Operation Golden Flow Urinalysis

Operation Golden Flow: Sec VA Mandates Drug Screening For Stressed Employees

Stressed out employees referred to the Employee Assistance Program drug use were told they must sign an authorization for VA to access their medical records last month.

In an email, Secretary Robert Wilkie, known as an anti-medical marijuana official, reminded his employees of the agency’s zero-tolerance stance on illegal drug use, “It is a condition of employment for all employees to refrain from using illegal drugs on and off duty.”

Employees who participate in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to combat drug use issues or following an admission of illegal drug use must sign away their right to privacy. This is a curious requirement since use of the program is supposed to be confidential, at least for those not admitting to illegal drug use.

According to the Office of Personnel Management:

EAP is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees (including management) work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being to optimize an organization’s success.  EAP services include assessments, counseling, and referrals for additional services to employees with personal and/or work-related concerns, such as stress, financial issues, legal issues, family problems, office conflicts, and alcohol and substance use disorders.  EAPs also often work with management and supervisors providing advanced planning for situations, such as organizational changes, legal considerations, emergency planning, and response to unique traumatic events.

A little-known fact about VA bargaining unit employees is that corrective actions, at least in the first instance, will be held in abeyance while the employee participates in the program. Most VA locations make use of third-party contractors to provide the counseling and care services used through this program.

I guess if I had to deal with all the corruption many VA employees deal with on a regular basis, I would probably make use of this program… at least a few times.

Now, with Operation Golden Flow (OGF) in full swing, veterans making use of medical marijuana while at work may come under additional scrutiny using marijuana to treat PTSD or pain instead of more addictive opioids like oxycodone – – but hey, at least the heroine byproduct is legal, right Jeff Sessions?

As far as OGF, I am kidding. There is no formalized Operation Golden Flow, which is what we called pee testing when I was in the USAF.

Btw, since Wilkie looks like he is here to stay, anyone interesting in coming up with some charactures of him with his watchdog Peter O’Rourke? Rumor has it O’Rourke is posted right outside his office on the 10th floor to see who comes and goes.

It reminds me of a few oldies I did a while back.

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Wilkie – Operation Golden Flow

Here is the full email:

To: VAAllUsers <[email protected]>
Subject: Mandatory Authorization Form for Drug Testing and Employee Assistance Program Participation for Illegal Drug Use
Mandatory Authorization Form for Drug Testing and Employee Assistance Program Participation for Illegal Drug Use
 The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is committed to maintaining a workforce free from illegal drug use.  It is a condition of employment for all employees to refrain from using illegal drugs on and off duty.  All applicants and employees who are subject to a drug test are required to sign a “Request for and Authorization to Release Health Information,” VA Form 10-5345, prior to being drug tested.  Employees who participate in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) due to a finding of illegal drug use or voluntary admission must sign a release form authorizing EAP to share information about the employee’s participation in the program with appropriate VA staff members.
Robert L. Wilkie

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  1. Maybe the employees should file class action lawsuit against the VA.

    Veterans who are employees should or maybe able to file a suit against the VA.

    Speaking about class action lawsuit against the VA. A class action attorneys office has been contacted about a possible civil class action lawsuit against the VA concerning the Disruptive Committee.

    Updates will be posted as to what I have been told. I will continue to contact attorneys until I find one who will take the case.

    The VA is acting as part of our Justice department and these employees are not qualified to practice law in the United States.

    The VA has stripped away all of those veteran’s civil rights, Human and Constitutional rights away to a fair trial and due process of law.

  2. In my state marijuana is illegal, with some small exceptions for medical purposes where you are allowed to use oils or extracts. Even for medical purposes you have to be able to afford a medical exam and file for permission.

    Because it is illegal I do not use it although if it were legal I certainly would both recreationally and medically for pain. But it is illegal in my state so any time I might purchase it the money would be going to someone who is also breaking the law.

    I used to smoke Marijuana but quit about 20 years ago because of the people who were profiting off of the sales of weed. Although they say that marijuana is a victimless crime it most definitely is not.

    Three events happened in my live that formed my decision to quit. All three of those events involved dealers who tried to have people murdered over drug debts. Two of them were even stupid enough to try and have me killed for stopping them. All of their little king pin enterprises landed them in prison. All three had been operating for a substantial time with some assistance from corrupt members of law enforcement.

    That said; my view on today’s article is that if employees are willing to break the rules and regs at the VA and use marijuana at work, or during their off time, since it is against the rules they should be fired Period. Not only are they showing that they will break the terms of their employment but in most cases, they are also breaking the law. If they are willing to break rules of employment and laws of most states then they have proven they are ethically and morally challenged to the point of having no place in Veterans Health Care under any circumstances.

    Their should be no PIP (Piss in Pants) excuses or end runs around the rules either they need to be fired. With a very high degree of certainty if they are willing to break rules and regs to use marijuana they are certainly willing to break rules and regs to profit from and coverup corruption at the VA.

    1. Sorry for some of the Typos.
      I know that every time you make a Typo
      the erroritsts wins.


  3. On the bright side, I recently received a letter from the VA “inviting” me to participate in research survey”marijuana use for PTSD”.
    It’s about damn time.

  4. Now there’s probably going to be stealing of urinalysis reports on the vets to substitute for the urinalysis reports on the employees….It wouldn’t surprise me!

  5. The VA sure likes to plaster “Long history of drug and alcohol abuse” if there was any hint of it in the past, even 20+ years ago, first thing in a lot of Vets medical notes. Then later on, some Drs. read that and naturally they put down “probably due to ETOH/Drug abuse” for whatever you came in to see them for. I’ve had them redact half of the statements they put in my medical records saying something like that on three separate appts.- seeing I’ve been sober for years and they never even did any urinalysis’ to back up anything they wrote. They were quick to redact it, but that really pisses me off, being clean and sober and have Drs. put crap like that in. And that was AFTER telling them how many years I’ve been sober at the start of the appt. VA employee’s should be tested as much or more as anyone else that works….

  6. They are testing the patients too at the cheyenne vamc for no good reason.

    They obviously do not care about anybody’s rights or privacy.

    I don’t think the employees of the v.a. should be allowed to smoke tobacco. They use it as an excuse NOT to work.

    The assholes smoke right out front of the cheyenne v.a. where we have to walk in to the main entrance 30 feet past the sign ordering people not to smoke beyond this point. I wish I could up-load a picture of it.

  7. Everyone starts screaming we need marijuana and you’re taking away from people and killing with opioids. Most of this comes from smokers wanting to smoke, no one ever has been worried about my pain unless wanted my my medication. For pain they are using and experiencing how to best use marijuana. What most are finding is the CBD oil extraction that works best, if high not taking properly. So the potheads can stop using medical for their excuse to get high and can stop China making fentanyl like was needed for cement, then leave the people who need medication alone. Fuck, how many places give life counseling? Doesn’t matter gotta work somewhere.

  8. Liability and employee compliance are the issues. VA is zero tolerance, however the agency has EAP to assist employees, many disabled veterans themselves, who voluntarily come forward. An employee can also be directed to the EAP program by administration. The release of information for testing results to VA puts teeth to the employee commitment and compliance with the EAP recommendations. There is no mandatory requirement as the employee can always resign.

  9. Talk about stressed VA employees, better test “Fritz”, Casa Grande CBOC and search him at the same time. For an employee who will not release his real name, better check his truck too. Veterans deserve way better, especially from employees who hide their names, or won’t even wear a name tag.

  10. My honest opinion is two fold:

    1. If you’re not injured or don’t need pain relief like someone who is disabled yet you are still trying to dictate to them to drink water and take Motrin then you should be taken to the woodline, backroom or someplace private and be given a wall to wall counseling statement until you need pain medication.

    2. No offense to air force enlisted personnel, but my local legion is run by an air force guy. Now the VA is. Both suck ass. It’s clear to me the air force can’t run shit. I had my fair dealing at JBB Balad with the air force and compared to army or marine standards they are like a bunch of jock children who don’t have to do much other than be catered to but they turn around and act like a bunch of hard asses. Their standards and conduct are embarrassing and any marine or army grunt would be better suited.

    Everywhere I look where the navy or air force are in charge of running shit it’s an embarrassment. Their standards are not even close to that of the army or marine corps. I’m not trying to insult either branch but I honestly think grunts run things better. We aren’t there to pat backs or knock rings but get shit done to a standard and win, Hooah?

  11. Proper ‘bad VA art’ today.

    Wilkie and others are and were clowns and freaking idiots from the start. Wilkie telling those with chronic pain issues to take Typlenol. With the Gov making anything that helps or organics totally illegal. While that and other stupid drugs have caused serious liver and organ problems with some of us being told to never use such stuff or over the counter drugs again. Leading many of us to depend on narcs for pain, only, period. Oh let’s skip that info and kill people off. We must win the phony war on drugs and it’s money machinery.

    What stress? Nothing like VA staff telling vets if leaving the VA or talking negative about them would never find health care again in Indiana, smiling, sure didn’t show signs of stress. But I can attest to the fact they can make such threats reality due to all the corruption, state politics, media, VSO scum, networking and nepotism. Difficult to feel sorry for any of them.

    “It is a condition of employment for all employees to refrain from using illegal drugs on and off duty.”
    “EAP is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees …” blah blah.

    Is the above like telling some (lab rats) to sign special contracts to “allow the VA to ‘force'” us to take anti-depressants for pain,’ even though tried in the past with failure and severe side-effects? “Volunteer to be forced into something? It’s all “voluntary” but do it or else? Like volunteering for some KP. Some choice we are given over many things. Kinda like be silent or else the community will come down hard on ya, but that’s America society today. Nice and legal. Zero representation or aid.

    I think all in DC should put on their mouse ears caps and Pinocchio noses, VSO and groups too. Replace the V caps for ears they deserve. The ones who should be tested and put under a microscope are ALL those at the top federally, state, locally and in any so-called “leadership” positions top to bottom including council critters and media. Dope test Congress, all in VA management, lawyers, all politicians, judges (I know plenty of dirty ones in the previous three categories), college profs, DoD, etc. instead of having one set of rules for the elite and another for serfs, lab rats and vets. How many get busted leaving country clubs or gated estates with the smell of meth cooking but that’s okay.

    “Assistance,” “we are from the government here to help,” “we work for the VA how can we help you today,” “we must save you from yourselves,” tyrants, group-think, fascism, “for us or against us.” “You are all criminals or will be.” Stress? What stress and to whom? What fun circus maximus and musical chairs are. What union isn’t corrupt as hell. Labor parades sure showed what they present are all about and today wanting to be called “heroes” and “first responders.” There will be no cleaning this country up nor the VA.

    1. “T”,
      I got the same opinion when reading what Wilkie wrote to all his underlings!

      It was “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!”
      I’m not sure if he was regurgitating what other idiots have tried and failed. Or if he was trying to act like he’s really the top fool in charge of the VA! ????

      1. Is the VA ran by 3 year olds trapped in adult bodies like the alien in the movie (ID4)
        Independence Day “HELLLLP THEM”, “HELLLLP THEM”? Social Security seems to be wayyy smarter than the VA as far as “quickly giving” benefits are concerned!

      2. All of vets should get in on this new game i created it’s called “Count Down” til’ the Secretary Falls! I came up with it because it seems to be a bowling pin type of survival game with them & we just cannot keep a secretary around for long. We need a secretary that will actually pay benefits faster, prevent drug use and stop suicides!

  12. Stressed my Ass. Having to deal with the at times incompetence of some of the VA employees stresses me out to no end.

  13. I wonder, will “…the most corrupt union in America…” get involved to protest/protect those employees caught using illegal drugs?

  14. “Operation Golden Flow”–

    If they really wanted to get serious and invasive, take hair samples from all their chinny-chin-chins….

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