatments. But I am still checking around. I can use this link to see if it would harm a arterial aneurysm, descending.

      3. T….I had that in my favorites read about it awhile ago was going to give the guy a call but cant afford it either….I got some oil yesterday but doesn’t seem to do much yet.. I tried kratom….I’ll try anything to get pain relief..LOL….AND DOCTORS ARE JUST TURDS IN WHITE TRENCH COAT’S….SEE YA AT THE VATICAN….WE NEED TO TOSS HIM OUT AND STEAL HIS BOOKS THE FUCKING HYPOCRITE …..he said something negative about guns once, come to find out they are major share holders in BERETTA ARMS….

      4. Beretta Arms? Didn’t know that. Glad to learn something new every day.

        I had to leave a couple of so-called bible colleges and to get formerly ordained pursuant to state/church laws, but couldn’t handle the revisionist of history, the BS, brain-washing, secrecy, or what or what not to believe. They were as bad as my adventures at those far left liberal arts colleges. Just trash, social engineering, trains ignorant activist, PC-ness out the wazoo, forces complete allegiances, have their own agendas and some not so American, Christian, or Constitutional centered. But were supposed to put some foreigners first before America or real Christianity at all cost. Ahem, nope, not me. Cough cough.

        Tried to get into some different monasteries but I didn’t have the wealth to cash in for that. So I could run and hide from evil society and it’s ilk. lol They have a lost of secrets too I suppose.

        Yes, I’d like to get into all those secrets and archives all over that are forbidden to us peons that accepted academics or lying researchers writing their books get. Guess I may get there in another lifetime to see the dungeons, Lourdes, the body of Bernadette preserved, skull filled caverns of Paris, or to feel a pyramid. lol

        Not in shape to go visit the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Too damn old, feeble and sick to sin. LOL Damn it. I won’t be able to die the death of my young dreams.

      5. @T, in one of your posts you were speaking about the public not knowing the complete picture about the veterans with not getting such good wrap particularly when it relates to the use of addictive drugs like the Opoids. Actually, the private sector is determining particularly in the State of Massachusetts that the Opoid Epidemic problem is pointing to Non-Citizens. This epidemic from what is being determined from research so far is due to the drugs coming from outside of this country with these Non – Citizens.
        As for doctoring in this country with humaneness and appropriate care for weaning off the Opoids, it is almost does not exist. Honestly, I believe that the Twelve Step programs are most helpful as compared to the Medical providers except when in just cases of overdose or withdrawals that require other medical means to stabilize the person. The streamlining of any drug should be done with decrementing the dosage levels and while decrementing the dosages another drug may could be applied to ease the withdrawal pains. These drugs really alter the neurotransmitters in the brain and when decreasing the dosages the rest of the body has got to adjust. When the gradual tapering off is occurring, this is when intensive therapy and support should be added to the regime to assist the psyche to adjust to the change. This would entail the development of more substantative coping skills that have to do with developing a tolerance from being removed from the drug, redeveloping brain functioning such as the memory, reaction time, problem solving skills and the list goes on. When anyone tapers off these drugs, an intense recovery is necessary to be able to get a handle on living life on life’s terms. I find that many of the VA providers either do not care due to a Socialism system or really do not understand how the weaning process is absolutely necessary for a period of time for the person to reach coherent a drug free state of mind or a very streamlined medicated state of mind particularly with being at least free from the addictive drugs. Tapering off any drug is hard work and takes lots of efforts to degrees of infinity in order for one to survive. Best. Comment more later.

      6. @Angela – – – Agree with all you have written this post. Twelve Step programs can be very effective. I have personal experience with those. And yes, tapering off any drug is very hard work.

        I have found by and large that VA providers do not understand much of anything that makes good sense.

  63. Not done properly means withdrawal seizures possibly ending in death and often with methadone maintenance. I don’t understand why methadone isn’t used as a pain killer because it is supposed to be non progressive the way most pain killers are. The longer you are on opioids the more it takes for the same results.

    1. Methadone is one of the VA’s favorite RX’s to dispense right next to Gabapentin. When I utilized the VA Deathcare they had me on huge doses of methadone specifically as a first attack on pain. It did not help me and made me sick so the VA turned up the volume with morphine, lots of it.

      Not on any of it these days, yet am in pain but cope in various other ways, better than the pain in the ass always having to justify to yet another new resident that I do not wish to be a pin cushion for the next best addictive thing. Some of that happened to me in just the last year and half with private medical and Medicare…but the hacks were also doing residency requirements at the local VA…scary monsters.

      1. namnibor………….Gabapentin the wonder drug,..Yeeee..haaaa got rid of my brain and no more pain…and ooooooo what a relief it is ….I think it was the Alka-Seltzer commercial LOL

    2. I was on methadone for a long time as a pain killer. It is highly effective and lasts MUCH longer than morphine. Let me explain why it is seldom prescribed or if prescribed a patient will question it – morality. Methadone is forever tied to another word Lem; “clinics”. Since drug addiction has been tied to morality by the Christian tradition and since, like it or not, we are a nation still largley guided by the Christian ethos then the use of methadone is tied to immorality. There is no logic that can penetrate morality. Methadone clinics, or rather the humans that use their services, have been characterized as immoral. Methadone is seen in the public ONLY as a drug used to ease the pain of heroin withdraw, despite the fact it makes a DAMN effective pain killer for all kinds of pain types.

      This is because folks on methadone are on it because of a SEVERE medical issue called addiction. The underlying motivation for an addict is very simple – feed the addiction. The only possible way to do that for most humans is to engage in high profit activities otherwise illegal like prostituion, theft, and even murder if the murder is necessary to obtain the drugs. It is stigma Lem pure and simple. I do not read right or wrong into this at all, because it is just the way it is.

      Look yourself at all the posts that Ben has done over time. Have you noticed something unique about vets who post and admit (usually via an angry story) that they either were or are currently using opiate/opiode? I have.

      These are decent people on the most powerful drug known throughout history to hold men in its grips. The VA provides us vets collectively with mountains of pills of all varieties, yet it is a RARE instance for somebody who is put on a reduced dosage of lets say an anti-depressent to make a post on this blog that discusses in high detail the case for attempting to maintain or increase the dose. Not so with the folks on morphine.

      What I have noticed is behavior I actively engaged in myself. I was on 180 mg/day morphine and 40 mg/day hydrocodone. These were explained to me to be life shortening doses. A close friend of mine died of hyper agressive liver cancer after several years on morphine. She seemed happy and healthy then a week later she was dead – a consequence of long time morphine use and a typical story. This is the difference between morphine using folks and say folks who use the hypothetical anti-depressent. A morphine user often will post several paragraphs blasting VA for reducing the morphine dose, and nearly ALL of those paragraphs present an extremely thorough medical synopsis as if to a jury as to why the medical decision was flawed.

      Look at the angry posts today; within any post except this one have you ever seen any vet using morphine or addicted to it as I am post the obvious fact that morphine is a life shortening drug? You might see a few posts here and there in which a vet vows to kill themselves if the drug is removed, but not one post generally acknowledges that long term opiode use is deadly. Most dismiss that idea in two seconds, but will pounce on the VA idea of using dirty dentist drills. In other words Lem, the difference between users of other drugs and morphine is that morphine users will ALWAYS be involved with making a case not only to maintain their dosing levels but nearly ALWAYS will tie morphine and opiate to quality of life even while knowing the pills are shortening just that.

      I used to use gabapentin as well until VA terminated that too. I have severe axonal peripheral sensorimotor polyneuropathy with severe restless leg syndrome attached. I decide to see what life was like off of gabapentin. I went from 800 mg per day to zero. For two solid months I tossed and turned at night and if it is possible for every single hair follicle to itch horribly, even eyelashes, then that is what happened. You think morphine withdrawl is bad? Hehee, brother just try doing what I did and come off high doses of gabapentin! My morphine withdraws were a cake walk compared – yet how many vets would make a post longer than three sentences to make a case to be put back on gabapentin?

      More to the point, how many vets would continue taking gabapentin if they were informed it was blowing up their liver? My hunch is zero. How many vets continue taking morphine knowing full well it is blowing up their liver? All of them. Let me be very clear – I fought hard to keep my VA prescription and was willing to die an early painful death in order to keep popping those pills. I ONLY ceased taking them when VA refused to provide any more. Lem, this issue is NOT about pain, a topic I understand very well indeed. This issue is about veterans fighting to maintain their addiction to morphine and opiode drugs, and NOT about good medical practice which first and foremost is defined as “First, Do No Harm.”

      I am gonna duck now. I think I hear an airborn cabbage headed my way…

      1. No cabbage headed your way from me, as I indeed consider those drugs *deadly*, and only to be utilized when and if absolutely necessary.

        I have learned to live with both extreme emotional and physical pain. My coping mechanism is creativity and life itself. Also, cannabis is WAY more effective and…non-addictive. Win/Win.

      2. I envy those who can use or attain cannabis legally. Anything that’s good for the body is illegal in Indiana. Illinois just a few miles away where they can get it. I have too many enemies in high places to attempt such things. Like I need to do anything wrong for the door to be opened or caught out in my yard again, or driving.

        I was going to try Kratom since hearing about it. By the time I got the news on that and used with other herbs it was made illegal here too. Now I am being told it’s illegal to do my own acupuncture or to try to purchase those items. Just can’t win.

        The local officials told me if I didn’t like living in a town that’s like a tyrant controlled college campus to move. I tried that too over the years. People and three companies wanted to buy me out. Guess what, the city, the zoning board, others, said I could not sell my property to them due to zoning rules, the city not wanting dirty jobs or companies like a scrap yard coming here, or railroad type train car repairs coming within the city limits. Then they laugh about it and say “don’t bother filing an appeal…you’ll lose.” Nice place Indiana. Corrupt top to bottom.

        All that is left to try is Miner’s Lettuce, a old green. They will make that illegal too as soon as the tyrants read this post or hear of it. But then knowing how things are here they can pop me for lettuce and call it Mary Gee Wanna and I go to prison for being a non-conformist and threat to the NWO.

      3. @OLDMARINE- Do you have one of those ‘Salad Shooters’? Or since it’s cabbage, would that be a ‘Stir-Fry Slingshot’? 🙂


      5. Thanks Dennis. I didn’t know about the liver thing with the Gabapentin. I,m taking 600 mg a day for my Spondylosis and it’s not doing much good and I don’t want to up the dose. So I just quit. Guess I’ll have to take more of my Cannabutter.

      6. I’ve got, had, over 20 yrs in recovery circles, helping manage recovery club, twelve step calls, my own little ministry stuff, seen plenty of suffering and death, stood by and watched helplessly while end of life meds were being kept from dying patients due to the rule and statistics games. I have taken people in suicide situation to the local mental health care hospital only to be told by some college intern idiot, ‘the patient or person isn’t serious enough.’ While I am holding a T-shirt on their cut wrists or stab wounds. Name it I’ve seen it or dealt with it. Heard vets talk of suicide then immediately walk away and death happens then claimed accidental. Well yes.

        I am also aware of why I walked away from doing so much volunteer work and trying to help people. It’s impossible to do when a government or agency wants to use phony statistics or studies to enhance issues like addiction that don’t exist. Bad yes, to the present extent or claims? Prove it to me instead of squawking on TV or keeping news or events out of local news, or spouting reports that simply can not be verified. Yet the power runs rampant as does the profits for the prison industry to legal thefts like property or money confiscation. Or reporting about ‘accidental overdoses’ when I have too many times it be actual suicides then claimed accidental for insurance reasons, of course.

        I have seen too many use the dope and drug game or excuses knowing full well they often get breaks in punishment for claiming the dope or Devil made them do it. It is a well used game but is never discussed in polite corrupt society. Of course they will say they were drunk or doped if all they have to do is pay for the drug court and fees, play the games, and walk away from serious crimes to only do it again and claim the same causes. Even if there is nothing but booze in their system it is used as the fascist wish to use the new statistic.

        Over the years I have been asked if I wanted an increase in pain meds or by a dentist something for pain. I would say no or I have pain meds at home and don’t need a script. And this was years before the fascist came along with their Draconian demands which leave no room for oh oh ….. personal responsibility. No instead they get a vet’s eye candy wife to get on TV and boast about the evils of over-dosing when the vet actually claimed he was going to kill himself and to leave the kids and commercial wife the insurance money. This is not rare, but the sheep will buy anything on TV. Even ‘Thigh Master.”

        Common sense dictates you can’t keep ruining your tolerance with more pills. If I took more than one Hydro it was for good reasons. If I had to dip in my “break through pain meds” given to me I did. Being stupid I did take a bunch back to the VA and turned it in for the trash. Or to be yelled at if I dumped them in the wrong garbage can. If both old standards failed, I would have to go visit the ER for shots that became questionable to non functioning. But told I was given enough to drop a horse which is horse shit.

        Gaba was a joke. I couldn’t function on it and could not get to the higher clinical doses they wanted me on. One woman said she was on over 1000 mg a day of that damn stuff and I don’t see how. That and their demands or have my file flagged for being uncooperative tried their wonder drugs called anti-psychotics, Ambilify and other anti-depressants for chronic pain. Tried without my pain meds, and no withdrawals from them either. Missed them but no severe Jones. Their wonder drugs was the most horrible withdrawals I have ever had in my life. Horrible. And they wanted to do is add more head dope on me. No way. I have also lost count of people, kids, ending their lives due to the side effects of Gaba and other stupid drugs. Like using or being switched to Gaba for epilepsy or seizures. One young man left his grand parents house stating what he was going to do and did it eating some lead. So there are some difficult discussions to be had and many will not like it.

        I have been without pain meds for a long time now and all it has done is bottom me out, immobilize me to no end and make life miserable. And I am damn good, an expert, at staying at home and suffering. Did it before the grand VA game and doing it now.

        As stated before. Liver MD and specialist told me to never take certain meds again. No over the counter stuff, no NSAIDs or very little, no arthritis medicines, no Tylenol. Only to use narcs for pain. No cholesterol meds either. I got a call at midnight one time and told by the VA neuro to get off of some of those meds,, immediately. I did and put back on narcs for pain and liver enzymes came down. But now I am told to do what other said not to do. And the VA said to forget whatever we were told in the past or from outside specialist. So go figure.

        The real harm is health care forcing people into multiple bankruptcies for medical care or going without food and such for meds. The entire system is broken. Everybody wants to control and rule over others and to hell with individual needs and a Constitution or common courtesy or decency. We are not all alike like the VA and other socialist claim or think. Hell, you should see what the VA and civilian hospitals do to those who need end of life meds while filed as DO NOT RESUSCITATE patients. Walk through the doors when they are telling family, friends, their ministers or end of life coach to wait for hours till they are cleaned up to see some reality. They will lay there alone, in filth, no pain meds, suffering, because they are shoved in room to expire in horrible ways. I have seen this also too many times. Who cares? The damn new age health care quacks or nurses polishing their designer nails at their stations. The family don’t want to create upset but follow demands from those controlling the situation. Like most others want to control our lives from beginning to end and that is the way it is.

        I will eat the cabbage with some corned beef. No use wasting good food. lol I do get your drift.

      7. @T-

        I just came back from a few trips to Indiana. Very rural farm country Indiana, for my father’s funeral. Although I have not lived in Indiana since I was 17 years old, my family is there so I have an insight into the HORRIBLE heroin and opioid epidemic there, and get this: although I grew-up in the smallest county of Indiana, it now has the highest poverty and heroin and opioid crisis.

        It’s so bad, I have parts of my own family that let themselves become slaves to this terrible class of drugs.
        So terrible, farmers have been having farm equipment stolen or my favorite, aluminum siding ripped-off equipment sheds or even farmhouses themselves to be sold for scrap…to support yet ONE MORE USED NEEDLE or a Pig Pharma Phat Cat getting another stock doubling and splitting.

        Who’s “winning” here? Certainly not the farmers. Phat Cats at Pig Pharma….while the zombie heroin apocalypse carries-on just out of their blinders.

        The heroin AND opioid crisis is INDEED VERY REAL!

        I also lost a very good Veteran buddy some 6 years ago when the VA cut-off his meds and made him report to the Disruptive Behavior Stormtroopers….he, like Dennis, got BANNED from the VA….so, he went right to the streets and low and behold, after three months, he gets some heroin laced with fentanyl and I found his lifeless body.
        From my perspective and from my State of Ohio’s perspective, the CRISIS is VERY REAL.
        It’s actually a GOOD THING to feel some of your pain, whether emotional or physical, as it lets you know you are still alive.

      8. Sorry about your loss.

        Oh yeah it is bad here but there is more to it than them on the news calling it all opiates and such. It’s like our vast epidemic of HIV, Hep C, Cancer rates through the roof, beyond epidemic proportions, gangs, etc. Then have the legal system bounce around with media saying no crime here, we are great here, to having extreme issues, so which is it?

        Only once on the news did they report just one person (one newer case, female) intentionally spreading HIV. Veterinarian meds hit the streets and mixed with stuff that they are calling ‘prescription opiates’ among other fashionable labels to suit their war on drugs. Animal meds, horse to elephant tranquilizers and such should not be reported as human prescribed pain meds. Bath-tub made dope should not be called “prescription opiates.” It’s like calling the multitude of suicides as “accidental over-doses.” Who or what are we going to do in these cases? personally it is not my job or in volunteer status to rat people out or discuss things with family or the law. Nobody gives a damn about my experiences or what I know and have seen. What’s done is done, insurance paid, commercials made about the “accidents”, done deal. It would create too much more heart ache and loss or more suicides, who knows. We aren’t supposed to dare question the official narrative on anything the news reports say or what some so-called expert or cop claims as total truth or needs.

        First reports came out years ago from here and southern Indiana (Washington) about the epidemic spread of sexually transmitted disease by the homosexual community. That story was dropped due to PC-ness and replaced with it all being from drug usage, evil veterans and pain meds, and needle activities. So the entire truth about things is not allowed out. All the problems still exist but the focus is off point to mislead the public as usual. Now it’s all about we need mo money more controls more laws, more money don’t forget.

        I am trying to show a juxtaposition here but not doing so well, I think. I dunno. It’s like people demanding we be tolerant here and keep illegals and crime out of the news. But yet, since they put in the national roads to I-69 here the drug scene has exploded. But don’t blame open borders or the illegals bringing it in.

        I always tried to help kids through life and from the school bullies. When this town is run by bullies and corruption. You can’t talk to youth today because it may hurt the family or parents. Might shame the country clubbers and community elite. Tell the parents to stop giving the kids money, credit cards and a Cadillac to drive around to get dope, they miss the point. Kids die from booze, alcohol poisoning, dope, then parents and others just want to shut down the news and communication about it all. You can’t get it through peoples heads that idiots out there and college kiddies are mixing up chemicals of all sorts then selling them as opiates when they should be called street angel dust or PCP. Then on the flip-flop the city and colleges have made “drunk walks” legal in college towns for home coming or whatever. Then bitch when they have to go have their stomachs pumped or die from poisoning. Or people like me aren’t cool because we don’t want to see youth being misled or allowed to ruin a college career learning how to booze it up and drug with unknown items. Then refuse to report what was in their systems at the time…in total. It also doesn’t help for the ‘leaders’ to allow youth to run nuts and only be concerned with entertainment, sports and that doping and bullying, to Hollywood trash for several hours in a day and at school.

        It’s a deep subject but such war crime crap like “collective punishment” or socialized health care for and equally is not the answer either. Especially when the politicians, the elite, can get whatever they need and desire or have their own separate health care systems unlike what we evil peasants and vets have to endure since we are all alike. We are not all alike like cops claim or the VA and government claims is truth or the way it is. WE can’t teach common sense most of the time, just like personal responsibility or allow nature to happen to the misled and ignorant people. Or being called a racist for wanting change in ‘colored neighborhoods’ or in the big cities because dope dealing is the only way to make big money or a way out. I don’t have answers to the myriad of questions and problems. Wish I did. I do know there are countless kids and people out there unable to handle real life due to modern American ways and PC-ness. Too many scared and no hope for the future but to find a feel good way to numb out. Or intentionally die easily enough.

        Have a good day. I gotta make a physical move or rigor will set in worse than it is.

  64. Odd. In Indiana both the VA and civilian quacks seems to have cut people off cold turkey for years now and the medical boards, politicians, media, those ‘inspectors’ don’t give a rat’s butt about anything going on here. I am far past the point of showing any form of respect to the scum in suits or long white coats with alphabets by their names or sitting in high offices wallowing in their money and power thinking their fancy titles or offices are akin to God while their perceived thoughts of us being ‘Domestic Terrorist” or as the Indy VA New Pain Clinic told our group were “Criminals or Will Be, All Are.” Then proceeded to tell us, order us, about all the other new rules and contracts to be signed and followed to the T. Like not using our phony Choice Cards to not using civilian emergency rooms for any thing but to drive to Indy even if in a car wreck to heart attacks, etc. If that isn’t intentional abuse, Draconian BS, tyranny, neglect, I don’t know what is. And the IG, governors, Attorney General, local vet groups and all the rest simply don’t give a damn. But rush to protect the regime and scum from top to bottom leaving us/me near totally censored, threatened, laughed at by city council members, and the rest. The cherry (a rotten one) on top is the fear people have to speak out or complain, or just settle for what others ”order’ them to do, or else.

    Since Aug 2015 I have had only two scripts for pain and one I could not use, Tramadol. One pill and I thought I was going to die and laid in bed for two days with a rapid heart beat and etc. Later after leaving the VA to see a local uncaring PC sent me to a jam packed pain clinic, only four locally to take care of a county of around a hundred thousand, to sit for up to six hours for a months supply of simple Hydrocodone. Total BS. And that was last year and none since. I refuse to be disrespected that way and to be ‘forced’ to see doctors seemingly on speed and won’t let you get a full sentence out they squawking and moving around so much, plus having to sign pages of really insane contracts besides the usual required trash and waste of good trees.

    So my mobility has gone down hill, can’t do much. Nothing for migraines, during the broken jaw from dental episode and having all those surgeries plus extracting bone chips for over two years our of my jaw. Put on a bunch of weight and the last liver specialist told my can’t take over the counter crap but to stay on narcs, period.

    Called to get into a more decent pain clinic and they just kept changing appointment dates, so I gave up there. Trying to find a good General “practitioner’ here and it’s been useless. The civilians are acting just like the VA with the missing file crap, new nurses, oral surgeons refusing to give my medical file copies, then sent phony ones to protect the VA dental clinic, twice calling in the wrong pharmacies for other scripts, not knowing why the next appointment was set up, and on it goes. Terre Haute, Horrible Haute, is one pathetic, uncaring, corrupt, multiple college college town to live in. So I am told to go back to the VA which I will die first before I allow them to either kill me off their way, on a surgical table while they party, play games, to intentionally disrespect me and others while playing their damn games. OR, it may do in my files that I am drug seeking since everything goes by law enforcement too today. So a person can not win unless your in a clique or connected here.

    Over the many years of methods and pain meds that worked to go to zero then deal with the drug game and propaganda is total BS. Get on a balances program, no withdraws, no serious issues, find what works, and doesn’t after many years then the tyrants play their money and control games.

    This crap is like going to a emergency room for shot over migraines only to get no relief, but obviously hit with sterile water or something. But we are supposed to play dumb, stay silent, and as one pain MD told me, “Americans are soft, you’re a vet, eat the pain it’s only going to get worse with age.” I think that punk is watching too much TV. And must really abhor the country and people making his office very wealthy.

    Or, do what the pain clinic drug counselor said to do…over and over…. ‘hit the streets if you don’t like the VA and medical college’s studies and expectations ( and control) and buy some crack, herion, or go back to drinking.”

    The IG and inspectors should be all over Indiana and Terre Haute making a lot of heads roll. In and out of the VA and in every political and media office around here.

    Kick them all out of office, drop the stupid laws. We can’t believe anything from the gov or media or from what some stats or claims are made to sway our lives down into more serfdom and misery. But the majority must like living in a police state with nearly no rights or freedoms.

    1. T,
      did you see the story on Fox 59 aobut the Marion VAMC abruptly stopping vets pain meds. It was nowhere near what it should have been. I was supposed to take part in that story; however, it “somehow” got reduced to ONLY the Marion VAMC. The question was never answered by the VA (surprised?) about why the vets narcotic pain meds were just stopped and they were stopped by someone the vets had never seen. Someone in an office was making the decision who got any pain meds and how much. No explanation, just “sorry you are no longer going to get these meds”.
      This was the story that i turned my VA medical records over to a private doctor who could not believe the VA was doing what they did. Where was this part of the story? It disappeared, it was not allowed to be part of the story. I sent the reporter an e-mail and told her that they really got over on her. The Indy VAMC needs something done quick. They are doing what they want and they make sure the state will do nothing to let the outside people know.

      1. Unfortunately, in the VA most medical decisions are made by bureaucrats and if it is researched many can be held to have violated federal and state statutes, They are arrogant beyond belief.
        They must be kicked down the road. And lil’ cocks the onion man too.

      2. Howdy! Nope, didn’t see the news report. That is another major issue we Terre Haute sheep are supposed to endure is near total censorship. Easy to see and check out for anyone interested. Just go to Topix Terre Haute forum and try to post something negative about this area, town, the far left wing colleges, about poor VA care, about corruption or ask why veterans especially here aren’t being really helped except for what our local media claims to be doing. Ask WHY ARE VETERANS BEING CENSORED AND IGNORED IN TERRE HAUTE. That thread will be down in minutes or a few hours, but usually in minutes. But refuses to address other issues like censoring, threats, giving us false information or making it useless to attend town meetings, even dangerous when a young attorney, the sitting town’s lawyer at the time jumps and stands in front of you while trying to leave in a medical emergency then laughs. Who then also becomes a town attorney.

        So what chance do we have? You can’t disagree here or have any form of redress of grievances unless you can hire a high priced attorney, but that too will fail here. Especially living in a town where officials or authorities will enter a home without a warrant or can easily harass a person to death and no-one would be the wiser, or care. A town where officials want life here living on a college campus with no free speech. And another reason why the battles are on many fronts and I am hated here because the cops, city, media, refused to report a killing, vehicle manslaughter, of an old white man on a bicycle to protect a foreign mafia family here (there are many) that has family in the public school admin system, law enforcement, are attorneys, works in local media, Freemasons, country clubbers, sits on councils and appointed positions, professors, works at the VA, etc., so integrity, honor, truth, the Constitution, decency, any real help or investigative reports will not happen. The corruption factor here is beyond belief and all state supported and approved. And is the reason why the nation and veteran’s groups shy away from this town and entire state, and is why no real horrible news never gets out of the state or towns. It just depends on who the victims are or who the perp or criminal is. Is also why all those Mid-Eastern cliques and groups are free to reign and ruin here due to political correctness and their victim whine, but we account for nothing. If we complain or want to discuss something it’s racist, hate, misogyny, from white privilege positions and on it goes. All shown differently on local TV of course. Then we are supposed to trust young medical students fresh out med school, from foreign countries, loved Obama, hates us, and colleges who have two faces to show the public?

        This is the reason why national news because of the powers that be will not or rarely report negatives on Indiana or about us being a chronically ill sanctuary state and filled with sanctuary towns and college towns filled with them including MS-13 types, but we hear all is well, we only have issues with white motorcycle types, no other gangs or illegals here. While old governor Mitch Daniels reported on TV he loved Mexicans money coming to the state. He is now over a college and some deals with Hulman & Co. What a laugh.

        Nope. Our local new cable TV (TWC went to Spectrum) and satellite system (Direct TV) I switched to, have dropped all Indianapolis channels. We can just get the regular national MSM like ABC, Faux, NBC, etc. Then of course the loser propagandist and liars here locally with WTHI, WTWO, who claim when called to “have all the news you really need.” and they flat out refuse to report anything needful or dealing with some reality. So how is all that for having some enemies in a small corrupt college town play the roll of decency and truth?
        That includes mainly the left and includes the local unions, all branches of service. It is dog eat dog here and vote a certain way to get jobs, city or county work, to run for office, to to get decent treatment away from all the self-serving and corruption. The local cliques, cabals, mafias, syndicates, country clubbers, etc., first and foremost and to hell with the rest of us.

        Around thirty years ago I tried to expose what this state and TH is all about but failed back then too. As a union officer, and other positions tried calling in the Feds for help. No go. I contacted the show “60 Minutes” and others. At first they were all gung-ho until a day or later called back saying they had enough stories about corruption and their producers didn’t want to come to Indiana. So that was a failed attempt at something like that after several tries over the years. Showed me what Indiana was, is, and is a hands-off open air prison camp with plenty to keep buried, run and controlled by the corrupt, families, groups, and being foreigner controlled including the cliques, government agencies/pedophiles/pervs and bought off Agenda 21 to globalist communitarian fascist professionals/colleges. All while passing “tolerance ordinances” and the want for more hate speech laws to silence us. And to never know who this system has killed, abused, murdered, or worse…completely ignored on all and every level of life.

        I will be starting a FB group for Hoosier vets too about these issues. Even though the locals here out of self preservation will not want to be included or even know of such a evil American veteran and Christian/other such as myself. It may cost them dearly, like a job or a favor from the city council or something.

        This is all why websites like Ben’s is so important and needful. Problem is getting people concerned for us and other humans instead of being consumed by all the distractions out there or what color of panties Kardashians or Hillary is wearing.

        That is why going against the VA system here in a lost cause. Golla, Howard, and several others at the VA are some of the worse I have ever dealt with. Many of the staff too. I have tried to get the ear of every office in Indiana and locally and all I have done is made a ton more of enemies and being totally ignored which is common. There are networks, okay call them conspirators out there and they are not there to help us or to help spread needful change or info. They are out there to destroy, silence, withhold info, mis-inform, delay, and cover-up.

        Try to have a good night ya’ all. I wish I could say change is a coming but that would be a lie. Or that after all these years I have a little more hope, I don’t. Lost it all in modern humanity and in Indiana. I think we all can see the writing on the wall. God help the brain-washed, socially engineered youth, along with future veterans of this country.

        Take care over there f8f!

    2. T…….GOOD RANT…….hands-off open air prison camp…had me laughing on that one. how true it is

  65. 91Veteran and namnibor,
    Earlier we discussed about how VA possibly continues keeping veterans on a prescription list, yet the vet is no longer receives it!

    “91” you seemed to have remembered, possibly/maybe, a veteran being contacted, which alerted the investigator(s) concerning this very issue!

    Now, Wouldn’t it be a hoot IF every veteran, or at least a large portion of the veterans’ population, were to be contacted – and the investigators were to learn VA employees were responsible for the diversion of LARGE quantities of drugs hitting the streets and being sent to other countries!
    And the involvement was so emense that many of/in the media outlets just couldn’t resist putting the story out!

    God, wouldn’t that just be magnificent!

    In a “mood!”
    Trying to combat some real pain in my legs, arms and torso tonight.

  66. I really really really wish RAID would work. What do I expect? I don’t know any more. I’m just going day to day.

  67. Good golly if we begin to require VA doctors to comply with American standards then the next thing you guys will want is a requirement that they be multi-lingual and speak English too! I tell you that when you get demanding like this that it has no end! The next thing you know patients will be calling on congress to cook the chicken awarded vets as compensation while enjoying the world class service from folks born around the world during eir time at VA. Rambo would eat the stuff and be grateful! Third world providers bring the kind of world class service to vets that is impossible to get elsewhere in America guys….what more do you want from America – A can of RAID???

    1. BVA Murphy has all the RAID secured and is protecting the stockholders from the beneficiaries.

    2. Dennis,
      on that college’s website it states:
      •Candidates should have passed 12th standard and should have obtained 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (taken together) and should have passed English as one of the subjects.
      •The candidates should have completed 17 years of age as on the 31st December of the year of admission.
      Selection is through COMED-K and CET
      They know where they are sending them. I bet the VA goes over and recruits them.

  68. HELL does any doctor understand tapering off any addictive drugs,,,, I READ THE ENTIRE RULES in my state to all of this not only the VA doesn’t but neither do the private sector obey any of it,,, though the private have more compassion,, and carring then the VA,,,, THIS HAPPEN,,, for me the end of the year came I was using several addictive drugs one was Hydrocoden,, and then cam Jan 1st no one told me no one warned me,, nothing they just didn’t send it,,, I was taking 6 a day but using as I needed,,, but none was sent and the battle began,,, but its not the only one its Antidepresents,,, Lorizapane,,, and others just very simple they stop sending them,,,, withdrawls they don’t care take an asperin sorry about the spelling but I don’t use the VA no longer,,,, 47 years is enough,,,, I have seen it all,,,,, and its worst today then it was before,,,,, steve

  69. Until we can find these fools accountable, what’s the use ? I’m usually wrong, but, there are so many issues going on with our new Government, I can’t foresee any changes that will affect anyone making less than 40,000 a year. Other than getting poorer. We have a confused congress, and an ass kissing Senate. Just feel like we gonna get screwed…again. God Bless the Veterans.

  70. I think I may see the problem and it’s right in front of our faces in Benjamin’s “Bad VA Art” today.

    That aluminum opiate painkiller blister pack looks deceivingly like a slice of cheese and the rats just love the shit.

    RAND Corp. recommends the “Candyman Crush”.

    1. @namnibor: LMAOOOOOOO, Excellent eye you have there. (Makes note, fax over BIG rat traps to namnibor)

      1. Uses mini sledge in the meantime. “Here ratty ratty ratty” BAMMMM!!! <3()~~~

      2. @cj- That mini sledge will not do in this case. The VA rats have been genetically merged with that of Opossums. Viciously vile creatures with pointy teeth and funny hats.
        I’m thinking bear traps connected to 440V live wire with opiate blister packs for bait.

      3. @namnibor: Correction, adds mini, nuclear generator/transformer, to care package. ~¥¥¥¥~ and defanger VvvvV—-> vvv

      4. Well said, and if any survive, let’s take em down to a special prosecutor who will guide them into the federal prison hospital for quadraphlegics
        I have seen the arrogance of the VA bureaucrats up close many times, we must not have any sympathy for these vultures any more than sympathy for a dog with rabies who has just bitten you child.

      5. @Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve – – – While I would kill them both, I would find it somewhat harder to kill the dog with rabies . . .

        The reason I try to stay away from the VA as much as possible is because I fear that one day I will truly SNAP while there. If I ever do SNAP at the VA . . . it would definitely make the news.

        Better my plan of self-imposed hermitacy. Better for me. Better for them.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

      6. Let the dog with rabies gnaw on them for a bit then see if there’s any difference in their indifferent attitudes while infected with rabies. I guessing not much change from VA zombie rat to VA zombie rat with rabies. But we must try and the dog will be more than happy to help any way he can.

  71. Does not matter what problems are uncovered at the VA, or with the AFGE. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EXCUSE they will provide. PERIOD. THAT is why only 1/3 of the VA ANNUAL BUDGET goes to treating/compensating veterans for injuries/disabilities incurred as a result of their service.

    The OTHER 2/3’s goes to PR Firms, Bonuses for doing such a stellar job of fucking over veterans, Training that is of pyss-poor quality and conducted by third-world providers, and contracting out in a very nepotistic-based system.

    There is a very simple solution that solves ALL of those problems, saves the U.S. TAXPAYERS millions of dollars annually, and will over the first two years of implementation – – – improve the lives of America’s veterans significantly.


    1. Recognize the problems inherent in the VA are SYSTEM-WIDE, not just limited to a few locations.

    2. Fire all the Lazy No Good Workers. Fire EVERY single AFGE/SES Employee.

    3. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into housing for homeless veterans.

    4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can TRUST.

    5. The United States Government will PAY those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

    6. ELIMINATE the “Federal Protection” Umbrella for incompetent QUACKS that the VA sends to other states to practice other than their own. Going to practice in Hawaii? You need to be LICENSED in Hawaii. Same applies to all other states.

    7. Any claim a veteran submits that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. If a claim filed by a veteran is found to be a false one designed to scam the system, the VA will have to prove in civil court that a false claim was intentionally submitted.

    8. All veterans will be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA.

    9. No AFGE, nor any other Labor Union business will be allowed to take place in any Federal Workplace. Conducting Union Business during working hours will is prohibited, and will be strictly enforced. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL. Attorney’s for appeal will be retained at the former employee’s PERSONAL expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent personnel with regards to Governmental Employment.

    POTUS Reagan broke up PATCO in the ’80’s. POTUS Trump and our current Congress Critters do NOT have Veterans Interests at heart. Perhaps their replacements will. VOTE OUT all these WORTHLESS INCUMBENTS. Give their replacement’s one term to take care of the Veterans. If they cannot muster the stones to do it properly – – – vote their worthless asses out as well. Party should NOT MATTER. What SHOULD MATTER is their voting records on VETERANS ISSUES.

    NO Combat Veteran should be surprised when the next McVeigh Incident occurs. Bound to happen. Just a matter of time . . .

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN

      1. @Namnibor – – – Just continuing to develop my rant. Working on my petition for veterans to the White House. Part of my rant (SECRET NOFURDEM for now) will become part of that petition.

        Appreciate your suggestion. I still need to fine tune #9 a bit – – – but thought I would throw it out here for your specific input today. After all, without your comment – – – it might never have occurred to me.

        Thank You.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN

  72. Prashanthi Bolla, a graduate of Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbarga India, stopped my morphine WITHOUT tapering it. I was taking three tablets a day and had been for about two years. I had to deal with the withdraws, increased pain, and no one at the Roudebush VAMC cared one bit. How is this right? This is what made me become homeless. A previous PCP at the Indy VAMC did prescribe the pain med when i saw him but his accent was too great so I changed PCP’s. He was also from a college in India.
    How many of these colleges’ in India have a ranking that is up to what the US requires. Of 501 medical colleges in the world, India has two ranked in that 501. One is 476 and the other is around 485 (I believe that is their ranking +/- a couple). How can these colleges that are ranked so badly be the ones the VA goes for? Easy, the VA can tell these so called doctors what and how they will do things.
    I think the medical background of the colleges and what they instruct should be made available and there should be some standard that they should be up to.

    1. “f8f”
      Because the idiots coming out of those (low ranking) colleges are grateful to have a good paying job OUTSIDE of their “3rd world cesspool country!” Look at India. It’s a fuckin cesspool!!!!

      Think about it. Wouldn’t you want to get the hell outta India, or any similar country, as soon as possible? I just wonder how many have a real medical degree?
      I wonder how many reprobates are in VA from Venezuela! People down there have resorted to eating their pets. They must have run out of all the zoo animals!
      Well, that’s what socialism does to a country!

    2. f8f,

      The number of fake degrees coming out of India is astronomical. Just last year their Cabinet Minister of Law and Justice Jitender Singh Tomar got popped for using two fake degrees to obtain his office. Anyone can buy a degree in any field over there. A lot of the people who buy the degrees are coming to the US.

      With the Veterans administrations J1 wavier program for physicians they can come over here and start working at the VA without ever having learned anything about medicine and never having to complete a residence program due to the J1 Waiver.


      Wikipedia posting for Jitender Singh Tomar

      VHA HANDBOOK 5005.01 Transmittal Sheet February 28, 2011

      Can’t imagine why English is become a second language at the VA.

      1. Must be why some of them don’t know what low or high blood sugars are or other information that should be stuck in their heads for life, not so in Indiana. Had two and one older white American jesters ask me if 50 was too low of a blood sugar count. And foreigner over there tell me he didn’t believe in Hypoglycemia as an real issue. What do you, or can you calmly, rationally, say to these freaks? Nothing, so I just leave, especially when they say ‘we are here to help you, have you any questions.” Errr…well no.

    3. Been gone from the VA since 2015 and I’ve got to say, that is about all I am running into in Terre Haute. Foreigners out the wazoo, MDs that won’t accept news patients, 4 minus one leaving as a pain clinic and that is being passed on to a yet another Paki or something.

      The so-called PCP like others in this two hospital town that anything other than acute or worse is flown out to Indy to Eskinazi for care now. And they have been discussed out here before.

      The MDs who are playing PCP will do the usual crap, blood test, run a check on ya, criminal records, pharmacy purchases, payment info, etc. Then send you out to others in the same clinic or out for say…feet, then another for shoulder, another for pain (the all day wait clinics), then another for other reasons. Each one saying well we cant’ give pain meds or do this treatment -just for one- part of the body. Well I say why not treat the whole darn body or consider the pain in all areas instead of piece mealing us out to many others just to spread the money around. Which also means each one wants to take their own X-rays and test. More money for that what are the dangers of multiple X-rays? I am told minimal. That is what some MDs on TV or writing books say it’s all about. Socialist styled health care and spreading their greed around, while making a lot of people suffer or die playing the pass around game or making the lose all they have for care or needed medications for life, or for quality of life. Plus the globalist de-population claims.

      I wanted to save the stress on the limbs today for the garden but here is another heads-up. There are those foreigners claiming to be family practice or specialist. They must not be. I am told family practice or others specialist claims calls for them to take extra training, like with family practice I am told is 2 yrs or more internship and training. OR so I am informed. Internalist (for one example) I have tried for the guts and other issues turned me down merely because I seen a local pain clinic twice, then left telling them why, and they said they are internalist only and don’t deal with pain issues. Or veterans with pain. HUH? SAy What? But on their website may say…. “we do joint injections,” or some claim then their page only has one foreign med school listed minus any specialized training or other info. It’s a damn mess trying to get info figured out. We are being suckered, lied to, critically mis-informed, etc.,

      The other mess is dealing with the way the VA sends out files with all the clinics and such jammed together in a pile it seems MD offices don’t like, won’t read, but complain about a huge stack of papers like a foot thick of nonsense and jumbled up jargon, heavily intertwined clinical, MD reports, and questionable info. Then to say to go back to the VA or seemingly dismiss plans to go through the files to get things done, which also fails. So far it’s still a no win situation against the powers that be. These medical boards to politician sure love having the power to destroy the quality of life, then laugh, or take constant vacations.

      Not to forget the issue of not having a good ol’ fashion phone book to go by. No, we get crappy phone books with out dated info. Told to use the same on the net, make a ton of phone calls, and filter through all the false or misleading information about the clinic, MD, or what they practice or specialize in. The find a doctor call centers or through hospitals are a joke too. New foreigners in town, we are told to go there. Or told to go back and deal with the unpleasantness with past attempts for quality care and respect.

      Ha, I got my feathers ruffled early when a guy called and said his MD, one who turned me down, sent him to Carmel and another far away town south east to pain clinics and injections. He drove hundreds of miles around the state to the appointments and was told ‘not today, we have to see you first then set up other appointments for shots and to see others elsewhere for their specialty.” and “we don’t have your files yet either, they didn’t send them.” The entire state is going bonkers and nuts.

      Jesus help us. I gotta drink a pot of joe and get out in the breeze and garden. Have a good one folks, hopefully.

      1. Welcome to new America,, woops spelt it wrong,,, had to ,, all medical fields are filled with outsource doctors if that is given the right name,,,, I won’t and never will be looked at by a outside help,,, Either his internship is America or its not,,, its pasted on the wall were he got his internship his education,,, I walk if its not or I can’t find his history on line,, period,,, These so called Jack asses,,, are using America way,, for there pleasure,, I did not protect them ,, but as always 80% of this so called America bow and go to them,,,,

      2. So do we boycott any PCP who is not or has not done their internship in America? We have no choice in our PCP. We are assigned one. We should have a say if that person is dealing with our health and wellbeing. I will never have a PCP who has not done this. We can put in for a change of provider. Just a thought.

      3. It is time for veterans to organize LEGALLY into fighting and training units, which are like the Military reserves to be able to respond to the organized thuggery, and which units are known to the feds and the local police. THAT IS WHAT THE 2ND AMENDMENT WAS CREATED FOR:

  73. The last time I received an opiate from VA, I had to drive 180 miles, round trip. It was the ??? time they didn’t send them. While waiting an hour or so, for a script they said was on the shelf waiting. After the 6hour ordeal, I suffered a major heart attack. The following month, when they didn’t show, I called again. They, some clerk, told me I tested positive for thc. I hadn’t smoked pot for 3 years. They lie. Although my life style has suffered, I am not as frustrated waiting every month only to wait more, or the 180 miles. I will live without the pain meds, just not as well. Again, how can the VA be saved? There are liars, thieves, and worse at every level.

  74. Poor Training and Lack of knowledge is no excuse if you lead a platoon into an ambush because you lack knowledge and are poorly trained. The only thing is death, to you if you survive you will be killed by your own troops, and no one will have any evidence of it.

    I have heard this poor training and lack of knowledge bullshit for years.

  75. “Where did they receive their medical licenses?” How did they pass a math class, (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), for elementary school kids?
    Let me take a fuckin guess! How about some “3rd world country” Seymore talked about a few days ago! Y’all know the ones. They’re the ones where the person pays a lot of money for a “Fake Medical Degree”. Then applies for an “H1B Visa” to come here and work for the VHA’s around our nation.
    We are them every time we go to the VA. They’re the ones who speak little English, and can’t hold a civil conversation with anyone! They’re also the ones laughing all the way to the bank, with lots of taxpayers monies, to deposit! Because, they know they “…CAN’T BE FIRED…” when they fuck over a veteran. Or, GOD forbid they murder a veteran!

    As far as the DEA doing anything. Here’s a new article out, 31 May 2017, y’all might be interested in.
    It’s from:
    “Judicial Watch”
    “Corruption Chronicles”
    “DEA Blasted for Botching Operation, Lying to Cover-up Wrongdoing!”

    Think about it. The DEA is supposed to capture criminals, not help them!
    That’s why I don’t believe the DEA will be of much use in stopping the VA’s rampant drug running enterprise! Hell, they’re probably going to help the VA!
    That’s my opinion!

    1. @Crazy elf: elf, exactly right. The Veterans Administration, where tax payers money is used to pay the world. Sorry GI Joe/Jane, nothing left for you, so go be a good little soldier, and die under a rock. Your not welcome here.

  76. Ben, that poor training and lack of knowledge is a bullshit excuse when the VA is caught doing wrong.

    The bigger question here is what the hell is that PCP doing stopping any kind of prescription if they are not educated on the medicine…including possible withdrawals?

    If a PCP has an idea that a medicine can be addictive, wouldn’t that suggest withdrawals?

    If they are as dumb as a friggin fence post, then maybe they should be flipping burgers instead of playing doctor with veterans.

    They do the same with mental health meds.

    Lack of knowledge? Really?

    1. No, I believe their actions are all intentional. If they present their case as being dumb, then, they believe they will not be busted to the extent of being prosecuted in accordance with the law. They are playing the victim same as when the IG conducted their financial audits. If they present to the IG their lousy passwords or poor Accounting with VA funds, then, they believe that it is their way to escape accountability and the rule of law. When they want to be exact and very detailed with the purpose of harming or demeaning of veterans, they are very prompt and to the point. Their negligent doctoring is all intentional to get rid of Veterans. This is the bottom line. Socialism in it’s finest. Disgraceful.

      1. I fully agree. And no-one by accident talks trash to veterans, threatens the group, tells us things like never to use the Choice card, never to use civilian emergency rooms or health care at all. Not even after a car crash, heart attack, to broken bones or hips. And much more. So that behavior is intentional, hate filled complete with the smiles coming from that punk with in 2015 bragged about being one of the VA’s best with 18 yrs of quality service under his belt. Yeah, I bet it’s under his belt.

        While many other vets are treated and talked to completely differently. Yep, every bit of it, the crap, and then having it follow us into civilian life is all intentional and protected from the top down.

      2. Angela, I certainly agree it’s intentional, and a claim of lack of training or poor knowledge is an easy excuse to avoid anyone getting in trouble.

        How many years has it been well known that certain drugs are addictive? To claim a supposedly trained medical professional is not aware of the effects of cutting off that kind of medicine is just ludicrous.

        If I were a veteran with medicine stopped like that and some bureaucrat asshat said my provider was unaware of the physical effects, then I would be going after someone’s license because they are utterly incompetent.

      3. Benjamin, I hope you read my post. My further take on this is even with the legislation that is headed to the Senate “The Accountability Act ” soon to be put into law if confirmed is an uncertainty as to whether it will even help improve the situation within the VA. This is why I say this. Benjamin, the AFGE will be the blocking force like the Liberal judges are to Trump’s extreme vetting orders which are now headed to the Supreme Court. Benjamin, the AFGE has got to even be restricted with their use of power because they abuse their power. Benjamin, the CFR needs to be reformed to reflect new standards while eliminating many that do not apply. The 38 USC 511 needs to be modified, changed or eliminated but above all Benjamin, the Socialist healthcare system needs to be reformed into Capitalism which is the social system based on the principle of individual rights and based on the rule of law. Not rule of man. Reason why I say the Socialism needs to be reformed into Capitalism is not only to enforce the accountability but to create a system that is less regulated so one can breathe. Benjamin, I know the decent employees are few and far between in the VA but when they are mixed in with the bad seed or corrupt employees they do not even have the individual rights either to stand by and stand up for what is accountable, ethical, and humane with of course being in accordance with the law. Benjamin, the Socialism is destructive to both the veterans as well as the employees because it is not a system based on individual rights and rule of law. Socialism does not allow individual rights with anything about anything to include the employees standing up for what is right, for and of the veterans. Or even other decent employees. Benjamin, in Socialism, the system is not based on saving and improving lives. Socialism is based on a False Truth and Sabatoge. And too, Benjamin, I know you are an attorney and my comments that I have posted, you absolutely know the facts of what I am expressing. So my bottom line is I do not believe Secretary David Shulkin is really going to be able to do much because all entities involved with the VA are going to have to be reformed such as the AFGE, USC, CFR, and even the reform of the Bureaucratic Socialism to reflect more Capitalism. Benjamin, the whole system has got to be overhauled and it is going to take more than Secretary David Shulkin.

      4. @Benjamin and all, there are signs of some efforts to implement changes that are starting to surface. Not sure about the seriousness of their efforts though. I received letters from the VA system in the Northeast to include the Boston VA system, West Haven, CT, Providence, RI, North Florida/South Georgia VA Medical Centers. Letters came from the VA Connecticut Healthcare System. The letters are about research that is oriented to the purpose of Discontinuing NSAIDs that are being used to treat Knee Osteoarthritis. Some of the non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs include Ibuprofen, Naproxen (Aleve), Motrin, etc. These drugs are used for treating knee issues like pain, stiffness, or swelling. Anyway, it compares NSAID use with non-drug treatment targeted at managing pain. It may involve taking either a NSAID called Meloxicam or receiving phone based therapy to learn pain coping skills. Benjamin and all, the downside to this is just more research. This is all the VA does is research; and, it never results in any action taken that would lead to positive results for the veterans. Maybe they are trying to change the medications for the good of the veterans. Who knows? I do know the medications that they have listed do contribute to causing more health issues beyond the scope of just treating the knees.
        For humane purposes, though, it really is in the best interest of anyone to not take these NSAIDs and too, look for alternative treatments that do not involve these heavy duty chemicals. These chemicals are more rough on the body than not based on what I have read on the FDA website and other sources. As for reducing pain and unless it is end of life pain, physical movement is always helpful which includes some walking if possible, swimming, stretching, yoga, zumba, light weights, light yard work, fishing, or anything that involves any type of physical movement. Movement actually helps reduce pain, helps get rid of pain, and speeds up the healing from surgery, injury or from any type of physical trauma to the body. As for mental pain, yes, minimal medications but intensive therapy is most of the time the solution to assist the individual in getting beyond the trauma or in getting beyond whatever has happened. Life threatening illnesses are a different story such as cancer but then one really can’t find alternatives to the hard cancer drugs. Folks though, many may not believe this but exercise or movement is even being used in conjunction with the chemo to treat cancer. This treatment approach is positive and is prolonging life. I am not sure if the VA is even doing this though because of their own perspective of ultimately harming veterans due to being the population control system that they are. I am not sure why they even sent me the letters because I do not have knee issues nor am I on NSAIDs. I am not the person of choice their research study. None of this applies to me at this time. The bottom line, though, is the VA does need to streamline their medication formulary to reflect more healthy medications, newer state of the art medications that reduce the side effects, and alternatives to the harsh medications. When newer medications that have reduced side effects are used, this treatment approach can enhance the functionality of the individual which ultimately could increase independence for the person. Also, as for alternatives —-avocado oils, castor oil, apple cider vinegar, tree tea oil, aspirin, tumeric powder, krill oil, fish oil, and the list goes on. Best. More insight to come relating to the topic of tapering off these hard ass drugs. Folks have a good day. Speak later.

      5. Angela,
        The VA prescribed me NSAIDs for several years at a high dose to try an lessen my pain. The result? I now have a very messed up GI track. I have tried almost every one of the non-narcotic pain meds for my knees. I have tried topical creams, cortisone injections, simvisc injections, therapies, anti-depressants, tricyclic depressants, anticonvulsants, lidocaine patches, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, anticonvulsants, and topical NSAIDs. This was done over the last 12 years. Some worked for a while, some had reactions, some did not help at all. The VA put me on narcotics and it does work.
        I use them responsibly so I can work 50 hours a week and have somewhat of a life. I have a better quality of life right now. I know that the narcotics are not the answer. They are however, a larger part of the plan. Do as you have stated above, being active, helps greatly. I have always stated I will gladly give up the narcotics if something else can be found which helps. Until then, let me have a better life, a better quality of life with what I am taking now. If it does affect my liver, at least I had some better quality of life years versus taking away the one thing that is currently helping and making my life a living hell. I will take that trade off. I was a very active person and to sit and watch TV is something I really do not want to do. I have not asked for an increase in them and I would never do so.

      6. Dang f8f, I thought you were writing down a large part of my history. With a few slight chances. No simvisc or other injections in the spine if that is what that is. Have had and need injections at times from both big toe joints, ankles, both knees, both hips., both wrist, both elbows, both shoulders. Nothing to be done for the neck but pain pills, collar, and traction here at ahome. Or the Gout but a med or Homeopathic treatment. Not much helps the Orth arthritis or Bursitis. Nothing to be done for torn rotator cuffs or torn muscles. Too old for any of that surgery repair I am told and that would probably not work or last well.

        Tried all the rest and more and did nothing but about kill me and my liver. That is why more than one MD and a specialist I was told at the VA I “was very fortunate to get to see” was world renowned as the best. He was doing some free time at the VA liver clinic I guess, in from Europe I believe was said. Told to never do anything but narcs again for pain. To ‘never allow a MD to tell you how much pain you are in or to ever take NSAIDS (blah blah to keep it short) ever ever again in your life, never.” Unquote

        I can’t remember the liver specialist name but he reported to me the opposite of what others said in the VA liver clinic. That my Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease was significant, as did a couple of old civilian MDs. Stated that it will improve but to avoid allowing anything to raise my liver enzymes and such again. He is the one I wrote about before that when I went back to the liver clinic I was told to dismiss what he told me, and to just stop taking the mess of meds Neuro told me at midnight one time to stop immediately. Only later to be told by PCPs and other quacks to get back on everything from the beginning which would be totally insane. Neuro, before they went crazy and got yelled at and accused of things like taking dope in the clinic, or migraines was not a chronic pain issue any longer agreed with the liver specialist suggestions. Oh, I was caught by Daily taking a couple of Glucose tabs, hand to mouth with the container in my hands, and he still went off on me. Then calling me a liar about a colonoscopy. Amazing psycho shit over there. Anyhoo…

        GI tract. Finally I was told by that clinic and others that I simply had ”slow, dry bowels”. Old age. I went for.. get this… one sold month here and there without having a movement. Some over there just thought that was funny as shit while I was miserable and like now, cannot get a colonoscopy because that poop stuff won’t work on me even when fasting time or the gallons of go juice is doubled or tripled, it no longer works on me.

        They wouldn’t do other test but the X-rays and the, sonagram stuff I think it was. Just said smiling, no impaction yet, but full of poop.” Gave me Ducalax for the cure.

        Occasionally I would taper down and quit all dope I was on then go back on starting with the various different meds to see what the effects were. Or if I was going to Jones from the narcs, which I never did.
        The GI issues turned out to be from anti-depressants, anti-psych crap and their kickers they gave me like Ambilify and etc. I should have known this from my father and many others in nursing homes having the same severe issues and having to get cut on or have it dug out their butts and etc. Enemas all the time. But those didn’t help me with the upper GI being full. Older nurses at the homes used to be open about their patients being constantly constipated when given anti-depressants and tranquilizers to keep them dumbed down, calm, and docile brainless creatures.

        The effects from that crap long term has caused me lasting issues and done something to the nerves down there that stimulates a move or when you feel the stool down yonder that I can’t feel down there anymore. I am really trying here but the words won’t come. And my arms are about shot for the day. the VA scum just won’t listen, knows best, and acted like I didn’t know what my body was doing. They’d say -shit- like ‘we never heard of that before,” or that oh no anti-depressants wont’ cause chronic constipation” etc. Lying filth.

        I have a lot of shit stories for sitting around the camp-fire with the boys for a laugh.

        Here is a real shocker for ya. What ever I am told by any quack does not work. I tell them what does and can easily prove it. I may not poop for weeks, belly swells, sharp pains, cramps, never an urge. I can take one Hydro 10 with the nasty 325 tylenol stuff and I am running to the bathroom in a half hour. If I take one and try to drive to Indy dealing with these issues I would mess my drawers in quick time if I can’t get pulled over and in a privy fast. But then we are all alike in every way according to the VA and modern medical socialist standards and trains of thought. That is like me accidentally finding out that oxygen helps my migraines but Neuro and others said I was not supposed to know about that and that the VA does not accept it as a treatment for migraines. Wow, I hate those people over there.

        Codeine from a dentist for years will back me up but never Oxy or Hydro. So go figure. MDs never want to discuss — this shit— and less now due to stupid laws and socialist health care, and called ‘collective punishment’ to punish us all, or some of us. The socialist public as well now.

        Gotta bust a move for the spine, shoulders, and knees, but that’s my story and I am sticking to it and can easily prove what I say. I will bet any freak of a MD or VA scum out there I can prove this and bet them all I have on it, and they must do the same, bank accounts included.

        Any freaking doctors or pain clinics out there wanna try to make a liar out of me? I dare ya. Slap leather quick draws with bull shit medical knowledge. lol

        Have a great evening folks.

      7. T,
        All of those were for my knees with the one exception of my right ankle. I shattered the Talus dome and got eight screws and a plate in it. I had very sharp electric shooting pains in it and did not know what it was. Told nerves were reconnecting and was given gabba for it. I also tried it for my knees with no luck.
        Since the NSAIDs, I visit the restroom a minimum three times a day. Even with the Hydro, I have that problem. Most is the same as you said. Pain, bloating, gas, it is as if I am on a stimulant. Of course the VA PCP’s don’t believe that can happen if I am taking my Hydro “as prescribed”.
        The Indy VA tried once to sedate me for a colonoscopy and could not put me out. I tried to tell them that the IV was not in my vein, but I have no idea what is going on. After they reached the max amount of med to knock me out, they gave up. If they would have listened to me and moved the IV, they could have proceeded. I hate to drink that stuff and for them to not listen to me and then tell me that I will have to come back and do this again, NO THANKS!! They are so stupid. They think they know everything yet they know so little. Now with my iron deficiency getting worse, they want to do another scope. I said HELL NO, if it is to be done it will be done outside the VA. They have not gotten back to me on that.

      8. Further down the page with my comment about the VA Healthcare system from the Northeast sending me a letter, well, the Connecticut VA called me on the phone. I was on another call and chose not to answer. Also, though folks, I believe it is a scam of some sort. Reason being is they called me on a Saturday. I really do not even know if this letter or the phone call came from the VA. I did a reverse call and it linked the number to a doctor that is on the letter that was sent to me. I am still weary. Even if it could be the VA, why a VA that I do not even belong to? And too, I am not on any of these types of medications. So I do not get it. How can they even do any research at all on this type medical condition in regards to me when the condition does not apply to me? What is the deal? They put in their letter to pay me 75 dollars to participate. No, I do not think so. I am not participating as their guinea pig. Benjamin, do you have any knowledge about any of this going on anywhere in the VA system particularly if the veterans are not registered in the VISN that are contacting from?

      1. Fuck you VA:
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

  77. The so called opioid epidemic is as bad as the boy crying wolf. Many of us require this type of medication to properly perform our jobs. The problem is at the southern border. Has been, always will be. My time in Central America throughout the 80’s confirms that the problem then was as bad as it is now. Politics got involved in medicine, so now it’s an epidemic according to our elected leaders. I ask, how many of them have put their bodies through the torture that we have? Answer…… not that fucking many. Fuck your epidemic Washington. And as always, fuck you AFGE, fuck off VA.

    1. When you don’t prosecute them for murder, they will continue to commit murder and I bet the FBI and IG gave them time to destroy the records/computer trail/paper trail, are you kidding me guess who is Baaaack…..

    2. Med Malpractice after you have had the admission that dey jus didn’t study dat stuff in Medical training…………………………….

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