Clinton Claim

POLIFACT: Clinton Claim Trump Says He Will Privatize VA ‘Mostly False’

Clinton Claim

Polifact evaluated the Hillary Clinton claim that Donald Trump says he will privatize VA and concluded Clinton’s assertion was ‘mostly false.’

So what else is new?

There has been a lot of posturing, mainly at the request of the Union, to fight back against “privatization” of VA health care. This has come at the expense of veterans lives and even potential fixes to the system called Veterans Choice Program.


The latter fix was a bipartisan solution birthed out of the disgusting and criminal aftermath of the Phoenix VA wait list scandal, where veterans died waiting for health care. VA OIG then tried to cover it up.

VA’s Sloan Gibson IV then shut down the Office of Medical Inspector which forced the investigation back into the filthy trenches of the same facilities orchestrating the criminal behavior. In all, the agency orchestrated one of the greatest criminal fraud cover-ups in history within the walls of one agency.

Clinton got a lot of heat last October when she asserted on Rachel Maddow that the wait list fraud was more of a right wing conspiracy instead of a legitimate scandal. She proceeded to allege anyone asserting otherwise is attempting to privatize VA.

What Polifact got right was that Trump supports more “choice” and less totalitarian decisionmaking within that system. This is what America wants… with the exception of Unions, certain Veteran Organizations, and VA leadership.

Otherwise, the veterans who need care want a choice. It makes sense to me.

The false premise here is that VA was not already well on its way to being privatized to begin with. Under Bill Clinton, Hillary worked hard to strip VA of many government rolls in favor of outsourcing those same roles to corporations under their “Reinventing Government” plan.

This plan is well known to have been a failure and created a talent vacuum within the government, which is now dependent on government contractors to function.

Since that time, VA has not put the breaks on outsourcing jobs including relying on government contractors to provide health care and disability compensation examinations. This is well known within veteran circles, but the media has been slow on the take.

Instead, they seem to believe Trump is somehow a trailblazer with this concept, but the idea of outsourcing health care has been underway since 1993. President Obama made no attempt to slow down that process.

So while Polifact called out Hillary for being “mostly false” their conclusion is based on a false assumption that Trump is calling for more outsourcing than is already in the works.

I do not think Trump is actually calling for more privatization than is already in motion, and no more than what would occur under a Clinton presidency. The fact is, Clinton directed these changes while First Lady.

Perhaps the difference between the two candidates is that Trump would likely placate less to the Unions than Clinton.

About Clinton: She is a serial liar who flouts the law and truth and the trust of Democrats while in reality being a true Corporatist who supports Wall Street and Saudi Arabia ahead of the interests of the majority of Americans.



I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. So anyone who calls my website a “tea party” website just because I called out your queen, Serial Liar Hillary Clinton, can take a hike.

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  1. Open Secrets dot Org shows that Hillary has already collected $435.3 million for her Campaign. That does not including any Money that has been received by the Clinton Foundation during this campaign Cycle.

    I wonder how the donors feel about giving away all that money on Hillary when she is going to have to drop out of the race do to her health that she hide from them.

    I am sure the Saudis are feeling the burn right now. Wonder if they will call a gihad on the Clinton Foundation?

    All those Press-a-itues that have been traveling with her their careers are total tanked and will never be believe by anyone. Total useless to any network from here on out.

    Bill is going to be the target of a lot of people wanting their money back.

    1. Hey Seymore, from my understanding, “The Hildabeast”, IF she drops out of the race, will have to pay all that money “donated” back.

      I also believe, she’ll have to drop out, because there’s no way in HELL she will be able to stand an onslaught of hard questions about her “emailgate”, and the MANY other scandals, during the debates!
      She’s even come out and said the main stream media are turning against her! As well they should. Her scandals, or illegal activities, are slowly catching up with her! People on the ‘left’ are starting to wake up to her shit. This last stunt of calling Americans foul names is, in my opinion, the breaking point against her!

      I also believe, IF she’s this ill now, due to the stress of “running for POTUS”. How will she stand up health wise while being POTUS? Something is definitely going to break soon!

      1. There have been tweets that indicate that the DNC is setting up an emergency meeting to pick a new candidate.

        They feel that she will be unable to continue to campaign with pneumonia.

        Personally I believe she will be unable to continue due to Parkinson’s Disease complicated by aspiration pneumonia and will be hospitalized soon. If she isn’t already.


        “House Panel Subpoenas Three Tech Workers Over Clinton Email Questions”, by Byron Tau, Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2016.


        It smells like over-done cooked goose just coming out of the oven.

        They go before the panel this Tuesday.

  2. A couple of things… first, qualifier for Veterans Choice Program either 40 miles or more from VA facility, or more than 30 days for appointment. First is easy, second…. when making an appointment the VA will automatically schedule you for the first available appointment, could be 45 days out. Still no gaurantee you will see a doctor on that appointment. PA or no call no show for doctors which will be entered simply as canceled (this is schedule manipulation.) If that appointment or say a referral is schedule without your direct input then this does not put into VCP. You must decline and ask for a specific date within the 30 day window. Ask for a copy of the appointment right then or that can also become lost or disappear. If that is not possible you can call VCP operators not at the VA hospital. They will refer you back to the hospital for “eligibility” first. No one will answer that call, no one will call you back, and no office exists to speak with someone directly. VCP cannot get eligibility for you and so it does not work. Remember the VA is nothing more that a government jobs program and they are only concerned with creating jobs not helping veterans. Any VCP or such only reduces the money they split up for themselves. No accountability, no compassion.

  3. I forgot the link w/her medical dr. stating it’s pneumonia: “”””

    1. Namnibor,

      The pneumonia is totally in line with Parkinson’s. The following is a title and link to a recent research study on it. To quote the study “Dysphagia in Parkinson’s Disease has been shown to be associated with aspiration pneumonia, which is one of the potential reasons for Parkinson’s Disease hospitalization”.

      So her donor meeting in Cali isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

      “Rate of aspiration pneumonia in hospitalized Parkinson’s disease patients: a cross-sectional study”“”

      If you view the vid at the first link you will see how Hillary is walking with assistance until she hits the curb. Then view the second link and towards the end they show Hillary was walking the same way a person with advanced Parkinson’s walks with assistance when their medication isn’t helping.


      “1.7. Moderate and Severe Parkinsonian Gait – Video Library of Gait Disorders”

    2. Namnibor,

      The pneumonia is totally in line with Parkinson’s. The following is a title and link to a recent research study on it. To quote the study “Dysphagia in Parkinson’s Disease has been shown to be associated with aspiration pneumonia, which is one of the potential reasons for Parkinson’s Disease hospitalization”.

      So her donor meeting in Cali isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

      “Rate of aspiration pneumonia in hospitalized Parkinson’s disease patients: a cross-sectional study”“”

      If you view the vid at the first link you will see how Hillary is walking with assistance until she hits the curb. Then view the second link and towards the end they show Hillary was walking the same exact way a person with advanced Parkinson’s walks with assistance when their medication isn’t helping.


      “1.7. Moderate and Severe Parkinsonian Gait – Video Library of Gait Disorders”


      Oh and on another topic Russia and China start their Naval Maneuvers tomorrow in the South China Sea.

  4. Re: Hillary

    Notice in the video of her going down before they can get her into the van. The secret service is not getting in the way to protect her from a threat. They are surrounding her to protect her from the cameras and try to hide how bad her health is.

    Instead of working to assist her they are more pre-occupied with trying to hide her health.

    A great news report that fits with her past public health issues and her appearance to day from Next News.

    They interview a Doctor who states that it is his belief from the information available and analyst of the videos of her crisises she has Parkinson’s disease.

    The event at the van would be a result of dyskinesia.


    1. Essentially Hillary is nothing more than a prop that is being used by the people who support her so that they can control the U.S..

      1. Clearly wall street is about to lose their candidate Hillary.

        Watch the bottom fall out of the market again tomorrow.

        Friday after coverage of the second immunity deal began hitting the headlines.

        “Market calm shattered: Dow closes down almost 400 points on rate fears”, Adam Shell, USA TODAY 5:17 p.m. EDT September 9, 2016


      2. Seymore, you got that right. The “elite are in panic mode” is the title of one email I received within the past week.

        If you want to laugh your ass off at some comedy. Here’s a Utube video from Sept. 10, 2016.

        “Louie Gohmert: ‘Hillary And The U.N. Want To Take YOUR Freedom Of Speech Away!’

        It’s filled with lots of truth. Especially, since their trying to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights, from under our noses!
        I hope you enjoy it!

      3. Forgot to add a link to Hillary have a dyskinesia episode. Note Hillary does not faint she is having an episode of dyskinesia due to her Parkinson’s disease.

        “SHOCK VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Collapses Leaving 9/11 Memorial”


        Elf will be checking out the Vid.

    2. Update Next News



      “Another collapse in NYC, this time it’s Hillary Clinton. Dr. Ted Noel joins Gary Franchi to analyze Hillary’s latest health episode on the campaign trail and how it relates to her Parkinson’s Disease.”

      1. Another view from a different camera angle of Clinton’s dyskinesia episode leaving the 911 ceremony.

        “Another collapse in NYC, this time it’s Hillary Clinton. Dr. Ted Noel joins Gary Franchi to analyze Hillary’s latest health episode on the campaign trail and how it relates to her Parkinson’s Disease.”



      2. They are reporting pneumonia now and although I am not a Hillary fan, I have had both walking pneumonia, full pneumonia, and bronchitis a few times unfortunately, and I will say that there *does* come a point where the body just says, “we are out of here and are done”…and when under extreme stress, such as I experienced in furious college finals time as an older student years back, I simply took way too much on with my own studies, but was also president of my student assembly AND did tutoring and student advising for work-study, while working 2-3 hours at midnight unloading semi-trucks at UPS….YIKES…plus, I had all my health issues I was not manning-up to and addressing…something has to give and this tells me that Hillary is under WAY MORE stress (investigations/scrutiny), when trying to smooth the surface of this turd cupcake to appear all is well, but the frosting is simply a room temperature turd frosting on a Miami day. 🙂

        Granny cannot keep-up with the ‘big bad wolf’ huffing and puffing that thing called truth. 🙂 Also, notice Hillary has had a past-pattern of “falling ill” when under extreme scrutiny? Do not trust it because animals of prey often fain injury while still on the prey…

  5. A must watch Utube video. It was published today, 9/11/16!

    “Napolitano Exposed The Government And Was Fired! Now Obama, DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Comey!”

    (18:16 minutes long)

    How would y’all like to know “The Gulf of Tolkin” was a “False Flag Event”! It’s true, it was! So, because of that, over 58,000 Americans Died. For What, is the question?

    Also, read what is said below the video. Lots of additional info!

    The discussion between the judge and “former Gov. Ventura” relates to the “Whistleblowers Protection Law”. Which, by the way, is NOT being followed by any government agency!
    Has all “VA whistleblowers” had protection?

    91Veteran, The wife and I are also noticing the lack of coverage on any “9/11 honoring event” by the MSM!
    Is this going to be like this all day?
    A few of the “local news stations” has had very little on it.

    Also, its out now how “…Obama may VETO the bill…”, which was passed unanimously in both houses, where victims and survivors can sue countries involved in terrorist attacks against America!
    How’s that for a CIC who claims to love America!

    1. If you go on Drudge, there are headlines and videos of Hillary having to leave the 911 ceremony early.
      2 videos show her propped against a bike rack post until her van pulls up. She has helpers on each side as she starts stumbling to the van, then collapses just before she gets to the van and loses a shoe.

      Most in the media are trying their damndest to downplay what happened and claim she just overheated…in 77 degree weather with a breeze.

      1. “Heat Exhaustion” my ass.
        She’s trying to keep up with Mr. Trump. Ain’t Never gonna Happen, folks!
        He’s had over 35 – 40 rallys and other fund raisers to, something like, 15 -18 of hers in the past 30 days. This is according to “Fox News!”

        All the damn make-up in the world can’t coverup the “bags” around her eyes! Mr. Trump needs to pounce on this! He, like everyone in both parties, should condemn her. She’s not medically stable to be POTUS!

        IF, and I do mean “IF”, “The Hildabeast” is trying for the “Pity me vote”, it isn’t working! At least, that’s what I’m gathering on the web!

        I know she was just down in Miami a few days ago. Maybe she’ll try and claim she got bit by a mosquito carrying ZIKA!? Wouldn’t that be a ‘hoot’!

        Or, could this be another ploy, building up to another day, to keep from “debating” Mr. Trump?
        I’ve read where one of her Campaign Managers is calling for Mr. “…Chris Wallace to be dumped as one of the moderators!”
        All because of something to do with Roger Ailes, who is now with Mr. Trump!
        Just more BULLSHIT from the “Corrupt Career Left-Wing Liberal Lying Democrats!”

  6. Hey all: Guess what kind of flashy, expensive TV commercials I saw this morning between Sunday News programs such as “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”? Brand New **DAV** Commercials with the slogan at the end, “Fulfilling Our Promises To Veterans”….and then just a few minutes ago, another one…now, these ads were NOTHING about today;s anniversary of 9/11…no, this was expensive airtime slot propaganda psyops to give the impression to majority in the know that watch Sunday Morning political/National News, the false impression that all is cuddly wuddly at the VA and VSO groups, so send your donations so we can continue the torture.

    Not one nod to the First Responders or Troops Lost since 9/11…just flashy VSO pixelized crap…not cheap airtime. These same VSO’s have been advertising as well on the College Football TV slots as of yesterday. Too bad the Homeless Vets have no way to see such flashy commercials usually.
    What I fail to understand is why they spend $ on prime TV slots advertising they go beyond and help each and every Veteran, while back in the office….out to lunch.

    Rant Out. The DAV pissed me off being self-inflating on a day of remembrance without giving a nod to those served. A$$es!!!

    1. I have my TV on looking for any news or remembrance of 911.

      I only see something on 911 on Fox and the History channel, all others are regular programming.

      1. You are only seeing what you want to see. Full coverage on most channels began last night after the football games and will continue except for football. So say it right.

      2. Lem, I’m not going to get into a petty pissing contest with you, but I’m also not going to let you call me a liar.
        I posted what I posted because of what I just saw on my TV guide. Its possible other channels may be reporting on 911, I don’t know because I never looked at them because their listings showed they had the regular shows on.
        Fox news and the History channel were the only 2 I saw that had listings showing they specifically had 911 remembrance programming.

        I really don’t give a shit what other channels have on, or what you think I saw. What I saw was the truth.

      3. Yes, the news of the day is 15 years. So even regular news coverage is covering it even though they left the title off in case there was some breaking news.

        And that is my point. You only looked at your usual programing, not at what is actually going on. If you are adverse to watching a replay or rehashing of 9/11 try to find something else actually on the tube.

  7. Hey, folks. Today is a “Day of Mourning!” Today, we had two major attacks on our citizens – 9/11/2001 & 9/11/2012!
    Be vigilant, Be careful!

    Now, onto “current affairs” that we need, IMHO, to know about.
    Here’s a Utube video of last night’s “Justice w/Jeanine” from “Fox News”, published on 9/10/2016.
    title to Google –

    “Justice w/Judge Jeanine 9/10/2016 – Hillary Clinton apologizes to Donald Trump supporters”
    (40:37 minutes)

    Sorry, I don’t accept her feeble apology! On top of that, in my opinion, “the Hildabeast” needs to be in prison. Because, she’s broken too many laws. More “emails” will be coming out in the next few weeks from “Wikileaks”!

    As far as this segment of Judge Jeanine. It gets very interesting around the 25 minute segment. Of course, that’s not to say all the rest of it isn’t important! For example, Was this “E-mailgate”, against Hillary, a way to divert any investigation away from the “Clinton Foundation” and all its illegal activities?
    Its come to light recently, “…the foundation was not registered correctly in the IRS!” Thereby, making all donations illegal, from what I gather!
    What’s your thoughts?

    1. ‘Whitewater’ never went away, it just changed names and accounts. Hmmmm….’Watergate”….”whiteWater”….seeing another pattern and the yellow brick road leads to Granny in the wicked witch castle, flying monkeys and all. 🙂

    2. 15 years ago I was standing in a room in Kansas City watching on TV as planes hit the towers.
      The first one hit by the time I got to the room and watching the building burning was horrible enough, but then the second plane hit.
      It was very clear some evil fucks were attacking.
      There was some kind of law enforcement conference going on in the same building, and all these LEO’s in civilian clothes were there. They all had badges, some had their service weapon. It was surprising how fast they disappeared when that second plane hit.
      That whole day was incredibly shocking.
      That evening watching TV in a common area of the hotel, I couldn’t believe 3 young people, mid twenties, were whining about it pre-empting some kind of sports game on TV. I was so stunned I couldn’t say anything.
      A truly horrible day that far too many want us to forget which insures something like that will happen again.

      As for that evil witch and the IRS, it won’t matter if their paperwork with the IRS is wrong. They will quickly file corrections and all will be forgiven.
      If you recall, Obama’s half brother was raising money claiming to be tax exempt for 2 years before the IRS caught up with him. The IRS just accepted his tax exemption filing and made it retroactive for the two years he was illegally collecting money. I believe I read that Lois Lerner was the one who signed off on that.

  8. Hey! On that huge Wells-Fargo Banking scandal where 5300 employees have been fired, when you read just the portion hereafter that I will copy/paste from article, does this not sound just like VA Employee bad behavior shenanigans?

    This is from: “”””

    “[The company, which is the largest US bank by market capitalization, has fired some 5,300 employees in connection with the scandal, in which workers quietly took advantage of customers in an effort to reap rewards and game an employee-incentive program.

    How exactly were employees ripping off account holders? There were four basic ways, according to the CFPB:
    1.Opening new deposit accounts and transferring customer money: As many as 1.5 million accounts may have been opened in the name of customers without their knowledge or permission. Employees would transfer customer money into these new accounts, subsequently generating $2 million in overdraft and other related fees.
    2.Applying for credit cards: Employees applied for about 565,000 credit cards on behalf of unwitting customers, who were then on the hook for annual fees, late fees, and interest charges that amounted to a little over $400,000.
    3.Activating new debit cards: Without permission, workers requested and issued new debit cards to account holders, often creating new PIN numbers for them in the process.
    4.Using bogus email addresses to sign people up for services: To enroll customers in online banking services without their knowledge, Wells Fargo employees would use email addresses unrelated to the account holder.

    The end game for employees was to sell enough new products and open enough new accounts to meet company goals and trigger compensation bonuses.]”

    1. If you read the full article and the comment section, you will read where people in America have this entitled way of thinking now in that many on there commenting are trying to say “the 5300 employees were just following orders” and should not be held accountable, only management….VERY LIKE what we read week after week with the VA where even VA Employees will come on here and point fingers at upper management, but hey, don’t count on the VA Barney Fife Police to Find you if you are deathly sick or even dead in the ER parking lot!!!!

      So, I am trying to convey that this Wells-Fargo scandal and the entire VA Problem have many parallel points of corrosion and in every one of these it comes down to failed accountability and allowing human greed to infect the system. By the way, majority of those Wells-Fargo customers that were scammed were grandma and great grandma 70-80+ year olds…the VA picks on the weak as well. Way too many similarities.

      1. Correct, except the part where over 5,300 Wells-Fargo employees have been fired and without golden parachutes, if they had them. THIS is what the VA requires to make ALL the VA Rat Bastards quiver in their little rat shoes on the V.A. Titanic. The resulting amount of rats hitting the high seas would cause a tsunami of epic proportions never seen before.

  9. Hey, Seymore, namnibor, 91Veteran.
    Check this Utube video, (21:50 minutes), out.
    America is becoming a world clown because of Obama’s foreign policies!

    title to Google;
    “Trump Bashes Obama’s Leadership Skills After China’s Staircase Snub. (9/10/16)”

    Trump is correct. If any world leader snubs us, pull up stakes and walk!
    To bad Obama, and ‘Asswipe” Kerry, can’t figure it out.
    President Reagan did it, why can’t Obama?
    Our fucking top leadership in this country hasn’t a clue on making a deal with anyone!

    1. I don’t care whether that putz was snubbed by the Chinese. He was likely there to firm up any anti-American trade deal anyway. Most foreigners likely realize he is a putz and not indicative of a majority of Americans who believe he should have waited 5 minutes for the stairs, then got AF1 in the air if they didn’t show up.

      What I DO care about is the highest elected official in this country who is supposed to represent us going to foreign nations and denigrating the American people as being lazy or whatever other bullshit he spouted more than 15 times.

      He is too damn stupid to realize the 90+ million people in this country that are not working are not not working because they are lazy. They are not working because of his policies.

  10. Ben,
    It appears to me that your site has turned into a political sounding board for political activists (bullies). You obviously know that several activists dominate your media – where any view or comment that doesn’t meet their approval criteria is met with name calling, insults and unfounded accusations. I have recommended your site to several veterans, several have gone on your site, all were pretty much impressed with the information and investigative articles you present. All 4 commented on the comment section, all agreed that the comment section, to be kind, is ‘crazy’.

    The ‘comment’ section should be a candid exchange of ideas pertaining to the problems inherent in the VA system. As you know, it is not. I made the mistake of attempting to promote my point of view in the comment section responding to a pointless anti-Hillary and pro Trump rant. In return, I was called a fraud, a troll, a fuckhead, fuckhead 29, and a several other adjectives.

    I will suggest that you should do a better job of managing your audience because very soon these egregious loud mouths will be your only audience.

    I would also suggest that you encourage your readers to contact the Trump and Clinton Campaign asking them to agree to a 30 minute interview with you and 2 other disabled veterans. I have already sent my email. You are obviously passionate about what you are doing and you are obviously a very capable advocate for disabled vets. This 2016 election could be a windfall for disabled veterans who rely on the VA to do the right thing.

    1. @number 29,

      The “Blog” today is about how Hillary’s statement, “privatization of VA”, is “mostly false”!
      In my opinion, her statements of VA are “extremely false”! She’s been caught a number of times spewing falsehoods about VA!
      Do you remember these lies she told about VA – “It’s a right wing conspiracy theory!” Or, how about this one – “The news media is blowing it all out of proportion!” Or some such bullshit!
      She’s as bad as J. David Cox, president of the AFGE!

      This allows any and all who come on this site, to give “opinions”, “news articles” and/or “videos” about her. (Your first comment attacked disabled veterans on our beliefs!)

      Here’s another reason why she should NOT be allowed to run! Her “political record” is so tarnished, she shouldn’t be allowed to run for the highest office in America!
      Her “record” stands by itself. Her “actions” have demonstrated, on numerous occasions, her willingness to do one thing: “Enrich herself and her family!”

      There’s one huge problem with your assertion of why some on here called you a “Troll” or “other expletives”! It’s because your first ‘comment’ was directed at disabled veterans in a negative feedback!
      I, myself, asked you “pertinent questions” over your “pick for POTUS”! You did NOT respond. Why not? I also, along with others, gave “feed back” on ALL FOUR individuals running for POTUS!
      Don’t you think it’s up to the individual over “WHO” they want to vote for? We on here give “REASONS” NOT excuses!

      Later, you came up with an “idea” which sounded great. Problem is, we on here have expressed that idea multiple times and have no one to help implement it!
      Would you be willing to implement your ideas?
      Are you willing to take on the “established corrupt career dinosaur politicians” in Washington DC?
      Are you willing to head up an organization, which would expose the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse which IS VA? Or any government agency for that matter!

      IF so, then put your money where your mouth is, so to speak!

      I gave a pertinent article, from “” earlier. It’s title is;

      “Opinion: Veterans Harmed As Lawmaker Wages Political Vendetta”

      8 Sept. 2016
      by J. David Cox Sr.
      (President of the AFGE)

      Have you even taken the time to read it? What are your thoughts on what is considered “The Most Corrupt Union In Modern History”? (There was a news article out about the AFGE on this subject!) What are your thoughts in this “op-ed piece”, which is filled with many lies?

      You see, “number 29”, when anyone comes on here and states incorrect information, or incomplete information not relevant, we tend to attack unmercifully!
      The reason, simply because we’ve had many who think we are “stupid veterans”. Or, we are not up on “current events”! Or, we ————-! You fill in the blanks!

      What I’ve typed, is not a “rant”! It’s fact, blended with questions, you’ve ignored!
      Have a great weekend!

    2. Fricken Troll 29,

      Go try the baseball bat enema with extra spikes this time it should take care of that problem for you!!!

      Fucking Fraud.

      You believes that the VA is no more fucked up then the FAA, HUD, DOT, DHS ……… and you claim to be a Veteran. You fucking liar.

      How many Veterans did the problems at FAA, HUD, DOT, DHS ……… Kill in the last 10 years?

      You ass-clown. If you were a real Veteran you would know what a insult you are to the Veterans who come here. Take your Poly Sci Bullshit back to your Hillary site nobody wants it here!!!

  11. You know Hillary is really getting desperate when she is now attacking Trump by releasing pictures of him hanging out with the head of an Organized Crime Family in New York.

    “Clinton Presidential Library releases new photos of Donald Trump with Bill Clinton”, By POLITICO Staff, 09/09/16 11:25 AM EDT

    The newly-released photos underscore just how chummy GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump once was with the president and his wife Hillary.


    1. I guess her meds hadn’t kick in for the day and didn’t realize it was her husband that was the head of the Clinton Organized Crime Family.

      1. Or maybe she was just throwing Bill under the campaign Bus. She must of caught him with an intern.

  12. Related to incompetence and the VA:

    I talked to my neighbor this evening briefly, whom happens to be a healthcare professional working with administration of various chemotherapy or related cancer treatments at a major Univ. Medical Center. She knows I am a Veteran and my feelings about the VA.
    She told me without giving any personal info, just generally, that she has been pulling her hair out recently because they just got a “supposedly well-trained” Registered Nurse **from the VA**, and this RN that came from the VA had more YEARS working at VA than the generous amount of years my neighbor went to colleges, YET, the hair pulling-out is they are having to TRAIN this VA RN because apparently you would never know they EVER worked around various cancer treatments and this VA RN was hired based upon supposedly being *exposed* to new cancer research…my healthcare professional neighbor told me that by “being exposed to”, that the VA must have meant she was scheduled for training that year but never showed-up…and it angered my neighbor because of how many WAY MORE qualified candidates were overlooked likely because of that “VA badge” of approval….and although she could not go into further detail nor would I pry, she said this has not been her first exposure to incompetent VA employees. Sad, just sad.

    That was NO “conspiracy theory” granny. These same people are killing Veterans but yet they get some sort of preference when crossing-over from the V.A. Titanic to private healthcare? Not right.

    1. I mentioned the above because it seems some of the rats aboard the V.A Titanic are starting to jump ship…into the private sector. Do the rats see the wall of the iceberg imminently front and center?

      Also note that it seems VA employees definitely receive preferential hiring but yet Veterans are not so much at the Veteran’s Admin. How the hell does this make sense?!

      1. It is what happens when you start shining a bright light on them and they feel cornered. The all start attacking each other trying to get away until they realize the only way they can survive is by escaping the pack.

        The biggest most aggressive start fleeing first.

      2. “The biggest most aggressive start fleeing first”…..LMAO. Sounds like the narrator for that Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom show. “Now the more aggressive of the VA pack escape and further infect the civilian medical system unless ‘The Hildabeast’ can be ‘Trumped’ to stop the infection from the fleeting herd and contain them at GITMO”….LMAO!
        (it also sounds like Halloween Zombies)

      3. Namnibor,

        This is the kind of behavior I was talking about from rats when you shine a bright light on them and they feel trapped. First they all start attacking each other. Here is a recent article of one facility working with Veterans.

        ““Munson Army Health employee accused of setting supervisor on fire”, By Nick Sloan, Michael Portman, KCTV news 5, Sep 08, 2016 5:35 PM

        “Clifford Currie, 54, was charged with one count of assault with intent to commit murder. Currie is accused of throwing gasoline or another inflammable liquid on his female supervisor and lighting her on fire. He’s also accused of assaulting her with a straight-edge razor.”


    2. I did some work at a grain elevator handling testing and handling some of the USDA certifications before accepting grain into the elevators used to store grain for shipping via ships.

      The rats outside the grain elevator on the railroad tracks act the same as VA employees. So I do have a good bit of knowledge on the subject. Especially when you shine a bright light on them and they feel cornered.

      The biggest do a bunch of damage to the others then run for the hills. The smaller ones find protection in the pack so they stay with it and fight to survive while damaging others.

      Just like the VA.

      If you prefer a different analogy we can use floaters and sinkers down at the sewage treatment plant. Were the biggest pieces of %$#*~! always float to the top and then they all disappear the minute you start shooting them with a wrist rocket.

  13. To all.
    Y’all need to google and watch this Utube video. Don’t forget to read the caption below the video.
    I’m in agreement with “something big is in the works for all of America!”

    “Hillary Is Being Thrown Under The Bus! “Death By A Thousand Cuts” This Is Why She Won’t Win”

    Sept. 9, 2016
    (21:49 min)
    There’s quite a bit of serious business going on!

    I’m afraid the time is fast approaching where we, taxpayers, other citizens and veterans, better wake the fuck up!

    1. Here’s the Utube video on Mr. Trump in Virginia Beach, VA 9/6/16!
      The first few minutes, he spoke about the Veterans Administration.
      It’s well worth watching.

      “Full: Donald Trump Q & A with Gen. Flynn in Virginia Beach, VA 9/6/16”

      It’s 41:24 minutes long.

  14. P.S. VA committee chairman Miller did not invite Bob McDonald nor any of the veterans service organizations to a VA reform meeting. They would like things to remain as they are. Vets should be able to hire any lawyer of their choice (with expertise in veterans issues of course) and make a contingency agreement they are comfortable with, depending on the complexity of their case, the day they are discharged. Hopefully this will remove the conflict of interest i and many others believe exists today and has existed for far too long between a veteran, VSO and the VA. It is only an opinion. Congress has their own. NON-INVITE!

  15. in order to correct deficiencies, we veterans have to become a ‘special interest’ group that can wield the same clout that the GE’s, Aetnas ,etc of the world have. Perhaps we need to have a PAC that is apolitical (much like AARP), has a public relations staff (much like the energy lobbyist) and political operatives (much like Aetna and Humana) a monthly magazine (much like NRA).

    we are not going to accomplish anything by picking political sides. Nor, are we going to accomplish anything by parroting trump, Clinton, Johnson, stein or any other talking head. We are only going to affect change if we become a ‘special interest to our elected representatives.

    perhaps the half dozen of you who have taken over this website should re-examine the intent of this site: help veterans …… but especially disabled veterans.

    1. Hey FuckHead29,

      Take a baseball bat and pound a 100 3″ spikes in and then run it up your ass you fucking troll.


      Go back to your Hillary site.

      1. FuckHead29,

        You believes that the VA is no more fucked up then the FAA, HUD, DOT, DHS ……… and you claim to be a Veteran. You fucking liar.

  16. what? no disrespect meant?
    Mr. Klearly, you couldn’t prove it my the rhetoric you use. It is easy to see that you identify with Trump: if you don’t like the message just call the messenger derogatory names. i’d like to see your credentials that warrant such venomous attitude…… they are probably on par with Trump’s credentials concerning the ‘sacrifices’ he has made …. if you are on this site I would assume that you are actually a veteran, for a guy who festers conflict with other veterans, it seems a bit inappropriate for you to be a participant on this site.

    I am not a ‘fraud’, rather I am a proud disabled veteran who believes that the VA is no more fucked up then the FAA, HUD, DOT, DHS ……… all of these departments cater to big business and special interests. The solution is to help the creator of this site continue the due diligences of fixing a lot of the problems in VHA and VBA. Going on political rants is hardly a solution. Rather, measured and constructive actions by intelligent and focused veterans is the answer. If yall want to believe that ANY politician will change the VA’s deficiencies in a meaningful manner then you are engaging in wishful thinking.

  17. Seeing we are coming up on the eve of two of the worst days in America’s history, since Pearl Harbor, “9/11/2001 & 9/11/2012”, “date[s] which will live in infamy!” to borrow from FDR.

    And for today’s blog on “The Hildabeast”. Which, by all accounts, was caused by her incompetence. I’m giving some more articles from Utube.
    Like I’ve said. The internet is ablaze with stories on her. So, here they are from Utube, dated 9 Sept 2016:

    “Benghazi victim’s father: Hillary Clinton wants the American people to forget”
    (07:52 min)

    “Bill Clinton: Make America Great Again Is Racist, What?”
    (25:30 min)

    “Rep. Jordan: Hillary Clinton and Her Legal Team Destroyed Information”
    (07:38 min)

    “Trump Slams Hillary On Yet Another Email Excuse & The Dems Fail In Their Excuse of the Excuse”
    (08:14 min)

    I hope y’all find these helpful and informative.

    I also hope y’all go to the “” article I put on here earlier. It’s an “Opinion” piece by non other than “J. David Cox, Sr.”! What he says is pure bullshit!
    A true asswipe in the umpth degree!

    1. P.S.
      I forgot one more from a few hours ago. “Sean Hannity Show”
      “Hillary Clinton Actually Blames the Press Are Picking On Her”
      (12:00 min)
      WTF OVER!

      1. Although some time things post in the comments are off topic myself and other Veterans here find them important.

        No disrespect meant.

  18. A simple solution to the Hillary problem.

    All Donald Trump would have to do is announce Trey Gowdy to be his selection for Attorney General during the a televised debate and watch Hilary go from coughing to seizures.

    1. Yes, great idea.
      Also, put Rep. Chavez, I’m not sure I’ve spelled his name correctly, from Utah as “Head of the FBI”!
      And, Rep. Jordan in charge of the Homeland Security Agency!
      Wouldn’t those patriots put a damper in “The Hildabeast’s” diapers!?

      1. Hey Elf,

        Did you catch the latest disclosure by the FBI about a second person the FBI offered Immunity. They Granted Immunity computer specialist Paul Combetta who destroyed emails after there was a subpoena and prosecution order filed by Congress.

        So not only did they grant immunity to Bryan Pagliano the computer specialist who set up the private server system. They also granted immunity to the computer specialist who destroyed evidence after receiving a subpoena from Congress.

        This just out:

        “The New York Times reported late Thursday that computer specialist Paul Combetta, who deleted emails after Congress had asked that they be preserved, received immunity from the Justice Department during its investigation of the scandal.”

        “Trey Gowdy response; “They gave immunity to the very person you would want to prosecute, the person who destroyed emails after there was a subpoena and prosecution order,” Gowdy said of Combetta. “We need to ask the FBI what kinds of immunity did you give? And why did you give it to the triggerman, the guy who actually destroyed government documents?””

        “Trump, Gowdy hit reported immunity deal connected to Clinton email controversy”, By Kristen East, 09/09/16 10:39 AM EDT

        “Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal”; “”

        “Trey Gowdy questions Hillary Clinton (Part 1)”; “”

        “Trey Gowdy questions Hillary Clinton (Part 2)”; “”

      2. Read between the lines on this.
        Platte River gets a directive from Granny to delete email in late 2014. The guy supposedly forgets about it.
        Grannys shithouse server becomes known.
        Congress issues a preservation order.
        March 2015, this engineer has an epiphany and realizes he didn’t delete Grannys yoga routines. He does know about the congressional subpoena.
        March 2015, engineer gets a call from Grannys lawyers telling him to delete email, asks him if he knows a guy named Vince Foster, then tells him not to worry that he can either claim attorney-client privilege, or Grannys lawyers will get him immunity through AG Lynch.
        Engineer doesn’t like suicide so he deletes, gets immunity, and walks free.

        Any loose strings with evidence like this engineer or Pagliano are tied up by being given immunity.

        The level and number of people involved in this corruption is absolutely stunning.

      3. Also from Chuck Ross over at the Daily Caller.

        “Justice Dept. Granted Immunity To Technician Who Used BleachBit To Delete Hillary’s Emails”

        “The Justice Department granted immunity to the computer technician misled federal investigators about his use of a software program called BleachBit to delete backups of Hillary Clinton’s emails, according to a new report.

        The technician is Paul Combetta, according to The New York Times. He works for Platte River Networks, the company Clinton hired in 2013 to manage the email system that housed her State Department emails.

        Combetta is the second person identified so far to have received immunity in exchange for cooperating with the FBI’s now-closed investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email server.”

        “According to the FBI’s Clinton email report, released Friday, Combetta used BleachBit, an open source software program described as a “digital shredder,” to delete backups of Clinton’s emails in the period between March 25-31, 2015, several weeks after The Times first reported Clinton’s exclusive use of a personal email account as secretary of state and after the House Select Committee on Benghazi issued a subpoena for her records.

        Combetta misled the FBI about the deletion, the bureau’s report states.

        During an interview this February, he claimed that he did not know of any preservation orders when he scrubbed the emails. But during an interview in May — seemingly after the Justice Department granted him immunity — Combetta said he was aware of the order and had an “oh shit” moment and deleted the Clinton email archives from PRN’s server and used BleachBit to delete Clinton’s email files.”

        “Combetta took part in conference calls during the week of the deletions with Bill Clinton’s staff and attorneys for Hillary Clinton. According to the FBI’s report, he spoke with the former president’s staffers on March 25, 2015 and with Hillary Clinton attorneys Cheryl Mills and David Kendall on March 31.

        “Investigation identified a PRN work ticket, which referenced a conference call among PRN, Kendall, and Mills on March 31, 2015,” reads the report.

        The document also states that PRN’s lawyers advised Combetta “not to comment on the conversation with Kendall based upon the assertion of the attorney-client privilege.”

        The timing of the events and meetings suggests coordination between PRN and the Clintons, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz recently asserted.”

        Read more: “”

      4. You have to wonder if Combetta knew of the subpoena before getting calls from Grannys fixers, then Grannys fixers also knew of it.

        What kind of sanctions are there for attorneys who induce another to ignore a congressional subpoena and destroy evidence?

      5. Hey, Seymore,
        This sure sounds as though the FBI AND DOJ are doing their best to keep “The Hildabeast” from frying on the perjury charges or any other charges that could be brought forth.
        That investigation ain’t over yet!

      6. Hey Elf,

        Sorry but the Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has already closed the case. Also I am sure Obama has already signed her Pardon and just waiting until after the election to send the papers through.

        Remember when he said he was going to close Gitmo and bring our troops home from the middle East. All while he was campaigning. Took office and it was all Bull Shit to get elected.

      7. Hey Elf,

        Although I do believe the Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation (FBI) considers the case closed I do know for a fact that something is up.

        Yesterday I made a comment directed at you which stated.

        “Hey Crazy Elf,
        Happen to notice the stock market crashing it is way down and falling fast?

        With the Dow down 58.73 points, the Nasdaq down 22.88 points and the S&P 500 down 6.20%.

        I guess Hillary must not have done to well last night in the forum.

        But hey Crude is up 0.45 points.”

        Today the info on the second immunity deal is leaked and the headlines read.

        “Market calm shattered: Dow closes down almost 400 points on rate fears”, Adam Shell, USA TODAY 5:17 p.m. EDT September 9, 2016

        It not the rate hike they are fearing.

        There was a lot more leaked and we will be hearing with more coming out tomorrow. Yes the Market is about to crash now that wall street is going to lose their candidate Hillary.

    2. Hey Elf,

      Did you catch the latest disclosure by the FBI about a second person the FBI offered Immunity. They Granted Immunity computer specialist Paul Combetta who destroyed emails after there was a subpoena and prosecution order filed by Congress.

      So not only did they grant immunity to Bryan Pagliano the computer specialist who set up the private server system. They also granted immunity to the computer specialist who destroyed evidence after receiving a subpoena from Congress.

      This just out:

      “The New York Times reported late Thursday that computer specialist Paul Combetta, who deleted emails after Congress had asked that they be preserved, received immunity from the Justice Department during its investigation of the scandal.”

      “Trey Gowdy response; “They gave immunity to the very person you would want to prosecute, the person who destroyed emails after there was a subpoena and prosecution order,” Gowdy said of Combetta. “We need to ask the FBI what kinds of immunity did you give? And why did you give it to the triggerman, the guy who actually destroyed government documents?””

      “Trump, Gowdy hit reported immunity deal connected to Clinton email controversy”, By Kristen East, 09/09/16 10:39 AM EDT

      “Trey Gowdy grills Jim Comey on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal”; “”

      “Trey Gowdy questions Hillary Clinton (Part 1)”; “”

      “Trey Gowdy questions Hillary Clinton (Part 2)”; “”

    1. Yep, I smell that too.
      I even warned of it earlier this morning.
      Given the TROLLS like to bash the very veterans who fought for their rights to be asswipes. It’s amazing they still want to come on here!

  19. Ben the election is coming soon, I think you should take all of what veterans are saying on this site and how va employees come on this site, to attack the veterans. All the problems with Bob Mcdonalds office on down, how they plead the 5th in front of congress, shredding records, claiming veterans records were destroyed Ect, everything you can think of and send it to the new president !

    That way they can not say we did not get the memo !

    Besides the VBA, The Disruptive committee should be abolished and veterans official medical records corrected and any indication of disruptive behavior deleted, You know this committee has taken away any rights veterans have as civil , constitutional and human rights to defend ourselves.

    They are not the police, nor proscuters, judges, they should not be able to punish anyone !

    Enough is enough, Remember you or your family could be next, to threaten veterans with Federal charges, Arrest and Banishment from all VA care. The veterans are being rail roaded and the employees do not have to provide any proof, Hearsay is not evidence, how many veterans have killed themselves because of the VA attacking them ! Even one is to many.

    They can not show any value, in reporting veterans except for them !

  20. if you count all the lies that both major party candidates put forward you will have to have a TI-6000 calculator with expanded memory. on one hand you have an experienced politician who is married to the 42nd president who had an affinity for blow jobs. And on the other hand you have an experienced draft dodger who cheated on every wife he ever had ….. so I guess the sex thing is kind of a wash.

    For you trumpeteers: don’t talk about him as if he was an answer to anything, I am sure had you invested your money and time in Trump University, you might feel a little different towards him. The man is a trans generational punk who had enough of daddy’s money to keep him out of Viet Nam and enough of a mouth game to convince millions of white guys that all of these Mexicans, Muslim’s and blacks are just fucking up the system.

    I doubt the man’s veracity, courage and intelligence …… like he said during the primary “I love the uneducated” … (that was supposed to me complimentary to the uneducated?). With the women, I doubt her veracity but I admire her courage and obvious intelligence.

    Brothers and Sisters, you have the choice between a total asshole who is not qualified to lead a parade let alone our government, or (gads!) a women who may not be able to tell the whole truth, but is immensely more qualified to lead this country for the next 4 years.

    For all of us ask yourself a question: which one of these candidates is going to preside over another war? For us older veterans, who were once 18 year olds, try to remember how scared you were on perimeter, how terrifying small arms was, how bad you felt when your friend got tagged, for others from Iraq and Afghanistan you had the same experience albeit in a different settting. Try to remember the ‘deals’ you made with God, if He just let you get home alive.
    I think I know for sure that an egotistical, narcisstic, philanderer is not the answer.

    Vote 3rd Party —- don’t waste your vote on either candidate of the major parties.

    1. Go spread your bullshit on a Hillary site you ass-clown! Your coming on here trolling disabled Veterans just guaranteed I will not consider voting for Johnson.

      Fucking Dumb Ass Troll for Gary Aleppo Johnson!!!

      1. excuse me, I thought that this was a disabled vet site, not a tea party site.

        mr. Klearly, I don’t think you ‘see more’ than what you want to see.

        I am a disabled vet. I am probably a dumb ass, but the troll part kind of stings.! you are living in la-la land if you are in bed with Donald Frumpf.

        yes, I will be voting 3rd party because I have disgust for Ms Clinton and have utter disgust and disrespect for that man who is representing my party. It is people like you that helped Trump trash the likes of Kasich, Rubio and others. Trump lost me, when he trashed McCain. I’ve never been a POW, but I did attend a “POW school” at Ft Sill for 5 days in 1968 ……. that was enough to make me NOT run the risk of capture ever being captured. McCain endured a ton of abuse, but never took the NVA up on an early release until all of his brothers were released.

        Do your homework, sir, and you will surely conclude that Trump is a punk and not deserving of your respect.

      2. You are absolutely right, but if we vote him in maybe we’ll get a better option to come off of the sidelines and break the control by the party elite in both parties plus the grid lock.

        Something out of the ordinary has to be done. Risky? Yes. But perhaps the tea party is right. We need a way to get a new start.

      3. Fuck head 29

        you are nothing but a troll and are not a Veteran. You are a fraud from the gitgo.

    2. @number 29,
      Maybe you should go back a few years and watch some videos, on Utube, about “Songbird” John McCain, and “Kowardly John (punkass) Kerry”, on how they “personally” disallowed any rescue missions over return of all “POW/MIA’s” from Korea, Vietnam and all other wars. Including these we’ve been involved in now for over 15 fucking years!

      As far as my services—–
      I was a “drill instructor” at the “Vietnam Village”, Ft. Polk in 1969.
      I hope I helped idiots stay alive over there!
      I spent 2yrs, 5 months and 2 days “In Country”, U.S.Army,
      11B, my secondary MOS was 72B. All the awards and a $1.39+tax will get you a cup of coffee, maybe!

      Since my “forced medical retirement” in 1982, U.S.Navy, I’ve met soldiers and sailors who personally knew both of these asswipes.
      Not one person had “kind words” for or about them.

      As far as Rubio goes. He needs to understand, not too many people here in Florida, where I have lived for decades, like him.
      He lives in an area made up of mostly Hispanic and Cuban, as is most of Florida these days!

      You might also want to check out your constituent more thoroughly. He “choked” when asked about the Middle East! Especially on Syria and Libya! He really choked on Libya!!!!!! And had absolutely no knowledge, or proposals, on Turkey’s problems. Problems which will involve, America, the Clinton’s and their fucking foundation!
      Johnson wants to legalize most Class A narcotics. Not just ‘pot’. His words, not mine. What’s Johnson’s position over “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, “illegal immigration”, “Infrastructure”, “Economics” and other important issues plaguing America!
      How will he deal with the “GDP”? Or, how about the “Deficit”, (over $20 TRILLION now)?

      Mr. Trump wants to stop the illegal entry of drugs. Mr. Trump wants the U.S. to be a “Sovereign Nation” AGAIN.
      Mr. Trump wants everyone to live by the “Constitution”! There will be no more “special privileged people”, like the Clintons and their like!
      He wants our country to be back at work. He wants our “infrastructure to be fixed!” Mr. Trump wants to try and stop all the “waste, fraud and abuse’ in all federal agencies! Rebuild our military. Take care of veterans!
      I’ve been to his rally’s. I respect what he says! The “message” is there, all you have to do is listen!

      There’s a lot more negative about Johnson than positive!

    3. I, similar to you, don’t like either candidate.
      Whereas Trump does not have a long history of being a lying politician and doing things that he thinks is best for me whether I agree or not, Granny has a VERY long history of not only that, but being incredibly corrupt in addition to being downright evil with some of her actions. Any single year of her activity since she and her rapist husband starting defiling Washington DC is enough for me to never vote for her.

      Her shocking coldness in response to 4 deaths of Americans makes me think it would be damn easy for her to abandon others if she ordered them into battle as CinC, and they became inconvenient or politically embarrassing to her.

      Libertarians or a 3rd party candidate would be appealing to me, but every election they seem to be such raving nitwits that are nominated.

      I still haven’t firmly decided whether I will vote Trump or not vote for him and just vote down ballot, but he is convincing me with his speeches on defense and Veterans issues.

      There is no other sane option.

      1. 91Veteran
        Jill Stien, and her running mate, has a warrent out for her arrest. It has something to do with the incident they were just involved in up on that ‘pipeline’!
        Once that happens, she, and that dickless running mate, will be out of the race altogether!

      2. She should be prosecuted just for being so damn stupid, along with any other person that thinks that protest is about a pipeline.

        I was born and raised in North Dakota and still have a lot of family there, including several that work in the oil patch. My brother (also a veteran) does directional drilling for pipelines all over the US and Canada, and was supposed to be on a job there to go under the river. I don’t know if it was this site or another river crossing he was supposed to be on. He spent 3 days there in June before being sent to Indiana to finish a job there. He’s done jobs going under water around Boston and around NYC, and many other places from Florida to Alaska, and the permitting process is damn thorough.

        As you might assume, I have been following this story closely, and was shocked at reading an article last night on sayanythingblog dot com. The article reported on that process up there, including the consultations with the different Indian tribes there which there are several.

        Imagine my surprise to read this new pipeline is being installed in the same Right of Way as another pipeline that runs over the same ground, but was installed in 1982.

        None of the tribes up there complained about that pipeline, and none of the tribes complained about this new pipeline during the several public hearings on it or during the permitting process.

        I have a non producing but active oil well on my property now, along with a pipeline that crosses it. I don’t own the mineral rights, but I do have rights as a landowner, and I’ll be damned if I would just stand by and let some oil company do whatever they want on my land without talking to me. I also understand that time for talking is during the permitting process. To be clear, my land also borders BLM land. I have never been threatened by the oil company, but I sure as hell have been threatened by the arrogant bastards at the BLM.

        My question on this protest is who might be behind it. Warren Buffett makes many millions by hauling oil out of North Dakota on his BNSF railroad. The Keystone pipeline and this pipeline threatens that profit.

        I see a federal judge ruled today against stopping construction. With a 1200+ page permitting report by the Corps of Engineers, I am not surprised. I also see the same federal agencies that approved this pipeline are trying to weasel out and are asking the company to voluntarily pause construction for a few days.

        There have been arsons where construction equipment has been burned in either Iowa or Illinois. I wonder how long before it happens in North Dakota.

        By the way, I hate to admit it, but, I believe that damn fool Gary Johnson is from North Dakota.

      3. Another thing about this pipeline is the media interest in it, and the way the Fed’s are acting.

        That same media and those same Fed’s don’t give a damn about all the land here in Colorado that was contaminated when the EPA flooded the Anime River with toxic waste from the Gold King mine.

        The Navajo Nation was hit hard from that, and the media doesn’t give a damn about that.

  21. Off message. I am sure that if veterans with disability claims were allowed to hire an attorney from the day of discharge,the rates of denials, appeals and remands would be a thing of the past. So would Veterans Service Organizations who play ball with the VA. I have just discovered that the justice i sought for twenty-five years (lost records) from 1969 was only partially satisfied. Rep.Mike Billirakis/Fla. secured records for my appeal to the BVA in 1994. I was granted SC for a fractured spine ( VA misdiagnosed the severity) caused by an in service MVA. However the granting of SC for the injury still left doubt. The word “Plausible” referring to the actual in service accident always bothered me. I also discovered that in the evidence section of the appeal, the only evidence that was offered were Army Hospital records (lost/25 yrs) from 1969 the day i was brought into the Army Hospital in San Pedro,Cal. from the ER at the UCLA Medical Center in LA. The fact of the matter is, i was discharged from the Army out of the VAMC in Long Beach Cal. in 1969. I don’t believe those VA records have ever been revealed or they were held out of the proceeding. I would need a lawyer to find the true answers to these questions not a VSO!!

  22. Good history lesson Ben. Unfortunately not to many are interested in history or facts.
    The media is slow on the uptake of this because they want to protect certain politicians who made these decisions. And protect those same polticians receiving donations from both corporations and unions who benefit from those decisions.

    Any media worth reading could easily investigate the number of contractors in the VA starting with any medical providers that may be listed as Affiliates or contractors of the VA after a 2 minute web search.

    Calling this privatization ignores the purpose of the VA, veterans, in favor of union jobs. Privatization only speaks to whether some flunky has a federal union job or had to work for a living.

    If they wanted to focus on the true problem, they would call it Veterans Select…because they have so ruined Choice.

    Let veterans select what is best for their care in the community they live in. If that’s a VA doctor or a local store front witch doctor, let the veteran make the selection.

    I don’t give a damn what supposed veterans organizations want. They have been making poor selections for many veterans for years to protect their own rice bowl without regard to the quality of care or lives lost of veterans they are selecting for. I never voted for those bastards to represent me, so let me make my own selection.

    Finally, Crazy Elf and others often highlight other articles on current affairs to keep us informed. I thought I would contribute.

    We have often wondered where billions of dollars have gone from many federal agencies, specifically the VA, without seeing any improvement.

    There is a Freebeacon dot com article about testimony from a guy with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He testified to the House Financial Services committee. He testified that the Obama administration, between 2014 and 2016 may have transferred $700 million per month, totalling up to $33.6 billion in cash, gold or other precious metals.

    If I do anything with $10,000 or above, all kinds of federal agencies are notified. I can’t see how Obama could move that much cash without Congress being aware.

    His testimony is linked in the article, is heavily footnoted and sourced, and is quite a shock to read.

    My great grandchildren will be dealing with this buffoons disaster for many years.

    1. 91Veteran,
      I heard about that transfer of “Gold” this morning in channel 96.5 FM.
      The “transfer” according to the speaker, went to Iran.
      I’m not sure how true this is. Yet, anything and everything taking place in this administration doesn’t surprise me!

  23. Clinton’s “Reinventing Government Policy” pretty much cemented into place what we have had to deal with re: the VA and now the VA subcontracts SO MUCH that one has to really wonder why the “infrastructure” of the VA even still exists, aside from the benefits side because even what the VA physically DOES **attempt** to do, for example, provide “security” at VAMC’s, yet this damn idiots cannot hear let alone spot a Veteran in Iowa shooting himself outside the ER. That’s “Reinvented Recklessness”.

    This “Reinventing Gov’t.” has given us the Aurora VAMC Black Hole Project ridiculously lacking oversight or accountability and 100’s of Million$ overbudget. So yeah, that “Reinventing Gov’t.” helped cement the corruption and leave Vets dying while the VA is Lying.

    “Wild Conspiracy Theories”, according to Granny, is code for smoke screen blind eye for AFGE $upport.

    Rant Out. Have a great weekend all.

  24. @namnibor,
    Kaine has been drinking too much of “The Hildabeast’s” kool-aid! He actually believes what he says. He’s just more of the same, as it is definitely being reported!


    Here’s a pitiful “Opinion Piece” out on “” on 8 Sept. 2016! They even warn their readers WHO wrote it.

    I’m not going to tell y’all who wrote it. It’s a surprise!
    Please, google the following:

    “Opinion: Veterans Harmed as Lawmaker Wages Political Vendetta”

    Your probably going to spit our your coffee. So, don’t take a sip before you open up the article!!!!!!!

    1. The “war of words” are going to get extremely vile, vindictive and harsh in the next 60 days!

      I’m popping corn and opening a can of soda for all the BULL SHIT union members, (AFGE)/VA employees will be spewing forth!
      I believe it’s going to show just how corrupt our government agencies have become!

    2. I encourage all to visit the site and article mentioned above and provide comment and facts rather that the bullshit being spouted.

  25. And the outsourcing and privatization was started during the “reduce entitlements” bent of the Reagan Administration. Was there and saw it, 1983 to the present. Pulling the Doctors through making them fund their own education was the start. Why would they work for the VA without a pre contract after finishing their internship at their Medical School?

  26. Veteran’s want real choice, not what Health Net provides or what Tri West provides. If it is something I want to go to the VA with in Denver because they have better physicians than Scottsbluff Regional Medical Center or Banner Health then I want to go to the VA facility and not be locked into what Health Net provides.

    I don’t want to drive to Denver if Cheyenne can do a Procto or Endoscopy. I have shit all the way there anyway because I can’t get it here in Torrington and Scottsbluff has quacks doing it.

    Real choice is being able to choose your Dr. and your facility. Not the fake “choice” of either the VA or what which of the two, mind you, only two non competing entities for the Choice program. Each has their own territory.

  27. “The Hildabeast” strikes again!

    How many times will Americans fall for her outright lies? Are they that STUPID?

    Everyday, it seems, something new is said by her. Then some of the more uncorrupted news sources actually tear apart her statements. There’s an onslaught of videos on Utube and the web, confirming this!!!!!!

    Finally, we might have a few “UNCORRUPTED Congressmen” who will see to it her lies are exposed BEFORE November 8, 2016! Thereby, holding her accountable for her actions as “Secretary of State!” I’m not holding my breath. Yet, it does seem there is a orchestrated push to hold her accountable for a possible “perjury charge”! Possibly even other charges!

    Furthermore, this “Career Dinosaur Politician” has been caught in more lies than anyone in modern history! Her “history of lying” goes back to before she was “first lady” to the “former governor of Arkansas”, Bill Clinton! ie; 40+ years of lying is astronomical!

    It’s been stated, by many real investigative news journalists, former prosecutors, former FBI agents, former judges and more, she doesn’t know how to tell the truth!
    Even on Wednesday, at the “Commander in Chief Forum”, she even “doubled down” on “emailgate” and other issues!
    “Donald Trump Campaign Reacts to NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum”
    Utube video, Sept 7, 2016 on the “Sean Hannity Show” (about a 15 minute clip)

    Doesn’t she realize, many people, taxpayers and veterans, out there are aware of the lies she keeps trying to pass as the truth. And, then, will sooner or later expose all her corruption?!

    It must be true, especially with Dumbocrats, the longer and more often one keeps telling a lie, they hope it becomes the truth! At least that’s what the Dumbocrats believe!

    I have a feeling, today we will have more than one TROLL trying to circumvent the truth about “The Hildabeast”!
    All I can say is, “Bring it on, asswipes!”
    I, and many others on here, will give many examples of her lies!

    1. This Demon Hillary has poisoned itself over the years with the lies and corruption. Did you see what she hacked up the other day. Pure disgust.

      1. @Nexdeceptus- Yeah, she hacked-up a green hairball from all that cash mixed with her corrupt heart. I would also be somewhat fearful of her running mate Kaine as well. The USA will be plunged into potential civil war if they keep fanning the flames of domestic terrorists with the same failed agenda of Obama.

    2. If you recall, lots of reporting since the FBI report was released on their investigation into Grannys emails. She claimed during their investigation she believed the (c) marking in her emails was a paragraph marking, and she relied on others to recognize classified material.

      Now recall her speech to the UN in March 2015 when she thought she could get away with lying repeatedly to what she believed were ignorant reporters. During that speech, she claimed she emailed NO classified material, and she said she was well aware of what classified material was and she could recognize it.

      Which is it? Either well aware, or too stupid to recognize a classification marking.

      Her UN lies are on YouTube.

      1. 91Veteran, Seymour and namnibor.
        Emails surfaced a short time ago, between “The Hildabeast” and her aids. Where she “instructed” them “…to remove the headers…!” The “header” houses what classification the email holds; ie: “confidential, Secret, Top Secret or SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM”, (SAP)!
        This “classification” requires specific “codes” one must inter into a system to even view them!
        Even Congress couldn’t view them. That’s how high of a classification they are!

        I’ve also read recently, where it came out, her “…server was hacked!” Thereby, allowing our “…most guarded secrets…” to be in the hands of ————–! Y’all fill in the blanks!

      2. There is some confusion I believe in reporting on this. I believe some think that email headers are being removed, when in fact it is likely classification headers being removed.
        They are two completely different things if I am reading everything correctly.
        An email header will show lots of Information on how an email for to your inbox, including servers it passed through, and I believe other unique codes which shows what account it came from, since those can be faked.
        I believe classification headers were removed which likely indicated the documents classification level or other markings.
        Was her server hacked? It doesn’t matter. Her email server was an amateur setup for sure, but email accounts she sent things to like Sid Blumenthal were KNOWN to have been hacked.
        Even if anyone she emailed had not been hacked, she still has 13 Blackberries or other smart phones that she emailed with that came up missing. Any one of those could have been used to access her entire server, and no log would show a hacking unless someone could prove a specific phone accessed her server after it was known to be lost based on computer time stamps.
        Those 13 devices were lost and likely would not need much hacking to access boatloads of Information.
        Given its the Clintons, I wonder how many were “lost” in order to obtain new, “clean” devices, or remove from use one’s that had been hacked or corrupted, and they claim they were lost rather than turning over one that might have evidence.
        I have read of government officials traveling to countries like China, and their smart phones were targeted for hacking several times just between the airplane and the terminal. Since Granny used them everywhere, I’m sure at least one of her phones were hacked.

        In addition to all that, she also list a laptop. Who the hell knows how much data was on that, and you can believe it likely was not encrypted.

  28. Maybe The Hildabeast and her Husband should be aware of REALITY around them in their OWN STATE? Arkansas just spilled this Federal Scandal of: “Inside a $10M scheme to steal federal funds intended to feed hungry children in Arkansas”


    So with a HUGE Clinton Foundation, the Clintons cannot even manage crap in their own home State let alone World Matters of National Security. The FBI and DHS is involved in this HUGE scandal and arrests taking place….See how out of control the Clintons are with their Liberal Agenda on steroids? Stealing $$ for poor kids in Arkansas. Sad!

    Clintons are more of the same scandalous crap and yes, they are also serial liars.

    1. Lastly, off-topic but related to Clinton Fraud and Obama’s FAILED accountability with Big Banks. Wells-Fargo just also got hit with major fines and scandal and schemes where over 5000 Wells-Fargo employees have been immediately fired for making phony duplicate ‘ghost’ accounts and skimming 100’s of Millions from accountholders…and this has taken place SINCE the big bank wall street great recession of 2008…Clintons supported that “Dodd-Frank”, which is still allowing the same crap to take place. Same problem: NO ACCOUNTABILITY. As it is at the VA.
      The Clintons more than likely have $$$ involved in the current Arkansas Scandal as well as Wells-Fargo, as huge foundations such as Clintons usually spread their millions/billions around, which keeps control on banks/policy as well.

      Clinton Cash is a great movie. Really advise you all to watch it, whether you support The Hildabeast (as crazyelf affectionately calls her) or not. These things in the periphery matter as well as what’s not being fixed at the VA because it displays a total reckless blind eye of Obama’s Presidency…right down to his DOJ which refuses to prosecute VA fraudsters caught red-handed.

      1. Since you mention banks….

        In my comment below about the $33.6 billion possibly transferred to Iran, there is a footnote in that testimony about creating a transparent “financial channel” to transfer any future funds or frozen assets to Iran. This “channel” is essentially several large banks that would be set up to “administer” this transfer, including Bank of America, HSBC, Goldman-Sachs and several others.

      2. the billarries want the WHITE HOUSE SO BILL DILDO CAN @ WILL GET ALL THE FREE SEX IN THE LINCOLN BEDROOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Sorry Reuben,

        Cannot agree with that one. Heard he cannot get his tally wacker up anymore after he broke the dam thing playing with it.

      4. Poor old Arkansas– Clinton’s buddies, the Koch Brothers, are also poisoning it with haphazard management & practices at the paper mill. People are becoming very ill there from the fumes.

    2. namnibor,
      back around 1993(?) Bill and “The Hildabeast” started the “Clinton Foundation” using taxpayers money. This was about two years before the “Monica Lewinsky Story” broke.

      I’ve also read recently where, in New York City, (where the foundation began) a federal prosecutor, Barara(sic), I believe is his last name, is investigating the foundation.

      Also, in Philadelphia, a “Clinton Campaign/Union Headquarters” was recently, last month, “raided by the FBI”! There’s a Utube video on this one!

      I’ve got a feeling, there’s going to be some heavy shit coming down on the Clinton’s BEFORE November 8th 2016!
      This time, none of them are going to be able to lie their way out of it!
      If no one is indicted before Nov 8th, at least, it will bring the corruption to the forefront!


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