Trumphobia Jordan Soper Psychologist

Sudden Onset Of Trumphobia Causes VA Psychologist To Quit

Trumphobia Jordan Soper Psychologist

Apparently, some federal employees plan to quit employment due to a sudden onset of Trumphobia, including at least one VA psychologist.

The Course website is publishing commentary from US government employees on Trump’s election. Most of the commentators were anonymous except yesterday’s featured complaint against Trump by a VA psychologist named Jordan Soper, Psy.D.

Jordan Soper is fearful of a Trump-run Department of Veterans Affairs, and she believes existing laws will not keep her safe or the veterans she serves. This is now called Trumphobia.

What strikes me about examples like this is the complete separation between the civilian mindset and the veterans they serve.

Could you imagine quitting a mission because the president fails to properly equip your Humvee or refuses to send in security to protect your position?

Jordan Soper made her decision despite the enormous mission for psychologists at VA due to the current wars.

While no servicemember can quit during a mission regardless of who is elected, it has always interested for me to compare our experience with the civilians responsible for helping us, when it comes to the flexibility civilians are affording in the same circumstance.

Regardless of which candidate one voted for, the reaction of federal employees is certainly worth evaluating for a variety of reasons.

Background On VA Psychologist Jordan Soper And Trumphobia

For some background, psychologist Jordan Soper was educated at the University of Indianapolis and has worked for VA for many years in her training to become a staff psychologist. Her work as a staff psychologist started in September 2016.

After two months, she quit the agency because Trump was elected due to her Trumphobia. Trumphobia is the recently attributed but generally ill-defined fear of Donald Trump becoming president. It has resulted in a number of protests, flag burnings, and even removal of flags from federally funded colleges.

RELATED: Veterans Protest Flag Removal At Elite College

Now, in full fairness, pro and con, any President has a rather remote impact on day-to-day employment of an agency mental healthcare provider like Jordan Soper. So her reasoning for quitting the mission of helping veterans warrants review.

VIEW: Jordan Soper, Psy.D. On LinkedIn

If Jordan Soper is willing to abandon veterans based on the outcome of an election after working in her chosen field and receiving her training on the backs of veterans, no doubt funded in part by her work at VA, I hope she enjoys her time in the private sector.

Undoubtedly, this career would be without the advantages of working at a VA medical center and the research data veterans provide, and I hope she enjoys the fruits of her decisions to the fullest. But exactly why is she quitting the mission of helping veterans at the agency charged with helping us?

Trumphobia Justification To Quit VA Mission

According to The Course, Jordan Soper is quitting because:

“My name is Jordan Soper and I am a licensed psychologist at a VA Medical Center in Nevada. Throughout my graduate and postgraduate experiences, I had wonderful opportunities training at numerous VA Medical Centers throughout the country with my specialty in the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. I have spent years devoting my training and career to the VA system with the intent of ensuring that I would be a “VA lifer,” dedicating my career to the provision of services to our Veterans. Being raised in a family with a military background and in a 9/11 world brought the needs of service members very much to the forefront of my mind. The needs of Veterans and their families is vast and the VA is the best integrated healthcare system in the entire world, so the path was not a difficult one to choose. Two months ago I started working my first full-time position in the VA as a staff psychologist. I love working with Veterans, they are an inspiration to me and it is an honor to treat them and provide them with a supportive environment to address their significant mental health needs. I have treated Veterans from so many diverse groups—diverse across ethnicity, gender, and culture. Most of my Veterans are survivors of sexual assault and/or combat trauma and they are some of the strongest individuals I have ever encountered.

“On my first day of graduate school six years ago I took an oath. On my first day of VA orientation two months ago I took a similar oath. I have vowed to treat all persons ethically and with respect, regardless of their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, or disability. On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump called individuals immigrating from Mexico rapists. On November 26, 2015 Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability. On October 7, 2016 a video was released of Donald Trump admitting to the sexual assault of women by grabbing their pussies. On October 3, 2016 Donald Trump called Veterans with PTSD weak. When I hear Donald Trump speak, see his actions, read his words, I am filled with disgust, distain, sadness, anger, and fear. This individual has violated human rights, has assaulted women, and acknowledged his distain towards Veterans in both private and public settings. This individual will soon be in charge of the VA system. This individual speaks the same words heard by my sexual assault survivors while a piece of them dies with each volatile thrust. This individual calls my combat Veterans weak as they fight to manage their lives while plagued by visions of wartime—images that no human should have to endure. This individual hates anyone who is not like him. This individual violates every ethical and moral oath that I have taken in my life. This individual is why I am leaving the VA in January 2017. I no longer feel able to perform the duties that I swore when I took my position in the VA because there is no safety in the VA anymore. There is no safety in the federal system anymore. There is no safety for those who are not like him.

“My fear, which based upon who Trump has begun electing to his cabinet appears to be accurate, is that Trump will make efforts to dismantle an already fragile system. To set back the rights of women, Veterans, the LGBTQ community, people of color, religious minorities, people with disabilities, the lower and middle class, and the entire system appears to be high on his priority list. Not a day goes by when I do not hear Trump’s name, hear the fear he has caused, see the hate that is spreading in his name, and remember that the hate is alive and well. As a woman living in a rape culture, nothing is more disgusting to me than being shown a male, who admits to sexually assaulting women, continue to ascend the ranks while his victims are labeled liars. This is the same rape culture that keeps male and female Veterans quiet, seeking refuge at the only place they feel safe: the VA. Many have mocked and violated those fighting against the toxic Trump administration, calling us whiners, pussies, and bleeding heart liberals. This fight is no longer about politics – it is about people and human rights.

“Leaving the VA is one of the hardest decisions of my life, but one that is based in my values and morals. As a woman, a feminist, an atheist, and a human, I am against everything Donald Trump stands for. My morals and ethical obligation to my patients will not permit me to work for such a person. I am fearful of what will happen to my Veterans, those who have given so much of themselves for us all. I will find a way to treat and care for them in other ways, to show them that they are safe, to give them the respect and honor they deserve. After leaving the VA I hope to treat Veterans either in a university setting or in a private practice setting focusing on treating PTSD and adjustment issues that are common in that population. Additionally, there are many ways to serve Veterans aside from just treatment, such as volunteering with different Veteran organizations, bringing awareness through social media, and initiating non-profit projects focusing on Veterans and their families.

“Those who bleed for us are not like Donald Trump; they are our neighbors, our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our uncles, our aunts. They are all of us. Diversity is the foundation of this country and it is reflected in every aspect of our military and Veteran populations. They are not weak, they are not rapists, they are not broken, they are not illegals, they are not going to hell, they are not immoral, they are heroes. They fought for our independence, for our ability to stand up and scream no, they died so we could live. I will not dishonor them by staying, I will fight for them like they fought for me.”

I have heard from many veterans seeking licensure to become psychologists that having a mental illness or disease like PTSD may preclude becoming a psychologist. It will be interesting to see how the industry evaluates Trumphobia moving forward.

Will psychiatry amend DSM V with a provisional diagnosis?

What Is Your Take?

I am glad Jordan Soper, Psy.D. is leaving and that she has the opportunity to do so. Veterans are the same individuals who fought for her freedom to retain economic choice rather than forced labor as in other economic systems like communism.

Veterans are the same individuals who fought for her freedom to retain economic choice rather than forced labor as in other economic systems like communism or fascism.

But some of her diatribe on the subject rings hollow given the remote likelihood of impact any president might have on VA employment other than helping a whitewash of a particular scandal such as the wait list issue in Phoenix.

There, President Barack Obama sent in Rob Nabors to fix the scandal on the ground. Nabors was known as Obama’s “cleaner” for various scandals. Shortly after deployment, VA coordinated closure of the Office of Medical Inspector (OMI) with Nabors and then interim VA Secretary Sloan Gibson IV that effectively shunted review back to each location.

In the end, VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that wrongdoing did occur but diminished the deaths that resulted from fraudulent delays in scheduling vital appointments that resulted from the performance bonus fraud.

Here, in most circumstances, the individual selected for Secretary of Veterans Affairs is the individual most likely to affect the conditions of her employment. Even then, the likely impact, at least in a negative manner, is low given Jordan Sloper’s profession and the demand.

While I am glad Jordan Soper has options, her flight from the agency charged with helping veterans seems premature.

What do you think? Was she spot on in her decision to leave VA due to Trumphobia or was the decision premature?


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  1. I am vet and whT I see is you people supporting Donald trump, not carrying about the vet, I want judge her for her decision to leave because it won’t hurt or help veterans , but I will support her decision it’s her life let her live it, I don’t see any of you all marching in protest of the bad service we vet receive or anything else that has to do with us but you will judge this lady, you wanna help then start standing up for vets, call your senator, congressman and women, news station and march in protest .

    1. Michael, before you cast stones, make sure you are not standing in a glass house.

      How do you know vets here have not already done what you suggested? Or are still doing that?

      How do you know some of the vets here can even march anymore after years of bad treatment by the VA like this bimbo?

  2. By the way, I do not have any interest at all in her preformance evaluations, since the VA is not a reliable source for information on anything anyway. They are overpopulated with liars, incompetent fools, and criminals that are not fit to open their mouths or treat third world scum.

  3. I don’t think her departure will hurt the VA or the Veterans nearly as much as her staying would have. She is obviously not an American Patriot, and probably should not have been involved in treating veterans in the first place. I say goodbye to bad rubish. However, I myself, not being a closed minded Liberal, would be very much interested in hearing comments from her former Veteran Patients, as they would be able to shed much more factual intel on her abilities and efectivness. So how about it, does anyone have first hand experiance with this individual or was she just not memorable enough to matter.

    1. I fully agree with you!
      VA Medical personnel mainly (and all the others) they need to be educated and reminded of their Primary Mission!

  4. I suspect she was paid well as a student intern and to use a popular VA phrase, “more likely than not” NOT of the better staff members although she was apparently hired in. Considering she was still on probation it would be interesting to see her performance evaluations because she appears to need some much need psychological help herself. But then I am not a humanities major but I do have degrees in management and recognize a potential problem employee in the making. While not a religious individual myself I found it amusing that she is an atheist among a few other self-proclaimed beliefs. Hopefully the veterans she was supposedly helping will now get some better health care assistance for their needs. It does not appear form her writing she was the ideal person to be helping others when she suffers so much herself.

    1. When all is said and done, more will be said than done! The majority of the government employees who claim they are going to quit civil service when Trump comes into office are probably, actually to use VA terminology, “More likely than not” going to resign. The pay and retirement benefits are far too good to simply quit. r, they are retirement eligible and about to retire anyway which is a completely different issue. It would certainly be nice to see what the performance evaluations were for the social worker who developed her “Knowledge – Skills – Abilities” on the job as an intern and did get hired by the VA. Considering she was so relatively new she may, have in fact, been on a probationary period and not really that good so she is quitting before being relieved from civil service for incompetence. We will never know but considering she has such a problem with Trump she probably should not be working with vets who really need good, qualified care.

  5. Then again she might be taking off to avoid deportation, a person can learn English in a year and obtain false documentation from her people. Let’s just all say she is running from something very fast and we all know it’s
    not Trump, maybe she’s harboring fugitives as most of them are! I hate to sound prejudiced but me and my wife
    need a home that they have taken up and I’m also a Veteran. Somebody please keep me posted about her
    because this is hilarious!!!

  6. Key #1 when you are Atheist you are already psych and Please everybody get your bible out and open it to Leviticus Chapter 18 verse 22-23, I truly believe if the Jews that have a hand in controlling this Country then
    the LBGTQ would not exist, forgive me for those that are offended from something that was written maybe close
    to 3000 years ago and another thing, someone or something is brainwashing her, Did you see the theatrical makeup she was wearing? All i said was, Nooo! Wonder! I have rights not to believe in that lifestyle, am i correct? I’m not a psychiatrist but I’ve done my own evaluations of people and the one’s that wear makeup
    excessively have been mentally abused and we must follow her and make sure that she does not go back into
    that profession, i mean especially if she has Trumphobia (figure this out) T.B.I.Crazy.

  7. Poor Jordan, I can only imagine how hard your decision to leave was. I mean chances are you probably got a paper cut when you were packing up all of your important things from your office. Things like your collectors edition bobble head of Hillary Clinton and your limited edition poster of Obama promising you hope and change. I sure hope the drop of blood that came from your paper cut landed on your tye-dyed shirt and not your Jesus sandals. Oh wait you don’t believe in Jesus. Ever heard the saying “there are no atheists in foxholes”. Well if your Kool-aid drinking, tree-hugging, Hillary loving, Trump hating dumb ass ever decides to actually serve your country and jump into one of those foxholes you better not have your come to Jesus meeting and start crying the Lord’s Prayer because your battle buddy might just butt stroke your teeth into your boots!

  8. Newly Elected President Donald Trump:
    Spoken by a 101st Airbone Ranger 1969, Lead Dog in HELL AND BACK, I believe in Donald Trump, So I DO NOT give a DAMN what a VIRGINAL has to say or think: I know there is NO VIRGINAL that been where I been and came back and there will NEVER be THANKS FOR SHIT, THE LEAD DOG TO HELL AND BACK: I will give Donald Trump a chance if he DO NOT DELIVER than HE IS JUST ANOTHER WHITE FACE: TRUE INDIAN BLOOD!!

  9. Only two points for this sub standard moron:

    First only one word necessary BENGHAZI. lives were lost because of ineptitude

    Secondly any person under federal investigations 6 times in 32 years shows a complete disregard for the laws of this nation. This woman drinks the kool aid like the rest of our mislead citizens, common sense would allow any thinking person to see Trump over generalizes, but seeking to return to the rule of law whereby ALL immigrants must be cleared as they did at Ellis Island N.Y. where they were held until clear of disease and with accountable sponsorship. Trump is only stating the law.

  10. Hello everyone, you all have stated my opinion on this flake! Keep an ear out, you know we will be seeing her name in the future! On another topic I want to run by all of you, my Vet finally was awarded 100% disability for Ischemic Heart disease! Hurray! But, they only made the effective date of 8/2014. He was a Vietnam vet and I am wondering if I can fight this date using the case of Nehmer vs. DVA that made benefits able to go retroactive to 9/25/85? All input and opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Donna-I’m sorry I don’t have any information to offer but I wanted to ask you about Ischemic heart disease. My uncle was a Vietnam vet, (drafted at 18), but died several years ago from complications of heart failure. He had 7 heart attacks, his first was in his early 30’s-he also had many heart related surgeries. No one else in our family-he had 7 siblings including my mom-and none of them had any heart problems. My grandmother died of “natural” causes at 93. Can you tell me how Ischemic heart disease related to a Vietnam veteran?

      1. HTerry, there are thousands of articles relating to Agent Orange and Ischemic heart disease! Way to many to list, even on the VA’s website they have Ischemic disease listed under their Agent Orange related diseases. Just google Agent Orange and Ischemic heart disease, you will be inundated with many medical articles and related research papers. Bottom line is the correlation of the poisonous gases found in the Agent Orange compound was to blame for many serious conditions. I am not a medical person but, it has been proven to be related. Sorry to hear about his passing.

  11. This woman has every right to express her concern for us without getting attacked.
    Do all of you hear the hate coming from your mouths!? “PTSD weak” Comments on war hero’s. Are you kidding me?!!! What civilized person talks like that?? What else will he do that you will turn a blind eye?
    He has NO experience and acts worse then a 2 year old that doesn’t get his way. Lord help us all! I hope all of you when the time comes, stand up and swallow you were responsible putting this maniac in office. You are very foolish to think he gives a rats ass about you!
    Due to Trumpphobia I am out of here too!
    To my fellow soldiers I wish all of you find true peace. The war isn’t out there, it’s right inside.

    1. You special snowflakes act as if Pres. Elect Trump eats puppies for breakfast or something else ridiculous but yet had no issue with swallowing Hillary mishandling classified info….but the one that tops it all is when Hillary stated all the problems at the VA were right wing republican conspiracy theories…and if you can buy that and swallow and properly digest, then keep drinking that swamp water kool aid if it’s working for you. Unfortunately, it’s not working for a large enough # of the Veteran Community that helped vote Trump into office.
      “Not everyone gets what they want”…we tried it the liberal way on steroids for 8 yrs, so it’s really time for that change we can believe in.

    2. Don,

      This woman as you call her. While she has a right to express her opinion. She goes beyond expressing an opinion and uses her position at the VA to get political to attack a President elected by the people.

      Given your statement is nothing more than whine expressing an attack on President Elect Trump and an assault on the Veterans who post here it seems clear that you are not a Veteran. So personally I am glad to see you leave.

      To quote the CorpsmanUp the Veteran who posted just prior to your whine. “No sane person would announce why they are leaving the VA in a public format in which you had a caseload and duty to shield your comments from your patients. If they see how you quit, what kind of message are you sending to your most vulnerable ones that already feel abandoned??”

    3. I voted for Trump for a single reason…SCOTUS appointments. During his term, he will have the ability to appoint at least 1, and as many as 4 Supreme Court justices. He will be able to appoint many more at lower levels.

      Given the history of Democrats only looking at identity politics and their refusal to appoint competent, non partisan, judges that honor the Constitution, I could not in good conscience support someone like Hillary who would have stacked the courts with raving leftists who couldn’t care less about the Constitution, only their agenda.

      Those SCOTUS appointments will affect every commenter here for the rest of our lives, and as I told my son and daughter, likely for the rest of their lives.

      It was an easy choice between someone who I believe would appoint real judges, and someone I knew would only appoint leftist activists.

      If you think that shrink cared about veterans or anything other than her feelings, you are delusional. She abandoned her patients after gaining benefits on their backs. Veterans are better off by not having such an emotionally unstable person playing doctor.

    4. What civilized person laughs after getting a rapist off? A rapist who raped a 12 year old so viciously she can no longer have children?
      Why kind of civilized person ignores hundreds of requests for security, ignores they are being attacked for hours, tells her daughter the facts but lies to the American people for weeks and allows a US citizen to be imprisoned over that lie, then lies to the families of the dead over their caskets? What civilized person ignores the sexual assaults and rapes committed by her husband while actively smearing and destroying his victims?

      People like you and this lunatic shrink are damn dangerous because you are so blindly partisan, you can only see the flaws in your opponent while ignoring much worse in your own.

    5. Here is EXACTLY what Trump said about veterans, and the word WEAK was NEVER used. The liberal media inserted those words, Trump hailed our veterans as hero’s. He also said that some soldiers that come back from war are mentally capable of digesting the horrors of war, some people are not. I have PTSD from my time in Somalia in 93/94, I am one of those that was unable to successfully digest what I saw. I have also been UNSUCCESSFULLY cared for by the VA, which is what he was addressing. He NEVER called me, or ANY soldier weak, he also didn’t sugar coat anything for you cupcakes, but that’s YOUR problem, not his. He addressed our concerns by saying that he would see to it that veterans with mental health issues would get the care they deserve by overhauling the VA. Saying anything to the contrary is called lying, so you’re a liar Don. You’re a liar & a cupcake with no frosting. Boo. Hoo.

      Former congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Allen West was present at the event and strongly disputed media accounts of the exchange, which began with a question from a Retired American Warriors town hall attendee:

      “Good morning Mr. Trump. As you mentioned there is a tragic suicide epidemic among our veterans, among our military and their families. While the military and the V.A. are working on the problem, their efforts continue to fall short. There are a number of faith-based programs outside the DOD and the V.A., that are continuing to be successful in stopping suicide and divorce rates.”

      “Trump’s complete response focused largely on committing to an increase in veterans’ services, not on deriding disabled veterans. He indeed flattered “folks in this room” for being “strong,” but he also expressed empathy at length for those military personnel who had experienced “horror stories” which “nobody would believe”:

      Yes I would. Look we need that so badly and when you … when you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you’re strong and you can handle it. But a lot of people can’t handle it. And they see horror stories. They see events that you couldn’t see in a movie, nobody would believe it.
      We are losing so many great people that can be taken care of if they have proper care.

      You know when you hear the 22 suicides a day it’s a big part of your question. But when you hear the 22 suicides a day that should never be. That should never be. So we’re going to be addressing that very strongly and the whole mental health issue is going to be a very important issue when I take over and the V.A. is going to be fixed in so many ways but that’s going to be one of the ways we’re going to help.

    6. Don, please don’t leave the page. We need opinions from both sides to show that there are many veterans who feel that Trump as POTUS will be devastating to our nation and the world.

  12. One diagnosis suits her perfectly…. Douchebag NOS. followed by tunabag with psychotic features. She needs not fake the funk and leave immediately. No sane person would announce why they are leaving the VA in a public format in which you had a caseload and duty to to shield your comments from your patients. If they see how you quit, what kind of message are you sending to your most vulnerable one that already feel abandoned?? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, fartball bitch!!!!

  13. Hey Elf,
    In an earlier posting you asked and then stated the following: “A question many have expressed on here; “I wonder why President Elect Trump hasn’t been trying harder to get someone as Secretary of VA?!”” “My answer would be, “Because he’s waiting for the right person!”

    From President Trump’s actions, today I would have to agree with your assessment. Today President Trump added Lolita Zinke to the Veterans Administrations landing team to find and ensure that every thing that can be accomplished at the VA in the first 100 days is accomplished.

    Zinke provides us with her background in an opinion piece published at multiple venues on October 14, 2016 titled “Lolita Zinke: This Election is About Big Issues”. While she was working as a volunteer member on, then candidate, Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Board.

    Mrs. Zinke not only holds a law degree and has a daughter who is currently a U.S. Navy Diver, a son-in-law who is currently on active duty as a U.S. Navy Seal and a son currently considering joining the armed forces. She is also the wife of U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke the first Navy Seal Combat War Veteran to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 to represent the State of Montana.

    As you may recall Ben’s article, and the comments that followed It, from June 10, 2016 titled ““Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System”, By Benjamin Krause, JD.

    When Mr. John F. Ginnity an Iraq war Veteran with 23 years of military service retired unexpectant after only a short time on the job as the Montana VA Director. Publicly, Ginnity sited health concerns and family as the primary reasons for his decision to retire.

    While other politicians and the VA smeared Ginnity and claimed, it was part of cleaning up the VA it was Representative Zinke that came out and spoke the truth about Ginnity retiring.

    Here is what Ben’s article had to say about it and Ben’s quotes from Representative Zinke:

    “Publicly, Ginnity sited health concerns and family as the primary reasons for his decision to retire. Insiders say the VA director and veteran could no longer handle the unethical demands of the job from upper management.”

    “Senior leadership at Montana VA have been under investigation for some time related to unethical behavior. Ginnity was brought in to fix it but found he could not stomach the taste of the deceptive practices as the location.”

    “According to Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, Ginnity is retiring because “He got frustrated with the system, and he felt that he could not lead the charge of change as he wanted to, and he’s a former vet.””


    So, Elf in essences I believe you are right and it seems clear that President Trump is heading in the right direction with the VA. He also has the option of appointing and acting director until he finds the right person.


    “Montana VA Director Resigns Over Broken System”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – June 10, 2016

    “UPDATED: Zinke’s wife Lolita joins Trump’s VA landing team”, Erin Loranger Independent Record, Nov. 28, 2016

    “Lolita Zinke: This Election is About Big Issues”, by Lolita Zinke, Breitbart News, October 14,2016

    From Open secrets dot org Representative Zinke has “not” taken any money from big pharma, any medical device manufacture or private healthcare system.

    1. This is good news. I refuse to believe Trump would put some putz like Scott Brown in the VA. To do so would be a colossal misstep by him, which would turn in to a disaster as the media hammered him for such a weak decision.
      Not every appointment made by him will be a star, but let him make those as Deputy Undersecretary in the Bureau of Administrative Paper shuffling in some obscure agency. Not in one like the VA.

    2. This is definitely a positive direction and great news. I am thinking more rats will be jumping the V.A. Titanic like Jordan in due time now. Maybe the pre-draining of the swamp will be the exodus. I needed some good news today. Thanks, Seymore Klearly

      Trump also today commented on Universities burning the flag and suggested such people should lose their citizenship for a year as punishment to curtail it. 🙂

  14. Amen to Dr. Sopa! Living congruent; so proud of her; I would’ve done the same. I’m thinking of NOT going to the VA for care; due to Trump being president. 40% of eligibility voters voted in this election; Hillary wins 2.5 million more votes and he wins.
    Wake up America!

    1. Wake up to a great bowl of Grape Nuts! It probably would be best for you to avoid going to VA for care because you need to be a veteran first, but your stand on the issue is admirable.

    2. “Judge rejects Stein’s request for hand recount in Wis.”


      So “Jason”, are you going to need a new box of coloring crayons, more play doh and a new coloring book to make through the night?

      Or are you just going to go strait to the medication?

    3. @Jason,
      I hate to be the ‘bearer of bad news’, only it’s been reported President Elect Trump also won the “popular vote”! How, may you ask?
      There were over 4 million illegal immigrants and a little over 3 million deceased individuals who voted in the election.
      Read your Constitution. Only “Citizens” are allowed to vote!
      California was the most egregious. New York coming in second.
      While Obama was on CNN, he stated; “Voting makes you a citizen!” How wrong is he? There’s a “process” to becoming a citizen. Voting is not one of the processes!
      There were other states which were bussing in people to vote. Dems also went to nursing homes and had the elderly fill out absentee ballots for Hillary Clinton. Completely against the rules.
      These are just a few of the voter frauds which took place. There’s more.
      If Stein isn’t careful, she’s likely step further down that rabbit hole!
      Wait for it.

      Seymore, Stein also waited too long to file in Pennsylvania!

  15. Seymore,
    Wouldn’t it be interesting if a vet under her care were to come on here. To let us know how good or bad this psychologist really is?!

    1. Hey Elf,

      I think we just did, someone named “F&@K_Trump”. Those new Psych drugs they are testing can really do some damage to a persons brain leaving them with no intellectual or reasoning capabilities. Clearly the poster named “F&@K_Trump” is programed to believe only what they are told by the propaganda networks.

      1. Most likely we just saw how Jordan Soper gets when she over does her personal meds. Mostly the real reason why she is being fired at the VA

    2. Most V.A. shrinks are unbelievable and very dangerous QUACKS! They are given covert instructions to falsely label veterans as incompetent as an excuse to force their compensation payments into conservatorship! They are also directed to manipulate “therapy” sessions to induce veterans who may just be relating combat experiences or blowing off steam to say damaging things that will give the V.A. the opportunity to declare them a threat to themselves and/or society, and then seize their Second Amendment rights and liberties! There is NOTHING that is too low for the V.A. to stoop to!

  16. Well, just like the others who resigned, she wants to quit she gets fired. Yes, as short as that but directly to the poiny.

  17. You are all so dreadfully wrong. She got it right and her diatribe has fallen on deaf ears. Ears that must truly be deaf to everything she described about Drumpf. After noting all of Trumps misogynistic, racist and incredulous comments, you all can still support this idiot? This isn’t left wing butt hurt rhetoric, she is talking about FACTS which you all apparently feel are easy to ignore.

    I have some news for all of you. You will be changing your tune in a very short time. Or don’t you read or watch real news (and I’m not talking about that made up bullshit on Facebook or FOX propaganda)?

    How can any of you veterans support Drumpf after he called veterans with PTSD “weak?”

    Apparently you are weak. Weak minded.

    Yay, go White Supremacy! Women are all stupid slaves! Veteran’s are pussies (that are up for the grabbing).

    Blind, stupid and ignorant is not the American Way. At least not until next January. Then look out! When Whitey starts losing benefits and seeing stupid regulations affect their lives negatively, there will be another outcry. Just remember, YOU elected this idiot.

    1. Why so racist? Is that you Jordan? What “facts” did she provide?

      If you truly believe he only said veterans with PTSD are weak, you are too stupid to reply to any further.

      1. 91Veteran,
        He’s only watching the MSN and other “FAKE NEWS” outlets. Like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and those which have been so rightfully “exposed” recently!

        Therefore he’s not receiving truthful information.
        When someone is not watching Utube videos of our elected and appointed officials being exposed as the liars and thieves they really are, then don’t expect them to believe. One must open one’s eyes and mind to the truth, before they can see and believe!

        Too bad, so sad!

    2. I think people who pick boogers are weak. I am sure that you have picked a booger. This means that you can never agree with what I say or do because I believe booger pickers are weak.

      It is reported that Trump once also used a sock in the woods when he forgot toilet paper on a campout. He later commented that the fiber was rough but better than using tree bark Can you imagine the moral harm that has been done to the sock industry?? Just imagine the letters of resignation from the sock workers to their bosses and indeed to all America! Environmentalist are also outraged, althoguh Euele Gibbons might have appreciated him not soiling the bark?

      This country went to HELL when people stopped eating bark in favor of Grape Nuts (which do not have one damn grape in them! More Trump lies!!!).

      ….forgive me….I have PTSD and this typing has really tuckered me out. I need a nap.

      1. Imagine how traumatized these snowflakes must be knowing Trump soiled one of their sock puppets.

    3. Hey Snow Flake,

      “Judge rejects Stein’s request for hand recount in Wis.”


      So “F&@K_Trump”, are you going to need a new box of coloring crayons, more play doh and a new coloring book to make through the night?

      Or are you just going to go strait to the medication?

      1. Oh no!!!

        Snow Flake do not watch this video. I repeat do not watch this video. Seriously do not watch this video!!!


  18. Anyone else take notice of Ben’s Bad VA Art today where in the lower left hand corner Jordan Soper is sporting a witch costume? She also claims to be an atheist. She’s very confused. I would prescribe her to be in Psych Lockdown with a room full of Flying Monkeys while she is wearing that green get-up. Dangle the ruby red slipper right outside the window of locked ward door. Allow the Flying Monkeys to douse her with buckets of water to see if she really melts.
    (if the VA does Hungry, Hungry Hippos, why not some Wizard of Oz)?

    Too bad, she has already left on her broom. Flying Monkeys are lonely.

  19. I have so much to say but I’ll start with “THANK YOU!” I mean that sincerely. I feel nauseous after reading your ridiculous letter to the veterans that you were supposed to be serving. I wouldn’t be surprised to read on Snopes that this was written by Huma Abedin’s sister, or someone like her, intentionally spreading false stories to further divide this country. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the author graduated the 6th grade much less high school. Lord knows the world isn’t as safe after leaving the safety of your parents.

    I’ve been in the VA system since 1999 & have been through more psychologists than I can count. Partly because I’ve moved so much & partly because the VA does more “training” at its facilities than any hospital on the planet. I believe it’s because veterans aren’t necessarily valued as human beings, we’re treated more like…lab mice. Meaning there’s plenty of us to “study” & experiment on without civilians really noticing or caring too much to cause an uproar.

    I spent 6 months in Somalia in 1993, where women were outnumbered 10 to 1. I can assure you that although I didn’t particularly care for the foul mouthed & indecent language some men had, I learned very quickly that men talk VERY differently when they are not in the presence of a woman. Calling them sexist & labeling them as sexual predators based on private conversations is utterly preposterous.

    You didn’t like your job & saw an easy out. PERIOD. I would suggest therapy & an immediate career change based on your skewed imagination & lack of judgment. However, I do want to (again) thank you for teaching me that Democrats are predominantly narcissistic & cannot comprehend life or a future led by the people. You all think we’re too stupid to tie our shoes, much less vote. I think it angered you that so many veterans were elated that he was elected to the White House. I also think that you couldn’t force them to agree with your tired pre-recorded speech about Trump the Russian loving, sexist, racist, fascist, homophobic, terror of a human being. Well, boo! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that you are not giving advice to veterans. YOU scare me. Good riddance.

    PS. Amazon is having a huge sale on blankies & pacifiers, treat yourself. Thank goodness we no longer have to pay for your warm milk.

  20. I believe she said. I got mine and I see the writing on the wall and I better get the heck out of dodge. Before they find out it’s a scam and I learned nothing and. Except that my co-workers have taught me to harm veteran’s and I better get. While the getting good.

    Lame excuse. But she has the right to do what ever she wants to do. I would ask her before she leaves to please report any and all wrongdoers. So those people can leave too !

    You know who you are. Leave now or I hope Trump will make your life a living hell. Just like you have done to so many veterans. Better yet stick around. So you can face the music !

    Arrest and jail time.

  21. I am pretty sure I have had “Obamaphobia” for approx. 8 years solid now. Dr. only says to close my eyes and click my heals together three times while repeating, “There’s no place like home”, and hoping that when my eyes have opened, it will finally be that change I can believe in. Eyes opening-up around end of January.

  22. Good riddance….I hope the door hit you in the a** on your way out. What’s sad is this woman received thousands of dollars of training on the government’s dime. Trumpobia…..Give me a F’ing break!!!

    1. Jeff,
      There is a God who has mighty vengence and a memory that never forgets when a person bails on a federal student loan that has been picked up at taxpayers cost – IRS. I have a friend who bailed on a loan because of mental illness. Legitimate and institutionalized so the government “forgave” her student loan much like the bargain they offer students like this little girl.

      However…..the IRS, once the loan is forgiven, calls it something Ms. Soper probably never actually created throuh any labor in her life – “earned income”. By not fulfilling her part of the arrangement she received something of value and infininately taxable including penalties and interest.

      IRS persued this so vigorously with my mentally ill friend it put her on the streets despite full SSDI (which was being taken to pay the tax on the forgive loan) until Congressman Defazio brokered a payment plan that allowed enough for rent.

      Now then, here is the test; which Congressman is going to broker the payment plan for her to repay with penalties the loans that were forgiven in exchange for what she claims,she gave; “Her vow”? Twice. Now that she has taken back her bargaining chip – her vow – the money that she received for her worthless pledge will be taken back. As with my friend it takes about seven years to catch up but brother, when that letter hits she will indeed get to explain her position to her landlord, her creditors, and the place she buys her food.

      With my friend in the mental ward it took impassioned pleas and an obviously demented ,ental patient to make life barely livable. Who would have thought that a mentally ill person who,is forgiven a atudent loan because of sickness instantly becomes delinquent on taxes??? I speak the truth – this little girl, by stating she took vows she also states that by breaking them she is now considered as having received income because she gave nothing in return. Why do you think that the docs who HATE VA stay on?

      Because they have the same deal. Back out of it and the results are catastrophic and cannot be erased through bankruptcy. IRS never forgets, and the meter never stops running until every last penny is recovered.

      There is hope for her though. She can write a personal letter to Trump and ask that her bill be forgiven. Right? Without that plan, she can at least get Trump to send her food stamps. Maybe Trump can set her up in public housing too.

      1. Dennis- Remember that Obama still has the master forgiveness pen-in-hand for his last hurrah. The pardon list will even embarrass Santa Clause *and* Satan. Whether Jordan has been naughty or nice, she’s covered by camaraderie of fear.

  23. What do I think? I think everything about her rant screams she’s a raving leftist craving attention.
    Trump is not even in office yet and has had zero impact on how the VA might be run, yet she courageously, in her mind I am sure, is bailing out on the very veterans she claims to want to help who have gone through much more than her little feminist mind can imagine.
    Its interesting to see she has such high morals and principles to join an organization so steeped in scandal, including the deaths of veterans and unethical human research, yet she decided an election outcome is something she just cannot endure?
    I suspect any patient who had the misfortune of being seen by this lunatic is now better off with her leaving. Its clear her views would have colored every interaction she had with them, and if any veteran offered a view contrary to her own, any claimed moral high ground for treating veterans would have been forgotten as she let her wrath known.

    Good riddance to such a bimbo.

    Oh, and for such an educated woman, you would think she would know it is spelled disdain, not distain. It wasn’t a simple mistake since she used it twice. She’s simply ignorant.

  24. Looks like she is fearful of the VA being steered towards serving the Veterans rather than the VA employees.
    All she learned in her training at the VA as it is now is to overmedicating and treating the symptoms rather than strive for differential diagnosis which take more than the 10 minutes. Also, with Trump appointing a Secretary who will be forced to pursue criminal prosecutions and busting the AFGE Union bullies who have turned it in to a lawless entity.

    1. I think you have hit on it.

      To put it in a nutshell, her action shows she doesn’t have the patience for her patients.
      She bailed out before even seeing what Trump would do. It tells me she wouldn’t listen to her patients, her rigid views would interfere, she likely ignores or talks over them before writing some prescription to get rid of them.

      But hey! I bet all the Yaks in her sorority are cheering her on.

  25. I am not a Trump fan yet , and I am very happy she left . She definitely can’t help veterans , not with what she was saying . It would be nice if one of her patients would put a note on here and let us know how good she is or not . I hope they all quit . My biggest problem in dealing with the VA , is all of it . The VA has really messed with my mind over the years . It’s all those little pukes running around the VA and I feel like they’re laughing at me . I guess, for we veterans we just have to wait and see .

  26. Agree with most of the comments here. Our nation has become the “Land of Special Snowflakes”. The Federal Government seems quite willing to protect them all, with the exception of Combat Veterans. After twenty plus years, I have given up on the VA here in Honolulu completely. They have proved zero help whatsoever to me.

    I felt safer and more respected in combat zones – – – than I do dealing with the Veterans Administration.

    I neither like nor dislike President-Elect Trump. We will just have to wait and see what actions he takes. I am hopeful though, that he will begin to clean up the ungodly mess that is our Veterans Administration.

    If the folks that work for the VA had the same sense of urgency, and the same distaste for clusterfucks that those of us who have truly served do – – – they might actually have a chance at helping veterans vice professional clock-watching for a paycheck . . .

  27. PhD Psych’s are some of the most screwed up people around. Everyone I ever met in a “psych program” in school gravitated toward that field because they themselves had big, hidden problems. These are the people that “treat” ones with real problems that they could never begin to even fathom. As stewards say when you are unboarding from a jet flight: Bye Bye !

  28. Seymore,
    A question many have expressed on here; “I wonder why President Elect Trump hasn’t been trying harder to get someone as Secretary of VA?!”
    My answer would be, “Because he’s waiting for the right person!”
    He could also be digging a larger hole for McDuck! Even if Trump doesn’t pick a new Secretary by January 21st, he could put out the word to get Whistleblowers to come forward in mass!
    Just think of it. Hundreds, if not Thousands, of VA employees coming forward to tell what’s really going on in VA’s across this country!
    Whoever came up with the idea a VA employee could retire after getting caught murdering veterans, needs their balls put in a vise!
    We need a leader who’s willing to do right by veterans. Not those weasels running it now!
    Rant over for now!

    1. Damn right Elf, Get the whistleblowers to tell Trump what is REALLY goin’ on. As to Jordan: A Marine buddy of mine said: “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya”. AMEN!

  29. She is free to make choices. AS is the new pres- elect…I don’t agree with her method, should have given notice or resources for those who are in her care. I also do not agree with trumps selections…so all the haters you may want to check your hypocrisy…there are many private, non-profit organizations that provide good care to those of us who need it. The Cohen foundation is a very good resource.

  30. Vets are far better off without Jordan Soper. She’s a phony, a liar, an opportunist & A COWARD, milking the fed gov for schooling ad now going somewhere else. She never gave a crap about veterans and she’ll be a menace for any future patient. Using Trump as an excuse was about as pathetic as it gets. She’s got the morals of an alley cat and it proves it when she took an oath and then snuck out on B.S. excuses. Her lack of morals is more than obvious. This is an inadvertent Trumpism, already draining of the swamp, which will hopefully get the rest of the lazies & other cowards, out of the VA. Jordan Soper, Good Riddance to bad garbage.

  31. I think it is Jordan, NOT her decision that was premature! She seems to have brain damage. Must have been those nasty forceps grasping her pointy head at birth! Yet ANOTHER weird bitch with an attitude! SIGH! If you are a veteran trying to address your combat trauma with the likes of this “feminist,” expect to walk out of her office in a psychotic state! GTFO, and STFO! Take all of your demented Trump hating friends with you!

  32. BA Psychology, with concentrations in Organizational and Industrial Psychology and Juvenile Justice. MEd. Psychological Studies. Main focus/ Child and Adolescent Psychopathology,Teaching Assistant and Adolescent Development . I wanted to attain these credentials so that i would have credibility in starting a mentoring and outreach program for teens through small business development and job creation in my retirement. Not yet fully realized. I had started my own company in the 1980’s. To answer a statement made earlier about Education Degrees. The MEd. I received carried as much weight for me as any Psy.D. did for Dr. Soper. President Donald trump could only be a great help.

  33. I am not a Trump fan, but if he will fire some of the vampire parasites at VA, and stop some of the more outrageous corruption, he could grow on me.

  34. death care is right. If your having an emergency they expect you to drive two hours to a va hospital most people die in emergency. alot of psychologist have problems the founder use to snort coke and screw his patients.

  35. 11/29/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    If we get a real Commander in Chief —there will be hell to pay.

    No Mountain Home VA employees disciplined over wait times
    By Nate MorabitoPublished: November 28, 2016,

    “The VA previously declined an on-camera interview to talk about the investigation. However, Snyder answered our questions about the investigation during a later interview.
    ‘I think everybody intended to improve patient wait times,” he said. “I can’t speak to the people, individuals’ intent and why they did that. Making those changes does not help our statistics in any way.’
    Instead of facing punishment, the man retired unexpectedly last year.
    ‘He just quit,’ Rep. Phil Roe (R), TN-District 1, said. ‘He retired. He just disappeared.’”

    Jordan Soper, the VA psychologist, is blaming it on Trump, it is her own guilt that is collapsing on her.

    “They [The VA] drug the veterans, hoping basically to stupefy them and make them passive so they won’t demand services,” professional/Congressional testimony in 2010, by Peter Breggin, “a psychiatrist, 48 years of experience.”

    The VA psychologists know damn well what they had done and are doing [“5 to 25” plus drugs for PTSD at one time–some with “Black Box” warnings]–this info right out of the Fall 2015 Arizona Veterans Magazine, page 38. VA employees strapping down their victims like in Tomah, Wisconsin to show that they have the power [Dr. Houlihan “the Candy Man” in Candyland].

    Line them up! With the others!


    Don Karg

  36. Jordan Soper what a name. A name that now can be used as an example when defining the terms of “having a screw loose”, “lost her marbles” or “not playing with a full deck”.

    Like Elf mentioned in a prior post “How many times has she been witness to other VHA employees breaking the law and did nothing to report such incidents? Lots of questions for that “crybaby”! Something doesn’t ‘pass the smell test’ on her!”.

    Jordan Soper clearly has no problems with training and working within the deadliest most corrupted health care system in America. So, she clearly has no ethical or moral values. Given she had no problems with working within a system that uses veterans in very unethical manners while classifying Veterans as Non-Human research subjects. Just to skirt the protections required in Human Subject Research.

    Her ethics and morals have no problem training and working for the VA while the VA is lying and Veterans are Dying. While the leadership is repeatedly being caught in major theft and con-schemes, yet they go unpunished. Such as Rubens and Graves theft of more than $400,000, Thomas Burch’s $29 million-dollar scam, the $1.4 billion VA scam in Aurora Colorado, Candyland and the Candyman in Tomah WI, VAs sabotaging the Veterans Choice Program, 22 Veterans suicides a day due to lack of proper healthcare, replacing Primary care doctors with pharmacist nurses and assistants, …

    From Jordan Soper pontification on the election of Donald Trump, who has promised to straighten the VA out for Veterans and to drain the swamp. Her real worry is not being able to use Veterans the way many at the VA have been when Donald Trump takes office.

    “This individual is why I am leaving the VA in January 2017. I no longer feel able to perform the duties that I swore when I took my position in the VA because there is no safety in the VA anymore. There is no safety in the federal system anymore.”

    Clearly, she means no safety for unethical immoral employees. She never gave a rat’s ass about Veterans while at the VA and still doesn’t, given her stated plans are to work with a university, which uses Veterans in Research.

    Elf, you are right about this one. She most certainly does not pass the smell test.

  37. Dear Dr. Soper,

    Glad you are going, please specialize in Trumpaphobia and not Vets. There has not even been a problem yet, and you want to bail out. Good luck finding a compensation and benefits package as good as the Federal Government. Glad you are not going to work for the VA any longer. Maybe you should move to Canada, like so many promised to do but so far seem to have lied.

  38. As a veteran diagnosed with PTSD, her comment, “As a woman, a feminist, an atheist, and a human, I am against everything Donald Trump stands for.” seems a bit jaded and way too political to give an unbiased therapy to a veteran. My first VA “psychologist” said he couldn’t help me if I was unwilling to join a dating website. WTF??
    This woman is a Snowflake, and I certainly wouldn’t want to discuss PTSD-related issues with her, whether it be moral, psychological or spiritual. I’m a Vietnam veteran who is opinionated and biased as hell. One session with her, I’m sure, would “trigger” her to seek her safe space, coloring book and puppy.

    1. @Dennis- Interestingly, one of my now-deceased Veteran best friends was threatened in polar opposite way in that his VA Psych was trying to screw with him by telling him (paraphrasing)…”If you can use Facebook and social media then you have absolutely no PTSD”….yes, he was being told by a new to him at time VA Psych that by following his previous VA Psych recommendations of participating in social media to avoid extreme isolation of PTSD would make him quite possibly on the way to having his PTSD removed from his medical record. This same VA Psych cut him off his Psych meds as well as having his pain meds screwed with, when he tried to combat this mess he had his medical care terminated and placed on DBC.

      Unfortunately, my friend went to the streets to get medicine(s) to deal with his pain and PTSD, and upon a wellness visit three months later I found his lifeless body. The VA and Robert’s VA point of contact, a VSO told me in the wake of his death when I pushed for answers, “The VA was just glad to have gotten Robert’s 100% Svc. Connected Disability for him”!!!
      No other explanations or excuses. Cut and dry. The VA Cares. WTF?!
      Now, my friend Robert certainly had his own demons in life but it makes one wonder what made his VA Psych to have such a bitter pill with social media to project that falsely upon his patient’s diagnosis?

      What if Jordan Soper had remained with the VA and as a Psych Dr. treated each and every Veteran with contempt because they supported Trump? See where I am going with this? I for one am glad Jordan Soper left as to not cause any more collateral damage. (this is not to say that the Psych Dr.’s in private practice do not have their own issues either because after all, the VA trains a good portion of them)

  39. Here’s two articles from “” this morning.
    “Obama Signs Bill to Improve VA Crisis Hotline”

    Do y’all think it will work better?

    “Regulations Keep Nursing Homes From Long Term Care Contracts With VA”

    Do y’all remember that veteran in Texas who was kicked out of a nursing home? Then ended up in a dilapidated drug house. Then a relative was accused of stealing from him? Might this have been the reason why that vet was not taken proper care of?

    Interesting articles, to say the least!

    Here’s one from “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting. (29 Nov. 2016)

    “OOPS! Jill Stein Misses Pennsylvania Recount Deadline – But She Did Raise A Ton Of Cash”

    If y’all didn’t notice, on her “go fund” this “scam”, there’s a sentence which says, (paraphrasing), “the money may not be used for the recount effort!”
    In any case, I wonder where all those millions of dollars will end up? Do y’all think Stein will reimburse all those “crybabies” money? I think NOT!

    1. Only Trump has put in for his own election, these other folks think the government is there to serve them. That is what the Democratic party is all about.

  40. It sound to me like she has listened to everything that has been taken out of context and believes it whole heartedly. I can say with all honestly that many of us vets have said things much, much worse than Mr. Trump has ever said and if she has not heard it being a psychologist for Veterans then she is not much of a psychologist. It does seem to me after reading this that she had a job or a different avenue of employment in another area when she made her decision. I do hope she has a great career and great future away from vets as we do not need someone with her weaknesses or inabilities.

    1. Trump is in no way like ALL men!

      I once heard of a man that actually did not hold women in sexual contempt, think of them as objects, and in general never thought ill of anyone, as the story goes. Just one though.

      The rest that tried to walk on water drowned.

    2. Yes Kelly, she does need to be away from vets, and any other group having challenges. She cannot handle her own. This is the generation that grew up thinking only about their life and their choices. The shallowness is truly sad. If I do not get my own way…blah, blah, blah. Is all many keep saying. Do they not realize they have not developed any character or compassion. Character comes from triumph in adversity, something Donald Trump showed. With the government, Hollywood, the media, wall street, the unions etc against him every day, he persisted. When he could have been on some island vacationing. He’s is going a fine job, as president elect. These young people have dealt with few challenges, but criticize the others.

  41. Step two is she will file a multi million $$$ lawsuit in federal court for relief. Check the filings in District Court – within 7 days she will be represented in a multi million $$$ lawsuit, likely claiming sexism at work now in retaliation, and further emotional stress from whatever new opportunity comes her way.

    She is damaged goods.

      1. I can think of several more that have practiced malpractice on me. Looking forward to trumphs 800 number to the white house.

        Please let me be in charge of thier force commitment

    1. to all va dc hq sewage rats @ the afge UNION SEWAGE CONTRACT RATS ALL WAR VETS SAY DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YO ON THE WAY OUT THE VA DC HQ SWAMP NEES TO BO DRAINED ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. She is an opportunist that saw a quick grab at headlines. Likely her commitment contractually to the US government (given the time frames) was to provide service for a set number of years once trained. She has ascertained from her psychilogical training that she has a small window of opportunity to present her reasons for breaking her contract, likely perceiving a sympathetic outgoing administration who might just love to hurt vets and blame it on Trump…. Pretty clever.

    These people do not work without binding contracts and the notion she is proposing is to diagnose herself with an anxiety disorder that will somehow go away after she breaks her contractual obligations to the United States of America because the new leader once commented on a woman’s ass. Trump will still be here if she succeeds or not so it may be a stretch to get pass arbitration which she will now certainly invoke. The letter is her case to the arbitrating board which she floated publicly to test the waters.

    Smart cookie in a way. She is attempting to sway a jury that is yet to convene in any court proceeding, and she has tried now to paint herself as the wounded dove whose moral integrity is far beyond her need to earn a living at a career she claims to love and has spent her life training for. Bullshit.

    She is grabbing headlines and check it good because I am betting arbitration proceedings have already been initiated. Her hope of course is that others follow her lead which would lend credence in the public eye and in her VA thinking mind might give her an edge in violating her contract with the government.

    – OR –

    She really is so very compromised emotionally that she cannot work, and was utterly without warning that an election would happen, and now she really does need to be forgiven her contractual obligations to the US Government or yet another fallen dove will soil the sacred VA campus.

    One of those scenarios is true. Hell, maybe even both, but this woman needs a proctologist ASAP to remove the abundance of fecal matter built up inside – because it seems to be spilling out of her oral cavity now.

  43. How about this, as another definition of “Trumphobia”. pronoun; as in seeing, or witnessing, fault in yourself or others not based on facts. Being witness to egregious acts or committing such acts against those whom you took an oath to defend.Then failing to report said acts.
    Using illogical diatribes as an excuse to quit a profession. Not standing on principle, using innuendo, falsehoods or rumors to not continue in a profession.

    The excuses she uses is 95% false on President Elect Trump. I wonder how she would have felt IF Clinton, Stein or Johnson had won? Would she still tender her resignation?
    Neither of those three have an exemplary position to stand on! Especially Hillary Clinton, and now Jill Stein!

    From what I can see, more individuals need to tender their resignations as well.
    The whole VHA system needs replacing. Or, at the least, “DRAINED” of all the useless carrion that is taking up useless space. Plus, receiving taxpayers monies for being incompetent.

    Lastly, could this be a ploy to garner sympathy from her co-workers and veterans? Could she be using this as a way to get her “15 minutes of fame!”?
    She’s only been employed for two months. How many times has she been witness to other VHA employees breaking the law and did nothing to report such incidents?
    Lots of questions for that “crybaby”! Something doesn’t ‘pass the smell test’ on her!

    1. that crybaby, limelight is so big for this generation that grow up with “reality TV”, that was not really reality. It’s good Hillary lost, so these kids have to start dealing with real life. Hopefully they will stop relying on Hollywood and the internet for skewed news and the liberal media’s inaccurate one liners. They believed all those stupid ads and read all their news from radical liberals.

  44. I think that she is premature in her decision. Her pussy would have been safe. I would also question her efficacy on the job. We must remember that these practitioners themselves have the highest suicide rate among the occupations. Note the doctor at Ft. Hood who shot so many people.

    I had majored in Psychology many years ago at college, I note that psychologists do have their problems:
    1. One psychologist broke out crying while giving a lecture in a large lecture session. I asked her what was wrong, and she responded that she could not stop the war. I told her that that is almost impossible to do.

    2. Another psychologist used to walk to the subway with me on my way home after school. One day I noticed healed scars on his wrists. He admitted that he had once tried to commit suicide. The most disturbing thing he mentioned was that he had nothing to say to patients who were thinking of suicide.

    I later changed my major to dual Psych/Eco because there were too many students training in this field with a very small number of job openingss each year.

    I am always very skeptical when people tell me about seeing these people. My son was going to counseling on the urging of his school although I thought it was not necessary. When it did not seem to be producing any results, I discontinued the counseling. Most disturbing was that the counselor admitted that he could not help my son because my son did not want to discuss anything. So we could have wasted our time and money on this so-called treatment when my son was not amenable to counseling. What a scam this is. No wonder it is not fully supported by insurance companies.

    1. Damaged people trying to workout their problems thru other damaged people. This as yet to be defined mental illness “Trumphobia” gave her the exit to get out of Dodge. She was probably in over her head…

      1. Agree, if she cannot handle this, she really is in over her head. Maybe she can work in a warehouse where she moves boxes or something and doesn’t have to deal with people and their problems. I am glad this happened so she and others can see now, that the focus is them and not the Vets they are to be serving. She should have been weeded out before. Her quitting only opens a spot for someone better equipped to handle challenges.

  45. “[What do you think? Was she spot on in her decision to leave VA due to Trumphobia or was the decision premature?]”

    Only a couple months on the job, which means she already had a case load, which now translates to a bunch of Veterans left hanging and most probably now having to wait 6 months to a year for another MH lackey to accept newly abandoned Veteran patients.
    I think this is a classic picture-perfect Wikipedia example of a…”Butt Hurt Cupcake”. Too bad Veterans do not have this choice. Matter-in-fact, had the tables been turned and Veteran Patients seeing Jordan Soper been overwhelmingly underwhelmed by Jordan’s care given and said Veterans raised a stink refusing to see her, I am betting Jordan would have quickly reported her caseload to VA Disruptive Behavior Committee to save her own skin and traumatize Vets for years further. See how that works?

    Jordan Soper is not doing this based upon her “ethics” and I am betting she has her sights already on a place like…Hampshire College, where she would fit right in with collective of BHC’s.

    Note that when I worked on college campus, I was on the floor above the Psych Dept., and I used to smoke cigs back then and I can tell you with utmost certainty that a good chunk of those whom go into the field of Psych are so screwed-up themselves, that they actually went into the profession trying to find answers to help heal themselves…the inmates are teaching the future asylum key-holders.

    Trumphobia is quite laughable. This is clearly not about her so-called higher ethics she espouses in that long drawn-out overexploitation of her twisted reasoning for it being okay to abandon the Vets she served.

    Maybe she should also have to pay back the VA for her experience because don’t you all think she did not even make it through a proper probationary period? Maybe her “plan” all along was to glean as much from the VA and move-on to another host?
    Rant Out.

    1. Let me add that people in all areas of work are *very* mindful of their Personal Vitae, especially those in professions that required much college and continuing education to remain *employable*.
      How do you think this abandonment of her job at the *hardest place to be fired* over a rather trite excuse, will look to the *real* professional job market out there for Jordan Soper?

      My bet is she had already made future connections in the various places she did her internment and residencies across USA. Otherwise, it makes absolutely no sense to basically nuke your own Professional Vitae just because you do not like the election results. Comes across very entitled, esp. considering her profession, where it was not too long ago they utilized lobotomies to “quiet” Veterans.

      I am also betting she has already concocted a “BOOK IDEA” of her trauma of Trumphobia and how the VA further traumatized her by having that big bad Trump as POTUS. Maybe a series of books. Perhaps even a lawsuit on the VA for wilting her special snowflake status, you know, for “pain and suffering”? Wait for it if Hampshire College does not hire her up right quickly. That could happen as well. Vitae’s love sequential coherences.

      1. If you looked at her LinkedIn profile, you would see she bounced around the VA since 2012…long enough to get whatever she needed for her professional education.

        Also long enough to be acutely aware of VA scandals.

    2. Benjamin, actually, I say do not let the door hit her on the way out. I believe what she had to say did not include the in depth facts about Mr. Trump. Benjamin, I am not sticking up for Mr. Trump and I agree he does say some abrasive words. I tend to overlook this because he means business. I honestly believe he is more truthful than most. This psychologist made statements without presenting all the exposed facts. This psychologist is not even real. I tell you what she did not like is the fact that Mr. Trump is real. He tells it like it is. This realness scares her probably because it means accountability. She may not be up to that. She uses the VA for her training and rest of her education at the expense of the veteran.
      I wonder about her human rights violations while working at the VA. At the VA, this does happen when the inappropriate medications are prescribed, demeaning the veteran, backer acting a veteran and holding the veteran forever began against his will because the vet is standing up for himself against poor treatment or trying to get something done. Benjamin, I tell you what the VA contributes to veterans getting sicker than when they first went to the provider. The VA sometimes contributes to the vet not doing well by prescribing wrong medications, keeping the veteran in assisted living in between 4 walls, and locking him up if they can’t figure out how to treat him medically. Some of these meds may not be necessary because they create more health issues. Keeping a vet in assisted living without working with him to progress towards some independence is a human rights violation, and the VA does it all the time. This is one of the things that really upsets me about the VA. These veterans could be partnered with along the way to try to live independently. Let’s build up the Independent Living program in Chapter 31. Ben, I know from experience that one can learn to live independently with a more meaningful life than being tied in between 4 walls. It takes time but it can be done with taking steps. This psychologist mentioned that she did not believe the rules or laws would protect her with TRUMP elected. I tell you what I disagree. If she would treat the vets with some respect, she would not have to fear for her life. I am not saying that she is or has been doing a poor job but common sense warrants if you treat a person with respect with appropriate protective measures in place in case the vet could be delusional or psychotic. When the veteran or whomever is experiencing this, the provider should not fear for his or her life, but have extra staff in place to deal with the situation.
      I am saying this only if the vet or whomever is leaning towards violence due to being delusional or psychotic or whatever the issues are. I want to go on into this but later I will add. I do want to cover one point, though,
      Ben, and that is from my perspective, I believe that a person who has had experience with being at the bottom with being psychotic, delusional, homeless, hopeless, suicidal and the list goes on are the better psychologists etc. if they are well beyond and past their bottom. I do not believe a person should be denied an APA licensure because of past mental health issues. A person with the prior mental health experience depending on that the fact that psychologist is in check with his own state
      can actually be a partner in the recovery process with the patient. The psychologist with just textbook knowledge would not be able to identify and connect. A person who has been through a recovery process and is still going through a process has developed interpersonal skills regarding introspection
      through this long term process of recovery.
      This process entails awareness and insight developed beyond what a textbook psychologist has in his or her tool box. On the other side of the coin is the stigma that is attached to the psychologist with history of mental health issues. It comes back to our crazy society of correctness with prejudging a person without giving her or she a chance to prove themselves. Got to go. I hope this psychologist who left the VA or is leaving the VA finds what she is looking for. Will add more later. Thanks.

      1. Trumphobia. This really makes me want to laugh. She probably has no concept of how to really help a human being. With training with the VA, she gets socialist mental health care which is involves being dictated, emotionally sabotaged, and disregard for individual thought. The decisions are made for you if one has not been able to work and Fight their way out of it. Let me tell some of my story. Of course though, I do not want to be all over the internet.
        When the Navy retired me, I was too sick to stay in with what happened. I was fortunate though that the Disabled American Veterans service organization reviewed my record before I was retired out. The DAV handled my case with the VA. At that point in my life, I did not know my head from my feet hardly. I could not function where I could be put in any school or work. I could go on further but I won’t. I will jump forward in years to come because all probably knows the baseline of the story in the VA. Yes, I was pumped full of meds years ago with many lock ups. Yes, some meds can be used but the meds are only a bandaid for a while. What turned the path is when the VA had a Dual Diagnosis program believe it or not but it really was a good program. The VA eventually closed the program down without really noting how well the program was helping the vets. Anything positive for the vets the VA shuts it down. While I was in this program, believe it or not, the doctor was actually effective. He was both a neurologist and psychiatrist. This program actually assisted some vets with their claims. Really though what helped me move forward was tons of intensive therapy which is treatment of course. This VA social worker was absolutely great with dealing with people and with doing her job as a therapist. I rebuilt my insides from the inside out. Shortly though, after the program closed she moved and eventually left the VA. When the VA closed the program, veterans were hospitalized, overdosed, and committed suicide. Far forward a few years, the current psych I have had for 17 years believe it or not. He is compassionate but is restricted due to nature of the system. Over the course of 20 + years in the VA, I have had 1 great social worker, 1 great psych doctor and 1 above average psych doctor. I can say though there are some decent providers. The bottom line is that it is the system that is the issue most of the time. Now, my current relationship with the psych doctor is one of equal thought. He respects my perspective. I have fired him many times in the past but always came back. Even though his hands are tied due to the system, I do appreciate his service. So really this psychologist really had no real reason to leave other than she does not like accountability. She does not like Trump. She wants attention. She is being Mellow Dramatic.
        I wish her well and like I said before I hope she finds what she is looking for. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Thanks.

    3. The Trumphobia definition is “THE FEAR OF BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE”, and no Democrat wants that in any way, shape, or form. When their partying is over, the party is gone. Get an acting job and celebrate yourself.

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