On The Road – Social Media Marketing World – #SMMW19

I wanted to take a minute to let my regular readers know my lack of publishing the last two days has everything to do with a conference I am attending called Social Media Marketing World.

We are in southern California taking a break from the bitter cold of Minnesota to learn more about trends in social media to better serve our veteran community. Love it. Presentations by Pat Flynn and Sunny Lenarduzzi were the best so far.

Anyway, I will write more about the event next week. Until next time…

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  1. Even if was seen at a Hospital in Italy, their military health records will show. A steel plate is a serious injury, usually surgery is not immediate, but a brace on and scheduled with specialist. So military medical records should show the initial evaluation, reasons sending to a civilian hospital and recovery and follow up with base doctors. No one can take no where near the time off needed for surgery without documentation. You can also see if can find Fee Basis records showing authorization to be seen at hospital plus payments. Since the military does not sending people to civilian healthcare usually only send for the minimum needed with the rest performed at the military base. If still couldn’t provide that care they would transfer to another base, but even if had everything performed at the Italian Hospital it’s highly unlikely that there’s nothing in their records of the injuries. If this all happened this way there’s also the possibility that someone threw all of the medical records in the trash or put in a room where there’s thousands of other veteran’s records that can’t be found. If can’t find anything then could use social media to find people served with, hopefully people over him and collect letters of anyone knowing that the incident occurred. Even if had all the proper documentation, putting a claim in from an injury that long ago is a challenge by itself and have been known to take a very long time. Then even when years passed and approved as a service connected disability they would not approve a 100% injury. Since they went back to regular duty and went to work all the years after they left the military. So then need to put paperwork in again with evidence that it’s 100% disabling and taking years again. This is a big reason that veterans get angry with people having waited 20yrs to approve. So even if found the records from Italy it’s one piece of the puzzle and nowhere near a slam dunk, nothing is in the VA system. It takes a whole bunch of work to prove when you walk out the door of active duty. It’s not impossible, but is work and a lot of time. God Bless

  2. I’m a cancer survivor b and I am a bit concerned about being tied to the VA for life. I don’t trust the Veterans Hospital handling any part of me. They are the S in PTSD. They appear to dislike Veterans, and I feel uncomfortable and weary and I feel it’s a trap every time I am asked anything. Our President is trying hard, but, he’s no match for what runs D.C.. Sadly, he’s giving money away. Lots of rotten tomatoes will have that money gone, forgetting why they got it, and beg for more. Makes ALL Veterans look bad to the public. I just see all the good POTUS thought he did, coming back to bite Veterans. @Ben, glad ya’ll home safely.

  3. I am wondering if anything came up about all the censoring going on and why ‘social media marketers’ and others are in cahoots with all of it. Or of the main topics discussed. Marketing leaves me with a nasty taste in my mouth and not having chewed on anything, just thinking about it seems to be a nasty eight letter word. Worse than the four letter words… like free.

    Recently in. Why are ‘social media marketers’ joining in with newly released news snippets about why those marketing types along with others find the need or purpose being hired by public school systems? On the tax payer’s dime. Why would public schools need more censoring, the needs to hire such marketers, PR firms, etc. Used in applications such as getting grants for so-called ‘mentoring programs?’ To create more activist, more social engineering through such media marketing. To ensure more censoring and banning of certain issues are contained? To sway minds and opinions as usual or sell poop. They all over the hypocrisy of reports coming out about the damages and issues of people, kids, spending so much, or too much time, on social sites or in front of some screen or monitor many are claiming is damaging. The damages and mis-use of social media and modern marketing with ill intent.

    Odd to me/others why all the need for PR firms to ensuring marketing execs/social media scientist/agents are in place and used from the Gov, the VA, health care arenas, all around, and now in public school systems? Curious minds want to know so I’ll jump up and ask. Oh and “world?” Like globalist type models of social media marketing the United Nations and others want?

    This should be a fun report.

  4. Good luck. Have a safe and fruitful trip.
    We’ll be here waiting patiently for how VA will screw us and ALL the taxpayers!

  5. RAND suggests: Watch-out for earthquakes and only drink mudslides adult beverage, never local variety. Be careful and have some fun!
    Don’t worry, in your absence the VA is busy providing world class problems for tomorrow’s money grabbing fix, just follow the fodder to the hungry,hungry hippos and have a great time.

  6. @Ben, truly hope California trip allows you, and perhaps family, a rest I’m sure y’all been needing… personally, I wouldn’t visit Tijuana.

  7. K-Lar,

    Thank you for the opportunity to assist you…
    Here you go as a start:


    The cross-sectional analysis considered all the Italian hospitals with a working website between December 2008 and February 2009. The websites were coded using an ad hoc Codebook, comprising eighty-nine items divided into five sections: technical characteristics, hospital information and facilities, medical services, interactive on-line services and external activities. We calculated a website evaluation score, on the basis of the items satisfied, to compare private (PrHs) and public hospitals, the latter divided into ones with their own website (PubHs-1) and ones with a section on the website of their Local Health Authority (PubHs-2). Lastly, a descriptive analysis of each item was carried out.

    Out of the 1265 hospitals in Italy, we found that 419 of the 652 public hospitals (64.3%) and 344 of the 613 PrHs (56.1%) had a working website (p = 0.01). The mean website evaluation score was 41.9 for PubHs-1, 21.2 for PubHs-2 and 30.8 for PrHs (p < 0.001).

    Only 5 hospitals out of 763 (< 1%) provided specific clinical performance indicators, such as the nosocomial infection rate or the surgical mortality rates. Regarding interactive on-line services, although nearly 80% of both public and private hospitals enabled users to communicate on-line, less than 18% allowed the reservati

  8. K-Lat, You might be able to Use WATSON to locate the records. You will need to work with a VAMC authorized person to run a query on WATSON. I do not have a phone number.

    Or, you can try this: “Using IBM Watson to Answer Two Important Questions about your Customers”. Put that into your web browser and download the WATSON Studio. Once you find the studio download page you can proceed this way.

    If this is onerous you will need to get help with a structured query language request (SQL) Watson speaks many different languages and while he may not get you the records, he may be able to identify next steps like where the records might be located and if they are on microfilm in the basement of a hospital. “Steps” are another word for Algorithm ( a step by step solution to a problem). Start by clearly identifying the problem. From what I read it is a compound problem (layers of info needed). Identify the layers and prioritize which layer is needed first. Look for online data analytics groups that may be able to help. In California there is ERIC. This seems like a gigantic task but if you are patient you can start getting stuff.

    Coming here and asking for help was a great start. I did a similar project for myself and was stunned to find the VAMC actually had Hospital records of my visit in 1978 and 1979 on microfilm- the person who sent me copies was probably chewed out because I am using them to advance a claim for earlier effective date. Also, you might try to contact Northhacker, a contributor to this web site ( you can find him on the web). He does amazing things as a Vet for Vets and he may have insight. Tell him Russel sent you. Come back to us here if you can. Best regards all the way around…

  9. Veterans who reads this get on your Computer email your Senators or Representative contract the Veteran Affairs Committee share your belief how to improve Veterans Health Care and your Friends even they not Veterans no bull shit if you can be in the War you can email your Senators or Representative contract the Veteran Affairs Committee your belief how to improve Veterans Health Care……Don’t Surrender.

  10. Hello. I am in need some assistance.

    I have a friend who was severely injured on active duty back in the mid 80’s. He was hit in the neck by a large heavy object in the line of duty, because someone else made a mistake, and my friend has been paying the price for it ever since.
    He has a metal plate in his neck, and is having numerous other serious medical issues, some related to his also being a cancer survivor. I could go on, but you get the general picture…

    What I’m asking for help for, is “knowledge”; ~ of where to look, how to find, what can be done too find, ~ hopefully leading to the location of his medical records from his accident that occurred over seas in Italy in the mid 1980’s.
    He was sent to an Italian civilian hospital initially because where he was stationed didn’t have the capability to handle his injuries.
    Incredibly, he was Not Medical Boarded out of the service, but rather ended up with a standard type discharge given at end of contract.
    My friend simply did not comprehend (was in denial back then) the seriousness of his injuries, the importance of those records, due to his state of cognitive and mental health functioning back then, due to the severe nature of the injuries he sustained.
    Due to his injuries and circumstances, he does not have those medical or service medical records.
    Those records would prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he should very much be entitled to 100% service connection, and thusly qualify for all of the medical care he is currently struggling to obtain.
    Clearly there is a lot more to his story, which has several other major issues in play compounding things greatly for him.
    What is needed, are his hospital stay medical records, and his Army service and medical records…

    Does anyone out there know of a way to locate and obtain copies of his service medical records, especially the Italian civilian hospital medical records, so he can finally file for the VA benefits that he should have been granted 30+ years ago?

    Where might those records be located?
    How can copies be obtained?
    Are there any professional services that assist veterans with such things?

    Thank you
    K-Lar (:)

    1. he should have proof of his discharge papers if everything is lost.// archives.gov// click veterans service records.play with the sight. learn, have patience and understand the document forms you must submit to acquire service records for the veteran.

      , learn how to protect your former uniformed armed forces member and protect veterans information of lost records by military using this sight . if he/or she still knows what state he enlisted, contact either county assessors office or city hall to figure out where his or her ‘selective service registration paper’ work or ‘docket number could be’, usually find it pretty fast if you have it . this will lead a trail signifying how to obtain such records even before M.E.P.S. and A.S.V.A.B examinations if archives needs further information. you also need to obtain security clearance voucher or a piece of paper work proofing every thing you said is real . usually if he did have ‘sf 86 form’ or security clearance on file but not in report ,the veteran is pretty much telling you the truth. start at archives.gov.

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