veterans protest

Outraged Veterans Protest Flag Removal At Elite College

veterans protest

Over 1,000 outraged veterans protested a decision at Hampshire College to remove the American flag because Donald Trump was elected.

On Veterans Day, someone reportedly burned the college’s American flag. In response, the college put up a new flag but kept it lowered to half-staff. That led to college administration ultimately removing the flag.

‘Why?’ you may ask. This sequence of events would seem strange given that our flag is normally flown at half-staff out of respect for a dead official. So who died?

The only thing that died was the dream of Hillary Clinton running the White House.

Reasoning For Flag Removal

Instead, the decisions were made out of an exclusive concern to show respect to the students afraid of Donald Trump’s presidency who were also sad that Hillary Clinton lost – – to the apparent exclusion of everyone else who believe the flag should be flown high, including campus veterans.

However, that concession was not good enough.

College leadership then decided to consider whether to remove the flag entirely to help sad college students recover from Hillary Clinton losing the election. And one week later, the college removed the flag entirely.

One student commented, “If our president is Donald Trump, I don’t think any school, especially this school, should really support his ideas by raising the flag.”

According to Hampshire College president Jonathan Lash, the flag’s removal would remove the conflict over the symbol, “If we could remove the conflict over the symbol and get to the real issues underneath, there would be a chance for real learning.”

Hampshire’s website describes Lash as an internationally recognized expert on practical solutions to global sustainability, climate change, and development challenges.

Whatever that means in laymen speak is beyond me, but his practical solution here flew in the face of veterans attending the college.

College Keeps Federal Funding

The school’s president made no comment about whether its decision to remove the flag would also be mirrored in a decision to reject federal funding for the school.

Each year, Hampshire College, an elite East Coast college, charges students over $60,000 for tuition, room and board. It also enjoys a federal financial aid budget of $30 million.

Much of that funding is paid out to the students. Some of those students are now ironically arguing for removal of the flag… but apparently not refusing to accept federal grant monies.

I have never been clear about how politically correct protestors can separate the red, white and blue of Uncle Sam from the greenbacks paid to students by Uncle Sam.

Should the liberal arts college also refuse federal funding, or is the position on the flag divorceable from the green from taxpayers loading the college’s coffers?

Veterans Protest Flag Removal

Veterans insulted and hurt by the school’s position protested the move over the weekend chanting, “Freedom isn’t free,” during the peaceful protest.

“They took down my flag, they have a right to that, I’m here to defend their right to do that but I want them to understand how bad that hurts me,” said veteran Jerry Maguire.

Iraq War veteran David Soucy stated, “I was in Iraq 18 months. I got hurt, spent time at Walter Reed. I came home and there’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers.”

One commenter on the story, Rob Smith, wrote in, “Students burned [the] flag on Veterans Day…,” a relevant fact the ABC and CW news broadcasters covering the story failed to mention.

That’s right. The flag was burned on Veterans Day, and rather than replace it, like new, the college put up a new one at half-staff but then removed it due to hurt feelings.

As for the protest, Hampshire president Jonathan Lash refused to show up. Apparently, the elite college is more concerned about the feelings of non-veterans than veterans.

Luckily, the president’s lack of attendance did not stop veterans and their supporters from speaking their mind traveling from across New England.

Hypocrisy Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Anyone ever hear the story of the college professor decrying the oil industry? Anyone ever hear the story about the college professor investing their retirement in TIAA-CREF to include great returns from the oil industry?

This hypocrisy reminds me of the college professors I knew during the Iraq War build-up who protested war profits from the Big Carbon oil industry but enjoyed massive 401k returns in large part due to Big Carbon profits through TIAA-CREF.

RELATED: TIAA-CREF Buys More Exxon Shares, Increases Ownership To $1.3 Billion

Whenever asked, those same professors would feign ignorance, similar to that of Harvard-trained physician Jill Stein of the Green Party.

During her campaign, Stein belched rhetoric against Big Carbon decrying its greed while being called out in the press for her hypocritical investments:

“On Oct. 26, 2015, Stein’s campaign sent out a statement calling for Exxon to get the death penalty for its “climate-change fraud.” (it should be noted that Stein has called for the abolition of the death penalty for human beings). She has also repeatedly called for public pension funds to divest from companies in the fossil-fuel industry.

“Yet Stein has invested $995,011 to $2.2 million in funds such as the Vanguard 500 fund that maintain significant stakes in Exxon and other energy companies like Chevron, Duke Energy, Conoco Phillips, and Toho Gas, a Japanese company that engages in the sale of natural gas, tar, and coke, a fuel made from coal.”

Remove Flag, Refuse Federal Monies?

Colleges should have a right to take the flag down, but taking the flag down should not be a mere publicity stunt in response to snowflakes unable to process losing an election. Such colleges should also refuse to accept federal funds

Otherwise, the gesture is hollow. If you reject the flag, you should reject the money it represents in the form of federal funds.

Should the two go hand in glove? Fly the flag or refuse federal funding?

I say we align economic incentives to evaluate just how fearful protesting students really are of a Trump presidency. My hypothesis is the same students wanting the flag removed would suddenly come to terms with their fear.

Maybe the “real learning” Jonathan Lash should give his students is, “Actions have consequences.”

How many students would be “fearful” of a Trump presidency respond their grant money is cut off after they remove the flag to create a “safe space” for them?


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  1. I am watching ABC World News Tonight and they reported that Pres. Elect Trump Tweeted today about this Hampshire College and ANYONE that burns and disrespects the flag as such should possibly lose their citizenship or something along those lines. The news talking head said Trump Tweeted shortly after FOX ran a story today on…Hampshire College, Mass.
    Any progress is better than none at all. Let’s give the man a chance and hold him accountable to his words.

  2. good points. i wouldn’t be surprized if “soros & friends” financing was all over that. i’d like to think most veterans wouldn’t join that particular band of assembly. the Dakota show probably is more about money for some of the protesters. for the veteran’s at the Hampshire College, i don’t know. seems more patriotic of the veteran community for that. @91veteran thought the same though, that many veterans protesting there but zilch protest regarding VA and all those issues. it just struck me as odd.

    i’m a flag guy, that is, i don’t like seeing the American flag trashed. old school. i wonder if one of those students will grab a flag out the hands of a la raza protester and trample on it and burn it? i doubt we’ll see any apathy from that la raza crew! that student would be on his/her way to local triage or morgue i suspect.

    >>@91veteran: they certainly would not be donating such a huge amount in such a short time for a March on DC

    too bad none of the money people float some donations to make a veteran march on DC. they love photo ops with the heroes though, don’t they. whatever a hero is these days. such a diluted word these days, just not sure what it means anymore.

    i agree, they wouldn’t be donating such large amounts for veterans to march on DC.

    1. Unless Sen. McCain was running for yet another reelection 4 years from now and McCain could somehow benefit from photo ops of a D.C. Veteran March.

      If change does not happen in due time, a march on D.C. is certainly something I am willing to engage in and if my health would not permit it, would donate freely and share my cat’s catfood to help finance it. 🙂

    2. I think any veterans going there are going to be disgusted by the rabble they find…if there are any left by the time they get there.
      I read an article by Rob Port who I believe is a ND guy who blogs on his Say Anything blog. He has been doing some great, original reporting on that protest, and interviewed David Archambault, the Chairman of the Standing Rock tribe. Archambault said he and many others are getting rather disgusted at so many hippies getting into the camp, and treating it as another Burning Man festival. He said they are taking food, not helping in the camp and ignoring tribal protocols or customs. There are also some in the camps that are rather racist against the natives living there.

      I know I would not want to sully my service and uniform by associating with such dirtbags.

      1. Nor I. I also keep that friend at very far distance. Nice guy but seriously misguided but I like to also keep the opposition close as allies. 🙂 (it often leads to interesting foresight)

      2. i’m not a bit surprised regarding the behavior of those dirtbags. i”m sure the Standing Rock folks know more of how to handle that situation than uninvited freeloaders.

  3. haven’t read all the comments on this thread, so if my question has already been brought up, excuse me.

    for how long have veterans on veteran websites and hangouts been asking and suggesting a march on D.C. to protest the VA and some members of Congress regarding VA. yet such a veteran cause has been a no starter.

    but we see a flag issue gets em rolled out onto the street scene and a pipeline across Indian sacred grounds gets them rolled out into the cold of North Dakota to protest. any of these causes been killing veterans, or screwing over them and their VA benefits & health care (etc… etc…)

    just wonderin’ and a askin’ …

    1. As far as I can tell veterans are not going to North Dakota to protest but to protect.
      Taken from:
      We are veterans of the United States Armed Forces, including the U.S. Army, United States Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard and we are calling for our fellow veterans to assemble as a peaceful, unarmed militia at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation on Dec 4-7 and defend the water protectors from assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force and DAPL security………
      We’ll be standing alongside peaceful water protectors, who’ve endured violent attacks from the private security funded by DAPL and more brutality and arrests at the hands of militarized police and DAPL security. We have full support of the Sioux tribe elders and will be cooperating with them every step of the way.

    2. I was wondering the same thing, and wondering who was donating for such an event.

      They certainly would not be donating such a huge amount in such a short time for a March on DC.

      1. I know someone locally, not a Veteran, that declined to be bussed to N. Dakota for protesting simply because he hates the cold. He does not talk a whole lot about this other than he said, “Easy money!”, as he has been part of some BLM protesting and indeed was paid daily. According to him, the bussing and $ for pipeline protesting was coming from same place as the BLM coffer…which must mean Soros and Friends. He does not expect to receive a W-2 for it either, as he was told it was “tax free”. 🙂

      2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Soros is funding this, or Buffett for that matter since that pipeline will eat into his profits hauling oil on his trains.

        These veterans are being used. I saw that when they suggested vets wear their fatigues, which means they are looking for a public spectacle of something like the cops taking action against someone in uniform.
        I know the Governor has issued an evacuation order because of extreme cold and a winter storm blowing through. Anyone there will find out what cold is, and how vehicles will not get through snow drifts several feet high.

        Again, these vets are being used, and will be tossed aside once whoever is funding this gets tired of doing so. Much the same as those in the military who wanted to go to Canada in 2003 when the Iraq War started. Leftist groups latched onto them, used them for publicity and fundraising for awhile, then tossed them aside and ignored the mess they made of their lives once the groups were done with them. I emailed one of them a few times telling him what was going to happen, but he thought differently. Last I heard he was in Canada begging for help because those groups abandoned them, and Canada refused their asylum.

      3. Here’s the deal with this: There are TWO Veteran’s camps involved, I’ve been in both and bugged out a long time ago.
        There is the Republican Party operative’s (the college flag vets) and all the veterans groups that the have manged to infiltrate, and the Soros left vet’s: Iraq Veterans Against The War etc.
        The money for the ND veterans has over 14,000 individual donations at 600 K. If this was Soros money they would have been over the top day one.
        The Republican are too cheap to really put up any serious money, that would be the job of the Koch Bros.

  4. #29…… I don’t get your implications. Looking at head-on, embarrassed, shouldn’t have looked? I want what you are smoking.

  5. Reading this blog today was embarrassing to read …….. much like a head on collision …… you hate to look, then when you do …. you see the carnage ….. then feel stupid for wanting to see it.

  6. You crazy elf , I live just below Tennessee and when I first moved here Tennessee had free medical for everyone . Too many people from out of that state tried to use it . They are in a mess . Most veterans from Tennessee go to Georgia or Alabama. I find it very hard to believe veterans can’t get treated medically in Tennessee . In this country with all the things we have veterans can’t get medical . I’ve noticed though, that they voted against everything Veteran in Tennessee . Look at all the money the VA spins as needed medical money , or overgrown hospitals , and they let the vets in Tennessee do what? It would be a good place for McDuck to find a home .

    1. Not far from Memphis are a few very large Somali Refugee communities with Mosques and everything…I bet they receive the best care any Veteran dreamed of in a perfect world at the VA. Yet, Tennessee being a ‘Volunteer State”, meaning they elected to not participate with the exchanges, is now forcing Vets to use the VA when they have other options potentially?
      Let me guess? Most of the Dr.’s at the TN VAMC are Somali non-English speaking as an extra boot to butt?

    2. Everbody check out this story that I am about to tell you. Hey, I know many people love animals but are animals supposed to come before a human being in regards to care. Well, this country really has it’s priorities backwards. Here is my example: I went to my parents home for thanksgiving and while there listened to my mother tell me about how the veterinarian physically called my parents with a phone to tell them that their dog which was a Labador needed to be brought in for his updated shots and care.
      My mother told the veterinarian that they no longer had the dog because he had been stolen. The point I am trying to make is animals get better care than most human beings particularly veterans. Now tell me how many primary care doctors or any doctor would call a live person over the phone to tell the person that he or she needed to come in for shots or health care. Since we are speaking about care, I wanted to share this with everyone. The vets or anyone not being cared for is insane. Some of the people who are in charge of health care in this country need to wake up and get their priorities straight. Thanks.

  7. To all,
    I just received this “petition” from “” about an hour ago.
    It’s about…..
    “24,000 veterans are desperately in need of health insurance.”

    Seems Tennessee is not allowing veterans to receive any form of health insurance. Because they are a “Volunteer State”! They can’t get on Obamacare or Medicare/Medicaid.

    I believe this is important.

  8. Seymore,
    I tried looking up that video. Found it. It won’t play. Going to try something else. Will let you know tomorrow.
    It looks interesting!

    1. Seymore,
      Just read the September article on “VICTIM” Brown.
      And he really wants to be the new Secretary of VA?!?!??
      What a freaking joke! He needs to be in a padded cell!

  9. Here’s a direct link to all the various “studies” at Hampshire College and from what I gather, you actually can create just about any type of degree you want at Hampshire and if it has not been thought of, *make one up*…yep, for a mere $60k a year you could get a liberal arts degree to go on and be a professional protestor. (separate site for the practicing of pillaging + extra $ for site-use).

    Yeah, being a bit flip here but when you look at the vast spread of subjects, there’s not really a focal point to anything. I also was a student advisor for 4 years while in college, also doing registration and was our student gov’t pres…so class schedules and requirements that translate to the real world are engrained from that experience and Hampshire College seems to be as liberal as you can get before having to go to parts of California.


  10. Well I did some reading Ben, Hampshire College seems to be full of, “brats”. It’s the staff that bugs me. They have no idea as to what or why. The Dean is clueless. Hell, it’s a liberal arts college, this may be the first and only time anyone will hear of this school or for that matter, any of there students. A thousand Veterans gathered at that school to protest the removal of Our flag, and not one death. I’m truly amazed. Yesterday I was angry about the ordeal, today, I am proud of the Veterans who stood up and didn’t shoot. I don’t think a liberal arts degree will ever pan out. God Bless the Veterans.

  11. One thing is more true than not, when the families of Vets who get shortchanged by the VA feel the effects of it, they then usually start to change their tune.

    I get it, many Vets are their own worst enemy by not doing a little leg work for their claims. But how do “you” respond to the bright shining truth of “ShredderGate” where Vets medical records were destroyed? Or the TBI scandal? Or the dozens of others?

    At some point in time opinions will not be able to hide the truth anymore. The truth of the matter is that more Vets were hurt, in one fashion or another, by the VA denying them benefits, compensation or healthcare, than not.

    It is a universally accepted truth that the VA gives nothing away to 99 out of every 100 Veterans. But it is equally true that the VA won’t tell you anything either. And yes, it is also true that the info is available if you know where to look, and how to make use of it.

    I went to transition assistance classes before getting out. This was pre-9/11. There was a rep from the Philly VARO there for a session. He paged through our medical records, for me he only found 3 things that may get SC’d.

    Out of those 3 things I was SC’d for 4. Another took 26 months to be SC’d. That one he told me might not fly, but 2 of the first 4 came from the same incident. I have 4 more since then.

    So then, I got 8 where this VA rep only saw maybe 3. Most of this was hit or miss. My VA DX’d MH issues make it very hard for me to deal with the whole claims process. So, for me, it’s a very slow process.

    I don’t talk to anybody at the VA about any of my thoughts for or against it. Gift horse mouth kinda thing.

    I can’t imagine how Vets with more serious MH issues that mine, can even face the VA. Before anyone condemns any Vet for fussing and whining about what the VA is not doing for them, walk a mile in their shoes.

    Ask any Nam Vet how they felt fighting for their lives due to AO. Don’t ask the dead ones, their fight is over. My Dad isn’t, tho, but he has enjoyed his AO enhanced life for 45 plus years.

    Ask any GW Vet who suffered from GWI while being told it wasn’t caused by their service.

    So yes, I believe Vets have the right to complain about how the VA has been treating us all. Historically this has been so. Look at the Vet groups from each generation, some had to march on Washington and set up camp. And even then they got rousted and got the bum’s rush. Historically we have not been appreciated by the government that we served, and from after the Korean War till after 9/11, we weren’t(still aren’t, not really) appreciated by the people.

    We are fighting for what was promised us by the Fed Gov’t, a much bigger and more powerful adversary than we ever faced on the battlefield. So if some Vets get a little whiny…can you blame them?

  12. 11/28/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    I hope Thanksgiving was enjoyable with plenty of family and friends.

    Good Call.

    Benjamin Krause, JD November 28, 2016 at 1:16 pm
    “Hey guys, let’s clean up on the inflammatory language directed at fellow veterans or readers of this website. We don’t need to attack each other. I’m more curious about what you learn on the topic or about Hampshire College.”

    President Elect Donald Trump has received many of your articles [with the comments] it would be sad to see the Veterans express themselves in the wrong light.

    The letter went out on November 22nd 2016 and he [The White House/President Elect] received it on Friday.

    It will be interesting to see who he picks as the next VA Secretary.

    Again, Great Work.

    Happy Holidays,

    Don Karg

  13. However we veterans feel about the subject, there is a divide in our country. Trump has done nothing to help any of us . I’m almost 70 years now , grew up in San Francisco , and I feel like I’m back in San Francisco in the 60s . I know a lot of people who right now are scared. I don’t understand personally why , but they truly are . You know, I have noticed that people , younger people , don’t have a lot of respect for much . You can’t make people respect something , we don’t tell people how to think , I never influenced anyone’s vote , and live and let live as pretty much served me up till now . I really cannot figure out what’s going on in America today , but whatever it is , our president elect definitely triggered it. I believe the whole country would feel better if we just knew what the hell Donald Trump is doing . Quit the fight and let us veterans unite.

    1. Banning such things in school such as The Pledge of Allegiance surely did this USA no favors. Now they want to refuse to stand for the Nat’l Anthem.
      As 91Veteran so rightly said, maybe they would have a different perspective on things if they had to help carry a flag-draped coffin or two or three…

      Trump is not even in office yet so it’s quite early to be assessing that Trump has done nothing for us…yet.

    2. Trump is a classic Narcissist/Sociopath. He just reflects the current state of the decay in our country. Don’t expect much of anything for veterans out of this guy. Whatever charity slight of hand he performed in the primary was the classic Trump OPM: Other Peoples Money.
      Admit it. we are all on own with this: BUT you still have the Flag, that should be of some consequence…:-)
      The Flag and two bucks will get you a Starbucks Coffee. I’ll take the coffee….

  14. The only issue I have with the article is referring to Hampshire college as an “Elite” institution. According to US News & World Report it is “Unranked.” Having gone to a university ranked #1 by US News on the GI Bill while working to pay tuition, Hampshire College seems unimpressive.

  15. I couldn’t diverge farther from my fellow vets on this issue. After being in the military I became a humanist and NOT a nationalist!

    Those who like to wave a flag; don’t deserve to have one -BANKSY

    1. So we should take advice from some English graffiti artist?

      I don’t believe in waving the flag either, but I sure as hell don’t believe in burning or banning it because someone has their feelz hurt.

      Perhaps if they carried a flag draped casket they would think differently.

      1. @91Veteran,
        I agree, maybe these individuals should attend, and participate in, military funerals.
        They just might learn how much is involved. Especially when you see “loved ones” crying over the loss of a family member.
        I received three “Presidential Medals” for being at over 350 military funerals (in about two years)! I “administered the last rights”, “Flag Folding”, “Shooter” and anything else asked of me!
        I don’t know about y’all, but when you see the “hurt” in some of the family’s eyes. Well, it’s enough to make one cry! I did, and I’m not ashamed of saying it.
        These “butthurt liberal pansies” need to watch the “POW/MIA TABLE CEREMONY” as well. It was started by the “173rd Airborne Brigade” over 35 years ago. One of my “brothers”, we were in Nam together, was instrumental in its inception.
        If you’ve never seen it. Your missing out!
        I brought it to Central Florida about 15-20 years ago. The Deltona (JROTC) high school first performed it at a local VFW Post. At first, one could hear a pin drop. Then members went wild when it was over.
        I still have a DVD of it.
        Side note; one of the “originators” of the “POW/MIA CEREMONY” IS a “Medal of Honor Recipient”- he refuses to wear the medal while performing. His “reason”- “It would detract from [the ceremony]!”
        That’s “HONORING” our military and the Flag we all fought under!
        So, if anyone out there doubts my words on this abhorrent act. Committed by this “Left Wing-nut University” — DON’T!

      2. They haven’t carried a flag draped casket so your point is null. Burning a flag is free speech! The constitution guarantees free speech… can’t have it both ways; don’t be a typically hypocritical republican

  16. Every one of them should get his or her student loan revoked and then be billed for the amount of the loan that was used, to be paid back in full within three months. This kind of activity by the students who are doing it wouldn’t be happening if veterans weren’t such a small percentage of the population. If they would’ve tried this right after World War Two was over with millions of veterans in this country; they would be hog tied and strung up on that very same flag pole!

    1. What’s alarming is the faculty of Hampshire College obviously are culturing and teaching these snowflakes how to disrespect one’s own country.
      The entire college should be threatened with loss of accreditation as well.

      @Dennis: One question: What is the proper way of flying a BHC from a flagpole or are all regulations out the window?

  17. I am just an old Vietnam Vet but more shocked at the comments attacking each other than the flag incident. Are all of the comments from fellow Vets to fellow Vets? Come on guys, we should respect one another more than this.

    The burning of the flag on Veterans day was disgraceful. I did see one article last week where someone at the school responded that they were caught in an internal dispute themselves. Some of the staff did not want the flag at half mast, but flown high, some wanted half mast, some thought any flag would just be a target for the students thus they took it down to let things cool off. Do not know if that was after the fact damage control. It would seem to me they would be better off flying the flag high, and if the students take it down, then it is an issue with students, not with the school. If the school refuses to fly our flag, then they should refuse our Federal money.

  18. “the elite college is more concerned about the feelings of non-veterans than veterans”
    Whats happening is fanatical, obnoxious & strategically orchestrated. Do we need to guess who those non-veterans are. I know who’s been protesting at the schools/colleges in my state: The estimators Think that there are 3,019,000 illegals in California from around the globe. In 2015 830,000 of them applied for AB 60 drivers license. Of that Calif issued 605,000 licenses to said illegals in 2015 & a Senate report found that about 500,000 illegal aliens received up to $750 million in Obamacare subsidies despite the law excluding them. The numbers counted as of Nov 2016 found 366,987 dreamers in CA. 6,956 receive financial aid for college & still they protest.

    Its estimated 173,000 illegals in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts. Trump has said Break the law(again) & you will be deported. Worldview Satellites are watching you from space. Your names, photos & fingerprints are already on file. The frontal lobe doesn’t kick in until 26yrs of age, the part of the brain that tells you “Actions have consequences.” Get off the street kids, why risk a deportation by bringing negative attention to yourselves & don’t burn the flag it’s a trigger!

  19. Hey guys, let’s clean up on the inflammatory language directed at fellow veterans or readers of this website. We don’t need to attack each other. I’m more curious about what you learn on the topic or about Hampshire College.

    1. Ben about the only thing I’ve learned on this topic is that haters are gonna hate. I prefer to fight fire with fire, it doesn’t even rile me up anymore, I mean, honestly, does one get riled up when they take a piss? Oh I also learned that special snowflakes like Liberal Arts degrees almost as much as they like shitting on my flag.

      1. This is actually old activist “Cultural Marxist” stuff with the burning of the flag or disallowing other American historical flags to be flown in honor of the dead. Yet during the Mexican invasion years back it was okay to burn our flag while flying theirs and threatening to kill or run off all Europeans from “their continent.” But in today’s culture it’s not PC to tell the truth or to point to obvious evils in our midst, academia, courts, and politics. Oh and the VA.

        We here deal with Lesley types on a daily basis being a multiple far left wing multiple college town that demands we be a huge liberal college campus. So it’s nothing to see behind the smiles or the phony common courtesies if any are given. Manners are not taught around here. All those labels are meant to do is to shut us up and fear the labels. Oh my! I complain about a colored person or seek some justice from a non-white or a foreingers and all hell breaks loose. Nothing like turning your back at the VA after inquiring at the desk about a copy of that days meeting and why she said and actied like she did, is it common? Only to turn around and be called a “townie hick,” snowflake, polar bear, hater, racist, etc. That is not professionalism from anyone claiming to be there for others, or claim to be professionals, let alone in a so-called safe zone for hopefully good and hoped for health care and some respect. Not in todays society and academic social engineering along with all the social justice warriors and trouble makers sitting in high places.

        Plus we all know, or should, that college students in foreign nations, including those who claim to be allies, pay their students and others to infiltrate, destroy, attack, create havoc on OUR American forums and websites. Regardless of our needs or issues being discussed, we are the enemy. It was reported openly online in American and foreign news sites for all to read, but nothing much was said about it.

        These activist just want their way and us dead, prod. There is no room in their world, the president of these universities presidents and student body for truth, American history, our cultures, religion, honor, respect, honesty, compassion, concern, etc. Just the trash and facade we see on TV, like on those doctor shows, that could be no farther from the truth and reality as it can get.

        Hard to get things done when a entire nation or smallish state and commie town like mine is totally corrupt, censors truth and real news, and is totally protected by the feds and others.

        I thought we were protected by the Constitution but was totally wrong and more-so in my later days. It’s hard to stop or slow down evil, mass propaganda, brain-washing the youth to fit in and be part of the herd, or else. Ot to stand up against the ones who all benefit from the destruction of our lands, rights, freedoms, history, honest OPEN debate on many issues and much much more. Then to know the VA and staff along with those “at the top” who orders staff to treat us like crap, to kill us off, make things difficult to force us out or allow them to kill us off softly is their way and terms of service. Sad in this town we can’t stand-up or speak out against all the evil or else we pay dearly and others don’t want involved in the “politics” or want of a “college town and campus feel” for all.

        Hell, Indiana, the feds, politicians, Pence, both parties, media, towns, aren’t even honest enough to openly state they are some of the longest standing sanctuary cities and state happening, and has for as long as I have lived and know of. And if a white man is killed here…. it wont make the news. That is sad.

        I am not PC and will continue to “beat the dead horse” for as long as I live. They can label and attack me all they want. I refuse to use the words or have the thoughts they demand I have. I would rather be united with others far away or close by truth, honor, integrity, a “Republic,” minus the activist labeling, than united or agreeing with a community, social justice warriors, goofy flag burning activist, open border crowd, being united in real hate, white and American genocide, facade, communism, communitarianism, Fabian crap, Agenda 21, or whatever else our halls of academia, so called leaders/professionals and the government puts out or allow in our borders.

  20. This is the same as colleges getting rid of ROTC because ROTC so frightened some of these snowflakes.

    I don’t recall who, but a previous President, may have even been Reagan, made clear their federal funding would be cut if they refused to reinstitue ROTC. Many ivory towered morons saw the light quickly.
    Same thing should happen here. For those delicate little flowers who think that students would suffer under a cut, there are all kinds of strings attached to federal funding being cut if certain actions are not taken by colleges. Title IX funding for women’s sports is one.
    I say if they want to remove the flag, then any federal funding should follow. In addition, it’s time state legislators grow a spine and cut state funding as well.

    Colleges move with the speed of lightning if it’s some leftist nitwittery they want to support. They can resolve this if they want to, but the college administration would have to grow up first. They are just as petulant and childish as the students.

  21. “Outraged” is a hype word. I’ve read several stories on this distasteful issue and there’s been only one incident of disorder reported. Please post what other incidents occurred to that support this headline.

    Keep in mind, I am saddened that the college would do this and I wrote to them telling them so. I think all veterans should do the same and with enough emails and paper letters on their desks and computers, maybe they’ll hear the voice of the Veterans. Just a thought.

  22. I think the VA is practicing some “Ethical Hacking”. Look-up the term…Trolls fit the job description to a ‘T’.

    1. They actually teach “Ethical Hacking” at Universities these days. They can get recruited by the VA, NSA, DHS, and even ISIS.

  23. Hey Elf,

    You really need to watch the vid I mentioned above with Brown making brownies in his shorts.

    “Scott Brown speaks about Eric Fehrnstrom’s political dirty tricks”


    1. Wonder what Scott Brown, from Mass., one of the people seriously being considered for VA Secretary, thinks about this burning of flags AND upset Vets with the college???

  24. I saw war traumatized all age groups of Veterans that do not have the skill set to navigate the hostile VA waters to get help because they are so disabled. Some are amputees that are not even given prosthetics but crutches and maybe a donated wheelchair. TBI’s, PTSD and other severe disorders and injuries make them prey to VA abusers.

    1. You make them help you. That is what they are there for. Compensation and Benefits are there to help you. Not to simply take your application and have you skip along. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for going through your records or push you over to the another agency. You’re right it is difficult. I was a medical technician in the Air Force so that helped a ton. Make friends, not enemies on these blogs. There are Veterans who will help you for FREE because they know you DESERVE BENEFITS for YOUR SERVICE.

  25. Namnibor,

    They are not trolls it is a paid operative or possibly operatives.

    A little about Hampshire College in Amherst. It is a private college located in the state of Massachusetts with its 9 Democratic party Congressman and two Democratic party senators. Well known for its use of a three-tier grading system of pass, fail, and incomplete. The college offers dumbed down degrees in subject such as chemistry of oil painting and other useless degrees.

    The wiki page for the college a listing of the notable alumni which does include a vast list of actors, activist, reporters, musicians, filmmakers and other entertainment industry positions. No one with any real accomplishments mainly just a long list of one hit wonders whose names no one would recognize. None ever achieving a starring role only that of extras hired through central casting.

    The student population is mocked repeatedly by Saturday Night live with it re occurring skit called Jarret’s Room.

    Notably there are currently two politicians from Massachusetts who are in the news for their attempts to convince President Elect Trump that they are qualified for positions with in his cabinet. Mitt Romney trying out for the Secretary of State position and Scott Brown trying out for the position of Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

    It is interesting to note that both Romney and Brown were caught up the “CrazyKhazei” affair in Massachusetts which is credited with costing Brown his Senate Seat and it surely didn’t help Romney with his 2012 campaign for president.

    A few articles on the subject are at the following.

    “Romney aide accused of assuming fake Twitter handle @CrazyKhazei”

    “Brown adviser confesses he’s Twitter’s CrazyKhazei; Senator’s potential rival demands an apology”

    From the article:

    “For nearly a month, Democratic Senate candidate Alan Khazei has been mocked by a “CrazyKhazei’’ Twitter account that pretends to represent his voice and offers sometimes-nasty statements about the news of the day.”

    One tweet read: “Just got back from sunny California,’’ read one July 31 tweet. “Thanks to all the elitists there for donating to my campaign.’’

    “Another read: “I promise not to join the National Guard. Unlike Scott Brown, I will spend all my time with real people in Washington.’’

    “And a third tweet said: “I promise to devote all my time in office to making gay videos. Shame on Scott Brown for focusing on jobs!’’

    “Now the author has been unmasked.”

    “Eric Fehrnstrom – a senior campaign adviser to US Senator Scott Brown, the Republican whom Khazei hopes to challenge in next year’s election – sent out a “CrazyKhazei’’-type tweet Tuesday from his Twitter account.”

    The tweets did get a lot worse with racist remarks and insults aimed at a teen suicide prevention program supported by Alan Khazei, Scott Browns opponent. In fact, that is the basis of one of the above tweets mentioned.

    When the story was being investigated, and breaking, Senator Scott Brown used his position with National Guard to run away from reporters by leaving the country and going to Dubai for a little over a week. Then returning home and claiming he spent his time in Afghanistan for training.

    The following links are to article about his return. The first 2 are from his photo op at the airport while in uniform off a commercial flight and his wife is there acting as though her long lost soldier boy is returning home.

    The third is of the cowardly dishonorable, fraudulent Scott Brown showing just how bad of actor he is while doing an interview at a local Fox news channel claiming he knew nothing about the CrazyKhazie scam and that it all occurred while he was off servicing his country in Afghanistan.

    “For Scott Brown, politics and military entwine”

    “Brown returns from US war zone”

    “Scott Brown speaks about Eric Fehrnstrom’s political dirty tricks”

    Yo Lesley or John Cokos whatever you want to call yourself. Do you want some more I do have a lot more to say. I do recommend you check with your boss first though. We can talk about Mitt some more also.

    1. My boss? I don’t have one. Where did you graduate from? The University of Phoenix? Or which Trump University? Ha!

      1. So you owe allegiance to no cause?

        Dude (until you complain about that title you are “Dude”), if you think you have no boss, then try walking out in the middle of Main Street in your town, drop your pants, and crap right on the paint stripe. Do this at rush hour and wag your junk at the pedestrians.

        Trust me, your boss will show up.

    2. I think I just read in the article where it says it costs 60k a fucking YEAR to go to this school and obtain a Liberal Arts degree????So after 4 years and 240k you are able to do what exactly????

      Honestly federal funding should be cut from this school anyways just for offering a liberal arts degree.

      Oh I’m also a proud Masshole 😉

  26. Breaking News: Active Shooter butthurt snowflake on The Ohio State Univ. campus right now. S.W.A.T. getting their daily morning exercise in this city.

    LAW AND ORDER NEEDS RESTORED! President Elect Trump promises a heavy hammer of the law being enforced once he’s officially in office. This will also apply to the snowflakes rioting and fueling dissent in this US of A.
    I seriously think Obama has enabled this divide within our Nation…probably the real reason Obama has decided to remain in D.C. for a few years…to keep those fires kindled. Such a wonderful Nobel Peace Prize example.

    1. Butt hurt Veterans who lack ability to obtain benefits whine about injustice. They then hope Trump will be their savior when their own stupidity has rendered them incapable of benefits. Ignorant indigenous pigs.

      1. It was butt hurt veterans led by George Washington whining about injustice that posed for a really cool boat ride that began the process of freedom now for 200 million people.

        I am glad to be in the data set of BHV. It is an elite group.

    2. Another butt hurt Somali 20 year old with a machete. “Blackhawk Down” is still going-on but within our own borders after we allowed 1000’s of Somalis refugee status and scattered about around the US of A.
      Somali kid’s name was Mohamed Ali, 20 yrs old. Butt hurt cupcake is now in hell. Have fun with that one, Satan.

      (the only shooting was the police disposing of the garbage…but 8 students are hospitalized)

      1. From what I heard and it could be wrong the Somali Terrorist drove into a crowd and started stabbing people. The media says the motives are unclear but I recall reading something on the web a few weeks back about how ISIS was instructing lone wolfs in how and where to stab somebody fatally, as well as where to conduct attacks for maximum carnage, ie crowds. I as a rule, due to my PTSD, do not go out, do not attend large social gatherings, holidays or otherwise so I feel I’m relatively safe. The rest of you who don’t have these problems, pls be careful this holiday season.

      2. I agree that reclusion has it’s merits. Right there with you.

        Yes, it’s still ongoing investigation but it was definitely stabbings and it was terrorist inspired by his FB posts now released. He just had his entire very expensive college paid for by tax payers and graduated 5 months ago.

        Thanks for the gumball Obama!

  27. Let them coddle those spoiled undisciplined full grown children, and shield their feeble minds from the truth.

    Let them, and any other institute of learning, remove their show of support for our great nation.

    And on the same day let their federal tax payer funded monies cease to grace their coffers. If they can’t show support for our country, our country should not support them. Being in this nation gives them the right and freedom to chose. They are free to chose to remove the colors. And we have the right to not financially support them with tax dollars. Let their alumni donors cover the shortage.

  28. I think we have seen this particular breed of troll on here before and also assuming other monikers. Same stench, but new packaging. Sigmund Freud would have categorized it as Schizoid Troll Disorder, not to be confused with other pesky STD’s.

    1. Hey, namnibor, have you noticed when someone is called out for being a troll, the first thing that’s said, by the troll, is the “racist card”!

      As far as my opinions, I’ve got proof positive individuals in VA committed HIPPA violations against me.
      When President Elect Trump is inaugurated, these documents, sent to my Congressman’s office, will be turned over to the proper authorities.
      Right now it would be fruitless to initiate any form of retribution against any VA employee involved.
      Why? We all know the answer. The OIG, or any other agency, will do nothing!
      (BTW, the statutes of limitations is active for another two years on this issue.)
      If that’s not “Standing Up for ones rights”! Then _______ _______ ______!!!!! (Fill in your own blanks!)

      I wonder how many more trolls today will interject their foolish ideals against the veterans who visit this site daily? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!!!!!!!

      1. Take off and nuke the site from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      2. The deadline is Dec. 20 2016. NASA is offering a $30,000 prize for The “Space Poop Challenge” Create an in-suit waste management system that can handle six days worth of bathroom needs that routes & collects human waste away from the body, hands-free, for fully suited astronauts.

  29. “[College leadership then decided to consider whether to remove the flag entirely to help sad college students recover from Hillary Clinton losing the election. And one week later, the college removed the flag entirely.]”

    The college concessions should have available American Flag decorated cupcakes with snowflake sprinkles for all these butthurt cupcakes.
    What are these entitled kiddies going to do when/if they do not get their first handful of jobs they apply for after college?
    “Actions have consequences”–Butthurt cupcakes do not see this because their liberalism on steroids professors of cupcakeology (just invented a word) did not TEACH these entitled kiddies that…”YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET…WHAT YOU WANT”…and the college will ensure that if The Rolling Stones tour again, that they cannot play that song because it curls their snowflake sprinkles out of proportion.

    I agree entirely in that if an institution accepts Federal Educational Funds then still reject American Flag, then that college should entirely lose their accreditation.
    Let me take it a step further: Maybe it’s time to institute the Military DRAFT again?!!! That should give the butthurt cupcakes something to really protest about and send each and everyone of these snowflakes to Syria or Iran for some form of reality check to prove to them that others in this world indeed have it much worse than these brainwashed butthurt cupcakes.
    Note that many of these twisted snowflakes claim they are all up in arms because Hillary Clinton *promised* FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL…and these snowflake’s professors are just as ignorant because nowhere did Hillary explain how such a feat would be PAID FOR. Those professors would find their tenured pay-rates dwindle very quickly.
    These entitled kiddies have no idea that their very minds have been hijacked and they are no longer thinking for themselves…they simply are following suit with ‘Group Think’…George Orwell would have been so proud but then again, am thinking these same snowflakes probably had “1984” removed from reading lists because it had a terrible fake ware throughout they plot…poor butthurt cupcakes…I hear their mother’s basements are calling them for Hot Pocket Time.
    Time for LAW AND ORDER….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! The Nat’l Guard needs some riot exercises.

    1. Yep, that stench is running rampant this A.M.!
      So what? These colleges, like Sanctuary Cities, deserve no money from the government.
      I agree namnibor, these butthurt RADICAL liberal crybabies need an education outside of the United States. Preferably in a country where they need a “life lesson”!
      When they hear their ‘(Top) Command Sergeant Major’ yell; “Fire at will!” when the enemy is overwhelmingly at your doorstep. Then they might understand the true nature of war!
      Because war begets peace!
      I’m tired of all the bull crap being spread by these hypocrites of late.
      You never saw Republicans or Conservatives out rampaging, looting, destroying other people’s property when Obama was elected (twice)! Y’all never saw Republican Conservatives out protesting ever.
      So, they need to be taught a lesson. What that lesson will be, I’m not sure of, YET!

      1. Go sit at the VA and complain about how you lack benefits and how the VA is screwing you over. You’re th crybaby. Laugh out loud! It’s amazing how you call others liberal cry babies a when I have seen countless people on this blog WHINE about the Va screwing them over. You can’t help yourself so how your opinion is invalid. I bet despite all the resources you are still rated low and probably suffering from serious disabilities. Your stupidity handicaps you. How about researching to help yourself instead of being on this blog complaining? PATHETIC!!!!!

    2. Actually I don’t sit. As I said don’t speculate. There is a ton of whining on this blog, by rights who don’t do shit for themselves. I don’t want to hear it. Go sit at the VA and complain about how you’re getting screwed over.

      1. If you go and sit inside of a VA clinic and complain, they will label you a Catagory One Violent and Diruptive Patient, terminate your care, and have you escorted off the property by a man pointing a gun at you.

        Heck, I just left a voicemail and they did that, so brother Lesley, please consider your attempts at evoking an emotional response carefully. The guards at VA health clinics are already so busy pointing guns at our honored veterans and escorting wounded warriors that are so branded, and you might cause another one to be put on the list! Those poor guards are already being run ragged keeping up with Catagory One Violent And Disruptive Veterans in wheelchairs and walkers and gurneys that one more might necessitate a waiting list….

        (personal note: I am beginnning to like Lesley)

        Semper Fi

      2. Dennis and this when you get on my health vey and send your primary health care provider a note informing him of her that you are still without an appointment. Inform them that you went to the clinic if that is the issue. My VA Health Record. is the best tool on earth. It’s linked to your VA record. VA doctors HATE IT!!!! I recap every appointment. Once you see a specialist they will be added. I recap their visits as well. If I can’t get an appointment in 30 days I document it. Start blasting them as they do to them. There are cameras in the VA, I dare them to attach violent patient to my chart or escort me out. If you allow them to scare you they will. Document what they in MY VA HEALTH Record. My primary never writes back she calls, after she calls. I go into my online health record and re-cap what we discussed. Trust no one. There is always a way to win Dennis.

      3. Sorry for the typos. I meant my health VET. I’m on my phone. Start blasting them as they do us. My health VET gives us a voice in our medical record. It also holds them accountable. Appointments and care will come expeditiously!

      4. Yes, I think Lesley should immediately go to nearest VAMC, (follow the overhead beacon of circling buzzards), and loudly complain and berate Vets and watch a handful of Vets, walkers and all, give Lesley a reality check, a tenderizing, before the VA’s own stormtroopers arrive, the Disruptive Committee, take swift action, while the pharmacy concocts a large mystery syringe while the buzzards circle…and wait.

        @Lesley- Maybe, just maybe you should look a bit deeper in the mirror or are you just an expensive VA algorithm? 🙂

      5. So, just because you claim to get magical fairy dust healthcare at your VAMC, it makes the plight of other Vets somehow lessor or even insignificant? The VA’s computer nexus is a huge mess and if you believe your medical staff at the VA are only placing positive charged fairy dust in your records, then I almost feel a bit sorry for you.

        I smell fairy dust from the South end of the meat grinder. Strong stench. Thanksgiving build-up purge of the troll turds. This is Friday spillover.

      6. You’re an idiot. Actually claims aren’t handled at ANY local VAMC’s. You’re a true blue idiot.

        What’s you’re VA rating? 10%? It has to be. You are that Veteran who complains about everything and who has done NOTHING to help himself. You are that VETERAN who thinks that they VA should hand him everything. Textbook idiot. Hopefully no one takes advice from this idiot. He knows nothing, and he clearly knows nothing about ratings, appointments, appeals, vocational rehab, or any other VA services. My God. What a moron.

      7. I have given over 23 interviews to reporting teams over several years about VA abuse. I know precisely how to get the message into the media, and the message is VA abuse of authority, Malfeasance, Corruption and Malpractice.

        This is all I can do and it is called “beating the drum”. I will keep beating the drum because it has become so very personal when my own government, via the VA has been caught red handed attempting to frame me for a felony crime simply because a Circuit Court issued an order for VA to stop threatening to terminate my healthcare. They were caught and reported on.

        I will keep beating the drum until these abominations called DBC committees are history.

      8. @Lesley- For your information, I successfully filed both my VA 100% P&T Svc. Connected Disability Claim while simultaneously successfully filing my SSDI Claim–all over a course of three years. All by my little self with knowledge from such great websites as this one and hadit dot com. All by my own little idiot head self. I guess I am an idiot since I was also president of my college student assembly post-military, and I have worked as a Field Manager while working for a few years in a political activism group…so I guess I am a true idiot. Thanks for the affirmation that I am okay after all.

      9. P&T???? Anyone can get that. That’s simple. I’m talking about 100% all SERVICE CONNECTED!!!!! The ability to work or not work. Anyone can get SSDI with a 100% rating as well, see it all the time.

    3. “butt hurt cupcakes” (BHC) is an absolutely genius summation of the situation! Just when I thought I was the smartest fart in the room you go and cut the cheese like a true pro!

      BHC Syndrome is almost epidemic as I see it. Just think of the group therapy for BHC patients! Maybe BHC Anonymous can help? They are listed on craiglist under personals, m4m section I think? Give them a try if you have the ability to recognize that you suffer from BHCS. Honesty will hurt, but it does heal….

  30. Usually your articles are spot on. But this write up in based 100% on your own perspective and opinions. Protestors in general are losing their damn mind. I’m over all the protests. Federal funding is based upon specific guidelines, and not the President of the Colleges decision to not display the American flag. I have read people want to Boycott the College. Anyone who did that would be stupid. Especially if you are well into your 2 or 3rd year. This is not Veteran news, nor does it focus of the corrupt BS within The Department of Veteran Affairs. I personally don’t think Trump or Hillary can clean up the VA. Trumps top choice is accused of sexual assault? When I read that information I knew we were doomed. What makes you think they sound cut VA funding. Speaker Ryan is dead set of gutting Social Security. Veterans should be scared of tighter guidelines for compensation and or worse. Trumps choices breathe the same fire as the problems plagued within VA walls. The college should have stayed out of this stance politically. Do I think it warrants national news? Hell no! There are far worse incidents occurring than a persons opinion of students being offended due to Hillary losing. I’m a Veteran but don’t understand Veterans half the time. Especially conversing with them at appointments. They whine about certain issues when they haven’t done one single thing to help themselves. The VA isn’t going to GIVE you anything without a fight. Nothing is automatic. Instead of spending time complaining, get up research, apply and get in their face. Can’t get an appointment to a specialty clinic? DRIVE up there and insist on an appointment at the speciality desk. Still don’t get one? Refuse to leave the patient advocates office without resolution. They don’t want there. It means they actually have to do work. If you can’t drive, CALL on repeat. Bug the living shit out of them. It’s sad this has to be done, but this is the world we live in.

    1. “veterans should scared” was indeed the key miscalculation that Hillary made which likely cost her the Presidency.

      The other miscalculation was that vets do not care about America.

      I have been shot at. I have been stabbed. I have been raped. I have piloted crippled aircraft to safe landings when others became grease spots. I have self inflated a punctured lung while on the pavement at night looking up at the stars. I walked away from a 147 mph accident in a Porsche., and I have been held underwater by the throat by a man intent to kill me. I have been covered in blood, most of it mine. I have lept from aircraft in round parachutes.

      I am a Marine, and shit happens brother, but if I stumble in life then the test is only if I can get back up again and continue on, because every man stumbles from time to time. But brother, when you say I should be afraid of anything it tells me something with a clarity that you cannot possibly conceive;
      You do not know what real fear is.

      True fear and true anger will save your life, and when hands are around your own throat under water it is out of true fear and true anger that the Marine is born again and bad things are about to happen.

      At some point one of these guys will burn a flag in front of a Marine that has had a REALLY BAD decade or two and then somehting just might happen. Unlike the schools they attend, the student who burns a flag in front of the right person will learn something new – Fear, pain, and true anger.

      Please don’t burn my flag in front of me, unless you are inviting the teacher to begin class.

      1. Clearly that was a “typo”. But thank you for your error free response. I cannot sit at my computer and write novels.

        Your response spews ignorance. Free College for ALL? My God you cannot be serious?! Anyone with half a brain knows that would never occur despite University’s robbing students, and leaving them with nearly $100’000 in student loan debt.

        Free college will occur when the “wall” does. Ha! The cost of education is astronomical.

        Que the national guard, in which bonus money is being stripped from their hands. Charge!!! I’ll wait for the guard to be fully activated in the same manner as every other promise.

        Law and order? A military draft for what? What would you suppose the drafted troops do? Sit in the “motor pool”? Get paid to cut grass, and smoke cigarettes? Work in the gym? Services are eliminating soliders with overmanned career fields, or allowing early retirement. Your responses demonstrate that you have no real ideas of solutions.

        The facts are funding will not be cut nor should it be. This is not “news”. Funding should be cut from career schools that rip Veterans off.

        Entitled kiddies? They have to pay back the Federal loans, how are they privileged?

        Obtaining tenure is not given to a professor and the competition is fierce. Unlike the VA doctor who possibly has a felony, rapped their patient, or who has lost their license in another state.

        Your ideas are irrational.

      2. Secondly, you don’t know what I have experienced and I am not a “brother”. Every Veteran has a story. Would I prefer to spill my traumas over the internet? No. Again, complaints! I see no changes coming. The same corrupt BS will ensue at the VA. Be proactive and help yourself. The Va surely won’t. If you’re expecting Trump or anyone else to make changes, don’t hold your breathe.

        Being a marine does not put you above any other service or Veteran.

      3. @Lesley- Your response clearly represents the snowflakes in that you seem to be oblivious to fact a full war is taking place and has been for 15+ years now…AND WE ARE NOT WINNING.
        So yes, a DRAFT just may take things up a notch. Also, Obama has seriously downsized our military capacity, being a Peace Prize winner and all.
        Politics definitely affect Veterans and Ben’s article is spot-on because these snowflakes have the same mentality of the bad VA employees in not respecting Veterans or THE LAW.
        DRAIN THE SWAMP, FREE YOUR MIND…unless you love being a troll on autopilot for the snowflakes.
        I distinctly smell troll.

      4. You don’t know shit about my opinion. I didn’t completely read your response, it’s irrational.

        Clearly this is a group of white sexist, racist bigot trash. When someone’s comment is to “suck off”. Complete trash divisive trash who feel entitled and want shit handed to them. You come to this blog to complain about how shitty the VA is, but Sony don’t anything to help yourself. Who’s the snowflake? Exactly?

      5. With respect at Lesley I have also completed honorable service in the Oregon Army National Guard, Officer Candidate School, in addition to my honorable Marine Corps service.

        The honor my State bestowed upon me is mine forever, the name “Marine” that my country permanently bestowed upon me swells my heart with pride. I am branded forever a Marine, because my American brothers told me I am worthy to carry that title, my State service in Officer Candidate School built into my soul the true idea that freedom is the most expensive commodity on Earth, and it need a few good brothers and sisters to come together as a team to secure it.

        The pride I have in my given name, “Marine” and the honor of serving the precious State of Oregon as a military man I cannot forget. Forgive me for the arrogance of a warrior, but It was gifted to me by my State and by my Country. Forgive me too for sharing uncomfortable truth because I believe silence is the true evil. This belief is a gift from The Great Spirit.

        It would be rude to throw those things away, because gifts are meant to make your life a better thing. Mother did not raise me to be rude though at times I get VERY close.

        If you are not my brother, not my servant, not my friend, not my enemy, and not a Marine, then Lesley – What should I call you?

      6. It is not with respect when I have to defend myself on a Veteran blog for voicing my opinion, and to someone’s comment saying suck off. Rights constantly call liberals crybabies. I see a shit ton of crybabies on this blog crying about benefits and VA injustices. Sometimes I know the answer to a persons issue but don’t respond, because of responses such as today. Like the author of this blog I did all of my own VA claims and have 100%. I also obtained 2 Masters degrees through Vocational Rehabilitation. All the CORRECT way!!!! Was it easy, hell no. We all know the VA is not going to make anything easy. I was persistent. I called every damn day. I went to Vocational Rehabilitation everyday. If they wouldn’t see me, I asked to speak to the Supervisor. I then was brought back. I broke through their red tape with persistence. They hate that. i always let them know that I’m never going to stop until I win. No matter if it’s a claim or appointment. I make it known, I’m never going to stop complaining or going up the ladder ever. I wish other Veterans would do this as well, and not give up. Or pay an attorney to file their claims and get 20-25 percent of their money. It’s BS. Make the VA go through your records with you page by page. Who cares if it takes them weeks. I’m an advocate for do something, MOVE, take action. Stop letting the VA win.

        I despise bigots, and racism. That doesn’t mean I am “black”. A person doesn’t need to be a certain race to despise racism. I did not disrespect anyone in any since of the word initially. I simply stated that this school should not have taken a political stance. If at all flown the flag at full staff and continued on with business as usual.

        There are a wrath of disrespectful Veterans on this blog. When attacked like anyone else, I will protect myself. The creditably of the commentary of this blog is trash. No one of serious political influence would look at these comments and gain any value. It began when then Veteran stated suck off. It’s sad.

        Like yourself Dennis I am a Veteran, and have endured VA injustices like most Veterans. I consider all my fellow Veterans Comrades, brothers, sisters, and those who had my direct back, battles. I respect all services and what they contribute. I don’t put one service above another.

      1. By *your* racist comment, you must sit-down at National Anthems. You have no idea what my ethnicity is and why should it matter in first place?
        My comment of “Amen, Brother” to Dennis was a camaraderie that’s common to you know, Veterans!!
        Troll in the hole. So sorry someone pissed in your trollflakes this morning.

    2. U are dead on this meanlilness article concerning vets. Also those whining azz vets who are dead on doing the bitch n moan session and will not do one fkn small thing to push the VA. Society has created a society of Old Whining azz Vets and Young Whining azz children who wants something without ACTION!!!!

    3. Lesley,

      I appreciate your message. I can relate. Anything, worthwhile does not come easy. Resilience and perseverance. If anything in my life gets done, I do it.

      1. Adding to my comment to you Lesley. I do not wait around for somebody to do whatever for me. I take action on whatever myself.

  31. Hampshire college “elite”??? Let’s talk West Point, Annapolis, Air Force academies. Those institutions define the word “elite”.

  32. “crybabies”, “snowflakes”, whatever one wants to call them. To hell with their ‘feelings’!
    That “Symbol of Freedom” gave them the right to an education. From grade school to high school and beyond, they don’t deserve special treatment. What they do deserve is to be sat down and explained the facts on how those FREEDOMS allowed them to receive that education.
    As for the Federal Grant monies, remove it. Just as President Elect Trump will do to Sanctuary Cities come January 21, 2017!
    I have absolutely no respect for the educational system today. The majority of these so-called educators have ruined the minds of our youth. The “Political Correctness” and ‘false narratives’ given are what’s causing these young people to not be productive citizens. They won’t research anything. Whatever an educator says is gospel. How many times have y’all bit your lip when you didn’t agree with your teacher? All because you knew it would effect your grade!?
    That’s a form of dictatorship. Something which should not be allowed in our school system.

    I hope and pray for a smooth transition come 20 January 2017! The way it’s going, I see trouble ahead. There’s a lot of negative, and criminal activities, occurring from the “RADICAL Left Progressives” on almost a daily basis! Sooner or later the shit WILL hit that proverbial wall!

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the day we sit a new President down. I once trained in Quantico Virginia as a younh Marine training for a duty called MSG “Marine Security Guard”. I was still under the Marine Corps chain of command but under the operational control of the Secret Service who conducted the security portion of the training. Can you say OUCH!!! ? Somehow they always picked me to demonstrate the variety of take down meaaures ecen a chubby little SS guy can easily do on a big buck Marine like me.

      It is startling what a Secret Service officer in plain clothes can do with his bare hands, and if he adds his favorite toy – the side handle batton – to the dance, then brother you will VERY quickly decide to cooperate…..with ANYTHING he politely asks you to do.

      During that time at Disney World I saw a land of fantastic deception and some of the most AWESOME and devious devices meant to non-lethally persuade even very large crowds to reconsider advancing forward…..

      An MSG Marine is tasked with guarding American assets, like embassies and consulates, and often the unruly are drunk foreign dignitaries at State parties that unfortunately you cannot just blow away. The world sorely misses the time honored tradiition of “ninja”. So it is important to know how to completely subdue a man while at the same time looking like you are assisting him gently to the ground….

      Elf, no matter how man higher ed wimps, housewives, thugs, or samurai warriors the opposition might throw at America inside our borders, I promise you brother that Disneyland will be openning its gates WIDE and the side handle battons, the water cannons, the mace grenades, and the speech that asks everyone to just get along are already spit shined polished, practiced, and eager to be used.

      Semper Fi

    2. Agree with you crazy elf. I suggest these protesters who are burning the flag, damaging private property – businesses, and harming people should be held accountable for economic terrorism. There is currently a bill going forward by a Republican senator from Washington state to possibly establish this action. It is okay to protest but do it civil.
      Protesting is freedom of speech. If they are protesting, then, they need to do it on their own time and not during University class time. Afterall, over 60 thousand is being spent per student to attend this school. Are these kids getting paid to protest? Could be by George Soros. The bottom line is this school is damn well expensive so they are not all appreciative even for the opportunity to attend this school. These kids are getting handed this opportunity on a silver platter and they are just trashing the opportunity. This day and time these degrees do not necessarily determine what a person can and cannot do. Some of these liberal arts IVY
      League degrees are worthless. Our society is so programmed towards degrees which determine nothing if a person studies the wrong major. It only shows that a person can learn maybe. There are many successful people without college degrees. The governor of Wisconsin does not have a college degree. He has demonstrated great leadership without it. He left school to take a job. Anyway, there are so many more successors without a degree. A degree is not
      at all the end all. It is this politically correct society that has contributed to our country becoming this way. Our society is made up of political correctness, stigmatization and ideology which is crap. Let’s have realness and pragmatism.

      Anyway, I do get long winded but the bottom line for what I say is these students need to be disciplined with a good ass whipping to start showing some respect. Burning of the American flag is horrible. The federal funding
      should be removed. Spoiled Brats.

      1. Just adding a comment to this message. New Hampshire college so called elite is done. I can’t even fathom how anyone would spend that kind of money to make up your own major of basket weaving. What a joke and a waste of money. What a waste of time even for a joy ride. If I am going to spend any time paying that kind of money, I have got to learn something worthwhile to earn back the money that I am putting out. Hey, folks, though, this is a liberal school and Amherst is close to being the most liberal city in the U.S. along with Oakland. I tell you one thing this is absolutely what the Democrats are about spending that money on the taxpayer dime. Democrats have absolutely no accountability and really do not care as long as it is own somebody’s dime. Our 21 trillion dollar debt is for sure evidence to back up what I am saying. And too, remember how money Clinton spent on ads to bash Trump. Millions of dollars wasted. If Mrs Clinton cared about the American people, all this money she squandered, she could have put it into providing some retraining employment opportunities for the unemployed, assisted in helping the VA healthcare choice program so vets can get to doctor, assisted the VA in getting updated meds that have less side effects and the list goes on. Nobody even pays attention to those ads. The ads are crap. Money could have been spent much more wisely. Like I mentioned, though, this is what liberals are about. New Hampshire college should be shut down. If the coward college president will not fly the flag, then, the whole institution needs to hit the road and be removed from the map.

  33. Folks, get over the Flag issue.It’s just symbolism, means everything to everybody. That’s the problem whenever the flag is thrown into the mix. It’s at full staff, half staff, down. So what ?

      1. Then why don’t you and little johnny get together and suck each other off, and I’ll shove the flag pole up your ass while your getting a nut!

      2. Disrespectful white piece of shit bigot trash. Why don’t you drink bleach and die! Suck your own nut you pathetic piece of shit. Suck Trump off while you’re at racist bigot trash!

        Piece of shit complaining loser who can’t do shit for yourself. I’m sure you’re a big fat pig who slowly kills himself single handily.

      3. Not Lynching today? Or hanging? Or spitting? Stupid white pig. Go complain about how unfair the VA is and slowly continue to kill yourself.

      4. C’mon Les I’m only “symbolically” hating on you whats’ the matter can’t handle it? I mean c’mon it’s only “symbolic” hate right?

    1. “So what”…”It’s just symbolism”????? WTF!!!! It’s called respect to the flag of these United States of America. Nothing less. That attitude is very much what’s wrong with this entitled kiddie nation and to see a Veteran (are you a Vet?) agreeing with dissent like this is even more troubling. If you do not like it, how about relocating to Syria or Iran for a reality check and see how long it takes for you and those like you to immediately seek-out the high flying American Flag at the embassy. See how that works?

      1. 66 to 70 SOG RT New JERSEY. 15 years in the mix and out. So fucking what ? Thinks anybody gives a shit about any of that ? War stories and lies as the saying goes.
        Do what you will as far as the Flag goes, it doesn’t mean squat in the long run. No big thing as they used to say….

      2. @John Cokos- Thanks for your Service. However, it would do you well to reread what our Founding Fathers warned about such “apathy” you describe as the flag not being any big deal. Specifically, Benjamin Franklin’s writings. Apathy is a cancer that eats a Nation from within like a caustic rust to a ship’s hold.

      3. it’s less than a big, it’s a non-issue.If if want to be a Rush Limbaugh flag waver go to the Go Fund Me site and donate to the vets that are coming to Standing Rock ND. Put the flag nonsense behind. It’s only a talking point on talk radio….

      4. If veterans are going to Standing Rock, it’s unfortunate that they will travel so far for an education.
        That protest has been a BS scam from the start, with far too little actual facts presented by the protesters, but with a willing media to push their false narrative.
        Give it a few more weeks and these little snowflakes will find out what real cold is, and that oil intended for that pipeline may not be so bad after all when their furnace is keeping them warm.
        I grew up about 250 miles north of there. They WILL find out what cold is like, if they don’t give up and go home once they realize they’ve been lied to.

      5. Hey John you do realize apathy starts with the phrase “it’s no big deal” right? I mean honestly what’s next after the flag is “no big deal”

        If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that shit that’s allowed to roll down the hill for any length of time is usually harder to stop once it picks up steam. So what’s next after it’s “no big deal” Vet’s? well we get enough of “it’s no big deal” from the VA we honestly don’t need it from the rest of america. Whats after Vet’s being “no big deal” “Oh it’s only the military/war” it’s no big deal” etc etc etc. Apathy in a veteran is unacceptable. You should police your AO.

    2. If it is just a symbol like so many leftists claim it is, why is it those same leftists seem so ready to abuse it?
      Why not go for some other “symbol” since they clearly have such a need for attention?
      The answer is exactly that. These sniveling little bastards have no clue what it means to some, only that it gets attention when they throw their tantrum.
      Sorta like your comments…attention seeking and nothing more.

      1. the sad part is when another major/minor war kicks off most of these apathetic assholes will be whats left to fight it. I weep for the future of this nation

      2. I know what you are saying, but I disagree that these pathetic excuses will be fighting any wars for the US now or in the future.
        No. Any future war will still be fought by young men and women raised to respect many things, with knowledge that some things are worth fighting for.

        These entitled little brats will be in universities and nonprofits sneering at those wearing uniforms, lamenting the cost of defending the nation wondering why that money cannot be used for their own purposes.

        Their most important battle will be over who gets the last hot pocket.

      3. ahhh so todays version of a draft dodger = tomorrows version of a leader? God help us. I knew there was a reason I keep looking up for mushroom clouds.

      4. 91Veteran: I may have been you at one time, but I’ve evolved and moved on. It’s just tired old

    3. Amen seems like everyone isn’t totally fkn Brain dead Vet constantly stuck on stupid for life. Let’s fly the Confederate flag in its place seems lk the American are both “ONLY” a meanlilness Symbolic thing. Wasted time n energy on Bulllllshit, worry or Protest allllll the Fucked Up Shit the VA does to Vets DAILY!!!!! But Redumblicans can’t see forest for the trees anyway…

  34. I have alot of respect for academia in universities. Most of my professors were brillant and didn’t put up with alot of nonsense. (SIU-C) This New Hampshire college used no good reasoning on how to handle this with public relations. In the va I didn’t see where the afge saved people from injustice from their corrupt managers. The union took care of some employees who had problems. The majority recieved no help from the unions. Yes saw alot of dense egos in dr.s and providers in va system and alot of abuse towards Veterans.

    1. I am glad you got to stand in the brilliance of their light, but brother, I lived with those pompous hot air bags. The brilliance you saw maybe was the dazzle off of the moist cow dung, or maybe it was golden knowledge, but the truth is that in acedamia as a student when test scores do not qualify a person as a scientist, a businessman, an engineer, or a medical doctor, the cousellors will present the students with their options given that the vetting process excludes them from the more advanced pursuits. The top two are generally a degree in education or a degree in waste product management.

      This by no means is meant as an insult towards human waste processsers, which by the way did NOT make the news for lowering America’s flag in shame. They are a bright crowd.

  35. My mother was an educator. My uncle was an educator. In the real world we call them teachers, but there is only one group statistically less informed, qualified, and mature than a VA doctor – school teachers.

    Let us look at two titles we have in America to describe two groups;
    The Department of Education
    The Department of Veterans Affairs

    Each group lives on public money. Each group believes they are saving America. Each group, on a per capita basis, exhibits egos that are so dense the Space Shuttle needs to make course corrections when flying over the gravity wells created by ego at schools and VA hospitals.

    Each group belongs to a labor union representing government workers. Anecdotally I can assure you that educators hang out with other educators in their off time because most mortals cannot stand in the brilliance of their light. Same with VA doctors. As a child, and mortal, I stand apart and have observed from youth the behavior of teachers. As a fourth grader I also observed the behavior of my peers.

    The key difference in the two groups was height. Teachers are the taller ones on the playground at get their way, so spotting one is easy. VA doctors, same way.

    There is no crime, injustice, world calamity, or even when Sonny divorced Cher that has made my mouth drop in such utter astonishment as has hearing the really “good” ideas of public teachers. The “normal” ideas are impossible to understand generally in the absence of psychedelic drugs and explain much about todays youth….but the really GOOD ones make you laugh then cry. Just like VA ideas.

    Before you judge this one place on the map who had such a good idea, keep in mind that across this great nation’s fruited plains a great herd has replaced the buffalo also once seen from horizon to horizon. The Great Spirit has named them “educators”. He has placed them across the land because he saw that people had stopped rolling their eyes at the absurd, and without absurdity much humor is lost. The essence of the Great Spirit is humor and the land had become devoid of jokes.

    Back in my day we had a guy named Eulell Gibbons who proposed that eating tree bark is a good way to stay alive in the absence of food. VA or educator for SURE! The Great Spirit might suggest that if you already find yourself in the woods with something sharp enough to cut bark, that “hunting” may be more fruitful….but hey – free choice, right?

    So we have educators, who doubtless spent time in a committee, generated memorandums up the wazooo and have engaged in public relations, and employed nearly three dozen people and disrupted classtime to run a piece of cloth up and down and up and down a pole (stripped of bark) in hopes of appeasing children in mid-tantrum….

    I hear the Great Spirit chuckling. All is as it should be.

  36. The college should be in violation of state flag laws. A rioting mob burns our nations flag and the college sides with the mob? Sorry that Veterans were upset and they have a right to be. No consideration given to a student Veterans feelings at the campus??? I agree they should get their federal funding suspended and an apology given in public to Veterans. Some students having hurt feelings over the election and this is the justification of their disrespectful destructive acts on Veterans Day???

    1. What ” law’s’ are you referring to? Laws governing cloth made in China or Mexico ?
      Those “laws” that you refer to were struck down as unconstitutional decades ago.
      If your foolish enough to march off and get killed for the “Flag” ruck up, move out and press on troop and I’ll be at your funeral…LOL

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